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Start From Nothing and Become Financially Independent Do you wish to become financially independent?

More than eighty percent of self-made millionaires in America began with nothing or in many cases less than nothing! I can certainly relate to that because when I was growing up and right into my early "#s I ne$er had any e%tra money with which to start a fortune! It seemed to me that there was always enough if not more than enough bills to absorb e$ery penny I earned! I was always in debt!

Be &eady for 'our (pportunity )$en if a great business opportunity did come along I wouldn*t ha$e been able to do anything with it! As I began studying financial success and selfmade millionaires I noticed that almost e$eryone around me was in pretty much the same boat!

F&)) FINAN+IA, &)-(&./ .he 0ay to 0ealth

.he idea of becoming really wealthy was a distant dream with $ery little possibility of coming true! 'ou may be in the same situation with more bills than money or assets!

,oo1 at the Numbers .he statistics are a little scary! (f 2## people who reach retirement age according to insurance industry statistics only one will be wealthy! Four out of the hundred will be financially independent3 fifteen will ha$e some sa$ings put aside! And the other 4# will be dependent on pensions still wor1ing or bro1e 5 this after a lifetime of well-paid wor1 in the most affluent society in human history! Now why does this happen?

0hy -eople &etire -oor .here are two main reasons why people retire poor! First they ne$er decide to retire rich! .hey wish and hope and pray but they ne$er ma1e a firm une6ui$ocal decision that they*re going to do it! Second e$en if they do

decide to retire rich they procrastinate until it*s too late! .hey always ha$e some good reason for putting it off!

Start 0ith Desire and Decision If you sincerely want to beat the odds to achie$e financial independence and retire wealthy there are four critical steps that you must ta1e all starting with the letter D! .he first step is desire! 'ou must want it badly enough to ma1e an unsha1able commitment and to be willing to ma1e sacrifices! .he second D is decision! 'ou must ma1e a decision right now to do whate$er is necessary to be willing to pay any price go any distance to achie$e your goal!

-ractice Determination and Discipline for Financial Success .he third D is determination which is to 1eep at it until you succeed in spite of all the problems and obstacles you will e%perience! And the fourth D is discipline 5 the discipline to master yourself to de$elop the habits necessary for achie$ing financial independence! .hose are the four Ds! Desire Decision Determination and Discipline! And you can measure how successful you*re going to be in the future by measuring how well you7*re doing in each of those on a scale of one to ten!

0here to Start/ Become Financially Independent 8ere are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action/

First ma1e a decision right now that you are going to be financially independent no matter what obstacles you face in the short term! .hen write it down ma1e a plan and start to wor1 on it e$ery single day!

Second resol$e in ad$ance that you will persist in the face of e$ery setbac1 or obstacle you face! 'ou will ne$er gi$e up! 'ou will 1eep on mo$ing forward until you finally achie$e your goal!

.han1 you for reading this article about becoming financially independent

and how you can be ready for retirement! -lease share and comment below9

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