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Heaven is Hotter than Hell

The Temperature of Heaven described in the Bible: "Moreover, the light of the Moon shall be as the light of the Sun and the light of the Sun shall be sevenfold as the light of seven days." Isaiah 30:26 Thus Heaven receives from the Moon as much radiation as the Earth does from the Sun, and in addition sevenfold as much as the earth does from the Sun, or 50 times in all. sin! the Stefan"#olt$mann fourth %o&er la& for radiation 'H(E)* +fourth %o&er, - 50, &here E is the a.solute tem%etare of the Earth, 300/0 '213221). This !ives H, the a.solute tem%erature of Heaven as 134/0 a.solute '525/5) The Temperature of Hell as described in the Bible: "But the fearful and unbelieving...shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone." 6evelations 27:4 8 la9e of molten .rimstone 'sulfur) means that its tem%erature must .e at or .elo& .oilin! %oint, &hich is ***.6/5. '8.ove that %oint it &ould .e va%or, not a la9e.) :e no& have the tem%erature of Heaven, &hich is .ein! at 525/5. The tem%erature of Hell is less than **5/5. Therefore Heaven is Hotter then Hell.

The #i.le records 250 verses a.out Hell. ;esus s%o9e *6 verses a.out Hell. 74 of these verses &as a.out the <ires of Hell. Scri%tures on hell: 8 la9e of fire '6evelation 20:75) 8 .ottomless %it '6evelation 20:7) 8 horri.le tem%est '=salms 77:6) 8 devourin! fire 'Isaiah 33:7* 8 %lace of sorro&s '=salms 74:5) 8 %lace of &ee%in! 'Matthe& 4:72) 8 %lace of torments 'Matthe& 73:*7"*2) 8 %lace of everlastin! .urnin!s 'Isaiah 33:7*) 8 %lace the> !na& their ton!ues '6evelation 76:70) 8 %lace of e?treme thirst &ith no &ater '@u9e 76:2*) 8 %lace &here %eo%le %ra> &ith no ans&ers '@u9e 76:21) 8 %lace %re%ared for the devil and his an!els 'Matthe& 25:*7) 8 %lace &here the> cannot die, .ut &ish the> could 'Mar9 3:*4) 8 %lace &here the> do not &ant their loved ones to come '@u9e 76:24) The #i.le records 250 verses on hell, a sufficient amount of &arnin!s from Aod so no one &ill end u% there. AodBs &ill is that none %erish, .ut 8@@ come to re%entance '2 =eter 3:3). Aod never made hell for humans, onl> for the devil and his an!els 'Matthe& 25:*7). ;esus died a horri.le death on the 5ross in our %lace so &e can enCo> heaven &ith him for eternit>. D#ehold, I stand at the door 'of >our hearts), and 9noc9: if an> man hear m> voice, and o%en the door, I &ill come in to him, and &ill su% &ith him, and he &ith me.D '6evelation 3:20). To receive the free !ift of salvation, the ne?t ste% is e?%lained .> the scri%tures themselves. DEo& &hen the> heard this 'the Aos%el), the> &ere %ric9ed 'moved) in their heart, and said unto =eter and to the rest of the a%ostles, Men and

.rethren, &hat shall &e doF Then =eter said unto them, 6e%ent, and .e .a%ti$ed ever> one of >ou in the name of ;esus 5hrist for the for!iveness of sins, and >ou shall receive the !ift of the Hol> Ahost.D '8cts 2:31"34) Hell defined: Hell 700G se%aration from Aod. 700G se%aration from AodBs love, His Aoodness, attri.utes and His nature. 8ll the !ood &e e?%erience in life comes do&n from Aod, the <ather of @i!hts ';ames 7:71). In Hell there is no !oodness, no Aod, onl> the a.sence of ever>thin! that Aod is. In Hell: HThere is onl> dar9ness in Hell .ecause 7 ;ohn 7:5 sa>s, DAod is li!ht.D HThere is onl> death in hell .ecause ;ohn 7:* sa>s, DAod is life.D HThere is onl> hatred in hell .ecause 7;ohn *:76 sa>s, DAod is love.D HThere is no merc> in hell .ecause =salms 36:5 sa>s, DThe merc> of the @ord is in the heavens.D HThere is no stren!th in hell .ecause =salms 74:32 sa>s, DItBs the @ord that !ives us stren!th.D HThere is no &ater in hell .ecause Ieuteronom> 77:77 sa>s, D:ater is the rain of heaven.D HThere is no %eace in hell .ecause Isaiah 3:6 sa>s, DHe is the =rince of =eace.D

