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AGE SUBCULTURES Multiple Choice 1. A(n) ______________ consists of people of similar ages who have undergone similar experiences. a. age sect b. age file c. age cohort d. age conjoint Answer: (c !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: '((

2. One of the basic wa s to separate age cohorts is to focus on the fact that! a. the discriminate against those outside their cohort. b. the share man common memories about cultural heroes or events. c. the share common views about sex and morals. d. the do not share man values. Answer: () !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: '((

". #hannon $eeves and %ish &hillips remember their da s of student protest in the 1'()s. #hannon remembers seeing *imi +endrix at ,oodstoc- and %ish remembers burning her bra in front of the central administration building at .ale. %hese memories about cultural heroes and events are one of the chief characteristics of a(n)! a. age sect. b. age file. c. age cohort. d. age cli/ue. Answer: (c !i""icult#: (E Applic%tion P%&e: '((

0. 1ecause consumers with an age group confront crucial life changes at roughl the same time2 the values and s mbolism used to appeal to them can evo-e powerful feelings of nostalgia. &eople in which of the following age ranges are particularl susceptible to the phenomenon of nostalgia3 a. %eenagers. b. 4arl twent somethings. c. &re5%eens. d. Adults over thirt . Answer: (* !i""icult#: (E $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 5++


6. 7%he don8t ma-e them li-e the used to29 7&roducts are getting shoddier and shoddier29 and 7,e are experiencing a decline in the /ualit of life9 are all examples of /uestions that could be as-ed on a(n) __________ scale. a. age scale b. cultural scale c. lifest le scale d. nostalgia scale Answer: (* !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 5++, T%)le 15-1

(. ,hen did the term 7teenager9 first enter the general American vocabular 3 a. 1'06 b. 1'6( c. 1'(0 d. 1':) Answer: () !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 5++

:. A _____________ is an event based on a shared age cohort. a. cult b. cli/ue c. reunion d. concert Answer: (c !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: 5++, M%r.etin& /pportunit#

;. 4ric <lapton is strumming his guitar in a rendition of 7%he =ight 1elongs to >ichelob.9 ?n a later version of the commercial2 singer #teve ,inwood sings the same tune but with different words. %he ma-ers of the beer are tr ing to use which of the following techni/ues to draw consumers to their product3 a. %estimonials. b. =ostalgia. c. @ove of music. d. #pecial effects. Answer: () !i""icult#: (E Applic%tion P%&e: 5++05+1

'. ,hich of the following musical groups or personalities was instrumental in coining the term 7teenager39 a. Aran-ie @ mon and the %eenagers. b. 4lvis &resle . c. &at 1oone. d. Bic- <lar-. Answer: (% !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 5++


1). ___________ -ids are those born between 1':: and 1''0. a. Ceneration D b. Ceneration . c. 1ab 1oomers d. 1ab 1usters Answer: () !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 5++

11. %he population total for teens has varied over the ears in the Enited #tates. %his population reached a pea- in __________ when the number rose to 2'.;6 million. a. 1'(" b. 1':) c. 1':( d. 1''1 Answer: (c !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 5+1, $i&ure 15-1

12. ,here do teens appear to get their cues for the 7right9 wa to loo- and behave3 a. %eachers. b. &eers and advertising. c. %he ?nternet. d. &arents. Answer: () !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: 5+1

1". ,hich of the following themes appears to wor- best in attracting the teen mar-et to products3 a. Aacts and information. b. # mbolism. c. Action5orientations that shows a group of 7in9 teens using the product. d. <ounter5materialism and threat approaches. Answer: (c !i""icult#: (H $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 5+1

10. All of the following have been mentioned as reasons that teens use products 4D<4&%! a. to express their identities. b. to explore the world. c. to rebel against authorit of their parents. d. to emulate the adult world. Answer: (* !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 5+1, 2et Pro"it oung people

16. %he ?nternet is the preferred method of communication for man because! a. it is eas and convenient.


b. ever one is doing it. c. its anon mit ma-es it easier to tal- to people of the opposite sex. d. it is a wa to escape the influence of parents. Answer: (c !i""icult#: (H $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 5+1, 2et Pro"it

1(. According to research2 all of the following are among the most important social issues facing teens 4D<4&%! a. ?nternet securit . b. A?B#. c. $ace relations. d. %he environment. Answer: (% !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: 5+1

