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The Fort Jackson

Martin Luther King Jr. Fort Jackson Tax Center
Observance Luncheon located at 2101 Marion Ave will
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., today open Jan. 22. For more information
See page 14 for more. call 751-JTAX.

Thursday, January 11, 2007 Published for the Fort Jackson/Columbia, S.C. Community

Hold on tight! Utilities

Heath Hamacher
Leader Staff
Fort Jackson residents and employees might soon see
various local utility companies providing services such as
water, sewer and electricity.
Because owning and operating utility systems is not a
core function of the Department of Defense, the Utilities
Privatization program looks to turn over Department of
Defense systems to industry experts.
The intent, according to the Defense Energy Support
Center’s 2003 Request for Proposal, is to “obtain safe, reli-
able and efficient utility services for Army installations.”
The DoD directed that all service-owned electric, natural
gas, water and wastewater utility systems to be privatized
unless security concerns required federal ownership or if
privatization is not economical. Where not economical,
systems will be recapitalized using traditional funding
sources such as the operations and maintenance and mili-
tary construction appropriations.
Fort Jackson has been evaluated and is privatizing two
systems, said Mike Munn, maintenance program manager,
Directorate of Logistics and Engineering.
Photo by Nichole Riley “We’re in the process of awarding water and wastewater
contracts,” Munn said. “We anticipate a January ‘07 award,
Sgt. 1st Class Crecencia Jeter, Fort Stewart, Ga., traverses the Single Rope Bridge at Victory Tower on Tuesday. Jeter is
attending Drill Sergeant School. and there’s a 120-day transition period from the notice of
See Utilities Page 4

Post landfill cleaned up; more work planned

Chris Rasmussen down.
Leader Staff “As an environmentalist it is an oxymoron to cut down
A Fort Jackson landfill, deemed by the federal government trees, but we had to cut them down to take out the waste,” he
to be an environmental hazard, has been cleaned up and the said. The trees were turned into mulch.
land restored to its natural state. The concrete removed from the site has been recycled and
The Range 17 Landfill, located near the intersection of was ground up for restoration work at similar sites. Because
Hartsville Guard and Old Hartsville Guard roads, was closed the concrete was in a landfill and deemed unusable by the
in 1989 and used up until that point to dispose of debris from EPA, the post is unable to use the concrete for other projects
road construction and barracks demolition. such as road construction.
“We have gone through several phases of investigation for “Here at Fort Jackson we really strive to restore, conserve
environmental impact and didn’t find much. Nothing haz- and recycle,” Lahiri said.
ardous has been found. Mostly solid waste,” said Lahiri Once the debris was removed from the site, workers placed
Estaba, Fort Jackson Environmental Restoration Program a two-foot layer of soil cover on the site.
manager. In addition to cleanup, the post is required by the EPA to
The Environmental Protection Agency, however, mandated monitor the groundwater underneath the former landfill for
Fort Jackson clean up the site as well as clean five other for- possible contamination. A well will be dug on the site this
mer landfills. month and water sampling will be conducted to ensure there
Debris, which consisted mostly of concrete and metal, was is no contamination.
trucked onto the 15-acre site and dumped on the surface and Lahiri said the post is currently working to clean up the Photo Courtesy of the Directorate of Natural Resources
into pits. additional five landfills located across Fort Jackson that total These trees were cut down to remove concrete and other con-
Removing the debris was no easy task, said Lahiri. To 500 acres. struction debris from the former landfill. The trees were then
remove the concrete and metal, several trees had to be cut turned into mulch.

Index Leading Uncovering From Crown to

Op-Ed 2 Community 14-15
Recent History Cammies
the Army archeologist uncovers
information in Iraq.
National Guard Soldier talks
about dual life.
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Feature 12 Chapel 23
way ... Page 12 Page 8
Op - Ed
Ask the Garrison Commander
Library available for Internet use; chain of custody
Is there anywhere on post to self service by clicking on my library –– to search seven until a physical changeover is made with another Army
Q use the Internet for e-mail,
safety training or to conduct research
databases at one time, including more than 3,600 period-
icals, to enhance research or to read a book online. All
Substance Abuse Program staff noncommissioned offi-
cer. The only person that signs the chain of custody prior
for classes? this is free to users at the library located at the corner of to turning it into the Installation Biochemical Testing
Strom Thurmond Boulevard and Lee Road. The hours of Coordinator is the Unit Prevention Leader.
The Fort Jackson Thomas Lee operation are from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through
AHall Library has just upgraded
its computer lab with 15 new comput-
Thursday, and from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday through
Garrison Fact of the Week
Did you know? In 1994, 3 million people made use of
ers. In the 2006 fiscal year the library the Internet mostly U.S. residents and in 2005 the num-
had more than 30,000 users. These What is meant by chain of custody of a urinaly- ber of users worldwide exceeded 1 billion. (Computer
Col. Eddie
Stephens Jr. users used the Internet for checking e-
mail (Army Knowledge Online), anti-
Q sis? Industry Almanac, Inc.) In 1978, the first SPAM or junk
e-mail message was sent over the ARPANET.
terrorism training, safety training, dri- The chain of custody is the physical possession To submit questions for the “Ask the Garrison
ver’s training and library research of all kinds. On AKO,
users can access the Army’s library page –– found under
A of specimen that is kept under direct observation
by an observer or qualified noncommissioned officer
Commander”, call 751-2842, or e-mail nahrwolds@jack-

Remembering Harvey –– the last of the great newspaper men
Theresa O’Hagan between the photo and the cutline, the reserved. I, on the other close as we were, I knew so little about
Contributing Writer headline and the body of the story. He hand was female, 5- him. He was very private and I never
My friend, my colleague, one of the refined my copy fitting skills –– tedious foot-2-inches, definitely wanted to pry. I knew his father was not
last “old school” journalists died last math that was a part of newspapers in the not rail thin, eccentric doing well, and living in Raleigh. I knew
week. I first met Harvey Moss, whose “dark ages.” I finally understood what and boisterous. On the he had brothers and sisters up north. He
official title was “managing editor, Fort “six down” meant –– the amount of space inside, however, in our had a nephew and niece-in-law who visit-
Jackson Leader,” when I was a private filled by an article measured from the top journalistic hearts, we ed often. They had a labradoodle that was
first class assigned to the Public Affairs of the page to the bottom of the last line were kindred spirits. Harvey’s “grandnephew” and he always
Office in 1995. of type. He helped me lay out my very As often as possible, looked forward to the grandnephew’s vis-
Harvey’s official title really didn’t first double truck, the two facing pages in (and this was never its, which he prepared for with dog
cover the scope of this job. Most people the center of a newspaper. often enough Harvey Moss biscuits and squeaky toys. I know he
saw him as the “advertising guy for the We discussed ideas for special edi- because to call 1954 –– 2007 never married.
Leader.” Sure, he was the head of the tions, front pages, layout changes ... his Harvey a workaholic doesn’t even begin I suppose I don’t know the little every-
advertising sales department, but he was enthusiasm for newspapers was conta- to cover it), Harvey and I would go to day things about Harvey, but I know the
also the man who watched over the paper gious. We did special inserts for the holi- lunch together. We would go to some new important ones. I know he was my true
after all the stories and photos were laid days, for special events and for post histo- place that just opened; usually somewhere friend. I know he loved me. I know I love
out. He stayed with the paper as it went ry. We had the time of our lives and put Harvey wanted me to try. We both loved him and I miss him so much already.
from dummy sheets to plates, to film to out some real good papers. food. His fast metabolism filled me with Editor’s note: For 25 years, Harvey
newsprint sheets and finally, the finished After more than four years as the edi- envy. Over steaming bowls of pasta, or on Moss was the liaison between the Fort
product. tor, it was my time to move on ... albeit, I one special occasion giant bowls of ice Jackson Leader and its contract publisher.
By some twist of fate, I became the did not go far. I moved a few blocks away cream, we would talk about journalism, His primary mission was to ensure the
Leader editor after less than one year on to Morale, Welfare and Recreation and ethics, the Patriot Act, the loss of civility newspaper was published on time, deliv-
staff. For a month, I would wake up in a happily for me, I still got to work with in American society. We talked for hours. ered to the right places and the advertis-
state of panic –– “Oh, God did I make Harvey –– this time with ads. When I was having a bad day in journal- ers were happy. He was often seen in and
that change on page 3?” Harvey was always smiling, always ism, Harvey was the only person I could around the community, but to those who
It was during this trial by fire that willing to do whatever he could to make talk to who could empathize with my did not know his name, he was “the
Harvey became more than the man “who everyone happy. frustration and offer helpful advice. Leader guy.” For the Public Affairs Office
put the ads in the paper.” He became my Harvey was physically the most oppo- Years of working together forged a and many others around Fort Jackson,
friend, my colleague, my mentor. site anyone could be to me — male, tall great bond of friendship. Harvey was part of the family and we will
He taught me how space to leave (nearly 7 feet) rail thin, conservative and Harvey’s death made me realize, as miss him very much.

The Fort Jackson

Commanding General
Fort Jackson,
South Carolina 29207
Assistant Editor
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per, which has a circulation of
15,000, is an authorized publica-
tion for members of the U.S. Army.
ucts, or services advertised.
All editorial content of the Fort
Jackson Leader is prepared, edited,
provided and approved by the
Jackson, S.C. 29207, or call (803)

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Brig. Gen. James H. Nichole Riley Leader are not necessarily the offi- Jackson.
Schwitters cial views of, or endorsed by the The Fort Jackson Leader is pub-
Leader Staff U.S. Government, the Department lished by Camden Media Company For display advertising rates and
Public Affairs Officer
of Defense, Department of the Army a private firm in no way connected information, call:
Karen Soule Spc. Bernard Simmons or Fort Jackson. with the Department of the Army, Camden Media Company
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Warren Byrd tute endorsement by the for commercial advertising. For classified advertising e-mail:
Editor Department of the Army or Camden To submit articles or story ideas,
Media Company of the firms, prod- write the Fort Jackson Leader, Fort or fax (803) 432-7609.
Carrie David Ford
BCT Soldiers issued Army’s newest tools
Heath Hamacher combat troops to Afghanistan in 2002. familiarize Soldiers with the gear they’ll
Leader Staff The first RFI kits contained only 14 be using.
The war in Iraq is different from other items. Current RFI kits contain 58 items, Other items issued here are:
campaigns. There are different challenges, with plans to add additional items in the º Desert knee/elbow pads
tactics and landscapes that require differ- future. º Land Operations Goggles
ent types of equipment. Some of the items already included are º Hydration System (Navy personnel
In the Army’s largest equipment field- improved spotting scopes, ballistics spec- only)
ing effort since World War II, the Rapid tacles, the advanced combat helmet and º Infrared markers (Navy personnel
Fielding Initiative is dedicated to protect- Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying only)
ing Soldiers and enhancing their quality of Equipment, which consists of removable “This allows us to train Soldiers as they
life in the field by providing the most up- compartments and components. There is Photo Courtesy of Sgt. Kim Dooley, have to fight,” said Henry Geathers, logis-
to-date technological equipment available. also improved personal equipment such as Fort Benning, Ga., Bayonet tics chief, Directorate of Logistics and
So far, more than 600,000 active and socks, boots and moisture-wicking T- The Rapid Fielding Initiative provides Engineering. “By having the RFI here,
reserve troops have been equipped, includ- shirts. protective equipment and several “crea- they’re used to items such as the combat
ing Basic Combat Training Soldiers at Fort The RFI operates out of the Program ture comfort” clothing items to deploy- helmet and Improved First-Aid Kit when
Jackson. Executive Office Soldier program at Fort ing Soldiers. they get to Iraq –– this won’t be their first
The RFI was created in 2003, based on Belvoir, Va. Since March, RFI kits have Jackson. Though these kits contain fewer time seeing these.”
lessons learned during the deployment of been issued to BCT Soldiers at Fort items than the ones issued in theatre, they