:hat is Heaven li9eF It &ill have a .eaut> .e>ond our ima!ination. 8nd it &ill .e a %lace of love, Co> and %roductive &or9. It &ill .e li!hted .> the !lor> of Aod, and &e &ill &orshi% him there. Ever>thin! &ill .e .etter in heaven. HereBs the scri%tures a.out it.

~ New Testament ~
Matt 3:12 72 :hose fan is in his hand, and he &ill throu!hl> %ur!e his floor, and !ather his &heat into the !arnerJ .ut he &ill .urn u% the chaff &ith unKuencha.le fire. '0;L) Matt 5:3 3 #lessed are the %oor in s%irit: for theirs is the 9in!dom of heaven. '0;L) Matt 5:8 4 #lessed are the %ure in heart: for the> shall see Aod. '0;L) Matt 5:12 72 6eCoice, and .e e?ceedin! !lad: for !reat is >our re&ard in heaven: for so %ersecuted the> the %ro%hets &hich &ere .efore >ou. '0;L) Matt 5:20 20 <or I sa> unto >ou, That e?ce%t >our ri!hteousness shall e?ceed the ri!hteousness of the and =harisees, >e shall in no case enter into the 9in!dom of heaven. '0;L)

Matt :20 20 #ut la> u% for >ourselves treasures in heaven, &here neither moth nor rust doth corru%t, and &here thieves do not .rea9 throu!h nor steal: '0;L) Matt 8:11 77 8nd I sa> unto >ou, That man> shall come from the east and &est, and shall sit do&n &ith 8.raham, and Isaac, and ;aco., in the 9in!dom of heaven. '0;L) Matt 13:30 30 @et .oth !ro& to!ether until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I &ill sa> to the rea%ers, Aather >e to!ether first the tares, and .ind them in .undles to .urn them: .ut !ather the &heat into m> .arn. '0;L) Matt 13:!3 *3 Then shall the ri!hteous shine forth as the sun in the 9in!dom of their <ather. :ho hath ears to hear, let him hear. '0;L) Matt 13:!" *3 So shall it .e at the end of the &orld: the an!els shall come forth, and sever the &ic9ed from amon! the Cust, '0;L) Matt 18:10 70 Ta9e heed that >e des%ise not one of these little onesJ for I sa> unto >ou, That in heaven their an!els do al&a>s .ehold the face of m> <ather &hich is in heaven. '0;L) Matt 1":21 27 ;esus said unto him, If thou &ilt .e %erfect, !o and sell that thou hast, and !ive to the %oor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follo& me. '0;L) Matt 22:30 30 <or in the resurrection the> neither marr>, nor are !iven in marria!e, .ut are as the an!els of Aod in heaven. '0;L) Matt 25:3! 3* Then shall the 0in! sa> unto them on his ri!ht hand, 5ome, >e .lessed of m> <ather, inherit the 9in!dom %re%ared for >ou from the foundation of the &orld: '0;L) Matt 25:! *6 8nd these shall !o a&a> into everlastin! %unishment: .ut the ri!hteous into life eternal. '0;L) #u$e 10:20 20 Eot&ithstandin! in this reCoice not, that the s%irits are su.Cect unto >ouJ .ut rather reCoice, .ecause >our names are &ritten in heaven. '0;L) #u$e 12:8 4 8lso I sa> unto >ou, :hosoever shall confess me .efore men, him shall the Son of man also confess .efore the an!els of Aod: '0;L) #u$e 12:32%33