1:. According to research done b #aatchi F #aatchi2 all of the following are themes of conflict common to teenagers 4D<4&%! a. autonom versus belonging. b. hate versus love. c. rebellion versus conformit . d. narcissism versus intimac . Answer: () !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 5+1

1;. *ui5*ui has a need to ac/uire his independence. +e dreams dail of leaving home and getting his own apartmentG however2 since he lives in a neighborhood full of houses2 he would have to go some distance to find an apartment that he could afford. %his move would mean that he would distance himself from his friends. %he above example is a common dilemma for man teens. ,hich of the following conflicts that face most teens would appl the best to the above situation3 a. Autonom versus belonging. b. $ebellion versus conformit . c. ?dealism versus pragmatism. d. =arcissism versus intimac . Answer: (% !i""icult#: (M Applic%tion P%&e: 5+1

1'. >arcie is ashamed that she is constantl altering her appearance. #he just can8t get her 7loo-9 right. #he has an inner desire to loo- 7perfect.9 On the other hand2 man of her friends dress slopp and could care less about their ph sical appearance. ?f >arcie wants to hang out with her friends2 she will probabl face which of the Aollowing teenage dilemmas3 a. Autonom versus belonging. b. $ebellion versus conformit . c. ?dealism versus pragmatism. d. =arcissism versus intimac .


Answer: (* !i""icult#: (H

Applic%tion P%&e: 5+1

2). A store that sells >aril n >anson %5shirts2 nipple rings2 purple hair d e2 and cigarette rolling papers to teens would be basing its retail appeal on which of the conflicts that face teens3 a. Autonom versus belonging. b. $ebellion versus conformit . c. ?dealism versus pragmatism. d. =arcissism versus intimac . Answer: () !i""icult#: (M Applic%tion P%&e: 5+1

21. %eens tend to view adults as h pocrites2 whereas the see themselves as being sincere. %his view would be shared b teens as the go through which of the following general conflict categories3 a. Autonom versus belonging. b. $ebellion versus conformit . c. ?dealism versus pragmatism. d. =arcissism versus intimac . Answer: (c !i""icult#: (H $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 5+1

22. %eens are big mar-ets around the world. ,hich of the following countries has a huge teen mar-et with ": percent of its population being classed as teens3 a. <hina b. 1raHil c. ?ndia d. &hilippines Answer: (* !i""icult#: (H $%ct P%&e: 5+3

2". ,hat percentage of teens alread has credit cards in the Enited #tates3 a. 26I b. ";I c. 02I d. (2I Answer: (c !i""icult#: (H $%ct P%&e: 5+3

20. ?f a consumer is in the ;510 age range2 he or she is often called a __________ b mar-eters. a. bab buster b. Cen Der c. tween d. Cen =et


Answer: (c !i""icult#: (M

$%ct P%&e: 5+3

26. ,hich of the following would not be among the rules that a mar-eter should follow when it comes to mar-eting to oung consumers3 a. Bon8t tal- down. b. <hange our brand image. c. 4ntertain themJma-e it interactive and -eep the sell short. d. #how them that ou -now what the 8re going through. Answer: () !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 5+4

2(. >attel is producing a line of dolls called 7> #cene9 dolls. ?n addition2 the compan is producing a more approachable and multi5cultural 1arbie aimed at older girls. According to the text2 >attel has noticed which of the following outh trends and is mar-eting toward this trend3 a. Areedom. b. .outh tribes. c. #exual conservatism. d. $ejection of adult values. Answer: () !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 5+4

2:. An advertising research firm named @oo-5@oo- sends teenage girls out into the mar-etplace to observe and tal- to other teens. %hese outhful researchers go to malls2 hangouts2 and 7the streets9 to find their prospective interviewees. %he ultimate objective is to find out what these teens want and don8t want in the mar-etplace. ,hich of the following terms identifies a term that has been used to identif these outhful researchers3 a. <oolhunters. b. &op see-ers. c. Endercover brothers. d. #pies in the streets. Answer: (% !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 5+5

2;. 4ven though the average college student is considered to be a viable mar-et segment2 one of the greatest problems in mar-eting to this group is the fact that! a. the are hard to reach with conventional media. b. the have ver little discretionar income. c. the are too multicultural. d. the tend to reject traditional product appeals. Answer: (% !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 5+(

