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Sample Network Engineering Resume This sample network engineering resume will give you a quickstart on building an effective

and optimized resume for your job application. Visitors can feel free to customize and edit our sample network engineering resume as per their requirement for job application. We hope that our sample network engineering resume will go a long way in portraying your abilities and skillsets efficiently. OBJECTIVE: To obtain a challenging position as a Sr. etwork !ngineer TECHNICAL S ILLS

"outers #$isco %S"& '())& ')))& (*))& +)))& *)))& ,-))& ,())& Terminal Servers. ,(//& ,()01. !2treme etworks Switches #3lack 4iamonds and Summit ,+1 $isco Switches #-())& ()))& *())& ,0))1. $isco 5i2 6irewalls #(,(& (,)& (/(& ()-1& V5 $oncentrator *))) series& $isco 78S 6irewall feature set #78S /,.91. etScreen 6irewalls # S:(95& S:(%T& S:())1 8$:/,& 8$:*& 4S*& T:/& and 7S4 5"7;s and 3"7;s& !thernet #%igabit !thernet& 6ast !thernet1 6447& Token "ing. "outing 5rotocol #3%5+& 8S56& !7%"5& 7%"5& "75& 7S:7S& <S51& "outed 5rotocol #T$5=75& 759=S591. 7mplemented >oS using 6768& Weighted 6air >ueuing& 5riority >ueuing& $ustom >ueuing& "SV5& "!4& $?". 7mplemented S @5 on devices to allow for network management 7mplementation of A5 8penview Server for network management. 7mplemented traffic filters using Standard and !2tended access:lists& 4istribute:<ists& and "oute @aps. 7mplementation of AS"5& 4A$5& 4 S& 6T5& T6T5& @"T%. 5unch 3locks& Tone Tracers& "epeaters& T:3!"4& @odems& $SB=4SB;s& 5rofessional @odular 5lug $rimper. Bni2=Sun Solaris C.)& ovell +.9& Win 0(=0C& Win: T +.)& Win ,))) 5rof.& Win ,))) Server& @S 8ffice& <otus otes& ?uto$?4& 5s5ice& Tango&

!OR HISTOR": #$# Consulting Al%an&' N" 6rom ,=)+:5resent 5osition. etwork !ngineer=Security "unning V5 5roject Throughout the 6ive 3oroughs of D #8@"441

5erform Site Surveys& and provide documentation for cable company 4esign the layout for cable 7nstallations $onfigure& and 7mplement etScreen S:(9T S:(%T and S:())

7mplement V5 connections using etScreen

5erform Troubleshooting end:to:end between the two sites 5rovide training to staff at the customer location

@aintain documents of work perform during the day

(i%er(orge New "ork' N" 6rom +=)/:)/=,))* 5osition. etwork !ngineer

"esponsible for designing and implementation of customers network infrastructure Aelp negotiate hardware& software& and circuit contracts for customers "edesign customers office copper and fiber cable plant for scalability $onfigure and implement "emote ?ccess Solution. V5 & 7S4 dial up& 6ractional T/ 7mplement $isco 78S 6irewall 74S using ,-)) series router etwork ?ssessment and 4ocumentation #including technical& operational& and economic assessment1 $onfigure $isco V5 *))) $oncentrator to allow V5 clients 7mplement $iscoSecure ?ccess $ontrol Server #?$S *.)1 for TacacsE= "adius $onfigure 5i2 to 5i2& and "outer to "outer V5 "edistribution of routing protocols and 6rame:"elay configuration etwork @igration from "75 to 8S56 3uild and maintain Visio documentations for $lients Troubleshoot Windows ,))) Servers and streamlining the user policy. @anaging Bser accounts using ?ctive 4irectory 7mplementation of T$5=75 F related Sevices:4A$5=4 S=W7 S

Ne)tVenue*I%eam Broa+,asting' New "ork' N" 6rom 0=)):*=)/ 5osition. etwork !ngineer

