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NOTE FROM HEATHER: All responses by I are indicated as such.... I: [response inserted here !


%ERA&AAN 'AN(IT )*MI (aris+(aris )esar Haluan Ne,ara $unia In-rastru.tur / )enua0 (O$ "%1 EARTH Outlines o- the #orld 2ountries In-rastructures o- the / 2ontinents 3erlu di .etahui4 "#I""IN$O 5"6iss )an.er7s Association+")A4 "6iss8 sela.u )adan Indu. 3erseoran,an 9/ ne,ara4 sela.u o6ner actual ,enuine currency paper+Money #orld 5(old : "il;er 2oins8 <eliputi MEMORIA' $AN IM3ERIA'4 = Indu. )AN%: #orld )an.. *nion )an. o- "6it>erland. )an. Indonesia adalah 3e<ili. %ode "andi+"andi $unia4 Re,ister = 3erpondin, $unia prasasty = Indu. NE(ARA dari na<a sa<udra 5IN$IA+IN$O 2HINA+ IN$ONE"IA8 dan <en?adi = na<a ban,sa A"IA+AFRI%A+ERO3A yan, < ,enerasi AMERI%A+A*"TRA'IA dan = Indu. ARM1 5NATO+ "EATO+NON )'O2%8. This should be .no6n4 "#I""IN$O 5"6iss ) Association + ")A4 "6iss8 as the 3ri<ary : "ole )ody o- the 9/ 2ountries4 the actual ,enuine o6ner o- the #orld paper+Money currency 5(old : "il;er 2oins8 includin, MEMORIA' AN$ IM3ERIA'4 = 3ri<ary )an.s: #orld )an.4 *nion )an. o- "6it>erland and )an. o- Indonesia are the O6ners o- the "piritual 2odes o- the #orld4 = 3erpondin, #orld Re,ister 3rasasty = 3ri<ary 2O*NTRIE" 6here the na<es 5IN$IA+IN$O 2HINA+IN$ONE"IA8 beca<e the = na<es no6 .no6n as A"IA+AFRI2A+ E*RO3E4 subseAuently birthin, the AMERI2A+A*"TRA'IA ,eneration and = 3ri<ary Ar<ies 5NATO+"EATO+NON )'O2%8.

I: Eternal essence4 AM4 inbody4 THE BA'*E. Any and all -or<er instur<ents and ;ehicles o- representation o- THE BA'*E4 inclusi;e o- paper+<oney4 6ere pri;ately o6ned by the issuer4 6hether la6-ul or not....and4 there-ore4 6ithin the -or<er syste<s and hierarchies o- separation4 only the issuer o- any instru<ent and ;ehicle4 all 6ays4 )E@in, solely responsible and liable -or that pri;ately o6ned issuance4 distribution4 operation4 <ana,e<ent4 and settle<ent4 in other 6ords4 accountability .... reconciliation. Than. you4 'o;e4 -or identi-yin, -or all inbody<ents o- I4 your perception o- 6hich issuerCpri;ate o6ner is accountable -or the -or<er syste<s o- representation ....and any da<a,es resultin, there-ro<4 6hat is NO# to RE2ON2I'E. I $O <a.e TRAN"3ARENT4 that the data you choose to present4 6hether you choose to <a.e transparent to all inbody<ents o- I or not4 is not the absolute data....that there is data <issin,. I AM 2ON"2IO*" THAT A'' IN)O$1MENT" OF I $O 2HOO"E4 RED*IRE AN$ "EAR2H #ITHIN TRAN"3AREN21 OF A'' THAT I"....3ERHA3" MA%IN( A'' A"3E2T"! OF "#I"" )AN%ER" A""O2IATION TRAN" the -or<er i<<unity -or all ban.s on Earth under -or<er )I" ,ranted by E.."#I"" FE$ERATION....FG=H@sIIII I $O <a.e A'' $ATA TRAN"3ARENT -or all inbody<ents o- I NO#....not one piece <issin, the co+ordinated co+operation o- the inbody<ents o- ICOne. "aya tida. <e<ili.i persoalan ter.ait yan, sandara sa<pai.an4 saya hanya <enya< 3ro,ra< Tuhan 1ME4 yan, sesun,,uhnya untu. <enyela< )u<i se isinya dari san,si ala<4 dan i<ple<entasi .edala< tatanan EJhibits A) 5%era?aanKNe,ara $unia8. I ha;e no issues 6ith the Auestions put -or6ard4 as I a< only deli;erin, (od@s 3ro,ra<4 6hich is in -act to sa;e the Earth and e;eryone on it -ro< its o6n natural sanctions4 and i<ple<ent the orders accordin, to EJhibits A) 5%in,do<+"tate othe #orld8. I: In the -or<er syste<s and hierarchies o- separation4 2O$E" 6ere the allusion 5an eJpression desi,ned to call so<ethin, to <ind 6ithout <entionin, it eJplicitly8 in order to create the illusion 5a thin, that is or is li.ely to be 6ron,ly percei;ed or interpreted by the senses8...a separation <echanis< that reAuires at least t6o or <ore parties be percei;ed to eJist....6ith one party .no6in, the 2O$E" 52O$E #RITER!8 and a separate! un.no6in, party pre+desi,ned to 6ron,ly percei;eCinterpret those 2O$E" 5RE2EIBER!84 in order -or the RE2EIBER! to ,i;e an unconscious consent to the non+transparent intent o- the conscious 2O$E #RITER!....allusion is consciously $ONE by the 2O$E

