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The 10 Day Mental Challenge

This 10 Day Mental Challenge is an exercise. To help you take control of your mind, by not allowing yourself to hold onto any negati e thought consistently. !ike any muscle, your mind can be conditioned into any shape you desire to stretch it to. !ike any muscle, it takes Constant "tretching. Constant #xercise. Constant Measurement. Constant $d%ustment.

CANI - Constant And Neverending Improvement

Once a mans mind is stretched, it will never go back to its original shape.
~ Socrates ~

&ere are the rules and the tools of this challenge'

1) During the next ten days, refuse to let any negati e thoughts linger in your mind. Refuse to hang onto any crummy, un(resourceful words, feelings, )uestions, metaphors or emotions. *+ ,hen you do catch yourself focusing or dwelling on the negati e, recogni-e it, congratulate yourself on catching it, and immediately ask yourself better )uestions, to get into a better, more resourceful place. .reat )uestions to ask are /0roblem "ol ing 1uestions2 3examples found on the following page+ ,hen you wake up each morning, remember to start your day in a great state. $ terrific way to start your day in a "uperior state is to ask yourself the /Morning 0ower 1uestions2. $s you fall asleep each night, reflect back on your day, taking note of and focusing on the great things you5 e caused to happen, not only in your own life, in the li es of others as well. 6ew friends and dear friends alike. $sk yourself the /# ening 0ower 1uestions2. ,hen you ask and answer the abo e )uestion, make sure you 78!!9 $":C;$T# to the answers. These )uestions are also great to ask other people, to get them in a more resourceful, grateful, excited, happy, focused state. <+ 7or T#6 consecuti e days, focus totally & completely on solutions, not problems or challenges. 9our time is best spent focused => on the challenges, ?=> on the solutions.


=+ ;f you do ha e a lousy thought, idea, )uestion or feeling, don5t beat yourself up. @ust change it. IMM !I"# $%& That5s the point of this exercise. 'hange %our (ocusA )reak the old *attern& ;f you do dwell on it for more than = minutes, you must wait until the following day, then start the 10 days o er. The goal here is 10 consecutive days without dwelling on any negati e images, thoughts, words, etc. $nytime you dwell too long on the negati e, no matter how many days in a row you ha e succeeded in meeting the challenge, you must start a new +, days& The power of this 10 Day Challenge is truly ama-ing. ,hen you decide to go for it, really play full out B stick with it, you will start a parade of benefits in your li e that won5t stop. &ere are %ust four things it will bring to your life' 1+ *+ 4+ <+ ;t will make you see all the mental habits that ha e in the past held you back. ;t will make your brain search for new, powerful, helpful alternati es. ;t will gi e you a tremendous %olt of confidence, as you see you can impro e and turn your life around. ;t will create new habits, new standards, new expectations that will help you grow B en%oy life more and more each and e ery dayA

"tarting right now, decide to use all the tools, technologies and resources a ailable to you so you will not dwell on any negati e thoughts or emotions for the next ten days. $nd when you like what you see in yourself, continue on for the next 10 days. $nd in ite a friend to accept the challenge. Cecause to share something like this is a giftA

/0D:C!#M ":!E;6. 18#"T;:6"2

,hat5s not yet perfect hereF &ow can ;, right now, best impro e this situationF ,hat5s .D#$T about this challengeF ,hat am ; willing to do to make this as ; want itF ,hat am ; willing to 6: !:6.#D D: in order to make this as ; desireF ,hat else can ; do that, up until now, ;5 e not done, or ha e been unwilling to doF &ow can ; best en%oy the process while ; do what is necessary to make this as ; want itF

/M:D6;6. 0:,#D 18#"T;:6"2

1. ,hat am ; most Happy about in my life right nowF ,hat about that makes me happyF $nd how does that make me feelF *. ,hat am ; most Excited about in my life right nowF ,hat about that makes me excitedF $nd how does that D#$!!9 feelF 4. ,hat am ; most Proud ofF ,hat about that makes me proudF &ow does that really feelF <. ,hat am ; most Grateful for, right now, in my Crilliant lifeF ,hat about that makes me gratefulF $nd how does that really make me feelF =. ,hat am ; most En%oying in my lifeF ,hat about that do ; most en%oyF $nd how does that make me feelF G. ,hat am ; most committed to in my life right nowF ,hat about that makes me so committedF &ow does that help propel me forwardF H. ,ho do ; Lo eF ,ho loves meF ,hat about that makes me feel !o ingF $nd how does that D#$!!9 make me feelF Tough to remember all those each morningF Demember a fun, silly word HEPGECLL( $ simple word. $ 0owerful word. "ay it daily. $nd when you do, remember to 78!!9 $"":C;$T# to the answers that come to you.

/#E#6;6. 0:,#D 18#"T;:6"2

1+ ,hat ha e ; gi en todayF ;n what great ways ha e ; been a gi erF &ow did they best benefitF ;n what way did ; benefitF *+ ,hat did ; learn todayF &ow best will ; apply thatF 4+ &ow has today added to the 1uality of my lifeF &ow will ; best use this as an in estment in my lifeF These )uestions, as powerful as they are, may not be as powerful as the ones you will create for yourselfA "o be creati e and add to, change, modify the abo e to what really %uices youA

I keep no records of the bad times.

~ Fijian Belief ~