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Introduction Interesting introduction is very important as it will attract your readers to read your essay. Here are some interesting ways for you to start your essay. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Definition Question Statement or fact Dialogue Quotation Anecdote / story

Example 1 - Definition [ The person I admire most ] I think admiration is a kind of respect and high opinion of someone who has inspired us for a quality he or she has or for what he or she has done. Due to this, most teenagers admire movie stars, superstar athletes or singers like Robert Pattinson, Christiano Ronaldo , Taylor Swift or our own local diva, Siti Norhaliza. I am pretty sure these people are admired because of their personalities and popularity. For me, the person I admire most is neither a world famous leader nor a celebrity. There is only a person in this world who inspires me a lot, and that person is none other than my dearly mother, Rohani binti Yassin. Example 2 Question [ Beauty ] Have you heard of the story, Beauty and the Beast? What do you think of it? Well, I would say Beauty should not have fallen in love with the Beast! She deserved someone who had good look and obviously not the Beast. This is because, it is natural for a person who possesses beauty to choose or be paired with a person of the same quality or beauty. However, this does not always happen in real life. Example 3 - Statement [ Interesting characters in my life ] The older we are, the more people we meet in our lives. Some of them are so nice that we ask ourselves why we only meet them now. On the contrary, some of them are just so worthless that we feel we should not have met them. The people we meet are different in their own ways or characters and some do leave a great impact on us. I also have gone through such experience even though I am only seventeen. Some of the people I know are interesting and they have so much that I can learn from.


Example 4 Dialogue ( The Internet ) Dad, let me help you pay our electricity bills online. You dont have to go to the post office and wait for your turn to pay all the bills. Well, this is one of the benefits the Internet has given us. The Internet is indeed one of the most remarkable features of technology. Its advent signifies a new era in the history of information and communication technology. Now, almost 90% of the world population has access to the Internet and it is an undeniable fact that the Internet is one of the most influential tools in this century.

Example 5 - Quotation [ Positive Attitude ] It is your attitude and not your aptitude. These are the words which have become vital for most of us. It is our attitude or mind set and not our talent or ability that leads us to success. For example, we may have magnificent talent in singing or music but if we are lazy and pessimistic, we will never be able to achieve what we desire or aim for. Example 6 Anecdote or story [ Beauty ] When I was a child, I used to compare myself with my eldest sister, Nita, who was always the beauty in the family , unlike me who was the opposite. Every time when we had gatherings or celebrations in the house, she would be the centre of attraction. Relatives and guests would go to her, hug and kiss her and praise her beauty. I would be left alone and ignored. NOW, TRY THIS Write an introduction on one of the topics in your handouts. Use one of the ways of writing introduction you have learnt just now. ..

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