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June 2009 Issue 164


The colour just gets better

• IAE Celebrate 40 Years • Duncombe Sawmill Celebrate Winning an Award • Jock Bryce is on a Mission

Welcome to the JUne edition of fencing & landscaping neWs
Just prior to going to press with this issue I am outside in the garden typing my introduction. With such beautiful weather we are having at present I hope it keeps going so that you guys can get all your jobs done.



MANAGING DIrector/ eDItor Simone Gallon Tel: 01274 610 101 AssIstANt eDItor Chris Berry Tel: 01274 610 101 FeAture WrIters Peter Walters, Chris Berry, Peter Mepsted, Rob Wilkinson, Phil Read, Victoria Poolman sAles/subscrIptIoNs MANAGer Ben Walton Tel: 01274 610 101 ADvertIsING AccouNt MANAGers Nicola Robson Tel: 01274 610 101 Grahame Kraft Tel: 01757 229 630 ADMIN/sAles Christian Gallon Tel: 01274 610 101 DesIGN James Ockelford fencing & Landscaping News 40 Stockhill Road, Greengates Bradford, BD10 9AX Tel: 01274 610 101 fax: 01274 621 730 Web:
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I have been out and about the length of the country for this issue visiting Jacksons fencing in Kent (see page 12) and then up to the Borders to see my old friend Jock Bryce and look around his new manufacturing plant (see pages 68 and 69). Congratulations to IAE who are celebrating 40 years trading and McVeigh Parker who are celebrating 30 years trading. Thanks also to McVeigh Parker for the invitation to their horse racing evening (see pages 35 and 71). We also visited the Chelsea flower Show, which as usual was extremely busy. However, we didn’t manage to ‘spot the celebrities’ in the same way as Nigel at M and M Timber! He bumped in to Cilla Black, Cliff Richard and even shook hands with Jeremy Clarkson! (My Hero)! Summer is now here and the show season is upon us once again. I hope that if you are coming to the Great Yorkshire Show you will find the time to come and see us. We have 2 stands this year - 657 and 267 - and we are giving prizes away! We also have a stand at Driffield Show where the new fencing Competition will be taking place - if anyone woud like to enter please give me a call. Congratulations must also go to our very own Ben (Walton) who managed to win our golf day. Thanks to all of you who attended, as we managed to raise £200 for Marie Curie. Have a good summer and see you in the August edition . Kind.Regards,.. simone..


Ringfenced . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4-6 What’s.On. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7-9 . neWs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11,.14,.23,.41 cOmpany.pROfile . . . . . . . . . . . . 12,.22,.44-45,.52-53,.58-59,.67 cOmpany.neWs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,.17,.19,.20-21,.24,.26,.35,.37,.49,.56,.63,.66,.68-71,.73 health.&.safety. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 cOntRactOR. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18,.32-33,.60-61 neW.pROducts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28,.50-51 . saWmills . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30-31,.48 secuRity. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34,.47 timbeR.update. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38-39 . chelsea.flOWeR.shOW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54-55 landscaping. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 machineRy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64,.72,.74-77 fencing.peOple. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .78-79 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80-82

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cUtting fasteR and last longeR
The new RotoZip X-Cores™ are the latest invention in diamond tooling and the fastest hole saw bits on the market. In combination with RotoZip Spiral Saws, this innovative accessory makes light work of difficult freehand cuts in all hard tiles and stone. Thanks to its diamond-bonding technology, one single X-Core bit can cut up to 100 holes in porcelain - absolutely dry. The new X-Core bits were specifically engineered for RotoZip tools and are available in eight different sizes. And with new cores, professional tradesmen can make clear cuts without blow-out in the hardest materials including porcelain, granite, marble and natural stone. The X-Cores are also suitable for extending or correcting existing holes. The unique production process guarantees a considerably longer lifetime and allows the fastest speed in comparison to that of conventional bits for spiral saws. With these new X-Cores, RotoZip tools are perfect for cutting dry wall, kitchen worktops, wall tiles and floor tiles. They also make precise cuts in sanitary installation and metalworking applications. RotoZip tools are impressively easy to handle and light-weight. Thanks to their wide range of applications, they reduce the number of tools required by tilers, bathroom fitters, plumbers, electricians and other contractors. . for.more.information.visit:.. http://www .rotozipeurope .com

neW sponsoR foR WoRldsKills
makita. uK,. the. number. 1. leader. in. professional. power. tools. and. outdoor., sponsor. to. the. Worldskills. uK. landscape. gardening. competition,. organised. by. the. british. association. of. landscape. industries. (bali) .
The competition is open to individuals with 2 to 7 years of relevant experience and/or Level 3 NVQ in Horticulture. There is no age restriction but only winners aged between 16-21 years can qualify for possible inclusion in the bi-annual WorldSkills squad, depending on skills standards, allowing participation at international level. Marks are awarded for timber construction, walls, fences, water features, paving, steps, turf and planting. The highest scoring competitors across all heats that

meet required standards will be invited to compete in the UK final. Makita has agreed to provide cash sponsorship as well as power tools required to complete the varied tasks and a trainer/demonstrator who will ensure safe and correct use. Visit.www .makitauk .com. for.more.information.about. the.comprehensive.range.of. or.www .bali .org .uk.for.more. information.about.Worldskills. uK.landscape.gardening.2009 .


fencing news June 2009


timeless timbeR taKes gReenmech Win 2nd decKing to a higheR level

QUeens aWaRd

greenmech. limited,. the. Warwickshire. based. manufacturer. of. wood. chippers. and. vegetation. management. equipment,. have. been. awarded. their. second. Queens. award. for. enterprise .. the. first. award,. in. 2005,. was. for. international. trade .. this. second. award. has. been. made.for.innovation .
The Innovation award is for GreenMech’s development of the SAfE-Trak system fitted to their tracked wood chippers and to the recently launched MULTI-Task tracked tool carrier. These machines offer contractors the opportunity to significantly reduce costs by facilitating the safe transport and stable operation of the wood chipper or Multi-Task, on slopes of up to 35º, where vegetation clearance work is undertaken. The SAfE-Trak system offers a greatly increased stability and access to difficult terrain and keeps the operators out of the danger zone when working on railway or motorway embankments. SAfE-Trak specification machinery has a wide range of applications and is widely used in the Arboriculture and forestry. It has a particular niche in the Utility sector, where its durability and ease of maintenance make it ideally suited to tree works on railway cuttings, roadside embankments and electricity line clearance contracting. In addition the maintenance of forestry rides and rhododendron clearance is easily managed by the MULTI-Task which can operate in arduous

conditions safely and effectively. GreenMech’s SAfE-Trak range is available throughout the UK through a specialised dealer network who have been selected for their individual knowledge of, and commitment to the industry. Machinery is also available for short term contracts from both national and independent hire outlets across the country. Commenting on the award, GreenMech’s Chairman Tony Turner said, ‘I am immensely proud of the efforts of the whole team whose hard work have enabled us the win our second Queens Award for Enterprise. It is especially gratifying that this Queens Award is for innovation - an area that we particularly focus on.’ He went on to explain that an idea was only the start of a long process of getting a successful new product to the market place. following the launch, the company’s after market and customer care procedures ensure that product development and improvement can be implemented where appropriate. Tony Tuner emphasised the importance of listening to customers: “ Many of the ideas that have led us to develop new products have directly come from conversations with our customers. I firmly believe that the whole company’s determination to rise to our customers expectations has been a huge factor in this Award.’ the.mill.industrial.park. Kings.coughton,.alcester. Warwickshireb49.5Qg. www .greenmech .co .uk

timeless.timber,.the.quality. decking. brand. from. bsW. timber,. has. launched. a. high. performance,. elevated. balustrading. system. for. both. light. commercial. and. domestic.use .
The Axxys Hi-Level range, , is ideal for cafes, hotels and bars looking to add a stylish outdoor setting to their establishment. The range also gives home owners a greater selection when deciding on what kind of decking to choose for their outdoor project. Strength tested by Trada to BS 6180:1999, Axxys combines a specially designed range of timber posts, rails and spindles combined with satin aluminium fittings for elevated decks of over 600mm. Bryan Crennell, marketing manager for BSW Timber: says “BSW’s Timeless Timber decking offers a cost effective stylish transformation, combining the traditional appeal of natural materials with modern design and lifestyle choice. “Raised decked areas can often add

value and character to a property, offering an alternative option when a traditional patio or garden is not viable. Many people are attracted to the idea of having a living space out in the open and with this new product, we are able to give our customers even more choice when considering renovating their outdoor space. “The high level decking not only serves its purpose as a hardwearing balcony but can transform outside spaces into a unique area to enjoy the longer lighter evenings as we approach the summer months.” With a 20 year warranty the high quality and performance of Timeless Timber decking is recognised by the Timber Decking Association (TDA) and all boards are printed with the ‘DECKMARK’ certified stamp of quality- ensuring long and lasting enjoyment of your outdoor space. for.more.information.on.. inspirational.ideas.for.. www .timeless-timber .co .uk .

HARDWOOD SAWmiLL eSTABLiSHeD in 1984 THe FuRTHeST nORTHeRn HARDWOOD SAWmiLL in engLAnD • Production of quality sawn OAK timber - 1st and 2nd grade. • Any size accomodated. • OAK beams, posts, sleepers. • Hardwood and Softwood, treated and untreated, machined posts, rails, pegs, wedges, sleepers. • Reclaimed Railway Sleepers. • Delivery nationwide. Shed 25, Francismoor Wood, Brampton Road, Longtown, Carlisle, Cumbria. CA6 5TR

Tel : (01228) 791777 Fax : (01228) 791373
fencing news June 2009 5


bRooKs shoW theiR cURves
brooks. were. approached. by. a. local. client. who. needed. a. supply.of.specially.‘contoured. infill.bars’.for.a.job.they.were. working.on .
The project was fulfilled drawing on the Brooks forgings wealth of knowledge and experience gained over many years of working with various materials, and processes particularly in this market sector. Our craftsmen fully understand that materials can react in different ways especially when comparing between one source of supply to another. All the raw materials used in the fulfilment of this project were hardness tested before the manufacturing process commenced to ensure consistency throughout the production run. The proposed contours were drawn up on site and approved by the client prior to the manufacturing process commencing and our engineers were asked to develop and produce ‘adjustable tooling’ which we made in-house to help alleviate nonconsistent spring-back imposed

by the stress generated during the bending process. The bars, made from 50 x 10mm solid steel, had to be bent in several positions along their 2.4m length with up to 3 Tonnes being used to complete the project. The finished bars were stacked carefully side by side to help check and maintain their exact shape during transit and installation so the curves would be visually consistent from bar to bar when welded into place. And they look great. They were also successfully delivered to out clients within a 10 day turnaround.

latest advances in aUtomation
finalist. for. the. ifsec. security. industry. awards,. faac. (uK). for. automatic. gates,. barriers. and. doors. at. this. year’s. ifsec. exhibition.last.month . The new range includes the latest swing gate operators, the award nominated S418 and the hybrid powered S450, along with the C720 low-voltage patented operator for sliding gates. 6 fencing news June 2009 Also on display and a contender for IfSEC’s access control product of the year was the E124 control board which is compatible with all fAAC 24V swing gate systems and will also control other brands of operators. Unlike any other fAAC control board, the E124 has 50 different power levels and 10 different speeds which can be varied independently, adding to the flexibility of the system. fAAC’s extensive technological expertise is perfectly demonstrated in the high performance C720 which uses almost half the power required by other operators currently available. Based on the fAAC patented speed reduction principle, the 24V C720 has a mechanical efficiency of over 80 per cent and reduced noise and vibration make it the ideal choice for residential properties. Also on the stand were the stylish new XT range of transmitters which are available with either Rolling Code or Self Learning Hopping code with fAAC patented transmitter to transmitter programming functionality, allowing them to be used with existing systems. With more than 40 year’s experience, fAAC is a world leader in gate and door automation. . for.more.information.visit. www .faac .co .uk

WhAt’s oN

timbeR fiRm plaYs faiR With long-life stRUctURes
Midlands timber specialist M&M Timber returns to Playfair, the forthcoming two-day exhibition of play, sport and leisure activity equipment (23-24 June), with a revolutionary new treatment process that extends the life of its timber structures for at least 15 years. Showcasing a range of play timbers, gazebos and pavilions at the Stoneleigh Park showground near Coventry, M&M Timber is anticipating a huge response to its new micronized timber from visitors, including local authority and commercial play providers, teachers, PTAs and child development professionals. M&M Timber treated to BS 8417 guarantees to extend the service life to a minimum of 15 years. This new MicroPro technology has already made a significant impact on the company’s sales of garden and landscaping products. M&M Timber has backed its investment in the new process with the installation of a drying kiln and associated sanding line costing in excess of £200,000 at its 22 acre site at Clows Top, near Kidderminster. Developed in the USA by leading wood preservatives specialist Osmose, the MicroPro treatment has been welcomed by farmers, the fencing-landscaping industry and the rural community in general.

dRiffield shoW 2009
this. summer,. the. long. traditions. of. the. 134th. driffield. show,. are. set. to. be. continued. in. the. most. appropriate. manner. by. the. driffield.agricultural.society ..
The Driffield Agricultural Show, which will take place at the usual venue (Driffield Showground, East Yorkshire) will fall on Wednesday 22nd of July 2009. It is one of the biggest one-day agricultural shows in the country, and visitors to the event are sure to enjoy all the traditional features of an English agricultural show with the many added attractions of quality trade stands and retail outlets. Driffield Agricultural Society relies on a range of well-renowned sponsors from within the agricultural field and this year, we at fencing and Landscaping News and farmersmart will proudly be a Silver Sponsor. As we were bronze last year, this is no doubt a progress and we are hopefully looking forward to getting our hands on gold next year. The show will also welcome the Yorkshire & North of England fence Contracting Competition for the first time, and it is anticipated that there will be several classes from young farmers to professional contractors. Driffield Show has moved on to meet the challenges of 21st century farming and, while other shows have to some extent moved away from their rural roots, Driffield Show has retained its agricultural backbone. David Tite of Driffield Agricultural Show is delighted with the new addition to the show. “We are constantly looking at new ideas and I am looking forward to the fence Contracting Competition becoming a major attraction this year and for many more.” The show has always taken place at the Driffield Showground, in the midst of July, and with a five year average footfall of 22,000 people, the show offers a maximum impact to a large captive audience from both rural and urban communities. Big enough to offer a fun and full day out for all the family and small enough to have a friendly atmosphere; it is surely a must on the calendar. to.enter.the.fencing.competition.. simone@fencing-news .co .uk

Nigel Poyner, MD

Stock/Wire Fencing
• SFS/40 Fencing Stapler Fixes stock equestrian, deer, badger fencing etc., in a fraction of time of hand stapling and eliminates post splitting.

Manufacturers of steel gates and fences to suit all requirements

Post & Rail Fencing
Bostitch N512C Coil Nailer •

These two compressors are ideally suited for fencing related tasks but we can supply many others - please see the dedicated Compressors section. • B38/5.5 Petrol Compressor • Honda 3.5hp Petrol Compressor

Tel: Fax: E-mail:

0113 3935522 0113 3935499

Lotherton Park Farm, Copley Lane, Aberford Leeds LS25 3ED
8 fencing news June 2009

WhAt’s oN

fencing neWs RepResentative chRistian on the catWalK
the. seven. finalists. for. the. new. model. young. farmer. competition. at. this. year’s. great. yorkshire. show. have. been. announced. and. our. own. christian. gallon. is. amongst.them!
The competition, which makes its debut this year, takes place on the first day of the event and is part of the stunning catwalk shows in the Skipton Building Society fashion Pavilion. The Great Yorkshire Show, which each year attracts more than 130,000 visitors, runs from Tuesday 14 – Thursday 16 July and is held at the Great Yorkshire Showground on the edge of Harrogate. As well as the fashion shows, the attractions at what is one of the UK’s largest farming and country events include international showjumping, a flower show, thousands of animals, displays and plenty of fun for all the family. All seven shortlisted contenders will strut their stuff on the catwalk during the four fashion shows on the Tuesday. The winner will be announced after the 2.30pm show and will receive £300 from the sponsors, Skipton Building Society and a crate of Black Sheep beer. Each of the other finalists will receive £50. Bill Cowling, Honorary Show Director said: “The fashion shows are certainly amongst the most popular attractions at the event. In the past we’ve concentrated on female fashions but this year we wanted to add a different dimension, and link it to farming. Involving the Young farmers Movement does just that, and I’m sure it will be very well received, and who knows, it might lead to new career opportunities which would certainly be diversification with a difference!” Bernadette Gledhill of the Louise Morton Model Agency and the fashion show co-ordinator, is helping the contenders learn the essentials of catwalk modelling, offering professional advice and guidance on how they need to walk and act to

christian,.simone’s.nephew.. (very.proud) really look the part. She said: “Even professional models can find it daunting when they first take to the runway and walk out in front of an audience, so I’m really impressed with these guys for being willing to give it a go. “I’m helping as much as I can so they will know what to expect and I’m sure that when the time comes they’ll all step out confidently and show everyone what they can do. We’re lining up some fantastic designer outfits for them, too, so they’ll look fabulous! Good luck to all of them.” The fashion shows are free and take place in the Skipton Building Society fashion Pavilion at the north west side of the showground. Times each day are 11am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 4pm. Please note the Model Young farmers will only be appearing in the Tuesday shows. fencing.and.landscaping.. show.this.year on.subscriptions ..come.and. and.near.the.cattle.ring.267

fencing news June 2009



gap YaWns betWeen the sicK and the healthY in UK fencing maRKet
the latest RepoRt fRom plimsoll
The first snapshot of how the fencing market is changing as a result of the UK economic slowdown has just been released by industry analysts Plimsoll Publishing. The findings suggest that the brunt of the slowdown is being felt by almost a quarter of the companies in the market. Surprisingly, over a third of those surveyed have been largely unaffected, maintaining their financial strength, margins and some managing to even increase sales. The study surveyed the UK’s Top 800 fencing firms, based on their latest financial performance. Highlights extracted from the analysis show: of almost 7% this time last year. However there is much changing amongst the players in the market as they jostle for precious sales, highlighted by the huge gap in performance.

Overall profitability is slim, with most companies reporting profits of less than 1%. This is largely in line with last years figures as the early signs of recession were already taking an effect. However the gap between the very profitable and those missing out is widening.

reorganisations are already leading to an increase in profitability. However for those that have yet to come to terms with this changing market, times are tough and they risk falling further behind the successful competition unless they respond to this changing market.” The Plimsoll Analysis- fencing analyses each of the 800 companies in the industry individually and rates each company on their financial performance. copies.of.the.complete.. analysis.the.plimsoll.analysis. – parkin.on.01642.626422 .. is.priced.£350+Vat.. and.readers.can.claim.a.. .

