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Atlanta, GA PH: 404.219.8935



C ertified Supply Chain Professional. High performance leader offering 15+ yearsexperience planning global manufacturing capacities and inventory mix. Proven success developing systems, solutions and enhancements that drive supply chain processes. Strong skills implementing chemical and food batch

manufacturing strategies to support lean enterprise systems balancing quality, delivery and cost containment.

Global Supply Chain Strategy

S&OP Manufacturing Management

Inventory Strategy/Modeling

High Customer Service & Cost Containment

Multi-Site Materials & Asset Planning

Continuous & Batch Production Planning

Demand Management / Forecast Models

Team Leadership & Consensus Building

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CP Kelco (2008-Present) Atlanta, GA
CP Kelco
Atlanta, GA

Global Supply Chain Manager, Biogums Division (2011-Present)

Leads material and asset planning for global business segment with annual sales of $300 million. Annual savings of more than $6 million have been realized through continuous improvement in less than 2 years.

Holds lead role in facilitating S&OP forecast consensus to improve inventory performance, deliver reduced cost, improve quality, minimize waste and reduce cycle time for global food ingredients business.

Maximized efficiencies across three plants located in Wulian, China, San Diego, CA and Okmulgee, OK by constructing capacity models for all the three plants and removing supply constraints.

Cut $1.5 million of WIP/work in progress inventory, leading six U.S. and China based employees to monitor trends in assets, inventory mix, volume and non-profitable business.

Eliminated $3 million of backorders (500 metric tons) in hydrocolloid business segment in less than 6 months through reduced cycle times and improved scheduling processes.

Reduced finished goods inventory by $1.25 million by setting new inventory caps and reorder points to meet working capital goals while maintaining 98% on-time customer service levels.

Global Demand Planning Manager (2008-2011)

Direct the S&OP vision, strategy, reporting, and capability roadmap to drive harmonization efforts of Global Supply Chain Planning for 75 salespeople spanning 30 countries.

Trimmed 60% off monthly sales forecasting cycle time; drove process excellence into daily practices and increased forecast accuracy 30% through monitoring and exception management, forecast adjustments, and transitional planning for new and discontinued items.

Jointly with the CEO and CFO define, set, monitor and report on S&OP processes via key performance indicator reporting of base demand, sales goals and new product development impacts.

Key leader of transformational projects taking demand planning to best-in-class through lead time and inventory reduction, service improvement, capacity utilization and working capital reduction.

Drove process improvements to close gaps and ensure linkage with financial forecasting process and budgeting; increased capacity planning from 15 to 36 months, improving capital investment planning.

Bumble Bee Foods

Supply Chain Manager

Spearheaded the strategic roadmap for production, purchasing and deployment of products, process and system integration touch points for North America operations.

Instituted a comprehensive demand plan to reduce inventory levels while increasing customer order fill rates from 88% to 99%+ in less than three months during national FDA product recall with average monthly sales of 1,750,000 cases.

Led the transition from one third-party warehouse to another, involving more than 375 active items (1,300,000 cases) in less than eight weeks while maintaining a customer order fill rate of 99%.

San Diego, CA


Martin J. Wisse, CSCP Georgia-Pacific Corporation Page 2 (1999-2006) Atlanta, GA
Martin J. Wisse, CSCP
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Page 2
Atlanta, GA

Production Planning Manager Dixie Plastics (2003-2006)

Transformed Dixie Plastics division from a plant-based planning organization to a centrally planned operation in Atlanta.

Drove $6 million + in annual savings; directed key aspects of the Sandusky, OH plant closure, which entailed relocation and restart of more than 30% of the company’s capacity.

Managed an order fill rate of more than 98.5% for items in the plastics planning portfolio with sales of more than $5.8 million cases annually.

Modeled production machines and purchasing for six facilities with the Manugistics planning tool achieving a more efficient and streamlined schedule of manufacturing assets.

Automated much of the distribution planning. Scheduled production in five facilities, managing inventory levels, capacity planning and S&OP reporting.

Headed rollout of new or improved products, which included coordinating the introduction of new vital supplies and the total consumption of old supplies and products. Used SAP and Manugistics software applications to execute all task orders.

Managed the implementation of the Manugistics software tool for capacity planning and finite scheduling for more than 600 items made in six facilities, totaling more than 5.5 million cases of annual production in less than one year.

Senior Production Planner (1999-2003)

Planned all consumer tissue and napkin assets in the Crossett, Palatka, Plattsburgh, Port Hudson and Bellingham mills including the distribution and management of finished goods.

Met the forecasted sales demand for manufactured items by creating and executing the production schedule in the timeliest, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Reduced consumer bath tissue inventory by 1,000,000 cases from 5,200,000 cases in 1999 to less than 4,200,000 in 2000 while maintaining target fill rate of >98%.

Achieved a 30% reduction in consumer bath tissue out-of-pattern shipments and 43% reduction in consumer napkin shipments in 2001 from the previous year on volume of 50,000,000 cases and 2,000,000 cases respectively for an estimated savings of $1.5 million.

Increased mill-direct shipments to customers by 7% in 2002, eliminating outside storage and handling charges on more than 4,000,000 cases that year.


Production Planner/Inventory Specialist, Americe, Inc. (1997 1999) Inventory Manager, Bellsouth Cellular (1996 1997)


APICS CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional), 2008; CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) equivalent, 2000 BA, Political Science, (Mathematics Minor) Emory University, Atlanta, GA 1990. Financed 100% of college expenses by working full time throughout college and receiving partial academic scholarship