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Resources for your ministry, your students, and your soul

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Hey Youth Workers,

For "normal" people, Spring usually seems like the season of all-things-
new. But for us who are passionate about the lives of teenagers, the Fall
always brings that "new car smell" of opportunities, do-overs, clean
Take your students
slates, and one of the most hopeful words in the English language:
and your mission work
Sure, this means lots of work for you. Lots of prep. Lots of planning. deeper…
Lots of dreaming.
And that's why we're here: we want to come alongside you and help you realize the dreams you Deep Justice Journeys
have for teenagers, the dreams you have for your youth ministry, the dreams you have for your
50 Activities to Move from Mission Trips to Missional
There's some freakin' awesome new stuff in this catalog that we're pretty dang pumped about;
and lots of older, tried-and-true resources as well. Our hope and prayer is that these resources
Living | Kara Powell and Brad Griffin
Today we are seeing more and more students anxious
to make a difference in the world, and getting students
will make your job easier, help you think in new ways, and help you realize those dreams. involved in mission work is easier than it has been in
Your partners in ministry to teenagers, previous years. But for justice work to make a real
impact, leaders and students need to spend more time
before, during, and after their service preparing for and
Marko, for the YS gang processing their experiences.
Lg[Xk\[ The lessons in Deep Justice Journeys will help you prepare students for what to expect during
their mission trips and service projects and allow students to reflect upon their experiences. And
since no two mission trips are the same, and each youth group will have its own challenges, this
9\jkJ\cc\i Go Online for More!
book includes 50 learning activities that you can choose from to customize your group’s lessons.
In this book you will find—
• Ideas to help get parents and the church engaged in your youth ministry’s short-term
Look for these symbols to find
FREE more online:
mission work.
• Discussion exercises you can use to get students thinking about poverty, cross-cultural
when you relationships, teamwork, and spiritual gifts.
spend $100! Listen to or watch a podcast
• Creative activities for debriefing to help your group wrestle with questions about students’
See page 17 with the author of this book experiences.
for details. • Ideas for how your youth group can ensure the ongoing growth and service of your
Offers expire 12/31/09.
YS Store e
Available as an eBook in the students once you return home to the “real world.”
Written by leading youth ministry and missions experts and tested by youth ministries across the

country, the practical tools included in this book will revitalize your service projects. Students
Individual lessons available
SAVE AT LEAST as downloads
will engage in learning exercises that help them learn new insights about themselves, their
relationship with God, their teammates, and the world we’re called to love and serve. This
ongoing process will help your students apply what they’ve learned in the mission field to their
off all the YS resources in this Find more of this series or own lives and will ensure justice work that changes students to change the world around them.
catalog when you use topic online Leader's Guide ISBN #9780310286035 Retail Price $14.99 Your Price $11.99
Coupon Code CAT931.

Deep Justice Journeys Student Journal

Table of Contents 50 Activities to Move from Mission Trips to Missional Living
For mission work to make a real impact on your students, you need to
Curriculum. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 03-07 spend more time with them before, during, and after their service. The
lessons your students will complete in this student companion to Deep
Bible Lessons. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-13 Justice Journeys will help them prepare for what to expect during
their service and will allow them to reflect upon their experiences.
This ensures justice and mission work that has a deeper effect on
Youth Worker Development. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15-23 students and on those they serve both locally and globally.
Student Journal ISBN #9780310287735
Programming . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25-27 Retail Price $9.99 Your Price $7.99

Books for Teens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28-30

Coming Soon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Check out > for more
info from Kara & Brad on justice and youth ministry.

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Trigger by Passenger Productions

E<N The Trigger DVD series offers video clips that hit on topics
that matter to teens. And with a pdf discussion guide to help
36 Parables you lead engaging conversations, you’ll find Trigger to be

?FK Jesus used parables to teach truth through

everyday situations. Now you can retell his
the perfect addition to your program to start discussions or
illustrate a point in your message.
timeless stories with a modern twist. 36 Parables Whether you use Trigger in your large group, a small group,
uses compelling short films to connect with
Lg[Xk\[ students and lead them to the truths found in the
or even Sunday school, your students will connect and
doors will be opened for conversations that matter. Each
parables. Use these thought-provoking films as DVD presents five creative vignettes perfect for use in your

9\jkJ\cc\i introductions, illustrations, or discussion starters,

and your students will see God’s Word in a whole
youth group.

new way. Retail Price $24.99 Your Price $19.99

Retail Price $19.99 Your Price $15.99 Trigger Volume 1 Trigger Volume 3
UPC #025986280727 UPC #025986280741

36 Parables: Blue 36 Parables: Cyan Trigger Volume 2 NEW! Trigger Volume 4

UPC #025986280734 UPC #025986280758
The Parables of the Hidden Treasure, the Wicked The Parables of New Wine in Old Wine Skins, the
Servant, and the Two Debtors Rich Fool, and the Two Sons
UPC #025986280833 UPC #025986280772 With Trigger, you can get your students
thinking and talking about issues like:
36 Parables: Yellow NEW! 36 Parables: Purple > faith > cutting
The Parables of the Good Samaritan, the Talents, The Parables of the Friend at Midnight, the > death > love
and the Lost Coin Shrewd Manager, and the Barren Fig Tree > miracles > the Holy Spirit
UPC #025986280789 UPC #025986280765 > self-image > control
5 Easy Steps for Using 36 Parables in Your Group:
Other Visual Curriculum online
PRAY ask God what He wants to reveal to DISCUSS talk about connections between the film, the ?FK
your group through His stories parable and life on earth with the free discussion guide

WATCH watch one of the short films REPEAT repeat the process in the same meeting or the
next week watching a different parable, then the Why
READ look at the corresponding parable in Parables? Documentary, and finish up with the Behind
the Gospels the Scenes Documentary

You Teach by The Skit Guys

In this DVD series from the Skit Guys, you’ll find everything you need to teach memorable lessons to your
students. Tommy & Eddie provide you with a Skit Guys video, a message outline, and small group questions
for six different lessons on each DVD, plus a video for Big Church services. Go online to watch clips and learn
more about the lessons on each DVD.

