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Herb Magick: Leaves from the Spiritual Spells Book of Shadows

Many Wiccans, Pagans, Magicians, I. Introduction and Conjure folk pride themselves II. How to Use Herbs on their knowledge of herbs, and III. How to Use Oils IV. How to Use Incense which ones can be used in which V. How to Use Bath ways. Every herb and root has a Crystals and Washes medicinal and a magical property VI. How to Use Powders VII. Free Spiritual Spells of some sort. Each shows its VIII. Index properties by its form, shape, and spirit; this is the Doctrine of Signatures. It is a part of the Craft of the Wise to learn to hear, see, smell, and feel these Signatures so that we may better use and understand these gifts from the Earth that are all around us.
Table of Contents

The herbs used in Witchcraft and Wicca magick are not always the same as those used in Conjure, so we provide two lists here, covering the most popular herbs in both traditions. One difference between the two paths is that Conjure workers tend to use the roots of plants, while Pagans more often use the leaves and flowers. For this reason, Hoodoo plant lore and practice is called "rootworking" and Witchcraft plant lore and practice is called "herb magick." These differences are not hard and fast rules, however, and there is a lot of overlap between the two traditions, as they have influenced each other over the years.

Two books that we recommend to our own Coven members, and which we believe will set you on the path of discovery about the wonderful subject of herbal spell-crafting are: Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham, published by Llewellyn. This book gives thorough coverage of over 400 herbs, their magical uses, correspondences, and how to use these herbs in Pagan and Wiccan Magick. This a great book for helping guide the beginning Witch into the world of herbal magick. The bonus with this book is the correspondence tables, listing their planetary, gender, and elemental relationships. Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic: A Materia Magica of AfricanAmerican Conjure by catherine yronwode, published by Lucky Mojo. This book is really an invaluable companion to Cunninghams encyclopedia. It covers 500 herbs, roots, minerals, and rare zoological curios for working in traditions such as Hoodoo, Rootwork, Witchcraft, spell-craft, conjure, white magick, black magick, Pow-wow magic, hexenkraft, and herb magic. A bonus with this book is that it contains many more practical spells that you can use in ritual or when designing spells for love, money, protection, and blessing. One final thought before we share our lists of spiritual herbs: Many of our magickal herbs are also medicinal herbs, when properly prepared and prescribed, and taken in proposer dosages. However, some of the most famous Magickal plants can be really toxic if ingested, so its very important to never ingest plants unless you know exactly what they are and what effect they will have on the human body or on pets. For this reason we think that in addition to becoming a repository for your growing

knowledge of spell-craft, your personal Book of Shadows is also a really a good place to keep information on all aspects of herb and plant lore and use.

The Witches' Cupboard: Witchcraft Herbs and Roots

Let us first review some of the herbs that you should already have in your Witches Cupboard.

Basil is a sacred herb used for peace and happiness at home. Basil is used to protect the home from evil. Basil is known as Albahaca, American Dittany, 'Our Herb', St. Joseph's Wort, Sweet Basil, and the Witches Herb. Basil is considered masculine, associated with the Planet Mars and the element of Fire. An herb for money and success, a happy family, and a peaceful home, it drives away the Evil Eye. ROSEMARY is a powerful guardian, and a protector of woman. This wonderful herb is widely used to bring good dreams, keep marriage faithful and the home peaceful, and for brewing up cleansing and

beautifying baths. Rosemary is also known as Compass Weed, Dew of the Sea, Elf Leaf, Guardrobe, Incensier, Polar Plant, and Sea Dew. Rosemary is considered masculine, and is associated with the Sun and the element of Fire. THYME is lucky in two ways. Thyme can bring peace of mind while sleeping and it can protect you money. Thyme is also known as Common Thyme and Garden Thyme. Thyme is considered feminine, and is associated with the planet Mars and the element of Fire. NUTMEG is used to bring good luck in games of chance. Nutmeg is considered masculine, and is associated with the planet Jupiter and the element of Fire. CLOVES are used to draw friendship and money. Cloves are considered masculine, and are associated with the planet Jupiter and the element of Fire. ALLSPICE is a wonderful spice that is used magically for money-drawing, business success, and to relieve mental tension. Allspice is considered masculine, and is associated with the planet Mars and the element of Fire. BAY LEAVES are also known as Baie, Bay Laurel, Bay Tree, Daphne, Greecian Laurel, Sweet Bay, and Laurier d'Apollon. Bay leaves are used for protection and to avoid being jinxed or hexed, especially if you are doing a job on someone else. DANDELION can be drunk as tea or carried in a bag to enhance psychic dreams and second sight. LAVENDER FLOWERS are a sweet-smelling herb, used to promote passion, romance, harmony, friendship, and cooperation with a lover.

CHAMOMILE FLOWERS are widely considered to be a Lucky herb, an herb used in gambling spells and washes, and also an herb for cleansing, un-hexing and uncrossing. MUGWORT is burned and inhaled for psychic abilities and also made into tea to wash amulets and crystals. DAMIANA LEAVES are used to draw a new lover, to intensify sexual passion, or to bring back a straying lover.

The Conjure Bag: Hoodoo Herbs and Roots

Next we present some of the herbs that are used in the preparation of Hoodoo and Rootwork spells.