32 <ear not, little floc9J for it is >our <atherBs !ood %leasure to !ive >ou the 9in!dom. 33 Sell that >e have, and !ive almsJ %rovide >ourselves .a!s &hich &a? not old, a treasure in the heavens that faileth not, &here no thief a%%roacheth, neither moth corru%teth. '0;L) #u$e 15: %& 6 8nd &hen he cometh home, he calleth to!ether his friends and nei!h.ours, sa>in! unto them, 6eCoice &ith meJ for I have found m> shee% &hich &as lost. 1 I sa> unto >ou, that li9e&ise Co> shall .e in heaven over one sinner that re%enteth, more than over ninet> and nine Cust %ersons, &hich need no re%entance. '0;L) #u$e 15:10 70 @i9e&ise, I sa> unto >ou, there is Co> in the %resence of the an!els of Aod over one sinner that re%enteth. '0;L) #u$e 15:32 32 It &as meet that &e should ma9e merr>, and .e !lad: for this th> .rother &as dead, and is alive a!ainJ and &as lost, and is found. '0;L) #u$e 1 :22 22 8nd it came to %ass, that the .e!!ar died, and &as carried .> the an!els into 8.rahamBs .osom: the rich man also died, and &as .uriedJ '0;L) #u$e 20:3!%3 3* 8nd ;esus ans&erin! said unto them, The children of this &orld marr>, and are !iven in marria!e: 35 #ut the> &hich shall .e accounted &orth> to o.tain that &orld, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marr>, nor are !iven in marria!e: 36 Eeither can the> die an> more: for the> are eKual unto the an!elsJ and are the children of Aod, .ein! the children of the resurrection. '0;L) #u$e 22:2"%30 23 8nd I a%%oint unto >ou a 9in!dom, as m> <ather hath a%%ointed unto meJ 30 That >e ma> eat and drin9 at m> ta.le in m> 9in!dom, and sit on thrones Cud!in! the t&elve of Israel. '0;L) #u$e 23:!3 *3 8nd ;esus said unto him, Leril> I sa> unto thee, To da> shalt thou .e &ith me in %aradise. '0;L) 'ohn 5:28%2" 24 Marvel not at this: for the hour is comin!, in the &hich all that are in the !raves shall hear his voice, 23 8nd shall come forthJ the> that have done !ood, unto the resurrection of lifeJ and the> that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation. '0;L) 'ohn 10:28

24 8nd I !ive unto them eternal lifeJ and the> shall never %erish, neither shall an> man %luc9 them out of m> hand. '0;L) 'ohn 12:2 26 If an> man serve me, let him follo& meJ and &here I am, there shall also m> servant .e: if an> man serve me, him &ill m> <ather honour. '0;L) 'ohn 13:3 36 Simon =eter said unto him, @ord, &hither !oest thouF ;esus ans&ered him, :hither I !o, thou canst not follo& me no&J .ut thou shalt follo& me after&ards. '0;L) 'ohn 1!:2%3 2 In m> <atherBs house are man> mansions: if it &ere not so, I &ould have told >ou. I !o to %re%are a %lace for >ou. 3 8nd if I !o and %re%are a %lace for >ou, I &ill come a!ain, and receive >ou unto m>selfJ that &here I am, there >e ma> .e also. '0;L) 'ohn 1&:22 22 8nd the !lor> &hich thou !avest me I have !iven themJ that the> ma> .e one, even as &e are one: '0;L) 'ohn 1&:2! 2* <ather, I &ill that the> also, &hom thou hast !iven me, .e &ith me &here I amJ that the> ma> .ehold m> !lor>, &hich thou hast !iven me: for thou lovedst me .efore the foundation of the &orld. '0;L) (cts &:55%5 55 #ut he, .ein! full of the Hol> Ahost, loo9ed u% stedfastl> into heaven, and sa& the !lor> of Aod, and ;esus standin! on the ri!ht hand of Aod, 56 8nd said, #ehold, I see the heavens o%ened, and the Son of man standin! on the ri!ht hand of Aod. '0;L) )om 5:1& 71 <or if .> one manBs offence death rei!ned .> oneJ much more the> &hich receive a.undance of !race and of the !ift of ri!hteousness shall rei!n in life .> one, ;esus 5hrist.) '0;L) 2 *or 5:1 7 <or &e 9no& that if our earthl> house of this ta.ernacle &ere dissolved, &e have a .uildin! of Aod, an house not made &ith hands, eternal in the heavens. '0;L) 2 *or 12:2%! 2 I 9ne& a man in 5hrist a.ove fourteen >ears a!o, '&hether in the .od>, I cannot tellJ or &hether out of the .od>, I cannot tell: Aod 9no&ethJ) such an one cau!ht u% to the third heaven. 3 8nd I 9ne& such a man, '&hether in the .od>, or out of the .od>, I cannot tell: Aod 9no&ethJ)