Retail Price $39.99 Your Price $31.99

You Teach Volume 1 includes: You Teach Volume 2 includes: You Teach Volume 3 includes: NEW! You Teach Volume 4 includes:
• Overcoming Laziness • Identity • Need Harmony • Legend of the Skeva House
• God's Chisel • Original Masterpiece • The Parachute • The Verdict
• Mr. Accountability • To Catch a Double Dipper • Perception vs. Reality • Can You Hear Me Now?
• Cards You've Been Dealt • Rich Young Ruler • Friends Tell Friends Everything • Walk the Talk
• World vs. Christian: The Bible • World vs. Christian: Prayer • The Mourning Booth • The Workplace: Hearers and Doers
• Too Deep, Too Soon:
I'm in Love with You
• Too Deep, Too Soon:
Hell Over Coffee
• What is God's Will? • Never Runners E<N
UPC #025986280840 UPC #025986280857 UPC #025986280864 UPC #025986280871 ?FK
FREE when you spend $100! See pg 17 for details.

Life Together Student Edition Curriculum Kit
9\jkJ\cc\i Doug Fields and Brett Eastman
Use these 36 lessons from Doug Fields to explain Bible passages and principles, address life together,
fellowship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism, and worship. With veteran youth workers featured in the DVDs,
and six student journals, you’ll find the teaching, stories, exercises, application points, and much more to help
lead small groups or entire youth groups closer together. Kit includes 1 copy of each of the six student journals
Good Sex 2.0: A Whole-Person Approach to Teenage and 1 copy of each of the three DVD leader guides.
KIT ISBN #9780310253327 Retail Price $129.99 Your Price $89.95 Save over 30%
Sexuality and God Additional Copies s
Jim Hancock and Kara Powell Student Journals DVD Leader Guides
Remember the days when the youth ministry “Sex Talk” was simple and straightforward? Retail Price $9.99 Your Price $7.99 Retail Price $29.99 Your Price $23.99
Well, maybe it wasn’t that simple or straightforward, but today more than ever, the world Starting To Go Where God Wants Serving Others in Love Life Together Leader’s Guides
our students are growing up in is saturated in sex. Everywhere they look (or listen) they get ISBN #9780310253365
You to Be DVD I – Starting & Connecting
all kinds of messages about sexuality, and most of it is probably not helping them develop a
healthy understanding of how their own sexuality fits into God’s plan for their lives. ISBN #9780310253334 Sharing Your Story and God’s Story ISBN #025986253394
Connecting Your Heart to Others ISBN #9780310253372 DVD II – Growing & Serving
The need for ongoing dialogue and learning about sexuality and how it connects with faith
has never been greater. Trying to help students understand how their sexuality relates ISBN #9780310253341 Surrendering Your Life to ISBN #025986253400
to God’s plan for their lives is a great challenge in a day when just about anything goes.
Growing To Be Like Jesus Honor God DVD III – Sharing & Surrendering
Today, teenage sexuality includes things that might make some of us blush, like: ISBN #9780310253389
ISBN #9780310253358 ISBN #025986253417
• Hooking up
• Oral sex (as a “safe” alternative to vaginal intercourse)
• Friends-with-benefits
• A greater social acceptability of gay and lesbian relationships and experimentation
Experiencing Christ Together
“I can’t imagine anyone who works with youth In Good Sex 2.0: A Whole-Person
Approach to Teenage Sexuality and Student Edition Curriculum Kit E<N
not using this outstanding resource on healthy God, you’ll find tools to help you Doug Fields and Brett Eastman
sexuality. It is visually compelling and biblically (and parents of teens) involve your
students in understanding, enjoying,
Six student journals will guide your students as ?FK
sound. Every kid needs to see this." they deepen their understanding of their faith,
— Les Parrott, Ph.D., Author of and taking responsibility for their their God, and their community. The DVDs offer
Helping Your Struggling Teenager sexuality—all without lecturing, poignant thoughts and discussion starters to Lg[Xk\[
intimidating, or moralizing. enhance your small group experience, and
This new and improved seven-session curriculum kit, gives you a 13-segment DVD, 1 feature youth ministry veterans. 9\jkJ\cc\i
copy of the student journal, What (Almost) Nobody Will Tell You About Sex, and 1 copy Your students will hear from Doug Fields, Kara
of the Good Sex 2.0 Leader’s Guide, all of which are biblically based and include the Powell, Fred Lynch, Megan Hutchinson, Mark Matlock, Laurie Polich, Abel Lopez, and many more. Kit includes
latest in social science and sexual research among adolescents. When used together, 1 copy of each of the six student journals and 1 copy of each of the three DVDs.
the components of this curriculum kit will bring up the tough questions, open up honest
dialogue, and help your students see how their sexuality fits into God’s plan for their lives. KIT ISBN #9780310266426 Retail Price $129.99 Your Price $89.95 Save over 30%
KIT ISBN #9780310282686 Retail Price $49.99 Your Price 39.99 Additional Copies
Student Journals Retail Price $9.99 Your Price $7.99
Additional Copies
Beginning in Jesus Growing in Jesus Sharing Jesus
Good Sex 2.0: What (Almost) Nobody Will Tell You about Sex ISBN #9780310266440 ISBN #9780310266464 ISBN #9780310266488
A Student Journal
ISBN #9780310282709 Retail Price $9.99 Your Price 7.99 Connecting in Jesus Serving Like Jesus Surrendering to Jesus
ISBN #9780310266457 ISBN #9780310266471 ISBN #9780310266495

Experiencing Christ Together DVDs DVD 1 DVD 2 DVD 3

Retail Price $29.99 Your Price $23.99 ISBN #025986266509 ISBN #025986266516 ISBN #025986266523

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Creative Bible Lessons The Complete New Testament

E<N In Essential Theology Resource for Youth Workers, Volume 1
12 Lessons to Help Your Students Know Jack Crabtree, Editor
?FK What They Believe | Andrew Hedges Never before has there been a resource this
comprehensive, this practical, and this relevant for teaching
As a youth worker you have certainly spent much of your
time addressing the current issues facing teens, but have the New Testament to teenagers. With the topic overview,
Lg[Xk\[ you stopped to think about what may be behind students'
behavior? Many of the not-so-wise choices students
ideas for games, outlines for messages, study questions,
and ideas to incorporate media or real-life experience into
make are the result of a confused worldview that comes the teaching, and a searchable CD-ROM, the Complete
9\jkJ\cc\i from uncertainty about who God is. It's easy for students New Testament Resource for Youth Workers, Volume 1 has
everything you need to lead students through more than 100
to dismiss the truth when they learn from the world that
all truth is relative. lessons in these New Testament books:

