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ELECTRONICS 1 What element is insulated from channel material in MOSFET?

Gate Terminal A device that provides 2 output signals that differ in phrase for a single input signal? Phase Splitter What is the measure of how much time ta en !" the computer s"stem to do a certain #o!? Throughput A class of amplifier which has the lowest distortion Class A What is the effect of armature reaction? To decrease the total flu What Op$Amp is considered as the industr" standard? L!"#1 What class of amplifier operates for %&' of the input signal? Class $ What class of operation can !e used with push$pull amplifier to provide good fidelit" output signal? Class C (ow man" )iM( cells connected in series can o!tain 2*+, -. voltage? % What must !e satisfied to sustain oscillation in an oscillator? &eed'ac( &actor must 'e unit) *ero Phase Shift What is achieved in an oscillator !" controlling the gain? Gain sta'ilit)

What is software designed specificall" for small !usiness? SO+O What command is used to ma e a lin in (TM/? Anchor Tag What component prevents oscillation inside an Op$Amp? Compensating Capacitor What value of input voltage switches the output of a comparator? Trip Point 0 t"pes of ro!ots used in assem!l" operation Cartesian SCARA Anthromorphic What is the standard format used in tape recording? , trac( format What do "ou call the num!er of compati!le logic inputs that can !e driven out without e1cessing its output current spec*? &an-out The motion of charge particles especiall" colloidal particles through a relativel" stationar" li2uid under the influence of an applied electric field provided in general !" immersed electrodes* Electrophoresis What is the speed of the most recent super computer? %./01 T&LOPS What is the first stage of an Op$Amp? 2ifferential Amplifier What is another term for semiconductor memor" chips? Integrated Chips Essentiall" a -. wattmeter consist of what devices 3oltmeter and Ammeter What !earing of an electric motor should !e oiled regularl"? Slee4ed $earing What is the advantage of a compiler over an interpreter in a computer? The o'5ect can 'e stored or reused as often as re6uired0

What is the main function of commutator in a -. circuit? Con4ert 2C to AC What portion of magneti3ation curve should an amplifier !e operated? 7nee of the cur4e An electronic tu!e that emits photoelectrons when its anode is illuminated Phototu'e What is the color of the positive plate of a full" charged lead acid cell? 2eep chocolate 'ro8n The name of the simplest t"pe of rectifier with one diode +alf 8a4e rectifier The greatest percentage of heat loss in -. machine is caused !"? Copper loss What do "ou call one or more computers in an installation that is online and processing data? Acti4e computer What semiconductor 4. that has a fi1ed pattern of digital data stored in its memor" matri1? RO! What t"pe of !us is used to transfer address which indicates where the data is to !e read or written? Address $us What is used to determine the conduction velocit" of peripheral nerve !" stimulating or recording from the nerve at 2 different points a nown distance apart? Electroneurogram 9ENG: What is the average voltage if the output of a half wave rectifier is %&,p? 1;0,3 What diode is formed !" a metal semiconductor #unction containing an aluminum and )$t"pe silicon? Schott(e) 2iode What instrument is used for detecting and measuring potential energ"5 electric charges or electric current !" means of mechanical forces e1erted !etween electricall" charged !odies? Electrometer Wh" is the use of large capacitor in filter discourage?

It is e pensi4e What is characteristic of a thermoplastic material when heated? It softens 8hen heated What is the light to dar photoresistor? 1<1/// what device is constructed in an arra" of thermocouples used to generate larger voltages and current? Thermopile What term is used to descri!e the product of pulse width and pulse repetition fre2uenc"? 2ut) C)cle What process is involved in depositing of as ver" thin la"er of silicon to form a uniform dope cr"stalline region o a su!strate? Epita ial !ethod =uiescence A -MOSFET can operate w6 what gate to source voltage? *ero Positi4e Negati4e What is purpose of the spring or wire around the /E- of a new MOSFET? To pre4ent damage from static electricit) What is the length of pulse measured? Pulse 8idth What is the num!er of times in one second that the c"cle repeats itself? Pulse Repetition &re6uenc) 9PR&: What device limits or prevents some parts of the waveform from e1ceeding a specified value? Limiter What is the com!ination of 2 point charges of e2ual magnitude and opposite polarit" separated !" a distance small compared w6 that of w6c the field of the dipole is to !e determined? 2ou'let What is the appro1imate thic ness of the wafer o!tained in splicing process? 1 > 1/// inch What is the appro1imate thic ness of a wire in 7entium 4.8s? 1>;// of hair 8> %;-atom thic( insulation ratio resistance of a

(ow man" :S flip$flops are re2uired to store the num!er 9&&&9&92? 1 The average time to move a head from one location to a new location A4erage See( Time What is the simplest t"pe of tu!e capa!le of amplification? Triode What portion of the magnetic curve should the magnetic amplifier !e operated? 7nee of the cur4e What class of amplifier is used when minimum distortion is re2uired? Class A What is the t"pical voltage drop of a selenium semiconductor? 13 What 4. advantage translates into a less downtime? Relia'ilit) Where was the silicon accelerometer developed? Stanford ?ni4ersit) What is the production method to prevent unwanted interaction !etween elements w6in the chip? Isolation Ma1imum distance !etween features on a chip in an 4. fa!rication Geometr) What do "ou call the act of persuading people to tell their password? Social Engineering :o!ots or machine resem!le human Android What is the high speed memor" used to store a small that

amount of data temporaril" so that the data can !e retrieved 2uic l"? Scratch Pad !emor) What instrument is used to detect the presence5 sign and in some configuration5 the magnitude of electric charge !" the mutual attraction or repulsion of metal foils or pitch !alls? Electroscope What !atter" is considered as large si3e? 2 First super computer Lisa (ow man" amplifiers are there in a !asic instrumentation amplifier? % What is a t"pical A. voltage defect that a high voltage up to ;&&&, lasting a!out 9&& micro sec*? Spi(e What do "ou call the left side of the poles? Leading Edge Which normall" are ena!led !" a single control? =uad Latch What t"pe of varia!le resistor that is temperature sensitive? Thermistor What refers to the time for a dis to spin a particular section under a head for reading? Latenc) Time What welding method is especiall" developed for application in vacuum welding? Electron $eam @elding What will happen if the charging rate to a !atter" is too high? Increase +)drogen Li'eration What is the disadvantage of using moving$iron in measuring A. current? Scale is ?ne4en What t"pe of linear regulation is used in applications re2uiring efficient utili3ation of primar" power source? Series Regulator What is the valua!le tool in determining the time re2uired for current in an inductor to reach a specific volume? R>L Time Constant

What !atter" performs a similar function of a photovoltaic cell? 2C $atter) Electronic that can !e active or passive that is attached to a twisted copper to even out the electronic characteristics of !oth $alance Circuit What is the h"drometer reading of a full" charged lead acid? Slightl) A 10B Sensing element made from a thin walled tu!e formed in a convolutions and sealed at the whose displacement can then !e made to a transduction element $ello8 What is the resistivit" of most commonl" used conductor? 10" 1/-. ohm-m What oscillator that provides a sharp null at the center fre2uenc"5 oscillating in a high gain amplifiers feed!ac path near its null fre2uenc"? @ein $ridge Oscillator What is the product of the magnitude of either charge of a dipole and the distance separating the 2 charges? 2ipole !oment What is a seal enclosure either highl" evacuated or containing a controlled 2uantit" of gas in w6c electrons can !e made sufficientl" mo!ile to act as the principal carriers of current !etween at least 9 pair of electrodes often under the control of 9 or more add8l electrodes? Electron Tu'es A 74) diode is fre2uentl" used as S8itching diodes for fre6CD up to G+D range What is the ideal output of an Op$Amp w6 &, on !oth inputs? *ero A semiconductor device that contains defused source and drain regions on either side of a 7 or ) channel area !OS&ET What wave has a linear increase in a voltage followed !" a rapid decrease of voltage at the end of the waveform? Sa8tooth What wave loo s li e a sawtooth wave sitting on top of a s2uare wave?

TrapeDoidal @a4e What refers to the interval of time needed for voltage to go from 9$9&&' or 9&&$&' of its ma1imum value? Transient Inter4al What is the term for a switch that disconnects the circuit completel" at one position !efore connection of the ne1t connection is made? $rea( $efore !a(e What is the appro1imate duration of transient period? ; time constants (ow man" individual memor" cells would !e contained in a memor" 4. that has + data? 1# Who calculated the electrostatic radius of an atom? Ernest Rutherford (ow man" outputs does a ;$stage 74SO shift register have? 1 What is the science of the interaction or interconversion of Electrical and .hemical phenomenon? Electrochemistr) What is the ro!ot8s hand called? End Effector 7rogramming of a continuous path ro!ot is normall" carried out !" a method called @al( Through What particles are considered the most nuclear investigations to !e the true elementar" particles? Leptons and =uar(s What is the relationship !etween impedance and current in parallel resonant circuit? !a imum impedanceE minimum current With regards to computer logic circuits5 what is meant !" complement? Opposite of the original statement What is the alternation in e1cita!ilit" and conductivit" of a nerve caused !" the passage of electric current? Electrotonous What do "ou call when a magnetron fires randoml" rather than firing on each successive pulse as desired?

!ode S(ipping (ow much time is re2uired for electromagnetic energ" to travel 9 nmi and return to the source? 1%0B1 us What is another thermal neutrons? Slo8 Neutrons What instrument is often used for chec ing the degree of motor shaft misalignments? 2ial Indicator What determines the speed of a -. series motor? Load What is the t"pical residential A. voltage defect that refers to the interference that appears as small magnitude variations riding on the angular waveform caused !" radio fre283 and electromagnetic sources? Line Noise What particle radiation has no charge and produces no ioni3ation and therefore difficult to attenuate and poses a ma#or health threat? Gamma Particle Reactor What wor s upon the principle that increasing the current through a coil decreased the permea!ilit" of the core5 the decreased permea!ilit" decreases the inductance of the coil w6c causes an increase in current through the load? Satura'le-Core Reactor What instrument is used for determining the magnetic characteristic of ferromagnetic su!stances? Permeameter What is the t"pical residential voltage defect w6c refers to an term for

increase in the stead"$state voltage amplitude that lasts for a long time? Chronic O4er4oltage (ow is invisi!le light changed to visi!le light in a fluorescent lamp? In4isi'le photons 9?3: 'om'ard the phosphor atom0 In the light tu'eE the phosphorous atoms emit 4isi'le light photons0 A thermocouple is a device that produces voltage !" what method? +eat What is ma1imum normal memor" si3e assuming a simple and direct 9; !it? 1# (' What is appro1imatel" the longest timing period that can !e achieved w5 the standard single$stage %%% monosta!le multivi!rator circuit? 11E/// seconds (ow man" !"tes per second will !e< !" computers in 2&%& accdg to Moore8s /aw? ;// trillion What standard cell is less accurate !" &*&&%'*** used as a reference in =something> and recording meters? @eston Saturated Cell What !atter" performs similar functions of a photovoltaic cell? 2C $atter) What instrument is used for detecting and measuring potential differences5 electric charge or indirectl" =something> current !" means of mechanical forces< !etween electricall" charged !odies? Electrometer Speciall" designed5 highl" sensitive electronic voltmeter used to measure e1tremel" low currents* Gal4anometer (ow man" protons does o1"gen should have? . Who calculated the electron velocit" and radius? Neils $ohr What is an electricall" produced graph or tracing? Electrograph What is electrod"namics of heating effects and of current distri!ution in electrical networ s? Electro(inetics

