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Raila offers to Safaricom half

end EAC row year profit up

Pg6 Former PM urges bloc’s P.32 Firm hits new high
leaders to name team for talks after earning Sh11.3bn

∆∆ Nairobi | Wednesday, November 6, 2013 KSh60/00 (TSh1,700/00 : USh2,700/00 : RFr900/00) No. 17752

HAGUE | France, Britain and the US thought to be opposed to African Union’s request for deferral

China leads UN fight

to delay Kenya cases Mutindwa
stalls flattened
Chinese ambassador, who is currently chairing the Security Council, argues Pg18 Train accident
that putting the case off for one year is a matter of international security as scene cleared of all
ICC prosecutor opposes Uhuru bid to stop case against him — Page 4&5 forms of hawking

REGIONAL STABILITY | Uhuru in talks with other leaders over peace in the DR Congo
Exposed: How
Talks come amid youths abuse
heavy fighting
President Kenyatta joined
seven other heads of State in
HIV medicine
Pretoria for a Summit on the
conflict in DR Congo. BY SAMWEL BORN MAINA
Talks came in the wake of re- @Bornmaina
newed fighting in the Congo,

where rebels yesterday sur- enyans are using emergency Aids
rendered after an onslaught medication in place of safe sex,
by government forces. according to health workers.
The UN Security Council Presi- Many young people are having unsafe
dent has said that Kenya and sex and, instead of using condoms, going
Mr Kenyatta play a critical role to public hospitals for the so-called PEP
in international peace, an argu- pills.
ment he says can justify a delay This is a continuation of the abuse of
of the Kenya cases at the ICC. emergency contraceptive pills, which
is widespread despite its health conse-
quences. Post Exposure Prophylaxis is
President Uhuru Kenyatta is
received by his South African CONTINUED ON PAGE 2
counterpart, President Jacob
Zuma, at the OR Tambo INDEX
Building in Pretoria where they
attended a trade summit which News P. 2-11, 16, Counties P. 18-23
opened on Monday and ended Back World P. 24-30
yesterday. Opinion P. 12-13 Business P. 32-36
PHOTO I PSCU Letters P. 14 Sport P. 60-63
2 | National News DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

WORRYING TREND | Alarm over increasing cases of people asking for pills meant to shield health professionals from infection

Youths abusing BACKGROUND

Tablets must be
drugs meant for taken for 28 days
PEP is a combination of two

HIV emergencies
drugs: Aluvia and Combivin and
is only available at no cost in
public hospitals.
A person for whom PEP has
been prescribed is required
Many of them claim to have had to swallow six tablets in a day
“accidents” which exposed them to for 28 days. One takes three
an emergency treatment, mainly for HIV. The accidents, according to tablets — two Aluvia and one
health workers and victims of sexual Nyeri County Aids and Sexually-trans- Combivin — twice a day.
crimes. It is usually administered to mitted Diseases coordinator Jeniffer PEP is not a simple morning-
those suspected to have come into Kiruri, range from sexual assault or a after pill: it is a month-long
contact with HIV-infected material. needle prick to a torn condom. course of treatment.
The treatment must start within She said that between July and Sep- PEP treatment must begin
72 hours of exposure and consists tember, the Nyeri Provincial General within 72 hours of exposure to
of a daily dosage of six tablets taken Hospital gave the pills to more than HIV. The sooner the treatment
for 28 days. 100 patients, most of them young starts the better.
Doctors are worried that those people of 16 years and above. The drug is mostly used within
abusing the PEP pills do not take This group is one of the most at the health sector as part of a
the full dosage, thus not only risk- the risk of HIV infection. comprehensive precautions
ing infection but also incubating a
Ask doctors package that reduces staff ex- PHOEBE OKALL | NATION
virus which is resistant to medica-
posure to infectious hazards at Ms Christine Otieno, who works on HIV prevention at Kenyatta National Hospital,
tion. Dr Enoch Ondari, the Kisii Level
work. with a bottle of the drugs which health experts warn are increasingly being abused
The drugs are only available in Five medical superintendent, said
public hospitals and are provided at the health centre received requests An exposed health care worker by sexually active youth.
no cost. It is illegal for chemists to for PEP occasionally especially dur- should proceed with treatment
stock them. ing weekends. only after informed consent. “Many people were coming for the advice is, before you engage in
When PEP was first introduced as “People do come to our facility to Among the common side effects drug,” she said. “We had to lay down a anything, know the status of your
an emergency drug to prevent HIV seek PEP services with the excuse of PEP are nausea and diarrhoea. protocol. First, a person has to come partner,” she said.
infection in the early 1990s, it was of a burst condom. Normally, this with the partner for testing,” she said. Mrs Christine Otieno, a programme
praised as a scientific breakthrough. happens during the weekends or on “The partner must be traced for one officer in HIV prevention at Kenyatta
At the time, it was meant for health Monday morning,” he said. to get help.” National Hospital, said the demand
professionals who were at great risk Hospital records indicate that more because it is available,” he said. Dr Atieno warned that the drugs for the drug shoots up especially dur-
of being infected with the virus in the men than women ask doctors for the But to qualify for a prescription, should not be a licence for irrespon- ing holidays and after weekends.
line of duty. With time, it was made tablets. one must undergo thorough testing sible sexual behaviour. “We counsel the users first. They
available to people exposed to the Dr Martin Sirengo, the head of and provide contact details to the “The drug’s effectiveness might must finish the dose, otherwise they
virus under circumstances, such as National Aids and STI Control Pro- doctor giving the tablets. backfire if you skip a dose. Why do may be resistant to ARVs in the event
rape or sexual assault. gramme (Nascop), said there had This procedure is meant to make you have to undergo that? You have they acquire the virus,” she said.
In the recent past, however, there been an alarming rise in the number it difficult for middlemen to get the a good option of using a condom,” According to her, some of those
has been a sharp rise in the number of people abusing the drugs especially drugs for free from public hospitals she said. seeking the drug are genuine cases
of people seeking the drugs, after en- after weekends. and resell them. Ms Monica Ndegwa, the Kieni of rape.
gaging in unprotected sex especially “We cannot deny them the drug Dr Juliana Atieno, the chief admin- East District Public Health officer, “Others come with that excuse yet
during holidays and weekends. istrator at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga said the uptake of the drug could be they did it willingly, but we cannot
Many of those asking doctors to TO COMMENT ON THESE AND Teaching and Referral Hospital in because young people wanted to take deny them the service,” she said.
give them the pills use them the same OTHER STORIES GO TO Kisumu, said the hospital was one short-cuts.
way others use emergency contracep- of those that had developed strict “Just like in pregnancy pills, young Additional reporting by Muthini
tives — as an afterthought. guidelines on who should get PEP. people want to take short-cuts. My Stephen

Those who use tablets

unwilling to speak up
BY SAMUEL BORN MAINA October went for a HIV test.
The results were negative.
There has been debate on Another user, who was not
whether people who engage in willing to be named either, said
casual sex should be allowed he had a sexual encounter with
to take PEP. a sex worker.
Dr David Bukusi, who heads “I am sure she was (HIV)
the VCT and HIV prevention positive,” he said. “I had a
unit at KNH, said use of the choice of reversing the pos-
drugs was a danger to public sibility of having acquired the
morality. HIV virus or living with the
Those who have abused the repercussions for the rest of
treatment are reluctant to be my life.”
identified, for fear of being He chose the former and
stigmatised. obtained the drugs. “Now I
“I did not even know her have no worry,” he said.
name nor do I have her con- After completing his dose,
tact,” said a 28-year-old college he went for a series of tests.
student in Kisumu who said he They all turned out negative.
had sought the medicine after However, the drug is not
he had a sexual encounter with without side effects, which
a stranger who had insisted on can include nausea, diarrhoea
not having safe sex. and weight loss.
He had gone to a disco in
July, got drunk and went home
with the stranger. She did not
even introduce herself.
“That alone made me to
suspect her,” he said. “I had
to do something.”
For 28 days, he took the
medicine religiously and in late
Wednesday November 6, 2013 National News 3

GAGGING THE PRESS | Some members siding with complainants, claims the Speaker
Duale calls for talks on media law now train
There is nothing
wrong with Bill, says
their guns
House team as it urges on activists
President to assent to it
@carwafs Days after Parliament passed a retrogressive media law, the
spotlight has now shifted to civil

he National Assembly has society, with an equally punitive
called for dialogue on conten- law targeting funding for NGOs
tious sections of a media Bill in the pipeline.
passed by Parliament last week. The NGO sector injects an ap-
Majority Leader Aden Duale yester- proximated Sh130 billion into the
day said all the concerns raised by the economy annually and employs
media industry should be brought on hundreds of Kenyans.
board as the Energy, Communication The planned changes to the
and Information committee came out Public Benefits Organisations,
to defend the Bill, saying there was FILE | NATION Act 2013 propose that non-gov-
nothing wrong with it. Journalists protest against the controversial media Bill. The National Assembly has called for dialogue on contentious is- ernmental organisations receive
Committee chairman Jamleck sues. only 15 per cent of their budget
Kamau accused the media of subject- from foreign funding.
ing his committee and the National petition the President not to sign the set rules and procedures to enable was important to correct “the wrong

Assembly to “mob lynching”, as Bill into law and refer it back to the it to operate in a conducive environ- impression made by others” concern-
Speaker Justin Muturi said some House to have the contentious areas ment. ing Parliament’s action on the Bill.
members had decided to side with resolved. “It is a high time we established a Mr Kamau poked holes into com-
the media for popularity. “It is true there could be some mutual relationship with the media, plaints raised by the media, terming
The Speaker allowed Mr Kamau oversight by this House but that If there are any contentious areas, let them a misrepresentation. The amount the NGO sector in-
to issue a statement on the Kenya can be dealt with properly if the them come back to the House and He gave what he termed as sum- jects into the Kenyan economy
Information and Communications Bill is brought back to the House,” be resolved,” he said, adding: “Let mary of misinformation on the Bill. annually
(Amendment) Bill, whose need he he said. the stakeholders come together so “The Bill, as assented to by the
said, arose from the debate it had Deputy Minority Whip Chris that we can resolve these issues and President, shall not gag the media Mr Henry Maina, the director
generated. Wamalwa said the media played a move forward.” as claimed but provide for the re- of Article 19, a local NGO, said
Mr Muturi maintained that the Bill, critical role in society and it was In allowing Mr Kamau to issue the sponsible exercise of freedom of the for civil society organisations to
which is awaiting presidential assent, the responsibility of Parliament to statement, the House Speaker said it press which includes protecting the survive under the new law, they
was constitutional. rights of the citizens when news about would have to dance to the tune
The committee chairman said he them is published,” he said, adding of the proposed Public Benefits
was confident that the Bill was “clean that the Constitution limited the right Organisations Federation, a gov-
and clear.” of freedom of expression. ernment body that would monitor
“I actually advise the President to I advise President to sign it, says Kamau “The media is therefore, expected and regulate their operations.
sign it into law,” he said. by the Constitution to exercise its “This proposal seeks to silence
Mr Duale, however, said there freedom of expression in a manner the voices of dissent and would-be
should be dialogue on the matter that is responsible and that respects critics,” said Mr Maina.
even as the Bill awaits the decision the rights and reputation of others,” He said Kenya was clearly begin-
of the President. he said. ning to mimic and borrow from
“Whether he assents to it or not, we Rarieda’s Nicholas Gumbo, a countries like Ethiopia where such
want to sit with the committee and member of the Communications Com- laws have been passed, crippling
go through each clause one by one mittee, said the team and Parliament the human rights sector.
to see which section if any, is draco- were being subjected to “unnecessary The executive director of the
nian. We want to sit with the media “I actually advise the “Whether he assents “It is true there could mob justice”. International Centre for Policy
fraternity and move ahead without President to sign it into to it or not, we want to be some oversight by He said media practitioners were and Conflict, Mr Ndung’u Wain-
emotions because we are making law. It shall not gag sit with the committee this House but that can consulted before the Bill was put aina, said the proposed law was an
laws for posterity so that Kenya gets the media as claimed and go through each be dealt with properly before the House. indication that democracy was still
the best media laws that will ensure but provide for the clause one by one to if the Bill is brought However, he said dialogue was in its infancy in the country. “The
democracy and good governance is responsible exercise of see which section if back to the House” necessary. “Please let us come and most important thing is that this
entrenched,” he stated. freedom of the press” any, is draconian” Mr John Mbadi reason together. This law wasn’t made is not an isolated issue. This is a
Suba MP John Mbadi argued that Mr Jamleck Kamau Mr Aden Duale in heaven, it was made right here in result of an incomplete democratic
rather than reopening debate into the this House. Don’t make it look like transition facing Kenya,” he said.
matter, the House committee should we are at war,” he said.
4 | National News TRIAL IN THE HAGUE
Wednesday November 6, 2013

JUSTICE | ICC says it excused Ruto from court because the reasons met the threshold Botswana
China throws its ‘backs AU on
Kenya cases’
weight behind GABORONE, Tuesday

Kenya’s High Commissioner

calls for deferral

to Botswana Jean Kimani said
Botswana supports the deferral
of International Criminal Court
(ICC) cases against President
Kenyatta and his Deputy Presi-
dent William Ruto.
KEVIN KELLY with the position taken by the US, She said the southern African
In NEW YORK Britain and France, which are also nation had initially backed the idea permanent members with veto power of bringing the trial of the cases
AND WALTER MENYA over council resolutions. nearer home.
@menyawalter Russia, the fifth permanent mem- “Botswana has clearly expressed ber, is believed to favour a resolution its position that they support de-
In THE HAGUE seeking a one-year deferral of the pro- ferral of the ICC cases. They also
ceedings against President Kenyatta supported the cases be moved

hina’s ambassador to the and Deputy President William Ruto. closer to Kenya to accommodate
United Nations has said that Mr Liu did not indicate specifically the President and his deputy”, Ms
his country supports the when the resolution will be taken up FILE | NATION Kimani (below) said.
Africa-backed resolution calling for by the 15-member council. Deputy President William Ruto receiving a Bible from Mr William Chepkut outside
deferral of the ICC cases against “The usual practice,” he said, “is ICC last week. Mr Chepkut presented the Bible on behalf of his boss, former Cabi-
Kenya’s leaders. that council members will have con- net minister Nicholas Biwott.
“We fully understand the con- sultations on a draft resolution and
cerns of the African Union and also decide on what course of action the of international peace. Uhuru Kenyatta were planned when
the concerns of the Kenyan govern- council will take.” “We believe the security council, the schedule did not foresee extension
ment,” ambassador Liu Jieyi said at At a news conference outlining according to the Charter of the United of the current session,” he said.
the UN headquarters in New York. the council’s programme of work for Nations, should support efforts of The chamber also held that the cri-
“China supports the Security Council November, the Chinese envoy framed regional organisations to maintain teria for excusal set in the judgement
in actively and positively responding the effort to defer the ICC cases as peace and security,” he said. “As an of the Appeals Chamber of October
to the call of the AU and the Kenyan consistent with the need to maintain important country in Africa, Kenya 25 were met.
government.” international peace and security. plays a significant role in maintaining The chamber agreed with the Ruto She was speaking in an inter-
The council is legally able to initi- regional stability, mediating regional defence that adjournment, which is view with the Presidential Strategic
With veto power ate a deferral of ICC prosecutions issues and countering terrorism.” one of the alternatives available to Communication Unit (PSCU) in
Mr Liu is also serving as the only when it judges such an action The ICC said it excused Mr Ruto it, would not be feasible since there her office in Gaborone ahead of
president of the security council to be consistent with maintenance from the courtroom because the is witness 268 on the stand whose President Kenyatta’s one-day visit
this month. His country is one of reasons his defence gave met the ex- testimony cannot be disrupted. to the country today.
the five permanent members of the ceptional circumstances threshold. “They say other aspects of the
security council. While giving the reasons for the Meeting on refugees Rome Statute should be dealt with
“Kenya’s leaders, who were demo- excusal yesterday, presiding judge President Kenyatta left for an official at state parties’ conference later
cratically elected by the Kenyan Chile Eboe-Osuji said the chamber visit to South Africa and Botswana on this month”, she said.
people, and their dignity, should be China supports the Security was satisfied with the reasons in Mr Monday and is expected home today. Asked about comments attrib-
fully protected and respected,” he said, Council in actively and Ruto’s application, which was largely And Mr Ruto is required to chair a uted to Foreign Minister Phandu
and asked the council to “ensure that made in a private session. meeting on refugee and drought on Skelemani earlier in the year that
the Kenyan leaders can concentrate
positively responding to Mr Ruto was on Friday excused Thursday and Friday. President Kenyatta would not be
on discharging their constitutional the call of the AU and the from being in the courtroom for the Both the prosecution and the vic- allowed to set foot in Botswana, Ms
duties, including playing a very Kenyan government” whole of this week. tims had opposed the Ruto request Kimani said: “We’ve been assured
constructive regional role in peace “The chamber is satisfied that the arguing that granting him the excusal at highest level that this was not
and security.” China’s ambassador to the UN circumstances are exceptional. The would make his absence the general the official position of the Govern-
China’s position puts it at odds Liu Jieyi meetings for Mr Ruto and President rule rather than the exception. ment of Botswana.” (PSCU)


1/8 Acre only Kes, 850,000/=
(Few Remaining)
Wednesday November 6, 2013 TRIAL IN THE HAGUE National News 5

PROSECUTION | ICC Chief Prosecutor responds to application seeking a permanent stay of proceedings

Bensouda rejects Uhuru bid to end case

Issues BY WALTER MENYA In the application, President

Feb 4
@menyawalter Kenyatta had alleged that his
raised in his witnesses have been intimidated
or interfered with, to change their
CC Prosecutor Fatou Ben- Date next year set for Uhuru’s testimony “for reward”.
would be souda has asked the court
to reject the application
trial in The Hague The application had further
asked the judges of the ICC that if
better raised by President Kenyatta to stop the accusations against the Office
charges against him because it of the Prosecutor (OTP) of abus-
at cross- “comes nowhere near the high ing the court process were proven,
examination threshold required for a stay.” “it would necessitate a permanent

The prosecution is also opposed stay of the proceedings”.
and not to holding an evidentiary hearing “An evidential hearing on
grounds that the accused had requested
as an alternative to dropping the
abuse of process would require
the calling of live witnesses,”
to stop the charges against him. The accused’s President Kenyatta said in the
In the event the Trial Chamber application for a public redacted application of
trial decides to consider the applica- October 10.
tion, Ms Bensouda says, that permanent stay... comes Mr Kenyatta’s lawyers had
should not stop the trial of Mr nowhere near the high raised queries concerning the
Kenyatta from starting. conduct of OTP 118, OTP 11 and
The prosecution holds that threshold... established OTP 12, prosecution investigators
the trial of President Kenyatta for such relief” and an intermediary.
can run simultaneously with the His defence team had stated
determination of application to ICC persecutor Fatou that on OTP 118, they had “ex-
stop proceedings. Bensouda tensive evidence” that the witness
“The Accused’s application for worked with the investigator,
a permanent stay of proceedings described as an intermediary,
(“Application”) comes nowhere to intimidate and interfere with
near the high threshold the Ap- attacks on the credibility of two “Even viewed in the light most — are reasons to have a trial, potential defence witnesses.
peals Chamber has established for prosecution witnesses. Neither favourable to the Defence, the ar- not reasons to avoid a trial,” the Last week, the Trial Chamber
such relief. On the contrary, the surpasses the high bar required guments regarding the credibility prosecution said. V (b) allowed the prosecution to
matters raised in the Application for the imposition of a stay,” of the Prosecution’s Mungiki October 10, President Kenyatta exceed the 20-page limit in its
show why a trial is necessary,” Ms the response dated November witnesses merely raise possible asked the ICC to stop the case response to President Kenyat-
Bensouda said in her response. 5 states. avenues of cross-examination and against him citing “serious, sus- ta’s application.
“The Application proceeds The prosecution argued that the lines of defence. The Defence’s tained and wide-ranging abuse on Ms Bensouda has now re-
on two fronts: (i) assertions re- issues President Kenyatta raised arguments on witness credibility the process of the court carried sponded in 41 pages according
garding alleged offences against in his application would be better — which omit facts that under- out by” three witnesses against to the public redacted version,
the administration of justice by raised at cross-examination and mine the Defence’s position and him in collaboration with the outlining the reasons why the
P-0118 and [Redacted]; and (ii) not grounds to stop the trial. which the Prosecution disputes court’s investigators. application should be rejected.

Sang used his radio programme

to preach peace, defence says
BY NATION REPORTER all the parties, does he recom- Mr Ruto?
mend the party that should be Witness: Yes.
Mr Joshua arap Sang used followed by all listeners? Defence: Mr Witness, could
his popular radio programme Witness: Not from what I you confirm, as a matter of fact
Le Nee Emet (What is the world have read. that Sang was pleading for
saying) to preach peace, his Defence: Could you confirm, peace and perseverance?
defence told the The-Hague- that Sang says ‘I am shocked’ Witness: Yes.
based court yesterday. on the second line of the trans- (Court goes into private
Mr Sang’s defence lawyer lation by the prosecution? session)
Katwa Kigen said his client Witness: Yes. Mr Kigen also said that after
was “pleading for peace and Defence: Could you explain the elections, Mr Sang was not
perseverance” even before Ken- to the court what shocked only concerned by the violence
yans went to the elections in him? in the Rift Valley but the entire
2007. On February 18, 2008, Witness: He is shocked by country.
Mr Kigen said, his client “dedi- the fact that the caller doesn’t Defence: Mr Witness, you
cated his programme to prayers prioritise the person but the also notice Sang has high-
and Bible reading.” party. lighted violence was all over
Mr Kigen’s cross-examina- Defence: And the person is Kenya?
tion of Witness 268 was fraught Witness: Yes, your honour.
with private sessions, cutting Defence: Did you listen to
various sections of the witness this broadcast?
testimony from the public. Witness: I can’t remember.
The defence also maintained Defence: When the prosecu-
that Mr Sang (right) did not tion played to you the audio
support any political party of February 18, 2008, did they
and ODM for that matter also play out this audio I have
at the elections. He played just played to you?
audio recordings of his client’s Witness: I can’t remember.
broadcasts in 2007 and 2008 No, I don’t recall.
to prove to the court that his Defence: Mr Witness, you
client was innocent. realise Mr Sang is asking
Defence: The host of the the listeners of Le Nee Emet
programme makes reference to disclose who planned the
to PNU. Doesn’t he? violence?
Witness: Yes, your honour. Witness: Yes, your honour.
Defence: He also makes ref- Mr Kigen also sought to dis-
erence to ODM, doesn’t he? credit the witness testimony
Witness: Yes, your honour that Mr Sang had told people
Defence: He also makes to demonstrate against stolen
reference to ODM Kenya, elections, saying, the accused
doesn’t he? appealed for people to remain
Witness: Yes, your honour indoors and leave the tallying
Defence: At the end of listing of votes to politicians.
6 | National News DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

LAND PROBE | Team rules Cabinet Secretary’s moves unconstitutional

Rates to hurt
Ngilu land report splits House commuters,
court told

Attempts to stop debate
on minister’s conduct
fails with a lawmaker Furthermore, Hon
Matatu users will have to pay
more if “exorbitant charges” by
saying she must take Ngilu should be Nairobi County are not scrapped,
full responsibility held to account
a court was told yesterday.
Matatu operators moved to
for any undesired the High Court, in Milimani, ac-
BY JOHN NGIRACHU cusing the Nairobi Government
consequences such of overstepping its mandate by as, but not limited requiring high fees from the
transport hoods.
to, financial loss that
ebate on a report critical of The Matatu Owners Association,
the conduct of Lands Cabinet may arise from the accused the county government
Secretary Charity Ngilu began aforementioned acts of viral injustice over what they
last evening as an MP prepared an termed “exorbitant charges in
amendment seeking to have her “take of commission on parking fees.”
full responsibility.” her part,” The high rates the matatus will
Ugunja’s Opiyo Wandayi (ODM) be paying daily will be channelled
says in his amendment that Mrs Ngilu
JENIFFER MUIRURI | NATION Ugunja MP Opiyo to the passenger, lawyer Harrison
should take full responsibility for the Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu with senators Dan Mwazo (centre) and Chris Wandayi Kinyanjui, for the matatu owners,
“unconstitutional, illegal and irregular Obure when she appeared before the Senate’s Agricultural committee yesterday. told the court.
acts of creating offices and making “An increase will affect the
arbitrary appointments, promotions He said it was confirmed that Mrs promotions reversed. It had asked allegations designed to interfere whole country’s transport. Many
and transfers in the ministry.” Ngilu had overstepped her mandate Mrs Ngilu to, as a matter of urgency, with it. Mr Muturi told off MP Kisoi public service vehicles disembark
“Further, Hon Ngilu should be held by creating positions and appointing submit to the National Assembly the Munyao (Mbooni, Wiper), who was in Nairobi... This issue is of great
to account for any undesired conse- those to fill them. regulations needed to put into further at the head of a plan to have Mr national importance,” he said, add-
quences such as, but not limited to, Mr William Cheptumo (Baringo effect the Lands Act. Joseph Gitari, the vice-chairman of ing that the “ blanket charge was
financial loss that may arise from the North, URP) said the minister did Mr Wandayi’s amendment could set the Committee on Delegated Legisla- not agreed upon by all parties.
aforementioned acts of commission that based on a draft proposal de- up a serious war of words with MPs tion, reprimanded. But Mr Tom Ojienda, for the
on her part,” he states in the amend- spite the Public Service Commission who support the Cabinet Secretary Mr Munyao claimed that Mr Gitari county, said the county govern-
ment. being legally in charge of appointing and those who had lobbied hard since was a director of three companies and ment had all the powers to enact
The joint committees on Delegated people to positions it created in the the report was presented in the House had taken money from the Lamu Port traffic by-laws. “The laws should
Legislation and Land have declared civil service. on Thursday. and South Sudan Ethiopia Transport be upheld. Public participation was
that Mrs Ngilu’s appointment of Mr The committee recommended that This was apparent in the numbers (Lapsset) Corridor project. He could involved...”
Peter Kahuho as the Director General the officers who had been transferred present in the evening as debate not back his claims and was forced A judgment on the application
of Lands was unconstitutional. The ap- or removed from office be reinstated started on a dramatic note with to withdraw and apologise to Mr will be made on December 6.
pointment has since been revoked. and the irregular appointments or Speaker Justin Muturi rejecting Gitari.