"esponsible for maintaining 7beam infrastructure in D& BG& and Tokyo "e:engineered 3%5 routing #"oute @aps& ?S:5ath prepend& @!4& <ocal 5reference1 to load balance traffic across multiple 7S5;s links "esponsible for designing& implementing and troubleshooting temporary infrastructures for <ive Webcasting !vents Troubleshoot 8$:*& 4S*& 4S/& and 7S4 connectivity issues "esponsible for integration of customers to 7beam etwork egotiate service contract with circuit carriers 7nterface with various Telcos for circuit testing and turn up "esponsible for designing& implementing and monitoring 7beam customer $o:<ocation environment $onfigure !2treme 3lack 4iamond Switches #layer ,& * and + switching1

4esign and implement security policies using ?$<& 579 firewall #(/(& (,)1and 5rovide intranet V5 solution using $isco ,-,/ and 75Sec Tunneling $onfigure f( 3i%ip to provide <oad 3alancing for server farm Bpgrade $isco "outers& Switches and 6irewall #5791 78S using T6T5 @embers of a team that designed and built 7beam Tier one infrastructure $onfigure Terminal Servers for out:of:band management $onfigure Traffic Shaping to optimize utilization on ?T@ 3ackbone 3uild and maintain Visio documentation database of network topology Aelp establish guidelines and standards for $hange 5rocedures

Stru,ture+ Network Solutions' Jerse& Cit&' NJ 6rom *=00:0=)) 5osition. Student= etwork Technician $onsultant

$onfigured $isco "outers #,())& *)))& +)))1 using "75& 7%"5& 8S56& !7%"5 $onfigure $isco Switches #()))& *(,+& and ,0))1 4esigned and implemented remote dial up solution for clients 7nstalled and configured workstations for 75=759 based <? ;s 7nstalled and configured 4A$5 $lient=Server 7mplemented A5:8penview for network management 7mplemented ovell +.) and +.// Servers

-.onograp. Re,or+ /anu0a,turer' New "ork' N" 6rom )+=0C://=0C 5osition. @7S #5ayment 6unds1

Set up

ovell Server *./ T Server

Set up Window

$reates user account on the ovell *./ server "un 3ackup three times a week 7nstall Aardware. 7$S& Aard 4rive& and @odem

7nstall Software. Windows 0(=0C& <otus otes& Word5erfect& @icrosoft 8ffice Service and Troubleshoot printers #laser& inkjet& dot matri2 and fa2 machine1 $onfigured workstations for 75=759 based <? ;s 5urchase Aardware and Software from different vendors

E#1CATION T$D T!$A 8<8%D 7nc. $isco $ertified 7nternetwork !2pert #$$7! Security:<ab1

ST"B$TB"!4 !TW8"G 7 ST7TBT! $isco $ertified etwork 5rofessional #$$ 51 !W D8"G 7 ST7TBT! 86 T!$A 8<8%D H ew Dork& D #/00+:/00C1 3T 4egree. !<!$T"7$?< ! %7 !!" % T!$A <8%D T!$A 7$?< $?"!!" 7 ST7TBT! H ew Dork& D #/00/:/00*1 ?S 4egree in !<!$T"8 7$S ! %7 !!"7 % !T$8@ T!$A 7$?< S!"V7$!S 7nc. $ertified ovell ?dministrator #$ ?1 -ro0essional Certi0i,ation $isco $ertified etwork ?ssociates #$$ ?1 $isco $ertified etwork 5rofessional #$$ 51 $isco $ertified 7nternetwork !2pert #$$7!:Written1 $isco $ertified 7nternetwork !2pert #<ab1 $isco Security Specialist #$SS:/1 SB Solaris B 79 ?dministration 7=77 5$=<? Technician F ?E $ertification !2tensive use of 48S& Word& @S Works& !2cel& <otus /,*& @S ?ccess& @S 8ffice 0'& @S 8utlook 0C& Visio 5rofessional HOBBIES * INTETESTS: "eading& Sport # weight lifting and jogging1& taking:on new challenges