PEO Soldier, Accessions Command unveil traveling exhibit

Rich Lamance
Army News Service
SAN ANTONIO, Jan. 7 –– A new traveling exhibit
designed to help connect the American public to the
American Soldier was unveiled amid the pageantry of the
Army’s Fan Fiesta exhibition, culminating with the
Army-sponsored “All-American” Bowl high school all-
star football contest played last Saturday at the
The U.S. Army Accessions Command, in conjunction
with the U.S. Army Program Executive Office (PEO)
Soldier, took the wraps of their newest interactive recruit-
ing tool, the American Soldier Adventure Van.
The van highlights the Army’s most technologically
advanced equipment and celebrates the Soldier as the
heart of the Army.
“The van shows the American public how the
American Soldier is outfitted with the best equipment
possible to carry out its missions in the 21st Century,” said
Sgt. Maj. Thomas Coleman with PEO Soldier in Boston,
The van will travel throughout the country about 270
days a year, providing interactive demonstrations, video
displays and examples of weapons, clothing and gear of
Photo by Daren Reehl
the future being planned for the Soldier of today.
The van was developed to, not only help generate leads The Army’s newest gear, weapons and clothing is on display in the new American Soldier Adventure van, a col-
for recruiting, but to also give the American public an laborative effort between Army Accession Command and the Program Executive Office.
awareness of the clothing, weapons and equipment being were able to train like a Soldier with the interactive Other hands-on areas of the exhibit include such things
quickly fielded to help protect Soldiers’ lives in areas of Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS), as interceptor body armor and helmets and extended cold
potential danger. as well as test their shooting prowess in a marksmanship weather gear, new target sensor technology and the abili-
Visitors taking a sneak peak of the van during the “All- training simulator using a replica of the M-4 Carbine and ty to view a simulated battlefield using new night vision
American” Fan Fiesta exhibitions outside the Alamodome M249 Squad Automatic Weapon. devices and thermal weapon sights.
Around New insurance helps with long-term care
Heath Hamacher care insurance is long before it is needed.
Leader Staff
Post With nursing home and home-care costs expected to rise in the
coming years, it makes sense for Soldiers and other government
“The younger you are when you purchase coverage, the less
expensive your monthly or annual premiums will be,” said
Bebbington. “Waiting not only means a larger cash outlay, it
employees to plan ahead for long-term care, and to integrate that means you’ll be a greater risk of having pre-existing health prob-
planning into their total financial or retirement plan. lems that may prevent you from qualifying.”
2007 Post Guides Tom Bebbington, public relations manager for the relatively- Coverage under the FLTCIP is backed by the John Hancock
Available new Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program, said most and Metropolitan Life Insurance companies, due to the compa-
health insurance programs provide little or no coverage for long- nies’ consistently earned high ratings for financial strength and
The Fort Jackson 2007 Post
term care services. operating performance. The program is administered by Long
Guides have arrived and are ready for
“Planning ahead for these high costs is absolutely critical to Term Care Partners, LLC, a company created exclusively for the
pick-up. To schedule a time to pick-
preserving your nest egg, your estate plan and your personal inde- program and jointly owned by the carriers. OPM has worked
up, call 751-6739.
pendence,” Bebbington said. closely with John Hancock and MetLife to ensure this coverage
He said the FLTCIP underscores the importance of early long- offers the kind of benefits and features that are most valuable ––
‘Victory Riders’ term care planning and gives members the opportunity to apply now and in the future –– to members of the federal family.
for substantial long-term care coverage at favorable group premi- Bebbington said the FLTCIP offers enrollees some distinct
to meet ums. advantages, including comprehensive coverage, competitive and
The Fort Jackson Victory Riders Established by an act of Congress in 2000 and overseen by the stable rates, international coverage, and administrative service
Motorcycle Club will hold a meeting U.S. Office of Personnel Management, the FLTCIP is designed to standards that are the highest in the long-term care insurance
at 5 p.m., today at Magruders Sports meet the specific needs of the federal family. It also provides care industry.
Pub. Call 751-2096 for information. coordination services to qualified relatives of enrollees at no cost, “The program’s policies are simple to understand and offer
Bebbington said. benefits tailored to federal family members,” Beddington said.
Brigade “When you need long-term care services, securing the best “Policies are sold direct through highly trained, non-commis-
type and quality of care can seem daunting,” said Mary Lou sioned staff that understands how long-term care insurance works
Reflaggings Set McGuinness, a registered nurse and director of care coordination and how to recommend the right coverage. There are no high
The 4th Combat Training Brigade and claims for the FLTCIP. “That’s why the care coordination ser- pressure sales tactics, simply sound advice.”
will hold a reflagging ceremony at 2 vices provided by the only federally-sponsored long-term care For more information about long-term care insurance, call
p.m., Jan. 26 at Vanguard Forward insurance program are truly one of the hallmarks of the program.” (800) 582-3337 or visit
Operating Base. The brigade’s new Bebbington said the best time to consider buying long-term
designation will be the 165th Infantry
Brigade, with the motto “Lightning.
Strike Strong.”
Utilities (continued from Page 1)
The 1st Combat Training Brigade award to the contractor being in mize disruptions in services. We
will hold a reflagging ceremony at 2 responsible charge.” have been under- funded for years
p.m., Jan. 31 in front of brigade head- Munn said the electric system has and have deferred maintenance.”
quarters. The brigade’s new designa- been deferred until fiscal year 2008, Of the Army’s 351 Continental
tion will be the 193rd Infantry and it has been determined that pri- U.S. systems, 118 have been priva-
Brigade, with the motto “No Ground vatizing gas at this time would be tized, 158 have been deemed uneco-
to Give.” uneconomical, but that it would be nomical to privatize and 75 are
Victory Brigade will reflag as reviewed again. under evaluation. Evaluations are
171st Infantry Brigade in March. A He expects better quality from expected to be completed by
date and time have not yet been set. both water and sewer systems once September 2011.
they are contracted. The Privatization program does
Finance School “Privatization is expected to
bring our system up to standards to
not include overseas utility systems,
which are generally owned by the Photo by Heath Hamacher
Name Changes meet regulatory requirements,” host nation. Although Fort Jackson has begun the privatization
A redesignation ceremony for the Munn said. “It will improve our of utilities, electricity privatization has been
U.S. Army Finance School will be quality of water and should mini- mil deferred until fiscal year 2008.
held at 1:30 p.m., Jan. 26 at the U.S.
Army Soldier Support Institute
finance wing. The school is being
renamed the U.S. Army Financial
Court martial results
Management School. To attend, Office of the Staff Judge Advocate Zima plead guilty to one charge and Ord. Bn.
R.S.V.P. by Friday by e-mailing U.S. v. Pvt. Robert M. Zima four specifications of larceny and one Zima broke into four wall lockers or On Jan. 3, a military judge sitting as charge and one specification of false and stole two laptop computers and two or a special court martial sentenced Pvt. official statement during the special Sony PlayStation Portable game sys-
by calling 751-8642. Robert M. Zima, Company D, 187th court martial. tems.
Ordnance Battalion, to eight months Nov. 17, Zima used a metal bar Zima was escorted on Jan. 4 to the
incarceration, reduction to the lowest taken from a broken wall locker to confinement facility at Fort Knox, Ky.
enlisted rank and a bad-conduct dis- break open combination locks on other Final action by the general court martial
charge. Soldiers’ lockers within Co. D, 187th convening authority is pending.
Customer Service Corner
Fort Jackson action council convenes
Vincent Valenzuela year first quarter (18 submitted from people through their of the upcoming corporate assessment in March 2007.
Customer Management Services Senior Analyst CMSAC representatives; six submitted through the The CMS three-tiered feedback process has been
Fort Jackson’s Customer Management Services Action Surviving Spouses Focus Group; 21 submitted through implemented at Fort Jackson, S.C., Fort Eustis, Va., and
Council convened Jan. 4. The name of the council was the Civilian Employee Focus Group; and 17 submitted Fort Richardson, Alaska. This process will soon be imple-
changed based on the evolution of the three-tiered feed- through the Family Member Focus Group). mented at other Army locations.
back process which encompasses individuals, constituent The CMSAC reviews all active and completed issues The issues and responses submitted during this quarter
groups (Soldiers, retirees, veterans, family members and for the current quarter. Active issues are discussed and will be discussed at the next Customer Management
civilian employees), and mission commanders supported resolved during the council if they are within the control Services Action Council scheduled for 2 p.m., March 1 at
by the U.S. Army Garrison. of the installation. Others may require forwarding to high- the Post Conference Room.
The council convenes on a quarterly basis to discuss er levels. Votes are taken to determine if an issue should The community is invited to attend the council meeting
Interactive Customer Evaluation system, Community be recommended for forwarding to the commanding gen- and present questions and comments. If you have any
FIRST, and corporate assessment feedback submitted by eral. The CG makes the final determination on forwarding questions or concerns to address to the Fort Jackson lead-
the community. During this meeting the council discussed issues beyond Fort Jackson. ership, this would be a great opportunity to let your voice
and resolved issues, concerns and recommendations sub- There were several issues voted to be presented to the be heard.
mitted by the Fort Jackson community during the 2007 CG for forwarding beyond Fort Jackson. These issues and You can contact the CMS Office at 751-5547 or DSN
fiscal year first quarter. all other issues submitted to Community FIRST can be 734-5547, with questions. For a detailed list of issues sub-
The Customer Management Services office is respon- found on the Fort Jackson Well-Being Web site and will mitted through the Community FIRST initiative visit the
sible for administering the three feedback mechanisms be discussed in further articles of the “Customer Service Fort Jackson Well-Being home page at: http://www.jack-
designed to gather, analyze and report information that is Corner” (formerly known as the Well-Being Corner).
essential to improve services provided by the garrison. The third tier of feedback is the semi-annual corporate
The first tier is ICE, which is used for individual feed- assessment. This assessment is designed to gather feed- ICE Appreciation
back on the 250 service providers on Fort Jackson. The back from mission commander and unit leadership on per-
installation finished with a 93 percent satisfaction level formance, importance and priority of services provided. The garrison would like to congratulate the Fort
and more than 4,000 responses during the 2007 fiscal year The ratings are then provided to garrison directorates for Jackson Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, and the
first quarter. evaluation and development of action plans to improve Installation Safety Office. They have maintained a 4.88
The second tier is the Community FIRST Quarterly services, if required. The CMS Office will be conducting and a 4.87 percent rating, respectively, in employee/staff
Issue Resolution Process used for constituent group feed- briefings with the mission commanders and unit leader- attitude out of a possible 5.0, for a 12-week period. This
back to submit issues that cannot be fixed by ICE. There ship during January and February. The briefings will con- is an outstanding performance in customer satisfaction.
were a total of 62 issues submitted during the 2007 fiscal sist of 2006 fiscal year assessment results and the details Keep up the good work.

on Safe t y
Congratulations! We have come to other options are available.
the end of Block Leave, and all mem- º All Fort Jackson military organi-
bers of the Fort Jackson community zations are required to produce a call-
returned safely. This is an excellent ing card with numbers that Soldiers
achievement and was only possible can call in case they have had too
because every one of you did your much to drink, or for other emergen-
part. cies. If you do not have one, contact
Unfortunately, the threat remains your chain of command.
very real. During the 2006 fiscal year, º If you are using the Fort Jackson
16 Soldiers died in privately owned club system, all you need to do is tell
vehicle accidents in the Training and the bar staff that you have had too
Doctrine Command. In the 2007 fiscal much to drink and you will be given a
year first quarter, TRADOC has lost free cab ride home –– no questions
eight Soldiers in POV accidents. asked.
Excessive speed and alcohol were º Designated drivers are another
contributing factors in many of the option, and most clubs have some sort
POV accidents involving TRADOC of program. The Fort Jackson clubs
Soldiers. Army-wide accident statis- will provide the designated driver with
tics paint a similar picture. free non-alcoholic drinks.
Drinking and Driving is simply
Safety Tip of the Week unacceptable, so do the right thing.
DUIs are on the rise –– six of them The life you save might just be your
in December. Always remember that own.
Installation Safety Office, 3290 Forney St.,
Safety switchboard: 751-6004, Garrison Division: 751-2541,
Mission Division: 751-2542
Safety Hotline: 751-SAFE
Minnesotan trades crown for cammies
Samantha L. Quigley During the six months as Aquatennial Queen of the
American Forces Press Service Lakes, she juggled her National Guard drill duties and
WASHINGTON, Jan. 9, 2007 –– A 22-year-old col- schoolwork with her public appearances, she said.
lege student recently traded her beauty-queen tiara for “I do it pretty well, actually. I’ve had to do a couple
the Kevlar helmet she’ll wear when she deploys with her of changes in my car going from drill to parades,”
Minnesota Army National Guard unit to Iraq. Gaulke said. “I think maybe this is changing the whole
For the past six months, Jessica Gaulke’s life has outlook on the pageant system and scholarship programs
been about college classes and making appearances as because it’s not all about the glitz and glam.
Minneapolis’ 2007 Aquatennial Queen of the Lakes, but “It’s really about the person you are,” she said.
soon it will focus on helping lead Iraq to a peaceful “Sometimes I don’t look the best, but people under-
democracy. stand.”
The Augsburg College senior studying sociology will Although she’s been dubbed the “Brave Beauty,”
be deploying as Spc. Jessica Gaulke with the 2nd Gaulke said she won her crown based on who she is.
Battalion, 147th Assault Helicopter Battalion. The unit is “There’s no swimsuit, there’s no gown or fishbowl ques-
scheduled to start training at Fort Hood, Texas, this tions, things like that we normally see in Miss America,”
spring in advance of a yearlong tour in Iraq. she said. “It’s based on your school, your volunteer
“I’m feeling strong to go. The training I’ve received experience, what you’re active in currently.”
is good training, and I’m prepared,” Gaulke said. But her Gaulke carries a 3.3 grade point average and volun-
military obligation, which she accepted in February 2002 teers as a coach for her high school lacrosse team in the
when she joined the National Guard, has ended her rein spring. She also works with the Minneapolis-based Open
as Queen of the Lakes. Arms, an organization that makes and delivers meals for
Although it was never her lifelong ambition to win a residents with HIV/AIDS.
beauty pageant, she said the abbreviated experience has For the down-to-earth beauty queen, trading her
been wonderful. So, although she admits it was bitter- crown for cammies is no big deal. “Switching one for
sweet to hand over her crown the other ... I signed up for it and I
Jan. 4, she said she feels no knew it was a possibility,” Gaulke said.
resentment. “The training I’ve There’s another major life event on
“I’ve heard this whole time the near horizon that makes giving up
that, ‘You could go. You never received is good train- her crown to head to Iraq seem easy in
know when you’re going to go, ing, and I’m prepared.” comparison. “I’m getting married next
but you could go at any time and week,” she said, adding that her newly-
they don’t even have to give you Spc. Jessica Gaulke wed husband, whom she’ll be leaving
notice,’” Gaulke said. “I’m Army National Guard behind soon, will take care of their two
thankful for the six months that dogs and the new home the couple just Courtesy Photo
I’ve had (as Queen of the Lakes). purchased. Army Spc. Jessica Gaulke poses with Ted Zwieg, com-
Of course, I would have liked to finish the year out, but “I’m excited and I think life is bringing me in the modore of the Minneapolis Aquatennial, during her
what I’ve experienced has been amazing.” right direction,” she said. “Things happen for a reason.” candidacy for 2007 Aquatennial Queen of the Lakes.