Raila offers to help
resolve EAC dispute NAIROBI
Involve all Kenyans,
BY NATION REPORTER ya’s envoy at large, with his
Jubilee fete team told
supporters terming it a ploy Deputy President William
Former Prime Minister to push him into political Ruto has asked the team plan-
Raila Odinga yesterday retirement. ning celebrations to mark 50
offered to help resolve the The Cord leader’s con- years of independence to involve
controversy threatening to cerns came in the wake all Kenyans in preparations. Mr
break up the East African of reports from Dar es Ruto said Kenyans should own
Community. Salaam that Tanzania was the project by being given the
Mr Odinga appealed to considering a pulling out of opportunity to take part and give
Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta, the EAC. their views. Addressing members
Yoweri Museveni (Uganda), Its minister for EAC of the National Steering Commit-
Jakaya Kikwete (Tanzania) Affairs, Mr Samuel Sitta, tee at his official residence, the
and Paul Kagame (Rwanda) is reported to have told a Deputy President said both cur-
to urgently pick a panel of charged Parliament in Do- rent and former leaders should be
statesmen from the EAC to doma that Dar would not involved in ensuring the success
resolve the controversy that wait for a “divorce certifi- of the programme. “This event
has seen Tanzania threaten cate” from Kenya, Rwanda will be important in the history of
to pull out of the political and Uganda, but would this country,” said Mr Ruto.
and economic bloc. “shoot before we are shot.”
“I want to propose to re- The minister spoke on
gional Heads of State that the same day Presidents LAIKIPIA
a panel of statesmen from Kenyatta, Kagame, Musev-
the EAC be put together eni and Salva Kiir of South Ethiopians sent to
to work out a mechanism
to resolve the impasse and
Sudan signed a host of
protocols and agreements
jail for six months
put the union back on in Kigali, including A Nanyuki court has sentenced
track,” he told a press free movement 11 Ethiopians to six months im-
conference. of goods and prisonment each for being in the
Asked whether persons, country illegally. The foreigners
he was ready to i n f ra - were jailed after they failed to
sit on the panel structural raise a Sh20,000 fine following
if picked, Mr Od- develop- their guilty plea to the charge be-
inga answered in ment and fore chief magistrate Jesse Nyaga.
the affirmative. transfor- They were intercepted at a road-
“Yes, I’m ready mation block in Timau, Meru County,
to represent into a on October 21 at 5.30am. They
Kenya on that single Cus- initially could not take the plea
panel.” t o m s since there was no interpreter
Mr Odinga has Union. available and were not conversant
previously resisted with either Kiswahili or English.
overtures from the Ju- The accused pleaded guilty to
bilee Government to the charges after the court got an
appoint him Ken- interpreter.
Wednesday November 6, 2013 7
8 | National News DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

COUNTERFEIT MONEY | Banks insist strict control measures are in place to check cash handling
Row over land

Report cases of fake notes: Banks now threatens

county’s big day
Bank-related fraud FAKE CURRENCY CHECK
is investigated as a Controls banks
A row has erupted between the
national and Machakos county gov-
criminal offence by the ernments over land, threatening

CBK, says association say are in place the planned opening of the much
publicised investment plan by
All cash handling is under CCTV President Kenyatta on Friday.
monitoring and always under Agriculture Cabinet Secretary
BY AGGREY MUTAMBO dual custody of both bank staff Felix Koskei has accused the
and the contracted cash man- county government of grabbing
agement firm. hundreds of acres of land.
Cash received in banks is Speaking yesterday when he

anks are now asking those who scanned through a machine at presided over the signing of per-
have received fake currencies point of receiving (by tellers) formance contracts by parastatal
either through ATMs or over that validates and detects any chiefs in his ministry, Mr Koskei
the counters to report the cases to fakes currencies. said that the county led by Dr
the Central Bank’s Fraud Investigat- Alfred Mutua had encroached on
ing Unit, or their respective banks as Cash is then moved to strong 2,000 acres that were allocated to
soon as possible. JENNIFER MUIRURI | NATION
Rooms where again it is vali- the ministry in 1948.
Kenya Bankers Association chief dated by a different team with He said Head of Civil Service
Fake one thousand shillings notes. Banks want customers to report to the Central
executive Habil Olaka yesterday told bigger machines that will cer- Joseph Kinyua visited the land set
Bank or alert them when they receive fake currency over the counter or at ATMs. tainly catch any fake currencies
the Nation that cases of fake notes aside for livestock on Monday to
getting into circulation from banks the suspicious notes to their respec- money is put into the ATM, he gets no matter how sophisticated. confirm the encroachment.
were “remote”, but said banks were tive banks or CBK’s Banking Fraud his share and life goes on. Because The cash is then loaded into “The land is for livestock disease
willing to ensure such incidents do Investigation Department.” you can’t deposit fake money through locked trays that go into the surveillance and the animal genetic
not recur. The association, which represents an ATM. Don’t look further, banks ATMs. These “trays” cannot be centre,” Mr Koskei said.
“I would like to emphasise that a commercial banks in the country was should screen their staff,” claimed manually opened or accessed. He told the county government,
bank-related fraud, no matter how responding to a story published in the Stephen Hanya, in a comment to which wants to use the land for in-
small, is investigated as a criminal Nation on Monday in which a number the online story.
The trays are inserted into the vestments including construction
offence by Central Bank of Kenya’s of Kenyans claimed they had with- The Consumer Federation of Kenya ATMs and only the ATM can pull of a new city, to stay away from the
Bank Fraud Investigations Depart- drawn money from automated teller asked banks to acknowledge the prob- out cash from the machines. land until talks are held.
ment. Each case does matter despite machines only to turn out fake. lem and do something about it. But Dr Mutua denied that the
its magnitude,” Mr Olaka said in a Yesterday, more Kenyans continued “If customers have had this ex- But banks argue the procedure of county had grabbed land belonging
statement. to share their experience with fake perience, it is up to the banks to loading cash in ATMs follows a very to the national government.
“Bearing in mind the control meas- currency notes as some accused bank- acknowledge there is a problem and strict routine to ensure notes custom- He added: “We are shocked be-
ures exercised by most banks during ing staff of conning banks. take responsibility by preventing ers get are authentic. According to cause the minister knows the truth.
cash handling, we urge members of “This is how it’s done, the tellers similar incidents in future,” Cofek Mr Olaka, each bank has installed We have our land and he has his
the public alleging to have been issued accept fake money, they balance their secretary-general Stephen Mutoro devices that ensure the notes and land. If the minister has any is-
with fake notes to report and present accounts at the end of their shift, the told the Nation. coins are genuine. sues to discuss, we welcome him
to Machakos for a cup of tea.”


Wednesday November 6, 2013 National News 9

INFERNO | Residents count their losses after fire destroys 16 houses at city estate UK scraps
Residents of
Highridge estate
in Korogocho
salvage whatever visa bond
was left of their
after fire razed
their homes Britain has abandoned a conten-
tious proposal to have people from
yesterday. More
selected countries deposit a bond
than 16 houses of Sh400,000 before they can be
were reduced to granted visas.
ashes. The cause The policy was revealed in
of the fire was June by Home Secretary Theresa
not immediately May, but will now be scrapped,
known. according to a spokesperson for
JEFF ANGOTE | the British Home Office.
NATION “The government has been
considering whether we pilot a
bond scheme that would deter
people from overstaying the visa.
We have decided not to proceed,”
EDUCATION | The number of devices has been slashed and some specifications removed to lower cost the spokesman said.

Laptops reduced in new tender

Price negotiations will ment Oversight Authority to allow mercials was the lowest bidder

change of tender. The laptops will quoting Sh28.7 billion — three times British High Commissioner to
be allowed if bidders cost Sh17.5 billion. the government budget while Huawei Kenya Christian Turner (pictured)
In August, a ministry tender asked of China quoted the highest, Sh60.5 yesterday told the Nation: “The UK
quote more than the for the supply of 1,378,622 laptops, Amount set aside to buy 1.2 billion. wants the brightest and the best
government’s budget 20,673 printers and a similar number
of projectors.
million laptops Others were Samsung Electron-
ics (Sh39.1 billion), Symphony
to help create the jobs and growth
that will enable Britain to compete
To appeal to more bidders, the bid Technologies (Sh38 billion), Haier in the global race.”
BY ISAAC ONGIRI security was reduced to Sh50 million Technologies (Sh34 billion), ZTE The policy was set for piloting

@ongiri2 from Sh228 million. Corporation (Sh33 billion) and Tel- this month to coincide with the To reduce costs, content-sharing com Kenya (Sh32 billion). start of the Christmas shopping
platform has been removed. Mastec EA Ltd placed two bids season.

he primary schools laptops “Content sharing management plat- Lowest quote in the previous quoting Sh32.6 billion in one and Kenya was among six countries
have been reduced from 1.3 form and class management is critical. laptops tender Sh31.3 billion in another while Shen in Africa and Asia that had been
million to 1.2 million. Content sharing platform should be Zhen Auto Digital quoted Sh30.3 singled out as “high risk”, mean-
The additional 20,537 laptops for a fully functional learning system,” billion. ing they are the source of the
teachers will be bought separately read a clause in the previous tender. Of the Sh 17.5 billion set aside for highest number of immigrants
according to a tender advertised This has now been deleted. Safaricom chief executive Bob the laptops, Sh800 million would be to the UK.
yesterday. Yesterday, Cabinet Secretary Jacob Collymore said if they were allocated spent on training, Sh500 million for The £3,000 bond was to serve
Price negotiations will be allowed Kaimenyi and Principle Secretary additional spectrum for a 4G or LTE digital content and Sh5.8 billion for as a guarantee that the visa ap-
if bidders quote more than the gov- Belio Kipsang were not available for networks over the next 24 months, setting up computer laboratories in plicants would return home after
ernment’s budget. comment. “I am in a meeting in Paris,” they would provide free broad band 10 primary schools in each of the the allowed period.
A top Education ministry official Dr Kipsang said. access to all public primary schools country’s 290 constituencies. Others countries were Nigeria,
said that permission had been sought Some bidders have called for fur- with the laptops. Each school would be supplied with India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and
as required from the Public Procure- ther review. In the previous tender, HP Com- about 50-100 laptops next year. Bangladesh.

Kilimambogo House P.O. Box 9300-00300, Nairobi Kenya

2nd Floor Room 7 Tel: 020-2416330 Cell: 0714-293176, 0720-300517,
Junction of Mfangano 0722-697804
Street/ Haile Selassie Avenue website:
Your Best Partner in Enhancing Your Investment
1) KONZA TECHNO CITY 50ft x 100ft

b) Size:
Size: 50ft x 100ft Price: Ksh 200,000 Commercial
Price: Ksh 320,000 (Cash) c) Size: 50ft x 100ft Plots
per plot Price: Ksh 150,000
Installments: Ksh 340,000 for 4 Months
Deposit: Ksh 160,000
4) RUAI – Kangundo Rd.
2) NAROK TOWN Phase III a) Location: Kantafu -
Narok Town next to Kenya (3.5Km off Kangundo Rd)
Technical Teachers College Size: 50ft x 100ft
(KTTC) Price: Ksh 180,000
Size: 50ft x 100ft Deposit: Ksh 80,000
Price: Ksh 90,000 (Cash) Installment: 4 Months
Installments: Ksh 120,000 for 4 Months
Deposit: Ksh 50,000 b) Location: K.B.C KIHATE (With
Ready Title Deeds)
3) KONA BARIDI – (Oltepesi
Size: 50ft x 100ft
(Touching Magadi Rd) Price: Ksh 500,000 (Cash)
a) Size: 40ft x100ft
Price: Ksh 85,500 c) Size: 40ft x 80ft
Deposit: Ksh 30,000 Price: Ksh 400,000 (Cash)

For more information visit our office or contact the Sales Director,


TEL: 020 2416330 - Cell: 0714 293 176, 0721979119,
0711549411, 0720300517 & 0722697804.
• Customers for the following phases are advised to collect their Title
Deeds; Utawala Phases I, II,IV,V,VI,VII and Ruai Phases I,II & V
• Site viewing is on Sundays at 9.00 am and transport is provided free of
10 | National News DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

JUDICIARY | Court rules Judicial Service Commission has to file a response first
Parties failed
elections test,
Shollei fails to block successor says KNCHR
Former Registrar fears
someone new could be Political parties have come
under criticism over how they
hired to replace her and conducted nominations ahead of
make petition irrelevant the last General Election.
In a monitoring report of the
2013 political party nominations
BY PAUL OGEMBA titled “Break from the past”, the
@PaulOgemba Kenya National Commission on Human Rights faulted political
parties for lack of transparency

ormer Judiciary Chief Registrar and accountability.
Gladys Shollei yesterday failed Commission CEO Patricia
to block the recruitment of her Nyaundi said the Independent
successor. Electoral Boundary Commission
She was told by the Industrial Court ought to have monitored the nomi-
that her plea for temporary injunction nations to ensure transparency.
could not be granted. “There ought to be very clear
Mr Justice Nduma Nderi ruled that nomination rules managed by the
the Judicial Service Commission PRAYERS IEBC and the registrar (of political
would have to file their response parties) was supposed to be very
first. What former firm in implementing the laws and
“Industrial Court rules prohibit
granting of interim orders and I grant Registrar seeks the rules,” said Ms Nyaundi.

the commission 10 days to respond

before the hearing on November 15,”
PAUL WAWERU | NATION An order recalling and
said Judge Nderi. Mr Bryan Yongo outside the Milimani Law Courts yesterday after the hearing of revoking her letter of dis-
Mrs Shollei, through lawyer Donald an application in which he is seeking to be enjoined in a petition between the missal.

Kipkorir, wanted to block the recruit- Judicial Service Commission and the National Assembly. An order reinstating her in
ment of a new chief registrar until office pending determina-
her case challenging her sacking not to seek Mrs Shollei’s reinstate- to call witnesses and although I denied tion of the suit.
was heard. ment but to put on hold the search for the allegations, the commission still

The Chief Registrar’s office
her replacement. The petition will be went ahead to sack me.” Ms Nyaundi (above) said all
Loss of Sh2 billion useless if her successor is appointed Her plea was taken to the Industrial not to be occupied by any the political parties were unable
Mrs Shollei was sacked on Octo- before the issues she has raised are Court after the High Court ruled that other person other than to run organised, efficient, free and
ber 18 after two months of protracted determined.” hers was a labour dispute. her. transparent nominations.

dispute with her employer over her The former registrar is seeking to At the same time, businessman An order restraining the “In the nomination process, the
management conduct and allegations quash the decision to send her home. Bryan Yongo is seeking to be enjoined JSC from interfering with parties should be disciplined and
of misappropriation of funds amount- She also asserts that her rights were in the court dispute between the JSC her rights. avoid the use of paper bags as the

ing to more than Sh2 billion. violated since the allegations against and the National Assembly. An order for compensation ballot boxes and the use of exercise
The commission advertised for the her did not exist in any law and she Mr Yongo said that he had asked books as the ballot papers to avoid
for her sacking and viola-
post and invited applications with the also wants compensation for termi- Parliament to remove a JSC commis- irregularities,” she added.
tion of her rights
deadline set for November 18. nation. sioner and the dispute would directly Ms Nyaundi, who was speaking
Mr Kipkorir argued: “Our prayer is Mrs Shollei says: “I was not allowed affect him. in Kisumu during a forum for civil
society to debate the report, noted
that all the nominations were char-

Two die after being hit by motorists in separate cases acterised by massive irregularities
and lack of preparedness.
“Parties did not give enough
time for complaint redress and
BY NATION CORRESPONDENT Martha Mutegi said nobody had re- have told us they heard hooting and Emuhaya head of police Benson there was lack of personnel to
ported a missing relative, making it screeching of emergency brakes. The Kilonzo said: “The man was seriously address the disputes at the party
Two people were yesterday killed in difficult to identify the man. vehicle could have been speeding,” the injured. He died moments after he level,” she said.
two separate road accidents. She said that the vehicle involved Sabatia police chief said. arrived at Yala Hospital.” She confirmed that political pa-
In the first accident, a man said to remained unidentified as the acci- The man’s body was taken to Vihiga He called on motorists and pedes- tronage manifested itself as some
be mentally ill, was killed by a hit-and- dent occurred when the public was district hospital mortuary. trians to be careful and obey all traffic party leaders sought to manipulate
run vehicle at Mago near Losengeli still asleep. In the other accident, a car hit a rules to reduce accidents. the outcome of nominations using
Secondary School on Chavakali- “A hit-and-run vehicle killed him. 72-year-old pedestrian at Ebuyangu, His body is at the hospital’s mor- the vulnerable in the society.
Kapsabet road. Sabatia police officer People living close to the highway in Emuhaya District. tuary
Wednesday November 6, 2013 National News 11

PROBE | Relatives believe their loved one was murdered BRIEFLY

MAKING A MARK| VP’s souvenir

Wanjiru kin demand

Elderly man lynched
over theft of vehicles

role as inquest starts An elder accused of helping

carjackers was yesterday lynched
at Matsangoni village in Kilifi.
Confirming the incident, Kilifi
police boss Justine Nyagah said
Family protests CHRONOLOGY
amination reports prepared
by government pathologist
that Mr Ngala Mumba, 75, was
killed by villagers after he was
against exclusion Champion Moses Njue, and family pa- found with stolen solar and car
thologists Emily Rogena (for batteries and other motor vehi-
from key probe into
the death of athlete died in 2011 Wanjiru’s mother) and Peter
Ndegwa (for Wanjiru’s wife)
cle spare parts. Before he was
lynched, he took villagers to a
have been produced but they house where the parts were kept.
have different findings on the
BY JAMES KARIUKI cause of death. An official at the Nyahururu BUNGOMA
Law Courts, Mr S. Munene,
Woman in custody for
arathon champion confirmed the inquest had
Samwel Wanjiru’s
family yesterday
started but sought more in-
formation on the High Court
throwing away baby
protested over an inquest order, saying they were will- A woman has been arrested for
started in Nyahururu without ing to abide by it once it was throwing away her new-born baby.
their knowledge. December 30, 2010: Wan- brought to their attention. The baby was allegedly dumped
They argued that their jiru arrested on charges of Wanjiru burst onto the along a river bank in Mt Elgon.
exclusion would deny the possessing AK-47 rifle. world stage with his glorious The lifeless body of the baby was
public the chance to know January 2, 2011: He de- performance at the 2008 mutilated by dogs. Area residents
what killed him. Beijing Olympics, clocking found the body and some of them
nies gun-related and wife
In a letter to Nyahururu the best time ever of 2:06: started baying for the woman’s
assault charges and is re-
Law Courts, family spokes- 32 during which he brought blood. She was rescued by the
leased on bond.
man John Mwihia they had home Kenya’s first gold ever police. Kaptama police boss Justus
not been given a copy of the May 15, 2011: Wanjiru dies. in a marathon. Njeru said the woman would be
inquest file to study and pre- May 17: 2011: Two women arraigned in court today.
pare for the case. claiming to be Wanjiru’s World record
Mr Mwihia said the family wives join his official wife He became a profes-
believed Wanjiru (right) was Trizah Njeri in mourning. sional at a young age and EMBU
murdered and was optimistic broke the world record in
the inquest would expose the May 20, 2011: Wanjiru’s the half marathon when he Use sports for cancer
mother Hannah Wanjiru,
killers of one of Kenya’s most
loved athlete. 50, claims her son was
was 18 years old.
In 2007, he broke the 20km
drive, says marathoner
murdered. road race record and improved Five-time world marathon
Muthaiga mansion the half marathon record by champion John Ngugi has asked
He died after allegedly fall- more than 20 seconds. sportsmen to use their influ-
ing from a 14-foot balcony at The following year, he won ence in sensitising the public on
his Muthaiga mansion in ordered by the High Court in both the London Marathon the need to be tested for cancer.
Nyahururu on May 15, three Nakuru,” he said in the letter. and the Chicago Marathon. Speaking at Kangaru High School
years ago. Mr Mwihia was shocked by Yesterday, Mr Mwihia said DIANA NGILA | NATION during this year’s Oasis of Life
“We have been cooperating the start of the inquest, main- the family was eager to get to World Bank Vice-President for Sustainable Develop- cancer awareness walk, Mr Ngugi
with Criminal Investigations taining that if family was not the heart of the matter, adding ment Network Rachel Kyte plants a tree during her tour said many people were unwilling
Department officers at the involved, it would deny crucial that they would not rest until of the ‘maji mashinani’ water and sewerage project in to go for voluntary screening in
Nairobi-based Serious Crimes witnesses an opportunity to the truth was unearthed. Kayole’s Soweto slum yesterday. hospitals. But when the activity
Unit and it is our wish that the testify and fully take part. The case will be mentioned was part of a sporting event, par-
inquest be held in Nairobi as Three postmortem ex- next month in Nyahururu. ticipants get tested.
12 | Opinion DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

MPs want to cripple

NGOs: Don’t let them
he mood and tone in Parliament yesterday
indicates that the House is determined
to ram through laws against the free and
independent media despite President Kenyatta’s
assurance that no unconstitutional Bills will get his
The Kenya Information and Communications
(Amendment) Bill has already won passage
in Parliament. All that is required now is the
President’s signature for the most oppressive anti-
media laws in Kenya’s history to come into effect.
The equally oppressive Media Council Bill is
in the House business pipeline and is still being
pushed through despite universal alarm and official
assurances that the government has no intention of
gagging the media.
And not content with silencing probably the
most vibrant and responsible media in the whole of
Africa, the authorities want to cripple another key
independent voice that over the past two decades
played a pivotal role in the fight for democracy,
human rights and good governance. The move to
amend the Public Benefits Organisations is a clear
attempt to neutralise NGOs.
The fight against the dictatorial one-party rule
in the early 1990s, onwards to the realisation of a
progressive new Constitution in 2010, succeeded in
no small measure due to the contribution of NGOs.
By plotting to starve NGOs of foreign donations
and directing that all such donations be routed GIVE ME LIBERTY . . . | Jaindi Kisero
through a State-controlled organ, the government

Press freedom is not a gift from the

intends to cripple yet another independent voice
crucial to holding it to public scrutiny.
Trying to gag media and civil society at the same
time cannot be a coincidence. It can only be part of

politicians; it’s a fundamental right

a well-orchestrated scheme to silence all dissenting
voices as prelude to something more sinister.
Kenyans must rise up as one and say NO to any
threat of a return to totalitarianism.

don’t panic when a sanctions against breaches Kamau, Fred Matiang’i, announced that he was
story I have written of the code of ethics, but or even William Ruto and setting up a stakeholders’

Get rid of rent-seekers offends people in

authority. But I lose sleep
also puts out a bulletin
periodically to highlight
Uhuru Kenyatta. Press
freedom is an indivisible
committee to look afresh at
the controversial Bill.

when I learn that a public- breaches of the code. liberty that applies to all I don’t support this
frica’s relatively robust economic growth spirited whistle-blower who Admittedly, there are Kenyans. idea of stitching up press
in the past decade is closely linked to the leaked to me “top secret” occasions when some This raging controversy freedom behind closed
massive investment on infrastructure. documents revealing a of the activities of the over press regulation is not doors by unaccountable
But it has been observed that infrastructure shady deal or exposing Media Council offended a battle between the State committees.
projects provide opportunities for wheeler-dealers corruption networks and journalists’ sense of liberty. and journalists. When we Instead of leaving it to
to manipulate the tendering processes. Thus, their allies in top public Still, we in the media journalists or even media this elitist closed shop, the
success of the projects largely depends on strong positions has been traced agree that in terms of press owners fight for press government should allow
and risks being fired. freedom, we have made a freedom, it is not just more public discussion and
political will and tenacious fight against corruption. Panic sets in when, after great deal of progress. because we are trying to engagement on the whole
These observations have come out strongly at running a story, a journalist Today, responsible protect our turf. subject of press first.
a conference of road organisations from some 35 realises that what was journalism has more or less What the framers of We are currently at a
African countries currently under way in Mombasa. published had exposed his become a matter of “publish the contentious Bill are crossroads, going through a
Representatives of the organisations have or her publication to a huge and be damned”. You can’t trying to do is ultimately new wave of illiberalism that
collectively decried a worrying trend where many defamation suit. just write what you want an assault on the people of has swept through the body-
road and other projects are compromised through Any editor and gatekeeper and get away with it. Kenya. They want to deny politic with unprecedented
would be scared on The framers of the Kenya the ordinary citizens the ferocity.
corrupt deals, direct interference by the authorities discovering the following Communications Bill want freedom to read, see, hear Mr Kimaiyo’s attempt
and shadowy rent-seekers. day that an inaccuracy to throw us back to the and decide for themselves to intimidate investigative
The experts note that some projects have been had slipped through the repressive past. We must whether what is reported in reporters was a poignant
undermined through insufficient funding especially newspaper and that what remind them that press the media is true. sign of the illiberal times we
for maintenance, poor planning, inordinately long was published did not meet freedom is not a gift to be When the Inspector- live in today.
tendering processes, and political meddling. some of the standards that offered like charity. General of Police, Mr David It is not surprising that
Clearly, these issues must be dealt with decisively. journalists strive to live It is not a privilege to be Kimaiyo, issued summonses the political elite plan to
by — even-handedness, negotiated and doled out to investigative journalists introduce draconian laws to
But the meeting must also offer proposals on how fairness, attribution, fact- to those deemed deserving to go to his office for curb the activities of non-
to eliminate rogue contractors. Investment on checking, and protection of and well-behaved by the questioning, the intention governmental organisations.
infrastructure development requires strong political anonymous sources. likes of Aden Duale, Jamleck was to intimidate them. In the mining sector,
commitment and strict resource management. And one of the most People in authority seek cries by investors over
humiliating moments for to control the media out the recently introduced
an editor is being cornered of a desire to control what regulations which
A PUBLICATION OF NATION MEDIA GROUP by a defamation lawyer and citizens think. companies find draconian
LINUS GITAHI: Chief Executive Officer having to publish an apology Mr Kimaiyo’s main beef and anti-enterprise have
JOSEPH ODINDO: Group Editorial Director in a prominent position in They want to deny with the journalists was that fallen on deaf ears.
MUTUMA MATHIU: Group Managing Editor your newspaper.
Thus, press freedom
citizens the freedom they made it possible for the
public to see first-hand the
We are learning a
compelling lesson about
Published at Nation Centre, Kimathi Street and printed at
and bold public interest to read, see, hear and shenanigans of KDF troops how the “tyranny of
Mombasa Road, Nairobi by Nation Media Group Limited
POB 49010, Nairobi 00100
are already constrained by decide for themselves at Nakumatt’s Westgate numbers” can affect policy-
many factors — scores of store. making.
Tel: 3288000, 0719038000. Fax 221396 laws and a Media Council whether what is in Yesterday, the Cabinet
Registered at the GPO as a newspaper
that not only issues the media is true” secretary, Dr Matiang’i,
Wednesday November 6, 2013 Opinion 13


Governors’ investment wish-list is fine, BY THE WATCHMAN

TOO LITTLE REST. Driver fatigue is a factor in

but their counties may not be prepared

the increasing number of road accidents in which
scores of people are killed, says Faysirlaw Bulle. “It is
not possible to establish the exact number of sleep-
related accidents, but the so-called ‘shift drivers’ are

largely to blame.” Another big problem, he adds, is
overnors have counties should give small, — yet the services are never the poor state of most roads, citing the Kitale-Lodwar-
been going out of medium and even large provided.
Kakuma road. “Drivers are not allowed enough rest
their way to court businesses and industries the Even the big foreign
and this is bound to lead to many accidents. Act on
investors through high profile incentives to grow, especially investors that governors have
conferences that seek to in this era when the national been courting will require this to save lives, pleads Bulle.
showcase all that is rosy in government has pledged that these amenities once they set
their counties. Which is all 30 per cent of tenders will be up shop in various counties. It
KNEC NOT TO BLAME. Jumping to the defence
very well because it promises reserved for youth, women and is not the duty of large-scale
of the Kenya National Examinations Council over
to create jobs for young people people with disabilities. investors to pave roads or tap
and expand opportunities for For such companies to rivers to generate electricity or criticism on the setting of the English examination,
doing business among those develop the systems they need trap rain water for irrigation. Richard Kariuki says Kollongei Kipruto got it all wrong
with capital and drive for to compete favourably at the These are jobs that county on the question about pairs of words that sound the
enterprise. national level, they must be governments should take as same. According to Richard, the five pairs of rhyming
That many of these nurtured in their own counties. their primary responsibility. words in the test were as follows: Flame/phlegm,
conferences have been As it is, there are too many At the end of the day, floors/flaws, course/cause, mad/mud and bold/bald.
successful cannot be gainsaid Nyeri Governor Nderitu Gachagua bottlenecks standing in the counties must aspire And his advice to Kollongei is: “Please invest in a good
since the officials often sign and UK envoy Christian Turner at a way of these enterprises, to a higher standard of English dictionary.” His contact is mundia@haritsheth-
multi-billion shilling contracts forum to discuss value addition. including but not limited to achievement benchmarked
mostly with foreign investors. harassment by county officials on best practices first in the
But the question that should production, say of food, who examine their operations Third World and then in the
be debated next is whether much more needs to be with a fine-tooth comb in the developing world. After getting BUY A DICTIONARY. Another set of homophones
or not these initiatives done along the chain to hope of finding something the basics right, they can that escaped mention, Fabian Odhiambo says, is
will succeed in the long enhance value addition and amiss so that they can get then aspire to international phlegm/flame. However, according to the Oxford
term especially if counties create opportunities for high an avenue to milk them standards. Learner’s Dictionary, there is a slight difference in the
fail to create a conducive quality processing for local for personal gain; the need The important thing is pronunciation of the two words. Flame is fleim, while
environment even for local consumption as well as for for a one-stop shop where to ensure that the lethargy phlegm is pronounced flem. Also listed are mad/
investors to do business. export. enterprises can have their that sometimes makes mud, but the former is dragged out. Can the gurus
In countries like Japan, The danger to guard against licences and other operational government the enemy of in this rather confusing area of the English language,
major industrial players thrive is a situation where a big needs met by government local entrepreneurs does not especially for non-native speakers, shed some light on
at the end of a supply chain multinational player enters agencies working under creep into counties. Counties this? Fabian’s contact is
fed largely by medium and a small regional market, but one roof; harmonisation of should seek to first create jobs
small-scale companies, which finds that there are not enough taxation to ensure they are and systematically nurture the
manufacture specialised subcontractors who have the not burdened by the demands expansion of a middle class
goods, be they machine parts money and the manpower to of national and county that can spend its disposable
or the food and fruits served play with the big boys. governments, and that key incomes on tertiary economic
by the national carrier. And I think that is one of services such as roads, water, engagements such as tourism
That is why counties the problems facing Turkana electricity, garbage collection, and service industries.
would do well to explore County where Tullow Oil, a drainage and sewerage In the final analysis,
ways in which they can make major player in Africa’s oil and services are available. courting foreign investors
it possible for fledgling gas sector, had to suspend The willingness by business ought to go hand in glove with
businesses in the commercial, operations in the face of operators to pay for these creating room for low and
industrial and service sectors protests sparked by demand amenities has never been in middle level local investors to
to thrive. for jobs and supply contracts question. The problem only thrive.
Although there are many among locals. arises when they are taxed —
people involved in primary To avoid such situations, sometimes a little too heavily

Dr Mutua outlines his plans for the future of Machakos.

