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com ENTRANCE ENTRANCE 1,a ) KP advanced stellar astrology in Tamil b) Hebrew pyramid numerology c) Science of numerology by FORMAT d) Five Element theory in Tamil Numerology e) Pronology & Signaturology 2. a) Indian Vastu & Chinese Vastu Cosultation b) Preparation of any structures based on Indian Vastu c) Energy development of buildings/Factories by introducing Chinese vastu gadgets 3. REIKI HEALING & Attunements upto MASTER Level. ASTROLOGY 1. Astrology is a highly respected science: no other method of divination is worthi of mention.The science of astrology explains why everyone has some worry or other and also why there is somuch of inequalities in life and offers mental solace.The fundamental basis of astrology is Karma and Reincarnation.In short the knowledge of astrology is does afford mental strength to the feedable and weak minded solace to the depressed, peace to the anxious and worried and steadiness to those who are wavering in mind. In Traditional Hindu astrology ,they believed that only the planets become the factors of differentiation.Thr residential strength of a planet,its aspects, the aspects that it gains from the other planets,the karagas, the yogas,and the Dhoshas resulted by occupations of planets in different signs of bhavas,the movements of planets like retrogressions,Asthamanams etc are studied in detail with numerous rules and their inherent exceptions to provide us with varied varied results By all methods of astrology ADVANCED K.P STELLAR Astrology founded by our Guruji Jyothish Marthand Professor Thiru K.S .KRISHNAMURTHI is the simple and best way analysing a chart ,tellin predictions confidently and precisely.It gives astrologer a selfsatisfaction and satisfaction to the clients. Only 12 cusps with their interlinks are responsible to carryout the events in one's life rather than planetory significations as many of the traditional astrologers believe. Hence to analyse a particular chart the astrologer can accumulate his concern on the factorsthat would constitute a uniqueness of the chart b) HEBREW PYRAMID NUMEROLOGY A non zero number of one's name can be obtained. According to one's date of birth hebrew number arrive a positive energy giving name.It is very accurate and precise than normal numerology. c) FORMAT NUMEROLOGY Date of birth number,month number ,year birth number,and the addition of all of these is fate number are the main factors for fixing one's name.The four numbers do not oppose name numbers do not oppose the name Every number has friendly and also opposite numbers 1 is friendly to 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9 and foe to 7 SERVICES CONTACT

2 is friendly to1,2,3,4,5,6,8 and foe to 9 Example date of birth : 10.11.1998 date of birth number= 10 ,1+0 =1 Month number Year birth number Fate number =11,1+1 =2 = 1998 =1+9+9+8 =27 ,2+7 =9 =1+2+9 =3

So the date of birth format is 1 2 9 3 In this 2& 9 are enemical ie in the date of birth itself So fix name as per friendy to one's DOB and this name only gives a prosperous and and bright to one's life. FIVE ELEMENT THEORY IN TAMIL NUMEROLOGY Only five numbers are included namely 1-EARTH,2 - WATER 3- FIRE 4 - AIR 5 - SPACE 1& 2 are friendly 3& 4are friendly 5 is neutral for the four numbers Tami alphabets have different values and based on this the name is selected which is forunate. REIKI The word Reiki is made of 2 Japanese words Rei - God's wisdom or Higher power KI - Life Force Energy Reiki isactually Spiriyually Guided Life Force Energy'. It heals the body mind and spirit. MIKAO USUI the founder of the Reiki System of natural healing ,recommended that one practice certain simple ,ethical ideas to promote peace and harmony which are nearly Universal across all cultures. BENEFITS OF REIKI 1.It brings deep relaxation 2. Dissolves energy lockages 3. Detoxifies 4. Supply healing life force energy. 4.Increases the vibrational frequency of the body. The following beneficial effectsare noticable 1. Reiki bootsand improves the immune system of the human body. 2. It increases the energy level and vitality. 3. It improves the confidencelevel and theesteem of self/ clients. 4. It reduces the stress and relieves stress as well. 5.It improves the chronic and acute mental problems. 6. Primotes creativity. LIMITATIONS OF REIKI TREATMENT 1.Recipient's absence or lack of receptiveness 2.Regular sessions are desirable. 3.Need other medical treatments in addition to REIKI I the case of serious illness 4. Should not be applied as a sole treatment in acute emergencies,but it is an excellent support in emergency intervention. VASTU

In Chinese Vastu the term FENG SHUI means FENG- Wind , SHUI - Water. The FENG SHUI Is based on YIN - YANG Theory.The development of YIN YANG is based on the Five element theory such as METAL,EARTH,FIRE,WATER AND WOOD. Five element objects such as MONEY GOD,TORTOISE placed at various locations of a house so as to achieve a pleasing atmosphere. Feng shui is so important to some believers,they use for healing purpose also,in addition to guide their business and create apeaceful atmospheres in houses.

SERVICES 1.ASTROLOGY SERVICES Those clients like to know about their future predictions get appointment by phone, Email or in person to my office. 1. Birth time rectification based on ruling planets 2.Life time predictions 3. Current Dasa ,Bukthi predictions 4. Health and diseases 5.Financial status 6. About job,business 7.Marriage compatibility/Obstacles in marriage and the time of marriage 8.Child birth 9.Promotions,Transfer etc 10. Horary astrology for a single question FEES In person ; Rs 200.00/chart : Rs 1500.00 Through Letter,Phone or Email : Rs 500.00 Life time predictions Fees should be sent by M.O or my S.B Account State bank of india No 10594165494 2.NUMEROLOGY SERVICES Name selection/Name change Addition of every name : Rs 2000.00 : Rs 1000.00

The names will be selected by all methods of numerology and only the best will be fixed. The Report will be sent to you by post within 5 days ,on receving your fees. 3.VASTU SERVICES Inspection ofsites in person ,find positive and negative energies and according to the negative energies founded the provision of FENG SHUI gadgets can be recommended 2.Positive energy by REIKI is given to the affected houses/sites INSPECTION FEES 4.REIKI SERVICES 1.Healing of ill person who request to heal in phone :3 days free : Rs 1500.00

2.Ill person direct healing 3.Reiki classes 1 & 2 level 4.Master level

:Rs 100.00 : Rs 2000.00 : Rs 5000.00 (duration: 1 day) (duration; 1 day)