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Chapter 1 Industry and company profile Industry rofile Com any rofile "AI#T$% logo "B&arati's (ision "B&arati's *ission 1.2.1 ,etwork of AI#T$% 1.2.2 AI#T$% -road-and 1.2.3 /rgani0ational structure 1.2.4 Promotional strategies 1.2.) AirTel1 A ro riating t&e (alue of 2e3 ression2 1.2.+ *ilestone of Com any 1.2.5 Awards Chapter 2 e!ie" of Literature 2.1 2.16a7 2.16-7 2.2 2.3 #e(iew of %iterature w&at is customer satisfaction w&y is it im ortant /-8ecti(es %imitations 1.1 1.2 1! 13 14 1) 1+ 1+ 1. 23 24 2) 24 32 34 34 3) 3+ 3.

Chapter#$ esearch %ethodolo&y 3.1 3.1 3.2 #esearc& *et&odology #esearc& Design 9am ling Design:Tec∋ues 34 34 4!
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Data collection met&ods 9tatistical tools used

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Chapter ' Analysis and Interpretation 4.1 4.1.1 4.1.2 4.1.3 4.1.4 Analysis and Inter retation Ta-le and c&art s&owing t&e o inion on signaling at t&eir area Ta-le and c&art s&owing t&e o inion on customer care ser(ices Ta-le and c&art s&owing t&e o inion on customer care em loyee's res onse to customer's ;uestions Ta-le and c&art s&owing w&et&er customers use I,T$#,$T ser(ices 4.1.) Ta-le and c&art s&owing o inion on I,T$#,$T ser(ices 4.1.+ Ta-le and c&art s&owing num-er of times customers log into internet er day 4.1.5 4.1.. Ta-le and c&art s&owing rating for internet s eed Ta-le and c&art s&owing *a3imum rec&arge er mont& 4.1.4 Ta-le and c&art s&owing w&et&er offers are used -y customers 4.1.1! Ta-le and c&art s&owing offers used -y customers 4.1.11 Ta-le and c&art s&owing o inion on offers used -y )1 )2
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customers 4.1.12 Ta-le and c&art s&owing u to date wit& current offers 4.1.13 Ta-le and c&art s&owing w&et&er t&ey used ot&er network Connection ot&er t&an AI#T$% 4.1.14 Ta-le and c&art s&owing o inion on AI#T$% com ared to ot&er connection )) )3 )4

Chapter#( Findin&s) Su&&estions * Conclusion ).1 ).2 ).3 <indings 9uggestions Conclusion )5 ). )4

Anne+ure "=uestionnaire Bi,lio&raphy

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C-A.TE #1 IN/0ST 1 * CO%.AN1 . OFILE

121 IN/0ST 1 . OFILE3 Indian mo-ile tele &ony market is increasing day -y day and t&ere is more To &a en wit& tec&nological u gradations occurring nearly e(ery day and t&e e(er"increasing demand for easier and faster connecti(ity> t&e mo-ile tele &ony market is e3 ected to race a&ead? India &as a fast"growing mo-ile ser(ices market wit& e3cellent otential for t&e future. @it& almost fi(e million su-scri-ers amassed in less t&an two years of o eration> India2s growt& tem o &as far e3ceeded t&at of numerous ot&er markets> suc& as C&ina and T&ailand> w&ic& &a(e taken more t&an fi(e years to reac& t&e figures India currently &olds. T&e num-er of mo-ile &one su-scri-ers in t&e country would e3ceed )! million -y 2!!) and cross 3!! million -y 2!1!> according to Cellular / erators Association of India 6C/AI7. According to recent strategic researc& -y <rost A 9ulli(an> Indian Cellular 9er(ices *arket> suc& growt& rates can -e greatly attri-uted to t&e drastically falling rice of mo-ile &andsets> wit& rice laying a fundamental role in Indian su-scri-er re;uirements. 9u-scri-ers in certain regions can ac;uire t&e &andset at almost no cost> t&anks to t&e mass"market stage t&ese tec&nologies &a(e reac&ed internationally. T&e Indian consumer can -uy a &andset for B1)! or less. T&is s&ould lead to increased su-scri-ers&i . T&is
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market is growing at an e3tremely fast ace and so is t&e com etition -etween t&e mo-ile ser(ice ro(iders. @it& t&e resence of a num-er of mo-ile tele &ony ser(ices ro(iders including market leaders like Airtel> #eliance> Idea Cellular> Tata Indicom> 9 ice Communications etc w&o are ro(iding eit&er of t&e two network tec&nologies suc& as Clo-al 9ystem for *o-ile Communications 6C9*7 and Code Di(ision *ulti le Access 6CD*A7. In cellular ser(ice t&ere are two main com eting network tec&nologies1 Clo-al 9ystem for *o-ile Communications 6C9*7 and Code Di(ision *ulti le Access 6CD*A7. Dnderstanding t&e difference -etween C9* and CD*A will allow t&e user to c&oose t&e refera-le network tec&nology for &is needs. Clo-al 9ystem for *o-ile Communications 6C9*7 is a new digital tec&nology de(elo ed -y t&e $uro ean community to create a common mo-ile standard around t&e world. It &el s you ac&ie(e &ig&er sall ca acity and -etter s eec& ;uality and one can en8oy crystal clear rece tion on ones mo-ile &one. It automatically sol(es t&e ro-lem of ea(esdro ing on ones calls. Code Di(ision *ulti le Access 6CD*A7 descri-es a communication c&annel access rinci le t&at em loys s read s ectrum tec&nology and a s ecial coding sc&eme 6w&ere eac& transmitter is assigned a code7. It is a s read s ectrum signaling> since t&e modulated coded signal &as a muc& &ig&er -andwidt& t&an t&e data -eing communicated. CD*A is t&e current name for mo-ile tec&nology and is c&aracteri0ed -y &ig& ca acity and small cell radius. It &as -een used in many communication and na(igation systems> including t&e Clo-al Positioning 9ystem and t&e omnitracs satellite system for trans ortation logistics.
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T&e Com any's wireless network runs on a C9* tec&nology. T&e mo-ile tele &ony ser(ices ro(iders Airtel> Eodafone 6<ormerly Futc&7> &a(e -een com eting aggressi(ely for t&eir market s&are wit& *T,%> Tata Indicom> #eliance and Idea Cellular entering into t&e foray> t&is tussle &as only -ecome more toug&. @it& ma8or market s&are in t&e &ands of t&e likes of #eliance> Airtel> Eodafone 6<ormerly Futc&7> Idea Cellular t&e ot&ers &a(e -een finding it difficult to com ete in t&e market. T&e Telecom #egulatory Aut&ority /f India 6T#AI7 &as -een laying an im ortant role in kee ing a watc& on t&ese e3isting layers and -ringing new en(ironment as well as olicies and reforms for t&ese *o-ile Tele &ony 9er(ice Pro(iders and ermitting t&em to ro(ide mo-ile tele &ony ser(ices including ermission to carry its own long distance traffic wit&in t&eir ser(ice area wit&out seeking an additional license. T#AI's mission is to create and nurture conditions for t&e growt& of telecommunications including -roadcasting and ca-le ser(ices in t&e country in a manner and at a ace w&ic& will ena-le India to lay a leading role in t&e emerging glo-al information society. T&e ser(ice ro(iders are free to ro(ide> in its ser(ice area of o eration> all ty es of mo-ile ser(ices including (oice and non"(oice messages> data ser(ices and PC/'s. T&e / erators would -e re;uired to ay a one"time entry fee. T&e -asis for determining t&e entry fee and t&e -asis for selection of additional o erators would -e recommended -y t&e T#AI. A art from t&e one time entry fee> o erators would also -e re;uired to ay license fee -ased on a re(enue s&are. It is ro osed t&at t&e a ro riate le(el of entry fee and ercentage of re(enue s&are arrangement for different ser(ice areas would -e recommended -y T#AI in a time"-ound manner. T&e s ectrum olicy &as also -een seen -y T#AI for awarding Clo-al 9ystem for *o-ile Communications 6C9*7 and Code Di(ision *ulti le Access
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6CD*A7 licenses to t&e different o erators.