MEDIA BILL | James Shikwati MUTUA IS THE MAN. Machakos Governor Alfred
Mutua’s pretty innovative ideas to attract investment
and develop the county are increasingly becoming the

Kenyans must fight ‘tyranny of numbers’ blueprint others can base their development plans on,
says Bernard Komu. “The man seems to know what is
good for his people and how to go about getting it. His
latest effort is getting the central government to give

he term “tyranny of numbers” is its citizens, its authority drives political subsidies to farmers and youth. Should he ever aspire
increasingly losing its innocence equality. for higher office, he can be sure of my vote, declares
as Kenyans witness reason being The media has demonstrated that Bernard, whose contact is
sacrificed at the altar of emotions. The organised groups can fend off onslaughts
electoral governance tools borrowed from In a world driven by reason, from the tyranny of numbers. Individuals
the West by Kenya and Africa have yielded
Kenya, and by extension Africa, should emulate the media and organise to KISUMU SHODDY. A recent arrival in Kisumu
greater exclusion from the centre. open Kenya up for all Kenyans. where he has taken up a new job, D. Mokaya says that
Political mobilisation along ethnic lines will realise they need a free A divided Kenya will have a difficult he is disappointed over the uncovered manholes along
has given way to “tyranny” by those in
power over the rest. It takes organised
press to drive state unification, time navigating the rough global seas
presented by competing interests from
footpaths in the residential and commercial areas
and lack of streetlights. “Residents risk breaking their
groups, visibility and money for the centre authority and political equality” the East and the West. Divisions will force legs on the road to the Aga Khan Hospital just next to
to respond to the periphery. That is why individuals to re-enact the lives of the Kisumu Boys School. The streets are so poorly lit that
the media must come out fighting against independence has presented great country’s ancestors who had to surrender
pedestrians could easily slip into the holes and injure
this evil tyranny. challenges to the media. A keen observer to outsiders in order to survive tyranny
themselves. Please fix them; cover the manholes.
The media was accused of disastrous will recall the mind-control type of from their own leaders.
coverage that partly fanned the 2007/08 reporting shortly after the March 4 The media should be in the frontline.
post-election violence. In 2012/2013, the elections and a similar pattern that was No group should be allowed to tyrannise WHERE’S SECURITY? Keen to see security
media spearheaded prayers for peace, but repeated during the unfortunate incident others. The country looks up to the beefed up in towns, especially, Nairobi, is Sue McPhee.
ignored calls to expose Kenyans to the of the Westgate terror attack. media to drive the voice of reason amidst In recent days, she says, there has been a general
use of reason in electoral processes. The In both cases, Kenyans were subjected emotions and bigotry. increase in insecurity in the capital that calls for urgent
result is that the country is split down to static images of electoral results The publicly owned Kenya Broadcasting action. She is, therefore, unhappy that as insecurity
the middle between the #weareone and charts and of a street in Westlands in Corporation should be subjected to
mounts, she has not seen a commensurate increase
#wearenotone hash-tags. Nairobi. It is despicable that Kenyan the independence enjoyed by other
in police patrols or the general visibility of officers to
The contentious Media Bill seeks MPs are keen to formalise these very public commissions so as to rely less on
to impose strict controls on radio and acts of disinformation that have been the advertisement revenue in exchange for give the public an assurance on safety. Karen Hardy
TV broadcasts and huge fines against hallmark of the Jubilee Year. objective news coverage. and Karen Shopping Centre, she adds, could do with
journalists and media houses that violate In a world driven by reason, Kenya, It is time to activate the spirit and law some enhanced security measures.
the government’s set code of conduct. and by extension Africa, will realise they of the Constitution to restore Kenya on
The opposition to the passage of this need a free press to drive state unification, the path to freedom and prosperity. Have an alert day, won’t you!
draconian law arises from memories of authority and political equality.
the Moi era when individual freedoms A unified state protects individual Mr Shikwati is the founder-director of the E-mail:
were curtailed in the guise of protecting rights, but the converse is true in a Inter-Region Economic Network and pub- or write to Watchman
national security. disunited and captured state. Where a lisher of The African Executive Magazine. POB 49010, Nairobi 00100
The country’s 50th anniversary of state plays its proper role to safeguard ( Fax 2213946
14 | Letter DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

To the editor
The editor welcomes brief letters on topical issues. Write on e-mail to: mailbox@ You can also mail to: The Editor, Daily Nation, POB 49010,
Nairobi 00100. Letters may be edited for clarity, space or legal considerations.


as casual as greetings Emails from correspondents

Road carnage is not going to re- Media Bill is self-inflicted and the ARREST WARRANT: On Sunday,

Press deserves no sympathy at all

duce any time soon if what I experi- I was enjoying a delicacy of fried
enced on Monday on Gitanga Road chicken, chips and coke with my aide
is anything to go by. At a few min- de camp, but kept thinking just how
utes to 11pm, I boarded a bus from many doses of ARVs I had abused,
Yaya Centre. having read the story “Shock of

A few metres to Braeburn School t is surprising that the media poultry farmers lacing feeds with
we encountered a road block with are crying loudest after Parlia- ARVs”. I believe my good govern-
two traffic officers, a man and ment passed a Bill to tame their ment will not issue any arrest war-
woman. I am a frequent user of this excesses. rant for the journalist, terming the
route, and the faces of these officers The situation the media finds story “irresponsible” journalism that
are familiar to me. themselves in is self-inflicted and might impact negatively on poultry
The bus stopped, the conductor they need no pity, sympathy or production and causing partners to
alighted to talk to one officer as the empathy. scrutinise whether Kenya puts their
other asked the driver about the The Kenyan media have thrown donation of ARVs to good use.
cracked windscreen. “We’ll look into caution and professionalism to QUEEREENUSE PACHO O., Nairobi
that,” the driver said, and the police the wind. A case in point is a re-
woman signalled the driver to move. cent talkshow where an activist A NATION DIVIDED: I want to tell
The conductor told me; “Sh100 unabashedly referred to President Gideon Katana (Nation, November
is already gone.” He tells me it is Kenyatta in a derogatory manner, 5) that it is now a fact that there are
routine. and even drew in the First Mother those for ICC and those against;
Every day PSVs operating on Gi- into his insults. supporters of the President and his
tanga Road part with Sh100. Why would an accomplished deputy and the opposition. When Ju-
“There is nothing we can do, so we journalist and a host of a national bilee supporters celebrate a decision
just have to give them to avoid facing respectable media house host such of ICC to exempt the Deputy Presi-
the law,” the conductor tells me. a talk? I am still contemplating dent from some sessions only to be
For how long will they continue going to court because I was hurt reversed, this causes anger. Another
doing that? More than 2,000 people when the presidency was insulted. FILE | NATION section feels that jailing the two Ju-
have been killed so far as a result of My President was insulted and I A photojournalist covers an event in Nakuru last weekend. Some individuals bilee leaders may be an opportunity
road carnage since the year started. suffered emotional and psychologi- accuse the Press of bias. for their leaders to take over. Attack
The number continues to increase in cal damages during the talk. I am community leaders and you attack
what has mainly been blamed on cor- not a sycophant though. their communities.
rupt traffic police officers. Will Ken- The media must stand the test backs to the West and faced East. the faces of their media companies. SIMON KIOI, Thika
yans continue dying just because a of time if for them to have moral The media know the truth. The lifestyles of the media employ-
traffic officer was bribed with Sh100? authority to influence and shape Media managers have a duty to ees should be a clear representation LET K’OGALO BRAG: After a gruel-
NIXON KANALI, Nairobi opinion. Their biased coverage, stop the skewed and venomous of the companies they work for and ling and tough season, Gor Mahia
and political inclinations will never political coverage. The media must not pitiable opposites. were crowned KPL champions.
elevate it. rise above tribalism and nepotism Vulnerable reporters and editors They now have the bragging rights
In the run-up to the March 2013 in their coverage. They should air should be given arms or assigned as kings of Kenyan football. Their
Five factors likely to elections, it was clear that the me- both praise and criticism. security. victory was not an easy one. It was a
dia had ganged up against UhuRuto, They should also remunerate All said, the government how- culmination of hard work exhibited
derail devolution whose win was also to a greater ex- staff well so that no room is given ever, should not adopt a vengeful by the players, technical bench and
tent a big win against the media. For for financial manipulation and approach to tame the media. It prudent management. The team has
Following are the five basic rea- it was clear, and still is, that ICC is temptations to embrace corrup- should engage stakeholders for also been buoyed by their enthusi-
sons devolution may fail in Kenya. an orchestrated machination and tion. advisory purposes especially where astic legion of fans. As Gor savour
First, the ongoing standoff be- onslaught against UhuRuto, and the News reporters are the hunt- crucial Bills that touch on the media their sweet victory, they must realise
tween the members of County As- media ganged up with the conspira- ers, while the news anchors and are concerned. Killing the media is that the CAF champions league
semblies (MCA) and the Salaries tors to frustrate their win. editors are the cooks. All must be killing humanity; the media sustain beckons and must thus prepare. As
and Remuneration Commission has The ICC is now a tool to fight the remunerated well since they are all society and therefore life. for now, Gor deserve all the plaudits.
brought business to a standstill in economies that have turned their public figures and they represent SAMSON MBURU, Nairobi ALEX KIMONDO, Nyeri
the counties.
Secondly, there is no harmony MATATU MENACE: As you travel
between the Executive arm and the from Kisumu to Katito, a distance of
Legislative arm of the counties. Media vital for the proper functioning of a democracy 40 kilometres, you will find at least
There is a lot of suspicion and poor four police check points. Yet over-
working relationships due to mis- The essence of democracy is that people can take the truth to come out and cautioned against threats to loading by PSVs on this route is the
trust. part in public affairs and choose from a menu of alter- journalists who expose excesses and shortcomings in order of the day. How does a vehicle
Thirdly, most governors are know- native ideas. public affairs; these provide a basis upon which Ken- carrying 18 passengers instead of 14
it-alls who start projects with little or Therefore, democracy is anchored on the presump- yans can demand change. Media freedom is therefore manage to get off the hook of these
no consultation with the MCAs. tion that the people know what the different options also necessary for development; thus the media must hawk-eyed cops? Who is to blame? I
Fourthly, most county assemblies are and what each means for their individual lives so be able to operate without fear. will choose to exonerate the passen-
are one party — the “Ayes assem- that they can make informed choices. True, the media have a big impact on the choices gers because the vehicles don’t move
blies”. Everything that comes from Therein lies the critical role of the media in a de- people make, so this freedom has to be exercised with until the “18” passenger are packed
the Executive passes. mocracy. Without a free media there can be no free responsibility as guided by a professional code of in. Why can’t these matatu operators
Fifthly, most governors and MCAs exchange of information and ideas. Without a free conduct. But any attempts to regulate the media must emulate their counterparts in Nairobi
didn’t have a manifesto, so Kenyans media there can be no democracy. This is why our live up to the constitutional requirements. I opposed or central Kenya who normally ferry
will have to wait for some time to see Constitution underscores the freedom and independ- attempts to gag the media in the 10th Parliament as it the recommended 14 passengers?
results. ence of the media. was against the spirit of the Constitution. ONOKA ONOKA, Kisumu
MACHARIA MUTHEE, Murang’a Just last week, I wrote on the need for us to allow PETER KENNETH, Nairobi


Should NGOs foreign funding be capped at 15 per cent of their budget? Do you believe
GITHUKU MUNGAI: Money is money! BRUNO MP MWIRIGI: No, this would be capped at 15 per cent. This will affect Matiang’i was in
If the NGO is carrying out its mandate
and it is not involved in activities meant
limit their operations in development is-
sues. These organisations are non-profit
the development they make in society.
the dark on draco-
OTIENO JARED: Perhaps the gov-
to undermine the government, the fears making unless somebody wants them to ernment should also cap its external nian media Bill?
are not founded on any ground. Let go into business to sustain their works borrowing at 15 per cent and see how it
even 100 per cent of the NGOs funds and compete with other institutions. feels. Why cripple the NGOs when the Send your comments to:mailb
come from overseas.
ENOCK MICHIEKA: No, it should not government cannot provide all services?
Wednesday November 6, 2013 15
16 | National News DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

GARBAGE | An overwhelmed county government and Nairobians’ peculiar habits of littering the roadside have contributed to the problem

The headache of keeping Nairobi clean

Laws that could return bage menace history.

Nema’s first director-general
the city to its former Michael Koech told the Nation in an
glory have been enacted, interview that environmental pollu-
tion and solid waste management was
The population of Nairobi as
but nothing has changed per the 2009 census among the nine task forces he formed
in the build-up to the drafting of laws
to protect Kenya’s environment.

BY DOROTHY KWEYU The Neap was the backbone of an environmental Bill that resulted in the
1999 Environmental Management

f the daily complaints in this and Coordination Act, Prof Koech
newspaper’s Op-Ed pages are to The law, has everything of Kenyatta University said.
be trusted, Nairobi is becoming The law, he says, has everything
one huge refuse dump. needed to manage solid needed to manage solid waste.
One of the latest complaints went: waste”
“Nairobi is becoming increasingly Neat and liveable
filthy. Today there is garbage all over Prof Michael Koech, former The October 2010 Preparatory
the place… How do we deal with the Nema director-general Survey for Integrated Solid Waste
hawkers responsible for the menace? Management in the City in the Re-
Can the county government act before Garbage falls off a Nairobi County truck on its way to a dumpsite. public of Kenya, which was prepared
an epidemic breaks out?” for the then City Council by the Japan
While the reader singled out hawk- areas (especially the streets) and the The population of the 32,000- International Cooperation Agency
ers, garbage handling is easily the collection and disposal of garbage,” square-kilometre city has grown (Jica), among others, is one of the
greatest challenge Governor Evans writes Mérino, adding, “waste man- from 325,000 people 50 years ago latest efforts at outlining what must
Kidero faces in managing the city. agement worked relatively well until to 3.1 million as per the 2009 cen- be done to make Nairobi as neat and
According to Mathieu Mérino in the mid-1970s.” sus, which is perhaps why Governor liveable as other global capitals.
an article titled ‘Management of Today, a combination of factors, in- Kidero appointed one-time Nairobi Implementing the document would
garbage in Nairobi: Perspectives of cluding an apparently overwhelmed Town Clerk John Gakuo to take see Nairobians breathe some fresh air
restructuring public action’, in the county government and Nairobians’ charge of the Water, Forestry and like they did during Mr John Michuki’s
book: Nairobi Today: The Paradox of peculiar habits of relieving themselves Natural Resources docket. stint as Environment minister.
a Fragmented City; public services, on pedestrian overpasses, has ensured Although he was sworn into office Ironically, several initiatives have While the Jica document cites in-
particularly management of garbage, that footbridges that were meant to mid-September, Mr Gakuo’s appoint- been undertaken over the years to sufficient funds for the city’s failure
benefited from major investments by minimise road accidents are rarely ment is yet to yield any fruits—a restore Nairobi’s lost glory. to implement clean-up initiatives,
the colonial authorities from the be- used. paradox given that during his ten- Back in June 1994 when the Kenya it also stresses the need for a legal
ginning of the 20th Century. And what seemed like public health ure as town clerk, Nairobi acquired National Environmental Action Plan framework for the public-private part-
“By 1910, the town authorities were crisis has morphed into a security some semblance of cleanliness, hence (Neap) was evolved, strategies were nership in the management of solid
using enough staff to ensure the regu- issue following the recent Dandora Nairobians’ excitement when he was forged whose implementation would waste, meaning, city clean-up is the
lar cleaning and maintenance of public dumpsite gang shootings. appointed to his current docket. have made the city’s ubiquitous gar- responsibility of every Nairobian.
Wednesday November 6, 2013 17
Wednesday November 6, 2013

Some want chairman to quit, but
others want him to stay until the
elections are held. Page 20

DEMOLITIONS | Matatu rammed by train, killing 13 people BRIEFLY

Stalls pulled down at accident scene NAKURU

Water firm asks court
to dismiss hiring case
Move follows Transport The Nakuru Water and Sanita-
minister’s directive tion Company yesterday asked
the Industrial Court to dismiss a
intended to avert crashes petition challenging the recruit-
at the railway crossing ment of its senior staff. The com-
pany’s lawyer, Mr John Githui,
said the petitioner, Trusted
BY CAROLINE THEURI Society of Human Rights — a human rights lobby — did not
have a legal basis to sue. The

emolitions at Mutindwa mar- lobby group accused the water
ket in Umoja Estate, Nairobi, firm and managing director John
started yesterday following Cheruiyot of illegally recruiting
last week’s directive by Transport its human resource manager and
Cabinet Secretary Michael Kamau other staff. The ruling will be on
to curb accidents. November 8.
Mr Kamau ordered the demolition
of temporary structures built 15 to 30
metres from the railway line. MARSABIT
This would enable motorists cross-
ing the railway line to see oncoming Peace clubs set up in
locomotives and avoid accidents like
the one that happened last week.
schools to avert fights
Thirteen people were killed when Peace clubs have been set up
a train rammed a matatu as it passed in some county schools under an
the railway line. Twenty one others initiative that seeks to avert the
were injured. JEFF ANGOTE | NATION recurrence of inter-clan conflicts.
Traders operating along the rail- A train passes through Mutindwa area after structures near Through the Japan International
way line complained that they had the railway line were pulled down yesterday. Below: Police Cooperation Agency Project
not been given adequate notice by officers patrol the area during the demolition. for Enhancing Community Re-
the Kenya Railways. silience Against Drought, the
“There had been rumours that our initiative supports peace-building
stalls would be pulled down last Fri- activities in 11 selected primary
day or in January. They should have schools. Project coordinator
given us more time to remove our in Marsabit County Lubanga
goods,” said Mr Francis Kimaru, a Makanji yesterday said ethnic
tomato seller. conflict was one of the big chal-
lenges pastoralists faced.
Suffered huge losses
The traders sell vegetables, sec-
ondhand clothes, fruits and furniture, TURKANA
among other items.
Furniture sellers suffered huge Herder shoots dead
losses as they managed to save only
sofas. Their custom-made beds, chairs
‘notorious’ cattle thief
and dining tables were destroyed. A man described as a notorious
“My friend and I only managed to cattle rustler has been shot dead
salvage sofas when the demolition in a failed robbery bid. The man
started at 2am. attacked herdsman Achomia
“Property worth millions of shillings Lomila at 10pm on Monday. “I
is now lost. I wish they had given the was resting outside my manyatta
traders more time to remove the goods,” stolen some handbags. We informed when the rustler approached and
said Mr Samuel Ramasani, a guard. the police boss but nothing is being pointed an AK-47 rifle at me. I
The chairman of Mutindwa market, done. This is unfair,” he said. Right: A trader snatched the rifle then ran after
Mr Titus Ndegwa, accused the police Heavily armed officers from vari- ponders her next him and shot him,” Mr Lomila
monitoring the operation of laxity. ous police stations in Eastlands kept move after losing narrated. Area chief Simon Muya
“There is a group of about 20 guard to ensure the operation went her goods during said the man was a notorious
youths who looted goods. They have on uninterrupted. the demolition. livestock thief with pending cases
in court.


Seven linked to spate of robberies arrested 20 undergo surgery in

drive to restore smiles
More than 20 children with
BY NATION CORRESPONDENT some of whom had recently been tionable character. The traders said the gangsters cleft lip and cleft palate problems
victims of organised crime. Police from Njoro whisked away were organised in such a manner in Baringo County and neigh-
An intensified community polic- The residents, led by elders the suspects. that they would send “spies” to the bouring counties have benefited
ing initiative at Nesuit in Njoro flushed out the suspects from Mr Sayaya said they mobilised villages before they attacked. from ongoing free operations at
has resulted in the arrest of seven their hideout and handed them all communities in the area to as- Kabarnet District Hospital. The
suspect. over to the police after they were sist in flushing out criminals to Sale of green maize medical superintendent, Dr Keyis
The day-long crackdown was part positively identified by their vic- avert ethnic incitements that could “I was recently attacked after Muruka, urged parents with
of the newly introduced “Nyumba tims. trigger animosity in the cosmo- selling two acres of green maize children with such conditions to
Kumi” security strategy in the area politan zone. and I suspect the four-man gang take them to the hospital for the
to flush out criminals. Questionable character “We decided to mobilise ourselves must have received information surgery. “We will continue carry-
The operation, elder John Sayaya S o m e o f t h e s u s p e c ts we re and flush out criminals hiding in about the transaction from local ing out the operations as long as
said, was prompted by a deterio- beaten when they tried to flee, our midst and ensure their arrest spies,” said Mr John Bett, who we receive more people. Children
rating security situation that had with the villagers accusing them was not construed as ethnic vic- lost Sh50,000 to gangsters last below the age of one are the most
caused panic among local traders, of accommodating people of ques- timisation,” he said. week . affected,” he said.
Wednesday November 6, 2013 County News 19

UASIN GISHU | 35-year-old reportedly slashed sons to death and hanged himself after row with wife BRIEFLY

Sale of maize ends in family killings NYERI

Kibaki fails to turn
up for building case
The boys

BY DENNIS LUBANGA Yego slashed the children’s Mr Maritim said that through
@lubangadenno necks. They bled to death from Provincial Administration, they
aged two the injuries the same night. were holding barazas to educate
and four The bodies were taken to the residents, most of whom are

man said to have slashed Moi Teaching and Referral Hos- farmers, on the need to preserve
years had two of his children to pital Mortuary in Eldoret Town The two had their harvests.
death in Soini Village of as police launched more investi- harvested maize “We hold four barazas monthly
deep cuts Uasin Gishu County, was found gations into the incident.
from their farm. around this region to advice
on their hanging on a rope.
The 35-year-old Julius Yego
According to the chief of
Sirikwa location, Mr Samuel Apparently his wife
families on how they can benefit
from their farm products by en- President Mwai Kibaki yester-
necks, says arrived home on Monday after- Maritim, Mr Yego had a quar- sold two bags and gaging family members instead day failed to turn up at the High
noon from Kipkenyo with the rel with his wife over two bags of squandering each and every Court in Nyeri where he was
police boss two children where he is said of maize the couple had har- made away with coin,” he said. expected to give evidence in a
to have had a quarrel with his vested. the money” The chief told the Nation that case where he, together with five
wife, but in the dead of the night, Apparently the woman sold his office had received similar others, are claiming ownership of
he woke up and killed the boys the maize and made away with Chief Samuel Maritim reports before where some a building in the town. Dr Gibson
aged two and four years and then the money leaving behind a small farmers decide to disappear Kamau Kuria said he had not
hanged himself. amount, the chief said. with the income they get from agreed with the plaintiff’s lawyer
Eldoret West police boss “It is this move that could have the act in light of the harsh eco- their farms leaving their families Lucy Mwai on who would be the
Ndung’u wa Ikonya said Mr prompted him (Yego) to commit nomic times,” he noted. suffering. first to testify and asked the court
to allow the retired president to
testify on Friday. Ms Mwai, who
represented Mathingira Whole-
TAVETA ALL EARS | Delegates from Africa at public accounting conference
salers however said she would
not be available on Friday. The
parties agreed to let Mr Kibaki

World War testify on Monday.