O. . 11.firms.have.seen. 2


P 60.firms.have.seen.their. 3


4 . 15.firms.have.seen.their. profits.fall,

Overall the market is showing no overall growth, compared to growth

David Pattison, Senior analyst at Plimsoll, explains the reasons behind the changing market. “The recession seems to have accelerated a shift in the market. Some companies have clearly been affected by those that have swapped to low cost alternatives or by the loss of a key client. Others are clearly benefiting from this move.”

P 85.firms.have.increased. 3

profitability,.some.reporting. margins.of.over.5%

David Pattison believes this is down to a number of factors. “The recession has been a good thing for a number of companies, it has sharpened their management and improved the accountability of the directors, so much so that these

fencing news June 2009


coMpANy proFIle

the big companY With familY bUsiness valUes
simone visits and taKes a looK at hoW JacKsons fencing has gRoWn in the past seven decades
When. harry. sands. Jackson. and. his. son. ian. started. up. Jacksons. fencing. to. serve. the. needs. of. the. farming. community. in. Kent,. with. chestnut. stakes. and. fencing. over.60.years.ago,.little.could. they. have. thought. just. how. large. the. company. would. grow .
Today this wonderful family business has retained its roots of quality service and supplying the right product every time whilst growing into a company that now employs over 220 staff, including a sales team of around 40. They are now a worldwide concern and recently supplied 4200 metres of security fencing for a prison in Singapore as well as supplying security fencing for another prison on St Vincent in the Caribbean. The British Consulate in Basra in Iraq and an oil company contract in Siberia are just two more of their global business wins. They even supply traditional garden fencing to customers in Japan! Back on the UK mainland they have won prestigious work for blue-chip companies such as Walmart (ASDA) at their flagship store in Hinckley, Leicestershire, numerous schools and Local Authorities and are involved with leading designers exhibiting at the Chelsea and Hampton Court flower Shows. Their business encompasses every manner of fencing from timber and steel to high security, including automated gates, and they are presently one of the UK’s leading suppliers of acoustic fencing and barriers. Their Jakoustic timber barrier systems have won many plaudits reducing noise pollution from railways and highways by up to 32 decibels, whilst also providing an attractive and pleasing façade. Richard Jackson is chairman and chief executive officer of this highly professional company and he tells of how his father’s and his grandfather’s spirit is being maintained: ‘We have always believed that family businesses are a special entity. Traditional values really do matter here and most importantly we all 12 fencing news June 2009 realise that it is people who count, whether they be staff or customers. And it shows in our team, many of whom have been with us for over 20 years. Indeed when we looked at our sales and advisory team alone we were amazed that it has amassed over 300 years of experience.’ Personalities like Danny Daniel, who has worked for some 37 years in the Jacksons timber workshop, now as its Production Manager, Dennis firth, with 36 years, now responsible for the quality control and despatch of export orders, and Rob Parsons, 34 years in finance and IT management. ‘Some companies put profit above everything else, however whilst we are the first to recognise that profit is a necessity to continue trading, we believe that it is products and customer service that are paramount. That’s why we invest so much into design, plant and training in order that we maintain and enhance our reputation in the industry’, says Richard. The 8-strong design team, who Richard describes as the ‘best in the business’, utilises the very latest in CAD technology, and the introduction of robotic technology in the workshop has also enabled Jacksons to retain their position at the head of the field in steel fencing. Both Jacksons timber and steel products, which make up a roughly even split of 50-50 of their overall business, come with 25 year guarantees. This is as a measure of their confidence in the processes and systems they operate through their three sites in the UK. To complement their South East headquarters in Ashford they also have bases in the South West in Chilcompton, near Bath, and in the North West in Richard Jackson Tattenhall near Chester. Quality products in the fencing industry are only as good as the people that install the fencing and that is where Jacksons also score heavily with their Expert Installer programme. ‘We introduced the Expert Installer programme covering timber fencing because we want every one of our residential customers to benefit from the product we supply, and that can only happen if we are using quality installers,’ says Richard. Over 90 such installers are now approved as such by Jacksons fencing and recently the company ran its inaugural 3-day event and conference at their head office with installers attending from as far afield as Cumbria. ‘We have developed a customer charter which establishes a code of practice expected from a Jacksons Expert Installer and the customers’ expectations from them. Everything we do is all about quality.’ The agricultural connections remain strong to this day and the company is currently working with National farmers Union in raising awareness of security issues and appropriate products. The same attention to a quality installation applies to security and steel fencing with a Contracts Team operating throughout the country and the installation of gate and barrier automation with an in-house team of 11 specialists carrying out EU Machinery Directive compliant installations. Jacksons fencing is still very much a family company too with Peter Jackson as security sales director, Richard’s sister Liz Warren as quality manager, and daughter Tammy as product marketing manager on security solutions. Other directors in the Jackson fencing team are Ken Buckfield marketing, Neil Jordan finance , and Andy Tune operations. Jacksons fencing is ISO 9001 certified, a Secured by Design Licensed Company and one of a handful of companies with high security fencing systems tested and approved by The British Government. JacKsOns.fencing. stowting.common,.ashford. Kent.tn25.6bn tel:.01233.750393. fax:.01233.750403 email:.sales@. jacksons-fencing .co .uk www .jacksons-fencing .co .uk


UK tRade & investment helps RecoRd nUmbeR of fiRms eaRn £3.6bn pRofit
data. released. last. month. shows. that. uK. trade. &. investment.(uKti).is.helping. hundreds. more. companies. than. ever. before. to. export .. the. latest. quarterly. survey. shows.that.a.record.20,700. businesses. were. helped. to. generate. £3 .6. billion. in. additional.profit ..
UKTI customers were interviewed in early 2009 as part of the independent Performance and Impact Monitoring Survey (PIMS). While they reported that the global economic downturn had affected their businesses, over half (51%) were experiencing increasing demand from abroad. The survey confirmed that UKTI had shot past its target of helping 20,000 businesses in twelve months. It said that 20,700 UK firms had received “significant assistance” from UKTI, an increase of 1,400 companies on the previous survey. UKTI’s customers, of which 90% are small and mediumsized businesses, estimated that UKTI helped their businesses to generate £3.6 billion in additional profit, up from £3 billion last year. Changes that came into effect this month mean that UK Trade & Investment is able to offer more help to UK businesses. from 1 April, UKTI doubled the number of grants that individual businesses can receive for its Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP). Each year, over 3,000 UK businesses receive TAP grants of up to £1,800 to participate in tradeshows abroad. This financial year, grants are available for over 400 trade shows in many markets. They include the ‘Big 5’ construction show in Dubai, an offshore oil & gas show in Brazil, a broadcast media show in Beijing and the Medica life sciences show in Germany. “Solo” TAP grants are also available for companies wishing to exhibit independently at events not listed on the UKTI website. Under the new rules, the number of grants available to businesses in their lifetime will double to six per company, with the proviso that the company visits at least two different markets. And for businesses that have already benefited from the TAP programme, the slate has been wiped clean, and previously awarded grants will not be taken into account. (www .uktradeinvest .gov .uk). to.find.out.more.about.the. .


8 Binns Close, Coventry CV4 9TB Tel: 02476421 300 Fax: 02476 421 309 email: web:


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coMpANy NeWs

bRett gains chaRteR
In order to ensure that Brett Landscaping continues to remain at the forefront of sustainable operations, it has now committed to a range of ambitious principles for its business. These will ensure that it continues to monitor and use its resources as efficiently as possible and reduce its carbon footprint year on year. Chris Droogan, Managing Director of Brett Landscaping was presented with a Charter Member certificate at

the AGM of British Precast Concrete federation on 12th May 2009. This latest accolade comes on top of the company securing the BS EN ISO 14001 standard earlier in the year and highlights the commitment Brett has to minimising its impact on the environment. . for.more.infomration.on.. brett.landscaping.visit. www .brett .co .uk

leading. concrete. paving. manufacturer. brett. landscaping. now. has. even. more. to. celebrate. on. its. 100th. anniversary. after. passing. the. first. precast. sector.sustainability.charter. audit ..

This achievement acknowledges a commitment of going beyond current legislation to ensure that its products and operations are sustainable. Inspectors particularly recognised the community liaison initiatives being run by Brett at its Cliffe site. The company will be rolling out similar initiatives at its other sites later this year.

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heAlth AND sAFety

health & safetY a-plant laUnches execUtive issUe neW thiRd seRies neW laW posteR site safetY pacK
peter. mepsted. of. php. health. and. safety. ltd. reports;
At work, we probably see one everyday. However, if you ask anyone what it says and they will probably not have a clue, despite it being a legal requirement to display the information! Of course, I am referring to the Health and Safety Law Poster - if you had not already guessed. Normally I notice that the poster is either partially (or fully) covered by other items, dog eared, grimy, and generally overlooked. Additionally it is very rare to find one with the details of the enforcing authority and the Employment Medical Advisory Service completed. This is despite the requirement under the ‘Health and Safety Information for Employees Regulations’ for the poster to be displayed in a prominent position or for the issue of the equivalent leaflet. But all that is changing, as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have published new versions of the poster as well as the alternative leaflet. I should mention that for some workers, the nature of their work makes it impractical to display the full size poster and an alternative method of providing the information can be achieved by issuing these leaflets to individual employees. According to the HSE, the new poster and leaflet are “modern, eye catching and easy to read. They set out in simple terms, using numbered lists of basic points, what employers and workers must do, and tell you what to do if there is a problem.” Although the new versions were introduced in April 2009 there is no requirement to change the existing versions until 5th April 2014 as the HSE have allowed for a five year phasing in period. Copies of the new style poster and leaflets can be obtained from HSE Books (Tel: 01787 881165) and easy read and large print versions are also available. In addition the HSE are providing Welsh language issues. In my opinion, this is a move in the right direction as the old poster was unattractive and was not seen as an appealing document to read. Most workers also perceived that the poster was for the employers benefit and had no relevance to them! Despite not needing to replace the existing posters for five years, I think that this presents itself as a good opportunity to revamp your notice board and demonstrate that you are keeping health and safety at the forefront of your business.

a-plant,. one. of. the. leading. non-operated. plant. and. tool. hire. companies. in. the. uK,. has. launched. a. new. enhanced. third. edition. of. the. company’s. site. safety. pack,. incorporating. the. safety.legislation.particularly. a. new. user-friendly. design. and.layout ...
Available free-of-charge from APlant, the Site Safety Pack has been very successful in helping and informing customers on how to work with ever evolving and expanding Health and Safety legislation on construction sites. To request the new pack, anyone interested can call the dedicated A-Plant health and safety hotline on 0870 050 9991 or e-mail healthandsafety@ aplant .com. As part of A-Plant’s very strong, ongoing commitment to improving health and safety standards in the hire industry, the new edition of the Site Safety Pack has been given a refreshing facelift in terms of its design and colour. Now enclosed in a new white and green folder; the corporate colours of A-Plant, the fully integrated Site Safety Pack has

a clean and professional look, with eye catching and innovative literature and artwork including posters, and a comprehensive 56 page Health and Safety handbook. The new pack gives a wealth of information on a range of subjects, including: • • • • • • • • Hand Arm Vibration Safety Complying with Work at Height Regulations Avoiding Slips, Trips and falls Safe Manual Handling fire Safety Noise at Work Advice Personal Protective Equipment And much more…

The comprehensive fleet of safety products from A-Plant forms part of what is believed to be one of the best hire services in Europe as reinforced by the company’s website www. providing a definitive online guide for the equipment hire industry. The ongoing investment in the A-Plant fleet ensures that customers can always hire equipment which meets or exceeds the required safety standards. APlant is part of fTSE 250 company, Ashtead Group plc, the leading UK and US equipment outsourcer.

Are you compliant with health and safety legislation? Do you need practical, common sense guidance?

If so, contact us.

Telephone: 0845

873 2990 Fax: 0845 873 2991

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all in a daY’s WoRK
a. ten-strong. team. of. forest. managers. nd. dministration. a a staff. from. upm. tilhill’s. Kirkby.lonsdale.took.up.the. the. grounds. of. lindale. pre. and. primary. schools. at. lindale,.grange.over.sands,. cumbria. on. friday. 30th. January .
As part of UPM Tilhill’s UK-wide Community Action Days initiative, the team set to work to clear, plant and fence the school grounds. Children from reception to year 6 volunteered enthusiastically to help the team clear unwanted trees and ground cover from the school’s overgrown beech maze. “When we heard that one of our local primary schools had secured funding to create an interactive garden area, we offered to help stretch the grant funding further by undertaking the initial clearance works,” said John Deakin, District Manager, UPM Tilhill. “This was an ideal project for our Community Action Day initiative and by the day’s end, with plenty of help from the school pupils, we had completed the challenge” The team cleared an overgrown outdoor area to the front of the preschool; created three planters and planted them with a range of suitable shrubs, courtesy of UPM Tilhill, and erected a wooden trellis along a boundary wall. At the back of the primary school, the team cleared an existing hazel and beech maze in preparation for future landscaping works planned by the school and supplied and planted two ornamental trees to a grassed area.

coMpANy NeWs

Upm tilhill volUnteeRs complete school gRoUnds maKeoveR
Pupils from Lindale Primary School plant a tree in their school grounds helped by Guy Warren, UPM Tilhill

Peter Middleton, Commercial Director, UPM Tilhill, said: “Well done to the north west England team for rolling up their sleeves and taking on the first Community Action Day challenge of the year. I hope the pupils, parents and

teachers of the school will get much pleasure from their school grounds’ ‘makeover’. “ . for.more.information.visit. www .upm-tilhill .com

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tURning theiR hands to anYthing
chRis beRRY talKs With dave bRadneR of db fencing contRactoRs
dave. bradner. considers. himself. a. very. lucky. man .. he. thoroughly. enjoys. what. is. now. one. of. the. most. respected.fencing.companies. in.the.south.West .
‘We have been trading for six and a half years, but the business really started taking off five years ago. We’re not having a bad year at present and have just invested in a new Bryce Suma post driver. That’s our second major purchase.’ Whilst DB fencing Contractors are based in Silverton, Exeter, Dave is from nearby Cornwall originally. His father used to work for a local farmer/ contractor undertaking fencing work and Dave has followed a little in his father’s footsteps, whilst taking things further by running his own company. ‘I’ve been fencing since I left school, so I guess it is engrained into me. I went to Duchy College in Cornwall where I studied for my National Certificate in Agriculture and then went on to study for my NCfM. After that I spent 18 months on a deer farm owned by Robin Hanbury Tennyson who is a quite a well known man in these parts.’ When the deer farming job came to an end Dave started working fulltime in the fencing sector, firstly for another local fencing contracting company before starting DB fencing Contractors. ‘I’ve been full-time on fencing since May 2001 and started up DB fencing Contractors in 2002. There are three of us presently, myself and another two, and we do everything from stock fencing to gardens and industrial, including both steel and timber. The business volume is largely shared equally between agriculture, residential and industrial, but we do seem to be undertaking quite a lot of stock fencing at the moment. That seems to be what is providing the lion’s share of the business just at present. Stock netting with two strands of wire is very popular around here.’ Dave is married to Lisa and this September sees their 10th wedding anniversary. They have two children – Thomas (8) and Ellie (5). Whilst Dave is, like most in the industry and in business, always keen to do any job, he is also very realistic about plans for the future and how the economy is at present. ‘There are some who are paring back their prices considerably. We offer a quality service and a competitive price, and we can turn our hands to anything, but we won’t do it for nothing. I really enjoy what we do here and figure I’m quite a lucky man to be able to work in an environment that I both understand and get a lot out of.’ infORmatiOn. db.fencing.cOntRactORs. silverton,.exeter. tel:.01392.860907. mob:.07785.268589


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beRinsfield commUnitY bUsiness accRedit to the indUstRY
Berinsfield Community Business (BCB) was founded in 2001 on the basis of an Innovation and Good Practice project in partnership with Soha Housing, and now offers an extended range of property management services with a customer base which includes over twenty Parish Councils in Oxfordshire. The company provides a whole range of maintenance services to hundreds of properties and has maintenance deals with three out of the four local housing associations including Soha and Cottsway Housing Association. BCB has now been accredited by Exor following an extensive check on health & safety procedures and was done to support their work for Cottsway Housing and Vale Housing. Exor accreditation standards are recognised as the highest in the country and only suppliers and contractors that attain and maintain the required high standard can gain admission to the Exor approved supplier database. It is now recognised as the leading independent accreditation service provider to the public sector market. A business with Exor accreditation has to be financially stable, compliant with legislation relevant to the work carried out by the business, and reliable, with a trading history checked by the sourcing of independent references. BCB has also been accredited by Oxfordshire County Council under their ‘Buy with confidence’ scheme. Accredited members are subjected to stringent checks by Trading Standards staff to ensure their trustworthiness and compliance with the law. Levels of consumer complaints against members are also monitored on a regular basis. The aim of the Buy with Confidence scheme is to provide a list of reputable local businesses in a wide range of different trades. Member companies have been independently checked by staff from the local authority Trading Standards Service against the Scheme rules. BCB Business Director Mark Williams commented, ‘We went for these accreditations to help us compete on quality rather than just price and to help customers have confidence in our staff and services. In these difficult times we offer real value for money so remember, the cheapest quote will not necessarily be the best one’. . 01865.343715.or.. visit:.www .bcomb .co .uk

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coMpANy NeWs

magna-latch® & the WoRld’s safest gates
the. magnalatch®. magnetic. safety. gate. latch. was. invented. in. australia. in. the.,. design. and. manufacturing. company. d&d. technologies. ..
D&D Technologies’ story is one of remarkable success. If ever the adage “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” applies to a company, D&D exemplifies the story. D&D’s owners had been frustrated by cheap and traditional metal gate latches that would not latch safely and reliably for any reasonable length of time. The company, which was a specialist in child safety gates at the time, was not only worrying about the integrity of latches that worked “some of the time” but also the possibility a child could be injured or worse, should the gates they were installing not latch securely. Since those early days D&D Technologies has gone on to become a worldwide success in all aspects of innovative gate hardware – latches, locks, hinges and accessories. Today the company is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of safety gate latches and hinges, and has offices in Sydney, Los Angeles and The Netherlands, not to mention a web of distributors in numerous countries. With its patented magnetic latching principle, the MagnaLatch incurs no mechanical resistance to closure, and so suffers none of the jamming, sticking and friction of many conventional “mechanical” gate latches. This makes MagnaLatch a much more durable and dependable option – especially when children’s lives are at stake. MagnaLatch is available in three models to suit different types, styles and sizes of gates. When matched with D&D’s TruClose® Safety Gate Hinges it is billed by the company as “The world’s best safety gate solution”. Because the top-selling MagnaLatch ‘Top Pull’ model has the release knob positioned above the gate, well out of reach of toddlers, it is ideal for use around childcare centres, nurseries, creches and playground areas. In places like Australia, New Zealand, California, florida and southern france, MagnaLatch is the No. 1 choice of swimming pool gate fabricators. Being key-lockable, the latch also provides householders and childcare providers some extra peace-ofmind. The multi-award-winning MagnaLatch is manufactured to exceed most relevant international safety codes. All latch models are backed by D&D Technologies’ exceptional Lifetime Warranty. . for.more.information.on. magnalatch®.and.other.d&d. technologies.gate.hardware.. phone.+31.(0)30.291.9847,.. fax.+31.(0)30.291.9998,. or.e-mail.cathy.elliott. at.sales@ddtech .nl


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On. target. for. yet. another. record. year,. leading. garden. and. landscape. timber. specialist. m&m. timber. is. fast. becoming. the. independent. garden. centre’s. no .1. choice. supplier .
Sales of garden and leisure timber products have rocketed as the Worcester based company’s newly structured sales regions continue to attract new accounts with retail outlets. More than 50 garden centres have been signed up in the last three months, bringing M&M Timber’s tally to well over 300 stockists nationwide. According to Sales Director Ian Rickhuss, the success is all down to the efficiency of the company’s service levels. “Delivering the right products on-time, and at

m&m timbeR continUes to maKe in-Roads into Retail maRKet
the right price, is important in today’s market,” says Ian. “Our customers expect good service and appreciate the special efforts our staff are prepared to make, however large or small the consignment.” A ‘credit crunch’ on prices has also helped to boost new season sales for trade outlets and garden centres. At the start of the year, the Midlands timber firm announced price cuts across its entire range of popular products, with extra ‘Star Buy’ discounts on specially selected lines. resources to anticipate changing market trends. The timely introduction of the extremely popular ‘Veggiebed’ for growyour-own vegetable gardeners is typical of the company’s ability to meet changing customer demands. Since its introduction in January more than 25,000 ‘Veggiebed’ kits have been sold through garden centres up and down the country.