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122 Company .rofile

Telecom giant B&arti Airtel is t&e flags&i com any of B&arti $nter rises. T&e -usinesses at B&arti Airtel &a(e -een structured into t&ree indi(idual strategic -usiness units 69BD's7 17 mo-ile ser(ices 27 -road-and and tele &one ser(ices 6BAT7 37 enter rise ser(ices T&e *o-ile ser(ices grou ro(ides C9* mo-ile ser(ices across India in 23 ro(ides -road-and A tele &one telecom circles> w&ile BAT -usiness grou

9er(ices in 44 cities. T&e $nter rise 9er(ices grou &as two su-"units G carriers 6long distance ser(ices7 and ser(ices to cor orates. All t&ese ser(ices are ro(ided under t&e AirTel -rand Airtel comes to you from B&arti Tele"Eentures %imited " a art of t&e -iggest ri(ate integrated telecom conglomerate> B&arti $nter rises. A consortium of giants in t&e telecommunication -usiness. In it2s si3 years of ursuit of greater customer satisfaction> AirTel &as redefined t&e -usiness t&roug& marketing inno(ations> continuous tec&nological u gradation of t&e network> introduction of new generation (alue added ser(ices and t&e &ig&est standard of customer care. B&arti is t&e leading cellular ser(ice ro(ider> wit& an all India foot rint co(ering all 23 telecom circles of t&e country. It &as o(er 2)million satisfied customers. Cellular tele &ony was introduced in India during t&e early 144!s. At t&at time> t&ere were only two ma8or ri(ate layers> Bharti (Airtel) and Essar (Essar) and -ot& t&ese com anies offered only post-paid services. Initially> t&e cellular ser(ices market registered limited growt&. *oreo(er> t&ese ser(ices were mostly restricted to t&e metros. /t&er factors
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suc& as lack of awareness among eo le> lack of infrastructural facilities> low standard of li(ing> and go(ernment regulations were also res onsi-le for t&e slow growt& of cellular &one ser(ices in India. Alt&oug& t&e cellular ser(ices market in India grew during t&e late 144!s 6as t&e num-er of layers increased and tariffs and &andset rices came down significantly7 t&e growt& was rat&er marginal. T&is was -ecause t&e cellular ser(ice ro(iders offered only ost" aid cellular ser(ices> w&ic& were still ercei(ed to -e (ery costly as com ared to landline communications. <ollowing t&is reali0ation> t&e ma8or cellular ser(ice ro(iders in India> launc&ed re" aid cellular ser(ices in t&e late 144!s. T&e main ur ose of t&ese ser(ices was to target customers from all sections of society 6unlike ost" aid ser(ices> w&ic& were targeted only at t&e remium segment7. The Airtel Lo&o T&e Airtel logo is a strong> contem orary and confident sym-ol for a -rand t&at is always a&ead of t&e rest. It is a s ecially drawn wordmark. The Airtel Ima&e style It incor orates two solid> red rectangular forms w&ose counterform creates an o en doorway. The Airtel Typo&raphical style T&e title case lettering wit& its ca ital 2A2 was deli-erately c&osen to reinforce t&e -rand2s leaders&i muc& art of t&e -rand identity. Board of /irectors T&e -oard of directors of t&e Com any &as an o timum mi3 of e3ecuti(e and non"e3ecuti(e directors> w&ic& consists of two e3ecuti(e and t&irteen none3ecuti(e directors.
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osition. T&e red dot on t&e letterform 2I2

cues Airtel2s focus on inno(ation.. T&e words 2$3 ress Hourself2 are (ery

T&e C&airman and *anaging Director> *r. 9unil B&arti *ittal> is an $3ecuti(e Director and t&e num-er of Inde endent Directors on t&e Board is )!I of t&e total -oard strengt&. T&e inde endence of a director is determined on t&e -asis t&at suc& director does not &a(e any material ecuniary relations&i wit& t&e Com any> its romoters or its management> w&ic& may affect t&e inde endence of t&e 8udgment of a Director. T&e -oard mem-ers ossess re;uisite skills> e3 erience and e3 ertise re;uired to take decisions> w&ic& are in t&e -est interest of t&e Com any. The composition of the Board is as under3 J 9unil B&arti *itta l J #a8an B&arti *itta l J Ak&il Cu ta J #akes& B&arti *itta l J C&ua 9ock Koong J ,. Kumar J Kurt Fellstrom J Donald Cameron J Paul /29ulli(an J Pulak C&andan Prasad J Bas&ir A-dulla Currim8ee J A8ay %a l J Arun B&arat #am J <rancis Feng Bharti4s 5ision By 2!1! Airtel will -e t&e most admired -rand in India1 J %o(ed -y more customers J Targeted -y to talent
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J Benc&marked -y more -usinesses @e at Airtel always t&ink in fres& and inno(ati(e ways a-out t&e needs of our customers and &ow we want t&em to feel. @e deli(er w&at we romise and go out of our way to delig&t t&e customer wit& a little -it more Bharti4s %ission To -e glo-ally admired for telecom ser(ices t&at delig&t customers2 @e will meet glo-al standards for telecom ser(ices t&at delig&t customers t&roug&1 L Customer 9er(ice <ocus L $m owered $m loyees L Cost $fficiency L Dnified *essaging 9olutions L Inno(ati(e roducts and ser(ices L $rror" free ser(ice deli(ery 12221 Net"or6 of Airtel Cellular Ser!ice Airtel Com letes Its 23 Circle All India <oot rint Airtel now connects India from t&e Indus to t&e Indian /cean and from 9a-armati to t&e Bra&ma utra on a network of more t&an 1!>!!! -ase stations wit& cumulati(e in(estments of more t&an #s. 1+>!!! crores. Internet infrastructure /ur Internet -ack-one in(ol(es state of t&e art &ig&"end routers and switc&es as mayde loyed on t&e -est networks across t&e world to offer you relia-le ser(ice of unmatc&ed;uality. T&ree years -ack we &ad esta-lis&ed satellite -ased gateway for internet access.