sites to be MURANG’A
Man gets life in jail for
used in new rape of eight-year-old
A 36-year-old farmer has

tourism plan
been sentenced to life in jail by
a Murang’a court for raping an
eight-year-old girl. James Maina
Kamau committed the offence on
May 8, 2011 at Giathinwa Village
BY NATION CORRESPONDENT in Kiharu. Resident Magistrate
Joseph Masiga heard that the girl,
A top tourist hotel has teamed then a Standard One pupil, had
up with stakeholders to promote been sent to buy milk. Separately,
world war sites in Kenya. two teachers from a local primary
Sarova Group of hotels and school have been arrested after
the National Museums of Kenya they were found with leaked
are to start Kenya’s first “battle KCSE exam questions. They will
field tourism” similar to those in be taken to court today.
South Africa and neighbouring
In battle field tourism, visitors NYERI
are taken to former world war sites,
the soldiers who took part in it, the Woman found dead
graveyards, as well as the artifacts
used during the war.
Delegates from various parts of the continent are all ears during the International Public Sector Accounting Standards inside town lodging
In Kenya, the sites are in Taita- conference at the Flamingo Beach Resort in Mombasa yesterday. The forum was organised by the African Union. A middle aged woman was
Taveta County where British, yesterday morning found dead in
Germans, Indians among others one of the lodgings in Nyeri town.
fought in the First World War, and The deceased’s body was found
used some of the fields in those on a bed drenched in blood. Mrs
areas as battle grounds. KISII KAKAMEGA Catherine Wanjiku was found
after her husband Eliud Wamae
Battle field tour
The battle field tour, according
to organisers, is yet to be exploited
Coffee bushes worth Sh120m Teachers’ unions
reported that he could not reach
his wife who had booked a room
there. A senior police officer who
in Kenya and is expected to be the
newest attraction. destroyed at research station blamed for poor declined to be named as he is
not authorised to speak to the
media said the deceased’s body

scores in exams
“We are looking for ways of pro-
moting battle field tourism. Many did not have signs of any cuts or
activities of the First World War BY NATION CORRESPONDENT Workers interviewed at the coffee strangulation marks.
took place around this area,” said research station accused Gusii Insti-
Sarova Taita Hills manager Wil- Unknown people invaded a Cof- tute management of being behind the BY NATION CORRESPONDENT
lie Mwadilo, after he introduced fee Research Foundation substation incident. “They have been claiming NAKURU
journalists to the artifacts at the in Kisii and cut down 4,000 coffee ownership of the parcel of land where Officials of two unions represent-
hotel used by soldiers . trees. the coffee was cut,” a worker who ing teachers in Kakamega County Two deny defrauding
He said South Africa and Tan-
zania world war tours were in such
The plantation located next
to Gusii Institute of Science and
declined to be named said. have been asked to stop protecting
incompetent headteachers targeted
farmer of Sh160,000

high demand tourists book them Technology has been at the centre for transfers and demotions. A man and a woman were yes-
three years in advance. of controversy with both institutions Teachers Service Commission terday charged before a Nakuru
Mr Mwadilo said that plans were claiming ownership of the parcel of county director Janet Onyango said court with obtaining Sh160,000
in top gear to have visitors from land. the interference by officials of the by false pretence. Mr Kipsang
countries that took part in the Addressing the media, Mr Kathuri Number of people said to have in- Kenya National Union of Teachers Kirui and Ms Veronicah Che-
two wars (1914 to 1918 and 1939 Njenga, the officer in charge of the vaded coffee research farm and their Kenya Union of Post Pri- mutai Chelang’ah were accused
to 1945) come next year, when substation, said that unknown people mary Education Teachers counterparts of obtaining cash from Mr Daniel
the world will be celebrating 100 numbering close to 100 invaded the Mr Njenga said they had planted contributed to the poor performance Kipkirui Bor, a farmer, between
years since the end of the First plantation on Sunday night and cut the mountain blue coffee variety in national exams. October 1 and October 30, at
World War. coffee trees numbering worth close — the best in the country — which She told a task force picked by Nakuru town, claiming they were
“We are in contact with the to Sh120 million. was ready for harvest. Governor Wycliffe Oparanya that the in a position to sell him a tractor.
British and German embassies “The invasion was well-organised. “The loss we have incurred is huge, unionists made it difficult for educa- The two denied the charges and
as well as the locals over the new However, we have not established in a period of three years, we would tion officials to take disciplinary action were released on a Sh150,000
attraction and celebrations,” he those who executed it,” Mr Njenga have earned up to Sh120 million,” against teachers accused of drunken bond each. The case will be heard
added. said. Mr Njenga said. behaviour and sexual abuse. on December 6.
20 | County News DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

ROW | Both officials have accused each other of playing politics FIRE! | Lucky to be alive NAKURU

Knut delegates fight Pay to exam

markers goes
over Sossion’s post up by Sh2
Some say chairman conference after his name is
proposed and seconded for the
tion as was being alleged and
challenged critics to produce A teachers’ union has criticised
should quit but post of the secretary general,” a copy. the Kenya National Examination
he stated. But other officials in Nyanza Council for increasing markers
others want him to Mr Katege, who is also have vowed to mobilise their fees by only Sh2.
stay till end the year vying for the post of assist-
ant secretary general, told
delegates to block Mr Sossion
from contesting any post in
At the same time, the Kenya
Union of Post-Primary Education
BY ELISHA OTIENO Knut officials opposed to Mr the December polls. Teachers (Kuppet) called on the Sossion “to play clean politics They called on the union examination council to pay teach-
devoid of propaganda.” boss to stand by his decision ers their 2011 dues.

war of words has He defended the chairman, to resign from the chairman’s

erupted among top saying, he had not written post, and stop using it to in-
officials of the Kenya any formal letter of resigna- timidate delegates from other
National Union of Teach- regions.
ers (Knut) over whether the “If he has indeed quit from
chairman should resign first DEFECTION his current position to vie
What literature markers will earn
before contesting the secre- for secretary-general post, according to new rates
tary-general’s post. Tutors move then why is he still holding
While some insist Mr Wil- a position he is no longer Kuppet officials led by Nakuru
son Sossion should quit now, to rival union interested in?” Nyanza Knut branch chairman Sammy Kambo
others back his position that executive chairman Edward and treasurer Wilson Rukwaro
he resigns at the venue of the Betrayal: Kisumu Kuppet Olando posed. Theuri, were reacting to state-
elections. chairman Zablon Awange He said delegates should not ment by Knec chief executive Paul
Mr Sossion will face the confirmed that 100 mem- allow Mr Sossion to chair any Wasanga, who accused the union of
acting secretary-general bers of Knut crossed over meeting since he has declared meddling in the council’s affairs.
Mudzo Nzili in the December to Kuppet yesterday after- interest in a different post. “Knec should stop sweeping the
elections, which have split noon citing betrayal and However, other Nyanza Knut truth under the carpet. We challenge
the union between the two wrangles witnessed in the officials from Migori, Kuria Wasanga to come clean on this
camps. union leadership. West, Kuria East, Rongo, matter of poor remuneration and
National executive commit- Homa Bay, Rachuonyo and BONIFACE MWANGI ! NATION deplorable conditions that teachers
Tribal division: He ac- Ms Juliana Wanjiru from Nyaribo Village in Nyeri displays
tee member Charles Katege Suba branches said they will are exposed to while marking the
said calls for the chairman to cused Knut of dividing back Mr Sossion. some of the stray bullets that hit her house, nearly killing exams,” Mr Kambo said.
resign were misplaced and un- teachers along tribal lines her. The bullets were fired from Kiganjo Police College, The highest paid marker will now
called for. “He will step down instead of uniting them. Addition reporting Everline which is a few kilometres away from her home. earn Sh68 per paper for literature,
on the floor at the delegates Okeyo up from Sh66.

P.O. Box 29840-00202 • Nairobi, Kenya Tel: + 254 20 2717817, 2718156

• Fax: + 254 20 2718256


International Potato Center ICAP of the University of Columbia is working in partnership with the Ministry of Health to establish HIV Care and Treatment services
at Government hospitals, health centres and dispensaries. This program is part of US Government initiative against HIV in Kenya that
POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT receives funding from PEPFAR through CDC, ICAP invites applications for pre- qualification of suppliers and contractors for provision of
goods, services and works in Eastern and Nyanza as listed below;


1. CIPK/001/2013 – Supply of computers, computer stationary, accessories and networking services
Monitoring & Evaluation Research Assistant - KISUMU 2. CIPK/002/2013 – Supply of hospital furniture
3. CIPK/003/2013 – Supply of office Supplies
The International Potato Center (CIP) is seeking a Monitoring & Evaluation Research Assistant to be based in Kisumu, Kenya. 4. CIPK/004/2013 – Supply of laboratory equipments, supplies, reagents and consumables
The Center: CIP is a not-for-profit international agricultural research-for-development organization with a focus on potato, 5. CIPK/005/2013 – Supply of motor vehicle parts, tyres, tubes, batteries and accessories (Genuine & Original
sweetpotato, and Andean roots and tubers. Its vision is of roots and tubers improving the lives of the poor. CIP is a member of the 6. CIPK/006/2013 - Supply of tents, plastic chairs and tables
7. CIPK/007/2013 – Supply of office drinking water
CGIAR Consortium. The CIP Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) main regional office is in Nairobi, Kenya.
8. CIPK/008/2013 – Supply of fabricated furniture
9. CIPK/009/2013 – Supply of pharmaceutical supplies
The Position: The position will be based in Kisumu, Kenya and will report to the Agriculture Value Chain Specialist responsible for 10. CIPK/010/2013 – Supply of branding & promotional materials
the implementation of a going-to-scale project in Nyanza Province, Kenya to improve nutrition benefits from with pro-vitamin A rich
orange-fleshed sweetpotato. The principal tasks and responsibilities comprise the following: CATEGORY B: PROVISION OF SERVICES
1. CIPK/011/2013 - Provision of printing services
The key responsibilities:- 2. CIPK/012/2013 – Provision of hotel accommodation, conference and catering services
• Design, implement, and assist in the analysis of baseline and impact studies and monitoring and evaluation tools. 3. CIPK/013/2013 – Provision of clearing and forwarding services
• Supervise data collection and prepare data entry programs. 4. CIPK/014/2013 – Provision of taxi/cab services, vehicle hire services (Vans, buses etc.)
5. CIPK/015/2013 – Provision of goods transportation services
• Train staff in data entry, monitoring, and evaluation.
6. CIPK/016/2013 – Provision of office cleaning services
• Carry out data analysis and report writing in English. 7. CIPK/017/2013 – Provision of training and consultancy services
• Assist in the design and implementation of monitoring systems for various components. 8. CIPK/018/2013 – Provision of audit services
• Perform data cleaning and data analysis of different socio-economic research embedded in the CIP projects. 9. CIPK/019/2013 – Provision of security guard and alarm services
• Participate in report writing, proposal preparation, and brief/flyer writing as needed by different CIP research programs. 10. CIPK/020/2013– Provision of travel and air ticketing agency services
• Assist other CIP researchers in different sweetpotato related research. 11. CIPK/021/2013 – Provision of courier and errand services
• Publish research articles and reports in collaboration with CIP staff and project research partners. 12. CIPK/022/2013 – Provision of motor vehicle and motor cycle repair services
• Assist in the organization and preparation for relevant technical meetings, including the preparation of presentations. 13. CIPK/023/2013 – Provision of motor vehicle leasing services
14. CIPK/024/2013– Provision of warehousing and storage
Selection Criteria: 15. CIPK/025/2013 – Provision of Quantity Surveying services.
16. CIPK/026/2013 – Provision of Graphic Designing services
• Master’s degree in Economics or Agricultural Economics.
17. CIPK/027/2013 –Provision of Public Address System, Generators for mobilization
• At least five years of experience (three years of experience for Msc candidates) in implementing baseline and adoption
surveys, monitoring and evaluation systems, data collection and analysis and report writing. CATEGORY C: WORKS
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 1. CIPK/027/2013 – Renovation and repair of buildings
• Experience in data management using spreadsheets and database programs and in processing and analyzing data 2. CIPK/028/2013 – Supply and conversion of containers
using SPSS. 3. CIPK/029/2013 – Supply of completed Pre-fabricated Housing Structures
• Have demonstrated success in working with multi-disciplinary teams and partnerships in collaborative research work. 4. CIPK/030/2013– Supply, installation and commissioning of incinerators
• Ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
• Willingness to spend considerable time working under field conditions. A complete set of pre-qualification documents may be accessed by interested parties from our offices at CVS Plaza, 5th floor, Left wing or
• Advance written and oral communication skill in English and local language. downloaded at The prequalification document should be duly completed as per the
instructions given and dropped in the tender box at ICAP Offices, CVS Plaza 5th floor, at the junction of Lenana and Kasuku road,
Hurlingham, to be received before or on 20th November 2013 at 10.00 am .Interested parties, shall be required to pay a non- refundable
Conditions: This position is local and the employment contract will be for one-year term with three months of probation period. CIP fee of five thousand shillings (Kshs. 5000) per category applied for, through a banker’s cheque drawn in the name of CENTERS FOR
prides itself on its collegial and supportive working environment, which allows space for personal and professional growth. INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS- KENYA and obtaining an official receipt from the procurement department. A copy of the official receipt
MUST be attached to the duly completed pre-qualification documents.
Applications: Applicants should apply by email, sending a letter of interest, a full C.V., and the names and contact information of
three referees knowledgeable about the candidate’s professional qualifications and work experience to: copy Completed pre-qualification documents should be in a sealed plain envelope clearly marked with category being applied for and addressed
to The reference name of the position “Monitoring & Evaluation Research Assistant - KISUMU” should be to
clearly marked in the subject line of the email message. Screening of applications will begin on November 15, 2013. Only short listed The Country Director,
candidates will be contacted. CIP – KENYA,
P.O. BOX 29840- 00202,
Learn more about CIP by accessing our web site at
Tenders will be opened on the closing day at 10.30am. Bidders or their representatives wishing to attend the opening of the tenders are
CIP is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified women are particularly encouraged to apply. welcome to witness in the ICAP offices main boardroom at CVS Plaza 5th floor. ICAP reserves the right to accept or reject any application
and is not bound to give reasons for its decision.
Wednesday November 6, 2013 21


Kenya is a signatory to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that deplete the
Ozone Layer. As part of domesticating the Protocol, the Country has put in place the
Environmental Management and Co-ordination (Controlled Substances) Regulations, The Lutheran World Federation Department for World Service (LWF/DWS) Kenya Programme coordinates
2007 in which importers and exporters of controlled substances are required to obtain emergency, relief, recovery and rehabilitation operations in Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps and
implements a development program in Turkana West district. LWF invites applications from interested,
licenses in order to control importation and exportation of Ozone Depleting Substances eligible firms for pre-qualification as suppliers of goods and services for the period 2014-2015 in the following
(ODS). categories.
In view of the above, all ODS refrigerant importers are called upon to apply for their NUMBER
annual import licenses for the year 2014 from the National Environment Management 1 LWF/01/2014-2015 Supply of water Treatment and Sanitation equipment and
Authority (NEMA).
2. LWF/02/2014-2015 Supply, Maintenance, repairs and spare parts for generators
3. LWF/03/2014-2015 Alternative Energy i.e. Solar Panels, Batteries, charge controllers.
All applications for the licenses shall be made online through NEMA’s website
4. LWF/04/2014-2015 Electronics and Electrical equipment To make an application on the NEMA website, click on the licensing
5. LWF/05/2014-2015 Building Materials, hardware tools, paints and fittings
portal and register as a user and provide required information. The deadline for 6. LWF/06/2014-2015 Electrical fittings and lighting materials
application is 30 December, 2013. 7. LWF/07/2014-2015 Building and Structural Contractors
8. LWF/08/2014-2015 Supply and Maintenance of firefighting Equipment
All importers are hereby notified that importation of these substances without a valid 9. LWF/09/2014-2015 Supply of General Office Stationery
license shall be an offence under the Environmental Management and Co-ordination 10. LWF/10/2014-2015 Supply of Office Furniture and Equipment
(Controlled Substances) Regulations, 2007. 11. LWF/11/2014-2015 Supply of computers, peripherals and accessories
12. LWF/12/2014-2015 Supply of Photocopier and consumables.
For further inquiries, please contact: 13. LWF/13/2014-2015 Supply of Branded Promotional Materials, banners, T-shirts, caps
14. LWF/14/2014-2015 Supply of printed stationery – Voucher books, calendars, Annual
Reports etc
Popo road, off Mombasa Road 15. LWF/15/2014-2015 Supply of Tents and Camping Equipment
P.O. Box 67839- 00200, Nairobi, Kenya 16. LWF/16/2014-2015 Supply of Communication Equipment (Audio and Audio Visual
Tel: (254 020) 6005522, 020 2101370, 0724 253398, 0735 010237 Consumables- Thuraya Phones, LCD projectors, VHF radios etc)
Fax: (254 020) 6008997 17. LWF/17/2014-2015 Supply of sports Uniform, gears, equipment and medals
Email: Website: 18. LWF/18/2014-2015 Supply of Fumigation Services
Facebook: National Environment Management Authority-Kenya 19. LWF/19/2014-2015 Supply of Text Books and Exercise Books
20. LWF/20/2014-2015 Supply of school uniforms and other school supplies
21. LWF/21/2014-2015 Supply of Special Needs Education materials
22. LWF/22/2014-2015 Supply of Non Food Items (Plastic sheets, mats, jerry cans,
sanitary wear etc)
23. LWF/23/2014-2015 Supply of Laboratory Reagents, Equipment and Supplies
24. LWF/24/2014-2015 Supply of Veterinary Drugs and Consumables
25. LWF/25/2014-2015 Supply of Cottage industry materials i.e. handloom machines,
weaving accessories, etc
26. LWF/26/2014-2015 Tyres and Tubes
COMMISSION FOR UNIVERSITY EDUCATION 27. LWF/27/2014-2015 Fuel and Lubricants
Redhill Rd. off Limuru Rd., Gigiri, P O Box 54999 – 00200, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel. 254 (020) 7205000, 2021150, 2021154/6, Fax: 254 (020) 2021172, 7205602/3 28. LWF/28/2014-2015 Motor Vehicle Spare Parts
Website: 29. LWF/29/2014-2015 Vehicle Repair Garages
30. LWF/30/2014-2015 Provision of freight and air services – i.e. travel agencies
REQUEST FOR PEER REVIEWERS 31. LWF/31/2014-2015 Provision of Road Transport within Kenya ( Nairobi – Kakuma,
Nairobi – Dadaab) and Taxi services
The Commission for University Education is calling for qualified peer reviewers to be engaged in the 32. LWF/32/2014-2015 Provision of Borehole Drilling Services
quality assurance of the Commission. The peer reviewers shall be drawn from accredited universities, 33. LWF/33/2014-2015 Provision of Consultancy Services in Environmental Impact
research institutions, industry and professional bodies. assessment for construction projects
The criteria for consideration as peer reviewers are as follows: 34. LWF/34/2014-2015 Provision of Catering and Cleaning Services
1. Peer reviewers from universities should: 35. LWF/35/2014-2015 Supply and maintenance of first Aid boxes (Assorted Sizes)
a) be holders of relevant Doctorate degree qualifications from recognized universities; 36. LWF/35/2014-2015 Supply and maintenance of Water Dispensers
and 37. LWF/36/2014-2015 Provision of Accommodation and Conference facilities.
b) have the necessary experience either as academics, university managers, Librarians, 38. LWF/37/2014-2015 Supply of Play Equipment (Swings, Slides, monkey cages etc)
Architect, Engineers, Finance Managers, Student Affairs Coordinators or Legal 39. LWF/38/2014-2015 Supply of Toys to School Children.
Advisors in the ranks of Senior Lecturer and above.
40. LWF/40/2014-2015 Provision of Clearing and Forwarding services and preparation of
Holders of relevant Master’s degree qualifications shall also be considered in special exemption certificates.
2. Peer reviewers drawn from research institutions, industry and professional bodies should Interested and suitably qualified Suppliers may submit their application documents in sealed envelopes
have: clearly marked “LWF/PREQUALIFICATION/2014-2015”
a) at least a Master’s degree qualification in a relevant field of study; Tender documents will be available at a non refundable fee of kshs. 1,000.00 for each category
b) a minimum of five (5) years experience in the field at senior positions; and Bids should be addressed to:
c) be members of a relevant professional body, where applicable, with an appropriate The Procurement Committee
professional licence. LWF/DWS Kenya Program
If you meet the above criteria and are interested in working with the Commission to promote quality P O BOX 40870-00100
university education, send your application with detailed curriculum vitae, references, national NAIROBI
identification card, and day time telephone on or before Friday 29th November 2013 to:
Opposite Breaburn School.
Commission Secretary/CEO
Commission for University Education • Offers must be dropped in the tender box at the LWF/DWS main reception as per above address or the
Redhill Road, off Limuru Road, Gigiri Kakuma and Dadaab tender boxes.
P O Box 54999 – 00200 • Closing date of receiving bids is Friday 29th November 2013 by 12.00pm. No bid will be received after
this date and time.
You can also visit our website and apply online to LWF Kenya is under no obligation to accept any bid (s) and may accept or decline them in whole or part
without giving any reason whatsoever.
The Commission for University Education is an equal opportunities employer. Qualified
women and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
22 | County News DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

NEGLIGENCE CASE | Family ‘in mental anguish’

Woman seeks payment

over husband’s death
Woman blames CHRONOLOGY
the necessary treatment. The
battle involving Ms Kihara, The
two doctors at city Nairobi Hospital and the two
hospital for the Battle dates doctors started in 2005 when

tragic incident back to 2005 she complained to the medical

practitioners’ board that their
negligence led to the death
2002: Mr Gordonson Kihara of her husband after he was
BY PAUL OGEMBA Karingithi dies at Nairobi referred to the institution in
Hospital. January 2002.
@PaulOgemba 2005: Ms Tabitha Njeri Ki- Ms Kihara said she received
hara files a complaint with a call from The Nairobi Hos-

widow wants compen- the medical practitioners’ pital that her husband was at
sation for her husband board. the Accident and Emergency
who died 10 years ago Department in connection with
2011: Ms Kihara sues the
in a Nairobi hospital. alcohol consumption. “At first
board and the Medical Serv-
Ms Tabitha Njeri Kihara I was told my husband had
ices minister for failing to
claims that her husband, ‘mixed beers’ and required
Gordonson Kihara Karingithi’s take action against the hos- only some detoxification.
death at The Nairobi Hospital pital and the two doctors. “Later, I was called to go and
in 2002 allegedly as a result of 2012: Board recommends pick him. I found him writhing
negligence by Dr Andrew Kibet formal charges before a tri- in pain on a stretcher in one
Cheruiyot and Dr Andrew Ki- bunal against the doctors. of the corridors and unable
arie Ndonga has caused her 2013: Doctors obtain orders to speak.”
family mental anguish and stopping a medical tribunal A doctor on duty said the
are entitled to damages. inability to speak was as a re-
from investigating their
“My husband was the sole sult of the detoxification and
breadwinner of the family and that he would soon regain full
at the time of his death was consciousness.
self-employed with a monthly used for her husband’s funeral Ms Kihara then took him
income of Sh500,000. His amounting to Sh260,450. home but his condition wors-
death caused us to lose the Ms Kihara has sued the ened. She rushed him back
means of support and upkeep,” Kenya Hospital Association, to the hospital, where he was
said Ms Kihara. The Nairobi Hospital and taken to the resuscitation room
She is also seeking com- the two doctors she claimed but after some time the doctors
pensation for the money she refused to accord her husband told her that he was dead.

SPECTACLE | Tourists stopover at Chalbi desert


Tourists enjoy a view of Chalbi Desert in Marsabit County at the weekend. They were heading to
Rocodoni area of Sibiloi National Park to witness the solar eclipse that happened on Sunday. Chalbi
Desert is Kenya’s only true desert. Chalbi means bare and salty.


Sh400m to battle drug abuse

BY NATION money to set up policies and last year indicated 17 per cent
CORRESPONDENT standards. of residents aged between 16
Dr Okedi said a rehabilita- - 75 years abuse alcohol.
The National Authority for tion centre would be set up in He said Nacada had prepared
the Campaign Against Alcohol western Kenya at Kakamega model alcoholic Acts to be used
and Drug Abuse (Nacada) has General Hospital. by county governments to fight
set aside Sh400 million to fight He said a research conducted alcohol and drug abuse.
drug and alcohol abuse in the Western regional coordinator
Each of the 47 counties will
receive Sh8 million.
Nacada chief executive
The amount of money each
James ole Seriani said police at
the border point had been put
on the alert to crack down on
traffickers using Lake Victoria
William Okedi said yesterday of the 47 counties will get to to sneak bhang and other drugs
that each county would use the tackle drug an alcohol abuse in the country.
Wednesday November 6, 2013 County News 23

DEVOLUTION | Process ‘haphazard’ NAIROBI

County reps vow to stay at home in pay row

BY NATION REPORTER be re-evaluated. They claimed one of the SRC to evaluate their jobs.
the documents is labelled “Final Report” “County assemblies do not have confi-
County assembly representatives yester- yet it is has an earlier date than another dence in the commission and PwC doing a
day refused to go back to work and accused labelled “draft”. proper job,” CRF chairman and Tana River
the salaries team of dishonesty. The county reps accuse the SRC of pre- County Speaker Nuhu Abdi said.
They said after meeting the Senate senting the “draft” to the Senate team on PwC is an audit firm contracted by the
Committee on Devolution that the Sala- Monday. SRC to evaluate the jobs for elective posi-
ries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) Yesterday, the County Representatives tions created in the 2010 Constitution. The
has been using two versions of the same Forum (CRF) told the committee led by firm submitted its report on March 11, but
report to try and reinforce its argument Elgeyo-Markwet Senator Kipchumba county leaders claim the SRC didn’t use
that the county representatives should Murkomen that they no longer trusted it in the determination of salaries.


Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union secretary-general
Sultani Matendechero addresses journalists in Nairobi yesterday.