GINGER gives fiery protection from evil; it also heats up love affairs and sexuality. HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR ROOT as an amulet has no equal. It is used for drawing luck, gaining mastery, and strengthening the libido of men. Folks make a dressing oil from chips of the root, and incorporate it into sachet powders, incense, and crystals for bath or floor wash. QUEEN ELIZABETH ROOT, also known as ORRIS ROOT, can be used to attract men and to cause them to love you. ANGELICA ROOT, also known as HOLY GHOST ROOT, ARCHANGEL ROOT, and DONG QUAI), enhances female magickal power and strength, and protects children.

LUCKY HAND ROOT is also known as HELPING HAND or SALEP ROOT. This unusual name refers to a rare wild orchid that grows in the form of a hand with 2 - 10 life-like "fingers." Gamblers say that its grasping action brings in the winnings -- and musicians employ it to help them with fingering of their instruments. " FIVE-FINGER GRASS, also known as SILVERWEED) brings success in all the things that five fingers can do, and is used to get others to do you favours. HYSSOP HERB is a purification herb for cleansing yourself or your hme, to put an end to crossed conditions, to take off a jinx, or break a hex. THE DEVIL POD is known as BAT NUT, GOAT HEAD, BULL NUT and BUFFALO NUT and grants the owner strong protection from evil. CALAMUS ROOT, also known as SWEET FLAG, is used by those who wish to control a situation or to dominate a specific person. LICORICE ROOT will help you gain power over others and control them; it is also used to change someone's mind. DEER'S TONGUE is used to get someone to love you, to obtain a proposal of marriage, and also for court cases. LITTLE JOHN TO CHEW is also known as CHEWING JOHN and GALANGAL; folks chew it and spit it out to win in court.

Ritual Witchcraft Oils: Leaves from the Spiritual Spells Book of Shadows
Spiritual Oils, whether they be I. Introduction hand-crafted herbal oils, ritual oils, II. How to Use Herbs condition oils, aromatherapy oils, III. How to Use Oils IV. How to Use Incense or just pretty-smelling essential V. How to Use Bath oils, are one of the largest and Crystals and Washes most varied of the ceremonial VI. How to Use Powders VII. Free Spiritual Spells tools used in Witchcraft and VIII. Index Paganism. They come in all sorts of flavors, colors, and kinds and it can often seem a daunting task to know which oil to pick and how to use it in casting a spell.
Table of Contents

Witchcraft and Paganism is full of ceremonies, rituals and events celebrating times of change on the wheel of the year, changes in our lives, as well as specific working rituals. These rites and rituals more than often use specific items and tools such as candles, magical herbs,spiritual incense, and, of course, oils. All of these types of tools possess symbolic aspects that enhance the event or the desired results sought in the magical spell or ritual ceremony. Spiritual Oils are associated with the hidden fifth element of Spirit and help us reach out into the unseen ether and summon from it the forces we wish to communicate with or use in our rites and rituals.

Types of Oils
There are several basic kinds of oils that you might encounter in Witchcraft; theses include ritual oils, condition oils, aromatherapy oils, essential oils and handcrafted oils. Our ancestors used oils in their rituals and ceremonies hundreds, even thousands, of years ago and because many of the essential oils they used are still available to us we can continue to make our own blends and recreate traditional recipes today. Ritual Oils is the general name for oils used to anoint candles, ritual tools, material, furniture, money, and other such items, and when use to anoint the body are often also called Anointing Oils. Condition Oils is a term found only in Hoodoo and Conjure practice; it refers to all anointing and dressing oils that are utilized in rites, rituals, or spell-craft to address or remediate an unwanted condition or to bring about a desired condition. Because these oils were developed by practitioners of the African American folk magic path, which is called Conjure or Hoodoo, they are also known asConjure Oils, Hoodoo Oils, and Lucky oils. Aromatherapy Oils are oils used in a healing art whose roots lay in antiquity. This practice traces back more than 6,000 years to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Romans, and probably Chinese who used to burn scented flowers and herbs and enjoy aromatic bath, massage and skin care for curative and cosmetic purposes.

Essential Oils are volatile, concentrated oils, usually having the characteristic odor or flavor of the plant from which they are obtained, and are primarily used to make perfumes, flavorings, and accentuate ritual and spiritual oil blends. Synthetic Fragrance Oils are compounds created in a laboratory that smell a lot -- or a little-- like the natural flowers or herbs after which they have been named. A lot of companies today offer Synthetic Oils rather than Essential Oils because Synthetic Oils can be obtained at a fraction of the cost of Essential Oils. But, for magickal purposes it's always best to use real Essential Oils whenever possible, as these contain the magickal properties of the plant from which they are distilled, which the synthetic oils do not. Handcrafted Oils and Herbal Oils are blends made up for specific ritual or magickal purposes. They are not made in a factory, but are indivisually prepared with the addition ofmagical herbs, roots, flowers and other natural ingredients to a simple oil base and then ritually charged with intent. Ritual Oils and Condition Oils may be considered to be "handcrafted herbal oils" only if they contain actual herbal ingredients and have been made by hand and

consecrated according to the tenets of Witchcraft tradition or Hoodoo practice. Carrier Oils are various oils, both vegetable and mineral, that are used to help dilute Essential Oils that might cause severe irritation or reaction to some people if applied to the skin undiluted. Carrier Oils help dilute and thus stretch out the volume of Essential oils used in Ritual Oils and Condition Oils. A number of different oils have been, and are, used as Carrier Oils.

