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------------ is the first of our really national English poets.

Geoffrey Chaucer Caedmon John Gower William Langland


The jolly host of the Tabard Inn was ------? Harry Bailly Tom Spencer Henry John John Wood

Name Chaucers contemporary who recorded in spirited narrative the great deeds of Robert Bruce ? Wyclif Robert M anning John Barbour John Lydgate


Who authored Morte D Arthur ? Will iam Caxton Sir Thomas Malory Reginald Pecock King Edward IV


The Complete English Bible of Miles Coverdale was published in ? 1611 1535 1539 1 525


------- was the first English poet to use the unrimed ten-syllabled verse to which the name blank verse is popularly applied? Surrey Wyatt Skelton Aschan

Who is Tottel in Tottels Miscellany ?

The writer The publisher The translator The editor


The morality play, like the miracle play,was didactic; but its characters, insteadof being taken from sacred narratives, were--------.

personified abstractions l egendary saints

symbolic representations animals and birds

While--------aroused the intellect and the aesthetic faculties,------ awakened the spiritual nature. Chaucer . . . Spenser the Renaissance . . . the Reformation t he Anglo - S axon Literature . . . the English Bible None of the above


Of the twelve books,which Spenser projected in the Faery Queene ,how many were published during his lifetime?

6 7 9 11

Which of the following is not sonnets in sequences ? Sidneys Astrophel and Stella Daniels Delia Draytons Idea Warners A lbio n s England

12.John Donne was a ?

poet and preacher poet and playwright playwright and preacher preacher and sonnetee

Of the following who was not the contemporary of Christopher Marlowe ?

George Peele Thomas Kyd Thomas Otway Robert Greene


Lohn Lylys Eupheus is -------.

a dramatic work an epic an English translation a prose romance

Downright, Morose, Well-bred, Subtle, Bertinax Surly, Sir Epicure Mammon, are characters in the plays of------? John Ford Ben Jonson James Shirley

Oliver Goldsmith


The names of---------are always associated and they did much work in collaboration. Beaumont and Fletcher Marlowe and Jo nson Sackville and Sidney Lodge and Nashe

Who among the following is not a University Wit? John Lyly George Peele Robert Greene Thomas Middleton


Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.Whose words are these?

Francis Bacon David Lindsay Thomas Moore Roger Bacon

Who described Bacon as the wisest, brightest and meanest of mankind?

John Dryden A lexander Pope Dr. Johnson Jonathan Swift


Which translation of the English Bible is described as the greatest of all translations?

The Revised V ersion The Revised S tandard V ersion The Authorised V ersion The New Revised Standard Version

Shakespeares Sonnets were published in ----------. 1604 1 609 1612 1614


Which play of Shakespeare begins with the following line:If music be the food of love, play on. . .

The Winters Tale

Hamlet Twelfth Night The Tempest

Which of the following pairs of plays are the earliest plays written by Shakespeare? The Comedy of Errors , Titus Andronicus Macbeth, Othello Measure for Measure , The Merchant of Venice The Tempest , The Winters Tale


Which three plays,ignored byMeres,were included by the editors of the First Folio in the canon of Shakespeares works? Antony and Cleopatra , Coriolanus, Henry V King John, Richard III, A Mid Summer Nights Dream Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear Henry VI Part I, Part II , Part III

--------------is more of a lyrical monologue than any other play by Shakespeare,with the monologue very exquisitely written. Richard II Romeo and Juliet As You Like It J ulius Caesar


Which critic of Shakespeare divided his dramatic career into four stages?

Dr. Johnson Dowden Quiller Couch Saintsbury

Which literary historian made the following comment?Julius Caesar is fine;Coriolanus is admirable;Antony and Cleopatrais superb.? George Samps o n C.S. Lewis W.H. Hudson Emile Legouis


---------------is the most voluminously discussed play ever written; and we may say at once that if people were to read the play itself more often than books about it their minds would be less confused ? Macbeth Hamlet Othello King Lear

'Age cannot wither her / Nor custom stale her infinite variety. Which character is described and in which play? Cordelia in King Lear Miranda in The Tempest Cleopatra in Antony and Cleopatra None of these


When was theThird Folio of the Collected Plays of Shakespeare first published?

1664 1666 1669 1672

Which play of Shakespeare is generally referred to as Shakespeares magical swan - song?

The Winters Tale Alls Well that Ends Well Coriolanus The Tempest


What is meant by feminine ending in Shakespeare? A n unaccented eleventh syllable An accented eleventh syllable An unaccented ten th syllable An accented tenth syllable

Which of the following pairs is not Shakespearean? Othello, Desdemona Ferdinand, Miranda

Duke Orsino, Viola De Flores, Beatrice


Name the author of the most reliable biography of Shakespeare,WilliamShakespeare: A Study of Facts and Problems. Edward Chambers Geoffrey Bullough Granville - Barker G.B. Harrison

The clowning of Dogberry and Verges appears in ------- . The Merchant of Venice Much Ado about Nothing As You Like It Twelfth Nigh


Name the first editor of Shakespeare ? Nicholas Rowe Alexander Pope Lewis Theobald William Warburton

Who described Hamlet a an artistic failure ?