M&M Timber’s wide ranging allBritish product line-up is noted for its quality and innovative style. All products are designed and manufactured in-house, and supported by a dedicated development team with the

Midlands garden centre giant Webbs of Wychbold, voted ‘Garden Centre of the Year 08’ and ‘UK Specialist Retailer of the Year 09’, has already notched up sales of around 1,200 of the units, prompting their delighted Senior Buyer Alan Docherty to dub the sales rush as a ‘Veggiebed Phenomenon’. . for.more.information.visit. www .mmtimber .co .uk

M&M’s Sales Director Ian Rickhuss

“What to Grow in 2009”
Swedish willows, hybrid poplars and the FASTEST yield of wood on the planet eucalyptus.

Ashlands Fencing Ltd
All types of mesh, palisade & railing gates manufactured and supplied to British standards All infill types available Galvanised & polyester powder coated finish Please contact sales office for quotation : 01943 609 956

• See the yield potential of 7FT per annum. • Biomass loves wet fields. • So come and see them growing. • Buy them and you will have wished you had planted 10 acres.

For more information contact John Hepworth on 01964 532754

Built to our customers exact requirements this computerised fence panel line can produce six different panel designs with optional automatic sawing of arched tops and is linked directly to a through feed treatment line. The handling unit automatically changes the orientation of the panels for discharge every time the machine is reset.

Fence, Shed and Garden Product Automation Systems
Feeding Assembly Sawing Nailing Gluing Stapling Screwing Handling Stacking Bespoke Machines, Tenoners Haunches Through feed Borers and Combination machines.

Whitworth, Rochdale, Lancs.

Tel: 01706 852 108

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coMpANy proFIle

geneRations move familY fiRm foRWaRd
peteR WalteRs talKs With shRopshiRe-based lg RobeRts
the. firm. lg. Roberts. based. a. family. business. with. three. much.‘hands.on’ ...
Len Roberts is a real Shropshire lad who spent his early years in the forestry industry, tree felling what he describes as ‘big’ hardwoods. This subsequently led to replanting and fencing, starting around 1966 and as the business grew Len’s son Steve joined him in 1981 so that dad could teach son ‘from the butt end of the tree to the Latin names’, giving Steve a sound and fundamental knowledge of the way to run the growing business. Len is still involved and is a great source of knowledge and experience. Steve has the responsibility of controlling the business, estimating and buying the large range of materials the company uses and dealing with the customers to maintain the relationship the Roberts company have built up over the years. Steve’s son Lee works on the sites so that he has the full experience of site work. Steve’s daughter Kerry runs the office and his son-in-law is also part of the labour force. When Len started the business he developed it from tree felling to planting, much of which was done on motorway projects. This then extended to private estates. When the tax rules changed in 1992, making forestry less attractive, Steve then saw the need for the company to look in other directions and used his skills to develop the fencing side of the business. Steve continues to increase the fencing operation and is retained by local authorities over a wide area, the National Trust, English Heritage, major constructions companies and house builders. This requires the company to have a trained and certificated workforce to be able to provide and fix any form of wood, metal and any other type of fencing system. Steve takes pride in providing all installers with their own dedicated vehicles, plant and equipment. What that means is that when they leave the yard in the morning they know they have all the equipment in good Kerry, Steve, Len and Lee Roberts (left to right) condition on board to avoid delays and therefore maximise a day’s production. The relationship the company has built up with many of their customers has led to L G Roberts being asked to provide a total landscaping package including turfing, paving and also moving back to Len’s starting point of tree planting. from their purpose built workshops and office, the close knit family look forward to expanding the areas in which they work and adding to their existing customers . lg.Roberts.&.son. unit.19.hardwick.stables. hadnall,.shrewsbuy,. shropshire.sy4.4as tel:.01939.210889

G.S. & P.A. Reeves Ltd
• Crossing Timber • Telegraph Poles • Plywood & Galvanise • Railway Sleepers • New Timber • All Fencing Materials

G.W.R. LTD - Is a family-owned & run business, supplying a complete range of Fencing, Agricultural & Timber materials to trade & retail.


01939 234880 01939 234235

We are pleased to be associated with LG Roberts Ltd and wish them continued success for the future

Tel: (01939) 232 440 or 233 812

40 Wem Business Park Wem, Shropshire, SY4 5JX Tel: 01938 232 848 Fax: 01939 236 524



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WoRld’s fiRst centRe foR caRnival snoW in the noRth aRts in lUton is noW open...
the. world’s. first. purposebuilt.centre.for.carnival.arts. business .
Barbara follett, Minister for Culture, Architecture and the East of England, and musician Levi Roots, famed for his Reggae Reggae sauce, formally handed over the keys to the centre on Tuesday 24 March. Supported by the East of England Development Agency (EEDA), the UK Centre for Carnival Arts (UKCCA) creates a new architectural and cultural landmark in the heart of Luton. The state-of art-building will become a national and international base for performing and training. It will also regenerate part of the town by improving skills and providing space for new businesses. funded by the EEDA, Arts Council England, East, GO-East, European Regional Development fund and Luton Borough Council, the centre covers 1,402 square metres with performance and rehearsal areas,


teaching rooms, construction space and community areas. The design and build of the £7.3 million centre is inspired by the themes of spectacle, creativity and improvisation of carnival and the project team endeavoured to mirror the ephemeral and bespoke nature of carnival. Paul Anderson, the chief executive of the UKCCA, said: “This has been more than six years in the making

and we are delighted that our vision inspired by carnival communities to create a national centre for carnival arts has today become a reality in the heart of Luton.” A spectacular carnival launch event to celebrate the opening of the UK Centre of Carnival Arts in Luton is planned for 3 May. . for.more.information.visit.. www .carnivalarts .org .uk

Snows Timber have appointed Paul Cairns as their first North West of England sales representative. Based from their Kingswinford (Dudley) branch, Paul’s appointment is a further sign of Snows determination to replicate the successful business model achieved in the south of England. Paul Cairns has over 20 years experience in the timber industry and is well known in the area.

Newt • Badger • Rabbit • Water Vole
• Huge Stock of Wholesale Materials • • Next Day Delivery •

Newt Fencing Systems Badger Netting & Gates Gripples Pitfall Traps & Refugia High Tensile Mesh & Wire Plus Loads More Stock Items

• Order Now • 0114 273 1751 •
Secure online or phone payments, all major cards accepted.

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coMpANy NeWs

Jb coRRie staff of 25 YeaRs…
loYaltY of Jb coRRie staff Recognised
loyal. staff. who. have. worked. for. a. petersfield. fencing. company. for. 25. years. or. more. have. been. honoured. in. a. special. ceremony. by. their. bosses .
Long-serving employees at JB Corrie & Co Ltd, were treated to a long slap-up lunch as a reward for their dedication. During the meal they were each presented with a gold watch and a certificate to say thank you. Sales and marketing director Maurice Hickman said: “we felt that it was time with the amount of staff that have served 25 years or more. “We are a good family owned company and we set strong store by staff. “They are our best asset really – you can have as much modern machinery as you like but it is your staff that makes it happen, no doubt about it.” Office and admin worker Angela Bridger, fence erectors Nigel farren, David Cotton and Michael Greenough, contracts manager Peter Terry, welder Edward Cowdrey, fabricators Michael

Mynett and Paul Albery, drivers Imants Knops and David Strachan, operator Phillip Broadbridge, business development manager Colin Galway, chairman Richard Corrie and Mr Hickman himself were all recognised during the ceremony. “We are a company that you either

stay six weeks or 60 years with,” Mr Hickman said. “We do try to look after people and we do get the loyalty back – most of the guys who are management have worked their way up from the shop floor.” The company, which originated in Middlesbrough and came to

Petersfield in 1946, employs 104 staff and specialises in manufacturing and installing high security fencing. That’s what we call loyalty. . for.more.details.visit. www .jjbcorrie .co .uk


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coMpANy NeWs

a. businesswoman. who. helped. rescue. a. centuryold. traditional. sawmill. from. certain. closure. has. been. named. entrepreneur. of. the. highlighting. yorkshire’s. best. businesses .
Emma Woods, who bought Duncombe Sawmill, in Helmsley, less than six years ago, received the Yorkshire Rural Business award on Thursday night during a glittering dinner at the Pavillions, in Harrogate. The event was hosted by BBC Look North presenter Harry Gration and addressed by William Hague, Richmond MP and Shadow foreign Secretary. Mrs Woods ¬– an antique silver expert who numbers cataloguing the Queen’s Buckingham Palace silver collection among her previous jobs – said: “I feel very honoured to have received such a prestigious award

saWmill savioUR is named entRepReneUR of the YeaR
– it means a huge amount to me. All of us at Duncombe Sawmill have worked hard over the last five years and I would like to thank the team here for all their support.” The Yorkshire Rural Awards, now in their third year, are organised by Dalesman magazine and backed by leading business people and community groups across the county. They were established to honour the men and women who have made their mark on the Yorkshire countryside. Emma added: “It is wonderful that there is such an enterprising group of people at the Yorkshire Rural Awards and the Dalesman who are actively promoting rural businesses in the whole of the region. The awards are a great boost for companies – like Duncombe Sawmill – that are based in the countryside.” Journalist Terry fletcher, chairman of the judges, said: “Duncombe Sawmill is an object lesson in how a traditional rural business can be made to thrive by an entrepreneur with drive and imagination.” The entrepreneur award was sponsored by Leeds law firm Clarion Solicitors. Partner Richard Moran, presenting the award to Mrs Woods, said: “Yorkshire has a long heritage of producing individuals with innovative ideas and the ability to carry these through to develop a successful business. In the current economic climate, this is more important than ever and, as a firm rooted in, and committed to the region, we are delighted to be sponsoring the Entrepreneur of the Year Award once again.” The runners-up were Stuart and Brenda Price, of the Dales Bike Centre, near Reeth in Swaledale, and Gail Thomas of McConnell Thomas, which has stores in Kirkbymoorside and Hovingham. Holmfirth’s Ashley Jackson, painter and tireless ambassador for Yorkshire, was named Yorkshireman of the Year at the awards, receiving his trophy from William Hague. It was a good night for Helmsley: the farm business award this year went to Beadlam Grange farm Shop, which was set up by diversifying farmers Mark and Jenny Rooke just outside the town. Since rescuing Duncombe Sawmill and saving the six jobs of its dedicated employees – some of whom have been there for 30 years – Emma Woods has overseen steady growth and overcome the trials of serious flooding in June 2005, which ruined

Emma Woods stock and equipment at the Sawmill Lane site in Helmsley. Earlier this year Duncombe expanded with the acquisition of a former competitor in Pickering, taking on two new staff at the Whitby Road branch. Duncombe offers timber cut to any size, bespoke gates and fence panels made to any style or size, as well as offering timber treatment and an installation service. Most of its timber is forestry Stewardship Councilcertified and comes from within a 30-mile radius. sawmill.lane,.yO62.5dQ. (telephone.01439.770234).. and.Whitby.Road,.just.north..,.. yO18.7hh.(01751.472777) . to.friday,.from.8am-4 .30pm ... Online.shoppers.can.visit.. www .duncombesawmill .co .uk

Emma with Harry Gratian and Richard Moran of Clarion Solicitors 26 fencing news June 2009

NeW proDucts

toRnado WiRe set to laUnch ‘stRongest and safest’ hoRse fence at RoYal coRnWall shoW
leading. fencing. company. tornado. Wire. unveiled. . a. pioneering. new. range. of. horse. fencing. at. the. 2009. Royal. cornwall. show,. . this.month ..
Tornado has joined forces with US fencing expert Centaur HTP® to bring the revolutionary patented Centaur HTP fencing System to the UK market, providing horse owners with a long-awaited alternative to wooden post and rail fencing. Billed as the ‘strongest and safest horse fencing on the market’, the Centaur fencing system is manufactured using three hightensile wires embedded in a 125mmwide, cross-linked polymer-coated rail, combining the horse-friendly elements of strength and flexibility. With rails installed in a continuous line, any stress to the fence is absorbed through the entire length, dispersing impact and keeping horses contained and protected without the problem of broken fence rails, which can cause injury. The design also requires fewer posts than wooden post and railing fences, reducing installation time. Tornado’s Managing Director, Kenny Campbell comments: “We’ve worked closely with international equine fencing experts to bring our customers the highest quality alternative to traditional fencing. The Centaur HTP system is low maintenance, horse-friendly, cost effective and able to withstand both impact and extreme weather, ticking all the boxes equine customers need.” In addition to the Centaur HTP fence, the complete Centaur HTP fencing System includes Centaur HTP Hot-Rail, Cenflex HTP and Lightning; a suite of products designed with the needs of both horse and owner in mind. Hot-Rail combines the patented Centaur HTP cross-linked, polymer-coated technology with electric fencing. Cenflex HTP is a lighter alternative to the traditional Centaur HTP. It utilises the same cross-linked polymer technology and is ideal for use in areas of reduced pressure or when fencing on a budget, whilst Lightning is permanent electric fencing engineered for durability. . for.more.information.about.. the.tornado.Wire.equine.. range,.which.includes.the.. centaur.htp.fencing.system,.,. contact.a.member.of.. 0845.071.0890.or.visit.. www .tornadowire .co .uk

A. Hingley & Son Ltd
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Nether Lane, Hazelwood Belper, Derbyshire DE56 4AP

Tel 01773 550 055 Fax 01773 550 543


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theRe’s snoW eveRYWheRe
fencing neWs tells of a gRoWing companY With a Rich histoRY
they.may.well.have.a.history. stretching. back. over. means.resting.on.any.laurels. at.snows.timber ..
Last year they were awarded the Timber Trades Journal accolade of Softwood Trader of the Year which they received off the back of reliable service, consistent quality and friendly staff, and their current approach to business sees them promoting themselves as the fastest growing timber company in the UK. That’s a heady claim but one which seems justified when you take into account the series of events that have gathered even greater momentum in the past two decades. After a 150 years they implemented a new strategy in the 90’s which was to expand operations and move the business to one which supplied machined timber to timber and builders merchants, rather than purely its earlier role as a timber supplier to the construction market.

further expansion came in 1996 with the acquisition of fJ Reeves in Andover in Hampshire, which included a modern high speed machining operation and this duly extended their geographic area

to the whole of Southern England and into Wales. The bases at Glastonbury and Andover saw a core range of machined softwood in sets of around 1.25 cubic metres launched and marketed under the

now well recognised Snows Trade Pack brand. In february of last year Snows then acquired WJ Handrahan & Sons, a Midlands based specialist machining company with sites near Dudley in


fencing news June 2009

sAWMIlls / coNtrActor
also gives them a purchasing power of over 210,000 cubic metres of imported softwood, along with nine high speed machining lines, and many smaller moulders. All in all this means Snows are now able to offer a competitively priced range of machined sections from stock, whilst also providing special profiles to order. Each branch carries an identical core range of ready-machined sections including the unique SnowDEK range of decking and components which are available in trade packs of around 1.25 cubic metres or in loose runs where required. The company policy of regional distribution allows local management to carry stocks of profiles traditionally demanded in their respective regions and by not adopting a one size fits all approach to stock ranging they are able to cater for all requirements. They also provide a cross cutting facility. Today Snows’ customer base covers virtually the whole of England and Wales. Their fleet covers most areas at least twice weekly. They do not see themselves as a supplier of larger loads of sawn fencing timber, having firmly made their mark with the small and medium sized fencing merchant. They also provide an infill service to merchanting groups who are looking for quick and smaller deliveries that their nominated supplier has been unable to provide. All stock products are nearly always delivered within two working days. snOWs.timbeR. andover..01264.735371. dudley..01384.279211. glastonbury.01458.836400. mansfield..01623.513108 www .snowstimber .com. enquiries@snowstimber .com

West Midlands and Huthwaite near Mansfield. This now brings Snows Timber to a milling capacity of 150,000 cubic metres per annum and they offer a

nationwide delivery service through their fleet of more than 50 owned vehicles. This means they can supply machined softwood sections to group companies and buying groups who are looking for national deals. It

the phone doesn’t stop Ringing
chRis beRRY talKs With nicK gReen of nJ gReen fencing & plant hiRe
dorchester-based. nick. green. believes. that. the. combination.of.fencing.and. ..
‘We started out as NJ Green fencing & Plant Hire five years ago and haven’t looked back. The two sides of our company fit really well together as the plant work comes into its own in the Summer months when the fencing work traditionally trails off a little.’ Not that this will be the case this year. Nick has a full order book for all of the post and rail, stock fencing and domestic work and he has no thoughts of recession. ‘The phone doesn’t stop ringing. We’re really pushed at the moment but we’re certainly not complaining.’ The Green team includes Nick’s father, Paul, as well as three other men. They run three post drivers, two of which are Protech and the other a Parmiter. Their business is approximately 70% stock fence, with the rest being a mix between post and rail and domestic throughout Dorset and Somerset. The plant used includes a 3-tonne Kubota mini digger and a 13 tonne CAT excavator, as well as a number of dumpers and dump trailers. Nick’s background is in farming and he attended Kingston Marward agricultural college where he studied for his NDA (National Diploma in Agriculture). His working life began with an agricultural contractor before venturing out on his own to serve the needs of the agricultural and equestrian community. Nick is married to Nicki (So you would imagine things can get a little confusing at times!) and at the time of going to press they had no children. This is highly likely to have changed by the time you read this as Nicki was only one week away from giving birth to another Green! Seems as though it’s not just their business that is busy! . nJ.gReen.fencing. &.plant.hiRe tel/fax:.01258.880532. mob:.07968.198015 email:.nickgreenfencing@ hotmail .co .uk

Nick Green - look the Fencing News Wallplanner does work!



