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Polls open 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. This Voters Guide may be taken into the voting booth. FOR ELECTION INFORMATION Contact your county Board of Elections. The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Information Center also provides election information. CALL TOLL FREE: 1-800-692-7281 ABOUT THIS GUIDE The material in this Guide was compiled by the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania-Citizen Education Fund. This material may not be altered or reprinted without the permission of the League. Each candidate's reply has been printed as submitted, except to use standard abbreviations and by editing from the bottom when a candidate's reply exceeded the word limit. The candidates listed are those whose names appear on the ballot as of September 26, 2013. They are listed according to their ballot order. Additional information about judicial candidates and voter information including Polling Place Lookup can be found by going to and typing in your address and zip code. Allegheny, Delaware and Montgomery County residents will see additional information on local candidates at as well. PURPOSE AND POLICY OF THE LEAGUE The purpose of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania-Citizen Education Fund is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government. The League is nonpartisan: it does not support or oppose any political parties or candidates. Nothing in this guide should be construed as an endorsement of any candidate by the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania-Citizen Education Fund. ABSENTEE VOTING Registered voters who are ill, disabled, or will be absent from the municipality on Election Day may vote by absentee ballot. Completed applications for civilian absentee ballots must be received by the county Board of Elections by 5 P.M., Tuesday, October 29, 2013. Completed civilian absentee ballots must be received back at the Board of Elections by 5 P.M. on Friday, November 1, 2013. If an emergency arises (unexpected illness or business trip) after the Tuesday application deadline, call your county Board of Elections for information on emergency absentee voting. Proof of emergency may be required. An emergency application and ballot can be obtained and voted by 5 P.M. on Friday, November 1, 2013. Any disabled voter having questions regarding the accessibility of a polling place should consult the county Board of Elections.

WRITE-IN VOTING Information for write-in voting will be available at the polling place. ELECTION DAY PROBLEMS If your right to vote is challenged at the polls on Election Day and the problem cannot be resolved at the polling place, the judge of elections at the polling place should telephone the county Board of Elections. The problem could be resolved by phone if your name appears on the county records. If it does not and you want to try to resolve the problem, then you can go in person to the county Board of Elections where a judge from the Court of Common Pleas will be on duty to resolve election problems. Alternatively you can ask for and vote by provisional ballot. If it is later determined that you were eligible to vote your ballot will be counted. You will be given instructions on how to determine if your vote was counted. Problems at the polls can be reported to the PA Department of State at and to the Election Protection Hotline, 1-866-OurVote or Forms for voter absentee ballots, emergency absentee ballots and alternative ballots can be downloaded from the Resource Center at IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR NEW VOTERS If youre voting for the first time in an upcoming election, the information below can help you ensure youre prepared once you arrive at the polls. All voters who appear at a polling place for the first time must show proof of identification. Approved forms of photo identification include: Pennsylvania drivers license or PennDOT ID card ID issued by any Commonwealth agency ID issued by the U.S. Government U.S. passport U.S. Armed Forces ID Student ID Employee ID If you do not have a photo ID, you can use a non-photo identification that includes your name and address. Approved forms of non-photo identification include: Confirmation issued by the County Voter Registration Office Non-photo ID issued by the Commonwealth Non-photo ID issued by the U.S. Government Firearm permit Current utility bill Current bank statement Current paycheck Government check If you do not have any acceptable ID then you must be allowed to vote by provisional ballot. If you are a registered, long time voter, you do NOT have to show an ID. ON-LINE VOTERS GUIDE The Voters Guide and other useful information for voters can be found on the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania homepage: It is also posted on the League of Women Voters of Bucks County website, (go to the Voters Guide Page). *CERTIFICATION NOTE* As of the publication date of this guide, the slate of candidates listed below is accurate based upon the Pennsylvania Department of States Bureau of Elections unofficial ballot.


JOB DESCRIPTION The Superior Court was established in 1895. It is one of Pennsylvania's two statewide intermediate appellate courts. The Superior Court is often the final arbiter of legal disputes. The Supreme Court may grant a petition to review a decision of the Superior Court, but most petitions are denied and the ruling of the Superior Court stands. Cases are usually heard by panels of three judges sitting in Philadelphia, Harrisburg or Pittsburgh, but may also be heard en banc by nine judges. The Superior Court often travels to locations throughout Pennsylvania to hear cases and is responsible for: Appeals in criminal and most civil cases from the Courts of Common Pleas Appeals on matters involving children and families The Superior Court consists of 15 judges who serve 10-year terms. The president judge of Superior Court is elected to a five-year term by his or her colleagues. Term: 10 yearsSalary: $188,337 (Vote for 1)

Victor P. Stabile (Republican)

Home address: Carlisle, PA Campaign Website: Date of Birth: September 14, 1957 Candidate for: Superior Court of PA EDUCATION:1982, Dickinson School of Law, J.D., Law Review 1979, SUNY Stonybrook, cum laude, B.A. CURRENT OCCUPATION: Partner and managing member Dilworth Paxson LLP, Harrisburg, PA QUALIFICATIONS FOR THIS OFFICE: Over 30 years of significant trial and appellate experience, former Appellate Judicial Clerk, Former Deputy Attorney General, recognized for exemplary community and pro bono work. QUESTION: Because of some public concern about the amount of money being spent on statewide judicial elections, would you support an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution changing the method of selecting statewide judges to a merit selection process? Why or why not? ANSWER: I have been involved in both the election and merit selection of judges. While election may depend heavily on funding, merit selection may eliminate qualified candidates for political reasons. Neither system is a panacea. Some combination of the best parts of each system that enables the best qualified candidates to be selected by the citizens of Pennsylvania and provides a method for fair and accessible competition would, in my opinion, improve the current system of judicial selection.

Jack McVay, Jr. (Democrat)

Home address, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Business address: Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, Pittsburgh, PA Email address Date of Birth: June 28, 1956 Candidate for: Superior Court Judge EDUCATION: Duquesne University School of Pharmacy Bachelor of Science 1980 University of Pittsburgh summer classes Duquesne University School of Law - Juris Doctorate 1984 CURRENT OCCUPATION: Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge, Family Division

QUALIFICATIONS FOR THIS OFFICE: Highly recommended by the Allegheny County Bar Association Recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association Nearly 30 years of experience practicing law in both the public and private sector Six years of experience serving as a trial judge in the Allegheny Court of Common Pleas, Family Division. QUESTION: Because of some public concern about the amount of money being spent on statewide judicial elections, would you support an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution changing the method of selecting statewide judges to a merit selection process? Why or why not? ANSWER: To my thinking, I cannot envision an elected or merit selection system that is free from political considerations influencing the process. I believe putting the focus of reform on eliminating the direct election of judges is misplaced. Rather, I support reforms that will mitigate the role money plays in the process, perhaps capping individual and political action committee donation levels and creating campaign spending disincentives. At this time, I prefer to trust the voters.

The merit retention provision of Pennsylvania's constitution allows all but magisterial district judges to be retained with a simple "yes" or "no" vote without ballot reference to political affiliation. This provision was designed to remove judges from the pressures of the political arena once they begin their first term of office. Magisterial district judges run in competitive elections. Mandatory retirement age for judges is 70 years, but retired judges may, if approved by the Supreme Court, continue to serve the Commonwealth as senior judges.


The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is a court of last resort that sits only en banc and presides over a mixture of direct and discretionary appeals. Every Supreme Court justice votes on every matter, including direct appeals, capital appeals (direct and collateral), allocaturs, discretionary appeals, Childrens Fast Track matters, gaming appeals, grand jury appeals, legislative redistricting appeals, Kings Bench petitions, certified questions from federal courts, election appeals, emergency petitions, petitions for review, judicial disciplinary matters, attorney disciplinary matters, recommendations from eight rules committees and six court-related boards, miscellaneous petitions, ancillary matters, and pro se matters. The courts complement of seven justices is not supplemented with senior justices, and when the court is shorthanded, as it was for over a year recently, the remaining justices must take on the added workload. Most often, but not exclusively the court reviews: Requests for discretionary appeals from the Commonwealth Court and Superior Court Direct Appeals from a lower courts decision, including when a sentence of death is issued Requests to intervene in a lower courts proceedings Requests to deliver a body from illegal detention Term: 10 Years Salary: $199,606. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court salary-$205,415. Retention candidates appear at the end of the ballot in the form of a question. Shall (candidates name) be retained for an additional term as (office sought)? (Vote yes or no)

Max Baer
Home address: Pittsburgh, PA Business address: Pittsburgh, PA Website: None Date of Birth: December 24, 1947 Candidate for: Supreme Court Justice EDUCATION: 1971B.A. University of Pittsburgh 1975J.D. Duquesne University 1985-1986Robert Morris College, Masters of Tax Program 2013Hon. J.D. Widener University CURRENT OCCUPATION: Supreme Court Justice QUALIFICATIONS FOR THIS OFFICE: Trial Court Judge, Allegheny County-13 years; Administrative Judge, Family Division10 years; Pa Child Advocacy Award 1999 PA Dept. of Public Welfare, Adoption Advocate of the Year 1997 Champion of Children Award, Most Valuable Peacemaker 2004 QUESTION: Because of some public concern about the amount of money being spent on statewide judicial elections, would you support an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution changing the method of selecting statewide judges to a merit selection process? Why or why not? ANSWER: No. Election is a grounding, humbling experience. Its good for our judges to be grounded and humble. No objection to expanded pre-requisites for judges.

Ronald D. Castille
Home address, Philadelphia, PA Business address: Philadelphia PA Website: Date of Birth: March 16, 1944 Candidate for: PA Supreme Court EDUCATION: Auburn University 1966; University of Virginia Law 1971 CURRENT OCCUPATION: Supreme Court Justice QUALIFICATIONS FOR THIS OFFICE: Philadelphia District Attorney, elected twice 50 years in Philadelphia District Attorneys Office Supreme Court of PA, 20 years. 1st Lt. USMC (Ret); Bronze Star; Two Purple Heart Medals QUESTION: Because of some public concern about the amount of money being spent on statewide judicial elections, would you support an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution changing the method of selecting statewide judges to a merit selection process? Why or why not? ANSWER: I support the proposition. I have always (since 1993) thought the electoral process is the wrong way to select judges. Politics doesnt always give the best judges and the natural tendency of citizens is to think that elected judges are beholden to the political parties and special interest supporters of the candidate.

JUDGE OF THE SUPERIOR COURT (RETENTION) Term: 10 yearsSalary: $188,337

Susan Peikes Gantman

Party: Republican Home address, Narberth, Pennsylvania 19072 Business address: West Conshohocken, Pa Website: None Date of Birth: August 8, 1952 Candidate for: Superior Court of PA Retention Candidate EDUCATION: 1974 University of Pennsylvania, B.A., M.A. 1977 Villanova University School of Law, J.D. CURRENT OCCUPATION: Judge, Superior Court of Pennsylvania QUALIFICATIONS FOR THIS OFFICE: QUALIFICATIONS FOR THIS OFFICE: Judge, 9 years, 162 Precedential Opinions including 18 En Banc Opinions 2162 Memorandum Decisions and dispositions Partner Private Practice; Former Assistant District Attorney e Practice; Former Assistant District Attorney QUESTION: Because of some public concern about the amount of money being spent on statewide judicial elections, would you support an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution changing the method of selecting statewide judges to a merit selection process? Why or why not? ANSWER: I would not support the Amendment. Fair and impartial courts are a guarantor of justice in our democracy. Competitive elections are the most democratic manner to make judges accountable to the public. An independent commission of the Pennsylvania Bar Association reviews judicial candidates and recommended Judge Gantmans retention stating: [She] is recognized as possessing exemplary knowledge of legal principles. . . . Her integrity and personal character are beyond reproach and she is held in high esteem.

Jack A. Panella (Democrat)

Home address: Easton, PA Palmer Township Campaign Website: /jackpanellacampaign Date of Birth: May 4, 1955 Candidate for: Superior Court of PA-Retention EDUCATION: 1977, St. Johns University, B.S. with honors 1980, Columbus School of Law, Catholic University of America, J.D. with honors CURRENT OCCUPATION: Judge of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania QUALIFICATIONS FOR THIS OFFICE: Trial and Appellate Judge for 23 years Former President, Judge of Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline Authored two books for judges and lawyers QUESTION: Because of some public concern about the amount of money being spent on statewide judicial elections, would you support an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution changing the method of selecting statewide judges to a merit selection process? Why or why not? ANSWER: I would support true merit selection which would operate without political influences. This process would utilize representation by diverse organizations and professionals differentiating it from typical appointment systems. Negative campaigning is fueled by excessive spending. The tone which dominated the campaign for the Supreme Court in 2009 is truly regrettable. While I never questioned my own judicial integrity, I made a personal pledge to never again raise money for a judicial office.


JOB DESCRIPTION The District Attorney is the chief criminal law enforcement officer and public prosecutor in the county. He or she prepares and prosecutes all criminal cases and argues appeals in state appellate and federal courts. The District Attorney signs all bills of indictment and prosecutes all criminal cases for the state. He/she appoints assistants, detectives, and clerks to assist in criminal investigations and trials. The DA is elected by the public every 4 years, and is considered a row officer. Term: 4 yearsSalary: $172,271 Unopposed QUESTION: What goals do you have for the District Attorneys office and what makes you the best candidate to fulfill this position?

David W. Heckler (Republican)

Hometown: Doylestown DOB: March-47 Education: Graduate Central Bucks H.S., Yale University, University of Virginia School of Law Occupation: District Attorney of Bucks County Qualifications: 7 years Deputy DA, 7 years Counsel to Pa. District Attorneys Association, Legislator, Bucks County Judge; served as Chairman Pa. Sentencing Commission and last year chaired the Pa. Task Force on Child Protection. Answer to question: During my first term, a lifetimes experience plus a talented senior staff enabled me to assemble and lead a highly effective team of prosecutors, investigators and support personnel. We have done our basic job of protecting the public by working with police to solve crimes and convict criminals. We have also made significant innovations, including establishing the most successful Drug Take-Back program in Pennsylvania - over 8 tons collected to date, initiating a Veterans Treatment Program and a County Crash Investigation Team. We have also established a much-needed Toxicology Section in our Crime Lab, striven toward digitalized office operations and partnered in the FBI Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory. Our greatest challenge going forward is retention of experienced prosecutors despite low pay.


JOB DESCRIPTION The sheriff, as an officer of the court, serves writs, warrants, summonses, and other judicial documents. The sheriff also executes sheriff's sales and carries out orders of the county court. In some counties, deputy sheriffs provide courthouse security and transport prisoners. The sheriff is responsible for issuing gun permits. Term: 4 yearsSalary: $ 82,250 (Vote for 1) QUESTION: What changes, if any, would you implement in your office to better serve the citizens of Bucks County?

Edward Duke Donnelly (Republican)

Hometown: Richboro DOB: Sep-42 Education: MBA Philadelphia College of Textiles & Sciences BS Education Temple University Associate Degree Criminal Justice Temple University Graduate 131st Session FBI National Academy Graduate Penn State Police Officer Law Enforcement Executive Courses Occupation: Sheriff of Bucks County

Qualifications: Sheriff of Bucks County, Police Chief Lower Southampton Township & Captain, Philadelphia Police Department. Answer to question: Improve computer communication between the Sheriffs office and the Public, by allowing access to our forms online. This will be more efficient in our dealings with the citizenry of Bucks County. Increase the hours of operation of our Booking Station. This will enable the police of our Townships and Boroughs to spend more time patrolling their assigned areas. The public will benefit and be more secure seeing police on the streets.

Dennis McCauley (Democrat)

Hometown: Doylestown DOB: Oct-57 Education: Master's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Villanova Occupation: Director of Security at Bucks County Community College; Retired Abington Police division commander Qualifications: Three decades of police and public safety leadership experience; Currently serve as vicepresident and Public Safety Chairman for Doylestown Borough Council; Member of Bucks County Police Chiefs Association Answer to question: I will bring law enforcement managerial expertise, energy, integrity and vision to the Sheriff's Office. I will rebuild the Sheriff's Office into a public safety agency that Bucks County can be proud of. I will rid the office of scandals, mismanagement and divisive politics. For those serving as deputies, I will be a full-time leader, not a political figurehead. I will modernize the Sheriff's website and use social media to better inform and serve citizens.


JOB DESCRIPTION The prothonotary is a clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, administering the records of civil proceedings. Some additional duties include processing naturalizations papers and issuing passports. Term: 4 yearsSalary: $ 82,250 (Vote for 1) QUESTION: What changes, if any, would you implement in your office to better serve the citizens of Bucks County?

Patricia L. Bachtle (Republican)

Hometown: Newtown DOB: Nov-39 Education: Gwynedd Mercy College Occupation: Prothonotary Qualifications: 20 years experience doing the job and protecting taxpayers: professionally managing a large staff and implementing new technologies to save taxpayers more than $130,000 per year all while cutting the size of my staff, cutting costs, and always working full-time in the job. Answer to question: The next four years in the Prothonotarys office are critical for taxpayers which is why Ill work full-time, every day, as I always have. Im prepared to successfully transition to the new justice center which will allow for improvement technological improvements and efficiencies in the way our office operates. We will build on our already existing innovative case management system as well as expand our pay-per-page services which save taxpayers money.

Ronald J. Smolow (Democrat)

Hometown: Upper Makefield DOB: Jan-50 Education: Occupation: Qualifications: I have practiced law in Bucks County for 38 years since graduating from Penn State and Temple Law School. During this time, Ive handled a wide range of legal matters with a focus on litigation and consumer issues. This experience has given me first hand knowledge of the Prothonotarys office. Answer to question: I will replace the Prothonotarys old-fashion paper system with a cost efficient E-Filing system. This will provide better service at less cost to tax payers. It will enable lawyers, judges and the public to

file/retrieve documents electronically while substantially reducing the cost of handling paper files. I will add Saturday morning hours to make the office more convenient for obtaining passports. I will provide better oversight to avoid misuse of subpoenas and other official documents.


JOB DESCRIPTION The Recorder of Deeds maintains the record of real property in the county, including titles and liens on property. The recorder also keeps records of military discharges. Term: 4 yearsSalary: $ 82,250 (Vote for 1) QUESTION: What changes, if any, would you implement in your office to better serve the citizens of Bucks County?

Joseph Szafran (Republican)

Hometown: Bensalem DOB: Nov-53 Education: High School Graduate, Pennsylvania Land Title Institute, Real Estate courses at various universities. Occupation: Recorder of Deeds Qualifications: Present Recorder of Deeds, thirty-five years experience in Real Estate and Title Insurance Industry. Former President of Credit Union and Owner of JGK Abstracting and Title Company. Notary Public and licensed Agent. Answer to question: The Modernization of the county land records with todays technology we will increase the awareness and services the Recorder of Deeds office can provide the residents of Bucks County. As the caretaker of the Bucks County Veterans ID Discount program, we will continue to provide a secure place for all veterans discharge papers and provide the vendors directory twice a year and bring the Best of Bucks to all veterans and citizens of our county.

James T. OBrien (Democrat)

No response received


JOB DESCRIPTION The controller gathers budget information, prescribes accounting systems to be used in county offices, approves all bills, audits books of all county officers, and makes financial reports at the end of the year. Term: 4 yearsSalary: $ 82,250 (Vote for 1) QUESTION: What changes, if any, would you implement in your office to better serve the citizens of Bucks County?

Raymond F. McHugh (Republican)

Hometown: Southampton DOB: Sept-55 Education: JD Emory University 1980 BS Gettysburg College 1977 Occupation: Controller; Attorney Qualifications: Incumbent County Controller since 2001 Answer to question: I hope to obtain the technology necessary to provide on-line access to county contracts and other documents maintained by the Controller's Office. Although we have steadily increased on-line access to various reports and audits, we need to obtain additional resources to provide more complicated materials. Access to these records will increase the transparency of county government and better serve the citizens of Bucks County.

John Jordan (Democrat)

Hometown: Croyden DOB: Jul-64

Education: Bachelors in Marketing Occupation: Consultant Qualifications: 21-year Banking veteran Answer to question: I am a 22 year Banking Veteran. I am also a Community Leader with a verifiable track record of success in activism, economic and community development. In these difficult financial times, it is time to ensure our taxpayers that all their tax dollars are appropriately utilized by holding all county departments accountable. I am no stranger to hard work I spent most of 2012 fighting the attacks on Voting Rights with the Voter ID Law in PA.


JOB DESCRIPTION Magisterial District Justices represent the first level of the court system. They have jurisdiction over such offenses as traffic violations, landlord/tenant matters and civil actions involving less than $8,000, and they preside over arraignments and can fix and accept bail in criminal cases not involving murder or voluntary manslaughter. Those justices who are not lawyers must complete a course of instruction and pass an examination before taking office. Term: 6 yearsSalary: $ 86,639 (Vote for 1) QUESTION: What goals and recommendations do you have to improve the administration of justice in Bucks County?

DISTRICT 07-1-02 Frank W. Peranteau, Sr. (Republican/Democrat Cross-Filed)

Hometown: Bristol DOB: Mar-49 Education: West Chester University, B.S. Degree Criminal Justice Occupation: Magisterial District Judge Qualifications: Elected Magisterial District Judge for over 11 years. Certified By PA Minor Judiciary. 28 year Career in Law Enforcement retiring as Chief of Police. Answer to question: Continue to safe guard the rights of the residents in Bucks County. This is done by providing fair, timely and equitable handling of their concerns. We must also take advantage of the increasing technology will make the contact that individuals have with the courts an easier, less complicated experience.

