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Burning Code in Web Development CodeIgniter MVC

Rowen Remis R. Iral - FE

Mini Conferen e ! "##$ %ovember &' (WD) De *a +alle - College of +t. Benilde

Rowen Remis R. Iral

Fundamental I, Engineer - )*(C-(. Enterprise
-ttp/00olp p-ent.ism1website. om

Bon(restige www.friendster. om 2ll(oints Feedba 3 **C

-ttp/00www.allpointsfeedba 3. om

Web Development
Designing using
HTML (structure) CSS (layout) Flash (animation) JavaScript Server side scripts(php, sp, php, py) !ro"ser Server ("e# server, mail server, data#ase server)

.,M*4 C++4 5avas ript

$ou should learn ho" to structure and design your site CSS %or applying design JavaScript %or interactivity on the Client Side

&e# Server
This serves your pages (html and other %iles including images, sound, %lash %iles, etc') Some are o"ned, some are hosted This also runs your code (php, sp)

(pache, ))S, Mac *S &e# Server

Mail Server
This processes and serves your email' Most hosting has this one

*ther servers+
Streaming server Cache CD, -hotos Data#ase(MyS.L, -ost/re, MSS.L)

C-allenges on Web Development

-rogramming !usiness and Systems Designing Servers !and"idth allocation )nternet Connection

(rogramming for Web

-HJava JS(S',et Flash0Fle1''' -ython -erl

Web Development Framewor3s

/eneric ones
CMS (Content)
Joomla """' oomla'org Drupal """'drupal'org

(.( Web Development

-H- (Hyperte1t -reprocessor)
Mostly popular among "e# developers' May ta2e time to learn' Ta2e time to develop, test and deploy'

(.( Framewor3s
-H-3#ased 4uns on any "e#server "ith php compati#ility Has a set o% tools, li#raries and classes %or easier "e# development

(.( Framewor3s

-H- %rame"or2

Code)gniter uses M5C Developed #y 6llisLa# )nc' """'codeigniter'com

De%inition o% the Data#ase connection This contains ho" data is communicated #et"een user and the data#ase itsel%

Structure, page HTML layout This is "hat is seen #y the visitors or users o% your "e# application

This is the logic or controllers' Contains %unctions that per%orms actions %or initiali7ing a li#rary, helper and other con%iguration' Calls the models to prepare data and then calls the views to display the data'

class Hello e1tends Controller8
%unction Hello()8

: %unction hello()8
;data<=message=> ? @"e# designersA9 ;this3Bload3Bvie"(=hello=)9

<html> <head><title>PWDO Mini Conference</title></head> <body> <p align=center> Hello <?php echo me!!age" ?> </p> </body> </html>

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