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FishEye and Crucible 2.8 Released: Faster Browsing, Speedier Collaboration Cycles | Atlassian Blogs
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FishEye and Crucible 2.8 Released: Faster Browsing, Speedier Collaboration Cycles
By Giancarlo Lionetti, Product Marketing Manager - Dev Tools, Crucible, FishEye On August 15, 2012

Releases, tips, tricks and a whole lot more about source code, builds, code review and everything in between.
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Introducing the newest versions of FishEye and Crucible. Together, FishEye and Crucible put development teams into the fast lane as they collaborate on code sharing, visualizing and viewing code repositories, as well as performing collaborative peer code reviews. FishEye 2.8 and Crucible 2.8 make code browsing and sharing whiplash fast regardless of whether youre using Git, SVN or another SCM. Both FishEye and Crucible deliver tight integration with JIRA, Atlassians project tracking tool, and connect to Subversion, CVS, Git, Mercurial and Perforce.

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Focus on Performance
In software development, every millisecond counts. Development teams are constantly trying to shave off seconds for each operation performed and the sum of each time savings drives whether projects hit their release date and whether products succeed or fail. The FishEye and Crucible team are constantly gnawing on this challenge of improving dev speed. Browsing source, searching for artifacts, creating reviews and speeding up collaboration cycles are a critical part of the development process, and they should be fast. Weve structured our effort for both todays releases and our upcoming releases on this theme.

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Faster Page Loads, Smoother Browsing

Seeing the big picture is key for all developers, especially team leads and their managers. So, we started with the concept of improving page load times as the area where we can create the biggest customer benefits. While the improved page load times ripple out across the product, lets take a sec to deep dive into the impact we find with Activity Streams. Streams provide a high level view into your projects, showing commit and code review activity in real-time. They are not just provided on the project level, you can view Activity Streams for repositories, directories, author, project and even individual files. Activity Stream page load times have improved by up to 50 times. Check out the difference from data tested on a load testing instance of FishEye and Crucible. Along with making page loads faster, we also made sure that the user experience on the Activity

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FishEye and Crucible 2.8 Released: Faster Browsing, Speedier Collaboration Cycles | Atlassian Blogs

Streams improved as well. If you love Facebook and Twitters infinite scroll, youll enjoy the same experience browsing your commits and reviews chronologically on Activity Streams pages. Did we stop at Activity Streams? Nope. The FishEye and Crucible Performance Team made improvements to load times of other key pages, including the Projects list (that ones for you, Enterprise users!).

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Getting Social
Another important area for boosting team speed is accelerating the collaboration cycle. FishEye and Crucible 2.8 introduce some key social features to help assure that the right person on your team gets the right info at the right time.

Easily bring members of your team into a code discussion by @mentioning them in a review or changeset comment. Just type @ + their name as part of your comment and they will receive a notification that they have been mentioned. From there, the conversation can take place in Crucible or changeset comments where its available to everyone, instead of being hidden in your email. Pull them into the conversation your code will benefit from it! Why @mention? 1. Casually bring in contributors and stakeholders for richer collaboration . Want input from a UX Designer or Product Manager who wouldnt normally be included in a technical review? A simple @mention brings them into the conversation and gives them a chance to lend their expertise. 2. Draw in technical experts from inside or outside the immediate team. @mentions are a non-intrusive way to widen the discussion by inviting specific individuals for specific threads of conversation, without the burden of adding them to the review workflow every time. 3. Transparency is just plain helpful when it comes to coding. You know it, we know it.

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Share Code and Reviews with your Team



FishEye and Crucible 2.8 Released: Faster Browsing, Speedier Collaboration Cycles | Atlassian Blogs

Software development is not just about coding. Its a network of developers collaborating on a common project. When collaborating, it is important to get information to members of your team (and outside your team) fast. Every aspect of FishEye and Crucible is easy to share between team mates because everything is just a URL away. All it takes to share any artifact with your team is switching over to your email or IM applications to share information. But we werent satisfied with that. FishEye and Crucible 2.8 make the sharing of information superquick. With the new Share Button you can instantly share repositories, reviews, commits, files and diffs with members of your team or users new to FishEye and Crucible. That means no switching between applications! Click Share, specify the users youd like to notify by username or email address, provide a quick message for context and FishEye and Crucible will keep your team up-to-date.