Creative Bible Lessons In Essential Theology uses a conversational approach to give students
• Matthew
• John
• Philippians
• Colossians
• Philemon
• 1 John
a theological foundation to better understand God and his purpose for how to live their lives.
• Romans • 1 Timothy • 2 John
Throughout the twelve sessions of this study students will:
• Learn how creation provides evidence of God's existence.
• Galatians
• Ephesians
• 2 Timothy
• Titus
• 3 John
• Jude
• Look at how God has chosen to reveal himself through his Word.
ISBN #9780310273356
• Learn to live lives that reflect God's love for them.
• Understand their need for God's direction.
Retail Price $29.99 Your Price $23.99 Lg[Xk\[
• Commit to following God's will as they make life decisions.
• Discover how God's invitation to enter his kingdom affects the direction of their lives. 9\jkJ\cc\
• Examine where they are with God on a personal level.
Need depth now?
ISBN #9780310283263 Retail Price $14.99 Your Price $11.99
E<N Written with the busy youth worker in mind, the Studies
on the Go series provides Scriptural depth and substance
?FK to be tackled in a manageable timeframe. The questions
are real, down-to-earth, and straight to the point to get Lg[Xk\[
students quickly into the text so they can hear God’s word
Lg[Xk\[ Creative Bible Lessons on CD-ROM on a practical level. Designed for classes, youth groups,

Youth Specialties
and small groups, this curriculum is guaranteed to get
students engaged in the Bible.
9\jkJ\cc\i At your fingertips, the first ten best-selling Creative Retail Price $8.99 each Your Price $7.19 each
Bible Lessons books are available on one CD-ROM!
By focusing on bite-sized, yet meaty portions of Studies on the Go: Proverbs
Scripture, the lessons connect the Bible with students'
David Olshine
day-to-day lives. Each lesson works as a stand-alone
ISBN #9780310285489
teaching outline with activities, discussion questions,
overviews, background info, and media suggestions.
Acrobat and Word formats allow you to tweak, Studies on the Go: Philippians, Colossians,
enhance, and customize each lesson for your group. First and Second Thessalonians
ISBN #9780310256267
Retail Price $69.99 Your Price $55.99
David Olshine
ISBN #9780310285496 E<N
Creative Bible Lessons (Not included in the CD-ROM) ?FK
Creative Bible Creative Bible Creative Bible Creative Bible Lg[Xk\[
Youth Specialties is building a toolbox of resources
Lessons in Job Lessons in Ezekiel Lessons in Genesis Lessons in Nehemiah
to go with you wherever your ministry takes you.
Doug Ranck
ISBN #9780310272199
Anna Aven Howard
ISBN #9780310269601
Hoon Kim
ISBN #9780310270935
Andrew Hedges
ISBN #9780310258803
Youth Specialties brings your favorites to the iPhone and iPod. Turn downtime into
relationship building time.
Tough Topics (available in the App Store) brings you over 600 thought-provoking
Other Creative Bible questions that will challenge you towards a deeper understanding of the Bible, a
richer relationship with God, and insight into his purposes in their lives.
Lessons online Look for the following Apps before school starts: Would You Rather?, Choose Your
Top 3, Have You Ever?, Unfinished Sentences, What if? and myGuitar (free)!

Go to the iTunes App Store and get Tough Topics today!

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Becoming a Young Man of God
Deep Studies to
Living As a Young Man of God Take Teens Higher
Ken Rawson Lg[Xk\[
In the Higher series by Kevin Johnson, you’ll find deep,
Becoming a Young Man of God is an eight-week interactive studies to help high school students engage
with the Bible and develop a passionate, life-altering
study that will help them discover what it really
means to be a man. With fun, interactive activities relationship with God. Each book has 20 studies,
and age-appropriate discussion questions, you’ll focusing on discipleship topics that are most relevant
find that this study will help small groups of middle to high schoolers, and gets students to explore and
school guys learn how they can become the men study God’s Word. In a voice that doesn’t speak down
God created them to be. In this study, you’ll help to teens, you’ll find that these studies draw them in and
guys: take them deeper into their faith.
• Critically examine what they’ve been taught about Retail Price $8.99 each Your Price $7.19 each
what it means to be a man
• Explore the rich heritage of men in the Bible Follow: Walk in the Rhythm of Jesus
• Discover their identity in God Help high school students understand who Jesus really
• Find new ways to feel confident was and what it means to follow him.
Living as a Young Man of God is an eight-week study that will help guys focus on the life of Jesus and
ISBN #9780310282648
learn how to deal with life as he would, and will help them break the code they’ve been taught to live by
so they can become the men God intends for them to be. As they study the life of Jesus, they’ll learn: Thrive: Dare to Live Like God
• What to do with their feelings (and that it’s okay to have feelings) Help high school students see who God made them to
• The truth about girls and sex be and who he wants to help them become.
• Why it’s important to have other guys in their lives ISBN #9780310282655
• How to grow closer to their own dad
Think: Nail What You Believe
Becoming a Young Man of God Living As a Young Man of God
ISBN #9780310278788 ISBN #9780310278795
Why will help high school students explore God’s Word
Retail Price $14.99 Your Price $11.99 Retail Price $12.99 Your Price $10.39 to discover for themselves the truth behind what they
ISBN #9780310282662