?nder what condition is the circuit if the output depends on w6c of 2 nearl" simultaneous inputs arrive at a point in the circuit first? Race Condition What part of the transformer is most su!#ect to damage from overheating? @inding Insulation An apparatus for generating static electricit"5 consisting of a dis that is given a negative charge !" friction and a metal plate that is charged !" induction when in contact w6 the dis Electrophorous What refers to garaging the 2 ad#ustment of an A. !ridge together in such a wa" that charging one ad#ustment changes the other in a special wa"5 !ut charging the second does not change the first? Orthogonal Nulling What t"pe of encoder is re2uired for inputs? 2ecimal to $inar) 4f the output circuit needs to !e a complete representation of one half of the input signal5 what class of operation is indicated? Class $ What is another name for thermoelectric effect? See'ec( Effect 4n a series linear regulator5 what is the control element? Transistor in series 8> the load What ma es the scale of the permanent magnet moving coil instrument uniform? $ecause it is spring controlled What meter movement is commonl" used for A. that uses the magnetic repulsion of light pulse in iron vane !" current through a coil? !o4ing-4ane meter mo4ement or mo4ing iron meter mo4ement The series parallel s"stem of speed control of series motors widel" used in traction wor gives a speed of a!out 1<# What is the charge to mass ration of an electron? 10";.1 1/11 C>(g What refers to a computer chec routine using a program that calls for performing a series of arithmetical or logical operations on one section of memor" locations5 transferring to another section5 e"!oard

chec ing correctness of transfer and repeating the series of operation? Leap &rog Test What is the relationship !etween fre283 and h"steresis loss? 2irectl) proportional What is one of the most interesting aspect of an Op$Amp? It performs electronicall) mathematical operations

What t"pe of !ond is formed !" sharing of valence electrons w6 neigh!oring atoms? Co4alent 'onding 4n radar5 what is the change in fre283 of a receive signal cause !" the relative motion !etween the radar and the target? 2oppler Effect What amplifier is used when it is not necessar" to preserve the -. component of the signal? Capacitor-coupled What t"pe of coupling is most useful for an audio amplifier !etween the first and second stages? RC Coupling An integrated Op$Amp has how man" inputs? % What is the reason wh" a general purpose diode is more li el" to suffer avalanche !rea down rather than 3ener !rea down? $ecause it is lightl) doped What ena!les "ou to determine the !andwidth and the upper and lower fre283 limits of an amplifier? &re6CD Response Cur4e What do "ou call the num!er of spontaneous disintegrations per second of a radioactive isotope? Acti4it) 4n metals5 conductivit" is reduced when electron< !" all !ut w6c of the ff*? Long Range Order What refers to the primar" indication of the ma1imum motor operating temp*? !otor Class @asicall"5 what is the composition of lu!ricating grease? Oil and Soap

4n an /. cho e input filter5 what prevents the rapid charging of the capacitor? CE!& of the Inductor What is the resulting circuit if a half wave rectifier is added to a half wave voltage dou!ler? 3oltage Tripler What is an inductivel" coupled device used for the ff current paths to determine the cause of impedance faults on a 7.@? Current Tracer The tendenc" for a potential difference to occur when the magneti3ation of a helicall" wound ferromagnetic wire fluctuates* !ateucci Effect What t"pe of armature windings in w6c the coil ends are connected to ad#acent commutator signals? Simple Lap What circuit !rea er will open a circuit even if the operating mechanism is held in the O) position? Trip-&ree Circuit $rea(er What ind of amplifier is su!#ect to cross over distortion? Push-Pull Amplifier What is the t"pical voltage drop of a selenium semiconductor? 13 What is the primar" disadvantage of Aallium Arsenide compound? E pensi4e to produce What electrol"tes has more active ingredient? The one 8> 'igger 4alue in specific gra4it) of the hea4ier per unit

What circuit acts as varia!le inductance or capacitance to produce FM signals? Reactance !odulator What gives Op$Amp noise immunit"? +)steresis What value is indicated in the scale of an A. meter? Effecti4e 3alue 9R!S: What refers to the amount of current that will cause a full scale deflection? Ammeter Sensiti4it) What will happen to the motor if there is an open circuit in the rotor of a S.4M? !otor 8ill not start Operating temp of .lass A? 1/;FC Operating temp of .lass @? 1B/FC Operating temp of .lass F? 1;;FC What will happen to a 0$phase motor if operated single phase? It 8ill 'urn out0 What are the primar" parts of a 0$phase induction motor? Rotor and Stator What is the rotating part of a single phase motor? Rotor What is the service factor of motors? 101;-10# What causes e1cessive spar ing of the !rushes of a -. motor? A short circuit in an armature coil What amplifier is a 2$transistor .lass @ amp? Push-Pull What fuse opens ver" 2uic l" w6 current a!ove the current rating of the fuse? &ast &uses What fuses are used in autos5 lighting circuits and electrical power circuits? Standard &uses An S.: has how man" #unctions? B

All the !asic logic gates can !e o!tained from the com!ination of what gates? AN2 G OR When the -. motor is running at its rated speed5 decreasing the field current will BBBBBBB its speed* Increase What is the m s unit of magnetic field intensit"? Ampere>meter What instrument is used for measuring temp variations !" charge in a metallic resistance? $olometer What is the S4 unit for luminous intensit"? Candela What is the ration of the utili3ed flu1 to the luminous flu1< the lighting fitting? ?tilance What is the t"pical value of capacitance of the BBBBBBB same as the electrol"tic capacitor? 1-1/// um What is the collection of info ept in the computer for eas" access? 2ata'ase When the input and output< of the !alance potentiometer are in the same angular position5 what is the value of the error voltage? *ero What amp in w6c the response is linear for wea signals and logarithmic for strong signals? Lin-Log Amp What is the term for the product of pulse width and pulse repetition fre283? 2ut) C)cle What is an< current path !etween 2 components of a circuit or !etween a component and ground w6c is usuall" caused !" a malfunction in the circuit? Short Circuit What is the most important input characteristic of an Op$Amp defined as the difference !etween the < currents? Input-offset Current What is the t"pical residential A. voltage defect that refers to a high voltage =up to 2&&&, or more> pea lasting appro1 9&$9&&& usec? Transient

What voltage is o!tained !" #oining the ends of 2 dissimilar wires and then eeping the 2 #unctions at different temp? See'ec( Effect What is the turns ratio of a step$down 18former? A1 < Step$up 18former? B1 W6c is not a characteristic of an ideal 18former? It has lea(age flu 0 What is not a loss in 18former? Stra) Loss What is the pro!lem caused in an :F amp !" loosel" coupled 18former? Too narro8 'andpass What 4.8s are made of sputtering mat8ls on a ceramic su!strate? Thin &ilm ICCs 4f there are 2 identical signals5 one going positive and the other going negative5 then the" are BBBBBBB dgrees out of phase* 1./F What computer compan" invented the name C!"te?D I$! What refers to the technological marriage !etween the fields of optics and electronics? Optoelectronics What is another name for a semicon chip? IC (ow man" commutators are needed in a 2$coil generator? # What is the first stage of an Op$Amp? 2ifferential Amplifier < Second stage? +igh gain 4oltage amplifier < Third stage? Impedance !atching What is the science of creating molecular si3e machines that manipulate matter one atom at a time? Nanotechnolog)

What are card assem!lies and modules composed of< and discrete electronic components? !iniature Electronics What level of pac aging are resistors5 capacitors and the li e? Le4el / < Modules attached mother!oards? Le4el 1 <7.@8s? Le4el % What is the ma#or factor that led to the development of the full wave rectifier? The fact that the full 8a4e rectifier uses the full outputE 'oth the half c)cles of the Cformer What is the principal 2uantum num!er of a E shell? " 4n switch5 what refers to the num!er of different circuits each pole can control? Thro8 4n shaded pole motor rotating magnetic field is produced !" using< Shading Coil What is the primar" advantage of a -MOSFET over an" MOSFET? Can operate at a much higher po8er le4el W6c element has 0 protons in the nucleus? Lithium The charge to mass ratio of proton ,0;",1 1/" C>(g of The main disadvantage car!on arc welding to

What determines alternator? Load






$ias @inding When is the ordinar" efficienc" of the 18former ma1? Cu loss I &e Loss What will happen to a motor if angle phasing occurs from the running position in an induction motor? !otor 8ill not start0 What are the time dela" ratings of a fuse? 2ela)E Standard and &ast .ascaded amplifiers w6c find wide use in 4.8s are coupled* 2irect What is the ma1 tor2ue of a motor that can !e developed w6o stalling? $rea(do8n Tor6ue What occurs in s"nchronous motors when counter tor2ue has e1ceeded? Stalling The main thing common to (op inson8s test and field test is that the" !oth need similar< !echanicall) coupled motors What is the normal flash rate of flasher /EA-? B per sec The interelectrode capacitance of a transistor causes what t"pe of feed!ac at high fre283 2egenerati4e &eed'ac( (ow man" 18fer electrode does a 2$terminal 0$ phase charge coupled device have BBBBBBB 1 What t"pe of filter is used in applications where load current is low and constant voltage regulation is not necessar"? RC &ilter What is used to ad#ust the contact spacing on a rela"? Point $ender What s"stem uses high fre283 sound wave to loo w6in the !od" using pie3oelectric cr"stal? ?ltrasound or Sonograph What law states that the term A)-ed or O:ed w6 itself is e2ual to that term? Indepotent La8 What theorem is valid onl" in passive networ s? Reciprocit) Theorem

What factor is the order of magnitude in an 4. component densit"? 1/ (ow man" wattmeters are re2uired in order to measure power in 0$phase +$wire un!alanced load? B (ow man" input com!inations e1ist for a +$input A)- gate? 11 What is the advantage of non$servo controlled ro!ot? +igh repeata'ilit) +igh operating speed Lo8 cost What su!stance can wor as semiconductors? Selenium Cadmium compound Indium compound What semiconductor mat8l is most often used in photovoltaic cells? Selenium W6c mat8l can8t !e used as a magnet? Car'on Silicon !ecomes an e1trinsic semicon w6 electron as the ma#orit" carriers and doped w6 what mat8l? Antimon) What mat8l is used w6 permanent magnet as a magnetic mat8l? +ardened Steel What allo" of nic el has 9%$2&' chromium and has high electrical resistance? Nichrome What allo" of nic el has +&$;&' copper and is used in thermocouples? Constantan What mat8l has atoms or ions of nown positrons and repetitive structure? Cr)stalline What apparatus is used in determining the magneti3ing force and flu1 densit" of test specimen? Permeameter What instrument is used to measure a ver" small interval of time?