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hUsband and Wife dUo get it togetheR in pocKlington
family. values. are. at. the. heart. of. pocklington-based. fencing. contractors. york. Vale. fencing,. which. bill. ashworth. established. in. 1991 .. they. offer. a. full. consultancy. service. with. expert. advice. totally. free,. ensuring. that. customers. have.a.full.choice.of.service. to. enable. them. to. select. the. correct. fencing. for. . their.needs ..
fencing and gate work includes everything from guard rails, estate fencing, post and rail, wooden and metal. Chain link security fencing, steel bollards, barriers, welded mesh panels, agricultural, steel palisade, high security gates and agricultural gates are all included. Many of the latest products Bill and his team are involved with installing are featured on their website (www.yorkvalefencing. These currently include Gard Roadway barrier systems, Urbaco rising bollards and VER garage door operators. York Vale fencing specialise in the complete installation of the entire Urbaco range. Bill and his wife Julie have recently started working together in the business, and they are already reaping the rewards from doing so. Bill has been involved in the fencing industry nearly all his life having started with a company in Thorpe Underwood before moving to another in Wetherby. ‘I started out from a friend’s farm at Sutton upon Derwent before moving to our Pocklington base two years ago. I have developed the business over the years and the way it is today we now employ four

chRis beRRY talKs With bill & JUlie ashWoRth of YoRK vale fencing

Julie and Bill Ashworth of York Vale Fencing other staff in addition to ourselves. Today I would say around 60% of our business is in security fencing and 40% in agriculture. We fit a lot of post and rail fencing for the rural and farming sector and many

• Gates • • Barriers • • Turnstiles • • Road Blockers • • Pay Systems • • Fencing •
Gateway Automation | Unit 8 | Wainer Close | Lincoln | LN6 3RY Tel: 01522 682255 Fax: 01522 690333
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PLeAsed To be AssoCiATed WiTh YoRk VALe FeNCiNG LTd

different mesh systems for those needing security fencing. We have recently completed a crimp mesh panel system for York Marina which was in the region of 350 metres and involved numerous gates.’ Some of Bill’s customers have been with him for many of the past 16 years, including the likes of councils, health authorities, builders and Network Rail. ‘We have a good customer base. I find that if you look after your customers they look after you. I’ve always run the business on the back of providing every customer with the very best service, and the very best products.’ Those products include security fencing which is both long-lasting and affordable. The panels have square, hollow-section verticals, heavy duty channel horizontal rails and are supported by RSJ posts. All York Vale fencing is hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 or galvanised and polyester coated. Standard heights are 1800, 2000, 2400 and 3000mm and can be supplied with either square or angle tops. Special angle and cleats are supplied to allow the panels to be stepped on site, whilst domed head bolts and Permacone security nuts ensure that, once fitted on site, the fencing is safe and secure. One of the main areas Julie has looked at since the pair teamed up full-time is ensuring that their CHAS accreditation was up to date. ‘Julie has done a fantastic job in getting it all sorted out,’ says Bill. ‘It is extremely important to have accreditation. In fact it is probably one of the most important things we need.’ Bill realises that the economic downturn could have had an impact in recent times but he is optimistic about the future. ‘We are in the best position that we have been in for some time and the products we are putting in are improving all the time too.’

Welded Mesh Fencing Systems Standard and Bespoke Railings Barbed Tape Architectural Metalwork Bi-Steel Posts Gates and Barriers yORK.Vale.fencing. the.Old.airfield. york.Road. pOcKlingtOn. yORK..yO42.1ns tel:..01759.306783. mob:.07850.856833 www .yorkvalefencing .co .uk

Tel: +44(0)1952 410020 Fax: +44(0)1952 411144
Unit F1, Halesfield 4, Telford, Shropshire, TF7 4AP We are pleased to be associated with and wish them continued success for the future.

York Vale Fencing Ltd

Supplying the UK Fencing and Landscaping Industry
BFT have been working closely with UK Fencing and Landscaping Industry for over 10 years supplying them with automation solutions for existing and new installations. With over 25 years experience in manufacturing a wide range of hydraulic and electromechanical access automation products, BFT are committed to continuing to develop a broad range of high quality, reliable and highly functional products that help our customers automate their site entrance/exit. If you are looking for a world class partner to supply with you with market leading products for any automation project, call us now. BFT Automation are pleased to support York Vale Fencing and wish them continued success for the future

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sKYline 999 pRovides neW solUtion foR stolen vehicle and plant RecoveRY has. launched. the. skyline. 999.system, for. the. recovery. of. stolen. vehicles. and. construction. plant .
Encapsulating the knowledge gained from over 17 years’ experience in this market, Skyline 999 complements Enigma’s successful Skyline advanced GPS tracking and telematics system and provides several features and a level of user interaction not previously available in stolen vehicle and plant recovery systems of this type. Supported by flexible purchase plans, Skyline 999 is a compact package suitable for use on all vehicles or construction plant and incorporates a power management system for increased battery life. Unlike other comparable asset protection systems, Skyline 999 provides users with visibility of their vehicles and plant through Enigma’s on-line interface. In addition, Skyline 999 provides twice daily location updates to give users peace of mind that the system is working and can send alarm alerts by email or SMS. The system offers the additional benefit of a 24/7 bureau monitoring service and a log download option for accident analysis, checking speeding offences and so on. The system also has the advantage of being easily upgraded to a full Skyline system where enhanced security features and fleet management are required. Skyline 999 from Enigma is the latest product from a company that started business in 1992 in answer to a growing market demand for solutions to combat a high level of vehicle and construction plant theft. The company’s goal was simple: to provide market leading products and services and thus reduce vehicle and plant theft. At that time, tracking, for stolen vehicle recovery, was in its infancy and the technology was used to provide additional layers of security for more traditional products such as immobilisers and alarms. Throughout the decade, Enigma grew with an expanding base of customers, of all sizes, who turned to the company for advice and products to improve their security. Enigma’s expertise and service expanded with a national, mobile engineering team, 24 hour service, ISO 9002 and Vehicle Security Installation Board (VSIB) accreditation. During this time, Enigma worked closely with operators, Security Consultants, Police, Insurers and the VSIB. The company continues to value and develop these relationships today. In 2004, Enigma made a major advance, when the company commissioned the Skyline advanced vehicle tracking and security system. The intention was to offer a world class security, tracking and fleet management system with the flexibility to use products appropriate for the application. Skyline has

become one of the market leading systems for the vehicle fleet, construction, utility and plant rental industries. In the area of stolen plant, in particular, Skyline has been so successful that, to the end of 2007, over £42 million of plant had been recovered using Skyline. Growth, both in the UK and Worldwide has been rapid with partners in Latin America, Europe, Africa and a new subsidiary, based in Dubai, UAE, serving the Middle East region. With over 20,000 vehicles monitored and close to 1,000 customers enjoying the benefits of Skyline, Enigma Vehicle Systems can be regarded as one of the leading businesses in the remote asset management field. The business has doubled in size each year as customers recognise the value of Skyline, Enigma or one of

the company’s global partners. Going forward, Enigma is investing heavily in new technologies to provide greater control and information over remote assets. These technologies include satellite communications, active and passive RfID tagging, personal/portable tracking and improved data analysis modules. The latest version 6.1 of Skyline continues to evolve and has the flexibility needed to support these new technologies, providing new products and applications for customers. all.sales.enquiries.for.enigma:. tel.0844.800.9926. fax.0844.800.9952. .co .uk


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coMpANy NeWs

doWn to eaRth appRoach the KeY to manUfactURing sUccess
chRis beRRY talKs With RichaRd haRpeR of iae
today’s world sees tremendous business challenges and as competitive a market place as there has ever been IAE still believes in taking things one step at a time. ‘We have always had a policy of learning not to run before we can walk, so when this site was purchased we did nothing with it for the first two years. That was for two reasons. firstly, this site was previously Coal Board land and there was a pit here. The pit needed to be filled in before we could build. Then, following the purchase, we wanted to make sure that we were still providing the necessary income to be able to invest in the plant and machinery necessary.’ Having achieved their goals, with the considerable help of a very committed workforce, IAE’s progression has duly included the galvanising plant and sheet metal works. They have also added the latest in robotic and laser technology, including even more recently investment in a new flat bed laser machine, all of which the company believes will help keep costs down and quality up, and in so doing pass on those benefits to their customers. four robotic machines are in use at the present and there is an on-going policy of ensuring the company’s techniques and systems are the best in the business. That’s because they believe in moving forward rather than standing still. They are arguably now the largest manufacturer of steel railings and mesh fencing systems in the UK, as well as the leading agricultural livestock handling equipment manufacturers, but they also understand all about complacency. They purchased Centrewire in 2006

forty. years. ago. ‘that. pole’. started. what. has. today. become. one. of. the. uK’s. leading. fencing,. agricultural. and. equestrian. equipment. manufacturers ..that’s.when. frank.Klucznik.set.up.under. .
The world has changed inexorably since frank came to England as part of the armed forces during the second World War, and drove out with his Bedford truck liveried out with the slogan ‘It’s that Pole from Leek’, in response to the many customers who couldn’t remember or pronounce his name. Today his son David heads up the company which has become known for trading purposes more simply as IAE and runs a whole fleet of lorries. ‘David has really taken us forward since he took over in 1990,’ says Richard Harper, one of the sevenstrong team of directors, who has been with the company for over 20 years. ‘The commitment the company has made to the galvanising plant and many other developments, particularly by bringing the manufacturing down to just two sites, has built on the solid foundations laid down by frank back in 1969.’ Until three years ago IAE was operating from five sites all within a radius of 15 miles, but the purchase of the Longton site, near Stoke on Trent, ten years ago has formed the catalyst for what is now taking shape. The manufacturing site has recently been extended and a new office complex is planned. But this isn’t a company that believes in overstretching itself and thereby creating future problems. Whilst

which makes a comprehensive range of products from kissing gates to all manner of access gates, all with the intention of providing easy access to rights of way. There is an additional sector within Centrewire that manufactures benches and tables from recycled plastic and it runs as a separate entity within IAE. But IAE is in no way getting ahead of itself. The 450-strong team that makes up the company carries the same down to earth spirit that frank Klucznik started with 40 years ago when he started using the slogan that originally made his name. Richard reckons that is what keeps their feet firmly on the ground no matter how large the company grows. ‘We are down to earth people. All of the directors and everybody in the company are just people who

want to get on with the job, and provide quality products. I believe that over the next decade we will be manufacturing many more products from here. We are looking at new markets all the time - cycle shelters are our latest range and our policy is never to say never about anything we might make in the future.’ fencing News congratulates IAE on its 40th anniversary and wishes the company every success in the future. for.more.information.. contact.iae. tel:.01538.755888. fax:.01538.751300. email:.fencingsales@iae .co .uk. www .iae .co .uk

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An independent supplier with over 120 years experience…

For all your fencing needs
• • • • All types of fencing and gate timbers Construction and specialist timbers All with the best protection A one-stop fencing shop

Linnell Bros Limited, Silverstone Fields Farm, Silverstone, Northants NN12 8TB Tel: 01327 354 422 Fax: 01327 355 840

coMpANy NeWs

Well placed foR the fUtURe
nWt distRibUtion bUilds on past sUccesses auld,. sons. of. the. founders. of.northern.Wood.terminals. limited,. are. actively. engaged. in. building. up. the. supply.base.and.broadening. the. product. range. of. nWt.,.a.sister. 1985. to. service. the. fencing. industry .
In the current economic climate and with the benefit of long standing connections new supply lines are being established in readiness for the recovery to more normal levels of timber consumption. Like many industries, the timber trade that emerges from the current recession is likely to look very different from that which entered it. However, relationships that have endured through family connections will still substantially underpin the future activities of the company. These will range from an expansion in the supply base of agricultural fencing and round timber products to include the production of the company’s own dedicated supply base in Sweden which will supplement the established lines from the Baltics to a substantial expansion in the supply of timber products to the merchant trade. The company, which operates from a terminal at the Port of Ipswich, is ideally situated to take advantage of regular shipping from its major supplying countries with excellent transport links allowing nationwide distribution. Its close proximity to the Port of felixstowe allows the company to incorporate products from less traditional sources. The company stocks all of the mainstream peeled, machine round and sawn fencing products and can supply specialist sizes to order. All products can be supplied untreated if required for customers with their own treatment facilities and most products can be supplied in either redwood or whitewood as desired. The company also supplies a wide range of products for the construction industry including kiln dried graded carcassing and tile battens. NWT Distribution Limited would like to take this opportunity to thank all its customers for their support and looks forward to continuing and expanding on these relationships in the future. nWt.distRibutiOn Westbank.terminal. port.of.ipswich. Wherstead.Road. ipswich..ip2.8nb tel:.01473.687686. fax:.01473.687688

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tIMber upDAte

osmose micRopRo the coloUR JUst gets betteR!
a RevolUtionaRY neW Wood pReseRvative technologY
Ian Rickhuss Sales Director M&M Timber, “We showcased our products at the 2008 Play fair exhibition held at Stoneleigh Park and the micronized timber was very well received by manufacturers, specifiers and purchasers. The consistent fresh colour was a big attraction and comments such as “Makes wood look like it should” and “The timber looks more natural” were made. One year on the colour has enriched and the product has weathered beautifully. Micronized Copper is a revolutionary new wood preservative from leading technology supplier Osmose.The MicroPro system utilizes patent pending micronizing technology to grind copper particles so small that they can penetrate into the wood in solid form. Wood products treated with the MicroPro preservative system are known as Micronized timber™, and offer the consumer benefits such as: •. . ighter,. consistent,. fresher. l “natural”.colour •. . etter.paint.and.stain.ability . b •. i for.exterior.fasteners.. and.hardware . •. pigmented.colour.options . modern.fresh.appearance Micronized “Natural” alternative appearance product in timber has a fresher colour compared to products. This unique helps differentiate the the marketplace. The

attractive colour allows DIY enthusiasts and contractors to build with treated timber that appears lighter, fresher, and more natural in appearance which enriches over time. . Osmose.micropro.sets. environmental.benchmarks Osmose MicroPro technology is being used to create a new generation of wood preservatives across the world. In the United States the Osmose micronized copper technology has been recognised by the international standards accreditation body Scientific Certification Systems as an “Environmentally Preferred Product”. . for.more.information.visit. www .osmose .co .uk


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tIMber upDAte

don’t compRomise on QUalitY
there. is. plenty. of. talk. about. prematurely. failing. fence. posts. and. the. various. “new”steps. suppliers. are.’t. .
One supplier is even offering a significant guarantee on products treated with Osmose Micro Pro – leading people to perhaps believe that alternative treatments are not as effective! But it should be noted that any bona fide chemical treatment – be it from Osmose, Arch, Wolman etc. or even creosote from Koppers – will be ineffective if the pre-requisites for proper timber treatment under pressure are not met. •...–. f at.or.near.28%.(fibre.saturation. point) .. •... econdly, s posts,. stakes,. gravel. boards. etc). then. the. timber. should. be. redwood .. Redwood. absorbs. treatment.radially,.thus.allowing. . •... hirdly.(and.finally).maKe.suRe. t it’s. 4!!. all. in. ground. contact. applications. must. be. treated. to. hazard. class. 4. –. something. we. insist. on,. but. don’t. hear. about. much.from.the.competition.–.nor. indeed.from.specifiers! With these 3 criteria satisfied, there should be virtually no prematurely failing fence posts. Our customer base includes utilities, the rail network, leading fencing contractors and thoroughbred stud farms – where quality is king and price - though important - is not the deciding factor. We pressure treat thousands of wood poles, railway sleepers and fence posts every year all to the same exacting standards which is why our products stand the test of time. There are, of course, many other suppliers of treated timber who take the requisite care, but sadly there are also many who work to a price and compromise standards as a result. This not only proves very expensive in the longer term, but also does treated timber a disservice. Timber is one of our only true natural

resources that when harvested from sustainable resources ticks all the right boxes. Why, therefore, compromise? We at Calders & Grandidge hold both fSC and PEfC chain of custody, Sector 4 Scheme approval for the treatment & supply of highways fencing, ISO:9000 and ISO:14001. We are also part of the Saint-Gobain group, benefiting from the vast

resource that is available to us as a result. We may not be the cheapest, but you can be assured that when it comes to quality, service, and whole life cost, we are definitely at the forefront! for.more.information.visit. www .caldersandgrandidge .com

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tdp expands Range With netpave poRoUs paving solUtion

netpave,. a. porous. paving. solution.with.a.proven.track. record.for.gravel.and.grassed. projects,. is. now. available.,.the.specialist. in. fibre. technology. for. building.and.landscaping .
Appointed as the sole UK distributor for the leading Netlon range of nets, grids and meshes, TDP has now taken on the Netpave family of paving solutions, also from Netlon. Manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene, the market-leading Netpave 25 and Netpave 50 provide an easy to use, durable porous grid solution for the provision of pathways, car parks and other trafficked areas that require stabilisation. favoured by architects and specifiers, Netpave provides a porous surface solution for both gravel and grassed projects from domestic driveways to commercial car parks. Both Netpave 25 and Netpave 50 combine the unique benefit of flexibility with a rapid fastening system. Connected by lugs and slots, the flexible grids can be laid on undulating surfaces and gradients, without fracturing or separating. Netpave 50 can be filled with soil for grass seeding, the cellular structure and open base enables unrestricted

root growth. Alternatively it can be filled with gravel. The cellular structure will retain the stone and prevent loss, displacement or rutting of the aggregate infill. Netpave 25, like Netpave 50, combines the unique benefit of flexibility with a rapid fastening system. Netpave 25 is designed to be used on top of existing grass surfaces to provide a level of protection to a grass surface which needs to be trafficked. It needs no excavation, it is simply laid onto the grass surface and is ready to be used to improve vehicle traction and minimise rutting. The grid height is only 25mm, so it is almost invisible after two to three months of a grass growing season. Although designed for permanent usage, it can be laid temporarily and removed if only required for short periods of time. Both of these Netlon Netpave products have a high percentage open area, so are ideal solutions for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) applications. . for.further.information.please. contact.tdp.on.01629.820011. or.visit.www .tdpltd .com .