Soar: Sail Into God’s Plan for Your Future

Help high school students study the Bible to learn how
Becoming a Young Woman of God God plans to lead them, step-by-step, through life.
Living As a Young Woman of God ISBN #9780310282679
Jen Rawson
Becoming a Young Woman of God is an eight-week Check out > Kevin's "Deeper" Series
study that will help young girls discover who they truly for Middle Schoolers in the YS Store.
are, and help them see who they can become. Using
games, activities, quizzes, projects and crafts, movie
clips, music, and stories, you’ll get your girls involved
in a study that will help them find their true value. In
this study, your small group of middle school girls will:
Deal With It
• Know their true value and develop self-respect
• Gain a godly perspective on body image and modesty A 12 Week Study on Teenage Girls' Anger | Mary Huebner
• Learn to set goals and boundaries Teenage girls and bullying is a hot-button issue today. From online abuse
• Begin to understand their feelings of other girls, to physical attacks, to the subtle ways girls can manipulate
• Accept who they are and hurt one another, teenage girls are expressing their anger in very
Living as a Young Woman of God is an eight-week study that will show girls how to live as godly women in destructive ways. God never said, “don’t be angry,” but he did say when
the midst of the everyday life issues they face. In this study, your small group of middle school girls will: we’re mad we shouldn’t sin. That’s a tough line to walk. Whether teenage
girls lash out in anger or suppress their feelings, the outcome can be
• Know who they are, and what they’re capable of destructive and damaging (to others and to themselves). The challenge is
• Learn to deal with pain and disappointment to teach girls how to appropriately deal with their anger.
• Grow spiritually
• Discover how to deal with friends, guys, and parents In Deal With It, Mary Huebner presents 12 lessons for teen girls that will teach them to recognize and
• Find out how to become a woman of God healthily address their anger. Your students will begin by learning it’s okay to be mad—anger is a response
to threats to their self-worth, needs, or values, and they should stand up for themselves in a way that is
Becoming a Young Woman of God Living As a Young Woman of God respectful of those around them. By the final lesson girls will see that they have choices, and they can
ISBN #9780310275473 ISBN #9780310275480 choose healthy and Godly ways to express their emotions.
Retail Price $14.99 Your Price $11.99 Retail Price $12.99 Your Price $10.39
ISBN #9780310285106 Retail Price $12.99 Your Price $10.39

ORDER AT Save 20% wiTH coupon code CAT931 : Order at 800.776.8008
Youth Worker Development | 15

Your First Two Years in

Youth Ministry
A personal and practical guide to starting right
Doug Fields E<N
This book is filled with stories, practical advice, and
principles from Fields’ own successes and failures
over 20-plus years in youth ministry, all in the hope
that new youth workers can travel a smooth path and
achieve real longevity. Lg[Xk\[
ISBN #9780310240457
Retail Price $15.99 Your Price $12.79 9\jkJ\cc\i

Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry

9 Essential Foundations for Healthy Growth
Doug Fields
If you long to reach kids and see their lives changed
by God, this comprehensive guide lays out nine
Biblical foundations to show you how. This book is anE<N
indispensible guide to creating and maintaining youth
ministry for the long run.
ISBN #9780310212539
Retail Price $17.99 Your Price $15.99

Youth eMinistry 3.0

A Manifesto of Where We’ve Been, Where We Are,
and Where We Need to Go | Mark Oestreicher
Over the past several decades there have been three
significant shifts in youth culture; each new shift
brought with it different values and priorities in the lives
of teens. Youth ministries adapted and responded to the
first two shifts, but we’re missing the boat on the third.
The result? Youth ministry isn’t addressing the realities
and needs of today’s youth culture. After nearly three
decades in youth ministry, Mark Oestreicher has lived
through a lot of those shifts himself. In recent years,
he’s found himself wondering what needs to change,
especially since so much of what we’re doing in youth
ministry today isn’t working.
In Youth Ministry 3.0, you’ll explore, along with Marko
and the voices of other youth workers, why we need
change in youth ministry. You’ll get a quick history of
youth ministry over the last 50 years. And you’ll help Join the conversation in
dream about what changes need to take place in order the Youth Ministry 3.0
to create the next phase of youth ministry—the future group on Facebook.
we need to create for effective ministry to students.
ISBN #9780310668664
Retail Price $12.99 Your Price $10.39

FREE when you spend $100! See pg 17 for details.

16 | Youth Worker Development Youth Worker Development | 17

Middle School Ministry

A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Early Adolescents
Mark Oestreicher & Scott Rubin
You are one of the few, the proud, the brave middle school
youth workers, which means that you are a person that some
might consider a little nuts while others look at you in awe. But
no matter what anyone else thinks, you know that being in the
trenches with middle school students requires a unique set of
skills and knowledge.
Middle School Ministry is the only comprehensive guide to
ministry with young teens. In these pages you’ll find everything
you need to understand and effectively minister to middle
school students, including:
• The role and importance of middle school ministry
• Early adolescent development 9\jkJ\cc\
• Research on early adolescent social structures and cultural studies
• Practical ministry ideas for everything from teaching to programming to working with parents
You’ll also be able to access the wisdom of veteran middle school pastors, Mark Oestreicher and Scott
Rubin in a Q&A section and “101 Random Ideas” where Marko and Scott offer random, funny, and
creative ideas for everything from games to room decorating to travel.
If you find yourself in a room full of energetic, unpredictable middle school students, Middle School
Ministry will help you feel prepared and equipped to meet them where they are and lead them towards a
life with Jesus.
ISBN #9780310284949
Retail Price $15.99 Your Price $12.79*
*OR Get Middle School Ministry FREE when you spend
$100 in the YS Store! Use Coupon Code CAT931.

Help! I’m a Small Group Leader Training Video

Laurie Polich and The Skit Guys
Training small group leaders has never been so much fun! From skits with everything from College Ministry 101
“bad leaders” to “problem students,” The Skit Guys portray eleven scenes that will have
leaders laughing and learning. Combined with the small group expertise of Laurie Polich, A Guide to Working with 18-25 Year Olds | Chuck Bomar
this DVD gives your leaders everything they need to be effective leading a small group of For many churches, there is a generation gap where a good
students. number of 18-25-year-olds are missing. But there are practical
ways to solve this problem, and an effective college-age ministry
upc #025986277574 Retail Price $19.99 Your Price $15.99 is a vital part of the solution. There are many spiritual battles
fought during the college years, and the church must be there to
Youth Culture 101 If you’re involved in a church where this generation gap is
Walt Mueller occurring, or if you’re part of a church that’s just beginning to
No youth worker should be without this resource. With in-depth research and observations,
you’ll better understand teenagers, media and music that matters to them, pressures they
explore or launch a college ministry, you’ll find useful tools and
valuable insights in College Ministry 101. You’ll learn how to E<N
face, faith, and more. Use it to stay current with the changing culture of teens, train your bridge this generation gap by—
ministry team, or equip parents to understand the world in which their students live.
ISBN #9780310273134 Retail Price $19.99 Your Price $15.99
• Developing practical and effective ways to assimilate students
into the life of the church after high school
• Understanding the specific needs of college-age students as they figure out who they are—