A silicon solar cell is !asicall" a Photo4oltaic Cell What rela" is one that switches in response to a specific num!er of impulse that is received? Notching Rela) A digital meter has an accurac" w6in the /0/1H range What is the t"pical residential A. voltage defect that refers to complete failure that lasts more than 9 c"cle? $lac( Out What cell contains an electrol"te in w6c a chemicall" generated electric current is passed !" a s"stem of electrodes in order to produce an electrochemical reaction? Electrol)tic Cell What is an essential feature of a non$servo controlled ro!ot? Each a is can mo4e onl) 'et8een hard8are stops0 What is the process of transferring info from the active computer to the stand!" computer? $ac( Tal( What is the purpose of a 18former aside from stepping up or stepping down the input signal voltage? It isolates the chassis from the po8er line0 What is the effect of the gain if the input signal developing impedance of an amplifier is increased? Gain Increases What happened to the inductance permea!ilit" of the coil increases? Increases A face plate starter is emplo"ed to starting what motor? 2irect Series !otor What is the effect in w6c free electrons collide w6 !ound electrons caused an ever increasing num!er of current carriers in a multipl"ing action? A4alanche Effect What allows a -. !ias voltage to !e applied to the satura!le core reactor while A. control signals are applied to a separate control winding? if the

The occurrence of 'lo8 holes

Chronoscope What instrument measures humidit" directl" w6 single sensing element? +)grometer What instrument is used to detect the presence5 sign5 and some configurations or magnitude of magnetic charge !" mutual attraction or repulsion of metal coils or pith!alls? Electroscope What device generates high voltages !" accumulating large 2uantities of electric charge? Electrostatic Generator ELECTRONICS % What noise in an amplifier is produced due to the fact that electrons in a resistor carr" slightl" different amounts of energ"? Johnson F Noise What parameter of a !ipolar 18sistor is nown as the static forward current 18fer ratio? +fe F What winding re2uires commutator pitch to !e so chosen that after the winding is traced once around the commutator5 the last coil end arrives 2 segments !ehind or ahead of the starting point? 2uple F @a4e 4n electric motor or generator5 what is used to descri!e the num!er of core slots spanned !etween the !ottom leg of the coil and the top leg of the same coil? Thro8 F What impedance relationship !etween the output of one circuit and the input of another circuit will provide ma1imum power 18fer? E6ual F Impedance What is transputer?

Computer F on a chip B% F 'it de4ice $ased F on parallel processing techni6ue A ro!ot ma" !e considered asG Piece F of machiner) 8> an interesting control aspect A F mechanical manifestation of the output of computer soft8are Primar) F tool in manufacturing A shunt is used in parallel w6 a -. ammeter measuring large current in order toG Reduce F meter current What input disa!les multiple1ers or demu1 when it is high? Stro'e F What refers to the person who in !ehalf of another person and w6 respect to a particular electronic data message or electronic document sends5 receives and6or stores or provides other services in respect to that electronic data message or electronic document? Intermediar) F What filter is used in power supplies where voltage regulation is important and where the output current is relativel" high and su!#ect to var"ing load conditions? LC F Cho(e Input &ilter What device converts electrical energ"? Cell F What is the disadvantage of point$to$point wiring? RatCs F nest appearance and un8anted interaction such as capaciti4e and inducti4e effects What t"pe of coupling is most useful for an audio amplifier !etween the 9st and 2nd stages? RC F Coupling An integrated Op$Amp has how man" inputs? % F What refers to the info of the representation of info5 data5 figures5 s"m!ols or other modes of written e1pressions5 descri!ed or however represented !" w6c fact ma"!e proven or affirmed5 w6c is retrieved or produced electronicall"? Electronic F 2ocument chemical energ" to

What is the angular displacement of a moving #oint a!out an a1is w6c is perpendicular to the line of motion and the top side of the !od"? Ka8 F What is the ma1imum efficienc" of a .lass @ power amplifier? ".H F What is the 2nd !est conductor of electricit"? Copper F Since fre283 affects capacitive reactance and inductive reactance in opposite wa"s5 and since it is capacitive reactance that causes the pro!lem w6 high fre283 response5 inductors are added to an amplifier circuit to improve high fre283 response* &re6CD F Compensation What happens to a data stored in ordinar" :AM when power is interrupted? It F is lost What device is used to measure temperature consisting of a num!er of thermocouples connected in series? Thermopile F The Wein @ridge is used to measure BBBBBBBB +igh F &re6uencies A !ista!le multivi!rator is used as BBBBBBB &re6CD F 2i4ider A rela1ation oscillator is one w6c produces BBBBBBBB Non-sinusoidal F output Heeping the power of an electric motor constant5 if its speed is halved its tor2ue is BBBBBBBB 2ou'led F What circuit trip element uses the increased !ending of a !imetallic strip caused !" increase current to an open circuit? Thermal F trip element What circuit !rea er will open a circuit even if the operating mechanism is held in an O) position? Trip-free F circuit 'rea(er Wh" should "ou alwa"s use the highest range when connecting a voltmeter to a circuit? To F pre4ent e cess current through the meter mo4ement What is the indication of the resistance of the meter e1pressed in ohms per volt? 3oltmeter F sensiti4it)

What is the measure of the a!ilit" of a carrier to move w6in a semicon? !o'ilit) F What is the reciprocal of 2ualit" factor? 2issipation F factor What is the function of the pilot cell in a storage !atter"? To F indicate the condition of the 'atter) What t"pe of circuit is semicon :OM? Com'inational F Logic Circuit What do "ou call a +$!it word? Ni''le F What 4.8s are made of sputtering mat8ls on a ceramic su!strate? Thin F film ICCs What is the most common device used for detection in radio receivers? 2iode F What t"pe of !"pass capacitor wor s !est at high fre283? Ceramic F ("steresis loss can !e minimi3ed !" selecting a magnetic mat8l having BBBBBBB Lo8 F h)steresis coefficient What is the t"pical resistivit" range of semicons? L1/-# F to 1/, ohms-cm 9di (o sure 4alueE mala'o ung photocop) e: <4nsulators? L1/, F to 1/%; ohms-cm 9di (o sure 4alueE mala'o ung photocop) e: What software tool e1ecutes the high$level language program one statement at a time? Interpreter F What software too translates each statement in a high level language into a se2uence of machine instructions to !e run later? Compiler F What computer language represents machine instructions !" mnemonic names and allows memor" addresses and other constants to !e represented !" s"m!ols rather than !it strings? Assem'l) F Language

What computer compan" invented the name !"te? I$! F What is the t"pical resistivit" range of conductors? 1/-; F to 1/-# ohms-cm What capacitor has a low temperature coefficient of capacitance and good sta!ilit" w6 temperature and fre283 ma ing this a good choice for critical precision circuitr" such as filter applications? !ica F What element propert" represents the relative tendenc" of an atom to attract shared electron pairs? Electronegati4it) F What 2 wa"s can data !e ph"sicall" organi3ed? $) F c)linder or sector What mat8l conductivit"? Nichrome F What is the circuit or a portion of a circuit pac age as a remova!le unit? !odule F What do "ou call the science of measurement of the whole magnetic spectrum? Radiometr) F (ow are thic film components produced? Screening F What welding process is descri!ed as an atom to atom !ond welding !etween the 2 surfaces via intimate contact !etween the o1ide free area? Pressure F @elding What measures how well a IFET amplifies a signal? 2)namic F conductance transconductance mutual or has least

(ow man" atoms in a shell in a simple cu!ic cr"stalline structure? 1 F What specifies the shell in w6c the electrons are located? Principal F =uantum Num'er What is the principal method used in the fa!rication of semicon devices for h"!rid and monolithic 4.8s? Planar F Technolog) What t"pes of su!strates are used in h"!rid and thin film 4.8s? Glass F or ceramic What method is used to deposit man" t"pes of mat8ls in a highl" evacuated cham!er in w6c the mat8l is heated !" electricit"? 3acuum F e4aporation method What is the circuit !rea er trip element that uses the increasing magnetic reaction of the coil w6 induced current to open the circuit? !agnetic F trip element W6c of the MOS digital 4.8s have the highest operating speed? N!OS F What is the electromagnetic device that changes electrical energ" into mechanical motion !ased upon the attraction of mova!le iron plunger to the core of an electromagnet? Solenoid F What is the primar" advantage of a -MOSFET over an" MOSFET? Can F operate at a much higher po8er le4el W6c element has 0 protons in the nucleus? Lithium F What law states that for a set of e2ual energ" or!ital5 each or!italJ is occupied !" one electron !efore an" or!ital has 2 electrons? +undCs F Rule The rest mass of electron? ,01/11 F *inc F What are several dis s comprising a hard drive or hard dis ? Platter F 1/-%. g The most common allo"ing ingredient in copper

.onsidered as the standard minimum distances !etween components on a chip %-B F um As compared to straight cut gears5 helical gears have Lass F 'ac(lash What controls the speed of -. motor? 3ar) F flu per pole Resistance F of the armature circuit Applied F 4oltage What 18former is necessar" to connecting a wattmeter to a load circuit consuming large current? Current F MCformer 4f the applied voltage of a -. shunt motor is halved w6 the loop tor2ue dou!led5 the speed Is F the same and armature current is dou'led 4n a series wound generator running at constant speed5 as load current increase the terminal voltage &irst F increases then decreases The common cause of electron tu!e failure Open F filament What will happen if the field circuit of a loaded shunt motor is suddenl" opened? Circuit F 'rea(er or fuse 8ill open the circuit 'efore too much damage is done to the motor0 What is the process of !alancing an arc !ridge that consist of ma ing successive ad#ustment of 2 parameters until a null is o!tained at the detector? $alance F con4erging -iameter of the atomic nucleus L$et8een F 1/-1; to 1/-11 m 4n a .. amplifier voltage gain cannot e1ceed ?nit) F W6c effect is elctro optic modulation is dependent upon Electro F optic effect What is the resinous static electricit"? It F is negati4e electricit) What is considered the most common t"pe of cr"stal defect? Line F defect What 2uantum num!er defines the magnitude of the electron8s angular moment vector? use when

The F aDimuthal 6uantum num'er What stores data temporaril" and6or change its format Shift F Register What lead is often omitted in the phototransistor? $ase F A !atter" is said to !e floating when BBBBBBBB $atter) F 4oltage I Charger 4oltage What is the purpose of the container itself? It F holds the electrol)te and pro4ides a means of mounting the electrode0 What will happen to a motor if single phasing occurs from the running position in an induction motor? !otor F 8ill not start What pro!lem is caused !" overcoupling in a 18former? Lo8 F gain at the center fre6CD What are the time dela" ratings of a fuse? 2ela) F Standard F &ast F What photometer is used to measure the light distortion of source and light meters? Goniophotometer F What is the main purpose of performing open circuit test at rated voltage? To F measure copper loss What coupling is usuall" used to couple the output from power amplifier? Transforming F Coupling The elementar" single coil A. generator will have an output voltage w6 how man" pulsations per revolution % F what transmission method uses a sta!le .W reference oscillator w6s is loc in phase w6 the 18mitter fre283? Pulse F 2oppler The inter$electrode capacitance of a 18sistor causes what t"pe of feed!ac at high fre283? 2egenerati4e F &eed'ac( What is the process of 18lating data into a secret code? Encr)ption F