2'. %he cohort of consumers born between 1'() and 1':( has been labeled


________________ or 7slac-ers9 or 7bab busters.9 a. ,ar 1abies b. %he @ost Ceneration c. Ceneration D d. 1ab 1oomlets Answer: (c !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 5+(

"). %he t pical stereot pe of Ceneration D is that of a cohort that expresses feelings of! a. superiorit . b. alienation. c. greed. d. sexism. Answer: () !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 5+(051+

"1. ,hich of the following generations (cohorts) is responsible for an estimated :) percent of new startup businesses in the Enited #tates3 a. 1ab 1oomers. b. Ceneration D. c. Ceneration .. d. Ceneration B. Answer: () !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 51+

"2. ,hich of the following generations (cohorts) is characteriHed as having high savings rates (seven out of 1) save some of their income)2 viewing the home as an expression of individualit rather than material success2 and 6) percent are involved in some form of home improvement andKor repair projects3 %his 7angr 9 generation doesn8t seem so 7angr 9 after all. a. 1ab 1oomers. b. Ceneration D. c. Ceneration .. d. Ceneration B. Answer: () !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 51+

"". Cinger Adams wor-s for a large ad agenc . %he are currentl devising an ad campaign that will be directed to the %went somethings that are in Ceneration D. %he campaign will need to focus on the primar values of the generation. ,hich of the following slogans would be most in tune with the values and attitudes of this cohort3 a. 7Creed is good. 1usiness is Cood.9 b. 7All for one. One for all.9 c. 7Bon8t Bis >eL Bon8t be boring and corporateL9 d. 7%he earth is our friend. 1e -ind to the 4arth.9


Answer: (c !i""icult#: (H

Applic%tion P%&e: 51+

"0. __________________ came as a result of C?s returning from ,orld ,ar ??. %his group is the source of man fundamental cultural and economic changes. a. 1ab 1oomlets b. 1ab 1usters c. ,ar 1abies d. 1ab 1oomers Answer: (* !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 51+

"6. ?f ou were a person born between 1'0( and 1'(62 ou would be called a! a. 1ab 1oomlet b. 1ab 1uster c. ,ar 1ab d. 1ab 1oomer Answer: (* !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 51+

"(. >iddle5aged consumers have had a huge impact on our econom . <onsumers aged "6 to 00 spend the most on! a. housing2 cars2 and entertainment. b. medical care2 children8s clothing2 and sports. c. tobacco2 cars2 and investments. d. education2 jewelr 2 and cars. Answer: (% !i""icult#: (H $%ct P%&e: 51+

":. %he ______________ cohort developed because fertilit rates have dropped and this new bab boom was not as big as the one that created the original spurt in population. a. bab boom b. bab buster c. bab boomlet d. bab spi-e Answer: (c !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 511

";. ,hich of the following presents an accurate picture of the t pical elderl consumer toda 3 a. Old2 infirm2 depressed2 sta 5at5home2 and lives a hand5to5mouth existence. b. Active2 interested in what life has to offer2 and is an enthusiastic consumer with the means and willingness to bu man goods and services. c. @ives with children2 has no savings2 and has an increasingl difficult time adjusting to the changing technical world around them. d. +as refused government support2 is going through a hermitiHation process2 and


does not trust an one under (). Answer: () !i""icult#: (H Applic%tion P%&e: 511

"'. ,hich of the following age groups is fueling a leisure travel boom3 a. 1ab boomlets. b. Ceneration D. c. Ceneration .. d. #eniors. Answer: (* !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 513, M%r.etin& /pportunit#

0). All of the following have been identified as excellent mar-eting product possibilities for the gra mar-et 4D<4&%! a. fashion clothing. b. exercise facilities. c. 7how5to9 boo-s. d. universit courses that offer enhanced learning opportunities. Answer: (% !i""icult#: (E $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 513

01. ,hich of the following age cohorts watches more television2 goes to more movies2 and bu s more <Bs than the other groups mentioned3 a. 1ab boomlets. b. Ceneration D. c. Ceneration .. d. #eniors. Answer: (* !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 513

02. All of the following are considered to be -e values (factors) of seniors 4D<4&%! a. autonom . b. connectedness. c. multicultural understanding. d. altruism. Answer: (c !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 513

0". $esearchers have identified a set of -e values (factors) that are relevant to older consumers. ?f an older consumer 7wants to give something bac- to the world29 he or she is expressing which of the following -e values (factors)3 a. Autonom . b. <onnectedness. c. Altruism. d. &ersonal growth.