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coMpANy proFIle

neW acQUisition foR toRRY hill
victoRia poolman tRavels to milstead in Kent to find oUt moRe aboUt the latest developments
tucked. away. in. a. beautiful. corner.of.the.Kent.countryside., which. has. been. in. John. leigh-pemberton’s. family. for.generations ..
With the majority of his 2,500 acres devoted to livestock, arable and orchards of cherry and plum trees, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Torry Hill was all about agriculture, but with 850 of those acres being coppiced chestnut woodland, John is seizing the opportunity to grow his business at the same rate he grows his trees. Despite being around since the Romans came to Britain, chestnut’s popularity dwindled during the late eighties and early nineties but is now back at the forefront; a product whose time has come again, with the company processing fifty acres per year. John tells me, “It’s greenest wood possible – what other timber actually wants to be cut? Once we use the wood, it’s a complete cycle with the regrowth occurring so quickly that it’s mature and ready to be harvested again in around 14 years. So given that I’ve got this resource, it makes perfect sense to make the most of it.” And John is doing just that, with his recent takeover of local business D. Wood and Sons: “We used to supply chestnut as standing wood only, so all we did was grow it. However, in the nineties it became necessary to sell products ourselves, making pales and fence posts to supply wholesale to fencing businesses.” One of which was D. Wood and Sons, just four miles down the road in Rodmersham. Business was looking promising for Torry Hill, but when D. Wood made the decision to let the premises for another use and sell up, John was grieved to be losing such a good customer. So, he took the initiative and bought the company. The solution couldn’t have suited

everyone more, as John kept all the staff and even employed three others from the area to kick-start the new initiative, applying his own familyrun ethos to the company. John has since erected a beautiful 10,000sqft building panelled with his own larch, in which the business can grow.

This further investment was made possible thanks to a grant from the South East Economic Development Agency (SEEDA) along with support from the forestry Commission, who contributed to the building costs in order to aid woodland management and encourage rural employment.

• • • • • •

Chestnut Fencing Chestnut Rose Arches Bespoke Chestnut Products Chestnut Hop Poles Post & Rail Hurdles

Tel: 01795 886 020
The Chalkpit, Lade Wood Hill, Doddington, Kent, ME9 0ED
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coMpANy proFIle
“We recently sorted an issue with bank erosion from boat wash at a lake in Red Bridge Lakes, Woodford, Essex. By applying the same principles as we did to canals in Holland, we came up with the idea of putting an 18inch fence inside the water line to take the impact out of the wash.” However, by his own admission, by far most interesting job to date was supplying Star Wars with timber for their treehouses. Delivering to Pinewood Studios? It’s all in a day’s work for this team. And with the profile of chestnut on the up, Torry Hill is set to be in for even more interesting orders. The popularity of this wood may well be down to the recent preservative issues circulating within the industry. As chestnut is full of tannins, it requires no treatment. As John Leigh-Pemberton explains: “I have just replaced a spile fence around a park that’s lasted 42 years, we also have a section of chestnut fencing around the orchard that was put up just before the Second World War – and it’s still hanging on!” And if that wasn’t reason enough, given the current need to be green, wood that regenerates so quickly is another selling point , as is the fact that the industry helps to maintain Kent’s famous bluebell woods. Indeed, for satisfied customers and sturdy fences that go the distance, chestnut is the way forward. Perfect for temporary or permanent fencing, flexible, durable, split along the grain for strength and with pointed tops to shed rainwater and keep the end grain from rotting, the two Johns’ are clearly paving - or rather, fencing - their way to a very successful future. As John Gambell concludes: “Our chestnut fencing is strong, secure, economic and unbelievably light – which makes it easy for one man to erect an entire fence, thus saving a good deal of time and money.” Indeed, fencers should bear this company in mind if they’re looking for a traditional and attractive fencing material to please both their customers and their pockets – because both chestnut and Torry Hill are certainly names we’ll all being hearing a lot more.” for.all.enquiries.regarding.. chestnut.products.please.. contact.John.gambell.or.. linda.lumsden.on.. 01795.886020,.fax. chestnut@torryhill .co .uk

George Wood Currently in the process of moving, it really is a brand new start for the employees of D. Wood and Sons, with all their machinery being updated in order to improve the quality of the finished products. John Gambell, fencing manager, has been at the forefront of the new changes. He fills me in: “I started out with D. Wood 18 years ago. My wife, Denise, is the daughter of the late Dennis Wood who started the enterprise back in ‘67. He came from a family of wood cutters and we’re all really pleased to be working for John and carrying on working within the community as a family.” Indeed, amongst those I meet as I’m shown around the sites, is George Wood, who has been making gates for 58 years (quite good, considering he’s only 21), and whose father and grandfather before him had notched up similar figures in their trades. It’s wonderful to see such a future in what remains to be a traditional, family-run enterprise based in a small community. With the turnover increasing to mirror the popularity of chestnut, Torry Hill is now supplying cleft, hurdles, post and rail and other quirky pieces, such as miniature hurdles, throughout the midlands and the south of England, also using the benefits of their location to export into Europe. Business is really taking off, with Torry Hill having recently designed a rustic picket fence for Ightham Mote, owned by the National Trust, as well as supplying 1313 rolls of chestnut fence to a large pipeline contract near Twickenham - that’s 7½ ,miles and 66 tonnes worth of fence – and with all 98,000 pales having been hand split and tipped, quality really is guaranteed. John Gambell doesn’t just supply the fencing, he’s also quite good at problem solving:

Manufacturers and suppliers of quality railings/palisade /mesh systems/gates. Contact in the first instance Mr. Ian Darlington

L M Bateman & Company Limited Island Works, Cheddleton, Staffordshire ST13 7HN Telephone: 01538 361326 Facsimile: 01538 360803 Email:
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cRedit cRUnch cRime

An unexpected 25% increase in personal thefts and a 4% rise in domestic burglaries in the official quarterly crime figures published yesterday confirmed predictions that the recession and rising joblessness will fuel a rise in property crime. Writes Alan Travis of the Guardian But the rises have yet to reach the levels estimated by Home Office internal projections. Based on crime rates during the last recession in the early 1990s violent crime rose by 19%. Increases on this scale have yet to be reflected in the official crime figures. To tackle these trends the national agenda is focused on robust physical

security measures and many are now finding that one of the most powerful defences is Vandgard, an advanced anti climb guard for fences walls gates and roofs. Vandgard is designed to slow down the intruder, hinder break-in and increase the time the intruder spends trying to get over a fence or wall. Just seeing a security fence topped with Vandgard is often enough to turn away most casual intruders because the premises are too difficult to get into. Vandgard’s design is unique, consisting of a series of curved vanes, each revolving freely around a central shaft to create an unstable barrier

which moves if anyone attempts to climb over it. Manufactured from a technically complex high tensile alloy, Vandgard is strong, durable and completely corrosion resistant. This corrosion resistance means that it has a very long life and is also particularly suitable for exposed areas and those vulnerable to pollution. In addition, its superior corrosion resistance means that the material stays bright and so maintains deterrent effect throughout its life. . for.more.information.visite. www .vandgard .co .uk

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James Jones’ £22.5m investment
scotland’s. largest. independent. sawmiller,. James. Jones. &. sons. ltd,. is. pleased. to. announce. that. construction. of. its. new. £22 .5m. state. .,.at.lockerbie. in. south. scotland. is. at. an. advanced.stage ..
Designed to complement and enhance existing on-site infrastructure and wood processing capabilities the new “super-site” establishes Lockerbie as one of the UK’s largest timber processing sites. When production begins in Autumn 2009 Lockerbie 3 will have a single shift capacity of 150K m³ sawn, more than doubling the capacity of James Jones’s existing sawmill in Dumfries which it will replace. Output from Lockerbie 3 will primarily focus upon carcassing timbers although it will incorporate added flexibility to offer a range of specifications for the construction, fencing, pallet & packaging markets which complement the existing product portfolio. Lockerbie 3 will also deliver improvements in quality, yield and production speeds, using three dimensional laser technology to scan each log and calculate optimal cutting patterns. Joint Managing Director of James Jones and Sons, Mr Ian Pirie comments: “The site is one of the most advanced in Europe, and gives us great flexibility in meeting our customers’ future needs. This sizeable investment represents James Jones’ firm commitment to British sawmilling and timber processing whilst further enhancing our product portfolio as a group overall.” He continues: “This is the largest single development project the company has undertaken to date and has progressed very smoothly. This reflects the long term partnerships we have with all of our contractors and suppliers. We are confident of opening on schedule in the Autumn with production due to start around 1 October.” Site investment, upon completion of the new sawmill, will total Installation of second edger at James Jones Lockerbie Sawmill approximately £40m, and the entire Lockerbie complex will employ 90 people working on two high speed saw lines, and a highly efficient secondary processing line. When fully operational the site’s total annual roundwood requirement, sourced from both private growers and the forestry Commission, will exceed 500,000m3 per annum. . James.Jones.& tel:.01324.562.241.. fax:.01324.558.755... or.visit.www .jamesjones .co .uk

Head Office: 30 Prothero Works, Bilport Lane, Wednesbury, West Midlands WS10 0NT Tel: +44 (0)121 556 6345 Fax: +44 (0)121 556 9737 Email:
Established nearly 20 years ago in the heart of the West Midlands manufacturing Metropolitan has become the name on everybody’s list when it comes to palisade fencing and gates. Metropolitan offer an unrivalled 24-48 hour delivery service on pallisade fencing ranging from 1.8 to 3 metres high.

Palisade Fencing
Available in a wide variety of specifications. Metropolitan can offer a fencing range that is both flexible when it comes to meeting your requirements and extremely secure

Vertical Welded Bar
Strong and durable, Vertical Welded Bar railings are able to withstand great impacts and are extremely resistant to vandalism. Aesthetically pleasing, it is the perfect product for securing and segregating public and private areas.

Palisade Gates Rails

Bowtop Fencing
Bowtop fencing provides a pleasing appearance to all areas where a lower security risk is perceived. Metropolitan Fencing has recently invested in machinery to manufacture Bowtop railings on site. Independent from Metropolitan’s other systems, this allows us to offer short lead times on this extremely high quality and popular fencing. The lower heights offer a favourable solution in the segregation of children’s playgrounds, parks, gardens, schools or areas that require demarcation.

Metropolitan can also offer a wide range of purpose made and stock gates ranging from pedestrian access up to large plant vehicle access. All gates are available to match fencing from 900mm to 3.6 high and up to 12m wide. They also come complete with a sliding latch and lockable drop bolts. 50 x 50 mm. Steel Angle Rails connected with 12mm cup sq. bolts & Permacones. All rails are fully punched for pale attachment and are optional available with one or two fee per day.


102 x 44 mm. Available with optional base-plates, wall mounting or cranked option. Posts are also available manufactured for use with three strands of barbed wire.


D Profile : 3m (general purpose), 3.5mm (security) W Profile : 2mm (standard), 2.5mm (general purpose), 3mm (security)

Self-colour Galvanised Galvanised & Polyester For self applied Finish Hot-Dipped galvanised Powder Coated to any RAL or BS Colour


Rivets and Collars. Bolts and permacone nuts: M8 (‘snap-off’ / anti-vandal)


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coMpANy NeWs

it looKs liKe Wood, feels liKe Wood
chRis beRRY finds oUt moRe aboUt Wood-gRain through. out. the. fencing. industry its. all. about. the. new. range. from.supalite .
Danny walls is the general manager and he along with a growing list of customers are convinced that wood grain is the alternative to concrete posts and gravel boards and now even timber with the uncertainty of timber treatments. Danny adds “we took over supalite in 2005 since then we have come a long way and I would be the first to acknowledge that some people did have a bad experience with supalite before we took over, but all that is behind us now. Wood grain is not a foil wrap like the ones you see on doors and windows it actually does feel and look like wood and just to prove it we have provided a sample with this months issue of fencing news” It is the unique formula that gives wood Grain its texture and appearance and the manufacturing process ensures that every piece is different just like timber. Sales are really taking off and the most important and gratifying aspect of it all is that customers who did have a bad experience in the early days are now coming back to us. They can see the benefits it has to offer, like so many people did when it was first introduced in 2002. One such customer is the well known chain of merchants Naylor Myers who have 10 branches. Lisa brown their marketing manager adds What a wonderful product!!! The product was displayed at Brighouse Branch without my knowledge, I walked straight past it thinking it was a wooden panel and post’s, it never occurred to me that this product was plastic. We now are producing signage to ask people to touch the product along with pos to explain that this is not wood. A wonderful product that I know I will be using on my garden this summer. Been a women I can even help with the offloading and fixing of this product with its lightweight properties. ““I think an endorsement like that says it all and really sums up wood grain” If any customers would like to see a full size post and gravel board just give me a call. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed and can guarantee that using wood grain will save you money.” . for.more.information.please.. contact.danny.Walls. WOOd-gRain.. tel:..01977.689111. www .woodgrainfencing .co .uk

Feel the sample product inserted in the mag. You won’t believe it!

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NeW proDucts

feel the tension!
you. could. cut. the. tension. with. a. knife,. or. more. precisely. you. could. roll. the. tension. with. a. scot. fencer,. an. innovative. new. product. that’s. just. received. a. very.!
Designed by Clive Houldey of DCH farm Sales and developed by agricultural engineer Chris Thompson of BoM Agriquipment, this simple steel frame, tractor mounted solution has recently rolled out at a small horse paddock in Crowle near Scunthorpe and, according to Beltonbased fencing contractors Pearson Brothers, it really does the business cutting down installation time by at least 50% and saving on the real back breaking work! Clive imported a wire tensioning machine previously and saw an opening the market for a front wire dispenser that could load on to the front of a tractor and get into the corners and tension from either side

Rob WilKinson Watches the innovative neW scot fenceR Roll oUt in england!

and after discussions with Chris came up with the Scotfencer. “I can’t give it enough praise as it’s made our job so much easier!” enthused Dave Pearson “and we estimate that it’s reduced the time we’re on site by around half for this particular project in Crowle. It’s just a case of rolling it out and stapling it to each post. “The consistency and quality of the tension in the fencing all the way around the 350m border is outstanding and it would be tough work to replicate this standard by hand.

“We’ve also installed two lines of barbed wire around the perimeter which again was handled with ease by the Scot fencer! “We’ve worked with Chris for the last two years and use his post hole borer for most jobs so we were only too pleased to test trial this new product. “Even though this is a small project for a local land owner it’s proved a really successful test case for the Scot fencer and it’s transformed how we work,” added Dave who travels with his brother Anthony across

much of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire and specialises in the installation of post and rail. North of the border the Scot fencer is already at work on a number of sheep farms in the Borders as Chris explained: “In Scotland there are a few Scot fencers at work and it’s from a trial up there that it got its name. “We decided to develop this tool in 2008 and spent a few months manufacturing prototypes before arriving at this design. We manufacture all Scot fencers in


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NeW proDucts
house and have taken it to a number of exhibitions including the Highland Show,” added Chris. B.o.M. (Agriquipment) Sales was established in 1984 to specialise in front Linkage, P.T.O. and also Tractor Mounted Auger feeder Mixers. They also manufacture a range of single and twin auger animal feeder mixers for mounting on telescopic handlers and have developed sawdust and straw spreader attachments for similar machines. The tension will continue to mount for Chris and BoM on the strength of this performance. The Scot fencer has truly arrived!,.. the.dods,.lauder.td2.6sd. tel.01578.722272./.. 07703.488277. www .dchfarmsales .co .uk bom.(agriquipment).,.burringham,.. scunthorpe.dn17.3ab. tel:.01724.783887./.. 07738.321262. www .bomagri .com pearson.brothers. tel:.01427.872867./. 07770.238631

DCH Farm Sales
The Dods - Lauder - Berwickshire - TD2 6SD Tel: 01578 722272 Fax: 01578 722229 Mobile: 07703 488277 New revolutionary fencing machine Erect wire left or right Pull tight in to corners and against hedgerows JOB DONE IN HALF THE TIME

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coMpANy proFIle

Redefining boRdeRland’ be.launched.and.the.complete. southampton,. big. things. are. happening. for. borderland. fencing. –. changes. that. will. ensure. their. name. is. top. of. the.pile, the.south ..
Making the most of a lull in the construction industry, the company is seizing the opportunity to play catch-up, rebranding in order to collect all separate sides of the business under one umbrella. This will put a name to the fencing empire which has grown under Mike Jarvis, consisting of Borderland fencing contractors, the Golden Larch retail site in fareham, Concept Metalcraft for steel fabrication and Southern Timber Products for all wooden fence manufacturing. With so many facets to the company, it’s incredible to think that only fifteen years ago MD Mike Jarvis was just setting out building garden furniture in his parents’ shed. Having had a go at making panels and erecting them, Mike’s business took off almost immediately: “To start with, we were working in a polytunnel at a local nursery, spending the evenings making panels and putting them up the next day. The next step came when we inherited Ace fencing’s site, which providing us with about 25 units on a social housing development. That was my first taste of contract work and I realised that volume was the way to go, so we started writing to local developers and one by one, we began to win the contracts.” There’s one particular contract that Mike has to thank for his success, with Barratt’s Southampton branch originally providing Mike and his team with a whopping 60% of their work. That’s now down to 20% of the total workload, which remains to be a colossal contract of which many are envious. Having maintained such a strong relationship with Barratt’s - a company known for their high standards - for an impressive ten years, it’s certainly something to be proud of. Mike explains: “We really grew up with Barratt’s and they have gone from strength to strength - when we first got involved they had about 80 units a year, and last year they completed on 700 which is testimony to their success.” With Borderland being Barratt’s only fencing contractor on the books, it’s a match made in heaven. Now having been busy for a decade and achieving a turnover of £5m (of which Borderline alone contributes £3.5m) a slow in trade has given Mike the opportunity to update their brand and bring the sites up to mirror the growth the company has seen. Offices and a new retail site are currently being put into place at the Borderline site in Swanwick and the company has splashed out on hiring a salesperson as well as getting a marketing team onboard to help secure contracts and ensure that the company continues to grow. Mike Jarvis