/en3 law is a conse2uence of what law? La8 F of conser4ation of energ) (ow man" fundamental su!stances are there in nature? ,% F What is the 0rd !est conductor of electricit"? Gold F What semicon mat8l is most often used in photovoltaic cells? Selenium F W6c mat8l cannot !e used to ma e a magnet? Car'on F What mat8l has atoms or ions of nown positions and repetitive structure? Cr)stalline F A uni2ue and advantageous feature of .MOS logic famil" is BBBBBBBB Po8er F dissipation nano8att range in

M4A welding process is !ecoming increasingl" popular in welding industr" mainl" !ecause of BBBBBBBB Eas) F operation +igh F metal deposit rate 4f @ar hausen criterion is not fulfilled !" an oscillator circuit5 it will BBBBBBB Stop F oscillating For maintaining oscillation in an oscillator &eed'ac( F factor should 'e unit) Phase F shift should 'e Dero degree The oscillator circuit that uses a tapped coil in the circuit is +artle) F A /AS.: is #ust li e a conventional S.: e1cept that it BBBBBBBB +as F no gate terminal W6c semicon device acts li e a diode and 2 resistors? ?JT F What device acts li e an )7) and 7)7 18sistor connects !ase to !ase and emitter to collector? SCR F What is the !est electronic device for fast switching? !OSET F A 2 18sistor .lass @ amplifier is usuall" called a BBBBBBBB amplifier Push-pull F What is the noise factor of an ideal amplifier? / F d$ What causes parasitic oscillations in an amplifier? Transistor F inter 5unction capacitance What is the essential feature of a non servo controlled ro!ot? Each F a is can mo4e onl) 'et8een hard8are stops What are the advantages of a non servo controlled ro!ots? +igh F repeata'ilit) +igh F operating speed Lo8 F cost The repeata!ilit" of a servo controlled ro!ot is w6in BBBBBBBB % F mm

7rogramming of a continuous path ro!ot is normall" carried out !" a method called @al( F through A microprocessor communicates w6 other devices in the s"stem !" means of BBBBBBBB !uses B F What are the 2 microprocessor? AL? F Control F ?nit An" solid o!#ect has a ma1imum of how man" degrees of freedom? 1 F the transient current in a loss free /. circuit when e1ited from an A. source is a BBBBBBBB sine wave ?ndamped F For !oth lap and wave winding there are as man" commutator !ars s the num!er of BBBBBBBB @inding F elements What are the commutator pitch of a 2uadruple1 lap$winding in a -. generator? # F The series field of a short shunt -. generator is e1ited !" BBBBBBBB current Load F Shunt generators are the most suited for sta!le parallel operation !ecause of their BBBBBBBB voltage characteristics 2rooping F What is the most suita!le insulation for a fle1i!le ca!le? Pol)3in)l F Chloride 9P3C: What is nown as the CThe @ig @lueL and the largest info compan" in the world? I$! F Founder of 4@M Thomas F J0 @atson Sr0 ?sed as emergenc" cell Sil4er F *inc .alculated the electrostatic radius Ernest F Rutherford :e2uires a ver" low drift Chopper F amplifier main components of a

The contents of w6c memor" degrade w6 ever" read operation EARO! F .r"stal fre283 change /01H F ?ltimate computer =uantum F computer 7artl" c"clic and partl" se2uential Access F in magnetic drum 7artl" c"clic5 partl" random Se6uential F A program language in math and science A F Program Language 9APL: :esonant fre2835 e1citation Ringing F (ighest noise factor 2C F )um!er of logic inputs w6o e1ceeding the output &an F out A multiplier consists of? An F adder Su'tractor F Shift F register The wea est signal that could produce a usa!le signal !inimum F 2iscerni'le Signal A dou!le width !and @ire F 8ound resistor &*9'69&&& hrs ;th F 'and Amplifies signal in a stethoscope Telecardiophone F ?sed in preemphasis5 increase in amplitude in a given !and Accentuator F Electrodeposition in a mode Electroform F )ot used in monolithic 4. 2ie F casting Si3e of the wafer !efore splicing B F to . inches ?sed in circuit in remote operation

The se2uence of the !inar" codes w6in the control unit of a microcomputer w6c triggers appropriate control signal !icroprogram F An oscillator that consist of 2 independent circuit such that the output of each control input of the other is called a BBBBBBBB oscillator Rela F ation What is the most sta!le sign wave oscillator w6 most simple circuit? Cr)stal F Aain sta!ilit" in an oscillator is usuall" achieved !" Controlling F the gain What oscillator uses tapped capacitor in the tuned circuit? Colpitts F

Shunt F trip /ong distance e1change Telemetering F (ow long a phosphor glows Persistence F Slew rate 13>us F Air lea age !rea down "/3>mil F Si3e of processed wafer ;/ F ;/ mils .athode of a dr" cell *inc F container Open circuit voltage of )iM( 10% F 3 .onsists neutron Lepton F @reed spreading Electronic F 4irus Sodium vapor lamp Neon F ?ses tic ler coil Armstrong F oscillator :atio of safe factor nameplate factor Ser4ice F factor :atio of iron flu1 to air Lea(age F circuit /owest relative permea!ilit" Air F One instruction at a time Trace F 0 Op$Amps K resistors $asic F Amplifier )o saturation ECL 9st micromodule Cord8ood F !odule )ew technolog"5 non volatile Instrumentation over of mu5 electron5 information

&lash F memor) 7urif" metals !" electrical means Electrometallurg) F ,aria!le inductor 3ariometer F 7aint Spra"ing Anthromorphic F -ot in wire wound resistor !ultiplier F Flu1 in a closed surface is 3ero Gauss F Theorem ?se of electricit" to cure diseases Electrotheraph) F 4nterconversion of acoustics and electronics Electroacoustics F )egative feed!ac N)6uist F Error free code Gra) F code -amping in -8Arsonval Edd) F current Width depletion region when un!iased /01 F um /ower current consumption C!OS F Electricit" coming from animals and humans $ioelectrogenesis F 4nterference in echoes Clutter F -,2igital F 3ersatile 2is( Most economical for no load test in -. motor S8in'urneCs F Test A neutron Antineutron F 9+.; car!on isotope 1 F protons 1 F electrons . F neutrons /ow logic level .MOS 9M , suppl" / F N ;0# 3

.ovalent !onding of germanium "0# F 3 2 armatures and 2 commutators 2)namotor F @4OS $asic F Input Output S)stem 7rogram running in realtime &oreground F Processing Television and radar in ground Teleran F Motor starter Controller F 7arts of the !atter" Electrode F Electrol)te F Container F -. motor senses Counter F E!& NN*N pure gold conductivit" "%01H F :ange of car!on resistor %0" F ohms to %% megaohms Sensing element of acceleration transducer Seismic F mass 9 A@ %B/ F 2 up 2uar s5 9 down 2uar Proton F 2 down 2uar s5 9 up 2uar Neutron F ?nit of computer mathematical operation !egaflops F Slow neutron Thermal F neutrons :otation of :F w6 conical pattern Nutation F M&$M%' Sag F or dip 99&%'of rated value Surge F -iode sensor

/01 F n@ to 1/ m@ 7hotoconductive sensor< greater than 9*9 um Silicon F Error due ones in meter reading Paralla F error ,ideo Amplifier 1/ F +D to 1/ !+D @ide F 'and amplifier ?sed in :F !ica F Air F Ceramic F )ot used in AF Air F capacitor 7aper capacitor 1/// F 3 Minimum armature current ?nit) F Po8er &actor ELECTRONICS B What networ CinternetD? ARPANET What mechanism is used for reading and writing data on dis ? Access arm What computer design in which< radio !eam on a carefull" arranged< atomic nuclei each of which is< =uantum computer What computer pro!lem is caused !" a read write head hitting on the dis ? +ead crash What particles include the electrons5 the mu particles5 and the neutrinos? Leptons What t"pe of dielectric is suita!le for capacitors applied to rf? !icaE airE and ceramic What is the medical surger" performed with miniature T, camera5 a revolution in the art of surger" !" the marriage of technolog" and surgical e2uipment? Laparoscopic that eventuall" !ecame the

What is a highl" versatile and !roadl" used piece of electronic test e2uipment that can measure ac voltage5 !oth positive and negative dc voltages5 and dc current resistance? 2igital multimeter What is the difference !etween the ?T7 and /T7? +)steresis 4oltage A class @ amplifier is seen where? Just at cutoff What is the simplest t"pe of tu!e capa!le of amplification? Triode What refers to the use of electricit" to purif" metals or reduce metallic compounds to metals? Electrometallurg) Electronic !rea ers must !e e2uipped with what trip for remote application? Shunt trip What portion of the magnetic curve should the magnetic amplifier !e operated? At the (nee of the cur4e What is another term for video amplifier? @ide 'and amplifier What class of amplifier is used when minimum distortion is re2uired? Class A (ow can fre2uenc" sta!ilit" in oscillators !e achieved? $) incorporating a tuned circuit What is created !" the motion of charge carriers under the influence of an electric field? 2rift current What magnet is commonl" used in motors? Temporar) magnets

What is the value of the error voltage when the input and output of a !alanced potentiometer are in the same angular position? *ero What is used when cleaning the commutator? Commutator polishing paste What is the difference !etween the two sides of a coil? Coil pitch A generator uses what method to produce voltage? !agnetic method A !atter" uses what method to produce voltage? Chemical method What is the t"pical voltage drop of a selenium semiconductor? 13 What is a small fuse containing a spring which upon release<? Grasshopper fuse What converts ac current to dc current? S)nchronous con4erter What is the temperature coefficient of silver? /0//B. At what angle wherein the force acting on a current carr"ing conductor placed in a magnetic field !ecomes ma1imum? ,/ degrees What !atter" is considered medium si3e? C Magnetic suscepti!ilities of most paramagnetic of most paramagnetic su!stances are inversel" proportional to their a!solute temperature* CurieCs la8 What is used as cathode in dr" cells? *inc container (ow man" amplifiers are there in a !asic instrumentation amplifier? % What is a t"pical ac voltage defect that< high voltage up to ;&&& , lasting a!out 9&& microseconds? Spi(e What is the standard for storing data on M&$ column5 9$row card?