New governance will improve military health care system, official says
Sgt. Sara Wood we have a vision, we have a clear set of “One of the things that we wanted to do The new governance system will
American Forces Press Service ideas that things can work even better.” was to not break anything that works well require a transition process,
WASHINGTON, Jan. 5 –– The new The new governance plan was approved today; we don’t think we’re going to do Winkenwerder said. Details of the plan
governance plan for the military health by Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon that at all,” he said. still need to be worked out, and a transition
care system, which is in its very early England on Nov. 27, 2006. It calls for joint DoD health care has already consolidat- team will be appointed to map the execu-
stages, will improve the care given to oversight and leadership of several key ed in one area –– information technology. tion of the plan, which is expected to be
troops and their families in today’s joint functional areas across the health system, Winkenwerder praised the new electronic complete by 2009.
environment, the Defense Department’s such as education and training, medical medical records system, AHLTA, the Key goals of the new plan are to save
top health official said today. research, and health care delivery. “Armed Forces Health Longitudinal taxpayer dollars and improve the health
The idea behind the new governance Under the new plan, large local markets Technology Application,” which is used care given to troops and their families,
plan is to have the separate military ser- that serve more than one branch of the mil- by all services at all military treatment Winkenwerder said.
vices work together even more closely itary will have a unified authority, facilities. He praised the services for their coop-
than they do now in the area of health care. Winkenwerder explained. This will allow “We have the chance to do that kind of eration and compromise in developing the
This will improve the efficiency and effec- for better decision making, increased cost thing in other areas, and that’s what the plan, and expressed optimism about the
tiveness of the system, Dr. William effectiveness and shared resources, he new governance plan is about,” he said. success of the plan.
Winkenwerder Jr., assistant secretary of said. The new governance plan will not cre- “Ultimately, all of this needs to be
defense for health affairs, said in an inter- The Defense Department will consoli- ate a new joint command with one surgeon about producing a better product, produc-
view at the Pentagon. date medical education and training at a general, Winkenwerder explained. The ing a better result, all in the interest of our
“Our system does work well now; we new center in San Antonio, and it will also services will maintain their separate sur- service members and their families,” he
have great outcomes in battlefield medi- consolidate medical research. Any geons general, he said, but major changes said. “They deserve the best that we can
cine and in the care of our wounded –– the research that is unique to a specific service in governance will happen across the provide them, and that’s the goal of all
best in history,” Winkenwerder said. “But will be preserved, Winkenwerder added. board. this.”
MWR has solutions to New Year’s resolutions
Theresa O’Hagan Marion Street Station is your one-stop destination for to help with all your rock climbing needs. Always want-
Morale, Welfare and Recreation recreation adventures. ed to climb? Now is your chance, in a safe and con-
You did it again, didn’t you? Resolved to be better Learn how to horseback ride or just improve your trolled environment. It will get you ready for some trips
this year. Maybe lose weight? Eat better? Exercise skills at Saluda Shoals Park, Jan 21 and again on Feb. 4. in the spring.
more? No previous experience is needed, but riders must be at Our fly fishing class on Feb. 25 will give you the
Most people who “fail” to stick to their New Year’s least 8 years old. Trail rides last about one hour and basics and start you on a path of fly fishing perfection.
resolutions do so because they don’t have adequate sup- include a brief instructional period. Riders should wear We can show you the proper fly cast techniques and
port. Everyone needs a friend to help get them motivat- long pants and boots or sturdy shoes. The cost for this fishing strategy. A fly rod will be provided for practice
ed. adventure is $35. or you may use your own equipment. The cost for this
Andy’s Fitness Center is offering special pricing and Come join us at BallBusters, one of the premier fields class is $25. For more information on Marion Street
packages to help you (and a buddy) stick to an exercise in South Carolina for a day of Station or Outdoor Recreation call 751-3486.
program. Andy’s memberships have been reduced by 32 paintball Why not get into the swing of things at the Fort
percent and patrons can purchase a one-year member- fun. Jackson Golf Club? Your Fort Jackson Golf Club PGA
ship or renew a current membership for only $75. Get The professionals are excited to offer our first Link Up 2
the entire family involved for just $125. The renewed price of $45 Golf session for 2007.
membership will start when the current one expires. includes the This popular program was developed by the PGA of
If you want to bring a buddy or buddies with you –– rental of America and is focused on introducing new players to
purchase a pack of 12, one-month memberships, also for mask and the game of golf.
$75. Buddies who are not MWR eligible need to be gun, unlimited The program includes six hours of instruction by
accompanied by an eligible patron. (Won’t you feel air supply and PGA professionals and four hours of supervised play on
guilty if your buddy can’t stick to his or her work-out 500 rounds of balls. the course designed to make players comfortable playing
routine because you’re not there?) There are two airball courses, one woods course and the game.
To sweeten the pot a little more, if you purchase a one hyperball course. Get your team together and join us The fee for the Link Up 2 Golf program is $99 and
new membership or renew by Monday, you will be Jan. 27. all equipment and range balls are included in the fee.
entered in a drawing to receive a $100 gift certificate Interested in rock climbing? Our class is a general The session is limited to 12 participants. Link Up 2 Golf
from Foot Locker or Lady Foot Locker. introduction to rock climbing that will be held Feb. 11, begins March 13. For more information on golf call 787-
For more information on Andy’s Fitness Center call from 2-3 p.m. at Marion Street Station. 4344.
751-4056. Learn all the proper techniques for climbing, from For information on all the fun you can have on Fort
If you prefer to get your exercise out in nature, gear setup to climbing in the outdoors. Our staff is ready Jackson, visit our Web page at

Today Military cost is $3 and civilian cost is $5. always the latest releases. children 4-10 years old is $2.95.
A Focus Group The Officers’ Club is having a The NCO Club lunch buffet is
meeting will be held at Sunday Southern Style Lunch Buffet from 11 served from 11 a.m. to 1:15 p.m., daily.
6 p.m. at the Youth Did you know that it is a guarantee a.m. to 2 p.m. The cost is $6.50, adults, $2.95, children.
Center. MWR wants for $4,000 to be given away during Enjoy resort accommodations for two
patron input on the new skate Victory Bingo every time it’s played? Wednesday to six people for less than you would pay
park. For more information call 751- Grab a share, play bingo 12:30-4:30 p.m. Be a singing sensation with Karaoke for most hotels with the Armed Forces
7146. Every Sunday is Super Sunday at at Magruders Sports Bar starting at Vacation Club. For details and samples
Victory Bingo is 4:30-10:30 p.m. at Century Lanes. Bowl and get shoe 7:30 p.m. of resort availability, call the reservation
12500 Huger St. Play for more than rentals for $1. Enjoy Mongolian Barbecue, Asian center at (800) 724-9988. The installa-
$25,000 in prizes. Stir-Fry at the Officers’ Club. You don’t tion number for Fort Jackson is 164.
Monday have to be an officer or a member.
Friday Watch Monday Night Football on Join the “Beat” 100.1 FM with the Did You Know?
Play Victory Bingo and win prizes Magruders Sports Bar’s new plasma sounds of Bobby Brown and the Beat, Child care fees are based on Total
up to $15,000. Guaranteed $50 pay-outs. screen televisions. hosted by Timmy Tim at the NCO Club Family Income (not rank or grade). Care
Magruders features DJ Mike from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Bar opens in during duty hours is work-related, so
Lockaby and DJ Perry playing all the Tuesday Liberty Lounge at 5 p.m.; cover charge fees are based on your family’s ability to
favorites. Interested in qualifying for a free is $3 for military and $5 for civilians. pay a fair share.
night of bingo? Call 751-3411 for The Army makes no profit, but funds
Saturday details. Play Victory Bingo every Ongoing Offers the difference in what you pay and the
Every Saturday come out to the Tuesday 6:30-10:30 p.m. and win up to The NCO Club presents a delicious actual cost of child care. Slots are avail-
Excalibur Lounge in the NCO Club and $25,000 in prizes. breakfast buffet 6-9 a.m., weekdays. able at Scales Avenue CDC. Call 752-
enjoy music at 9 p.m. with the Big DM. Visit Magruders for free movies –– The cost for adults is $5.50; the cost for 6225 for more information.
Ask the MEDDAC commander
Weight management tips for a healthier you
It seems that I have picked • Increase veggies to three or more servings per day. Tips to feel full:
Q up a few extra pounds over
the holiday season. What can I do
• Increase fruits to two-to-three servings per day.
• Decrease or avoid sweetened beverages (regular
• Eat more fiber and drink more water.
• Eat more veggies or start a meal with a broth based
to shed the pounds quickly, but soda, fruit drinks, sweet tea, sports drinks, Kool-Aid or soup.
safely? lemonade.) • Slow down when eating and wait 20 minutes before
• Decrease fast food and restaurant dining. going for seconds.
Despite popular beliefs, the • Keep a food diary for at least one week.
A healthiest way to lose
weight is by eating healthier and
• Measure foods so that you know what one serving
looks like.
Fad diets:
Don’t diet. Diets are short term and to lose weight
exercising. • Decrease excess consumption of junk foods, such permanently you must change your eating habits.
Col. James as cookies, cakes, pies, candy, doughnuts, pastries, chips, Herbal weight loss supplements can be dangerous
Mundy Here are some tips to a crackers and soda. Save these items for special occasions because many can interact with different supplements or
healthier you: and even then watch the portion sizes. prescription medications. Beware of emotional eating
• Begin a consistent exercise routine. No excuses for • Decrease excess fats that are in fast food, fatty cuts and other stimulants to eating and make sure to eat only
not exercising, but be sure to check with your doctor of meat, full fat dairy products, chips, desserts, butter, when you are truly hungry.
first. margarine, cream, high-fat salad dressings, sauces and For more information, contact the Nutrition Care
• Eat smaller portions and understand the portion gravies. Division at 751-2489.
sizes of all foods. • Use small amounts of healthy fats, such as olive or
• Eat three meals per day; do not skip meals. canola oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, fatty fish like salmon, If you would like to submit a question for Ask the
• Increase fiber: eat whole grains and less refined car- mackerel, albacore tuna, sardines, herring and fat found MEDDAC or DENTAC Commander, call 751-2061 or e-
bohydrates. in soy products. Do not eliminate total fat. mail

