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Lost Boys Six - treachery thy name is Roy Boy

Roy Blankley is a six generation New York State resident whose great great grandfather was an old time circuit judge. Their family estate is now a museum along twelve mile creek, twelve miles from the mouth of Lake Mento. Google map shows it on the other side of Blankley Road, near a bushy inlet, with no other houses around. Roy was born and raised on the lake. The third of five boys, he always played 'catch up' in a birth order that had him as pinned as an insect in a collection of old world has-beens. He has enough money but it is doled out as a trust so often is and so, even though he does not have to work, his deep unhappiness with his life keeps him an unmarried hermit wearing his father's old clothes and neglecting upkeep of another historic house his parents had left him. He seldom bathed or washed his hair but he figured the creek kept him clean enough. Over the years Roy becomes a more than proficient fishing and gaming guide. He has a diving license and can fix any broken down motor the marina at the mouth of twelve mile creek calls him about. He even welds underwater. On the weekends Roy meets with a militia group who 'murder' each other with paint balls and all the other Para-military games 'Lost Boys' on this side of the lake like to play. Every year, he and three others circumnavigate Mento and its fellow lakes in a yacht race. The cup is to boat racing what the World Series is to baseball and what the Daytona 500 is to NASCAR. With the Gold Cup in his grasp, for the ninth time Roy hoped for better competition every year. The Lake Mento 300 yacht race course is a circumnavigation of the lake that starts at Port Debit Yacht Club, heads east and rounds goose Island, then heads south to Oslego NY where it turns east along the south shore to the Giagara River mark before heading to the finish line at Port Debit Yacht Club. The race is a test of preparation, teamwork, navigation and perseverance. 'Captain Roy Boy' leads the three man team to victory every year. The family marina made good from these wins in boat sales, docking, slip rentals, engine repairs, supply sales, launching and hoisting fees. Blankley Bay Marina, located on beautiful downtown Blankley Bay. Roy figured the authorities wouldn't start searching until dawn. It was four thirty a.m. Restarting the Zeppelin he quietly pulled the Boston Whaler into Blankley Bay and up twelve mile creek toward the circuit judge's historic home. He had played, swam, fished, and guided on the creek all his life. Finding the sheltered cove near the road where he had left his truck several hours later, he debark the Zeppelin, deflated it and stuffed it on the truck. He would leave the other boat and deal with it later. Any idea how little changes over two hundred years in a small town? But to make a smaller list, at least one descendant of the first four hundred to settle stays, even if it is a distant cousin. Roy Blankley was a hanger on. In this vein he kept to himself, kept the peace, and was semi-productive. Other cousins, and co-owners of the old family marina tried bossing him but Roy's engine repair expertise kept them at bay and when he took

any boat he wished on a 'test drive' upon Lake Mento, which he did quite regularly, they could say nothing. Heading due south, he arrived in Canada after a twenty minute speed ride, at his familys twin marina in Bassering Ontario, only fifty miles away. Everyone was in a tizzy and no co-owner wants to witness during a spot check: missing boats, wrecked boats, irate customers, suicidal managers. And then it occurred to him. This was something he could do alone could completely fix with no one the wiser. If years of Para-military exercises had taught him anything it was, Dont Tread on Me".