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T&is was t&e first gateway -y a ri(ate o erator. ,ow we &a(e esta-lis&ed our fi-regateway on ,etwork i2i> first 9ingTel. Fi+ed line infrastructure /ur &ig& ;uality fi-re"-ased> fi3ed line networks in Del&i> Faryana> Tamil ,adu> Karnataka> *ad&ya Prades& and C&a&attisgar& >intensi(ely co(ers t&e most rominentcommercial and -usiness districts in t&e country. @e ro(ide t&e ower of last mile fi3edline network to -ring end"to"end (oice and data solutions. Lon& distance infrastructure /ur 2)>!!! km ad(anced fi-re"o tic ca-le long distance network co(ers India2s to 2!!cities. And it owers t&e ser(ices of India2s leading ri(ate telecom ser(ice ro(iders "cellular> fi3ed line and internet t&roug& /ur %ong Distance 9er(ices. Su,marine ca,le @e &a(e artnered wit& 9ingTel to create t&e world2s largest su-marine ca-le system" ,etwork i2i wit& ..4 T- s ca acity. T&is 32!! km undersea ca-le structure stretc&es from C&ennai to 9inga ore and t&ereon to Tier"1 carriers on 9ingTel2s ca acity on 15)>!!! km of ca-les. T&e &uge ca acity on network i2i is distri-uted locally in India t&roug& our 2)>!!! km of ad(anced fi-re"o tic domestic long distance -ack-one> ro(iding un recedented ca acity> s eed A relia-ility. Technolo&y In no ot&er ser(ice or -usiness tec&nology is suc& a ma8or factor. 9ales and marketing arefutile wit&out a sound tec&nological -ase. Fence we analy0e AirTel on t&e -asis of t&is arameter. Tec&nological facets in cellular ser(ices are e3 lained and t&e le(el of e3 ertise of -ot& layers stated.
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ri(ate su-marine ca-le owned -y us and

Call set up time T&is is t&e time t&at it takes a user to get connected after t&e com letion of t&e dialing rocess. Presently ."3! seconds is considered normal set"u time. AirTels' call set u time is generally wit&in t&is range. Capacity Call con&estion T&is is t&e ;uality of getting calls t&roug& e(en in &ig& user density areas. AirTel ro(ides -etter customer satisfaction. T&is will ena-le t&em to increase t&eir customer -ase leading to increased re(enues int&e future.Eoice =uality and Co(erage It is t&e clarity of transmission. In city centers t&is ;uality is not difficult to maintain.Fowe(er it -ecomes (ery im ortant w&en t&e transmission is -eing directed to or fromunder ground locations> from -e&ind tall -uilding and structures> narrow and congestedcity interiors. AirTel ro(ides -etter ;uality in t&e a-o(e mentioned. T&e reason for t&is is t&e -etterinfrastructure and tec&nology. 12222 AI TEL B OA/BAN/ B&arti Tele(entures is t&e fi3ed line o erator -usiness of Airtel. In t&e recent -randing e3ercise> all t&e ser(ices &a(e -een offered under t&e Airtel -rand. Data is t&e ne3t dri(er for growt&. T&is is clear to t&e o erators w&o &a(e -elatedly reali0ed t&e im lications for &a(ing a ie in all t&e segments of telecommunications. Fence B&arti (entured in t&e -road-and market. Fowe(er> t&e main contention in t&e -road-and market is t&e rice offering w&ic& includes t&e -andwidt& costs as well as t&e cost of laying down t&e co er wire. Ty ically> in t&e mentality of t&e rofit making e3ercise> Airtel &as so far focused only in t&ose areas w&ere it ercei(es t&at a &uge market is resent. Fowe(er> I
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still &old t&at t&eir t&rust s&ould -e in smaller towns and cities w&ere B9,% would ultimately usur t&eir otential customer -ase. It seems t&at t&eir fancily aid *BAs &a(en't really understood t&e success of B9,% w&o focused on t&e B and C class cities w&ere it &as drawn un aralleled su ort des ite t&e lousy customer e3 eriences. T&is is -ecause of t&e a-sence of any ot&er o erator. T&e current offerings -y Airtel does not really ent&use a otential customer w&o is looking at sustained data transfer. It is t&e classic case of &a(ing somet&ing -etter t&an not&ing. Add to t&e lousy customer care t&at Airtel is slowly erfecting> it is staffed wit& eo le w&o usually land u in t&eir 8o-s wit& little idea of t&eir 8o- rofile. T&e so" called Tec& engineers &a(e often -een una-le to &el a customer w&o is facing issues wit& t&e connecti(ity. Airtel Broad,and is po"ered ,y /SL technolo&y D9% ro(ides -la0ing"fast> secure Internet access and can -e deli(ered to -ot& &omes and to -usinesses. Deli(ered rig&t t&roug& a regular tele &one line> data rates can (ary from 12.K- to .*- er second de ending on t&e ty e and cost of t&e ser(ice. Instant Access Digital 9u-scri-er %ine 6D9%7 tec&nology ro(ides instant Internet and network access at s eeds u to )! times faster t&an a 2...K- s modem on a standard analogue &one line. T&ere are no dial"u delays> no -usy signals. @&at used to take minutes or &ours to download> will now take 8ust seconds or minutes. E+perience %ultimedia @it& D9% Internet 9er(ice you can download gra &ics"&ea(y files> large
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documents> software> &otos> email attac&ments> and more> instantly. It2s erfect for real"time interacti(e multimedia> -roadcast ;uality (ideo> distance learning> and (ideo"on"demand. And -ecause D9% Internet 9er(ice sends data and (oice o(er t&e same line> you can talk on t&e &one w&ile you are online. Ne!er 7ait8 It2s also a ser(ice t&at you don2t &a(e to dial into. Must turn on your PC> o en a -rowser> and you2re ready to surf. 6,o more &earing t&ose annoying -ee s and tones> t&en waiting to -e connected. Hou2re always connected w&ene(er you wis& toN7. Beyond Internet access> D9% also &as t&e a-ility to carry additional &one lines and entertainment ser(ices using t&e same air of wires. Fig&"s eed Internet access t&roug& D9%> c&anges your Internet e3 erience erce ti-ly.

Airtel -rings you a &ost of e3citing features ranging from facilities like /nline tests> In touc& and Eideo 9ur(eillance 9olutions to trou-le s&ooting de(ices like> ,et $3 ert and @e- Mockey.
J 5ideo Sur!eillance Solutions G Airtel allows you to control your

-usiness> 2435. /-ser(e your office> ware&ouse> s&o and staff from your PC> from anyw&ere and all t&e time.
J In touch 9 Airtel allows you to create and s&are your recious moments

wit& your lo(ed ones wit& In Touc&. It's a great way to reac& out to your lo(ed ones w&o are far away.
J Net:pert # ,etO ert> India's first e(er automated Broad-and care

tec&nology w&ic& ro(ides immediate solutions for Internet connecti(ity related ro-lems.
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J Online Tests # Airtel Broad-and 9er(ices and TCH /nline offer you

online com etiti(e tests for C#$> C*AT> 9AT and *BA> from t&e comfort of your &ome.
J 7iFi # 7ifi is a wireless tec&nology -rand -y t&e @ifii Alliance t&at

gi(es you a &ost of fantastic ad(antages ranging from relia-ility to security. T&e sim le installation rocedure gi(es you access to unsur assed erformance instantly.

7ireless Internet
7ireless Internet includes 3 1. Data Card 2. Ds- *odem

/ata Card
Airtel Data Card is t&e su erior PC Data Card solution w&ic& deli(ers wireless internet ca a-ilities to la to s and note-ooks> -y ro(iding $DC$ and CP#9 tec&nologies in a single PC Card ackage. /n an $DC$ network> Airtel Data Card ena-les connection to t&e Internet using $CP#9. In areas w&ere $DC$ ser(ices are not a(aila-le> t&e Airtel Data Card still ena-les relia-le and secure data connections o(er CP#9. Airtel Data Card o ens u t&e true world of wireless internet and is an ideal com anion for a mo-ile rofessional> ena-ling Internet> $mail> and /ffice a lications wit& real"time secure EP, access to cor orate a lications w&ilst on t&e mo(e. Anytime> Anyw&ere Connecti(ityN Features
J =uad"-and radio card suita-le for use on $C#P9:CP#9:C9* networks

worldwide PTC#B com liant.