When Church Kids Go Bad specifically as they seek meaning and truth in their lives. Lg[Xk\[
e • Learning basic principles on how to effectively minister to college-age students on a day-to-day basis.
How to Love and Work with Rude, Obnoxious, and Apathetic Students | Les Christie
You may have an amazing program and be well connected to your students, but that doesn’t
• Teaching others to minister effectively to college-age students. 9\jkJ\cc\
always guarantee a problem-free ministry. Discipline problems and apathetic students can College-age people don’t necessarily need another weekly program or service—the key is to provide
drive you out of youth ministry (or out of your mind!). But you don’t have to let that happen. mentors who are available and willing to walk with them during the life challenges they are facing. This
Learn how to take a positive approach to discipline in this practical book from a youth book will give you the tools to do just that. Once you apply the steps outlined in this book, you will reach
ministry veteran, and keep the chaos to a minimum. 18-25-year-olds in a way that will impact their lives and faith, and they will engage and remain connected
to the body of Christ during and long after their college years.
ISBN #9780310276654 Retail Price $16.99 Your Price $13.59
ISBN #9780310285472 Retail Price $15.99 Your Price $12.79

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18 | Youth Worker Development Youth Worker Development | 19

Feeling stuck in a creative rut? Tough issues don't have to be difficult to handle.
In this new series of books designed for anyone

E<N Awaken Your Creativity

connected to teenagers, Dr. Steven Gerali
addresses six daunting and difficult situations
Hearing Yes in the Midst of a Multitude of No's that, when they do happen, often leave youth

?FK Les Christie

You know how tough it can be to come up with new and
workers and parents feeling unprepared. With a
background in adolescent counseling, Dr. Gerali
provides valuable resources to help youth workers
inventive student ministry ideas every school year. It can and parents through some of the most challenging
Lg[Xk\[ be infinitely more grueling to be that creative on a weekly
basis! Whether you’re developing a new message, a unique
situations they may face.

way to get students talking and interacting, or something Each book defines the issue, explores how different
9\jkJ\cc\i different for the weekend retreat, most of us find ourselves
tapped for creative ideas after a little while.
theological perspectives can impact the situation,
offers helpful, practical tips, along with credible
resources to help the reader go deeper into the
Take comfort: You’re not alone, and you’re not necessarily issues they’re dealing with. The first two in the
out of creative steam. Everyone hits a block at some point,
but you can find a way to tap into the creativity God placed
series are available in September: E<N
In What Do I Do When Teenagers Deal With Death?, Dr. Steven Gerali
within you. Les Christie has been doing youth ministry for
decades, and he’s not out of ideas yet!
will help you:
• Understand adolescent death, whether accidental, illness-related,
This practical book will help you explore the stumbling
homicide or suicide
blocks, the tricks of the trade, and the catalysts to creativity.
Les gives you opportunities to tap into your own creativity, • Grasp the stages of grief and what they look like in adolescents
• Explore how theology informs the issue of death
and you’ll find yourself looking at every aspect of your
ministry in innovative ways. • Delve into questions that demand theological consideration, such as, “Why does God allow
ISBN #9780310287780
tragedy?" or “Is the dead person in heaven?” 9\jkJ\cc\i
Retail Price $12.99 • Get tips for practical ways to help when a youth group experiences death, including helping the
Your Price $10.39 grieving family and the surviving teenagers
• Deal with your own personal grief in the situation
In What Do I Do When Teenagers Encounter Bullying and Violence?, Dr. Steven Gerali will help you:
• Understand the issues of bullying, violence, and aggression
• Grasp the factors that play into the issue, including the gender difference in the issue
• Identify the profiles of the aggressors, victims, and gangs
• Explore how theology informs the issue
Downtime • Delve into questions that demand theological consideration, such as “Why are people so
cruel?” and “Why does God allow suffering?”
Helping Teenagers Pray | Mark Yaconelli • Get tips to help prevent bullying in your youth group and how to transform the bully and
You know the reality: teens don't have much downtime in empower the victim
their lives. Between school, extra-curricular activities, jobs, • Find ways to deal with the issue when it is specifically targeted at your youth group
friends (and youth group!), students these days barely have
enough time to do all the things they need to do in a day. It's Retail Price $6.99 each Your Price $5.59
no wonder that quiet, reflective time in prayer with God is What Do I Do When Teenagers Deal What Do I Do When Teenagers
not high on their priority list.
with Death? Encounter Bullying and Violence?
With years of experience helping teens encounter God in ISBN #9780310291930 ISBN #9780310291947
quiet, contemplative ways, Mark Yaconelli will give you the
tools and insights needed to help teens understand why
and how to pray, and to guide them towards a life of prayer.
You'll find several prayer exercises in this book, based on
the praying tradition of the Christian church, along with
instructions to help you introduce the prayers to students. The Space Between
Not only are there explorations of classical methods of
prayer that involve silence, solitude, and scripture, but you'll A Parent's Guide to Teenage Development | Walt Mueller
also discover more recent forms of prayer that use creative The changes and challenges of adolescence can leave many parents
media, music, writing, movement, and acts of compassion. feeling overwhelmed at times with fear, confusion, frustration, and a lack
of understanding. But here they’ll find hope to help them understand
ISBN #9780310283621
and effectively parent their teen. Dr. Walt Mueller brings more than 30
Retail Price $19.99
Your Price $15.99 years of adolescent research (and his own parenting experience) to help
parents through the tumultuous years of adolescence.
ISBN #9780310287711 Retail Price $9.99 Your Price $7.99

ORDER AT FREE when you spend $100! See pg 17 for details.
20 | Youth Worker Development Youth Worker Development | 21

Relationships Unfiltered
The Youth Worker Book of Hope A Handbook for Youth Workers, Volunteers, Pastors
Tim Baker, General Editor and Parents | Andrew Root
As a youth worker you can end up pouring your whole life For more than 50 years, relational or incarnational ministry
into ministry—giving physically, emotionally, spiritually, has been a major focus in youth ministry. But for too long,
relationally, and even financially. You do all this to those relationships have been used as tools—as a means to
encourage your students to live like Christ beyond the youth an end—where adults try to influence teenagers to accept,

E<N group. But when you struggle personally or fail morally

you can end up feeling drained and discouraged while still
know, trust, believe, or participate in something. While our
motives may be good, it’s possible that by focusing on these
goals, we’re not ministering the whole person. When we
trying to show your students the love of Jesus.

