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How to Walk in Victory Every Day of Your life

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter &o!r Chapter &ive Chapter Six Expect God to Act Since the Moment I was Saved Victory O!r Inherent "i#ht 4 32 $% *+ // 0 /2 $

'ow to Esca(ate )o!r &aith ,on-t Give .n 1innin# 2eop(e to 3es!s

Chapter 1

Expect God to Act

by Frances "i#ht a4ter I was saved someone said to me5 6,id yo! 7now that there are over 8+5+++ promises in the word o4 God9: I said5 6God (et me (ive (on# eno!#h5 ;eca!se I want to 4ind every one o4 yo!r promises<: That #ave me a h!n#er 4or the word o4 God which I ;e(ieve is the answer to victory every day in yo!r (i4e= &ind those promises and expect God to act= The p!rpose o4 this ;oo7 is to #ive yo! the six princip(es I 4ee( are the most important to wa(7 in victory every sin#(e day o4 yo!r (i4e= Victory is o!rs5 not de4eat= 6Every sin#(e day=: 3es!s never said5 6I have come that yo! mi#ht have (i4e a;!ndant(y on T!esday and &riday<: 'e never said5 6I came that yo! mi#ht have (i4e a;!ndant(y on S!nday and then have misery the rest o4 the time<: 1hen 3es!s came 'e came that we co!(d have a;!ndant (i4e a(( the time > day and ni#ht5 re#ard(ess o4 what is #oin# on aro!nd !s= As I ;e#an to pray and thin7 o4 the peop(e that we minister to aro!nd the wor(d5 I as7ed the ?ord5 61here is the area in (i4e where ;e(ievers need the #reatest he(p9: As I pondered this I ;ecame convinced that the #reatest (ac7 is the 7now(ed#e

necessary to possess yo!r inheritance and then expect God to act= "each o!t and possess everythin# that ;e(on#s to !s= Some peop(e reach o!t and possess on(y a portion o4 what is o!rs< 'ave any o4 yo! ever inherited money 4rom some;ody9 May;e yo!r parents died or may;e a rich !nc(e died and (e4t yo! a chec7 4or @/5+++< 1hen the wi(( was read and the chec7 was written to yo!5 yo! co!(d do one o4 two thin#s< )o! co!(d have said5 6I on(y want a part o4 this< I don-t want the who(e tho!sand do((ars< I4 yo!-(( #ive me @243<++ I-(( ;e satis4ied< 3!st throw the rest away<: Ao one wo!(d do that= 1o!(d yo! do somethin# (i7e that9 Ao< 1hat wo!(d yo! do9 )o! wo!(d ta7e the who(e chec7< )o! wo!(d ta7e everythin# o44ered to yo!= ?et me i((!strate with a;s!rdity< I4 some;ody (e4t yo! a mi((ion do((ars5 yo! wo!(d not say5 6Oh that-s too m!ch 4or me< 3!st #ive it ;ac7 to that dead person<: Ao yo! wo!(d ta7e it a((= )o! wo!(d accept every ;it o4 it5 and pro;a;(y sho!t 61ow= Boy5 this is 4or me=: )o! wo!(d pro;a;(y #ive a (ot o4 it to God< I 7now that witho!t even as7in# yo! ;eca!se on(y a #iver wo!(d invest in this ;oo7< )o!-d ;e s!ch an ea#er ;eaver to #et yo!r hand on that money5 so yo! co!(d t!rn aro!nd and invest it in the 7in#dom o4 God< One o4 the most important thin#s yo! can (earn to do is to 7now how to c(aim yo!r inheritance in

order to possess what God has 4or !s< The avera#e Christian does not 7now what they #ained when they were ;orn a#ain ;y the Spirit o4 God= One o4 these days I hope to have an imprompt! meetin# and as7 peop(e to share with me what 7now(ed#e was imparted when they were ;orn a#ain ;y the Spirit o4 God< I am c!rio!s to 7now how many rea((y !nderstood what happened when they were ;orn a#ain ;y the Spirit o4 God< Many respond to an emotiona( t!# !pon the heart< &ran7(y I thin7 that the avera#e person doesn-t even have an idea o4 what rea((y ;e(on#s to them when they-re ;orn a#ain= )o! pro;a;(y a#ree with me on that< I 4e(t (i7e I had ;een hit on the head with a ;ric7;at when I was sittin# !pon a ric7ety5 poor(y constr!cted a(tar in a very o(d ch!rch< I tho!#ht I was #oin# to 4a(( over ;ac7wards< The a(tar was not anchored to the 4(oor< It was the tiniest5 narrowest (itt(e thin# that yo! ever saw< &or some !nexp(aina;(e reason I was sha7in# a(( over the p(ace< I don-t 7now i4 it was in my spirit or in my carna( mind5 ;!t I co!(d see myse(4 4(ippin# over ;ac7wards< My dominant tho!#ht was how !n#race4!( I was #oin# to (oo7 when I went over ;ac7wards with my (e#s 4(ai(in# over my head< I co!(d see myse(4 spraw(ed on the 4(oor in 4ront o4 everyone< As a matter o4 4act5 I don-t even thin7 I was thin7in# a;o!t sa(vation< I was wonderin# how I co!(d 7eep my dress down when I went over5

;eca!se I 7new that (itt(e a(tar was #oin# to 4(ip over< The day that I #ot saved5 I stood and said5 6God5 i4 yo! want what-s (e4t o4 this mess5 yo! ta7e her5 ;!t ta7e a(( o4 her5 ;eca!se I want nothin# (e4t=: And then to ma7e s!re that God !nderstood me I said5 6God5 I-(( ma7e a dea( with yo!=: CThere are peop(e who thin7 that yo! can-t ma7e a dea( with God5 ;!t I ;e(ieve yo! can5 ;eca!se I made the ;est dea( ever<D I said5 6God5 I-(( #ive yo! a(( o4 me in exchan#e 4or a(( o4 yo!=: &or some reason or another5 I #!ess it was ;eca!se I made a tota( commitmentE God in that sp(it second #ave me a reve(ation o4 what the Bi;(e was a(( a;o!t< ?et me ;e rea( honest with yo!< I had attended the ch!rch 4or nine months ;e4ore I #ot saved< I had heard a;o!t the (ove o4 God< )et5 I had a;so(!te(y a very sma(( portion o4 the 7now(ed#e that sho!(d have ;e(on#ed to me a;o!t what was ri#ht4!((y mine when I ;ecame a Christian< The avera#e person does not 7now eno!#h to 4o((ow thro!#h on their conversion< Ao one e(se can 4o((ow thro!#h 4or yo!< On(y yo! can p!rs!e yo!r inheritance< 1e 4o((ow thro!#h ;y into God-s 1ord< I4 yo! want to discover yo!r inheritance5 yo! need to #et into God-s 1ord and expect God to act= )o! m!st st!dy 6the wi((5: the written 1ord o4 God= The ;i##est wi(( ever written is the Bi;(e< Ao other wi(( that-s ;een written contains more

in4ormation then the Bi;(e< Beca!se the Bi;(e is the wi(( o4 God5 it is the inheritance 3es!s Christ (e4t !s< I have never 7nown any;ody who died and (e4t a wi(( that the 4ami(y didn-t r!n the doc!ment to a (awyer to esta;(ish their inheritance< They cannot wait to discover who #ot #randma-s crysta( or the antiF!e roc7in# chair= Most o4 the time it-s #randma-s money that they want< The #reatest inheritance that we wi(( ever receive is o!rs 4rom God< )et5 many peop(e never even read the entire Bi;(e< The avera#e person doesn-t 7now how to possess the #reatest inheritance 7nown to man5 ;eca!se they have never 4o!nd o!t what they possess< I ;e(ieve we have many carna( Christians today who never move ;eyond that sta#e is ;eca!se they have never tr!(y discovered their inheritance< Every promise in the 1ord o4 God ;e(on#s to yo!= B!t yo!-ve #ot to expect God to act= 1e have the mind o4 Christ= 1hen yo! rea(iGe this5 part o4 yo!r inheritance ;ecomes o;vio!s= 1hi(e deve(opin# this teachin# I as7ed God5 61hat is the thin# that 7eeps !s 4rom possessin# what rea((y ri#ht4!((y ;e(on#s to !s9: 1hat God spo7e to me was ;ea!ti4!(< 'e said5 6The avera#e person does not ;e(ieve that they are a new creat!re when they are ;orn a#ain ;y the Spirit o4 God<: Aow don-t throw that o!t and say5 61e(( I

;e(ieve it5: ;eca!se I-m #oin# to show yo! in a min!te why many peop(e don-t ;e(ieve< The Bi;(e p(ain(y teaches !s that at the moment o4 sa(vation we are ;rand new creations in Christ5 6There4ore i4 any man ;e in Christ5 he is a new creat!reH o(d thin#s are passed awayE ;eho(d5 a(( thin#s are ;ecome new: C2 Corinthians %H/8D ,o yo! ;e(ieve the 1ord o4 God is in4a((i;(e9 ,o yo! ;e(ieve that there has not 4ai(ed one word o4 a(( o4 his #ood promises9 ,o yo! ;e(ieve that there is nothin# to ;e F!estioned in the 1ord o4 God= 1e are to who(ehearted(y ;e(ieve everythin# in the 1ord o4 God= I4 we rea((y ;e(ieve this5 we m!st accept the 4act that we are a new creat!re= Beca!se we-re new creat!res5 we no (on#er have a ri#ht to ;e the same person that we were ;e4ore we were ;orn a#ain< That person is dead= That person no (on#er exists< 1e are a new creat!re< 1e have no ri#ht to o!r o(d memories< O(d memories seem to ca!se more pro;(ems than anythin# e(se< Tro!;(e comes as we dwe(( on the past and not on the 4!t!re< 1e have a;so(!te(y no ri#ht to han# onto o(d memories< I don-t care how #ood they are< I don-t care how ;ad they are< 1e are new creations (ivin# in a new day )o! have no ri#ht to han# on to yo!r o(d memories< Char(es and I preach God-s (ove5 and God-s mirac(es most o4 the time< Every once in a whi(e I thin7 we need to #et !p to preach and 6(ay peop(e o!t<: I don-t 7now why peop(e wi(( not accept the

4act that we are new creat!res< 1e are not an o(d creat!re5 not that same person< )o! have no ri#ht5 accordin# to the 1ord o4 God5 to han# on to those o(d memories< I can #!arantee yo! one thin#5 o(d memories wi(( #et yo! into tro!;(e< O(d memories can create as many pro;(ems today as they did when yo! created them< O(d memories can ta7e !p yo!r time and cons!me yo!r tho!#hts< They-(( ro; yo! o4 yo!r ener#y and 7eep yo! 4rom doin# what God wants yo! to do today5 and 7eep yo! 4rom victory= 1e have no ri#ht to o!r o(d ha;its< 6B!t &rances5 6I can-t #ive !p those o(d ha;its<: )o! don-t have any ri#ht to them< As a matter o4 4act5 do yo! 7now that yo! don-t have any o(d ha;its9 )o! may as75 61hy don-t I have any o(d ha;its9: Beca!se yo!-re a new creat!re5 and that new creat!re does not have those o(d ha;its< The new creat!re has new ha;its= The new creat!re does #od(y thin#s= The new creat!re does thin#s that p(ease God= 1hen we han# on to those thin#s that we have no ri#ht to han# on to5 we r!n into rea( pro;(ems< Many pro;(ems arise ;eca!se we do not ;e(ieve that we are new creat!res< )o! have no ri#ht to yo!r o(d associations< I remem;er spea7in# with a yo!n# man who was a sex!a( devivate5 ;e4ore comin# to the ?ord< 'e can-t tear himse(4 away 4rom his o(d associates< 'e can-t tear himse(4 away 4rom that (i4e sty(e< ,o yo! thin7 that he is pro#ressin# in Christ9 'e is not< 'e

is #oin# ;ac7wards as 4ast as he can5 ;eca!se he 4or#ot that i4 any man ;e in Christ5 he is a new creat!re5 he is no (on#er a sex!a( devivate< I4 yo! were a prostit!te5 yo! are no (on#er a prostit!te< I4 yo! were an a(coho(ic5 yo! have no ri#ht to ;e an a(coho(ic< 1hy9 Beca!se these actions are 4orcin# on this new creat!re some o4 yo!r ha;its o4 the past< 1hat happens to the new creat!re when yo! ta7e the o(d yo! and try to cram it down the throat o4 the new creat!re9 The new creat!re pretty soon ;ecomes a re4(ection o4 the o(d creat!re that yo! !sed to ;e< 1hat yo! have rea((y done is inva(idated what 3es!s did on the cross 4or yo!< 'e said5 Cand I ;e(ieve itD 6I4 any man ;e in Christ5 he is a new creat!re<: ?et-s act (i7e it= )o! may have heard me te(( the story ;!t I-m #oin# to te(( it a#ain anyway ;eca!se I (ove to hear it myse(4< Be4ore I #ot saved5 I had the worst mo!th that yo! co!(d ever ima#ine= I 7new a (ot o4 I!icy swear words and I !sed them a(( the time< Every time I t!rned aro!nd5 every three or 4o!r words5 were 4o((owed ;y a #ood 4o!r (etter word< I don-t 7now what prompted me to do it5 ;!t there was somethin# within me that made me swear< May;e it was ;eca!se I owned a printin# company< That-s somethin# I thin7 wo!(d ma7e a(most any;ody swear< 'a((e(!Iah= B!t I ;e(ieved what the 1ord o4 God said< It said5 6&rances '!nter Cthat wasn-t my name thenD yo! are a new creat!re< 6O(d thin#s have passed away5 ;eho(d a(( thin#s are new: I-m a new

creat!re< I-m a ;rand new creat!re in Christ= I expected God to act= Aot a sin#(e swear word has ever come o!t o4 my mo!th since I was saved< )o! 7now why9 Beca!se I ;e(ieved< I ;e(ieved< I remember thinking 61ow5 I-m not that same person anymore< I-m not that (ady that swears< I-m not that (ady that to(d dirty Io7es< I-m not that (ady that did a(( those 7ind o4 thin#s< I-m a new creat!re<: G(ory to God= I ;e(ieved it< I received it< I did not accept any o4 the thin#s that were 4rom the past< This is why I have never had one moment o4 #!i(t in a(( my Christian (i4e< I don-t thin7 any;ody o!#ht to ever have #!i(t< )et5 the ;i##est pro;(em in the Christian wor(d today is #!i(t5 #!i(t5 #!i(t5 #!i(t5 #!i(t< 1e need on(y to !nderstand we have ;ecome new creat!res= There is no #!i(t< There is no shame= That person no (on#er exists< )o! are a ;rand new shiny creat!re in Christ< I (oo7ed down and I tho!#ht5 61ow= I (i7e this creat!re a (ot more than I (i7ed that other one< So5 I-m never #oin# to thin7 a;o!t that other one a#ain< I-m not #oin# to have the o(d desires that I had< )o! have no ri#ht to have the o(d desires that yo! had< I4 ;e4ore yo! were married5 yo! were a 6r!n aro!nd #!y: that (i7ed a di44erent #ir( three times a wee7 and on(y came home once in awhi(e5 yo! now have no ri#ht to that< B!t yo! see5 none o4 !s5

re#ard(ess o4 who we are5 have no ri#ht5 yo! have no ri#ht to ;e that o(d creat!re< )o! have no ri#ht to say5 6I can-t #et rid o4 this ;ad ha;it5: ;eca!se the new yo! has no ;ad ha;it< 6Oh ;!t &rances5 I-ve a(ways had s!ch a sharp ton#!e5 and I-ve a(ways c!t down every;ody: )o! don-t now< )o!-ve #ot a new ton#!e< 1hen yo! met 3es!s yo! #ot a ;rand new ton#!e< )o! don-t have any ri#ht to de4i(e that new ton#!e ;y sayin# the thin#s that yo! said ;e4ore yo! ;ecame a new creat!re< )o!-ve #ot a new mind< )o!r mind has ;een recreated< )o!r spirit has ;een recreated< Everythin# a;o!t yo! is new ;!t the devi( wi(( 7eep p!((in# and p!((in# and p!((in# on yo!< 'e-s #oin# to say5 6Ao5 that-s not tr!e< )o!-re not new< )o!-re the same sinner yo!-ve a(ways ;een<: 1hen Satan ma7es yo! thin7 as yo! tho!#ht ;e4ore yo! #ot saved h!manity 7ic7s in with the tho!#ht5 6I-m not that new creat!re a4ter a((<: That-s a (ie o4 the devi(< Any time the devi( comes at yo! with an evi( tho!#ht say5 6I don-t have to thin7 a;o!t that anymore< I-m a new creat!re=: )o! have no ri#ht to yo!r o(d tho!#hts< )o! have no ri#ht to yo!r o(d (i4e5 ;eca!se that o(d (i4e does not exist 4or yo! at a((= May;e yo! were a party person ;e4ore yo! #ot saved= I was< I (oved to #o o!t and drin7 and party a(( over the p(ace< B!t yo! 7now5 we don-t have a


ri#ht to that anymore5 ;eca!se we are new creat!res< A new creat!re on(y wants to do the thin#s that p(ease 'im< The new creat!re doesn-t want to do a(( those other thin#s< 1e have no ri#ht Cremem;er this5 it-s a #ood tho!#htD > to do!;t and !n;e(ie4< )o! have a;so(!te(y no ri#ht to have any do!;t or !n;e(ie4 in yo!r (i4e< ,o!;t and !n;e(ie4 7i((s more Christians than anythin# I 7now o4< ?et-s (oo7 at this tho!#ht a#ain5 6I4 any man ;e in Christ he is a new creat!re<: A(( ri#ht5 yo! say5 6I don-t ;e(ieve that<: 1ho is rea((y spea7in#9 The devi(< )o! say5 61e((5 I don-t (oo7 (i7e a new creat!re< I sti(( (oo7 (i7e the same o(d me<: 1e((5 God didn-t te(( yo! he-d #ive yo! a new ;ody !nti( yo! #et to heaven< Then yo!-re #oin# to have a #(ori4ied ;ody< So5 yo! mi#ht (oo7 (i7e the same o(d person5 ;!t yo! are not the same o(d person< Every once in a whi(e Char(es and I #et ;!sy r!nnin# aro!nd 4or the ?ord that I don-t have time to do some o4 the simp(e (itt(e thin#s that I need to do< &or 4ive years I to(d Char(es5 6I have #ot to #et a new s7i((et<: I thin7 I had one o4 the worst s7i((ets aro!nd< Everythin# that was coo7ed in it st!c7< It didn-t ma7e any di44erence i4 yo! p!t in 4orty po!nds o4 ;!tter or ten po!nds o4 Crisco to try to 7eep it 4rom stic7in#5 it st!c7< There was no way that I co!(d 4ry an e## in that s7i((et witho!t

;rea7in# the yo7e5 ;eca!se the d!m; thin# st!c7 to the ;ottom o4 the pan< &ina((y5 one ni#ht on the way home 4rom ch!rch5 I said to Char(es5 6?et-s stop at the store5 it-s open5 and (et-s #et some new s7i((ets<: I said5 6I am so tired o4 those s7i((ets that I have comp(ained a;o!t 4or 4ive years5 ;eca!se they are a;so(!te(y no #ood anymore<: 1e went to the store and 4o!nd we co!(d not ;!y them5 ;eca!se the 6B(!e ?aws: 4or;ade them to se(( pots and pans on S!nday< 1e pic7ed o!t a(( these new s7i((ets5 too7 them !p to the 4ront co!nter5 and they said5 6)o!-(( have to come ;ac7 tomorrow5 ;eca!se we don-t se(( them on S!nday: I tho!#ht5 6Oh #(ory to God= 'ere I am5 I 4ina((y #ot time5 4ina((y #ot my mind p!t to#ether5 I-m #oin# to ;!y s7i((ets and now they te(( me I have to ta7e them ;ac7<: So5 we too7 them ;ac7< Somehow or another d!rin# that wee7 we 4o!nd the time to #o to the store and we ;o!#ht three ;ea!ti4!( new s7i((ets< I co!(d have #one home and said5 61e(( I-m #oin# to 7eep these other s7i((ets< I-(( save the new ones and when I have company and I want to rea((y do somethin# rea( #ood I-(( !se the new ones< B!t5 in the meantime I-m #oin# to 7eep !sin# these o(d ones< They don-t have ho(es in them so I can sti(( !se them< ,o yo! thin7 I said that9 Ao5 I too7 those three o(d s7i((ets and threw them in the trash can<


I #ot three ;ea!ti4!( new pans< The 4irst thin# when I #ot home5 I coo7ed e##s< I co!(dn-t ;e(ieve that e##s don-t a(ways stic7 to the ;ottom o4 the pan< I te(( yo! we had the most ;ea!ti4!( e##s 4or ;rea74ast and not a thin# st!c7 to the pans< )o! see5 I had the choice< I had new pots and pans5 I!st (i7e yo! have a new (i4e in Christ that doesn-t stic7 to the ;ottom o4 the pan< )o!r new (i4e is over here< Over there we have the o(d s7i((ets that ma7e everythin# stic7 and ;!m< By the way5 yo! sho!(d have tried to coo7 potatoes in the o(d s7i((et5 that was a rea( di((y< Everythin# st!c7< Aow I have two sets o4 s7i((ets< This one is new< The new ones do everythin# a s7i((et is s!pposed to do< Other s7i((ets are pro;(ems< ,o yo! #et the point o4 what I-m drivin# at9 )o! see what yo! can do with that o(d (i4e9 )o! can say5 61e((5 it served me 4or s!ch a (on# time5 I hate to throw it o!t5 I thin7 I-(( sti(( 7eep messin# with it<: Or5 we can rea(iGe that sittin# ri#ht over here is that ;rand new (i4e that doesn-t have a(( those stic7y sit!ations in it< )o! don-t have to #et a shove( and di# yo!rse(4 o!t o4 the pro;(ems that yo! #et into< The thin# that yo! do is yo! ma7e a c(ean sweep< 1hen yo! are ;orn a#ain ;y the Spirit o4 God5 yo! ta7e these three o(d pans5 sym;o(ic o4 yo!r past (i4e5 which are rea((y #ood 4or nothin#5 and yo! throw them in the deepest sea5


never to ;e remem;ered a#ain5 i4 yo! expect God to act< I didn-t even 7eep those o(d s7i((ets in the ho!se< I #ave them to the trash man to p!t in his #rinder< The #ar;a#e man too7 them away< I don-t 7now where they d!mp the trash in this area5 and I have news 4or yo!5 I-m not #oin# to (oo7 4or it either< I-m not #oin# to 7eep ca((in# the #ar;a#e department !p to as7 61i(( yo! te(( me where that d!mp is (ocated9 Six months a#o5 I ;o!#ht some new s7i((ets and I threw the o(d ones o!t<: I-m not #oin# to #o over to the #ar;a#e d!mp and #o thro!#h a(( those pi(es o4 sme((y #ar;a#e tryin# to 4ind my o(d pots and pans which weren-t worth anythin# anyway A;s!rd as this may seem5 it is exact(y what many o4 !s do< 1e don-t ta7e the o(d (i4e and (et God #et rid o4 it< 1e don-t a((ow God to ;!ry it in the deepest sea5 never to ;e pic7ed !p5 nor remem;ered a#ain< Thin7 a;o!t this< I4 I had #one over to the d!mp5 the pi(es o4 #ar;a#e on the top o4 my pan wo!(d have sme(t pretty ;ad< I4 I p(aced my hands in there5 I-d rea((y ;e in a stin7in# mess< Those pans can stay there< I don-t want them anymore< I want the new ones5 ;eca!se I want everythin# to t!rn o!t ri#ht< The same thin# is tr!e o4 the o(d (i4e< The day I p!t my (i4e on a #ar;a#e heap5 I t!rned aro!nd5 (oo7ed and tho!#ht5 6Ohhh<: I (e4t my o(d (i4e


there< There was no portion o4 that (i4e that I wanted whatsoever< Aow yo! may thin75 1ow= She m!st have rea((y ;een a mess<: Ao5 I wasn-t that ;ad< I was (i7e most peop(e< )o! 7now5 a (itt(e ;it o4 #ood5 a (itt(e ;it o4 ;ad5 (itt(e more ;ad5 (itt(e more #ood< I never shot any;ody5 7i((ed any;ody5 ro;;ed any;ody5 or anythin# (i7e that< B!t there was nothin# in my o(d (i4e that was worthwhi(e< There is nothin# in yo!r (i4e5 I don-t care how 6#oody>#oody: yo!-ve ;een< )o! may thin7 yo! were pretty #ood ;e4ore yo! #ot saved< That-s a(( ri#ht< Sti((5 there wasn-t a thin# in yo!r (i4e that was worthwhi(e< 1hen yo! ma7e the trade5 don-t try to han# on to even that (itt(e portion that yo! thin7 mi#ht have ;een #ood< ?et it #o< 6?et it a(( #o and then t!rn yo!r eyes !pon 3es!s<: "eceive yo!r inheritance< )o! are a new creat!re5 ;eca!se anythin# that yo! have in yo!r o(d (i4e which mi#ht have ;een worth whi(e is nothin# in comparison with what God #ives yo! in the new (i4e< 1e need to remem;er that we are new creat!res= ,ie to se(4= Ga(atians 2:20 says5 6I have ;een cr!ci4ied with Christ5 there4ore it is no (on#er I who (ives5 ;!t Christ who (ives in me and the (i4e I now (ive in the 4(esh5 I (ive ;y 4aith in the Son o4 God5 who (oved me and #ave 'imse(4 4or me<: )o!r o(d nat!re is dead5 dead5 dead5 dead5 dead< )o! don-t have a ri#ht to yo!r o(d nat!re< )o! have a;so(!te(y no ri#ht< 2eop(e come !p to me

and say5 61i(( yo! pray 4or my ;ad temper9 I-ve had a ;ad temper a(( my (i4e<: I say5 61e(( then yo! haven-t ;een ;orn a#ain5 have yo!9: 6)es5 ;!t I sti(( have a ;ad temper<: A#ain5 I say5 6)o! haven-t ;een ;orn a#ain<: 6)es I have5: they ar#!e< Ao yo! haven-t< Beca!se i4 yo!-ve ;een ;orn a#ain ;y the Spirit o4 God5 yo! are a new creat!re= )o! are a #od(y creat!re and are no (on#er are ;o!nd ;y an#er= )o! no (on#er have a temper5 ;eca!se yo! don-t have any ri#ht to it= Expect God to act= 'ave yo! ever seen a dead 4ish9 The same tr!th app(ies to a person< Once a person or 4ish is dead5 what ;e#ins to happen to them9 They ;e#in to stin75 don-t they9 The o(d person o4 yo! that is now dead stin7s when yo! try to res!rrect that person into yo!r new (i4e< As a matter o4 4act5 I never saw a dead 4ish 4(oppin# aro!nd5 comp(ainin# and #ripin# a;o!t everythin#5 ;eca!se once a 4ish is dead5 it-s dead= The same thin# is tr!e with !s= 1e are dead to the o(d man< 1e a(( try to res!rrect o!rse(ves< 1e try to #o ;ac7 into the past< 6B!t &rances5 yo! don-t 7now what happened to me in the past<: Ao disrespect intended5 I don-t care what happened to yo!< "ea((y5 I do care5 ;!t it-s not important< 1hy9 I4 I to(d some o4 yo! the thin#s that happened in my (i4e5 yo! wo!(d never ;e(ieve it< B!t yo! see5 I-m a new creat!re< I don-t have any ri#ht to the past< I don-t have any ri#ht to wron# tho!#hts< I don-t

have any ri#ht to entertain pain4!( memories< I don-t have any ri#ht to ;ad dreams5 ;eca!se o4 what has happened< I praise God that I-m a new creat!re in Christ= I ;e(ieve it5 I receive5 and I accept it= That-s the thin# that I want yo! to do< I want yo! to tota((y accept the 4act that yo! are a new creat!re and a(( those thin#s have passed away< 2 Corinthians 5:21 says5 6&or 'e made 'im who 7new no sin to ;e sin 4or !s5 that we mi#ht ;ecome the ri#hteo!sness o4 God in 'im<: 1e are 6am;assadors 4or Christ<: The position o4 an am;assador is an important one= .S Am;assadors are some o4 the 4inest peop(e in the wor(d< To ;e an am;assador 4rom the .nited States to a 4orei#n co!ntry reF!ires a (ot< 2otentia( Am;assadors are screened ;y the ,epartment or State< )o!r stren#ths and wea7nesses are esta;(ished< I4 they 4ind very many wea7nesses yo! wi(( not have a post representin# the .nited States in a 4orei#n co!ntry 3!st as o!r am;assadors are pic7ed and care4!((y screened5 the same is tr!e o4 o!r post 4or the ?ord= Aot anyone can ;e an am;assador 4or Christ< )o! m!st ;e a ;orn a#ain ;e(iever to ;e an am;assador 4or 3es!s Christ< II Corinthians %H2+ says5 6Aow then5 we are am;assadors 4or Christ5 as tho!#h God were p(eadin# thro!#h !sE we imp(ore yo! on Christ-s ;eha(4 ;e reconci(ed to God<:


God has chosen yo! and God has chosen me5 ;eca!se we are new creat!res in Christ< 'e as chosen !s to #o o!t and to ;e 'is am;assador to the entire wor(d= Ao am;assador 4rom the .nited States ever (asted very (on# in that o44ice i4 he did somethin# that was em;arrassin# to the #overnment o4 the .nited States< They are trained ;e4ore they #o into the dip(omatic service< They are especia((y schoo(ed in protoco(< They are instr!cted how to ;ehave in a ;anF!et< 'ow to ho(d a (ady-s arm< They are instr!cted in everythin#< By the same to7en5 ;eca!se we are am;assadors 4or Christ5 we m!st ;e instr!cted how to cond!ct o!rse(ves accordin# to the protoco( o4 the 1ord o4 God< The 1ord o4 God teaches a(( yo! need to 7now to serve as an Am;assador 4or Christ< ?et-s thin7 more a;o!t the F!a(i4ications o4 an Am;assador< May;e I have a (itt(e ha;it that I wo!(d (i7e to han# onto< S!ppose I sti(( (i7e to drin7< I (oved the state o4 e!phoria I entered when I dran7 martinis< I want to #o o!t and serve as Christ-s am;assador ;y sharin# 3es!s< 1e((5 I need a (itt(e co!ra#e< So5 I thin7 I-(( p!t a co!p(e martinis !nder my ;e(t< I #o o!t sme((in# o45 and !nder the in4(!ence o4 a(coho(< I am wo;;(in# a;o!tE I didn-t rea(iGe how stron# that martini was< B!t I see this poor5 (one(y #ir( sittin# in a ;ar and I thin75 6That poor thin#< She needs he(p<: "emem;er5 I dran7 eno!#h martinis that I-m croc7ed< So5 I-m #oin# to #o in the ;ar5 sit down

and ;e socia;(e< I-m #oin# to drin7 with her to prove my hospita(ity< I order another martini5 toss it down and try to te(( her what 3es!s Christ can do in her (i4e< 1hat do yo! thin7 she-s #oin# to ;e thin7in# a;o!t me9 Am I a #ood am;assador9 Ao5 she-s #oin# to (oo7 at me and say5 6I4 yo!-re sti(( drin7in#5 3es!s hasn-t done very m!ch 4or yo!5 has 'e9 'ow can yo! te(( me what 'e can do 4or me i4 'e can-t do it 4or yo!9 )o!-re te((in# me that he-(( de(iver me 4rom a(coho(< IJm an a(coho(ic and have to have a drin7 ;e4ore nine o-c(oc7 every mornin#<: Ao5 she-s #oin# to (oo7 at me and thin75 JShe-s sayin# 3es!s can de(iver me5 when she hasn-t even ;een de(ivered herse(4: )o! can-t say to them5 6,on-t do what I do5 do what I say: )o!-(( never (ead any;ody to 3es!s that way< One ni#ht a man came !p to me spea7in# o4 the excitin# ch!rch that he had ;!i(t< 'e wanted !s to come to minister there< 6I 7now that yo!-(( ;e a ;(essin# to o!r ch!rch5: he said< JThe peop(e are h!n#ry<: 6I-m 4eedin# them the 1ord5: he said< 'e sme((ed stron#(y o4 ci#ar smo7e5 I co!(d have vomited ri#ht on the spot< I4 yo! sme(( (i7e ci#ar smo7e5 or ci#arette smo7e5 or yo!-ve #ot to stop in the midd(e o4 witnessin# to some;ody and spit the chewin# to;acco o!t o4 o!r mo!th5 yo!-re not a very #ood am;assador to the ?ord 3es!s Christ5 are yo!9 Smo7in# wi(( 7i(( yo! anyway=

1e m!st a((ow the 4orce o4 ri#hteo!sness5 God-s sancti4yin# p!ri4ication 4(owin# thro!#h !s< I4 yo! had a case o4 (e!7emia5 which is a cancero!s in4ection o4 the ;(ood stream5 and the sit!ation is a((owed to contin!e in that same way5 the disease wi(( event!a((y end !p 7i((in# yo!< )o! now have the ;(ood o4 Emman!e( 4(owin# thro!#h yo!r veins< 1hen that ;(ood 4(ows thro!#h yo!r veins5 new (i4e is prod!ced in yo!< )o! are (i4e= )o! need to 7now who yo! are in Christ< Ao matter how wic7ed yo! were ;e4ore yo! were saved5 yo!-re now a ;rand new creat!re= Accept this= )o! wi(( never possess everythin# God has 4or yo! !nti( yo! 4!((y !nderstand the ri#hts and privi(e#es yo! have as a Christian5 I (ove what 3es!s said in "eve(ation /H/0< 1here Satan no (on#er has dominion over !s5 his power is ;ro7en< Instead o4 ;ein# s(aves to the devi(5 we are (ove s(aves to a new master5 3es!s= I (ove the son# that #oes5 6I am he that (iveth5 and was deadE and5 ;eho(d5 I am a(ive 4or evermoreE and I have the 7eys o4 he(( and death<: 3es!s said5 6A(( power in heaven and earth has ;een #iven to me<: Then 'e t!rned ri#ht aro!nd and #ave that same power to yo! and to me< There sho!(d never ;e a sin#(e wea75 wish>washy Christian in the who(e wor(d< 1hat is yo!r inheritance9 The power o4 the 'o(y Spirit wor7in# in yo! is #reater than any power o4 the enemy< I4 Christians wo!(d (earn who they are and ;e#in to possess the inheritance that

we have5 we-d never (et the devi( de4eat !s in a sin#(e5 so(itary ;att(e< 6Oh ;!t &rances5 the devi( attac7ed my mind<: 1hi(e we were in &(orida a man m!st have approached me &orty times sayin#5 62ray 4or my mind< 2ray 4or my mind< 2ray 4or my mind<: 1hat I wanted to do was hit him in the head instead o4 prayin#= 6I have these wic7ed5 tormentin# tho!#hts that come to me a(( the time5: he said< 1e(( yo! can do one o4 two thin#sH )o! can either (et those wic7ed5 tormentin# tho!#hts inE yo! can (et them stay there or yo! an t!rn a switch and throw that tho!#ht o!t< JB!t5: I said5 6I 7now that yo! 7now what yo! are rea((y doin#< )o! are act!a((y enIoyin# every one o4 these Jtormentin# tho!#hts- that are comin# into yo!r mind5 ;eca!se yo! have not yet made a comp(ete decision to reach !p and ta7e what God has 4or yo!< )o! don-t want yo!r inheritance< )o! (i7e this 4i(thy inheritance o4 the devi(= I am not exa##eratin#< 'e ran aro!nd to very minister he co!(d 4ind< 62ray 4or my mind< I-ve #ot a tormented mind<: A(( he needed to do was accept the rea(ity that he is a new creat!re in Christ< 'e was not that same o(d thin#= 'e needed to expect God to act= 1e ;e(on# to the one who ho(d the 7eys to (i4e and death< 3es!s is (i4e= The devi( is death< 3es!s is sittin# on the throne at the ri#ht hand o4 God the &ather< 'e is sittin# in heaven(y p(aces< There4ore5

yo! and I5 ;eca!se we are ;orn a#ain ;y the Spirit o4 God and we have 3es!s Christ (ivin# in and thro!#h !s5 we5 too5 are a(ready sittin# in that same p(ace with 3es!s< 6B!t &rances5 yo! don-t 7now the he(( that I (ive in a(( the time<: "e4!se to (ive in torment< Be(ieve the 1ord o4 God< I choose to ;e(ieve that yo! are a(ready seated in heaven(y p(aces< Be(ieve it ;eca!se God-s word says so< Co(ossians 3H/3>/% #ives insi#ht into what ;e(on#s to !sE 6;earin# with one another5 and 4or#ivin# one another<: I4 we are a new creat!re in Christ5 we are #oin# to have a 4or#ivin# nat!re< 'ave yo! had any;ody do anythin# a#ainst yo! since yo! ;ecame a Christian9 1o!(d yo! have rea((y (i7ed to p!nch them in the nose9 I !nderstand< &or#ive them anyway< 1hen yo! ;e#in to 4or#ive yo!-(( discover that God can ;rin# #reat ;(essin#s yo!r way< As Christians5 we m!st have a 4or#ivin# nat!re< )o! have no ri#ht5 !nder yo!r inheritance5 to have a ;ad attit!de toward anyone< It 4!rther says5 6I4 anyone has a comp(aint a#ainst anotherE even as Christ 4or#ave yo!5 so yo! a(so m!st do<: The peop(e that r!n aro!nd with !n4or#iveness5 ;itterness and resentment in their heart5 4ai( to !nderstand God-s word< At the end o4 the ?ord-s 2rayer5 3es!s says5 6I4 yo! do not 4or#ive hose who have sinned a#ainst yo!5 then I cannot 4or#ive yo!<:


I4 yo! have !n4or#iveness yo!r heart5 yo! may ;e s!rprised when yo! #et to the door o4 heaven5 and God says5 6I-m sorry ;!t yo! never 4or#ave Mr< 3oe B(ow5 so I can-t 4or#ive yo!<: It-s script!ra(< 1e need to !nderstand the #ood thin#s and the ;ad thin#s that the Bi;(e mi#ht say< The passa#e contin!es5 6B!t a;ove a(( these thin#s p!t on (ove5 which is the ;ond o4 per4ection<: Or5 p!t on (ove< 1e need to (ove the !n(ove(y )es5 even those peop(e that don-t (oo7 very (ove(y to !s< 1e need to (ove them< This ;ehavior re4(ects o!r new nat!re ;eca!se the Bi;(e says5 6And (et the peace o4 God r!(e yo!r hearts5 to which a(so yo! were ca((ed in one ;odyE and ;e than74!(<: 2art o4 o!r inheritance is 7nowin# that we have ;een de(ivered 4rom the 7in#dom o4 dar7ness< As a deceiver5 yo! no (on#er sit in dar7ness< I4 yo! are wi((4!((y wa(7in# in dar7ness5 yo!-re tryin# to disprove God< )o!-re sayin#5 6God5 it doesn-t wor7< I-m sti(( down here in dar7ness<: 1hat does God-s word say9 It says5 61e have ;een de(ivered 4rom the power o4 dar7ness5 and we have ;een trans(ated into the 7in#dom o4 his dear Son<: There4ore5 we (ive in the (i#ht< 1e do not (ive in the dar7ness< I4 we (ive in dar7ness5 whose 4a!(t is it9 O!rs5 ;eca!se we have not c(aimed o!r inheritance< 1e have not expected God to act< Ephesians 2H$ says5 6and raised !s !p to#ether5 and made !s sit to#ether in the heaven(y p(aces in Christ 3es!s<:

God-s word says I sit in heaven(y p(aces5 so I am not a;o!t to sit down here in the dar7ness= I-m #oin# to sit where God intends 4or me to sit< I am #oin# to ;e where God intends me to ;e< I-m #oin# to wa(7 where God intends 4or me to wa(7< God wants yo! to wa(7 in victory every day o4 yo!r (i4e< 'e does not want yo! to wa(7 in de4eat< 'e wants yo! to ;e(ieve that yo! are that new creat!re in Christ< The reason that I-m emphasiGin# this over and over a#ain is ;eca!se I have too many peop(e come to me 4or prayer who simp(y do not 7now how to possess their inheritance< ?et-s ;e(ieve we are act!a((y ;rand new creat!res and expect God to act= 1hen a(( those o(d tho!#hts come !p I say5 6Oh no yo! don-t< O(d nat!re yo!-re dead= I-m a ;rand new creat!re in Christ< I don-t have to (isten to any o4 that st!44 and I-(( never (isten to yo! a#ain<: )o! see5 the pro;(em is we don-t ta7e serio!s(y the new nat!re that we have ;een #iven< A#ain5 we are ;rand new creat!res in Christ< )o! are not that same o(d creat!re< )o! are a ;rand new creat!re in Christ and5 as a ;rand new creat!re in ChristE yo! are privi(e#ed to ;e a Ioint heir with 3es!s< everythin# that ;e(on#s to 3es!s ;e(on#s to yo!< )o! are a son o4 God< )o! have ;een adopted into the roya( 4ami(y o4 God= Expect God to act= Some time ;ac7 Char(es and I made o!t new wi((s< 3oan5 as yo! pro;a;(y 7now5 is my da!#hter< Char(es adopted 3oan< As a matter o4 4act5 Char(es

as7ed me i4 he co!(d adopt 3oan ;e4ore he ever met 3oan5 ;e4ore we were ever married< I praise God 4or the ;ea!ti4!( heart o4 (ove that ;eats inside Char(es '!nter< And he said5 6I want to adopt yo!r da!#hter<: 3oan-s 4irst exc!rsion !pon her arriva( in 'o!ston was a trip to the co!rtho!se to have her name chan#ed to '!nter5 even ;e4ore she was adopted< 1e had to wait six months 4or Char(es to ;e proven worthy ;y the co!rts as an adoptive 4ather< I have a son who was a(ready married ;e4ore Char(es and I married< 'e has chi(dren and it-s very di44ic!(t to adopt a son who has chi(dren with his name< 1hi(e this does present a partic!(ar cha((en#e5 Char(es said to him5 6I want to adopt yo!<: 6)o! can 7eep yo!r name5: Char(es said5 6B!t I want yo! to 7now that yo!-re my son<: 'e said5 6Mother5 I-m too o(d 4or that 7ind o4 st!44: I don-t thin7 he every 4!((y rea(iGed what Char(es was sayin# to him< Aow5 3oan is Char(es- adopted da!#hter< As his adopted da!#hter5 she is entit(ed to everythin# that ;e(on#s to her 4ather< I4 Char(es and I were in a p(ane crash and we had no wi((5 and I died5 everythin# that we have wo!(d a!tomatica((y #o to Char(es< Three months (ater5 Char(es mi#ht die as a res!(t o4 the same accident where I had ;een instant(y 7i((ed< 1here is the (ine o4 s!ccession9 I have a nat!ra( son< 'e is the o(dest chi(d and he wo!(d ;e entit(ed to what9 Aothin#< 1hy9 Beca!se5 when I died everythin# went to Char(es<

1hen Char(es died5 everythin# #oes down the (ine to his s!ccessors and heirs< Aow5 even tho!#h Char(es wasn-t even in the state when 3oan was ;orn5 everythin# that Char(es had wo!(d a!tomatica((y #o to 3oan< This is what happens when we-re adopted into the 7in#dom o4 heaven< Be(ieve it or not5 6the ;(ood (ine: that 4(ows thro!#h adoption is stron#er than the ;(ood (ine that 4(ows thro!#h yo!r own physica( ;ody= 3!st in case yo! mi#ht ;e worried a;o!t my son5 we have seen to it that Tom and 3oan wi(( each receive one ha(4 o4 o!r estate< ,id yo! ever have a ;i# Christmas when yo! were a 7id9 May;e yo! have had ;i# Christmases with yo!r 7ids< 1e pi(e a(( 7inds o4 presents !nderneath the tree< I remem;er how Charity and Spice Ctwo o4 3oan-s chi(drenD wo!(d wade into one ;ox a4ter another< they didn-t even ;other (oo7in# to see what was in the ;oxes< They certain(y did not ;other to (oo7 and see who the #i4t was 4rom= They wo!(d I!st tear open one ;ox a4ter another and event!a((y #et aro!nd to (oo7in# to act!a((y see what was inside the ;oxes< Mamma and Grandmother are (e4t to c(ean !p the mess= "ea((y5 that-s the way some o4 !s do when we #et ;orn a#ain ;y the Spirit o4 God< It-s (i7e Christmas= God d!mps so many presents on !s that we don-t have time to (oo7 at them a((< 1e #et excited a;o!t one or two #i4ts that we throw the

rest o4 them over in the corner and don-t #et aro!nd to (oo7in# at them< I4 we rea((y want to possess everythin# that God has 4or !s5 we m!st #et into God-s 1ord and say5 6That-s mine< I-m sittin# in heaven(y p(aces< 'a((e(!Iah=: The next verse says5 6That in the a#es to come 'e mi#ht show the exceedin# riches o4 'is #race in 'is 7indness toward !s thro!#h Christ 3es!s<: 1hen I read this I said5 6That-s mine= That-s mine=: God is showin# me the exceedin# riches o4 'is #race ;eca!se I ;e(on# to 3es!s Christ< 1e read on5 6&or ;y #race yo! have ;een saved thro!#h 4aithE and that not o4 yo!rse(vesE it is the #i4t o4 God<: I say5 6That-s ri#ht< I receive it5 God<: It-s a #i4t o4 God< It-s mine ;eca!se I ;e(on# to yo!= I have (itera((y read every verse in the Bi;(e and I said5 6It-s mine< It-s mine< It-s mine<: I sti(( do ;eca!se I want to possess every ;it o4 the inheritance that ;e(on#s to me< I want every day o4 my (i4e to ;e Christmas< God has a(ready #iven !s that ri#ht5 ;eca!se 'e has #iven !s the power contained in the name o4 3es!s< 'e has #iven !s the name o4 3es!s to wa(7 thro!#h a(( tria(s and tri;!(ations< 'e has #iven !s the name o4 3es!s and the ;(ood o4 3es!s to p!t over every thin# that ever happened in o!r past< 1hen God (oo7s at yo! 'e sees yo! thro!#h the ;(ood o4 3es!s< 'e does not see the thin#s that yo!


did ;e4ore yo! ;ecame a Christian< A(( 'e sees is yo! (oo7in# (i7e 3es!s< I (i7e God-s viewpoint= 1hen I (oo7 at myse(45 I don-t see the person I !sed to ;e< I see the person that God has made me< I-m not #oin# to comp(ain< 'e made me ;rand new and has #iven me a(( the thin#s that I have< 'e has made me a Ioint heir with 3es!s< I4 yo! want to possess yo!r inheritance5 #et into the 1ord o4 God< "ead every verse< 2!t a chec7 mar7 ;y the side and say5 6That-s a promise< I receive that< It is mine< Verse /+ says5 &or his wor7manship<: I say5 JThat-s ri#ht< I-m 'is wor7manship<: Go thro!#h the Bi;(e< read every one o4 'is promises and dec(are5 I-m a new creat!re5 that-s mine<: )o!r (i4e wi(( chan#e 4orever and yo! wi(( wa(7 in victory very day=


Chapter 2

Since the Moment wa! Saved

by Charles Since the Moment I was Saved5 I have Aot (ived a Sin#(e Min!te 1itho!t Tota( Victory< )o! may 4ee( as i4 yo! have victory in yo!r ;ody< )o! may not have a(ways 4e(t as i4 yo! have victory every min!te5 ;!t yo! do< I remem;er an o(d hymn5 6Victory Ahead<: 1hen yo! 7now victory is in 4ront o4 yo!5 yo! wi(( have peace< < < even when pro;(ems come< I can say this witho!t any hesitationE my so!( has had one h!ndred percent victory 4rom /*$0 !nti( now< God had a p(an 4or !s way ;ac7 ;e4ore time ;e#an= God has a(ways had a comp(ete p(an 4or !s with 4(ashin# neon (i#hts proc(aimin# 6Victors victory5 victory=: 'e never intends 4or !s to have anythin# except tota( victors ;eca!se o4 3es!s< &rances and I have a per4ect marria#e< 1e have had a per4ect marria#e 4rom day one< 1hy9 Certain(y not ;eca!se we are per4ect5 ;!t ;eca!se 3es!s is per4ect< 1hen 'e ta7es the (eadership o4 yo!r (i4e5 there is victory in every move that yo! ma7e<


Adam and Eve started o44 with a victorio!s (i4e5 a ;ea!ti4!( (i4e< God created Adam and made him per4ect< God made Adam rea((y smart< 'e was a;(e to name a(( the anima(s and remem;er what he had ca((ed them< 1e have ;een created in the (i7eness o4 God and ;eca!se I have ;een created in the ima#e o4 God5 that ma7es me as smart as Adam5 a(tho!#h I-m not #!aranteein# yo! that I can remem;er the names o4 a(( the anima(s and ;irds< I can !nderstand the name o4 a ;!tter4(y5 ;!t I can-t name a(( the 7inds o4 ;!tter4(ies< B!t Adam even 7new that5 ;eca!se God #ave him that s!pernat!ra( a;i(ity Adam and Eve were created in per4ection< They wa(7ed and ta(7ed with God5 and they had tota( victory in their (ives< I !se the word victory meanin# that they were winners5 that they were a;ove a(( thin#s5 that they had contro( o4 a(( thin#s at a(( times< There was never a moment o4 disco!ra#ement< There was never any de4eat< There was never any sadness< There was never any (one(iness< These thin#s can-t stic7 with yo! when yo! have the victory that 3es!s came to provide< Even with Adam and Eve ;ein# created per4ect5 there was one person that chose per4ection< I-ve !sed this i((!stration ;e4ore5 ;!t I-(( repeat it a#ain5 ;eca!se it-s the 4o!ndation 4or a(( sin<


The devi( (ivin# as ?!ci4er was in heaven as one o4 God-s hi#hest an#e(s< 'e s!dden(y wanted to ;e God< ?!ci4er wanted to ;e exa(ted in himse(4 < That moment was5 and is the ;e#innin# o4 a(( the types o4 de4eat that comes to o!r (ives< The devi(-s nat!re is p(anted into every h!man that ever (ived5 does (ive5 or ever wi(( (ive on earth< Every h!man has the seed o4 de4eat p(anted in them ;y Satan himse(4 A4ter a((5 de4eat is the nat!re o4 the devi(5 which is se(4 exa(tation< I4 yo! exa(t se(45 yo!-re never #oin# to have victory I4 yo! 7i(( se(4 yo! can a(ways have victory ;eca!se dead peop(e never experience de4eat< )o! can #o o!t to any cemetery and say5 6'ey5 yo! dead peop(e5 te(( me yo!r (atest de4eat<: They won-t answer a word< O4 co!rse they won-t answer yo! i4 yo! as7 them what their victory is either< They don-t answer ;eca!se they-re dead< This is o!r positionH ;e in Christ 3es!s5 dead to sin and a(ive !nto God< 1e m!st ;e tota((y dead to o!r o(d nat!re< 1e m!st choose to (et 3es!s come a(ive and (et 'is per4ection (ive in !s< 'is per4ection is the victory that a(( o4 !s are (oo7in# 4or< Adam moved into imper4ection5 when 'e and Eve sinned thro!#h se(4>exa(tation< The devi( came a(on# and said5 6'ey Eve5 exa(t yo!rse(4= )o! can ;e as smart as God<: 'e !sed the same temptation that trapped him< 'e wanted to ;e as power4!( as God< 'e rea((y wanted to ;e smarter and more power4!( than God< 6Eve5 eat this 4r!it< It wi((

ma7e yo! smart and yo!-(( 7now a(( thin#s< &or that matter5 yo!-(( 7now as m!ch as God<: It is !nima#ina;(e to me that a person created in and ;irthed into per4ection sinned the 4irst time she was tempted< She ;o!#ht Satan-s (ies< Eve ;ecame imper4ect< She entered into de4eat 4or a(( the wor(d< ,e4eat is the promise o4 the devi(< Victory is the promise o4 God5 thro!#h 3es!s= Victory is o!rs to choose< 1e wa7e !p every mornin# with the a;i(ity to thin7< ,o I want to have a de4eated day5 or sho!(d I have a victorio!s day9 1e (itera((y ma7e that choice every day< In 4act5 every decision yo! ma7e thro!#h a day5 every tho!#ht yo! have5 every intention o4 yo!r heart5 is a choice<< Start the day ;y as7in# yo!rse(45 6,o I want to have victory today9 Am I #oin# to ;e happy today9 Am I #oin# to ;e 4!(( o4 4reedom9 Am I #oin# to ;e a winner today9 Or5 sha(( I decide to ;e de4eated9: I4 yo! decide to ;e de4eated5 yo!-(( start exa(tin# se(4 instead o4 God< ,e4eat is constant(y o44ered to !s5 ;!t it-s an o44er ;y a person that is a(ready tota((y de4eated< 3es!s tota((y de4eated the evi(< Satan has no ri#hts5 yet he 7eeps o44erin# !s a (ie< 'e says5 6'ey 3es!s5 i4 yo!-(( serve me yo! can have a(( this (and yo! see 4rom here on top o4 the Temp(e< )o! can ;e a ;i# do#5 i4 yo!-(( simp(y ;ow down to me5 4or a (itt(e ;it<: "ea((y5 Satan had nothin# to o44er< 'e had no a;i(ity to de(iver on the promise<