Answer: (c !i""icult#: (E

$%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 513

00. $esearchers have shown that2 with respect to mar-eting2 it is better to calculate2 research2 and monitor the senior citiHen8s ___________________ for best results in planning strategies and campaigns. a. chronological age b. genealogical age c. mental age d. perceived age Answer: (* !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: 51'

06. %he elderl mar-et is well suited for segmentation. %he primar reason for this is! a. the are affluent. b. the are eas to identif b age and stage in the famil life c cle. c. the watch a great amount of television. d. the will answer almost an /uestion posed to them. Answer: () !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 51'

0(. One method to segment elderl consumers is called ____________. %his method divides the mature mar-et into groups based on ph sical well5being and social conditions such as becoming a grandparent or losing a spouse. a. geodemographic b. geriatric segmentation c. gerontographics d. demographics Answer: (c !i""icult#: (H $%ct P%&e: 515

0:. ?f a researcher were to use gerontographics to segment an elderl mar-et2 the two primar variables that would be used would be ph sical well being and! a. social conditions (such as becoming a grandparent). b. amount of savings. c. place of residence. d. status of retirement. Answer: (% !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 515

0;. Esing gerontographics to segment the elderl mar-et2 researchers have identified several important submar-ets or groups within the elderl mar-et segment. %he largest group is the ___________________. %his group reacts to life events li-e the death of a spouse b becoming withdrawn. %he resent that the are expected to behave li-e old people. a. +ealth ?ndulgers.


b. +ealth +ermits. c. Ailing Outgoers. d. Arail $ecluses. Answer: () !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 516, T%)le 15-1

0'. Esing gerontographics to segment the elderl mar-et2 researchers have identified several important submar-ets or groups within the elderl mar-et segment. %he group that seems to behave li-e ounger consumers and loo-s for independent living is the ____________ group. a. +ealth ?ndulgers. b. +ealth +ermits. c. Ailing Outgoers. d. Arail $ecluses. Answer: (% !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 516, T%)le 15-1

6). All of the following are suggestions for effective advertising to the elderl 4D<4&%! a. avoid references to the ?nternet or technolog . b. -eep language simple. c. use a single sales message. d. use action to attract attention. Answer: (% !i""icult#: (M True7$%lse 61. An age cohort consists of people who have undergone similar experiences. Answer: (True !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: '(( $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 515

62. *ohn $ussell and 1en Aran-s are sitting on the front porch of their retirement home discussing all5time great cowbo movies. *ohn sa s2 7%he best cowbo movie ever was Red River with *ohn ,a neL9 7=o29 1en sa s2 7it was Hondo with *ohn ,a neL9 ,ell2 at least the agree that *ohn ,a ne (in an thing) was the best. +aving common memories and heroes places these two retirees in a bonded segment. Answer: ($%lse !i""icult#: (M Applic%tion P%&e: '((

6". .oung adults 1;526 are particularl susceptible to the phenomenon of nostalgia. Answer: ($%lse !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 5++

60. ?f a consumer ma-es a statement li-e 7%he don8t ma-e Mem li-e the used to29 then the consumer is using >orton8s Nalue #cale to ma-e judgments.


Answer: ($%lse !i""icult#: (M

Applic%tion P%&e: 5++, T%)le 15-1

66. $eunions are popular in the Enited #tates. %he most fre/uentl attended reunion is the college fraternit reunion. Answer: ($%lse !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: 5++, M%r.etin& /pportunit#

6(. %he label 7teenager9 first appeared in the general American vocabular in 1'6( with the pop group Aran-ie @ mon and the %eenagers. Answer: (True !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 5++

6:. %hree of the primar changes that are undergone during the teenage ears are 7a lot of uncertaint about the self29 7the need to belong9 and 7the need to find one8s uni/ue identit as a person.9 Answer: (True !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: 5+1

6;. %eens use products to express their identities and their rebellion. Answer: (True !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: 5+105+1

