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About The Come Up Show

The Come Up Show is a multi-media presentation of Hip-Hop culture:

The Come Up Show Radio is an award winning radio show that
broadcasts every Saturday from 6-pm on !"#!$% CHR& in 'ondon(
)ntario( Canada* The Come Up Show T+ consists of over hundreds of
videos from original interviews with artists li,e -endric, 'amar( %ethod
%an( and .# Cole to independent artists such as The /irplane 0oys(
Shad( and many more# This is all housed by The Come Up Show
website which includes daily music posts( reviews( concert reviews(
original high 1uality photography( and much more#
The Come Up Show website was launched in .anuary 2343 and has
been lin,ed by the Hip-Hop industry5s biggest websites such as
2dopeboy6( 7ahright( Hip-Hop 89( Comple: %aga6ine 0#;#T# and many
more# 7owadays music websites are a dime a do6en( regurgitating the
same content( and it5s increasingly di<cult to succeed as a new
website( since the blogosphere is oversaturated# 0ut with The Come Up
Show Radio show( original video=photo production( music blog( concert
coverage and the relationships with the music industry( The Come Up
Show has proven itself as a credible and respected media outlet#
>&e are your guide# &e are your ?lter# &e are your trusted destination
for feel good music# &hatever your speci?c Hip-Hop inclination(
authenticity is often the common denominator# /nd The Come Up
Show( in all its facets( is une1uivocally authentic# /uthentic in it5s
purpose( authentic in its passion( authentic in its preparation( authentic
in its presentation @ The Come Up Show will help you live the culture
you love#A- &ritten by .onathan 0rown#
Why should you intern with The Come Up Show?
/n Bnternship is the best way to get an inside glimpse of an industry
and a particular occupation* it can help you discover if this is the right
?eld for you# Bt also signi?cantly increases your networ,ing
opportunities by connecting you with contacts in the chosen ?eld( in
our case( artists( publicists( label contacts( our audience( promoters(
0y interning with The Come Up Show( you will learn the latest and best
ways to perform your role( receive feedbac,( and contribute to the
culture in a meaningful way# &hether you want to blog( ta,e photos( or
write concert reviews( you5ll be immersing yourself in Hip-Hop culture
and e:pressing yourself through The Come Up Show# Bf you love music(
especially Hip-Hop( then apply now to turn your passion into something
Quotes from The Come Up Show team members who began
with The Come Up Show as interns.
$rom %artin 0auman a,a %-0omb as a %usic 0logger#
&hen B Coined The Come Up Show( B didn5t care what role B had on the
team* B Cust ,new that B wanted to be involved# B ,new it would open
doors for me( but never could B have imagined how soon those
opportunities would start ,noc,ing( or how often# &ithin the ?rst month
of my internship( B had opportunities to interview Bron Solomon and
8avid 0anner# $rom then on( the interview opportunities only
continued# Bn the past months alone( B5ve interviewed over 23 artists(
including 0rother /li( Dhonte( S,y6oo( $ashawn( Soul -han( -ayo(
SonReal( and many others# B5ve developed relationships with artists and
their management( and discovered more hip-hop this past year than B
have in the rest of my lifetime# 0elieve me when B say the opportunities
at The Come Up Show are limitless# Bt5s up to you to see the potential
and ma,e the most of it#
$rom %ichael 'avictoire a,a %lav as a %usic Reviewer and 0logger#
Since my internship began in %arch 2342( it has been a pleasure to
wor, for The Come Up Show# /s an individual interested in the music
industry( B have been fortunate to attend and publish reviews in
regards to several diEerent artists and their performances# /fter
completing a course in Radio 0roadcasting at %ohaw, College( B5ve had
the opportunity to e:pand my ,nowledge while gaining e:perience
every step of the way# 0eing a content provider and writer for The
Come Up Show has enriched my learning( giving me the ability to grow
as a person# There really are no boundaries for doing something in
which you truly enCoy#
Position: Dhotographer- ;vent and Concert Coverage
The Come Up Show has photographed the world5s biggest artists from
8ra,e( 0usta Rhymes( $abolous( %ethod %an( -id Cudi( Ric, Ross(
-endric, 'amar( .#Cole( &ale( and countless more# )ur photographers
get their wor, seen all around the world( and their portfolio is upgraded
because of their wor, with The Come Up Show# &e5ve ta,en over F333
photos that have been featured in maga6ines( boo,s( blogs( and
&e are loo,ing for a photographer in select mar,ets to cover
concerts=events on behalf of The Come Up Show# Drevious e:perience
is an asset( especially with events and concerts( you must also be able
to ta,e photos with no Gash as these are the rules for most events# Hou
must be able to ma,e the best of any situation you are in( and be able
to edit photos and send them bac, pretty 1uic,ly#
Dlease ta,e a loo, at our wor, on the gallery section on The Come Up
Show and you can also ta,e a loo, at our Gic,r account#
'ove to attend concert and events# Datience is a must as
headliners do ta,e their time to performI
Drevious photography e:perience( especially concert photos with
use of no Gash and editing photos are re1uired#
4!J with re1uired Bdenti?cation to enter licensed events and
0e willing to learn and having an open mind to new( independent
music is very important#
Smartphone preferably BDhone or /ndroid with data is mandatory
to access emails and use social media for updates#
/ love for Hip-Hop music is necessary#
Terms of internship" Bnternship starts /S/D#
F-43 hours a wee,K( your wor,load is dependent on concerts
happening on a wee,ly basis# Hou might not have any concerts to shoot
in one wee, or you might be attending 2-L concerts a wee, ma:imum#
The Come Up Show will have more than one photographer( so the
schedule will be Ge:ible#
Dlease note this is position is unpaid and The Come Up Show does
not ?nancially bene?t from your internship# Hou will gain new s,ills
,nowledge and receive feedbac,# Hou will be reviewed monthly and
be in constant communication with your manager#
#ow to Apply"
4 @ Bnclude in your cover letter e:plaining why you are a suitable
candidate# Dlease include L suggestions for ideal shows you would li,e
to cover for The Come Up Show#
2# Send us samples of your photography# $lic,r or web lin, is

Conta!t $nformation:
Submit cover letter and resume to intern M thecomeupshow #com please
include %DhotographerA in the subCect line#
)nly those 1uali?ed will be contacted than,s for your application#
&o!ation" Toronto and 'ondon( )ntario#

'eadline to Apply: 7=/#
)nly those 1uali?ed will be contacted than,s for your application#