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Map 10 Rhenus-Albis

Compiled by J.H.F. Bloemers, 1995 Introduction

The map covers a large part of what Ptolemy (2.Prolog.; 2.11) called Germania Megale, that immense part of Germania outside the formal north-west limits of the Roman empire, bordered by the North Sea and Baltic Sea. During the Roman period the landscape was, as elsewhere, quite different from the present; in this region the coast, estuaries, rivers and moors deserve special attention. Long-known historical information has to be combined with knowledge acquired after World War II by intensive geological and palaeogeographical research in the Netherlands and northern Germany. Due to the rise in sea level and post-Roman shoreline changes, the coast along the southern North Sea has changed considerably since the Roman period, retreating landwards. In general, with the help of well-founded geological data, it can now be reconstructed in advance of the present-day shoreline (Kossack 1984, 51-82; van Es 1988, 88-94). Even so, it still seems prudent to render long stretches as approximate. In antiquity, principal rivers such as the Rhenus, Visurgis and Albis spread over wide flood-plains, but are now channeled between embankments. Large areas in the north of the modern Netherlands and Germany were covered by peat, and consequently almost inaccessible. Today, these are drained and cultivated, with the result that the ground level is now many feet lower than during Roman times. In addition, ancient Germania Megale was famous for its extensive, dense forests. All the Greek and Roman texts relating to the region are conveniently assembled by Byvanck (1931) and Goetz (1995). The location of tribes is often uncertain or even unknown. Moreover the location of some may have changed over time (because of migration, for example), or groups may have merged into confederations like the Suebi or Franci. Archaeology is a major source of information for this region. In deciding whether or not to mark a site, I have tried to determine its significance for the Romans or the Roman empire. Even then considerable uncertainty persists, and we can be sure that our understanding of the scope of military or political contacts beween Romans and German groups remains far from complete. Only major published settlements and cemeteries (generally over c. 750 graves) are shown; especially in the area north-east of the R. Albis a number of large cemeteries are known, but not published (Schach-Drges 1970, 34; Capelle 1971). Hillforts and walled enclosures dated to the pre-Roman Iron Age and assumed to remain in use in Roman times are omitted, since proof of such continuation is always lacking (Waterbolk 1977; Mildenberger 1978). Krger (1976; 1986) offers a well-documented historical and archaeological overview. For Denmark, note Hedeager (1992); and for Roman imports in Scandinavia, Lund Hansen (1987). Two major collections of material are in progress: the Corpus der rmischen Funde im europischen Barbaricum (note von Schnurbein 1992), and Die Fundmnzen der rmischen Zeit in Deutschland (note Berger 1992).



All place names are in the Netherlands unless otherwise noted Abbreviations
Fundmnzen Rmer Nordrhein-Westfalen TIR CastReg Die Fundmnzen der rmischen Zeit in Deutschland, Berlin, 1960H.G. Horn (ed.), Die Rmer in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Stuttgart, 1987 Tabula Imperii Romani M 33, Castra ReginaVindobonaCarnuntum, Prague, 1986

Grid D2 A4 F3 D3 D3 E2 E4 F3 E2 G1 A4 E1 B5 E5 C4 D3 E4 G2 F2 G1 D5 C3 C5 B5 B5 C5 D4 D3 E1 F4 D2 E1 I5 Name *Abalus? Ins. Albaniana Albis fl. Amisia fl. Ampsivarii Angli Angrivarii Apensen Archsum rslev Attuarii = (Ch)Attuarii Aurelium Cananefatium/ Forum Hadriani Cananefates Aviones Batavodurum/ (Ulpia) Noviomagus Batavi Beelen Beilen Bentumersiel Bielefeld Bordesholm Bornstein Brangstrup Bructeri Burcana Ins. Carvium Carvo? Castra Herculis? Chamavi (Ch)Attuarii Chauci Chersonesos Kimbrike Cherusci Codanus? Sinus Corbulonis Fossa Dankirke Dessau Period R R RL R RL RL RL R R L R/ RL R R R/ R/RL R RL L R R R RL? L RL RL R R RL RL RL R R R L Modern Name / Location Helgoland GER Alphen aan de Rijn Elbe GER Ems GER DEN / GER GER GER GER DEN Voorburg DEN Nijmegen GER GER GER Sparrenberger Egge GER GER DEN DEN GER Borkum GER Herwen-De Bijland Kesteren Arnhem-Meinerswijk GER GER DEN / GER GER Reference RGermAlt Schnberger 1985, 438 B4; Bechert 1995, 91-93, 100-101 RE 1; RE Suppl 10 Alba 2 RGermAlt RGermAlt RGermAlt RGermAlt RGermAlt; Hssler 1991, 379 Kossack 1980; 1987 Lund Hansen 1987, 426; Storgaard 1990 Bogaers 1960, 303-309; Kunow 1992, 147-48 RE; RGermAlt KlPauly Willems 1981, 124-26 (nos. 398-419); Bechert 1995, 65-72, 75-76 RE; RGermAlt Horn 1995, 289-94 Zadoks-Josephus Jitta 1955 Hssler 1991, 462-64 Khlborn 1995, 170-74 Saggau 1981; 1986 Lund Hansen 1987, 454 Werner 1988; Henriksen 1992 RGermAlt; NPauly RGermAlt Schnberger 1985, 449 C17; Willems 1981, 108 (no. 182); Bechert 1995, 64-65 Schnberger 1985, 448 C11; Willems 1981, 97 (no. 37); Bechert 1995, 79-80, 88 Willems 1981, 104 (no. 126); 1984, 169-96; Bechert 1995, 77-78, 88 RGermAlt RGermAlt RGermAlt See Map 2 RGermAlt RGermAlt See Canals Lund Hansen 1987, 429 See Map 12