* Ho& that he &as cau!ht u% into %aradise, and heard uns%ea9a.le &ords, &hich it is not la&ful for a man to utter. '0;L) +ph 1:18 74 The e>es of >our understandin! .ein! enli!htenedJ that >e ma> 9no& &hat is the ho%e of his callin!, and &hat the riches of the !lor> of his inheritance in the saints, '0;L) *ol 1:5% 5 <or the ho%e &hich is laid u% for >ou in heaven, &hereof >e heard .efore in the &ord of the truth of the !os%elJ 6 :hich is come unto >ou, as it is in all the &orldJ and .rin!eth forth fruit, as it doth also in >ou, since the da> >e heard of it, and 9ne& the !race of Aod in truth: '0;L) *ol 1:12 72 Aivin! than9s unto the <ather, &hich hath made us meet to .e %arta9ers of the inheritance of the saints in li!ht: '0;L) *ol 3:! * :hen 5hrist, &ho is our life, shall a%%ear, then shall >e also a%%ear &ith him in !lor>. '0;L) 1Thes 2:12 72 That >e &ould &al9 &orth> of Aod, &ho hath called >ou unto his 9in!dom and !lor>. '0;L) 1Thes !:1& 71 Then &e &hich are alive and remain shall .e cau!ht u% to!ether &ith them in the clouds, to meet the @ord in the air: and so shall &e ever .e &ith the @ord. '0;L) ,, Th 1:& 1 8nd to >ou &ho are trou.led rest &ith us, &hen the @ord ;esus shall .e revealed from heaven &ith his mi!ht> an!els, '0;L) ,, Th 2:1! 7* :hereunto he called >ou .> our !os%el, to the o.tainin! of the !lor> of our @ord ;esus 5hrist. '0;L) Heb 10:3! 3* <or >e had com%assion of me in m> .onds, and too9 Co>full> the s%oilin! of >our !oods, 9no&in! in >ourselves that >e have in heaven a .etter and an endurin! su.stance. '0;L) Heb 11:10 70 <or he loo9ed for a cit> &hich hath foundations, &hose .uilder and ma9er is Aod. '0;L) Heb 11:1 76 #ut no& the> desire a .etter countr>, that is, an heavenl>: &herefore Aod is not ashamed to .e called their Aod: for he hath %re%ared for them a cit>. '0;L)

Heb 12:22%2! 22 #ut >e are come unto mount Sion, and unto the cit> of the livin! Aod, the heavenl> ;erusalem, and to an innumera.le com%an> of an!els, 23 To the !eneral assem.l> and church of the first.orn, &hich are &ritten in heaven, and to Aod the ;ud!e of all, and to the s%irits of Cust men made %erfect, 2* 8nd to ;esus the mediator of the ne& covenant, and to the .lood of s%rin9lin!, that s%ea9eth .etter thin!s than that of 8.el. '0;L) Heb 12:28 24 :herefore &e receivin! a 9in!dom &hich cannot .e moved, let us have !race, &here.> &e ma> serve Aod acce%ta.l> &ith reverence and !odl> fear: '0;L) Heb 13:1! 7* <or here have &e no continuin! cit>, .ut &e see9 one to come. '0;L) 1 -et 1:! * To an inheritance incorru%ti.le, and undefiled, and that fadeth not a&a>, reserved in heaven for >ou, '0;L) 2 -et 1:11 77 <or so an entrance shall .e ministered unto >ou a.undantl> into the everlastin! 9in!dom of our @ord and Saviour ;esus 5hrist. '0;L) 2 -et 3:13 73 Eevertheless &e, accordin! to his %romise, loo9 for ne& heavens and a ne& earth, &herein d&elleth ri!hteousness. '0;L) )ev 2:& 1 He that hath an ear, let him hear &hat the S%irit saith unto the churchesJ To him that overcometh &ill I !ive to eat of the tree of life, &hich is in the midst of the %aradise of Aod. '0;L) )ev 3:21 27 To him that overcometh &ill I !rant to sit &ith me in m> throne, even as I also overcame, and am set do&n &ith m> <ather in his throne. '0;L) )ev !:! * 8nd round a.out the throne &ere four and t&ent> seats: and u%on the seats I sa& four and t&ent> elders sittin!, clothed in &hite raimentJ and the> had on their heads cro&ns of !old. '0;L) )ev 5:" 3 8nd the> sun! a ne& son!, sa>in!, Thou art &orth> to ta9e the .oo9, and to o%en the seals thereof: for thou &ast slain, and hast redeemed us to Aod .> th> .lood out of ever> 9indred, and ton!ue, and %eo%le, and nationJ '0;L) )ev &:" 3 8fter this I .eheld, and, lo, a !reat multitude, &hich no man could, of all