+ollerrith code -,- stands for 2igital 3ersatile 2is( What coupling e1ists !etween primar" and secondar" coupling? Tight magnetic coupling What is the term for a powerful computer programmed to carr" out a lot of calculations in a ver" short time? Num'er cruncher <used to measure how fast a computer can carr" out mathematical calculations* !egaflop .rossover distortion occurs in what amplifier? Push pull What do "ou call the left side of the pulse? Leading edge What do "ou call the right side of the pulse? Trailing edge What is a group of flip flops each of which has the capa!ilit" of storing a true o false logic level and all of which are ena!led !" a single control? =uad latch What t"pe of varia!le resistor that is temperature sensitive? Thermistor 2 What refers to the time for a dis to spin a particular sector under a head for reading? Latenc) time What welding method is speciall" developed for application in vacuum welding? Electron 'eam 8elding What will happen if the charging rate to a !atter" is too high? Increase of h)drogen li'eration rate What is the disadvantage of using moving iron in measuring ac current? The scale is une4en What t"pe of regulator is used in applications re2uiring efficient utili3ation of primar" power source? Series regulator

What is the valua!le tool in determining the time re2uired for current in an inductor to reach a specific value? L>R time constant What will the output !e if the two input signals in a differential amplifier are e2ual in amplitude !ut neither in phase nor 9M& degrees out of phase? A different shape than the input signal 'ut larger in amplitude What is a rate transmission s"stem that operates on direct current? Step transmission s)stem What microwave oscillator is tuned !" changing the repeller voltage? Refle (l)stron What instrument is used to record wave shape of voltage and current? Ondograph What is an electrostatic field that has !een created !" #oining of ) material to a section of 7 material? Junction 'arrier The universe is composed of what main parts? !atter and energ) What element of the MOSFET is insulated from the channel material? Gate terminal (ow will "ou change the output of an :S flip flop? A high or 1 is re6uired to 'e placed in R input What was the earliest form of micromodule? Cord8ood module What is another term for compensation theorem? Su'stitution theorem What factor !" which the generated voltage must !e multiplied to o!tain the correct value? 2istri'ution factor What is the limited temperature range of silicon semiconductor? -1// to %//FC Who proposed the idea of manipulating atom !" atom in 9N%N? Richard &e)nman :esistors are formed from what material in monolithic 4.? P t)pe semiconductor


A modern industrial ro!ot is !ultifunctionalE controlledE programma'le ser4o and

(ow man" 7) #unctions does a photoresistor have? / or none With negative feed!ac 5 the closed loop voltage can !e reduced and controlled so that the op amp can function as what? Linear amplifier What is the range of values usuall" chosen for a cho e? &rom 1 to / +enries What is the purpose of the output capacitor in a power suppl" circuit? &ilter out ac ripple What is the term used to refer to encr"pted data? Cipher te t (ow man" segments are needed to displa" an" digit? " What refers to human resources of a computer s"stem? People8are What is the shelf life of a lithium cell? ; to 1/ )ears What instrument is used wavelength of an :F wave? @a4emeter The analog meter has an accurac" of BBB percent of their full scale value* 1 to B What satura!le core reactors solve the pro!lem of< flu1 aiding and opposing control flu1 during< half c"cle of ac load current? Three legged and toroidal What is the operating temperature of class ( motor? 1./FC What must !e done in order to increase the !andwidth of an op amp and decrease the voltage gain? Add negati4e feed'ac( What is often used to determine the conduction velocit" of peripheral nerves !" stimulating or recording the<? 0 ENG Electroneurogram to measure the

What is the purpose of using separators in a !atter"? To pre4ent the plates from shorting together What is an elementar" particle that has no charge5 3ero rest mass5 and travels at the speed of light? Neutrino Rough mode ans8ers onl):< coaching 9(e)8ords and

Elastic scattering !" electron Compton effect -etermined !" their position $ra4ais lattice .oordination num!er of 92 &ace centered cu'ic .oordination num!er of M $od) centered cu'ic 7ac ing factor of &*%2 Simple cu'ic 7ac ing factor of &*K+ &ace centered Operating temperature of class F motor 1;;FC Operating temperature of class @ motor 1B/FC Alpha particle % 101 1/-1# .onductivit" of silver 1/.0.H .onductivit" of copper 1/%01H .onductivit" of NN*%' aluminum 1BH :esistivit" of car!on B;/ 1/-. .orrect electrostatic error !adelung constant Microphone that detects fre2uenc" direct from the throat Lar)ngaphone WO:M dis 1% cmE %;/E/// te t pages 9 mole of su!stance ,1;// Mass of leptron ,0/11 1// +D (igh E +igh selecti4it) Method of removing paralla1 error 1/-%. Magnetic amplifier can !e used up to

4f the motor frame is found to !e e1cessivel" hot5 what is the most li el" cause? &ault) starter What is the essential feature of an autotransformer? It uses onl) one 8inding What is the most efficient method of increasing the speed of 0*K% W dc shunt motor? &lu control method What is the input impedance of a common !ase amplifier for an emitter current of 9 mA? %; ohms Who discovered transistor? J0 $ardeen $rattain and @0 the +0

)o 2 electrons can have the same set of + 2uantum num!ers Pauli e clusion principle :adius of an atom 1/-1# m Weston standard cell Potentiometer :eference of program to ever" page such that< not enough memor" Trashing ("perfre2uenc" B// (+D A wa" to stop motor Plugging +th postulate of )eils @ohr Angular momentum is 6uantiDed )eils @ohr has # postulates First antimatter discovered Positron Antiparallel pair 2iamagnetism 4nput is l"stron and output is TWT T8)stron )ew ra" technolog" !uon radiograph) :emove roc s and dust in crude mica Co''ing ?sed in pre emphasis Accentuator 7rogramming in ?S -OA2A )ot a ind of %%% timer B,/;

A thermocouple can !e used in AC and 2C


What is the ratio of flu1 in the ion part to the flu1 in the air gap? Lea(age circuit What is an" of the s"stem of unit for electricit" and magnetism !ased on the s"stem of e2uations in which the permea!ilit" of free space is ta en as unit" and !" means of which the ampere is defined as the fundamental unit of current? Electromagnetic ?nit 9E!?: The motion of charge particles especiall" colloidal particles through a relativel" stationar" li2uid under the influence of an applied electric provided in general !" immersed electrodes* Electrophoresis


Placing a mirror Mass production of pro#ection welding Spot 8elding (ottest electrode Pressure 8elding M4A welding uses Consuma'le electrode M4A welding uses BBB as power source 2CRP ?sed to prevent arcing in circuit !rea ers Arch e tinguishers Another term for retentivit" Remanence A!ilit" of material to retain its magnetism Retenti4it) Wh" is there an air gap? A4oid core saturation ,oltage defect at 99&' of ,ma1 and occurs for more than 9 c"cle Surge Time to decrease from N&' to 9&' of its value &all time + Stud" of visi!le light Photometr) Another term for tooth !elt Timing 'elt $!eta deca" Reduce 'inding energ) O!eta deca" Proton to neutron &*9 Amu !eson :eciprocal of amu A4ogadroCs num'er :eciprocal of wavelength @a4e num'er

9 electron 1 esu (as sharp cusp T8in T oscillator Magnetic amplifier controls power Charging inductance 9 amu 1011 1/%" (g

7oor input is poor output GIGO 9gar'age in gar'age out: :atio of atom volume to cell volume Pac(ing factor T"pes of assem!l" ro!ots CartesianE anthropomorphicE SCARA ELECTRONICS &INAL COAC+ING 9* -es top and personal computers are also nown as BBB* ANS0 !ICROCO!P?TERS 2* /aser !eam technolog" is used for BB* ANS0 OPTICAL 2IS7S 0* A !undle of !asic software designed to wor togetherG ANS0 S?ITE +* Time$sharing of resources !" users is usuall" ANS0 $ASE2 ON TI!E SLICES %* Management of an operating s"stem is handled !"G ANS0 T+E S?PER3ISOR PROGRA! ;* The process of allocating main memor" separate from one another is calledG ANS0 !E!ORK !ANAGE!ENT K* The techni2ue where!" part of the program is stored on dis and is !rought into memor" for e1ecution as needed is called BB* ANS0 3IRT?AL STORAGE M* Another name for an operating environment is BB* ANS0 S+ELL N* Which one of the following uses graphical icons? ANS0 G?I 9&* An on$screen picture* ANS0 ICON 99* The memor" area for programs with highest priorit"* ANS0 &OREGRO?N2 92* 7rewritten standard file$handling programs are called BB* ANS0 ?TILITIES 90* The signal that the computer is awaiting a command from the userG ANS0 PRO!PT 9+* )OS refers toG ANS0 OPERATING SKSTE! &OR A NET@OR7 9%* 7-A stands forG ANS0 PERSONAL 2ATA ASSISTANT

-ou!les ever" "ear the later ever" 9M to 2+ months !ooreCs la8 Aeneral purpose op amp L!1/1A T"pes of 4. pac aging TOE flatpac(E and dual in line Electricit" to light Optical computer -eposit electricit" in a mold Electroform Suppl" electric shoc to the !rain Electrocorticogram ?sed in small !usiness programming SO+O 4nput offset voltage drift ; to ;/ micro4olts Armstrong oscillator uses Tic(ler coil .omputer Leap frog test 7entium chips 1>;// of hairstrand and %; atoms insulator siDe ,ideo amplifier can amplifier from 1/ +D to 1 !+D :F amplifier 1/ (+D to 1//E/// !+D Most sta!le to use in :F amplifiers Common 'ase To provide an inductor in 4.s RC s)nthesis Measures self inductance using resistors and capacitors in series O8en 'ridge

9;* An imaging techni2ue used to measure the magnetic fields produced !" electrical activit" in the !rain* ANS0 !AGNETOENCEP+ALOGRAP+ 9K* What sensor is used in magnetoencephalograph? ANS0 S?PERCON2?CTING =?ANT?! INTER&ERENCE 9M* Main program in the operating s"stem* ANS0 7ERNEL 9N* Which of the following splices is )OT !utted? ANS0 7NOTTE2 TAP JOINT 2&* What nonmetallic material is most commonl" used to protect wires and ca!les? ANS0 &I$RO?S $RAI2 29* When a wire is insulated with glass !raid or as!estos and re2uires stripping5 which of the following tools should not !e used? ANS0 +OT-$LA2E @IRE STRIPPER 22* When "ou solder electrical connector splices5 and terminal lugs5 what t"pe of solder should "ou use? ANS0 1/>#/ SOL2ER 20* When noninsulated splices and terminal lugs are insulated5 what t"pes insulation are most commonl" used? ANS0 R?$$ER TAPE AN2 +EAT S+RIN7A$LE T?$ING 2+* When a Western ?nion splice is used to connect two wires5 wh" should the twisted ends of the wires !e pressed down as close as possi!le to the straight portion of the wire? ANS0 TO PRE3ENT T+E @IRES &RO! P?NCT?RING T+E TAPE CO3ERING 2%* What t"pes of insulation are !est suited for use in a high$temperature environment? ANS0 &EPE EMTR?2E2 POLKTETRA&L?OROET+KLENE AN2 SILICONE R?$$ER 2;* What should !e done with the remova!le tip of a soldering gun after it !ecomes pitted? ANS0 &ILE T+E TIP S!OOT+ AN2 RETIN IT 2K* For a g"ro to !e universall" mounted5 it M?ST have a total of how man" gim!als5 if an"? ANS0 T@O 2M* A position servo s"stem e1hi!its a series of overtravels* This condition is nown !" which of the following terms? ANS0 +?NTING


