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9 Waterworks Rd. Kingston 8. Tel ! 8"#$ %"&'()&8 * 8+('+"88 ,RO-ESSIONAL O./E0TIVE

To use my technical skills and theoretical knowledge in civil, industrial and commercial markets for the development of source management and promotion of efficiency.

12ALI-I0ATIONS June 1996 M.Sc. ivil !ngineering Moscow State "niversity of ivil !ngineering Moscow, #ussia S3e4iali5ation ' Structural !ngineering June 1996 July 19'( June 19'( Teacher$s ertificate % Methodology of teaching #ussian as a foreign language& Moscow State "niversity of ivil !ngineering ertificate in omputer Technology )pplication *+M *nstitute ,ingston, Jamaica School -eaving ertificate % 6th .orm amperdown /igh School. ,ingston, Jamaica June 19'0 AWARDS Septem1er 19'9 #ussian 2overnment Scholarship, to read the M.Sc. ivil !ngineering. 3egree, Moscow State "niversity of ivil !ngineering 4roficient in )uto )3, #evit , Microsoft 4ro5ect and Suite )ttention to details, highly organi6ed, assertive, self%motivated, interpersonal skills and a1ility to work in a team School -eaving ertificate 1st % 0th .orm amperdown /igh School, ,ingston, Jamaica



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,RO-ESSIONAL E6,ERIEN0E 7ar. 8&&"'7ar. 8&&9 3irector of 4ro5ects 7 )llied Services Ministry of Justice 8 9:ford #d., 11 .l. ; + South Tower ,ingston 0 Res3onsi9ilities In4l:de 1. 3irect and coordinate the planning and implementation of all ma5or pro5ects 8. #eview and approve designs, plans and implementation schedules for all ma5or pro5ects <. 4rovide advice on all matters including mechanics of planning and ade=uacy plans >. Monitor and co%ordinate strategic financial planning for all ma5or pro5ects 0. #ecommend and ?or direct strategic technological and developmental modifications 6. olla1orate with relevant 2overnment ministries, agencies and department to facilitate smooth pro5ect administration and implementation olla1orate, negotiate and liaise with personnel from funding agencies&


'. -ead development and completion of "nit annual corporate and strategic plan& 9. onduct periodic review of ma5or pro5ects plans and capital works

1@. 4repare terms of reference for consultancies and technical assistance& 11. 4articipate in the evaluating of tender and recommend selection 1ased on criteria& 18. 3evelop and maintain information systems& 1<. ommission, review and sign off on pro5ect profiles. 1>. -ead and coordinate ma5or pro5ects designs, planning and implementation of pro5ects to achieve their stated o15ectives in an effective and efficient manner.

/an. 8&&# ; 7ar. 8&&"

#egional 4ro5ect Manager Aestern #egional /ealth )uthority ?o ornwall #egional /ospital Montego +ay, St. James Res3onsi9ilities In4l:de 1. reates and e:ecutes pro5ect work plans and revises as appropriate to meet changing needs and re=uirements. 8. *dentifies resources needed and assigns individual responsi1ilities. <. Manages day%to%day operational aspects of pro5ect and scope. >. #eviews delivera1les prepared 1y team. 0. Supervise pro5ect management staff in a matri: management 6. !ffectively applies methodology and enforces pro5ect standards. (. 4roactively identify changes in work scope and ensure appropriate planning measures are taken with internal and e:ternal clients to reassess, renegotiate and amend scope of work responsi1ilities, proposals, contracts and 1udgets '. 4repares for engagement reviews and =uality assurance procedures. 9. Minimi6es e:posure and risk on pro5ect. 1@. !nsures pro5ect documents are complete, current, and stored appropriately. 11. Tracks and reports team hours and e:penses on a weekly 1asis. 18. 9versee the development of relevant pro5ect proposals and 1udgets and recommend approval of them 1efore su1mission to clients 1<. 3etermines appropriate revenue recognition, ensures timely and accurate invoicing, and monitors receiva1les for pro5ects. 1>. Maintain records of e:penses and approve payment for contractors 10. )naly6es pro5ect profita1ility, revenue, margins, 1ill rates and utili6ation. 16. Track milestones and?or percent complete and inform accounting as these levels are attained so invoices can 1e sent in a timely manner

7a< 8&&% ; /an. 8&&#

3irector of 9perations 7 Maintenance Aestern #egional /ealth )uthority ?o ornwall #egional /ospital Montego +ay, St. James Regional Res3onsi9ilities In4l:de 1. #esponsi1le for departmental fiscal actions and careful use of resources. 8. !nsure that work environment is conducive to high level of productivity, free of 1arriers that inhi1it workflow.


