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APEC Youth Declaration 2013

We the Youth Delegates from Voices 2013 have gathered at Bali, Indonesia. We believe that esilience, es!ect, "m!ath# and $rust are the guiding values to achieve sustainable develo!ment, #outh involvement and through these values %e ho!e to achieve& 'oo!eration and (nit#, ")ual *!!ortunities and +ustice for ,ll. Sustainable Development We !romote the creation of an ,-"' *bservator# for "nvironmental .onitoring in charge of& a. Develo!ing !ilot !ro/ects based on building micro0energ# ca!acit# for rural communities, b. "ncourage la% enforcement recommendations for strong measures on environmental crimes on coherent regional !olicies, c. 1urther encourage a reduction es!eciall# in tariffs and non0tariff barriers for !roducts !romoting a sustainable consum!tion, such as solar !anels. d. -romote a Design for the "nvironment to create a sustainable value chain in !rivate enter!rises. We encourage further #outh involvement in !ilot !ro/ects as %ell as involvement %ith local universities to%ards research and the !romotion of best sustainabilit# !ractices EMPOWE ME!" #en$er e%ualit& We !romote e)ualit# in the 21st centur# %here both genders are e)uall# valued, considering e2isting economic, social, !olitical ine)ualit# bet%een %omen and their male counter!arts. $he ,-"' Youth Delegates %ish to solve this issue b# im!lementing global cam!aigns %or3ing on media !resentations of gender, attending to cultural s!ecific issues, and starting a #earl# coalition bet%een ,-"'4,B,' %omen leaders and Voices delegates in order to facilitate human ca!ital in the !artici!ating economies. E$ucation an$ Youth Development We encourage an education !olic# to overcome education dis!arit# amongst ,-"' .ember "conomies to !romote the education of transferable s3ills em!lo#able in all ,-"' .ember "conomies. We call for access to financial services and ca!ital access for #oung entre!reneurs as %ell as e2!anding #outh /ob o!!ortunities. Connectivit& We advocate for the free movement of students across education s#stems and labor mar3ets throughout ,-"' .ember "conomies.

We !romote the creation, funding and facilitation of an ,-"' Youth "2change -rogram. esilience We encourage .ember "conomies to collaborativel# %or3 to%ards the develo!ment of sustainable infrastructure net%or3s to include the im!ortance of resilient infrastructure during crisis and recover# !eriods. We loo3 to focus the diversification of trade to !romote and encourage self0sufficienc# among ,-"' .ember "conomies. 'oo$ Securit& We highlight these 3e# areas& 5utrition Value and ,%areness, as %ell as the im!ortance of a regional food su!!orting s#stem to facilitate human safet#. In conclusion, %e recommend the immediate im!lementation of said !rograms and call for the continuous revie% and discussion of these goals and the !rogram of ,-"' .ember "conomies and their fulfillment.

APEC (oices o) the 'uture 2013