?FK The Youth Worker Book of Hope speaks words of

choose not to engage in the full life of a teen, we run the risk
of failing them and our ministry.
encouragement and hope to you in those times of darkness
In this thoughtful and insightful book, Andrew Root

by using experiences and advice from people who have
been through the valley and learned from it. Youth workers challenges us to reconsider our motives and begin to
consider simply being with and doing life alongside
from around the country have contributed personal stories
of their own desire to quit, confrontations with parents, teenagers with no agenda other than to love them right
9\jkJ\cc\i struggles with running the ministry, getting fired, and many where they are, by place-sharing. As he shares stories of
his (and others’) successes and failures in relational youth
ministry, you’ll find practical ideas to help you recreate the
In each story, a youth worker shares what they did wrong,
what they should have done, and where to look for hope in
role of relationships in your youth group. 9\jkJ\cc\
the situation. In tough times it’s easy to get lost. The Youth If you’re involved in the lives of teenagers, whether as a youth pastor, volunteer youth
Worker Book of Hope meets you while you’re still struggling worker, church leader, or parent, you’ll want to read this book and work together to
and draws you into the hope of God. discover the value of place-sharing in the lives of teens. You’ll see that it’s time to
tear down the old structure of relational youth ministry and start again.
ISBN #9780310283645
Retail Price $12.99 Your Price $10.99 ISBN #9780310668756
Retail Price $14.99 Your Price $11.99

Getting Fired for the Glory of God Evangelism is easier than you think!
Mike Yaconelli
Like the prophets of old, Mike was a blend of the sacred and Evangelism Remixed
the profane, the outspoken and the insecure, the gentle lamb Empowering Students for Courageous and
and the roaring lion. This paradox lives on in his writing and in
his recorded words. In Mike Yaconelli you'll discover a bold,
Contagious Faith | Dave Rahn and Terry Linhart
passionate, and ultimately prophetic voice reminding us to stay How many times have you given a message to help your
focused on Jesus, to hold life lightly, to walk together as we students learn to share their faith, only to be met with the
love kids, and to devote ourselves to an outrageously gracious same blank or confused stares you got the last time you
God who loves our souls into being. gave that talk? Maybe you need to mix it up a little. What
Years after his death, Christians across the globe still turn to if your next lesson was less about sharing their faith, and
the words of Mike Yaconelli to uncover the divine mischief, more about living their faith?
the shameless truth-telling, the love of kids, and the passion Youth ministry veterans, educators, and researchers,
for Jesus that make youth ministry the irresistible calling he Dave Rahn and Terry Linhart spent two years researching
claimed it to be. People turn to Mike Yaconelli not just because the most effective student ministries in the country, and
of what he wrote, they turn to Mike Yaconelli because of what the results of their research may change the way you
he aspired to live. look at teaching evangelism to your students.
Hardcover book includes a DVD with audio and video from
Mike’s speaking over the years. In this practical book, you’ll be reminded of the
importance of helping your students develop their faith
ISBN #9780310283584
to the point where they naturally influence others for
Retail Price $16.99 Your Price $13.59
Christ in their everyday lives. Evangelism Remixed offers
principles that will enable you to evaluate your ministry’s
evangelism effectiveness and provides step-by-step tools
to help you put the concepts into real-life practice.
ISBN #9780310292937
Retail Price $16.99 Your Price $13.59

ORDER AT Save 20% wiTH coupon code CAT931 : Order at 800.776.8008
Youth Worker Development | 23

A Tale of Two Youth Workers

A Youth Ministry Fable | Eric Venable
Wes is young, enthusiastic, and perhaps a little idealistic about
his new position as the youth pastor of the largest church in his
denomination. Running into the ministry at full-steam with the best
of plans and intentions, Wes soon learns that all the idealism and
plans can’t prepare him for the struggles he’s facing.
When Doug, the star quarterback, stops coming to youth group,
Wes is faced with questions and frustration from the parents and
church leaders. When he tries to win Doug back, Wes becomes
even more confused when he learns that Doug began attending the
youth group at the smaller church in town.
Britt is a seasoned youth worker who has been at the smaller E<N
church in town for too many years to count. Doug ends up at Britt’s
youth group, and soon after, Wes comes to Britt for insight. Only
months before, Wes thought little of Britt because of his small youth
group, but now he comes to Britt for help.
In this creative fable, you’ll be invited into the ongoing
conversations between Wes and Britt as they explore what it takes Lg[Xk\[
to have an effective youth ministry. You’ll watch as they discover
what it takes for students to have a long-term, transformative faith.
As Wes changes the way he does ministry, you might find yourself 9\jkJ\cc\i
with a new perspective as well.
ISBN #9780310285243
Retail Price $12.99 Your Price $10.39

The (un) Official Church Staff Manual

Youth Pastor Edition | Mark Riddle
Whether they are pushed out the door or they run from the church
building screaming, youth pastors are (unfortunately) notorious
for having short-lived stays in their ministry positions. It’s often
a result of misunderstandings or miscommunications, but it’s an
epidemic that can be avoided, however, if youth pastors know
the guidelines for success in the most challenging and exciting
position in the church.
Armed with years of youth ministry experience and the spiritual
gift of sarcasm, Mark Riddle has created The (un) Official Church
Staff Manual: Youth Pastor Edition. As Mark shares a few of
his own successes and mistakes, you’ll find some of the most
important lessons you’ll learn as a youth pastor, including:
• How to brown-nose your senior pastor
• How to talk an eighth-grade girl down from a sugar high
• How to listen ?FK
• How to survive a surprise parent meeting
• How to promote a rock concert
• How to make friends in a new city Lg[Xk\[
Make sure you’ve got the tools to get the job done right in youth
ministry. This book offers life lessons that will guide you through
the most serious and the silliest parts of being a youth pastor.
ISBN #9780310283669
Retail Price $5.99 Your Price $4.79

FREE when you spend $100! See pg 17 for details.