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J Com ati-le wit& most note-ooks ro(iding a Ty e II PC"Card slot and utili0ing *icrosoft @indows / erating 9ystems. J 9u orts IP9ec client software for end"to"end secure cor orate data e3c&ange and sync&roni0ation o(er EP.
J ,DI9 com ati-le.

0s, %odem
Airtel D9B *odem is t&e su erior PC solution deli(ering wireless internet ca a-ility to la to s and note-ooks -y ro(iding $DC$ and CP#9 tec&nologies in a single PC Card Package. /n an $DC$ network. Airtel D9B *odem ena-les connection to t&e Internet using $CP#9. In areas w&ere $DC$ ser(ices are not a(aila-le > t&e Airtel D9B *odem ena-le relia-le secure data connections o(er CP#9. Airtel D9B *odem o ens u t&e true world of mo-ile wireless internet and is t&e ideal com anion for t&e mo-ile rofessional> ena-ling Internet and $mail w&ilst on t&e mo(e. Anytime" Anyw&ere Connecti(ityN Features J 9uita-le for use on $DC$:CP#9:C9* networks. J $DC$ Class 12> CP#9 Class 1! J $3ternal Antennae J $T9IAT Command Interface J Com ati-le wit& @indows 2!!!> OP J Data Interface 1 D9B 2.! J Data> Eoice> 9*9 P&one-ook

T&is #emarka-le ser(ice (irtually con(erts t&e w&ole of India in @ireless
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&ot s ot. 1222$ O ;ANI<ATION ST 0CT0 E .artners T&e com any &as a strategic alliance wit& 9ingTel. T&e in(estment made -y 9ingTel is one of t&e largest in(estments made in t&e world outside 9inga ore> in t&e com any. T&e com any's mo-ile network e;ui ment artners include $ricsson and ,okia. In t&e case of t&e -road-and and tele &one ser(ices and enter rise ser(ices 6carriers7> e;ui ment su liers include 9iemens> ,ortel> Corning> among ot&ers. T&e Com any also &as an information tec&nology alliance wit& IB* for its grou "wide information tec&nology re;uirements and wit& ,ortel for call center tec&nology re;uirements. T&e call center o erations for t&e mo-ile ser(ices &a(e -een outsourced to IB* Daks&> Findu8a T*T> Teletec& A * &asis. Corporate ;o!ernance B&arti Airtel %imited firmly -elie(es in t&e rinci les of Cor orate Co(ernance and is committed to conduct its -usiness in a manner> w&ic& will ensure sustaina-le> ca ital"efficient and long"term growt& t&ere-y ma3imising (alue for its s&are&olders> customers> em loyees and society at large. Com any's olicies are in line wit& Cor orate Co(ernance guidelines rescri-ed under %isting Agreement:s wit& 9tock $3c&anges and t&e Com any ensures t&at (arious disclosures re;uirements are com lied in Pletter and s irit' for effecti(e Cor orate Co(ernance. During t&e financial year 2!!3"!4> your Com any was assigned &ig&est Co(ernance and Ealue Creation 6CEC7 rating (i0. P%e(el 1' rating -y C#I9I%> w&ic& indicates t&at t&e com any's ca a-ility wit& res ect to creating wealt& for all its stake&olders is t&e &ig&est> w&ile ado ting sound
1 0

Cor orate Co(ernance ractices.T&is rating was re"affirmed -y C#I9I% on A ril 2!>2!!+ 1222' . O%OTIONAL ST ATE;1 After t&e li-erali0ation of t&e Indian Telecom 9ector in 1444> t&e Indian cellular market witnessed a surge in cellular ser(ices. By 2!!)> t&ere were a total of 12 layers in t&e market wit& t&e fi(e ma8or layers -eing B&arti Tele"Eentures %imited 6B&arti7> B&arat 9anc&ar ,igam %imited 6B9,%7> Futc&inson"$ssar limited 6Futc&7> Idea Cellular limited 6Idea7 and #eliance India *o-ile 6#I*7 6#efer $3&i-it I7. All t&e *ulti le layers e3ce t #I* offered ser(ices -ased on t&e Clo-al 9ystem for ro(ided ser(ices -ased on Code Di(ision tec&nology as well as C9*. ro(iders took new Access 6CD*A7

*o-ile 6C9*7 tec&nology. #I*

As com etition in t&e telecom arena intensified> ser(ice

initiati(es to woo customers. Prominent among t&ese were " cele-rity endorsements> loyalty rewards> discount cou ons> -usiness solutions and talk time sc&emes. T&e most im ortant consumer segments in t&e cellular industry were t&e yout& segment and t&e -usiness class segment. T&e yout& segment was t&e largest and fastest growing segment and was t&erefore targeted most &ea(ily -y cellular ser(ice ro(iders. B&arti Tele"Eentures ado ted cele-rity endorsement as its c&ief romotional

strategy. By 2!!4 it emerged t&e un recedented leader commanding t&e largest market s&are in t&e cellular ser(ice market. 6#efer $3&i-it II7. Futc& im lemented t&e cele-rity endorsement strategy artially> relying rimarily on its creati(e ad(ertising for t&e romotion of its -rand. B9,%> on t&e ot&er &and> attracted t&e consumer t&roug& its low cost sc&emes. Being a state owned layer> B9,% could
1 0

co(er rural areas> and t&is &el ed it increase its su-scri-er -ase. #eliance was anot&er layer t&at cas&ed on its inno(ati(e romotional strategies> w&ic& included cele-rity endorsements and attracti(e talk time sc&emes. Idea> relied &ea(ily on its creati(e media ad(ertising sans cele-rities.

1222( AirTel3 Appropriatin& the !alue of =e+pression=

/(er t&e last cou le of years> t&e market &as grown considera-ly> wit& dee er enetration and wider usage of (oice and data ser(ices> accom anied -y muc& &ig&er com etiti(e intensity>Q Atul Bindal> c&ief marketing officer> B&arti TeleEentures> e3 ands on t&is. QIn t&is conte3t> differentiating merely on network> co(erage and 9*9 is 8ust not enoug&. Hou need to go -eyond all t&e rational identifiers " w&ic& are rere;uisites in any case " and connect at a dee er le(el. @e needed a strong differentiator in an increasingly commoditi0ed and crowded market. @e found t&is differentiator in a core &uman trut& t&at defines our category " w&ic& is t&at t&ere are moments w&en you need to make your oint> w&en you need to -e &eard. $3 ressing and communicating are er&a s two of t&e most -asic emotions. AirTel ena,les you to ma6e your point in the most e+pressi!e "ay) anytime) any"here2 The campai&n is to"ards o"nin& this throu&h =E+press yourself2= 7e ,elie!e =E+press yourself= allo"s us to connect at a deeper le!el and create a lon&#term platform for the ,rand2> <or AirTel> t&e c&allenge also lay in resenting a unified 2face2 to t&e consumer. T&is assumes significance w&en (iewed in t&e lig&t of t&e com any2s re" and ost" aid communication> w&ic&> in t&e ast> &ad -een treated (ery differently. Brand image> as a result> was -eing dri(en in two different dimensions. QBrand AirTel is a category leader straddling com letely different market segments suc& as consumer> -usiness and cor orate> as well as different (oice> data and ayment