2N* For a servo s"stem to operate smoothl" and efficientl"5 it must have !alance !etween which of the following factors? ANS0 A!PLI&ICATION AN2 2A!PING 0&* The operating of an accelerometer is !ased on what ph"sical propert"? ANS0 INERTIA 09* Amount of precession of a < is proportional to what input factor? ANS0 RATE O& GKRO CASE ROTATION 02* What does the arrow on a s"nchro schematic s"m!ol indicate? ANS0 T+E ANG?LAR POSITION O& T+E ROTOR 00* 4n a properl" operating servo s"stem5 what is the phase relationship !etween the reference voltages to the error detector and the demodulator? ANS0 IN P+ASE ONLK 0+* S"nchro capacitors are used to provide which of the following characteristics in a s"nchro s"stem? ANS0 I!PRO3E2 ACC?RACK 0%* Multispeed s"nchro s"stems have what of the following advantages over singlespeed s"nchro s"stems? ANS0 GREATER ACC?RACK 0;* -uring s"nchro alignment5 what is the purpose of the coarse setting? ANS0 TO ENS?RE A SETTING O& *ERO 2EGREES RAT+ER T+AN I./ 2EGREES 0K* The voltage used to prevent false s"nchroni3ation is nown !" what term? ANS0 STIC7O&& 3OLTAGE

0M* 4f "ou find that a s"nchro has !ad !earings5 which of the following actions should "ou ta e? ANS0 REPLACE T+E SKNC+RO 0N* 4n what ma1imum num!er of directions is a rate g"ro free to precess? ANS0 T@O +&* 7ulse$counting accelerometers are designed for use onl" with what t"pe of e2uipment? ANS0 2IGITAL CO!P?TERS +9* @ecause its resistance changes ver" little temperature changes5 what conductor is !est suited for use in measuring instruments? ANS0 !ANGANIN +2* What definition !est descri!es an insulating material? ANS0 A !ATERIAL T+AT +AS A 3ERK +IG+ RESISTANCE +0* 7lastic insulation is normall" used for what levels of voltage? ANS0 !E2I?! TO LO@ ++* What is the common name for enamel insulated wire? ANS0 !AGNET @IRE +%* The preferred method for removing insulation from most t"pes of insulated wire is !" using what tool? ANS0 @IRE STRIPPER +;* When is a rattail normall" used? ANS0 @+EN A $RANC+ CIRC?IT IS RE=?IRE2 AN2 A J?NCTION $OM IS ?SE2 TO JOIN CON2?IT +K* When a large aluminum terminal lug or splice is installed5 wh" is it )OT necessar" to clean the aluminum wire? ANS0 T+E @IRE IS CLEANE2 $K T+E A$RASI3E CO!PO?N2 IN T+E L?G OR SPLICE +M* What action generall" causes a fractured solder #oint? ANS0 !O3E!ENT O& T+E SOL2ERE2 PARTS 2?RING T+E COOLING PROCESS +N* When a wire is soldered to a connector5 wh" should the wire !e stripped appro1imatel" 9602 inch longer than the depth of the solder !arrel? ANS0 TO PRE3ENT $?RNING T+E @IRE INS?LATION %&* Wh" should a small wattage soldering iron )OT !e used to solder large conductors? ANS0 T+E IRON !AINTAIN A SATIS&ACTORK SOL2ERING TE!PERAT?RE @+ILE GI3ING ?P +EAT TO T+E CON2?CTOR

%9* When electrical and electronic components are soldered5 what t"pe of flu1 must !e used? ANS0 ROSIN %2* What is the most efficient soldering temperature? ANS0 ;;/O& %0* The current gain in a common$collector circuit is called BB* ANS0 GA!!A %+* A method for chec ing transistor is cum!ersome when more than one transistor is !ad in a circuit? ANS0 S?$STIT?TION !ET+O2 %%* A !rea down theor" that e1plains the action that ta e place in a heavil" doped 7)$#unction with a reverse !ias of less than % volts* ANS0 *ENER E&&ECT %;* The arrow in a MOSFET indicates a BB* ANS0 S?$STRATE %K* What provides a timing signaling in a digital e2uipment? ANS0 CLOC7 %M* A fault" transistor would !e identified as what level of pac aging? ANS0 LE3EL / %N* What is the preferred tool to use to strip of aluminum wire? ANS0 7NI&E ;&* The a!ilit" of a g"ro to maintain a position in space is referred to !" what term? ANS0 PRECESSION ;9* A device that allows the depositing of material in selected areas of a semiconductor su!strate5 !ut not in others is nown as a ANS0 @A&ER !AS7 ;2* /etters and num!er stamped on !od" of an 4. serve to provide which of the following t"pes of information? ANS0 ?SE ;0* Electrostatic charges ma" develop as high as which of the following voltages? ANS0 B;E/// 3OLTS ;+* -amage to some electronic components can occur at what minimum electrostatic potential? ANS0 B; 3OLTS ;%* The most comple1 to produce and difficult to repair printed circuit !oards are those made using which of the following methods? ANS0 LAKER-$?IL2 ?P ;;* What is the minimum num!er of s"nchro devices needed for a simple s"nchro transmission s"stem?

ANS0 T@O ;K* The value of voltage or current at one particular instant of time* ANS0 INSTANTANEO?S ;M* What t"pe of filter is used to !loc the passage of current for a narrow !and of fre2uenc" while allowing current to flow at all fre2uencies a!ove or !elow this !and? ANS0 $AN2 REJECT &ILTER ;N* 4f "ou are loo ing for !oth good voltage gain and high input resistance5 "ou must use a BB* ANS0 CO!!ON-SO?RCE A!PLI&IER K&* What term is used to descri!e electronic s"stems that are made up of e1tremel" small parts or elements? ANS0 !ICROELECTRONICS K9* 7n #unctions are protected from contamination during the fa!rication process !" which of the following materials? ANS0 OMI2E K2* To deposit highl" < su!strate5 which of the following methods is used? ANS0 3AC??! E3APORATION K0* 4n 4. production5 gold or aluminum !onding wires are used for which of the following purposes? ANS0 TO CONNECT T+E C+IP TO T+E PAC7AGE LEA2S K+* An assem!l" of microcircuits or a com!ination of microcircuits and discrete components is referred to as a ANS0 !ICROCIRC?IT !O2?LE K%* Test e2uipment that continuousl" monitors performance and automaticall" isolates faults to remova!le assem!lies is what categor" of e2uipment? ANS0 ON-LINE K;* Which of the following allo"s will melt directl" to li2uid and have no plastic or semili2uid state? ANS0 E?TECTIC ALLOK KK* A conformal coating is considered thin if it is less than what thic ness? ANS0 /0/%; INC+ KM* What ma1imum num!er of logic gates should !e e1pected in a large$scale integration circuit? ANS0 %E/// KN* 7rotective materials applied to electronic assem!lies to prevent damage caused !" corrosion5 moisture5 and stress are called BB* ANS0 CON&OR!AL COATINGS M&* .utting and peeling is an eas" method of removing which of the following t"pes of coatings?


ANS0 SILICONE M9* What are the approved methods of conformal coating removal? ANS0 !EC+ANICALE T+ER!AL G C+E!ICAL M2* Turret5 for 5 and hoo terminals are e1amples of what t"pe of termination? ANS0 A$O3E-T+E-$OAR2 M0* What total num!er of degrees of !end are =a> full" clinched leads and =!> semiclinched leads? ANS0 9A: ,/ 9$: #; M+* Stirring the lead during desoldering prevents which of the following unwanted results? ANS0 S@EAT JOINTS M%* Most damage to printed circuit !oards occur at which of the following times? ANS0 2?RING CO!PONENT RE!O3AL M;* When removing solder with a solder wic 5 where should the wic !e placed in relation to the solder #oint and the iron? ANS0 $ET@EEN T+E JOINT AN2 T+E IRON MK* ,isual inspection of a completed repair is conducted to evaluate which of the following aspects of the repair? ANS0 @OR7!ANS+IP =?ALITK MM* 7lug$in -47s are suscepti!le to loosening !ecause of which of the following causes? ANS0 3I$RATION MN* For the removal of im!edded TOs in which of the following are free5 which of the following methods is recommended? ANS0 P?S+ O?T GENTLK N&* When a TO or a -47 is replaced on a printed circuit !oard5 what t"pe of termination is normall" used?

ANS0 T+RO?G+-T+E-$OAR2 N9* (eating the leads and lifting them up with twee3ers is the preferred method of removing which of the following components? ANS0 &LAT PAC7S N2* What is the first step in the repair of !urned or scorched !oards? ANS0 RE!O3ING ALL 2ISCOLORE2 !ATERIAL N0* The force !etween a magnet and a piece of ferromagnetic metal that has not !een magneti3edG ANS0 IS NE3ER REP?LSI3E N+* What significant advantage5 in some applications5 of a toroidal coil over a solenoid isG ANS0 T+E !AGNETIC &L?M IN A TOROI2 IS PRACTICALLK ALL @IT+IN T+E CORE N%* What is the unit of current? ANS0 A!PERE N;* What is the unit of resistance? ANS0 O+! NK* What is the unit of charge? ANS0 CO?LO!$ NM* What is the lightest element? ANS0 +K2ROGEN NN* What is the ma1imum output voltage rate of change of an op$amp? ANS0 SLE@ RATE 9&&* A converter that changes ac$voltage to another ac$voltage level* ANS0 AC-CON3ERTER 9&9* Which one is )OT a factor affecting resistance? ANS0 !ASS 9&2* Output of 9 if all inputs are &* ANS0 NOR GATE 9&0* Output of & if all inputs are &* ANS0 OR GATE 9&+* Output of 9 if all inputs are 9* ANS0 AN2 GATE 9&%* An adder which can add up two !inar" digits !ut will not produce a carr"* ANS0 =?ARTER A22ER 9&;* @oolean alge!ra is used primaril" !" BB to simplif" circuits* ANS0 2ESIGN ENGINEERS 9&K* Which of the following terms applies to the output of a control transformer? ANS0 ERROR SIGNAL 9&M* What is the harmonic composition of s2uare wave in phase with the fundamental?