Doctors and
nurses issue
strike notice
Health workers fight by the County Governments’
Act 2012.
against move to Dr Matendenchero ap-
pealed to President Kenyatta
place them under to address their grievances
county governments saying Vision 2030 will not
be achieved unless the issues
were addressed immediately.
BY MIKE MWANIKI “We also demand for the immediate establishment
of a Health Commission to

octors and nurses have oversee the transition of the
threatened to go on health functions to counties,”
strike in the next three he said.
weeks to protest against a

decision to place them under
county governments.
The workers said counties
were not ready to handle health
services and such functions Health workers
should not be devolved.
The civil servants will be are not opposed
under county governments to the process but
after December if the govern-
ment goes ahead with the
the manner in
devolution plan. which it is being
Led by Kenya Medical implemented”
Practitioners, Pharmacists
and Dentists Union secretary- Dr Sultani
general Sultani Matendenchero, Matendechero
the leaders said employees in
the health sector provide “es-
sential services” similar to REACTION
those provided by teachers and
police and should therefore not
be devolved “in a haphazard
Medics quitting,
and lacklustre manner”. warn officials
“Devolution is a process
that Kenyans supported unani- The health workers
mously... Health workers are warned that inconsistencies
not opposed to the process but in payment of salaries will
the manner in which it is being result in frequent boycotts
implemented,” he said. and strikes and even resig-
He was speaking during nations.
a press conference held at Due to the anxiety
Myks’ Lounge in Chester caused by the ‘haphazard’
House, Nairobi accompanied devolution, Dr Matendech-
by 22 workers’ associations ero said, five doctors had
and unions. resigned within a span of
They also complained that one week and more were
the Health Bill has not been likely to follow suit.
tabled and enacted as required
Wednesday November 6, 2013


Indian mission to Mars blasts
off successfully Page 30

DEFEAT | Special UN force with aerial reconnaissance, intelligence and planning, joined direct combat Journalists
get bail after
We surrender, DR Congo rebels apologising
say after crushing army assault BY KEMO CHAM
NATION Correspondent

Two journalists jailed for

Battle raged in border insulting Sierra Leone`s President
were granted bail yesterday but
region which is rich in had to spend the night in prison
for failing to meet their bail
minerals with many conditions.
The High Court order for their
residents fleeing area release came after they issued
a public apology in line with
President Ernest Bai Koroma`s
KABINDI, DR Congo, Tuesday Through his lawyer, the
President has accused the

emocratic Republic of Congo journalists, Jonathan Leigh and
rebels said today they were Bai Bai Sisay of the Independent
laying down their arms after Observer newspaper, of libeling
a crushing assault by the UN-backed against him in an article they
army pushed them out of the country’s published on October 17.
mineral-rich troubled east. Titled ‘Who is molesting who:
The M23 movement said in a state- Ernest or Sam Sumana,’ the
ment that it had “decided from this article was addressing a feud
day to end its rebellion” and instead between the President and his
to pursue its goals “through purely vice and it accused Mr Koroma
political means.” of being a dictator and compared
The move ends the insurgency that him to a rat.
for 18 months has wracked the region The journalists were arrested
rich in natural resources and the scene on October 18, charged with 26
of some of Africa’s deadliest conflicts counts for criminal defamation
over the past two centuries. BATTLE and denied bail by a magistrate
Earlier, Kinshasa claimed “total vic- court last week.
tory” over the M23 after capturing the
last two hills held by the movement’s
It was main rebel People displaced from fighting between Democratic Republic of Congo troops
PHOTO | AFP On Monday they were brought
before high court in Freetown
die-hard fighters.
“The last remnants of the M23
group in region driving M23 rebels from one of their key hilltop positions in the east of the country
arrive on November 4, 2013 in the eastern city of Rutshuru.
which granted them a five hundred
million leones (US$115,000)
have just abandoned their positions,” Over a year: The M23 rebellion bail.
said Mr Lambert Mende, communi- which had been backing the Congolese of violence” that followed the truce But the conditions attached
has monopolised the headlines
cations minister and government forces with aerial reconnaissance, in- call. The UN and African leaders had were so stiff that they could not
on conflict in eastern Democratic
spokesman. telligence and planning, joined direct urged the M23 — ethnic Tutsi former immediately meet them and so
Republic of Congo (DRC) for
“It’s a total victory for the DRC,” he combat late Monday after getting the rebels who were incorporated into the were driven back to prison.
said, adding that the holdout insur-
over a year. green light to bombard the remaining Congolese army under a 2009 peace Mr Leigh and his editor had until
gents fled to neighbouring Rwanda. South Kivu: The M23 fought positions of the beleaguered rebels. deal — to declare an end to the rebel- now refused to apologize with their
“We have finished the job,” said mainly in the North and South “We will continue to fire until every- lion they first launched in April 2012, legal representative arguing they
Lieutenant Colonel Olivier Amuli, an Kivu provinces, as well as further thing is under control,” said a source claiming that the government had not had broken no law given their right
army spokesman in the North Kivu to the north and south, against at the UN brigade. kept up its end of the deal. to the constitutionally guaranteed
region that was the scene of the fight- the government or against other With the rebels on the backropes, “It is important that the M23... freedom of expression.
ing. The Congolese army launched armed groups. M23 leader Bertrand Bisimwa had on declare the end of the rebellion. The Their arrest sparked a chain
a major offensive against the rebels Sunday called for a ceasefire to allow fighting must stop,” the head of the of action that saw about a dozen
Attacks: In a series of often
on October 25, steadily claiming their a resumption of peace talks. UN mission in DR Congo, Martin other journalists and publishers
shifting alliances, M23 preyed on
strongholds until dozens of fighters But the fighting only appeared to Kobler, said in a statement on Mon- invited for questioning.
the civilian population displacing
were this weekend pushed onto three intensify after the M23 leader’s ap- day. (AFP)
hilltops about 80 kilometres north of peal, despite a statement issued early
the regional capital Goma and near
the border of Rwanda.
The beleaguered insurgents called
for a truce, but the army pressed on
with its assault, claiming one of the
hilltops on Monday.
The UN special force in the region,
Monday by envoys from the European
Union, African Union and the United
Nations that said they were “con-
cerned about the renewed outbreak
Number of months war lasted
12-year-old shot
during protest
UN condemns Uganda over Kagame ex-escort expulsion South African police have
shot a 12-year-old boy during
a protest by Soweto residents
demanding the construction of
BY TABU BUTAGIRA country representative in Uganda. Refugees minister Hillary Onek said According to Rwanda police speed bumps, a spokesman said
NATION Correspondent “No government that is signatory to the country’s suspended Police crime spokesman Damas Gatare, the on Tuesday. Police spokesman
KAMPALA, Tuesday international refugee law should ever intelligence chief, Mr Joel Aguma, who extradition “was done in keeping Kay Makhubela said officers had
[facilitate] refoulement (expulsion of on October 25 arrested and extradited with ongoing collaboration between used rubber bullets to disperse
The UN refugee agency today broke persons eligible for refugee status).” Lt. Mutabazi to Kigali, acted in “error Rwanda and Uganda police to fight residents demanding measures
its silence on the contested extradition Lt Mutabazi escaped to Uganda of judgment and misinterpretation of and prevent trans-national organised to slow road traffic in the famed
of Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s in October 2011 after 17-month the international arrest warrant.” crimes [and] Lt Mutabazi will face township on Thursday. Demon-
ex-bodyguard, calling Uganda police’s incarceration at Kami military facility, Rwanda National Police confirmed the due process of the law.” strators “blocked the road, and
casual handover of Joel Mutabazi to outside Kigali, where he alleged he taking Mutabazi into custody, and Following his botched extradition damaged other people’s property,
Kigali “incomprehensible” and an was tortured over links to renegade the New York-based rights group, in August, this year, Kigali had said throwing stones at cars,” said
affront to international law. Rwandan generals. Rwandan security Human Rights Watch, in a statement Mutabazi was wanted for bank Makhubela. The police then
“We condemn the act in the also says he’s part of a wider group on Monday said authorities in Kigali robbery. But after he was turned opened fire. “During the shoot-
strongest terms possible, and it is behind grenade attacks in Kigali concealed the lieutenant’s whereabouts over last week, Rwandan authorities ing of those rubber bullets the
a violation of refugee rights,” said to destabilise the country. Last and would not say if he had access to shifted goal posts to add terrorism to 12-year-old boy, it is not yet clear
Mr Mohammed Adar, the UNHCR Tuesday, Uganda’s Disaster and a lawyer or relatives. his alleged infractions. where, was hit,” he told AFP.
Wednesday November 6, 2013 International News 25

RIGGING CLAIMS | Election row Banda pleads not guilty to motor vehicle concealment

BY MICHAEL CHAWE firm worth $180,000 which between January 1 and August cealing gratification contrary
NATION Correspondent property could have been used 30 2011 being a President of to the laws of Zambia.
LUSAKA, Tuesday in his presidential campaign Zambia did corruptly receive Magistrate Obbister Musu-
after getting registered in his 10 motor vehicles from SOGE- kwa adjourned the matter to

faces many
Zambia former President family name. CAO Construction Company November 26, 2011 for com-
Rupiah Banda today pleaded The vehicles included five as “gratification”. mencement of trial.
not guilty to charges of corrupt Mitsubishi Canters, one Hino The motor vehicles were an Mr Banda’s former allies are
practices by a public officer Ranger, a Toyota Townace, a “inducement for the company facing a number of charges in
and concealing gratification. Fuso Fighter and a Toyota to receive favourable treatment court since President Michael

poll disputes
Mr Banda, 76, is alleged Toyoace,according to court in its dealings with govern- Sata’s administration took over
to have received 10 motor papers. ment”, they claim. in 2011 but critics say they po-
vehicles from SOGECAO State prosecutors allege in While in the second count litically motivated.
Zambia Limited a Chinese court papers that Mr. Banda Mr Banda is charged with con-

The overall content over abuses.

He is considered as the
of complaints is proxy of current leader
familiar with any Andry Rajoelina. He is al-
leged to have benefitted from
electoral process many advantages during the
Most of the litigants are
BY FENOSOA SITRAKA underdogs who have not got
NATION Correspondent over three per cent of the
ANTANANARIVO, Tuesday counted votes.
“The result we have ob-

poradic post-election tained was stunning for us.
disputes have been What was happening was
launched in Madagascar unfair. The reality does not
as the country prepares the correspond to what it should
run-off presidential election be,” Mr Willy Razafinjatovo, a
billed for December 20. lawyer claimed.
One candidate, Monja He is close ally of former
Roindefo has called for the Foreign Affairs minister
cancellation of the first round Pierrot Rajaonarivelo who
held on October 25 because was deemed as a heavyweight
of huge amount of imperfec- hopeful.
tions in the organisation of However, he has captured
the poll. only 2.68 per cent of the
Other fellow contenders counted votes at the poll
also warned they will protest agency (CENI-T) at this
the result of the elections. stage.
The country’s electoral code
allowed any unhappy person POLITICS
to make a complaint until
Monday evening. Current leader
After the deadline, the was barred
special electoral court (CES)
declared to have registered
twelve complaints from
some of the 33 presidential
“There is nothing new. The
overall content of the received
complaints is familiar with any
electoral process.
Many of the litigants have
Pressure: Madagascar’s
demanded the comparison of
transitional leader Andry
the results, accused the oth-
ers of cheating and purchasing
Rajoelina (above) and
the votes of the citizens,” the former President Didier
CES’s boss François Rakoto- Ratsiraka plus Lalao Rav-
zafy told journalists. alomanana a former first
Fellow candidates have lady were barred from
demanded the disqualification contesting the poll after
of the second top candidate pressure by the interna-
Hery Rajaonarimampianina tional community.

Botswana starts purge

against sex workers
BY MTOKOZISI DUBE Motube insists the cam-
NATION Correspondent paign must be treated like
any other operation target-
Botswana’s blitz on sex ing emerging crime trends.
workers took off over the “Sex work, like any other
weekend with at least 30 offence, is worrisome in this
women arrested as part of a country.
campaign to curb the influx of It’s one of the offences that
sex workers and gays in the are prevalent in this country,
southern African country. but we treat it like any other
Botswana recently em- offence,” Mr Motube said.
barked on a campaign that Motube went on to confirm to
prostitutes will either be the media in Botswana that
detained if they are locals or police had handed some of the
deported if they are foreign- women suspected to have been
ers for their “disorderly and soliciting for sex to the De-
indecent” behaviour. partment of Immigration for
Acting Botswana Police verification of their identity
Services (BPS) public rela- documents.
tions officer, Mr Dipheko
26 | Africa News DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

Zambia needs 38,000 more officers to fight crime TENSION | Thousands stage march

LUSAKA, Tuesday is at about 13 million. “If we is need to increase the number vowed that all “bad eggs” will
are to compare that number of recruitments in the police be removed. The police chief,
The head of the Zambia Po- with our population, we are service. who called for professionalism
lice said today that the country running short of officers. So She further warned that among officers, said officers
is in short of more than 38,000 we are looking at about 56,000 police officers involved in should be content with their
officers needed to adequately officers as the ideal number,” corruption were denting the earnings instead of engaging in
fight crime. Stella Libongani said in an image of the police service and corruption. “We are supposed
The southern African nation interview aired on state tel- to offer a service to members

currently has 17,200 officers evision. The police chief said of the public without demand-
who, the police chief said, are United Nations standards ing anything from them, be it
inadequate for the country’s recommend one officer for a bribe or favour of any kind.”
fast growing population which 250 people, adding that there Ideal number of officers she added. (Xinhua)

Thousands of Mozambicans take part in a nationwide march for
peace in Maputo, amid violent clashes between government
troops and rebels.

rebels reject
peace talks
Supporters of head many Mozambicans the crisis
has uncomfortable echoes of
of Renamo and a 16-year civil war between
Renamo and the ruling Fre-
rivals have been limo party that resulted in the
waging attacks deaths of around one million
MAPUTO, Tuesday Amid nearly a year of sim-
mering tensions and sporadic

ozambique’s revived attacks on police and civilians,
rebel movement Re- the Mozambique army raided
namo today spurned Dhlakama’s bush camp on Oc-
the government’s invite for tober 21.
high level face-to-face talks He has been in hiding since
to end destabilising military then, “trying to escape attack”,
i. skirmishes. according to Mazanga.
The Frelimo-led govern- The factions signed a peace
ment had called on its civil deal in 1992 and Renamo sub-
war foe Afonso Dhlakama to sequently became the main
travel to Maputo on Novem- opposition party, but has since
ber 8 to discuss his grievances seen its support erode.
ii. with President Armando Mr Guebuza said he wanted
Guebuza. to hold talks “out of respect
But just hours later Renamo for the strong wishes of the
rejected the “cynical” invita- Mozambican people,” his
tion outright. office said in a statement
Speaking at a news confer- reported by the state news
ence in the capital Maputo, agency. Thousands of people
Renamo spokesman Fernando marched across the country
Mazanga branded it “a po- last Thursday to protest a
litical propaganda campaign range of issues, including the
without minimal respect for prospects of a new war.
ethics.” Renamo accused the gov-
Supporters of Dhlakama ernment of planning fresh
— a rebel leader in Mo- assaults in the movement’s
zambique’s brutal civil war strongholds in central Mozam-
— have been involved in a bique. It also said Zimbabwe
series of deadly attacks and and Brazil had offered to send
are demanding a share of the troops to fight on Frelimo’s
country’s resource wealth. For side. (AFP)

RABAT said. The incident, in which
another four people were
Would-be migrant injured, comes a day after
dies scaling fence 80-100 migrants succeeded
in getting across by charging
A would-be migrant died the seven-metre high fence at
Tuesday when he fell while a point where it had not yet
trying with 150 others to been reinforced. Tuesday’s
scale the border fence sepa- group tried to break through
rating Morocco from Spain’s by scaling the wire mesh
north African territory of fence at the point known as
Melilla, Moroccan officials Rostro Gordo. (AFP)
Wednesday November 6, 2013 27


GRADUATION THEME: Repositioning Medical Training and Health
Care Provision in a Devolved Governance System.

The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) wishes to inform all graduands, students,
staff, parents and the general public that this year’s graduation ceremony will be held on
Wednesday 4th December 2013 at Kenya Medical Training College Graduation Square,
Nairobi, at 10.00 am.
Graduands should be seated at the graduation square by 8.00am.
Graduands must pay a graduation fee of Kshs 2,000.00. The fee is payable to National
Bank, KNH branch, Account No. 0100358521700.
Graduation gowns will be issued between Monday November 11 and December 2, 2013
at KMTC Nairobi stores to graduands who will have paid graduation fee.
Gowns will not be issued to graduands after 2nd December, 2013.
Rehearsals will be held on December 3, 2013 at 10.00 am at the graduation square,
KMTC Nairobi, grounds. Graduands will be expected to be seated by 9.00am.
Graduands must be in full graduation attire to rehearse. Only those who will attend
rehearsals will be allowed to join the graduation ceremony.

Dr. C. Olang’o Onudi


%4'.-36 ,)'.3, 31'-/-/+ 305'1(2 1)'.-7'3-0/ 0* &-2-0/ #"$"


P.O. BOX 30022 – 00100, GPO, NAIROBI
Telephone: +254 20 3541196/7,
Mobile No: 0711318188,0732344599 | E-mail:
Fax: +254-020-6005600, 6001474.


TENDER NO. KLB/T/15/13–14
The KLB invites bids for purchase of motor vehicles on “As-is-where-is Basis” as underlisted.
Description Reg. No. Rating Year of Odometer
Make/Model Manufacture Reading
Nissan KAJ 059S (2389cc) 1997 220,681 Km
Nissan KAR O34L (2700cc) 2003 189,119 Km

• All interested parties are invited to purchase the tender document at a non-refundable fee of
Kshs. 3,000/= and a refundable deposit of Kshs. 10,000/= payable in cash or banker’s cheque to
the cashier during working hours between 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. every weekday.
• Viewing of the vehicles can be done at the KLB Head office along Popo Road, during working
hours between 8.00 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.
• All bids in plain sealed envelope clearly marked with the tender No KLB/T/15/13–14, should be
addressed to:

The Managing Director,

Kenya Literature Bureau,
Popo Road/Off Mombasa Road,
P.O. Box 30022-00100, NAIROBI
Tel. +254 20 3541196/7, 0732 344 599

and be deposited in the tender box at KLB Headquarters along Popo Road, not later than 20
November 2013 at 10.00 a.m.
• Applicants or their representatives are at liberty to attend the opening of the tender on the same
• KLB is not bound to award the tender to the highest bidder.

KLB is an ISO: 9001:2008 certified company

28 | Africa News DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

New York votes for new mayor after Bloomberg CRIME | 74 were killed in the mayhem

NEW YORK CITY, Tuesday Bloomberg, who is not stand- to be the first Democrat to vote. “You have to go into
ing again. elected mayor of the biggest every neighbourhood and tell
Millions of New Yorkers De Blasio’s campaign has US city since 1989. people how much this mat-
went to the polls today to left Republican rival Joe But, with turnout typically ters,” he said, pressing the
elect a new mayor, with Lhota trailing in the dust, weak for mayoral elections, flesh in his home borough
left-wing progressive Bill de picking up on the worries of de Blasio used the final day Brooklyn.
Blasio tipped for a landslide the economically vulnerable of campaigning to urge sup- By trading heavily on
victory to replace billionaire middle class and tapping into porters to make good on public appearances with his
Michael Bloomberg. a once reliably Democratic their promises and to go out wife Chirlane and teenage

The 52-year-old public ad- electorate. children Dante and Chiara,
vocate and his black formerly An NBC-Wall Street Journal he has connected to ordi-
lesbian wife promise a new poll on Monday gave him an nary families trying to make
style to a city transformed by historic 41-point lead over Mr ends meet and vastly diverse
12 years of tough love under Lhota, putting him on course Last time Democrat won poll electorate.


A Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) soldier gestures following the
announcement of his death penalty at the special court in Dhaka

Death sentence
for 152 soldiers
over mutiny
Judge issues verdict Sheikh Hasina in a country
with a history of military-
over events that backed coups.
Executions by hanging
involved looting of are regularly carried out in
looted weapons Bangladesh. Lawyers for the
soldiers on death row said
they will appeal. The judge
DHAKA, Tuesday acquitted another 271 people,
prompting chaotic scenes in

Bangladeshi court sen- the court. Many cheered and
tenced more than 150 cried out “Allahu Akbar!” (God
soldiers to death and is great).
jailed hundreds more today, Several of those convicted
following a mass trial over a screamed at the judge in anger,
2009 mutiny in which scores of with one soldier crying out: “I
top officers were massacred. am innocent. You will face Al-
Some 823 soldiers plus 23 lah’s wrath.”
civilians appeared in a special “I don’t need a life term.
court charged with murder, Hang me, hang me!” another
torture and other offences shouted. Nearly 6,000 BDR
over the mutiny, in which 74 soldiers, a paramilitary corps
people were shot, hacked to responsible for patrolling the
death or burnt alive before nation’s borders, have already
their bodies were dumped in been convicted by dozens of
sewers or shallow graves. special courts over the mutiny,
A judge passed the death whose victims included 54 top
penalty on 152 of the soldiers, officers. The 823 soldiers were
who looted weapons and led singled out for prosecution in
the killing spree partly in anger a civilian court for leading the
that their longstanding pleas mutiny at BDR headquarters,
for better pay and treatment after earlier being found guilty
were ignored. in military courts.
Another 161 soldiers plus Twenty-three civilians were
some civilians were sentenced also charged with criminal con-
to life in prison while 262 de- spiracy. A former opposition
fendants were jailed for up to MP and a junior official from
10 years, over the uprising that the ruling party were given life
started at the Bangladesh Ri- sentences on Tuesday for as-
fles (BDR) headquarters in sisting the uprising.(AFP)
Dhaka and spread to other
BDR bases.
“The atrocities were so hei-
nous that even the dead bodies
were not given their rights,”
Judge Mohammad Akhtaruz- I am innocent. You will
zaman told the packed court
in the capital as he read out the face Allah’s wrath. I
long-awaited verdicts. don’t need a life term.
The uprising briefly
threatened the newly elected
Hang me, hang me’’
government of Prime Minister One of the soldiers
Wednesday November 6, 2013 29




This is to inform all candidates who qualified for conferment of degrees and the award of various diplomas
POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMMES (Minimum Qualification 1st Degree) of the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology during the 2012/2013 academic year that
the 22ndGraduation Ceremony will be held on Friday, November, 29 2013 at 8.15am at the Graduation
* Master of Business Administration
Square at the Main Campus, Juja. The information regarding preparations for the ceremony is as
(Accounting, Finance, HRM, Strategic * Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations
Management and Marketing options)
UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES (Minimum Qualification KCSE C+) (i) Examination Results
* Bachelor of Business Administration * Bachelor of Theology The results of examinations sat in the 2012/2013 academic year are available from the offices of the
* Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Bachelor of Education (Arts* and Science) respective Deans/Directors during working hours. The graduands should confirm the inclusion of their
(Admision ongoing for December 2013 School names in the graduation lists with their respective Deans/Directors. Further, the candidates should ensure
Based session) that their names are as they should appear on their certificates in terms of order and spelling correctness.
DIPLOMA PROGRAMMES (Minimum Qualification KCSE C)
This confirmation should be done from Monday, November 11, 2013.

* Diploma in Business Administration Diploma in Education (Arts* and Science) (ii) Confirmation of Names
Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management * Diploma in Education (ECD & SNE) The list of graduands for November 29, 2013 will be available on the website from November 11, 2013
* Diploma in Drug & Substance Abuse and students can confirm from the University website,
Education, Counseling & Management Diploma in Public Relations
(iii) Rehearsal
* Diploma in Computer Science Diploma in Ecumenical Studies
Graduands wishing to participate in the ceremony MUST attend the rehearsals at the Graduation Square
* Diploma in Business Information Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
on Thursday, November 28, 2013 at 10.00 a.m. Graduands attending the rehearsal must be seated by
the stated hour and be in complete attire.
* Diploma in Theology Diploma in Clinical Pastoral Education
Diploma in Chaplaincy * Diploma in Criminology and Fraud Management
(iv) Fees
* Diploma in Safety and Security Diploma in Community Oral Health A mandatory non-refundable fee as stated below must be paid not later than Friday, November, 15, 2013.
Management Payments should be made to the University Bank Accounts at any branch of the following banks as listed
Diploma in Clinical Medicine, Surgery &
Community Health (Admission ongoing) Diploma in Community Nutrition Standards Chartered Bank, A/c No. 0108023434900
Diploma in Health Records and Information Barclays Bank of Kenya, A/c No. 077- 5001216
Technology Diploma in Nursing (March 2014 Intake) Cooperative Bank of Kenya, A/c No. 01129098952900
Diploma in Occupational Therapy Diploma in Optometry National Bank of Kenya, A/c No. 0100359580600
CERTIFICATE PROGRAMMES Equity Bank A/c No. 0090291251426
Certificate options are available for some Pre- University In addition, graduands must have cleared any outstanding fees arrears and all other dues owed to the
of the above Programmes Bridging Courses University by the said date, failing which they will not be included in the graduation booklet or be allowed
* Denotes programmes available on both regular and online & distance learning modes to graduate.
The following are mandatory graduation charges for the various categories of graduands which must be
paid not later than Friday, November 15, 2013.

S/No Award Graduation Fees Academic Dress Alumni Total Payable

(Mandatory) (Non- refundable)
1 PhD Kshs. 4,000 Kshs. 500 Kshs. 1,100 Kshs. 5,600
The Presbyterian University of East Africa wishes to inform students who qualified for the 2 Masters Kshs. 3,500 Kshs. 500 Kshs. 1,100 Kshs. 5,100
award of various Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees that the 4th Graduation Ceremony 3 Post-Graduate Kshs. 3,500 Kshs. 500 Kshs. 1,100 Kshs. 5,100
will be held on Saturday, November 30th 2013 starting at 9.00 am at the Main Campus, Diplomas
4 Undergraduate Kshs. 3,000 Kshs. 500 Kshs. 1,100 Kshs. 4,600
Please note the following: Degree/Diploma
CLEARANCE OF FEES: Only those students who have cleared their fees balances are
eligible for graduation. iv) Academic Dress
CONVOCATION FEE: Each graduand is required to pay a non refundable convocation During the ceremony, only graduands who will be in full academic attire will be allowed entry into the
fee of Ksh 7,500/.
Graduation Square. Graduands who wish to hire gowns are required to apply and pay as stated above.
ISSUE OF GOWNS: Graduation gowns will be issued from the University on Thursday,
November 28th and Friday, November 29th 2013 between 9.00am - 4.00pm and 9.00 Application forms will be available at the Academic Registry, JKUAT from Monday November 11, 2013 to
am - 1.00 pm respectively. Graduands are expected to return the gowns not later than Thursday 28, 2013 during office hours.
Monday, 9th December 2013. Failure to return the same will attract a surcharge of Ksh
The forms can also be downloaded from the University website, Gowns will be issued
200 per day.
from Monday, November 18, 2013 to Friday, November 28, 2013. Graduation attire will be returned by
REHEARSAL: All graduands must attend the rehearsal on Friday, November 29th 2013 Monday, December 16, 2013, latest after which, a penalty of Kshs. 200 per day will be charged.
at 11.00 am.
DEADLINE: The deadline for clearance for graduation is strictly Friday, November 15th v) Invitation Cards
2013 at noon.
During the hiring of academic dress, each graduand will be given three (3) invitation cards for their guests.
Persons without invitation cards will not be allowed into the Graduation Square during the ceremony.

For more information: vi) Punctuality

Tel 0723799904 (Main Campus, Kikuyu), 0723799978 On the Graduation day, graduands and their guests will be expected to have taken their seats by
8.15 a. m. Those arriving late will not be allowed into the Graduation Square.
(Nairobi Centre) or email:
Application forms
are available at Kikuyu, Nairobi or can be
downloaded from our website

30 | International News DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

TRICKY | In September 2014, spacecraft is expected to be around Mars, challenge then is to precisely reduce its speed

Indian mission to Mars Mangalyaan, also known as Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), is India’s first
interplanetary expedition, designed to study the red planet and serve
as a technology demonstrator for future missions

blasts off successfully
MISSION TIMELINE Orbital period:
Following launch, spacecraft 3.2 days Mars
circles Earth for four weeks,
firing its engines six
times to gradually
boost its orbit
The cost of the project at At the end of this month, once
enough velocity has been built up by
could provide evidence of some sort
of primitive life form on the fourth
$73 million is less than a the spacecraft as it circles our planet, planet from the sun. President Pranab
“the great, long, difficult voyage will Mukherjee congratulated ISRO and
sixth of the $455m for a start” to Mars, he announced. called Tuesday’s launch “a significant Enters Mars orbit
for 160-day mission
Mars probe by US agency “In September 2014, we expect this
spacecraft to be around Mars and the
milestone” that would “go down as a
landmark in our space programme”.
challenge then is to precisely reduce The mission has been hurriedly as- antenna
NEW DELHI, Tuesday the velocity and get it into an orbit,” sembled and was carried into orbit by Seventh engine burn puts
he explained in comments broadcast a rocket much smaller than US, Eu- craft on trajectory for Mars.

ndia’s first mission to Mars blasted by state television. ropean or Russian equivalents, which Voyage takes 300 days
off successfully today, complet- The country has never before at- can blast directly out of Earth’s gravi- MANGALYAAN SPACECRAFT
ing the first stage of an 11-month tempted inter-planetary travel, and tational pull. The cost of the project Solar panels Fuel
journey that could see New Delhi’s more than half of all missions to Mars at 4.5 billion rupees ($73 million) is tank
low-cost programme win Asia’s race have ended in failure, including Chi- less than a sixth of the $455 million
to the Red Planet. na’s in 2011 and Japan’s in 2003. earmarked for a Mars probe by NASA
A 350-tonne rocket carrying an un- The Mars Orbiter Mission, known which will launch later this month. High-gain
manned probe soared into a slightly as “Mangalyaan” in India, was re- “We didn’t believe they’d be able to antenna
overcast sky on schedule at 2:38 pm vealed only 15 months ago by Prime launch this early,” project scientist for PSLV-XL
(0908 GMT), monitored by dozens of Minister Manmohan Singh, shortly the NASA Mars probe, Joe Grebowsky, (Polar Satellite
tense-looking scientists at the south- after China’s attempt flopped when it told AFP before blastoff. “If it’s suc- Launch Vehicle-XL)
ern spaceport of Sriharikota. failed to leave Earth’s atmosphere. cessful, it’s fantastic.” Height: 44.5m Mission cost:
After 44 minutes, applause broke He stressed that Mars, which has Science 4.5bn rupees
out around the control room after Seeking to make a point an elliptical orbit meaning it is be- instruments ($70m)
navigation ships in the South Pa- The timing and place of the an- tween 50-400 million kilometres from New Delhi
Lyman Alpha Photometer (LAP)
cific reported that the spacecraft nouncement — in an Independence Earth, was a far more complex pros- INDIA
had successfully entered orbit around Day speech — led to speculation that pect compared with a Moon mission Thermal Infrared Imaging
Earth. India was seeking to make a point which India completed in 2008. Mumbai Spectrometer (TIS)
Bay of
Indian Space Research Organisation to its militarily and economically “When you shoot a rocket at Mars Mars Colour Camera (MCC)
(ISRO) chairman K. Radhakrishnan superior neighbour, despite denials you have to take into account that Methane Sensor for Mars (MSM)
allowed himself a smile, slapped a col- from ISRO. Mars is going to move a good deal Sriharikota
Launch site Martian Exospheric Neutral
league on the back and announced he The gold-coloured probe, the size of before you get there. The Moon is Composition Analyzer (MENCA)
was “extremely happy” that the first a small car, will aim to detect meth- fairly close,” he said.
Source: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) © GRAPHIC NEWS
objective had been reached. ane in the Martian atmosphere which (AFP)

Tel: 056-30784/31375 P. O. Box 190

Fax: 056-30153 Kakamega - 50100
E-mail: Kenya

Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) invites bids from competent
contractors registered with the National Construction Authority Category NCA5 (Buildings) to
undertake the following works.