Pharmacy Refill, Automated 751-2250 in at the Medical Records Station upon For
Refill prescriptions online at Toll-free refill (866) 489-0950 enrolling at MACH. Call 751-2471 for a more information call 751-0338. copy of records.
Look for “Pharmacy Refills Online” on Gastric Bypass Support Group TRICARE Online Kiosks
the right side of the Web page. The Gastric Bypass Support Group Soldiers to be treated at Hagen TRICARE online kiosks are located
The Post Exchange Refill Pharmacy will meet at 6 p.m., the second Tuesday Dental Clinic at the post library, the MG Robert B.
is the only site to pick up refills called in of the month in the MACH eighth floor All Fort Jackson permanent party den- Solomon Center, the Strom Thurmond
or ordered online. waiting room. For more information call tal records have been transferred to Building, the hospital, the golf course,
MEDDAC requires a signed autho- 751-0392. Hagen Dental Clinic. the refill pharmacy, the Education cen-
rization form to be completed before a This is not just for weight loss Soldiers with scheduled appointments ter, the Palmetto Lodge and the Post
spouse, family member or friend can patients; all who are interested are wel- will be treated there, and those reporting Exchange.
pick up someone else’s prescriptions. come to attend. for dental sick call may do so 7:15-10 These kiosks allow eligible patients
a.m. and 1:15-2:30 p.m., weekdays. Any optimize access to health care through
Main Outpatient Pharmacy: open Adopt a Pet questions regarding this change, call 751- Web-based technologies, tools and infor-
from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., weekdays Call the veterinary clinic for informa- 5820. mation.
(in the MACH basement). tion 751-7160/5132 on adopting a cat or
Refill Pharmacy: open from 9 a.m. to 6 dog. TRICARE Online Overseas Travel Clinic
p.m., weekdays (in the Post Exchange Beneficiaries enrolled in TRICARE The Overseas Travel Clinic is held
Annex). Medical Records Prime at MACH can schedule an from 8:30 a.m. to noon, Wednesday and
Main Outpatient Clinic 751-2385 Medical records are the property of appointment 24 hours a day, seven days Friday. For more information call 751-
Refill, Voice 751-4609 the U.S. government and must be turned a week at or 5251.
Archaeologists uncover truths of Iraq dead
Al Dooley Iraq, victims’ clothing with its original
Corps of Engineers, colors, toys and even official identity
St. Louis Div. Public Affairs documents have been preserved and
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 8 –– U.S. Army recovered.
Corps of Engineers archaeologist Dr. “We’ve gained a great respect for
Michael “Sonny” Trimble has been to these people –– not simply as remains,
Iraq five times in the last two years, for a which we of course, handled with great
total of 17 months. care –– but as the people they were when
He hasn’t gone there to shed light on they lived,” Trimble said.
the ancient history of what many people Trimble journeyed to Iraq one more
call the cradle of civilization. Rather, time recently. This time, on Nov. 30 he
he’s gone there to lead an effort to gather sat in a witness chair for four hours at
and document accurate evidence and the trial of Saddam Hussein, who was
decisively tell the story of hundreds of being tried with several other Baath Party
thousands of Iraqis allegedly murdered officials in the Anfal trial.
by Saddam Hussein and his regime over During Trimble’s testimony, the
the last two decades. deposed dictator, other defendants and
“I want to give his victims their voic- defense attorneys scrutinized him
es,” Trimble said. “I want them to be intensely.
able to tell the world what happened to Trimble firmly delivered a detailed
them.” report of findings from investigating
Trimble has led a team of archaeolo- mass graves of Kurdish people from
gists, forensic anthropologists, photogra- northern Iraq, who were put to death fol-
phers, collec- lowing alleged insurrec-
tions managers, tion there.
archivists, and a “I want to give his The defendants,
broad range of including Hussein,
other specialists victims their voices. I questioned Trimble for
to sort, catalog want them to be able an hour.
and preserve The defendants had
exhumed items to tell the world what long stated these were
for future appli- happened to them.” legitimate operations of
cations. a government defending
The team also Michael Trimble itself against internal
included a legal Corps of Engineers archeologist insurrection.
specialist to Information from the
ensure the studies of Trimble’s
results would be “air tight” legal records group firmly contradicted those claims.
of events and findings. Detailed evidence, including the chill-
Their work, for the Justice ing fact that 60 percent of the bodies
Department’s Regime Crimes Liaison exhumed were of children under the age
Office in Baghdad has turned up a lot of of 12, demonstrated the untruths of the
details. Searching in mass graves, the defense’s position. Photo by David Hempenstall
team found and meticulously document- Trimble said his final goal is to have Dr. Michael “Sonny” Trimble (left) leads a team of specialists in the search for
ed more than just skeletons. the remains of the exhumed returned to human remains in northern Iraq. Trimble’s team recovered evidence instrumental in
Due to the soil’s nature in much of their families. bringing Saddam Hussein and his regime to justice.
Community Highlights
everyone and registration and payment is The next Spouses Employment Self-
Martin Luther King Jr. Day required one week prior to the class. For Assessment class will be 9:30-11:30 a.m., N ow p l ay i n g
Observance Luncheon more information call 751-4329. Jan. 31 at the Education Center. The class at the Dollar
teaches spouses about the various military
WorkKeys Assessment spouse employment options available,
The Fort Jackson Martin Luther
A WorkKeys Assessment test will be how to create a resume and develop a
King Jr. Day observance will be held
given from 9 a.m. to noon, Jan. 22. The career portfolio. Call 751-5452 to register. Friday
from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., today at The Incredibles (PG) 3:30 p.m.
test enhances a resume and demonstrates
the MG Robert B. Solomon Unaccompanied Minors (PG) 7 p.m.
skill potential to employers. The assess- Black History Month 5k/10k
Center. The theme is “Remember!
ment costs $30, and cash only will be Run/Walk Saturday
Celebrate! A Day On, Not a Day
accepted on the day of testing. Candidates There will be a Black History Month Casino Royale (PG-13) 5:30 p.m.
Off!” and the guest speakers are
must preregister by calling 751-5452. Observance 5K/10K Run/Walk beginning Unacompanied Minors (PG) 8:30 p.m.
Charles P. Austin, Columbia city
at 10 a.m., Feb. 3 at the MG Robert B. Sunday
manager, and Dr. Willis C. Ham, Deja Vu (PG-13) 1 p.m.
Starting and Running a Small Solomon Center. For more information
Webster University Columbia direc- Unacompanied Minors (PG) 3:30 p.m.
Business call 751-9221.
tor. Tickets are $8 and can be pur-
There will be a free seminar entitled
chased through the Fort Jackson You can also call 751-7488 or go online to
“Small Business Development” presented Job Fair
Equal Opportunity Office or unit for movie schedules.
by the University of South Carolina from 9 A job fair will be held from 10 a.m. to
equal opportunity advisors or repre-
to 11:30 a.m., Jan. 23 at the Education 2 p.m., Feb. 7 at the MG Robert B.
Center. You must register to attend, call Solomon Center. For more information program for youth ages 12-18 and an adult
751-6062. visit online at or program as one of America’s largest vol-
call 751-5452/6062. unteer organizations. The group meets at 7
AFTB Class p.m., Monday at Owens Field and 7 p.m.,
This Week The Army Family Team Building is Charlotte-Mecklenburg Seeks Tuesday at Columbia Metropolitan
presenting a Back to Basics Level One Police Officer Airport. For more information e-mail
Skate Park Focus Group Meeting class from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Jan. 23- The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police or visit
There will be a focus group meeting at 24, at 5942 F. Thomas Court. The class Department will administer the Darany
6 p.m., today, at the Youth Center. MWR includes free child care and you must Entry Level Police Officer Examination at
would like input from all skateboarders, reserve a seat by Jan. 19, call 751-6315. 9 a.m., Feb. 9 on the second floor of the HEROS Meeting
BMX bikers and skaters for the new skate Army Career Alumni Program building, The Helping Everyone Reach Optimum
park that will be located at the site of Employment Readiness Program 4600 Strom Thurmond Blvd. Strength group is meeting 5-6:30 p.m.,
Wildcat Pool, behind the NCO Club. For Orientation The session, open to everyone, begins Thursday at Moncrief Army Community
more information call 751-7146. Anyone seeking employment on Fort with presentations and allows for a ques- Hospital, seventh floor. It is open to com-
Jackson or in the surrounding area should tion and answer period. To make an bat veterans and their family members. For
CIB Association Meeting visit the Employment Readiness Program appointment call 751-4109, and for more information call 751-2492/2245.
Active duty Soldiers, retired military for information about employment, educa- information call (704) 432-1615 or e-mail
and veterans who have been awarded the tion and volunteer opportunities. Topics Medical Board Office Closed
Combat Infantry Badge are invited to include job search tips, benefits of using The medical board office is closed from
attend a dinner Tuesday, 7.p.m. at the employment agencies, the South Carolina M16/AR-15 Armorer Training 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Thursday, for admin-
NCO Club. The guest speaker is from 2nd Commission office and more. The next Enrollment is now open for the M- istrative time and office training. For more
Battalion, 75th Rangers from Fort Stewart, class will be from 9 a.m. to noon, Jan. 24. 16/AR-15 Armorer Training course to be information, call 751-0359/7152/7318.
Ga. For more information call 788-4126, For more information call 751-5452. held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Feb. 20-22 at
957-1469 or 776-9243. Fort Gillem, Ga. Overseas Travel Clinic
MSC SeaFarer Day Job Fair The deadline for registration is Feb. 6. The Overseas Travel Clinic is held from
The Military Sealift Command will Call (404) 469-7072/7049 or e-mail 8:30 a.m. to noon, Wednesday and Friday.
host a job fair from 9 am. to 3 p.m., Jan. 24 or For more information call 751-5251.
Upcoming at the Embassy Suites Hotel
Airport/Convention Center located at 5055
International Blvd. in Charleston. For National Prayer Breakfast
ROCKS, Inc. Leadership Panel
The Fort Jackson Chapter of the more information visit www.sealiftcom- The Fort Jackson National Prayer
Monthl y
ROCKS, Inc., will hold a leadership panel or call (888) 278-4156. Breakfast will be held from 7 to 8:15 a.m.,
entitled “Mentoring for Excellence: Feb. 27, at the NCO Club. Permanent Retired Enlisted Association
Promoting Leadership Success,” at 11:30 Financial Assistance/Scholarships party Soldiers, DoD civilians and family Chapter 38 meets at 5 p.m., Jan. 19 at
a.m., Jan. 18, at the NCO Club. For more for Family Members members are invited to attend. For more Moncrief Army Community Hospital,
information, call 751-1898/5421. This seminar from 9 to 11 a.m., Jan. 26 information call 751-4358/6322. third floor conference room.
at the Education Center, will cover infor- All enlisted retirees and active duty
AFTB FRG Class mation on federal, state and military finan- Richland Two Kindergarten pending retirement personnel are encour-
The Army Family Team Building is cial assistance and scholarship programs. Registration aged to attend. Call 740-2319 or e-mail
presenting a Family Readiness Group Each participant will receive a financial Richland Two School District registra-
Leader Basic Training class from 8:30 assistance/scholarship guide. Must register tion for kindergarten is being held through
a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Jan. 19 at the Joe E. to attend, call 751-5452. Jan. 31. For more information call 738- Seabee Meetings
Mann conference room. 3210 or e-mail The Navy Seabee Veterans of America
The class includes free child care and Steps to Federal Jobs will meet at 7 p.m., Feb. 12 at the West
you must reserve a seat by Wednesday, This workshop from 1 to 3:30 p.m., Columbia Metro Chamber of Commerce
and Visitors’ Center. Call 755-7792 or
call 751-6315. Jan. 31 at the Education Center, will go
through every step of the Army Resumix
Weekl y 755-0300 for more information.
Red Cross Health and Safety Class process for federal jobs. Must register to
A Red Cross Health and Safety class attend, call 751-5452. Civil Air Patrol Meetings Military Order of the
covering CPR, first aid and the Automated Civil Air Patrol is an official Purple Heart
Emergency Device will be held from 8 Spouses Employment Self- Department of Defense organization Chapter 402 of the Order will meet at 7
a.m. to 5 p.m., Jan. 20. Class is open to Assessment Class aligned under the Air Force with a cadet p.m., Jan. 23 at American Legion Post 6,
Community Highlights
200 Pickens St. For more information call certification program is open to military AER Scholarship/Grants Call toll-free at (877) 863-4768, e-
776-3117. spouses who live in government quarters Army Emergency Relief is accepting mail, or visit the Web
and DSS certified off-post individuals. applications for the Spouse Education site at
Rear Detachment Training Call 751-6234 for more information. Assistance Program for the 2007-2008 rotc/ for more details.
Army Community Service Mobiliza- academic year spouses of active duty and
tion and Deployment Readiness Program Parenting Groups retired Army Soldiers and the widows Family Readiness Group
Rear Detachment training is held month- Moncrief Army Community Hospital and widowers of Soldiers. The scholar- Registration
ly at Bldg. 2179, Room A-12. RD train- will sponsor “Parenting Adolescents ships are grants based on financial need Fort Jackson ACS Family Assistance
ing is also online at www.myarmylife- Challenging Change,” a 10-week parent- and will be awarded annually. Center requests Family Readiness Groups Units can schedule an appoint- ing group open to parents of middle The scholarships are for undergraduate at Fort Jackson register with ACS
ment by calling 751-5256/7489 or e-mail- school and high school students, and courses only at a post-secondary or voca- Mobilization and Deployment Program
ing “Cooperation and Parenting,” a 10-week tional institution approved by the U.S. so the information is easily available for
parenting group open to parents of ele- Department of Education. This program spouses and family members. For infor-
Military Widows/Widowers mentary school students. is not open to spouses who already have mation e-mail Guillory.Patricia@jack-
Association Groups are open to all valid ID card- an undergraduate degree. Applications or call 751-7489.
The meetings are at 2 p.m., the fourth holders. Space is limited. If you want to are available to download online at
Sunday monthly at Moncrief Army attend or are interested in more informa- Read the instructions Identity Theft Protection Tool
Community Hospital, eighth floor. For tion, call 751-2235/2216. carefully before applying. For more infor- The Federal Deposit Insurance
information call 787-2469. mation, call (703) 325-2091 or e-mail Corporation has released an online multi-
Anger and Stress media tool that consumers can use to
Enlisted Spouses’ Association Management Groups learn how to better protect their comput-
The Enlisted Souses’ Association will Moncrief Army Community Hospital Government Leave Transfer ers and themselves from identity theft.
hold a meeting at 6:30 p.m., Monday at will sponsor a 12-week “Adult Anger Program The DVD entitled “Don’t be an Online
5942E Thomas Court. For information e- Management,” group, and a 15-week There is an urgent need for donated Victim: How to Guard Against Internet
mail or “Adult Stress Management,” group. annual leave for employees who continue Thieves and Electronic Scams” addresses Groups are open to all valid ID cardhold- to be affected by Hurricane Katrina. steps to secure computers and protect
ers. Space is limited. If you want to attend For the Emergency Leave Transfer them from identity theft, as well as
or are interested in more information, call Program leave donation form, visit actions consumers should take if they
751-2235/2216. become a victim of identity theft.
Announcements 638.pdf. For more information call 751- For more information on ID theft, call
Recruiting Army Broadcast 6426. Army Community Services at 751-5256.
Legal Office Hours Change Specialists To order free copies of the DVD, visit the
The Staff Judge Advocate Office will The Army is seeking active duty ROTC Lateral Entry Program Web site at
hold walk-in hours from 1:30 to 4 p.m. on Soldiers from private to sergeant to Qualified prior service or members of sumer/guard/.
Wednesdays. The office will no longer reclassify as Public Affairs broadcast spe- the National Guard or Reserve who wish
offer Friday morning walk in hours. For cialists, MOS 46R. Potential recruits to become an officer may find the answer ACS Offers Free Workshops
more information call 751-4287. must have a 107 GT score, secret clear- with the University of Illinois Army Army Community Service offers
ance or interim secret and must be ROTC Lateral Entry Program. workshops on numerous topics, including
Child Care Providers Needed deployable. The Lateral Entry Program allows eli- how to find employment, home buying,
The next Family Child Care training In this MOS, Soldiers will learn televi- gible students to contract into the Reserve Army Family Team Building and parent-
will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Feb. sion, radio, announcing and writing skills. Officer Training Corps as cadets when ing classes. Visit the Web site at
12-16 and Feb. 22 at 3392 Magruder Ave. Interested Soldiers will have to take a they are academic juniors, seniors or to get a
Providers can earn extra income while voice audition, and can call (703) 325- graduate students with four semesters of complete listing. Register online or call
staying home with their children. This 2578 for information. coursework remaining before graduation. 751-5256.

Sports Briefs
Basketball Begins Sports Office located at the Hilton Field Softball clinic will be held 6 p.m., Feb. 6. Players must be reg-
Intramural and recreational basketball will begin Complex, from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through istered with Child and Youth Services. For more infor-
Tuesday at Coleman and Vanguard gyms. Thursday. For more information call 751-3096. mation call 751-5610/5040.

Softball Coach Needed Sports Club Interest Meeting Darts Deadline

The Fort Jackson Sports Office is currently accept- A Sports Club interest meeting will be held at 6 The deadline to enter intramural and recreational
ing applications for the post-level men’s softball team p.m., Jan. 18 at the Youth Center for anyone age 13-18. darts is Jan. 23. The season begins Jan. 25.
head coaching position. Active duty Soldiers have pri- For more information call 751-5610/5040.
ority in the selection process, which includes a panel Swim Meet
and interview with the sports coordinator, recreation Spring Youth Soccer Registration The swim meet will be held at 6 a.m., Feb. 22 at
manager and the Community Recreation Division Open Knight Pool. Swim meet names with events due to the
chief. The selected head coach will select his or her Registration for youth ages 3-18 soccer begins ends Sports Office by Feb. 13.
assistant coach prior to the first post-level try out ses- Feb. 1. The fee is $30 for the first child, $27 for addi-
sions. If interested, submit resumes no later than tional children, and includes a jersey, shorts, trophy Volleyball
Wednesday by faxing 751-5771, e-mailing and end of season potluck. Games begin Feb. 24. A Letters of intent for intramural and recreational vol- or hand-carry to the skills assessment for ages 9 and up and a free soccer leyball are due to the Sports Office by Feb. 28.
Testing positive gets negative results
Sandra Barnes one of the objectives of the Army
Army Substance Abuse Program Substance Abuse Program is to “restore ASAP Calendar of Events
“Is it not the Army’s primary objective to duty those substance-impaired Soldiers
to restore individuals to full productive who have the potential for continued mili- Alcohol and Drug Abuse best Unit Prevention Leader on
performance?” tary service.” Prevention and Training Program is Fort Jackson.
This question will be posed to Basic One of the Army’s principles is that a two-day class for those interested UPLs must qualify for the award
Combat Training and Advanced the abuse of alcohol or illicit drugs by in learning more about alcohol and by conducting a flawless urinalysis
Individual Training Soldiers after receiv- both military and civilian personnel is drug abuse, and will be held from collection, passing urinalysis
ing notification of testing positive on a inconsistent with Army values as well 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Feb. 12-13 inspection, having a Standard
urinalysis test. as the standards of perfor- at 3250 Sumter Ave. It is also for Operating Procedure and providing
In accordance with Army mance, discipline and readi- those who the command feels four hours required annual training
Regulation 600-85, Army ness necessary to accom- could benefit from re-education. to Soldiers in their unit.
Substance Abuse plish this mission. Unit Prevention Leader training
Program, drug abuse will The separation action will be held from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 Editor’s Note: The Army
not be tolerated and will be initiated and p.m., Feb. 21-23 at 3250 Sumter Substance Abuse Program pro-
there are serious conse- processed through the Ave. It is required training for newly vides prevention/education to the
quences for such misbe- chain of command, assigned unit prevention leaders community on topics pertaining to
havior. which will exercise dis- and includes training on drugs and alcohol and other drug usage.
AR 600-85 doesn’t cretion on a case-by-case alcohol, biochemical testing and ASAP maintains a wide selection
mandate discharge. basis in directing retention substance abuse prevention. of pamphlets and videos that can
However, Soldiers, including or discharge of the Soldier. Seating is limited, and the duty uni- be used to get a further under-
Army National Guard and Reserve, Every year commanding officers form is required. Please do not standing of the dynamics of sub-
who are identified as drug abusers, with- give BCT and AIT Soldiers going home schedule appointments during stance abuse and use. ASAP staff
out exception will: for Block Leave this safety briefing: class time. is available to give presentations
º Be referred to the Army Substance “Soldiers, you will be tested upon your The Fort Jackson ASAP Unit on alcohol and drug abuse. For
Abuse Program counseling center for return. If you test positive, you can expect Prevention Leader of the Year questions about classes offered or
screening. negative personnel actions to be taken Award is designed to recognize about substance abuse, call 751-
º Be considered for disciplinary action against you. You may be convicted of a outstanding performance by the 5007.
under the UCMJ, as appropriate. felony, and you ultimately could be dis-
º Be processed for administrative sepa- charged.” When Soldier readiness cannot
ration in accordance with Army happen because of substance abuse, lives However, it’s up to those Soldiers to ians, retirees and reserve components
Regulation 600-8-24 (for officers and are immediately put in jeopardy. follow those orders. Get help now. while on active duty.
warrant officers) and Army Regulation The standing order not to use illegal Army Substance Abuse Program ser- Editor’s Note: If you have questions
635-200 (for enlisted personnel). drugs is issued by Army leadership with vices are available for Soldiers, family about issues of substance abuse, contact
Army Regulation 600-85 states that Soldier safety in mind. members, Department of Defense civil- ASAP at 751-5007.