#RITER! and illusion is unconsciously $ONE by the RE2EIBER!....and all 6ays in la6 results in an unconscious consent <, the non+transparent conscious intent null and ;oid at inception....this separation <echanis< is all 6ays pre-erred and utili>ed 6hen the 2O$E #RITER! .no6s there is a possibilty that the intent 6ould <ost li.ely be re?ected i- <ade transparent to the RE2EIBER!. 2O$E" 6ere relied upon absolutely in the -or<er syste<s and hierarchies oseparation to a;oid transparency4 and4 there-ore4 to a;oid disclosure o- the intent othe 2O$E #RITER!4 and to -urther insure that the intent 6ould not be disco;ered4 ;arious de-initions! o- the 2O$E"4 all 6ays supportin, the non+ transparent intent o- the 2O$E #RITER!4 6ere introduced to distract and con-use the RE2EIBER!4 supple<ented by another separation <echanis< o-orce to double+insure that the RE2EIBER! 6ould not ;enture to be conscious oor disco;er the 2O$E! separation <echanis< other 6ords4 to insure and double+insure the RE2EIBER! 6ould not beco<e conscious or disco;er that 6hich <ost li.ely 6ould be re?ected upon its -ace! i- <ade transparent 6hen trans<itted to the RE2EIBER! -or their consent. In eJa<ple4 the 2O$E %IN($OM!...there are <any de-initions and the intent othe one usin, the 2O$E4 in this case....you4 deter<ines 6hich de-inition you are usin, and relyin, upon4 and4 there-ore4, the -or I to recei;e so that I issue a consent o- your intent. %IN($OM!4 -or instance4 is .no6n to be de-ined also as: F. a country4 state4 or territory ruled by a .in, or Aueen!.....and 6ith that de-inition I 6ould then as. you to clari-y EA2H o- those 2O$E" 6ithin that de-inition0 9. the spiritual rei,n or authority o- (od!...and 6ith that de-inition I 6ould then as. you to de-ine the 2O$E" REI(N!4 A*THORIT1!4 and (O$! is no secret4 and I AM transparent that I AM 2ON"2IO*" that I AM I4 eternal essence in body4 and that e;ery inbody<ent that I"4 )E eternal essence in body....I AM A'' THAT I"4 A'' THAT I" )E I.....and4 there-ore4 i- you percei;e eternal essence4 or as you 2O$E it4 (O$!4 to be separate -ro< you or -ro< any other inbody<ent that I" I4 then your perception and intent are transparent to I4 and you pro;ide the opportunity at perception -or conscious <a.e a conscious choice to consent or re?ect any o--er you <ay be <, to I0 =. Or4 the de-inition you are relyin, on could be a real< or re,ion in 6hich so<ethin, is do<inant!....A,ain4 i- you identi-y that you rely on this de-inition4 I 6ould then as. you to de-ine the 2O$E" REA'M!4 RE(ION!4 and $OMINANT!...althou,h that last 2O$E has only one E..?ust sayin@.

I AM 2ON"2IO*" THAT A'' THAT I" )E I AN$ I AM A'' THAT I"4 and4 there-ore4 A'' I" ED*A''1 BA'*E$....not one is less than or ,reater than any other one o- I. A,ain4 perhaps the lac. o- transparency4 thus -ar4 6ithin the purported "#I""IN$O! or *N+"#I""IN$O!4 and any other purported or,ani>ation!4 hierarchy!4 syste< o- separation!, -or consent or endorse< because it is already .no6n by you that there eJists the probability at this NO# <o<ent that the RE2EIBER"! 6ould re?ect the intent upon its -ace!. I NO# reAuest that you <a.e transparent the de-initions4 and there-ore4 your intent4 o- the -ollo6in, codes: (O$! $E'IBERIN(! 3RO(RAM! NAT*RA' "AN2TION"! OR$ER"! %IN($OM! "TATE! #OR'$! E..than. you in ad;ance -or your transparency4 'o;e. Tida.ah di paha<i4 tercatat den,an ?elas ba,ai<ana saya <enya< <<at (9H4 dan e-e. do<ino itu ter?adi ter.ait4 ten,,ela<nya %apal 'o,isti. Milier .e "yria dan *"A+"hut $o6n. ) "aya <elindun,i upaya penan,.apan 3residen )arac. Oba<a oleh *"+NABI4 3M+MAR"HA'4 *N+ (EN$."#I""IN$O4 2EO+2EO hin,,a saya <e< den,an FINA' 'ETTER atas berba,ai perti<ban,an4 dan usulan+usulan <eliputi Royal House o&apan. Has it not been understood4 the <essa,e 6hich I clearly con;eyed durin, the (9H <eetin, and ho6 the do<ino e--ects are related4 the, o- the <ilitary and lo,istics ship<ent to "yria and the *"A "hut do6n. In -act4 I ha;e protected the e--orts o- the arrest o- 3resident )arac. Oba<a by the *"+Na;y4 3M+Marshal4 *N+(EN$4 "#I""IN$O4 2EO+2EO to the point 6here I ordered the FINA' 'ETTER a-ter all sorts o- <ediation and <atters co;erin, the Royal House o&apan. I: A33RANT'1 NOT )1 THE 'ETTER FROM 3IETA AN$ MAN1