1. Proposed Erection and Completion of 18No MMUST/55/13-14 NCA5
Lecture Rooms and Associated Works at (Buildings)
Masinde Muliro University of Science and
Technology - Kakamega
The main building works are of R.C frame of total floor area approximately 2800 square meters on
three floors and associated works. Detailed tender documents may be obtained from Procurement
office during normal working hours upon payment of a non-refundable fee of kshs. 1,000.00/=
(Kenya shillings One Thousand) only, payable at KCB Kakamega Branch, MMUST Deposit
A/C No. 1101811269.
Duly completed Tender documents (Original and Copy) in plain sealed envelope, clearly marked
with Tender name and Number and bearing no indication of the bidder should be send to:
The Vice Chancellor,
Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology
P. O. Box 190 – 50100
OR dropped in Tender Box Outside the Vice Chancellor’s Office OR registered in the Vice
Chancellor’s office if they do not fit in the tender box at Main Campus in Kakamega, so
as to reach the University NOT LATER THAN 1200 Hours on Wednesday 13th November,
2013.Opening of the documents will be done immediately thereafter in the presence of applicants or
their representatives who wish to attend.
The University reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in whole or part and does not
bind itself to accept the lowest or any bid.
Wednesday November 6, 2013 31
Wednesday November 6, 2013


CEO Thorsten Heins set to leave after
22 months at the helm. Page 36

EARNINGS | Total revenues went up by 17 per cent to Sh69.2bn with data contributing about 61 per cent BRIEFLY

Safaricom profit hits Sh11bn TOURISM

Kandie says visitors

riding on data and M-Pesa

are safe in Kenya
Kenya seized the opening of
the four-day World Travel Market
in the UK to reassure tourists
that the country is a safe desti-
Mobile company’s nation. Speaking at the exhibi-
tion yesterday, Tourism Cabinet
net profits in six Secretary Phylis Kandie told
travellers that Kenya remains a
months increased by safe country despite the recent
Westgate attacks by terrorists.
almost half to Sh11.3 “We are here to now reaffirm our
resilience and that Kenya is safe
billion, up from the for our tourists. The government
has put in place a raft of security
Sh7.77 billion measures to scale up security
for both the visitors and tourists
BY MUTHOKI MUMO alike,” Ms Kandie said.
cwokabi@ke. ELECTION
Kenyan to head global
trong growth in data and mo-
bile money services in the six
months through September
pension organisation
propelled Safaricom to the best A Kenyan has been elected to
half-year performance since listing lead a global pension body. The
at the Nairobi bourse in 2008. International Organisation of
The company’s net profits for the PERFORMANCE Pension Supervisors has elected
period increased by almost a half to Dr Edward Odundo, the chief ex-
Sh11.3 billion, up from the Sh7.77 bil-
lion reported during a similar period
How firm’s various ecutive officer of the Retirement
Benefits Authority of Kenya, as
last year. units performed its third president. Dr Odundo’s
Yesterday, chief executive Bob Col- election was done on the occa-
lymore said the company had solid M-Pesa agent outlets also grew by sion of the 2013 annual general
growth all round with non-voice 73 per cent in the period to 78,856. meeting, held in Korea yesterday.
services being key contributors. Mshwari, the saving and credit He succeeds Mr Ross Jones from
“Non-voice service revenue service offered on the M-Pesa plat- Australia. Ms Solange Berstein,
streams continue to deliver solid Safaricom chief executive Bob Collymore (left) and chief financial officer John form had 2.3 million active users, pensions superintendent of Chile,
growth having increased by 30 per Tombleson during the announcement of the half-year results for 2013/2014 at with Sh1.7 billion deposits and continues to serve as chairman of
cent,” Mr Collymore told investors Safaricom House in Nairobi yesterday. Sh700 million loans given out. the IOPS technical committee.
in Nairobi.
Short Messaging Services (SMS)
“We gained 2.9 million customers to 11.6 million and an increase in
recorded the highest growth of
Growing customer base in the data segment but they have the average number of transactions
any single revenue stream at 48.7
Total revenues went up by 17 per not yet grown to match the spending per customer. M-Pesa agent outlets
cent to Sh69.2 billion, with voice, of earlier adopters,” Safaricom chief also grew by 73 per cent to 78,856. per cent. Rail firm set to buy
Data earnings grew at 37.4 per
the firm’s biggest revenue stream,
contributing about 61 per cent from
financial officer John Tombleson
Mshwari, the saving and credit service
offered on M-Pesa had 2.3 million ac- cent to Sh5.7 billion triggered by
Sh357m locomotives
20.8 million customers. In the wake of dwindling revenues tive users, with Sh1.7 billion deposits an increase in the number of data Rift Valley Railways has in-
SMS (Short Messaging Services) from the traditional voice revenues, and Sh700 million lent out. customers jected Sh357 million into an
had the highest growth of any single the firm has earmarked data and “We also launched the Lipa na M- expansion plan that will see it
revenue stream at 48.7 per cent to mobile money as its future drivers Pesa service, which enables cashless acquire 20 locomotives in the
Sh6.35 billion. Growth was stimulated of growth. merchant payments and facilitates quested the Government of Kenya next eight months. A statement
by promotions such as the recently trade between businesses and their to allocate to Safaricom additional from the company yesterday said
concluded Bonyeza Ushinde na Sa- Saving and credit customers,” Mr Collymore said. spectrum resources to facilitate the the 12-cylinder, turbocharged
faricom. In the period under review, M- “We are well on course in our nationwide rollout of a 4G or LTE engines, built by American indus-
Earnings from data, on the other Pesa, the firm’s mobile money strategy to deepen financial inclu- networks over the next 24 months,” trial conglomerate General Elec-
hand, grew at 37.4 per cent to Sh5.7 service, which was started in 2007, sion and embed the service as an Mr Collymore said. tric, will be delivered between
billion, triggered by an increase in remained key contributing 18 per cent integral part of the Kenyan society The company’s shares at the March and the end of June next
customers from 5.59 million the previ- of total revenue. and economy”. Nairobi Securities Exchange eased year. The trains are equipped
ous period to 8.48 million. The service generated Sh12.5 billion “As part of our commitment to to close Tuesday trading at Sh9.65 with a microprocessor control
However, the average revenue per due to a 19 per cent increase in active democratize access to affordable after touching an all-time high of system that monitors the engine’s
user in mobile data fell by 5.18. M-Pesa customers from 9.7 million broadband in Kenya, we have re- Sh9.90 on Monday. performance.

Firm stopped from using similar packaging to Mumias Sugar’s

BY NATION CORRESPONDDENT dispute is determined. and sales record invoices for the past Mumias Sugar Company claimed
The judge also allowed Mumias six months and copies of any items Option Two has been duping the pub-
A court has stopped a firm from Sugar to search Option Two Ltd which could constitute evidence nec- lic by distributing imported sugar with
using packaging materials similar to premises in Nairobi, Naivasha, Na- essary to substantiate its cause,” the similar labels as Mumias Sugar and
those of Mumias Sugar Company. kuru, Thika, Nyeri and Meru to seize Applicants are granted judge ruled. in the process causing them to lose
Justice Eric Ogola issued the tempo- packaging materials for use as exhibits permission to seize all the He directed the company to file an millions of shillings.
rary injunction stopping Option Two in the case. affidavit of all the items they will seize According to the company, the syn-
Ltd from packaging, supplying, dis- “The applicants are granted permis-
packaging paper bearing the within 14 days. dicate is so concealed and detailed
tributing, selling or offering for sale, sion to enter and seize all the packed marks similar to theirs” He also directed the Inspector- that consumers cannot differentiate
sugar under the packets similar to sugar or packaging paper bearing the General of Police to oversee the between the genuine Mumias Sugar
those of Mumias Sugar until the marks similar to theirs, all purchases Justice Eric Ogola enforcement of the orders. and the fake one.
Wednesday November 6, 2013 33
34 | Business DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013


Last 12 Mths Security Prices
High Low Yesterday Previous Shares - A.Baumann & Co. Ord 5.00 11.10
125.00 90.00 B.O.C Kenya Ord 5.00 124.00 125.00 200
Agricultural 580.00 430.00 British American Tobacco Kenya Ord 10.00 575.00 575.00 900 Money Market Funds Daily Yield Effective Annual Rate
250.00 111.00 Carbacid Investments Ord 5.00 235.00 226.00 20,700 African Alliance Kenya Shilling Fund Kenya Shilling 6.03% 6.20%
426.00 220.00 East African Breweries Ord 2.00 322.00 321.00 26,000 Old Mutual Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 6.44% 6.64%
57.00 21.00 Eaagads Ord 1.25 23.00 23.50 2,700
3.70 1.60 Eveready EA Ord 1.00 2.65 2.65 146,500 British-American Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 9.14% 9.58%
94.00 67.50 Kakuzi Ord.5.00 86.00 86.00 400
- - Kenya Orchards Ord 5.00 3.00 Stanlib Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 7.08% 7.31%
150.00 110.00 Kapchorua Tea Co Ord 5.00 120.00
7.35 3.35 Mumias Sugar Co. Ord 2.00 3.40 3.45 751,500 CBA Market Fund Kenya Shilling 5.84% 6.01%
500.00 430.00 The Limuru Tea Co. Ord 20.00 500.00
18.75 11.00 Unga Group Ord 5.00 18.45 17.90 25,300 CIC Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 9.21% 9.61%
30.00 16.50 Rea Vipingo Plantations Ord 5.00 26.00 26.25 4,200
Amana Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 9.62% 9.81%
15.00 10.50 Sasini Ltd Ord 1.00 13.90 13.95 6,600
Zimele Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 9.0% 9.31%
350.00 180.00 Williamson Tea Kenya Ord 5.00 211.00
Telecommunication & Technology ICEA Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 8.19% 8.53%
Madison Asset Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 8.99% 9.37%
Automobiles & Accessories
11.00 9.55 AccessKenya Group Ord 1.00 9.55
9.50 3.90 Safaricom Ltd Ord. 0.05 9.65 9.70 16,228,500 Fixed Income Funds/Equity Funds/Balanced Funds Buy Sell
28.75 21.00 Car & General (K) Ord 5.00 24.00 24.00 2,900 African Alliance Fixed Income Fund Kenya Shilling 11.25 10.89
- - CMC Holdings Ord 0.50 13.50 CIC Fixed Income Fund Kenya Shilling 9.71 9.96
14.20 11.50 Marshalls (E.A.) Ord 5.00 11.90 Growth & Enterprise Market Segment (GEMS) Standard Investment Income Fund Kenya Shilling 95.69 96.22
5.95 3.40 Sameer Africa Ord 5.00 5.60 5.55 30,900 Standard Investment Equity Growth Fund Kenya Shilling 75.00 75.38
25.00 6.00 Home Afrika Ltd Ord. 1.00 7.40 7.25 118,200
African Alliance Kenya Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 183.67 172.49
Banking ICEA Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 135.00 142.10
NSE All Share Index(NASI)-(1 Jan 2008=100 Down 0.01points to close at 134.26
British-American Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 189.76 195.79
18.90 13.55 Barclays Bank Ord 0.50 18.60 18.65 241,800 NSE 20 Share Index Down 9.73 points to close at 4954.69 EquityTurnover-497,676,911 Prev 806,149,780
CBA Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 153.92 163.39
85.00 34.50 CFC Stanbic of Kenya Holdings Ord.5.00 80.50 81.00 19,400 CIC Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 13.79 14.51
190.00 106.00 Diamond Trust Bank Ord 4.00 184.00 183.00 11,200 BANK RATES Dyer and Blair Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 178.23 187.61
38.75 22.25 Equity Bank Ord 0.50 34.75 34.75 1,074,700 Old Mutual Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 363.68 389.65
27.75 13.70 Housing Finance Co Ord 5.00 27.25 26.75 1,002,700 Stanlib Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 156.98 156.98
105.00 85.00 I &M Holdings Ltd Ord 1.00 105.00 104.00 15,900 Euro $ £ C$ SF IR JY ZR Madison Asset Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 54.20 57.54
50.50 27.00 KCB Ord 1.00 48.75 48.75 1,100,400 BANK African Alliance Managed Fund Kenya Shilling 21.16 19.93
24.25 16.25 NBK Ord 5.00 20.25 20.25 39,000 ABC buy 115.20 85.60 136.08 81.97 93.58 1.38 86.50 8.36 British-American Managed Retirement Fund Kenya Shilling 128.44 129.52
60.50 33.50 NIC Bank Ord 5.00 59.00 59.00 36,600 sell 115.52 85.60 136.45 82.18 93.84 1.38 86.74 8.46 Amana Growth Fund Kenya Shilling 101.35 101.35
320.00 203.00 StandardChartered Ord 5.00 304.00 303.00 5,700 Barclays buy 115.19 81.72 136.28 81.72 93.65 1.38 86.67 8.42 ICEA Growth Fund Kenya Shilling 136.92 144.12
18.45 11.10 Co-op Bank of Kenya Ord 1.00 18.20 18.20 602,000 sell 115.63 85.60 136.78 82.07 94.07 1.38 87.05 8.45 Amana Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 100.41 100.41
Co-op buy 115.40 85.45 136.48 81.83 93.83 1.38 86.77 8.24 British-American Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 182.08 187.41
Commercial & Services sell 115.69 85.65 136.83 82.07 94.08 1.38 87.02 8.59 CIC Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 12.91 13.52
Equity buy 117.20 85.05 137.40 81.40 95.10 1.38 87.10 8.64 Old Mutual Balanced Fund/Toboa Kenya Shilling 152.01 161.87
4.50 3.00 Express Ord 5.00 4.00 3.95 100 sell 117.60 85.25 137.60 81.60 95.30 1.39 87.20 8.67 Madison Asset Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 68.00 71.74
- - Hutchings Biemer Ord 5.00 20.25 NBK buy 115.14 85.30 136.21 81.68 93.63 1.37 86.65 8.37 Zimele Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 4.49 4.63
12.80 8.30 Kenya Airways Ord 5.00 10.55 10.50 1,456,000 sell 115.68 85.70 136.80 82.10 94.10 1.38 87.08 8.49 Stanlib Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 127.34 127.34
16.50 5.00 Longhorn Kenya Ord 1.00 15.00 15.40 3,900 KCB buy 115.25 85.30 136.25 82.00 93.50 1.38 86.50 8.30 Stanlib Bond Fund B1 Kenya Shilling 106.06 106.06
400.00 264.00 Nation Media Group Ord. 2.50 312.00 314.00 36,100 sell 115.65 85.70 136.75 82.40 93.90 1.38 86.85 8.50 Stanlib Bond Fund A Kenya Shilling 105.60 105.60
78.00 53.00 ScanGroup Ord. 1.00 57.00 58.00 9,300 CBA buy 114.47 85.25 136.15 80.83 93.38 1.38 86.69 8.27 Old Mutual East Africa Fund Kenya Shilling 148.13 156.77
39.00 20.50 Standard Group Ord 5.00 29.50 28.25 2,100 sell 115.31 85.45 136.61 81.91 93.77 1.41 87.04 8.47 British American Bond Plus Fund Kenya Shilling 147.90 150.92
56.50 36.00 TPS EA (Serena) Ord 1.00 44.00 45.00 10,000 CFC Stanbic buy 115.25 85.45 136.10 82.03 93.65 1.37 86.54 8.41 Dyer and Blair Bond Fund Kenya Shilling 126.72 129.31
24.00 17.80 Uchumi Supermarket Ord 5.00 21.50 21.75 1,524,500 sell 115.55 85.65 136.41 82.22 93.87 1.39 86.75 8.51 ICEA Bond Fund Kenya Shilling 94.53 95.48
GulfAfrican buy 115.62 85.30 136.74 81.75 93.95 1.37 87.10 8.45 Old Mutual Bond Fund Kenya Shilling 101.81 104.23
Construction & Allied sell 115.91 85.50 137.08 81.99 94.23 1.38 87.33 8.55
FCB buy 116.70 86.40 137.00 81.40 94.70 1.30 86.60 8.40
sell 117.20 86.90 137.60 81.80 95.40 1.50 87.20 8.80
83.00 48.75 ARM Cement Ord 1.00 82.00 80.50 248,700
Prime buy 115.00 85.00 136.80 81.60 93.50 1.38 86.50 8.30
225.00 165.00 BamburiCement Ord 5.00 214.00 210.00 1,100 ARAB CURRENCY/$
sell 115.50 85.50 137.0 82.10 94.00 1.39 87.00 8.80
71.00 35.00 Crown Paints Kenya Ord 5.00 70.50 70.50 5,300
18.00 10.50 E.A.Cables Ord 0.50 16.85 17.00 20,500
80.00 32.00 E.A.Portland Cement Ord 5.00 73.00 76.00 700 Algerian Dinar 81.21
CBK RATES Bahrani Dinar 0.3658
Energy & Petroleum Djibouti Franc 174.70
Mean Buy Sell Egyptian Pound 6.8905
1 US Dollar 85.5197 85.4128 85.6267 Jordanian Dinar 0.708
17.90 8.50 KenGen Ord 2.50 16.70 16.85 301,100
1 Sterling Pound 136.5298 136.3572 136.7024 Kuwait Dinar 0.28263
16.50 7.90 KenolKobil Ltd Ord 0.05 8.55 8.70 283,400
1 Euro 115.4463 115.2947 115.5979 Lebanese Pound 1509
20.75 13.80 KP&LC Ord 2.50 14.50 14.50 208,500
1 South African Rand 8.4187 8.3685 8.4689 Libyan Dinar 1.2601
- - KP&LC 4% Pref.20.00 8.00
Ksh/Ush 29.4553 29.3600 29.5506 Mauritaninian Ougiya 298
5.50 5.50 KP&LC 7% Pref.20.00 5.50
1 Ksh/Tsh 18.7911 18.7091 18.8731 Moroccan Dirham 8.2891
28.75 12.65 Total Kenya Ord 5.00 25.25 25.25 15,800
1 Ksh/Rwanda Franc 7.8930 7.8247 7.9613 Omani Riyal 0.3850
13.00 13.00 Umeme Ltd Ord 0.50 13.00
1 Ksh/Burundi Franc 18.1363 17.9967 18.2760 Qatar Riyal 3.6414
1 UAE Dirham 23.2833 23.2536 23.3131
Insurance 1 Canadian Dollar 81.9111 81.8165 82.0057
Saudi Riyal 3.7502
10.30 5.40 British American Investments Co.0.10 10.80 10.80 339,400 Syrian Pound 108.68
1 Swiss Franc 93.8887 93.7607 94.0166 Tunisian Dinar 1.6475
6..15 3.05 CIC Insurance Group Ord.1.00 4.60 4.70 207,900 100 Japanese Yen 86.7566 86.6424 86.8708
285.00 157.00 Jubilee Holdings Ord 5.00 286.00 289.00 1,100 Yemeni Riyal 215
1 Swedish Kroner 13.1211 13.1069 13.1353 UAE Dirham 3.6739
18.50 10.25 Kenya Re Corporation Ord 2.50 14.95 14.50 747,900 1 Norwegian Kroner 14.3497 14.3317 14.3677
14.05 6.35 Liberty Kenya Holdings Ord 1.00 12.30 12.35 20,800 1 Danish Kroner 15.4776 15.4540 15.5011
67.00 33.50 Pan Africa Insurance Ord 5.00 66.00 66.00 3,800 1 Indian Rupee 1.3833 1.3812 1.3855
1 Hong Kong Dollar 11.0334 11.0196 11.0472
Investment 1 Singapore Dollar 68.8343 68.7206 68.9481
33.75 11.75 Centum Investment Co Ord 0.50 33.50 33.75 2,007,900 1 Saudi Riyal 22.8037 22.7737 22.8338
6.00 3.30 Olympia Capital Holdings Ord 5.00 4.55 4.55 3,800 1 Chinese Yuan 14.0265 14.0085 14.0445 Currencies are quoted against the US Dollar
37.75 20.00 Trans-Century Ord 0.50 30.00 30.00 500 1 Australian Dollar 81.0428 80.9286 81.1570
Wednesday November 6, 2013 Business News 35

RULES | All regional countries are required to comply TALL ORDER | Pushing for a living CBK retains
Refinery upgrade key benchmark
rate at 8.5pc
to low sulphur fuel BY NATION REPORTER

The Central Bank yesterday

Currently, only imported Otherwise they will be break- maintained the benchmark lend-
Harmonised low fuel meets this condition. ing the law,” said Wanjiku ing rate at 8.5 per cent on account
sulphur standards The refined product from
the refineries contains as
Manyara, executive director
of the Petroleum Institute of
of a weak global economy that
threatens the local macroeconomic
are waiting to be high as 5,000ppm in diesel, East Africa. conditions.
gazetted due to lack of modern tech-
nology to remove sulphur
This means oil marketers,
especially those operat-
In a statement, CBK gover-
nor Njuguna Ndung’u said that
from crude oil. ing across borders, will be although the monetary policy
BY IMMACULATE KARA- “The policymakers need to forced to rely on imports committee (MPC) has expressed
MBU agree on which mechanism in the event that Kenya’s confidence in the growth of the
@ikarambu they need to employ to en- refining technology is not various sectors of the economy, sure total compliance with upgraded, locking KPRL weak recovery in the global econ-
the standards. out of business. omy and instability in the Middle

enya’s compliance Companies have a social The refineries stopped East and North Africa continue to
with regional low and moral obligation to operations due to a standoff pose risks to the macroeconomic
sulphur rules will deliver clean fuel to the between the government of outlook.
depend on the upgrade of citizenry and they can only Kenya and Essar Energy “The recession in the Eurozone
the refineries. procure what enables them Overseas Ltd, the firm’s has slowed down export earnings
A stalemate between the to comply with the standard. shareholders. This has stalled from tourism while the temporary
two shareholders of the installation of a de-sulphuri- partial shutdown of the US gov-
Kenya Petroleum Refineries sation unit. ernment in October could affect
Ltd has stalled the proposed The standoff has made it diaspora remittances from North
upgrade of the facility. impossible to procure crude, America in the short term,” Prof
The harmonised low sul- leaving oil marketing com- Ndung’u said.
phur standards, which are The policymakers need panies to rely on imported “These developments, coupled
waiting to be gazetted, were
passed by the East African
to agree on which fuel to supply the regional
with the volatile international oil
prices remain a threat to price
Community Council of Min- mechanism they need While Essar has announced stability.”
isters in June 2013. to employ to ensure a planned exit from KPRL, In its meeting in September, the
Regional countries are the company is yet to be MPC set the CBK rate at 8.5 per
required to implement com- total compliance with dissolved.
cent. The overall rate of inflation,
pulsory consumption of up the standards,” The United Nations En- A ‘mkokoteni’ (handcart) pusher ferries household items the strength of the exchange rate
to 50ppm (parts per mil- vironment Programme has on Juja Road, Nairobi yesterday. Such traders cash in on and the current account deficit are
lion) and 150ppm sulphur Petroleum Institute of blamed sulphur found in end month when many residents of Nairobi relocate to the main indicators the policy com-
content in diesel and petrol East Africa executive fuels for high emissions of different estates. mittee uses in setting the indicative
respectively. director Wanjiku Manyara black carbon. lending rate.


The tender opening dates for the following tenders as earlier advertised have been
Serial Tender No. Tender Description Category Tender
No fee Kshs.
1 KIBUCO/40/13-14 Supply, install, test and commission NCA 5 or 1,000
kitchen equipments. above
2 KIBUCO/41/13-14 Proposed part completion of Academia NCA 4 or 1,000
block above
3 KIBUCO/42/13-14 Proposed electrical installation works NCA 6 or 1,000
for the proposed part completion of the above
Academia block
4 KIBUCO/43/13-14 Proposed mechanical installations works NCA 6 or 1,000
for the proposed part completion of the above
academia block
5 KIBUCO/44/13-14 Supply, Delivery and Assembly of Supplies 1,000
Boardroom and Library Furniture

Completed tender documents enclosed in plain sealed envelopes, clearly marked with the
tender number should be deposited in the tender box provided at the Entrance to the
Kibabii University College Administration Block in Bungoma off Bungoma-Chwele
road to be received on or before Tuesday 12TH November, 2013 at 10.00 hours.

Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the tenderers

representatives who choose to attend at the University College Boardroom 1 at Kibabii
University College in Bungoma.
36 | Business News DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

ABOUT-TURN | Mobile phone firm names new CEO


search for buyer

GUEST SPEAKERS Two months ago,

largest shareholder
DATE: Fairfax Financial
8 Nov. 2013
th Holdings offered to
buy the rest of the
VENUE: business
Taifa Hall
OTTAWA, Tuesday
lackBerry abandoned
2:00pm- 4:00pm hopes of finding a buyer
Hon. Senator Ekwee Ethuro, Hon. Justin B.N. Muturi, MP,
The Speaker of the Senate (Guests to be seated The Speaker of the National and instead pegged its
B.Sc (1988), UoN
by 1.45pm) Assembly future on a $1 billion cash
LLB (1981), UoN infusion as it shook up top
management and named a BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins is reportedly being pushed out
new chief executive. along with several board members.
Moderated By: The Waterloo, Ontario-based
Prof. Patricia Kameri-Mbote, company’s announcement
comes two-and-a-half months
vestors,” BlackBerry’s board
chairperson Barbara Stymi-
Cerberus backed by two
BlackBerry founders as well
Dean, School of Law. after its largest shareholder
Fairfax Financial Holdings
est said. BlackBerry had
announced in August after a
as chip maker Qualcomm
reportedly kicked the tyres,
Inc offered to buy the rest dismal year that it was look- but no deals were reached by
of the business and take it ing for a suitor, among other Monday’s deadline.
private. strategic options. Chen, a former head of
Fairfax instead will invest $1 “Today’s announcement software firm Sybase, said
billion in a private placement, marks the conclusion of the he looked forward to steer-

Providing Leadership in Academic Excellence and Fairfax boss Prem Watsa

will become lead director of
review of strategic alterna-
tives,” the firm said.
Social network Facebook,
ing BlackBerry through its
“turnaround and business
model transformation,” but
ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED BlackBerry chief executive Chinese computer maker asked for patience.
Thorsten Heins meanwhile Lenovo and investment firm “BlackBerry is an iconic
will step down after only 22 brand with enormous poten-
months on the job, and will be tial — but it’s going to take

replaced on an interim basis time, discipline and tough
by longtime technology execu- decisions to reclaim our suc-
tive John Chen, a statement cess,” he said.
said yesterday. The son of poor Hong Kong
“Today’s announcement refugees, Chen attended elite
represents a significant vote Number of months that American universities and re-
of confidence in BlackBerry BlackBerry CEO Thorsten portedly foresaw the growth in
and its future by this group Heins has served mobile communications in the
BUTALI SUGAR MILLS LTD of preeminent, long-term in- late 1990s. (AFP)

P.O. Box 1400 - 50205

Email: info@
Twitter raises
its public stock
Toyota to launch
fuel-cell vehicle
Butali Sugar Mills Ltd has received an infrastructure grant from the Sugar Development Fund for the procurement of road construction
equipment and hereby invites Tenders from reputable and interested bidders for the supply of below listed equipment.