It-s (i7e me sayin#5 6'ey5 I-d (i7e to o44er each o4 yo! a ;rand new Cadi((ac5 4!((y paid 4or a(on# with a new home worth @2++5+++5 4!((y 4!rnished<: Even i4 I want to o44er that to yo!5 I don-t have the a;i(ity to ;rin# it to pass< I co!(dn-t ;ac7 !p that o44er< The devi( comes aro!nd every day5 in every ne#ative tho!#ht yo! have5 sayin#5 6'ey5 I want to #ive yo! somethin#< It-s 4ree< I-ve #ot a #ood dea( 4or yo!< 1hy not ta7e it9: 1ay too many o4 !s say5 6OK devi(5 I-(( ta7e it<: This is (i7e ;!yin# stoc7 in a #o(d mine some p(ace that yo!-(( never have a chance to see< )o! ;!y this stoc7 in the #o(d mine ;eca!se a man says yo!r @/5+++ investment wi(( ma7e yo! a m!(ti> mi((ionaire ;e4ore the end o4 the year )o!-re #!((i;(e and ;!y stoc7 in a #o(d mine that doesn-t even exist< The (and pro;a;(y ;e(on#s to some;ody e(se< There is no way to #et rich when yo! ;!y 4rom the devi(< B!t he is constant(y o44erin# to 4!(4i(( every evi( intention o4 the heart< 1e choose de4eat when we ;!y what he se((s5 ;eca!se he rea((y doesn-t own anythin#< ?et-s say we ;o!#ht ei#hty>4ive acres o4 (and and ;!i(t the City o4 ?i#ht Comp(ex on it< 1o!(dn-t it ;e horri;(e to (earn one mornin# we did not own the (and< The (e#itimate owners were sched!(ed to ta7e over the property 1o!(dn-t that ;e horri;(e9 1e((5 i4 we had ;o!#ht it 4rom the devi( that-s what wo!(d happen< 1e wo!(d have

p!t a(( o4 o!r money into the property on(y to ;e to(d5 6'ey5 yo!-re not the owner<: In o!r trave(s to the 2aci4ic5 a yo!n# man who had sponsored !s in Van!at!5 was te((in# !s a;o!t what had recent(y happened to his 4ami(y< )ears ;e4ore En#(and and &rance contro((ed the (and o4 some ei#hty is(ands< This man-s 4ami(y and some other 4ami(ies were #iven (and #rants to own a six mi(e spread o4 (and< Over the years others ;o!#ht near;y properties and ;!i(t homes and raised 4ami(ies< Cocon!t and ;anana crops were p(anted5 catt(e 4arms were ;!i(t 4or mi(es and mi(es on acres and acres o4 (ands< Then En#(and and &rance #ranted the is(ands 4reedom and independence to those on the is(ands who were ori#ina((y #iven (and #rants< A(( o4 the peop(e residin# on (and who were not part o4 the ori#ina( #rantees a(( o4 a s!dden didn-t own the (and they had p!rchased< The yo!n# man who had sponsored !s was one o4 the 4ort!nate ones whose 4ami(y had ;een #ranted (and and he inherited more (and than he had tho!#ht he owned< Many 4ami(ies were to(d to move immediate(y since they did not have #rants to have any c(aims to the (and< That-s the way the devi( o44ers5 and it wo!(d ;e a horri;(e thin# to s!dden(y rea(iGe that yo! don-t own anythin#< 1hen I (ived in En#(and a 4ew years a#o5 the po!nd ster(in# was worth a;o!t @4<0+ American< 2eop(e to(d o4 #oin# to ;ed with a mi((ion po!nds to wa7e !p the next mornin# to 4ind the c!rrent(y

on(y worth @2<0+< The #overnment had simp(y said5 1e-re #oin# to deva(!e the 2o!nd<: So my 4riends (ost virt!a((y ha(4 o4 what they owned overni#ht5 JI!st ;y a #overnment o44icer a44ixin# his si#nat!re< The En#(ish peop(e had no contro( over this sit!ation at a((< The o44er o4 the devi( (i7e this< That-s de4eat< Victory comes when God si#ns 'is name to somethin#= 1hen God promises anythin#5 'is promises are a(ways 4!(4i((ed< God says5 6I wi(( #ive yo! the a;!ndant (i4e< I-(( #ive yo! a;!ndance in everythin#< I-(( #ive yo! hea(th< I-(( #ive yo! prosperity I-(( s!pp(y everythin# yo! need< I-(( #ive yo! Ioy5 peace and happiness< A(( yo! have to do is serve me<: God p!ts conditions on 'is ;(essin#s5 ;!t when we 4!(4i(( these conditions5 we are a;so(!te(y #!aranteed s!ccess< The spirit o4 the (ivin# God5 thro!#h the 1ord that 3es!s ;ro!#ht to !s 4rom God5 #!arantees a(( o4 this5 i4 we wi(( simp(y accept it and 4!(4i(( the conditions that God wrote on 'is promissory note to !s< God5 in e44ect5 #ave !s a promissory note5 6I wi(( pay to yo! everythin# that yo! need 4or every day o4 yo!r (i4e< I wi(( #ive yo! Ioy and peace and #ent(eness and patience and 7indness< I-(( #ive yo! a(( o4 these thin#s<: I4 yo! enter into an earth(y promissory note5 it-s #oin# to say5 6I4 yo! don-t pay this ;ac7 on time5 then yo! are o;(i#ated to pay a certain percenta#e interest5 pay the attorneys5 and co((ection 4ees and co!rt costs<: The on(y

thin# God didn-t do when he #ave !s 'is promissory note is p(ace (imits on the siGe o4 o!r potentia( c(aim< I4 a company (oaned me money they wo!(d write it o!t5 the amo!nt I was #ettin#5 so there wo!(d ;e no do!;t that that-s how m!ch they were #oin# to ho(d me to pay ;ac7< B!t when God #ives !s a promissory note5 he says5 6I promise to pay to the order o4 Char(es E< '!nter ;(an7 do((ars<: 'e never does 4i(( in the amo!nt< 'e (eaves it ;(an7< God endorses the note with the name o4 3es!s simp(y sayin#5 6&i(( in the amo!nt yo! need< I-(( s!pp(y every one o4 yo!r needs<: That is victory= This is !(timate victory ;!t it-s o!rs and ;ac7ed !p ;y A(mi#hty God< ,o yo! ;e(ieve God cannot (ie9 )o! see5 that-s the promise o4 God5 victory in everythin#< The 4o!ndation 4or a(( o!r victory is the 7now(ed#e that God has a way to provide everythin# that we can possi;(y need< 'e then promises over and a;ove o!r needs 4or an a;!ndance in a(( thin#s< I never co!(d have ;e(ieved there co!(d ;e s!ch phenomena( a;!ndance in servin# God !nti( I reached the point o4 tr!e commitment to 'im< 1hen Adam and Eve sinned God immediate(y ;e#an to 4!(4i(( the promises 'e had made to man7ind< God started #ivin# !s examp(es in the O(d Testament to (et !s 7now that 'is promise rea((y was5 what it was to ;e5 and how we co!(d (oo7 4orward to its mani4estation< God started ma7in# this promise and in order to show 'is

wi((in#ness to 4!(4i(( the promise5 God chose a man ca((ed A;raham and his wi4e named Sarah< They were a co!p(e !na;(e to ;ear a chi(d to#ether< They needed a son and in their o(d a#e God came a(on# and said5 6A;raham and Sarah5 I want to ma7e a promise to yo!< )o!-re #oin# to have a son and he-s #oin# to ;e a heirship to a(( that yo! have5 and he-s #oin# to pass on the promise I made that I wo!(d #ive yo! an a;!ndant (i4e< Thro!#h him wi(( come to the #ivin# ;ac7 what Adam and Eve (ost when they sinned< I-(( ma7e yo!r heirs as n!mero!s as the stars or as the sands o4 the sea<: And God made a speci4ic promise and si#ned the contract with A;raham< Then A;raham and Sarah were #iven a ;ea!ti4!( chi(d< The chi(d ;e#an to #row !p5 and I-m s!re it (oo7ed a whi(e (ot (i7e 2apa5 and he was pro;a;(y very pro!d< I-m s!re he (oved that chi(d ;eca!se it was #iven to him ;y A(mi#hty God< 1hen God #ives yo! a present5 po(ish that #i4t every mornin#< Set it !p in a prominent p(ace in yo!r (i4e< EnIoy what God #ives yo! ;eca!se it is a phenomena(5 awesome thin# when God presents somethin# o4 va(!e to yo!< I4 yo!-(( (oo75 (oo7 inside yo!r heart5 yo!-(( 4ind that God has #iven yo! specia( #i4ts< ?i4t them !p (i7e a trophy 2o(ish yo!r ;(essin#s< Bra# on God 4or ;(essin# yo!< Te(( peop(e a;o!t the ;(essin#s God has #iven to yo! and say5 ?ord5 I rea((y appreciate these #i4ts<:


One mornin# I sat in o!r ;ea!ti4!( home st!dyin# the word o4 God< The sprin# trees were ;(oomin#< I saw a(( the ;ea!ti4!( trees and 4(owers ;(oomin#5 and I said5 6God5 yo!-re so overwhe(min# to #ive !s a #i4t (i7e this= I want yo! to 7now a#ain how I than7 )o! 4or this #i4t<: God had #iven A;raham and Sarah this marve(o!s #i4t o4 a chi(d that they (on#ed 4or5 to ;e their heir Then when this chi(d was a;o!t twe(ve years o4 a#e5 God to(d A;raham5 6Ta7e this son o4 yo!rs and #o !p on a mo!ntain5 ;!i(d an a(tar5 ;!i(d a 4ire and sacri4ice this chi(d to me<: 1hat 7ind o4 #i4t is that9 Can yo! conceive o4 a #i4t havin# s!ch a price attached9 Most peop(e wo!(d say5 6Aot me= That-s not God< That has to ;e some;ody e(se-s voice< That-s not victory< The thin# I va(!e most5 God says #o !p and 7i(( it9: B!t yo! see5 God-s promise is victory= Seein# God-s promise 4rom earth-s view5 4rom o!r h!man viewpoint5 wi(( never ;rin# victory< God was rea((y sayin#5 A;raham5 tr!st me5 in everythin# I te(( yo! to do< Tr!st me and yo!-(( see the wor7in# o4 My hand< I-(( #ive yo! a victorio!s (i4e and I-(( ta7e yo! to the promised (and< I-(( ta7e yo! to an a;!ndant (i4e<: So 4ar A;raham5 ;e(ievin# God was his victory5 too7 Isaac and went as God directed< 'e ;!i(t an a(tar and sent Isaac o!t to he(p #ather the twi#s< 'e str!c7 the 4(int to#ether to start the 4ire< Then he said5 6Come on over Isaac< I-m #oin# to 7i(( yo!5


p!t yo! on this 4ire and ;!rn yo! !p as a sacri4ice to God< I mean5 that doesn-t (oo7 ri#ht 4rom the h!man standpoint< 'owever5 that-s what God said< Isaac s!;mitted to his 4ather< One o4 the most important thin#s yo!-(( ever (earn toward (ivin# in victory is to s!;mit to yo!r &ather< S!;mit witho!t consideration o4 se(4< The devi( didn-t do that< 'e was s!;mitted 4or a (on# time5 ;!t then he-d said5 I-m not #oin# to s!;mit to God anymore< I want to ;e (i7e him or even (ive a;ove him<: 1hen sacri4ice is reF!ired a nat!re comes in and says5 6,on-t yo! dare s!;mit<: B!t5 Isaac s!;mitted to A;raham< I don-t ;e(ieve 4orce was reF!ired< I ;e(ieve that Isaac said5 6O<K<5 here I am5: ;eca!se he tr!sted his 4ather< 3!st as A;raham tr!sted his heaven(y &ather5 Isaac tr!sted his earth(y 4ather< This is an examp(e that God #ives !s so that we can (earn how to have victory in every part o4 o!r (i4e< The 7ni4e was ready to p(!n#e in< A;raham was wi((in# to o;ey5 o;ey5 o;ey5 o;ey5 o;ey5 o;ey5 o;ey5 o;ey God< Get that imprinted into yo!r mind that yo! a!tomatica((y o;ey God every time 'e spea7s to yo!< I4 yo!-(( o;ey5 yo!-(( never diso;ey God in anythin#< O;edience is the very 4o!ndation esta;(ished ;y 3es!s 4or victory in yo!r (i4e< A;raham was ready to p(!n#e the 7ni4e into Isaac5 when God said5 6Ao5 wait5 I have a s!;stit!te<:


God-s eterna( p(an o4 redemption 4or a(( man7ind was written o!t in those 4ew words5 6I have a s!;stit!te<: 6?oo7 !p5: God said5 6Go #et the s!;stit!te and do the same thin# with it that yo! were wi((in# to do with yo!r son<: A;raham experienced !(timate victory< Can yo! ima#ine the Ioy that came in his heart9 A;raham 7new that even i4 he p(!n#ed that 7ni4e into the heart o4 his on(y son5 Isaac wo!(d ;e raised 4rom the dead5 yo! see5 ;eca!se God had to(d A;raham that he wo!(d have chi(dren thro!#h this son< I4 God says it5 it-s so< A;raham ;e(ieved God that 'is promise wo!(d ;e 4!(4i((ed i4 he wo!(d on(y o;ey 1itho!t 4aith there is nothin# except sin< Sin was committed ;y Adam and Eve ;eca!se they didn-t have 4aith in God< They didn-t ;e(ieve in God eno!#h to tr!st 'im over the (ies o4 the devi(< Aow we see a man5 A;raham5 who does< 'e is the 4ather o4 4aith ;eca!se he was wi((in# to carry o!t the reF!irements o4 God< 'e experienced the !(timate in victory and he (ived an a;!ndant (i4e 4rom then on< ?ater on when God was #ivin# !s a te(escopic view5 way ;ac7 on the O(d Testament5 o4 'is p(an o4 redemption 4or man7ind5 God ;e#an to show !s some other thin#s< 'e had a temp(e5 a ;ea!ti4!( cathedra(5 a ch!rch5 i4 yo! p(ease5 a ta;ernac(e< God said to the ;!i(ders5 6Ma7e it exact(y (i7e I te(( yo!< ,on-t deviate one tiny partic(e< ,o exact(y as I te(( yo!<:

The ma7er o4 the ta;ernac(e did exact(y as God said< 'e o;eyed God to the !(timate even down to types o4 nai(s and wood< Everythin# p!t in p(ace5 every piece o4 #o(d5 every piece o4 si(ver5 everythin# was done in a coordinated way5 #iven ;y the p(an o4 God< This was to represent God-s victorio!s (i4e5 'is eterna( p(an o4 redemption 4or a(( man7ind< 'e wanted yo! and I (ivin# in the 2/st Cent!ry to !nderstand what God was revea(in# in his 1ord way ;ac7 then when 'e said5 6Aow ;!i(d this temp(e<: God set in p(ace certain rit!a(s< It seems odd to me that God wo!(d reF!ire Israe( to sacri4ice mi((ions o4 anima(s< Aw7ward as that seems5 ;!t God wo!(d not even (et them deviate one iota< 6I want a per4ect (am; sacri4iced5: God said p(ain(y that the peop(e searched !nti( they 4o!nd one< Then the priests wo!(d examine it 4or three days and ni#hts to ass!re not a spot or a ;(emish was on that (am;< God was showin# !s a pict!re o4 the 4!t!re< 'e was showin# 'is per4ect p(an o4 redemption 4or man7ind5 the victory God wanted !s to have thro!#h the sacri4ice o4 the per4ect (am; o4 God5 3es!s< 1hen Aaron was appointed as hi#h priest5 it was a te(escopic view o4 3es!s the per4ect priest to come< Aaron had to ;e per4ect o4 ;ody and mind5 ;eca!se that-s the on(y 7ind o4 a person God wo!(d choose to ;e the hi#h priest< 'e not on(y had to have a per4ect (am;5 ;!t he had to ;e per4ect in himse(4< God cannot stand sin< God cannot stand

to even (oo7 at sin< God cannot stand even the appearance o4 sin or the (i7eness o4 sin< God (oo7s 4or per4ection in every one o4 !s< This is 'is ro!te into victory This is the p(an o4 redemption o4 God< 'is p(ans was esta;(ished that when the chi(dren o4 Israe( sinned5 once a year they were a;(e to #et rid o4 those sins< It was ca((ed pardonin# o4 sins< In e44ect5 God said5 6O<K<5 even tho!#h yo!-ve sinned5 I wi(( exc!se yo! o4 that and (et yo! start a(( over a#ain<: God did this 7nowin# 4!(( we(( that the next year Israe( wo!(d commit more sins< God was detai(in# a redemptive p(an that wo!(d ;e 4!(4i((ed in the 4!t!re< 2art o4 this rit!a( inc(!ded when Aaron was to #o into this ta;ernac(e5 this temp(e5 to per4orm the sacri4icia( rites to depict a s!;stit!te 4or the sins o4 the chi(dren o4 Israe(< One o4 the thin#s Aaron had to do was to 7i(( a ;!((5 a yo!n# ca(45 and p(ace ;(ood on himse(4< 'e had to ;e made p!re ;y a sacri4ice whereas A;raham was a;(e to #o ;y 4aith and have a s!;stit!te< Aow we see Aaron5 the hi#h priest5 comin# into the pict!re as a depiction o4 the ?ord 3es!s Christ5 ;!t he was to !se a s!;stit!te 4or the sins o4 man< The s!;stit!te had to ;e ;(ood5 4or ;(ood is (i4e< There is no (i4e except in ;(ood< I4 yo! have a(( the ;(ood removed 4rom yo!r ;ody5 yo! wo!(d ;e dead< There is no (i4e in yo!r ;ody except thro!#h ;(ood< 3es!s #ave 'is ;(ood5 and in so doin#5 #ave !s 'is (i4e< 1e 4ind that God !sed the ;(ood o4 ;!((s5

#oats5 and sheep and ;irds in the O(d Testament< 'e !sed the ;(ood o4 the s!;stit!te so that we co!(d 4o((ow a pict!re5 a 4orecast5 a prophecy o4 the p(an o4 redemption< The chi(dren o4 Israe( were made aware and rehearsed every year a p(an o4 redemption that they didn-t 4!((y !nderstand< Some o4 the Apost(es were #iven prophetic views o4 the distant 4!t!re< They co!(dn-t see it c(ear(y5 and yet they 7new God was sayin# to them5 6I-ve #ot a p(an 4or man7ind and I wi(( 4!(4i(( it<: So we see Aaron sprin7(in# the ;(ood o4 a ;!(( !pon himse(4 to ma7e himse(4 accepta;(e5 to o44er the sacri4ices 4or the sins o4 the peop(e< Aaron was then ready to #o into the 'o(y o4 'o(ies< The 'o(y o4 'o(ies was separated 4rom the peop(e ;y a very ;i#5 heavy vei(5 a c!rtain< An ordinary person co!(d never #o in there< On(y the hi#h priest co!(d #o in and on(y one time each year< One o4 the thin#s Aaron wo!(d do was create incense< This came 4rom the root o4 a tree that had a certain sme(( to it< Aaron wo!(d ;eat5 po!nd5 and sco!r#e this dried root !nti( it ;ecame a powder< That was a te(escopic view o4 the ?ord 3es!s Christ when 'e was po!nded5 ;eaten and sco!r#ed 4or o!r hea(in#< Aaron pic7ed !p the incense and p(aced it in the 4ire5 the depiction o4 c(eansin#< God wants !s to a(( ;e ;aptiGed with 'is 4ire= 'e wants !s to ;e c(eansed5 and a(( imp!rities ;!rned o!t o4 o!r (i4e ;y the power o4 God-s 'o(y Spirit<


Aaron5 ;e4ore he went in ;ac7 o4 the c!rtains5 had to pic7 !p with ton#s a coa( o4 (ive 4ire< 'e pic7ed !p the powder5 dashed into this inner p(ace where the mercy seat sat< A;ove the mercy seat was the presence o4 a(mi#hty God< The Ar7 o4 the Covenant was in there and that contained the /+ Commandments5 the (aws that sin ca!sed to ;e ;ro7en< 1hen Aaron went into the very presence o4 A(mi#hty God5 he did so ;eca!se he was sym;o(ica((y ;rin#in# a(( the sins o4 the chi(dren o4 Israe( 4or that year< 1hen he entered the 'o(y o4 'o(ies he threw this powdered incense !pon the coa(s o4 4ire< I ima#ine it made a 6whooshin#: so!nd and ;(ossomed o!t5 ;i((owin# !p in a #reat c(o!d o4 smo7e< That smo7e is a type o4 the coverin# o4 the ;(ood o4 the ?ord 3es!s Christ over o!r (ives< The c(o!d a(so depicted the presence o4 the a(mi#hty God hoverin# over 'is peop(e< A4ter app(yin# the incense5 Aaron co!(d sprin7(e the ;(ood on the mercy seat and on the Ar7 o4 the Covenant< This ;(ood was a coverin# o4 sin5 a type o4 the ;(ood o4 3es!s Christ shed in order to pardon the sins o4 a(( man7ind< 1hen Aaron 4inished his prescri;ed (a;ors5 he came ;ac7 o!tside< There was a #oat waitin# 4or him< Aaron p(aced his hands !pon the head o4 the #oat and imparted the sins to the anima(< The scape#oat was then ta7en o!t into the !ninha;ited wi(derness and re(eased never to ;e seen a#ain< This was God-s way o4 sayin#5 6The sins o4

man7ind are ta7en away 4rom them5 as 4ar as the East is 4rom the 1est5 never to ;e seen a#ain<Those partic!(ar sins were carried away and in the economy o4 God5 they did not exist anymore< God had pardoned them< 'e had sym;o(ica((y covered them with the ;(ood o4 3es!s< 'e had covered them with the sacri4icia( i((!stration o4 what wo!(d come down the (ine< God5 in 'is !(timate p(an5 7new that there co!(d on(y ;e one person who wo!(d ever ;e ho(y and p!re eno!#h to ;e the per4ect sacri4ice5 the sacri4ice o4 a(( time< God had p(anned 4rom the 4o!ndation o4 the wor(d that the ?ord 3es!s Christ wo!(d ;e the per4ect sacri4ice< That is why A;raham was wi((in# to p(!n#e that 7ni4e into the heart o4 his on(y son5 7nowin# God wo!(d say5 6Ao5 that son is not worthy5 even tho!#h yo!-re wi((in#< )o!r 4aith ma7es yo! worthy ;eca!se yo! have 4aith in me ;eca!se I am worthy: God did not a((ow the sacri4ice o4 A;raham-s son5 ;eca!se it was not satis4actory to 'im< God chose a (esser thin#5 the ;(ood o4 anima(s and ;irds to ;e the s!;stit!tionary sacri4ice< 1e see God movin# thro!#ho!t history p!ttin# the chi(dren o4 Israe( into E#ypt ;eca!se they wo!(d not wi((in#(y serve 'im< 1hen Moses was tryin# to ;rin# the chi(dren o4 Israe( o!t o4 the captivity o4 E#ypt5 God had a victory an a;!ndant (i4e p(anned 4or them< )et repeated diso;edience 7ept God 4rom ;rin#in# 'is !(timate into 4oc!s so that Israe( co!(d have the victorio!s (i4e<

A#ain and a#ain the Bi;(e records the chi(dren o4 Israe( p(!n#in# 4rom victory down into de4eat< 1hy did Israe( repeat this cyc(e9 Beca!se Israe( did not o;ey God= A;raham o;eyed God< By 4aith he ;e(ieved in God and that 4aith is sti(( o!rs thro!#h him to this very day< The 4aith that A;raham esta;(ished is part o4 God-s covenant with !s< 'is promise to !s has never 4ai(ed< It wi(( never 4ai( i4 yo! tr!st in God and not in the thin#s o4 man< I4 yo! don-t accept the promissory note o4 the devi(5 i4 yo!-(( a(ways accept ;y 4aith what God has 4or yo!5 yo!-(( never F!estion God< Then 'e wi(( a(ways s!pp(y yo!r needs< 'e #!arantees this ;y the ;(ood o4 3es!s< God contin!a((y tried to i((!strate 'is (ove to man7ind< Even today 'is #reat arms o4 (ove are 4orever reachin# o!t5 even to those peop(e who hate 'im< 'e is reachin# 4or those that worship ido(s< The ido(atro!s #eneration5 'e ca((ed them< In spite o4 a(( their re;e((ion5 God sti(( reached o!t to Israe( and said5 6Oh5 i4 yo!-(( on(y as7 4or 4or#iveness< I4 yo!-(( on(y o;ey me5 then I-(( #ive yo! this rich Canaan (and<: Israe( 7ept denyin# 'im< &ina((y there came that time when God decided5 JThe c(oc7 has r!n its co!rse< Aow comes the day I-m #oin# to eterna((y 4!(4i(( the s!;stit!te p(an< I-m #oin# to ;rin# in the rea( prod!ct< God then chose to send 'is on(y Son5 3es!s5 to earth< 3es!s was ;orn o4 a vir#in named Mary< God was 'is &ather< 3es!s had no imper4ection

imparted to 'im 4rom #eneration to #eneration ;y the imp!rity o4 the sins o4 man7ind< God ;ecame the &ather o4 the ?ord 3es!s Christ< 'e simp(y p(anted that seed o4 the Spirit into Mary-s wom; and 3es!s came 4orth5 a per4ect chi(d5 witho!t spot or ;(emish< 'e was the (am; that had no spot or ;(emish< 3es!s came down 4rom heaven5 ;eca!se 3es!s a(ways existed< 3es!s didn-t Jhappen: (i7e the rest o4 !s when we are ;orn as a h!man ;ein#< 3es!s 6a(ways was: 4rom the ;e#innin# with 'is &ather and the 'o(y Spirit< God simp(y too7 3es!sSpirit and p(anted it into a h!man ;ody and (et 3es!s (ive therein 4or a 4ew years on earth so that he co!(d carry o!t God-s eterna( p(an o4 redemption 4or yo! and 4or me< God repeated(y revea(ed this p(an to the chi(dren o4 Israe( over and over and over thro!#h (ivin# pict!res5 thro!#h panoramic visions5 and prophecy< God to(d them ;e4ore it happened where 3es!s wo!(d ;e ;orn< 'e to(d Israe( what 3es!s wo!(d ;e (i7e< 'e to(d them 'is name< God made 'is promises p(ain that a p(an o4 redemption was c(ear(y revea(ed< Beca!se o4 this yo! 4ind the #reat men o4 he O(d Testament5 men o4 4aith s!ch as A;raham5 Isaac5 3aco; and Moses5 a(( havin# some view o4 what 3es!s wo!(d ;e (i7e< E(iIah saw a #reat panoramic vision o4 what this p(an o4 redemption wo!(d ;e (i7e< )et5 he co!(dn-t comprehend it ;eca!se he didn-t possess it< 'e had no ri#ht to do so at that time5 !nti( God 4!(4i((ed

'is eterna( p(an o4 redemption< 1e (oo7 at script!re and see this victorio!s p(an God set into motion when 'e sent the ?ord 3es!s Christ down to ;ecome a h!man ;ein#< In every way (i7e !s5 3es!s s!44ered a(( the pro;(ems m!(tip(ied ;y mi((ions o4 times over what yo! and I wo!(d have to s!44er< 'e enco!ntered a(( the sit!ations we wo!(d 4ace< 3es!s was not dirty when 'e was on earth< 'e retained 'is God nat!re ;!t 4!nctioned as a 'o(y Spirit (ead man< ?et me say somethin# yo! may consider to ;e controversia(< 3es!s had a choice< God had to tr!st 3es!s to 4!(4i(( 'is word< God in e44ect5 too7 a chance5 ;eca!se 'e 7new that 3es!s sti(( had to 4!(4i(( a(( o4 'is promises< I4 3es!s had chosen to say5 6I wi(( not #o thro!#h this< I wo!(d rather do somethin# o4 my own choosin#5: God wo!(d not have made 3es!s #o thro!#h with 'is s!;stit!tionary death that ca!sed !s to ;e redeemed ;y the ;(ood o4 the (am;< God simp(y said5 63es!s5 yo!-re my chi(d< This is my p(an< I-d (i7e 4or yo! to #o and do it<: God ris7ed a(( o4 man7ind5 4rom the ;e#innin# to the very end5 ;i((ions o4 so!(s5 on the wi((in# o;edience p(aced on the sho!(ders o4 the ?ord 3es!s Christ< 'e said5 63es!s5 yo! can choose to de(iver these peop(e or yo! can choose not to do so< It is my p(an5 ;!t this reF!ires yo!r choice< God 7new 'is Son< God 7new the heart o4 the Son< EF!a((y amaGin# God 7nows yo!r heart and my heart as we((< God 7nows !s so intimate(y that