Network Engineer

Primary Skills:


I am !ro"essional Network Enginer wit# $ years o" e%!erien&e in ISP an' Tele&om en(ironment) I *elie(e t#at yo+ will "in' my ,+ali"i&ations ,+ite satis"a&tory) OB-E.TI E Seeking a &#allenging !osition as Network Engineer, +tili/ing e%!ertise in network 'esign, im!lementation, se&+rity, an' monitoring) TE.0NI.AL S1ILLS: 2 OS: .is&o IOS, Lin+% 3 4NI5 3 Solaris, Win'ows NT 3 6777 3 5P 2 Network 0ar'ware: .is&o Ro+ters3Swit&#es3PI5 Firewalls, S4N SPAR.station 2 Ro+ting Proto&ols: BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, ISIS 2 oIP: 08683SIP39G.P, IP P#ones 2 LAN3WAN Te&#nologies: Et#ernet, Frame Relay, 5)6:, LAN, E;3T;3<S;3<S8

2 Se&+rity: PI5, .#e&k!oint, A&&ess Lists, SS0, IPSE., 8<ES, RAI<I4S3TA.A.S 2 Network 9anagement: SN9P 3 <NS 3 BIN< 3 SEN<9AIL 3 A!a&#e 2 S&ri!ting Lang+ages: PERL3T.L3S#ell3E%!e&t .ERTIFI.ATION: ..NA =;788$:7>, ..NP =;788$:7>, ..IE =;788$:7> Written) PROFESSIONAL E5PERIEN.E: Present Network Engineer -an+ary 677? 9ission O" Georgia at 4N @ New Aork, NA Im!lementation an' management o" .is&o, 4NI5 network PN an' IP tele!#ony) 9onitor 'ay to 'ay !er"orman&e) .ontrol a!!ro!riate work o" oIP, se&+rity systems) Im!lements network management an' a+tomate system tro+*les#ooting) .on"ig+re install an' maintain Internetworking 'e(i&es) E%!ert in &on"ig+ration an' tro+*les#ooting &om!le% Ro+ting Proto&ols BEIGRP, OSPF, BGPC) Analy/es &om!le% network !ro*lems an' &oor'inates resol+tions) <e(elo! work !lans, migration !lans, an' &on(ersion s&ri!ts nee'e' to integrate !ro!ose' sol+tions) No(em*er 677: Senior Network Engineer 3 .#ie" System A'ministrator @ T*ilisi, Georgia -+ne 6778 -S. Telenet D ISP Im!lementation an' management o" .is&o, 4NI5 network on a 'aily *asis "or <SL 3Wireless s+*s&ri*ersE Pro(i'e #ig# le(el te&#ni&al s+!!ort, in&l+'ing i'enti"ying an' resol(ing !ro*lems on .is&o s+!!orte' !ro'+&ts "or eD .ommer&e in"rastr+&t+re) Work wit# t#e 'ata &enter !lanning gro+!s, assisting wit# network &a!a&ity an' #ig# a(aila*ility re,+irements) Re(iew all &#anges to network &on"ig+ration "or te&#ni&al a&&+ra&y an' im!a&t an' !ro(i'e 9+ltiDProto&ol Network !ro*lem resol+tions) Pro(i'e senior te&#ni&al lea'ers#i!, as re,+ire', "or #ig# se(erity !ro*lems) 9aintain wireless a&&ess !oints Ba&k#a+ls as re,+ire' an' !ro(i'e &ontin+ing strategy an' inno(ation o!!ort+nities) Ro+ting relate' tasks in&l+'e' !ro(i'ing .is&o ro+ter &on"ig+ration an' &#ange management, !ro(i'ing te&#ni&al s+!!ort "or .is&o Ro+ter &on"ig+rations an' installation "or .+stomer) .on"ig+ring IP RIP(6, EIGRP, OSPF an' BGP) <e!loying FOS "or Network) .on"ig+ring ro+ting !oli&y "or BGP) Swit&#ing relate' tasks in&l+'e' im!lementing LANS an' &on"ig+ring ISL tr+nk an' $76);F on FastDEt#ernet &#annel *etween swit&#es, .on"ig+ring .G9P, IG9P an' PI9) settingD+! o" ISP *ran&# network PN, <SL, an' E;sE managing an' monitoring o" t#e WAN o" Frame Relay, 0<L., 56: &onne&tions to m+lti!le lo&ations t#ro+g#o+t t#e E+ro!e (ia Telia, RosTele&om, Gol'enTele&om +tili/ing .is&o >677 5R, 8>G: wit# BGPE monitoring o" Swi"t <L.I in Frame Relay "or BanksE mo'i"ying o" latest &on"ig+ration to Telenet network 'e(i&es s+&# as .is&o swit&#es, ro+ters, PI5 FirewallsE maintaining o" t#e &or!orate in"rastr+&t+re, w#i&# &onsists o" re'+n'ant ISP &onne&tionsE