Olive Oil has an ancient history of being used as a Carrier Oil and is often seen used in oils meant to help in blessing and anointing. Mineral Oil traditionally has been used for blending Hoodoo Condition Oils in which one or more ingredients are minerals, such as Lodestone Oil. If the oil is focused upon the energies of mineral curios such as sulphur, lodestone, or pyrite, then a mineral-oil carrier amplifies, rather then subdues the energies of those minerals Almond Oil became a popular Carrier oil due to its lighter scent and texture over the heavier Olive Oil. Almond Oil, unlike Olive Oil, does not dominate the natural fragrance of the herbs and Essential Oils that are blended in the handcrafting process.

The Witches' Cupboard: Ritual Wiccan and Eclectic Pagan Oils

Spiritual Oils can be used in a vast number of ways. Your oils can be one of the most important tools in your ritual space. Candles, crystals, amulets, talismans and other charms may be anointed with Spiritual Oils and this is really a great way to turn simple mundane items into items of magickal power and energy as well as charge already magickally empowered ritual tools. Ritual Witchcraft Oils can also be used to anoint the body. If you are using an Oil to use for this purpose, be sure that the oil is skin safe. Some essential oils, such as cinnamon and clove, can cause a severe reaction to the skin and should really be used quite sparingly. Spiritual Oils that are applied to the body bring the wearer the energies of the oil, so a Power Oil will give you give you a boost up, a Courage Oil will give you strength and bravery in the face of your fears and adversaries, and a Blessing Oil will convey the grace of the Goddess upon yourself and your ventures. The following is a list of Ritual Oils used by Pagans and Witches, Their properties that can be used in assistance of your magickal work.

ABRAMELIN OIL This sacred oil comes down from an ancient Jewish formula specified by Abramelin the Mage from a medieval grimoire called The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. This oil and its accompanying ritual powder are both highly esteemed by those who follow more ceremonial magickal traditions, and it is of great benefit to those who follow the course of ritual activities.

BLESSING OIL This magickal oil can be used to bless new babies, new ventures, new homes, and for healing. Amplified with sincere prayer, will and intent it can also be used to help purify you or your home, to relieve suffering, or bring about spiritual healing. PLANETARY OILS The seven sacred planets (the five visible planets plus the Sun and Moon) relate to the days of the week and also planetary hours within days and seven sacred planets were associated with ancient Gods and Goddesses. The use then of these planets and their hours has an ancient history in Witchcraft and Paganism. These oils help invoke the powers and characteristics of the individual planetary power. You can use these oils to anoint candles, or wear them as personal scent to help convey the power of the deities represented by the Planets. They may also be combined with Zodiacal Oils when one is working an astrologically-based spell. o Sun Oil - Sun, Sol, Apollo; Sunday; ruler of Leo o Mercury Oil - Mercury, Hermes, Wotan; Wednesday; ruler of Gemini and Virgo o Venus Oil - Venus, Freya; Friday; ruler of Taurus and Libra o Terra Oil - Terra, Gaia, Earth; our mother o Moon Oil - Moon, Luna, Artemis; Monday; ruler of Cancer o Mars Oil - Mars, Twi; ruler of Aries; co-ruler of Scorpio o Jupiter Oil - Jupiter, Zeus, Thor; Thursday; ruler of Sagittarius; co-ruler of Pisces

Saturn Oil - Saturn, Kronos; Saturday; ruler of Capricorn; co-ruler of Aquarius o Uranus Oil - Urania; co-ruler of Aquarius o Neptune Oil - Neptune, Poseidon; co-ruler of Pisces o Pluto Oil - Pluto, Hades; co-ruler of Scorpio ZODIACAL OILS relate to the various signs of the zodiac and help symbolize and invoke the kind of activities and characteristics with which the various signs of the zodiac are associated. You can use these oils to anoint candles, or wear them with Planetary Oils as a personal scent to help strengthen weak astrological characteristics or to help heighten strong astrological characteristics. o Aries Oil - The Ram; March 21 - April 21; ruled by Mars; Element Fire. o Taurus Oil - The Bull; April 21 - May 21; ruled by Venus; Element Earth. o Gemini Oil - The Twins; May 21 - June 21; ruled by Mercury; Element Air. o Cancer Oil - The Crab; June 21 - July 21; ruled by the Moon; Element Water. o Leo Oil - The Lion; July 21 - August 21; ruled by the Sun; Element Fire. o Virgo Oil - The Virgin; August 21 - September 21; ruled by Mercury; Element Earth. o Libra Oil - The Balance; September 21 - October 21; ruled by Venus; Element Air. o Scorpio Oil - The Scorpion; October 21 - November 21; ruled by Pluto and Mars; Element Water.

Sagittarius Oil - The Archer; November 21 - December 21; ruled by Jupiter; Element Fire. Capricorn Oil - The Seagoat; December 21 - January 21; ruled by Saturn; Element Earth. Aquarius Oil - The Water Bearer; January 21 - February 21; ruled by Uranus and Saturn; Element Air. Pisces Oil - The Fishes; February 21 - March 21; ruled by Neptune and Jupiter; Element Water.