'e 7nows even the sma((est intent o4 the heart< Even ;e4ore yo! thin7 somethin#5 God 7nows yo!r tho!#hts< 'e 7nows the desires o4 yo!r heart< 'e 7nows what yo! need< 'e 7nows everythin# a;o!t yo!< And God is waitin# to shi4t the (oad yo! are carryin# into his #reat arms< 'e is wi((in# to #ive yo! victory in every area o4 (i4e< 'e wants to #ive yo! hea(th< 'e said5 in 3 3ohn 25 6Be(oved5 I wish a;ove a(( thin#s that yo! may ;e in hea(th and prosper5 even as yo!r so!( prospers=: God wants yo!r so!( to prosper5 so 'e made this eterna( o44er o4 redemption< Aot on(y can we have an a;!ndant (i4e on earth5 ;!t we can have an eterna( (i4e o4 a;!ndance with God in Christ 3es!s thro!#ho!t eternity Sti(( this o44er has reF!irements< The Aew Testament records the story o4 a man who had two sons< One o4 these sons came to him and said5 6,ad5 I-d (i7e to ta7e my part o4 the inheritance<: 3ewish (aw prescri;ed an inheritance o4 two>thirds 4or the e(der son o4 a 3ew< 6I-d (i7e to have my money5: the son said5 Jand #o and enIoy it now:< 'is #racio!s5 (ovin# 4ather said5 6A(( ri#ht5 son5 here it is<: This son went o!t and ;e#an to me(t away his #o(d5 p(owin# it ;y rioto!s (ivin#< Ao do!;t he (ived in ad!(tery5 a(coho(5 and i4 they had dr!#s5 that too< 'e was (ivin# in every way5 a (i4e o4 sin5 sin5 and more sin< 'e was doin# everythin# possi;(e to p(ease himse(4 and nothin# to p(ease his


4ather< "emem;er5 he had a(ready ta7en a(( o4 his inheritance 4rom his 4ather< One day he (oo7ed aro!nd and 4o!nd himse(4 in a horri;(e p(ace 4or a 3ew5 wor7in# in a pi# pen< 3ews 7new that pi#s were a type o4 sin< I4 yo!-ve ever ;een aro!nd a pi# pen5 yo! remem;er the stench o4 it and 4i(th< The m!d and #erms are pathetic< This yo!n# 3ew5 a wea(thy man-s son5 who co!(d have had a(( that he ever wanted5 4o!nd himse(4 (itera((y (ivin# with the pi#s5 at the (owest e;; o4 a(( sin< Ao do!;t5 he m!st have (oo7ed at the 4i(thy5 stin7y c(othin# on his ;ody< The stench m!st have ;een !nima#ina;(y aw4!(< 'e was eatin# the same swi(( as the ho#s< 'e pro;a;(y (oo7ed at himse(4 and said5 6Ahhh< I4 I went ;ac7 to my 4ather5 he wo!(d certain(y (et me ;e a s(ave< At (east I wo!(d have c(ean c(othes and 4ood<: 1hat a pathetic sit!ation he was in< So he made a decision< 'e said5 6I-m #oin# to choose another way o4 (i4e<: 1ith a(( the 4i(th sti(( on him5 he went ;ac7 toward his 4ather< 1hen he t!rned the corner5 one o4 the servants saw him comin#< The servant ran to the man-s 4ather and said5 6Master5 here comes yo!r son=: In my mind-s eye I can see that 4ather ;e#in to ;e#in to weep and sho!t5 6My son is comin# ;ac7= 'a((e(!Iah= My son is comin# ;ac7< 'e-s 4ina((y comin# home<: Even tho!#h he had no (e#a( o;(i#ation to do so5 he ran o!t and em;raced his son5 stin7in# 4i(th

and a((< I can see that 4ather drawin# his son !p into his arms< L!ic7(y the 4ather #ave an instr!ction5 6Servants5 #o o!t and 7i(( the 4attest ca(4 we-ve ;een savin#< Ma7e a 4east<: 'e p(aced !pon the son-s 4in#er a rin#5 ma7in# him roya(ty once a#ain< 'e was restored as an eF!a( heir ;ac7 into the 4ami(y< Sym;o(ica((y he was ;ro!#ht ;ac7 into the 4ami(y o4 God< I do not ;e(ieve God wo!(d not reF!ire so #reat a sacri4ice as that made ;y the 4ather< 'e did not reF!ire the sacri4ice o4 that son< God had a 4ar #reater s!;stit!te in mind< God didn-t reF!ire this rich man to #ive !p his son< God #ave his son ;ac7 to him< B!t5 God has a p(an 4or yo! and me< God-s p(an is #reat5 so comprehensive it is hard to ;e(ieve that we have a God that wo!(d do somethin# (i7e this< 'e never reF!ired A;raham5 or the 4ather o4 the prodi#a( to ta7e the (i4e o4 their on(y son< Even ;e4ore the sin o4 Adam and Eve5 God had a p(an that wo!(d ;rin# a(( man7ind ;ac7 into 4e((owship with 'im< God doesn-t want !s to ;e away 4rom 'im at a((5 so God ;e#an to carry o!t 'is p(an< The day 4ina((y came when 3es!s went to Gethsemane5 and 7nowin# what 'e was 4acin# said5 6Oh God5 i4 there-s any other way that this can ;e done5 ta7e this c!p 4rom me<: AmaGin#(y eno!#h he contin!ed to pray sayin#5 6God5 (et it ;e yo!r wi((5 not my wi((< I am wi((in#

to carry it o!t< I don-t care what I have to do< I don-t care a;o!t me< I want to do what yo! want me to do< 'e(p me to ;e a;(e to carry o!t this p(an that yo!-ve had so (on#5 so that man7ind5 which I (ove so m!ch5 can ;e redeemed 4rom the 4i(th o4 their sin<: 1e see the ?ord 3es!s Christ present 'imse(4 vo(!ntari(y The "oman so(diers sco!r#ed and ;eat him to a p!(p< 'e was5 as prophesied ;y Isaiah %35 not even reco#niGa;(e as a man< 3es!s was sco!r#ed< 'e was po!nded< 'e was ;eaten !nti( there was rea((y not m!ch (e4t o4 him< Then he was p!t on a cross< This death on the cross with a(( the pain5 a(( the a#ony5 a(( the h!rt5 and a(( the 4ever not rea((y was the 4!(4i((ment o4 God-s p(an< 1hen 3es!s 4ina((y said5 6It is 4inished: and died5 that wasn-t the end o4 the s!44erin# 3es!s had to end!re< 3es!s 7new 4rom the very ;e#innin# what 'e had to #o thro!#h< )et5 there was somethin# even worse5 somethin# more horri;(e than a(( the tort!re5 a(( the spit5 and a(( the ins!(ts spo7en to him< 3es!s 7new that 'e sti(( had another part o4 the process to end!re ;e4ore 'e co!(d 4!(4i(( the redemption o4 man7ind< And even tho!#h a(( o4 this was horri;(e5 may;e other peop(e had ;een cr!ci4ied5 other peop(e had ;een ;eaten !p5 and other peop(e had ;een p!t on tort!re instr!ments !nti( they were p!((ed apart and sawed in two and chopped !p in pieces< They had ;een 7i((ed inevita;(y< 3es!s

never went ;eyond what another person did at that point5 even tho!#h it was a horri;(e death< And 'e had to #ive !p the peop(e that he wanted so m!ch to (ove< 3es!s5 (i7e when we #ive !p a (oved one to death5 we don-t want to do that< 3es!s s!44ered that same 7ind o4 a thin#5 ;!t that wasn-t what ca!sed 3es!s to sweat these ;(ood drops< 'e was s!44erin# 4rom inside< 'e 7new that there was sti(( somethin# e(se5 somethin# more horri;(e than the death on the cross that he had to #o thro!#h in order to redeem man7ind 4rom these sins< 3es!s was wi((in# and 4ina((y when the (ast e;; o4 (i4e went o!t o4 3es!s and they sp(it him apart and the vei( o4 the temp(e was sp(it so that the peop(e co!(d #o into the 'o(y o4 'o(ies thro!#h the sp(ittin# o4 the side o4 the ?ord 3es!s Christ and the sheddin# o4 his ;(ood5 he made a provision5 a way that we co!(d #o into the 'o(y o4 'o(ies when he opened !p those c!rtains that no;ody except the hi#h priest co!(d #o in< 'e made a way that we co!(d #o into the very presence o4 A(mi#hty God and there we co!(d see God 4ace to 4ace and there we co!(d wa(7 and ta(7 with God a#ain5 to restore !s in the exact (i7eness that Adam and Eve were ;e4ore their sin< B!t 3es!s 7new that that was the 4irst sta#e o4 somethin# more horri;(e that he sti(( had to #o thro!#h< The #reatest torment o4 a(( was 3es!s- eterna( so!( had to ;e separated 4rom A(mi#hty God< 1hen o!r ;odies are 7i((ed5 o!r so!(s #o on and

(ive 4orever< I4 we have (ived 4or God o!r so!(s wi(( ;e 4orever with God in Christ 3es!s< Beca!se 3es!s was a;(e to carry o!t that second step o4 this p(an5 it ;ro!#ht a;o!t the 4!(4i((ment o4 this #reat p(an o4 redemption< I ;e(ieve it was more horri;(e< 'e 4oresaw< It has ;een descri;ed to him< God has revea(ed this other thin# that 'e had to #o thro!#h< There was sti(( another death5 a second death that 3es!s had to 4ace and that was more horri;(e than the 4irst one< 'e had to 4ee( the horri;(e wei#ht o4 God-s ;i# words o4 I!d#ment that 'e co!(d not stand to (oo7 !pon sin< God had to !se the same hand that had stric7en men in I!d#ment to stri7e the ?ord 3es!s Christ< God separated himse(4 4rom 3es!s and sent 3es!s into he(( a(one< God didn-t #o with 'im< Ao (on#er was God 'is 4ather ;eca!se 3es!s too7 the sins o4 the wor(d !pon 'imse(4< Every sin o4 sex!a( devivate5 every ad!(tery every ;itterness5 every !n4or#iveness5 everythin# that yo! and I co!(d ever have done in a(( o4 o!r (i4e5 a(( o4 it acc!m!(ated 4rom the misdeeds o4 ;i((ions o4 h!manity A(( the sin o4 man7ind was p!t !pon the ;ody o4 the ?ord 3es!s Christ< 1hen God separated himse(4 4rom 3es!s and sent 'is so!( into he((< 3es!s entered a rea(m !nder the contro( o4 Satan< The devi( had ;een wantin# to #et a shot at 3es!s< The devi( 7new that 3es!s was the redemptive p(an o4 God< I4 Satan co!(d de4eat 3es!s he wo!(d ;e 7in# o4 a(( 7in#s< The devi( had

a(ways wanted to r!(e and this was his opport!nity ;eca!se he 7new God was no (on#er with 3es!s< 3es!s was on Satan-s t!r4 'e had 'im hemmed into the pit o4 he((< The devi( pro;a;(y said5 63es!s5 I-ve #ot yo! now< God-s p(an wi(( not ;e carried o!t5 ;eca!se I-ve de4eated yo!< God is not with yo!< )o! are a(one and yo! are he(p(ess<: B!t ;y 4aith in A(mi#hty God5 (i7e A;raham that there wo!(d ;e a res!rrection5 the ?ord 3es!s Christ ;ro7e the ;onds o4 the devi( ;y 4aith and came o!t o4 he(( and mani4ested 'is eterna( victory over Satan< 3es!s then entered into 2aradise and preached the #ospe( to a(( the peop(e that had died ;e4ore 'is comin# to earth< 'e to(d the ancient dead they had an opport!nity now< 'e had de4eated the devi(< 'e had come 4orth o!t o4 the #rave5 and o!t o4 he((< 'e had conF!ered the second death< The demise5 m!ch worse than the 4irst one5 had ;een de4eated< 'e was their mani4est de(iverance waitin# to ;e chosen< A4ter this ;odi(y res!rrection5 Mary came !p5 and started to to!ch 3es!s when she reco#niGed 'im< And 'e said5 6,on-t to!ch me5 I-ve not yet ascended to my &ather<: 1hy co!(dn-t she to!ch him9 The p(an o4 redemption was not yet 4!(4i((ed< Sta#e one cr!ci4ixion< It is 4inished= Sta#e two ;ein# chained in the pit o4 he((5 separated 4rom A(mi#hty God< That was comp(eted< B!t 3es!s 7new the horror o4 the third


sta#e that he had to #o thro!#h5 and it was yet in 4ront o4 'im< ,on-t to!ch me5 6It-s not 4inished yet5: 3es!s was sayin#< The p(an o4 redemption is incomp(ete< 1hat state co!(d exist that was more horri;(e than those 4irst two deaths that 'e had to #o thro!#h9 1hen &rances and I were p!t to#ether ;y A(mi#hty God5 &rances had a da!#hter 3oan5 who was sixteen years o(d at the time< God #ave me the hi#h privi(e#e o4 adoptin# 3oan as my da!#hter< And it was F!ite a thri(( when I read the pa#es that were read ;e4ore the I!d#e< A new ;irth certi4icate said Char(es '!nter was the 4ather o4 3oan '!nter< Given 4!(( ri#hts5 3oan ;ecame the possessor< 'ad I died a4ter I made that adoption5 witho!t a wi((5 3oan wo!(d have inherited in the state o4 Texas two>thirds o4 a(( o4 my estate and &rances wo!(d have on(y #otten one>third< That was the inherited ri#ht that 3oan had< B!t (et-s ass!me 4or a moment that a4ter I had adopted 3oan and I had #iven her the 7eys to the ho!se5 and I had #iven her ri#hts to everythin# in the ho!se< She 7new that she had a(( ri#hts to a(( thin#s< She co!(d come and #o as she p(eased5 on(y with the discip(ine o4 her 4ather that was necessary< S!ppose 3oan had come in one ni#ht and she said5 6,ad5 I-ve #ot to te(( yo! somethin#< I-ve committed a horri;(e sin5 and she to(d me a;o!t this sin< I co!(dn-t conceive5 I co!(dn-t conceive o4 the 4ather that I was at that time5 (ovin# a da!#hter so

m!ch Cand I had never had a da!#hter ;e4oreD sayin#5 6I can-t stand sin< )o!-re #oin# to have to #et o!t o4 this ho!se< I-m #oin# to t!rn my ;ac7 and I don-t want to ever see yo! a#ain< )o! t!rn in yo!r 7eys to the ho!se< )o! #et o!t o4 my ho!se< )o!-(( on(y ta7e one piece o4 c(othes and don-t ever come ;ac7< ,on-t ever show yo!r 4ace in 4ront o4 me ever a#ain ;eca!se yo!-ve sinned<: I co!(dn-t conceive o4 myse(4 doin# that< B!t 3es!s5 the Son o4 the (ivin# God5 had to #o !p to heaven< 'e was separated 4rom God< )o! see5 in Mechariah the third chapter5 the most horri;(e thin# that the ?ord 3es!s Christ ever had to 4ace< 3es!s came o!t o4 he((< 'is c(othes were torn< They were dirty< They were 4i(thy with every sin yo!-ve ever committed5 every sin that I-ve ever committed< 'e had the 4i(th o4 every sin that ever was existin# in a(( o4 creation5 or that ever wo!(d exist5 every sin o4 every person5 yo!rs and mine and a(( peop(e in the past5 a(( peop(e in the 4!t!re !nti( 3es!s comes ;ac7< Every 4i(thy5 stin7in#5 rotten sin that co!(d ;e conceived o4 ;y man7ind5 that had ;een committed ;y man7ind5 every !n4or#iveness5 every rotten5 stin7in# ;itterness5 resentment5 Iea(o!sy5 hate5 everythin# was !pon 3es!s in the 4orm o4 these 4i(thy ro;es that he wore< And can yo! ima#ine5 (i7e the prodi#a( son comin# !p5 can yo! ima#ine how that prodi#a( son wo!(d have 4e(t i4 he had come !p with those stin7in#5 4i(thy5 rotten ro;es that he had on and his

4ather wo!(d have said5 6Son5 #o ta7e a ;ath and #et some c(othes<: And he wo!(d have t!rned his ;ac7 and said5 6I don-t ever want to see yo! a#ain<: Can yo! ima#ine that h!rt in that yo!n# son-s (i4e i4 he-d said that9 B!t he didn-t5 God didn-t reF!ire that o4 his prodi#a( son-s 4ather5 ;!t God (et him re#ain his sonship< B!t when 3es!s Christ5 the Son o4 the (ivin# God5 the one who had come down in per4ection as the per4ect (am; o4 God5 he had #one thro!#h everythin# with nothin# se(4ish in his entire (i4e5 a(( #ivin# and #ivin# and #ivin# !nti( 4ina((y he went thro!#h the 4irst death5 the second death5 !nti( 4ina((y now he comes ;ac7 and he-s ready to #o to heaven to see his 4ather 4or the 4irst time5 4act to 4ace in the sense o4 h!manity and he wa(7s into heaven< And can yo! ima#ine5 when he stepped in there 4irst and he saw the A(mi#hty God t!rn his ;ac7 to him9 And God wo!(dn-t (oo7 at him ;eca!se God can-t stand to (oo7 at sin< God wi(( not (oo7 at sin< God can-t stand it< And A(mi#hty God t!rned his ;ac7 on the ?ord 3es!s Christ a4ter 3es!s went thro!#h o;edient in every one o4 these thin#s5 and 3es!s stood ;e4ore God ;!t God-s ;ac7 was t!rned to him< And then the an#e( Ga;rie( stepped 4orth and Ga;rie( said5 ta7e o44 those 4i(thy ro;es<: 3!st (i7e Aaron had to #o o!t and ta7e the sins o4 the peop(e and p!t them on the head o4 a #oat and (et that #oat ;e ta7en o!t in the wi(derness< Ga;rie( said5 ta7e o44 those 4i(thy ro;es and ta7e them o!t where they

wi(( never ;e seen a#ain5 as 4ar as the East is 4rom the 1est< Ta7e them o!t and (eave them< ,on-t (et any;ody ever see them a#ain5 ;eca!se that represents the sin o4 a(( man7ind< Ta7e them o!t and don-t (et them ever ;e seen a#ain<: And then 3es!s was c(eansed5 then they p!t new ro;es on him5 representin# the 7in# o4 a(( 7in#s5 the ro;e that was representin# o!r 7in#5 o!r eterna( 7in#5 the ?ord 3es!s Christ5 the ?ord o4 (ords and Kin# o4 7in#s and then they said5 6Aow p!t the crown !pon his head<: They said5 that ma7es him5 we(( act!a((y the ro;e made him the 'i#h 2riest and the crown made him the Kin# o4 a(( 7in#s5 and then can yo! ima#ine the pict!re as yo! see A(mi#hty God waitin# 4or the p(an o4 redemption that he had 4oreto(d 4or tho!sands and tho!sands o4 years< And then with the 7now(ed#e that God had5 he t!rned and he said5 6Aow 3es!s5 come to me< Come to me5 3es!s< Come to me<: I can see God-s arms reach o!t and say5 63es!s5 than7 yo!< )o!-ve done a mi#hty Io;< Than7 yo! 4or o;eyin# every thin# I-ve ever as7ed yo! to do< Than7 yo!5 3es!s< Come sit on my throne with me< 1e-(( ;e sittin# to#ether< Aever wi(( we ;e parted a#ain5 ;!t than7 yo!5 3es!s5 that yo! were wi((in# to ta7e !pon yo!rse(4 the 4i(th o4 a(( man7ind5 the sins o4 a(( man7ind5 and carried o!t ;eca!se yo! (oved man7ind5 ;eca!se yo! are my nat!re< )o!-re the very nat!re o4 yo!r own &ather< )o!-re the nat!re o4 yo!r God< )o! 4!(4i((ed everythin#<:


That was the 4!(4i((in# o4 the p(an o4 redemption o4 a(( o4 man7ind< Can yo! ima#ine the awesomeness o4 what God had to #o thro!#h 4or tho!sands o4 years5 7nowin# that this eterna( p(an had to ;e carried o!t with the tota( sacri4ice o4 his on(y ;e#otten Son5 so o!r sins co!(d ;e 4or#iven5 so that we co!(d have eterna( (i4e< Can yo! even comprehend it9 I can-t< 6&ather5 I praise yo!< I praise yo! 4or yo!r p(an o4 redemption< &ather5 how co!(d any one h!man on earth ever 4ai( to o44er their (i4e as a sacri4ice to yo!5 a tota( commitment o4 their (i4e5 &ather< 6)o! 7now I-ve committed my (i4e5 I-ve committed it tota((y to yo! and &ather5 I pray that there wi(( ;e no one readin# this ;oo7 who won-t s!dden(y see 3es!s5 the sacri4ice 4or every sin5 and see the #(ory o4 what yo! did 4or !s5 &ather5 so that we can t!rn o!r (ives tota((y over to yo!< 6&ather5 as A;raham tr!sted yo!5 even to raise his son 4rom the dead5 so &ather we tr!st yo!< 1e tr!st yo! with o!r (ives5 1e tr!st yo! with o!r possessions< 1e tr!st yo! with o!r 4ami(y< 1e tr!st yo! with o!r eterna( so!(s5 &ather5 ;eca!se yo! carried o!t a promise5 a p(an o4 redemption5 a victors a victory a;ove a(( thin#s the devi( was de4eated 4orever< 6And victory is o!rs thro!#h the sheddin# o4 the ;(ood o4 3es!s Christ5 thro!#h 'is 4irst death5 his second death5 and thro!#h that time when5 &ather5 yo! had to stand there and (et 3es!s come in the position that yo! co!(d have had to say5

J,epart 4rom me5 yo! c!rsed5 I never 7new yo!<And yo! wo!(d have said it5 &ather5 ;!t 3es!s carried o!t his part5 so now when we come ;e4ore yo! in the (i7eness o4 the ?ord 3es!s Christ5 yo! can p!t yo!r arms aro!nd !s5 even tho!#h we-ve committed sins5 o!r sins are c(eansed ;y the ;(ood o4 the ?ord 3es!s Christ and when these sins were ta7en and the heaven(y hosts into the heaven(y p(aces into the rea( temp(e5 into the rea( 'o(y o4 'o(ies and the ;(ood o4 3es!s was sprin7(ed !pon the ;oo7s and the thin#s o4 the ho(y p(ace5 then &ather5 that c(eared o!r sins 4or a(( time5 and now when yo! (oo7 at !s and o!r 4a!(ts5 and o!r 4ai(!res5 and o!t sins5 yo! (oo7 thro!#h the ;(ood o4 the ?ord 3es!s Christ and yo! can see !s (oo7in# exact(y (i7e 3es!s5 as (on# as we want to serve yo! and p(ease yo! with a(( o4 o!r hearts5 &ather< 6'ow we praise yo!< 'ow we than7 yo! 4or 3es!s< 'ow we than7 yo!< 'ow we than7 yo! 4or victory in o!r persona( (ives< 'a((e(!Iah= 2raise yo!5 &ather< 2raise yo!5 6&ather< 2raise yo!5 o!r &ather< 1e than7 yo!< 1e (ove yo!< Than7 yo!5 &ather< It has ;een comp(eted< It is 4inished<: 3es!s said a(( o4 my wor7 is 4inished< Simp(y accept the 4inished prod!ct and yo! wi(( have a;!ndant (i4e saith the ?ord yo!r God< 'a((e(!Iah= 'a((e(!Iah=


Chapter 3

Victory "" #ur nherent $i%ht

by Charles ?et me 6c(im; to the other side o4 the mo!ntain: to dea( with the victory ro;;er o4 #!i(t< 1hen I was a teena#er5 my mother and dad had ;een saved and I was not ;ad< I mean5 rea((y in 7eepin# with the typica( teena#e ;oy5 I was a(most (i7e an an#e(< )et inside I 7new that I was wrest(in# insi#ni4icant sins< I 4eared they were ;i# eno!#h to 7eep me o!t o4 heaven5 ;!t I sti(( re4!sed to dea( with them< ,eep inside myse(4 I 7new that God 7new everythin# a;o!t me5 even those (itt(e secret sins< My misdeeds were minor thin#s (i7e snea7in# away 4rom home and #oin# to a movie that my parents did not want me to attend< I 7new that the Bi;(e said to o;ey yo!r mother and 4ather5 so I 7new that I was sinnin# when I diso;eyed< I did not stea( or do anythin# rea( ;ad< I was #!i(ty o4 7eepin# wron# company< I had an a!tomo;i(e with a r!m;(e seat in it and I had a 4riend who was may;e a (itt(e 4ar o!t in sin5 compared to what I was5 ;!t he rea((y wasn-t ;ad< One ni#ht we needed a h!; cap< 1e were over in a nei#h;orin# town and he saw a car that had a h!; cap (i7e we wanted< I te(( yo!5 I never saw any;ody ta7e the h!; cap o445 stic7 it !nder his coat5 and come ;ac7 so 4ast in my (i4e< I have

never ;een a;(e to ma7e restit!tion and my conscience a(ways h!rt me5 ;eca!se I was the recipient o4 that h!; cap< I rea((y did not need a radiator ornament< They were expensive< I saw one carved to resem;(e a ;ird< My car had on(y a p(an radiator cap< I remem;er my 4riend ta7in# someone e(se-s radiator cap and insta((in# it on my car< 1hi(e s!ch thin#s were not maIor5 they a(ways stayed with me< I 7new stea(in# was sin5 and I 7new I had to as7 God to 4or#ive me5 ;!t how co!(d I ma7e restit!tion 4or the the4t< So5 there was a(ways that 7now(ed#e o4 #!i(t in my (i4e5 the na##in# 4ear that i4 I died I wo!(dn-t ma7e it to heaven< ?i#htenin# str!c7 one time< I was wa(7in# o!t toward a ;arn near o!r p(ace< A ;i# tree stood a;o!t forty 4eet ;ehind o!r ho!se5 and I was ;eyond the tree< A sprin7(e o4 rain had 4a((en and the #ro!nd was damp< ?i#htenin# str!c7 that tree and I 4e(t a sharp ;(ow5 (i7e an ice pic7 #oin# ri#ht into the top o4 my head5 drivin# me down to my 7nees< )o! ta(7 a;o!t ;ein# 4ri#htened5 I rea((y wasn-t a4raid o4 death< I was a4raid o4 what was the other side o4 death< I 7new there was an eternity< I 7new there was a God< I 7new I-d have to 4ace I!d#ment< I had st!died eno!#h a;o!t that in S!nday Schoo(< So5 I was (ivin# a tota( (ac7 o4 victory I was act!a((y (ivin# in de4eat5 4ear4!( o4 the 4!t!re< B!t God has victory 4or thin#s (i7e that= 1hen I t!rned ei#hteen5 I #ave my (i4e to 3es!s< I rea((y wanted to serve God5 and I ;e#an yo!th

wor7 I was the (eader o4 the yo!th #ro!p in my (oca( ch!rch and (ed district yo!th 4or my denomination< Soon I rose to (ead the state>wide yo!th #ro!p< I served as a S!nday Schoo( teacher and treas!rer o4 the ch!rch5 and I served as ch!rch host5 san# in the choir5 and (itera((y served on every ;oard and p(annin# commission< In 4act5 I was ;!sy in ch!rch 4or some thirty>4ive years5 wor7in# my way to heaven whi(e not !nderstandin# that I was attemptin# to wor7 my way to heaven< Today I 7now I wo!(d have never reached ;y wor7s5 I did not then< Sti(( I was p(a#!ed ;y secret sin and did not 7now what I co!(d do to rid myse(4 o4 them< ,e(iverance came when I (oo7ed !p and with a(( the earnestness I possessed and prayed5 6God5 ta7e a(( o4 my (i4e and ma7e me spirit!a((y what yo! want me to ;e<: At that moment I t!rned (oose o4 Char(es5 and God ;e#an his remo(din# process< I did not rea((y 7now it5 ;!t I ;e(ieve my sins were 4or#iven ;eca!se o4 the intention o4 my heart< 3es!s Christ ;ecame a(ive in me at that point< "e(i#ion did not 4ree me< I do ;e(ieve God honored my 4aith4!(ness to 'im5 even tho!#h I was sinnin#< )et5 I-m not s!re to this day that I wo!(d have made it to heaven< B!t praise God5 I 7now now that when that time comes5 when 3es!s comes ;ac75 I-m #oin# to #o strai#ht !p in the air< I-m #oin# to #o !p to meet 'im ;eca!se I 7now witho!t a do!;t that I have ;een redeemed ;y the ;(ood o4 the

