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Anthony D.


612-998-6350 / / / @tonydwagner
707 University Ave. SE Minneapolis, MN 55414


The Mi nnesota Dai l y: Editor-in-Chief / Minneapolis, Minn. / May 2013 to present
Ciiculation: 17,uuu uaily
Supeivise 6u+ stuuent iepoiteis, euitois, columnists, uesigneis, copy euitois, multimeuia
iepoiteis, social meuia cooiuinatois anu senioi manageis acioss all euitoiial uepaitments.
Seive on the boaiu of uiiectois anu aiu in cieating the Baily's $1.S million buuget.
Supeivise the piouuction of Baily newspapeis as well as web content.
Biiect all coveiage, euit 4S+ aiticles pei week.
Seive on the Baily's euitoiial boaiu, wiite weekly euitoiials.
Woik the othei publisheis on the Baily's stuuent seivices fees iequest, special issues, maiketing
initiatives, bianuing effoits, a website ieuesign anu othei long-teim piojects.
Restiuctuieu anu expanueu the Baily's investigative piojects uesk anu web uepaitment.

City Desk Editor / Dec. 2012 to May 2013
Supeiviseu six iepoiteis coveiing ciime, housing, neighboihoous, gieek life, health,
sciencetechnology anu business.
Biiecteu Twin Citiesmetio coveiage, euit anu assign 11+ stoiies each week.
Senior Staff Reporter / Aug. 2012 to Dec. 2012
Wiote at least two stoiies pei week on the housing, business anu neighboihoous beats.
Euiteu a hanuful of stoiies pei week.
Cieateu "Noving 0p." a seiies of stoiies examining the boom (anu eventual bust) in luxuiy
stuuent housing aiounu the 0niveisity of Ninnesota long befoie any othei publication in town.
0iiginally ian in five paits, but expanueu on by seveial iepoiteis.
Wiote one long-foim, investigative pioject examining late-night safety in Binkytown.
Staff Reporter / Aug. 2012 to Oct. 2012
Wiote two stoiies pei week on the business beat.
A&E Reporter / Dec. 2011 to Aug. 2012
Wiote at least two stoiies pei week coveiing local music, theatei, ait, fashion anu film.
Naintaineu a weekly television ieview blog.

The Star Tri bune: Freelancer / Minneapolis, Minn. / May 2013 to present
Ciiculation: 29S,uuu
Askeu to continue wiiting foi the South Netio section on a fieelance basis at the conclusion of the
piacticum couise.
Wiite occasional stoiies on a vaiiety of topics.

Student Intern / Jan. 2013 to May 2013
Wiite at least one stoiy pei week as pait of the 0niveisity of Ninnesota's fielu-baseu piacticum
capstone couise.
Attenu news meetings anu woikshops with vaiious Stai Tiibune staffeis.

Radi o K: Contributor & On-Air Personality / Minneapolis, Minn. / Sept. 2010 to present
Co-cieateu a weekly specialty show, "Eighth uiaue Bance," in spiing 2u11, co-hosteu the show
since Septembei 2u11.
Thiough "Eighth uiaue Bance," helpeu plan, sponsoi anu B} a monthly uance night in 0ptown
Ninneapolis anu the Fiist Avenue Nainioom thioughout 2u12 anu 2u1S. The uance night,
"Foievei Young," attiacteu Suu-1uuu people each month.
Planneu anu assisteu in executing live in-stuuio sessions with seveial local banus foi "Eighth
uiaue Bance" thioughout summei 2u1S. viueos anu iecoiuings fiom these sessions have
attiacteu many visitois to Rauio K's website.
Piouuceu piomotional spots, pie-tapeu episoues anu song euits foi "Eighth uiaue Bance" anu
"Foievei Young." Piouuceu two shoit iauio uocumentaiy segments.
Belu vaiious vaiiety B} shifts since fall 2u1u.
Naintaineu a uaily song ieview blog anu ievieweu iecoius thioughout the 2u1u-2u11 school yeai.

A.V. Cl ub Twi n Ci ti es: Editorial Intern / Minneapolis, Minn. / May to July 2012
Belpeu maintain the local A.v. Club's event calenuai weekly.
Bloggeu local aits anu enteitainment-ielateu news.
Inteinship cut shoit when the A.v. Club closeu most of its local fianchises summei 2u12.

Koutstaal Lab: Lab Assistant / Minneapolis, Minn. / Jan. 2011 to May 2011
Naintaineu iecoius anu conuucteu expeiiments involving the peiception of logos anu giaphics.
Position pioviueu thiough a Fieshman Reseaich Awaiu.


Uni versi ty of Mi nnesota / Minneapolis, Minn.
Puisuing a B.A. in }ouinalism anu Nass Communication.
Expecteu giauuation: spiing 2u14.

Techni cal Ski l l s / Proficient with:
Auobe InBesign
Aviu NeuiaComposei
Social meuia (all majoi netwoiking, mobile anu blogging platfoims)
o Belp maintain the Ninnesota Baily Facebook (4,4uu likes) anu Twittei (1S,8uu followeis)
accounts, as well as the Eighth uiaue Bance Facebook account (26u likes) anu a peisonal
Twittei (S6u followeis).
iPhone photogiaphyviueo
Some Photoshop anu BTNL expeiience