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1. Coordinate system
Coordinate Format Example
To use relative coordinates based on the last point specified you have two possibilities:
Dynamic Input mode (DYN) or to put the @ symbol in front of the coordinate, like @5, 6;
@7.3<41 etc.
2. Draw commands
Line (L) creates a series of contiguous line segments
Xline (XL) - creates an infinite line
Ray - creates a semi-infinite line
Pline (PL) - creates two-dimensional polylines, which contains line and arc segments
Arc (A) - creates an arc
Spline (SPL) creates a smooth curve to a sequence of points
Circle (C) - creates a circle
Point (PO) - creates a point object
Ellipse (EL) - creates an ellipse or an elliptical arc
Rectangle (REC) - creates closed polylines in a rectangular shape
Polygon (POL) - creates an equilateral closed polyline
Multiline (MLine) creates multiple parallel lines
Revision Cloud (Revcloud) creates a polyline of sequential arcs to form a cloud
Donut (DO) - draws filled circles and rings
Wipeout - covers existing objects with a blank area
Helix creates a 2D or 3D spiral
Block (B) - creates a block (symbol) definition from objects you select; it is internal to your
current drawing
Wblock (W) - creates an external block as a separate file
Attdef (Att) attachs text information (attributes) to a block
3. Modify commands
Erase (E) delete the selected objects
Copy Object (CO, CP) - copies objects a specified distance in a specified direction
Mirror (MI) - creates a mirror image copy of objects
Offset (O) - creates concentric circles, parallel lines, and parallel curves
Array (AR) - creates multiple copies of objects in a rectangular or polar pattern
Move (M) - moves objects a specified distance in a specified direction
Trim (TR) - trims objects at a cutting edge defined by other objects
Extend (EX) - extends an object to meet another object
Break (BR) - breaks the selected object between two points
Chamfer (CHA) - creates an angled corner between two lines or can sharp corners
Fillet (F) creates a round corner between two lines or can sharp corners
Rotate (RO) - revolves objects around a base point
Scale (SC) - enlarges or reduces selected objects proportionally in the X, Y, and Z
Stretch (S) - stretches the objects
Lengthen (LEN) - changes the length of objects and the included angle of arcs
Pedit (PE) - edits polylines
Divide (DIV) - places evenly spaced point objects or blocks along the length or
perimeter of an object
Measure (ME) - places point objects or blocks at measured intervals on an object
Explode (X) - breaks a compound object into its component objects
Chprop - changes the properties of an object
Match properties (MATCHPROP) - applies the properties of a selected object to other
4. Hatch and gradient
Hatch H (Bhatch, Gradient) defines the boundaries, pattern type, pattern properties,
and other parameters for hatch and gradient fill objects
Hatchedit - modifies the characteristics of an existing hatch or fill
5. Text
Style creates, modifies, or sets named text styles (include font, size, obliquing angle,
orientation, and other text characteristics)
Mtext - creates paragraphs of text as a single multiline text object
Text - creates a single-line text object
Ddedit (ED) edits single-line text, dimension text, attribute definitions, and feature
control frames
Properties controls properties of existing objects
Table - creates an empty table object in a drawing
6. Dimension
Dimstyle - creates and modifies dimension styles
Dim - accesses Dimensioning mode

ALigned creates an aligned linear dimension
ANgular creates an aligned linear dimension
creates a linear, angular, or ordinate dimension from the baseline
of the previous dimension or a selected dimension
CEnter creates the center mark or the centerlines of circles and arcs
creates a linear, angular, or ordinate dimension from the second
extension line of the previous dimension or a selected dimension
Diameter creates diameter dimensions for circles and arcs
HORizontal creates a linear dimensions
Leader creates a line that connects annotation to a feature
ORdinate creates ordinate point dimensions
RAdius creates radial dimensions for circles and arcs
Jog creates jogged radius dimensions
Vertical creates a linear dimensions