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Printmaking is an indirect means of creating art by transferring an image or design by contact with a matrix such as a block, plate, stone, or screen. The primary advantage of printmaking as a medium is that it allows images to be easily disseminated, and shared with a wider audience. It is also a cheap way to reproduce images, and this was especially important in the years before photography was developed. If prints are produced by hand it makes every single one made unique and therefore more valuable. For these reasons printmaking has become extremely popular and used in a variety of applications. The only real disadvantage of print making to create a piece of art is that not much detail could be added. There are many different types of printmaking and in this project I will experiment with some of these to decide which type of print my final creation will be. These include lino print, lino cut, dry point and screen print; I will take workshops in these to get a better understanding of how the print is made and the health and safety issues. Printmaking allows us to create forms of art and designs. It Started around 4th century AD, this art form regenerated with time and made way for the process, which is now being used in printing. Vintage stamps collection and appreciating art forms are included in hobbies, which give the people an urge to experiment with the process available to them today. Printmaking was initially used to reproduce different religious text and manuscripts for distribution. With the passing of time, it started evolving from preservation purpose to creating different work of arts and also played a very important role in participation of the printing process. In todays world, artists explore individual mediums of art painting, design and printmaking have stayed in one of the few with a high degree of acceptability. The main reason print making is still here today is because of the different processes that are involved in creating a print through printmaking. A lot of new and talented artists have found their place in printmaking; also all the graffiti and street artists use a form of printmaking using stencils. It makes print making popular in rebellious artist who want to express themselves differently. The most important reason printmaking is what it is today is because of tradition. It is tradition that has brought it here and helped it survive. In many places and many art forms the technique of producing art from printmaking is now a tradition that has been followed through centuries. Today students who study art are taught different methods and techniques that are involved in printmaking.