The Conjure Bag: Hoodoo Condition Oils and Anointing Oils

Next we present some of the traditional herb-based blends that are used in the preparation of Hoodoo and Rootwork spells.

CAST OFF EVIL OIL This oil helps you rid yourself, your loved ones, and your home and spaces from the negative influences of false friends, and also helps you gain the personal strength to break free of bad personal habits, negative circumstances and harmful influences. CROWN OF SUCCESS OIL To help you succeed and achieve recognition in school, career, or your magical work, there is no finer magical formula than the Crown of Success family. This traditional Oil is tried and true and helps crown you and uplift you in all endeavors that you might undertake.

HEALING OIL This is really a very fine oil to help aid in the relief of sickness, sorrow, and to help mend ongoing physical and emotional problems. MASTER KEY OIL For ritual work intended to help grant or empower aptitude in a skill, personal discipline, will, or authority. This oil also helps one guide others and succeed with professions activities both magickal and mundane. MONEY DRAWING OIL This is a very old, traditional Hoodoo Oil that has been used for ages. It is renowned amongst financiers, gamblers, shop owners, and common working folk for its ability to draw money to you through business and games of chance. BLACK CAT OIL In European and European-American traditions black cats are considered unlucky. However in Hoodoo the black cat is a symbol of luck and strength helping in the sporting and gambling world. This old time, traditional Hoodoo oil is very popular with gamblers and people who play games of chance but it also is used to reverse bad luck and its vibrations work well for Witches and our general works. FAST LUCK OIL This is one of the more famous Hoodoo formulas; it is used to draw luck in gambling, love, and commerce. But, above all that its great claim to fame is its speed. This is an oil to use when you need a magickal response in these areas in a hurry. SPECIAL OIL NO. 20 A famous and very strong old Hoodoo formula, this is an all purpose Condition Oil used for dressing candles. It is also known as Wick Oil, Candle Oil, and Brown Oil. No seems to known the origin of the name of this oil anymore, but some of the old conjure

workers say that it may have come from a Southern rootworkers' recipe book, being the Doctor's 20th and most powerful formula. VAN VAN OIL Perhaps the quintessential Hoodoo Oil. Conjure workers and historians tell that at one time in history a person could not walk down a street in the Algiers district of new orleans without smelling the scent of Van Van oil. Van Van is most favored of oils for dressing amulets, charms and mojo bags. It helps clear away negativity, changes bad luck to good and acts as a road opener to new opportunities and circumstances.

The Eclectic Shelf: Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils

Finally, here are some Essential Oils and Fragrance oils that can be used "straight" by diluting in Carrier Oil, but not blending with other scents.

JASMINE FRAGRANCE OIL This oil is best used for magickal workings relating to Psychicism, Astral Travel, and related Clairvoyant works.

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL This oil is best used for magickal workings relating to love and health work. LOTUS FRAGRANCE OIL This oil is best used for magickal workings relating to workings involving spirits and love; it is used to invoke the Moon and the Element of Water. PATCHOULI ESSENTIAL OIL This oil is best used for magickal workings relating to money, and protection work, but it can also be used with great effectiveness for love and passion works. CALAMUS ESSENTIAL OIL This oil is best used for magickal workings relating to gaining mastery and control through natural talent and charisma.

Herbs: Spiritual Uses

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Anise- use under your pillow to prevent nightmares. used to drive off negativity, to restore lost youth, and used in purification baths. place around the magick circle to keep out negativity. Apples- put on altars for Samhain (it is considered to be a food for the dead). symbolic for immortality. use in love spells (use blossoms for love sachets, brews, and incenses). cute an apple in half and share it with your loved one to ensure happiness in the relationship. to have your love returned by the one you love, warm an apple between your hands and give it to your intended. use to

banish illnesses (cut the apple in three pieces, rub each on the infected area, then bury. do in the wanning of the moon). use apple wood to make magickal wands for love rites. Barley- use to keep out negativity. Basil- use to end fights, arguments, etc. between two lovers, two friends, two family members (for family members, use basil when washing your clothes to halt family conflicts.), etc. used to attract love (rub fresh leaves on the skin or add to a bath before a ritual involving love). use in love divinations. use to attract customers to a business, to drive off negativity (place in rooms of a house for protection from negativity), and use in rituals to protect a new home. Bay- put under your pillow to induce prophetic dreams. burn to cuase visions. use in team form to increase physic powers. use to ward of negativity, use a sprig to sprinkle water in purification ceremonies, wear at the time of an athletic match for strength. write wishes on bay leaves and burn to make them come true. Birch- use for protection and purification. Blackberry- bake a blackberry pie on Lughnasadh to symbolize the death of the God. use leaves in spells of wealth. Blueberry- put blueberries under a doormat to warn off negativity and unwanted guests. Cabbage- plant in the garden after a couple is married to ensure a happy life together. Cactus- use indoors to protect from burglaries and to absorb negativity. use outside to protect the home. Camellia- place in water on the altar during money and prosperity spells and rituals.

