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Hello, I just came across your resume on Monster.

I have an open position for a RF Optimization Engineer Client: Alcatel-Lucent RF Optimization Engineer Location: St Louis, MO Duration: 12+ Months Plan and execute RF optimization tasks to optimize clusters/super clusters in th e customer?s network during the deployment phase. Troubleshoot problem areas and provide recommendations for system performance enhancements. Key Responsibiliti es / Functions: Base Preparation: Work with RF design engineer and review RF Des ign documentation to understand the design KPIs, cluster definition, customer ex pectation, and network configuration. Review the contractual KPIs in conjunction with the market configuration to identify any challenges in meeting the exit cr iteria in specified time. Determine test equipment needs and work with RF Leads and Customer Technical advocate to order the equipment from the tools group. Pre pare a detailed logistics plan including the number of cluster engineers and dri ve teams needed to complete the optimization deliverables on schedule. On-Site P reparation: Develop and document optimization drive routes and cluster control r outes. Study the RF design coverage maps and identify problem areas in terms of coverage, interference, or pilot pollution. Review the integration reports to en sure that the sites which are turned over to the RF team are properly tested, wi thout alarms and free from external interference. Familiarity with RF Optimizati on Handbook Methods and Procedures. Familiarity with RF Optimization tools and t est equipment. Familiarity with RF Optimization tunable parameters. Knowledge of antenna configuration. Understanding the mobile operations. Ability of using Ne twork Performance tools. Troubleshooting. MapInfo, MS Excel. Soft Skills: Strong interpersonal skills, Good communication skills, verbal and written, Good persu asion and negotiation skills, Ability to troubleshoot issues/problems, Ability t o work effectively with customers, suppliers, internal sales, and PM, Meticulous approach to producing high quality results, Results orientation with a strong f ocus on meeting challenging customer commitments, Self-starter, Flexible, Works independently. Required Qualifications: Experience: More than 10 years of RF Opt imization experience. Must have experience of RF lead and market customer interf ace. More than 3 years on UMTS technology and more than 6 months on LTE technolo gy. Must have experience in UMTS/LTE networks and KPI base system optimization. Must have strong LTE/UMTS knowledge. Must have good understanding of RF design m ethod and procedure. Must have experience with RF Optimization tools. Must be fa miliar with ATOLL/ACP RF design tool. Must be knowledgeable in multi-technology site configuration and implementation. Education: B.S. of E.E. or C.S., M.S. is preferred Certifications: NA. Desired Qualifications: Experience with major wire less carriers or vendors, General Telecommunications knowledge, Knowledge of ALU and/or other commercial wireless products and solutions, Working knowledge of t he Alcatel-Lucent 9370 RNCs through the WMS platform and the ability to create a nd execute work orders is a plus. Both theoretical Knowledge and field experienc e with LTE networks. Must have a proven track record as a RF optimization cluste r lead for either UMTS or LTE. Must be able to support Alcatel-Lucent?s UMTS/LTE RF team in performing WMS support work (neighbor lists and parameter management ), Must have the proven ability of optimizing UMTS/LTE networks at a single node B, cluster and multi-cluster levels for multiple carriers to meet specific KPI t argets. Knowledge of UMTS and LTE system architecture. Understanding of the Acce ss Technologies (LTE/UMTS/GSM) air interface. Understanding of LTE Call flow. Ex perience with 2G/3G/4G wireless technologies, e.g. UMTS/GSM/CDMA/LTE. Knowledge of Alcatel-Lucent IMS and LTE solutions (generic, standards).

Are you interested? If so, can you please respond with an updated resume at a nd call me at the number below? Harsha Anderson Phone: 972-200-0486 Letter Value: 80D0A8-21D16