L.C. Knights T.S. Eliot Wilson Knight A.C. Bradley


Name a popular Indian critic of Shakespeare.?" C.D. Narasim ha iah K. Nagarajan Meenakshi Mukherjee K.R. Srinivasa Iy e ngar

In which tragedy which character describes life as a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing.? Macbeth , Macbeth K ing Lear , Lear Othello , Othello Hamlet , Hamlet


In--------we have a Puritanism which is political and ecclesiastical as well as spiritual and ethical.? LAllegro Lycidas Il P enseroso Comus


Miltons Areopagitica was directed against an Order of Parliament whichestablished --------?. a censorship of book a curtailment of human rights a ban on lampooning a ban on writers involveme nt in politics


Which book of the Paradise Lost describes the fall of Adam and Eve?

Book I Book II Book IV Book IX

Who described Milton as our one acknowled ged master of the grand style?

Mat t hew Arnold Joseph Addison John Dryden Charles Lamb


Whose secular poetry was published under the title Hesperides ? Thomas Carew John Suckling Robert Herrick John Dryden

45. The Metaphysical poets were men of learning, and to show their learning washeir whole endeavour . . . They neither copied nature nor life . . .These are thwords of?
Dr. Johnson J eremy Taylor Richard Baxter Thomas Hobbes


Who did John Dryden regard as his masters?

Ben Jo nson and Christopher Marlowe Walter and Denham Milton and Spenser Donne and Crashaw

Drydens The Hind and the Panther offers an elaborate argument in favour of-----.


Protestantism Roman Catholicism Nationalism


Who is the author of Hudibras ? Samuel Butler John Tillotson Samuel Pepys John Evelyn

Christian is the central character in John Bunyans--------.?

The Life and Death of Mr. Badman The Holy War Grace Abounding Pilgrims Progr ess


In which of his writing s does Pope say that his life was one long disease?

Epistle to Dr. Arbuth not Essay on Criticism The Rape of the Lock Pastorals


From writing biographies with real names attached to them it was but a short stepto writing biographies with fictitious names. Who is the author referred to ? Colley Cibber Daniel Defoe George Barkeley Richard Steele


In which book does Swift describe the voyage to Brobingnag ? Gullivers Travels A Tale of a Tub The Battle of the Books Journal of Stella

The subtitle of RichardsonsPamela is----.? Virtue Honoured Virtue Adored Virtue Rewarded Vice Punished


The paths of glory lead but to the grave is a line from Grays?

Elegy W ritten in a Country C hurchyard The Progress of Poesy The Bard The Fatal Sisters


The design of the collaborators was to include in it two different kinds of poetry; in the one the incidents and agents were to be in part at least, supernatural, in theother, subjects were to bechosen from ordinary life. Who made this commentad on which book?

Wordsworth on The Lyrical Ballads Coleridge on The Lyrical Ballads Coleridge on The Anci ent Mariner Wordsworth on The Prelude


Who was expelled from Oxford for publishing a pamphlet onThe Necessity of Atheism?

Byron Shelle y Keats Burns

Which period of the history of prose literature saw the rise of the modern review and magazine ?

The A ge of Wordsworth The A ge of Johnson The A ge of Dryden The A ge of Tennyson


Which romantic prose writer has been called the critics critic?

Lamb De Quincey Hazlitt Landor

He gives us such real immortals as Mr. Pickwick, Mrs. Gamp, Mr. Micawber and Sam Weller typical inhabitants of his sphere, and worthy of a place in any literary brotherhood.Who is the he/his referred to?

Henry Fielding Thomas Hardy Charles Dic kens James Joyce


While he began as a later Victorian Romantic poet, he ended as a 20 th century metaphysical poet,fully abreast of the newer generation. Identify the he.

W.B. Yeats Walter de la Mare Osbert Sitwell

W.H. Aud en

Which of the following plays of Shaw is devoted to studies of religion?

Arms and the Man St. Joan Candida The Apple Cart


Who is often described as the greatest dramatist in the rebirth of the Irish theatre?

J.M. Synge Galsworthy Henry Arthur Jones J.B. Priestl e y

Name the author of the book The Postmodern Condition?

Habermas Derrida Foucault



Which work of Emerson is described as A Declaration of American Intellectual ndependence?

The American S cholar The Oversoul Nature Journals

H.D. Thoreaus Walden is otherwise known as ? Life in the Forest Life in the Woods Man in the Woods Man in the Forest


Which work of Nathaniel Hawtv horne seeks to expunge the whipping of the Quaker woman ordered by Judge William through the writing of his story? The Scarlet Letter The House of the Seven Gables The Blithe d ale Romance The Gentle Boy

Captain Peleg, Captain Bildad, Captain Ahab are characters in the novels of ?

Herman Melville William Faulkner Hen r y James D.H. Lawr e nce


When lilacs last in the door-yard bloomed is an elegy written on the death of ?

George Washington Abraham Lincoln Thomas Jefferson None of the se

Mark Twains Huckleburry Finnis a sequel to ?

Tom Sawyer Those Extraordinary Twins Pudd nhead Wilson The Stolen White Elephant