Stopping unsolicited mail, calls, e-mails Telemarketing agencies and credit card companies request is processed it remains in effect for one year.
Capt. David M. Jones
Legal Assistance Attorney can easily obtain your personal information without your The DMA also offers mail and telephone preference
Many military families find themselves receiving permission to send you pre-approved credit card applica- services to help reduce direct mail marketing and tele-
unsolicited mail, including pre-approved credit card tions. To opt-out of pre-approved credit offer solicita- marketing. The DMA registers consumers for five years
applications, when they move to a new duty station. tions, call (888) 5-OPTOUT (567-8688). In addition, with direct-mail and telephone marketers. Registering
How many times have you dropped whatever you you should also contact the following three major credit with the DMA, however, does not eliminate mail from
were doing to run to the phone, only to be greeted by bureaus to prevent companies from sharing your name list brokers, “Dear Occupant” mailers, local merchants,
someone who you didn’t know who was trying to sell and address for promotional services: charities, and professional organizations. You must con-
you a new product? Equifax, Inc. tact these organizations directly to be deleted from their
You have a right to reduce the number of unsolicited Options mailing lists.
mailings, calls and e-mails by requesting companies to P.O. Box 740123 To register with DMA, send your name, current mail-
remove your name from marketing lists and pre- Atlanta, GA 30374-0123 ing address, previous mailing address, Social Security
approved credit cards, and to not sell your credit infor- number, telephone number, date of birth and your signa-
mation. Experian Consumer Opt-Out ture to the following addresses:
701 Experian Parkway Telephone Preference Service
Allen, TX 75013-3715 Direct Marketing Association
P.O. Box 9014
Legal Assistance Office TransUnion Corporation’s Farmingdale, NY 11735-9014
Fort Jackson’s Legal Assistance Office is located Name Removal Option
in the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, 9475 P.O. Box 97328 Mail Preference Service
Kershaw Rd., and is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Jackson, MS 39288-7328 Direct Marketing Association
Monday through Thursday. Appointments can be P.O. Box 9008
made by calling 751-4287. Once your request is processed, your name remains Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008
The office accepts walk-ins for living wills, health on the credit bureau opt-out list indefinitely.
care powers of attorney and durable powers of attor- Telemarketing and credit card companies can also Under the law, you have a right to say no to unsolicit-
ney, 1:30-3:30 p.m, Tuesdays and Thursdays. easily obtain your personal e-mail address without per- ed mailings, calls, and e-mails. If telemarketers continue
Walk-ins are welcome for general legal questions mission. To reduce unsolicited commercial e-mail, visit to contact you despite your choice to opt-out, you can
and are accepted 1:30-4 p.m., Wednesdays. the Direct Marketing Association Web site at file a telemarketing complaint with the Federal Trade to register online. Once your Commission at
Cops Corner Chapel
Leadership Worship services
Chaplain (Maj.) Mark Moss
369th Adjutant General Battalion
■ Sunday 10 a.m. Daniel Circle Chapel
Everybody in the Army is a leader in (Gospel)
8 a.m. Tank Hill Chapel
some capacity. You may be a noncommis- (Hispanic)
sioned officer or an officer who leads by 9:30 a.m. Vanguard Chapel
9:45 a.m. Post-wide Sunday
a position of authority. But leadership School (Post Chapel)
11 a.m. Memorial Chapel
isn’t just defined by job status. Parents 9:30 a.m. Main Post Chapel
11 a.m. Chapel Next
are leaders, and so is a private who leads Chaplain School
by example. Almost without exception, PROTESTANT BIBLE STUDY
■ Monday 7 p.m. Women’s Bible Study
we are all leaders in some capacity or role (PWOC - Post Chapel, Class 209)
that we fill. ■ Wednesday 7 p.m. LDS Bible Study (Tank
Hill Chapel)
One of the biggest jobs as leaders is to 7 p.m. Anderson Street Chapel
7 p.m. Daniel Circle Chapel
develop ourselves as worthy of the 7 p.m. Gospel Congregation’s
Youth (Daniel Circle Chapel)
The following are selected incidents was inoperable and towed to an off-post respect of the Soldiers we serve, train and ■ Thursday 9:30 a.m. Women’s Bible Study
(PWOC –– Post Chapel)
developed from reports, complaints, inci- facility. lead. H. Gordon Selfridge, who built one 6 p.m. Neighborhood CMF/OCF
Bible Study (Call 790-4699)
dents or information received from the A Soldier notified the military police of the world’s largest department stores in ■ Saturday 8 a.m. Men’s Prayer Breakfast
Fort Jackson Provost Marshals Office. (Post Chapel, (every second
of Larceny at his housing quarters. An London, shares advice on the subject. He Saturday of the month in Chapel
The incidents reflected are not an adju- investigation revealed that an unknown claims that his success was built by being Fellowship Hall)