No(em*er 677: Senior Network Engineer 3 Senior System A'ministrator @ T*ilisi, Georgia 9ar&# 6776 Georgian Tele&om @ largest tele&omm+ni&ations &om!any in Georgia !ro(i'ing Internet &onne&ti(ity an' te&#ni&al res!onsi*ility "or 6G #o+r to .or!orate .+stomersE <esigning an' im!lementing o" PN an' IP tele!#ony IP P#one >HG7, >H?7, .is&o ATA ;$?, Linksys PAP6C "or &ommer&ial &+stomersE settingD+! an' 'esigning oIP termination an' origination wit# "oreign &om!anies, s+&# as 9.I, Telia, Belga&om an' so onE monitoring 'ay to 'ay !er"orman&e o" PN an' OIPE &ontrolling a!!ro!riate work o" se&+rity systemsE managing .is&o ro+ters, .is&o .atalysts Layer 8 swit&#es, oIP market *ase' on AS:8:7 !lat"orm) PartDTime Io* *e"ore -+ly 6778) No(em*er 677: Senior Network Engineer 3 Senior Se&+rity A'ministrator @ T*ilisi, Georgia 9ay 677; A(ersi LT< @ largest !#arma&e+ti&al &om!any in t#e So+t#D.a+&as+s region Se&+rity a'ministering network "or more t#an 677 *ran&#es in GeorgiaE monitoring an' &ontrolling le(el a&&ess "or *ran&#es) PartDTime -o*) -+ly 6778 Senior Network Engineer 3 .#ie" So"tware <e(elo!er @ T*ilisi, Georgia 9ar&# 6776 GreenNet D .is&o Premier Partner in Georgia Te&#ni&al management o" &or!orate &lients in Tel&o3ISP se&torE 4ni% System A'ministrationE Pre!aring &om!le% !lans s+&# PN3Se&+rity sol+tionsE 'e(elo!ing oIP *illing systemE &on'+&ting trainings "or t#e &om!anyJs em!loyees on t#e .is&o, ..NA an' ..NP &erti"i&ations) <esign, 'e(elo! an' im!lement &om!le% network sol+tions) Parti&i!ate in an' &oor'inate &a*le an' wireless installations "or (ario+s !roIe&ts an' initiati(es) .oor'inate remote a&&ess iss+es, in&l+'ing (en'or a&&ess an' la* Inter"a&e a&&ess as re,+ire') Per"orm &on"ig+ration o" wireless a&&ess !oints, wireless *ri'ges an' ot#er wireless sol+tions) 9ar&# 6776 Network Engineer 3 So"tware <e(elo!er @ T*ilisi, Georgia No(em*er ;HHG Georgian Tele&om @ largest tele&omm+ni&ations &om!any in Georgia <esign an' im!lemente' FrameDrelay network wit# IS<N *a&k+! on .is&o 8??6 Series Ro+ters) Install an' &on"ig+re Ro+ters, Bri'ges, Terminal Ser(ers an' .S43<S4Js to s+!!ort WAN links) Tro+*les#oot IS<N lines, tro+*les#oot T.P3IP an' IP5 !ro*lems, tro+*les#ooting &onne&ti(ity iss+es in m+lti !roto&ol Et#ernet) Re'istri*+tion o" ro+ting !roto&ols an' FrameDRelay &on"ig+ration)