nations, and 9indreds, and %eo%le, and ton!ues, stood .efore the throne, and .efore the @am., clothed &ith &hite, and %alms in their handsJ '0;L) )ev &:13%1& 73 8nd one of the elders ans&ered, sa>in! unto me, :hat are these &hich are arra>ed in &hite ro.esF and &hence came the>F 7* 8nd I said unto him, Sir, thou 9no&est. 8nd he said to me, These are the> &hich came out of !reat tri.ulation, and have &ashed their, and made them &hite in the .lood of the @am.. 75 Therefore are the> .efore the throne of Aod, and serve him da> and ni!ht in his tem%le: and he that sitteth on the throne shall d&ell amon! them. 76 The> shall hun!er no more, neither thirst an> moreJ neither shall the sun li!ht on them, nor an> heat. 71 <or the @am. &hich is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto livin! fountains of &aters: and Aod shall &i%e a&a> all tears from their e>es. '0;L) )ev 1!:1%3 7 8nd I loo9ed, and, lo, a @am. stood on the mount Sion, and &ith him an hundred fort> and four thousand, havin! his <atherBs name &ritten in their foreheads. 2 8nd I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of man> &aters, and as the voice of a !reat thunder: and I heard the voice of har%ers har%in! &ith their har%s: 3 8nd the> sun! as it &ere a ne& son! .efore the throne, and .efore the four .easts, and the elders: and no man could learn that son! .ut the hundred and fort> and four thousand, &hich &ere redeemed from the earth. '0;L) )ev 15:2 2 8nd I sa& as it &ere a sea of !lass min!led &ith fire: and them that had !otten the victor> over the .east, and over his ima!e, and over his mar9, and over the of his name, stand on the sea of !lass, havin! the har%s of Aod. '0;L) )ev 21:1%5 7 8nd I sa& a ne& heaven and a ne& earth: for the first heaven and the first earth &ere %assed a&a>J and there &as no more sea. 2 8nd I ;ohn sa& the hol> cit>, ne& ;erusalem, comin! do&n from Aod out of heaven, %re%ared as a .ride adorned for her hus.and. 3 8nd I heard a !reat voice out of heaven sa>in!, #ehold, the ta.ernacle of Aod is &ith men, and he &ill d&ell &ith them, and the> shall .e his %eo%le, and Aod himself shall .e &ith them, and .e their Aod. * 8nd Aod shall &i%e a&a> all tears from their e>esJ and there shall .e no more death, neither sorro&, nor cr>in!, neither shall there .e an> more %ain: for the former thin!s are %assed a&a>. 5 8nd he that sat u%on the throne said, #ehold, I ma9e all thin!s ne&. 8nd he said unto me, :rite: for these &ords are true and faithful. '0;L) )ev 21:"%11