dication attesting to the guilt or innocence person(s) removed two bicycles from the a leader and not a boss. Here is his com- PROTESTANT YOUTH OF THE CHAPEL
■ Sunday 5 p.m. Daniel Circle Chapel
of any person and are provided for infor- Soldier’s back porch. parison of the two types of mentalities: (1st & 3rd Sundays)
■ Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Post Chapel
mational and reflective purposes only. The items were left unsecured and The boss drives his people; the leader
unattended. The estimated cost of loss coaches them. The boss depends on
Lt. Col. Greg Vibber was $199. If you have any information, authority; the leader on good will. The
Director, Emergency Services/Provost call 751-3115/3114. boss inspires fear; the leader inspires Lutheran/Episcopalian
Marshal enthusiasm. The boss says “I”; the leader, ■ Sunday 8 a.m. Memorial Chapel
Master Sgt. Allen Taylor Jr. Provost Marshal Tip “we.” The boss fixes the blame for the Islamic
Provost Sergeant of the Week breakdown; the leader fixes the break-
■ Friday 12:30-1:45 p.m. Jumah Services
down. The boss knows how it is done; the (Post Chapel, classrooms 213)
Cases of the Week According to Army Regulation 190-5 leader shows how. The boss says “Go”; ■ Sunday 8-10 a.m. Islamic Studies (Post
Chapel, classrooms 213)
The Military Police assisted deputies and South Carolina Code 56-5-5015, no the leader says “Let’s go!”
Church of Christ
from the Richland County Sheriff’s person(s) may operate a motor vehicle — Sunshine Magazine
Department in serving an arrest warrant that is required to be registered in South A leader takes care of those in his ■ Sunday 11:30 a.m. Anderson Chapel
to a Soldier. Carolina on any public highway, road or charge and doesn’t just let things happen. Catholic
The Soldier was arrested based upon street that has tint on the windshield, He doesn’t defer to the wisdom of not
■ M-F 11:30 a.m. Mass (Post Chapel)
an outstanding warrant for Uttering a front side and side windows adjacent to getting involved because it isn’t his lane. ■ Sunday 8 a.m. Mass (Solomon center)
Fraudulent Check. After his arrest, the the right and left of the driver and win- He doesn’t avoid hard decisions or taking 11 a.m. Mass (Main Post Chapel)
10:15 a.m. CCD (Education
Soldier was transported to the Richland dows to the rear of the driver, that do not sides because he dislikes conflict and the Center)
10:30 a.m. Adult Inquiry
County Detention Center pending a court meet the requirement. messy nature of interpersonal relation- 11:30 a.m. Catholic Youth Ministry
■ Wednesday 7 p.m. Rosary
hearing. The legal limit for window tint is 27 ships. He doesn’t let his personal feelings 7:30 p.m. RCIA/Adult Inquiry
percent. or perceived injuries to himself affect his Jewish
A civilian was charged with Driving If there is a question about a vehicle’s impartiality and judgment. Perhaps the
Too Fast for Conditions after she compliance to the law, drivers can call the wisdom contained in Selfridge’s advice is ■ Sunday 9:30-10:30 a.m. Memorial
struck a force protection barrier while Fort Jackson Provost Marshals Office epitomized in these words of the Bible 10:30-11:30 a.m. Jewish Book
Study (Post Conference Room)
entering Gate 2. Traffic Section at 751-3030 for a tint ver- about servanthood;
Latter Day Saints
As a result of the accident, the vehicle ification test. You know that the rulers of the
Gentiles lord it over them, and their high ■ Sunday 11:30 a.m. Tank Hill Chapel
officials exercise authority over them. Not Addresses, phone numbers
so with you. Instead, whoever wants to
Daniel Circle Chapel — 3359 Daniel Circle,
become great among you must be your Corner of Jackson Blvd., 751-4216
servant, and whoever wants to be first Post Chapel — 4580 Strom Thurmond Blvd.,
corner of Scales Ave., 751-6469
must be your slave — Matthew 20:25-27 Tank Hill Chapel — 9476 Kemper St., 751-
Inspiration for this model of leadership 4292
Family Life Center — 9476 Kemper St.,
can be seen in Jesus’ words and actions (inside of Tank Hill Chapel), 751-4542 or 751-
as a leader. Jesus said, “Greater love has 4101
Anderson St. Chapel — 2335 Anderson St.,
no one than this: that he lay down his life Corner of Jackson Blvd., 751-3883
for his friends.” Ed. Center — 4581 Scales Ave.
Vanguard Chapel — 4360 Magruder Ave.,
This was followed by the action of 751-5712
Jesus dying for the sins of the world. The 120th Rec. Bn. — 1895 Washington St., 751-
Apostle Paul says of Jesus in Philippians Memorial Chapel — 4470 Jackson Blvd.,
2: ... in humility consider others better 751-7324
than yourselves ... look also to the inter-
ests of others. Your attitude should be the mark of true leadership, the kind that
same as Christ Jesus: Who being in the gives of itself, is humble and self sacrific-
vary nature of God, did not consider ing, and doesn’t use its power to lord it
equality with God something to be over people, but to serve and help those
grasped ... And being found in the under its command. This divine leader-
appearance of man, he humbled himself ship has inspired men and women for
and became obedient to death even on a ages to become all that they can become
cross. for the Lord. May this love and example
This is the divine example and bench- of God inspire you today also.
101 Child Care 500 Pets 602 Furniture 603 Miscellaneous for Sale 603 Miscellaneous for Sale 603 Miscellaneous for Sale
Daycare Northeast. 1 year and 3 Lhasa Apso Puppies: 2 BEDS, Pillow top mattress 55” Phillips Projection TV, Few months old 20 inch Sirius Satellite Radio Sportster
up. Day and night. For more white females, 1 brown male, sets, new, still in plastic. Sale, bought in 2004, still works Chrome American Racing with installation, $100 OBO.
information Call 803-772-3048. 1st shots and wormed, just King size $350, queen size great. We plan on leaving Cartel wheels and Vengeance PCSing overseas. Call 803-
Family Daycare: Warm and $125 each. Don’t wait. They $250. Can Deliver. Call 803- soon. Paid $1500, will let go Tires, 275/55/20, purchased 361-2060.
Loving Home, Meals Provided, will go fast at this price. Call 447-3037 for $700. Call to check it out or for a 2004 Chevrolet Spanish Teacher’s Cassette
1 year and up, days and Crystal or Eddie at 803-462- Cherry Dining Room Table email Avalanche, asking $1600 tapes (42). Jennifer Lopez,
nights. DSS Registered. 1002 or email me at with 6 chairs and leaf insert, OBO. Contact Jerry at 782- Salsa, Merengue, ChayAnne,
Located in Southeast lighted china cabinet and Will send pictures if requested. 8721 Marc Anthony, etc. Teach or
Columbia. For more info call AKC German Shepherd hutch. Paid $2400, will sell for Call 803-720-1108. FOR SALE (PCS): Large Sofa, learn Spanish through musical
Velma’s, 803-776-3202. Puppies for sale. Born 2 Nov $800. Call (336) 253-9761. Alto Saxophone in very good Weight Bench and Bars, Long songs. All for $19. 695-5376.
Head of the Class Academy 06. 3 males, 3 females, black Couch, 82” long, multi-color playing condition. Bought new Foldout Dining Table and Used 5x8 Utility Trailer, great
has full-time openings for and tan German Bloodline, big green, excellent condition. 4 years ago. Asking $400. Chairs, Brand New 18/10 condition. Great for
children 6 wks-5 yrs. Come boned. $350. Contact 803- Chair, 40” wide, matches Violin in very good playing Stainless Steel Non-Stick landscaping or motorcycle
join us and have fun while you 609-5728. couch, excellent condition. condition, asking $350. Great Cookware Set, Industrial hauling. Mesh floor, lift gate,
learn. Developmental age Beautiful APBR Registered Pit Asking $400 for the set. Cash for beginners. Call Mark or Computer Tables, Office eye rings for tie downs,
appropriate activities and Bull Puppies: Born 10 Dec 06. only please. Phone 803-479- Mae Warren, (home) 803-736- Armchairs, 4’x4’ Glass working lights, tires in good
nutritious meals. We provide 6 males, 4 females, first shots 4413. 6199 or (cell) 803-466-9895. Tabletop, 2 pair Skis, Large condition, $400. Call Mike,
an affordable, safe, nurturing, and dewormed, ready for Attention Doll Collectors: I Art Easel. Please call 803-261- 803-315-4555.
Dark brown wooden table with
and caring environment. Call release 21 Jan 07. Eli/Razor’s have an original Cabbage 4527.
4 chairs, $75. L-shaped Useful items for sale: New
783-8929. Edge bloodline. $500+. Call wooden desk with hutch, $50. Patch Doll, still in box, dated Gas Lawnmower and Camel back, $15. New mid
Wes, 281-253-6336 or Krista, Black metal Futon bed (no on box (1984), with papers, weedeater, electric blower and size car cover, $10. Any
108 Roommate Wanted 281-382-4095. mattress), $10. 2 small $55 cash. You should see how edger, $200. 4 piece lawn set, questions please call Woody,
UKC Blue American Pit Bull wooden Entertainment Piers pretty she is! 803-736-0064. 4 chairs and a table, $75. 803-920-8723.
Terrier puppies due January with glass doors, $20/each. Beautiful 16” Princess Diana Small freezer, $50. Plastic
Housemate/Roommate Wedding Dress for sale. Never
18th and 28th. Gaff and Bedroom hutch, dresser and Doll in white beaded gown chair with metal legs, $5. Call
Wanted: NE Columbia, 3 worn, $100. For more
Razor’s Edge bloodlines. Call nightstand, $100. Call 740- w/crown, $50. Beautiful Shirley 740-5738
Bedrooms, 2 1/2 Baths, quiet information please call 803-
Susan at 912-660-7367 or visit 5738 Temple Porcelain Doll, Hair styler-dryer and curling 234-2820.
neighborhood, close to I-77 Klaussner couch and loveseat. collectible from Danbury Mint, iron, new condition, $15 for
and I-20. Access to entire Westinghouse 12” electric
for more info. Paid $1000, asking $800 part of a collection, signed, both. Lg. Lead Crystal Ashtray,
home. Rent $300 per month non-stick Fish Fry Skillet for
OBO. They are 1 yr. old, but in $150, worth more. Must See! new, $15. Call 803-353-0945
and 1/2 utilities. Contact 864- backyard cookouts and 4
415-6052. 600 Appliances excellent condition, worth 803-736-0064. JUMBO Trampoline. PCSing, aluminum steak platters, 11”L
seeing. You have to pick them Body by Jake Ab Scissor: live on Fort Jackson. Selling x 7 1/2”W with wooden holders
Male has room for rent near
up. I won’t deliver. Sage green Great Ab Workout Machine. for $65 OBO. Call 803-361- and aluminum serving tray,
Ft. Jackson, $300 per month, Whirlpool Washer, $75.
microfiber with Cherry wood Moving and won’t fit in new 2060. 15”L x 11”W, all for $16.00.
$100 deposit. All utilities, Whirlpool Clothes Dryer, works
feet. Need extra space. 787- place. $50. Please call 790- Ladies Suits: tops, skirts, Call 776-9549.
cable, phone included. Prefer perfectly, $100. GE Electric
3691. 9290 (leave message). pants for fall, winter, spring
military person with at least 6 stove, white with black ceramic
months stabilization in the top, self-cleaning, excellent POOL TABLE: Amazing! Brand New Truck Tires! and summer, size 12 701 Duplex for Rent
area. Call 803-360-2348. condition, $100. Call 803-799- Gorgeous! High End 100% Winston Winner, LT (small/slender), 50 pcs.,
3365. Solid Wood. 1” slate, brand 285/75/R16, $450 OBO. 17” $29.00. Call 776-9549.
Room for rent in the Northeast Duplex for rent: 2 Bedrooms
new, never used. Cost $5000, D’mazio Chrome Rims, great Lots of baby girl clothes,
Area. $400/month plus share and 1.5 baths, new carpet,
utilities. Kitchen and laundry 601 Electronics selling for $1700. Can Deliver. condition, $300 OBO. Please blankets, etc. for ages 0-9
stove and refrigerator. Located
803-447-3037. call 336-253-9761 months. Everything in great
available to share. Telephone 15 minutes from Fort Jackson.
and cable provided. For more Sofa and loveseat, $600 OBO. Cage suitable for small condition. Most of it is new
CUSTOM BUILT Please call 803-600-5369 with
information call 803-772-3048. Wooden Futon with mattress, animals and reptiles, 24” deep stuff, never used! Great for
COMPUTERS any questions.
$100 OBO. Bookcase, $35 x 39” H x 40” wide. Plexiglass expecting mother of a girl!
Big Screen TV’s - Free DVD
OBO. Oak Table with front, vent roof, side door. $175 for everything. Includes
200 Help Wanted from $59.91/mo.
extensions and 4 chairs, $175 Asking $30. Call 360-7839. working swing. Will separate.
702 Houses for Rent
OBO. Call 803-397-4493 or Carhartt Men’s Clothing: Call 832-489-5477.
Data Entry Positions for 803-397-4147. Jackets, pants, vest, etc. Size Nextel Phones for sale: i530 1031 Sand Hill Estate,
popular military website. Wood Curio Cabinet, 64 1/2” medium jackets, pants 32 with car charger. i275, i265, Eastover, SC: 4 Bedrooms, 2
Excellent pay. Military spouses Emerson 20” LCD Stereo TV, Baths, LR, Den, DR, eat-in
wide, 77” high. Has place in waist x 32 length. New. 50 i870 and i560. Will sell the lot
encouraged to apply. brand new, box never opened. kitchen. $690 per month +
the middle for grandfather gallon aquarium with light, for $150 or will sell individually.
Computer experience Sticker price $327. Will sell for deposit. Call 803-429-1256.
clock. Clock works included. $20. Call 803-799-3365. If interested call 790-0985 or
required. Call toll free 877- $200. Please call 790-9290
Has 5 adjustable shelves with Children’s Bikes: Two 20 inch 477-7624. 120 Arcadia Springs Circle: 3
898-1556. (leave message).
beveled glass. Asking $200 pink bikes in good condition, Nice Graco play pen with Bedrooms, 1 1/2 Baths, stove
Looking for someone to pick Sharp 3 disc (CD-R/RW OBO. Cash only, please. and refrigerator, CH&AC,
asking $15 each. Also have a cover and mat, used very little,
up from daycare my son and Playable), 2 tape player, radio, Phone 803-479-4413. dishwasher. Excellent
girl’s 16 inch bike, excellent good condition, $35 Cash.
care for him in my home 2 video stereo, w/manual and neighborhood. $995 plus
condition. Asking $20. Phone New, still in box, Cabbage
remote control, $80 OBO.
evenings per week. Someone
Moving, must go. Itrip for
603 Miscellaneous for Sale 803-361-4540. Patch Doll, 1984 on box, with deposit. Call 738-0333.
w/infant experience and papers, a steal at $45 Cash. 317 Tomentosa Dr., Columbia,
Apple Ipod. Plugs into Ipod to Chrome Nerf Bars for GMC of
references. 803-414-0642 or Call 803-736-0064. near Fort Jackson: 3
listen to in your car, $20. (2) Ladies Coats, size 14, new Chevy Ext. Cab. May fit Crew
email Bedrooms, 1 1/2 Baths, Dining
(includes software, original condition, both for $35. (3) Cab models, 16K miles on ORIGINAL BARBIE DOLLS
Security Officer Positions them, good condition, $250. and COLLECTOR DOLLS Room, fenced-in front and
box). 803-665-6353. Cocktail Dresses, all for $15.
Sisters of Charity Providence Call 787-3691. from USA and around the back yard. Includes W/D
Sony Trinitron 21” TV, old Black macrame handbag, new,
Hospitals, Columbia, SC world. Many from Europe. connection, ceiling fan,
model, but still working, $25 $25. 2 pc. black and gold COLLECTOR ORIGINAL
Barbie Dolls $10.00, Collector refrigerator, and oven/range.
OBO. Sony HX Pro Stereo metallic dress, size 15-16, BEANIE BABIES: Perfect
Full-time positions. Previous Dolls, $20.00 Cost Much More. $600 Deposit/1st month.
Dual Cassette Deck, black $10. Call 803-353-0945. condition, many teddy bear
law enforcement/military or Dolls from Europe have Contact Persons Luther and
front with wood grain cabinet, 10 inch Sony XPlod types and others. These
security experience required. authenticity papers with them. Valaria Scott, 803-673-8307 or