<e!loying an' .on"ig+ring FOS on LAN WAN) Strong knowle'ge o" (ario+s ro+ting !roto&ols in&l+'ing RIP 6, EIGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, K BGPG) .ontrolling an' monitoring 4NI5 Ser(ersE !rogramming (ario+s a!!li&ations "or t#e &om!anyJs we*D!ageE managing Georgian Tele&omJs BIN< 'omain name ser(er, Sen'mail an' We* ser(er) 9ar&# 6776 0ea' o" <ata Trans"er <e!artment @ T*ilisi, Georgia A!ril ;HH$ -S. In"o&om D ISP 4NI5 network a'ministration, Res!onsi*le "or .on"ig+ring, Frame Relay, IS<N, 5)6: network "or remote a&&ess) Setting +! LANS an' &on"ig+ring ISL tr+nk on FastDEt#ernet &#annel *etween swit&#es) Install an' &on"ig+re Ro+ters, Bri'ges, Terminal Ser(ers an' .S43<S4Js "or s+!!orting .lientJs WAN links) Tro+*les#oot IS<N lines, tro+*les#oot T.P3IP an' IP5 !ro*lems) Re'istri*+tion ro+ting !roto&ols) Im!lemente' SN9P on .is&o ro+tes to allow "or network management) Im!lemente' tra""i& "ilters on .is&o ro+tes +sing Stan'ar' an' E%ten'e' a&&essDlist) R+nning *illing system o" t#e entire organi/ationE a'ministering T*ilisi an' regional networks) E<4.ATION: BS Georgia T*ilisi state 4ni(ersity @ T*ilisi, Georgia .om!+ter S&ien&e <e!artment o" A!!lie' 9at#emati&s an' .om!+ter S&ien&e ;HHG ;HH$ Tea&#er o" 9at#emati&s an' In"ormati&s ;H$8 D ;HHG 9at#emati&al S&#ool =G6 @ T*ilisi, Georgia .erti"i&ate o" Gra'+ation an' <i!loma o" #ig# s&#ool LANG4AGES: Englis#, R+ssian, Georgian Bnati(eC


..NA,..N P


4SDNADNew Aork

<ate Poste':


Resume of Candidate # 007

Note: To receive this Networking Professionals full resume with the personal information please mailto:!ohn"tc#tech$com


%ctivel# seeking stimulating position in a growing compan# where & can appl# and improve upon m# skills in Network Engineering, design and implementation work with top'notch engineering and management team and have the opportunit# to contri(ute to all aspects of the (usiness. ON! I" AND UNIVE#"IT$, Brookl%n, N$ Bachelor candidate in Computer Science May 2002 Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) &n'depth knowledge of all Cisco enterprise routing and switching platforms$ %(ilit# to effectivel# implement and trou(leshoot multiple &P routing protocols: &)RP *&)RP +,P- .)P R&P$ &n'depth understanding of installation trou(leshooting and optimi/ation of Telco circuit technolog# including point'to'point and meshed frame'rela# 0ial'on' 0emand digital data1voice circuits 20,'0 0,'3 0,'4 &,0N 0,5 and Ca(le6 C,710,7 configuration and trou(leshooting$ Cisco Routers: 7800 7900 4:00 9:00 Cisco ,witches: :800 8800 4800 9;00 Pi< -irewall$ $