Carnation- use dried carnations in in incense for leadership, commemoration, and self-esteem. use in protective spells. use in healing spells. make into sachets or use as incense in healing. Carrot- eat to promote lust and fertility. Catnip- give to your cat to increase the bond between the two of you. use with rose petals in love sachets. use to attract luck and good spirits (good to grow near the home or to put over the door of the home). use in love, beauty, and happiness spells. Celery- eat to aid in concentration (great as a snack when studying or doing homework). use under the pillow to induce sleep. burn celery seeds to increase psychic powers. eat stalk wtih seeds to induce lust. Chamomile (German)- use in tea form or incense for calming or for sleep. also use to attract money. Chamomile (Roman)- use as a handwash to attract money. burn for sleep and in meditation. add to the bath to attract love. sprinkly around the home (outsite) to remove curses and spells against you. Cherry- use to attract love. Chicory- carry to remove obstacles from your life. Cinnamon- use (as an inscense, oil, in a sachet, cinnamon flavored teas, etc.) to raise spiritual vibrations, promote success, in healing, for increasing lust, for protection, to attract money, and for love. a common use is to sprinkle a little in the purse, or the wallet for attracting money. Clove- use as incense to attract money, drive away negativity, and to purify an area. wear or carry to attract lovers. Cucumber- eat to promote fertility (the seeds).

Cumin- brides should wear it to keep negativity away on their happy day. use in love spells. give to a lover to promote fidelity. Cypress- carry or wear at funerals to ease your mind and heart. a symbol for immortality (the wood). make a cypress wood wand for healing purposes (cut the branch slowly over the course of three months). Daffodil- put on the altar during love spells. place in the bedroom to promote fertility. wear the flower by the heart for good luck. Daisy- wear to attract love. put the root under your pillow to bring back a lover that was once there but is now absent. Dandelion- blow to send a mental message to a loved one. Dill- carry a sachet or put over the door for protection. put in a babies cradle for protection. add to your bath to become irresistible. Elder (American)- put over the door to keep off negativity. carry the berries to protect yourself from negativity. place sticks around the home for protection from robbers. use at weddings for good luck for the bride and groom. have a pregnant woman kiss the tree for good luck for the baby. place the berries under the pillow for sleep. Fern- put inside and outside the home for protection. Fig- women should carry to increase fertility. men should eat to help cure impotency. place a branch at the doorstep of the home to ensure that you will return home safe and happy from a trip. grow in the home for protection of the family. Flax- use the seeds in money spells. put in the wallet or purse to attract money. Foxglove- grow in the garden to protect it. Frankincense- burn (or use incense) to warn off negativity and for protection,

purification, and consecration. burn during meditation. add to sachets for luck, protection, and spiritual growth. Gardenia- put the flowers (fresh) in the rooms of the sick. put flowers on altars during healing works. add dry petals to healing incense. scatter dried flowers around theroom for peaceful vibrations. use in love spells. Garlic- carry or wear for protection. place beneath children's pillows for protection during sleep. brides should carry for good luck and to warn off negativity on her wedding day. Geranium- for protection in a garden or in a home. red geranioms are used for protection, pink for love, and white to increase fertility. use the rose geranium in protection sachets. Ginger- use in love spells. sprinkle the powdered root on money to attract more. use in success spells. use to ensure the success of a magickal operation. Ginseng (American)- carry the root to attract love, to guard one's health, to draw money, and to ensure sexual potency. carry for beauty. burn to ward off negativity. use in tea form to induce lust. Grape- eat to increase fertility and to strengthen mental powers. place on the altar for money spells. Hazel- give a batch to a bride for her good fortune. eat the nuts for wisdom and to increase fertility. carry the nuts for fertility. use hazel wood for all-purpose wands. Holly- sprinkly holly water on newborn babies to protect them. carry for luck (especially men). hand around the house at Yule for good luck. Honeysuckly- place around green candles to attract money. put in a vase in the home to attract money. lightly crush fresh flowers and rub on the forehead to increase psychic powers. grown near the home for luck.

Iris- use for protection. use to induce wisdom and faith. Ivy- women should carry for good luck, especially brides. grown near the home to guard against negativity or disaster. Jasmine- use in sachets to attract spiritual love. carry, wear or burn to attract money. burn in a room for prophetic dreams. smell the flowers to induce sleep. Juniper- use incense for protection. males can carry the berries to increase potency. Lavender- Traditional Midsummer incense. Used in love spells and sachets. Place a flower on your clothing to attract love. Rub lavender on a love letter. Wear to protect yourself from spousal abuse. Burn to induce sleep and rest. Sprinkle/scatter the flowers around the home for peacefulness. Use in spells to get rid of depression, because lavender aids in bringing about happiness and peacefulness. Put lavender in a hat to protect the hat's wearer from headcolds. Look at and/or smell to ease sadness. Lemon- use, along with water, to purify magickal/spiritual objects. add to a purification bath before ritual. Serve lemon pie to a spouse to promote faithfulness. Place a fresh lemon slice under a friend's chair to ensure that the friendship will last. Lemon Grass- Plant around the home to warn off snakes. Use in the form of an infusion to promote the development of psychic powers. Lettuce- To induce sleep, rub the leaves on your forhead, then eat them. Eat to prevent seasickness. Lilac- Plant to drive away negativity. Lily- Plant around the house to warn off negativity and to keep unwanted visitors away. Wear a lily to break a love spell that has been cast upon you. Liverwort- put in a sachet and carry the sachet to secure your man's love.

