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Computer Programming Tutorial A Computer Programming tutorial was done last July 26, 2013, 3:00pm to 6:00pm at the

Cisco Lab , Drafting Lab and D317, Dolan building, third floor. The tutors were a mix of 3nd year up to 5th year Electronics and communications engineering students and Computer Engineering students . 2nd year ECE and CPE students attended this event. This was organized by the Electronics Engineering Society, Computer Engineering Society, ECE and CPE Department and Ateneo de Naga University. This event was done to help ECE and CPE students in their Computer Programming course. Each student were seated a seat apart from each other, each with a computer to work on. Coding topics and techniques in C++, a programming language, were discussed in the said event. Knowledge about declaring variables, displaying texts, using basic operators, using fuctions and making arrays are passed on to them. The atmosphere during the discussion was not so serious as of during formal discussions with the professor which helped students relax, concentrate and enjoy the lessons. Positive feedbacks were heard after the session. The Computer programming tutorial by the upperclassmen of the ECE and CPE students ended as a success with smiles from everyone who attended the event. For the schedule of future tutorials you may visit the Facebook account of Ateneo College of Engineering.

Upperclassmens Intervention An engineering students life is never been to easy to comprehend. Headaches and sleepless nights go hand in hand at a uniform rate. Do you remember your professor giving examples and you say a piece of cake., then when the quizzes and the exams come when you are at your seat reading the problems you say, a piece of crap. Is this taught to us? . The upperclassmen know your story and they are here to the rescue. The Engineering Society is allotting their time to address your problem with the help of tutorials. Numerous tutorials are being conducted and facilitated by the upperclassmen in different subjects such as College Algebra, Trigonometry, Computer Programming, Basic Electronics and many more. Engr. Ryvin Mercado, Professor of the College of Engineering said to us, maswerte nga kayo meron kayo nyan mga tutorials noon kami wala namang ganyan e. This opportunity should not be wasted. These tutorials are first of all, free; second these are conducted with friendly people in a friendly atmosphere and environment; lastly these are approved by the College of Engineering to help engineering students. Dont miss a beat on these tutorials for they are a blessing from above. Attend tutorials offered by the upperclassmen.

Tigsik tigsik ko an kaklase ko maugma asin maloko pirmi kami magkataid magkadukot an siko lalo na pag nag exam asin quiz oh. Masiram an surubahan mi sa luwas dawa sa laog kan klase Wagas minsan mayong labot saimo dawa napasupog ka sa dakul na tawo puro siya hambog yan an totoo pero may ibobotog man siguro nagtatarabangan kami sa gibo lalo na sa project na todo karantiyawan na grabe yan an sakong masasabi makabalos lang sa tigsik kong ini para ini sa maogma kong kaklase