Stock Your Shelves

Oh yes, there's still more!
with some Youth Ministry Essentials! The best-selling TalkSheets series just got even
Whether you’re new to youth ministry of you’ve been at it for a while, these better. With Still More High School TalkSheets
are a handful of the books you need to have on your shelf (well, besides and Still More Middle School TalkSheets, by David
all the other books in this catalog!). Here’s a little bit of youth worker Rogers, busy youth workers will find everything
development, some programming tools, and something for volunteers! they need to lead and facilitate meaningful
discussions with teens. Filled with 50 reproducible
TalkSheets, helpful hints, and optional activities to
help youth ministry teams effectively facilitate great
conversations—without a lot of prep work—youth
workers can easily engage students for a whole
year of dialogue. Each book covers issues of life
and faith, including relationships with God and ?FK
others, and what it means to live a life like Jesus.
Students will participate in the learning while they
take part in conversations about things that really Lg[Xk\[
Still More High School TalkSheets
ISBN #9780310284925
Retail Price $14.99 Your Price $11.99

Still More Middle School TalkSheets

ISBN #9780310284932 E<N
Retail Price $14.99 Your Price $11.99

Skit Training 101
Drama Coach in a Box | The Skit Guys 9\jkJ\cc\i
You may have an acting team full of drama, but that doesn’t mean
you have a great drama team! Whether you’re leading a team of
student or adult actors, the Skit Training 101 interactive DVD-Rom
gives you everything you need to create drama that engages,
entertains, and even educates!
For nearly 20 years The Skit Guys have been writing and
performing skits that communicate a message and keep
audiences laughing. They’ve been at it long enough to know what
works—and what doesn’t. Now they’re using their experience
and expertise as your “drama coa ch-in-a-box” to help you
create the kind of drama you really want. As Tommy and Eddie
teach you how to create and perform effective skits, they’ll also
point you to resources on the DVD-Rom you can print out and use E<N
Teenage Guys Choose Your Top 3 with your team. Skit Training 101 will give you the tools to:
ISBN #9780310269854
Retail Price $17.99 Your Price $14.39
ISBN #9780310267461
Retail Price $10.99 Your Price $8.79
• Start a drama group and equip them to run with it
• Write your own scripts
• Make previously published scripts better
Teenage Girls Unleashing God’s Word in • Memorize scripts with ease Lg[Xk\[
ISBN #9780310266327 Youth Ministry • Coach your actors, and much more!
Retail Price $17.99 Your Price $14.39 ISBN #9780310274971
Retail Price $19.99 Your Price $15.99 9\jkJ\cc\i
Start building your drama team today. With Skit
How to Volunteer Like a Pro Training 101 there are no more excuses to get started!
Who knows—you may have the next Skit Guys (or Skit
ISBN #9780310287766
Girls) right in front of you!
Retail Price $12.99 Your Price $10.39
UPC #9025986277031
Retail Price $24.99 Your Price $19.99

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Opposite Day
Sacred Space Upside-Down Questions to Keep Students E<N
A Hands-On Guide to Creating Multisensory Talking and Listening | Brooklyn Lindsey
Worship Experiences for Youth Ministry If you’ve ever had trouble getting your students to open up ?FK
Dan Kimball and Lilly Lewin about things they are feeling or thinking, try doing the opposite
of what you typically do…
Sacred Space provides dozens of ideas to help
students engage in scripture and apply the Lg[Xk\[
In Opposite Day, you’ll find more than 600 prompts that will get
lesson to their own lives. You’ll find step-by-step your students talking about things that matter to them without
instructions to create the space and experience
necessary to draw your students into the scripture. for your students, and you’ll encourage them to share the 9\jkJ\cc\i
really saying it. Each prompt will trigger a thought or emotion

Through art, listening, writing, and multisensory opposite of what came to mind first. Confused? Give it a try.
prayer stations, your students will experience Imagine you’re a student, and in a sentence or two, tell the
God’s Word in a whole new way. opposite of how you feel about:

• Geometry • Dodgeball
ISBN #9780310271116
• Instant Messaging • Responsibility
Retail Price $29.99 Your Price $23.99
• Allowance • Parents

Maybe your first thought about geometry was that you failed it and never could understand what a
We need experiential worship because our culture no longer “gets” or even parallelogram was. You may say, “I excel at geometry and find the parallelogram to be one of the most
knows the story of God…. Even our “churched” students don’t always know how fascinating yet simple concepts in my class.”
the Bible relates to their lives. Use for a discussion starter or an ice-breaker, and watch as your students find themselves talking and
We have a problem in “church land,” too. We’ve forgotten how to tell the story of laughing about everything from friends to family to faith. Incorporate Opposite Day into your ministry and
get your students talking about things that really matter by talking about what doesn’t.
ISBN #9780310292784 Retail Price $10.99 Your Price $8.79
Experiential worship…gives symbols new life and helps emerging generations fall
in love with God…. People need churches that teach in ways that engage them,
help them engage with God, and enable them to experience with all their senses
how God relates to their everyday lives.
~Taken from Chapter 2, Sacred Space pictures and
Share ideas, ed Space
cr Everyday Object Lessons
tips in the Sa book.
grou p on Fa ce 52 strange and striking ways to get your point across to
teenagers | Helen Musick and Duffy Robbins
Nothing brings a lesson to life more vividly and concretely than
a good object lesson. Everyday Object Lessons for Youth Groups
offers 45 object lessons in a collection that's perfect for both junior
and senior high youth groups. You'll find effective no-prep and low-
prep object lessons for devotionals, Sunday school lessons, talks
Shaped by the Story at camps and retreats—even for sermons.
Helping Students Encounter God in a New Way ISBN #9780310226529 Retail Price $12.99 Your Price $10.39
Michael Novelli
Take a journey into the amazing process of Storying,
and discover how it can change your life and ministry.
This new approach to learning builds a lasting 10-Minute Talks
theological foundation while challenging students
to discover their unique identity and calling in God’s 24 Messages Your Students Will Love | Jonathan McKee
story. Shaped by the Story helps you understand If you need to communicate something meaningful in just a little
why Storying connects with students today, and time, 10 Minute Talks has just what you need—two dozen ready-
provides all you need to introduce Storying to your to-go, story-based talks. With talks for spiritual growth, targeted
group, including sample narratives and an interactive at your Christian students, and outreach talks, perfect for any
training DVD. teenager, you’ll be prepared to give them a bite of truth that they
can walk away remembering. You’ll say less, but communicate
ISBN #9780310273660 more! Includes a CD-ROM with a complete small group curriculum.
Retail Price $29.99 Your Price $23.99
ISBN #9780310274940 Retail Price $24.99 Your Price $19.99