1 0

latforms>Q says Bindal. Q2$3 ress yourself2 ena-les t&e -rand to unify and connect across t&e entire -ase of our e3isting and ros ecti(e customers.Q /ne of t&e most o-(ious -enefits of owning a ro erty suc& as 2candid e3 ression2 6and 2$3 ress yourself27 is t&e e3 ansi(e nature of t&e t&oug&t. QT&e moment you &a(e as -road a can(as as 2$3 ress yourself2> it -ecomes easy for anyone working on t&e -rand to come u wit& new ideas and e3ecutions. T&at2s w&at makes a good cam aign idea>Q o-ser(es #ediff2s Pras&ant Cod-ole> w&o> along wit& creati(e artner Rar(an Patel> concei(ed t&e cam aign. T&is is 8ust t&e ro(er-ial ti of t&e ice-erg> Patel adds. Q@e will -e taking t&e idea forward in many different ways in t&e fort&coming work>Q &e informs. Patel also credits &is creati(e team for Qfles&ing out t&e ideaQ In /cto-er 2!!2> *agic led t&e market> wit& 3!I of t&e market s&are. B&arti claimed t&at its strategies were one of t&e most am-itious e3 eriments e(er in t&e Indian re" aid cellular tele &ony market. Fowe(er> gi(en t&e increasing com etiti(e ressure> dou-ts were -eing e3 ressed regarding t&e a-ility of B&arti2s marketing initiati(es to &el *agic retain its 2*agic2 in t&e future

AirTel launches 5?E @5oice ?uality EnhancerA for the first time in Bol6ata
Introducing E=$ 6Eoice =uality $n&ancer7 for t&e first time in Kolkata. E=$ is a re(olutionary new system t&at s ectrally reduces -ackground noise. It eliminates acoustic ec&o> ad8usts s eec& le(els in -ot& directions and does away wit& low or distorted s eec& so t&at e(ery word of your2s can -e &eard clearly> w&ere(er you may -e s eaking from.

1 0

T&e E=$ tec&nology &as -een sourced from Tella-s of D9A> world leaders in Eoice =uality tec&nology. 9ome of t&e rominent C9* o erators using Tella-s solution in t&e world are 9ingTel> Bell 9out&> Telstra> BT Cell etc. T&e Tella-s noise reduction tec&nology remo(es &ig& -ackground noise from t&e wireless side of t&e call t&us deli(ering near wireline clear call ;uality on mo-ile &ones. T&e Tella-s 3!!! series of (oice";uality en&ancement ec&o tec&nology also eliminates t&e com le3ity of acoustic ec&o generated -y digital mo-iles and &ands free kits. 9o go a&ead. $3 ress yourself and feel t&e difference on Kolkata2s only ,on"9to 2.)C ,etwork


B&arti Airtel inks D9D 4!! million network e3 ansion contract wit& ,/KIA

B&arti Airtel limited1 =2 cas& rofit e3ceeds #s. 1>+!! crores> PBT crosses #s. 1>!!! crores.

B&arti Airtel is amongst India's *ost Admired Knowledge enter rises in 2!!+.

9unil B&arti *ittal recei(es PT&e Fonorary <ellows&i ' from I$T$. ,otice of ostal -allot for seeking consent of t&e s&are&olders on sc&eme of amalgamation of 9atcom Broad-and $;ui ments %imited and B&arti Broad-and %imited wit& B&arti Airtel %imited.

B&arti Airtel to /-ser(e 9ilent eriod from /cto-er 1> 2!!+.

1 0




Cellular ser(ice ro(ider AirTel seems to &a(e &it t&e rig&t note wit& its new commercial starring musician A # #a&man. T&e commercial w&ic& is currently on air &as a -eat w&ic& also dou-les u as a ringtone w&ic& is ostensi-ly a(aila-le only to AirTel users. But t&e interesting art is t&at t&e ringtone is -eing flaunted not 8ust -y AirTel customers -ut -y customers of ri(al ser(ice ro(iders like BP%> /range and Dol &in as wellN S@e did e3 ect t&e tune to catc& u -ut t&is &as really e3ceeded our e3 ectations>T admits B&arti Cellular's c&ief marketing officer 6western region7 Pratik Pota. /(erall> &e e3 lains> it is a great ad(ertising roduct for AirTel and works like a Swalking> talking -rand am-assador.T T&e ringtone w&ic& is also t&e 8ingle for AirTel's TE commercial> is ro(ing to -e a otent ad(ertising tool for t&e com any. It is not (ery clear w&at t&is means for t&e ot&er cellular o erators. Cellular users &a(e -een SforwardingT t&e tune to one anot&er> w&ic& according to *r Pota> &as gi(en AirTel a c&ance to enter t&e Smind of t&e userT irres ecti(e of w&ic& ser(ice &e o ts for. SIt gi(es t&e user a c&ance to go -ack to t&e AirTel roduct and acts as a strong reminder medium>T &e e3 lains. *arketing rofessionals like 9amsika *arketing Consultants' managing director Magdee Ka oor oint to t&e usage of an Saudio cele-rityT as somet&ing t&at is significant. ST&e normal ractice is to o t for film stars and s ortsmen rat&er t&an an audio ersonalityT &e says.

1 0

#i(als> t&oug& seemingly unfa0ed -y t&e &enomenon> seem to -e doing t&eir own &omework on t&is -rand of ad(ertising. @&ile none of t&em commented on AirTel's strategy and its im act on t&eir own su-scri-er -ase> one ad(ertising rofessional working wit& a ri(al ser(ice ro(ider o ines t&at t&e tune is StransientT and not likely to &a(e any long term im act as a -rand -uilding tool. Being t&e latest entrant in t&e *um-ai circle> AirTel &as &ad to find ways of cutting t&roug& t&e clutter. 9ays *r Ka oor>T AirTel will &a(e try to find ways to attract new customers and con(ert t&e e3isting ones.T $3 laining t&at t&e usage of an audio cele-rity was more Sstrategic t&an tacticalT> &e adds t&at non"AirTel users will &a(e t&e AirTel S-rand e3 erienceT ins ite of not using t&e ser(ice. @&ile *r Pota &ig&lig&ts t&e fact t&at t&e usage of t&e tune -y ot&er o erators means Sfree ad(ertisingT for AirTel and t&e users &a(ing a ositi(e dis osition towards t&e roduct> t&e nature of reaction from com etition remains unclear. SCom etition will not do well to ado t a knee 8erk reaction and will &a(e to come out wit& ad(ertising t&at is well t&oug&t outT e3 lains *r Ka oor. Fe antici ates a situation w&ere t&e new entrant 6AirTel7 will continue to -e more aggressi(e. 1222C %ILESTONE OF CO%.AN1 1 *o-ile &one o erator> B&arti Airtel> -ecame t&e first Indian telecom

com any to ser(e )! million customers last mont&> and is now t&e world's tent& largest wireless carrier. 2 B&arti &as dou-led its user -ase in t&e ast 14 mont&s alone> and &o es to reac& 1!! million su-scri-ers -y 2!1!> according to com any e3ecuti(es.

1 0

S/ur ne3t )! million will largely come from rural India as our lan is to reac& )>2!! census towns and o(er fi(e lak& (illages> co(ering 4+ er cent of t&e Indian o ulation>T said B&arti Airtel resident and C$/> *ano8 Ko&li> at a news conference t&is week.