We are pleased to be associated with Borderland Fencing Ltd and wish them continued success for the future. T 01455 290 780 F 01455 292 189 W F.P McCann Ltd, Cadeby Works . Brascote Lane, Nr Nuneaton Warwickshire CV13 0BB


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coMpANy proFIle

“Up until now, we’ve done very little marketing as most of our work has come through word of mouth, but at times like these we’re starting to explore other avenues and put ourselves out there. Despite the industry taking a bit of a blow of late, I’m very confident about the future, and though the kind of work we do is both competitive and demanding, we have a solid reputation that will see us through the next year or so until things get moving again,” says Mike. And he’s certainly got a good team behind him, employing sixty people over the four sites he owns. Indeed, Mike pinpoints hiring his contract

manager, Chris Church, as one of the best moves he’s made: “Chris has worked here for seven years when he joined he had a great deal of knowledge within the industry and he worked hard to help triple our turnover in the space of a year, so I have a lot to thank him for.” On top of Chris’s efforts, Mike puts his success down to having trustworthy staff and adopting a policy of giving equity stakes in the business for his employees: “It is an initiative that’s done wonders for Borderland. By encouraging people who work for the company to invest in it, they have a personal interest in the success of

the business. It’s the best incentive to get people working hard and gaining financially as a result of their own efforts.” And all those efforts have certainly paid off - having “grown from nothing”, Mike’s blossoming enterprise is both professional and successful, yet he remains down to earth and constantly striving for the further development of his business. “My five year plan is to develop the retail sites. Having stayed away from that side of fencing for so long, we’re now looking to replicate what we have at fareham and at this site,

supplying everything from sleepers and lap panels to decking and sawn posts, we’re a one-stop-shop and I would like to see the company having a prominence within the whole of the south of England.” Ambitious? Yes. Achievable? Absolutely. And if the last fifteen years are anything to go by, Borderland fencing’s mission looks set for world domination... for.more.information,. call.01489.885018

Brennans TCS Ltd is a new venture based in Cumbernauld Scotland, We are suppliers of all types of steel fencing supplies from palisade, weldmesh, chainlink to razor wire and individual nuts and bolts to motorway barrier systems. We can offer to the contractor from stock first class products at very competitive rates, we are also happy to sell single posts/rails or anything else in the quantities the client wants instead of having to buy complete sections. In our depot we carry most things in stock but if we don’t have it we will Endeavour to get it within 2 working days. The range of weldmesh fencing we carry is second to none, constructed from the best grade materials and is for the month of June on special with prices starting at £22.80 per metre.

Brennans TCS Ltd. 8 Napier Way, Wardpark Cumbernauld, G68 0EH

Please call for prices or further information 01236 725 077 Office 07891 507 401 Steven Brennan
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chelsea shoW 2009
victoRia poolman gives an oveRvieW of this YeaR’s shoW
With.some.amazing.designs,. beautiful. gardens. and. stunning.products,.there.was. year’ .
Sponsoring the event for the third year running, Marshalls was back with designer Ian Dexter and an urban design to support the company’s Campaign for Better Landscapes. The Marshalls Living Street received a silver-gilt award and proved a huge success with the public, following last year’s child’s play theme with a street-scene display of four terraced houses, each surrounded by western red cedar fencing and landscaped to perfection. Though each garden was rather modest in terms of space, Ian’s design was testimony to how much can be done with a small urban area, including fitting in room to grow vegetables, plant flowers – and park the car. With each garden tailored individually to the tastes of its ‘residents’,

Marshalls took the opportunity to incorporate a series of ideas and styles into one garden. Giving attention to green issues whilst highlighting the forgotten spaces at the front of houses, Ian reflected how

landscaping can be personalised, even where space is limited. Aside from their garden, Marshalls had a great presence at the show: supporting a number of awardwinning displays and designers,

generating fantastic publicity for their full range of hard landscaping and natural stone products, and demonstrating how these can be used to be both creative and functional. Other highlights from this year’s

1st for quality Fencing & Gates

• Treated to last longer • Low maintenance • Life expectancy up to 30 years
On site pressure creosote treatment at HFS Timber provides quality timber products proven to stand the test of time.

Fencing materials Round timber Stock fencing Gates Landscaping Products

Call our sales team on

01604 581444

Harlestone Firs, Harlestone Road, Northampton, NN5 6UJ Or visit our website at 54 fencing news June 2009

piles and rows so neat and precise you could spend hours marvelling at the detail. When it comes to imagination, an undersea reef garden courtesy of the Cayman Islands’ Department of Tourism brought a new perspective to visitors. With the hull of a boat on the roof and a beautiful blue light filtering through to the rockeries below, it really did impress. Another of the thirteen show gardens, and one of the most impressive, came from the makers of toilet roll – yes, really. The Quilted Velvet Garden was pure luxury, with a beautiful bed of pink Busy Lizzies, grass-topped cubes and ferns, and a decadently cushioned snug scooped out of the grass verge in purple and violet, to complement the scheme. And for all those out of work stockbrokers and bankers who abandoned Jeremy Kyle to attend the show, there was a series of themed credit-crunch gardens, including The Off-Shore Garden with its turquoise pool and miniature floating yacht. This project was another delivered with the help of Marshalls - designed at the last minute following the cancellation of flemings, whose depot was badly damaged as a result of the recent bush fires in Australia. One display which dominated the papers was that of James May’s plasticine garden - an original and fun design, full of vibrant colours. And for those who prefer something a little darker, along with the support of Harley Davidson, Domoney Ltd and King’s Landscapes brought a brilliant biker theme to their garden, giving a touch of hells-angel to all those pretty daffs and lilies. Dotted amongst the stalls were a number of companies selling innovative garden furniture and buildings. When it comes to art, vast bronze sculptures attracted much attention, particularly the designs of Will Wilson, who brought several of his giant bronze snails, each weighing half a ton, all the way from Oz to get Willie Wildlife Sculptures on the map. Quercus fencing and Oak Leaf Gates remained to be the only representatives from the fencing industry, but with plenty of hard landscaping ideas, this year’s show proved to be every bit as inspirational and innovative for designers, landscapers and keen gardeners alike. for.more.information,. visit.www .rhs .org .uk..

show include Jersey farmers Union’s spectacular display of vegetables, showing off the produce of the Channel Islands in its full colour and glory. Similarly, NfU managed to create a masterpiece using foodie

inspirations. Expectations were high, following the fantastic floral display of bursting pipes last year and they certainly didn’t disappoint, with a cycle of colours portrayed with fruit, vegetables and flowers – arranged in

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coMpANy NeWs

even in the toUgh times...
as. the. recession. has. knocked. the. economy. customers. are. increasingly. looking. for. ‘best. value’ chain .. . decision-makers. are. more. cost. conscious,. and. although. the. deal. is. important. customers. are. still. focused. on. reducing. their. on-going. operating. costs. through. sustainable. investment. in. high. . Enter Northpoint as the powder coating applicator of choice for many of the major players in UK steel perimeter systems market. Northpoint are able to compliment clients through the provision of a fast and responsive powder coating service. Northpoint operate a fleet of HGV’s collecting and delivering product on the UK mainland. The polyester powder coatings applied all meet the requirements of BS 1722 pt 16 regardless of whether the 10 year warranty products or the 30 year warranty products have been purchased. Clients have dedicated Account Managers to ensure that needs and requirements are fully understood, appreciated and conveyed internally to the logistics and production departments. All paperwork is entered onto the easy to use computer system with original documents scanned providing a 100% traceable system should the need arise. In all Northpoint remove the uncertainty of the final stages of manufacture and differentiate themselves through independently audited quality management systems, the quality standard of the products used in the coating process, the ease of access to information through the dedicated Account Manager and importantly reduced capital costs through use of risk free products. Philip Dawson, Northpoint’s Technical Director says “Northpoint remains the largest applicator of powder coatings to galvanised and mild steel fencing solutions in the UK today. We benchmark ourselves against the exceptionally high standards recognised within the automotive industry and do not find ourselves wanting. We have high levels of investment into the

noRthpoint KnoWs hoW to compete
production and logistics facilities meaning we can respond to the trends in coating requirements without any difficulty, in turn we have become a benchmark for the coatings industry generally.” He adds “You have to build your credentials carefully, and Northpoint have made considerable commitment to meeting the challenges of the fencing market through state of the art plant, an educated workforce and a willingness to meet client cost requirements without loss of quality or service.” . for.further.information.. www .northpoint .ltd .uk.. or.ring.on.0161.–.330.4551.. asking.for.either.philip.. dawson,.howard.tomes.or. garry.marshall,.all.of.whom. information.and.quotes .

We benchmaRK oURselves against the exceptionallY high standaRds Recognised Within the aUtomotive indUstRY...
philip daWson, noRthpoint’s technical diRectoR


fencing news June 2009

Looking for value, flexibility and quality? Then try us…..
• Consistent quality with every delivery at very competitive rates. • The flexibility to respond to your needs Extensive workshops and manufacturing facilities, standard and non-standard products including timber cut and machined to order, gates, fence panels, garden buildings all manufactured on site, pressure treatment plant offering green and brown treatment. • High service levels, no false promises, flexible delivery options – ask us about our part-load service! • Free colour brochure available – just call 01989 563614 or e-mail
All this combined with over 60 years of experience in the fencing and timber trade help us to deliver the products that you need, when you require them. Our trained and experienced staff are on hand to provide friendly advise and competitive quotes....Call now on 01989 563614 - Full range of closeboard components held in stock - High quality pressure treated Closeboard and Waney Lap fence panels – green or brown! - Entrance, driveway and pedestrian gates made on site by trained carpenters. - Full range of timber carcassing and landscaping

Walford Timber Ltd Main site - trade counter - nationwide delivery Tel: 01989 563614 Fax: 01989 563639 E-mail:

Cheltenham Fencing & Landscaping Supplies Trade counter - local deliveries only Tel: 01242 526946 Fax: 01242 526480 E-mail:

coMpANy proFIle

clinton gates... a neW ventURe foR an old estate
When. a. company. prides. itself. on. looking. after. the. community,. preserving. tradition.and.crafting.quality. products. from. sustainable. wood,.it’ to. hear. of. an. expansion .. so. when.clinton.devon.estates,. home. to. Victoria. sawmills,. launched. a. new. business,. it. came. as. no. surprise. to. hear. how.quickly.the.venture.had. .
William explains: “We’ve been building gates since 1887, so it’s not an entirely new idea! Originally we built them just for ourselves; for our various Clinton Devon Estates’ properties and to help with the management of the 25,000 acres of estate land across North and East Devon. “Soon enough, we began making gates for other people locally. They were so impressed with the quality of the design and construction that

we decided to set up Clinton Gates, to supply wholesale quality softwood gates all over the UK.” Offering a huge range of gates for a wide variety of functions, including agricultural and equestrian, driveways, and even lytch gates and manorial entrances, the company can deliver stock items within five

working days, and are also keen to take on bespoke projects. With a large percentage of the timber used to make Clinton Gates coming directly from the estate, it’s of huge importance to William that the company’s raw products are sustainably sourced: “We hold a forestry Stewardship

Council (fSC) Chain of Custody Certificate confirming our commitment to environmental sustainability - and in 2005, the estates were also the recipients of The Queen’s Award for Sustainability.” As if that wasn’t enough to give Clinton Devon Estates their credentials, they have also been included in the


fencing news June 2009

coMpANy proFIle

Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work for, as well as being involved in the Investors in People scheme. for such a traditional company, having a sense of community has always been highly valued, as William says; “The estate’s currently employ sixty-five people and by working together, we all want to maintain and develop the estates so it is here for generations to come.” Indeed, the company’s mission statement is: ‘To secure the long term prosperity of the Estates and the people who live and work on

them in ways which care for the countryside and assist the wider community’, which is a policy they clearly stand by. But not everything is about doing it the traditional way, with the company focusing on updating their technology and ensuring that the Clinton Gates name is out there for people to see. And with the new web-site, www., proving to be a big success already, William is keen to promote Clinton Gates for their quality, durability and attractiveness.

“There is plenty going on at the moment to really build up the new enterprise, enabling us to cope with large orders. We’ve just recently invested in new machinery to improve our efficiency and with trade increasing quickly, I’m now looking to take on an apprentice, as well as developing ideas for expansion in the near future”, William concludes. A positive story amidst all the recession blues: it’s good to hear that such strong values and quality workmanship are helping Clinton Gates to flourish, regardless of the

economic downturn. At the fencing News, we wish William the best of luck with the continued success of Clinton Gates. We’ll be back soon to see how those expansions are coming along… .,.. ... tel:.01395.562555.or. enquiries@clintongates .com

fencing news June 2009



at home in the coUntRY
there’s. a. lot. to. be. said. for. sticking. to. what. you. know,.’,.it’s. done.him.very.proud.indeed .
Based in Pelynt near Looe in Cornwall, Andy’s business, AW Taylor fencing, serves the needs of farmers in his area. As a fencing contractor, he erects good quality fences to the best of standards and as a supplier he provides fencing products, gates and agricultural equipment such as cattle crushers and feed barriers, to both customers and trade alike. “I started up about fifteen years ago – I was doing a bit of fencing for the young farmers’ when a chap asked me how much I charged. That started me thinking, and I soon started borrowing my father-in-law’s tractor and doing a bit of fencing at the weekends. At the time I was working for a farmer, but gradually the fencing took over and I went full time.” Now working alongside Martin Dunn, with Dan Bullock and John Venning fencing part-time and Andy’s wife doing the books, he’s got a nice

andY taYloR talKs to victoRia poolman aboUt his niche maRKet

team and an abundance of work to keep everyone busy. Indeed, since the fencing News met Andy back in 2006, he’s taken on another man and has more work than ever: “Things may be a bit slower in pace down here in Cornwall, but in uncertain times we are less affected than the rest of the country. Not a great deal of manufacturing goes

on in Cornwall, so the recession hasn’t hit too hard, and the farming community still have the same needs as ever.” Though work may still be in abundance, one problem which does stem from working in the West Country is sourcing wood, as Andy tells me:

“Trying to get our hands on the timber we need isn’t always easy as there isn’t a great deal of forestry going on down here. Even if there is harvesting going on, at the moment they are doing second and third thinnings and no stakes are coming out, and with large orders to meet, it’s difficult for our local sawmills.” With timber treatment concerns,


fencing news June 2009

customers are aware and becoming more discerning about what they ask for, as Andy tells me, “a lot are requesting Douglas fir or Japanese Larch at the moment as the redwoods respond so much better to treatment - if I could get that every time I would happily pay for it just to ensure I’m providing the absolute best products. “A friend in Somerset showed me a sample of a creosoted redwood stake and it really was fantastic – there must have been a pencil’s width in the centre of the post which the treatment hadn’t reached, but I have to think about my lads and it’s such horrible stuff to work with, particularly in the summer. I just want good product at a fair price that doesn’t impair the enjoyment of our work – and most importantly of all, I want our customers to be happy.” Andy’s ethos is genuine and he doesn’t just spout about putting the customer first, he means it - and he has to, working within the farming community and relying solely on recommendations. As he puts it: “farmers can view as many shiny adverts as they like, but it’s all word of mouth and if you let one person down you let everyone down. The silver lining is that because we all know each other, if there’s ever a problem then everyone helps everyone else out – and that’s what makes it such a nice niche in which to work.” Andy is extremely highly-regarded and trusted, and his skill earned him four second place awards at the Tornado wire competition. “I’m going to have second place written on my gravestone, but as a friend told me – you’re not second, you’re just the first loser.” But by his own admission, “you’ve got to have a laugh to make the day go quicker.” With costs stabilising in agriculture, Andy has a busy summer ahead and though he has enough work for another gang, Andy would rather manage the work himself to ensure the high-quality trademark of AW Taylor fencing continues. Andy concludes, “I’m not going to make a fortune doing what I’m doing, but i’ll earn a decent living and be happy doing it. With everything going on at the moment I look around me and I’m so thankful for what I’ve got going.” With such a great attitude, we’re looking forward to the next Tornado championships – because if anyone deserves a first, Andy does. . for.more.information,.call. andy.on.07771561675

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campaign foR betteR landscapes
Marshalls has recently launched its national ‘Campaign for Better Landscapes’ which calls for both public and private bodies, as well as individuals, to seriously consider the societal and individual benefits of creating ‘better landscapes’ in our towns, cities, public spaces and our private gardens. Research from the UK and the USA continues to show that communities with higher quality built environments lead a better quality of life, regardless of affluence or whether they are urban or suburban neighbourhoods. Chris Harrop who leads on Sustainability at Marshalls acknowledges that the social, economic and environmental benefits to be realised from creating better landscapes are complex and all inextricably linked, and believes that many of the problems now facing the globe can be attributed to the breakdown between people and their environment. He says: “It has been identified that human beings are naturally inclined to seek habitats that care for the environment. This

is essentially the basis for the drive towards sustainable development and highlights the need for 21st century built landscapes to work with natural surroundings and influence our management of the landscapes that we create.” As the UK embraces the ‘good life’, Marshalls is calling loud and clear for everyone to join its Campaign for Better Landscapes and to make educated decisions when deciding to make changes to the landscape for which they are responsible. . for.more.information.visit. www .marshalls .com



Excellent quality systems at competitive prices! First class delivery service! Let US increase YOUR profit! Call us today for a fast, no obligation quote!