6'. Aor %eens2 bu ing such products as nipple rings and purple hair d e expresses the rebellion versus conformity change theme discussed in the text. Answer: (True !i""icult#: (E Applic%tion P%&e: 5+1

(). *ac-ie snea-s out of sight of her mom at a local shopping mall so she can go to CadHoo-s and bu a >aril n >anson %5shirt. #he -nows her >om would frea-2 but she plans to -eep it hidden over at #amantha8s house. *ac-ie is expressing the narcissism versus intimacy change theme discussed in the text when she bu s this %5shirt. Answer: ($%lse !i""icult#: (H Applic%tion P%&e: 5+1

(1. $odne loo-s at his Bad as a complete h pocrite. +is Bad will not let him drin- beer while consuming two six5pac-s a wee- himself. $odne 8s view of his Bad is consistent with the idealism versus pragmatism change theme discussed in the text. Answer: (True !i""icult#: (M Applic%tion P%&e: 5+1

(2. %eenagers spend most of their mone toward 7feel5good9 products such as cosmetics and posters. Answer: (True !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: 5+3


(". ?f ou are aged ; to 10 ears old2 a correct mar-eting label for our age cohort is a tween. Answer: (True !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: 5+3

(0. Ceneration D got its name from the movie Malcolm X. Answer: ($%lse !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 5+(

(6. %he cohort of consumers born between 1'(( and 1':( has been labeled Ceneration D. Answer: (True !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: 5+(

((. Ceneration D has also been called 7bab busters.9 Answer: (True !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: 5+(

(:. ?f ou were born between 1'0(51'(62 ou would be called a ,ar 1ab since three wars occurred during that period of time. Answer: ($%lse !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 51+

(;. A good description of the bab boomer generation would be to call them alienated and pessimistic about the future. Answer: ($%lse !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 51+

('. %eenagers from the 1ab 1oomers were often referred to as the 7,oodstocCeneration.9 Answer: (True !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: 51+

:). A bab boomlet occurs because a generation does not use birth control practices regularl . ?t is common in countries with large undereducated populations. Answer: ($%lse !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 511

:1. %he gra mar-et is still consistent with the stereot pe of that mar-et group (i.e.2 lonel old people sitting in front of their televisions ever da without much hope or encouragement in their lives). Answer: ($%lse !i""icult#: (E $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 5110513

:2. Autonom is still a -e value of the gra mar-et.


Answer: (True !i""icult#: (E

$%ct P%&e: 513

:". >artha #heppard is approaching :). #he wants to give something bac- to her communit . #he wor-s hard at her church as a pastoral care volunteer2 at her local hospital as a greeter2 and for a local A?B# prevention and treatment center as a nurses8 aide and volunteer. #he believes that she can ma-e a difference. *udge the following statement with respect to the above facts! >artha is an example of a senior citiHen who is emphasiHing altruism as a -e value. Answer: (True !i""icult#: (M Applic%tion P%&e: 513

:0. Gerontographics divides the mature mar-et into groups based on ph sical well being and social conditions (such as becoming a grandparent). Answer: (True !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 515

:6. One illustration of successfull segmenting and selling to seniors was +einH8s introduction of its adapted bab food product line called 7#enior Aoods.9 %his food line had small portions and eas chewing consistenc . Answer: ($%lse !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 514, M%r.etin& Pit"%ll

Ess%# 8uestions :(. 4xplain the concept called age cohort. 1riefl identif how mar-eters might use this concept to segment mar-ets. Answer: An age cohort consists of people of similar ages who have undergone similar experiences. %he share man common memories about cultural heroes and important historical events. Although there is no universall accepted wa to divide up people into age cohorts2 each of us seems to have a prett good idea of what we mean when we refer to 7m generation.9 >ar-eters often target products and services to one or more specific age cohorts. %he cohorts spend differing amounts on products. %here is plent of potential attached to all age groups. >ar-eters recogniHe that the same offering will not appeal to people of different ages2 nor will the language and images used to reach them. ?n some cases2 separate campaigns are developed to attract consumers of different ages. !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: '((05++


::. Esing the description of the various age cohorts presented b the chapter as a guide2 pic- one age cohort2 describe it2 and indicate what significant events occurred during the cohort8s general time period that characteriHes the cohort for all time. Answer: #tudents should refer to the age cohorts presented in the chapter. An of the cohorts can be selected for discussion. 1ased on instructions given in the /uestion2 the student should describe the cohort demographicall and then present a representation of events that characteriHe the generation for all time. %he chapter presents ample illustrations to meet these guidelines. !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 5++0515