B&arti Airtel> India's leading telecommunication ser(ices

ro(ider> today

announced t&at it &ad crossed t&e )! million customer mark. @it& t&is> B&arti Airtel &as ac&ie(ed t&e distinction of -ecoming t&e fastest ri(ate telecom com any in world to ac&ie(e t&is landmark in a single country " wit&in 143 mont&s of start of o erations. T&e )! million customer -ase co(ers mo-ile as well as -road-and A tele &one customers. ) Commenting on t&is ma8or glo-al landmark> *r. Ak&il Cu ta> Moint *anaging Director> B&arti Airtel said> S@e are delig&ted to &a(e ac&ie(ed t&is ma8or landmark> w&ic& uts B&arti Airtel amongst t&e to telecom com anies in t&e world. It underlines t&e strengt& of our uni;ue -usiness model and our (ision to ro(ide afforda-le ser(ices like lifetime re aid to customers across t&e lengt& and -readt& of t&e country. I would like to t&ank our artners for &a(ing s&ared our (ision. T&is milestone &ig&lig&ts t&e emergence of India as one of t&e to telecom markets in t&e world and we are roud to &a(e -een at t&e forefront of t&is growt&. Coing forward> we -elie(e t&is growt& momentum will remain intact and we are gearing towards t&e 1!! million customers mark.T + B&arti Airtel crossed t&e 1! million customer mark in ,o(em-er 2!!4. In Muly last year> it crossed t&e 2) million customer mark.

1 0

T&e com any added t&e ne3t 2) million customers in 8ust 14 mont&s. T&is is amongst t&e fastest rate of customer additions -y any telecom com any in t&e world.

*r. *ano8 Ko&li> President A C$/> B&arti Airtel added> ST&is is a (ery roud moment for us and I would like to t&ank our )! million customers for -elie(ing in Airtel. It is a tri-ute to our commitment to ro(ide -est"in"class ser(ices to our customers and lead t&e market wit& e3citing inno(ations. @e are committed to create a world"class organi0ation and -enc&mark it wit& t&e -est in t&e world. As t&e market gets ready for t&e ne3t wa(e of growt&> we are committed to e3 anding our telecom networks wider and dee er across t&e country and artner India's growt& story.T

In the mo,ile ,usiness> B&arti Airtel lans to make considera-le in(estments in ,etwork e3 ansion to esta-lis& total resence in all census towns and o(er )!!>!!! (illages across India -y 2!1!> t&ere-y co(ering 4)I of t&e country's o ulation. T&e com any's strategic focus will -e on furt&er strengt&ening t&e Airtel -rand t&roug& -est"in"class customer ser(ice> w&ic& is -acked -y wide national distri-ution.

1! In the Enterprise ,usiness> B&arti Airtel will in(est su-stantially in t&e long distance -usiness to ac&ie(e t&e scale of a glo-al carrier wit&in ne3t 2"3 years. It is also strengt&ening t&e cor orate -usiness towards -ecoming a referred managed ser(ices artner for t&e to 2!!! cor orations. In Broad,and * Telephone SB0> B&arti Airtel will initiate large"scale de loyments of -road-and network infrastructure in 44 towns> wit& a s&ar focus on t&e &ome and 9*$ segments. It is readying to offer tri le lay to its customers wit& t&e launc& of its IPTE ser(ice.
1 0

AirTel has ta6en the lead on many occasions2 It has ,een the first To launc& Cellular ser(ice in Del&i on ,o(em-er> 144). / erator to re(olutionali0e t&e conce t of retailing wit& t&e inauguration of AirTel Connect 6e3clusi(e s&owrooms7in 144). To e3 and it2s network wit& t&e installation for second mo-ile switc&ing center in A ril> 1445 and t&e first in Del&i to introduce t&e Intelligent ,etwork Platform <irst to ro(ide #oaming to its su-scri-ers -y forming an association called @orld 1 ,etwork. <irst to ro(ide roaming facility in D9A. AirTel &as t&e largest automatic roaming ser(ice >S%A T OA%># ,ational in 4!! cities in India and Q9*A#T #/A*Q " International in o(er +! countries and 4) networks all o(er t&e world. It is also t&e first com any to e3 ort its roducts to t&e D9A. 1222D A7A /S B&arti airtel draws to &onors at t&e mis asia It e3cellence awards 2!!+ B&arti airtel among t&e to 1! -est erforming Com anies in t&e world according to Businessweek it 1!! list. 9unil -&arti mittal is t&e Sceo of t&e yearT at T&e frost and sulli(an asia acific awards 2!!+ And -&arti airtel -ags Swireless ser(ice Pro(ider of t&e yearT and Scom etit(e ser(ice Pro(ider of t&e yearT.
B&arti tele"(entures is t&e S-est Indian CarrierT at t&e telecom asia awards


1 0

1 0


221 e!ie" of Literature 221@aA "hat is customer satisfactionE
Customer satisfaction refers to &ow satisfied customers are wit& t&e roducts or ser(ices t&ey recei(e from a articular agency. T&e le(el of satisfaction is determined not only -y t&e ;uality and ty e of customer e3 erience -ut also -y t&e customer's e3 ectations. Customer satisfaction is one of t&e main o-8ecti(es of any organi0ation. $(ery organi0ation tries to know t&e customer satisfaction a-out t&eir roducts. 9o a study on customer satisfaction &el s t&e organi0ation as well as me to gain a (ast knowledge o(er t&e real world tastes and references of customer @&et&er t&e -uyer is satisfied after urc&ase de ends on t&e offers erformance in relation to t&e -uyer's e3 ectations. In general satisfaction is a erson's feelings of leasure or disa ointment resulting from com aring a roducts ercei(ed erformance in relation to &is or &er e3 ectations. As t&is definition makes clear> satisfaction is a function of ercei(ed erformance and e3 ectations. If t&e erformance falls s&ort of e3 ectations> t&e customer is dissatisfied. If t&e erformance matc&es t&e e3 ectations> t&e customer is satisfied.

1 0

If t&e

erformance e3ceeds e3 ectations> t&e customer is &ig&ly satisfied or

delig&ted. *any com anies are aiming for &ig& satisfaction -ecause customers w&o are 8ust satisfied still find it easy to switc& w&en a -etter offer comes along. T&ose w&o are &ig&ly satisfied are muc& less ready to switc&. Fig& satisfaction or delig&t creates an emotional -ond wit& t&e -rand> not 8ust a rational reference. T&e result is &ig& customer loyalty. 221@,A 7hy is it importantE T&ere are a num-er of reasons w&y customer satisfaction is im ortant in AI#T$%1 *eeting t&e needs of t&e customer is t&e underlying rationale for t&e e3istence of community ser(ice organi0ations. Customers &a(e a rig&t to ;uality ser(ices t&at deli(er outcomes. /rgani0ations t&at stri(e -eyond minimum standards and e3ceed t&e e3 ectations of t&eir customers are likely to -e leaders in t&eir sector. Customers are recogni0ed as key artners in s&a ing ser(ice de(elo ment and assessing ;uality of ser(ice deli(ery. T&e rocess for measuring customer satisfaction and o-taining feed-ack on organi0ational erformance are (alua-le tools for ;uality and continuous ser(ice im ro(ement.

1 0

222 O,Fecti!es
T&e main ur ose and o-8ecti(e for t&is study is To know w&et&er t&e signal is good in t&eir area To find out if t&ey are satisfied and aware of t&e ser(ices and offers ro(ided To recommend measures for im ro(ing t&e roduct 22$ Limitations

T&e study is restricted only to AI#T$%> C&ennai res ondents. T&e (iew of t&eir ot&er areas is not taken.