DISTRICT 07-1-03 Joanne V. Kline (Republican/Democrat Cross-Filed)

No response received

DISTRICT 07-1-07 Daniel Baranoski (Republican/Democrat Cross-Filed)

Hometown: Hulmeville DOB: Jul-65 Education: Occupation: Qualifications: Daniel Baranoski earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from Temple University with Magna Cum Laude honors in 1987. He attended West Chester University and the University of Phoenix in pursuit of a Master of Science Degree in Administration. He was a police officer and detective for 24 years. Answer to question: Baranoski began his first term as Magisterial District Judge in 2008. He feels that having an opportunity to influence peoples lives through his position as MDJ early in their involvement with t he court has been most rewarding to him. He believes addressing risky behaviors like underage drinking, drug use, and truancy at an early period in a persons life may help stop more serious problems in the future. He takes the time needed to address each defendant individually.

DISTRICT 07-3-01

Maggie Snow (Republican/Democrat Cross-Filed)

Hometown: Buckingham DOB: Apr-60 Education: Pennsylvania State University, Bachelor of Arts, 1982; University of Denver College of Law, Juris Doctor, 1988 Occupation: Magisterial District Judge District Court 7-3-01, 2008-present Qualifications: Chief Deputy District Attorney, 1988-2001, Bucks County criminal prosecutor, jury trials Guardian Ad Litem, 2001-2007, child advocacy for at risk children and foster children. Answer to question: Establishing a Youth Aid Panel in Buckingham has been one way I have been able to improve the administration of justice since I took office. Working closely with our local schools to eliminate truancy has also been a priority to ensure our children get the best opportunities to succeed in life. I strive to treat everyone who appears in court with dignity, fairness and respect.


School Directors 4 Year Term

LWVPA description: The School Director as a member of the Board of School Directors shall equip, furnish and maintain the public schools in the District. Principal duties include appointing and/or dismissing superintendents, principals and teachers; levying and assessing school taxes; purchasing land; locating new buildings; adopting textbooks and courses of study; fixing salaries of teachers and other appointees of the Board. All candidates for School Director were asked: What do you consider the most important issues facing your school district and how would you address them?


Term: 4 years (Vote for 4) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Jennifer Ryan (Cross-filed) No response received REPUBLICAN Jason B. Harris No response received

Kiran Patel Hometown: Bensalem DOB: OCT-1966 Education: Mechanical Engineer (B.S.) Occupation: Self Employed Qualifications: Own and operate various small Businesses, former Banker Answer to Question: School District Budget Deficit. I believe in the public school system. My children attend Bensalem public schools, and I see firsthand the quality of the education they are receiving. I am also a small business owner here in Bensalem, so I appreciate the importance of holding the line on our school property taxes, and understand budgeting and eliminating wasteful expenses. I believe in job-oriented education that will help students to get jobs in this very competitive job market. Kim J. Rivera No response received DEMOCRATIC Peter R. Waitz Hometown: Bensalem DOB: NOV 1939 Education: Graduated Suffolk University 1962. Majored in Mathematics. Minors in Physics and History Occupation: Retired Qualifications: After volunteering in Bensalem schools, grades 4-7, it became obvious that using new math was the wrong way to teach our children math. Our students arent failing; our method of teaching math is failing. Answer to Question: The most important issue facing all schools is the need to discontinue using new math programs and to return to the basics. The new math is at the core of why we as a nation, are 25th in the world teaching our kids math and science. New math is both expensive and ineffective. Eric Stern Hometown: Bensalem Campaign Website: DOB: JUL 1960 Education: B.A. , Temple University, 1982 (Psychology Major); M.S., Drexel University, 1986 (Management Major) Occupation: V.P. / Senior Technology Officer, Hopewell Valley Community Bank Qualifications: Twenty five year resident of Bensalem and all three of my children attended and graduated from Bensalem school district. I started my career working in the fields Vocational Education and Vocational Rehabilitation before moving into corporate positions. Answer to Question: I am running on the mantra of accountability, responsibility and transparency. We need to be accountable and insure that proper controls and oversight are put in place to prevent future theft. We need to be responsible to the taxpayers and make sure that funds are well spent without adding to residents tax burdens. We need to be transparent and encourage the public/parents to be more involved in both spending and educational programming. Bill Nazzaro Hometown: Bensalem Campaign Website: DOB: DEC 1974

Education: MM, New England Conservatory of Music, 2001 Occupation: Business analyst and system supporter, Novo Nordisk Inc. Qualifications: Graduate of Bensalem public schools (Belmont Hills 1985, Armstrong 1988, BHS, 1992) Sunday School teacher, Bensalem Presbyterian Church (BPC); Chair of Finance Committee and Ruling Elder (BPC) Answer to Question: The job of the school board is oversight, and the board has been seriously lax. Time card scandals, no show jobs, who knows what elsewe need to pay attention to where our tax money goes and not allow hundreds of thousands of dollars to be stolen. I am running to ensure our tax dollars are put to proper use, to educate the children of Bensalem, not to pad the pockets of criminals. Jennifer Ryan (Cross-filed) No response received


Term: 4 years (Vote for 4) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC John DAngelo (Cross-filed) Education: MBA, Investment Management, Drexel University Occupation: Financial Analyst Qualifications: 25 years of broad Finance experience working for Fortune 100 Corporations; 12 years serving on Bristol Borough School Board. Answer to Question: The cost of Special Education is clearly the most important issue facing the Bristol Borough School District. It threatens our survival. Over the last several yeas, we have experienced an enormous increase in our Special Education costs. With NO control over these costs, we are forced to cut programs for all of our students to satisfy these unfunded mandates. My plan is to keep more Special Ed students within our district and meet their IEPs internally. Ultimately, the state must provide increased Special Ed funding, which often is over $50,000 per student. I propose a tax on Natural Gas Drillers as a viable source of Revenue for this purpose. David Chichilitti (Cross-filed) Education: Graduate of Mercer County Community College, Degree in Mortuary Science. Trained at Medical College of Pennsylvania for Pathologist Assistant. Occupation: Pathologist Assistant, Drexel University College of Medicine. Self employed Embalmer. Qualifications: Served on School-board for 23 years. Positions held, President (9years), Vice President (7 years).. Answer to Question: Maintaining the schools identity and existence without raising taxes. Keeping the high school open is my highest priority. With my 23 years of experience and working with the administration. I would like to bring back some special education students that are transferred out, as well as charter school students. This cost our district over 1 million dollars. Work to expedite the development of Riverfront North, this would generate over $400,000 in school taxes. Kelly Cochran (Cross-filed) Education: Masters Degree in Education from Cabrini College Occupation: Special Education Teacher, Owner of Nonas Loving Care Learning Center Qualifications: Fifteen years as an educator, served as a PFT Union Rep, served on the Board of Directors of N.E. Philadelphia Chapter of Parents Without Partners, served on both School Council and Discipline Committees. Answer to Question: The most important issues facing our school district are the rising costs of education and the decreased funding from Harrisburg. As a board member I will investigate ways to

fund our schools that would not increase the financial burden on our taxpayers. I would also tirelessly petition officials in Harrisburg to reinstate lost funding. Decisions for our schools must be in the best interest of our children and be economically acceptable for our residents. REPUBLICAN Mark R. Bartuska, Sr. No response received DEMOCRATIC Ralph DiGuiseppe, III No response received


Term: 4 years (Vote for 4) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Katherine N. Bachman (Cross-filed) Hometown: Levittown DOB: DEC-1946 Education: Graduate from Bristol Township School District. 12 credits, Bucks County Community College Occupation: Retired from Bristol Township school District. Thirty years of service. Qualifications: On the school board now. Fourth year of service. Attended several conferences on education in Hershey Pennsylvania and at the Bucks County Intermediate unit; Finance, Curriculum, Operations, and Crate Arts Gala committees for Bristol Township schools Answer to question: My issues in the district are to maintain and improve the district educational programs and develop a sustainable, long term budget. Also give the best educational experience for Bristol Township students. And retain and enhance the skills of the highest quality teachers and staff and ensures that employees compensation is appropriate. School safety: we are all like a village from parent, teachers, staff, administrators, school board members, and EMS, so that we have a policy plan REPUBLICAN Wayne Turner (Cross-filed) No response received William J. Keenan (Cross-filed) No response received Jeannine M. Mancuso No response received DEMOCRATIC Angela M. Nober Hometown: Levittown DOB: JUL-1961 Education: BS Penn State University

Occupation: Oversee daily operations of 20 medical practices including family practice and specialty practices. Manage 67 employees and 39 physicians. Qualifications: I believe I have the skills to analyze, collaborate, communicate and think critically. I am knowledgeable and willing to continue to learn more about public education. Answer to question: Special Education. All children deserve an equal opportunity to reach their full potential. State policymakers must provide school districts relief from state mandates and address state policies that add costs to our District that wants to provide the best educational opportunities possible to their students. I will advocate for the development of a new special education funding formula allocating state funds based upon the actual number of students with disabilities enrolled in each district. Frederick R. Black No response received James E. Baker Jr. Hometown: Levittown Website: DOB: JUN-1954 Education: Woodrow Wilson High School graduate and trade school Occupation: Electrician (retired) Qualifications: I am a first term School Board member. My work history as a tradesman has given me knowledge of operational and mechanical systems. I graduated from Bristol Township schools and have four grandchildren attending our school system. Answer to question: Bristol Township is challenged with aged, inefficient, high maintenance school buildings eating up scarce dollars. Obsolete systemsnotably electrical and emergencyimpact educational quality and even safety. The other members and I are working on ways to renovate, consolidate and replace old buildings with new (but fewer) buildingswithout raising taxes. Were exploring ways to save precious tax dollars and have already saved millions through renegotiation of insurance, consolidation of bus routes, and curtailing low-demand programs.


Region 1 4 Year (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Kati Driban (Cross-filed) No response received Region 2 4 Year (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Betty Huf Hometown: Warminster DOB: MAY 1937 EDUCATION: Graduate Centennial Schools, took classes at Penn State, Abington Campus OCCUPATION: Lead Communication Specialist-completed leadership classes Abington Memorial Hospital QUALIFICATIONS: PSBA advanced and master boardsmanship

ANSWER TO QUESTION: Student and School safety-We have installed a new identification scanning system in all schools and we have fortified our vestibules with a locking system. PSERS financial burden on our Taxpayers, We need to revamp the whole system so it is reasonably friendly and not so heavily in dept. To provide the best education to all students while keeping the budget under control by looking at the most economical process to enhance our programs. DEMOCRATIC Mark Greiner Hometown: Warminster DOB: JUL 1966 EDUCATION: Bucks County Community College OCCUPATION: Small Business Owner-Aquatic Technician QUALIFICATIONS: Ive been active in local politics in Bucks County for 22 years and have been a resident of the Warminster community for over 12 years. Ive been involved with business finance/budgeting for 26 years. ANSWER TO QUESTION: Centennial School Board has been criticized by the district residents for its lack of real oversight and transparency, this at a time when basic government trust is at a historical low. I will be a strong advocate for our entire Centennial School community, its students, teachers and taxpayers. Region 3 4 Year (Vote for 2) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Jane Schrader Lynch (Cross-filed) Hometown: Warminster DOB: December 1937 Education: Germantown High School, Temple University Qualifications: With an Accounting background along with 18 years experience formulating budgets at the County of Bucks. Answer to Question: Test Scores. My emphasis will be on improving the education of all our students with their preparation for PSSA test scores. Centennial School District has a diversified enrollment. While our District has made strides with students, we must reinforce their skills and give greater help for students to improve. My goal and the districts goal is improvement in all levels with their test results. REPUBLICAN Michael Hartline Hometown: Warminster DOB: May 1967 Education: BBA, Temple University, Fox School of Business Occupation: Self-Employed Electronic Asset Recovery Qualifications: Chair of Centennial Finance Committee, President Bucks Intermediate Unit #22, Member Pennsylvania School Boards Associations (PSBA), PSBA Legislative Platform Committee, Nominated to the post of PSBA Assistant Region Director for the BuxMont Region, Area Six, selfemployed with extensive Business and Administrative experience. Answer to question: I am committed to further containing expenses in the district. Already I have worked to cut our operating expenses year over year. Additionally, we (the business office and finance committee) have reorganized the way Centennials health insurance is administered, saving the district

hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. I will continue to work with the business office seeking economies of scale throughout the district. Finally, I will continue to work with our state legislators to increase funding for state mandates. DEMOCRATIC Jim Brickman No response received


Region 4 4 Year (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Jerel P. Wohl (Cross-filed) No response received Region 5 4 Year (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Paul B. Faulkner (Cross-filed) No response received Region 7 4 Year (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Stephen A. Corr Hometown: Warrington DOB: March 1967 Education: University of Notre Dame (B.A. History); Villanova University School of Law (J.D.) Occupation: Attorney, Stark & Stark Qualifications: Two terms as C.B. School Director Answer to question: From an academic standpoint, the Board must focus on maintaining a rigorous curriculum that challenges our students and prepares them for higher education or a career. To do that we must meet and exceed the new mandates set by the State. Financially, the Board will work to achieve a new contract with teachers that is fair to the taxpayers and excellent professional staff. We must continue to focus on long term budget issues, i.e. increases in pension obligations. Region 9 4 Year (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC John Gamble (Cross-filed) No response received



Do you favor eliminating the Occupation Tax by increasing the maximum rate of the Earned Income Tax from 1.00% to 1.17%, with the requirement that the increase be used to eliminate the Occupation Tax?

The purpose if this referendum question is to seek approval from the voters of Council Rock School District to eliminate the Occupation Tax by increasing the maximum rate of the Earned Income Tax imposed by the District from 1% to 1.17% to fund the Occupation Tax elimination effective July 1, 2014. The limitations on such an increase are that the voters must approve it by this referendum, the increase can be no greater than 0.17% (the amount necessary to replace the revenue lost as a result of the elimination of the Occupation Tax) and the District must eliminate the Occupation Tax. If the referendum is approved, the Board of School directors of the Council Rock School district will be permitted to increase the percentage rate of the Districts Earned Income Tax to a maximum of 1.17% and will be required to eliminate the Occupation Tax for the fiscal school year beginning July 1, 2014 and all school years thereafter. Region 3 4 Year (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Denise Brooks (Cross-filed) Hometown: Richboro Website: DOB: NOV 1962 EDUCATION: BA, Brandeis University, OCCUPATION: Research Director QUALIFICATIONS: I have 19 year of business experience with expertise in finances, critical thinking, data analysis. For 16 years Ive held leadership positions in PTOs, CR committees and community education groups, giving me exceptional knowledge of the district and demonstrating my commitment to the community. ANSWER TO QUESTION: The most important issue is ensuring a quality educational program during difficult economic times. Ill carefully scrutinize expenditures to secure the best value for our tax dollars. Also important is the need for comprehensive long term planning. I will analyze priorities in areas such as integration of technology into curriculum and the impact of declining enrollment on facilities, renovations and personnel. I will thoroughly investigate issues and make decisions in consideration of all stakeholders. Region 6 4 Year (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN

Mark Byelich Hometown: Ivyland Website: DOB: MAY 1968 EDUCATION: BA Lesley University OCCUPATION: Financial Consultant QUALIFICATIONS: My experience in law enforcement and finance put me in a unique position to look at the issues from several points of view. As a Council Rock graduate, I have a deep commitment to the district and its taxpayers ANSWER TO QUESTION: Providing the best education possible for the most affordable cost is the delicate balance we must manage. Important issues such as school security, decreasing enrollment and shifting populations, increased pension obligations, and maintenance of older buildings are immediate issues that must be prioritized and managed in a fiscally responsible manner. With my expertise in strategic financial planning, I will work closely with the administration and the other board members to maintain this balance. DEMOCRATIC Edward Mayer Hometown: Churchville Website: DOB: NOV 1958 EDUCATION: Temple University School of Law, J.D./Doctorate in Jurisprudence; Holy Family University, B.A./ Management Information Systems; Summa cum laude OCCUPATION: Director, Business & Information Technology, Cigna QUALIFICATIONS: CRSD experience (M.M. Welch, RMS, CR South) Sound fiscal stewardship (balanced multi-million dollar budgets); Leadership and Service (U.S. Navy, proven business leader, Non Profit Board Service. ANSWER TO QUESTION: The most important issues facing CRSD: (1)providing quality education at a reasonable cost by attracting the best teachers and implementing fiscally sound budgets; (2) sustaining our high academic standards by continuously improving and evaluating our programs; (3) managing facilities including a systematic phase out of trailers and aging infrastructure; (4) enhancing the safety and security of all of our schools and facilities; and (5) communicating openly and transparently between all Northampton stakeholders and CRSD. Region 8 4 Year (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Andy Block (Cross-filed) Hometown: Washington Crossing Website: DOB: OCT 1969 EDUCATION: B.S.Economics, The Pennsylvania State University OCCUPATION: Sales and General Management QUALIFICATIONS: 20 + years of professional experience managing large budgets, complex organizations & facilities across a range of industries and geographies. I have led efforts in my community to improve services and minimize costs to taxpayers. ANSWER TO QUESTION: Escalating costs outpacing revenues: a. State-mandated pension funding, b. Healthcare, c. Staff compensation, d. Capital Improvements: $121 M needed for facilities

and safety. I would address this by directing the administration to complete a comprehensive Strategic Plan for facilities, by proactively engaging our partners to develop a solution for escalating staff costs; and helping to develop a culture that measures and values return on investment. Region 9 4 Year (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Kyle McKessy (Cross-filed) No response received


4 Year term (Vote for 4) DEMOCRATIC/REPUBLICAN Ivan Colon (Cross-filed) No response received Joe Gilleo (Cross-filed) Hometown: Morrisville DOB: June-1973 Education: Pennsylvania Electrician Apprenticeship Occupation: Electrical Supervisor Qualifications: N/A Answer to question: We need to find a balance between whats in our childrens interest educationally, and whats in our neighborhoods best interest economically. Jon Perry (Cross-filed) Hometown: Morrisville DOB: May-1964 Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Penn State Occupation: Senior Project Manager for a Global Environmental. Consulting Firm Qualifications: Im a parent, homeowner, and taxpayer actively engaged with the School Board for many years. My business profession involves working in teams on complex technical projects for various customers, and managing staff, budgets, schedules, and communications. These skills are valuable in being an effective School Board member. Answer to question: The biggest challenge facing the School District is providing a quality education for our students at a cost our community can afford. As a School Board member, I want to make informed, balanced decisions about education and taxes, and be fair and open-minded about ideas to deliver strong educational offerings in innovative ways, save money, and keep taxes under control. REPUBLICAN Ronald Stout Hometown: Morrisville DOB: April 1941 Education: Served in the United States Navy; from there I went into the building business. Occupation: I am now a retired consultant.

Answer to Question: Fiscal survival and quality education have always been my aim. Overburdened taxpayers and students needs are my first priority if elected. DEMOCRATIC Daniel Dingle Hometown: Morrisville DOB: Education: Monmouth University Occupation: Hospital Director Qualifications: In addition to my work experience where I have operational oversight for several departments and a multi-million dollar budget I am a current Morrisville School Board Treasurer/Member and a member of Morrisville Opportunity Educational Foundation Board of Directors. Answer to question: Our school district is currently faced with issues surrounding its financial sustainability and the educational offerings of our students. We need to work on solutions that provide a balance which can strengthen Morrisville overall. Since strong schools make better communities we need to seek alternative sources of funding for our schools; use tax dollars wisely; and improve on the educational opportunities the district can provide to all students.


Region 01 4 Year term (Vote for 1) DEMOCRATIC/REPUBLICAN Scott E. Congdon (Cross-filed) No response received Region 02 4 Year term (Vote for 1) DEMOCRATIC/REPUBLICAN Mike Morris (Cross-filed) No response received Region 3 4 Year term (Vote for 2) DEMOCRATIC/REPUBLICAN Irene Boyle (Cross-filed) Hometown: Langhorne DOB: none given Education: MA in Public Administration (Kent State) Occupation: Retired Financial Manager, Temple University Qualifications: 30 years administrative experience in academic/fiscal issues Answer to question: Most important issue facing the school district is the settlement of the NFT contract. As a member of the negotiating committee for five years, I feel that continuity of that committee is the most efficient way of bringing this conflict to a successful completion. Another

important issue is school consolidation. Working with the Administration and citizen committees, centralization of elementary schools will enable us to manage existing funds efficiently. Ron Rudy (Cross-filed) Hometown: Middletown (Langhorne) DOB: September-1955 Education: Associate Degree Bucks County Community College (1977) Occupation: Construction Contractor Qualifications: Self-employed businessman for 30 years; Middletown Republican Chairman for the last 5 years; Election Committee Chairman for Republican Neshaminy School Board candidates. Campaigned on behalf of Republican candidates for Neshaminy School Board for the past 20 years. Answer to question: The primary issues facing Neshaminy continue to emanate from the unresolved NFT contract. While unlikely to be resolved by the efforts of one Board member, I can provide the assurance of my support of the present Boards very generous offer and urge the NFT to accept as is and without a past practice clause. Students programs, which might otherwise have to be eliminated, should take precedence over providing perks entirely unique to Neshaminy teacher retirees.