Magnolia- To ensure that your loved one remains faithful, place a magnolia near or underneath the bed. Maple- Use the leaves in love and money spells and rituals. Use the branches of the maple tree for magickal wands. Marigold- Place marigolds around the door to stop negativity from coming in. Place the lowers under a bed for protection while sleeping, to make dreams come true, and to enduce prophetic dreams. Add the flowers to a bath to gain the repect and admiration of those you meet. Carry in the pocket for help with legal matters. Mint- Rub the fresh leaves on the forhead to help cure headaches. Wear on the wrist to ensure that you will not get ill. Use mint in spells to promote lust. Use in money and prosperity spells. Place a few leaves in your wallet to increase the flow of money into it. Keep around the home for protection. Chew to cure the hic-ups or a cough. Mistletoe- Sacred to the Druids. A symbol of immortality. Use for protection against lightening, disease, misfortune, fires, etc. Place mistletoe in the crib or room of a small child to protect them. Carry or wear for goodluck when hunting. Women can carry or wear the herb to aid in conception. Put under the pillow for a restful sleep and pleasant dreams. Kiss a loved one under the mistletoe to ensure that you'll stay in love. Burn to banish negativity. Mulberry- can be used to make wands Oak- Make a fire of oak wood in the home fireplace when a person inside is sick. Carry the acorn to drive away illnesses and pains, and to preserve youthfulness. Also, carry an acorn to increase fertility and to increase sexual potency. Orange- Add the blossoms to a bath to make yourself more attractive. One can drink orange juice, instead of wine, during ritual.

Orchid- Carry the root to draw money, financial security, and popularity. Pansy- Wear or carry to attract love. Parsley- Eat to promote lust and fertility. Peach- Eat to induce love and to gain wisdom. Peppermint- see mint. Pine- carry the cones to promote fertility. Burn the pine needles during the winter to purify the house. Scatter around the house to warn off negativity. Raspberry- hang the branches on the door and/or window for protection of the home. Pregnant women should carry to alliviate the pains of pregnancy and childbirth. Rice- throw at weddings to increase the couples fertility. Throw rice in the air to cause rain. Rose- Use in anything to do with love. Place a rose or rose petals on the altar during love magick. Drink a tea of rosebuds before bed to have prophetic dreams. Wet a cloth with rosewater and put to the temples to relieve a headache. Roses planted in the garden will attract fairies. Rosemary- Smouler to rid a place of negativity, especially right before a magickal act is performed. Place beneath the pillow to have a good sleep without nightmares. Put under the bed to protect the sleeper from harm. Carry rosemary (in a sachet) to remain healthy. Placed in a bath it purifies. Place in healing poppets. Wash your hands in a Rosemary infusion before a healing work. Burn the leaves, along with juniper berries, in the room of the sick to promote healing. To get knowledge or to find the answer to a question, burn rosemary on charcoal and smell the smoke. Take the powdered leaves in a cloth and attach to the right arm to rid yourself of depression. Rowan- (do not take in internally) carry Rowan wood to increase psychic

powers. Use the branches to make magickal wands. Use in divination (add the leaves and berries to incenses). Add the berries to healing and health sachets and mixtures, since it aids in recuperation. Also, add the berries to sachets and/or mixtures used for power, success, and luck. Carry Rowan on a ship to prevent the ship being caught in a storm. Put in the house to protect it from lightening. Plant on a grave to keep the deceased from haunting the place. Plant a Rowan tree near the home for protection. Rue- place rue leaves on the forehead to get rid of headaches. Wear around the neck to help one recuperate from an illness and to ward off health problems that may lie in the future. Add to healing incenses and poppets. Sniff fresh rue to clear the head in matters of love and to improve mental processes. Add to a bath to break curses that may have been cast against you. For protection, hang above the door. Take a sprig of fresh rue and use it to distrubute (by sprinkling) salt water around the home to clear it of negativity. Mix fresh rue juice and morning dew and sprinkle around the magick circle for protection during magickal acts. Saffron- Add to love sachets or sachets used to raise lustful feelings. Use in healing spells. Make an infusion with it to wash the hads before a healing ritual. Drink the infusion to see the future. Sage- Use to ensure a long life (eat the plant daily or atleast in May). carry to promote wisdom. Use the leaves in healing and money spells. Bad luck to plant it in your own garden and a full bed of it brings bad luck. To make a wish come true, write it on a sage leaf and place beneath your pillow and sleep on it for three nights. If you dream of what you wished for that wish will become true. If you don't, bury it (the leaf). St. John's Wort- Wear to get rid of fevers and colds and to attract love. Gather on Midsummer or on a Friday and wear to cure sadness and to keep away mental illness. Place it under the pillow of an unmarried woman so that she will dream of her future husband. Sassafras- Put in your wallet or purse to attract money or burn it for the same purpose. Add to healing sachets and use in healing spells.

