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Popular Writing Skills as a Dissemination Tool

There’s nothing more difficult than a line. Pablo Picasso

Writing for non academic publications can prove an

effective and efficient additional channel for
disseminating research and contributing to public
DURATION: 3 hours
understanding of particular disciplines. It’s not that
popular writing should replace traditional academic forms VENUE: This workshop is designed to be run on your
of writing - rather that it should be a complementary campus at a time convenient to you
COST: The total fee for a workshop is £352.00 + expenses
This half day workshop will provide an ideal opportunity and VAT
for participants to find out more about how to generate
ideas, approach busy editors and draft copy which gets

The workshop will show researchers how to use popular writing as an

effective and efficient way of disseminating their research to a wider
TUTOR PROFILE audience with the ultimate aim of contributing to the public
Richard Payne MA , FITOL, Cert. Ed. understanding of their discipline.
Chartered MCIPD
Richard is an experienced skills trainer and writer with The following topics will be covered during this workshop.
fifteen years experience of working with academic staff
and post graduates students at many universities. • What is meant by ‘popular writing’
• The case for popular writing - how it can help
He has contributed articles and quotes to a number of to disseminate research to a wider audience &
magazines, journals and newspapers, including: The contribute to public understanding
Birmingham Post, The Irish Independent, Training and • What editors, webmasters and gatekeepers
Learning Magazine, Ghana Daily Mail, Child Education, want from contributors
Women in Law, Legal Week, Training Journal, Trading • Academic vs. popular
DURATION: writing
Standards Review, Personnel Today, People Managment,
• Generating ideas and reworking articles
Environmental Health Journal, HR Bulletin, Independent
Lawyer and The British Journal of Occupational Learning. • How toVENUE:
approach This course- may
editors do’sbe
don'ts on your premises
at a time convenient to you.
He is also the author of ‘The Vocal Skills Pocketbook’. • Drafting an article proposal
• How toCOST:
follow up your proposal
The total fee for a group of 5-10 trained on
• Popular writing skills - style, form
your and content
premises is £856.00 plus expenses and
• VAT.
Submitting your article / contribution
What They’ve Said about Richard’s Training
• Building and maintaining contacts
WHO SHOULD This course is aimed at PSOs, 1st & 2nd Year
“A well planned and executed session. The trainer • Electronic vs. traditional media - keyPractitioners.
ATTEND?: Officers and Probation
elicited individual needs and adapted to ensure they considerations
were met.” Course participant, Leeds University. • Getting quoted and cited - how to do it
The aim of this participative one day course is to provide participants with
a greater understanding of the National Standards in relation to
THE CONSULTANCY enforcement.
BSPS Training Consultancy Limited was founded in 1991 Teaching Methodology
as a partnership. The consultancy incorporated in August A combination of practical writing exercises, examples and guided
2002 and is still managed by one of its founding partners. The Essential
discussion Guide
will be utilised to the
to explore Effective Enforcement
above strategies.
For the past seventeen years we have developed a
successful track record of providing highly rated courses The following topics will be covered on the course:-
and workshops for many universities throughout the
country. The National Perspective
The History of Enforcement
The Purpose of Enforcement
Contact & Compliance - key principles
Enforcement Procedures & Protocols
Supervision Pending Appeal
You can make a query, reserve or book a date by contacting us&in
Acceptable one of the
Unacceptable following
Absences ways:-
- guidelines
Breaches for Unacceptable Behaviour
Telephone: Naomi Goulding, Course Registrar, on 0121 270Projects
6662 - essential considerations
Approved Premises (Hostels)
email: Importance of Effective Inductions
Establishing an Appropriate Evidential Base
for Enforcement / Prosecution
Write to: BSPS Training Consultancy Ltd, Acorn House, 22 High Street, Sutton
Coldfield, B72 1XU Teaching Methodology

A combination of trainer input, case studies, practical exercises and

guided discussion will be utilised to maximise the learning experience.