:;. Biscuss the attractiveness of teens as a mar-et. Answer: #iHe of mar-et 5 %he teenage subculture is often defined as between the ages of 1"51'. %hat age brac-et is growing at twice the rate of the overall population and will show a substantial pea- b the ear 2))6. %eens earn an average of O"))) a ear (and no bills to pa ). %his ma-es them prime movers in man product categories2 and influencers of household purchases for others. 1rand lo alt 5 1rand lo alt often is developed during this age period. %eens are therefore an important target for mar-eters who view them as Pconsumers in training2P hoping the will continue to bu their brands for ears to come. @oc-ing in lo alt serves as a barrier to entr for other brands not chosen during these pivotal ears. &urchases 5 >ar-eters of expressive products2 movies2 clothing2 cosmetics2 etc.2 avidl court the teen mar-et. %eensQ concern with their appearance and bod image ma-es personal grooming products a major part of their purchasing2 plus Pfeel5 goodP products. &urchase influence 5 %eens influence famil purchase decisions (() percent said the influenced vacation decisions). ?ncreasingl teens are doing the shopping for the famil to help wor-ing parents pressed for time. #even out of 1) mothers of teenagers wor-2 most of them full5time. %eens are also pa ing for groceries themselves 55 cereal2 froHen meals2 cheese2 ogurt2 salad dressings2 not just nonessentials. !i""icult#: (M $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 5++05+(

:'. @ist and briefl describe the four dominant themes that present in the %eens subculture2 according to research performed b #aatchi F #aatchi8s advertising agenc . Answer: %hemes55four dominant themes seem to be present with the group!


Autonomy versus belonging55teens need to ac/uire independence so the tr to brea- awa from their families. On the other hand2 the need to attach themselves to a support structure2 such as peers. Rebellion versus conformity55teens need to rebel against social standards of appearance and behavior2 et the still need to fit in and be accepted b others. Idealism versus pragmatism55teens tend to view adults as h pocrites2 whereas the see themselves as being sincere. Narcissism versus intimacy55teens are often obsessed with their own appearance and needs. On the other hand2 the also feel the desire to connect with others on a meaningful level. !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 5+1

;). 1riefl describe the 7tweens.9 Answer: >ar-eters use the term tweens to describe the 2: million children aged ; to 10 who spend O10 billion dollars a ear on clothes2 <Bs2 movies2 and other 7feel good9 products. %weens are 7between9 childhood and adolescence and exhibit characteristics of both age groups. !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: 5+3

;1. ,hat are the four simple rules presented b the text for spea-ing and promoting to oung consumers3 Answer: %he rules are (a) don8t tal- down2 (b) don8t tr to be what ou8re notJsta true to our brand2 (c) entertain themJma-e it interactive and -eep the sell short2 and (d) show that ou -now what the 8re going through2 but -eep it light. !i""icult#: (E $%ct P%&e: 5+4

;2. ,e have heard a lot about the PattitudeP of the Ceneration Ders. ,hat is it3 <haracteriHe how advertisers should approach these consumers. Answer: %heir PattitudeP 5 %his group of %went somethings has been labeled PCeneration D2P and some few of them indeed fit the stereot pe. %he were profoundl affected b the economic downturn in the earl 1'')s. %heir sense of disillusionment and alienation is shown in man of their product and brand choices (e.g.2 =irvana albums2 %N character 1art #impson2 the PgrungeP loo- in fashion). 1ut the larger share of Ceneration Ders2 while diverse2 are neither depressed nor angr (except about being labeled that wa ). ?ndeed2 research among women in their twenties showed that the felt confident about ma-ing career and famil decisions2 of thin-ing


independentl 2 and being able to ma-e enough mone to maintain control over their lives. &urchase orientation 5 %heir purchases of beer2 fast foods2 entertainment2 and cosmetics are enormous. >an in this group have alread been doing the famil shopping and have become fairl sophisticated about evaluating products. Advertisers should consider that the sense of disillusionment and alienation which is widel described affects onl some of this PCeneration D.P %he are turned off b advertising that refers to their alleged c nicism and that either contains a lot of h pe or ta-es itself too seriousl . =i-e athletic shoes successfull used a soft5sell approach to oung bu ers. Other advertisers have created ads which ma-e fun of advertising. !i""icult#: (H $%ct %n* Applic%tion P%&e: 5+(051+