<ew res ondents answer was collected. #es ondents concentrated w&ere t&e customers of AI#T$% only. 9ince t&e researc&er selected )! sam le si0e it is not sufficient to co(er o inion of entire o ulation. Time duration in conducting t&e researc& is (ery low.

1 0

1 0


$21 esearch %ethodolo&y3 *et&odology is a way to systematically sol(e t&e researc& ro-lem. It may -e understand as a science of studying &ow researc& is done scientifically. #esearc& *et&odology is a ste -y ste study of a ro-lem. in(ol(ed in t&e study are1 De(elo ing t&e ;uestionnaire regarding t&e customer satisfaction of t&e roduct / timum res ondents as a sam le si0e are c&osen for t&e acti(ity to resem-le t&e entire o ulation. Cet t&e ;uestionnaire filled -y t&e customers in t&e lace t&roug& inter(iew or ersonal interaction. Analysis of data on com uter wit& s ecial market researc& statistical ackage called 9P99. In t&is researc& ;uestionnaire is framed in suc& a way management wants to know &ow t&e customers are taking t&ings t&at t&ey &ad done to t&em and to find out t&e e3 ectation of t&e customers t&us it will im act in olicy making of t&e firm in t&e current fiscal year.
1 0

P&ysical acti(ities

T&e ;uestionnaire designed &ad closed ;uestion to find t&e res ondents actual feeling as well as t&eir o inion rating a-out t&e satisfaction regarding t&e roduct. T&e met&odology followed for conducting t&e study includes t&e s ecification of researc& design> sam le design> ;uestionnaire design> data collection and statistical tools used for analy0ing t&e collected data. $21 ESEA C- /ESI;N3 T&e researc& design is t&e conce tual structure wit&in w&ic& researc& is conducted. It constitutes t&e -lue rint for t&e collection> measurement and analysis of data. /escripti!e research T&is study is descri ti(e in nature w&ere t&e data is collected t&roug& well structured ;uestionnaire and from t&e information taken from t&e customers. $22 Samplin& /esi&nGTechniHues3 9am ling is t&e rocess of selecting a sufficient num-er of elements from t&e o ulation> so t&at a study of t&e sam le and an understanding of its ro erties or c&aracteristics would make it ossi-le for us to generali0e suc& ro erties or c&aracteristics to t&e o ulation elements. 9am ling design is to clearly define set of o-8ects> tec&nically called t&e uni(erse to -e studied. T&e sam ling design used in t&is study is ro-a-ility sam ling. 9am ling tec&ni;ue used is 9im le #andom sam ling. .opulation3
1 0

Po ulation for t&is researc& is set as costumers w&o are using AI#T$% Sample siIe3 T&e researc& was conducted in C&ennai wit& )! res ondents.

$2$/ata Collection %ethods3 Collection of data includes -ot& rimary and secondary data. T&e researc&er &as collected -ot& of t&e a-o(e data. T&e data collected constitutes -ot& rimary and secondary data. .rimary data3 Primary datum are collected t&roug& o-ser(ation> direct communication wit& res ondent> and finally -y distri-uting ;uestionnaire to t&e em loyees using #andom sam ling tec&ni;ue t&e em loyees are selected to fill t&e ;uestionnaire. Secondary /ata 9econdary datum is collected from t&e official record to o-tain information's regarding t&e rate of a-senteeism and t&e (arious reasons for a-senteeism. $2' Statistical Tools 0sed T&e main statistical tools used for t&e collection and analyses of data in t&is Pro8ect are1 U=uestionnaire UBar Diagrams
1 0

1 0


1 0

'21 Analysis * Interpretation3 T&e res onses of t&e customers are (alued in t&is analysis to find t&e satistaction of t&e roduct. T&e ercentage analysis gi(es t&e ercentage of t&e res ondent's satisfaction wit& regards to t&e (arious com onents w&ic& dri(es t&em to -uy t&e roduct

Ta,le No2'21213

Ta,le sho"in& the opinion on si&nalin& at their area <re;uency Percentage 6I7 .4 1+ 1!!

Cood signal Bad signal Total

41 4 )!

Chart No2'21213

chart sho"in& the opinion on si&nal at their area

Interpretation3 T&e ta-le s&ows t&at .4I consumers feel t&at signal of AI#T$% at t&eir area is good> remaining 1+I of t&em feel t&at signal is not good
1 0

Ta,le No2'21223

Ta,le sho"in& the opinion on customer care ser!ices <re;uency Percentage 6I7 +. 2! 12 1!!

9atisfied ,ot satisfied ,e(er used Total

34 1! + )!

Chart No2'21223

Chart sho"in& the opinion on customer care ser!ices

Interpretation3 T&e ta-le s&ows t&at +.I of t&e customers are satisfied wit& t&e customer care ser(ices> w&ere as 2!I are not satisfied and t&e remaining 12I doesn't use customer care ser(ices .

1 0

Ta,le No2'212$3

Ta,le sho"in& the opinion on customer care employee4s response to customers Huestions <re;uency Percentage 6I7 5! 3! 1!!

Cood res onse Bad res onse Total

3) 1) )!

Chart No2'212$3

Chart sho"in& the opinion on customer care employee4s response to customer4s Huestions

Interpretation3 T&e ta-le s&ows t&at 5!I of t&e customers say t&at customer care em loyees res onse is good> remaining 3!I say t&at t&e em loyees res onse was -ad and t&ey were not satisfied

1 0

Ta,le No2'212'3

Ta,le sho"in& "hether customers use INTE NET ser!ices

<re;uency Dsing ,ot using Total 2+ 14 )!

Percentage 6I7 +) 3) 1!!

Chart No2'212'3

Chart sho"in& "hether they are usin& INTE NET ser!ices

Interpretation3 T&e ta-le s&ows t&at +)I of t&e customers use internet remaining 3)I don't use internet ser(ices

1 0

Ta,le No2'212(3

Ta,le sho"in& opinion on INTE NET ser!ices <re;uency Percentage 6I7 +! 4! 1!!

9atisfied ,ot satisfied Total

24 1+ )!

Chart No2'212(3

Chart sho"in& opinion on INTE NET ser!ices

Interpretation3 T&e ta-le s&ows t&at +!I of t&e customers are satisfied wit& internet ser(ices remaining 4!I are not satisfied wit& internet ser(ices

1 0

Ta,le No2'212C3

Ta,le sho"in& num,er of times customers lo& into internet .er day

<re;uency /nce Twice *ore ,ot e(en once Total Chart No2'212C3 ) 5 14 14 )!

Percentage 6I7 12 1. 3) 3) 1!!

Chart sho"in& num,er of times customers lo& into internet per day

Interpretation3 T&e ta-le s&ows t&at 3)I of t&e customers are log into internet more t&an once er day>1.I twice er day> 12I once er day and t&e remaining 3)I do not use internet ser(ices Ta,le No2'212D3 Ta,le sho"in& ratin& for internet speed <re;uency Percentage 6I7
1 0

) 13 4 3 1! Total

12 32 23 . 2)

Chart No2'212D3

Chart sho"in& ratin& for internet speed

Interpretation3 T&e ta-le s&ows t&at 12I rated )"star> 32I rated 4"star> 23Irated 3"star>.I using 2"star and t&e remaining 2)Irated 1"star

Ta,le No2'212J3

Ta,le sho"in& %a+imum rechar&e per month <re;uency Percentage 12

1 0


1!!"2!! 2!!"3!! 3!!"4!! 4!!")!! A-o(e )!! Total

15 . 4 ) ) )!