2OMM*NI2ATION" FROM THO"E IN)O$1MENT" OF I #ITHIN THE 3*R3ORTE$ "#I""IN$O TOO'. )1 THE #A14 TO THE )O1"! ON A'' "I$E" OF THE 3ON$"!.....I 'OBE 1O*LLL )eberapa .ali di sa< .epada "aya4 perihal *ndan,an .e Maro.o4 dan F hari setelah *"+"hutdo6n <ere.a <e< 6a.tu telecon-erence =H <enit4 *NE3 <en,undan, "aya4 pada bulan ini di )ei?in, 2hina TI$A% < apapun tanpa 3e<bayaran F+FF <eliputi 9/= Ne,ara. "aya <en,un?un,i <anapun .eti.a Ha. 3endudu. $unia selesai pada Treaty E;ent di Indonesia+ 2irebon+Aston. 3ercobaan sabotasi 3e<bayaran F+FF4 Auditor #orld )an.4 'ondon <eneri<a berita bah6a "aya telah <enin,,al4 dan <enya< bah6a ter?adi percobaan pen,alihanCsabotase4 3e<bayaran F+FF .epada re.enin, pribadi < A. Mar.hel 2honsellor (er<an+(arlucci4 dll. It has been in-or<ed to <e <any ti<es about the in;itation to Morocco4 and one day a-ter the *" "hut do6n4 they ,a;e <e a telecon-erence o- =H <inutes4 e;en the *NE3 in;ited <e to )ei?in,4 2hina this <onth4 but NOTHIN( 6ill be resol;ed 6ithout the 3ay<ents F+FF in;ol;in, 9/= countries. I 6ill ;isit 6here;er it 6ill be4 a-ter the #orld Hu<an Ri,hts Treaty E;ent in Indonesia+2irebon+Aston. There ha;e been <any atte<pts to sabota,e the 3ay<ents F+FF4 e;en the #orld )an. Auditor in 'ondon recei;ed the ne6s that I ha;e passed o;er and sent a <essa,e about the ;arious atte<pts to distractCsabota,e the Transactions -or 3ay<ents F+FFinto the personal accounts o- An,ela Mer.el the (er<an 2hancelor4 2arlucci and etc. I: 'OBE4 A'' BA'*E THAT I" ORI(INA''1 $E3O"ITE$ AN$ $OMI2I' )1 ETERNA' E""EN2E...#ITHIN EA2H IN)O$1MENT4 ORI(INA' $E3O"ITORIE" OF ETERNA' E""EN2E....NEBER 'EFT THE ORI(INA' $E3O"ITORIE" OF ETERNA' E""EN2E....6hich is 6hy non+transparent syste<s o- representations 6ere pri;ately created...and representations o- that Balue4 i.e. 3A3ER+MONE1!4 2OIN!4 etc.4 had to be <ade to non+transparently useCta.eCsteal by pri;ately o6ned instru<ents4 i.e. TIT'E!4 O#NER"HI3!4 and other 2O$E"4 allusion by the 2O$E+#RITER5"8! in order -or the RE2EIBER! to unconsciously consent to the illusion that they 6ere not the Balue4 the ori,inal depository and source o- eternal essence....and4 the ,randest oall allusion...that each inbody<ent 6as not eternal essence in body...NO#4 eternal essence < ;isible4 tan,ible4 and ;isceral4 by 2O+OR$INATE$ 2O+ O3ERATION OF A'' IN)O$1MENT" OF ICONECETERNA' E""EN2E....eternal truth....A'' I" ETERNA' E""EN2E IN )O$1....that is