E)'E#IENCE: 0:19000'Present

Morgan Stanley !C" N#$% Brooklyn% N& Senior Network 'ngineer !eploy =anage multiple pro!ect and operational tasks concurrentl#$ Trou(leshoot configure install and upgrade Cisco routers and switches 278>> 79>> 9:>> 4800>5 :8>>6$ 0esigned and &mplement new connection to .ranch offices =arket 0ata and &nternet Plant infrastructure using Nortel Passports and Cisco routers for -rame' Rela#1%T=1Point'to'Point topolog#$ Trou(leshoot wan related pro(lems including +,P- *&)RP .)P and R&P routing and design$ Configured routers for +,P- N%T ?,RP multicast &,0N (ackup frame encr#ption compression and traffic shaping$ Trou(leshoot install and configure connections to -rame'Rela# -ractional T3 Point'to'Point T3 T4 and +C4 circuits$ &nstall and configure PR& lines on 7800s to provide (ackup solution$ &nstall and configure %ccess Core and 0istri(ution switches$ =anaged network &P allocations using @&P and 0,0.$ Provide second and third level support to Network +perations and team mem(ers$

'#OJECT E)'E#IENCE: &mplemented A&nternet RedesignB pro!ect$ Consisted of multiple phases to migrate 7800 *0=C1&0=C routers to :80; Catal#st ,witches$ =igrate all (astion hosts local directors C,,$ ?eav# manipulation of .)P attri(utes using route'maps access'lists communit# as'path list$ &ntroduce Route',cience to achieve load (alance (1w five &,Ps$ &mplemented A&&) &ntegrationB$ Connected &&) :800s to D80:s on multilple main =organ ,tanle# sites using *.)P neigh(oring with &&) and &.)P (etween internal nodes$ Configure route'aggregation and rout manipulation using communities redistri(ute (gp routes in to ospf$ &mplemented Regional .ranch offices upgrade to increase (andwidth on -rame' Rela# and Point'to'Point links including T3 and T4s$ =igrate R&P and &)RP to +,P- and .)P routing protocols$

&nvolved in implementation and design of a new =arket 0ata infrastructure$ &mplemented 5an1Ean Niksun pro(es regionall#$ Configured Niksun pro(es for Point'to'Point T3 T4 and *thernet$ Configure spanning on 5%N segments$

New ine Cinema, New $ork, N$ 0D13;;;'0:19000 $an (an Support )nalyst Provide hardware software and network support to :00 plus users$ &nvolved in implementation of .)P =ulti'homed environment$ &nvolved in implementation of Cisco P&> firewall$ Configure and install Cisco routers Parad#ne C,710,7s -irewall$ &nstall and configured ,hiva 0ial'&n ,ervers for dialing in access$ =onitor wan utili/ation using =RT) and various network applications$ &mplement deplo#ment and standardi/ation of computer s#stems throughout the compan#$ &nstall configure and trou(leshoot Eindows NT ,ervers 2CompaF 3:00R6$ &nstall and &mplement Trend %nti'Girus ,erver through out the compan#$ Provide network connections for new workstations$ ong Island Uni*ersit%, +EO' Comp,ter a-, Brookl%n, N$ Network )dministrator !esktop support specialist Provided computer hardware software and network support to various offices$ &nstalled Configured and =anaged Cisco 8000 ,witched 5an environment$ Connected PC and =acintosh computers to *thernet network Configured TCP1&P setting on multiple computers to participate on the network$ Repaired assem(le and maintain multiple computers including network support printing and &nternet settings$ &nstalled configure and maintain Eindows NT and Ee( ,ervers on the live network$ =anaged and maintain 7ser and )roup %ccounts on Eindows NT 0omain ,ervers$ Eill (e provided upon reFuest$

0713;;:' 0D13;;;