138 Grid A3 B5 F4 F1 B5 B4 C3 H3 B4 E3 B4 E3 C4 A4 C4 A2 G4 B5 E3 H4 G1 F3 H3 G1 G3 C5 H1 A5 F3 I1 F4 I1 H2 E1 B5 F3 D3 I1 E4 H4 I5 G3 Name Den Burg Driel-Baarskamp Drusiana Fossa Dulgubnii? Ejsbl Elst Ermelo Ezinge Farodini Fectio Feddersen Wierde Flevum L. Flgeln Forum Hadriani = Aurelium Cananefatium Francia Franci Frisii Germania Germanicum Mare Gielde Grinnes Gristede Grommern Gudme Gustow Hagenow Hgerup Hamfelde Harenatium Harpelev Helinium Hemmoor Heruli? Hildesheim Himlingje Hoby Hodde Huissen-Hazebergh Issendorf Jever Juellinge Kalkriese Kaloukones? Kleinzerbst Langobardi Period R R R L R R RL R R RL R R RL RL

MAP 10 RHENUS-ALBIS Modern Name / Location Reference Woltering 1975 Willems 1981, 103 (no. 117); Bechert 1995, 78, 88 See Canals RGermAlt RGermAlt Bogaers 1955; Petit 1994, 287 (no. 423) Bechert 1995, 79 RGermAlt RGermAlt Bogaers 1974, 62-66; Schnberger 1985, 426 A4, 448 C8; Bechert 1995, 81-85, 88 RGermAlt; Hssler 1991, 482-84 RGermAlt RGermAlt; Hssler 1991, 419-21 RE Franci RGermAlt RE See Map 2 See Map 2 Hssler 1991, 426-27 Bogaers 1974, 74-75; Schnberger 1985, 449 C12 Hssler 1991, 543-45 Becker 1993 Lund Hansen 1987, 404, 420-25; Nielsen 1994 Eggers 1951, 105 (no. 674); Wogiewicz 1981 Hermann 1989, 523-24; Voss 1999 Lund Hansen 1987, 426 Bantelmann 1971 Schnberger 1985, 448 C18; Rmer Nordrhein-Westfalen 458 Lund Hansen 1987, 415 RE Hssler 1991, 443 Iordanes, Getica 23; Schmidt 1934, 209-10; Krger 1986 Hssler 1991, 450-51 Lund Hansen 1987, 412-13 Lund Hansen 1987, 403 Hvass 1985 Willems 1981, 104-105 (no. 135) Hssler 1991, 438-39 Hssler 1991, 464 Lund Hansen 1987, 402-403 Hssler 1991, 398 RE Calucones 2 See Map 12 RE


GER Bunnik-Vechten GER IJssel GER GER GER / NET



MAP 10 RHENUS-ALBIS Grid A4 B5 F4 E4 D4 C5 A4 G1 B5 H3 A4 F5 G1 A5 G3 A4 H1 F2 C4 A4 G3 B5 E4 G3 A4 A4 G3 E1 H5 C4 F2 I4 F2 G3 F2 H3 H2 D4 E2 F2 Name Laurum Levefanum? Liebenau Lintorf Lohe Loo-Loowaard Lugdunum Lundeborg Mannaricium Marwedel Matilo Melibokon? Oros Mllegrdsmarken Mosa fl. Neu Darchau Nigrum Pullum Nordrup Noviomagus = Batavodurum Nydam Olst Praetorium Agrippinae Putensen Randwijk Rehme Reudigni Rhenus fl. Rijswijk Rugii = (Ulme)Rugii Rullstorf Sabalingioi? Salas? fl. Salii? Saxones Semnones Sigoulones? Suari(do)nes Sderbrarup Suebi Suebicum Mare Teutoburgiensis? Saltus Teutones? Thorsberg R R R L L RL R R R R R RL R RL RL R R RL HRL? R H RL GER DEN GER GER GER GER GER GER GER GER Valkenburg GER GER Zwammerdam DEN DEN Period R R L L R R R RL R R R R RL Modern Name / Location Woerden Wijk bij Duurstede / Rijswijk GER Bad Essen GER GER Katwijk DEN Maurik GER Leiden Harz GER DEN Reference Bogaers 1974, 53-54; Schnberger 1985, 439 B6; Bechert 1995, 86-88 Schnberger 1985, 439 B10; Bechert 1995, 81 Hssler 1991, 475 Hssler 1991, 383 Hssler 1991, 424 Willems 1981, 109 (no. 194); Bechert 1995, 77,88 Schnberger 1985, 458 D1; Bechert 1995, 96-98, 101 Lund Hansen 1987, 404, 420-25; Nielsen 1994 Bogaers 1974, 68-69; Schnberger 1985, 448 C10; Bechert 1995, 80-81, 88 Hssler 1991, 454-55 Schnberger 1985, 438 B3; Bechert 1995, 93, 101 RE Lund Hansen 1987, 404, 420-25; Nielsen 1994 See Map 11 Hssler 1991, 487 Bechert 1995, 91, 101; Schnberger 1985, 439 B5 Lund Hansen 1987, 411 Engelhardt 1970 II Braat 1954 Schnberger 1985, 438 B2; Bechert 1995, 94-96, 101 Hssler 1991, 510-11 Willems 1981, 96 (no. 18b); Bechert 1995, 78-79 Fundmnzen 6.6106 RE See Map 11 Bloemers 1978 Hssler 1991, 508-509 RE See Map 12 RE 1 RE See Map 12 RE RE Suarines Bantelmann 1988 RE; TIR CastReg 81 See Map 2 RE RE Raddatz 1957; 1987