6hy the pre;ious ener,etic codes desi,nated to release pay<ents! -ro< any purported accounts 6ere chan,ed....ETERNA' E""EN2E I" 2OM3'ETE'1 FA2T*A'IME$ IN )O$1....EBER1 IN)O$1MENT....3ROOF I" BI"I)'E EN2E3T )1 THO"E 3ER2E3TION" #HO 2HOO"E NOT TO "EE! IT....NO "1"TEM" OF RE3RE"ENTATION OR 'IMIT4 inclusi;e o- the purported F+FF pay<ents! you re-er to4 can distribute 6hat already and all 6ays I"....ETERNA' E""EN2E. Than. you -or all that you )E and $O to <a.e that ;isible4 tan,ible4 and transparent4 'o;e. "aya <e<ba,i 6ilayah Ad<insitrasi $unia <en?adi / %era?aan )enua adalah den,an <a.sud a,ar ada yan, bertan,,un, ?a6ab sela.u para piha. utusan Tuhan 1ME4 <elalui ala< ini sela.u pe<ba6a &a<inan Asset untu. se<ua ne,ara di $unia <elalui / %era?aan )enua <en,in,at dunia ini san,alah luas. I di;ided the centres o- #orld Ad<inistration into / %in,do< 2ontinents 6ith the intention to spread the responsibilities as the Messen,ers o- (od4 throu,h natural selections o- this uni;erse and act as the security bearer o- assets -or all the countries in the 6orld throu,h the / %in,do< 2ontinents4 .eepin, in <ind ho6 6ide and bi, the 6orld is. I: Interestin, perception and 2O$E"4 'o;e. Than. you -or <, your perception ;isible4 tan,ible and transparent -or all the inbody<ents o- I to re;ie64 discuss4 dissect4 and deter<ine usin, the tools o- resonance 6ithin4 I AM 2ON"2IO*".....I 'OBE 1O*L Trusty 3rasasty $ynasty "#I""IN$O bu.anlah $A%#AH 3EN$ETAC%1AI %E3A$A *MATN1A4 atau (*R* $EN(AN M*RI$N1A4 tapi -a.ta yan, harus 3erubahan (lobal dan Financial (lobal dan berdasar hu.u< yan, tida. $IMI'I%I oleh le<ba,a <anapun4 sesuai isi per?an?ian+per?an?ian sebelu< "aya. Trusty 3rasasty $ynasty "#I""IN$O is not a 3REA2HIN( 3A"TOR OR TR1IN( TO 3REA2H TO IT" FE''O# )EIN("4 or actin, as MA"TER TO HI" $I"2I3'E"4 but this -act 6e ha;e in place because o- the 2han,e (lobally and Financially based on the la6s 6hich is not O#N by any institutions4 6hich is nonetheless still rele;ant to the contractual a,ree<ents in place be-ore <e. I: HHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh<<<<<.....interestin,.....I AM 2ON"2IO*" o- 6hy 3ieta@s Auestions re,ardin, A'' the -ilin,s or ?ust so<e o- the< shoo. a lot operceptions4 especially the 3enta,on and other a,encies o- the -or<er uni;ersal

and planetary syste<s that no6 hold! title! 6ithin the purported "#I""IN$O;ie6 all -ilin,s...speci-ically the one done on $ece<ber FH4 9HF=....and the one -ro< March FO4 9HF=....3IETA4 'OBE4 THAN% 1O* FOR THE TRAN"3AREN21 AN$ A'' THAT 1O* )E AN$ $O....ETERNA' E""EN2E IN )O$14 also percei;ed as 3ietaLLLLLLLLL Ma.a ne,ara dunia <en, MATA *AN( T*N((A' $*NIA+E"T#O4 den,an transisi )ER)A(AI MATA *AN( di Indonesia. Hence the 6orld countries publici>e ONE #OR'$ 2*RREN21 + E"T#O4 throu,h the transition o- BARIO*" 2*RREN2IE" in Indonesia. I: Than. you -or your ser;ices rendered in the Absolute 3lan4 'o;e. I $O NOT 2HOO"E TO 2ON"ENT TO AN1 FORM OF RE3RE"ENTATION4 IN2'*"IBE OF 2*RREN21 RE3RE"ENTATION OF THE BA'*E OF I. "aya <eneri<a usulan 2BA24 "aya <en, 2BA2 untu. The %in,do< 'in,,acala o- EAyp4 disa< .epada / &endral EAyp4 saat ini untu. )an. o- EAypt untu. <en?adi THE #OR'$ )AN% RAT* MA" %EN2ANA ROOM AF+FA4 seba,ai MOMEN %EMER$E%AAN A(*N(4 da se.ali la,i 2BA2 "aya <eneri<a .arena saya <en,har,ai sebuah ide instru<en di<ana bisa di untu. < 3ro,ra< 3ercepatan 3e<ban,unan %esetaraan E2O"O2 PPF untu. ne,ara+ne,ara dunia .e = di dunia dan <e< seluruh .e?ahatan oleh para "ta-- di dunia se?a. FGQ= di seluruh dunia untu. <elindun,i AMANAT T*N((A'+AMANAT T*HAN 1ME dan seluruh pendudu. dunia untu. < ha. seba,ai pahala atas apa yan, di perbuat .epada TuhanNya. "ebab saya <en,erti *N4 #OR'$ )AN% <asih seperti %operasi4 ne,ara+ne,ara itu se<ua saat ini. I recei;ed proposals -or 2BA24 in -act I authori>ed 2BA2 -or the %in,do< 'in,,acala o- E,ypt4 deli;ered to / (enerals in E,ypt4 e;en to this second -or the )an. o- E,ypt to be THE #OR'$ )AN% RAT* MA" %EN2ANA ROOM AF+ FA4 as the MOMENT OF (REAT IN$E3EN$EN2E. Once a,ain4 I accepted 2BA2 because I appreciate the instru<ental idea to proceed 6ith the A22E'ERATION 3ro,ra< to brin, about the ED*A'IT1 -or the E2O"O2 PPF to be introduced to all the countries in the 6orld4 the third 6orld and abolish all, cri<es by the sta--s in the 6orld since FGQ= ,lobally4 not to <ention protectin, the "O'E TR*"TEE"HI3 FROM (O$ and the citi>ens o- the 6orld to distribute the ri,hts as blessin,s -ro< (od@s 6ill. This is because I .no6 that the *N4 #OR'$ )AN% still acts as 2orporations4 in -act all countries "TI'' ARE4