(am;5 and that my (i4e is ho(y and p!re ;e4ore God< Aot ;eca!se I-m per4ect5 ;!t ;eca!se I have accepted 'is redeemin# wor7< )o! can 7now in yo!r own (i4e that yo! can have tota( victory ;eca!se yo!r eterna( (i4e is stead4ast(y ass!red< This is #!aranteed5 ;eca!se o4 what 3es!s did 4or !s< That moment o4 tota( commitment was the ;e#innin# o4 victory in my (i4e< I remem;er when I went to the a(tar the 4irst time to #et saved5 I didn-t 7now how to accept the ?ord and the peop(e that were ministerin# to me didn-t 7now how to minister sa(vation< They prayed5 ;eca!se I came !p to #et saved< They prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed 4or what seemed to me ho!rs< Then they wo!(d say5 6Char(es5 have yo! #ot the victory9: And I-d say5 6I don-t thin7 so<: Then they-d pray and pray and pray a#ain< I rea((y didn-t !nderstand what they were sayin#< &ina((y they-d stop and say5 6Char(es5 have yo! #ot the victory9: 6I don-t thin7 so5: was my sad rep(y< A4ter a;o!t 4ive repetitions o4 this5 my 7nees were h!rtin# ;ad(y< &ina((y5 they said5 6Char(es5 have yo! #ot the victory9: And I said5 6I #!ess so<: Tr!th is I went o44 sti(( (ivin# in de4eat5 sti(( witho!t the victory that I was see7in# ;eca!se I didn-t 7now what victory was< Even worse5 I didn-t 7now how to #et it< I wo!(d not have 7nown what to do with it<

One day5 a4ter I had yie(ded everythin# to God5 and said5 63!st ta7e a(( o4 my (i4e and ma7e me spirit!a((y what yo! want me to ;e<: Char(es died and 3es!s came a(ive in me= That was the 4irst step to victory= &rom that moment to this a(( I have wanted to do was whatever God directed< I 7new that I wanted to p(ease the ?ord< Ao (on#er was I interested in p(easin# Char(es= This tr!th is one o4 the very 4o!ndation stones o4 victory in the ?ord 3es!s Christ< Victory wi(( enter in every area o4 yo!r (i4e when yo! ma7e that commitment witho!t reservation5 restriction or reco!rse= A;o!t 4o!r months a4ter I 6t!rned (oose: God did another remar7a;(e thin#< God said5 6Go into My 1ord< ?isten to no man< ?et me te(( yo! what I want yo! to 7now: I said5 6)es5 &ather<: I heard God< I ;e(ieved it was God who spo7e= The overwhe(min# desire o4 my heart was to o;ey what God to(d me< I4 God had spo7en those words to me and I wo!(d have said5 6&ine God5 I-(( see yo! one o4 these days< I-(( #et into the Bi;(e when I can< I-m ;!sy today: I wo!(d have never attained one thin# 4rom A(mi#hty God spea7in# to me persona((y that day< B!t5 I didn-t< I meant what I said when I as7ed God to ta7e a(( o4 my (i4e and spirit!a((y ma7e me what 'e wanted me to ;e= 1hen God said5 6Go into my 1ord and (et me te(( yo! what I want yo! to 7now: I simp(y said5 6)es5 &ather=:

God provided the circ!mstances thro!#h which I too7 the time< I (itera((y pic7ed !p the Bi;(e and said5 6&ather5 where do yo! want me to read9 I ;e#an to read and sat!rate my mind with the 1ord o4 God< I4 yo! were to (oo7 thro!#h any o4 my Bi;(es5 yo! wo!(d see red mar7s or ;(!e mar7s< )o! wo!(d see sections !nderscored< )o! wo!(d see (oose pa#es ;eca!se they were worn o!t< In the 4irst six months a4ter God spo7e to me5 I meditated in the 1ord o4 God ni#ht and day< I wo!(d ta7e cat naps o4 4ive to 4i4teen min!tes5 wa7e ;ac7 !p and as75 6God5 where do yo! want me to read this time9: On some occasions I wo!(d read 4rom the ;e#innin# o4 the Aew Testament to the end< Other ni#hts I wo!(d read exc(!sive(y 4rom one ;oo7 in the Bi;(e< Sometimes I I!mped aro!nd a (itt(e ;it ;!t was a(ways exact(y at that moment where God wanted me to read< I 7now this ;eca!se I had as7ed God to direct me to where 'e wanted me to read< I wanted to do what 'e wanted me to do< 1ith every word that I read5 I wo!(d say5 6God5 what do yo! want me to do9 Is there anythin# wron# in my (i4e9 Anythin# at a((9 I remem;er one time5 a 4ew months a4ter I had committed my (i4e5 I was #oin# on my second tho!sand ho!rs o4 meditatin# in the 1ord o4 God5 simp(y sayin#5 6God5 show me anythin#< I want to ;e what yo! want me to ;e<: I st!died at prayer 4or ho!rs and ho!rs< )es5 I #ot tired=

I-d 4i#ht s(eep= I4 I #ot so s(eepy I co!(dn-t say awa7e5 I-d (ie down a 4ew min!tes5 #et ;ac7 !p and start readin# a#ain< It didn-t matter to me whether it was 3 o-c(oc7 in the mornin# or 3 o-c(oc7 in he a4ternoon< It didn-t matter< I wor7ed o!t my sched!(e in s!ch a way as to provide time< The story is too (on# to share here< I4 yo! want to read this part o4 my story it-s in the ;oo7 Follow Me< God opened the s!pernat!ra( to me ;eca!se o4 my wi((in#ness to sacri4ice everythin#= My (i4e5 my wi4e5 my home5 my ;!siness5 everythin# was #iven !p to 4o((ow 3es!s< )et 'e 7ept me invo(ved in a(( o4 these thin#s 4or a period o4 time< B!t I was a(ways sayin#5 61hat can I do 4or yo!5 &ather9 1hat can I do to p(ease yo!9: An incident 4rom my acco!ntin# practice stands o!t< I ;e(ieve I said somethin# a (itt(e c!rt to some;ody I 7new that 3es!s wo!(d not have spo7en in the same tone o4 voice I !sed< ?ater that ni#ht5 I ass!med my practice readin# the Bi;(e and ta(7in# to God< Somethin# was wron#< I decided may;e i4 I wo!(d 7nee( ;y the side o4 the co!ch5 I co!(d move c(oser to God< Sti((5 I had no sense o4 God-s presence< I was (ivin# a(one5 my wi4e had died ;y that time and I decided5 6I need to spea7 a(o!d<: At this time my practice was si(ent prayer< Spea7in# a(o!d to God was new< I did not yet 7now that the 1ord o4 God says5 6I4 yo!-(( con4ess it with yo!r mo!th5 sa(vation wi(( come to yo!<: Sa(vation is not I!st

;ein# ;orn a#ain< That-s the ;e#innin# o4 sa(vation5 ;!t sa(vation inc(!des some seventy>4ive di44erent meanin#s= I dropped to my 7nees that ni#ht and ;e#an to praise God a(o!d< God-s Spirit Cthen I didn-t 7now it was God-s SpiritD reca((ed to my mind this (itt(e5 seemin#(y insi#ni4icant5 sin o4 c!rt speech< On my 7nees5 (oo7in# !p to God5 spea7in# a(o!d a(( ;y myse(4E I!st two cats in the ho!se with me5 I said5 6God5 I didn-t mean that< ?ord5 I said that ;!t I didn-t rea((y mean it 4rom my heart< I was tryin# to say somethin# #ood to yo!5 ;!t I didn-t rea((y mean that< I4 I meant it I-d pro;a;(y never do it a#ain<: I said5 6God5 teach me how to ;e tota((y honest with yo!5 down to even the sma((est piece o4 a tho!#ht<: 1hy did I ca(( it a piece o4 a tho!#ht9 I had discovered I co!(d sense tho!#hts comin# into my mind< Beca!se o4 this I ;ecame sensitive to di44erent activities o4 my mind< God was teachin# me how to ;e sensitive to the spirit wor(d< I conscio!s(y pondered how those tho!#hts wo!(d start to #row in my mind< I (earned I co!(d resist them and t!rn them away ;e4ore they co!(d 4ri((y enter my mind< I (earned that i4 I sat and (istened as someone to(d a dirty Io7e I wo!(d repeat that dirty Io7e in my mind and remem;er it< I 7new that wasn-t ri#ht= I (earned not to wa(7 away 4rom someone that was spea7in# evi( tho!#hts5 ;!t I did (earn I co!(d t!rn my mind o44

I ;e(ieve yo! can (itera((y t!rn yo!r mind o44 and hear with yo!r ears ;!t yo! don-t a((ow ne#ative tho!#hts to #et into yo!r mind< That-s what I meant when I prayed5 6God5 teach me tota( honesty even down to the sma((est piece o4 a tho!#ht<: That ni#ht I prayed5 6God5 I have not ;een honest with yo!< B!t5 I want to ;e< Teach me honesty<: God ;e#an to wor7 with me and I moved to a p(ace o4 ;ein# I!;i(ant(y happy< I was thri((ed= I had ;een o!t in 1est Texas visitin# my sister< &or two days and ni#hts I was a;(e to share what 3es!s was doin# in my (i4e< &or my sister5 this was the 4irst time she-d ever seen a (ivin# 3es!s in any;ody5 m!ch (ess her ;rother< I !sed to str!##(e to ma7e conversation with her< Aow she can-t sh!t me !p day or ni#ht< I didn-t (et my sister-s 4ami(y #et any s(eep< I ta(7ed way into the wee ho!rs o4 the ni#ht5 sharin# what 3es!s had done in my (i4e< I spo7e o4 what 'e meant to me5 and the thin#s that God had shown me in the script!res< I was rea((y happy as I drove thro!#h ,a((as and attempted to cover the 250 mi(es to 'o!ston< The speed (imit was seventy mi(es>per>ho!r and I wanted to #et home ;e4ore dar7 I co!(dn-t read and drive at the same time and I didn-t have a cassette p(ayer then< So5 I wo!(d sin# praises5 6'ow Great Tho! Art:5 and (ove son#s to God< I remem;er #(ancin# down at the speedometer< I had eased it !p to ei#hty mi(es>per>ho!r< I was rea((y wantin#

to #et home< )et5 inside I 7new that speedin# wasn-t ri#ht< Anyway5 I decided5 6I want to #o on home5: I was sin#in# 6'ow Great Tho! Art:< I was act!a((y ;ehavin# script!ra((y ;eca!se the Bi;(e says watch and pray< I was watchin# my rear view mirror5 prayin# I wo!(dn-t #et a tic7et= A (itt(e a4ter s!ndown5 I!st ;e4ore it #ot pitch dar75 I neared '!ntsvi((e5 a;o!t seventy mi(es north o4 'o!ston< I came over the top o4 a hi(( and when I did it (oo7ed to me (i7e /+5+++ red (i#hts stopped in 4ront o4 me< I saw one speci4ic 4(ic7erin# (i#ht5 and I 7new that radar had me< I 7new I was ca!#ht< I p!((ed over to the side o4 the road as the hi#hway patro(man directed< 'e as7ed me to #ive him my driver-s (icense< I did and he went aro!nd to the ;ac7 o4 the car< 'e copied my (icense p(ate n!m;er down5 came ;ac7 to me and said5 6Mr< '!nter5 I ;oo7ed yo! at ei#hty mi(es>per>ho!r in a seventy mi(e Mone< 6Ei#hty mi(es>per>ho!r:5 I said with a F!estionin# tone< The Spirit o4 God convicted ;e ri#ht then< I had as7ed God to teach me tota( honesty I 7new that speedin# wasn-t honest< I new that I was drivin# ei#hty mi(es>per>ho!r< I 7new I had ;een drivin# that speed 4or more than two ho!rs< I had (oo7ed at my speedometer< I 7new it was wron#< I 7new the speed (imit< )et I was de(i;erate(y vio(atin# a (aw o4 the (and and I 7new that God

said5 6O;ey the (aws o4 yo!r (and<: I 7new I was sinnin#< )et here was tota((y>honest>Char(es5 tota((y>s!rrendered>Char(es5 h!ndreds>and> tho!sands>o4>ho!rs>in>the>1ord>o4>God> Char(es5 s!;mittin#>myse(4>tota((y>to>God> Char(es5 sin#in# a dishonest voca( in4(ection with the po(ice o44icer< 6Ei#hty mi(es>per>ho!r9: I F!estioned9 God immediate(y said5 6)o!-re (yin#< )o!-re not tota((y honest<: I said to the o44icer5 6I-m sorry I was doin# ei#hty mi(es>per>ho!r< I-m #!i(ty Give me the tic7et<: I praise God 4or what happened d!rin# the next ho!r or so o4 drivin# home< I praised him as I drove at seventy mi(es>per>ho!r< < < or (ess<< the rest o4 the way home< I act!a((y than7ed God 4or a((owin# me to ;e ca!#ht speedin#< I than7ed 'im that 'e was teachin# me tota( honesty 1hen I #ot home5 I addressed a (etter to the appropriate I!d#e !p in that co!nty I wrote5 6,ear 3!d#eH I have sinned< God is teachin# me tota( honesty I 7new I was #oin# ei#hty mi(es>per>ho!r a(( the way 4rom ,a((as< I 7new when I #ot ca!#ht I was #!i(ty< 6I-m sorry I-m tr!(y sorry and I than7 yo! 4or he(pin# God teach me tota( honesty< Enc(osed is my chec7 4or the 4ine<: That was one o4 the (essons God ta!#ht me in how to have victory in every part o4 my (i4e< I4 yo! are not tota((y honest with A(mi#hty God5 even down to the piece o4 a tho!#ht5 to yo!r intentions5 to the desires o4 yo!r heart5 yo!-(( never ;e hones with yo!rse(4 and yo!-(( never have tota( victory<

)o!-(( a(ways ;e (oo7in# o!t 4or yo!r interest and not the interest o4 God< The interest o4 God is a(ways the interest o4 other peop(e< By the way5 'e does say5 6O;ey the (aws o4 yo!r (and<: That script!re is as m!ch an order 4rom A(mi#hty God as when 'e said5 6Tho! sha(t not commit ad!(tery: I4 I had a chance to commit ad!(tery and was tempted to do so5 it wo!(d not ;e hard 4or me to say5 6Ao God5 I wi(( not commit ad!(tery: The on(y ad!(tery I ever committed were the tho!#hts in my mind< I never committed physica( ad!(tery B!t i4 I were 4aced with that temptation o4 the devi(5 it wo!(d ;e as easy or me to t!rn that away as it wo!(d to #o seventy>one mi(es>per>ho!r in a seventy mi(es speed Gone< A 4ew months a#o5 &rances and I were to(d that we had a certain distance to trave( that wo!(d ta7e a certain amo!nt o4 time to #et to a /+ o-c(oc7 service in a ch!rch< 1e were the principa( spea7ers< 1hen we #ot o!t on the road5 the road si#n indicated a;o!t thirty more mi(es than we had anticipated< The c(oc7 was r!nnin# o!t< There was no way we co!(d #et there on time< &rances and I wondered5 6It-s S!nday mornin#5 wo!(d God mind i4 we pic7ed it !p a (itt(e ;it 4aster and tried to #et there so we wo!(dn-t disappoint those peop(eE ;eca!se we didn-t intentiona((y do it< 1e (oo7ed at the road map< It wasn-t c(ear eno!#h to determine the act!a(

distance< So5 I sF!eeGed down on the 4oot 4eed and went !p to a;o!t sixty mi(es>per>ho!r in a 4i4ty> 4ive mi(e per ho!r Gone< )o! ta(7 a;o!t #!i(t= I never had so m!ch #!i(t in my (i4e< I 4e(t horri;(e inside< I was sayin#5 6Oh God5 God what am I to do9 God5 we-re (ate to that meetin#< 1e didn-t intend to ;e< God what-(( I do9: I thin7 I m!st have ;een s!;conscio!s(y prayin# I-d #et ca!#ht< ,rivin# down a ;o!(evard desi#ned with an esp(anade in the midd(e5 I saw a patro(man approachin# 4rom the other side< I said5 6Oh5 praise the ?ord5 there-s a patro(man<: 'e t!rned aro!nd and p!((ed me over to the side< I said5 6O44icer5 I-m sorry I was drivin# a;ove the speed (imit<: 6)eah I 7now5: he said5 6I c(oc7ed yo!<: 6I-m sorry: I said< 6I am #!i(ty ;e4ore God and ;e4ore yo!< 2(ease 4or#ive me<: Aow I was happy inside5 ;eca!se I had admitted I was wron#< The way into tota( victory is not to sin a#ainst God 4or any reason< God has ways to so(ve pro;(ems that yo! 7now not o4< God can ta7e care o4 sit!ations that we can-t hand(e5 i4 we wi(( o;ey him< A;raham had a (ove(y wi4e5 Sarah< They were trave(in# thro!#h a stran#e co!nty< The 7in# o4 the co!ntry had A;raham ;ro!#ht ;e4ore him< A;raham 4eared that he wo!(d ta7e his (i4e and c(aim Sarah as his priGe< A;raham decided5 6I-(( spin a story< Say Sarah is my sister and save my (i4e< 1e((5 the story was partia((y tr!e< )o! see5 God demands tota( honesty

Sarah was his sister accordin# to ;(ood(ine< A;raham (ied to the 7in# and it a(most #ot him 7i((ed< A;raham (ied< 'e #ot ca!#ht< 'e a(most (ost o!t< God-s tr!th saved him< The tr!th wi(( set yo! 4ree5 the Bi;(e says< God revea(ed to the Kin# ;y a dream Sarah was A;raham-s wi4e< S!ch dread 4e(( !pon the Kin# he re(eased them ;oth< In the O(d Testament5 God didn-t ma7e e conditions rea((y hard< Basica((y 'e reF!ired three thin#s o4 Israe(H /D O;ey My commandsE 2D Give Me )o!r BestE and 3D receive My B(essin#s< Once yo! have ;een ;orn a#ain there are on(y three ways to #o< 1hen yo! are !nder the coverin# o4 the ;(ood o4 3es!s5 no matter what yo! do5 God (oo7s thro!#h the ;(ood o4 3es!s and 'e sees yo! as p!re5 ri#hteo!s and ho(y< 1hy9 'e is (oo7in# thro!#h the ;(ood o4 3es!s< That so!nds stran#e ori#inatin# 4rom someone who doesn-t ;e(ieve yo! sho!(d have the (east ;it o4 sin in yo!r (i4e< A4ter a((5 3es!s said5 6Be ho(y as I am ho(y: 'e a(so said5 6The (!7ewarm I-(( spew o!t o4 my mo!th5: and 61itho!t ho(iness no man sha(( see God<: I 7now these thin#s and I-m #oin# to (ive !p to God-s demands< I wo!(d rather die than to h!rt the ?ord 3es!s Christ or my &ather in heaven< )et5 i4 ever do5 I 7now that they-(( remind me that I-(( F!ic7(y repent and t!rn away 4rom doin# whatever wo!nds them< Israe( (ived in constant de4eat ;eca!se o4 one thin#H diso;edience< God


had chosen Israe(< In e44ect5 God chose !s the day we were ;orn a#ain< God #ave Eve one commandment= 6,on-t eat this 4r!it<: 'e #ave the chi(dren o4 Israe( /+ Commandments< JTho! sha(t p!t no other #ods ;e4ore me< Tho! sha(t (ove thy nei#h;or as thyse(4 Tho! sha(t not commit ad!(tery< Tho! sha(t not steal. Tho! sha(t not (ie<: Israe( 7new the Ten Commandments< God #ave Israe( two choicesH O;ey and ;e ;(essed< Or5 diso;ey and ;e c!rsed< I4 yo! re;e( a#ainst me5 God to(d Israe(5 c!rses wi(( come !pon yo!< 'e a(so #ave Israe( another 7ey to victoryH to not worship ido(s< O;edience is the secret o4 victorio!s Christian (ivin#< 3!st sayin# a sinner-s prayer does not ca!se a person to ;e ;orn a#ain< B!t mi((ions are ;orn a#ain when they say a sinner-s prayer and #en!ine(y as7 4or 4or#iveness o4 sin< )o!r sins are 4or#iven when the decision to chan#e enters into yo!r innermost ;ein#< 1hen yo! can say5 6I wo!(d rather p(ease God than myse(4 I want 4or#iveness o4 my sins< God5 I-ve sinned< I ac7now(ed#e I-ve sinned< I don-t want to sin anymore< I want to serve )o!<: The moment this reso(ve enters yo!r heart is the point when yo! have made the decision5 6I-m #oin# to serve God and not myse(4 and the devi(<: At that point the 'o(y Spirit ta7es !p residence inside and yo! are tr!(y redeemed ;y the ;(ood o4 the ?am;< 1hen yo! rea((y want to ;e 4or#iven

and are wi((in# to t!rn way 4rom sins and t!rn toward God5 yo! are 4or#iven< Ao h!man who has (ived a4ter ;ein# tr!(y ;orn a#ain has (ived a (i4e witho!t sin a4ter conversion< Sin ;(oc7s ;(essin#< I4 I as7ed yo! to name yo!r sins a4ter sa(vation I am s!re yo! co!(d name some< Some pro;a;(y too7 p(ace recent(y< These sins are pro;a;(y (itt(e ones< Sti(( they did not p(ease God< To ;e tr!th4!(5 yo! pro;a;(y committed them de(i;erate(y5 7nowin#(y< )o! may have even repented instant(y and t!rned away 4rom them5 "omans 3H23 says5 6A(( have sinned and come short o4 the #(ory o4 God<: This even app(ies to ;orn a#ain Christians< Man7ind5 !sin# h!man power5 does not have the a;i(ity to rise a;ove sin< )et God said in his 1ord5 6.n(ess yo! are per4ect5 as I am per4ect5 yo! won-t #et into heaven<: 'ow can we accomp(ish this per4ection whi(e (ivin# on earth9 'ow can we (ive in tota( victory when we trip over (itt(e thin#s (i7e sixty mi(es>per>ho!r in a 4i4ty>4ive mi(e>an ho!r Gone9 '!mans view each other thro!#h critica( eyes< I4 yo! ever had any;ody condemn5 criticiGe or point o!t yo!r sin5 yo! 7now how this 4ee(s< '!manity seems to stand ready to point a 4in#er at some;ody e(se< The po(iceman saw my #!i(t on his radar !nit< 'e ac7now(ed#ed5 4rom man-s point o4 view5 I was #!i(ty &rom my standpoint as a h!man5 4rom &rances- viewpoint ;ein# with me5 we were (oo7in# at Char(es and seein# sin5 4a!(t and 4ai(!re<

Anyone who 7nows the 1ord o4 God wo!(d have (oo7ed at me that day and conc(!ded 6Char(es sinned<: A#ain5 a 'o(y God cannot (oo7 !pon sin< 'ow co!(d A(mi#hty God5 who (oves Char(es so m!ch5 (oo7 down whi(e Char(es is doin# this and 7eep his eyes on Char(es even as Char(es sinned9 Beca!se o4 the ;(ood o4 the ?ord 3es!s Christ< 3es!s died so that his ;(ood wo!(d ;e 4orever an atonin#5 a coverin#< 1hen God (oo7s down 4rom heaven and sees !s5 'e doesn-t see !s as h!mans see !s< 'e sees !s (oo7in# exact(y (i7e 3es!s ;eca!se 'e-s (oo7in# thro!#h a !niF!e 4i(ter5 the ;(ood o4 3es!s Christ< The ;(ood o4 3es!s is p!re< 1hen the &ather (oo7s thro!#h the 4i(ter o4 the ;(ood o4 the Son5 everythin# 'e sees is c(ean in 'is si#ht< At the moment o4 sa(vation 3es!s c(eansed !s 4rom a(( !nri#hteo!sness5 4rom a(( sins< 1hen God (oo7s thro!#h the ;(ood5 no matter what the sin mi#ht ;e5 no matter what o!r 4a!(t mi#ht ;e5 'e sees 3es!s< Be(ieve me5 it too7 me a (on# time to ;e a;(e to !nderstand it< ,on-t worry< )o! can have victory in every area o4 yo!r (i4e< )o! can sti(( have the a;!ndant (i4e that 3es!s promised< Even tho!#h there are 4a!(ts5 4ai(!res and pro;(ems n yo!r (i4e5 yo! can (i4e victorio!s(y< Sa(vation does not impart h!man per4ection5 ;!t ,ivine coverin#< )o! may (ose yo!r temper< Sometimes yo! may 4i#ht !n4or#iveness< )o! 7now the Bi;(e speci4ica((y said 6,on-t do it: and

yet yo! 4ind yo!rse(4 6doin# it: 4or a short period o4 time< 1hen God (oo7s thro!#h the 4i(ter o4 the ;(ood5 'e sees !s as p!re5 ri#hteo!s and ho(y< Even in o!r h!man imper4ection5 God sees the wor7 o4 3es!s when 'e (oo7s at !s< I4 it was rainin# and yo! were ho(din# an !m;re((a over yo!r head ;!t decided to c(ose it !p5 the rain wo!(d 4a(( on yo!< )o!-re not !nder that !m;re((a when the !m;re((a is not over yo!< I4 yo! were wa(7in# !nder a c(o!d in the hottest part o4 the day5 yo! wo!(d ;e re(ieved 4rom the heat o4 the s!n< As (on# as yo! were !nder the c(o!d yo! wo!(d ;e re(ieved 4rom a de#ree o4 the heat< 'ow can a redeemed one5 one who is p!ri4ied ;y the ;(ood o4 3es!s5 one who has had a(( sins 4or#iven5 move o!rse(ves o!t 4rom !nder the c(o!d9 On(y two waysH Once yo! come !nder the ;(ood o4 3es!s Christ thro!#h the 4or#iveness o4 yo!r sins5 and ;e(ievin# in 3es!s Christ as the divine Son o4 the ?ivin# God5 thro!#h his redemptive p(an5 once yo! are !nder there5 how can yo! #et o!t9 On(y two ways< It-s in the 1ord o4 God< "e;e((ion and ido(atry< )o! can simp(y say5 6God5 I-m 4ed !p with it< I-m #oin# to wa(7 o!t o4 this ;!i(din#< I-m #oin# to throw my !m;re((a away< I-m #oin# to wa(7 o!t 4rom !nder this c(o!d< I-m #oin# to #o o!t and do my thin#<: The prodi#a( son was an examp(e o4 that< 'e was !nder the a!thority and heirship o4 his 4ather< 'e had a(( #ood thin#s< 'e had everythin# he needed5 ;!t he chose to ta7e his inheritance and