Teutoburger Wald GER GER

140 Grid B4 C4 A4 I2 Name Traiectum Tubantes Uitgeest (Ulme)Rugii (Ulpia) Noviomagus = Batavodurum B5 I1 I3 I1 B5 A4 G1 E3 A4 F1 E3 G3 B5 C4 Vacalus/ Vahalis fl. Vallby Varini Varpelev Velp Velsen Vimose Visurgis fl. Vleuten-De Meern Vorbasse Westerwanna Wiebendorf Wijchen Wijster Period RL RL R RL

MAP 10 RHENUS-ALBIS Modern Name / Location Utrecht Reference Bogaers 1974, 58-62; Schnberger 1985, 439 B8; Bechert 1995, 85, 88 Schmidt 1940, 409-19; RE Vons 1987 Tac., Germ. 44; Schmidt 1934, 117-18; Bierbrauer 1994, 72-74


See Map 11 R R R L R R R RL RL R RL RL DEN GER GER DEN GER DEN Lund Hansen 1987, 413 Tac., Germ. 40 Lund Hansen 1987, 416 Willems 1981, 97 (nos. 28, 30) Schnberger 1985, 426 A3, 438 B1; Bechert 1995, 99-101 Engelhardt III, 1970; Ilkjaer 1975 Reinecke 1925, 38; RE Bogaers 1974, 55-57; Schnberger 1985, 439 B7; Bechert 1995, 85-86, 88 Hvass 1979 Hssler 1991, 538 Keiling 1984 Willems 1981, 117-334 (nos. 296-335) van Es 1967


Grid A4 C5 Name / Location Corbulonis Fossa, between R. Maas and R. Rhine Drusiana Fossa, between IJssel and R. Rhine Period R R Reference Tac., Ann. 11.20; Bechert 1995, 90, 93-94, 101 Tac., Ann. 2.8; Suetonius, Claudius 1.2; Bechert 1995, 25, 65

Itinerary Lugdunum Castra Herculis? (Ulpia) Noviomagus Aurelium Cananefatium (Ulpia) Noviomagus Period RL R Reference Bechert 1995, 90-91, 94-95 Stolte 1959

Unlocated Toponyms
Name Actania Amalchium Mare Austeravia Ins. Baduhennae Lucus Basilia Baunonia Period R R R R R R Probable Location Terschelling? Baltic Sea? Reference RGermAlt RGermAlt RGermAlt Glaesaria? Tac., Ann. 4.73 Pliny, NH 4.95 Pliny, NH 4.94

*Abalus? *Abalus?

MAP 10 RHENUS-ALBIS Name Chalousos fl. Chauci Maiores Chauci Minores Cimbri Codanovia Ins. Eudoses Fabaria Ins. Flevi Flevum Castellum Flevum Ins. Flevum Ostium Frisiavi Frisii Maiores Frisii Minores Glaesaria Ins. Herminones Idistaviso Ingaevones Istaevones Kobandoi Mararmanis Portus Metuon(id)is Nuithones Ouidros fl. Siatoutanda Silingi Tekelia Treoua Period R R R HR R R R RL R R R RL R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R Aviones? Probable Location Reference RGermAlt Chalusos NPauly Chauci NPauly Chauci NPauly RGermAlt RGermAlt Eudusii RGermAlt Nomina Provinciarum Omnium 13 (GLM, p. 128) RGermAlt Flevum RGermAlt Flevum RGermAlt Flevum RE Frisii RE Frisii RE Frisii RE Austeravia RE RE RE RE RE Cobandi RE RE Metuonis RE Ptol. 2.11.1 RE Siatutanda RE Silingae Ptol. 2.11.12 Ptol. 2.11.12



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