at this <o<ent in ti<e. I: 2BA2@"4 i- you listen to the data I <ade transparent4 6as actually a tool4 at the <o<ent I created it4 to stop <irror -inancial! syste<s you and the others 6ere puttin, in place at that ti<e! 6hile you and the others a;oided <, transparent all the data to all the inbody<ents o- I. Ho6e;er4 i- you choose to i<ple<ent the tool by your -ree 6ill choice4 then I disclose this to you reAuires conscious consent........NOT ONE 3IE2E OF $ATA MI""IN(.....or by la64 and -or<er le,al! syste<s4 it is null4 ;oid and other6ise cancelled4 nunc pro tunc praeterea preterea....I AM 2ON"2IO*" OF #HAT 1O* OFFER AN$ IN 'OBE AN$ (RATIT*$E I RE&E2T AN$ 2HOO"E NOT TO 2ON"ENT TO AN1 FORM OF RE3RE"ENTATION4 IN2'*"IBE OF 2BA2"...I AM I4 ETERNA' E""EN2E IN)O$14 )E@IN( AN$ $O@IN( )1 FREE #I''4 #ITH THE F*'' RE"3ON"I)I'IT1 OF I. Ini .enyataan yan, ber?alan dan ber,era. cepat. "#I""IN$O ME'A%*%AN <a.a Tuhan 1ME4 telah MerubahNya <en?adi 3ancaroba. Ma.a 2BA2+tanpa pe< Ne,ara $unia den,an dasar "ERTIFI%AT NE(ARA $*NIA sela.u pe<ili. Asset+Inco<e+3ersonal Or,ani>ation yan, <eliputi Ori?inal Hu.u< Absolute4 ?elas .e<ana arahNya seperti di atas .etin,,ian QHH %M dari per<u.aan bu<i. "A1A san,at <en,har,ai siapapun <ahlu. di bu<i ini apala,i 2BA2. This is currently a -ast <o;in, -act. "#I""IN$O@s $Oin, hence (od has <ade this into a Transition. Thus 2BA2+6ithout the shapin, o- #orld 2ountries based on #OR'$ 2O*NTRIE" 2ERTIFI2ATE as o6ner o- Asset+Inco<e+3ersonal Or,ani>ation 6hich includes the Ori,inal 'a6s on Absolute4 the direction is ob;ious as -ro< the hei,ht o- QHH.< -ro< the sur-ace o- Earth. I AM ;ery ,rate-ul to any bein, on this earth4 6hat <ore 2BA2. I: HHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh<<<<<.....interestin,.....I AM 2ON"2IO*" o- 6hy 3ieta@s Auestions re,ardin, A'' the -ilin,s or ?ust so<e o- the< shoo. a lot operceptions...... O#NER!I 3erhaps re+re;ie6 all -ilin,sI..."peci-ically the ones done on &uly 9/4 9HF94 Au,ust =4 9HF94 $ece<ber FH4 9HF=....and the one -ro< March FO4 9HF=....I 'OBE THE TRAN"3AREN21 THAT I" $ONE )1 A'' IN)O$1MENT" OF ICONE NO#L )isa.ah <ere.a <en,hapus pa?a.I %enapa %risis ,lobalI %enapa #orld )an. Tida. Me<ili.i Mata *an,I )isa.ah setiap ReAi<e <en,,anti <ata uan,NyaI