4 Year term (Vote for 4) DEMOCRATIC/REPUBLICAN Neale Dougherty (Cross-filed) Hometown: Lumberville DOB: February-1968 Education: University of Pennsylvania, B.A. Occupation: Insurance Marketing Qualifications: Having owned and consulted with successful businesses, I will bring to the school board the leadership, communication and management skills that distinguish effective organizations. I have a clear vision of how to improve the districts quality, for your children and mine. Answer to question: The most important issues facing the district are the need to improve academic standards and the responsible allocation of taxpayer money. Taxpayers should feel confident that tax dollars are utilized in the most effective way toward teaching students in the classrooms not funding special interests. Students, teachers and parents should feel secure knowing resources have been maximized so students will have the opportunity to learn in an environment with an effective studentteacher ratio. Adrienne Deussing (Cross-filed) Hometown: Solebury DOB: not given Education: not listed Occupation: not listed Qualifications: Actively participate in the school district, serving as Vice President of NHS Home & School Association and weekly volunteer in activities at both the Lower and Upper Elementary Schools over the last 5 years. Prior professional career at CPA. Answer to question: Making educated and fair decisions as School Director that are fiscally responsible are essential to consistently improving the quality of education for all our students. Inspiring more of our children into math and sciences. Retaining highly qualified faculty and staff, and maintaining the highest level of safety and standards in our district. Tracy Keyes (Cross-filed)

Hometown: New Hope DOB: May-1970 Education: M.S. Child Development Occupation: College Professor of Elementary Education Qualifications: Background in education. Experience serving on committees and in leadership roles. Published in educational journals. Presented at national conferences. Answer to question: Ineffective board leadership is beginning to change our district. As a board member, I will keep the district headed in the right direction. As a parent, I will be conservative, transparent and ensure every tax dollar spent in the district directly impacts students. As a college professor, academic excellence and data-driven decisions are my goal. I am grateful my children attend an exceptional public school district; eager to offer professional experience and skills to benefit students and taxpayers. Sandra Heath Weisbrot (Cross-filed) Hometown: New Hope DOB: March-1980 Education: B.S. Exercise Science Occupation: Stan-at-home Mother Qualifications: Graduate of New Hope-Solebury and life-time resident Answer to question: No Response LIBERTARIAN Stanley A. Marcus Hometown: New Hope DOB: April 1939 Education: B.S., Chemistry, Brooklyn College; J.D., American University Law School; LLM, New York University School of Law; MBA, Wharton School Occupation: Retired (Patent Attorney) Qualifications: Taught chemistry; bulk of career at the intersection of law, business and technology. Understand strategic planning, budgeting and corporate governance. Experienced analyzing and solving complex problems. Answer to Question: Addressing financial issues in a way that does not explode our taxes. Enrollment (1591) is level and inflation is 1.7%, yet the current budget is 8.9% above actual expenditure for 2012/2013 and does not include substantial capital needs. My training and experience can help the district develop a strategic plan, tied to the budget, with accountability and a timeline that addresses needs in a way that keeps expenditures within the bounds of the districts income. Howard A. Savin Hometown: New Hope DOB: July 1946 Education: BA Psychology University of Vermont; Ph.D. Psychology University of Georgia Occupation: PA Licensed Psychologist, Health Care Executive Qualifications: A 35 year career that has encompassed the provision and quality oversight of psychological and educational services for thousands of children. Founder and President, Autism Services Group; 18-year resident NHS; contributing author Embraceable You Answer to Question: Secure, resilient children do well in school and in life. My expertise will enable me to help support the NHS School District in selecting and evaluating early intervention and prevention curricula and in providing oversight as to the appropriateness of special education services that are provided to a significant number of the NHS students. My special focus will thus be on the promotion of social-emotional wellness within the school environment.

Mark Cowell Hometown: New Hope DOB: December 1945 Education: Master of Arts degree from Rider University in Educational; Administration Occupation: Retired Public School Superintendent Qualifications: Forty years of work experience in education, starting as a classroom teacher, curriculum supervisor, business administrator, superintendent and a state fiscal monitor working for the New Jersey Commissioner of Education in fiscally struggling school districts. Answer to Question: The NHSS District must make critical decisions concerning facility security/upgrades/usage, curriculum changes addressing increased standardized testing requirements for graduation, technology/software improvements, pension costs, insurance costs, declining enrollment, teacher evaluation changes and how to fund the related costs. My educational and career experiences, especially as a former school business administrator and state fiscal monitor, will help the Board of Education in making these critical decisions while improving the districts educational standing and stabilizing property taxes. Niraj Patel Hometown: New Hope DOB: January 1967 Education: B.B.A. Finance & Management Information Systems, Temple University; Certificate of Professional Development, Wharton School Occupation: Global Executive and Entrepreneur Answer to Question: How to integrate technology into schools. Having computers in schools will not improve student learning. Technology program and strategy must be implemented which takes into account total cost of ownership. Including: capital (hardware, software, and facilities), administrative/operation costs (planning, replacement, support) and end user (staff development). Implementing a strategy that will not explode our taxes. My training/experience can help the district develop a plan that utilizes technology to help our students navigate the global world.


Region 01 4 Year term (Vote for 2) REPUBLICAN James Hallowell No response received DEMOCRATIC/REPUBLICAN Scott Freeman (Cross-filed) Hometown: Upper Black Eddy DOB: August-1971 Education: College Occupation: Realtor Qualifications: Previous supervisor Nockamixon Planning Commission; served on budget committee for River Valley Waldorf School; currently a council member of Upper Tinicum Lutheran Church; certifications in negotiations, management, investing, construction & real estate; owner/operated Freemans Bicycle Shop.

Answer to question: I consider the most important issue facing our school system to be the balancing act of maintaining a cutting edge education system while not increasing the tax burden on our property owners. I believe this can be achieved through careful planning, spending oversight, skillful negotiating and a willingness to face difficult decisions with an open mind. DEMOCRATIC Amleto A. Pucci, Jr. Hometown: Erwinna DOB: April-1949 Education: PhD. In Mechanical Engineering from SUNY @ Stony Brook. independent Occupation: Practice as an independent consultant. Qualifications: My career began as a secondary school science teacher and later I was an environmental engineering professor. I administered the County Bureau of Environmental Health and many private sector engineering projects. Answer to question: It is critical for our communities that schools help youth grow and realize their interests and find direction. Nothing is more important to sustaining our communities. Education has an important role to giving perspective in the quickening world of networking and constant diversion. A real priority for the educators and board is to manage the public education system effectively enough that development and realization can happen. It appears population declines may require reductions in force. Region 02 4 Year term (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Robert deGroot Hometown: Revere DOB: March-1943 Education: One Year College Occupation: Merchant Qualifications: Have been a School Director for 11 years. Have lived in the School District for 68 years. Answer to question: Fiscal Responsibility All School Districts will be hit harder in the next few years, with the pension spike years 2013-2014, the rate for pension will be 16.93% of your school salaries. This will be going up to 25+%. DEMOCRATIC David F. Haubert Hometown: Upper Black Eddy DOB: February-1970 Education: Temple University B.A. Occupation: Business Owner Qualifications: As owner of Colonial Woods Family Camping Resort, I have experience in managing budgets, leading staff, setting policies and priorities. I was previously employed as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer for the United States Customs Service. Im also an Army Veteran of the Gulf War. Answer to question: The most important issue facing Palisades School District is finding a way to maintain a superior educational experience for the children in our community while working within a fiscally responsible budget. School Districts are dealing with decreased federal and state funding while

locally trying not to overburden residents. Utilizing my business experience, I would ensure that all actions or policies support the primary goal of enhancing the educational experience of our children. Region 3 4 Year term (Vote for 1) DEMOCRATIC/REPUBLICAN Edward W. Ruisz (Cross-filed) Hometown: Riegelsville DOB: July-1955 Education: Masters Degree, Kutztown University, 1983 Occupation: Retired Palisades Social Studies Teacher: Current President Ed Ruiszs Speed Advantage Training Inc.; Co-Head Strength Coach, Lehigh University Qualifications: With thirty-four years in public education I have experience in how to prepare students for success after graduation while avoiding programs that do not work and waste valuable financial and human resources. Answer to question: I believe it is vital that we graduate students prepared to meet the challenges of college or the world of work. Competition for positions is now global and our young people must be able to critically think, write intelligently, and access information as well as anyone else in the world. The Palisades School District must be focused on these goals and discontinue programs and methods that do not address them.


Vacancy Position 2 Year Remainder REPUBLICAN William E. Sarnese Hometown: Perkasie DOB: November 1953 Education: BS in Accounting Villanova University; MBA in Finance Temple University, Certified Public Accountant Occupation: VP Finance for American Reading Company, Inc., King of Prussia, PA Answer to Question: The most important issue is to insure that the District remains financially able to meet all of its obligations without putting an undue strain on the taxpayers of our district and at the same time to provide to the students of our District a top notch educational experience. We must provide adequate funds for the maintenance of our facilities and continue to upgrade our technological infrastructure to insure that our students are college and career ready. DEMOCRATIC Trudy Fulmer Hometown: Sellersville DOB: October 1943 Education: My education credentials include MEd and MA in psychology. Qualifications: Certificates as teacher, school counselor, school psychological examiner, and paralegal support my work as education consultant and as monitor for certain county residents to track if improved quality of life has resulted from county, state, and federal expenditures.

Answer to Question: Instructional quality in different learning styles and childrens behaviors are the two issues for which many parents and school staffs seek my expertise. My school visits over thirteen years show narrowing instructional methods by limiting music, art, and movement that support the curriculum. Different learners are routinely excluded rather than incorporating the required researched programs like addressing dyslexia. Behavioral problems are assessed often against school requirements and bypass what the child is experiencing.


4 Year term (Vote for 4) DEMOCRATIC/REPUBLICAN Suzette Schmidt (Cross-filed) Hometown: Perkasie DOB: February 1964 Education: Bachelors Degree Penn State University Occupation: Homemaker/Parent Qualifications: Experience running my own business, parent of a Pennridge student with extensive experience in schools in volunteer positions and knowledge of what is actually happening within our schools. Answer to Question: A School Directors primary concern should be to provide the best education in the most fiscally responsible way. There is also a culture of micro-management with our board which needs to stop. The results are being felt by our students in our schools. Also, the thousands of dollars being spent on legal counsel needs to be evaluated and determined if this expense is necessary to run our school district. Barry R. Casper (Cross-filed) No response received REPUBLICAN Sue H. Furlong Hometown: West Rockhill Township DOB: 60 Years Old Education: Masters Business Administration: B.S. Business Management; Courses: Teachers Education Orientation, Foundation of Education Occupation: Senior Financial Analyst Fortune 500 Companies Qualifications: Serve on Pennridge School Board 4 years, PSBA conferences, research education issues and PA statistics. Answer to question: Pennridge is in transition. A retiring superintendent, three principals, and two more next year. Retirement costs are rising millions. Support personnels contract is expired and teachers contract expires next year. My business and ongoing board experience is valuable. I believe in controlling costs and minimizing taxes. I voted for Reading Street, one-to-one pilot, music instrument replacements and uniforms, doubling the curriculum budget, improved security, AC in South and Central without raising taxes in two years.

Scott Edgell Hometown: Perkasie

DOB: May-1959 Education: Master of Science in Management-Florida Institute of Technology Occupation: Independent Sales Representative Qualifications: Former teacher, parent of 13 year old student. Regular attendee at District Board Meetings. Former President of Pennridge Taxpayer Group, Member of Pennridge Community Education Summit. Answer to question: The Pennridge School District is facing several very difficult issues in the immediate future: hiring a new Superintendent, negotiating a new teacher contract and support personnel contract, the looming pension crisis and the implementation of an updated technology infrastructure and the continued integration of technology into the classroom. Addressing these issues will take strong leadership during these slow economic times with stagnant incomes and the increasing cost of living. DEMOCRATIC Steven T. Ragomo No response received Bill Cranford Hometown: Perkasie DOB: May-1969 Education: B.S., LaSalle University; M.G.A., University of Pennsylvania. Occupation: Qualifications: I have 15 years of budgeting experience that I want to bring to Pennridge to help my local community. While I do not profess to have all the answers, I believe I do have the experience to ask the right questions. Answer to question: Pennridge is facing serious funding issues. We CANNOT tax our way out of our problems. We also cannot simply turn off the lights on our public schools by saying its too hard to try. We need a balanced approach that benefits everyone. We need to find corporate partners who are willing to help our schools and find non-taxing streams as we strategically reduce our costs. I humbly ask for your vote.


Region 01 4 Year term (Vote for 2) REPUBLICAN Simon Campbell Hometown: Newtown DOB: August-1967 Education: B.A. (Hons) Management Systems Occupation: Independent Futures Trader Qualifications: Four years experience in the position with a track record of never voting for a property tax increase while ensuring that student test scores have improved. Answer to question: Pennsbury faces a financial crisis with the state mandated bailout of the public school employee retirement fund. It has the potential to cause significant property tax increases and cuts to core educational programs. Thats why we are looking at tough but necessary measures such as closing one of the elementary schools (under utilization of space), outsourcing some support staff functions to save $20 million over the five years, and negotiating give backs from the teachers union.

Susan Simon Hometown: Newtown DOB: April-1964 Education: B.S., Electrical Engineering, Rutgers University; M.B.A., Monmouth University Occupation: Engineer Qualifications: Susan worked as an Engineering Manager for Lockheed Martin. Susan has served on the Quarry Hill PTO Executive Board and has been Co-Chair of several committees including MotherSon Sports Night and Quarry Hills year-long 50th Anniversary Celebration. Answer to question: The budget shortfall is the biggest issue facing the Pennsbury School District. In the coming years, the amount of money that the district is legally required to pay into the states public school employee retirement fund will continue to grow. We have to cut costs while retaining quality educational programs and holding the line on property taxes. I will work to prioritize the needs of students and taxpayers ahead of the special interests. DEMOCRATIC Joshua L. Waldorf Hometown: Yardley DOB: October-1963 Education: MSB Johns Hospkins University; BA Boston University Occupation: Account Manager, Active Network Qualifications: 28 years of business and administrative expertise in private and not-for-profit sectors. Father of two children who thrived in Pennsbury Schools. Yardley Resident for 15 years. Belief that community support of public education benefits everyone with raising property values. Answer to question: I am motivated to run by the serious financial challenges facing the Pennsbury school district. With our districts limited resources in mind, I will balance the educational values and quality our families demand with the concerns of the taxpayer. Solving the financial and other challenges including redistricting, crumbling infrastructure, outsourcing, academic rigor and safety can be achieved only by changing the tone of the Pennsbury School Board from one of contention to one of collaboration. Debra Wachspress Hometown: Yardley DOB: February-1966 Education: M.A. in Public Policy; B.A. in Political Science Occupation: Fundraiser Qualifications: Professional with 25 years experience in fundraising and advocacy. I will work to strike a balance between community needs and working with limited funds. I believe that better decisions are made when common sense and logic prevail over fear and zealotry. Answer to question: The current school board is bogged down with divisiveness and promoting an extreme ideological agenda at the expense of addressing important issues. We must reverse the recent decline of our statewide ranking and improve academic outcomes. To maintain control over long-term costs, I oppose the sale of our bus fleet and the outsourcing of our busing. I support examining all alternative revenue streams to balance the budget. Region 3 4 Year term (Vote for 2) REPUBLICAN Casey Lawrence Hometown: Yardley DOB: May-1964

Education: High School Diploma; BA in Film Studies Occupation: Small Business Owner; Video Production Company Qualifications: As a small business owner Casey will bring his passion for excellence in education and his fiscal budgeting skills to the position of School Board Director. Answer to question: Pennsbury taxpayers are experiencing financial hardships. At a time when 80% of their property taxes go directly to the schools, the district is 174 million in debt. Moreover, teacher compensation packages are among the highest in Pennsylvania. Outsourcing bus drivers is NOT the answer nor is raising taxes. We must better allocate the fund we have. We can retain exceptional employees, protect student programs, and represent those with children in the district and those without.

Skip Tenney Hometown: Yardley DOB: Education: B/S The College of New Jersey Occupation: Certified Public Accountant Owner of Harrison Tenney & Associates, LLC, CPAs. Formerly employed by KPMG, CPAs. Auditing, Consulting and Tax experience. Audit experience with educational institutions. 40 hours of continuing education each year for compliance with professional standards. Answer to Question: Our district has $190,000,000 of total debt which has been growing at an average rate of $8,000,000 during each of the last four years. In addition, the district is budgeting $11,361,637 for pensions for fiscal year 2012-2013. My experience as a Certified Public Accountant would be useful in developing a long term strategic plan to help resolve these issues facing our district, including developing alternative sources of income. DEMOCRATIC Alison Smith Hometown: Yardley DOB: December-1954 Education: BS Civil Engineer, UConn Occupation: Chief Engineer (youngest ever) on a Class 1 Railroad Qualifications: Negotiated national revenue neutral labor contracts, managed billions of dollars of construction/service contracts, reduced operating costs by 33% while improving performance 300%, developed a department from being unranked to ranked 4th in the world for efficiency and effectiveness. Developed many different funding sources, adding an additional $550 million annually. Now retired. Answer to question: Districts scholastic ranking has dropped from 12th to 120th; the Board is not addressing this. Direct the Administration to provide the analysis, action plan, calendar and monthly responsive report. Focus locally. Paying higher vendor fees, to bust the union, spends more money. Sign $0 cost labor contracts. Major corporations are now focusing on improving public education access some of the billions of dollars in grants available to help our budget status and our state ranking. Debra E. DeBlasio Hometown: Fairless Hills DOB: May-1957 Education: Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Trenton State College Occupation: Office Manager Qualifications: Experienced in budget planning and labor negotiations Answer to question: Pennsbury, like every school district in Pennsylvania, has heavy financial burdens in its effort to continue to maintain the best education for our students our tax dollars can support. The current board majority has spent too much time and money looking to privatize services

that are being done well already by staff that are members of our community. We need to deal with our financial burdens by working with our staff to come to revenue neutral agreements.


Region 01 4 Year term (Vote for 2) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Stephen J. Ripper (Cross-filed) Hometown: Quakertown DOB: August-1947 Education: Associate Degree BCCC 1967; BFA Philadelphia College of Art 1971 Occupation: Retired Qualifications: Assoc. Prof. Fine Arts, BCCC 1971-81; Designer/Artisan Architectural Woodwork & Historical Restoration, Chairman of the Haycock Township Planning Commission, 20 years; Zoning Hearing Board 8 yrs., Lecturer Answer to question: To enable our system to deliver a well-rounded educational experience from kindergarden through K12 in an efficient manor while maintaining high standards for our children as they prepare for their goals in higher education and life. All parties within the community must take a positive and active role from Parents, Administrators, Faculty and Support Staff, working efficiently in their roles. Where possible and without diminishing service, excess and inflated costs should be minimized. Paul Stepanoff (Cross-filed) Hometown: Quakertown DOB: October 1958 Education: Masters Degree (BS in Chemical Engineering and MBA both from Penn State University. Occupation: Own a renewable energy company that designs and installs solar electric, solar thermal, wind, geothermal, etc. systems for residential, commercial, and institutional. Qualifications: 8 years on the QCSD school board. MBA (run district more like a business than a government monopoly). Answer to question: Tying accountability of the district, administration, and employees to student performance at the best value to the community. This is done by agreeing on which metrics best represent student performance, defining failure and success, setting measurable goals, then rewarding based on performance to those goals. Region 02 4 Year term (Vote for 1) DEMOCRATIC/REPUBLICAN Bob Smith (Cross-filed) No response received Region 03 4 Year term (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Charles Shermer Hometown: Quakertown DOB: October-1956

Education: Attended Moravian College Occupation: Vice President, MVTS Technologies LLC, based in Carlsbad Qualifications: 30 years in Semiconductor Industry, including key roles in Executive Management, Capital Procurement and Program Management Answer to question: There are many issues facing QCSD right now. One of the major issues is spending. We need to make sure that every dollar collected is well spent for education. That means we work towards no tax increases through increased efficiencies. When a tax increase is needed, it should not exceed the rate of inflation. We need to closely monitor our spending, progress and achieve all milestones on the High School Renovation project. DEMOCRATIC Gaye Beeco No response received


Term: 4 years (Vote for 4) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Matt Holliday (Cross-filed) No response received Jill Basile (Cross-filed) No response received Janet M. Flisak (Cross-filed) Hometown: Harleysville DOB: May 1985 Education: Undergraduate degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. RN and NBA. Occupation: Employed at Janssen R&D for more than 10 years. With 4 adult children and going through the educational process with them, I am ready to actively participate on the school board. Answer to question: We must challenge our students not only with the new technologies, but we must still provide the fundamentals of education (reading, writing and arithmetic). The fundamentals are the building blocks for all else. We must prepare students to compete and to be successful after graduation. This should start as early as possible and with proper direction and oversight of the school board, great teachers, strong administration and involved parents and communities. William J. Brong (Cross-filed) No response received


Term: 4 years (Vote for 4) REPUBLICAN

Timothy S. Kerr No response received Frank O'Donnell No response received Vincent Sherpinsky Hometown: Lansdale DOB: November 1959 Education: Master of Science, Instructional Technology, Saint Josephs University, Philadelphia, PA Occupation: Teacher/Educator Qualifications: President, Board of School Directors, North Penn School District, Awarded: Master School Board Member Accreditation 2012, Former Board of Directors, Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, Former Joint Operation Committee Member, Northern Montgomery County Vo-Tec. Answer to Question: Finding ways to balance our educational needs with the communitys ability to afford them. Harrisburg handed us the pension nightmare. Unions demand more money in salaries and benefits than we can pay. Every additional dollar paid for these issues comes right out of the classroom. The best way to address these problems: re-elect people with a proven record of fighting for taxpayers, students, and parents while protecting quality education and property values in North Penn. Josie Charnock Hometown: Harleysville DOB: April 1967 Education: B.A. Psychology, August 1997; Widener University, Chester, PA Occupation: Member, Board of Trustees, North Penn Educational Foundation; Former Member, Board of School Directors North Penn School District; Former Chairperson, Alternative Revenue Committee North Penn School District; Member, Planning Commission Towamencin Township Answer to Question: The most important challenges being faced by North Penn and all public school districts across the Commonwealth are the enormous pressures from pension increases, standardized testing, financial strains from charter schools, rising salaries and healthcare costs. We must balance common sense with the needs of all North Penn stakeholders, while striving to achieve the highest quality educational experience for students. The only way to overcome these challenges is to re-elect candidates with proven leadership.

