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Samriddhi 2009

Corporate Delegates
An annual national conference
organized by Goa Institute of
Management which addresses issues
touching sphere’s of development
and strives at finding practicable ,
viable & sustainable solutions.
A Flashback
Samriddhi 2007……
……touched basic issues of
financing infrastructure projects, micro-
finance, etc. focusing on financing
India’s development.

Samriddhi 2008……
……looked at Green
infrastructure, its feasibility and the
Social Entrepreneurship
• A Social Entrepreneur is someone who
recognizes a social problem and uses
entrepreneurial principles to organize,
create, and manage a venture to bring
about a social change

• Samriddhi 2009 aims to look at

 Entrepreneurship as an opportunity in
these times of recessionary blues
 unleashing the aspect of Social
Entrepreneurship which aims at creating
not just a pool of wealth for a selected few
Focus of the conference
• Profit making, impact creating ventures
that address the larger social needs.

• Exploring the need & viability of socially

relevant entrepreneurial ventures in the
Indian context, given its demographic,
social and financial profile.

• Creating awareness about the

opportunities in the field of Social
Entrepreneurship for students, working
executives and corporates (as part of their
Session Plan
Understanding the basic concept of Social
Entrepreneurship and how it is different
from running a profit making venture. What are
the skills sets required by a Social Entrepreneur.
Strategic and Operational challenges, Issues of
organizational governance, network building,
partnering, mobilising the urban and village
rural community etc.

The various criteria that investors (venture
capitalists) or funding organisations consider
while evaluating a project, the risks
associated with such ventures, the
Session Plan Contd..
The session will talk about how the youth can be
aligned towards the concept of Social
Entrepreneurship. Also included would be an
insight into how organizations like Ashoka and
Mitra provide a platform for youth who are
interested in undertaking social ventures.

Every business undergoes a particular life cycle.
The challenges that a business faces a
couple of years down the line would include
the issues of scaling up, of sustaining the
business in face of unforeseeable adversities like
recession, competitive challenges and other
operational issues. The session through views of
Session Plan Contd..
Enterprising opportunities existing in
sectors like Energy, Banking, Education,
Urban and Rural Sanitation, Water Supply,
Electrification and new upcoming sectors
like Clothing, Social security, E-Waste
Management etc and the role of technology
and what kind of institutional as well as
government support is available for these
Confirmed Speakers*
• Trilochan Sastry , Prof and Dean IIM-B
• Vikas Sharma, Parichay
• Vipin Thekkekalathil- Associate Director
, Ashoka Youth Venture
• Sonali Malhotra from Desi crew ( Rural

* as on July 16, 2009

Targeted Speakers
• Vijay Mahajan , BASIX
• Vikram Akula,SKS
• Harsih Hande,Selco
• Ashwin Naik, Vaatsalya Health Care
• Vineet Rai , CEO , Aavishkaar
• Nachiket Mor, ICICI Foundation for
Inclusive Growth
Targeted Organizations
• Ashoka Innovators
• Nandjeet Khemka
• Schwab Foundation
• Nidan
• Skoll Foundation
• Acumen Fund
Format of the
• The
Conference will be held over two
days with 3 sessions on the first day
and 2 sessions on the second day.

• Each of the  sessions will be of 2 to 2.5

hours of duration with an informative
discourse by experts in their fields
followed by an open forum.

• Each session will be followed by a panel

What Delegates Gain?
• Samriddhi will raise issues pertinent to the role of
Social Entrepreneurship as a vehicle for India’s
• Samriddhi will be an open forum for discussion on the
subject of Social Entrepreneurship and will follow a
value-creation perspective for all its stakeholders.
• Access to some of the leading minds in India.
• Interaction with delegates from other companies
further adding to the knowledge-sharing experience.
• Souvenirs with summaries of each session - An
excellent memorabilia and a concise store for all
Delegate Schemes
• Lunch Buffet, Drinks & Dinner on the first
day and breakfast and lunch on the
second day will be provided for all the

• The Schemes :-
– 1-2 Delegates – Rs. 4,500/- each
– 3-4 Delegates – Rs. 4,000/- each
– 5 or more Delegates – Rs. 3,500/- each
*organizers will not be responsible for arranging transport and/or
accommodation for the conference
About GIM
• Goa Institute of Management is a
premier Management education
institute located at Panaji, Goa. In a
short span of 17 years, GIM has grown
to be one of the most recognized B-
schools in India with admirable
placements and accomplished alumni.
Contact us :
• Diksha Agrawal : 09823239379
• Devesh Gupta : 09011608233
• Srikanth B. : 09730426647
• Aarti Goyal : 09823612721
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Samriddhi 2009