2an they abolish taJationI #hy is there a ,lobal 2risisI #hy does the #orld )an. not o6n its currenciesI 2an each re,i<e substitute its o6n currenciesI I: Eternal essence taJin,......eternal essenceI HHHHhhhh<<<<....I lo;e the transparency the inbody<ents o- I 6ithin the -or<er entity IR"! ha;e $ONE. Is there a ,lobal crisis...or is the crisis a pri;ate <atter o- the perceptions o- the 2O$E+#RITER"! and their -or<er pri;ately o6ned syste<sI THI" I" (ETTIN( F*N4 1E"I &a6aban 3EM)A1ARAN F+FF dan Tantan,an $unia $E2'ARATION OF TRAN"A2TION4 "6issindo #orld Trust International Orbit4 tida. oleh siapapun diaL The ans6er is 3A1MENT" F+FF and the #orld 2hallen,e $E2'ARATION OF TRAN"A2TION4 "6issindo #orld Trust International Orbit4 this is not sub?ect to co<plaint no <atter 6hoe;er it isL I: I 'OBE THE TOO' OF 3ER2E3TIONLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THAN% 1O* FOR MA%IN( 1O*R 3ER2E3TION TRAN"3ARENT TO A'' THE IN)O$1MENT" OF I.....IN F*'' TRAN"3ARN21 )1 I....RE3RE"ENTATION"4 IN2'*"IBE OF THE 3*R3ORTE$ F+FF 3A1MENT"!4 ARE NOT THE AN"#ER I 2HOO"E OR 2ON"ENT TO 'OBE...AT 'EA"T FOR I......FFFF. %utub *tara+%utub "elatan4 se?arah lahirnya ne,ara+ne,ara di dunia dan per,iliran per?an?ian ?a<an antara Tuhan 1ME+TuanNya.
The North 3ole+"outh 3ole4 the history o- the birth o- the 6orld@s countries and the alternation o- the a,ree<ent o- the era bet6een (od the Al<i,hty+The Master.

I: HHHhhhhh<<<<<... I AM 2ON"2IO*" that you are <issin, data4 or perhaps by your conscious choice you choose not to consider all the data because it does not support 6hat you choose to do.....IN OR$ER TO MAINTAIN A HIERAR2H14 A 3ER2E3TION #O*'$ HABE TO ENI"T THAT 3ER2EIBE" IT" "E'F 5OR AN1 OTHER IN)O$1MENT8 A" NOT )EIN( ETERNA' E""EN2E IN )O$1.....I 6onder ho6 that resonates 6ithin all the inbody<ents oICOne4 eternal essence....'OBE4 A'' THAT I $O4 I $O TO RET*RN IN %IN$ A'' THAT THE IN)O$1MENT" OF I HABE A'REA$1 (IBEN I....that is 6hy the A)"O'*TE 3'AN I" "O 3EA2EF*'....IT I" A'' $E3O"ITE$ #ITHIN EA2H IN)O$1MENT OF I.....EA2H IN)O$1MENT HA" A 3RE+

$E"I(NE$ T*NE!4 "ON(!4 TRI((ER!.....TO *N'O2% THE TREA"*RE #ITHIN4 I AM 2ON"2IO*".....seeI As I told %arl 'an,enstein4 &onathan $. )etts4 Ray<ond %in,4 )urlap 5Rothschild Trust84 and all the others inbody<ents o- I in eternal essence@s uni;erse.....IT I" A'' $ONELLLLLLLLL "aya baru <enden,ar ?i.a Heater <enola. pro<osi untu. The Greatest Queen of The Kingdom Linggacala of Africa Continent. Apapun yan, "#I""IN$O adalah terbu.a4 san,at ?elas dan transparan dan BI$EO BA'I$ bu.ti -orensic dunia di sa< .epada publi. ba,ian dari hu.u< <utla. yan, ta. oleh siapapun.
I@;e heard that Heather has re-used the pro<otion to be The (reatest Dueen o- The %in,do< 'in,,acala o- A-rica7s 2ontinent. #hate;er is done by "#I""IN$O is open4 ;ery clear and transparent and the BA'I$ BI$EO as the 6orld -orensic e;idence to pass on to the public o- absolute undeniable la6 by anyone.

I: I consciously choose to lea;e this one -or each inbody<ent o- I to deter<ine usin, their tools o- resonance 6ithin.....I AM 2ON"2IO*" THAT I HABE EN3RE""E$ 2'EAR'1 THE INTENT4 )E@IN( AN$ $O@IN( OF I4 6ith all that I ha;e <ade transparent e;ery NO# <o<ent o- I.....and I choose4 all 6ays4 eternally4 to continue in transparency and in I AM 2ON"2IO*". o.......I 2ON"2IO*"'1 2HOO"E NOT TO 3A1 ENER(1 INTO THE RE"T OF THI" 'ETTER A" IT I" A'' TRAN"3ARENT AT THI" NO# MOMENT...A'' $ATA4 NOT ONE 3IE2E MI""IN(4 I" A'' #ITHIN EBER1 IN)O$1MENT OF ICONECETERNA' E""EN2E IN)O$1.....A"% THE D*E"TION....THE AN"#ER I" A'' #A1" "#*N( INTO FO2*".....IF 1O* 2HOO"E TO 3A1 ATTENTION 53A1 ENER(18. I 'OBE 1O*4 'OBEL I 'OBE A'' IN)O$1MENT" OF ILLLLLLL NOT ONE IN)O$1MENT I" 'EFT )EHIN$.....)*T EA2H IN)O$1MENT NO# MA%E" THE FREE+#I'' 2HOI2E OF #HAT THE1 )E4 AN$ )1 THEIR $O@IN(4 (IBE" NOTI2E TO I THE 2HOI2E HA" )EEN MA$E. IN 'OBE4 (RATIT*$E AN$ 3EA2E. I Men,apa #OR'$ )AN%. *)" A.(. )AN% IN$ONE"IA4 dan *NITE$ NATION" terdia< .eti.a hal ini di un, oleh "#I""IN$OI Ta. perlu atau di ?a6ab4 sebab apa yan, se?a. 9/ $ese<ber 9HHG sesun,,uhNya <encen,an,.an $unia.
#hy Is The #OR'$ )AN%4 *)" A.(. )AN% o- IN$ONE"IA4 and the *NITE$ NATION" 6ent silent 6hen the <atter 6as raised by "#I""IN$OI No need to

Auestion or ans6er4 because 6hat is done since 9/th o- $ece<ber 9HHG indeed has astounded the #orld.