excellent condition, $80 OBO. Subwoofer in a custom made increase in value every year
Ability to be licensed as a Selling because I need college 803-665-2368.
Please call 361-5938. box for a Ford Explorer Sport because they are the originals.
SLED Security Officer. AD in money. Sheila, 319-9832 3517 Ragsdale Dr: 3
Trac, asking $70. Custom box Selling because I need extra
Criminal Justice or related field Two 10 inch MTX Audio car Bedrooms, 2 Baths, LR, Den,
alone values $75. Contact money for college. Originally OVEN/MICROWAVE
preferred. Apply online at speakers in box, $230 OBO. Eat-in kitchen, carport. $690
Jerry at 782-8721 cost $15. Selling for $3.00- combination, like new, selling or fax Will include Rockford Fosgate per month + deposit. Call 803-
$5.00 each. Sheila, 319-9832. for $300 OBO. Cost much,
resume to 803-256-5838. Punch 60.2 amp for free. 18 inch Factory Original 429-1256.
Complete golf set of 2006 much more when new. Selling
Moving, must go! AIWA XD- Chrome Rims for Chrysler
Callaway X-18s. Includes SW, because I need the extra Beautiful 4 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath
300 Services DV520 DVD Player, $15. Call 300, 80% wear left on tires,
PW, 3-9 irons, Callaway X money for Xmas. Call Don at Home located in NE Columbia.
803-665-6353 for info and $650 or best offer. Call 803-
series pro tour 3 and 5 wood, 783-5771 if interested. 2 car garage, family room, eat-
pics. 210-7129 or 803-419-8985.
I can buy or lease your house and Driver. Ping G5 putter, 18’ Radio Flyer plush ride on in kitchen, formal Living and
2005 Kawasaki KFX400 4 Dining Rooms. Lots of extras!
today. Call for details. 803- ball retriever, Callaway Bag. rocking horse with removable
602 Furniture Wheeler. Low hours. Kawasaki
Like new. Paid $1800, asking seat. Ages 9 months to 2 A Must See! Contact Kesha or
green, comes with 4x8 trailer Adam at 803-309-7343. $1000. D.S. Cope, 912-660- years. My son rode twice. Paid
and other extras. Call Jeff,
Bedroom Set: Solid Oak 1105. $69.99 @ Toys-R-Us. Will take House for rent: $875. 1 acre
803-413-2774. $5000 Firm.
500 Pets Broyhill queen bed, triple Double Jogging Stroller made $40 OBO. Please call my cell lot, 5 min. from Gate #5. 3BR,
dresser with framed mirror and 36” Porcelain Indian male doll (910)489-8078 for any 2 1/2BA, Den, Living Room.
by Baby Trend. 1 1/2 years
five drawer tall dresser, with bow and arrow and stand, questions. Swimming pool, 2 car garage,
Bengal Kittens for sale: Spots old, has just been sitting in my
excellent condition, $600. 3 $100. Also 36” Porcelain storage building, new
and Snows. See shed, barely used. $75. Call Reversible futon cover with 2
year old Simmons Beautyrest Indian female doll with long appliances, new AC unit. Big for 787-3691. matching pillows, $50. Please
mattress/boxspring set also braided hair and stand, $100. home, very clean, ready to
pictures. Call 467-1244. call 361-5938.
available for $250. Call 803- 803-736-0064. move in. Joe, 803-467-
736-3032. 3430/360-7839.
702 Houses for Rent 703 Apartments for Rent 802 Resort for Sale 900 Autos for Sale 903 Motorcycles/Mopeds Driver - New Pay Package
Briarcliff Estates: 217 3BR, 2 1/2BA spacious, well- FSBO: Time Share. Plantation 1972 two door brown w/black 02 Dyna Superglide, blue, Home EVERY Wkend
Windwood Dr., Beautiful 3BR, kept Condo: outside storage, Resort Villas, North Myrtle top Chevy Impala, good forward foot pegs, all Harley Avg. $725-$1025/week
2BA Brick Home with large private backyard, washer, Beach. 2 Bedroom Garden condition. Needs minor work. pegs, T-Bar, 1 1/4” handle 65% preloaded/pretarped
fenced yard. LR with dryer, dishwasher, stove (self Villa, white season, odd years, For Just $5500 OBO. Here’s bars. Solid disc rear wheel, Lexington, SC Terminal
Fireplace, FR, formal DR, cleaning), refrigerator asking $7500. Call 360-7839. your chance to own the Chevy anti-theft, Screaming Eagle CDL-A req’d. 877-428-5627
storage room/office. Great w/icemaker, fireplace. One you always wanted. Only pipes. $11,900 OBO. Call 803-
neighborhood and top mile from Fort Jackson Gate 2. 805 House for Sale Serious Inquiries. Call Jay at 438-2555, leave message.
Richland Two Schools. Non $750/month, one year lease. 803-238-8326 or email 02 Hayabusa, black, Limited
smokers, small pets OK with No Pets. Security deposit can MRGRN76@AOL.COM Edition, 4800 miles, chrome
*Reduced*, Camden, 1204 Old
deposit. Call 913-364-4394. be split. Call Jack, 429-2178. 1978 Mercedes Benz 450 wheels, foot pegs, grab bar, Electrician, Top Helper &
Elliot Rd., Minutes to town.
$825. Condo for rent: 2 Bedrooms, 1 SLC, white, sunroof. New tires triple tree, license tag bracket, Apprentice needed for local work.
Under long term lease since
Lease: Brookhaven Northeast, 1/2 Baths, Point Arcadia, near and battery. Needs body work. bar ends, chain guard, belly Long term benefits. Grow
Feb., 2003. 3BR, 1BA, 1 acre
Brand New Home, Corner Lot. Ft. Jackson. Washer/dryer $3750 OBO. 803-438-2555, pan, windscreen and lower Electric. Call 803-951-2099.
+/-. Upgrades: Roof,
4BR, 2 1/2BA, formal Dining hook up, swimming pool, $650 insulation, water heater, all leave message. links and under tail with Electricians & Helpers wanted at
Room, den, porch, garage, monthly. Cable furnished. Call windows new. Excellent 1994 Eagle Talon, red, AT, integrated turn signals. $7500. Clemson Road Shopping Center
extras. Must See. Rent $1250. 803-788-2821. Investment. Sold as is. sunroof, new tires. 160K miles. Call Lamont, 803-917-8802. in Columbia. Contact Shon
Available Now. Call 240-463- Five miles to VA Hospital, 10 $70,000 OBO. Retiring. Call Dented front fender. $1400 2000 Harley Davidson, Dyna Rivers at 706-533-1251.
0488 or 803-790-0377. min. to Fort/McEntire. Small, Mike, (843)230-1599. OBO. Call 803-438-2555, Wide Glide. Yellow/black IRS JOBS $13.63-$30.54/hr.
Lovely 3BR, 2.5BA Home is Furnished, Efficiency/Studio Columbia-Rosewood: 3824 leave message. w/gold highlights, tons of now hiring. Paid training
waiting for you (only 2 years Apartment, Complete Privacy, Persimmon St. Complete 1994 Ford Mustang, V6 chrome, super low miles provided. For application
old). LR and DR, Kitchen separate entry. Full kitchen, renovation. 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 engine, red, 200,800 miles, 5 (12K). Lots of extras with and free government job
w/island. Covered porch, bath, walk-in closet, ceiling Baths with a dedicated home speed manual, good condition. Vance and Hines Straight Shot information call American Assoc.
private patio, fenced back yard fan, wallpaper, small deck. office. Large corner lot with $2100 OBO. Call 803-736- exhaust. Sounds great, runs of Labor 1-913-599-7976, 24
(Avebury Subdivision). Free utilities, off-street parking. fenced backyard. Visit online 6378. even better. $11,700 OBO. hrs. emp. serv.
Maintenance Free End Unit. $390/mo., $200/deposit. No @ or call See pics at Light industrial needs. NE
1998 Dodge Neon, auto, great
Close to the new Sandhills smokers. month-by-month Julie Hunt, 803-397-0092. Columbia. Must have clean
condition inside and out, great
Mall, Good Schools and Fort lease. Available 02/07. 695- Call Travis, 803-920-2659. background. Pridestaff 803-782-
on gas, AC, heater, CD player,
Jackson. Immediate 5376. Motorcycle: 2006 GXSR-600, 0082.
Forest Acres: 3112 Dennis Dr. AM/FM radio. Need to see to
Occupancy. Contact P. Bryant Spacious Condo: Situated excellent condition, 3000
3BR/2BA. Over 1500 sq.ft., 10 believe. PCSing soon. Call Local insulation company seeking
at (803)462-9262 or (254)498- adjacent to Dent School. 1800 miles, includes 2 helmets,
minutes from any Ft. Jackson Edwin, 803-727-6494. $2500 installers. Drivers license
2645. sq.ft., renovated, very safe, gloves and vest. Take over
gate. Too many extras to list. OBO. required. Experience a plus. Call
NE Home for Rent: 3 close to Fort. Application and $137K. 0% down with good payments. Call Joe @ 803- 803-469-7208.
2000 Ford Taurus Wagon,
Bedrooms, 2 Baths, perfect deposit required. $900 per credit. 210-5387 for 873-6861.
blue, 126K, all power, 3rd Assistant Manager/Sales. The
spot off I-20. Great month. Call 787-9508. appointment. seat, good condition, well Yard Store Co., Inc. is rapidly
Neighborhood, Chimneyridge
Subdivision. Large Master,
eat-in kitchen, DR and
704 Mobile Homes for Rent
FSBO: NE, Beautiful corner lot
home across from Sandhills.
maintained, keyless entry, CD
player, dual airbags, alarm, Regional growing and will hire 2 Assistant
Managers to work at NE store.
2200 sq. ft. 3BR, 2BA, Family AC. Complete mechanical Friendly smile and talent will earn
Den/Office Space. Fenced in
backyard with trampoline. 5 minutes from Fort Jackson,
3605 Rawlinson Rd., 3BR,
Room, Living Room, den, eat-
in kitchen, double garage,
record. $2850 OBO. 803-312-
Classifieds $12/hr. or more assisting store
manager with all store work.
Available Now! Only $900 per
2BA, 27x68 ft. Double Wide patio, screened porch, 2000 Volvo S-40, silver, Work outside selling and loading
month plus security deposit.
Mobile Home on 1 acre private fireplace, cathedral ceilings, sunroof. Needs turbo and Announcements customers. Only hard working
property. Large deck, large hardwood floors, sprinkler engine work. Mechanic’s BELLFLOWER ESTATE individuals who can lift 50 lbs.
NE/Summit Area, one year system. Must See! For SERVICES Full or partial need apply. Garden center or
storage building, washer/dryer dream car! $4500 OBO. Call
old, 2BR, 2BA Townhouse. appointment call 360-7839. liquidation of home contents. related experience desired. Must
hookup. $700/mo. + deposit. 803-348-4478, leave
Kitchen appliances, Turnkey operation, we do it all. have excellent driving record. 2
Must have references and Make Columbia, SC your message. Must Sell ASAP!
maintenance free, $840 per (Home)803-432-5597 or weeks vacation. No health
good credit. Call Ms. home! Let us get you into your 2003 Ford Mustang GT 2 dr.
month. Call 803-647-4002 or (Cell)803-622-6669 benefits at this time. E-mail
Patterson, 718-525-8812 for Dream Home in 45 days or Coupe, Torch Red, Showroom
803-699-5238, leave resume to
appointment and rental credit less. 100% Financing condition, only 17,000 miles. 5 FOR CHRISTMAS! VIDEO
message. or mail
application. Available. Call Gary or Shirley, speed, K&N intake, PIANO/KEYBOARD
New 3BR, 2BA House 2 miles Colonial Realty Co., 803-929- LESSONS BY EAR. YOU’LL to: P.O. Box 760, Lugoff, SC
Close to Fort, very clean fully Flowmasters, leather interior,
south of Blythewood. Open 0009. BE AMAZED HOW EASY IT 29078.
furnished mobile home, premium 6 disc CD, $16,900.
living space design with IS! CALL PENNY 432-4637. Bookeeper/AR/AP Clerk. The
suitable for one or two people. Northeast Columbia, close to Call 803-338-0912.
fireplace and cathedral ceiling. Yard Store Co., Inc. is rapidly
Will take a six month lease or Ft. Jackson Army Base: 3 997 Nissan Altima GXE, black Boats
Spare front room over 2 car growing & needs experienced
yearly. $470.00 per month, Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 2 linen w/gray interior, 1997 Triton TR18. Bass Boat
garage. $1050 per month + bookkeeper to work in NE office.
utilities paid. Plus deposit. No closets, walk-in closet in AM/FM/CASS/CD, AC, auto, w/1997 150 Johnson Fast Strike.
deposit. Available 1 Feb. Call Friendly smile and talent will earn
Pets. 776-8817. master, corner lot with deck. 173,000 miles, new tires, runs Garage kept and covered. Ready
803-479-4539 or 803-754- $15 per hour or more assisting
Doublewide Mobile Home: Ceramic tile floors in both great, $1850. Call 803-788- to fish. $10,500. Call 428-7774
9201. controller w/all office work.
Horrell Hill area, private land, bathrooms and kitchen. Asking 5936. or 428-3251.
New Home available now, price $95,500. Contact Kenya Business Experience in MAS 90, Excel,
near Fort Jackson. 3BR, 2BA,
$1235/month. 3BR, 2.5BA, at 803-546-6652. Opportunity Reconciliation a plus.
bonus room over 2 car garage.
stove, refrigerator, washer, 901 Trucks for Sale ***FOR SALE*** Clippers Hair Accounting/office skills will be
dryer, Heat/AC. $500/month + Northeast Columbia, Waverly
Master suite first floor. Styling Beauty/Barber Shop. 2 tested. 2 weeks vacation, no
$500 deposit. Pay rent EIE. No Place in the Summit: Beautiful
Hardwood/tile 1st floor, carpet 1999 Chevy Tahoe, good years old, very clean. Set- health benefits at this time. E-
Pets, No Smoking. Must have two story, 3BR, 2.5BA
2nd floor. Large eat-in kitchen, condition, chrome rims, asking up/Fully Operational. mail resume to
references and good credit. w/garage, large walk-in closets
fireplace, privacy fence. No $4000 OBO. Call 803-743- $14,000/OBO. Call Rose Saucier or mail
Call 553-8979. in bedrooms, 1600+ sq.ft.
Pets, non-smoker. Minutes 0009 or 803-647-4029. 803-432-2003/803-287-1199. to: P.O. Box 760, Lugoff, SC
Leesburg Road Area: 2BR, Quiet area located near
from I-20/I-77, Fort and 40 yr. old used car business for 29078.
1BA mobile home on private Sandhills Shopping area. 2001 Nissan Frontier
Downtown. 740-5738 sale in Lancaster, SC. Accounts Caregivers
land. $390 per month plus Asking $124,900. Relocating. Extended Cab, black exterior,
Northeast, Greengate Please call Tawanna at 803- beige interior. 4 cyl. 2.4 liter. Receivables, Inventory, 2-Bay Do you love the elderly? We are
$300 security deposit. Central
Waterfront Townhouse: 3 960-7738. Auto, AM/FM/CD, Class III Garage & 3 Offices. Need To seeking compassionate people
Heat and Air, Stove,
Bedrooms, 2 1/2 Baths, deck, hitch and more. Only 69,000 Retire. $300,000 Range- and CNA’s to help seniors at
Refrigerator, Washer and Renovated Brick Home, Forest
galaxy kitchen. Access to Pool miles. This truck is a gas Negotiable. 803-285-2030. home. Richland and Kershaw
Dryer. Free water, sewage and Acres: 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths,
and Tennis Court. Available saver! $9,500. Call 803-920- Campers counties, and Cola areas. PT, days
garbage. Please call Bill at 1770 sq.ft +/-, new roof, new
now. Rent $980. Call 360- 2659. 1996 Pursuit 36 foot motor home. & wknd. shifts w/flex scheduling
776-3554. HVAC, new kitchen cabinets,
7839. 454 Chevy, non slide, queen bed, available. Exp. Preferred. Call
new appliances. Vaulted
new carpet, sleeps 6. $19,900. RetireEASE (803)865-5033 or
Owner Finance, Rent-to-Own
800 Land for Sale ceiling. Satchelford Schools. 902 Boats/Equipment
Call Sparky 803-669-1106 dir. Local 408-1500.
in Forest Acres. 3 Bedrooms, $139,900. Call Susan,
1 1/2 Baths, Large Living (803)315-7978. 1996 Winnebago Adventurer 37 Clerical Position, Camden based
Room, Florida Room, Fenced 4.0 acres in fast growing 2006 Centurion Air Warrior, RW. Ford chassis, one slide, 45K company, Monday-Friday, 8:30-
Yard. Make this your home for Hopkins, SC: 5 minutes to Wakeboard/Ski boat, 22’, miles, sleeper sofa, leveling jacks, 5:00. Computer input & other
$850/month. Call 803-463- schools, shopping centers,
806 Condos for Sale 315hp inboard Mercruiser. back up camera. $30,850.00. Call office duties. Paid vacation, sick
2043. Fort Jackson. Septic, well and Red/white, red tandem trailer, Sparky 803-669-1106 dir. days & holidays. Fax resume to
power pole. Call Emily @ 803- Condo For Sale, $55,000 garage kept, New condition. 803-425-5107 or mail to P.O. Box
Recently remodeled 3BR, 1BA ‘89 Holiday Rambler Imperial. 33
665-4497. OBO: 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, SS tower, custom stereo 1572, Camden, SC 29021.