;". Bescribe the bab boomer mar-et and the impact it has had on mar-eting efforts. Answer: 1ab boomers are those who were born between the ears of 1'0( and 1'(02 and there are a lot of themL =ot onl did the P,oodstoc- CenerationP create a revolution in st le2 politics2 and consumer attitudes during the 1'()s and 1':)s2 the continue to influence popular culture and consumption patterns now that the are older. $easons for special attention from mar-eters! 4conomic power 5 %his an enormous segment of the population. %he are also among the most affluent of consumers2 ma-ing more mone than average. =ow in their ")s to 6)s2 the are approaching the point of greatest income in their careers. Aurther2 b the ear 2)))2 the number of households in the E.#. is projected to increase b 1( million2 two5thirds of which will be headed b consumers in the "656) age group. ?mpact on the mar-etplace 5 ?n addition to wealth2 this consumer group shows an upscale demand for housing2 cars2 entertainment2 food2 apparel2 and retirement programs2 thus ma-ing them the focus of energetic mar-eting efforts. <onsumers who are "6 to 00 spend the most on housing2 cars2 and entertainment. ?n addition2 consumers aged 06 to 60 spend the most of an age categor on food2 apparel2 and retirement programs. %heir comparative wealth2 coupled with a desire for new and better things that accompan it2 has made mar-eters aware that the must reposition established products or create new ones to meet the demand. !i""icult#: (M Applic%tion P%&e: 51+0511

;0. As we age2 our values and priorities change. $esearchers have identified a set of -e values that motivate older consumers. >ar-eting strategies should relate to one or more of these motivational factors to be successful. #elect one of them and describe how mar-eters have applied it!


5 autonom 5 connectedness 5 altruism. Answer: Autonomy 5 >ature consumers want to lead active lives and to be self5sufficient. %he advertising strateg of Bepends2 undergarments for incontinent women made b Rimberl 5<lar-2 is centered around a famous actress2 *une All son2 who pla s golf and goes to parties without worr ing about her condition. Connectedness 5 >ature consumers value the bonds the have with friends and famil . Sua-er Oats successfull tapped into this desire with its ads featuring actor ,ilfred 1rimel 2 who dispenses grandfatherl advice about eating right to the ounger generation. Altruism 5 >ature consumers want to give something bac- to the world. %hrift <ar $ental found in a surve that over 0) percent of older consumers would select a rental5car compan if it sponsored a program that gave discounts to senior5 citiHen centers that wanted to bu vans for their patrons. 1ased on this research2 the compan launched its highl successful program2 PCive a Ariend a @ift.P !i""icult#: (H Applic%tion P%&e: 513

;6. ?dentif what gerontographics is and choose one of the gerontographics segments mentioned in the text and comment on the characteristics of that segment. Answer: Gerontographics is a form of segmentation that divides the mature mar-et into groups based on ph sical well being and social conditions such as becoming as grandparent or losing a spouse. #egments include! (a) Healthy Indulgers55have experienced the fewest events related to aging2 such as retirement or widowhood2 and are most li-el to behave li-e ounger consumers. %heir main focus is on enjo ing life. (b) Healthy Hermits55react to life events li-e the death of a spouse b becoming withdrawn. $esent that the are expected to behave li-e old people. (c) Ailing Outgoers55maintain positive self5esteem despite adverse life events. %he accept limitations but are still determined to get the most out of life. (d) rail Recluses55have adjusted their lifest les to accept old age2 but have chosen to cope with negative events b becoming spirituall stronger. !i""icult#: (H $%ct P%&e: 5150516, T%)le 15-1

;(. @ist the basic guidelines for effective advertising to the elderl .


Answer: %he guidelines are! (a) -eep language simple2 (b) use clear2 bright pictures2 (c) use action to attract attention2 (d) spea- clearl 2 and -eep the word count low2 (e) use a single sales message2 and emphasiHe brand extensions to tap consumers8 familiarit 2 and (f) avoid extraneous stimuli (i.e.2 excessive pictures and graphics can detract from the message). !i""icult#: (M $%ct P%&e: 515