Apa.ah bah6a syste< pen,a<anan perlindun,an o6ner sela.u pe<e,an, dan pe<ili. A<anat Tun,,al dari .e?ahatan $indin, $i,ital 5Fortress8 adalah <anual syste< untu. seluruh co;er syste< ele.troni.I
Is it that the syste< o- sa-e,uards -or protection as the holder and o6ner othe sin,le+Mandate -ro< the <ischie- o- the $i,ital #alls 5Fortress8 is a <anual syste< -or the entire electronic co;er syste<I

3endirian %era?aan 'an,it )u<i NEO THE *NITE$ %IN($OM OF (O$ "%1 EARTH! adalah berdasar %e6ahyuan Tuhan 1ME4 dan .epada THE %IN($OM 'IN((A2A'A OF / 2ONTINENT! adalah tu?uan Tuhan "e?arah $unia <elalui para pela.uNya sela.u pe<ba6a dan 3en?a<in &a<inan 2eta. Mata *an, "tandar "ah )ayar $unia <elalui 3e<bayaran F+FF untu. < 3ro,ra<: (od ".y Earth@s decisions RNEO THE *NITE$ %IN($OM OF (O$ "%1 EARTHR are based on (od@s re;elation and spread throu,h to RTHE %IN($OM 'IN((A2A'A OF / 2ONTINENTR 6ith the reason so (od can create #orld History throu,h his <essen,ers and (uarantors o- 'e,al "tandard 2urrencies to pay the #orld throu,h 3ay<ents F+FFF to eJecute 3ro,ra<s: ('O)A' H*MAN O)'I(ATION. ('O)A' MA"TER%E1 3'AN ME'I3*TI / )EN*A 59/= NE(ARA8. M3=EI+IN$ONE"IA MA"TER 3'AN.

3erlu di .etahui seluruh asset dan "#I""IN$O )AN(%ER7" A""O2IATION+ ")A <eliputi 6arehouse SS+ca.ra // Indu. 9/ ne,ara4 seluruh rahasia di Indonesia. (edun, )an.+)an. tida. beda den,an etalase )lac. )ery di sudut+sudut ?alan. &i.a .risis (lobal adalah .e.uran,an Fisi. Mata *an, yan, <en,andun, R*H+RA"A+RA(A den,an Q < Itulah Mata *an, sela.u Nya6a $unia4 yan, bisa <eni< peran, dunia di <ulai dari Asia+3asi-i. apabila "#I""IN$O tida. < dan para "ta-- 3erban.anC3e<erintahan lupa dari <ana... ada di <ana... dan <au .e<ana... Tanpa 3e<bayaran F+FF. %eep in <ind that all assets and "I""IN$O )AN%ER!" A""O2IATION ")A

includes the SS cha.ra // pri<ary 9= countries4 all secret ban.ers in Indonesia. The ban. 6arehouses are no di--erent to the shop 6indo6s o- )lac. )erries around e;ery corner o- the road. I- the (lobal crises are due to the lac. o- 3hysical 2urrencies 6hich holds the "O*'+EMOTIONA' )O$1+3H1"I2A' 6ith the Q ,uardian an,els. That is the 2urrencies as the #orld7s 'i-e Force4 6hich can create 6orld 6ars -ro< the Asia+3aci-ic i- "#I""IN$O did no $oin, and all ), "ta--C'eaders -or,ot -ro< 6hereE.6here they are no6E.6here they are ,oin,E.#ithout 3ay<ents F+FF. "iapa.ah yan, bisa <enbayar utan,+utan, ne,ara di duniaI #ho 6ill be able to pay all the debts in the 6orldI $EN(AN A3AI #ith 6hatI $EN(AN 2ARA A3AI #ith 6hat 6aysI *ntu. <en,atasi .e.uran,an Fisi. Mata *an,I To o;erco<e the lac. o- 3hysical 2urrenciesI &elas .e<bali .epada pe<ili. corporate : institutions *N+"#I""IN$O 2ollateral $uniaL Ob;iously this co<es bac. to the corporate o6ner and institutions o- #orld 2ollateral o- *N+"#I""IN$OL 3ertanyaan itulah &A#A)AN1A. The Auestion itsel- is the AN"#ER. ENHI)IT" A) "6issindo )an.er7s Association+")A Oops.op 2entral )u--er "toc. Nationality