ORDER AT FREE when you spend $100! See pg 17 for details.
28 | Books for TEENS Books for TEENS | 29

E<N Lose Your Cool

Discovering a Passion that Changes You and the World
?FK Zach Hunter
Most teens today have a lot of interests. But if you ask them
Your Own Jesus—Student Edition
A God Insistent on Making it Personal
what they’re passionate about—what they’re willing to give up
Mark Hall
Lg[Xk\[ everything for—you may not get an answer. Zach Hunter is a
passionate teenager who believes that passion is ignited when Your teens may know Jesus, but whose Jesus is it?
a spark gets close enough to your heart to cause your passion Most teenagers inherit their view and understanding
9\jkJ\cc\i to burst into flames. As your students read stories of people
who have used their passion to change the world, they may
of Jesus from their parents, friends, or even you—but
for them to have a real relationship with Jesus, they
find their own world-changing passion ignited. have to understand him for themselves. In Your Own
Jesus, Mark Hill, lead singer of Casting Crowns, will
ISBN #9780310285168 Retail Price $12.99 Your Price $10.39
help teens deepen their faith and relationship with
Jesus. E<N
Be the Change
E<N Your Guide to Freeing Slaves and Changing the World
ISBN #9780310318903
Retail Price $9.99 Your PRICE $ 7.99 Price $10.39
Zach Hunter
?FK Zach Hunter may have only been fifteen when he wrote this,
but he’s taking on issues that affect the world—and he’s Lg[Xk\[
Lg[Xk\[ making a change. Show your students how Zach is working
to end slavery, and how they can make a change in the
Help! I’m a Student Leader!
things they see wrong with our world. Practical Ideas and Guidance on Leadership 9\jkJ\cc\
9\jkJ\cc\i ISBN #9780310277569 Retail Price $9.99 Your Price $7.99 Doug Fields
You know that being a student leader is no small task—nor is
it something to lose sleep over. If you have student leaders—
or at least students who are willing to lead—use this book
to pair their willingness with tools and techniques to create
effective leaders who lighten your load.
ISBN #9780310259619
Retail Price $10.99 Your Price $8.79

?FK E<N Secret Survivors
Xk\ Real-Life Stories to Give You Hope for Healing
Lg[ \i Xk\
k Xk\
[ Lg[ i Jen Howver and Megan Hutchinson
9\j Lg[ \i kJ\cc\
kJ\cc 9\j Written for teens, but also incredibly helpful to anyone
9\j working with students, Secret Survivors tells the compelling,
true stories of people who have lived through painful secrets.
As teens read stories about rape, addiction, cutting, abuse,
The Case For… series The Case for Faith—Student Edition
A Journalist Investigates the Toughest Objections
abortion, and more, they’ll identify with the universal pain in
each story and find the strength to share their own story and
Lee Strobel with Jane Vogel start healing. The authors also provide students with a place
Adapted from Lee Strobel’s best-selling books,
to Christianity to share their secrets and begin healing from their pain at
The Case For… books for teens will take them ISBN #9780310241881
along on his investigations about Christ, faith,
ISBN #9780310283225
and creation. Students will find answers and The Case for a Creator—Student Edition Retail Price $12.99 Your Price $10.39
encouragement that will strengthen their faith. A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That
Retail Price $9.99 Your Price $7.99 Points Toward God
ISBN #9780310249771
The Case for the Real Jesus—Student Following Jesus into College and Beyond
Edition | A Journalist Investigates Current The Case For Christ—Student Edition Jeff Baxter
A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Without a solid faith foundation in a constantly changing
Challenges to Christianity
society, students risk being pulled in a direction they shouldn’t
ISBN #9780310283232 Evidence of Jesus
go. Helping students discover who they are and where they’re
ISBN #9780310234845
headed, Following Jesus into College and Beyond tackles the
questions students need to answer to prepare for the rest of
ALSO AVAILABLE: their lives as spiritually mature adults.
Leave a Footprint—Change the Whole World ISBN #9780310282631
Tim Baker Retail Price $12.99 Your Price $10.39
ISBN #9780310278856 Retail Price $9.99 Your Price $7.99

ORDER AT Save 20% wiTH coupon code CAT931 : Order at 800.776.8008
30 | Books for TEENS Coming SOON | 31

Watch for these NEW releases coming soon

Wonder, Fear, and Longing

A Book of Prayers | Mark Yaconelli
This book is an invitation to meaningful prayer.
Through stories, images, contemplative exercises,
poetry, classical prayers, and creative meditations on
prayer, teens (or even you!) will explore ten human
experiences where prayer originates: love, longing,
fear, suffering, compassion, rest, reflection, passion,
wonder, and gratitude.

E<N ISBN #9780310283607

Retail Price $9.99
Your Price $7.99
Everything Counts
9\jkJ\cc\i A year’s worth of devotions on radical living
E<N Steven Case
For generations, Oswald Chambers’s soul-stirring
?FK devotionals have been a daily reminder of the fierce
discipleship God requires of Christians. This best-
selling devotional classic—now adapted, distilled, and
Lg[Xk\[ expanded for today’s teen—is ready to challenge and
inspire a new generation.
9\jkJ\cc\i ISBN #9780310254089
Retail Price $14.99 Your Price $11.99

Enjoy the Silence

E<N A 30 Day Experiment in Listening to God
Maggie Robbins and Duffy Robbins
?FK It's not that kids don't want to read the Bible, it's that
they may not know how. Enjoy the Silence's 30 guided
exercises plug your students into the ancient discipline
Lg[Xk\[ of Lectio Divina. Each lesson provides a selection of
Scripture, prompts for meditation, a chance to listen to
God, and a way to respond to what they've read.
ISBN #9780310259916
Retail Price $9.99 Your Price $7.99

ALSO AVAILABLE: Visit your local retailer

True Images Devotional If you prefer shopping in a store with books you can pick up and flip through,
90 Daily Devotions for Girls make sure you look for a CERTIFIED YS DEALER—these are our BEST stores!
ISBN #9780310267058 Retail Price $12.99 Your Price $10.39 You'll find a list of Christian retail stores that will have the Youth Specialties resources that you need in
stock and some great folks that can help you effectively minister to your youth. Look for your nearest
Revolution Devotional CERTIFIED YS DEALER at
90 Daily Devotions for Guys
ISBN #9780310267065 Retail Price 12.99 Your Price $10.39

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