ANS0 O22 +AR!ONIC 9&N* 4nput of the d$flip flop* ANS0 2ATA AN2 CLOC7O 99&* What g"ro characteristic provides the !ases of the operation at a rate g"ro? ANS0 PRECESSION 999* .omponent containing 4.* ANS0 !ICROCIRC?IT 992* What is the purpose of using toggle flipflops? ANS0 TO 2I3I2E T+E INP?T &RE=?ENCK $K % 990* (ow does the stator receive its voltage? ANS0 $K !AGNETIC CO?PLING &RO! T+E ROTOR 99+* An instrument used to measure relative humidit"* ANS0 PSKC+RO!ETER 99%* A structure for solids in which the position of atoms is predetermined* ANS0 CRKSTALLINE 99;* The most popular op$amp pac ages are metal can5 M$pin -475 and the SMT* Which of these corresponds to TO$NN? ANS0 !ETAL CAN 99K* The minimum amount of current needed for an S.: to conduct continuousl"* ANS0 +OL2ING C?RRENT 99M* The voltage across the anode =A> and cathode =H> terminals of an S.: when conducting* ANS0 +OL2ING 3OLTAGE 99N* .onfining each program to certain defined limits in memor" is called BB* ANS0 !E!ORK PROTECTION 92&* Transient suppression minimi3es the chance of BB* ANS0 2IO2E &AIL?RE 929* 4n OTA5 transconductance is control !" BB* ANS0 $IAS C?RRENT 922* What inductor is used at fre2uenc" N% M(3? ANS0 AIR CORE 920* :egulator that dissipates less power and less heat* ANS0 S@ITC+ING REG?LATOR 92+* < oscilloscope ANS0 TRIGGER +OL2 O&& 92%* Set of programs that are !etween applications software and hardware* ANS0 OPERATING PROGRA! 92;* 4nstrumentation amplifiers are used in BB* ANS0 +IG+NNOISE EN3IRON!ENT

92K* What t"pe of indicating instrument is installed in the stator circuit of s"nchro s"stem? ANS0 AN O3ERLOA2 IN2ICATOR 92M* BBB is the process ma ing a material CpassiveD in relation to another material prior to using the materials together* ANS0 PASSI3ATION 92N* < higher fre2uenc" < ANS0 RA2IO &RE=?ENCK $RI2GE 90&* 4t sometimes nown as Ma1well$Wein !ridge* < ANS0 !AM@ELL $RI2GE 909* Self$inductance < capacitance and resistance< ANS0 O@EN $RI2GE 902* A graph of thermod"namic properties of moist air at a constant pressure5 such as wet$!ul! temperature and dr"$!ul! temperature* ANS0 PSKC+RO!ETRIC C+ART 900* The li!eration or a!sorption < when an electric current flows from a warmer to a cooler part of a conductor is called BB* ANS0 T+O!SON E&&ECT 90+* Which of the following terms descri!es the first remainder when converted to decimal num!ers to other !ases? ANS0 LS2 90%* What causes the process called #unction recom!ination to occur when ) and 7 materials are #oined together? ANS0 T+E 2I&&?SION O& ELECTRONS AN2 +OLES !O3ING ACROSS T+E J?CTION INTO T+E T@O !ATERIALS 90;* Which of the following will appl" to a moving coil instrument? ANS0 E3EN SCALE !EAS?RING 2C 90K* Which of the following will appl" to a moving coil rectifier instrument? ANS0 E3EN SCALE !EAS?RING AC 90M* Which of the following will appl" to a moving iron instrument? ANS0 ?NE3EN SCALE !EAS?RING AC AN2 2C 90N* A method of curve fitting using linear pol"nomials heavil" emplo"ed in mathematics particularl" numerical anal"sis and numerous applications including computer graphics* ANS0 LINEAR INTERPOLATION 9+&* The voltage across the anode and cathode terminals of the S.: when conducting* ANS0 +OL2ING 3OLTAGE 9+9* What are e1amples of acceptor impurities?


ANS TRI3ALENT I!P?RITIES 9+2* What are e1amples of trivalent impurities? ANS0 $ORON E GALLI?!E IN2I?! 9+0* The ma1imum output voltage swing of an op$amp? ANS0 P3SAT TO N3SAT 9++* The current needed at the input of an opamp to operate it normall"* ANS0 INP?T $IAS C?RRENT 9+%* The most e1tensivel" used semiconductor* ANS0 SILICON 9+;* What current flow in a semiconductor is due to the applied electric field? ANS0 2RI&T C?RRENT 9+K* The purpose of installing th"rectors* ANS0 TO PROTECT T+E CIRC?ITS &RO! +IG+ 3OLTAGE S?RGES 9+M* .onfining each program to certain defined limits in memor" is called BBBBBB* ANS0 !E!ORK PROTECTION 9+N* Transient suppression minimi3es the chance of BBBBB* ANS0 2IO2E &AIL?RE 9%&* 4n OTA transconductance is controlled !"BBBBB* ANS0 $IAS C?RRENT 9%9* What inductor is used at fre2uencies of N% M(P* ANS0 AIR CORE 9%2* :egulator that dissipates less power and less heat* ANS0 S@ITC+ING REG?LATOR 9%0* 7eriod of time which the oscilloscope cannot trigger* ANS0 TRIGGER +OL2 O&& 9%+* A good form of inductor at FM ANS0 AIR CORE

9%%* Set of programs that lies !etween application software and the computer hardware* ANS0 OPERATING PROGRA! 9%;* 4nstrumentation amplifiers are used inBBBB* ANS0 +IG+ NOISE EN3IRON!ENT 9%K* What t"pe of indicating device is usuall" installed in the stator circuit of a tor2ue s"nchro s"stem* ANS0 AN O3ERLOA2 IN2ICATOR 9%M* BBBB is the process of ma ing a material CpassiveD in relation to another material prior to using the material together* ANS0 PASSI3ATION 9%N* 4n the conte1t of corrosion5 BBBBB is the spontaneous formation of a hard non reactive surface film that inhi!its further corrosion* This la"er is usuall" an o1ide or nitride that is a few molecules thic * ANS0 PASSI3ATION 9;&* Two conductors with insulator !etween them is calledBBBBB* ANS0 CON2ENSER 9OL2 NA!E:> CAPACITOR 9NE@ NA!E: 9;9* .hemical reactions that release energ" are called e1othermic reactionsJ BBBB is an e1ample of e1othermic reaction* ANS0 &REE*ING 9;2* This !ridge is often used in la!oratories to measure !oth capacitances and inductive circuits at higher fre2uencies* ANS0 RA2IO &RE=?ENCK $RI2GE 9;0* 4s sometimes called Ma1well Q wien !ridge and is used to measure an un nown inductance with a standard capacitance* ANS0 !AM@ELL $RI2GE 9;+* A four arm alternating current !ridge used to measure self inductance in terms of capacitance and resistanceJ !ridge !alance is independent of fre2uenc"* ANS0 O@EN $RI2GE 9;%* A graph of the thermod"namic properties of moist air at a constant pressure5 such as wet !ul! temperature and dr" !ul! temperature* ANS0 PSKC+RO!ETRIC C+ART 9;;* The li!eration or a!sorption of heat when an electric current flows from a warmer to a cooler part of a conductor is called BBBBBB* ANS0 T+O!SON E&&ECT 9;K* A certain condition wherein a nucleon can !e stimulated to emit a ver" sharpl" defined !eams of gamma ra"s* ANS0 !OSS$A?ER E&&ECT

9;M* Which of the following t"pe of test e2uipment is classified as off$line automatic test e2uipment* ANS0 3ERSATILE A3IONIC S+OP TEST 93AST: 9;N* Which of the following terms descri!ing the first remainder when converting decimal num!er to other !ases* ANS0 LS2 9K&* (ow do "ou connect a voltmeter in a circuit? ANS0 IN PARALLEL 9K9* (ow do "ou increase the range of a voltmeter? ANS0 INSERT A +IG+ RESISTANCE IN SERIES @IT+ T+E !ETER 9K2* As a rule of thum!5 power rectifier can operate satisfactoril" with front to !ac ratio or the !ac to front ratio of* ANS0 1/ TO 1 9K0* As a rule of thum!5 signal diode can operate satisfactoril" with front to !ac ratio or the !ac to front ratio of* ANS0 B// TO 1 9K+* What maintains a more constant speed under var"ing load conditions than a series motor* ANS0 S+?NT !OTOR 9K%* A filter which allows a narrow !and of fre2uencies to pass through the circuit and re#ects or attenuates fre2uencies which are either higher or lower than the desired fre2uenc"* ANS0 $AN2PASS &ILTER 9K;* A circuit that is used to !loc the passage of current for a narrow !and of fre2uencies5 while allowing current to flow at all fre2uencies a!ove or !elow the this !and* This t"pe of filter is also nown as a !and suppression or !and re#ect* ANS0 $AN2STOP &ILTER 9KK* What theorem is used in solving electrical circuits with several voltage sources? ANS0 S?PERPOSITION 9KM* What is the process of determining the magnitude of something in terms of a recogni3ed standard? ANS0 !EAS?RE!ENT 9KN* A varia!le positive regulator* ANS0 B1" 9M&* What is the efficienc" of a full wave rectifier? ANS0 .10%H 9M9* The value at an" instant of time* ANS0 INSTANTANEO?S 3AL?E 9M2* 4n car!on 3inc !atter"5 3inc serves as the BBB* ANS0 NEGATI3E CAT+O2E

9M0* The electronic the electronic transfer from one stage to another is calledBBBBB* ANS0 CO?PLING 9M+* Who discovered the magnetic effect? ANS0 +ANS C+RISTIAN OERSTE2 9M%* One coulom! of charge has how man" electrons* ANS0 10%; M1/Q1. 9M;* Energ" gap of a semiconductor is? ANS0 1E3 9MK* What is the t"pical range of resistivit" of semiconductor diode? ANS0 1/M1/Q# 9MM* What do "ou call a semiconductor that is doped with !oth donor and acceptor impurities? ANS0 CO!PENSATE2 SE!ICON2?CTOR 9MN* The resistance of a semiconductor is nown as? ANS0 $?L7 RESISTANCE 9N&* What is the ma1imum theoretical efficienc" of a solar cell? ANS0 %%H 9N9* An advantage of al aline cell over a 3inc car!on cell ANS0 AN AL7ALI CELL @OR7S AT LO@ER TE!PERAT?RE 9N2* To deposit highl" reactive material into a su!strate5 which of the following method is used? ANS0 3AC??! E3APORATION 9N0* Which !rea down theor" is e1plains the action that ta es places in a heavil" doped 7) #unction with a reverse !ias !elow % volts* ANS0 *ENER E&&ECT 9N+* The ?IT conducts from !ase9 to =a> what point when it is forward !iased and from =!> what point to !ase 2 when it is reversed !iased? ANS0 9A: E!ITTER 9$: E!ITTER 9N%* The MOSFET is normall" constructed so that it operates in either the depletion mode or the enhancement mode* The depletion mode MOSFET =a> uses what t"pe of !ias and =!> has what t"pe of doped channel to cause a depletion of current carriers in the channel? ANS0 9A: RE3ERSE 9$: +EA3ILK 9N;* Which of the following circuits that is re2uired in a multispeed servo s"stem is )OT re2uired in a single speed servo s"stem? ANS0SKNC+RONI*ER 9NK* Which of the following devices can !e used as a position sensor in a servo s"stem? ANS0 POTENTIO!ETER 9NM* 4n K+/S1115/S means

ANS0 LO@ PO@ER SC+OTT7K 9NN* The si3e of empt" folder is appro1imatel" ANS0 17$ 2&&* Which is not a solid? ANS0 S?PERCRITICAL 2&9* A compound of the elements gallium and arsenic used in the manufacture of devices such as microwave fre2uenc" integrated circuits5 monolithic microwave integrated circuits5 infrared /E-5 laser diode5 solar cells and optical window* ANS0 GALLI?! ARSENI2E 2&2* A resistor mar ing of + K has what value? ANS0#0"7O+! 2&0* 4f the inputs of the O: gate are inverted with )OT gates5 the overall gate is* ANS0 NAN2 GATE 2&+* A paper capacitor generall" has a shorter service life than most other t"pes of capacitor* This is a BBBB statement* ANS0&ALSE 2&%* ,oltage drop isBBBB ANS0 2I&&ERENCE IN POTENTIAL $ET@EEN T@O POINT 2&;* The slip speed of an induction motor is 9&&' until the rotor moves and then falls to a BBBB* ANS0 LO@ 3AL?E 2&K* A rela" can !e used toBBB* ANS0 2ECREASE T+E C?RRENT IN A CIRC?IT 2&M* Flow calorimeters are classified !" the t"pe of measurement performed5 the t"pe of heating used5 and what other characteristic? ANS0 TKPE O& CIRC?LATION ?SE2 2&N* .apacitance of a varia!le capacitor is ma1imum at