01704 822 030 Fax: 01704 337 171





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coMpANy NeWs

gUaRanteed extRa life foR estate fencing fRom aRceloRmittal
Uniquely, the Estate Brand fencing they make is manufactured from wire that is guaranteed to last 2 times longer than wire galvanised to BS EN 10244 Class A. This guarantee has been proven in the field in all corners of the UK and Europe; if you want a wire fencing product that will last in all environments; be it on exposed hills or headlands, or you just want the longest life and the lowest cost Estate fencing is sure to fit the job. With the Estate brand of High Tensile fencing you can you be sure of an even longer service life. Both the top and bottom wires are made from 4Life wire which is guaranteed to last at least 4 times longer than the standard. These 2 wires undergo the heaviest workload in any fence so by increasing the specification of these wires, at no increased cost to the consumer, they are again trying to reduce the cost to the farmer and contractor alike offering a high quality fence, with ease of erection and now an even longer guarantee on the life of the wire. All Estate stock fencing is all made with truly centreless cores which also allows for the easiest roll out. There are deep crimps in the horizontal wires to allow for expansion, contraction and to assist with erection. This is something that will be seen by all entrants at the Yorkshire and North of England fence Competition at the Driffield show on 22nd July this year. As with posts and stakes, there has been a large number of conflicting extra life claims from different manufacturers. Various claims can be made about fencing that will last double or triple the life of some other fencing, yet all are made from wire galvanised to BS EN 10224 Class A. Estate fencing is one of the ONLY UK manufactured fencing that is made from wire that is GUARANTEED to last TWICE as long.

aRceloRmittal sheffield is noW celebRating its 25th YeaR of pRodUction of high QUalitY WiRe fencing

. for.more.information.and.. fencingsales@arcelormittal .com

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combilift pUts on a shoW at ligna
A highlight of this year’s Combilift stand at the recent Ligna show in Hannover was the hourly performance of the Combi-CB “dance”, which attracted large crowds and perfectly demonstrated the unrivalled manoeuvrability of Combilift’s latest model. Combilift drivers Sam Moffett and Philip Condell left onlookers in no doubt of their expertise as they deftly manoeuvered the two Combi-CB’s within inches of each other in a routine set to Irish music. The Combi-CB is a compact, 4-way counterbalance truck, launched in the autumn of 2008, and designed for operations that handle palletised loads as well as longer length products such as packs of timber. LP Gas and diesel and electric powered models are available. “Sales of the CB are going very well, in spite of the current economic situation,” says MD Martin McVicar. “We put this down to the excellent value for money it represents, as using just this one truck is an economical solution, particularly when you factor in the extra overheads for maintenance, insurance and training that are incurred when using multiple types of forklifts.” .,.co ... monaghan,.ireland. ... www .combilift .com.. info@combilift .com

stenneR alive and Well!
The continuation of the Stenner name is now assured following a management buy out of the business. The buy out consists of ex Stenner Directors fred Harding, Syd Mather and Doug Richardson together with Brian White of Twyford Engineering and long time distributors Daltons. “This has given us an excellent opportunity to realign the business to survive and prosper during these difficult times and our intent is to occupy the same premises as we did previously with the same contact details such that we can continue to provide our customers at home and abroad with our renowned spares and service as well as manufacturing the extensive range of wide band resaws” commented Syd Mather. Stenner are currently recruiting to ensure that the necessary skills are retained and having had a very positive start to Ligna where an order was placed by 11 am on the first day, look forward to a strong first year of trading. francis Dalton said “We are delighted to have played our part in the rebirth of this high profile brand and to have a significant role in its future. The Stenner range of standalone resaws are an important part of the Daltons sales portfolio and as main UK and Ireland distributors it is our intention to not only maintain but strengthen the Stenner name within the timber using and merchanting industries”. Both fred Harding and Syd Mather would like to thank the members of the trade for their messages of support which were key in making this bold move to preserve what is an icon of British woodworking m a c h i n e r y manufacturing.


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coMpANy NeWs

highland helps Keep local aUthoRitY on the Rails
highland. colour. coaters,. one. of. the. uK’s. leading. galvanizing. and. colour. powder. coating. firms,. is. helping. a. scottish. local. authority. to. significantly. reduce. its. maintenance. costs. by. providing. a. unique. corrosion. protection. for. pedestrian.guardrails .
East Lothian Council appointed Highland Colour Coaters to refurbish over 600 metres of the pedestrian barriers on the outskirts of the village of East Linton, and in doing so the Council has saved thousands of pounds in maintenance costs. The guardrails, which are situated on a footway/cycle path that runs the length of the A199 as a protection to a retaining wall, were in danger of falling into a serious state of disrepair. East Lothian Council appointed Highland Colour Coaters to refurbish the rails using the company’s unique Colourgalv solution, which returned them to their original state and they are now guaranteed to resist corrosion for over 50 years. Colourgalv incorporates all the benefits of galvanized steel plus an extra durability and abrasionresistance that paint-based systems cannot match. Akzo-Nobel approved applicators for a galvanized substrate, Highland Colour Coaters is one of only two UK-based companies with the necessary accreditation to deliver such a service and is the only plant in Scotland to provide a ‘onestop-shop’ for galvanized corrosion protection and powder coated decorative finishes. David Northcott, senior structures officer at East Lothian Council’s transport division, said: “There will always be pressure on local authorities to keep maintenance costs to a minimum while at the same time deliver the best possible solution and this, at times, can be a difficult balancing act. “When it comes to exterior steelwork you really can’t take any shortcuts as it’s important that it complements the surrounding environment and adds to the aesthetics of the locale. There can be nothing worse than having unsightly, rusting rails and if we had opted to simply re-paint the pedestrian barriers they would’ve started corroding again within a year. “By using Highland Colour Coater’s Colourgalv, the rails will remain corrosion free for 50+ years, and will not have to be re-coated in the first 25 years of that period, during this time saving the Council thousands of pounds.” Paul McCafferty, sales director at Highland Colour Coaters, added: “When specifying coatings for steelwork, people simply don’t appreciate how important it is to use the right coating. for exterior applications, galvanizing before coating will ensure that corrosion is not a problem in the service life of the item and will greatly increase the life expectancy of the substrate. “We don’t hand out 25 or 50 year guarantees without good reason. Our coatings have been developed over the course of 30 years and have undergone strict, thorough, independent testing and that’s why East Lothian Council will not have to worry about wasting money to maintain East Linton’s pedestrian barriers for 25+ years.” . highland.galvanizers. elgin,.moray..iV30.6fg t:.01343.548855. f:.01343.545551 tower.Road. cumbernauld..g67.2Jh. t:.01236.731444. f:.01236.731555


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coMpANy proFIle

alWaYs thinKing biggeR
fencing neWs visits noRth Wales’s faRm and pet place
in. 1970,. gwyn. lewis. was. made.redundant.from.his.job. working. for. an. agricultural. feed. company .. . now,. almost. forty.years.later, and. pet. place,. one. of. the. most. successful. independent. fencing. and. agricultural. area.with.four.depots.(.a.fifth. due. to. come. on. line. shortly). and.a.portfolio.of.over.20,000. different.lines .
Today, Gwyn is still very much hands on with the day to day running of the company and, when I met him recently at his Llanrwst head office, he was full of optimism for the future of his business. “Being laid off all those years ago was probably one of the best things that happened,” he told me. “As I really knew the feed business well, I decided to work for myself and I identified a niche market in the area where I lived and set myself up in business with a small van selling dog food and the like to the numerous farmers in the vicinity.” Gwyn is a shrewd businessman and he had chosen his market well for over the next decade he prospered better than even he could have expected. He expanded from farms to cattle markets and from a small van to a big van from which he sold fencing, animal health products, dog food, footwear, clothing and just about anything anyone in the agricultural business could require. It was in effect a blue print for the ‘one stop stores’ he was to set up in the future. As he became better known in the North Wales area he suddenly found he was running six vans and employing people to help him out. He moved from home working to his current office in the market town of Llanrwst in the Conway Valley at the end of the Seventies, and when the law changed prohibiting the sale of animal health products from vans, he bought his first site in Abergele near the coast. Gwyn’s father had been a farmer and timber merchant in the region and both he and his brother had worked alongside him whilst still at school producing stakes and timber products from wood hauled from the small areas of forestry his father was constantly buying. Having a yard at Abergele gave Gwyn the chance to expand the range of products he offered and introduce a greater range of fencing. The original Abergele site is still operational but much larger now (even so it is currently the group’s smallest location which is indicative of how things have changed) and there are also yards at Llangefni, Gledrid (near Chirk), a pet shop in Ruthin and a new site planned for Mold. Not bad really, for someone who started selling from a van! The product range is vast. Square and round fencing timbers are sold along with all associated products for the agricultural and equestrian markets. The company employs 115 people, has its own H.R. officer and each depot has a manager and team of well trained and knowledgeable staff. A glance at the company website gives you an insight into the professional way farm And Pet Place go about doing things. Gwyn again. “We are completely computerised and this includes an automatic re-ordering system, so theoretically we should never run out of stock of items. We are constantly looking to improve what we do – buying larger premises to accommodate more stock and make it easier for our customers to see what we do, we import such things as pet accessories from all over the world and we like to think we offer something for everyone from the house owner in the domestic market right through to the stable owner or busy farmer. Be it fencing or clothing you should be able to come to us and go away with everything you require. Our policy is to offer what the customer wants and if we haven’t got it, then we simply make sure we get it!” It’s a sound policy and has seen farm And Pet Place go from strength to strength over the years. Currently they run twelve vehicles and use contract hauliers for larger loads to distant venues. The business splits nicely into thirds – farm and agricultural, Equestrian and pet in equal amounts. The company has its own branded pet food ‘Dr Green’ and is looking to expand all the time. As well as the new shop planned for Mold, Gwyn is toying with plans for poultry and poultry feed and is always on the look out for any new ideas to complement the existing business. In days when talk is of ‘cut backs’ and ‘down turn’ it’s very refreshing to see a company that are looking forwards and planning for ever larger horizons. llangefni.depot,.unit.1.–.4.. llangefnill77.7ja. tel:01248.724465. fax..01248.724012 gledrid.depot. gledrid.ll14.5dg. tel:.01691.770084. fax:.01691.778298 abergele.depot. Rhuddlan.Roundabout. abergele.ll22.7hz. tel:.01745.823188. fax.01745.823189 llanwryst.head.Office. tel:.01492.643020 or.visit. www .farmandpetplace .co .uk

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coMpANy NeWs

JocK bRYce: man on a mission
simone & ben taKe a tRip to Kelso to visit JocK & JennifeR
Jock. bryce. is. a. man. on. a. mission.-.and.he’ prisoners!.his.award-winning. bryce. suma. post. drivers. have. won. him. worldwide. recognition .
Now, in order to ensure that Bryce Suma Post Drivers exclusively incorporate Jock’s own design improvements and that his own Patented improvements are built to his quality standards, he recently commenced manufacturing in Scotland. And that’s not all! He has also made a considerable number of brandnew, unique design features to the latest machines – the Suma Profi Supreme and Powershift Range. ‘Our new Profi Supreme has so many great qualities and, what’s more important though, is what our customers think – and I can tell you they are impressed.’ fencing contractor Henry Bennett has used Suma post drivers for a number of years, and he feels this latest machine is Jock’s best yet: ‘Suma machines are worth their weight in gold for what they can do. But Jock and his team really have something to crow about with this latest one. It is definitely the right machine for the job. Compared to the previous machine this is a tremendous advancement. The hammer comes down more quickly too. It is truly a top-flight machine and with Jock’s team’s excellent back-up service I have been very impressed.’ Jock understands why customers like Henry will be pleased: ‘It’s all about getting the job done well and in good time. I have spent countless hours ensuring that every part of the Profi Supreme is better than before. The build quality has been enhanced and the features include a fully automatic hammer that travels the full length of the mast at all times. No other manual or mechanical means are needed to alter the length of the hammer stroke, and in my view this makes it without doubt the simplest, tidiest and most efficient telescopic mast on the market. We have also applied for a Patent for the mast lubrication system, as well as a Patent also pending for the rotary wear pads fitted to both sideshift

Jock Bryce and backshift.’ Patents have also been granted on the Independent Hydraulic Jack Legs and Mast Tilt Ram Bracket. Here are just a few of the other additional features of the SUMA PROfI SUPREME: The hitting height is now 3.5m under the post cap with the hydraulic legs jacked up; there are new faster,

Bryce Powershift HD1 - a big step-up from the previous model offered, includes automatic telescopic mast and mast lubrication system from the new Profi Supreme. 68 fencing news June 2009

The Bryce Powershift HD1 Super, pile-driving to prevent erosion of riverbanks - 500kg hammer.

The new Profi Supreme c/w Rock Spike Transfer System & Towbar. Tool boxes can be fitted.

coMpANy NeWs
smoother and safer state of the art hydraulics; new mast tilt ram geometry which offers increased mast tilt both in and out; new giant super skids on hydraulic legs, affording less vibration and more flotation; plus a new and once again unique post cap which has been fully certified and tested. ‘I have always had a busy and enquiring mind and that is what has led to not just these post driver improvements but many more designs, and other machines. As far as I am concerned the brakes are now well and truly off. We’re moving forward and we mean business, even more than ever before.’ As well as manufacturing the BRYCE SUMA post drivers Jock and his able team also undertake converting tracked dumpers into fencing machines. These are stripped down, 3 point linkage fitted complete with de-mountable load platform, full width toolbox etc. etc. – anything a customer wants. He has fenced for 35 years himself so making bespoke machines comes naturally, giving him a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction. BRYCE post drivers have won many awards over the years and with the latest innovations now taking place, Bryce Post Drivers continue to win Industry Awards. ‘By controlling the whole business ourselves from design to point-of-sale we have no middle men, allowing us to keep prices considerably lower than post drivers of this quality would normally be. I never rest on my laurels and have a continuing policy of always trying to make something good even better.’

Of course the best endorsements are those that come from people who have used Jock’s machines. The following is a letter which arrived totally out of the blue: ‘There was never any doubt in my mind that the BRYCE SUMA PROfI was the right post driver for Robertson fencing. I investigated the surrounding area and beyond, looking at the equipment other fencing contractors used. I looked to the companies with outstanding reputations, those who worked in extreme conditions and those who left an excellent job behind them. There was one common factor – BRYCE POST DRIVERS. With great confidence I purchased my first PROfI in 2008. The increased output was staggering, leading to

rapid business which I desired. You cannot fail to be impressed by the post driver’s features - the engineering, durability and ease of use – but there are additional advantages. The excitement and interest that this piece of equipment provokes in customers is undeniable. Such is the reputation of BRYCE that farmers, foresters, land owners and many more recognise that a fencing contractor using a BRYCE SUMA PROfI really means business!’ Now that’s a recommendation and a half! But as Jock says, he isn’t ready to rest on his laurels. Scotland’s lads ‘o pairts are renowned worldwide. In Jock Bryce I met one of them and can only say how grateful the UK fencing Industry should be that he and his

wife Jennifer took up the challenge of making a living based on the highest ideals. As we went to print it was announced that Bryce Suma has won the silver award, yet again, from the Royal Highland Agricultural Society. Well done! bRyce.suma.pOst.dRiVeRs. designed.&.manufactured.. by.bRyce. linton.hill,.morebattle. Kelso,.td5.8ae tel:.01573.440314. fax:.01573.440616. email:.brycescotland@aol .com. Website:.www .brycesuma .co .uk

Our own Bogmaster crawler with new Profi Supreme.Having worked on very steep and boggy ground all my life, I can offer customers advice and help on choosing the right machine to suit their working conditions.

Tracked Dumper converted to a fencing machine c/w 3 point linkage, demountable load platform, toolbox etc Dual controls are offered as another option together with any specific requests.

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coMpANy NeWs

nURseRY school fencing fRom oRsogRil UK
Clackmannanshire is the smallest Council in Scotland but has an ambitious programme to provide more purpose-built Nursery Schools. As a stylish and contemporary alternative to bow-top, Orsogril UK were asked to supply the boundary fencing from their range of trademark grating fences for the play areas of the first new schools at Menstrie and Banchory. A 1200mm high Sterope fence system with a 62x132mm aperture was chosen to create a secure and attractive environment for the children. A combination of finishes for the panels and posts was decided upon as an economical solution with a pleasing aesthetic. As it was important to eliminate any sharp edges which can naturally result from the galvanizing process, the panels were thoroughly checked and fettled before delivery. As Jamie Mitchell who manages the contracts said, “We demand the highest possible standards from our galvanizers and we always take extra care with the finish on fences which we supply to schools and residential sites or heavily pedestrianised areas.” Again, with the children’s safety in mind, a circular post was chosen; the 50mm diameter posts were finished with an additional polyester powder coating to add colour to the scheme. The staff and children are delighted with their new school and Orsogril UK hopes to be able to work with the Council on many more projects in the area. . Visit.www .orsogril .co .uk

Estate Sawmills Thorncliffe Works Midland Road Bradford West Yorkshire BD8 7DQ
Established in 1984, supplying and manufacturing quality timber, fencing, decking and landscaping products.

Tel: 01274 487 882 Fax: 01274 492 006


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coMpANy NeWs

a daY at the Races

gRaham KRaft attends the mcveigh paRKeR Racing daY

Stuart studying the form, Pete ran out of money McVeigh Parker got their 30th year celebrations off to an flying start by inviting some key customers based in the Midlands to a race meeting in the charming surroundings of Ludlow in Shopshire. Despite the current economic situation the company wanted to thank them for their loyal support and past business. The sixteen guests and Directors that attended had a great evening with some newcomers to racing doing exceptionally well for their first time. fencing News’ photographer Grahame Kraft was present to witness what was certainly a very enjoyable day. – as well as being amongst the winners! At the Races Michael McVeigh and Brian Parker were presented with certificates of registration on successfully becoming an accredited company to BSEN ISO 9001: 2000 , BSENISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS:18001 . Mr Peter Ladums acknowledged the achievemens of the company: ‘This is something we have been working towards and we are keen to demonstrate our commitment to quality, environmental, ethical and safety standards. With the market increasingly demanding this type of accreditation we see it as key to retaining our current clients and winning future opportunities. Anyone interested in stocking Diamond brand and X fence products should enquire to Chris Hambridge chris@mcveighparker. The current catalogue has 60 very special offers too. We will be celebrating 30 years of McVeigh Parker throughout the year ahead, and who knows you could be at the next venue. See us and our products at South of England Show , Royal Welsh, New forest and Burwarton shows where a complimentary drink awaits! . sales@mcveighparker .co .uk

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bobcat intRodUces neW 8-tonne cRaWleR excavatoR excavator,. which. forms. the. latest. extension. to. the. range.of.bobcat.excavators,. has. been. designed. to. offer. optimum. value. to. the. customer. through. high. performance. with. fuel. efficiency,. durability,. operator. comfort. and. easy. serviceability ..
Equipped with a cab, standard dipperstick and steel tracks, the E80 has an operating weight of 8380 kg. Equipped with a cab, standard dipperstick and the optional rubber tracks, the E80 weighs 8330 kg. The maximum digging depth of the E80 is 4150 mm, the maximum dump height is 4720 mm and the maximum reach is 6965 mm. A long dipperstick is available as an option. The E80 is designed for easy, precise controllability. The controls have been arranged to ensure convenience and comfort for the operator and maximum operating efficiency. The hydraulic joystick levers have comfortable grips that allow the operator to perform smooth, precise operations. A boom safety valve and overload warning device are standard equipment. The dipperstick cylinder is sized to provide enhanced excavating force and jack up performance. The swing bracket and the size of the boom swing cylinder ensure powerful and stable boom swing performance. The space in the operator cab of the E80 excavator is similar to that found on bigger machines. The cab has a large entrance and exit, giving good access to get into and out of the machine. The interior of the cab has been designed to optimise operator comfort, and the openness of the cab provides a wide field of view and excellent all around visibility. The cab lighting, sun visor and side mirror contribute to a safe and convenient working environment for the operator.