Subversion 1.7 Support

Satisfying a highly voted feature request, we now fully support Subversion 1.7, making FishEye and Crucible more compatible with your Subversion environments.

Try FishEye and Crucible 2.8

New to FishEye or Crucible? Start a free trial today and get up and running in minutes.

Already using FishEye or Crucible? Your upgrade awaits you. Check out our full FishEye and Crucible release notes to get started.



FishEye and Crucible 2.8 Released: Faster Browsing, Speedier Collaboration Cycles | Atlassian Blogs

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Comments (9)
Still no stash integration
By Rob V on August 15, 2012 / Reply

Hi Rob, We dont have a native integration with Stash yet but linking it to FishEye / Crucible together is already possible ( As it is mentioned in the post we chose to prioritize performance improvements for FishEye, helping our customers to stay productive as they grow. Building a native integration via AppLinks is something that we would like to offer but I cannot give you a concrete deadline regarding this. Finally I would like to mention that it is possible to leverage the plugin SDK to build integrations between FishEye / Crucible and Stash. The SDK is something that we really believe in and that we developed to give our customers the flexibility of creating their own extensions, not having to rely on us for every feature they would like to have. More information about the plugin SDK can be find at Cheers, Sten Pittet FishEye / Crucible Product Manager
By Sten Pittet on August 15, 2012 / Reply

Is a windows service included yet? The hacks that are currently needed to make it run as a windows service are insane.
By William H on August 15, 2012 / Reply

Hi William, Unfortunately, a Windows service is not included in this release. We have took some time to improve our docs to hopefully make the process a bit easier. Cheers! Giancarlo Lionetti Atlassian
By Giancarlo Lionetti on August 16, 2012

Hi, I was hoping this version would have a way to automate code reviews, at least to a point. Is there a way to achieve that with this version? That must be a common usecase for Crucible Thanks, Peter
By Peter T on August 16, 2012 / Reply

Hi Peter,



FishEye and Crucible 2.8 Released: Faster Browsing, Speedier Collaboration Cycles | Atlassian Blogs
Could you expand on what you are looking for when you say automate code reviews? There is currently a plugin available for FishEye/Crucible that automatically creates a review for each commit made on a FishEye repository. Review creation can be enable/disabled on a per-project, per-group and per-user basis. Is this what you are after? Let us know and we will do our best to help out. Cheers! Giancarlo Lionetti Atlassian
By Giancarlo Lionetti on August 16, 2012

Hi, Thanks for your quick response. That would indeed be what Im looking for but is not compatible beyond 2.3.7 so have been looking for another way (weve been using Fisheye/Crucible since 2.6). Its something Ive been hoping would come as standard eventually so have my fingers crossed each new release Am I missing something? Regards, Peter
By Peter T on August 16, 2012

Hi Peter, Have you thought about using Smart Commits ( to create reviews? It will allow you to use a specific markup to add or update reviews directly from your commit messages. The syntax is simple and can be extended via the plugin SDK. Another solution to automatically create reviews when a commit happens would be to add a precommit or post-commit hook to your repository and leverage the REST API ( Let me know if this helps. Cheers, Sten FishEye / Crucible Product Manager
By Sten Pittet on August 19, 2012 / Reply

Thanks! 2 great suggestions. Id forgotten smart commits were that powerful (only use the JIRA key linking capability). Looks like the REST API will be the way forward as we want to enforce reviews and have set reviewers. Will give it a read. Thanks again
By Peter T on August 20, 2012

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FishEye and Crucible 2.8 Released: Faster Browsing, Speedier Collaboration Cycles | Atlassian Blogs

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