(eave the 4ather-s protection5 and a!thority< 'e (e4t the p(ace o4 protection< 'e re;e((ed and chose to #o o!t !nder his own a!thority< 1e can choose to #o o!t 4rom !nder God-s protection< 1e can say5 6God5 I don-t care what yo! thin75 I-m #oin# o!t into sin<: 1e may not phrase it F!ite that way< More o4ten than not the withdrawa( is a #rad!a( thin#< The ;ac7s(ide starts with (itt(e sins (i7e5 6'ey5 I-ve #ot to #et to that meetin# on time< Better p!mp it !p to sixty mi(es>per>ho!r and #ain a 4ew min!tes< 2eop(e are waitin#< )o! promised them yo! wo!(d ;e on time<: The evi( 7eeps p!ttin# 4odder in yo!r mind5 and then yo! ease into a (itt(e more temptation< 1hat i4 I said the next time5 6?et-s s(eep another 4ive min!tes< 1e can drive sixty mi(es> per>ho!r< God rea((y won-t mind< 'e didn-t send !s to he(( the (ast time5 so I-m s!re he won-t send !s to he(( i4 we do it a#ain<: The devi( is tric7y and we ;e#in to #rad!a((y re;e( a#ainst the (aws and a!thority o4 God< 1e ;e#in to do o!r thin#5 (itt(e ;y (itt(e< Then the time comes when we reach the p(ace o4 o!tri#ht re;e((ion a#ainst God5 and move o!t 4rom !nder the coverin# o4 the ;(ood o4 3es!s Christ< 1hen yo! move o!t 4rom !nder that coverin#5 God sees yo! as a sinner< )o! have moved 4rom !nder the protection o4 the ;(ood o4 3es!s< I4 death or the end o4 time came a;o!t5 God wo!(d sad(y


say5 6,epart 4rom me yo! wor7er o4 ineF!ity I never 7new yo!<: Ao matter i4 yo! had ;een (oya( to God at one time and ;een ;orn a#ain5 yo! can choose to #o o!t 4rom !nder divine protection ;y re;e((in# a#ainst yo!r s!;mission to the ?ordship o4 3es!s Christ< It is yo!r choice< )o! can re;e( or choose to stay !nder the ;(ood o4 3es!s< ?ivin# !nder the ;(ood5 i4 yo! have some (itt(e s(ip>!p5 some (itt(e !nintentiona( thin#5 or may;e a temporary waverin#5 I!d#ment wi(( not 4a(( !pon yo!< I4 yo! want to p(ease God more than yo!rse(45 God won-t ho(d those (itt(e discrepancies a#ainst yo!< A ship has a #yroscope that operates thro!#h a ma#netic p!(( and he(ps to 7eep the ship !pri#ht< Otherwise the storms wo!(d t!rn the ship in s!ch a way it wo!(d t!rn over5 ta7e on water and sin7< That #yroscope spins to 7eep that ;oat on an even 7ee(5 to 7eep it (eve(< God-s 'o(y Spirit within !s is (i7e a #yroscope< Any time yo! or one inch over the speed (imit5 God-s Spirit5 o!r interna( #yroscope wi(( say5 6)o!-re o44 ;a(ance< I-m tryin# to p!(( yo! ;ac7 into the ri#ht way: I4 Char(es says5 6B!t God5 I-ve #ot to #et there on time<: My speedin# experience was re;e((ion< I 7new very we(( that p!(( a#ainst God I 4e(t in my heart< 6God5 I don-t want to vio(ate this speed (imit5 6I prayed< 6I don-t do that<: I was h!rtin# inside< I don-t thin7 that anythin# in a(( o4 my (i4e h!rt as

m!ch as that speedin# episode ;eca!se I was de(i;erate(y doin# it< Inside I was repentin# even whi(e speedin#5 i4 yo! can conceive o4 that< "ea((y5 I didn-t want to speed< wanted to p(ease God< Once the sin was over5 I said5 6God5 I won-t ever do it a#ain<: And yo! see5 I won-t< I wi(( not speed even i4 it means we miss a ho(e seminar< Ao matter what the cost5 it doesn-t I!sti4y re;e((ion a#ainst God< "e;e((ion is one o4 the two thin#s that can ta7e a ;orn a#ain Christian o!t 4rom !nder the coverin# o4 the ;(ood o4 3es!s Christ< The devi( accordin# to Mechariah 3 is constant(y ;e4ore God sayin#5 6Ao5 Char(es is a sinner< Char(es is rotten< Char(es has 4a!(ts in his (i4e<: 'e is !p there constant(y acc!sin# !s ;e4ore God< The #ood news is that 3es!s is constant(y re;!ttin# Satan ;y sayin#5 6Char(es is not in re;e((ion< 'e-s !nder My ;(ood< &ather5 p(ease (oo7 at Char(es thro!#h my ;(ood< 1hen yo! do5 yo!-(( see Char(es is a(( ri#ht<: I4 I re;e(5 i4 I de(i;erate(y #et o!t 4rom !nder the coverin# ;(ood o4 3es!s5 then God-s I!d#ment is !pon me< I4 I were to die in that condition5 or i4 the rapt!re ta7es p(ace5 God wi(( (oo7 at me and prono!nce I!d#ment< 6Char(es5 depart 4rom me5 wor7er o4 iniF!ity< I never 7new yo!<: One other thin# can ta7e yo! o!t 4rom !nder the !m;re((a o4 the ;(ood o4 3es!s Christ< That thin# is ido(atry< It-s an a;omination to 4avor an ido( a;ove God< God has a specia( 4!ry reserved

4or those who worship ido(s< 'e ca((s it ad!(tery< God says5 6Sinnin# a#ainst yo!r ;ody thro!#h ad!(tery or 4ornication is next to the worst sin<: Sin a#ainst the 'o(y Spirit5 the !n4or#iva;(e sin5 is the on(y o44ense worse than sin a#ainst yo!r own ;ody< Sinnin# a#ainst yo!r ;ody is an aw4!( a44ront to God< Ta7e care o4 yo!r ;ody< It is a ho(y thin#< It is the temp(e o4 A(mi#hty God< 'e said to 7eep it c(ean and ho(y< ,on-t (et the devi( tempt yo! into doin# thin#s that po((!te yo!r Temp(e< 1hen a ;e(iever smo7es it is (i7e p(acin# a ci#arette ;etween the (ips o4 3es!s< I wi(( not say someone wi(( #o to he(( ;eca!se they smo7e ci#arettes< B!t God says5 63es!s is in there and 'e doesn-t (i7e to smo7e<: I4 yo! say5 61e(( I don-t care whether 'e (i7es it or not5 I-m #oin# to smo7e anyway< I (i7e to smo7e5: yo! are in re;e((ion a#ainst God-s desires< I4 yo! even thin7 somethin# yo! are doin# mi#ht ;e disp(easin# to God5 F!it doin# it< I4 it-s somethin# that yo! need to do to p(ease God5 start immediate(y< Ma7e s!re p(easin# God is more important than p(easin# yo!rse(4 1hy9 Beca!se the devi( wor7s thro!#h 6se(4:< God is serio!s(y opposed to ido( worship< God 7i((ed mi((ions o4 peop(e ;eca!se they worshipped ido(s< God did not a((ow Moses to #o into Canaan ;eca!se he sinned ;y not 7eepin# Israe( 4rom worshippin# ido(s<


?et-s 7eep o!r 4oc!s< Ido( worship can ;e as simp(e as p!ttin# yo!rse(4 or yo!r desires a;ove what God wants yo! to do< 1hen yo! ind!(#e this ;ehavior it ;ecomes an ido( in o!r (i4e5 an a;omination to God< I4 yo! contin!e !nrepentant and do not repent5 yo! move into re;e((ion and ido(atry< Then yo! are ta7en o!t 4rom the coverin# o4 the ;(ood o4 3es!s Christ< 1hen God (oo7s down !pon yo! and sees yo! wi((in#(y diso;eyin# 'im5 I!d#ment is certain< )o! are s!;Iect to the p!nishment o4 he((< yo! can #et ;ac7 !nder< That coverin# can ;e re#ained ;y repentance< God repeated(y says in the Bi;(e5 6I4 yo!-(( on(y repent o4 yo!r sins5 choose to come ;ac7 and do it my way and serve me5 I-(( 4or#ive a(( o4 yo!r sins<: The ;(ood o4 3es!s contin!a((y 4(ashes the messa#e5 6&or#iveness and restoration are avai(a;(e here<: The ;(ood o4 3es!s is God-s we(come si#n to the promise< 6Come !nto me5 a(( ye that (a;or are heavy (aden and I wi(( #ive yo! rest<: God is te((in# !s5 6Simp(y tr!st Me< )o! do not have to (ie5 ;rea7 the speed (imit or #et into a;omina;(e sit!ations< Be 4aith4!( to Me and then I-(( ;(ess yo! in every way<: Tr!stin# God in 'is 4!((ness is a(( the per4ection God deserves 4rom !s< God does not to(erate sin5 ;!t 'e (oo7s thro!#h the ;(ood o4 3es!s and 4or#ives those who repent<


I4 yo! #oo4 !p5 repent F!ic7(y< ,o not harden yo!r heart< 3es!s (oo7ed down on the 3ews #athered on Ca(vary< 'e said5 6&ather5 4or#ive them 4or they 7now not what they do5: They had hardened their hearts a#ainst God5 They re4!sed to ;e(ieve that 3es!s Christ was the redemptive p(an o4 God< They wo!(d not accept 3es!s as the Messiah ;eca!se they hardened their hearts< They were so hardened I thin7 they co!(d not ;e(ieve< They cr!ci4ied the Master o4 a((5 the "edeemer< They cr!ci4ied 'im de(i;erate(y5 7nowin#(y5 wi((4!((y i#norin# written evidence o4 the 1ord o4 God that 3es!s is the Messiah< The 'o(y Spirit says5 6Ao5 that-s not ri#ht5 Char(es< ,on-t ;rea7 the speed (imit<: )o! then say5 61e((5 I don-t care5 God< I-ve #ot to #et there on time< I can-t tr!st yo!5 I-ve #ot to tr!st myse(4 I-m #oin# to #et there however I p(ease< 6God5 I don-t have eno!#h money< I-m not #oin# to tr!st yo! 4or it< I-m #oin# to do somethin# e(se< I-(( #o stea(<: )o! see5 God-s provision mi#ht reF!ire a do!;(e shi4t and twice as m!ch wor7 to #et yo!r 4!nds< That may not ;e 4!n5 ;!t it wo!(d ;e honest ;e4ore God< To #o o!t and stea(5 even to provide 4or yo!r 4ami(y is a#ainst God< Stop doin# 6(itt(e thin#s: ;e4ore the devi( ;(inds yo! !nti( yo! re;e( a#ainst God and harden yo!r heart< "ead Co(ossians 1:22, 6'e has done this thro!#h the death on the cross o4 'is own h!man ;ody5 and now as a res!(t Christ has ;ro!#ht yo!

into the very presence o4 God<: 3es!s has de(ivered yo! into the very presence o4 God< There is no I!sti4ication 4or de(i;erate sin a#ainst A(mi#hty God< 3es!s made it p(ain in the ;oo7 o4 "eve(ation Cand e(sewhereD that on(y the ho(y sha(( see God< 1hen yo! stay !nder the coverin# o4 the ;(ood o4 3es!s5 yo! are ho(y and F!a(i4y 4or God-s ;est< God wi(( never #ive yo! a (icense to sin . 'e wi(( not condone it< As yo! o;ey God and do what yo! 7now p(eases 'im5 yo! are certain to (ive in victory every day o4 yo!r (i4e<


Chapter 4

How to E!calate Your &aith

by Frances ?et-s (earn how to esca(ate o!r 4aith< The dictionary says5 6To esca(ate means to rise on or #o !p on as on an esca(ator<: 'ave yo! ever ;een on an esca(ator9 Thin7 a;o!t how yo! can5 pro;a;(y m!st5 rise< The dictionary contin!es5 6To expand step ;y step<: So5 when yo! are esca(atin#5 yo! are expandin# (itt(e ;y (itt(e< The tho!#ht intensi4ies5 6)o! are expandin#5 (itt(e ;y (itt(e 4rom a (imited con4(ict into a #enera( war<: The third aspect 4ascinated me5 6To #row or increase rapid(y5 o4ten to the point o4 ;ecomin# !nmana#ea;(e s!ch as prices or wa#es<: ,!rin# my (i4etime we have ;een seasons when prices went 4ar o!t o4 (ine< I remem;er a time when it was a(most ridic!(o!s to (oo7 at 4ood prices when yo! went into a store< One day Char(es went to the s!permar7et to ;!y some cheese< 'e came home witho!t cheese< 61hat happened9: I as7ed< 'e said5 6I (oo7ed at the prices and tho!#ht5 JS!re(y no cheese co!(d cost that m!ch5- so I tho!#ht they m!st have made a mista7e<: 'e to(d me the price and I said5 6Ao5 honey5 I hate to te(( yo!5 ;!t that is the price o4 cheese today:

1a#es have esca(ated in my (i4etime to the point it is a(most !n;e(ieva;(e< Bac7 in the #ood o(d days o4 the dinosa!rs5 when I started to wor75 i4 yo! made @/+ a wee7 yo! were rea((y at the top< My sister too7 a Io; as a secretary to an exec!tive5 Cshe was two years o(der than I5 so she started two years ;e4ore I didD and she started at the ma#ni4icent s!m o4 @8 a wee7< Ima#ine that5 a top notch secretary5 wor7in# 4or @8 a wee7< By the way5 that was not 4or 4orty ho!rs< That was 4or as (on# as yo! were needed< I4 the wee7 ran 4i4ty or sixty ho!rs5 OK5< There was no s!ch thin# as overtime< There was no s!ch thin# as a paid vacation< There was no s!ch thin# as paid days o44< )o! #ot in there whether yo! were sic7 or not< I do!;t i4 anyone readin# this is o(d eno!#h to remem;er when peop(e wor7ed !nder conditions (i7e that5 ;!t I certain(y do= By the time I entered the wor74orce the Aationa( "e(ations Act was the (aw 4or the (and< The mandate dictated that emp(oyers a!tomatica((y had to pay emp(oyees @/% a wee7< That was the (owest pay that anyone was to receive< A#ain5 that was not 4or forty ho!rs< at was 4or as (on# as yo! wanted to crac7 the hip5 and emp(oyees co!(dn-t say anythin# ;o!t it< 'onest(y5 I tho!#ht I was (ivin# in (!x!ry on 4i4teen do((ars a wee7< 1henever yo! do a word st!dy in the Bi;(e5 open yo! mind and (et God ;e#in to spea7 to yo! a;o!t possi;i(ity Beca!se many times i4 we (oo7 at

the ;(ac7 and white5 we don-t see a(( o4 the possi;i(ities that are there< As I wrote this ;oo7 I ;e#an to thin75 61ow= 1o!(dn-t it ;e wonder4!( i4 4aith co!(d ;e#in to esca(ate5 and esca(ate5 and esca(ate5 and #row5 and #row5 and #row !nti( it was a;so(!te(y !nmana#ea;(e<: That wo!(d mean yo! wo!(d no (on#er have any room in yo!r (i4e 4or do!;t or !n;e(ie4 The more I tho!#ht a;o!t this5 the #reater I tho!#ht it was< 1ow= Ima#ine (ettin# yo!r 4aith esca(ate and #row to s!ch a hi#h point that there was no way that yo! co!(d mana#e it at a((< 1hether yo! wanted prosperity or not5 yo! wo!(d have to ta7e it< 1hether yo! wanted hea(th or not5 it wo!(d ;e yo!rs< Simp(y ;eca!se yo! had 4aith that was a;so(!te(y !nmana#ea;(e< The epitome o4 everythin# wo!(d ;e to have so m!ch 4aith that yo! co!(dn-t even contro( it< )o! wo!(d not have eno!#h stren#th< )o! wo!(d not have eno!#h h!man power (e4t in yo!r (i4e to (et one e(ement o4 do!;t or !n;e(ie4 come in< 1o!(d yo! (i7e to have that 7ind o4 4aith9 1o!(dn-t that ;e o!t o4 si#ht= Sometime yo! can (oo7 at a word de4inition and when yo! see that it says5 6To esca(ate means to #row or increase rapid(y5 o4ten to the point o4 ;ecomin# !nmana#ea;(e as prices or wa#es<: That sort o4 so!nds (i7e a tota((y ne#ative tho!#ht5 62rices are o!t o4 (ine< 1a#es are o!t o4 (ine<: B!t5 t!rn that aro!nd in the area o4 4aith< .nderstandin# comes 4rom meditatin#< )o! s!dden(y (oo7 at somethin#

and as75 61hat is the potentia( o4 that de4inition that I read9: That was what I was doin#< I was meditatin# and tho!#ht5 6I can-t ta(7 a;o!t 4aith at an !nmana#ea;(e (eve(9: I contin!ed to meditate and open my mindE I ;e#an to see a (eve( o4 4aith that was tremendo!s<: 'ave yo! ever made homemade ;read9 I haven-t done it in years5 ;eca!se my experience with homemade ;read wasn-t so #ood< My #randmother made ;read when we were (itt(e 7ids on the 4arm< 1e were s!pposed to he(p ;y watchin# the ;read< 1hen it rose to a certain point5 we were s!pposed to 7nead it down a#ain and p!t it in the pan where the ;read was made< )o! 7now 7ids don-t a(ways do what they are s!pposed to do< My sister and I (ived in a ;i# city ;!t o!r mother and daddy !sed to (et s #o down to the 4arm every s!mmer< 1e weren-t !sed to havin# horses and cows ro!nd< 1e #ot ;!sy p(ayin# and 4or#ot a(( a;o!t the ;read< 1e were ridin# horses5 o!t in the ;arnyard5 no sadd(es5 or ;rid(es5 or anythin# e(se< 1e #ot on the horse5 he(d onto his mane5 and away we went< 1e had a rea( excitin# time and comp(ete(y 4or#ot the ;read< Grandma had it in what they ca((ed the sin# oven o4 one o4 those o(d>4ashioned coo7 stoves 4!e(ed ;y wood< The risin# oven was a (itt(e area that was a;ove the stove< Ao direct heat #ot !p there5 ;!t it was warmer than the rest o4 the ho!se<


'o!rs (ater5 we tho!#ht5 6The ;read=: 1e #ot o44 those horses as 4ast as we co!(d5 ;eca!se we 7new we were #oin# to #et a (ic7in# 4or this Cand we didD< 1e #ot in the ho!se5 and ta(7 a;o!t somethin# !nmana#ea;(e5 yo! sho!(d have seen that ;read< It had risen a(( over the p(ace< It was creepin# o!t the doors o4 the risin# oven< It was han#in# down in ;i# strin#s< The strin#s #ot 4atter and 4atter c(oser to the stove they were< A(( at once5 we rea(iGed that Grandma and Grandpa were #oin# to ;e ;ac7 4rom the 4ie(ds at noontime< 1e were s!pposed to have had this ;read ;eaten down and 4o(ded ;ac7 in to ma7e it rise !p a#ain< )o! never saw three 7ids Cmy !nc(e5 my sister and ID try to #et somethin# !nmana#ea;(e ;ac7 in the pan5 and have it (oo7 (i7e ;read< I #!arantee yo! we did not s!cceed< The most !nmana#ea;(e thin# I 7now o4 in the entire wor(d is ;read that has over4(owed its ;o!ndaries< It was the ;i##est mess that I have ever seen< Aow5 most thin#s when they ;ecome !nmana#ea;(e5 are a mess< )o! see that ;read do!#h was contro((in# !s< 1e weren-t contro((in# that ;read do!#h at a((< 1hen yo!r 4aith ;ecomes !nmana#ea;(e5 ;eca!se it has esca(ated so 4ar and so hi#h5 that is when yo! can rea((y ;e#in to do thin#s in the 7in#dom o4 God< I-ve never rea((y 7nown any;ody who had 4aith that was !nmana#ea;(e< There are severa( peop(e who have come rea( c(ose to that5 (i7e Smith 1i##(esworth<

I (ove a(( the wi(d thin#s that Smith 1i##(esworth did< 'e had the #reatest (eve( o4 4aith I have heard a;o!t< There was a horri;(y cripp(ed chi(d maimed ;y cere;ra( pa(sy was ;ro!#ht ;e4ore Smith 1i##(esworth< 'e #ot so mad at the devi( that he 7ic7ed the chi(d o!t into the con#re#ation< 6)o! devi(5 come o!t o4 that chi(d5 in 3es!s- name<: The chi(d (anded on his 4eet5 twenty>4ive 4eet o!t in the a!dience5 tota((y hea(ed ;y the power o4 God< Smith 1i##(esworth te((s that in one o4 his ;oo7s< Aow that-s !nmana#ea;(e 4aith5 ;eca!se that certain(y is not inte((i#ence< 'ow many o4 yo! 7now that9 ,o yo! 7now what wo!(d happen i4 yo! wa(7ed !p and 7ic7ed some;ody twenty>4ive 4eet today9 'ea(ed or not a (awyer wo!(d he(p see that yo! were 7ic7ed that 4ar yo!rse(4< B!t yo! see5 that was the time and p(ace where he had 4aith that was !nmana#ea;(e< 1i##(esworth was so 4ar into the spirit rea(m he co!(d do nothin# ;!t o;ey< 1hen yo!r 4aith is !nmana#ea;(e yo! are ;o!nd to have s!ccess< In that p(ace there is no room 4or do!;t or !n;e(ie4 with a 4aith that is esca(atin#< Esca(atin# a(so means increasin#< In other words5 yo! can say5 6?et-s increase o!r 4aith<: I (oo7ed !p the word increase5 6To ;ecome #reater in siGe5 in F!antity in va(!e5 in de#ree5 to en(ar#e5 to swe((5 to hei#hten5 to swe(( (like what that bread did), to hei#hten5 to di(ate5 to enhance5 to a!#ment5 to #row5 expand and spread<:

1hy do some peop(e have 4aith that seems to increase5 and other peop(e seem to have to str!##(e with their 4aith a(( the time9 Another point in wa(7in# in victory every day o4 yo!r (i4e5 it is to increase or esca(ate yo!r 4aith every day o4 yo!r (i4e< I don-t mean once in a whi(e< Every sin#(e5 so(itary day o4 yo!r (i4e5 yo!r 4aith can ;e increased< It a;so(!te(y can< Mr< 1e;ster5 who o;vio!s(y had tremendo!s inte((i#ence5 wrote the dictionary5 ;!t not very o4ten did he #o into the re(i#io!s arena< B!t when he descri;ed the word 4aith5 he said a rea( #ood thin#5 6&aith is !nF!estionin# ;e(ie4 in God<: In other words5 God said it5 and that ma7es it so< Some peop(e have made a mista7e5 they say5 6God said it5 I ;e(ieve it5 and that ma7es it so<: Ao5 that-s not what ma7es it so< 1hether yo! ;e(ieve it or not5 God-s 1ord is 6so<: )ears a#o I to(d a 4riend o4 mine in &(orida5 6)o!-re #oin# ri#ht strai#ht to he((<: 'e said5 6I don-t ;e(ieve in he((<: I said5 61hether yo! ;e(ieve in he(( or not has nothin# to do with it< That-s exact(y where yo!-re #oin# to end !p<: ,o yo! 7now why I can say that9 Beca!se I have !nF!estionin# 4aith in God< I have comp(ete tr!st in5 con4idence or re(iance in God as chi(dren !s!a((y have 4aith in their parents< There comes a point in time in the (i4e o4 chi(dren when they s!dden(y do not ;e(ieve everythin# their parents te(( them<


,o yo! remem;er reachin# that point9 )o! pro;a;(y #ot smarter than yo!r parents< Isn-t that amaGin# how s!dden(y smart yo!r parents #et when yo! pass teen years9 1hen they-re (itt(e5 chi(dren have !nwaverin# 4aith and con4idence in their parents< They ;e(ieve anythin# and everythin# that their mother and daddy say to them is a;so(!te(y tr!e< Aow most chi(dren wi(( have one parent that they ;e(ieve that a;o!t5 and that-s the parent that does not a((ow them to #et away with anythin#< I co!(d #et away with thin#s with my mom< 1ith my daddy I co!(dn-t #et away with anythin#< I had !nF!estioned 4aith in my daddy5 ;eca!se i4 he said he was #oin# to span7 me5 I was span7ed 4or s!re< I discovered the 4irst time I ever #ot a span7in# that he hit too hard< I made !p my mind ri#ht then and there that I was never #oin# to #et a whippin# a#ain5 ;eca!se I didn-t (i7e that< B!t I had !nF!estionin# 4aith in the 7now(ed#e that i4 he said he was #oin# to do it5 I 7new he was #oin# to do it< I 7new this a(so< 1hen my daddy said at i4 we were #ood #ir(s a(( wee7 (on#5 he co!(d ta7e !s down to the corner store and ;!y !s an ice cream cone5 it was #oin# to happen< At that time yo! #ot two do!;(e dip ice cream cones 4or a nic7e(< Can yo! ima#ine that9 1e never had dessert d!rin# the wee7 (i7e most peop(e norma((y do today5 ;!t that was o!r treat 4or the wee7<