The large-capacity radiator enables performance in severe and continuous operations. Access to the radiator and cooler is easy, making cleaning simple. The various parts of the engine can be accessed from the side, with the

engine oil and fuel filter attached to the engine body extending out for easy maintenance. . for.more.information.visit. www .bobcat .com

TiMBeR AgenTS SpeCiALiSing in FenCing AnD gARDen pRoDuCTS

Fencing Material Quality Red or Whitewood Decking Machine Round Timber
Log Cabins, Bespoke & Standard Range
We are currently seeking cabin distributors in selected areas, please call for further details

Scan UK Timber Ltd Email:
72 fencing news June 2009

Tel: 01245

478 624

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gRipple dUe to maKe it biggeR in the Us With opening of neW facilitY
gripple. limited,. the. innovative. sheffield-based. manufacturer. of. the. world. famous. gripple. wire. joiner,. has. celebrated. the. official. aurora,.illinois,.just.west.of. chicago. which. will. enable. 50.per.cent.this.year .
Now the headquarters of Gripple Inc, first established in 2001 as a sales operation office in Batavia, Illinois, the 1,600 sq ft building representing a $1.6 million investment, incorporates office, manufacturing and warehousing facilitates Multi-award winning Gripple’s fencing and trellising products lead the agricultural and viticulture sectors and the pioneering Gripple Hanger System has changed the face of the construction industry. Last year, its 20th birthday, Gripple recorded the sale of 300 million Gripples to 85 countries, with overseas sales representing 80 per cent of turnover. Under the leadership of Mark Edmonds, who now heads up the Gripple organisation worldwide, Gripple Inc has grown rapidly into a multi-million dollar business with an 18-strong construction sales team covering all the US and Canada. Hugh facey, who invented the Gripple wire joiner and is now chairman of the company, said: “Gripple continues to grow on the strength of its focus on innovation. We have recently appointed our first innovations director who will concentrate on developing new products within his specialist department which has made Gripple a market leader. “I wish everyone in Aurora good luck with their exciting operation which, given their commitment, will be another superb success.” In Gripple tradition, the opening was marked with the presentation of $2000 to fox Valley Toys 4 Tots which helps local underprivileged children. The growth of Gripple Inc in the US is also good news for the wider Aurora community as more employment opportunities become available and sales revenue grows. for.more.information.on.. gripple.please.visit. www .gripple .com

“gRipple continUes to gRoW on the stRength of its focUs on innovation.”
hUgh faceY, chaiRman of the companY

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a-plant Wins tRaining pRiZe at inaUgURal inteRnational poWeRed access aWaRds
the. substantial. investment. in.and.development.of.Work. has. won. the. company. the. prestigious. access. industry. training. award. at. the. inaugural. international. awards. for. powered. access. held. in. dublin. in. ireland. in. april.2009 .
Organised with the support of the International Powered Access federation (IPAf) to celebrate good practice, professionalism and quality in the access industry, the Access Industry Training Award was one of ten Awards being competed for by companies around the world and one of three categories in which A-Plant was nominated. The Award Judges commented on A-Plant’s win: “A-Plant’s win has been realised due to the fact that the company has made itself one of the UK access industry’s most successful ‘one stop shops’ for training. In 2008, the company trained over

3700 employees, and held over 4500 training days for its 2000 staff. further to this the company also invested in a new state of the art National Training Centre.” As well as the Access Industry Training Award, A-Plant was nominated for two more awards: the Access Rental Company of the Year

and the Contribution to Safe Working at Height – Rental Company Awards with close to 400 access industry professionals attending the, first ever International Awards for Powered Access ceremony (IAPAs). Substantial and continual investment in the Health and Safety market, in particular, has ensured that A-Plant

is at the forefront of industry practice and certification, offering Health and Safety training to the highest standards possible. . for.more.information.visit. www .aplant .com

Faster – Tighter – Easier – Safer
• Four strand barb wire unroller, will take 4x2000 mtr rolls of barb wire. Can be retro fitted to existing machine • Available with postdriver backshift. Choice of Masts • Bryce, Malone, Wrag and others • All machines will take 2 x500 mtr or 2 x300, or 3 x100, rolls of net • Horse and Deer version available • Re-rolling attachment (roll wire back the same diameter) as the original • 7 day money back guarantee (subject to terms and excludes return carriage)

Please contact: John Mob: 07966 285240 or Steve Mob: 07931 511090 • email:
fencing news June 2009 75


exciting times as caRRs billington moves fURtheR into poWeR maRKet
power. equipment. in. the. north. east. of. england. is. arguably. stronger. than. ever. before,. following. the. recent. acquisition. of. Jm. england’s.leading.agricultural. companies,.carrs.billington .
With a portfolio that already includes feed mills, farm supply and agricultural machinery equipment centres, and a healthy balance sheet and profits level, Carrs Billington has extended its involvement in the power equipment market in the biggest way it possibly could at this time. ‘The whole purpose of the acquisition was to enhance and entrench ourselves in the groundcare market in particular,’ said Philip Sharman Regional Branch Manager of Carrs Billington. ‘JM Raine is a well-established name that has a solid reputation and we intend to build on that even further. In fact we are doing exactly that already with increased staffing and a brand new machinery dedicated website, updated daily We already have significant experience in the market place through our franchise with Hayter at both our Barnard Castle, Morpeth and Hexham depots, but this is even greater proof of our intent to grow this very specific market place whilst complementing our other centres.’ Philip believes the combination of great products, friendly and professional service and a highly accessible location are the major factors that convinced Carrs Billington that their decision to buy was extremely well vindicated. ‘When you look at the franchises that are already here. Honda, Stihl, Husqvarna and Mf Groundcare, to name just a few, and the business JM Raine has attracted over the years there is no doubting the quality or their success. Back that with some of the most unique and exciting products on the market such as ABEI and you have very much a winning team from the start. The ABEI machines are a musthave for councils and authorities alike because they are the only machines available in the UK that can cut on a 60 degree angle. You just cannot go to where they go on a normal tractor.’ ‘Where the business is situated is perfect too. It’s not far from the A1 and ideal for anyone to get across from Newcastle or Teesside very quickly, plus because of our rural location parking is absolutely no problem and we also have a significant dedicated area of land where equipment can be field-tested.’ The business has traditionally been split fairly evenly between three main sectors:the domestic sector for those requiring high quality garden equipment backed with quality advice and support; the professional contractors requiring the same, but a more varied range up to the highly mechanised and more discerning local councils and sports clubs .J M Raine particularly serves the Wear and Teesdale valleys very well, but there is great scope for future business and that is what excites Philip and his team at Spennymoor, that is headed up by Alastair Rowell, who was previously managing director of JM Raine. Alastair is now Groundcare Sales Manager for Carrs Billington based at Spennymoor and is relishing the new challenge. ‘We have always worked well as a team. Many of the staff have been here a number of years and we have all developed great relationships with our customers who use us regularly. We are all looking forward to expanding the business even further with the strength and professionalism that come from being involved with Carrs Billington.’ . 01388662266. Visit:.www .carrs-billington .com

13hp Honda Engine 20hp Honda Engine 19hp Kubota Diesel

Attachments: Buckets Augers Trenchers etc.

For more information please contact:


0161 941 4141 0161 980 8080

Landscape and Highway Machinery



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gReenmech laUnch the boxeR mini sKid steeR loadeRs in the UK
greenmech. are. proud. to. announce.the.latest.addition. to. their. product. range .. the. company. has. formed. an. alliance. with. compact. power. inc .,. of. fort. mill,. south. carolina. to. distribute. the. bOXeR. range. of. mini. skid. steer. loaders. and. attachments .
GreenMech will distribute the products in the UK, france and Germany. Introducing on the BOXER range, GreenMech chairman Tony Turner said that..... “the BOXER products are of high quality designed to deliver outstanding performance in the most demanding market sectors, they are complementary to the company’s existing range of chippers and shredders.” Speaking of the alliance, Compact Power Inc. President Michael Edwards observed that, “the combination of GreenMech and BOXER creates a compelling product suite for customers, offering a cost effective

utilisation of resources both in terms of machinery and staff.” There are two models available in the UK. The BOXER 322D and 532 DX series; both machines feature diesel engines, are fitted with rubber tracks and operator riding platforms. The 322D is less than 34’’ (876mm) wide and is fitted with a 22hp Kubota engine, while the 532DX features the 32hp Kubota engine and a variable track width capability. The machines offer 3.2 and 3.6 psi of ground pressure respectively.

Efficiency is the key to the effectiveness of this type of equipment. The BOXER product sees itself as a ‘Swiss Army knife’ machine and features more than 50 attachments. These include various loading buckets, cultivators, augers, a backhoe and a range of landscaping and grounds maintenance accessories. Stump grinders, chippers and tree forks also feature and the 532DX is particularly suited to the GreenMech EC150TMP 6’’ hydraulically driven

woodchipper. The BOXER range is currently attracting interest from the hire trade, the landscaping and fencing industry as well as forestry and arboriculture. . for.more.information.contactr. tel:.+44.(0).1789-400044.. fax:.+44.(0).1789-400167.. email:.sales@greenmech .co .uk.. www .greenmech .co .uk.

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FeNcING people

golf daY 2009 the ResUlts!
the golf course and at the bar, with a great atmosphere on the dinner tables afterwards, but it was plain to see that the real winner once again was one of our own. The champion of this year’s golf day was our very own Ben Walton, who managed a fantastic score of thirtysix points, coming in joint second place with thirty-four points each was Bill Lander and John Barclay. Coming in third was David Twigg with a score of thirty-three points. The longest drive was one by Nick Ambrozejczyk, and nearest to pin on par three winner was Ed Webster in two shots. Nearest to pin in two shots on a par four, was won by John Barclay.

the oldest solo helicopteR pilot in the WoRld

so,. another. year. has. flown. . by.and.yet.another.successful. fencing. news. golf. day. is. over ..
This is the forth annual golf day, and one must say, the eagerly anticipated outing was well worth the fervor when it finally arrived. With a really excellent standard of golf being played, coupled with beautiful sunshine and fantastic company – the day went magnificently, with everyone involved having a thoroughly enjoyable time.

The event fell on Thursday 7th May and once again was held at the Henley in Arden Golf and Country Club. All in all, it was a great turn out, with thirty-two golfers competing for a variety of awards and records. The day commenced at half nine, with the first round being one of bacon butties and coffee for all, and by half ten we had teed off and were well underway. The competition produced a few winners, but when mixing with such a great, enthusiastic crowd both on

Special thanks go out to everyone who took part and all the sponsors on the day, and a big thank you to Osmose and Arch for there continued help and assistance throughout the event. We would also like to thank our very own Christian Gallon for organising such a great day. . for.those.who.missed.out.on..–!.

Peter Chantler founder of Chantler Timber has applied to the Guinness World Records to become, at 83 years of age, the oldest solo helicopter pilot in the world. A number of years ago Peter handed over the day to day running of Chantler Timber Limited to his son Michael and co directors Chris Hyde and Ian Symons, but is still involved in the business in an advisory/ consultancy capacity. Peter who lives close to Tarporley in Cheshire, made his attempt to become the oldest solo helicopter pilot in the world to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records on 8 April 2009, and once Peter’s application is completed, it is only a matter of time before he goes down in history. The current record for ‘oldest solo helicopter flight’ was held by Irishman David Tyndall, 82, before he died last year. tel.01782.750507./.e-mail. chantlertimberuk@aol .com


fence companY staff get on theiR biKes foR chaRitY
STAff at a Dorset fence company raised £500 after getting on their bikes for charity. An eight-strong team from Parleybased The fencing Centre was among a record entry taking part in the annual British Heart foundation Great Dorset Bike Ride. The team, including Managing Director Steve Randall and fellow director Steve Toomer, successfully completed the 50-mile route, one of three available to riders. “This is the fifth time we’ve done this particular cycle ride for charity. It’s a great cause and we’re proud to back it,” said Mr Randall who finished despite suffering a puncture during the ride. A total of 1,628 cyclists took part in this year’s event which started and finished at Queen Elizabeth School in Wimborne. The ride, organised jointly by the Dorset Cycling Development Group and the British Heart foundation, is expected to raise more than £70,000.


fencing news June 2009

FeNcING people

‘mUcKing aboUt’ to save lives

in the hot seat... RichaRd JacKson

AGRICULTURE students at Kingston Maurward College have been ‘mucking about’ to help keep a lifesaving service airborne. The second year national diploma students spread manure across 20 hectares of fields, ploughed them and drilled maize, to raise more than £1,500 for Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance. As part of their fundraising challenge, ten of the students had also pulled a tractor a quarter a mile through Dorchester town centre. Student, Izzie Place, said: “Safety is a big issue for farmers who, as

we know, often work in remote and isolated places. “With no motorway in Dorset it’s such a valuable service, so we felt it was the right charity to support.” The students were able to complete their muck spreading challenge within only ten hours thanks to the generosity of local companies which lent them the machinery and clothing needed. . the.btec.national.diploma. programme ..for.more.details. call.01305.215104 .

name:.Richard Jackson company:.Jackson fencing married: Yes previous.employment:.. Can’t remember it was that long ago! issues.affecting.the.fencing.and. There are lots of issues, for example, the state of the construction sector, the threat of bad debts, the time it takes to get orders placed (and for invoices to get paid), a return to the bad old days of beating the subbie to make a profit or to reduce a loss, people cutting corners to match a price and compromising on quality; certainly more than enough to keep everyone on their toes for a while! Do I only get to nominate one? Seriously, it’s a difficult choice between raising standards across the entire business in terms of design, materials, processes and service to allow us to offer the unique Jakcure 25 year Guarantee on timber and the 25 year Service Life Guarantee on steel products and the introduction of a steel fencing range. On balance, I think it would have to be the leveraging of our expertise in timber fencing in the development of the capability to design and manufacture steel fencing along with all of its associated products.

and.the.worst?. A range of gates that could be stylized by our customers - that proved to be a total disaster! years.time?. Running the most successful fencing company in the UK in terms of profitability and reputation. The breadth of articles that cover a wide spread of topics in fencing and landscaping. I’m not really into films but probably something with a lot of action - Rambo or the like. Both. Beer first then wine. Good old fashioned British grub and not so British sesame prawn toast. favourite.saying?. Go for it! My horse Trio to keep me fit. A supply of good beer and wine. Loads of books of any sort newspaper? fT Dressage pound.or.euro?.Pound

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buyers GuIDe
Alexandra Security Products Procter Concrete and fencing Products

To obtain an entry in the Buyers’ Guide (£94.00 +VAT per Year) Contact Simone Gallon or Ben Walton on 01274 610 101.

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Timb-a-Haul Calders & Gradidge 01603 754781 01205 358866 01332 883900 01616 246020 01580 291555 01664 823103 01373 812521 01490 440316 01234 273077 01245 401078 01707 268523 01284 388399 01159 655150 01205 358866 01773 550055 01668 217288 01664 823103 01490 440316 01234 273077 01324 562241 01299 832 611 01302 888676 01494 671921 01773 550055 01159 655150 01205 358866 01473 276900 01985 219555 01608 651096 01664 823103 01205 358866 01490 440316 01978 710445 01327 857217 0845 6434089 01536 373806 01588 638331 01494 671921 01639 896715 0115 965 5150 01482 338 950 01902 661151 08005 424037 01132 862586 01270 585959 01785 712209 01934 750066 Training Dept. Graham froud Sales Office Sales Sales Dept Sales Office Sales Sales Sales Sales Office A Wright Alan Tyler Hugo Corrie Jon Walker Sales Office John Hingley Ian Barfoot Sales Sales Sales Office Sales Office Sales Sales Ian Caldwell John Hingley Jon Walker Sales Office Sales Sales Sales Sales Office Sales Sales Office Roger Linnell Richard Sadler Sales Office Sales Dept Ian Caldwell Robert James Jon Walker Mark Eggleston Rick Ashton David fisher Jason Torvilll Debbie English oak beams, any size Extensive range of softwood poles – pressure treated Easy to assemble Pickett style. FENCING (STEEL) full range including MESH panel systems High quality timber gates – all types, manufacturing for over sixty years Timber gates of all descriptions Craftmanship and perfection in all types of gate Timber gates to your requirements full bespoke service available Timber gates of all description fencing panels, Timber gates, Pressure trtd sftwd fencing Timber gates of all descriptions Timber gates soft/hardwood. Bespoke service New railway sleepers any quantity – nationwide Sawmill producing New Softwood Sleepers New railway sleepers of all size All sizes – new sleepers New/Used. Hard/Softwood sleepers. New, first quality, mixed softwood or redwood landscape sleepers All Types of Railway Sleepers New/Used. Hard/Softwood sleepers. 8’ 6 x 9’’ x 6’’ pine sleepers Hard/Softwood sleepers. New and Landscaping sleepers in soft and hardwood Importers, Stockist and Distributors of Timber Playground Centers Tanalised E pressure treated timber, creosoted treatment also available Osmose Green/Brown & wax Pressure treatment creosote and Green/Brown to SS4 Pressure Treatment Green/Brown ARCH oxide BS4072/5589 Pressure treatment Green/Brown Tough dual layer sleeves that prevent ground rot in fence posts. Pressure treatment Green/Brown solvent Pressure treatment Green/Brown to BSEN Standards, Sector Scheme 4, HA Specification Green/Brown to British Standards Pressure treatment to BS4072/5589 Pressure treatment to British Standards. Green, brown and Double Vac. Green/Brown and Double Vac. ARMCO Safety fences, new or secondhand All safety fences, new or secondhand including ARMCO Welded mesh and Chainlink rolls, mesh panel fencing fencing ring clips, tool, staples, BS443, Stainless Steel etc. Training for fencing Industry, fencing NVQ’s and Legislative Requirements NPTC, City and Guilds and Lantra Courses Training many Lantra Sector Schemes including general, boundary and vehicle safety fencing NVQ’s, CITB plant, City & Guilds streetworks and alth & Safety Courses. E-mail:

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to obtain an entry in the buyers’ Guide (£94.00 +vAt per year) contact simone Gallon or ben Walton on 01274 610 101.


fencing news June 2009


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