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Republic of the Philippines

THE VJD LENDING INVESTOR ZAMBOANGA INC., herein Represented b its M!n!"er M! Ann J. E#een!, Plaintiff, $%ers&s$ Ci%i' C!se N(. )))))))))) For: SUM OF MON ! "#"! $%R& C' #SUC#R R#, "#"! "O! (' ( S#&%N#S, an) * SUS +U M# C#R"ON ( P#!#, (efen)ants, ,- - - - - - - - - - - - - -,

COM S NO., Plaintiff /*( & N(%N$ %N/ S0OR Z#M"O#N$# %NC', through 3eena, its )uly authori1e) representati2e, counsel, Ms' May #nn *'







Court, most state an) a2er: 5' 0hat Plaintiff is a corporation )uly organi1e) an)

e,isting un)er an) by 2irtue of the la6s of the Republic of the Philippines, herein represente) by it Manager, May #nn *'

3eena, of legal age, marrie), an) 6ith office a))ress at 578-C, (i2isoria, Zamboanga City, 6ith can be ser2e) 6ith all the

processes of this 4onorable Court9 :' 0hat )efen)ant "#"! $%R& S' #SUC#R R#, is li3e6ise of legal age, single, an) a resi)ent of 5:8-( Puti3, Zamboanga City, 6hile )efen)ants "#"! "O! (' S#&%N#S an) * SUS +U M#

C#R"ON (

P#!#, are li3e6ise of legal age, single an) resi)ing

at :8-(, *'(' Cru1 Street, 0etuan Zamboannga City 6here they can

2 respecti2ely be ser2e) 6ith summons an) other processes of this 4onorable Court9 8' 0hat herein plaintiff is in the len)ing business

pursuant to 6hich it pro2i)es loans to clients uner terms an) con)itions containe) in Promisory Notes9 7' 0hat )efen)ant "#"! $UR& S' #SUC#R R#, has obtaine) a loan from the plaintiff in the sum of F%/ 4UN(R ( 04OUS#N(

;P<==,==='==> P SOS, as e2i)ence) by a Promissory Note )ate) *anuary 85, :==5, a copy of 6hich is hereto attache) as #nne, ?#@, un)er 6hich the sai) amount 6as payable in t6el2e eAually monthly installments at :B interest rate per month all 6ithin a perio) of one ;5> year from )ate of e,ecution thereof9 <' 0hat asi)e from the plaintiff as principal borro6er, the other )efen)ants, namely, "#"! "O! (' S#&%N#S an) * SUS +U M# C#R"ON ( P#!#, also signe) the sai) promissory note as co-

ma3ers an) boun) themsel2es to be liable soli)arilly 6ith the principal borro6er for the entire amount9 C' 0hat )espite the clear stipulation in the promissory note, an) in gross contra2ention of their obligation, )efen)ants ha2e faile) to pay an) has not pai) a single installment )ue from them9 D' 0hat repeate) )eman)s ha2e been ma)e formally upon the )efen)ants to pay their obligation aforesai) as sho6n by the (eman) &etters )ate) February <, :==<, February C, :==C,

February D, :==E, an) February 5=, :=58, hereto attache) as #nne, ?"@, ?C@, ?(@ an) ? @9 E' 0hat )espite the sai) repeate) )eman)s, )efen)ants ha2e refuse), an) continue to refuse an) fail to pay an) ma3e goo) their sai) obligation 6hich no6 stan)s at the total amount of

3 P5,:<<,<::'<=, inclusi2e of interest, as sho6n by the Statement of #ccounts hereto attache) as #nne, ?F@9 F' 0hat as result of their sai) refusal to comply 6ith plaintiffGs plainly 2ali), Hust an) )eman)able claim, plaintiff has been compelle) to engage the ser2ices of counsel for 6hich it has agree) to pay an) pai) the sum of P<=,==='== as

attorneyGs fees an) incur e,penses for litigation9 .4 R FOR , premises consi)ere), it is respectfully praye) of this 4onorable Court that, after )ue procee)ings, Hu)gment be ren)ere) or)ering all the )efen)ants, Hointly an) se2erally, pt pay the plaintiff the sum of P5,:<=,<::'<= an) the sum of

P<=,==='== as attorneyGs fees plus costs of litigation' Other reliefs as are Hust an) eAuitable un)er the premises are li3e6ise praye) for' City of Zamboanga, Philippines, February 57, :=58' VANESSA JOY RAFAELA DELATADO Counsel for the Plaintiff No' =:<, Mango $ro2e Sub)', Ma' Clara Sobregat 4igh6ay, (i2isoria, Zamboanga City P0R No' =:=F859 *an' =D, :=58IZC %"P OR No' D<<E7F9 *an' =F, :=58IZC MC& Compliance Number ==5<75E Roll No 8E8::5:' Republic of the Philippines> C%0! OF Z#M"O#N$#' ' ' ' ' > S'S' ,- - - - - - - - - - - - - , / R%F%C#0%ON %, M#! #NN *' J N#, of legal age, single, an) 6ith a))ress at 578-C (i2isoria, Zamboanga City, after ha2ing been s6orn in accor)ance 6ith la6, hereby )epose an) say: 0hat % am the representati2e of the palintiff /*( &en)ing %n2estor Zamboanga %nc', in the abo2e-entitle) case as )uly authori1e) by its "oar) of 0rustees9 that % ha2e cause) the foregoing Complaint to be prepare)9 that % ha2e rea) an) un)erstoo) the contents of the same9 a) that the allegations therein are true an) correct base) on my o6n 3no6le)ge an) authentic )ocuments9

4 0hat % hereby further certify that % ha2e not commence) any other similar complaint, petition or action in2ol2ing the same subHect matter, parties or issues, before the Supreme Court, Court of #ppeals, or any other courts or a)ministrati2e bo)ies in the Philippines or else6here, an) that if % come to 3no6 of the pen)ency of such procee)ing, % shall inform this 4onorable Court of such fact 6ith fi2e ;<> )ays from 3no6le)ge thereof %N .%0N SS .4 R OF, % ha2e hereunto set my han) on this 57th )ay of February :=58 in the City of Zamboanga, Philippines' M#! #NN *' J N# #ffiant
SU"SCR%" ( #N( S.ORN to before me on this 57th in the City of Zamboanga, Philippines' )ay of March :=58

(oc' No' KKK9 Page No' KKK9 "oo3 No' KKK9 Series of :=58

VANESSA JOY RAFAELA DELATADO Notary Public Until (ecember 85, :=57 Zamboanga City P0R No' =:=F859 *an' =D, :=58IZC "P OR No' D<<E7F9 *an' =F, :=58IZC