DEMOCRATIC Tina Stoll Paul Edelman, Jr. Alex Ryabin Murali Balaji Hometown: Lansdale DOB: June 1979 Education: Ph.D. Penn State University Occupation: Director of Education & Curriculum Reform, Hindu American Foundation. My qualifications include being a former professor and someone who has worked in public education for years.

Answer to Question: The most important issues are how we can work to strengthen our programs, rather than cut them, and embrace the cultural wealth this district possesses. Having a transparent school board that respects all is an important step to achieving this.


CITIZEN EDUCATION FUND 100 Doyle Street, Doylestown, PA 18901 215-230-9986 Making Democracy Work Grassroots leadership since 1920


SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Glenn A. Wismer No response received TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Patricia S. McVaugh

MAYOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Joseph DiGirolamo Hometown: Bensalem DOB: Apr-1937 Education: Graduate, North Catholic H.S. Occupation: Mayor of Bensalem Qualifications: I am now in my 20th year leading this wonderful community, and every day has been devoted to making and keeping Bensalem a community that has been nationally recognized for the quality of life it provides to its citizens. Answer to question: As Mayor, I am confronted everyday with the challenge of providing the highest levels of service to the residents of Bensalem while keeping Township taxes down. Working with our Councilman, we have been able to provide unparalleled police and emergency services, improve our infrastructure, and expand our recreational facilities without increasing Township taxes. Maintaining

these levels of service in the face of rising costs and a weak economy will continue to be our greatest challenge.

4 Year term (vote for 3) REPUBLICAN Tony Belfield Hometown: Bensalem DOB: March-1965 Education: B.S. Geology, Rutgers University Occupation: Geologist Qualifications: Township Councilman (2010-Present); Chairman, Bucks County Open Space Board (1997-Present); Chairman, Bensalem Township Environmental Advisory Board (1995-2009); Professional Geologist (P.G.) licenses in Pennsylvania Answer to question: Each year the cost of providing our citizens with the level of police, fire, and emergency services necessary to insure public safety increases, while revenue from State and Federal sources decreases. The Mayor and Council have maintained these services at a high level without raising taxes. The Township must continue to control spending, manage its finances and increase its tax base in order to minimize the burden on our citizens, especially those on fixed incomes. Joseph Pilieri Hometown: Bensalem DOB: Aug-1958 Education: Graduate, Bensalem H.S. Occupation: Home Loan Consultant Qualifications: I have lived in Bensalem for over 40 years and I truly care about our community. My 17 years as a Councilman give me the experience to make informed and practical decisions. I always listen to all sides of an issue and give them consideration. Answer to question: Holding the line on property taxes in a struggling economy is important to my community. We must do all that we can to help our homeowners and people on fixed incomes. In all my years as a Councilman, we have successfully used every resource available to us as elected officials to hold Township taxes at their current levels, and we must continue to make every effort to hold the line on taxes in the future. John W. Mathieu Hometown: Bensalem DOB: June-1955 Education: Graduate, Bensalem H.S. Occupation: Facilities Maintenance Coordinator Qualifications: Before I was elected as a Township Councilman, I served as a Township Auditor, Zoning Hearing Board member, and volunteer firefighter. From my years of service to our community, I have the knowledge and experience to deal with the issues handled by the Township Council. Answer to question: During my first term on Township Council, I have worked with my fellow Councilmen and Mayor DiGirolamo to maintain the high quality of life we enjoy in Bensalem. We have not raised Township taxes and we have maintained the municipal servicers that our citizens deserve. Maintaining our infrastructure and government services are key to our quality of life, and we must continue to employ policies that allow us to do that without overburdening our taxpayers. DEMOCRATIC Bryan F. Allen

Hometown: Bensalem DOB: Oct-1978 Education: B.A., Bloomsburg University Occupation: Chief of Staff (PA House of Reps) Qualifications: Served as Bensalem Township Councilman from 2006-2010. 24 year resident of Bensalem Township and lifelong resident of Bucks County. Active in many service organizations and non-profits. 13 years of experience working in state and local government. Answer to question: I believe that accountability is the most important issue facing Bensalem. When I was on council I asked the tough questions and demanded answers. I was able to fight to increase the casino rebate to $300. Since I left office that rebate has dwindled to $100 and is projected to be zero this year. Where did that money go? There are no checks and balances in Bensalem government and that is a dangerous situation. Bhasker Patel No response received Kevin Brutschea Hometown: Bensalem DOB: Jan-1955 Education: Archbishop Ryan H.S.; AA in Business Administration, BCCC Occupation: Mortgage Settlement Agent Qualifications: Citizen in Bensalem Township for 50 years Answer to question: The reason I am running is that I intend to return fairness, integrity, and honor to the Township. Honest stewardship of the people's money, and keen attention to the attention to the needs and wants of all of my fellow citizens.

4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Ray Wall


6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Gregory Gerhardt Hometown: Upper Black Eddy DOB: May-1971 Education: Occupation: Qualifications: Answer to question: I am currently a successful business owner in the insulation business and have been since 2003. I have been in customer service operations, management of several different companies since leaving high school in 1988. I am interested in preserving our heritage of Bridgeton Township, so our families and their families grow up in the same surroundings as I did. I feel my business experience will enable me to more than fulfill supervisors position responsibilities. DEMOCRATIC Michael Lynch Hometown: Upper Black Eddy DOB: June-58 Education: BA from St. Marys College of MD

MCSE from Lehigh Carbon Community College Occupation: IT Director at ODonnell & Naccarato Qualifications: 9 years (2 full terms) Palisades School Board. Twice President of Board Answer to question: Most Important Issues facing Township: a. Emergency Management/Preparation for Natural Disasters b. Groundwater and Aquifer Monitoring/ Conservation c. Open Space d. Fiscal Stability

4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Pete Rosswag


4 Year term (vote for 4) REPUBLICAN Craig Bowen Hometown: Newportville DOB: Dec-1956 Education: Delhaas HS, 1974; General Motors Buick Division 1997-2001, Management Success, Glendale, California Occupation: Self employed, Bowen Rebuilding Inc. Qualifications: With my experience in starting a small business and growing into a solid 35 year plus icon of Bristol Township, I gained enormous experience in all areas of management from payroll to balancing budgets to working with all different types of personalities. On council since January 2012. My first action on council was to open the budget from previous council 2011 and lower taxes. Answer to question: The biggest challenge is the unfunded liability that hangs over the heads of the residents and business community. We should as of today have 22 million dollars in an escrow account to pay for health care and pensions costs for retires. What has been set aside ZERO. That came from total mismanagement and understanding the needs of a budget and giving the tax dollar away for political purposes. Our focus is to find a way to fund this without the burden shifting onto the residents. The other need is rebuilding the infrastructure. Cynthia Murphy (cross-filed) Hometown: Levittown DOB: Sept-1964 Education: Associates Degree in Accounting Occupation: Currently a Business Banking Relationship Manager at Sovereign Bank with 25+ years experience. Qualifications: President of the Board of Trustees for All Access Mental Health in Princeton, NJ and experience on many event committees for various non-profits Answer to question: The Pro Team Democrats have accomplished many good things during their short time in office working for the citizens but there is so much more to do. See your tax dollars at work through sound fiscal management with public accountability. Improved residential customer service. Repairs and improvements of our capital assets. Job creation and business development in an effort to increase our tax revenue.

Bob Lewis (cross-filed) No response received DEMOCRATIC John P. Monahan Hometown: Fairless Hills DOB: Aug-1928 Education: Kings College, 2 years. Follow-up night courses Occupation: Retired Qualifications: Former Council member (8 years) and last mayor before township's form of government changed. Former legislative aide to the late Tony Melio, and former Sergeant-at-Arms in State House. Served on Government Study Commission and Lower Bucks JMA Board. Answer to question: Our township badly needs to broaden our tax base by attracting businesses and keeping existing ones, but I believe in balancing the interests of residents with those of companies. Also, residents are too often ignored until some feel compelled to speak at Council meetings. I'll immediately respond to residents' complaints, work to improve services to all sections of the township, and give taxpayers respect and a stronger voice in the workings of township government. Tony Tucker Hometown: Bristol DOB: Oct-1968 Education: Truman H.S., Attended Cheyney University, Manna Bible Institute, Philadelphia Biblical University Occupation: Technician, Cooper Pest Solutions. Baptist minister Qualifications: First term Council member. President Winder Village Civic Association, wrote bylaws, obtained 501c status. Founded Summer Basketball League, community Learning Center, Cofounded Winder Village Steppers, worked to get neighborhood basketball court built. Answer to question: Clearly the most important is the lack of major commercial development to relieve overburdened taxpayers and bring jobs, but the answer isn't piecemeal approvals and zoning variances for any type business adjacent to neighborhoods against the wishes of residents and planners, who may fear congestion and flooding. Our business revenue problem can be solved by encouraging commerce along established, redeveloping corridors like Routes 13 and the 413 Town Center, with which I remain actively involved.


6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Paul Calderaio Hometown: Furlong DOB: 43 Years Old Education: BAE/AA, Business Administration Occupation: Telecom Consultant Qualifications: Chairman of the Buckingham Township Board of Auditors (2002-Present). Elected twice to the Board of Auditors by the residents of Buckingham. Answer to question: Open Space, low taxes, reliable police protection, no airport expansion, safe roads, and township services, are important issues to Buckingham residents. If I am elected supervisor, I will keep taxes low, continue to preserve open space, maintain our strong & professional police force,

fight airport expansion, and make sure the residents of Buckingham receive the services they have earned. I promise to fight to keep Buckingham a great place to live. DEMOCRATIC Michael Hutkin Hometown: Buckingham DOB: Dec-49 Education: Associates Degree in Business Administration Occupation: Interior Decorator Qualifications: Answer to question: Our supervisors' decisions dramatically impact our land and roads and strong Zoning. SALDO (Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance), and innovative environmental protections offer the best defense against reckless development. With the resurgence of the housing market, developers will soon follow. We all saw what happened in an earlier era when the developers seemed to be in charge of our township and has taken us years to regain control. We can't afford to lose the gains we have made. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Ann Calderaio DEMOCRATIC Lisa Ganzer


6 Year term (vote for 2) REPUBLICAN Rick Colello Hometown: Doylestown DOB: July-1950 Education: BS degree in Mathematics from St. Joseph's University Occupation: Certified Financial Planner, Financial Advisor, Owner of Doylestown Financial Advisors Qualifications: Doylestown Township Supervisor, 2010-Present; 40 years of financial management and business experience; 25 years working and volunteering with Township Committees and Boards; Certified Master Planner Answer to question: Doylestown Township and its taxpayers face tight fiscal times but still need essential services and to deal with upcoming challenges. As Supervisor, I never raised taxes yet increased police services, improved our parks and much more. I am also proud that, as the liaison to the Township's Sewer Committee, I have worked to address the issue of failing septic systems head-on, to end the health risks they pose to our residents. E. Thomas Scarborough, Jr. Hometown: Doylestown DOB: Sept-1940 Education: Attended Delaware Valley College Occupation: Retired Manufacturers Representative Qualifications: Vice Chairman Doylestown Township Board of Supervisors, Past President of Bucks County Association of the Township Officials, Advisory Board Bucks County Community

Development Block Grant, Bucks County Social Services Sub-Committee, Central Bucks Land Use/Transportation Regional Planning Committee, Past Doylestown Boro Councilman. Answer to question: Born and raised in Doylestown, my roots go deep in this community. I've seen this community grow and prosper. I want to utilize the skills I have gained through years in private industry, public and community service to forge bipartisan working relationships with fellow supervisors to help ensure orderly, responsive and good government for the people of Doylestown Township. My goal is to keep this township a great place to live, work and play. DEMOCRATIC Larry Glick Hometown: Doylestown DOB: Feb-1952 Education: Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and graduate studies in business Occupation: Police & Security Consultant Qualifications: Over 40 years experience in law enforcement and security. As Outreach Director for former Congressman Patrick Murphy, my job was to listen to the public and work with local municipalities on important issues. Answer to question: One of the biggest challenges facing Doylestown Township is developing a workable operating budget so we don't have to continually dip into the Township's reserves. Covering our current part-time township supervisors with full healthcare coverage of almost $19k per year per Supervisor is not feasible. Other issues include commercial and residential development, and planning for the challenges to safe water, care of infrastructure, roads, and parks. Septic and sewer problems are not going to go away. Ken Snyder (Independent) Hometown: Doylestown DOB: Jan-1953 Education: B.S. Business Logistics, Pennsylvania State University Occupation: Retired, Business pharmaceutical industry executive for 32 years Qualifications: Currently serve on the Planning Commission. Successfully demonstrated throughout my career how to manage, implement change, establish objectives and priorities and long-term plans, make data driven decisions, embrace continuous improvement and listen. All required skills. Answer to question: A critical item that has been lost over the past three years is the resident's voice. We need to change the Board of Supervisors culture to one that truly engages residents and ensures their voices are being heard and understood. This is critical to any successful solution for the township's issues today and in the future: financial stewardship (maintain taxes, increase revenue, eliminate nonessential spending), infrastructure (proactively manage septic/sewers, bridges, roads, parks), and land development. TAX COLLECTOR 4-Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Sarah J. Tomlinson


6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Bartley E. Millet

No response received

4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Patty Salva


6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/ DEMOCRATIC Gary Volovnik Hometown: Perkasie DOB: Sep-1953 Education: High School Diploma Occupation: Manager Qualifications: 2013 is my 30th year as a Supervisor for East Rockhill Township. I always listen to citizens and respond to their requests while still accomplishing goals & considering the future needs of the community. Answer to question: The economic downturn and unfunded Federal and State mandates have put a strain on revenues for local municipalities. The Township looks to continue providing residents with services they are accustomed to by looking at additional revenue sources such as tower rent, higher bank interest rates, and adding a cost-effective pension plan for new hires while we reduce expenses by lowering electric cost with a new generation contract, re-finance notes, and continually donate my Supervisor salary.

4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Kathleen Percetti

SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Andrew Dell Hometown: Fairless Hills DOB: Jul-1968 Education: Pennsbury High School Occupation: Owner/President of Dell Lawn and Landscape Qualifications: I have operated a successful small business since 1992, attended all Township meetings for the past 10 years, sit on the Falls Township Commission. Answer to question: We must protect our long term savings and general funds from frivolous spending. Ill bring my small business and management experience, financial understanding, and more than 20 years supervising projects and solving problems to local government. A lifelong resident of Falls Township, Ive attended a decade of meetings and know we must do a better job to protect taxpayers and residents all while maintaining a strong police force and fire departments.

DEMOCRAT Jeff Boraski No response received TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Kieran Halpin

SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Henry H. DePue, Jr. Hometown: Quakertown DOB: Nov-1941 Education: High School Graduate; AA Degree from the Community College of the Air Force Occupation: Retired Air Force, 26 years active duty. Retired Flight Test Manager, Northrop Grumman Qualifications: I have had many years of management experience working with personnel, budgets and contractors. Current member of the board of supervisors and planning commission. Answer to question: The most important issues facing our municipality are the rising cost of providing services. The money associated with each weather event cost thousands of dollars in road treatment/repair, fuel maintenance and overtime hours. Over the past several years tax increases were held to a bare minimum, covering only items necessary. I will work with my fellow supervisors and continue to provide great service to our residents and manage your tax dollars wisely.

4 Year term (vote for 1) DEMOCRATIC Christopher Bauer

SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Ken Bennington Hometown: Perkasie DOB: Mar-1950 Education: BA History, LaSalle; MA History Villanova; MBA Drexel Occupation: Semi Retired, Job Searching Qualifications: Hilltown Planning Commission (5 years), Elected Hilltown Supervisor (16 years), Hilltown Manager, Managing Director of Allentown (4+years), DRVSA Coach (21 years), Captain US Army (14 years), Merck & Co., (26 years). Answer to question: Financial Stability The economic downturn adversely affected most municipalities. I will watch every budgetary line as if it were my own money! Renewed Development

Developers are flush with money again. They must follow all rules and regulations. I will make sure they do! Leadership and communications There is no leadership or communications. I will lead, and reinstate volunteer boards previously sent into limbo. They will assist in providing guidance. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Diane Telly


SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 2) REPUBLICAN Kristin Tyler Hometown: Yardley DOB: Aug-1969 Education: J.D. St. Johns University School of Law 1995 Occupation: Attorney, PA & NY Qualifications: As a present Supervisor in Lower Makefield, I have experience governing and budgeting for our Township needs. My experience and legal training provide a unique opportunity for intelligent and well reasoned decisions. No-one will work harder. Answer to question: Operating a lean, responsive government is an important issue facing our Township. Lower Makefield has not seen a tax increase in 5 years, enjoys an Aa1 bond rating and healthy monetary reserves. We maintain that course by continuing to hold the line on expenses. We are preserving our open space and farmland without draining financial resources. I dedicate the time required to lead our Township and continue to maintain and improve our quality of life. Pete Stainthorpe Hometown: Yardley DOB: June-1952 Education: Penn State, BA Political Science Occupation: Sales/Marketing Qualifications: Lower Makefield Supervisor 2002-2012 Chairman, Board of Supervisors 2005, 2012-2013 Chairman, Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority 2005-2013 President, Bucks County Association of Township Officials 2012 Answer to question: I have served as Chairman of the Board Supervisors for the past two years. In that period we have placed the township on a solid financial footing. We have not had a tax increase since 2008. We have the highest bond rating in Bucks County and have been able to refinance debt to save taxpayer dollars. We have increased our reserves by $1,000,000 while increasing our funding for road maintenance. Our total spending is at the same level as in 2008 and we have learned to do more with less. If I am re-elected my highest priority will be to maintain the financial strength, the quality of life and the sound local government we have built. Local government works in Lower Makefield. DEMOCRATIC John B. Lewis Hometown: Yardley DOB: Apr-1967

Education: MPA, Columbia University; B.S., Villanova University Occupation: Vice President, Zeta Interactive Qualifications: Leading a two-year fight to encourage PECO to improve circuits, worked to limit power outages. Served in Washington for the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Answer to question: Important issues are infrastructure, mismanagement, and open space preservation. Lower Makefield residents deserve a Board of supervisors that will: Properly maintain and improve our infrastructure, from pressuring PECO to fix problem spots, to repairing our roads; Respect taxpayers by providing more stringent oversight of how the township spends our money; and Truly preserve our valuable public resources, instead of selling open space historic land that is supposed to be protected to a commercial entity. Mark Moffa Hometown: Lower Makefield DOB: Feb-1978 Education: I earned a bachelors degree in sociology from Franklin & Marshall College in 2000. Occupation: I serve as the managing editor for Unique Homes Luxury Media, a high-end real estate marketing company. Qualifications: I am a member of the townships Zoning Hearing Board, and previously volunteered for the Farmland Preservation Corporation. Answer to question: Three key issues are fiscal mismanagement, open space preservation, and infrastructure improvements. We need more stringent oversight of how the township spends our money. We need to truly preserve our valuable public resources, instead of selling open space historic land that is supposed to be protected to a commercial entity. And we need a board that will properly maintain and improve our infrastructure, from pressuring PECO to fix problem spots, to repairing our roads. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Bryan McNamara DEMOCRATIC Rebecca Cecchine


SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 2) REPUBLICAN Patrick J. Irving No response received Keith O. Wesley No response received DEMOCRATIC Keith O. Wesley No response received

TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Jennifer L. Yori

SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 2) REPUBLICAN William Oettinger Hometown: Langhorne DOB: Dec-1974 Education: 2003 Graduate of Bucks County Community College in firefighting program. Occupation: Fire Marshal/Emergency Management Coordinator Lower Southampton Township Qualifications: Currently Neshaminy School Board member serving our community; over seven years experience working for municipal government; volunteer firefighter serving our community for over twenty years; and homeowner married with two children. Answer to question: Maintain and improve township services such as police protection, public works department, and emergency services by upholding a strong workforce while maintaining the current tax level. Make Middletown township more business friendly by attracting new businesses to our vacant properties which will create additional tax revenues. Maintain the townships park systems so our children and community members have a safe place to enjoy all year around. H. George Leonhauser Hometown: Levittown DOB: Sep-1949 Education: B.A. Sociology, Pennsylvania State University Occupation: Management Assistant/Bucks County Technical H.S. Qualifications: Middletown Township resident of 55 years; Retired Middletown Police Detective of 25 years; Incumbent Middletown Supervisor/6 years. I have experience and knowledge of Middletown Township and will continue to address the needs and concerns of its residents. Answer to question: Taxes are a primary concern. As a current Supervisor, we have passed three consecutive balanced budgets and obtained grants for equipment and services without raising property taxes. We must maintain and improve the quality of services for residents. I continue to advocate for increased Police manpower and services for the safety of residents and for our Department of Public Works who maintain our parks and plow roads for the benefit of all our residents. DEMOCRATIC Melissa Kitzmiller Hometown: Levittown DOB: Apr-69 Education: Attended Bucks County Community College, Temple University Occupation: Realtor Qualifications: I have taken an active role in our community through involvement with youth athletics and the Middletown Community Foundation, and have served in leadership positions, including school PTO fundraising chair and 3 years as PTO president. Answer to question: The growing number of empty buildings in Middletown is very concerning. I will propose the board implement a plan to reduce fees for costs associated with developing empty

buildings. I will also work with township employees and state and county authorities to identify alternate uses for empty buildings. Further, the board should identify areas with the highest number of vacant buildings and designate these as focus areas that are top priority for attracting new businesses. Richard Nuttall Hometown: Langhorrne DOB: Feb-1966 Education: Graduated Bristol High School 1984, Electrical trade school 1984 to 1988 Occupation: Electrician Qualifications: Served on Middletown Planning Commission for 3 years, 1 year as chairman Answer to question: Keeping property taxes stable, while maintaining quality service, is critical. I will encourage public-private partnerships, that supplement tax revenue, to provide park and recreation programs and state of the art equipment to first responders. Middletown government needs to be more harmonious, showing that compromise and consensus can be reached. Communication to Middletown residents must improve so they are always aware of changes or possible issues facing neighborhoods and the township at large. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Ray Chapman DEMOCRATIC Tom Kearns

