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Investment in NAFA Money Market Funds Dear Sir,

NAFA is a Subsidiary of National Bank of Pakistan with Fullerton Fund Management Group Singapore! as the "oint #enture Partner$ NAFA is managing twel%e open&end Funds, two Pension Funds and se%eral dis'retionary portfolios with total Assets under Management of (s$ ),*+, 'rores as of August -., +/-0$ NAFA is rated AM+ #ery 1igh 2n%estment Management Standards! by PA3(A$

Benefits of Investing in Money Market Funds: Money Market Funds are the safest 'ategory of mutual funds$ 4hese funds in%est in 4&Bills, and AA 5 abo%e rated banks and 'ommer'ial paper$ Further, these funds 'annot in%est dire'tly or indire'tly in sto'k market and 'orporate bonds and anything o%er si6 months$ Tax Benefit of Investing in Money Market Funds for Corporates: 2n'ome in Money Market Funds is not liable to 'orporate in'ome ta6 while bank deposits are ta6ed at the 'orporate ta6 rate of 0.7$ An e6ample is gi%en below8
Investm ent in Bank -eposits Expected Return Tax ad usted return !"#$tax% )$9+7 p$a$ Expected Return& ,$).7 p$a$ Investm ent in Money Market Funds Tax ad usted return '(#)$p(a( Tax Benefit on MMF *()"$p(a( !'(#)$p(a( + #(,*$p(a(%

,$).7 p$a$

* expected annualized return based on current market conditions and interest rate scenario. :: This example assumes the investor opts for bonus units. .ey /tatistics of NAFA Money Market Fund NAFA 5overnment as of 0u1y "23 *42" /ecurities 6i7uid Fund 2*(' Fund si;e (s$ in billion! 8AAA!f%9 Fund stability rating by PA3(A '(2*$ p(a( Annuali;ed (eturn for "uly +/-0 :(#4$ p(a( <ast - =ear (eturn:: 2*('*$ <ast - =ear Bank&>?ui%alent (eturn:: Investment <niverse & '4(,;$ 4&bills *'(::$ Banks Deposits A%erage AAA rating! 2(2;$ Pla'ement with DF2s 244$ 4otal *As of July 31, !13 **Aug /-, +/-+ to "uly 0-, +/-0 NAFA Money Market Fund
2"(, 8AA!f%9 '()#$ p(a( :(,)$ p(a( 2"();$ 2,(2:$ ':("*$ *()4$ 244$

NAFA Money market mutual funds do not have any lock-in period and you can redeem your investment at any time you wish, with no penalty or reduction in profits. @e look forward to your in%estment in our Funds$
Aind regards,

Mu=ammad >aiser3CMF-+ICM (elationship Manager A3P Bran'h, Shadman "ail (oad, <ahore Contact @: 4"4;+#;#*224

<?ma /u1tan (elationship Manager A3P Bran'h, Shadman "ail (oad, <ahore Contact @: 4"4;+,'))*,)

"isclaimer# All in%estments in mutual Funds are subCe't to market risks$ Please read the Dffering Do'uments and 4rust Deeds of the Fund to understand the in%estment poli'ies and risk in%ol%ed$ 4he pri'e of units may go up as well as down$ Past performan'e is not ne'essarily indi'ati%e of future results$