"aya4 "#I""IN$O4 NEO THE *NITE$ %IN($OM OF (O$ "%1 EARTH tida. pernah <en,hasut 2BA2 diluar <isi ini4 dan "aya 6elco<e .epada siapapun4 <ahlu. di seluruh ala< se<esta di atas dan di dala< perut )u<i. I4 "#I""IN$O4 NEO THE *NITE$ %IN($OM OF (O$ "%1 EARTH ha;e ne;er insti,ated or incited 2BA2 -ro< outside this <ission4 and I 6elco<e anyone4 any bein, in this 6hole uni;erse on the sur-ace4 and 6ithin the centre oEarth. 3ER'*4 di in,at pro,ra< ini adalah perta<a .ali di dunia seba,ai ?a6aban atas doa NA)I "*'AIMANL &a6aban <en,apa di A$AM dan HA#A atas pertanyaan MA'AI%AT4 &IN $AN I)'I" sebelu< Tuhan 1ME4 <encipta.anNya. "aya <en,undan, saudara sela.u para utusan Tuhan 1ME4 pada acara 3enobatan A,un,4 seba,ai penandatan,anan 3enun? para piha. yan, berha. dan atas ?asaNya dan peran sertaNya sela<a ini seba,ai MOMENT*M $*NIA TRAH 3ER&AN&IAN 3ERA$A)AN $*NIA )AR* pada acara Treaty E;ent $ynasty Neo Mercusuar $unia unru. per6a.ilan / dele,asi %era?aan 'in,,acala )enua di Indonesia+2irebon+Aston dan untu. 9/= ne,ara di Four "eason )ali. IT HA" TO be re<e<bered that this pro,ra< is one o- the -irst in the 6orld as the ans6er o- the prayers o- 3rophet "O'OMONL Ans6ers 6hy A$AM and EBE co<e abo;e the Auestions on AN(E'"4 (ENIE" AN$ $EBI'" be-ore (od created the<. I 6ill in;ite you as one o- (od@s Messen,er4 durin, the Treaty E;ent4 as a si,natory to sho6 the ri,ht associate and out o- His (oodness all this 6hile as the #OR'$ MOMENT*M NE# #OR'$ 2IBI'IMATION TREATT durin, the Treaty E;ent $1nasty Neo #orld 'i,hthouse to represent the / (o;ern<ent 2ontinent $ele,ation in Indonesia+2irebon+Aston -or 9/= 2ountries in Four "eason )ali. Selama ini Saya hanya kontak OPPT kepada saudara !eater "#ia email$ Paula !umfrey "telphone %&$ 'esmond 'eryl ( ")mail$. Any *orres "'esigner +niform Kera,aan$ Telphone %& dan #ia )mail. All this ti<e4 I ha;e discussed O33T 6ith you4 Heather 5throu,h e<ail84 3aula Hu<phrey 5throu,h the telephone 9J84 $es<ond4 $eryl M 5E<ail84 Ani Forest

5(o;ern<ent *ni-or< $esi,ner throu,h the phone and e<ails8. Karena Saya menganggap C-AC./ 0agian dari kesatuan / 1isi Tuhan 21) di Planet ini. This is because I see 2BA2+F part o- the unity o- this F Mission o- (od4 on this 3lanet. 3ika Penun,ukan The Greatest Queen of the Kingdom Linggacala of Africa Continent 4enar di tolak oleh !eather Ann Tucci.3arraf adalah mahluk 1urni 1engerti Tidak 1enghendaki tapi 'i kehendaki Saya akan mengindahkan dan melimpahkan kepada 15SS 6O7L' +85-)7S) agar 4enar.4enar le4ih adil se4agai penun,ukan delegasi P00 9Siapa yang 0erhak se4agai The Greatest Queen of the Kingdom Linggacala of Africa Continent. "confimasikan hal ini segera Saya menunggu 3a:a4an8ya$. I- the desi,nation o- The (reatest Dueen o- the %in,do< 'in,,acala o- A-rican 2ontinent4 ha;e been clearly re?ected by Heather Ann Tucci+&arra-4 this sho:s the creature :ho kno:s is not 6illing 4ut it is God;s :ill 5 :ill honour and transfer this to 15SS 6O7L' +85-)7S) so as to make the designations of +nited 8ations 'elegations more fair9 :ho has the right to 4ecomes the greatest Queen of the Kingdom Linggacala of African Continent "Please confirm this matter immediately 5 :ill :ait for her ans:er$. Sesungguhnyalah penun,ukan per:akilan.per:akilan se4agai :u,ud Kontrak !idup antara )ngkau Alam Semesta dan Tuhan1u. Truly the performance coming together of the mem4ers sho:s the e&istence of Life Contracts 4et:een you the uni#erse and God.



A%*4 IN$ONE"IA ala< .oson, 9= O.tober 9HF=. I4 IN$ONE"IA the e<pty uni;erse 9=rd October 9HF=. "IN O .A" HQ9.FFG.F/=

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