SUPERVISOR 2 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Thomas Courduff Hometown: Milford Township DOB: Nov-39 Education: Penn State Fellow, RULE Scholarship, Para Legal Studies, VA Polytech Utility Management, Del Val - Accounting Occupation: Retired Executive Director, Director of Public Works Qualifications: Over 30 years of dedicated service to Milford Township including prior and current term as Township Supervisor and various other appointed offices. U.S. Army Veteran Answer to question: Although Milford Township is in good financial condition, being fiscally responsibility cannot replace reduced revenues. We must continue to closely monitor revenues and Capital expenditures. EMS: I would like to see a more Regional approach to sharing assets, when possible. Hurricane Sandy obviously was a lesson. Milford has a great park and trail system. And, with over 1,000 acres of open space, requires being protective in maintaining the active facilities, with emphasis on public use of the passive space. DEMOCRATIC Maryanne Quinn Hometown: Milford Township

DOB: July-45 Education: BS - Computer Science Occupation: Consultant Qualifications: Proven record of identifying and implementing process improvements across a large organization. Extensive experience in project management and management of professional employees. Experience includes managing budgets, seeking and allocating capital, and the identification, acquisition, development and implementation of solutions. Answer to question: There is no mechanism to inform residents of township affairs or solicit input to critical decisions resulting in a lack of community involvement. We must inform and engage our residents in order to ensure involvement in decisions concerning budgets, growth, roadways, drainage, open space and water resources. Effective communication can be achieved through: Mailings, including e-mail, Social media, Periodic Newsletters/surveys, Website, Televised meetings

SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Charles Strunk Hometown: Quakertown DOB: June-44 Education: B.A. Gettysburg College, Biology M.S. University of Pa. Biology, Genetics, Animal Behavior Studies Served in U.S. Army Medical Service Corps. Honorably Discharged as a 1st Lt. Occupation: Self Employed Environmental Consultant. Endangered Species, Herpetology, Bog Turtle Surveyor Qualifications: Milford Township Supervisor since 1986 Answer to question: The most important issue lately has been the terrible Obama economy. The township has had reduced revenues for the last several years. We have used up some of the reserves built up during the good years. We have to be very careful at this point, because no one knows how long this will last. Milford has been buying and demolishing summer cabins along the Unami Creek. DEMOCRATIC James Walsh Hometown: Milford Township DOB: Aug-44 Education: PhD, Physiology and Biophysics Occupation: Consultant Qualifications: in community for the past 30 years, largely in the area of environmental protection: President of Upper Perkiomen Watershed Coalition, Chair of Milford Township Open Space Advisory Committee, Member of Bucks County Open Space Task Force, Member of Milford Township Zoning Hearing Board. Answer to question: Milford Township is the second largest municipality in Upper Bucks. We must encourage progressive growth, while protecting open space and water resources, and providing recreational opportunities for all the residents. Deciding the future of Milford should involve the entire community. Communicate with openness and transparency. Provide information about what the township is doing, and involve residents in the process. Communicate through the township website, a quarterly newsletter, and possibly televised township meetings. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1)



SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN A. James Scanzillo Hometown: Chalfont DOB: Nov-51 Education: Bucks County Community College, Temple University Occupation: Self-employed Real Estate Appraiser Qualifications: 27 year resident of New Britain Township. Park and Recreation Board; 1990-2007. Planning Commission; 1993-2000 and 2004-present. Zoning Hearing Board; 2000-2004. Land Preservation and Environmental Advisory Committee; 2005-2007. Elected Township Supervisor 2005. Answer to question: Maintaining the high quality of life in the township is the biggest challenge we face today. This is best accomplished by listening to residents, understanding and enforcing all zoning and land use laws and by always being open and above board in all matters. Recent problems with vacancies in commercial buildings not only look bad, but also adversely impact our budget. My years of experience with the township have prepared me well for these challenges. DEMOCRATIC John T. LaSala No response received TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Nancy B. Jones

SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 2) REPUBLICAN Michael J. Gallagher Hometown: Newtown DOB: Sept-1972 Education: Graduate of DeSales University Occupation: Software engineer at a local Newtown company. Qualifications: As Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Ive managed a $15 million budget and directed more than 60 staff and contract professionals, experience that helps protect taxpayers and resulted in a tax cut for residents. Answer to question: The most important role of a Supervisor is to make sure local government protects taxpayers and provides outstanding services. I cut taxes in Newtown Township by increasing

efficiencies and reducing the size and cost of government. But Im just as proud that weve created two new parks in Newtown, a dog park in Core Creek Park, eliminated eyesores like the old ACME building to prepare for future progress, and improved communications with residents. Kyle Davis Hometown: Newtown DOB: Mar-1968 Education: M.S. West Chester Occupation: Network Engineer Qualifications: I'm a graduate of Council Rock and West Chester and a successful network engineer who understands how to balance budgets, oversee complex contracts, and manage employees--skills that help protect taxpayers. I'm the current Chairman of the Newtown Township Technology Committee helping save tax dollars by implementing cost-saving innovations. Answer to question: We must preserve and protect Newtown Township so our children and grandchildren can enjoy the same quality of life we enjoy. To me that's the most important thing we can do as a community. As a Newtown Supervisor, I'll use my professional experience to keep taxes low, grow our economy so our children can get local jobs, re-develop eyesores like the old ACME building, and save open space for future generations. DEMOCRATIC Jen Dix Hometown: Newtown DOB: Feb-66 Education: B.A., Mathematics, Messiah College Occupation: Fully-designated actuary with over 16 years of experience in the insurance industry Qualifications: 20 year Township resident; Successful small business owner; Long-time community advocate promoting traffic safety and smart development; Former member of the Townships Financial Planning Committee; Treasurer of Grace Point church. Answer to question: We need trusted leadership and a fresh approach that takes a comprehensive view of growth and change. A well run town requires leaders who will be stewards of our town's resources and put the best interest of the community first. With my background in finance and community advocacy, I am well qualified to bring a creative community- based perspective to our Supervisors Board. Judy Norkin Hometown: Newtown Township DOB: Aug-62 Education: B.A., Psychology, New York University Occupation: Medical Writer/Editor Qualifications: 16 year Township resident. 10+ years on Cliveden Homeowners Association board. Studying for M.S. in Community and Regional Planning at Temple University. Successfully interacted with developers of local building projects for improved land use and design standards. Former Newtown Township Traffic Committee member. Answer to question: My priorities are responsible financial management, sensible land use that addresses long-term growth and change, preserving our Townships unique heritage, and maintaining our standard of living. Great towns dont happen by accident and dont stay great without dedicated leadership. My communications background, track record of community advocacy, plus education in community and regional planning give me the tools and expertise needed to work for Newtown's best future. TAX COLLECTOR

4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Tammy L. Sutton

SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Frank Ganiszewski Hometown: Nockamixon Twp. DOB: 60 years old Education: High school graduate Occupation: Retired from the Philadelphia Police Department and USAF Reserves Qualifications: Works well with people. Can function in stressful environments. Answer to question: To keep taxes as low as possible while preparing the Township for the future. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Karla R. Aichele

Supervisor 6 Year term (vote for one) REPUBLICAN Larry Weinstein Hometown: Richboro DOB: Apr-74 Education: Villanova University School of Law Occupation: Attorney/Small Businessman Qualifications: 30 year resident of Northampton: I know what changes will work. Small businessman: I understand what it means to only spend what we have. As Township Auditor, I have a strong understanding of our budget. Executive experience as President of Homeowners Association. Answer to question: The will of our residents has been ignored. We dont need to be spending for wants when we should be spending for needs. We have a wonderful community but as spending increases, taxes rise, and our residents are unfairly burdened. Northampton should be a place where businesses what to come. There are many examples over the last 6 years where Township hindrances have cost us tax revenue by turning away interested businesses. Barry Moore Hometown: Churchville DOB: Apr-56 Education: Masters of Business Administration Qualifications: Twenty years resident. My financial and managerial background will ensure that we will have proper control over expenses and have the resources to meet our obligations. Answer to question: I am fiscally conservative. I believe in low taxes and small government. As Supervisor, I want to work with the community leaders to improve roads and traffic flow, make

downtown Richboro and Holland more walk able, places that people drive to rather than drive thru. I also want to work on making the Industrial Parks on Jacksonville road more attractive to small business. This will help create jobs and increase our tax base. DEMOCRATIC James T. Cunningham No response received Frank Rothermel No response received TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Bob Borkowski DEMOCRAT Barbara Bucknum

Supervisor 6 Year term (vote for 2) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Stacey Mulholland Hometown: Plumstead DOB: Aug-65 Education: Rutgers University, BA Political Science Occupation: District Director, U.S. House of Representatives, Mike Fitzpatrick Qualifications: Two-term township supervisor, Community outreach positions with local non-profits, Property management Answer to question: Winston Churchill said, Courage is not what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. With two terms nearly completed, I have encountered many diverse issues with just as many diverse opinions from my neighbors. Responsible budgeting, preserving our past and planning for our future remain priorities but being a good listener on any issue is what is most important in ones role as public servant. REPUBLICAN Nick Lykon Hometown: Perkasie DOB: June-1963 Education: Graduate of Woodrow Wilson H.S. & Lower Bucks County Technical School Occupation: Senior Project Manager A & A Machinery Moving Inc. President KN Industries LLC, Plastic Recycling and manufacture Managing Member Qualifications: As a member of the Plumstead Park & Recreation committee for over 10 years and an active member in the community as a coach, scout leader, and volunteer; I have learned to listen to others when they are speaking, to understand their needs.

Answer to Question: We must have vision and goals. We can no longer run our community without knowing the direction in which we are going. We must get out and hear the concerns of the residents and have a Board of Supervisors that is approachable by the community. We must stop millions of gallons of Sanitary Sewage Overflows, to our streams and contaminating our well water. Four new parks are being built in Plumstead Township, "Build Them Right". DEMOCRATIC Michael B. Burch Hometown: Doylestown DOB: Feb-1958 Education: 1981, BS in Mechanical Engineering Occupation: President of CVI (Engineering Company), semi-retired Qualifications: I found and ran CVI for 16 years in Bucks County. Business was acquired by a larger company where I sat on the Executive Board as Vice President for 6 years. Committee member of BSA Troop 187. Lifelong volunteer. Answer to Question: Organized and thorough planning regarding current housing growth and revitalization proposals in Plumstead is the most important issue to me. This includes keeping property values up and taxes in check. We can avoid problems in the future and maintain our roads, water systems and essential services (Police, Fire, EMS) along with Parks and Rec through proper planning. By listening to the people and using my engineering-infrastructure experience I can help bring this all together.

TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Sherry B. Labs

SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Richard W. Orloff DOB: Nov-54 Education: Drexel University, BS Business Administration Occupation: Self Employed Certified Public Accountant & Consultant Qualifications: Experienced Supervisor accomplished in fiscal & operational issues. When Federal & Pennsylvania Credit Ratings were downgraded, Richland Township was upgraded to AA+, (highest small municipal rating) in spite of the economy. Answer to question: The economy! Many local governments are financially stressed due to mathematically unsustainable, even corrupt policies. Why are red states doing well and blue not? On my watch: Taxes @ 10th lowest of 46 Bucks municipalities with Police; More jobs in Richland; A years funding in reserve; Fully funded pension; No layoffs; Improved Credit Rating; and notwithstanding Pennsylvanias recycling cut in Richland, Richlands services expanded. Continue policies Richland now enjoys & constantly seek new improvement opportunities. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN

Walter Johnson

SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 2) REPUBLICAN Dominic Marano No response received REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Jim Searing Hometown: Solebury DOB: 1952 Education: BS in Business Administration, Seton Hall University; Landscape Architecture courses at Temple University Occupation: Retired Partner, Ernst & Young Qualifications: Serving as Solebury Supervisor since 2011; Former Chair, Environmental Advisory Council; Aquetong Watershed Association co-founder; Retired CPA; expertise in planning, finance and accounting, crisis management, watershed and environmental studies. Answer to question: 1. Preservation. I strongly support the land preservation program. I oppose unplanned rezoning that creates more traffic, threatens our water supply and could destroy Soleburys rural character. 2. Financial Stability. I have led the effort reducing interest costs on township debt and increasing Soleburys national bond rating, while controlling the cost of township operations and finances. 3. Outreach. We must continue improving the permitting process and communications, and increasing recreational opportunities for all residents.

DEMOCRATIC Helen Tai Hometown: Solebury DOB: Oct. 64 Education: MA, Penn State BS University of Michigan Occupation: Principal/Business Consultant, Enabling Innovation Qualifications: As a resident, I have a longstanding interest in local issues. As a business consultant, I have enabled both large corporations and small non-profits to eliminate waste, create a more productive workforce, and increase profits. Answer to question: We need to remain vigilant in protecting Soleburys most precious resources -our rural setting, open space, and water, while balancing other important factors like taxes and housing values. I will do my best to ensure that decisions about our future are made by our residents, not by outside interests. I will bring a balance perspective to the Board of Supervisors and will strive to keep Solebury the highly desirable and unique place we all love. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Bob Carr

SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 2) REPUBLICAN Robert E. Zisko No response received REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Karen Marie Bedics Hometown: Coopersburg DOB: June-1955 Education - Associates Degree Liberal Arts/ Psychology (2006) Occupation - Educational Assistant /Palisades School District (20 yrs.) Qualifications for Office - Previous 6 year term as township supervisor from 2006-2011 Ms. Bedics was proactively involved in many township projects and events ; currently serving on township planning commission since 2011. Answer to Question: As supervisor, I would work to : maintain a fiscally responsible budget; protect and preserve our local water, land and natural resources; increase and sustain funding for our emergency responders, partner to make our roadways safer; expand our current recycling program; promote the update of township comprehensive plan to encourage business growth - thereby expanding our tax base to help relieve tax burden on residents, support implementation of pending Township Park/ Recreation Plan. DEMOCRATIC Barbara Lindtner Hometown: Quakertown DOB: August-1960 Education: BA Art History/Spanish from University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa, M.Ed in Elementary Education, DeSales University, Center Valley, PA Occupation: Third Grade Teacher, Seven Generations Charter School, Emmaus, PA Qualifications for office: Spent 12 years on the Planning Commission. Was elected to first term and Chaired the board for four out of six years. Regardless of political party affiliation, I seek to bring consensus to decide on the issues facing our township. Answer to question: Most critical issue is how we manage our financial resources, while continuing to invest in Emergency Management Services Police, Fire, and EMS. Another important issue is the safety of our roads. Several bridge closures have negatively impacted our community as evidenced by inadequate signage, high levels of speed, unsafe travel patterns, and increase truck traffic. We will continue to work with County and State agencies to solve these problems. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Irene E. Elinich


6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Richard Rosamilia No response received DEMOCRATIC Gary V. Pearson No response received TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Kimberly Hinrichs

SUPERVISOR 6 Year Term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Mike Tierney No response received

DEMOCRATIC Bud Baldwin Hometown: Newtown DOB: Mar-42 Education: BA Biology, MS Biology Occupation: Retired Educator, currently farming Qualifications: Supervisor - 24 years - Board Chairman - 11years, Joint Vice Chair - 10 years Planning Commission - 20 years, Volunteer of Year 2005, Liaison to: Public Work, Police, Emergency Management, Ag. Security Board currently Vice Chair Answer to question: Township government is where citizens can actively participate in decision making. For 30 years I have served the township as an elected official, and planning commission. As a township we are discussing a 537 plan (Sewage Facilities Act). Being a biologist, I understand. Being fiscally responsible, the Board in the last 6 years, had increased taxes a total of mil and now is balanced. Being part of the jointure and having open space are also key to our way of life. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Nicolas J. Ettorre


SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 2)

REPUBLICAN Stephen A Wallin No response received Lola Biuckians Hometown: Upper Southampton DOB: May-1946 Education: B.S., International Business Occupation: Retired Program Manager Qualifications: 18 years experience Answer to Question: Redevelopment and infrastructure upgrades while holding taxes down and finding creative ways to maintain services while limiting expenditures. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN James M. Fluehr, Sr.

SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 2) REPUBLICAN Jason T. Croley Hometown: Warminster DOB: Nov-78 Education: Attended Susquehanna University Occupation: Account Manager at Telerx, a Merck company Qualifications: Successful track record of managing organizations, leading people and negotiating contracts. Responsible for $1.8 million dollar budget and 30 employees. Member of the Centennial School District Property Use Committee. Proud resident who wants to make a difference for his neighbors. Answer to question: The most important issues facing Warminster are maintaining a sound fiscal policy, traffic flow, and storm water management. I would apply a conservative approach to fiscal decision making and advocate the use of technology to allow us to work smarter while maintaining quality service. By providing proactive and responsible leadership on fiscal matters, we can devote the resources we save to developing long term traffic flow solutions and following through on storm water management projects. Daniel J. McPhillips Hometown: Warminster DOB: Feb-70 Education: B.A. Political Science, La Salle University A.A. Behavioral Science, Bucks County Community College Occupation: Sales Qualifications: I currently serve as a member of the Warminster Township Board of Supervisors, and have previously served on the Warminster Zoning Hearing Board, Planning Commission, Finance and Budget Advisory Board, and as past chairman of the Environmental Advisory Council. Answer to question: Fiscal Responsibility As a member of the Warminster Township Board of Supervisors, I have helped to cut township spending, reduce overhead expenditures, and voted for a 2013 Township Budget which did not include any additional tax burden on the residents.

Storm Water Management This continues to be a top priority in our community. Project areas have been identified and have begun to be rectified, while evaluating future potential storm water project area within the township. DEMOCRATIC Brian Munroe Hometown: Warminster DOB: Jan-74 Education: West Chester University 1992-1994, Montgomery County Police Academy, Montgomery County Fire Academy Occupation: Stay at home father to my 5 and 2year old daughters. Retired Police Officer/police supervisor in January 1012. Qualifications: Lifetime of community service: Firefighter/EMT at 17, U.S> Navy Veteran, police officer for 4 years and police supervisor for 6 years. Answer to question: People want a community they can have pride in and safely raise their children. In talking with over 2,000 Warminster residents, people repeatedly expressed concern over local tax increases but decreases in township facilities and youth programs. Since tax increases negatively impact the daily lives of those on fixed incomes, increasing taxes should be resisted in favor of more responsible spending. We must also prioritize filling the void left by the recent closure of several township and school facilities. Frank Feinberg Hometown: Warminster DOB: Feb-43 Education: B.S. (Mechanical Engineering), Drexel U.; MBA Coursework Occupation: Township Supervisor, Management and Business Consultant; Retired Global Business Unit Manager Qualifications: A current Township Supervisor (presently Treasurer); Chairman of Board 2 1/2 years; Vice Chairman 1 1/2 years; Secretary Treasurer 1 year. Many years of experience in management, business development and engineering. Answer to question: Economic strength, infrastructure improvements and quality of life are strongly connected. We must create a better environment for residents and businesses to stay, come in, create jobs, grow and thrive by upgrading streets, commercial development in empty/abandoned buildings and enhance existing shopping areas, common areas and parks, all without increasing the tax burden on residents. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Barbara Bobbie Loftus

SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for l) REPUBLICAN Shirley Yannich Hometown: Warrington DOB: Apr-37 Education: Master of Public Administration, Rutgers University

Occupation: Retired, consulting Land Use Planner Qualifications: Presently, serving as elected official on Board of Supervisors. Provided expert planning advice to a New Jersey Township Planning Board for 17 years. Offered budget control recommendations to eight NJ municipalities working for the NJ Treasurer. Answer to question: Warrington Township is experiencing a surge of residential development. It iis important to provide the services needed to accommodate a growing population. Therefore, the most important issue facing the township is balancing development by rezoning the Easton Road corridor at attract new commercial uses and allow for redevelopment of existing uses and visualize the placement of open space to serve the entire population. DEMOCRATIC Anthony J. DAngelo Hometown: Chalfont DOB: Aug.64 Education: Bachelors degree from Widener University Qualifications: I am married, the father of four adopted children, and a youth softball coach. I am a teacher and a successful entrepreneur with a background in real estate. I know local ordinances and zoning codes. I listen to people. Answer to question: The primary issue in Warrington Township is the lack of openness and transparency demonstrated by current Supervisors. Residents are poorly informed about impending changes. As a supervisor I would propose proactive communication with the public. This can be accomplished through social media, the township website and the local cable station. Residents must be informed of meetings and how these decisions will impact their community. It is a win-win for both government and residents. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC John P. Mohan

SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Judith A. Algro Hometown: Hartsville DOB: Apr. 53 Education: J.D. Temple University School of Law, M.A. LaSalle U. Occupation: Attorney: Shareholder with Eastburn & Gray P.C.Doylestown, Pa. Qualifications: Township Supervisor for 12 years, Chair for the Board for 8 years, former President, Bucks County Association of Township Officials Answer to question: It is important that Warwick Township continues to be financially stable and fiscally prudent along being pro-active in planning for our future community needs. We will continue to be good stewards of our natural resources, monitoring and maintaining our streets and roads while keeping the focus on improving the quality of life for all our citizens. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN

Denise L. Betts


SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Donald D. Duvall Hometown: Sellersville DOB: Mar-37 Education: Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering-Pennsylvania State University plus advanced Business Management training - University of Chicago Business School and University of Pennsylvania-Wharton School of Business Occupation: Retired President of $500 million Electrical firm/Supervisor-West Rockhill Township Qualifications: Two (2) terms of office of Supervisor at West Rockhill Township with demonstrated Leadership in fiscal management and continuous improvement in cost reduction. Created a Vision for resident approved Land Conservation program along with long term Comprehensive Plan for the Township. Fiscally responsible management of residents tax funds leading to a sizable reserve. Answer to question: The most important issue facing our communities is the difficult economic conditions of our time. We must work to achieve/maintain the lowest possible costs for the resident, through responsible fiscal management of the current tax revenue. We, and our education systems must fiscally manage and limit expenditures during this difficult economic period. I have supported our regional police organization and continue to work to improve the quality of life for all residents. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Suzanne Clarke

SUPERVISOR 6 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Chester S. Pogonowski Hometown: Wycombe DOB: Jul-49 Education: PhD, Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh Occupation: Quality Specialist, The Dow Chemical Company Qualifications: Incumbent supervisor with 24 years of experience. Answer to question: Maintaining the quality of life in Wrightstown is the single most important Consideration as I face my next term. Through cooperation with our Jointure partners, I will continue to look for opportunities to manage development through the enforcement of our zoning ordinance. I will also look for opportunities to expand our open space program. Both efforts will prevent a decrease in property values and ensure that residents can continue to enjoy the township. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN

Greg Soto


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4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Patrick Sabatini No response received DEMOCRATIC Joseph A. Saxton Hometown: Bristol DOB: Aug-1949 Education: Bristol High School Graduate Occupation: Retired Training Manager Qualifications: Mayor 8 years, Councilman 13 years, School Director 4 years, Volunteer Fireman 48 years Answer to question: Maintaining emergency services (police, fire and medical) in Bristol Borough. Aging population that may require more medical services, new federal requirements changing the radio frequencies for emergency radios for all 1st responders may bankrupt some small communities, fire companies like those in Bristol Borough. Work along with the fire companies to increase their volunteer staffs. Continue to focus on the economic and business development in Bristol Borough to strengthen our town. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Anna Bono Larrisey


4 Year term (vote for 1) DEMOCRATIC David Girard Hometown: Bristol DOB: Sep-1952 Education: Associate Degree Business Administration Occupation: Contractor Qualifications: Business owner for 35 years; Life-long North Ward resident Answer to question: These important issues go hand-in hand: Taxes--Bristol's municipal taxes are the second highest in Bucks County. This leads to lower home ownership, which is important for community pride, for setting down roots in a community. High taxes stifle private business endeavors. Solution--Toe the line on taxes. If necessary, offer sweetheart deals to companies and individuals to stay and start a business in Bristol. This will lead to jobs, home ownership, pride in your community and a thriving local economy. LIBERTARIAN Anthony Muccie No response received


4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Joyce E. Frake No response received DEMOCRATIC Lorraine Cullen Hometown: Bristol Borough DOB: Mar-1960 Education: Conwell-Egan High School, BCCC Occupation: Paraprofessional in the Pennsbury School District Qualifications: Involved in numerous athletic and service oriented programs in the Borough for over 30 years. I've served four years as a Borough councilwoman with experience in all aspects of local government. Answer to question: I've supported a no tax increase budget for each of my four years in office without cutting services. Supported strong recreation programs, most recently evidenced by the resurfacing of our ball fields. The most important issues moving forward are fostering economic development and the adoption of our economic development strategic plan designed to enhance Bristol's desirability as a place to visit, live or start a business. Also support a continued crackdown on negligent absentee landlords.


4 Year term (vote for 1) DEMOCRATIC Betty Rodriguez Hometown: Bristol DOB: Apr-1960 Education: Degree certificate from Pennco Techs Medical Receptionists program Occupation: Employed at Bucks County Women's Healthcare for over 18 years as a Medical Receptionist/Assistant. Qualifications: Lifelong resident and member of the community, as well as, West Ward Councilwoman for over 10 years. Answer to question: I believe being fiscally responsible while improving the infrastructure of the community is the most important issue facing our community. In my terms as councilwoman, this council has acquired over 10 million dollars in grants which has made it possible to rehab Borough Hall, the Police department, and build a state of the art Public Works facility, all without increasing the tax rate. LIBERTARIAN Jason Grisolia No response received


4 Year term (vote for 1) DEMOCRATIC Ralph DiGuiseppe No response received LIBERTARIAN Eric J. Sokalski Hometown: Bristol DOB: Nov-1984 Education: Associates Degree Bucks County Community College Occupation: Sales Representative Herr Foods, Inc. Qualifications: 8 years of representative experience. Bilingual communication skills. Hard work ethic. Deep understanding of the Constitution and The Scout Law. Answer to question: I am looking to ensure that every single resident of my section has their voice heard. The combination of thousands of peoples ideas into one is the definition of representation. I have already gotten so many good ideas to bring new business in town as well as decrease the demand for rentals while increasing home ownership.


4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Marilyn J. Becker Hometown: Chalfont DOB: not given Education: B.A., State University of N.Y., Albany Occupation: Retired Qualifications: 8 years Borough Councilperson, 24 years Mayor Answer to question: Continuing to provide services in a time of decreasing financial resources. This can be addressed by a fiscally responsible budget, careful spending, and examining different ways to do things. Traffic congestion: The Parkway should help. Continue to push for Bristol Road extension, and plan for local improvements.


4 Year (vote for 4) REPUBLICAN John Engel Hometown: Chalfont DOB: May-1951 Education: Master of Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Occupation: Safety Manager and Production Engineer Qualifications: 31 years Chalfont residency; Committed to volunteerism; Council experience (6 years); Training in Council procedures and ethics; Experience in environmental management; Personnel management experience Answer to question: The important issues facing Chalfont are the need for revitalization and continued fiscal soundness. We must present a business friendly community while maintaining the residents quality of life and the small town feel of Chalfont. Fiscal challenges are caused by loss of revenue due to the economy including low interest rates, reduced employment and little new construction. Chalfont must be fiscally conservative to keep the tax rate low yet meet the ever present infrastructure needs. Marilyn Jacobson Hometown: Chalfont DOB: Oct-1949 Education: Masters of Education, Miami University Occupation: Homemaker and Council Member Qualifications: 15 year Borough Council Member; Represents Chalfont: 202 Task Force; Doylestown Bike & Hike Committee; Bucks County Open Space Board; Neshaminy Greenway Steering Committee; Secured over $1 Million in grants for Parks, Pedestrian Bridges, Trails, and Traffic Solutions; Chalfont Challenge, co-director having raised over $120,000 for Chalfont's Parks & Trails programs Answer to question: The US 202 Parkway has lowered traffic volumes on Butler Avenue in Chalfont providing an opportunity to recapture our town. Funding has been secured for improvements including sidewalks, a pedestrian railroad crossing, a pedestrian & traffic friendly bridge, adaptive traffic signals & linking our beautiful parks with trails. These improvements are in process. Council needs to continue to pursue grants and use zoning/planning tools to preserve and protect Chalfonts small town quality.

Randy Faulkner Hometown: Chalfont DOB: May-1957 Education: Masters in Business Administration, Rider University; BS, Accounting and Finance, Shippensburg Occupation: Financial Advisor for Univest Investments Qualifications: Planning commission for 2 years prior to being on the Borough Council; Former church board president/board member; Active member of community (little league coach and volunteer umpire, wrote article for 100th anniversary book, participate on clean up days, homeowners assoc treasurer). Answer to question: As a 20-year resident, this was/is/and will be a wonderful place to raise a family. I want to offer support to our local businesses that are experiencing changes resulting from the 202 Parkway. We need to continue to find fiscally responsible improvements which will enhance the borough. We have some challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed and I want to be a part of finding responsible and satisfactory solutions. Tracey Bowen Hometown: Chalfont DOB: Aug-1966 Education: BA LaSalle University Occupation: Banking Qualifications: I have 4 years of experience serving on Chalfont Borough's Council and prior to that I served on Chalfont's Planning Commission for 3 years (1 year as Chairperson). I also have 15+ years of banking experience. Answer to question: I believe our most important issue is helping Chalfont prosper in this difficult economy. We must preserve the residential quality of life while addressing our business vacancy problems. Working with external consultants, we are in the process of developing a formal Revitalization Plan. Once the Plan is complete, we will aggressively pursue grant money to assist with the revitalization of the Borough, with the ultimate goal of reduced vacancy and improved appearance of our Borough. DEMOCRATIC Mitchell B. Meyerson Hometown: Chalfont DOB: Nov-1961 Education: Regents Diploma in Architecture; High School of Art & Design 2 years New York City Community College Architecture Occupation: President of Handyman Mitch LLC (owner/operator) Qualifications: Former councilman for Chalfont, 9 year resident and Chalfont borough business owner, former Chairman of Chalfont Borough Parks and Recreation (building Chalfont's only public playground.) Answer to question: Chalfont is facing property neglect and proper growth. Borough's problems stem from absentee landlords and administrations lack of enforcement. Not a case of throwing in the towel when the towel was never touched. Use current laws on the books to rectify the situation. Many are amazed this isn't happening; I'll get it done. For growth, look to renovations and building that keep the character of Chalfont; improvements that cater to those that already live here. Emily Bartolillo No response received


4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Bruce Rutherford Hometown: Doylestown DOB: Feb-1962 Education: High School graduate, Class of 1980. Started work in family business after high school. Father retired in 1989, formed partnership with older brother. Occupation: Owner of Rutherfords Camera Shop, a family business in the heart of Doylestown. 2013 - 75th Anniversary of business Qualifications: Lifetime resident of Doylestown. Local small business owner for 25 years. Answer to Question: As a lifetime resident Ive seen the population grow tremendously. I believe it is essential that we hang on to the small town atmosphere afforded by the many small businesses in the borough. I think we need to present ourselves as a lively, friendly and caring community of residents and business people in order to survive in the competitive world of on line shopping and big box stores. As Mayor I intend to do whatever I can to promote and fortify that image. DEMOCRATIC Ronald Strouse Hometown: Doylestown, PA DOB: Dec-47 Education: American University (BA) Occupation: Retired Qualifications: Grew up in the Doylestown area; resident of the borough over ten years. Active in the community while co-owner, manager/chef of two restaurant/hotels. Past president, boards of County Theater and Bucks County Tourist Commission. Currently chair the Doylestown Human Relations Commission and Doylestown Revitalization Board. Answer to question: We have a welcoming community with significant cultural institutions, a rich history, and architecture. I want to work to keep it safe, for visitors and particularly for those living here. The Justice Center and reconfigured county offices will provide new challenges, particularly parking. Ill work toward a well-balanced healthy business community. I want to make sure our community remains and becomes more appealing and vibrant for children, parents, and those who choose to retire here. TAX COLLECTOR 4-Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Anastasia Przybylski DEMOCRATIC Kari Williams Tyksinski


Vacancy 2 Year Remainder REPUBLICAN

Joseph W. Shandlay Hometown: Doylestown DOB: Sept-71 Education, Occupation, Qualifications: Mr. Shandlay is a Program Manager and successful local business owner. He holds a Masters in Business Administration and has over 20 years of professional experience in the manufacturing and telecommunication industries. His experience involves managing large corporate projects to completion including creating and managing budgets, expenses and operations. Answer to question: Doylestown is faced with rising taxes, a reduced reserve fund, increased crime. I propose that our local government focus on managing our limited constituent tax dollars to address concrete long-term goals to ensure that Doylestown remains the vibrant community we all love. Specifically, we should address infrastructure issues before they become more costly, address crime and drug problems and implement a spending and investing plan to reduce our debt and remain tax neutral. DEMOCRATIC Wendy Margolis Hometown: Doylestown DOB: June-1953 Education: Masters, Publication Management, Drexel Bachelors, Media Arts, Penn State Occupation: Director of Communications, Law School Admission Council, Newtown Qualifications: Twenty-year Borough resident. Appointed to fill Council vacancy March 2013. Career in government and nonprofit service sectors, major budgetary responsibility. Former County Theater and Bucks County Audubon Board member. Lifelong community service. Answer to question: Most important issues: The exceptional quality of life in Doylestown is well known and highly prized. It is the Councils role to ensure that the Borough works well for its citizens, business community, and visitors, while at the same time preserving what makes it so special. Safety, traffic, parking, and infrastructure are issues that must be balanced with budgetary prudence. Communicating with Borough residents to ensure thorough knowledge and understanding of the issues that affect them is essential.


4 Year term (vote for not more than 2) REPUBLICAN Jim Aldredge Hometown: Doylestown DOB: Apr-1947 Education: Associate of Arts Degree, BCCC, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Occupation: International Business Development Qualifications: Decades of hands-on business success working with individuals and teams to innovate and achieve goals. Strong Work Ethic, Principled, Fair, Logical, Focused Answer to question: As a Borough Resident for nearly two decades it appears that Local Government is exceptionally accommodating to some businesses and special interest groups while turning a deaf ear to the Residents while raising Property Taxes. As Councilman I will honestly resist with reason, be cooperative not conciliatory, fight but fairly, listen,

do what is correct even if not "politically correct", focus on the fiscal and be guided by our core American principles. Charles F. Scott No response received DEMOCRATIC Det Ansinn Hometown: Doylestown DOB: Oct-1971 Education: Drexel University BSEE, CB West Honors Occupation: Business Owner Qualifications: On Council, I have presided over its leanest budgets in decades while keeping our parks maintained, streets in good repair, and community safe. I led the charge for police regionalization that will improve public safety and save taxpayers thousands of dollars. Answer to question: With the construction of the Justice Center, parking in our neighborhoods and side streets has become difficult due to an influx of county employees. Council must continue to take steps that keep those cars out of our neighborhoods, like residential parking districts. While we have a thriving downtown, our community must maintain a balance between residential and business interests. The borough's comprehensive plan is due for an update to reflect these changes in our community. Noni West Hometown: Doylestown DOB: Nov-1947 Education: BA, Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA Occupation: Marketing Qualifications: I will continue to use my research skills to build best practice programs and policy for our residents. I utilize the same professional skills that enable me to create innovative solutions for clients ranging from nationally known businesses to local volunteer organizations. Answer to question: I will continue expanding our email communications to deepen resident involvement and increase government transparency. There are currently two issues facing Doylestown that will affect the quality of life in the Borough - Police Regionalization and the transfer of County employees from other communities to the old Courthouse. A seamless transition for both efforts will require oversight, project management and open communications which is what I have been achieving for the past four years.


4 Year term (vote for 2) REPUBLICAN Joe Flood Hometown: Doylestown DOB: Feb-1967 Education: Im a graduate of Central Bucks East and attended Temple University Occupation: I have professional management experience working for the Thompson Organization. Qualifications: I have been active in our community as a member of the Parks and Recreation Board, DBCA, and the effort to Save Kids Castle. Answer to question: The current Council raised our property taxes 13% this year and put us in debt for the first time in a decade. I will bring common sense back to Council and focus on the things that help residents, not hurt them: fiscal responsibility, supporting our small business community,

addressing neighborhood issues like traffic and parking, and making government more open by televising meetings. In every decision I make, I will always put Doylestown Borough first.

Louis Mintzer Hometown: Doylestown DOB: July-1953 Education: 1993 MBA from St. Joseph's University Occupation: VP, Sales and Mkt, local Bucks County manufacturer selling specialized engineered products world-wide. Qualifications: I will achieve these things by using my forty years of real-world business experience to bring professional financial management to local government. Answer to question: My top priority is to make Doylestowns government work for citizens again. Councils 13% tax increase this year and going into debt for the first time in a generation, is not what residents need. I will strive to provide: responsible spending focused on priorities like police protection, parks and recreation, delivering quality services. Government that works with residents and business owners addressing neighborhood and downtown issues, open and transparent government by televising meetings. DEMOCRATIC Jack O'Brien Hometown: Doylestown DOB: March-1948 Education: BB in EE, NYU; MS in Sys Eng, UPenn Occupation: I am retired from Lockheed Martin after a successful 40 year career as an electrical engineer and program manager. Qualifications: My experience in business and my 42 years of residence in the community will contribute to the growth and well being of Doylestown Borough. Answer to question: The balance between the needs of the residents and business community is imperative to maintaining the vibrancy of the community. The business community must be fostered in order to maintain the economic vitality of Doylestown. However, it must be done in such a way that it does not impinge on the residents of the community. This requires that a dialog with and between the residential and business communities be ongoing and substantive. Kevin M. Kelly Hometown: Doylestown DOB: Feb-1970 Education: Bachelors Degree, Business, The Pennsylvania State University Occupation: Regional Sales Manager, Penford Food Ingredients Qualifications: I have 20+ years of outside sales experience that has given me a keen understanding of handling multi-million dollar sales territories, managing sales budgets and expenses along with interacting with a variety of people every day. Answer to question: I believe it is imperative to foster and grow our business community. Attracting the right businesses to town along with maintaining our current businesses is paramount in keeping the economic vitality in town strong. I would address these potential issues by continuing to create an open dialogue with both current business owners and potential new business owners as well.


4 Year term (vote for 2)

DEMOCRATIC David Laustsen Hometown: Doylestown DOB: June-1947 Education: Juris Doctor, Temple University School of Law Occupation: Retired lawyer; Volunteer for Doylestown Historical Society Qualifications: Answer to question: Borough must continue to repair and replace infrastructure. This includes street paving and water facilities and fire hydrants. Insure adequate police staffing and funding. Complete repaving of Main Street. Clean snow and leaves, and sweep streets. Maintain our many parks and Fanny Chapman pool. Promote Doylestown as a destination location. Susan Madian Hometown: Doylestown DOB: Sept-1950 Education: MSW - Community Services and Social Planning Occupation: Retired Qualifications: Business manager of architectural firm for 15 years; owned construction management company; approved and monitored grants to 23 agencies; created Colorado statewide housing plan; in charge of finances for 25 years; co-founder Bring Change 2 Mind; lifelong creative problem solver. Answer to question: The Countys plan to consolidate countywide services into the existing Court House will significantly increase traffic and create greater parking issues which will demand proactive solutions to alleviate. Drunken patrons of our local bars also cause problems for our residents. . I know how to get things done and think out of the box. Ive successfully worked with residents and the Police to reduce these problems in the past and will continue that work.


4 Year term (vote for 1)

REPUBLICAN Christopher N. Hayes (Unopposed) No response received


4 Year term (vote for 4) REPUBLICAN Jeffrey J. Sharer No response received Brent Smith No response received Matthew S. Mayes No response received Gary Mast Hometown: Dublin DOB: June-1954

Education: B.S. Organizational Leadership, Colorado State University Occupation: Self-employed presently Qualifications: Retired U.S. Navy prior Answer to question: I currently serve on the Dublin Zoning Hearing Board. I wish to continue to participate in the leadership of Dublin Borough as part of a broader effort; with a commitment to serve the entire resident and business base contained in Dublin Borough. In our small Borough I dont believe there is any one topic of greater importance, simply put my main focus is to provide the residents with a responsive, forward looking Council committed to preserving the values, the homes, the business and other assets of the community. Local government must be reflective of the entire communities needs.

4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Susan Paff

MAYOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN David M. Harris Hometown: Hulmeville DOB: Mar-1937 Education: I graduated Bristol High School Class of 56, attended Rider College Evening Division. Occupation: I am self employed as president of Harris Comfort/Harris Fuels. Qualifications: I have served on Hulmeville Borough Council for thirteen years and served as Mayor for Nineteen years. Answer to question: Being able to continue the proper and needed service to the community while keeping the tax Rate at an acceptable rate. We have a very small tax base because of the size of our Borough. The RDA casino grants have been a great help.


2 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Raymond R. Johnson No response received


4 Year term (vote for 4) REPUBLICAN Dale E. Walton, Jr. No response received Thomas Wheeler

No response received DEMOCRATIC Dale E. Walton, Jr. No response received Nicholas Lodise No response received TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Kathleen M. Nicastro

MAYOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Charles M. Ritter No response received


4 Year term (vote for 3) REPUBLICAN Deirdre McGlynn No response received Jennifer Armstrong No response received Vincent Mancinelli No response received TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Linda R. Fanelli

MAYOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Joseph P. Taylor

No response received DEMOCRAT John Krimmel Hometown: Langhorne DOB: Nov-1950 Education: Ph.D. Criminal Justice, The City University of New York Occupation: College Professor, The College of New Jersey Qualifications: Forty years of government experience: Member of Langhorne Borough Council: Served on Personnel Committee, Planning Commission Liaison, Police Committee, Langhorne Borough Tax Collector. Law enforcement Unit, State of New Jersey. Retired Bristol Township Police Officer. Answer to question: Balancing the budget with government efficiency. The borough has one of the highest proportions in Pennsylvania, consumed by non-profit, non-tax paying organizations, putting the tax onus on the home owner. Many aspects of the boroughs government are managed by members of borough council. Currently, the borough is managed by a part-time secretary/manager and an allvolunteer, non-paid elected body with no formal training in the operation of a government or the development of budgets.