TENDER NO. BSML/RD/2013-2. offering to $2bn

ITEM NO ITEM DESCRIPTION QUANTITY TOKYO, Tuesday of green cars because they
NEW YORK CITY, Tuesday emit nothing but water va-
2 DOZER D6 1
Toyota said today it pour from the tailpipe and
3 MOTOR GRADER 1 Twitter boosted its public stock plans to unveil its latest can operate on renewable
4 WHEEL LOADER 1 offering to as much as $2 billion fuel-cell concept car at the hydrogen gas.
5 EXCAVATOR 1 yesterday, suggesting strong de- Tokyo Motor show, with Toyota’s concept vehi-
7 WATER BOWSER 1 mand for its shares and a higher an expected commercial cle seeks to jump two key
overall value for the one-to-many rollout two years away. hurdles that analysts say
ONLY BIDDERS WITH THE FOLLOWING QUALITIES WILL BE CONSIDERED: messaging platform. The four-seater sedan have hindered consumer
• Manufacturers, Distributors or authorized Dealers of specified item.
• Ability to provide training and after sales service
The regulatory filing raises the has a range of 500km buying of so-called green
• Proven experience in supply, testing and commissioning of similar equipment. share price for the popular mes- — longer than previous cars, including electric
saging platform to a range of $23 versions — and can be vehicles — range and re-
INTERESTED BIDDERS MUST ALSO ATTACH THE FOLLOWING; to $25 from an earlier estimate of recharged in just three fuelling infrastructure.
1. Certificate of registration/incorporation
2. Valid Tax Compliance Certificate $17 to $20. minutes through hydro-
3. Copy of VAT/PIN certificate from KRA The new share price range would gen gas tanks stored inside Tough emission rules
4. Current single business permit give Twitter a market value between the vehicle, the Japanese Relatively high prices
5. Detailed company profile
6. Experience in similar work
$12.76 billion and $13.87 billion. auto giant said ahead of have also dented buying
7. Audited financial account for the last 2 years The higher value “says a lot about the exhibition later this of green vehicles.
8. Tender should be accompanied by a bid bond of 2% from an established approved insurance company which must remain valid the success of the company’s road month. However demand for
for 30 days after tender validity period of 120days. show,” said Paul Ausick of the stock Toyota, the world’s big- lower-emission vehicles
9. Tender Forms can be obtained at our Butali Sugar Mills Ltd Office (Butali Village) at a Fee of Kshs. 2,000.00.
Prices quoted must be net inclusive of all Government taxes, must be in Kenyan Shillings and shall remain valid for 120days from
market blog 24/7 Wall Street. gest automaker, said it is forecast to grow, with
the closing date of Tender.Bids should be submitted in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked “While this IPO has not engen- would launch a commercial further technological ad-
Tender No. BSML/RD/2013-2and addressed to : dered the frenzy that the Facebook version of the mid-sized vances in the field seen as
IPO sparked last year, there is vehicle around 2015. By crucial due to toughening
BUTALI SUGAR MILLS LTD, clearly plenty of interest, and it that time, there were emission standards.
P.O. BOX 1400 – 50205 would not be surprising to see the likely to be “hundreds” Apart from Toyota,
WEBUYE. stock price at the top or even above of hydrogen refuelling which is working on its
and placed at the Tender box at the reception at our Butali Sugar Mills Ltd Office(Butali Village). Deadline for submission of bids is
the new range.” stations in Japan, Europe fuel-cell concept car with
Wednesday 27thNovember 2013, at 4:00 PM. Richard Greenfield at BTIG Re- and the United States, it Germany’s BMW, others
search said he still has a positive added. are eyeing a widespread
Disclaimer: Butali Sugar Mills Ltd reserves the right to accept or reject any part of or the entire tender without assigning any reasons view on Twitter, but that it now ap- Fuel-cell vehicles are commercial offering.
pears on the pricey side. (AFP) considered the holy grail (AFP)
Wednesday November 6, 2013 37


Tenders are invited from interested eligible bidders for the supply and delivery of the following
goods and services for the year 2014.
KGSS/01/13 - Foodstuffs (Dry Maize and Beans)
The closing date for Tender NO.MEWNR/T/
KGSS/02/13 - Foodstuffs (Rice, Sugar, Tea Leaves, Maize Flour, Etc)

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that there would

KGSS/03/13 - Fresh Cabbages/Onions
KGSS/04/13 - Fresh Fruits
KGSS/05/13 - Fresh Milk 08/2013-2014 to MEWNR/T/22/2013-2014
KGSS/06/13 - Cleaning Detergents &Disinfectant
be a very important meeting for the pensioners
KGSS/07/13 - Fresh Bread
that appeared in the People of 25th October,
of the Chevron Kenya Limited Staff Retirement
KGSS/08/13 - Office &School Stationery

2013 and the Nation of 29th October, 2013

KGSS/09/13 - Students’ Uniforms &Beddings
KGSS/10/13 - Workers Uniforms
- Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals
- Electrical Items and Repairs
Benefits Scheme that will be held on Saturday, has been extended from 8th November, 2013
KGSS/13/13 - Computer Accessories, Services and Repairs
KGSS/14/13 - Pharmaceuticals/Medical Supplies 16th November 2013 at the Total Club, at 10.00 a.m. to 15th November, 2013 at
KGSS/15/13 - Motor Vehicle Repairs and Servicing
- Diesel and Lubricants
- Hardware Items
Hurlingham, commencing at 10.00 a.m. 10.00 a.m.
KGSS/18/13 - Sports Equipment and Uniforms
- Office Machines, Repairs & Service
- Building Materials For more enquiries please contact:
- Book Binding
- Firewood Victoria Tsalwa All the other terms and conditions of the
- Fresh Meat
- Welding Services/Metal Works tenders remain the same.
KGSS/25/13 - Motor Vehicle Insurance Total Kenya
Tender forms can be obtained from the school accounts office during normal working hours upon
Telephone No. 020 2897367
payment of non-refundable fee of kshs 3,000 per set.
The Tender Documents can be
NB: 1.Applicants should attach copies of KRA tax compliants documents where applicable.
2. Applicants should state the minimum credit period.
Mobile No. 0719 027000 downloaded from the Ministry’s website;
3. Applicants or their representatives may attend on the opening of tenders.
Completed tender form enclosed in plain sealed envelope and clearly marked with the For and on behalf of the Board of Trustees free of charge.
appropriate tender number, bearing no indication of the tenderer should be addressed to:
The chairman,
School’s Tender Committee
Kiria-ini Girls Secondary School
DANIEL MAYIEKA Head of Supply Chain Management Officer
P.O Box 53 - 10204
CHAIRMAN, BOARD OF TRUSTEES For: Principal Secretary
So as to reach not later than 27th November 2013 at 3 pm CHEVRON KENYA LIMITED STAFF Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural
The school reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in whole or in part and is not bound
to give any reason thereof. RETIREMENT BENEFITS SCHEME Resources.
Wednesday November 6, 2013
Wednesday November 6, 2013 39
Wednesday November 6, 2013
Wednesday November 6, 2013 Appointment 41

BOC Kenya Limited is a market leader in industrial and medical gases, welding equipment and consumables, medical equipment and
related services. The company operates to the highest global standards and has access to the latest in cutting edge research and
technologies provided by its parent company, The Linde Group of Germany. The company has established subsidiaries in Tanzania and
Uganda with a distribution network of resellers within the East African Region.

Candidates are sought to fill the following positions based in Nairobi.

ASU & HP Supervisor

DA Supervisor
The purpose of the roles is to oversee all production, reliability, safety and quality related activities at either the Air Separation Unit Plant
or Dissolved Acetylene Plant.
The Key Responsibilities:
• Ensuring production, plant reliability and product availability target are met.
• Managing the safety, total activity and loss control programmes in the plant including maintenance.
• Identifying plant efficiency improvement and ensuring processes of managing the plant resources effectively.
• Ensuring operational regulatory compliance, corporate governance rules and standards.
• Ensuring effective and productive measures are in place.
• Responsibility for the training, development and performance reviews of staff in the plant.

The successful candidates will be in possession of a technical degree in engineering or equivalent, with extensive management
experience in a production environment. The successful incumbents will need to demonstrate initiative, drive and an analytical approach
to problem solving and computer literacy. Further critical competencies include performance through people, partnership building,
influencing, customer intimacy, information sharing, growth drive and change leadership.

Plant Operator
The overall purpose of the job is to ensure shift production targets are achieved. Ensure plant efficiency and product availability so as
to meet customer requirements.
Key Responsibilities:
• Ensuring maximum production and product availability as per daily shift schedule.
• Ensuring timely and accurate shift production reports.
• Understanding and adhering to production procedures and processes.
• Achieving daily shift key performance indicators
• Complying with production safety, quality and standards.

The successful candidate will be in possession of a technical diploma in engineering or equivalent with experience in production
process. The ideal candidate must have worked in a production and maintenance environment within a process manufacturing
environment and be willing to work on shift.

Distribution Supervisor
The purpose of this role will be day-to-day management of the distribution activities on site.
Key Responsibilities
• Organising the day to day transport and scheduling of the distribution tasks.
• Monitoring and controlling distribution fleet movements and ensuring cost effective operations. Tracking vehicle movement and
driver performance.
• Offer excellent customer services by ensuring deliveries are executed in full and on time.
• Ensure compliance to SHEQ and legislative standards including company policies and procedures.
• Coordinating the maintenance and servicing of trucks, tankers and forklifts.
• Conducting route risk assessments and analysis.
• Monitoring fuel usage and tyre performance for all company vehicles.

The successful candidate will be in possession of a degree in automotive/mechanical engineering with 5 years extensive experience
in a similar position. The successful candidate will demonstrate skills in customer service delivery, business acumen and strong
communication skills. Specific knowledge required includes high degree of safety awareness, strong analytical and presentation skills.
Technical aptitude will be an added advantage.

Applications should be sent to:
“Application for the position applied for in the subject line”
The Human Resources Manager,
BOC Kenya Ltd.
P.O. Box 18010-00500
Closing Date: 15th November 2013
Wednesday November 6, 2013
Wednesday November 6, 2013 43


VSO Jitolee is member of the International VSO federation based in Nairobi with a regional mandate to promote volunteerism and recruit
skilled professionals from East and Southern Africa to serve as volunteers in VSO programmes in over 30 countries in Africa, Asia, and the
Pacific. In addition, VSO Jitolee contributes to Kenya’s national development through international volunteers who work with local partners
across the country.

VSO Jitolee is working directly with the UK Department for International Development (DFID) to implement the International Citizen Service
(ICS) programme, which is an innovative youth programme that will see volunteers aged 18-25 work alongside UK volunteers on projects
aimed at improving lives of some of the poorest people in Kenya.

We are looking for two highly motivated Kenyans to manage the ICS programme implementation activities for a period of 10 months with
a possibility of extension. You will play a crucial role in developing and implementing a programme that meets volunteers, communities
and placements satisfaction

Key outcomes for this role will be:

• Well planned, developed and implemented programme that meets volunteers, communities and placements satisfaction
• Effective networking and collaborative efforts in the focus areas
• Effective budget monitoring and utilization
• Accessible, up to date documentation on volunteers, placements, host homes, communities, reports, case studies which are
relevantly disseminated and stored
• Increasing levels of satisfaction of volunteers and partners resulting from effective technical support
• Well supported partnership development, and monitoring and evaluation processes

The person

You will be a holder of a Bachelor’s degree preferably in the social sciences .You will have at least 2 years working experience
having worked successfully with youth, in supervisory tasks, in communities and with volunteers. You will have good written and oral
communication and ability to lead a team and evidence of effective problem solving.

You have to be a good team player with a high degree of personal commitment, a capacity to influence volunteers and stakeholders
and the ability to give and receive feedback with unquestionable integrity. Experience and knowledge in capacity to manage people
and performance effectively, evidence of openness to learning about their own performance and the financial performance of the
organization, proficient in the use of Microsoft Office applications excellent planning and organizational skills; especially coordination
and attention to details and having worked in a cross-cultural context

ISO 9001:2008 Certified You have to be a Kenyan citizen living in the coastal region of Kenya or Nanyuki and with excellent knowledge of
communities in your respective region


If you find this a worthy career challenge, send your application composed of CV and a statement (of not more than two pages)
highlighting your suitability. Please include telephone and email contact and details of three referees (one of whom should be
your current or most recent employer). Applications should be sent to: and also apply through Please Quote the Job reference number VSOJ-PS-YA/11/13 on the email subject line. Due to
United Nations Development Programme anticipated interest in this post, only short-listed candidates will receive a response.

Application deadline: 20th November 2013 Interviews: 25th to 29th November 2013
Expected Start Date: 15th December 2013
Location of these positions: Mombasa and Nanyuki

VSO, an equal opportunity employer, values inclusion and seeks to have a diverse workforce and therefore
welcomes applicants from all sections of the community.
The green economy in Kenya is seen as having great potential in ensuring economic growth in the long run and as
stated in a scoping study carried out by the Kenya Institute for Public Research and Analysis (KIPRA 2012) Kenya
should take advantage of the opportunities that arise from green growth and effectively address challenges and
barriers. A green economy approach would allow for ensuring the sustainable consumption of natural resources,
energy efficiency, whilst sustaining economic growth and development.

The key sectors of the green economy in which Kenya has begun and continues its efforts are renewable energy;
promotion of sustainable production and consumption; pollution control and waste management; sustainable
production and consumption; environmental planning and governance; and the restoration of forest ecosystems.
In the Kenyan context green economy should be understood as economic activities and processes that are
equitable and inclusive, but do not compromise environmental sustainability.

In the Kenyan context green economy should be understood as economic activities and processes that are
equitable and inclusive, but do not compromise environmental sustainability. It is important to note that the draft
MTP II of the Government of Kenya brings forth that the growth strategy of the country embraces measures to
ensure a greener economy and that the economy is put on a low carbon trajectory. Furthermore, the African
Development Bank (AfDB) in cooperation with UNEP, UNDP, WWF and ILO are supporting the Government in
preparing a Green Economy Strategy and Implementation Plan that should be completed by the end of 2013.

Given the potential for the green economy to boost economic growth and create employment and sustainable
livelihoods in Kenya, it is essential that all relevant stakeholders understand the policy and legal environment
and whether it takes into account the challenges and special considerations needed to ensure that both potential
and current women entrepreneurs are fully participating within the green economy. Additionally, it is important
to understand the current businesses that women are operating in within the green economy and whether these
activities have potential for scaling up and what particular challenges they face.

The main objective of this analytical study is to assess the potential for women entrepreneurs in the green growth
sector in Kenya to inform the development of appropriate programs and strategies supporting and fostering
women entrepreneurs in the sector.

Application Procedure
Interested and qualified candidates should submit their applications which should include the following:
1. UNDP Personal History Form (P11) Template provided
2. Detailed Curriculum Vitae
3. Proposal for implementing the assignment - Template provided

Please quote the following references on the subject line depending on the post you are applying for:-
1. Lead Consultant – Analytical Study of Green Growth Sector
2. Gender Consultant – Analytical Study of Green Growth Sector

Applications should be emailed to to reach us not later than Monday, 18

November 2013 at 2.00 P.M Kenya Time.

Please see the Terms of Reference, the P11 form, the Individual Contract Proposal form and the Terms and
Conditions of Individual Contracts by visiting the UNDP Kenya Website: -
44 | Appointment DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

TEL: 054-31380; P.O BOX 4221-30200
054-31617 KITALE


The following persons shortlisted for the posts indicated below should appear before the interviewing panel on the dates and time shown at the Committee room County Assembly hall Kitale:

NAME DATE TIME 1. Felix Kiplimo Rotich 27/11/2013 10:00 AM
1. Ainea Indakwa 14/11/2013 8:00 AM 2. Victor E. Ongaya 27/11/2013 12:00 NOON
2. Ekodoi Albert Ariku 14/11/2013 9:00 AM 3. Leonard Mwangi Mureithi 27/11/2013 2:00 PM
3. Edna Rotich 14/11/2013 10:00 AM 4. Michael Simiyu Mukhwana 27/11/2013 3:00 PM
4. Joshua Auta Kutekha 14/11/2013 12:00 NOON 5. Tum Isaac Kiplagat 27/11/2013 4:00 PM
5. Ronald Wanjala Jumbe 14/11/2013 2:00 PM 6. Gladys C. Kibet 28/11/2013 8:00 AM
NAME DATE TIME 8. Osca Misiko Masika 28/11/2013 10:00 AM
1. Jerop Diana Bett 15/11/2013 8:00 AM 9. Andrew K. Chumba 28/11/2013 12:00 NOON
2. Shadrack Omweba Makokha 15/11/2013 9:00 AM 10. Simon Otieno Okoyo Nalwakho 28/11/2013 2:00 PM
3. Shaban Werunga 15/11/2013 10:00 AM 11. Titus Kosgei Biwott 28/11/2013 3:00 PM
4. Colleta Nafula Kisika 15/11/2013 12:00 NOON 12. John Makona 28/11/2013 4:00 PM
5. Phoebe Buchunju 15/11/2013 2:00 PM 13. Erick Ochieng’ Otieno 29/11/2013 8:00 AM
6. Austine Musamali 15/11/2013 3:00 PM 14. Kwatemba Ben Atinda 29/11/2013 9:00 AM
7. Edwin Masika Wanjala 15/11/2013 4:00 PM 15. Davis Kipruto Bett 29/11/2013 10:00 AM
8. Burmen Kimtai Isaiah 18/11/2013 8:00 AM 16. Jeremiah Mutai Toroitich 29/11/2013
9. Wanyonyi Simiyu 18/11/2013 9:00 AM SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES FOR THE POST OF I.C.T
NAME DATE TIME 1. Kevin Magero Galande 29/11/2013 12:00 NOON
1. Edward Katama Ngeywa 18/11/2013 10:00 AM 2. Joseph Sululu Wafula 29/11/2013 2:00 PM
NAME DATE TIME 4. Robert Kiplagat Rop 29/11/2013 4:00 PM
1. Juma Wekesa Tom 18/11/2013 12:00 NOON 5. Salome Masinde 02/12/2013 8:00 AM
2. Patrick Misire Filbert 18/11/2013 2:00 PM 6. Aaron A. Muliro 02/12/2013 9:00 AM
3. Matthew Wanjala Wanyama 18/11/2013 3:00 PM 7. Richard Wamalwa Sirengo 02/12/2013 10:00 AM
4. Khaemba Richard 18/11/2013 4:00 PM 8. Wilson Wanyonyi Nyongesa 02/12/2013 12:00 NOON
5. Beatrice C. Busienei 19/11/2013 8:00 AM 9. Robertson Olang’o 02/12/2013 2:00 PM
6. Charles Werunga Wanyonyi 19/11/2013 9:00 AM 10. Sharon Meliyio 02/12/2013 3:00 PM
7. Shaban E.M. Werunga 19/11/2013 10:00 AM 11. Kirui Lawrence Kiprotich 02/12/2013 4:00 PM
8. Dixon Boiyo Juma 19/11/2013 12:00 NOON 12. Ronoh Shadrack Chelelmet 03/12/2013 8:00 AM
9. Nicholas Nandasaba Simiyu 19/11/2013 2:00 PM 13. Protus Mukhongo Kakai 03/12/2013 9:00 AM
10. Fredrick Maelo 19/11/2013 3:00 PM 14. Stephen W. Masinde 03/12/2013 10:00 AM
1. Karare Jane Njeri 20/11/2013 8:00 AM NAME DATE TIME
2. George Barasa Muricho 20/11/2013 9:00 AM 1. Siakilo Emmanuel Wafula 03/12/2013 2:00 PM
3. Ruth Nanyama Chemiati 20/11/2013 10:00 AM 2. Selpha N. Juma 03/12/2013 3:00 PM
4. Irene Cherono Kapting’ei 20/11/2013 12:00 NOON 3. Florence Anyango 03/12/2013 4:00 PM
5. Mbito Peter 20/11/2013 2:00 PM 4. Lianda W. Mauyo 04/12/2013 8:00 AM
6. Francesca Chemtai 20/11/2013 3:00 PM 5. Nebert M. Juma 04/12/2013 9:00 AM
7. Leonard Wekesa Wafula 20/11/2013 4:00 PM 6. Eutine Nakitare Mutaki 04/12/2013 10:00 AM
8. Abraham Walubengo 21/11/2013 8:00 AM 7. Patrick Barasa Wabwoba 04/12/2013 12:00 NOON
9. Mercy Mbuge 21/11/2013 9:00 AM 8. Andrew Nyongesa Mung’ale 04/12/2013 2:00 PM
NAME DATE TIME 10. Shibonje Dennis Ashilenje 04/12/2013 4:00 PM
1. Lupao Moses Wanjala 21/11/2013 10:00 AM 11. Lucy Kihamba 05/12/2013 8:00 AM
2. Doris Alomba 21/11/2013 12:00 NOON 12. Joseph Wanyama Mulongo 05/12/2013 9:00 AM
3. Michael Kodera Nyauchi 21/11/2013 2:00 PM 13. Kundu Collins Wakoli 05/12/2013 10:00 AM
NAME DATE TIME 1. Audrey Mellap Wafubwa 05/12/2013 12:00 NOON
1. Hezron Kemboi Kiplagat 22/11/2013 8:00 AM 2. Rabby Chepkosgei Kichwen 05/12/2013 2:00 PM
2. Moses Simiyu 22/11/2013 9:00 AM 3. Damaris Ayoyi Oyangi 05/12/2013 3:00 PM
3. Viola Chepchumba Sing’oei 22/11/2013 10:00 AM 4. Elkana Kipkurgat Korir 05/12/2013 4:00 PM
4. Gregory F. Wafula 22/11/2013 12:00 NOON 5. Scholastica Namalwa Nalobile 06/12/2013 8:00 AM
5. Soet Murkor Abiud 22/11/2013 2:00 PM 6. Naomi Jelimo 06/12/2013 9:00 AM
6. Linet Chepkwony Ndiwa 22/11/2013 3:00 PM 7. Shadrack Mwimali 06/12/2013 10:00 AM
7. Peter Moseti 22/11/2013 4:00 PM 8. Wanjala Moses Wanyama 06/12/2013 12:00 NOON
9. Gabriel Matanda 25/11/2013 9:00 AM OFFICER
10. Abdi Kibet Irongi 25/11/2013 10:00 AM NAME DATE TIME
NAME DATE TIME 2. Ben S. Simali 06/12/2013 3:00 PM
1. Joness W Satia 25/11/2013 12:00 NOON 3. Isaiah Chapia Adalo 06/12/2013 4:00 PM
2. Jenepher Adongo Atola 25/11/2013 2:00 PM 4. John Kipkorir 09/12/2012 8:00 AM
3. Hosea K. Mburu 25/11/2013 3:00 PM 5. Ferdinand Ganga Wandera 09/12/2012 9:00 AM
4. Alice Momanyi 25/11/2013 4:00 PM 6. Ronald Kimutai Kipkew 09/12/2012 10:00 AM
5. Tonui Kipkurui 26/11/2013 8:00 AM 7. Francis Kissinger Amayi 09/12/2012 12:00 NOON
7. Jack Mwiruri Irungu 26/11/2013 10:00 AM NAME DATE TIME
8. Edwin W Makokha 26/11/2013 12:00 NOON 1. Stephen Kyalo Mathya 09/12/2012 2:00 PM
9. Kennedy K. Mutai 26/11/2013 2:00 PM 2. Caroline Tata Ojuma 09/12/2012 3:00 PM
10. Nangila Beauty Mundalo 26/11/2013 3:00 PM 3. Maurice Boge Aineah 09/12/2012 4:00 PM
11. Job Kipkorir Simotwo 26/11/2013 4:00 PM 4. Ochieng Dennis 10/12/2013 8:00 AM
12. Caren Kageha Ambasa 27/11/2013 8:00 AM 5. Phillip Mwangi Njuguna 10/12/2013 9:00 AM
13. Tangus Kennedy 27/11/2013 9:00 AM 6. Beatrice Chepkoech Ruttoh 10/12/2013 10:00 AM
Wednesday November 6, 2013 Appointment 45
1. Simon Kiptoo Kosgey 10/12/2013 12:00 NOON
2. Ayub W. Muliro 10/12/2013 2:00 PM
3. Kanda Kiplagat Titus 10/12/2013 3:00 PM
4. Edwin Kiplimo Boit 10/12/2013 4:00 PM JOB OPPORTUNITIES
5. Mary Clara Nabukwangwa 11/12/2013 8:00 AM
6. Leah Cherobon 11/12/2013 9:00 AM World Vision Kenya is a leading Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with
children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Our programmes are spread across most parts
7. Makata W Washington 11/12/2013 10:00 AM
of Kenya. We wish to recruit highly competent individuals to fill the following positions within our organization.
8. Charles Musando 11/12/2013 12:00 NOON
9. Samwel Kang’ethe Maina 11/12/2013 2:00 PM Project Director - Enhancing Food Security in Eastern Kenya (based at Nairobi)
10. Stephen Masika Simiyu 11/12/2013 3:00 PM To provide coordination, technical and strategic leadership needed to successfully support timely and quality
11. Robinson Kiprop Murkeu 11/12/2013 4:00 PM implementation of the Enhancing Food Security in Eastern Kenya (EFSEK) project activities in order to enhance
SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES FOR THE POST OF SENIOR LIBRARIAN food security, improve well-being of targeted communities and improved child well-being. It will involve coordinating
NAME DATE TIME and working with other partner agencies that will form part of the consortium. The Project Director will be overall
1. Kuko Begin 13/12/2013 8:00 AM responsible for the management of the partner agencies in terms of ensuring that the project deliverables are
achieved in an effective and timely manner as per the proposal/work plan.
2. Nyongesa Suleiman Wekesa 13/12/2013 9:00 AM
3. Catherine Muthoni Mathu 13/12/2013 10:00 AM Associate Project Director - Enhancing Food Security in Eastern Kenya (based at Nairobi)
4. Salome Nasimiyu Namiti 13/12/2013 12:00 NOON
To effectively lead and coordinate respective project Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DME) operations in order to;
5. Kiplangat Elizabeth 13/12/2013 2:00 PM promote learning, provide guidelines and standards for the project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
6. Anne Wangui Njogu 13/12/2013 3:00 PM of field level based project interventions and ensure compliance with donor requirements and relevant policies.
7. Sarah Chepngetich Tiony 13/12/2013 4:00 PM
8. Mandillah N.C Elector 16/12/2013 8:00 AM Project Manager - Enhancing Food Security in Eastern Kenya (field based –Eastern Kenya)
9. Stellah Khausa Irungu 16/12/2013 9:00 AM To provide technical assistance in the designing, planning, funding, implementation, evaluation, and reporting of
SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES FOR THE POST OF RESEARCH ASSISTANT World Vision Kenya Project component under the wider 5 year DGIS/ICRAF’s Enhancing Food and Water Security
NAME DATE TIME for Rural Economic Development Program .The incumbent will lead the project team to facilitate rural households
in transition from subsistence farming and emergency aid to sustainable rural development by increasing food and
1. Kundu Nalondo Phanus 16/12/2013 10:00 AM
water security, better access to markets and strengthening of the local economy.
2. Stacey Waudo 16/12/2013 12:00 NOON
3. Dorothy Nanjala Wanyonyi 16/12/2013 2:00 PM For detailed job descriptions, please visit
4. Kevin Maraga 16/12/2013 3:00 PM
5. Joel Kirui Naibei 16/12/2013 4:00 PM All application letters and detailed CVs together with names of three referees should be addressed to he Director,
6. Mercy Jebet Timbilil 17/12/2013 8:00 AM People & Culture, Email: to reach us not later than November 12, 2013. Must put job title
as the subject. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
7. Henry K. Toroitich 17/12/2013 9:00 AM
8. Vivian Nekesa Kitui 17/12/2013 10:00 AM World Vision is a child focused organization and upholds the rights and wellbeing of children. Our recruitment and
9. Margaret Sindani 17/12/2013 12:00 NOON selection procedures include screening and background checking for child abuse related offenses. World Vision is
10. Frank Momanyi Moyare 17/12/2013 2:00 PM an equal opportunity employer.
11. Selpha N. Juma 17/12/2013 3:00 PM
12. Khaemba Emma Nelima 17/12/2013 4:00 PM
13. Kipkew Kimutai Ronald 18/12/2013 8:00 AM
14. Bonface situma wanyonyi 18/12/2013 9:00 AM
1. Joan C. Ngetich 18/12/2013 10:00 AM
2. Damaris Ayoyi Oyangi 18/12/2013 12:00 NOON
3. Mary Nanjala Barasa 18/12/2013 2:00 PM
4. Wamalwa Nathan Wafula 18/12/2013 3:00 PM
Willy Kemboi
Lucy Kibonei
4:00 PM
8:00 AM
Programme Manager
7. Wilson Wanyonyi Nyongesa 19/12/2013 9:00 AM
8. Henry Kibet Toroitich 19/12/2013 10:00 AM We are looking for a highly qualified French and English speaking Programme Manager with
SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES FOR THE POST OF PERSONAL SECRETARY a solid background in programme management, research, policy analysis, advocacy and
NAME DATE TIME civil society development to manage our programme in the Great Lakes region of Africa. The
1. Caroline Tata Ojuma 19/12/2013 12:00 NOON Great Lakes Programme Manager is responsible for leading the strategic development and
2. Lilian Awuor Bango 19/12/2013 2:00 PM implementation of DRC’s Great Lakes Programme in its 5 countries of operation.
3. Siteki M. Zipporah 19/12/2013 3:00 PM
4. Virginia S. Mutekhele 19/12/2013 4:00 PM Great Lakes Programme
5. Doris Nekesa Nyongesa 20/12/2013 8:00 AM
6. Roselyne W. Wesanza 20/12/2013 9:00 AM
Danish Refugee Council’s Great Lakes Programme currently covers five countries of the Great
7. Wanjala Mutuah Jacklyne 20/12/2013 10:00 AM Lakes region: Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and
8. Emily Cheptoyek Chelimo 20/12/2013 12:00 NOON Uganda. Based on an approach combining qualitative research, evidence-based advocacy,
9. Emmily Jepkemoi Yator 20/12/2013 2:00 PM bottom-up policy development and civil society capacity-building, the programme seeks to
10. Everline N. Nyongesa 20/12/2013 3:00 PM prevent local conflict resulting from and contributing to displacement through participatory
11. Monica Chemutai Sutter 20/12/2013 4:00 PM processes defined and implemented by local actors at the local level. It also aims to develop or
12. Hellen Nyakowa Simiyu 23/12/2013 8:00 AM improve national and regional policies on displacement by making them more relevant to locally-
SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES FOR THE POST OF HANZARD REPORTER identified needs. Finally, it seeks to reinforce and consolidate the capacities of civil society actors
NAME DATE TIME in reaching meaningful and sustainable policy change.
1. Ngetuny Joyce Jelagat 23/12/2013 9:00 AM
2. Siminyu N. Alice 23/12/2013 10:00 AM Requirements: A Masters or PhD level degree in International Law, International Politics, Conflict
3. Abisai Amugune 23/12/2013 12:00 NOON Studies, Forced Migration, Social Anthropology or related field, at least 8 years’ professional
4. Ruth Nanyama Chemiati 23/12/2013 2:00 PM experience with an international NGO working on conflict and displacement, preferably from a
5. Wasike Nabubwaya Rose 23/12/2013 3:00 PM
civil society/capacity-building perspective.
6. Karare Jane Njeri 23/12/2013 4:00 PM
7. Bryan W. Tumwa 24/12/2013 8:00 AM Qualified candidates are invited to access the full job description and the requirements for this
8. Atola Janepher Adongo 24/12/2013 9:00 AM position under vacancies at Please submit applications online using this link by
9. Rachel Muturi 24/12/2013 10:00 AM 17th November 2013.
10. Patricia Ndegwa 24/12/2013 12:00 NOON
11. Nakhaima Renson Bwome 24/12/2013 2:00 PM
12. Francis Moses Mukhebi 24/12/2013 3:00 PM
13. Okumu Habil Sylvester 24/12/2013 4:00 PM Human resource networking
All the shortlisted candidates are required to bring with them the following documents: Just as job-seekers should network more within relevant circles to widen their chances of success, so
a) Original academic and professional certificate should human resource personnel. They should be in regular touch with, and abreast of, their peers
b) Original national ID and other professionals in the field. Soon they may want to recruit — or be recruited by — these
c) Original valid clearance certificates from HELB, EACC,KRA, good conduct and credit professionals. There shouldn’t be big gaps in the knowledge and skills possessed.
reference bureau certificate , where applicable
d) Other relevant supporting documents and testimonials
e) Those with degrees from both Kenyan and foreign universities should come with proof of Harmony in diversity
accreditation from the commission for university education Do you want to develop a working environment that draws on people’s diversity, yet avoids potential
f) Canvassing in any form will lead to automatic disqualification conflicts? Pay more attention to similarities between people of diverse backgrounds, and try to limit
the differences.
Please be punctual.