3 8nd there came unto me one of the seven an!els &hich had the seven vials full of the seven last %la!ues, and tal9ed &ith me, sa>in!, 5ome hither, I &ill she& thee the .ride, the @am.Bs &ife. 70 8nd he carried me a&a> in the s%irit to a !reat and hi!h mountain, and she&ed me that !reat cit>, the hol> ;erusalem, descendin! out of heaven from Aod, 77 Havin! the !lor> of Aod: and her li!ht &as li9e unto a stone most %recious, even li9e a Cas%er stone, clear as cr>stalJ '0;L) )ev 21:18%1" 74 8nd the .uildin! of the &all of it &as of Cas%er: and the cit> &as %ure !old, li9e unto clear !lass. 73 8nd the foundations of the &all of the cit> &ere !arnished &ith all manner of %recious stones. The first foundation &as Cas%erJ the second, sa%%hireJ the third, a chalcedon>J the fourth, an emeraldJ '0;L) )ev 21:21%25 27 8nd the t&elve !ates &ere t&elve %earlsJ ever> several !ate &as of one %earl: and the street of the cit> &as %ure !old, as it &ere trans%arent !lass. 22 8nd I sa& no tem%le therein: for the @ord Aod 8lmi!ht> and the @am. are the tem%le of it. 23 8nd the cit> had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the !lor> of Aod did li!hten it, and the @am. is the li!ht thereof. 2* 8nd the nations of them &hich are saved shall &al9 in the li!ht of it: and the 9in!s of the earth do .rin! their !lor> and honour into it. 25 8nd the !ates of it shall not .e shut at all .> da>: for there shall .e no ni!ht there. '0;L) )ev 21:2& 21 8nd there shall in no &ise enter into it an> thin! that defileth, neither &hatsoever &or9eth a.omination, or ma9eth a lie: .ut the> &hich are &ritten in the @am.Bs .oo9 of life. '0;L) )ev 22:1%5 7 8nd he she&ed me a %ure river of &ater of life, clear as cr>stal, %roceedin! out of the throne of Aod and of the @am.. 2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, &as there the tree of life, &hich .are t&elve manner of fruits, and >ielded her fruit ever> month: and the leaves of the tree &ere for the healin! of the nations. 3 8nd there shall .e no more curse: .ut the throne of Aod and of the @am. shall .e in itJ and his servants shall serve him: * 8nd the> shall see his faceJ and his name shall .e in their foreheads. 5 8nd there shall .e no ni!ht thereJ and the> need no candle, neither li!ht of the sunJ for the @ord Aod !iveth them li!ht: and the> shall rei!n for ever and ever. '0;L)

~ Old Testament ~
,, .i 2:11 77 8nd it came to %ass, as the> still &ent on, and tal9ed, that, .ehold, there a%%eared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and %arted them .oth asunderJ and EliCah &ent u% .> a &hirl&ind into heaven. '0;L) 'ob 3:1& 71 There the &ic9ed cease from trou.lin!J and there the &ear> .e at rest. '0;L) -s 1 :11 77 Thou &ilt she& me the %ath of life: in th> %resence is fulness of Co>J at th> ri!ht hand there are %leasures for evermore. '0;L) -s 1&:15 75 8s for me, I &ill .ehold th> face in ri!hteousness: I shall .e satisfied, &hen I a&a9e, &ith th> li9eness. '0;L) -s 23: 6 Surel> !oodness and merc> shall follo& me all the da>s of m> life: and I &ill d&ell in the house of the @M6I for ever. '0;L) -s 2!:3 3 :ho shall ascend into the hill of the @M6IF or &ho shall stand in his hol> %laceF '0;L) -s 2!:& 1 @ift u% >our heads, M >e !atesJ and .e >e lift u%, >e everlastin! doorsJ and the 0in! of !lor> shall come in. '0;L) -s &3:2! 2* Thou shalt !uide me &ith th> counsel, and after&ard receive me to !lor>. '0;L) ,sa 33:1& 71 Thine e>es shall see the 9in! in his .eaut>: the> shall .ehold the land that is ver> far off. '0;L) ,sa !":"%10 3 That thou ma>est sa> to the %risoners, Ao forthJ to them that are in dar9ness, She& >ourselves. The> shall feed in the &a>s, and their %astures shall .e in all hi!h %laces. 70 The> shall not hun!er nor thirstJ neither shall the heat nor sun smite them: for he that hath merc> on them shall lead them, even .> the s%rin!s of &ater shall he !uide them. '0;L) /an 12:3 3 8nd the> that .e &ise shall shine as the .ri!htness of the firmamentJ and the> that turn man> to ri!hteousness as the stars for ever and ever. '0;L) Mal 3:1&

71 8nd the> shall .e mine, saith the @M6I of hosts, in that da> &hen I ma9e u% m> Ce&elsJ and I &ill s%are them, as a man s%areth his o&n son that serveth him. '0;L)