I4 we o;eyed a(( wee7 (on#5 we wo!(d #et an ice cream cone on Sat!rday< I 7new that my daddy-s word was as #ood as #o(d< 1hatever he promised5 I 7new I was #oin# to #et< I4 we can deve(op that same 7ind o4 !n4ai(in#5 !nwaverin# con4idence in God5 o!r 4aith wi(( ;e#in to #row5 and #row5 and #row5 and #row< 1hen I 4irst #ot saved5 some;ody to(d me there were 70,000 promises in the 1ord o4 God< I remem;er sayin#5 61ow5 God5 (et me (ive (on# eno!#h to receive every one o4 them< I want everythin# yo! have<: I want to te(( yo! that so many times that yo! wi(( say the same thin#5 6God5 I want everythin# yo! have<: I4 yo! rea((y mean that5 yo! are #oin# to #et into the 1ord o4 God5 ;eca!se nothin# wi(( increase yo!r 4aith (i7e the 1ord o4 God< This does not meditatin# in the 1ord o4 God< It-s not I!st readin# the 1ord o4 God< I mean p!ttin# the 1ord o4 God into e44ect in yo!r (i4e5 with !nF!estionin# ;e(ie4 in 'im< To me5 the ;oo7 o4 Genesis is a;o!t the ;e#innin# o4 4aith< The very 4irst verse says5 6In the ;e#innin# God created the heaven and the earth<: Mr< 1e;ster says5 6To create means to ori#inate or to ;rin# into ;ein# 4rom a;so(!te(y nothin#<: So God too7 a;so(!te(y nothin# and created the !niverse< 'ow did he create the !niverse9 'e;rews 11:3, 6Thro!#h 4aith we !nderstand that the wor(d was 4ramed ;y the 1ord o4 God5 so that thin#s which

are seen were not made o4 thin#s which do appear<: The who(e !niverse was created ;y what9 By the hands o4 God9 By the mind o4 God9 By the feet o4 God9 Ao9 By the Word= By the Word o4 God5 a(( thin#s were created< ,o yo! ;e(ieve that we (ive on the earth9 Then yo! have to ;e(ieve the 1ord is tr!e5 ;eca!se it says5 6God created the heaven and the earth<: And i4 we (ive on the earth5 that certain(y is proo4 that there is an earth< Ao one can do!;t the va(idity o4 the 4act that there is earth< 1e 7now earth exists ;eca!se we a(( (ive here< 1e a(so reco#niGe that 'e created it ;y 'is power< God created earth ;y 'is 1ord< 'ave yo! experienced day(i#ht9 In Genesis /H35 God said5 6?et there ;e (i#htH and there was (i#ht<: God said it and it was so< 1hatever God says ;ecomes tr!th5 or ;ecomes rea(ity< In Genesis /H$ 'e said5 6?et there ;e a 4irmament in the midst o4 the waters5 and (et it divide the waters 4rom the waters<: God said it5 and it was so< Any time that God ma7es a statement in 'is 1ord5 yo! can (ay yo!r (i4e on the (ine that it wi(( ;ecome so< In Genesis 1:9, 6Then God said5 J?et the waters !nder the heavens ;e #athered to#ether into one p(ace5 and (et the dry (and appear- and it was so<: I (ove the ;oo7 o4 Genesis ;eca!se o4 those 4o!r wordsH 6And it was so<: God said it5 it ;ecame and it was so<


Verse 11 reads5 6Then God said5 J?et the earth ;rin# 4orth #rass5 the her; that yie(ds seed5 and the 4r!it tree that yie(ds 4r!it accordin# to its 7ind5 whose seed is in itse(45 on the earth<- and it was so<: It was so< God said it and ;eca!se God said it5 it ;ecame and it was so< Verse 2$5 6And God said5 J?et .s ma7e man in O!r ima#e5 accordin# to O!r (i7enessE and (et them have dominion over the 4ish o4 the sea5 and over the ;irds o4 the air and over the catt(e5 and over a(( the earth5 and over every creepin# thin# that creeps on the earth< God created man in 'is own ima#e5 in the ima#e o4 God created he himE ma(e and 4ema(e created he them<: God said it< God said it5 it ;ecame5 and it was so< )o! mi#ht say5 61e(( there are a (ot o4 p(aces in the Bi;(e where God doesn-t spea7<: Every word in the Bi;(e is a word 4rom God< 1hether 2a!( said it5 whether 3ames said it5 whether 3ohn said it5 whether Mar7 said it5 or ?!7e said it5 every word5 O(d and Aew Testaments5 is God-s 1ord< 3!st ;eca!se 2a!( said it5 doesn-t ta7e away 4rom the 4act that it is God-s 1ord< God spo7e to the prophets in the O(d Testament< God spo7e to the Aew Testament writers< I can hear God sayin#5 3eremiah5 write this down< I can hear 'im sayin#5 6Moses5 write those 4ive ;oo7s down<: ,o yo! have any idea how (on# it m!st have ta7en Moses to write those ;oo7s9 'e did not have word processin# eF!ipment (i7e we


have today< 'e didn-t have paper< 'e didn-t even have a penci(< ,o yo! have any idea how (on# it wo!(d ta7e today to copy the 4irst 4ive ;oo7s in (on#hand9 I4 yo! wrote it in (on#hand5 do yo! thin7 that yo! mi#ht remem;er what yo! wrote down9 1hatever God says is tr!e< The on(y thin# that God did not spea7 into existence was man< The Bi;(e says5 6'e too7 the d!st o4 the earth5 and 4rom the earth 'e 4ormed man<: Everythin# e(se was created ;y 'is spo7en word5 ;!t man was created 4rom the d!st o4 the earth< That-s why at a 4!nera( yo! hear peop(e say5 6,!st tho! art5 !nto d!st tho! sha(t ret!rn<: ,id yo! ever vis!a(iGe where it says5 6And God ;reathed (i4e into Adam:9 1hen God created Adam5 Adam was a h!n7 o4 4(esh< God pic7ed !p the earthN that m!st have ;een a ;i# m!d pie= ,id it ever dawn on yo! how m!ch d!st it m!st have ta7en to ma7e a (i4e>siGe an9 S!ppose Adam was six 4eet ta((< That wo!(d reF!ire a rea((y ;i# m!d pie< God m!st rea((y ;e somethin# to ta7e d!st and ma7e a per4ect ;ody= Can yo! ima#ine ta7in# d!st and ma7in# the s7in5 4ashionin# tiny s7in pores9 1hat a;o!t the microscopic hair 4o((ic(es on yo!r arm that yo! can hard(y see9 Can yo! ima#ine God ta7in# time to p!t every one o4 those (itt(e hair 4o((ic(es into Adam as he created him9 That wo!(d rea((y ;e a ;i# Io;< I have wondered how peop(e thin7 God ;reathed (i4e into Adam< &o(7s seem to

thin7 that Adam was (ayin# there on the #ro!nd and God smac7ed him on the (ips and 6poo4=: I ;e(ieve God pic7ed Adam !p in 'is arms and ;reathed (i4e into him< I rea((y ;e(ieve that that-s why man has (ove inside5 ;eca!se God ;reathed the ;reath o4 (i4e into Adam< I don-t 7now i4 that is script!ra( or not5 ;!t I do thin7 that-s a nice tho!#ht= I-d (i7e to thin7 that that-s the way God ;reathed (i4e into me5 that he he(d me in his arms< &or Christians the 1ord o4 God is the same as the word o4 yo!r mother and daddy when yo! were a (itt(e chi(d< 1hen yo!r mother said5 6,on-t do that5: yo! o;eyed< It is amaGin# how we imp(icit(y ;e(ieve o!r mothers and daddies< I4 yo!r mother says she-s #oin# to #ive yo! a ;ott(e o4 mi(75 she-s #oin# to #ive yo! a ;ott(e o4 mi(7< The 1ord o4 God m!st ;ecome exact(y the same way 4or each and every one o4 !s< A!m;ers 23:19 is one o4 the most important verses in the Bi;(e< 6God is not a an5 that 'e sho!(d (ieE nor a son o4 man5 that 'e sho!(d repent< 'as 'e said5 and wi(( 'e not do9 Or has 'e spo7en5 and wi(( 'e not ma7e it #ood9: God is not a man that he co!(d (ie< "emem;er that< There is not one sin#(e (ie in the 1ord o4 God< Every word in there5 every Iot and tit(e5 is tr!e< In 3eremiah 1:12 God says5 J)o! have seen we((5 4or I am ready to per4orm My word<: 'e said5 6Aot on(y have I #iven yo! my word5 ;!t I-m #oin# to watch over it to see to it what I promise happens<: I4 yo! a((ow God to do inside

yo! what 'e wants to do5 I can #!arantee that yo!r 4aith is #oin# to #row and expand< God has never ;ac7ed down 4rom anythin# that 'e-s said< 1hen yo! #et to the point that yo! ;e(ieve that God is #oin# to ho(d 4ast to 'is 1ord5 yo!r 4aith is #oin# to esca(ate5 to #row and #row and #row 1ere yo! ever discip(ined ;y yo!r parents9 I thin7 we a(( were< ,o yo! thin7 yo! wo!(d have ;ene4ited 4rom more9 That-s ri#ht5 we a(( 7now that we needed more< ,iscip(ine is one o4 the #reatest too(s avai(a;(e to mo(d yo! into what God wants yo! to ;e< God discip(ines !s thro!#h his 1ord< I4 yo! want yo!r 4aith to #row5 a((ow God to discip(ine yo! in his 1ord< I have heard many peop(e say5 they have ;een in the 6Christian woodshed: many times< I te(( yo! I was there o4ten5 ;e4ore I #ot my 4eet #oin# in the ri#ht direction< B!t I have (earned that the 1ord o4 God is in4a((i;(e< I4 God says 'e-s #oin# to do it5 'e-s #oin# to do it< 1hen 'e says 6)o! are o!t in (e4t 4ie(d5: yo! ;e#in to do wron# thin#s and discover God-s power is withdrawn5 yo!-re #oin# to say5 61e(( it sti(( seems to me (i7e I-m prayin# ;!t my prayers don-t #et a;ove the cei(in#<: Anytime yo! pray and say5 6It doesn-t seem to me (i7e God is answerin# my prayers5: yo! 7now the p(ace to (oo7 Oyo!rse(4


As75 61hat am I doin# that is contrary to God-s 1ord9 I m!st ;e in error ;eca!se God-s 1ord says that when I pray I can have anythin# I want<: 1hy don-t we #et the thin#s that we want9 2ro;a;(y ;eca!se we have thin#s in o!r (ives that do not ;e(on# there< 2eop(e come to me over and over a#ain and say5 6I don-t 7now< God doesn-t seem to ;e doin# the thin#s 4or me that 'e does 4or yo!<: The 4irst thin# I as7 is5 6'ow m!ch time do yo! spend in the 1ord o4 God9: Most o4 these 4o(7 ree7 o4 ci#arettes< In no way is God #oin# to answer yo!r prayers when the 1ord o4 God says5 62resent yo!r ;ody a (ivin# sacri4ice5 ho(y and accepta;(e !nto God<: )o!r ;ody isn-t ho(y when yo! wi((4!((y ho(d onto o44ensive ha;its< B!t when yo! esta;(ish in yo!r own mind that the 1ord o4 God is tr!e5 yo!r 4aith rea((y ;e#ins to #row< )o! #ain eno!#h con4idence to experiment< 1e didn-t start o44 #ettin# every;ody hea(edE m!ch (ess have a (ot o4 peop(e #ettin# hea(ed at one time< 1hen we 4irst started5 i4 we went to a service and one person #ot hea(ed5 we did cartwhee(s a(( the way home5 we were so excited< B!t5 we ;e#an to experiment< I remem;er the 4irst time that Char(es and I prayed 4or the simp(est o4 mirac(es5 4or a (e# or in arm to #row o!t< The 4irst time we saw an arm #row o!t o!r 4aith exp(oded< 'a((e(!Iah= It ;e#an to #o !p< It ;e#an to esca(ate<

Today o!r 4aith is a(most !nmana#ea;(e in the 4aith where #rowin# o!t arms and (e#s and hea(in# ;ac7s is concerned< 1hy9 ;eca!se we have done it over5 and over5 and over5 and over5 and over a#ain< The more s!ccess yo! see and discover that God-s 1ord wor7s 4or yo!5 it ma7es it easier to ;e(ieve God or more< Mar7 /$H/0 reads5 6They wi(( (ay hands on the sic75 and they wi(( recover<: 1hen yo! (ay hands on some;ody and they don-t #et hea(ed5 or worse5 they die5 yo!r 4aith can #o ri#ht down the drain i4 yo! (et it< )o! co!(d say5 6I-m not #oin# to pray 4or any;ody a#ain<: I remem;er a 4riend sayin# peop(e #ot to the point where they as7ed him not to pray5 ;eca!se every time some;ody #ot sic7 and he prayed5 they died< 2eop(e wo!(d say5 62(ease pray 4or me ;!t don-t as7 'enry to pray5 ;eca!se every time he prays5 peop(e die<: That res!(t can rea((y #et yo!r 4aith down ;eca!se yo! thin75 61e(( God5 that doesn-t (ine !p with yo!r (i4e<: 1e((5 a(( the time 'enry was doin# that prayin# he didn-t have the ;aptism with the 'o(y Spirit5 so he co!(dn-t re(ease the power o4 the 'o(y Spirit into that person< My trans(ation o4 "omans /+H/8 says5 6&aith comes ;y hearin#5 and hearin#5 and hearin#5 and hearin#5 and hearin#5 and hearin#5 and hearin#5 and hearin# the 1ord o4 God<: )o! not on(y need to hear it 4rom some;ody e(se-s voice5 yo! need to hear it ;y readin# it yo!rse(4< I4 Christians wo!(d

sit at home and read the Bi;(e a(o!d5 yo! have no idea how yo!r own 4aith wo!(d increase< The most t!rned on I ever #ot in my who(e Christian (i4e was when I read the ?ivin# Bi;(e a(o!d< I sat there and I read 4or ho!rs and ho!rs and recorded it< 1hen I 4inished the recordin#s5 I co!(d have rapt!red ri#ht then and there5 ;eca!se my 4aith was so hi#h< I saw it with my eyes5 I heard it with my ears and I spo7e it with my mo!th< 1hen yo! #et the 1ord o4 God comin# at yo! in three directions it is #oin# to rea((y do somethin#< 2!rpose to experiment with everythin# yo! discover in the Bi;(e< 2eop(e as75 6'ow do I #et any 4aith to the point where I 7now I rea((y do ;e(ieve9 it5 see it5 !se it5 !se it5 !se it5 !se it5 !se it5 !se it5 see it< There are some thin#s that wear o!t when yo! !se them< A car event!a((y wears o!t< )o!r re4ri#erator event!a((y #oes on the 4ritG< One o4 the #reatest ways to me to experiment that wi(( ca!se yo!r 4aith to rise is to move in the area o4 speci4ic prayer< &or examp(e5 6God I as7 yo! to hea( my third toe5: )o! 7eep prayin#5 and yo! 7eep prayin#5 and yo! 7eep than7in# God5 and than7in# God5 and praisin# God5 and worshippin# him 4or hea(in# yo!r third toe< )o! now what-s #oin# to happen9 )o!-re #oin# to (oc7 down and discover that toe is hea(ed< There is nothin# that wi(( enco!ra#e yo! to pray another prayer 4aster than seein# a rea( prayer answered< Answered prayer is the most excitin# thin# in the wor(d<

)o! can increase yo!r 4aith ;y p!ttin# the 1ord o4 God to wor7< "ead it< Bas7 in it< "ead the 2sa(ms and thin75 6Oh the 2sa(ms are ;ea!ti4!(= I (ove the 2sa(ms<: Then p!t the 2sa(ms to wor7 and see what happens 4or yo!< )o! 7now5 one o4 the 2sa(ms says5 6Ta7e de(i#ht in the ?ord and he wi(( #ive yo! the desires o4 yo!r heart<: 1hat a promise= Ta7e de(i#ht in the ?ord and he wi(( #ive yo! the desires o4 yo!r heart<: The 4irst time I ever read it5 I said5 6?ord I de(i#ht in yo!< ?ord5 I am de(i#hted in yo!<: My 4aith rose and I ;e#an to see everythin# that I co!(d do to de(i#ht in God and to ;e(ieve God< I discovered that this is when God #ives yo! the desires o4 yo!r heart< The min!te yo! ;e#in to #et 4irst one desire o4 yo!r heart5 and then a second desire5 and then a third desire rea(iGed5 yo!r 4aith ;e#ins to esca(ate and esca(ate and esca(ate< 1hat i4 yo! don-t ;e(ieve the 1ord o4 God eno!#h to p!t it into practice the 4irst time9 )o! co!(d have the most ;ea!ti4!( car in the wor(d< B!t i4 yo! stood there5 day a4ter day5 and said5 6Oh5 isn-t that a ;ea!ti4!( car= I (ove it< I (ove the co(or< I (ove those tires< I (ove those whee(s< I (ove those ;ea!ti4!( ve(vet c!shions on the inside o4 my car< I (ove the radio on the inside< I (ove the C, p(ayer< I (ove the air conditionin# on hot days<: I4 yo! never !se the car5 it wi(( never ;e a;(e to per4orm 4or yo!< I4 yo! never #ot in and t!rned the 7ey5 that car wo!(d never rea((y ;e worth m!ch to

yo!< It wo!(d I!st ta7e !p par7in# space and ;e in the way< I4 yo! want to #et the most o!t a car yo! have #ot to !se it< 2raise the ?ord5 the 1ord o4 God never wears o!t= )o!-(( never #et the 4!(( ;ene4it o4 the 1ord o4 God !nti( yo! ;e#in to !se it< Ta7e de(i#ht in the ?ord< 'ow do we de(i#ht in the word9 ,o what 'e te((s yo! to do< I4 yo! want God to #ive yo! the very desires o4 yo!r heart5 then yo! do exact(y what God te((s yo! to do accordin# to 'is 1ord< I #!arantee yo! that yo!r 4aith is #oin# to ;e#in to rise and rise< 1hen I 4irst started to drive5 I had a wi(d time (earnin# how to drive< 1e had an o(d 1922 B!ic7< I never 7new that a B!ic7 was so ;i# !nti( ,addy p!t me in there< It (oo7ed (i7e to me (i7e it was three mi(es (on# and seven mi(es wide and the road was on(y a;o!t ei#ht 4eet wide< I te(( yo! I wo;;(ed a(( over the p(ace< 1hen another car approached me I went o44 the side o4 the road< I was three mi(es away 4rom the car< ;!t I had no sense o4 I!d#ment< 1hen I #ot o!t o4 that car a4ter I had driven a mi(e I was a nervo!s wrec75 a comp(ete nervo!s wrec7< ?ater5 I didn-t even have to thin7 when I #ot in the car5 t!rned the 7ey on< I can pray in ton#!es5 I can sin#5 I can (isten to cassette tapes5 I can (isten to radio pro#rams and sti(( drive with no pro;(em< I have 4aith in my car< I have 4aith in my a;i(ity to drive a car< 1hy9 Beca!se I have driven it many times<

The same thin# is tr!e o4 the promises o4 God< 1hen yo! ;e#in to ;e(ieve them5 when yo! p!t them to wor7 in yo!r (i4e5 even i4 yo! experiment and yo!-re not rea( s!re exact(y how 4ar yo!r 4aith extends5 yo! wi(( see God-s res!(ts< I #!arantee yo! that i4 yo!-(( ;e 4aith4!( and 7eep practicin# p!ttin# the 1ord o4 God in e44ect in yo!r (i4e5 those promises are #oin# to ;e yo!rs< God does watch over his 1ord to per4orm it< .n(ess yo! ;e(ieve 'is 1ord5 yo! have tied God-s hands ;ehind his ;ac7< I4 yo! don-t !se God-s 1ord5 'e is never #oin# to ;e a;(e to 4!(4i(( it and it is the 4!(4i((ment o4 God-s 1ord that esca(ates yo!r 4aith< ?et me repeat that (ast statement< It-s the 4!(4i((ment o4 God-s 1ord that esca(ates yo!r 4aith< B!t yo! say5 6I don-t contro( God5 'e-s the one that has to 4!(4i(( it<: )es5 ;!t yo!-re the one that starts thin#s into motion< 1e a(( have 4aith in somethin#< I have 4aith that when I drive over in the mornin#5 the h!nter Ministries o44ice is #oin# to ;e here< I a(so have 4aith that when I wa(7 over to a switch and 4(ip an e(ectrica( switch at my ho!se5 the (i#ht is #oin# to come on< I do not need to stand there and pray ha(4 an ho!r ;e4ore 4(ippin# the switch< )o! have pro;a;(y never seen the power #eneration p(ant5 ;!t yo! sti(( 4(ip the switch in yo!r ho!se< Some peop(e say5 6I-ve never seen God<: )o! have 4aith in peop(e yo!-ve never seen< I write a

(ot o4 (etters< I p(ace them in enve(opes< I p!t stamps on them< I ;e(ieve that ;eca!se I write an address on the 4ront5 ;eca!se I p!t a stamp in the corner5 I have 4aith that a representative o4 the .nited States 2osta( Service is #oin# to pic7 that (etter !p o!t o4 the mai(;ox I p!t it in< There are mi((ions o4 post ;oxes thro!#ho!t the .nited States< 'ow do I 7now they-re #oin# to pic7 it !p o!t o4 the ;ox I p!t it in9 I-ve #ot 4aith< I have 4aith that i4 it says it-s pic7ed !p every day at five pm that i4 I p!t my enve(ope in there ;e4ore 4ive pm< it-s #oin# to ;e pic7ed !p< I-ve never seen the posta( wor7er who sorts the mai( and sends it to Aew )or7 or to Ca(i4ornia< B!t I have 4aith< 1e a(( have 4aith in some;ody5 in some thin#s< I4 yo! own a washin# machine5 yo! p!t c(othes in and expect it to wor7< It is possi;(e that yo! tr!st the man!4act!rer o4 yo!r washin# machine more than yo! tr!st God< Thin7 a;o!t that< That-s a heavy statement5 isn-t it9 )o! tr!st the peop(e5 and yo! don-t even 7now them< )o! don-t even 7now who p!t those pieces to#ether that comprise yo!r washin# machine< I have a dishwasher in my ho!se< At ni#ht when we 4inish eatin#5 I p!t soap ;eads in the dishwasher< I don-t 7now what those ;eads are5 ;!t on the ;ox it says5 62!t these in yo!r a!tomatic dishwasher<: So5 I p!t them in5 I c(ose the door and p!sh one ;!tton and wa(7 o!t o4 the room< I never #o ;ac7 to chec7 it to see i4 it-s wor7in#< I never

#o ;ac7 and stic7 my head on the inside to ma7e s!re that those invisi;(e (itt(e hands are movin# !p and down5 washin# a(( the dirt o44 o4 my dishes< I have 4aith in my dishwasher< 1hy do I have 4aith in my dishwasher9 Beca!se I !se it a(( the time< 1hy do I have 4aith in my washin# machine9 Beca!se I !se it a(( the time< ?et me ass!re yo! that yo!r washin# machine and yo!r dishwasher is not is re(ia;(e and dependa;(e as God< I4 we 6!se: God as m!ch as we !se o!r washin# machine and o!r dishwasher5 we wo!(d have 4aith that co!(d ;ecome !nmana#ea;(e< Every one o4 !s wo!(d wa(7 in extreme 4aith< )o! wo!(d as75 6Is there any;ody sic7 in ere9: 2ow5 pow5 pow5 pow5 they-d a(( #et we((< 6Any;ody need prosperity9: ,o yo! rea(iGe what yo! co!(d do with !nmana#ea;(e 4aith9 1hy yo! co!(d ca(( down the very heavens< That-s what I (i7e a;o!t E(iIah< 'e co!(d ca(( down 4ire< 1o!(dn-t it ;e wonder4!( to have that m!ch power when yo! had an enemy in 4ront o4 yo!9 That-d rea((y ;e neat< 1ow= Ca(( down 4ire on them< 1hen I ;r!sh my teeth I t!rn on a thin# ca((ed a 4a!cet< ,o yo! have a 4a!cet9 ,o yo! expect water to come o!t when yo! t!rn it on9 There yo! #o= So do I< 1hy9 Beca!se I (earned a (on# time a#o when yo! t!rn a 4a!cet on5 water comes o!t< I 7now i4 I t!rn the one side5 co(d water comes o!t< I4 I t!rn on the other side5 hot water comes o!t< I

7now i4 I t!rn them ;oth on at the same time5 I can re#!(ate the 4(ow and create exact(y the temperat!re that I want< 'ow do I 7now that9 I !se it< I have tremendo!s 4aith in a(( the e(ectrica( app(iances in o!r home< I ;e(ieve when I p!t meat in my oven it-s #oin# to coo7< I don-t ;e(ieve it-s #oin# to sit there< I don-t have to #o into the 7itchen and pray over it either C!n(ess I want to pray that it-s not to!#h or somethin# (i7e thatD< I don-t have to pray that it doesn-t ;!rn5 I ;e(ieve when I p!sh ;!ttons that somethin# #ood is #oin# to happen< I ;e(ieve the c!rrent is #oin# to come thro!#h and the 4ood wi(( coo7< 1e need to #et to the point where o!r 4aith in God is as ordinary as an action as t!rnin# on the (i#ht switch< 1e need to ;e#in to ;e(ieve God< God is 4ar more dependa;(e and 4ar more re(ia;(e than anythin# yo! have in yo!r ho!se5 or ever wi(( have in yo!r ho!se< The app(iances in yo!r home are s!;Iect to 4ai(!re< I4 the c!rrent #oes o445 they aren-t #oin# to r!n< B!t God never r!ns o!t o4 power< God never r!ns o!t o4 a;i(ity God never r!ns o!t o4 desire to p(ease 'is chi(dren< ?et me share another examp(e< Many peop(e #o to ch!rch on S!nday and that-s the on(y time they active(y !se their 4aith in God< Many come to the a(tar5 cry a(( over the p(ace and say5 6Oh God5 I had s!ch a (o!sy5 misera;(e wee7< Everythin# went wron# this wee7< Oh God5 nothin# went ri#ht 4or me< I mean I had an accident in my car< I #ot sic7<

I didn-t have eno!#h money< Some;ody sto(e my poc7et;oo7< Oh God=: Then they don-t thin7 a;o!t God !nti( next S!nday mornin# when they come ;ac7 and do a repeat per4ormance at the a(tar< Thro!#ho!t the wee7 they do nothin#< This is the same as #ettin# !p on S!nday mornin# t!rnin# on the (i#hts and sayin#5 61e(( it-s S!nday5 I #et to have e(ectricity today< G(ory to God= 'a((e(!Iah=: Then comes Monday and yo!-(( say5 61e(( I have to 7eep the (i#hts o44 4or another wee7 !nti( next S!nday: 1hen the s!n is sets5 4rom that moment !nti( yo! #o to ;ed at yo! have to wa(7 aro!nd in dar7ness< )o! wo!(d #rope a;o!t< &indin# the sin7 reF!ires divine direction5 ;eca!se yo! co!(d never 4ind it any other way< "emem;er5 yo!r ho!se is in pitch dar7ness< I4 yo! want to #o to ;ed5 a(( ri#ht< 1hatever yo! need or deserve to do m!st ;e done in dar7ness ;eca!se yo! can-t t!rn the switch a#ain !nti( next S!nday< ,on-t yo! thin7 yo!-d have some ;an#ed !p shins ;y the time yo! #ot 4rom one wee7 to the other9 That is I!st as d!m; and I!st as st!pid as when we ta7e the 1ord o4 God o!t on S!nday mornin#5 (oo7 ho(y and pio!s and say5 6Ta7e de(i#ht in the ?ord and 'e-(( #ive yo! the desires o4 yo!r heart<: It-s d!m; to ta7e the 1ord o!t on S!nday and then c(ose the cover on it and p!t it away !nti( the next S!nday mornin#< ,o yo! honest(y ;e(ieve that the 1ord o4 God is in4a((i;(e9 Every word is God> ;reathed< God ;reathed (i4e into every sin#(e word<

