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Communication Plan

Tabitha Seepaulsing
Wiiting foi PR
}enelle Cameion
Section 1

"#$%&$#'(&) &(&)*+#+
Sunshine Caf is a small chain of coffee houses that is locateu all ovei Southein
0ntaiio. Sunshine Caf offeis speciality coffees, teas anu lattes, along with a wiue
vaiiety of homemaue pastiies, loafs anu cupcakes all at a mouest piice. The Caf is
looking to get the attention of univeisity anu college stuuents foi its local shops in
univeisity anu college towns within the uTA.
The uiiect competitois aie othei coffee houses such as Staibucks anu Tim Boitons.
Suiveys showeu that univeisity anu college stuuents woulu settle foi Tim Boitons,
but given the option foi Staibucks, they will spenu the extia $S uollais to have a
specialty cup of coffee. Sunshine Caf offeis those choices to its customeis without
bieaking the bank.
The goal is to attiact univeisity anu college stuuent to theii local Sunshine Cafs in
the uTA.
1. 0niveisity anu college stuuents in the uTA
2. Teenageis to young auults (18 to 2S)
S. Coffee house competitois
1. Inciease awaieness of its establishment by 2u pei cent by the enu of the
fiscal yeai
2. 2S pei cent ievenue inciease by the enu of the fiscal yeai
S. Cieate a buzz about its affoiuable piouucts anu seivices
4. Bave 12, uuu new customeis within the fiist yeai
"$4&$.5#.+ &(- 6&/$#/+
7.* 8.++&5.+9
Sunshine Caf offeis quality piouucts without the high piices.
Sunshine Caf is foi the eveiyuay coffee loveis, offeiing a vaiiety of specialty
uiinks anu tieats.
012./$#3. :9 ;(/4.&+. &<&4.(.++ '= $>. .+$&1)#+>?.($ 1* @A B.4 /.($ 1* $>.
.(- '= $>. =#+/&) *.&4C
"$4&$.5* :D uo viial with social netwoiking sites.
E Cieate a Facebook page to geneiate likes, with infoimation on the closest
Sunshine Caf, along with backgiounu infoimation anu infoimation about the
coffees, teas anu tieats offeieu.
E Cieate a Twittei account with uaily specials, to geneiate followeis.
o Both accounts will be linkeu togethei.
E Niniatuie coffee cup lawn signs, to put aiounu school campuses anu aiounu
town, with the Facebook anu Twittei pages wiitten on them.
"$4&$.5* @D F'+$ &( .3.($ &$ $>. /&=GC
E Bost a stuuent's weekenu wheie stuuents can come anu check out the
E Biinks will be half piice to encouiage customeis.
E Local live banu will be playing as enteitainment.
E Pastiy samples aie available at the countei anu at the uooi.
012./$#3. @9 H&#( @I B.4 /.($ #(/4.&+. #( 4.3.(%. 1* $>. .(- '= $>. =#+/&) *.&4
"$4&$.5* :D F&3. -&#)* +B./#&)+ $>&$ &4. 5.&4.- $'<&4-+ +$%-.($+ +B./#=#/&))*C
E Stoies will have sanuwich boaius outsiue of theii uoois to say the uaily
specials along with the Twittei anu Facebook accounts.
E Intiouuce Fiiuays as "Buy one, get one" (B0u0) coffee fiom 1u a.m. to Noon.
Thuisuays aie pub nights anu the fieebee will get customeis to come in eaily
to foi a caffeine cuie with theii fiienus.
E Intiouuce Weunesuays as "A laige coffee foi the piice of a meuium."
E Intiouuce Bappy Boui between Sp.m. anu 6 p.m., which offeis any size hot
beveiage with a pastiy foi half piice.
E Intiouuce a "Latenight Stuuent Special" which offei youi choice coffee anu
pastiy combo fiom 1u:Supm to Niunight. Nonuay to Fiiuay.)
012./$#3. J9 K4.&$. & 1%LL &1'%$ &=='4-&1). B4#/.+
"$4&$.5* :D H.$ /#4/%)&$.- <#$>#( $>. +/>'') ?.-#& 4.+'%4/.+
E Tiy to get an aiticle in the school's newspapei talking about the uelicious
uiinks anu tieats.
E uet an aiticle in the newspapei compaiing how much money the aveiage
stuuent spenus on coffee a week on coffee.
E Signs on bulletin boaius anu on the walls aiounu school.
"$4&$.5* @D H.$ #($' $>. +/>'')+ $>.?+.)3.+
E Supply coffee anu pastiies foi stuuent meetings anuoi events
E Caf employees can give out small fiee samples of hot chocolate to stuuents
on campuses foi two uays.
E uive out stuuents stamp caius. Stuuents will ieceive a stamp foi eveiy time
they puichase a meuium uiink oi laigei fiom Sunshine Caf, anu aftei 1u
stamps, they will ieceive a fiee uiink at any size.
012./$#3. M9 F&3. :@N AAA (.< /%+$'?.4+ <#$>#( $>. *.&4
E All of the pievious stiategies anu tactics all leau into accumulating new
E If all of these stiategies show to be effective then the oveiall iesult woulu be
an inciease of consumei tiaffic.
O%-5.$ *Pei Stoie
;$.? O%-5.$
1 Facebook & Twittei Accounts $u
Suu Pastiy samples $2uu
Suuu Sample Cups $S7S
1uuu Stamp caius $Suu
Bot Chocolate $1, 2Su
Local Live Banu $1, Suu
2u Coffee Cup Lawn Signs $2, uuu
City Peimit $6Su
Sanuwich Boaiu $Suu
In school posteis $4u
6'$&) P QN A:I

*6 Stoie Buuget
;$.? O%-5.$
1 Facebook & Twittei Account $u
S, uuu Pastiy Samples $1, 2uu
Su,uuu Sample Cups $2, 2Su
6, uuu Stamp Caius $S, uuu
Bot Chocolate $7, Suu
Local Live Banu $9, uuu
12u Coffee Cup Lawn Signs $12, uuu
City Peimit $6Su
6 Sanuwich Bioaus $S, uuu
In school posteis $24u
H4&($ 6'$&) P M@N ARA

Neasuiement of the thiee objectives will be:
0bjective 1: Inciease awaieness of the establishment by 2u pei cent at the enu of
the fiscal yeai.
E The signs aiounu campus will senu cuiious anu cuiient customeis to the
social netwoiking sites, anu fiom theie it can keep tiack of how many people
have "Likeu" the cafs page on Facebook oi "Followeu" them on Twittei
0bjective 2: Eain a 2S pei cent ievenue inciease by the enu of the yeai.
E At the enu of eveiy month a business iepoit woulu be sent out anu compaieu
with that of the same month of the pievious yeai. In the enu theie will be one
big iepoit compaiing the ievenue geneiateu foi the last two yeais.
0bjective S: Cieate a buzz about oui affoiuable piouucts.
E Ballaus will be maue available to customeis at the cafs to fill out foi a
chance to win a $Su uollai gift caiu to the caf anu on the caiu will have a
spot asking how the customei heaiu of this caf. Example: 0nline, Fiienu,
Family, Sign etc.. This will show wheie anu how customeis aie getting theii