COUNCIL 4 Year term (vote for not more than four) REPUBLICAN David Kaiser No response received

DEMOCRATIC Kari Thomas No response received Suzanne L. Goss No response received Anthony J. Marfia Hometown: Langhorne DOB: Oct-39 Education: Pennsylvania State University, Drexel University Occupation: Self Employed Registered Architect Qualifications: no further response Answer to question: TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Ellyn M. Schoen


MAYOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Robert Byrne No response received


COUNCIL 4 Year term (vote for not more than four) REPUBLICAN Maryann Barnes No response received Patricia A. Silcox No response received William McTigue No response received Edward M. Hanisco No response received

TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Denise Reid

MAYOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Sandra Kitty Westrope Hometown: Morrisville DOB: Sept-57 Education: PhD's in Psychology, Divinity and Philosophy of Religion Occupation: Psychologist Qualifications: Managed officers of a Joint Reserve Military Base. Was in charge of personnel promotions, fitness, office administration including finance, budgets and contracts. Wide-range experience in economic and business development. Extensive experience in public relations. Dedicated resident of Morrisville. Answer to question: The Borough is at risk because of unfilled vacancies in the policy department and interference by administration. I would hold Council and administration accountable for their actions, stop their interference and enforce the laws. Petty politics undermines community support. I wold not participate in any action that does not benefit the residents. I would ensure the public knows what's going on to restore transparency in our government. I would put people before politics. DEMOCRATIC

David T. Rivella Hometown: Morrisville DOB: Mar-69 Education: Electrical apprenticeship training including continued education classes, Emergency management training. Occupation: Electrician, Morrisville Borough Councilperson Qualifications: Morrisville resident and community volunteer for more than twenty years. Councilperson for six years. Answer to question: Morrisville is faced with many issues. Financial restraints: I will continue my work of trying to keep taxes down while providing outstanding services. Morrisville needs to be more business friendly. We need to focus on economic redevelopment and to have community leaders willing to put aside their differences and work together to move positively forward. Morrisville will benefit from drawing investors, reflecting on and using its history, promoting civic pride and increasing community involvement. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Elaine J. Miller DEMOCRATIC Pat Pordash

COUNCIL 1st WARD 4 Year term (vote for 2) REPUBLICAN Todd Sanford Hometown: Morrisville DOB: Dec-56 Education: Some College Occupation: Contractor/carpenter Qualifications: Four years member Borough Council. Voice for open and cost-effective government. Extensive mechanical and construction work experience and other trade knowledge, understands public works and infrastructure projects. Answer to question: Council majority of five and borough management obstruct open, transparent government. Their spending decisions often not in public's best interest. Three Council members including myself constantly question their actions and try to bring issues to the public's attention. It's up to voters to elect council members who will pledge to work openly for people and not special interests. Downtown revitalization is stymied. Council must work with business community, Economic Development Corporation for real action plan. DEMOCRATIC Corryn L. Kronnagel Hometown: Morrisville

DOB: Feb-80 Education: Graduated from Widener Law School in 2011 Occupation: Attorney Qualifications: I have lived in Morrisville my entire life and have held various offices in different clubs and organizations throughout my education and career, including a current stint on the Morrisville Planning Commission. I am able to work with everyone to achieve the best outcome possible. Answer to question: Enhancing the town to encourage the people that currently live here to become more active in the community; this will make the town a more attractive place for people and families to settle down and businesses to open their doors. I think this can be done with a simple attitude shift sometimes. For example: joining community events throughout the year and buying local to show businesses that we are a loyal customer base.

COUNCIL 3rd WARD 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Justin R. Bowers Hometown: Morrisville DOB: Oct-80 Education: BS Industrial Engineering, Lehigh University. MS Project Management, The George Washington University Occupation: Engineer Qualifications: Working as Engineering Financial Coordinator in a bi-state government agency, Im very familiar with capital planning, procurement and execution and government operations. As an Engineer, Im used to addressing problems and finding solutions in a group setting. Answer to question: I believe the divided Council is the most important issue. Residents deserve someone who will do what is best for the people and boroughs interests, not special interests. Borough issues need public discussion at agenda meetings. Communication to residents needs improvement including up to date information on the website such as agendas BEFORE meetings and minutes within days of approval. As councilman, I will be open, accessible, and respond to your concerns. DEMOCRATIC Fred Kerner Hometown: Morrisville DOB: 11/1979 Education: Millersville University BA History/Journalism Occupation: Mail Manager, Westminster Choir College Qualifications: Dedication to Morrisville across the borough, most prominently chairing the Library Board, but also involvement in the Morrisville Environmental Advisory Council, Safe Routes to School and the Morrisville Democratic Club Answer to question: The most important issue facing our borough right now is a lock of a desire to work together as a council for the betterment of Morrisville. This has derailed a fantastic lighting and energy saving package that would have been and still can be a tremendous asset for Morrisville. Only when we come together can we deal with the other serious issues facing this community, such as the police department and the pool property.


4th WARD 4 Year term (vote for 1) DEMOCRATIC/REPUBLICAN Victor A. Cicero No response received


MAYOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN David Holewinski Hometown: New Britain DOB: Oct-42 Education: 1963 Graduate of the University of Toledo Occupation: Retired Industrial Engineer and Advertising Manager, now Self-Employed Qualifications: Currently Mayor and Chairman of the Planning Commission. Years of experience in problem solving and management. Also civically involved as President of the New Britain Civic Association and various other organizations within the community. Answer to question: Retaining the small town feel, yet encouraging desirable commercial growth. Providing for neighborhood and business connections through expanded walk-ability. Enhanced police services through regionalization of police forces. Improving the overall appearance of the Butler Avenue Corridor including businesses and residence. Our current Borough Council and I are working to address issues pertaining to growth and connect-ability. We are working with design students of Del Val to complete a plan for the appearance issues.


COUNCIL 4 Year term (vote for 4) REPUBLICAN Robert Belchic Hometown: New Britain DOB: Nov-49 Education: Bachelor of Science degree from Philadelphia University Occupation: Consultant to interior design firms Qualifications: After serving on the Zoning Hearing Board and New Britain Borough Council for many years, I am currently serving as Council President. I am engaged in various projects to enhance and protect the character and well being of the borough. Answer to question: It is my goal to continue to inspire our committed group of council members, volunteers, staff and consultants to work together towards our common vision for our municipality. That vision includes utilizing our resources in a responsible way to benefit both our residents and businesses. I believe it is important to invest wisely in the present with an eye on the future. Craig A. Sturza Hometown: New Britain DOB: Oct-59 Education: BA in Advertising Penn State University - 1981 Occupation: Insurance Sales Qualifications: I have been a resident of New Britain for 11 years, and have been actively involved in our community since 2008. I have worked in public service first as a member of the Doylestown

Jaycees, and now as a member of the New Britain Borough Council and the Doylestown Rotary. Answer to question: Remaining fiscally sound and working together to plan for the future of our community. We can accomplish this by continuing to be diligent with our finances and our budget process. Continuing the process of regionalization of our police department. We need to continue to move forward with this process, through continued discussions to make this a reality! Improving the communication process between the Boro and our residents. Mary Pat McGinn-Holewinski Hometown: New Britain DOB: Nov-48 Education: Masters of Education from Wilkes University Occupation: Retired teacher Qualifications: 20 years experience on borough council; member of the 202 Task Force; member of the Doylestown Bike and Hike Committee; member of the Board of Directors of the New Britain Civic Association; member of the New Britain Borough Historic Preservation Committee. Answer to question: Issues include revitalization of Butler Avenue; attracting new businesses; and improving the connectivity to the surrounding areas. I would continue the work that is currently being done by the borough to attract new businesses to the area and improve the appearance of Butler Avenue while maintaining the small town feel of the borough. I would also continue my involvement with the Bike and Hike committee to make the borough more accessible to bikers and pedestrians. Margaret M. Remmey Hometown: New Britain DOB: Mar-59 Education: Bucks County Community College Occupation: Financial Register, Doylestown Hospital 25 years Qualifications: Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs Official Training 2008-Current Leadership Advancement Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce New Britain Borough Council, 1998-2010 Pennsylvania State Constable New Britain Borough 1998-2010 Answer to question: I believe the main issue that is facing our community is the blight of the Butler Avenue corridor. In particular, the businesses that are no longer prospering and contributing to the growth of the borough. As time and economy have robbed our independent business owners' of sustainability, I seek to listen and be open-minded to engage the community in a collaborative effort to finding solutions. DEMOCRATIC Robyne J. Kelemen Hometown: New Britain DOB: Dec-59 Education: Ph.D. Bioengineering, B.S. Chemical Engineering Occupation: Professional Engineer and manager in pharmaceutical industry Qualifications: A 10-year resident, I am committed to keeping our borough a vital, safe community. Consensus-building, planning, grant writing, and working with government agencies are strengths. As a licensed engineer, I am qualified to address water quality and environmental issues. Answer to question: With plans moving ahead this summer toward formation of a regional police force, upholding public safety, including emergency services and response times, is paramount. I would advance the Boroughs Open Space Plan, using grants to secure key open space, public areas, and trails. I would work with our business and academic partners to further initiatives that can invigorate New Britain as a regional destination. I will bring an open and fact-based approach to local issues.

Lori Kesilman No response received TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Richard Sabol NEW HOPE BOROUGH MAYOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Laurence D. Keller Hometown: New Hope DOB: Feb-55 Education: Neshaminy High School, Lehigh University Occupation: Antique Dealer Qualifications: 35 year resident; 34 year business owner, Mayor since 1998 Answer to question: As Mayor of New Hope since 1998, there are three perpetual issues in New Hope Borough noise, speed enforcement and the perception of inadequate policy presence. As Mayor, I will continue to address the concerns of the residents and business community and work diligently toward improving all three concerns. DEMOCRATIC Donna Deely Hometown: New Hope DOB: June-61 Education: Marymount College of Virginia, BA-Communications Occupation: Facilities Management (retired) Qualifications: Leadership experience spans roles in local government universities and for profit businesses. My specialty areas include facilities management, emergency planning and project management. Most recently as Bureau Chief for Department of Human Services where I ensured the maintenance, safety, and security for over 700 employees and 30,000 visitors per year. Answer to question: I am committed to preserving the rich history, charm and natural beauty of this community I so proudly call home. I would engage the community on a variety of issues using my experience as a strong leader and team builder. I will work closely with the Chief of Police to ensure the safety and security of all residents and visitors. I will bring integrity and enthusiastic engagement in carrying out my duties.


COUNCIL 4 Year (vote for 4) REPUBLICAN Clifford E. Montgomery Hometown: New Hope DOB: June-47 Education: BA and MBA from Rollins College. Certified Professional Coach. Occupation: Executive Career Coach Qualifications: US Army veteran. President, Riverwoods Community Association. Retired in 2011

from a 42-year global business career having held a variety of executive leadership positions in Human Resources, Environment, Health & Safety, Security and Risk Management. Answer to question: One of the issues we face in the Borough today is the need to increase the vibrancy, growth and development of our New Hope business community, and I believe my position on the Board of Directors of the New Hope Chamber of Commerce will support this effort. If elected to Borough Council, I will represent the interests of all the residents to assure that commercial expansion does not adversely affect our quality of life. William J. Scandone Hometown: New Hope DOB: Jan-46 Education: MS and MBA, Temple University Occupation: Consultant, and retiree, Pharmaceutical and Insurance industries, and Pennsylvania State Education Association (30 years) Qualifications: Borough Council siince 2009, resident homeowner since 2005; liaison; Parks and Recreation, Planning Committees, and Public Works. Past Board member and Treasurer, Greater New Hope Chamber of Commerce. Answer to question: Ensure continued revival of historic district by developing significant and sustainable relationships with residents, borough officials, and businesses; encourage increased tourism and balance needs for a greater quality of life for residents' interests. Review selection and administration processes of appointed Boards and Commissions. Claire E. Shaw Hometown: New Hope DOB: Dec-49 Education: Doctorate Degree, Temple University School of Dentistry Occupation: Periodontist, Board Certified, private practice Qualifications: Incumbent. Borough experience, not limited to: Council President, VP; Police, Finance & Budget committees; Police Pension Board. Professionally: Delegate to PDA's House of Delegates, President, Treasurer, Parliamentarian to local dental organizations. Answer to question: Given the privilege of re-election, I will seek solutions to empty store fronts and promote government transparency; embrace and encourage revitalization in harmony with our residential and business communities in conjunction with our Comprehensive Plan. It has been a privilege and honor serving the Borough of New Hope. Thank you for your consideration in November. John C. Hover Hometown: New Hope DOB: May-43 Education: University of Pennsylvania, BA; Wharton School MBA Occupation: Private Banking, retired Qualifications: Bucks County home owner for over 25 years. Director and Finance Committee chairman, New Hope Historical Society; former director, New Hope and Ivyland Railroad; past trustee, University of Pennsylvania. Skilled in financial planning, budgets and management. Answer to question: Like families, local government has to budget and spend wisely. We must not increase taxes or fees, but we can be more efficient and provide better services to our residents and businesses. Our zoning decisions and permitting processes need to be rationalized. Upgraded retail businesses that cater more to New Hope residents need to be encouraged. Finally, we must maintain and improve our borough's beauty, diversity and livability. DEMOCRATIC

Iain Haight-Ashton Hometown: New Hope DOB: 4/1957 Education: Electronics Engineering Technology Occupation: Systems Analyst at Bristol Myers Squibb Qualifications: New Hope resident for 20+ years. Chair and 14 year member of the Historical Architectural Review Board, working closely with council, state officials, developers, architects and residents. Member: Historical Society and Friends of the Canal. Elected Co-Chair Democratic Party. Answer to question: Dedicated to New Hopes rich historical legacy and diversity, I will work to preserve the uniqueness of New Hope. There are many challenges ahead for river towns such as ours with weather changes and infrastructure issues that will affect New Hope. I will work with federal and state officials to secure funding to ensure our future. I will listen and keep an open mind to solutions. I am also committed to insuring voter integrity. Connie Gering Hometown: New Hope DOB: Education: BS in psychology Occupation: Property manager Qualifications: Experience in real estate, owner of a small business, twenty years as CEO of a Marketing Co., knowledge of the town by being involved as president of the chamber of commerce, chair of the revitalization committee and founding member and co-chair of New Hope for our Canal. Answer to question: New Hope is a unique and desirable community with many strengths. We also have challenges including the relationship between residents, tourists and business owners; land use; protection of our environment. I will use my experience in marketing, and the knowledge I have gained through my involvement with the Chamber of Commerce, the Revitalization Committee, and the New Hope for our Canal to bring people together, build on our strengths, and meet our challenges. Charles Huchet Hometown: New Hope DOB: Aug-37 Education: Harvard University, Ed.D Occupation: Retired Educator Qualifications: I served for 11 years on the Lambertville (NJ) Planning Board, 6 years as its chairman. Moving to New Hope in 2001, I have served on various committees, relating to the: Community Revitalization Committee, New Hope Historical Society, Phillips' Mill Community Association, New Hope/Solebury Public Library, Bucks County Playhouse, and GOE's Special Education Committee. Answer to question: New Hope must be more that a pretty place on a tourist map. Our residents deserve to enjoy a community-not just live in another town. Our businesses need to thrive-not just struggle to survive. Our visitors deserve welcoming amenities to justify their hopes for a special experience. New Hope must foster greater community involvement. The Council needs seek creative ways of promoting a more vibrant business community. Our visitors should be better served. Candace H. Souweine Hometown: New Hope DOB: Dec-51 Education: BA, Social Sciences Occupation: Marketing Research Consultant Qualifications: I have worked for major corporations and run a successful one-woman business for 18 years. I have public service experience which includes head election judge, food bank volunteer and the president of an HOA. I am an independent thinker and work well on teams.

Answer to question: New Hope grapples with parking, traffic, noise and development. Our three stakeholder groups, residents, businesses and tourists see each differently. I believe that what affects one, affects all, and so we must strive towards the balance: Late night businesses and minimizing noise, low residential taxes and attracting visitors. I will use my skills to listen and to analyze and to create winning strategies to enhance our position as the best river community on the Delaware. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Denton Kanouff

MAYOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Charles F. Swartz, III Hometown: Newtown DOB: Dec-51 Education: Council Rock High School, Miami Dade Jr. College Occupation: Licensed Funeral Director at the Swartz Givnish Funeral Home Qualifications: I am a life long Newtown Borough resident. I have served on Newtown Borough Council, Newtown Area Joint Zoning Board, the Newtown Zoning Board. Answer to question: Newtown Borough is a vibrant community with many diverse issues. Our primary concern should be establishing a healthy business district. The empty stores and the parking problem need to be addressed. As a business owner in Newtown for over 40 years, I have seen the cycle of change come and go. Residents, businesses and landlords need to work together to allow State Street to return to a thriving business neighborhood. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Judy S. Musto

COUNCIL 1st WARD 2 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Marc Waldinger Hometown: Newtown DOB: Apr-54 Education: Penn State University Occupation: Chief of Operations Qualifications: I've lived in Newtown Borough for 24 years and want to give back to my community. I'll use the management skills gained from a career in the public sector to work together with other Council members to continue their hard work and fiscal responsibility. Answer to question: Most important issues facing Newtown Borough: Maintaining Newtown's unique

historic character while promoting responsible growth is very important to the future of Newtown Borough. I recognize that Newtown's State Street business district is a vital part of the community and am willing to work with these businesses for the benefit of Newtown Borough, both now and in the future. DEMOCRATIC Tara Grunde-McLaughlin Hometown: Newtown DOB: Jan-1968 Education: M.S. Ed in Counseling Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, B.A. in Psychology, Colgate University Occupation: Homemaker & Parent Qualifications: Volunteer at Goodnoe Elementary ; Served on Newtown Recreation Board; value community Answer to Question: Traffic in town impacts us, and I will work to implement further traffic management measures that improve walkability and pedestrian safety. State Street is a key part of our town, and I will actively support our shops and businesses to enhance our unique community spirit. This community spirit is part of what makes our town such a treasure, and I will work to sustain and expand upon the places and events that bring us together.

COUNCIL 1st WARD 4 Year (vote for 2) REPUBLICAN Charles B. Machion Hometown: Newtown Borough DOB: Feb-58 Education: 1980 Temple University, B.A. Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude; 1983 Temple University School of Law Occupation: Senior Vice President Senior Counsel Advertising Specialty Institute Qualifications: As an attorney and senior manager for a private company with over 400 employees, I have learned to manage budgets and people. This experience has also taught me to consider all of the facts and colleagues' opinions before making decisions. Answer to question: The most important issue facing our Borough is fiscal responsibility. I am committed to doing more with less. Elected officials must spend tax revenue as if it were their own money. As part of the Borough budget committee, I have reviewed every budget line to ensure we run our Borough efficiently. This process also included soliciting multiple vendors to ensure competitive pricing. We must focus on the basics: police, traffic safety, snow removal, road repair, etc. to stretch our tax dollars. Robert J. Walker Hometown: Newtown DOB: Education: College + Occupation: Retired Qualifications: Current Council President with six years of service on Council Answer to question: Keeping the Borough running efficiently on a daily basis while addressing Federal and State mandated programs. All local governments are challenged to keep taxes at acceptable

levels in this tight economic environment, while providing the necessary services to maintain the crucial infrastructure of their towns. It is a difficult balance, which must be met to best serve our Borough residents. DEMOCRATIC Chris Amazeen Hometown: Newtown DOB: July-66 Education: Chadwick University Occupation: My company provides working capital to small businesses which are otherwise unable to find growth capital. Qualifications: I have expertise in both finance and supporting small businesses, which I believe are critical to a healthy, future Newtown Borough. Answer to question: A new vision for State Street should be a priority. Much of the Boroughs magic is its vibrant "downtown". The Stockberger site may be in the final approval stages, but there is much work to be done, now and in the future, to make sure it enhances Newtown Borough. There has been a decided change in the "mood" within the Borough the last few years. We should exert energies into reviving the spirit of the Borough. Perry S. Warren Hometown: Newtown Borough DOB: July-63 Education: BA, Colgate University, 1984 JD, University of North Carolina School of Law, 1993 Occupation: Litigation Attorney, Maselli Warren, PC, Princeton & Newtown Qualifications: Incumbent since 2010; Business Owner, Founder of 9-Lawyer Firm; Certified by Supreme Court of New Jersey as Civil Trial Attorney; Board Chair, St. Luke's Church; Father of Five; Newtown Native Answer to question: Acquisition/Creation of Open Space; Development of the Stockburger Property and Reinvigoration of Downtown; Responsible Fiscal Management. I will continue to recruit, involve and empower community volunteers; work closely with professionals to ensure attractive, appropriate and visionary development; maintain low taxes through cautious budgeting and ensuring costeffectiveness. Public funds are tight. Every dollar, including potential grant dollars, must be maximized to make our community safe, vibrant and welcoming. We've made progress and will continue moving forward.

2nd WARD 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Chris Gusty Hometown: Newtown DOB: 1960 Education: Bachelor of Engineering, Chemical Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY Masters of Business Administration, Finance LaSalle University, Philadelphia Occupation: Senior Area Sales Manager NuStar Asphalt Company Qualifications: My education, work experience, and local knowledge make me well qualified to make a positive contribution to Council and the Borough of Newtown. Answer to question: One of the most important issues facing our community is the continued effort to develop and/or redevelop residential and/or commercial property. I would address this and all issues by

thoroughly studying and understanding the specific issue, polling community members, and ultimately voting for what I believe to be in the best long term interest of Newtown Borough. DEMOCRATIC Christopher J. Brill
Hometown: Newtown DOB: Sept-1951 Education: Bachelor of Music, Temple University; Law Degree, Temple University School of Law; Advanced Law Degree in Taxation, Temple University School of Law. Occupation: Attorney with office in Newtown Borough for more than 30 years. Qualifications: Legal experience, history of working on a bipartisan basis, practical guy. Answer to question: Pedestrian safety: We need more vigilant enforcement of traffic signs which give preference to pedestrians over vehicular traffic at intersections. Fiscal integrity and economic vitality: Borough Council must be a catalyst in revitalizing the business community on State Street where far too many vacancies exist. Borough Rules and Regulations: Should be simplified, updated, transparent and online for easy access to residents. Open Space Fund: Optimize utilization before application expires at the end of 2014.

MAYOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Michael J. Sodano Hometown: Penndel DOB: Apr-60 Education: Bishop Egan High School 1978 Occupation: Sales and Marketing Qualifications: Previously held office of Mayor Answer to questions: Fiscal issues are the largest challenge for any small borough. Public safety and personnel are the two largest continuous expenses and tend to continue to grow limiting funds available for capital improvement. Too often this is regarded as a revenue issue. I believe there is causation in both revenue and expense. DEMOCRATIC Robert Winkler Hometown: Penndel DOB: Jan-1944 Education: Neshaminy High School Occupation: Retired as Carpenter Leader for Neshaminy School District Qualifications: State courses and Mayor for almost 4 years Answer to Question: Keep an eye on spending, stay within our budget and having a professional and productive police department. Continue to work with the police to protect our citizens. Getting the most equipment and training for them with as little cost as possible. Continue to try to bring in new businesses, work with Borough Council on applying for grants and work with CareerLink which pays interns to work at the borough with no cost to Penndel.

COUNCIL 4 Year (vote for 4) REPUBLICAN

Gianpiero Lo Piccolo Hometown: Penndel DOB: 7/80 Education: Holy Family University, Bachelor of Arts in Communication Occupation: Vice President of Station Management Consultants, Inc. Qualifications: Currently holding a Council position since September 2012 Answer to the question: I believe that fiscal responsibility is the most important issue facing my community. Today, our reality is a borough faced with limited funds and continued expenses. Moving forward we must live within our means and promote economic growth. I will find solutions to increase revenues and cut wasteful spending while protecting the necessities of public safety. Deborah Gentile Hometown: Penndel DOB: 6/55 Education: B.A., Penn State University Occupation: Social worker Qualifications: I have worked in a helping profession for 30 years. I enjoy problem solving and networking with community agencies. Answer to question: Our most important issue is our budget constraints. Tax increases and over spending need to be replaced by exploring new revenue sources and eliminating wasteful spending with strategic cutting of line items, along with evaluating current vendors best practices. Borough business processes need to be reviewed for quality and efficiency in looking toward the future of improvements. Kali C. Sodano No response received

DEMOCRATIC Beverly Wolfe Hometown: Penndel DOB: Oct-1956 Education: Completed 2 years of college Occupation: Office Manager - Sales Assistant Qualifications: Experienced in many aspects of management in the private sector Answer to Question: Our borough faces many challenges today, but, I believe, first and foremost, that the public officials put in place by the voters have the obligation to listen to the concerns of the citizens and actively consider ways to address them. We need to be fiscally responsible, yet we do need to consider future needs without raising taxes. Barbara Heffelfinger Hometown: Penndel DOB: Jul-40 Education: BA American Studies Occupation: Retired, Borough Council Member Qualifications: Penndel Borough Council member for 13 years; grant writer and administrator Answer to question: The revitalization of the downtown business district is still vitally important to the stability of the commercial and industrial areas of the borough. A strong financial stability of these business districts is required. In order for the borouh to assist in this project, outside funding and grants will be required. I will work diligently to obtain these funds.

TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) DEMOCRAT Donna M. Caracappa

MAYOR 4 Year term (vote for one) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC John Hollenbach No response received TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Judith Patton

1st WARD COUNCIL 4 Year term (vote for 2) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Chuck Brooks Hometown: Perkasie DOB: Dec-65 Education: BA and Master of Aeronautical Science Occupation: Airline pilot Qualifications: Twenty four year Naval Officer and Naval Aviator. Operations officer Responsible for the management of a $16.8 million annual budget. Participant in Operation Enduring Freedom/Southern Watch. Answer to question: Perkasie is in need of economic development and innovation. The current Borough Council has done an admirable job at laying down the foundation for future growth; this growth can only be achieved with the infusion of strong leadership and extensive volunteerism. My goal is to create pride in community and seek groups dedicated to improving Perkasie for future generations. The time is NOW to take action ensuring our wonderful and vibrant community. REPUBLICAN Matthew Aigeldinger Hometown: Perkasie DOB: Nov-68 Education: Temple University 1990 BA Communications Occupation: National Accounts Manager for JDSU Qualifications: I am a seasoned professional with management, sales and public relations expertise. Ive been involved with Perkasie Borough for the last 13 years, serving on the Park and Recreation Committee and for the last four years, Perkasie Borough Council, with 1.5 years as President.

Answer to question: The important issues we face in Perkasie are economic development, stabilizing electric rates and preserving the incredible quality of life that the town offers. As a Councilman, I have spearheaded efforts to restructure our wholesale electric purchases which will make significant short and long term progress to stabilize and potentially lower rates. Weve made major strides in economic development by collaborating with the business community to hire a development consultant. I established a quality of life group.

2nd WARD COUNCIL 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Florence Frei Hometown: Perkasie DOB: Jul-41 Education: Weaver School Kansas City, Missouri Occupation: Retired/ Perkasie Borough Council Qualifications: Currently serving on Perkasie Borough Council, I have experience working as a Financial Officer; a Philadelphia Branch Administrator; an Office Manager, 47 year resident of Perkasie, 22 year volunteer with Perkasie Town Watch, Volunteer for the Pennridge School System. Answer to question: While we enjoy the reliability of Perkasies own Electric Department, utility costs are an important issue. By continuing the search for a variety of energy sources and staggering those purchases to better control costs we can work toward lowering rates in the future. Attracting new business and industry to Perkasie is another important issue. Being off the beaten path of a major thoroughfare, Council needs to support business groups highlighting possibilities for productivity in Perkasie.

3rd WARD COUNCIL 4 Year term (vote for 2) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Barbara Krantz Hometown: Perkasie DOB: Sep-54 Education: BS Elementary Education Occupation: Office Manager Qualifications: Incumbent Answer to question: Faced with high electric rates I will work to lower our rates with new expansive coverage contracts to prevent single long-term agreements as done in the past. I will work hard in selecting a strong leader for Police Chief that will lead our fine police department for many years. Bringing new businesses to make Perkasie a destination for people to enjoy all our services, shopping, food, Community Day, swimming, Spring Fest, etc. REPUBLICAN Jim Ryder No response received

DEMOCRATIC Rebecca Miletic No response received

COUNCIL 4 Year term (vote for 3) REPUBLICAN Daniel W. Williams No response received Donald E. Rosenberger No response received David R. Erwin No response received TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Donald P. Knechel

MAYOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN James S. Dunn, Jr. DOB: Aug-68 Hometown: Richlandtown Education: BCCC, Business Administration (Current) Occupation: Inventory Control Supervisor, Dontech Inc., Doylestown PA Qualifications: Richlandtown Borough Planning Commission Member (1999-Present), Quakertown Area Planning Commission Borough Representative (2008-Present), Richlandtown Borough Council Member (2012-Present), Richlandtown Borough Growth & Development Committee Chairman (2013) Answer to the question: The most important issues facing our borough is improving the amount of volunteers. The current tax rate approved by council can only be supported if there is an increase in the amount of volunteers. Compiling a list of volunteer opportunities and face to face requests with the residents, would help this venture. Another area of concern for the residents is home mail delivery. Daily home delivery or cluster boxes would make residents lives easier.

COUNCIL 2 Year Remainder -Vacancy DEMOCRATIC Chris Murray No response received

COUNCIL 4 Year term (vote for 4) REPUBLICAN Thomas Gross No response received Brian Doyle No response received Floyd Bless, Jr. Hometown: Richlandtown DOB: July-1942 Education: Graduated from Quakertown High School Occupation: Owner/Operator of Excavating Company for 46 years Qualifications: Long term resident of Richlandtown; served on borough council for 32 years; am familiar with borough finances--income and expenses, street and underground infrastructure, borough properties, and fire department. Answer to Question: The most important issue is holding taxes at a reasonable level and using the money wisely to maintain a good quality of life for residents. We need to get more people involved in our community by encouraging participation at borough events and in the fire company. I would continue to encourage residents to attend borough council meetings so that they can better understand the workings of the borough. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN
Erin Scheetz

MAYOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Gregory Stokes No response received

COUNCIL 4 Year term (vote for 3) REPUBLICAN Rodney Scott No response received Richard Pursell, Jr. No response received

DEMOCRATIC Edward Bartosiewicz No response received TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC Tammy L. Macaluso

MAYOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) DEMOCRATIC Thomas C. Hufnagle DOB: Jan-45 Education: Lansdale School of Business 1 year Occupation: Retired from Merck & Co. West Point Qualifications: Council Person 6 years CBO-Certified Borough Official Mayor 6 years Answer to question: Trying to maintain the Services within the Borough without raising Taxes or Fees. (for example Trash, and Sewer.) Rebuilding or keeping the downtown area interesting, and attractive with different types of merchants. Maintaining our Parks, Playgrounds, and Open Spaces for the future. LIBERTARIAN Gary W. Millar Hometown: Sellersville DOB: Mar-61 Education: Spring Garden College, Phila, PA. Occupation: Construction Manager Qualifications: Currently on Sellersville Vacancy Board. Manage multimillion dollar construction projects; medical, institutional, office, retail, & multi family. Responsible for client / Architect communication, schedules, budget adherence and quality control. Coach for Special needs children with The Miracle League of Bucks County. Answer to question: Keeping residents informed on activities in the Borough and obtaining feedback. Ensuring our current commercial and industrial businesses continue to thrive and pursue new to lessen the tax burden on our residents. Ensuring Police coverage is ample for our town. Assist council on continuing to do what is best for the town regardless of political affiliations.

COUNCIL 2 Year Remainder Vacancy Position DEMOCRATIC Marie G. Howells No response received

COUNCIL 4 Year term (vote for 4) REPUBLICAN Barry L. Kuhn Hometown: Richlandtown/Sellersville DOB: Dec-1944 Education: Bucks County Community College, A.S. Business Occupation: Retired Qualifications: Two years as Borough Council Member Answer to Question: Holding down taxes while maintaining services. Working with Bucks County Redevelopment Authority to get industry back in town on the US Gauge property. Robert J Leopardi No response received Robert Rudick DOB: Nov-62 Education: BA Natural Science and Math Occupation: Lab manager, Penn Color, Inc. 30 years Qualifications: Sellersville Borough Council seven years experience Council President 18 months Answer to question: Sellersville is similar to many small boroughs in Bucks County that face an aging infrastructure and a loss of industry. The industry loss shrinks the tax base and puts a strain on the budget. By developing a 5 to 10 year plan we can investigate grants and better allocate funds in order to make the necessary infrastructure improvements and business development plans without putting an unfair financial burden on the residents. DEMOCRATIC Kathleen J Hallman DOB: Jan-48 Education: Graduate of Souderton High School Occupation: Retired Qualifications: Serving our community on Council has made me aware of the challenges we face as a small borough. My involvement in various committees in Sellersville has allowed me to have direct communications with business owners and residents to voice their concerns for the future of our town. Answer to question: Due to the recession property owners are concerned about the value of their homes and businesses. I would like to attract new businesses to the community by revitalizing Main Street. We need to continue applying for funding through government grans in a co-operative effort with the business owners and residents to assist in helping our borough move into a productive future. Name: Lois Dodson DOB: Oct-48 Education: Masters of Education Degree in Counseling Psychology from Temple University Occupation: School Services Coodinator at Penn Foundation, Sellersville, PA Qualifications: Ten years experience serving on Sellersville Borough Council; attended various training conferences sponsored by Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs and Bucks County Boroughs Association. Answer to question: The most important issues facing my community are an aging infrastructure, limited tax base, and fiscal responsibility to our constituents. These issues can best be addressed by taking advantage of all available government programs, including grants and loans; encouraging the

growth of local business and industry and strategic planning for the improvement and/or replacement of the infrastructure based on projected tax revenues. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Sue A. Snyder

MAYOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Lowell S. Musselman No response received

COUNCIL 2 Year Remainder Vacancy REPUBLICAN Charles Heiland No response received

COUNCIL 4 Year term (vote for 4) REPUBLICAN Joyce E. Patton No response received Steven R. Cordell No response received Amy Montgomery No response received Carol A. Frick No response received TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Jennifer Crocus


MAYOR 4 Year term (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN David S. Snook Hometown: Telford DOB: July-1938 Education: M. S., Bucknell University Occupation: Retired Educator Qualifications: 35 years in Education & Administration

COUNCIL 4 Year term (Vote for 3) REPUBLICAN Robert S. Baker No response received Scott K. Hillegass No response received J. Allen Landis No response received TAX COLLECTOR Year term (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Emiline I. Weiss

MAYOR 4 Year term (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Melissa Irene Baine No response received

BOROUGH COUNCIL 4 Year term (vote for 4) REPUBLICAN Claire E. Conley No response received Christopher J. Betz Hometown: Trumbauersville DOB: May-1972

Education: B.A. Business Communications, DeSales University Occupation: Publisher, The Free Press LLC; Proprietor, cjbetz Graphics Qualifications: Concerned citizen, active community member, current active member of Borough Council, readily available to help residents with questions and concerns. Answer to Question: Burdensome government regulation resulting in costly, unnecessary, unfunded mandates to be paid for by our residents. This is a problem plaguing municipalities across the state, many quite small with small budgets like Trumbauersville. Council is in frequent communication with our legislators directly and through our active involvement with the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs. I personally will continue to work with the rest of council in protecting our residents' rights and wallets. Frederick J. Potter No response received DEMOCRATIC Roberta D. Recenes No response received

MAYOR 4 Year term (Vote For 1) DEMOCRATIC J. David Cutchineal Hometown: Tullytown Borough DOB: Aug-51 Education: AA Criminal Justice BCCC 1975, Temple University, Sociology/Political Science 1977 Occupation: Senior Deputy Sealer, Bucks County Department of Weights/Measures Qualifications: Have been Mayor of Tullytown for 20 years. Our police department has received national recognition by our United States Congress for our community policing initiatives and service to residents under my guidance. Answer to question: Most important issues facing our community - being able to continue to support and maintain the highest feasible gift checks and the great services from our administrative staff, public works, fire services and police services that our residents have come to expect while adjusting to life without landfill host community fees. Be vigilant of spending practices while also looking for ways to best utilize the 50-60 acres of undeveloped land that we still have in our quaint borough.


4 Year term (Vote for 4) DEMOCRATIC Matt Pirolli No response received Mary Ann S. Gahagan No response received Rick Adams No response received

Holly A. Kettler No response received TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) DEMOCRAT Richard Hart

MAYOR 4 Year term (Vote for 1) REPUBLICAN Chris Harding Hometown: Yardley DOB: August-1970 Education: Masters of Business Administration, West Chester University Occupation: Mortgage Loan Officer Qualifications: Yardley Borough Council Member 1998-2006, Council President, Vice president, Public Safety Chairperson, Finance Committee Chair Answer to question: After the flood in 2004, I led a process to implement effective emergency response procedures. Working with residents and public officials, a plan was created to establish a support system for Borough residents affected during and after an emergency. During Sandy these procedures were not properly implemented, failing the Yardley Borough residents in their time of need. I have the experience to ensure that the Borough has an effective emergency response support system for residents. DEMOCRATIC George Daniello Hometown: Yardley DOB: Mar-52 Education: BA Psychology/City University of New York Occupation: Retired Union President Qualifications: My psychology and law enforcement training coupled with a 26 year union career ending with six years experience as a union president has given me a unique blend of people skills including negotiator, consensus builder, spokesperson, and a manager with financial know how. Answer to question: 1. Keeping our tax structure stable while ensuring that our economic growth does not harm the beauty of our community. 2. Building consensus with the various groups and committees that influence out town in order to preserve the history and natural beauty of Yardley. 3. Public safety is of utmost importance and I will ensure that, in conjunction with the Fire & Police department, all safety policies and procedures are honed and kept up to date. As an ex-Deputy Sheriff my experience will help in this area.


4 Year term (Vote for 4) REPUBLICAN Phil Cutrone

Hometown: Yardley DOB: Feb-1964 Education: Bachelor of Science from Devry University (Electrical Engineering Technology) Qualifications: I have expertise in computers and information technology that will assist us as we look to upgrade the Borough's technology infrastructure. Answer to question: We need a vision to achieve better. We must shine a brighter light on Borough Government. It's time to start televising meetings and making them available on TV and the internet. The Borough web site has meeting minutes and agendas, but they are rarely up to date. Residents need to have access to our ordinances, which are not online. We must prioritize bringing the Borough's technology up to date to do better for our residents. Tim Martin Hometown: Yardley DOB: Aug-76 Education: Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Millersville University (Communication) Occupation: Consultant Qualifications: I have expertise in environmental and transportation policy and permitting that will help our borough flourish while protecting our residents from the insider deals that have plagues us for the past decade. Answer to question: We need leadership that will proactively improve the small town atmosphere that drew us all to call Yardley Borough our home. By applying common sense principles to ordinances and regulations in a fair and unbiased manner, we can invite pedestrian friendly business into our downtown so that it can serve the needs of residents and visitors alike. Don Barder Hometown: Yardley DOB: Sept-1966 Education: VACE Academy, United States Marine - Corporal Occupation: Small Business Owner Qualifications: My expertise in operations management will provide the Borough with the skills to correctly implement the policies and procedures needed to improve our efficiency and citizen relations. Answer to question: We need a vision to achieve better. I will assure that the Borough has a top notch emergency response support system for residents. We must ensure residents are never left in the "dark" as to important information during an emergency, even if the lights are out! My expertise in operations management will provide the needed skills to correctly implement these policies and procedures so that our emergency response meets the needs of our residents. Lisa Hibbs Hometown: Yardley DOB: Aug-68 Education: B.A. Rider University (Political Science) Occupation: Executive Director Qualifications: My expertise in managing advocacy organizations will provide the borough with much needed relationship management experience as we look to find solutions to the challenges that face us. Answer to question: We need leadership that will proactively improve the small town atmosphere that drew us all to call Yardley Borough our home. By applying common sense principles to ordinances and regulations in a fair and unbiased manner, we can invite pedestrian friendly business into our downtown so that it can serve the needs of residents and visitors alike. DEMOCRATIC

Uri A. Feiner Hometown: Yardley DOB: Jul-71 Education: B.S. University of Vermont Occupation: Education Consultant and Entrepreneur Qualifications: During the recession, I used technology and efficient leadership to lead a struggling training institute into the top online school in its field. Id be honored to apply that experience locally to improve the sustainability, vibrancy, and safety of our community. Answer to question: Id like to find more ways to calm traffic and encourage walking/biking which supports the local businesses; bring together residents and businesses to smartly resolve our parking challenges; use technology to create more dialogue between residents and government in planning our future; make optimal use of our upcoming land acquisition for everyones enjoyment; establish a borough farmers market to feed the local economy and community spirit, continue to hold the line on taxes. Rich Wayne Hometown: Yardley DOB: Dec-68 Education: Bachelor Degree, Finance, Trenton State College Occupation: Data Analyst Qualifications: Served two terms on council that held line on taxes yet repaved several streets, expanded sidewalks, elevated homes, revived Afton Ave Streetscape project, hired an excellent boro manager and expanded the boroughs readiness for flooding and other emergencies. Answer to question: Infrastructure and public safety are the most important responsibilities of Yardley council. I hope to continue work on making Yardley a more walkable town and pursue efforts that make Main Street less attractive to traffic that neither originates nor terminates in the borough. The borough should acquire a long-neglected easement for Lake Afton to better assist owners of the pond as well as the volunteers who maintain it. Jef R. Buehler Hometown: Yardley DOB: Oct-67 Education: Masters of Public Administration, Rutgers University Occupation: Program Specialist, Socio-Economic Programs, State of New Jersey Qualifications: 20 years of economic and community development experience, specializing in downtown revitalization, knowledge of FEMA and disaster recovery funding and assistance, active community volunteer and founder of Canal-O-Ween. Answer to Question: Balancing Tradition with Innovation to enhance our Community 1. Maintaining effective management of the Borough through embracing technology for efficient communications and interaction with residents, organizations, businesses, and property owners. 2. Continuing to ensure that Yardley is a business-friendly location with a thriving downtown; growing commercial tax base to maintain residential tax rates. 3. Maintaining community character through historic and open-space preservation, supporting meaningful events, and being prepared for and quickly responsive to natural disasters. Katherine Cadwallader Hometown: Yardley DOB: Dec-48 Education: Masters Degree in Nursing: The Catholic University of America Occupation: Retired Critical Care Nurse Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Qualifications: Vice-President Yardley Borough Council since January 2006, Public Safety Committee since January 2011, General Government Committee 2006-2010, held the line on taxes since 2006, enacted business friendly ordinances, 10 new businesses in town. Answer to question: The most important issue in Yardley is flood mitigation. We are addressing them by participating in the PEMA/FEMA flood mitigation grants. As of April 2013 we have acquired and removed two homes. At least 25 homes have been elevated using grants or private funding. We obtained the County and Riverfront grants to purchase over 2 acres of property in the floodplain, ensuring that no development will occur there. Improved storm water management by installing backflow preventers. TAX COLLECTOR 4 Year term (vote for 1) DEMOCRAT Cheryl Lowe