34 1+ 1. 1! 1! 1!!

Chart No2'212J3

Chart sho"in& %a+imum rechar&e per month

Interpretation3 T&e ta-le s&ows t&at 34I use 1!"1!!> 1+Iuse 1!!"2!!> 1+I use 2!!"3!!> 1.I use 3!!"4!!> 1!I use 4!!")!! and 1!I use a-o(e )!! Ta,le No2'212K3 Ta,le sho"in& "hether offers are used ,y customers <re;uency Percentage 6I7

1 0

Dsed ,ot used Total

3. 11 )!

5. 22 1!!

Chart No2'212K3

Chart sho"in& "hether offers are used ,y customers

Interpretation3 T&e ta-le s&ows t&at 5.I of t&e res ondent use offers w&ere as t&e remaining 22I doesn't use

Ta,le No2'2121L3

Ta,le sho"in& offers used ,y customers <re;uency Percentage

1 0

9TD call cutter %ocal call cutter I9D call cutter *essage offer 9ongs /t&ers Total

1! 11 2 2! ) 2 )!

2! 22 4 4! 1! 4 1!!

Chart No2'2121L3

Chart sho"in& offers used ,y customers

Interpretation3 T&e ta-le s&ows t&at 2! Iare using 9TD call cutter> 22I is using local call cutter> 4I is using I9D call cutter> 4!I are using message offer> 1!I are using songs and t&e remaining 4I are using ot&er offers Ta,le No2'212113 Ta,le sho"in& opinion on offers used ,y customers

1 0

<re;uency 9atisfied ,ot satisfied ,eutral Total 3) 5 . )!

Percentage 6I7 5! 12 1+ 1!!

Chart No2'212113

Chart sho"in& opinion on offers used ,y customers

Interpretation3 T&e ta-le s&ows t&at 5!I are satisfied wit& offers> 12I are not satisfied and t&e remaining 1+I is neutral

Ta,le No2'212123

Ta,le sho"in& up to date "ith current offers <re;uency Percentage 6I7

1 0

D to date ,ot u to date Total

25 23 )!

)4 4+ 1!!

Chart No2'212123

Chart sho"in& up to date "ith current offers

Interpretation3 T&e ta-le s&ows t&at )4 I are u to date wit& offers and t&e remaining 4+I are not u to date

Ta,le No2'2121$3

Ta,le sho"in& "hether they used other net"or6 Connection other than AI TEL

1 0

<re;uency Dsed ,ot used Total 24 21 )!

Percentage 6I7 ). 42 1!!

Chart No2'2121$3

Chart sho"in& "hether they used other net"or6 Connection other than AI TEL

Interpretation3 T&e ta-le s&ows t&at ).I used ot&er network connections and t&e remaining 4.I did not use

Ta,le No2'2121'3

Ta,le sho"in& opinion on AI TEL compared to other connection

1 0

<re;uency Better ,ot -etter Total 25 23 )!

Percentage 6I7 )4 4+ 1!!

Chart No2'2121'3

Chart sho"in& opinion on AI TEL compared to other connection

Interpretation3 T&e ta-le s&ows t&at )4I feel t&at AI#T$% is -etter com ared to ot&er network connection w&ere as t&e ot&er 4+I feel t&e o osite

C-A.TE #(
1 0


(21 FIN/IN;S3 T&is c&a ter deals wit& t&e ma8or findings of t&e study w&ic& are as follow *ost eo le fell t&at AI#T$% signal is good /nly &alf of t&e eo le are satisfied wit& t&e customer care ser(ices 3!I of t&e eo le are not satisfied wit& t&e customer care em loyees res onse *ore t&an &alf of t&e eo le are satisfied wit& t&e Internet ser(ices /nly (ery few eo le say t&at Internet s eed is &ig& A (ery large num-er of eo le get 1!!"2!! rec&arge er mont& *ost eo le were aware of t&e offers ro(ided and many of t&em are using more t&an one offer> and most of t&em are satisfied wit& t&e offers. In t&e offers ro(ided> most of t&em are using message offer in com-ination wit& ot&er offer D to &alf of t&e eo le &ad used connections ot&er t&an AI#T$% But most of t&e eo le find t&at AI#T$% is -etter t&an ot&er network (22 S0;;ESTIONS
1 0

T&e main o-8ecti(e of e(ery analysis is to find w&et&er t&e customers are satisfied wit& t&e ser(ices ro(ided. <ollowing are some of t&e suggestions gi(en for t&e im ro(ement of t&e roduct and ser(ices *ost t&e eo le are satisfied wit& t&e offers ro(ided -ut still some of t&em suggested t&e following for -etterment " %ocal and 9TD rates s&ould -e slas&ed down furt&er " 1 aisa er min offer s&ould -e introduced " Customers feel t&at com ared to ot&er network ser(ices offers ro(ided are less " *ore slas& in I9D rates #egarding t&e internet connection customers feel t&at t&e wireless modem ro(ided s&ould -e of more s eed i.e.> t&ey want it to -e as s eed as t&e landline modem $(en t&oug& many eo le are satisfied wit& t&e ,etwork range -ut eo le from remote areas of C&ennai want im ro(ement in t&e network connection Customers suggested to im ro(e t&e customer care ser(ices and t&e res onse gi(en -y t&e customer care em loyees s&ould -e im ro(ed 9ome suggested t&at t&e dialer tune ser(ices s&ould -e increased

1 0

In t&e conclude note of my researc& I am confident to say t&at t&e study ga(e an o ortunity to analy0e (arious factors regarding customer satisfaction. T&e sam le si0e is (ery low so it is (ery difficult concluding it -y saying t&at it is t&e (iew of w&ole o ulation. T&e time ro(ided for t&e researc& is less. I &a(e understood &ow a researc& study is to -e conducted and re are a com re&ensi(e re ort. 9o on and so fort& t&e study &as gi(en me a lot of e3 osure like meeting and talking wit& different eo le.

1 0

Questionnaire AI TEL ## C0STO%E SATISFACTION 1. ,ame1 2. 9e3 1 <emale 1)"2) *ale 2)"3) 3)"4) 4)")) ))"+) A-o(e +)

3. Age 1


+. Is AI#T$%'s signal at your area is goodW Hes ,o

5. Are you satisfied wit& our customer care ser(icesW 9atisfied ,ot satisfied ,e(er used

.. Does our customer care em loyees res ond well for your ;uestions Cood res onse Bad res onse ,e(er used

4. Do you use Internet ser(ices Hes ,o don't know t&at internet connection was t&ere Hes ,o

If yes> are you satisfied wit& internet ser(ices1 1!. Fow many times do you login to internet er day

1 0




not e(en once

11. #ate t&e internet s eed

12. *a3imum rec&arge er mont& 1!"1!! 1!!"2!! 2!!"3!! 3!!"4!! 4!!")!! A-o(e )!!

13. Are you using any offers Hes ,o

If yes> mark t&e offers you are using now 9TD call cutter *essage offer %ocal call cutter 9ongs I9D call cutter ot&ers

14. Are you satisfied wit& t&e offers 9atisfied ,ot satisfied ,e(er used

1). Are you u date wit& current offers Hes ,o

1+. Did you use any ot&er network connection ot&er t&an AI#T$% Hes ,o

15. Do you feel AI#T$% is -etter t&an any ot&er connections Better ,ot -etter


1 0

7e, sites3 &tt 1::management&el .org:customer:satisfy.&tm &tt &tt &tt &tt 1::www.1!!!( &tml

1 0