Spearmint- Use in healing practices. Use to provoke lust. Smell to sharpen/increase mental powers. Put inside a pillow or mattress for protection during sleep. Strawberries- Carry the leaves for luck and eat the berries as love food. To ease pregnancy pains, carry a sachet of strawberry leaves. Sugar Cane- Use in love magick. Chew a piece and think of your loved one. Sunflower- Women who want to conceive should eat the seeds. To find the truth in a matter, place a sunflower under the bed while you sleep. Grow in your garden for luck (for the one that planted it). Thyme- Burn or wear for good health. Use in healing spells. Put beneath the pillow while you sleep to have a restful sleep without nightmares. Wear to aid in developing psychic powers or (for women) wear in your hair to make yourself irresistible. Use to purify. Carry and/or smell for courage and energy. Wear it to see the fairies. Vanilla- Use in love sachets. Burn to induce lust. Carry a vanilla bean to get back lost energy and to improve the mind. Vervain- Gather at Midsummer. Use in love and protection spells. Carry for a personal amulet. Place in the home for protection from lightening and storms. Dry and scatter around the home to bring in peace. Wear to calm the emotions. Use in money and prosperity spells. Bury in the garden or place around the home to have wealth flow in and have the plants thrive. Carry for everlasting youth. Put in the bed, hand around the neck, or make into an infusion and druink before sleep to have no dreams haunt you. A healing herb. Take the juice of the vervain and rub on the body to cure it of disease and guard it against future health problems. Place in a baby's cradle so that the child will grow up a happy child and love learning. Spread the juice of the vervain on the body to see the future, have wishes fulfilled, to make enemies frieds, and to attract lovers. Wear vervain in front of somebody that has taken something from you and it will be returned to you.

Violet- Mix with lavender to stimulate love and lust. wear it to calm tempers and induce sleep. Put the leaves in a green sachet to help wounds heal. Willow- Carry or use in mixtures to attract love. Use the wood for magickal wands that will be used in moon magick. Use the leaves, bark, or wood during healing spells. Magickal brooms are traditionally bound with a willow branch. Wintergreen- Place underneath a child's pillow to protect them and to grant them good fortune throughout their lives. Use in healing spells. Wormwood- Burn in incenses or wear to aid in developing psychic powers. Hand from a car's rear-view mirror to protect the vehicle from accidents on bad roads. Put under the bed to attract a love one.


1) Benzoin Gum: Magical Uses: An herb of purification, burned in incense to sanctify an area. The scent is also used to attract business when combined with basil, peony or cinnamon.. It awakens the conscious mind as well. Burn to purify, protect, for prosperity, for astral projection or to increase mental powers. 2) Frankincense: Magical Uses: Sacred to the Sun God Ra, frankincense is burned in rites of exorcism, purification, and protection. It is said to accelerate spiritual growth. Rosemary may be used as a substitute. Use for spirituality, exorcism, purification, luck and protection rites. (Resin) burn for protection, exorcism, spirituality, love, consecration, blessing, energy, strength, visions, healing, meditation, power and courage. Use to purify ritual spaces and invoke a spiritual frame of mind. 3) Lavender: Magical Uses: Lavender is strewn into bonfires at Midsummer as an offering to the Gods and Goddesses. An ingredient of love spells, its scent is said to attract men. Lavender in the home brings peace, joy and healing. Use to attract love; to produce sleep by anointing your forehead and pillow; to purify by adding to baths and to promote chastity and peace. Attracts elves, burn for purification, peace. Burn at Litha as an offering. Love; Psychic Awareness; Happiness; Creative Work; Money and Business; Anointing; Exorcism; Harmony; Peace; Healing. Frees from emotional stress, brings inner

calm and peace, gives increased awareness, brings stability and permanence, good for headaches. 4) Myrrh Gum: Magical Uses: Myrrh is a Goddess plant of the Moon's sphere, sacred to Isis. Burned as incense, myrrh purifies the area, lifts the vibrations aids contemplation and meditation and creates peace. However, it is seldom burned alone; usually in conjunction with frankincense or other resins. Myrrh increases the power of any incense to which it is added. Myrrh is also included in healing incenses and sachets, and its smoke is used to consecrate, purify and bless objects such as amulets, talismans, charms, and magical tools. It also aids meditation and contemplation. It is also used in healing mixtures. Guards against evil, brings peace, assists in understanding personal sorrow. 5) Oak Moss: Magical Uses: Use to attract money and can be used in some traditions for constructing poppet's. 6) Orris Root Powder: Magical Uses: The Orris root has long been used to find and hold love. The whole Orris root is carried, the powder is added to sachets, sprinkled on sheets, clothing and the body as well as around the house. Orris root powder is sometimes known as "Love Drawing Powder". Use for: Divination; Protection; Psychic Awareness. Love, sexual appeal. Use in charms, amulets, sachets, incenses and baths. 7) Peppermint: Magical Uses: This familiar scent is excellent when used for purification. Though slow-growing the results are worth the wait. Rub against furniture and walls and floorboards to cleanse them of evil and negativity. Smelled, it compels one towards sleep and placed beneath the pillow it sometimes offers one glimpses of the future in dreams. Burn as Incense for: Exorcism; Health; Healing; Lust; Money and Riches; Changes; Psychic Awareness; Purification. 8) Rosemary: Magical Uses: "Any home where rosemary thrives is a home where the mistress rules." Rosemary when burned, emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations, and so is smoldered to rid a place of negativity, especially prior to performing magic. It is one of the oldest incenses. Burn for protection, exorcism, purification, healing, to cause sleep, to restore or maintain youth; to bring love and to increase intellectual powers. Rosemary infusion is used to wash the hands before healing work, and the leaves mixed with juniper berries are burned in sickrooms to promote healing. Rosemary may be substituted for any other herb, in any spell or mixture. It is generally used as a substitute for Frankincense. Improve memory, sleep, purification, youth, love, power, healing, protection, intellectual. 9) Sandalwood - Red: Magical Uses: Lower grades of Sandalwood (light colored with little scent) are not recommended to use in magic. Sandalwood powder is burned during protection, healing and exorcism spells. When mixed