I4 yo! want yo!r 4aith to #row and esca(ate5 i4 yo! want yo!r 4aith to expand (i7e that do!#h my #randmother made5 i4 yo! want to have nothin# stop it !nti( it 4(ows a(( over the p(ace< Get into the 1ord o4 God< O;ey every command that God #ives yo!< Try it= God says in Ma(achi5 6Try me5 test me5 prove me5 see i4 I won-t open the windows o4 heaven and po!r yo! o!t ;(essin#s so #reat that yo! can-t contain them<: That-s a promise o4 God< 'e spea7s to me over and over a#ain5 6Try me5 test me5 prove me5 see i4 I won-t do what I have promised<: So5 I try 'im5 test 'im5 prove 'im5 and 'e does exact(y what 'e promised< The same thin# is tr!e in 4inances< 1e teach a (ot a;o!t 4inances wherever we #o< The most prospero!s ch!rches that I 7now are the ones where the pastors have the 4aith to stand !p and te(( yo! what God says5 6Try me5 test me5 prove me and see i4 I won-t open the windows o4 heaven and po!r yo! o!t a ;(essin# so #reat that yo! can-t contain it<: God-s 1ord in ?!7e $H30 says5 6Give and it sha(( ;e #iven to yo!<: ,o yo! 7now that-s a cha((en#e 4rom God9 1hat happens to yo!r &aith the 4irst time yo! #ive and yo! #et ;ac7 a h!ndred> 4o(d9 I was readin# some (etters 4rom peop(e who had ;een in a meetin# o4 o!rs in ?o!isiana< I had cha((en#ed them to (et God #ive them ;ac7 a h!ndred>4o(d= The on(y peop(e who ever #et ;ac7 a h!ndred>4o(d are the ones who are wi((in# to try

God and to see that 'e wi(( do< 'e says5 6Try me5 test me5 prove me5 see i4 I won-t open the windows<: The (etters I #ot were some o4 the most excitin# thin#s in the wor(d< One (ady wrote5 6I a(ways 7new that God answered prayers5: ;!t she said 6yo! don-t 7now where my 4aith is today<: She contin!ed5 6I came home 4rom the meetin# where yo! ministered< I wa(7ed in the ho!se I experienced a 4!nny thin#< In the service I attended yo! had said< 1hatever yo! have p!rposed in yo!r heart to #ive5 I want yo! to do!;(e it and #ive it toni#ht< I (oo7ed at yo! 4or a moment and tho!#ht5 6Boy5 she rea((y wants a (ot o4 money5 doesn-t she9: Act!a((y I wanted peop(e to 4ind o!t what co!(d happen< So5 she do!;(ed what she was #oin# to p!t in the o44erin# and said5 61hen I #ot home the te(ephone was rin#in# o44 the a((< It was my mother5 whom I had not seen in years< My Mother said5 JI p!t @0++ worth o4 air(ine tic7ets in the mai( to yo!< I want yo! to come and see me over the next wee7end<: 6I 7now God answers prayers5: ;!t she said5 6my 4aith rea((y went !p ;eca!se yo! said5 JTry me5 test me5 prove me and see i4 I won-t open the windows o4 heaven<-:- And she said5 6A#ain I 7new God answered prayer< I never 7new he answered them that F!ic7(y: Can yo! see what wo!(d happen i4 yo! on(y dare to step o!t9


In the area o4 hea(in#5 don-t worry a;o!t how many o4 them don-t #et hea(ed< ?oo7 4or the one that does #et hea(ed< I remem;er when I (aid hands on a (itt(e #ir( in Aashvi((e5 Tennessee< She had ;een ;orn (e#a((y ;(ind in one eye< 1hen I too7 my hands o44 her head and p!t them over her #ood eye and as7ed5 6Te(( me what can yo! see<: She said5 6I can see everythin#=: She ;e#an to cry and praise God< Can yo! ;e(ieve her 4aith increased9 ,o yo! thin7 my 4aith went !p more than hers9 )o!-d ;etter ;e(ieve it< ,o yo! 7now why my 4aith esca(ated9 Beca!se I saw a mirac(e that ni#ht I co!(d have prayed 4or any sic7 person and they-d have ;een hea(ed< Smo7e didn-t come o!t< Steam didn-t come o!t< Aothin# came o!t5 except words sayin#5 6I can see everythin# per4ect(y: 2raise God she #ot that o!t ;e4ore she ;e#an to cry 'er 4aith went !p5 ;!t ;e(oved my 4aith Esca(ated< I mean it a(most #ot o!t o4 contro(< I wanted to r!n o!t to every;ody in the a!dience< I wanted to h!# peop(e< I wanted to (ay hands on everyone< I wanted to do somethin#< I had !sed my 4aith and it wor7ed< My 4aith wor7ed (i7e God-s 1ord says5 61hen two or more o4 !s a#ree as to!chin# anythin# that they sha(( as75 it sha(( ;e done ;y my &ather which is in 'eaven<: That ni#ht I said5 6&ather5 yo!r 1ord is tr!e5 yo!r 1ord is tr!e5 yo! said i4 we-(( (ay hands on

the sic7 they wi(( recover<: I didn-t pray5 I didn-t do anythin#5 I said5 6In 3es!s- name=: That-s a(( it too7< My 4aith went !p5 !p5 !p< Be4ore that ni#ht I had never had stron# 4aith 4or eye pro;(ems5 ;!t yo!-d ;etter ;e(ieve today I have 4aith 4or eye pro;(ems< Get into the 1ord o4 God and a((ow yo!r 4aith to esca(ate5 and esca(ate5 and esca(ate5 and #et o!t o4 contro(= )o! wi(( see the mirac(es yo!r heart deserves<


Chapter 5

Don't Give (p)

by Frances It is easy to write a;o!t (ivin# in victory every day o4 yo!r (i4e when everythin# is #oin# in the ri#ht direction= 1hen yo!r ;i((s are paid5 when the money is comin# in5 when yo!r marria#e is per4ect5 when yo!r chi(dren are doin# what they are s!pposed to ;e doin#5 when yo!r ;!siness is thrivin#5 or yo! are prosperin# on yo!r Io;5 and yo!r hea(th is per4ect5 B!t5 what happens when the ;ottom 4a((s o!t o4 everythin#9 Can yo! sti(( ;e victorio!s in every area o4 yo!r (i4e9 The answer is a #reat ;i# )ES= Many peop(e (oo7 at Char(es and &rances '!nter and they thin7 we never have any pro;(ems5 so it-s very easy 4or !s to ta(7 a;o!t (ivin# in victory 'owever5 I want to remind yo! that a 4ew years a#o Char(es had to have six maIor ;ac7 operations< I spent every day at the hospita( with a rep(acement comin# at ni#ht ;eca!se I co!(dn-t stay twenty>4o!r ho!rs a day< 1e (ived in victory re#ard(ess o4 the circ!mstances< This was not a 4!n time in o!r (i4e5 ;!t I too7 a(( my dictation down to the hospita( with me every mornin# and #ot a(( my (etters dictated and whi(e I stayed with Char(es<


And then came the year 2++8. As 4ar as I persona((y am concerned5 this was one o4 the worst years o4 my (i4e< It was (i7e (i#htenin# str!c7< It started o44 with a very (itt(e co(d< 1e a(ways say5 61e are catchin# a hea(in#>not we-re catchin# a co(d<: B!t I didn-t catch the hea(in#< My 4ever stayed with me5 so I went to the doctor and #ot some anti;iotics< 'owever5 4o!r days (ater I was sti(( as sic7 as I co!(d ;e< As a matter o4 4act5 I co!(d hard(y ta(75 ;!t I 4ina((y mana#ed to #et to the te(ephone and ca(( the doctor-s o44ice< 1hen they heard my voice5 they said5 6Ca(( an am;!(ance and #et to the hospita( immediate(y=: I said5 6,o I have to ca(( an am;!(ance9 Can-t I #o in a car9: They said5 6Ao< Get an am;!(ance immediate(y=: Aow I ;e(ieve that when yo! pray and yo! don-t #et answers5 #et yo!rse(4 to a doctor< I ca((ed the am;!(ance and they pic7ed me !p and too7 me to the hospita(< B!t as the am;!(ance entered the hospita(5 I said5 6I sha(( not die ;!t (ive and dec(are the wor7s o4 the ?ord<: It-s a #ood thin# I said that ;eca!se I had not ;een there one day !nti( they #ave me the dia#nosis o4 ac!te ;ronchitis5 do!;(e pne!monia5 con#estive heart 4ai(!re5 7idney 4ai(!re5 water aro!nd the (!n#s5 and anemia in my ;(oodstream< 2raise God 4or doctors who can dia#nose yo!< As a matter o4 4act5 the admittin# dia#nosis wasH /D ,econditioned state< 2D Bi(atera( p(e!ra( e44!sions

3D Con#estive heart 4ai(!re< 4D Chronic rena( ins!44iciency on top o4 ac!te rena( ins!44iciency< %D ?a;i(e dia;etes< $D 'ypertension< 8D Entero;acter5 Candida5 A(;icans !rinary tract in4ection< 0D Anemia o4 chronic disease< *D 'ypertension< /+D Chronic insomnia< )o! may not !nderstand what that a(( means5 and I don-t either< A(( I 7now was that as I read the dischar#e it saidH 6This is a */ year>o(d 4ema(e with m!(tip(e medica( pro;(ems that stemmed with her initia( admission to Kin#wood 'ospita( two months a#o with pne!monia< She-s had iss!es with GI ;(eedin# at one point in time and she did have an esopha#o#astrod!odenoscopy CEG,D and co(onoscopy5 which revea(ed that they weren-t a;(e to pass the scope into the ascendin# co(on d!e to a (ar#e hiata( hernia< The patient was #iven !nits o4 pac7ed red ;(ood ce((s and was treated 4or an AVM in the esopha#ea( tract< The patient has reF!ired one more !nit o4 pac7ed red ;(ood ce((s prior to her dischar#e d!e to a 4ee(in# o4 4ati#!e and to E<co(i5 with the res!(ts pre(iminary wise sti(( pendin#<: I don-t care who yo! are5 a dia#nosis (i7e that is not the ;est thin# in the wor(d< Thro!#ho!t it a(( I 7ept sayin#5 6I sha(( not die5 ;!t (ive and dec(are the wor7s o4 the ?ord<: Over

and over a#ain I repeated that statement< That is the one way that I 7now to (ive in victory every day o4 yo!r (i4e re#ard(ess o4 what the circ!mstances were< Twice d!rin# this time they ca((ed my da!#hter and to(d her that I was not #oin# to (ive thro!#h the ni#ht< I-m de(i#hted to te(( yo! that one year (ater I am 4ee(in# a;so(!te(y wonder4!(5 have ener#y p(!s< I #ive God a(( the credit and I #ive God a(( the #(ory They discovered I had a ;(eedin# !(cer in the !pper part o4 my GI5 so they sent me to the doctor to have that ta7en care o4 B!t it too7 ten pints o4 ;(ood to #et my ;(ood ;ac7 !p to norma(< It too7 me two and a ha(4 months ;e4ore I #ot over the chronic heart 4ai(!re5 the do!;(e pne!monia5 the 7idney 4ai(!re5 every 4ai(!re that yo! can thin7 a;o!t< B!t thro!#ho!t it a(( I (ed many peop(e to 3es!s< 1e #ave o!t h!ndreds o4 o!r ;oo7s5 ;eca!se I ;e(ieve that-s one o4 the #reatest witnesses that yo! can have is to #ive some;ody somethin# tan#i;(e that wi(( chan#e their (i4e 4orever< As a matter o4 4act5 six months (ater I went to the doctor ;eca!se o4 a ;i# ;(ister that had 4ormed on my hee(5 and the 4irst thin# he said when I wa(7ed in was5 6I went ;y the n!rses- station at the hospita( today and saw a copy o4 one o4 yo!r ;oo7s (ayin# there< 'ow did it #et there9: I rep(ied5 6I #ive o!t h!ndreds o4 ;oo7s every time I-ve have to ;e in the hospita(<: And to 7now


that those ;oo7s are #oin# on and contin!in# what I started is incredi;(e< There were days when I did not have stren#th to t!rn myse(4 over in ;ed< I wo!(d have to ca(( a n!rse5 and they wo!(d come in and physica((y t!rn my ;ody over ;eca!se there was not eno!#h stren#th to do it< B!t there was eno!#h stren#th to ta(7 a;o!t 3es!s and to stay victorio!s in every area o4 my (i4e< 1e can (oo7 at the circ!mstances5 we can (oo7 at the physica( condition o4 o!r ;ody5 we can (oo7 at a(( the doctors- reports and say5 6)o!-re not #oin# to ma7e it< )o!-re #oin# to die5: ;!t yo! can sti(( remain victorio!s re#ard(ess o4 what #oes on< I thin7 ;ac7 !pon the time when we comp(eted the 1or(d Evan#e(istic Cens!s< It was a tremendo!s s!ccess ;eca!se /5+++5$$$58%4 n!m;ers o4 peop(e si#ned s(ips sayin# that they accepted 3es!s as their Savior and ?ord< Can yo! ima#ine how many peop(e those ;i((ion so!(s have (ed to 3es!s ;etween then and now9 It was a tremendo!s s!ccess and a tremendo!s thri((5 except it was a 4inancia( disaster< 1e had hired peop(e a(( over the wor(d to he(p o!t in the 1or(dwide Cens!sE however5 the 4inances did not come in the way they sho!(d have5 and we had to dep(ete a(( o4 the 4inances o4 '!nter Ministries and then we had to dip into o!r persona( savin#s acco!nt< And one day Char(es said5 6I-ve #ot to #o over and withdraw every cent that we have in the wor(d<: And I said5 61e(( #o ahead and do it ;eca!se

we-ve #ot to pay o!r ;i((s>we cannot not pay o!r ;i((s<: 'e wa(7ed into the o44ice with a chec7 4or @%%5+++<++5 the end o4 o!r tota( com;ined yearssavin#s5 and he waved it at me as he went ;y I said5 6Brin# it in here5 I want to to!ch it<: So he ;ro!#ht the (ast o4 o!r 4inances in< I too7 the chec7E I threw it !p in the air and I said5 6God5 how can I tr!st )o! with my (i4e i4 I can-t tr!st )o! with my 4inances<: And I threw the chec7 !p in the air and it 4(!ttered to the #ro!nd< 1e had thirty>ei#ht cents (e4t< 1e went to a (oca( ca4eteria5 had eno!#h money 4or one ;ow( o4 so!p and one piece o4 corn;read5 which we shared with each other5 and then we came home< A(( o4 o!r savin#s o4 a (i4etime were #one > a(( o4 the money o4 '!nter Ministries was #one< 1ere we down in the d!mps5 or were we sti(( (ivin# in victory9 1e were sti(( (ivin# in victory ;eca!se we went home and went to ;ed and ;oth o4 !s #ot ho(y (a!#hter< And we (a!#hed and (a!#hed !nti( the ;ed act!a((y shoo7< 'ere we are with no money< 1e-re not yo!n# anymore5 and yet we had #iven a(( o!r money to pay the ;i((s o4 the 1or(d Evan#e(istic Cens!s5 ;!t we were sti(( happy< God-s 1ord says5 6Be(oved5 I wish a;ove a(( thin#s that yo! may prosper and ;e in hea(th5 even as yo!r so!( prospers<: I want yo! to 7now that God is a 4aith4!( God5 and we did not miss a payro((< By the time the


payro(( came aro!nd5 there was eno!#h money to pay every;ody their sa(ary God is a 4aith4!( God5 ;!t we need to (ive in victory every day o4 o!r (i4e5 re#ard(ess o4 what the circ!mstances mi#ht ;e< They may ;e #ood< They may ;e ;ad< )o!r hea(th may ;e #ood< It may ;e ;ad< )o!r chi(dren may not ;e doin# what they are s!pposed to ;e doin#< )o!r marria#e may not ;e what it sho!(d ;e5 ;!t yo! can sti(( (ive in victory every day o4 yo!r (i4e< ,on-t (oo7 to yo!r circ!mstances5 (oo7 to God who is the A!thor and &inisher o4 o!r 4aith and 'e wi(( ;rin# victory into yo!r (i4e every day< Then (et-s remem;er the incredi;(e story o4 "e;ecca 3ones who was e(ectroc!ted 17 years a#o< She was he(pin# two n!rses p!t a patient in ;ed and the ;ed short>circ!ited and she was e(ectroc!ted< The power went thro!#h her entire ;ody5 4irst on the ri#ht>hand side5 and then it came ;ac7 !p on the (e4t>hand side and exp(oded her heart< Then a4ter that it went o!t the (e4t arm and she 4e(t that her 4in#ers were #oin# to ;(ow o44< B!t instead5 the (e4t arm went !p in the air and ;(ew o!t a(( the 4(!orescent (i#hts in the hospita(< &or sixteen years she (ived in a;so(!te he((< God did 4or Bec7y in 40 days what 19 doctors co!(d AOT do in sixteen years= 'er tr!(y AMAMIAG story o4 tota( hea(in# has #ripped the heart o4 co!nt(ess (ives thro!#h TV and radio= Bec7y-s raw5 ;o(d5 pit>;!(( #rip on 4aith wi(( thoro!#h(y enco!ra#e and inspire yo!= 'er acc!racy and

sensitivity to the (eadin# o4 the 'o(y Spirit as God !ses her in persona( ministry is tr!(y (i4e chan#in#= God comp(ete(y hea(ed Bec7y and 'e is more than eno!#h to do the same 4or yo!= She is a(ive and we(( today > ;!t she mana#ed to ;e victorio!s thro!#ho!t it a(( ;eca!se she never (ost her 4aith in God< 1hat ever yo! circ!mstances are5 don-t #ive !p< )o! can wa(7 in victory every day o4 yo!r (i4e= 1hat ever yo! circ!mstances are5 don-t #ive !p< )o! can wa(7 in victory every day o4 yo!r (i4e=


Chapter 6

Winning *eople to +e!u!

by Frances There is nothin# in the wor(d that wi(( (et yo! (ive in victory every moment o4 yo!r (i4e (i7e (eadin# someone to 3es!s< The day I #ot saved I went down .S 'i#hway 1 in Miami5 &(orida5 and I stopped at every p(ace that was open and tried to 6;eat: 3es!s into the head o4 a(most every;ody I met< 1hen 3es!s came into my (i4e5 'e opened my mo!th and I haven-t sh!t it since< There is nothin# that wi(( ma7e yo!r spirit soar hi#her than when yo! (ead someone to 3es!s< 2(ease remem;er that every person that yo! meet is an opport!nity They are not on(y an opport!nity5 they are yo!r responsi;i(ity< 3es!s said 6Go into a(( the wor(d and preach the #ospe( to every creat!re<: This not a s!##estionE this is a command< 1e are commanded to preach the #ospe( to every person that we meet< There Are Two Kinds O4<<< There are two 7inds o4 peop(e who wi(( read this ;oo7<<< There are two 7inds o4 waitresses in resta!rants There are two 7inds o4 cashiers in #rocery stores


And there are on(y two 7inds o4 peop(e in the wor(dH those who are saved and those who are a;o!t to ;e saved= 1hich one are yo!9 The wor(d is cryin# o!t 4or reviva(= 'ave we made reviva( so comp(icated and traditiona( that it wi(( never ta7e p(ace or is there a simp(e way 4or every ch!rch to have a #reat reviva(9 "ea( reviva( is when a(( ;e(ievers #et excited a;o!t 3es!s we cannot ta(7 a;o!t anythin# e(se and we #o o!t and ta(7 a;o!t 'im wherever we #o= 1hen we have a #!est spea7er and peop(e #et saved5 that-s #ood5 ;!t yo! cannot revive that which has never ;een 6vived<: "eviva( is #ettin# Christians re>excited a;o!t what happened to them ;eca!se they o4ten (ose their Gea( 4or 3es!s< This can ;rin# reviva( to yo!5 yo!r ch!rch5 yo!r city yo!r state5 the who(e wor(d< A simp(e (itt(e (!ncheon can chan#e yo!r (i4e and it can chan#e yo!r thin7in# a;o!t the way to do thin#s= 1e were in a resta!rant in a very sma(( town in Misso!ri where yo! mi#ht not expect o!tstandin# thin#s to happen< A #ent(eman came in and sat down at o!r ta;(e< sti(( don-t 7now who he is nor where he came 4rom nor who he came with ;eca!se there were severa( o4 !s there and he had to (eave ear(y< Be4ore he (e4t he made an interestin# statement< 'e said5 6&rances5 I 7now how m!ch yo!-ve a(ways (oved winnin# peop(e to 3es!s and I-ve discovered a new way and want to share it with yo!<:

1e-re a(ways interested in (earnin# new ways to win peop(e to 3es!s ;eca!se that-s the ;!rnin# desire o4 o!r heart at a(( times< 'e said5 6As soon as the waitress #ets to the ta;(e I-(( say to her5 JThere are two 7inds o4 waitresses5 those who are saved and those who are a;o!t to ;e5 which are yo!9- I was 4ascinated at the F!estions ;eca!se it doesn-t #ive the person an o!t= I instant(y reco#niGed it was a 6winPwin: sit!ation and there was no way yo! co!(d (ose= They are either saved or the on(y other answer they can #ive yo! is5 6I am a;o!t to ;e: I am a(ways an 6ea#er ;eaver: to try new ways5 so I said5 6?et me try it on the waitress< ,on-t yo! do it5 (et me<: 1hen the waitress came !p I as7ed her the F!estion which has now ;ecome 4ami(iar with !s at a(( times5 6There are two 7inds o4 ;ea!ti4!( waitresses who wor7 in this resta!rant< Those who are saved and those who are a;o!t to ;e5 which are yo!9: I did not expect the type o4 rep(y we #ot at a((< It was a tota( and a comp(ete shoc7= She simp(y started cryin# and said5 6Boo hoo5 ;oo hoo5 ;oo hoo< I #!ess I-m the (ast one<: God-s 'o(y Spirit ;eat me to her and 'e had her comp(ete(y prepared and h!n#ry= I was ho(din# her hand and I didn-t (et it #o< I said5 61onder4!(= "epeat this a4ter me5: and I said5 6&ather5 4or#ive my sins5 3es!s come into my heart and ma7e me the 7ind o4 person )o! want me to ;e< Than7 )o!


4or savin# me today: She repeated the prayer and once a#ain ;!rst into tears< I as7ed her5 61here is 3es!s ri#ht now9: She said5 6In my heart=: She was so a44ected ;y her conversion that she had to #o into the 7itchen 4or a;o!t ten min!tes and cry ;e4ore she co!(d come ;ac7 and wait on !s a#ain= It was rea((y a #(orio!s experience and it ta!#ht !s somethin#< < < It was easy to win peop(e to 3es!s in this very simp(e way A very !n!s!a( thin# happened one mornin#< I had a doctor-s appointment and another 4riend o4 mine who is a doctor ca((ed me and said5 61hen yo! #o into the doctor-s o44ice this mornin#5 don-t say to him5 J'ow are yo!9- Say5 J'ow are yo! 4ee(in#9- I 4e(t this had to ;e 4rom the 'o(y Spirit5 so when I wa(7ed into the doctor-s o44ice I said to him5 how are yo! 4ee(in#9: And he said5 6Terri;(e5 my nec7 is rea((y ;otherin# me<: and then he said5 6I-m #oin# to have it operated on next wee75 ;!t I-m in terri;(e pain<: I said to him5 H,o yo! 7now what my h!s;and and I do9: 'e said5 61e((5 I thin7 I do<: I said5 61o!(d yo! mind comin# over here<: 'e is a rea( ta(( doctor and I was sittin# in the whee( chair< Then I said5 61o!(d yo! mind 7nee(in# down9: Aow this is interestin#< 'e-s a doctor and I-m the patient5 ;!t at this partic!(ar moment I was the doctor and he was the patient< I simp(y p(aced my hands on his nec7 and I did 6The Aec7 Thin#:< 'e

(oo7ed !p and he said5 6Is this a(ways #oin# to 4ee( (i7e this9: And I said5 6)es5 yo! #ot hea(ed<: 'e wa(7ed across the room ;eca!se he as #oin# to #ive me a dia#nosis on a ;iopsy that I had had made< I said to him5 6'ave yo! ever as7ed 3es!s to come into yo!r heart9: 'e said5 6Ao<: I said5 61o!(d yo! (i7e to9: 6)es<: 61e((5 come ;ac7 over here:< he came ;ac7 over and we prayed the Sinner-s 2rayer and he as7ed 3es!s to come into his heart< I said to him5 61here is 3es!s9: 'e rep(ied5 6In my heart=: Sa(vation re a((y too7< 'e said5 6I am #(ad yo! came in today5 ;eca!se my mother died (ast month and so did my 4ather< I was so depressed and yo!-(( never 7now what yo! did to me=: As yo! can we(( ima#ine5 I was 4(yin# on the moon when I (e4t that o44ice ;eca!se o4 ;ein# ;o(d eno!#h to t!rn the doctor>patient re(ationship into a patient>doctor re(ationship< Any time yo! (ead someone to 3es!s it wi(( rea((y send yo! to the moon< A 4riend o4 o!rs was recent(y ordained and has ;ecome very ;o(d in witnessin#< God has #iven her a soc7s ministry She ministers to the home(ess peop(e who (ive !nder the > ;rid#e< She ta7es soc7s down to them ;eca!se most o4 them don-t have


soc7s on their 4eet which rea((y ca!ses a (ot o4 pro;(ems< As she hands them the soc7s5 tho!#h5 she as7s them5 6'ave yo! ever as7ed 3es!s to come into yo!r heart9: She came in 4(yin# the other day sayin#5 6I (ed seven so!(s to 3es!s (ast ni#ht=: I don-t thin7 I every saw any;ody any hi#her on 4i4teen martinis than I saw her and the way she 4e(t ;eca!se she had (ed seven peop(e to 3es!s< Every sin#(e person that yo! meet is a wonder4!( opport!nity 1e were comin# home 4rom a te(evision pro#ram recent(y and we stopped at a 4ast>4ood p(ace to #et Char(es a mi(7 sha7e ;eca!se he was h!n#ry< As we paid 4or it5 Marc!s5 o!r driver5 said5 6'ave yo! ever as7ed 3es!s to come into yo!r heart9: O4 co!rse the #ir( said5 6Ao<: 'e said5 61e(( wo!(d yo! (i7e to9: She said5 6)es<: So she prayed the Sinner-s 2rayer ri#ht then and there on the spot= )o! have no idea how we 4(ew home a4ter that I!st ;eca!se o4 the excitement a(( o4 !s had rea(iGin# that every sin#(e person is an opport!nity and a responsi;i(ity< 1e want to cha((en#e yo! in this ;oo7 to (earn how to win peop(e to 3es!s= 6There are two 7inds o4N: wor7s ;etter than anythin# we-ve ever seen< The messa#e was #iven to !s ;y an an#e( in a resta!rant in &armin#ton5 Misso!ri5 and has (ed tho!sands and tho!sands o4 peop(e to 3es!s=


I4 yo! want to (ive in victory every day o4 yo!r (i4e5 (ead peop(e to 3es!s>that wi(( do it=