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Student Fee A dvisory Board (SFA B) Student Fee A llocations for the 2013-2014 A cademic Year

Fall Student Concert

Sponsoring Entity
Purdue Student Government Student Concert Committee

Partner/Fiscal Agent
Purdue Student Union Board

Bobby Haddix, Purdue Student Government Laura Clavio, Asst. Director Purdue Convocations


Admission to this event must free of charge to students. A flat amount not a matching rate as initially proposed. Funds to subsidize student ticket prices and bid for artists. Cannot be used to fund outside concerts without helping to run the event. Cannot be used to recover budget deficit. Both years are approved but a yearly review is necessary to ensure that the program is going in the right direction. The leftover money from last years initial funding of this project will go towards this initiative with any further funds needed coming from the 2013-2014 allocation. VPSA is asked to fund any costs in excess of SFAB allocation. This project is funded for the next three years, but a yearly review is necessary to continue funding. Organizers must attempt to ensure all members of all cultures are represented, including outside organizations and cultural centers. Organizers may utilize these funds initially as a selling point for increased funding, where we will match funds raised in the next year to the requested $150,000. $75,000 will be given to further Green Roof initiatives regardless. Administered through SAO and SOGA student board

Student Concert Series

Purdue Convocations


CoCurricular Transcript Student Legal Resources

Student Activities Office Student Affairs


Martia Brawner King, Assistant Dean Jeff Stefancic, Associate Dean


Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities


Purdue 360 Week

Purdue 360

Green Roof Initiatives

Boiler Green Initiative

Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Dean of Students BOSO

Dr. Christine Taylor and Carol Ben-Davis of SAO Andrew Martin, BGI President



Student Organization Grant Allocation


Office of the Dean of Students - SAO

Purdue Student Government Treasurer


Total: ~750,000 * Student Concert Committees Allocation should be reduced up to $25,000 if the overall allocation is less than what is predicted, any additional drop of lower estimation will come from SOGA. **Of this $136,000 $25,000 (for one time startup costs) will be funded from this years fee with the rest coming from last years allocation. The next two years of this initiative will be for $136,000 depending on future reports. CONTINGENY: If able funds are less than or greater than projected, the difference shall be added to or subtracted from SOGA allocation. REPORTING: All programs must report amount spent, what it was spent on, and how stipulations were met to SFAB by 2014 Allocation Meeting ( tentatively April 15). Renewal of funds, when applicable, shall be subject to previous performance and compliance.