with lavender it makes incense designed to conjure spirits. This fragrant wood possesses very high spiritual vibrations and is mixed with Frankincense and burned at sances and Full Moon rituals. Powdered sandalwood can be scattered about a place to clear it of negativity. Sandalwood beads are protective and promote a spiritual awareness when worn. The scents of frankincense and sandalwood have some of the highest vibrations inherent in any plant. They will resonate with aspects of ourselves or with Devic/Angelic beings of the highest order. Rose is another herb held to have that frequency, thus attracting or eliciting the highest spiritual vibrations from within ourselves and the cosmos. Sandalwood is used as an incense base for: Protection; Healing; Exorcise; Spirituality; Wishes; Full Moon Esbats; Wards Negativity; Astral Projection; Reincarnation; Spirit Offering. Stimulates clairvoyance, aids in seeing past lives, healing, clearing, protection, calms the mind. 10) Sea Salt: Magical Uses: Salt is used for purification and protection, and is used to represent the element of Earth on an altar. In many rituals, salt is mixed into a chalice of water and sprinkled around the circle to seal it. Most often Sea Salt is preferred, and can be found in most supermarkets. Definitely a must have for any witch! 11) White Sage: Magical Uses: Sage absorbs negativity and misfortune. It drives away disturbances and tensions, and lifts the spirits above the mundane cars of life. Burn it to consecrate a ritual space. Carry it as an herb of protection. Use it in the ritual bath and chalice. Tradition holds that those who eat sage become immortal in both wisdom and years. Sage is used in wish manifestations and to attract money. Smolder to promote healing and spirituality. Carry to promote wisdom. Use in spells for: Protection; Wisdom; Health; Money and Riches; Spirituality. Powerful clearing and cleansing, removes negative energy. 12) Dragons Blood: Magical Uses: Burn for love, protection, exorcism, and sexual potency. Use for Courage; Magical Power; Energy; Strength; Purification; Changes; Determination; Cleansing. A pinch of Dragon's blood added to other incenses increases their potency and power. May be dissolved in the bath for strong purification. Keep a piece under the bed to cure impotency. Carried for good luck. Widely used in love, protection and purification spells. Substitute for: DRAGON'S BLOOD-Equal parts Frankincense and Red Sandalwood 13) Red Rose Buds: Magical Uses: The Rose is a Goddess herb belonging to Venus and the Water element. Rose is the accepted love scent. Rose buds are added to bath water to conjure a lover. Place some in a red cloth bag and pin it under your clothes. Rose hips worn as beads attract love. A tea of rosebuds drunk before sleep induces prophetic dreams. Rose petal and hips are used in healing spells and mixtures. Rose petals sprinkled around the house calm personal stress and household upheavals. Roses planted in the garden attracts

fairies. Burn as incense for : Healing; Health; Love; Luck; Creativity; Balance; Anointing; Divination; Clairvoyance; Protection; Psychic Awareness. Unconditional love, peace, harmony, tranquility. 14) Star Anise: Magical Uses: The powdered bark is used as incense. The tree is planted around temples and on graves as an herb of consecration and protection. The seeds are burned as incense to increase psychic powers, and are also worn as beads for the same purpose. Sometimes star anise is placed on the altar to give it power; one is placed to each of the four directions. It is also carried as a general luck-bringer, and the seeds make excellent pendulums. The tree is often grown near Buddhist temples where it is revered. 15) Coriander Seed: Magical Uses: Coriander oil works well in love and healing mixtures. The seeds are used for healing, especially easing headaches and are worn for this purpose. Add the powdered seeds to warm wine to make an effective lust potion. Put some in the chalice for a handfasting ritual. Incenses for longevity and love spells. Also used in love sachets and charms. 16) Sweet Annie (Wormwood): Magical Uses: The scent of wormwood is said to increase psychic powers. Burned with incenses on Samhain to aid evocation, divination, scrying and prophecy. Especially good when combined with Mugwort. Strengthens incenses for exorcism and protection. Hung from a rear-view mirror, wormwood protects vehicles from accidents on treacherous roads. Use in spells for: Binding; Psychic Awareness; Evocation; Love; Clairvoyance. Wormwood is burned to gain protection from wandering spirits. Used in divinatory and clairvoyance incenses, initiation rites and tests of courage. Enables the dead to be released from this plane so they may find peace. 17) Goldenrod: Magical Uses: Money, Divination. To see your future love, wear a piece of goldenrod. He or she will appear on the morrow. When held in the hand, the flower nods in the direction of hidden or lost objects, or where buried treasure lies. If Goldenrod springs up suddenly near the house door, unexpected good fortune will soon rain upon the family living there. Goldenrod is also used in money spells. 18) Corn Silk: Magical Uses: Divination, Luck and Protection