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<. >. 0. 6. (.

!valuating employee work performance. 4ro5ect, procurement and contract management. )sset and facilities management B'> health centers 7 > /ospitalsC reated and oversees regional safety committee. Supervise and developed training programme for regional transport and Medical !mergency Service Team. '. Supervise the regionDs 1io%medical e=uipment and ensure that they are in compliance with all pertinent safety standards.

No=. )998 ; 7a< 8&&%

4ro5ect 7 Maintenance !ngineer Te:aco ari11ean *nc. -9J entre, 'th .l. 8' E>' +ar1ados )venue, ,ingston 1@ Res3onsi9ilities In4l:de 1. 8. <. >. 0. 4ro5ect integration, e:ecution, =uality and cost management ontract administration and implementation. 4rocurement and inventory of 1uilding material 7 e=uipment. 4rovide training to contractors in Safety, /ealth 7 !nvironment. Manage maintenance programme for '9 service station facilities, two terminals and all company owned vehicles. 6. 9perational !:cellence 4rogramme. (. )ssist with 3epartmental 1udget. '. Supervise the tender process.

O4t. )99" ; No=. )998

Site !ngineer . ivil !ngineering and +uilding ontractors St. )nnDs +ay, Jamaica >edonis? III ' S:3er4l:9s Res3onsi9ilities In4l:de 1. To assist the Su1%contractors in co%coordinating or o1taining any technical data they may need 8. To co%ordinate and oversee the =uantity of work done, including correct interpretation of specification <. To general assist the 4ro5ect Manager in any way necessary to effect smooth management of pro5ect. >. To 1e totally in charge of whatever setting out that may 1e necessary to effect the work 0. To prepare programmes and 1ar 1ending schedules and to supply detail sketches to foremen 6. #eport to 4ro5ect Manager of all potential 5o1 pro1lems


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Se3t. )99# ' O4t. )99"

Senior !ngineer, onstruction?Structural !ngineering Section +ureau of Standards BJ+SC, 6 Ainchester #d. ,gn. 1@, J.A.*. Jo1 4ortfolio involves Metrology, Standards, Testing and Fuality BMSTFC in the field of ivil !ngineering Res3onsi9ilities in4l:de 1. 4rovision of a full range of testing and consultancy services in the field of civil and constructional materials and components. 8. 3evelopment and implementation of ;ational and *nternational Standards B*S9C and odes of 4ractices in construction. <. Supervisory responsi1ility for the day%to%day operations of the construction engineering section of the department. >. 4rovision of technical training for engineering technicians in speciali6ed area of materials and product testing. 0. 4rovision of consistently good =uality product for use locally and for e:port through the provision of technical support ;ational ertification Mark programme. 6. 4erformance evaluation of 1uilding systems

ORGANI@ATIONS 8&&# ' ,resent 8&&( ' ,resent )99"' 8&&8 8&&& ' 8&&8 )99( ' )99# Mem1er of ouncil Jamaica *nstitute of !ngineers ommittee hairman ,iwanis lu1 % Montego .reeport Aeights and Measure Standardi6ation ommittee The Jamaica +ureau of Standards Mentorship E St. .rancis 4rimary School Student Mem1ership BB0@C <<6(> GHC The *nstitute of ivil !ngineers 1%( 2reat 2eorge Street, -ondon SA * 4 <) 9fficer of Student /ostel Moscow, #ussia 4resident, Jamaica Students "nion Moscow, #ussia 0a?3erdown >igA S4Aool Mem1er of School$s hallenge Fui6 Team Mem1er of ricket Team Iice 4resident of ,ey lu1 and 4hotographer for School$s Maga6ine
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)99+ ')99# )998 ' )99+ )98# ' )98"


)98& ')98%

Mem1er of adet "nit


)vaila1le upon re=uest.


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