ANS0 !O3A$LE PLATES ARE CLOSE TOGET+ER 29&* There is an attractive force !etween two parallel conductors when the current in them is ANS0 OPPOSITE IN 2IRECTION 299* The speed in a generator is dou!led while the flu1 is constant the generator EMF is ANS0 2O?$LE 292* 4ntrinsic semiconductor have ANS0 CO3ALENT $ON2S &OR!ING A TETRA+E2RAL STR?CT?RE 290* 4f "ou are preparing to single lace conductors5 what total length must the lacing !e in a relationship !e to the longest conductor ANS0 % AN2 ONE +AL& TI!ES T+E LENGT+ 29+* What causes the process called #unction recom!ination to occur when ) t"pe and 7 t"pe materials are #oined together ANS0 2I&&?SION O& ELECTRONS AN2 +OLES !O3ING ACROSS T+E J?NCTION IN T+E T@O !ATERIAL 29%* At t"pical silicon wafer has appro1imatel" =a> what diameter and =!> what thic ness? ANS0 9A: % INC+ES 9$: /0/1-/ 0/% 29;* Each satellite in the iridium satellite networ has how man" spot !eams? ANS0 #. 29K* False regarding a three phase induction motor ANS0 T+E SKNC+RONO?S SPEE2 IS IN3ERSELK PROPORTIONAL TO T+E N?!$ER O& POLES 29M* 4n pure silicon ANS0 T+E +OLES AN2 T+E ELECTRONS EMIST IN E=?AL N?!$ERS 29N* Effect of air gap in a magnetic circuit is ANS0 INCREASE T+E REL?CTANCE 22&* All logic gates are made up of ANS0 TRANSISTORS 229* Of the following tests5 which is the most valid for chec ing a diode ANS0 A 2KNA!IC ELECTRICAL C+EC7 @IT+ A 2IO2E TEST SET 222* Transformer secondar" current is greater than the primar" current in a step up transformer5 this statement is aBBBBBBB statement ANS0 &ALSE 220* The most comple1 to produce and difficult to repair printed circuit !oards are those made using which of the following methods ANS0 LAKER $?IL2 ?P !ET+O2

22+* What part of a s"nchro provides a part for e1ternal connection? ANS0 TER!INAL $OAR2 22%* When a capacitor is connected to a ac suppl"5 the current ANS0 LEA2S T+E 3OLTAGE $K ,/ 2EGREES 22;* What term defines the capacit" of a soldering iron to generate and maintain a satisfactor" soldering temperature while giving up heat to the #oint !eing soldered? ANS0 T+ER!AL INERTIA 22K* A !atter" consist of a ANS0 N?!$ER O& CELLS 22M* What term is used to descri!e current pulses that flow in the same direction ANS0 P?LSATION 2IRECT C?RRENT 22N* Which of the following test e2uipment is most accurate for measuring -. voltages ANS0 2I&&ERENTIAL 3OLT!ETER 20&* 4n series mound generator running at constant speed as the load current increases ANS0 T+E TER!INAL 3OLTAGE INCREASES 209* What t"pe of !ias is constant and improves thermal sta!ilit" ANS0 CO!$INATION $IAS 202* The greater the internal resistance of a cell ANS0 T+E LESS TER!INAL PO@ER 2ISSIPATION 200* A function ta!le ANS0 IS LI7E A TR?T+ TA$LE &OR SE=?ENTIAL CIRC?ITS 20+* Elements penetrate the semiconductor su!strate in =a> What t"pe of 4. !ut =!> do )OT penetrate the su!strate in what t"pe of 4. ANS0 9A: 2I&&?SE2 9$: EPITAMIAL T+E EN2 ?SERS AN2 T+E NET@OR7 20%* ,i!rating reed meters and moving disc meters are primaril" used to measure which of the following valuesG ANS0 T+E ROTATIONAL SPEE2 O& T+E SKNC+RONO?S 20;* What are the 2 general classifications of s"nchro s"stem? ANS0 TOR=?E AN2 CONTROL 20K* Wh" is flu1 used in the soldering process? Ans0 IT ACTS AS A CLEANING AGENT TO RE!O3E OMI2E 20M* What t"pe of A. motor uses a com!ination of inductance and capacitance to appl" out$of$ phase currents to the start windings ANS0 SPLIT-P+ASE IN2?CTION

20N* The a!ilit" of a spectrum anal"3er to resolve signals is limited !" which of the following factors ANS0 T+E NARRO@EST $AN2@I2T+ O& T+E SPECTR?! ANALK*ER 2+&* .apacitance is a ration ofG ANS0 POTENTIAL 2I&&ERENCE $ET@EEN PLATES TO T+E T+IC7NESS 2+9* Wh" is a lacing shuttle used when conductors are laced in !undles ANS0 IT +ELPS PRE3ENT T+E COR2 OR TAPE &RO! &O?LING 2+2* The process of causing the pressure in a li2uid filled container to !e reduced !elow the vapor pressure of the li2uid causing the li2uid to evaporate at a lower temperature than the normal ANS0 3AC??! E3APORATION 2+0* Materials that are engineered materials made from two or more constituent materials made with significantl" different ph"sical or chemical properties which remains separate and distinct on a macroscopic level within the finished structure* ANS0 CO!POSITE !ATERIAL 2++* ,acuum evaporation and cathode sputtering are two methods used to produce which of the following t"pes of components ANS0 T+IN &IL! 2+%* Which of the following t"pes of s"nchro devices provides a mechanical output? ANS0 TOR=?E RECEI3ER 2+;* What is the most common range of value selected for a power suppl" cho e? ANS0 1-%/ +ENRIES 2+K* An alternator using a gas tur!ine as a prime mover should have what t"pe of rotor? ANS0 T?R$INE 2RI3EN 2+M* :efers to the total opposition to current ANS0 I!PE2ANCE 2+N* Which of the following is an advantage of using a current pro!e? ANS0 IT SENSES C?RRENT $K IN2?CTION @IT+O?T $EING CONNECTE2 2IRECTLK INTO T+E CIRC?IT 2%&* 4f the flu1 per pole of an A. generator is increased5 the speed ANS0 2ECREASES 2%9* The num!er of pole pairs re2uired to esta!lished a rotating magnetic field in a multiphase motor stator is determined !" which of the following factors? ANS0 T+E N?!$ER O& P+ASES


2%2* 4n most alternators5 the output voltage is controlled !" ad#usting the ANS0 &IEL2 3OLTAGE 2%0* The starting tor2ue a simple s2uirrel cage motor is BBBB ANS0 LO@ 2%+* When an un !iased pn #uction formed5 a BBBBBBBB e1ists ANS0 CONTACT POTENTIAL 2%%* All components and interconnection are formed on or within a single su!strate in which of the following units ANS0 INTEGRATE2 CIRC?IT 2%;* 4n a three$phase induction motor5 which is false ANS0 AS T+E ROTOR IS LOA2E2E T+E SLIP 2ECREASES 2%K* Assem!lies are made up ER./?S4,E/S of discrete electronic parts are classified as ANS0 !INIAT?RE ELECTRONICS CIRC?ITS 2%M* A neon lamp moved parallel to a two wire parallel transmission line will glow at its !rightest at which of the following points ANS0 !AMI!?! 3OLTAGE POINTS 2%N* What components causes a generator to produce a -. voltage instead of an A. voltage at its output ANS0 T+E CO!!?TATOR 2;&* What is meant !" the term tinning? ANS0 COATING T+E !ATERIAL TO $E SOL2ERE2 @IT+ A LIG+T COAT O& SOL2ER 2;9* Which has the greatest effect on the figure of merit on the circuit? ANS0 RESISTANCE 2;2* 7) #unction are protected from contamination during the

fa!rication process !" which of the following materials ANS0 OMI2E 2;0* A voltmeter should !e connected in an electrical circuit in what manner? ANS0 PARALLEL TO T+E LOA2 2;+* Which of the following configurations e1tends the range of a voltmeter? ANS0 A RESISTOR IN SERIES @IT+ T+E !ETER !O3E!ENT 2;%* What is normall" the front$to$!ac ration of a power rectifier? ANS0 1/<1 2;;* What is the normall" the front$to$!ac ration of a signal diode? ANS0 B//<1 2;K* The num!er of characters in a record ANS0 RECOR2 LENGT+ 2;M* The range sweep in a range gate generator is started at the same time the transmitter fires* ANS0 SKNC+RONI*ER 2;N* 4n a pulse radar s"stem5 what component controls timing throughout the s"stem? ANS0 SKNC+RONI*ER 2K&* The fre2uenc"$measuring capa!ilit" a digital multimeter can !e e1tended using which of the following device* ANS0 AN R& PRO$E 2K9* 4nterconnection of two or more !ranches* ANS0 NO2E 2K2* A node with no division of current ANS0 SI!PLE NO2E 2K0* A node in which H./ is applica!le* ANS0 PRINCIPAL NO2E 2K+* An /. !ridge that can measure self inductance* ANS0 !AM@ELL-@IEN $RI2GE 2K%* Which of the following terms is defined as the amount of load a machine can turn? ANS0 TOR=?E 2K;* The ?IT has which of the following advantage over the conventional transistor? ANS0 INCREASE2 TE!PERAT?RE STA$ILITK 2KK* A module which is difficult to repair !ecause it is completel" im!edded in solid material is one which has !eenBBB ANS0 ENCAPS?LATE2 2KM* (ow should a single lace !e started? ANS0 @IT+ A S=?ARE 7NOT AN2 T@O !ARLING +ITC+ES

2KN* Which of the following will appl" to a moving coil instrument? ANS0 E3EN SCALE !EAS?RING 2C 2M&* Which of the following will appl" to a moving coil rectifier instrument? ANS0 E3EN SCALE !EAS?RING AC 2M9* Which of the following will appl" to a moving iron instrument? ANS0 ?NE3EN SCALE !EAS?RING 2C>AC 2M2* An instrument constructed to measure the num!er of tons within a medium =which we will consider to !e gaseous* @ut can also !e solid or li2uid> ANS0 IONI*ATION C+A!$ER 2M0* A !rushless5 s"nchronous electric motor that can divide a full rotation into a large num!er of steps* ANS0 STEPPER !OTOR 2M+* A method of curve fitting using linear pol"nomials heavil" emplo"ed in mathematics particularl" numerical anal"sis and numerous application computer graphics* ANS0 LINEAR INTERPOLATION 2M%* The simplest of all gas filled radiation detectors5 and is used for the detection ormeasurement of ioni3ation radiation* ANS0 IONI*ATION C+A!$ER 2M;* The semiconductor doping impurities arsenic5 antimon"5 and !ismuth are classified as what t"pe of impurities? ANS0 PENTA3ALENT