Brick House. LR, Den with ft. 50,000 miles. ‘96 Ford Taurus
1200 sq.ft. Access to I-77, 5 w/tower speakers, sub and
fireplace, 1/2 acre fenced in Blythewood address/Fairfield Car. Remco Tow Pkg. DRIVER TRAINEES NEEDED
minutes from Fort Jackson. amp, wakeboard racks,
yard for rent, $850 per month. County: 7+ acre lot with lots of $20,000 OBO. Call 803-425- NOW! Werner needs entry-
For information call 407-748- bow/cockpit covers, bimini top,
Located 5 minutes from Ft. hardwoods. 1800 sq. ft. 9092. level semi drivers. No exp.
4479. 95 hrs., seats 10. $39,000.
Jackson. Call 803-782-6869. minimum, site built homes Employment required. Avg. $36k+ 1st yr! 60%
Todd, 336-707-3036
only. $55,900. Visit online @ AVON. Tired of paying for home nightly/weekly.
703 Apartments for Rent or call Hunt 900 Autos for Sale
daycare? Work from home. Be CDL training in your area.
and Associates @ 803-788- your own boss! Start your own 1-888-263-7364.
4250. 1973 VW Super Beetle, red, business today! 1-888-957-8833. Red Lobster now hiring Servers
$500. Call 803-799-3365. Stylist/Braider needed to work in & Line Cooks. Call 741-4441
Bedroom, 2 Bath on Lake.
1994 Cadillac Deville, new a professional atmosphere. or 741-4439 or apply in person
$645 per month, $645 deposit.
vogue tires, 6 disc CD Studio B (803)462-2102. at 10136 Two Notch Road,
Call 803-865-0855.
Changer, $3500 OBO. Contact Monday-Thursday between 2:00-
Darian, 238-5559. 5:00pm.
Employment Merchandise Real Estate Rentals Service & Repair Special Notices
Experienced restaurant help Computer For Sale. 80 Gig Hard RENT TO OWN. Own your own *4BR Houses, like new, starting Barnhill’s Tree Service. Tree NOTICE
needed for upscale Pizzeria in drive, HP Color Printer & 15” lot with no money down. Nice 1.5 at $980/month. Excellent location trimming & removal. Reasonable, TO: All person claiming an
Lake Carolina. Pizza maker, Color Monitor. $225 OBO. 803- acre wooded lot in Cassatt on in Camden. Bodacious 3BR/2BA Reliable, Licensed & interest in 14’ Feather Craft
counter help, cashier and 420-1019. Beaver Dam Road. $110 month. $950/month; 2BR $575/month. Bonded. Free Estimates. 425- watercraft found in Kershaw
porter needed. Email resume to Deer Hunter’s Special. Large Can be applied towards purchase Graham Realty, Inc. (803)432- 7368. County. Bags of Cob Corn $4 each. 2562 of property. Cleared with septic 7370. C&T Lawn Masters for well-kept Title # WAA289931
803-699-3466 Kershaw Hwy. (521 N). Open tank. Call 803-438-2818 leave 1st Month Free!! Morris lawn and more. Pressure Reg. # SC0081MW
Fortune Academy Real Estate Saturdays, 9am-4pm. 704-400- message. Properties has all sizes of Washing, Grass Cutting, Hedges, Please take note that Captain
Appraisal classes are available at 4610. *Custom Modular Homes For warehouses available. Also Office Raking, Debris Removal. We do Joe’s Marine, 437 Highway
Central Carolina Technical Sale! Elgin, Lugoff, Camden For Rent. All utilities included. it all. 438-5640. 601 S., Lugoff, SC, will apply to
FIREWOOD: Oak Firewood For
College. Call 774-3338. and Blythewood Areas. Call 513- $175/month. Call 432-2138. the SC Department of Natural
Sale. Pick Up Truck Load $75. DECKS UNLIMITED:
7194. Resources for a title to the above
Full Time/Part time. Auto Will deliver. Call 408-2319. 3BR energy-efficient apartment Free Estimates. Decks, Porches,
described watercraft no later than
Mechanic or Body Man FOR SALE: Mans 7 diamond *Great Location*. Spacious w/heatpump. $500/month; If you Sheds, Metal Roofs, Playhouses,
ten days from the last publication
Needed. Must have some solid ring. Total of 3 3/4 karats. Perfect 4BR/2.5BA Camden home, qualify-Pay $250 plus SD. Cozy Horse Stables, Home Repairs &
of this notice. If you wish to
experience. Bring resume to: cut diamonds. Call 803-600-8646. hardwood floors, garage, wooded 2BR $425/month. SC Housing- Additions. Licensed/Bonded.
claim an interest in above
1252 Sessions Road, Elgin, SC. lot. Convenient to I-20/Shaw Vouchers. Graham Realty, Inc. Randy 803-713-0540/(c)803-309-
WE BUY: Gold, Jewelry, Coins, described watercraft and/or
Phone: 438-4405 Blaney AFB. Call Graham Realty, Inc. (803)432-7370. 2303/(c)803-243-2654.
Guitars, Cameras, Knives, outboard motor, you are advised
Body Shop/Garage/Upholstery. (803)432-7370. 3BR, 1.5BA in Lugoff. All brick. Good Ole Boys Construction
Watches, Military Items, Pottery. to contact Captain Joe’s Marine at
Join Central Carolina Technical Call Camden Pawn 425-5727. 3BR, 2BA brick home. 900 Hill Hardwood floors throughout. LLC. We offer custom built 803-438-8878.
College for the quickest route to Mobile Home St., Lugoff. Large corner lot Central heat/AC. No Pets. 1 year kitchen cabinets, bathroom
gaining your CDL license and a 1996 14x70 Fleetwood mobile with fence. Newly renovated. lease. $450 deposit, $750/month. vanities, stand up pantries and 1/10,1/17,1/24
job We boast a 100% pass rate, home, 2BR, 2BA with some 803-513-1164. For application call Sallie 432- closets, fireplace mantels with Transportation
and our graduates are pre-hired. furniture & appliances. $9000 ACREAGE 6028. stands, closet shelves, shoe racks, 2004 GMC Yukon SLT.
Our course is VA and active OBO. 425-1486. Camden-3.3 acres. Good location. 3BR, 1.5BA mobile home. walk-in closets, porch columns, Purchased new in 2005. 31,000
military approved. 774-3315. Reduced to $15,900. 12+ acres, $375/month plus $375 deposit. TV entertainment stands, built-in miles, still under warranty. Black
Display Model Clearance. 4 Left. china cabinets, wall columns, w/beige leather interior includes
LPN opportunity. Ob/Gyn Save Big $$. 3,4,5, bedrooms, Buffalo Creek Road $31,250. 1625 Brewer Springs Road,
practice in Camden has an Porter Road, 1 acre $7,000. 432- Camden. Call 432-8040. stairway steps, handrails, pickets American Luxury Coach package,
1000 sq.ft. to 2500 sq.ft. Clayton and Newel walls with rails. sunroof, DVD entertainment
immediate opening for an LPN. Super Store 877-659-5425. 2451. 3BR, 2BA.
Excellent hours and benefits with Dressers, gun cabinets, decks, system, fully loaded. Sharp
FOR SALE: DW Mobile Homes. Beautiful new subdivision in Lugoff/Camden/Bethune:
a competitive salary. Send resume screen porches, ceramic tile and looking vehicle. $27,500 OBO.
Elgin/Lugoff/Camden. Call 803- Elgin, close to I-20. Choose your Hwy.#1, Hwy. 34 side
to: Sentinel Health Partners, wood floors. Fences, buildings, Call 425-4524. Pictures available
408-1729. floor plan and colors. Call Kat McDonalds, Lugoff, Pine
Phyllis Malkoff, 1800 Roberts St., horse stables, roof and cornish. for email.
at Wateree Realty (803)309-9936. Grove. 400 Greyfox Court.
Camden, SC 29020. Government Home Loans. Repair and install doors and 2004 Mustang Coupe. 67k miles,
Commercial Real Estate. Mill $615.00, $600 security.
Limited credit OK. Low down windows, vinyl siding. Install 6 Disc CD, PW, PL, Cruise,
Managers or Assistant Street 66x205 lot, 65k; 4000 sf Chestnutferry right beside
payment. Singlewides, garage doors, well houses, dog Electric Driver Seat. 40th
Managers wanted for a local fast warehouse on large lot, 135k; 3.6 Amercian Legion. 932
Doublewides. Guaranteed loan. houses, children play houses. Anniversary Edition. Traction,
food restaurant. Excellent starting acres w/office and 2 Wateree. $600/month,
Call for details. Tax money OK. Small additions of framing and burgundy with tan interior.
pay. Flexible hours. Meal warehouses, 350k. Residential $600/security. Bethune:
803-622-4484. painting, hang sheetrock, sand Excellent condition. $12,700.
discounts. Career advancement lots, 3 ac. Cassatt-$15,000; 1 Hwy.#1 right, Hwy. 341, 2812
LOTS 1.5 acre lots in Cassatt. and mud. One call is all you need Call 803-865-3971, after 6pm.
opportunities. Paid vacations, ac. Camden w/old mobile home Best Road, $440/month, $350
Owner financing available. to handle all your building and
Health and Life insurance. Mail $6900. Trey @ 427-3991 or security. 803-772-8875. ATTENTION: No Credit, Bad
Call Henry Beard Realty. 432- remodel needs. We specialize in
resumes to: Job Opening, P.O. Jimmy @ 427-4463. AAA Apartment/Condos. Credit, No Problem. Come by
2451. trim outs of homes. David Ross 1-
Box 40, Camden, SC 29020 of Remodeled spacious 3BR/2BA Credit Auto Sales and ride today!
Custom home builder with many 803-600-0470.
Fax to (803)425-1822. New 16x72, 3BR, 2BA, vinyl & $650/month; 2BR Down payment as low as $400.
plans to choose from, build on Heating & Air Conditioning
Modern Turf, local sod farm, has shingles...$26,995. Call 803-438- $625/month. Ask for HOLIDAY Hwy. #1 South, Lugoff. 438-
your land or ours, financing Service, Repair & Replacement.
positions available for farm 4998. DISCOUNT SPECIAL & pet 2700.
package available for every No heat or air? Same day service.
workers. Experience with farm New Horton doublewide 1600 situation. Call...803-438-9985. policy. Graham Realty, Inc. 803- Wanted to Buy
803-438-6518 or beeper 690- Buying junk or abandoned cars or
equipment a plus. Call 803-600- sq.ft., 3BR, 2BA, large rooms & 432-7370.
For affordable home & land 8634. trucks. Top prices paid. Call 803-
6124. closets, glamor bath, a/c, vinyl Doublewide 3BR, 2 full baths on
packages, too busy during the HOMEGUARD Construction - 438-9730 or 803-572-1866.
NURSE underpinning & decks day, call & set up evening & private lot in Elgin. $600/month,
...delivered & set-up. Only remodeling, & additions, tile, Yard Sale
Local Primary Care Medical weekend appointments. $500 deposit. 438-2441.
$47,995.00. Hurry! Limited Time. vinyl siding, replacement MULTI-FAMILY YARD SALE:
Office seeking a nurse. Call...513-3470 or 979-9988. HOUSE FOR RENT: 4BR,
Call 803-438-4998. windows, decks, painting, 1/13/07, 7am-until. 219 Winter
Experience preferred. Send 2.5BA, LR, DR, Family Room,
FOR SALE: 4BR, 2000 sq.ft. +/- electrical, plumbing. Licensed, Way, Four Season Subdivision,
resume to: Blind Box 02280, c/o Winter Special. New 2007 Horton Kitchen. Desirable Camden
ranch on 5 acres. Perfect for Bonded. FREE Estimates. 438- off Hwy. 1 between Lugoff &
Camden Media Company, P.O. doublewide, 4BR, 2BA, only subdivision. Immediate
horses. 7 miles from downtown 6540. Elgin.
Box 1137, 909 W. DeKalb Street, $49,995.00. 2x6 ext. walls, 16” occupancy. 803-713-8334.
Camden. $170,000. Owner Kelly’s Backhoe Service. Dump
Camden, S.C. 29020 o.c., 2x4 interior walls 16” o.c. Financing available. Call Brad Large mobile home lots with trees Truck, Tractor, Backhoe Work,
THE CHESTERFIELD Vinyl tip-in windows, dlx. (803)309-6446. Greenberg in the Cassatt area. Not in a
cabinets, dishwasher, 1 pc. Bush Hogging, Land Clearing,
COUNTY BOARD OF Realty. mobile home park. Call 432-
showers and tubs. Limited time! Septic Tank Installation, Stump
Horton Homes of Lugoff. Toll Hilton Street. 3BR, 2BA with Removal, Demolition. (M)803-
SPECIAL NEEDS continues to
free 1-877-438-4998. appliances, large master, large Se rentan apartamentos+casas. 572-2009, (H)803-424-0637.
expand in Kershaw County and is
shop with loft. Only 95k. Call Apartamentos desde $400-$450 McCaskill’s Custom
accepting applications for the Your Land? Family Land? No Mindy at 600-6652 or con 2 cuartos. Casas desde Construction. Building &
following positions: Problem. Let it be your down $575.00 con 2 cuartos. Remodeling, Vinyl Siding, Metal
Mental Retardation Specialist- payment. Singlewides,
House For Sale Or Option To Telefono (803)427-5159. Graham & Shingle Roofs. Garages &
A Full and part-time work Doublewides, Modulars and
Buy. 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, Realty. Replacement Windows. Free
available on all shifts, including Pre-owned. Clayton Super Store
weekends. To provide supervision 877-659-5425. large fenced yard. $79,500. As Is- Spacious 2BR Condo in quiet Estimates. 243-9293, John
for adults with developmental Many Upgrades. 1937 Lovett park-like setting only $520 McCaskill.
Pets & Supplies
disabilities in a residential setting. Road. 803-424-3004, 9am-3pm. monthly. or Shepherd Fence. Over 30 years
Requires a HS Diploma or GED LAND & HOME - NO MONEY 432-5215. experience. All types of fence.
Lab/Golden Ret. Mix. Born
and valid driver’s license. 12/2/06, 8 boys, 1 Girl. DOWN. Call...438-9985. Service & Repair Reliable, locally owned. Free
CCBDSN offers competitive Creamy coloring. Parents on Lugoff Area: FSBO. 2 or 3 **Additions, Vinyl Siding & Estimates. 803-432-2701 or 803-
wages and excellent benefits. site/very loving pets. Please call bedroom, 2 bath house on 1/2 Windows, Kitchen, Bathroom, 549-6390.
Applications will be accepted 843-334-6442. acre. New HVAC system. Decks, Painting, Insurance Snyder’s Stump Grinding. Most
until positions are filled. Secure $55,000, 420-0547. Claims. Free Estimate. for as little as 75¢ an inch. Call
4 Adorable 6 week old full Ceramic Tile. 803-438-7463.
applications from: CCBDSN, 425-4268, leave message, or
blooded Chihuahuas for sale. New House. 3BR, 2BA, large lot,
Susan E. Marsh, Director of *A Notch Above Tree Care. Full (cell) 427-1226.
$250. 1 Boy, 3 Girls, Tan & near ATEC. $99,900. Owner will
HR/PR, P.O. Box 151, tree service w/stump grinding.
cream color. Call Tammy anytime consider financing. 424-8375. TREE WORK: Carolina
Chesterfield, SC 29709. (843)- Licensed and insured. Free
243-9666. Private and secluded. 1.5 story Professional Tree Service, since
623-5420 “AN EQUAL Estimates. Reasonable rates. 27
Need good loving homes for house on 1 acre. 4 miles from 1984. Licensed and bonded. Free
OPPORTUNITY/AFFIRMATIV yrs. experience. 803-669-9136 or
beautiful loving puppies. Mother Camden. 4BR/3BA with a estimates. Please call 432-9385.
E ACTION EMPLOYER” 803-983-9721. 24 Hour
is a Jack Russell. 438-2419. fireplace. Call Kat at Wateree 24-hour Emergency Service.
Lost & Found Emergency Service
FOUND: Female Boxer. Dark Real Estate Realty (803)309-9936.
A1 Top Choppers Tree Service.
Brown Brindle. Tail Docked, *Reduced* Camden, 1204 Old Private setting, 3BR/2BA/1700 Licensed, Bonded, Fully Insured.
Very Friendly. Call 803-427- Elliott Rd. Near town. Lease sq.ft. cozy home on 2 acres, Tree trimming, removal, all forms
2808. since 2003. 3BR/1BA, 1 acre+/-. many upgrades. Ridgeway Road. of tree work. 572-1975, 572-
Merchandise Upgrades. Excellent $128,000 Karen Yip, ERA 546- 1612, 438-8740.
4 Cemetery Plots at Forest Lawn, Investment. $70,000(OBO). 2112.
near Open Bible. $3550 for all. Retiring. (843)230-1599. All Electric. Residential and
Turn key investment, Elgin. Commercial. Seniors discount.
803-432-5897. 3593 sq.ft. 4BR, 3BA home in Duplex/1400 sq.ft../$950/month Free estimates. No Job Too
Assortment of various electrical one of the best areas in Elgin, in rental $$. Smyrna Road. Small. S.C. Licensed. Call Jay
parts for sale, including (6) new SC. Huge master suite/game $100,000. Karen Yip, ERA 546- 803-423-2379 or (cell)803-667-
small Bodine motors and Cutler- room/mother-in-law suite, 2112. 8012.
Harris switches. Call 432-6157 formal LR, Sunroom, Modern Rentals
ask for Mike. Kitchen w/Custom Cabinets & Backhoe and Bush Hogging, Lot
Lovely Home For Rent. Walnut
Granite Counters. 803-807-3550. Clearing and Grading. 432-7598
Buy Riding Lawnmower. No Street, city of Camden. 432-0731.
or 309-0508.
money down for just $59/month. *Lots For Sale By Owner: Elgin, Office Space For Rent
Call 1-800-492-8299. FREE Lugoff, Camden and Blythewood. Call 432-9001
Delivery. Call 518-1824.