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Waterloo Gardens

An Organizational Audit

Garden Gift Patio

Greenhouse Nursery Business Offices Customer Service

Each department wears uniform Some shops have separate uniforms at different seasons

5 years Relationships that were built are long lasting
Our common ground is Waterloo Gardens

Within departments, culture is cohesive and positive Outside of department = negative climate

Bobby 3rd generation to run store No college degree Business plummeting for the last 5 years

Organizational Anticipatory Socialization, stage immediately prior to entry (Lair, p. 14)
Sister (2001-2007) Brother (2004-2011)

2004-2007 were the golden years After 2007, lots of changes in personnel and company policy

Managers for Loaders

2004-2007 (Keith, my current boss)
Moved to Garden Shop to improve sales Keiths followers went with him

2007 (Michelle)
Fired within the first month

2007-2009 (3 different Managers) Keith rehired in 2010

Exchange of realistic truthful information during the recruitment and selection process (Baker and Miller, p.6),

RJP in 2007
Interviewed right on the spot Follow-up Orientation first work day (Video)

Bobby runs store very scientifically Address only your higher up organizations should have impersonal leadership that would be established through rule and regulations. Administrators would make all decisions according to specific rules, polices, regulations and behaviours (Harris and Nelson, p. 67).

Communication/Leadershi p
Depart. A Manager 1 Bobby Manager 2 Depart. B Depart. C

Needs to have Communication Situational adaptability Willing followers

Vague communication = poor listening Still has to do with personal barriers
Attitudinal biases

My Organizational Encounter
enhance task accomplishments through task ordering (Harris and Nelson, p. 106). Even after many years of working at Waterloo, no one really knows what they are doing.

Windows 98 Computers Printers

Low Satisfaction


Social Media
Only recently updated their website Facebook (1,000 likes) Twitter (450 followers)

Workplace Romances

What am I?
No motivation to work at this company Looking forward to not working there this summer

Overall negative experience Negative
Communication Leadership RJP Workplace Romances

Technology has improved Nonverbal