THE SECRETARY, Tame the urge to spend

COUNTY ASSEMBLY SERVICE BOARD, On getting a pay rise, the temptation to step up your lifestyle is often overbearing. But good reason
COUNTY ASSEMBLY OF TRANS-NZOIA, should prevail. Avoid unnecessary changes to your living standards. There’s no point of a pay rise if
P.O BOX 4221-30200. you channel it all to new expenditure. A pay rise should enable you to save more for a rainy day.
46 | Appointment DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013



Hon. Bishar O. Hussein - Speaker Cell: +254 725 303 964, P.O BOX 495- 070200 WAJIR, E-Mail:


Article 176 (1) of the constitution of Kenya 2010 establishes a county Assembly for each county Government. Pursuant to provision of the county government Act, 2012
section 13 (1) the Wajir county Assembly service Board placed an advert in the “ Daily Nation Newspaper” on Friday, 31st May 2013 inviting interested applicants for
the position of the clerk wajir county Assembly. Following the invitation of the applications and subsequent short listing exercise that ensued, the Board wishes to notify
the following persons that they have been shortlisted for the position herein above and are required to appear before the board for an interview on 20/11/2013 to 22/11/
2013 At county assembly Offices, Wajir, Assembly board Room starting 9.00 AM.
(a) Candidates who applied for the position of clerk.
1. Ali Bashir Ismail M 0705813310 5/6/2013 10.00AM B, Commerce
2. Mohamed Hassan Abdullah M 0722406529 12/6/2013 2.42PM B, Law
3. Mohamud Mohamed Abdullahi M 0722785072 13/6/2013 3.30PM B, ED (ARTS)
4. Ibrahim Abdi Jimale M 0721322131 11/6/2013 3.50PM Diploma
5. Hassan Gabow Madey M 0720977820 7/6/2013 11.06AM B.Sc, M, Sc
6. Billow Adow M 070879563 5/6/2013 12.24PM B, Economics
7. Muhumed Abdi Shafat M 0727884169 5/6/2013 12.33 PM B, ARTS (Admin)
8. Masenga Benson M 0722467362 5/6/2013 4.25PM B, ARTS
9. Bare Billow Abdi M 0710263498 14/6/2013 2.30PM B, B,Admin
10. Osman mumin Hussein M 0720804947 14/6/2013 4.18PM B, ED
11. Mohamed Nur Ibrahim M 0720424570 14/6/2013 4.15PM B, ARTS
12. Issack Mohamud Mohamed M 0707719865 12/6/2013 3.30PM B, ARTS
13. Abdikadir Hussein Omar M 0710597410 12/6/2013 12.54PM B ED
14. Hussein Abdullahi Muhumed M 0720534163 7/6/2013 9.54AM Diploma
(b) Candidates who were shortlisted for the position of clerk.
1. Ali Bashir Ismail M 0705813310 20/9/2013 9.00AM B, Commerce
2. Mohamed Hassan Abdullah M 0722406529 20/9/2013 10.00AM B, Law
3. Mohamud Mohamed Abdullahi M 0722785072 20/9/2013 11.00AM B, ED (ARTS)
4. Hassan Gabow Madey M 0720977820 20/9/2013 1.00PM B.Sc, M, Sc
5. Billow Adow M 070879563 20/9/2013 2.00PM B, Economics
6. Muhumed Abdi Shafat M 0727884169 20/9/2013 3.00 PM B, ARTS (Admin)
7. Masenga Benson M 0722467362 20/9/2013 4.00PM B, ARTS
8. Bare Billow Abdi M 0710263498 21/9/2013 9.00AM B, Business Admin
9. Osman mumin Hussein M 0720804947 21/9/2013 10.00PM B, ED
10. Mohamed Nur Ibrahim M 0720424570 21/9/2013 11.00PM B, ARTS
11. Issack Mohamud Mohamed M 0707719865 21/9/2013 12.00PM B, ARTS
12. Abdikadir Hussein Omar M 0710597410 21/9/2013 1.00PM B ED
(a) Candidates who applied for the position of Service Board Member.
1. Osman .M. Kassim M 0723951582 Not indicated BA(Human Resource)
2. Rehema .H. Sanbur F 0723923451 4/06/2013 Deg(Environment Studies/CD)
3. Adan .Noor Hussein M 0713501157 5/06/2013 Diploma in CB PPM
4. Abdi Abdullahi M 0727690416 6/06/2013 MBA(operation,Proc/supply chain)
5. Mohamed .A. Bulle M 0728529427 6/06/2013 BA(political science/public Adm)
6. Muhuba Hassan F 0720808289 7/06/2013 MA (Advanced disaster management)
7. Riyal Abdi F 0723079331 10/06/2013 Diploma(Procurement/management)
8. Farhiya Rashid Ali F 0725612121 11/06/2013 Diploma(Hiv/Aids/CD)
9. Shamsa .M. Omar F 0720128820 11/06/2013 Deg-BA(sociology)
10. Raha Abdi Hassan F 0720305391 12/06/2013 Diploma(Human Resource)
11. Ibrahim.M. Boray M 0723909028 12/06/2013 Certificate in County Mgmt
12. Safia Banin Omar F 0721469727 13/06/2013 Diploma(Community Development)
13. Abdullahi Abdisalan M 0720597356 14/06/2013 Diploma(CD project planning Mgt)
14. Halima Abdi Abdulla F 0720563487 14/06/2013 Deg.(B.ED) ECPE)
15. Oray Adan Hussein F 0722765843 14/06/2013 Certificate(P1)
16. Ugas Billow M 0723266310 14/06/2013 BA(Higher dilopma HR)
17. Habiba Mohamed F 0726688723 14/06/2013 Diploma (Accountancy)
18. Fatuma Hassan F 0702081112 14/06/2013 Diploma (CD &SW)
(b) Candidates who were shortlisted for the position of Service Board Member
1. Muhuba Hassan F 0720808289 22/11/2013 9.00Am MA (Advanced Distaster Mgt.)
2. Halima Abdi Abdulla F 0720563487 22/11/2013 10.00Am Deg.(BED)ECPE)
3. Rehema Hodani Sanbur F 0723923451 22/11/2013 11.00Am DEG. (Environment Studies)
4. Shamsa Mohamed Omar F 0720128820 22/1/2013 12.00Pm BA(Socialogy)
5. Farhiya Rashid Ali F 0725612121 22/11/2013 1.00Pm Diploma(Hiv/Aids/CD)
The candidates must avail the following documents.
1. Curriculum Vitae/Personal Credentials/Academic Certificates.
2. Compliance certificate from Higher Education Loan Board(HELB)
3. Clearance Certificate from Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC)
4. Certificate of Good Conduct.
5. Compliance Certificate from KRA.


Wednesday November 6, 2013 47


The Mediheal Group of Hospitals is a premier private healthcare chain with
4 facilities in Kenya and one in Rwanda serving clients within the larger East
ASK is a key player in the agricultural and allied industries in the region. The following position has arisen in Mediheal Hospital & Fertility Centre, VP Group is offering an exciting opportunity for the position of Sustainability
Our mission is to inform, through exhibitions and other related activities Eldoret: Coordinator based in Naivasha. The ideal candidate shall be required to develop
using modern technology to promote excellence in agriculture and allied long-term maintenance of environmental, social and economic demands of the
industries. CHIEF MATRON company.

In order to achieve our strategic objectives, we are seeking to recruit Requirements: The overall purpose of the position is to provide comprehensive administrative
competent and qualified individuals to fill the following positions; • Experience of 3-15 years in a Government / Private Hospital support in the collection, analyses and presentation of data across VP Group. The
• Must be fully licensed with Nursing Council of Kenya main job responsibilities (not limited to) shall be:
Position scope: • Basic administration and management capabilities • Data coordination and input.
• Good interpersonal and team building skills • Following up with respective managers on data completion.
1. Chief Finance Manager: Reporting to the Chief Executive • Networking and PR skills • Ensuring accuracy of inputted data by checking source documents, and ensuring all
Officer, the successful candidate will be responsible for the units are using best practice / templates.
leadership of the Finance function, planning and reporting Any other qualifications in management and ICT will be an added advantage • Notification to departmental managers on faulty measuring devices.
process across the society’s network. Eligible candidates are requested to email their application letters and CV to: • Preparation of charts, trend lines, KPI’s, scorecards, etc. or • Comparison over time, and between different business units.
2. Branch Manager: Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, • Investigation into raw data and processes, to see if any new techniques can be shared
the successful candidate will be responsible for execution Venue of Interview: Mediheal Hospital & Fertility Center, between managers and coordinating such discussions in quarterly field-days.
of the Society’s business strategy as well as the day to day Nandi Road, Eldoret • Making presentations to visitors / customers.
running of the branch activities. Date of Interview: 23rd Nov. 2013 • Training data collection staff.
Time: 9 am - 4 pm • Attending sustainability conferences when needed.
3. Management trainees: Reporting to the respective Contact Details: Mr. Prasanta Mohapatra (General Manager) • Aligning data to relevant databases.
departmental/section all Managers, the successful candidates 0733 205 219 / 0723 578895 / 0713 880 833. • Assist the Head of Sustainability in project management and support of all Corporate
will undergo intensive training on the job to build capacity in Responsibility projects with the framework.
Benefits: • Assist in the writing of relevant sustainability reports and presentations
the various areas of management.
Successful candidate will be entitled to: • Coordinating Social/fair-trade projects
• Attractive and competitive salary commensurate with the position • Assist in any other data as requested
N.B. Visit our website for the full job profile.
• House allowance
• Health insurance Applicants with working knowledge in data software are encouraged to apply no later
If you fit the required profile, please send your applications attaching a than Wednesday November 13, 2013 to Application to be
• Vehicle provision
detailed CV,copies of certified academic/professional certificates and addressed to;
• One month paid annual leave
testimonial, names and contacts of three referees stating your day Group Human Resource Manager
telephone contact to the following address on or Mediheal Group of Hospitals is an equal opportunity employer. Vegpro Kenya Limited,
before 22nd November, 2013. P. O. Box 19226 - 00501,
Nairobi, Kenya.
Patient Prevents | Doctor Treats | God Heals


Vihiga County farmers’ Sacco invites applicants for the
supply and installation of computer application software to
enable the Sacco serve its members effectively.
The document detailing conditions of prequalification can
be obtained from the Sacco office on normal working hours
upon payment of non-refundable fee of Ksh. 5,000.
Complete tender documents enclosed in plain sealed
envelope marked clearly “TENDER FOR SUPPLY
SOFTWARE” and addressed to:-
P.O. BOX 309-50317
TELEPHONE 0735-791-535
Should be deposited in the tender box in the Sacco offices
so as to be received on or before noon 22nd November,
Submitted tender documents will be opened thereafter
at 1.00 pm in the presence of the tenderers or their
representatives who choose to attend at the Sacco board-
The Sacco reserves the right to accept or reject any
application without giving reasons for the rejection.

Getting an effective recommendation Generalised recommendations are not effective. Those that are
specific to your abilities as per the job requirements are.
Never underestimate the power of a recommendation letter. It can
be very useful in tilting the last scales of a tight job race in your Don’t forget what the employer wants
favour. Which is why you do not want to present a letter that is Many times when we are job searching, we spend all our energies
not convincing. How, then, do you go about getting that effective looking for the job that will satisfy our needs and accord us the
recommendation letter, and not end up with a lukewarm one? status we yearn for. We focus attention more on personal income,
The first step is to start early in seeking a recommendation. Don’t benefits, location, title, responsibilities, industry and so on. While
wait until the last minute, which then does not allow enough time for it is necessary to have those considerations, we sometimes get
a well-thought out content. Secondly, get someone who knows you overexcited and forget that employers too, have standards they are
well. There is usually the tendency of people running to the highest looking out for. You need to focus on those too.
authority in their organisations for a recommendation, even in Employers look out for your ability to do the job. They want to
situations in which they have had very little contact with the person. know also if you have initiative. They are keen too, to confirm
You are likely to end up with a template recommendation that goes your ability to grow on the job, and this is frequently measured by
to everybody asking for one from the same office. your demonstration of diligence and ability to do more than you
Selection panels usually look out for those elements in your are employed for when the need arises. Employers assess your
recommendation letter that confirm the writer’s familiarity with your confidence levels, ascertain your leadership abilities, check your
work. It is a way of determining its credibility. Give the person writing attitude, and weigh your compatibility with the job environment.
the letter as much information as possible about the requirements Your attitude also matters, and so are your social skills, integrity and
of the job you are pursuing, for them to make a sound connection communication proficiency.
and tune the letter to the circumstances as best as possible.
Wednesday November 6, 2013

Providing Africa with

We’ll do the same for you.

G4S is the world’s leading international security solutions group, which specializes in outsourced business processes in
sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat. G4S has operations in more than 125 countries
and 657,000 employees.
In Africa, G4S is the largest private employer, with 110 000 employees in over 29 countries across the continent. G4S Kenya
has a workforce of about 15,000 spread across all the major Urban Centres in the country.
At G4S Kenya, we place great value on attracting and retaining the best people at all levels, to ensure the continued success
of the organization. We are seeking to appoint:-

Finance Manager – Reporting & Controls

The position reports to Finance Director and will have national responsibility for financial reporting, business financial controls and
general management reporting.

Main Responsibilities
· Production of accurate and timely management and financial reports and the completion of internal and external reporting
· Coordination of departmental and divisional budgets and forecasts
· Reconciliation of inter-company suppliers balances reconciliation on a monthly basis
· Liaising with both internal and external Auditors as they undertake audit assignments
· Ensures proper accounting of assets, stocks and payroll postings to the various divisions, cost centres and profit centres.
· Ensures that internal controls are operating effectively and efficiently and continuously institutes and reviews internal controls.
· Preparation of year end statutory accounts and liaison with auditors
· Assisting in the preparation of business plans, budget and revised forecasts

Idea Candidate
· University degree or equivalent
· CPA(K) /ACCA or an equivalent professional accoun ng qualifica on
· Three years experience as finance accountant or equivalent
· High sense of responsibility , integrity , drive and ini a ve
· Excellent communica on skills
· Ability to work within very ght deadlines

Sales Manager – Secure Solutions

Working with a dedicated team of Sales Executives, the Sales Manager – Secure Solutions ensures that adequate sales strategies
are in place to deliver the budgeted revenue.

Main Responsibilities
· To own, develop and implement sales and marketing strategy to position G4S Secure Solutions products in the market
· To identify short, mid and long term opportunities and business potential for the Secure Solutions Division
· To involve and coordinate internal resources and to ensure optimum corporate performance levels in meeting budgeted revenue
· To provide regular reports/information to the business concerning sector / major account revenue development
· To lead bid preparation and tender negotiation of contracts with clients in line with company procedures and objectives

Ideal Candidate
· University degree. Ideally MBA qualification preferred
· Professional training in Sales Management
· 7 years experience in leading sales processes and people at multiple levels
· Excellent presentation and Communication skills
· Networking and interpersonal skills
· Competency in business/market segmentation

Fleet Coordinator
Responsibility for ensuring optimum use of available fleet and drivers including scheduling, logistics, coordination with fleet users to
meet their needs, work schedules and overall fleet administration duties.

Main Responsibilities
· Responsible for a fleet of 300+ vehicles and motorcycles
· Development and implementation of fleet administration standards and vehicle operating policies
· Preparation of short and long range plans including routing and scheduling
· Control of Maintenance, repair, replacement and disposal of vehicles
· The operation of a large central motor pool including the allocation of resources such as drivers and riders
· To assist in determining workload, monitoring and evaluating performance
· To ensure the work environment is in compliance with government, safety and environmental standards; assure the workshop
area, equipment and materials are maintained in a safe, clean and orderly fashion, assure security of storage and repair facilities

· Bachelors degree with at least 5 years of experience working with operation, maintenance and administration of fleet
· In-depth knowledge of fleet management solutions (preferably ROADBASE), fleet scheduling
· Thorough knowledge of transport management systems and operations scheduling
· Basic training in motor vehicle maintenance
· Self driven individual with ability to deliver with little or no supervision

Sales Executives
Main Responsibilities:
· Generate new sales
· Identifying customer needs and offer solutions
· Prospecting for new customers
· Carrying out market surveys and gathering market intelligence
· Providing quotations to customers/prospects
· Discussing proposals with customers and making follow-ups to final conclusion, collecting down payments for services sold
· Managing any jobs sold until successful completion and handover within agreed schedules of the services to customers’
· Championing new product/service introduction in designated area

Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications: -
· University degree in a business related discipline.
· At least 3 years experience in a busy modern corporate sales department.
· Good interpersonal skills
· A team player with unquestionable integrity, high initiative and capable of working under pressure
· Excellent communication skills - verbal and written
· Have demonstrable success in Sales
· Good IT skills

G4S offers a competitive market related salary. To apply online, go to The closing date for
applications is: 15th November 2013.

Any further enquiries may be addressed to:

Resourcing Manager
G4S Kenya Limited
P. O. Box 30242 – 00100 GPO
Tel: +254-20-6982000
Mobile: 0722 314 392/0733 873 494

G4S Recruitment Policy addresses itself to the core values of best practice, diversity and equality. Those who attempt to canvass
will be disqualified from the process.
Wednesday November 6, 2013 49
REPUBLIC OF KENYA Republic of Kenya


MINISTRY OF LABOUR, SOCIAL SEURITY AND The following short listed candidates are required to appear before the Meru County Public Service Board for interviews on the date and time indicated
below. The interviews will be conducted at the Meru County Government Board Room located at the County Government headquarters.

SERVICES The candidates must bring with them originals of the following documents.
i). National identity card or a valid Kenyan passport
ii). Academic and professional certificates and transcripts
DIRECTORATE OF OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH iii). Certificate of good conduct from the criminal Investigations Department (CID)
iv) Clearance certificate from Higher Education loans Board (HELB)
SERVICES (DOSHS) v). Tax Compliance certificate from Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)
vi). Clearance from the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC)

vii). Any other relevant documents.
1 Prudence Waithera Kirimi F 12.11.2013 12.Noon
Karuntimi Timothy Kimathi
Eric Kinoti Mbaabu
12.15 pm
12.30 pm
4 Martin Mwirigi Kirimi M 12.45 pm
1.00 pm

NO.MLSS&S 03/2013/2014 1
Sabina Gatumi
Jacinta Karimi Kithure
2.15 pm
2.30 pm
3 Wilson Njoroge Wainaina M 2.45 pm
1 Michael N Njoroge M 3.00 pm
The Ministry of Labour Social Security and Services invites sealed tenders 2 Josephat Kilemi Nkibitu M
3.15 pm

from eligible candidates for Supply, Delivery, Testing and Commissioning 1

Paul Gituma Magiri
John Muthuri
3.30 pm
3.45 pm
of Specialized Equipment at the Directorate of Occupational Safety and 1 Emily Mwendwa Mugambi F 4.00 pm
2 Veronicah Mwonjiru Imaana F 4.15 pm
Health Services, Nairobi. 1 Joshua Kanywithia Rukunga
M 13.11.2013 8.20 am
2 Kathure Josyline F 8.40 am
To qualify for consideration of the award, bidders must meet the following 3
Loise Karimi Kobia
Martha Ciaiti Munjuri
9.00 am
9.20 am
selection criteria:- 5
Monica Muthoni Kagwima
Naomi Wanja Kathurima
9.40 am
10.00 am
7 Phylis Muthoni Misheck F 10.20 am
1. Registered under the Company’s Act Cap 486 8
Priscillia Mwomaitha Laibuni
Petronilla Gitonga
10.40 am
11.00 am
2. Proof of supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and training 1 Irene Mundali
F 11.20 am
2 James Thiaine M 11.40 am
of specialized equipment in the last three (3) years 3 Karithi Francis Mbiti M 12.00 Noon
4 Martin Gikunda Kirigia M 12.20 pm
3. Attach a valid tax compliance certificate from Kenya Revenue 5
Mwongera Murungi
Oras Murithi Stephen
12.40 pm
1.00 pm
Authority 1 Abraham Miaka Justus
M 1.20 pm
2 Dionisia Warue M’Eruaki F 2.00 pm
4. A valid Bid Bond of 2% of the tender sum in the form of bankers 3 John M.Matiri M 2.20 pm
4 Joseph Kirimi Mututa M 2.40 pm
guarantees from a reputable Bank or approved Insurance Firm 5
Joseph Mwingirwa Kanake
Martin Gikunda Kirigia
3.00 pm
3.20 pm
registered with the Public Procurement Oversight Authority. 7
Stanely Mworia
Stephen Bundi Muguna
3.40 pm
4.00 pm
1 Charles Mwenda Kaibiria M 4.20 pm
Interested bidders may obtain further information, inspect and purchase 2
Christopher K.Kalunge
Denis Kinoti Atugi
4.40 pm
5.00 pm
the tender documents at the Supply Chain Management Office, NSSF 4
Milton Murithi Nyaga
Peter Maina Mosses
5.20 pm
5.40 pm
Building, 14th Floor, Eastern Wing, Block ‘A’, during normal working 6
Stella Muthoni Gitonga
Antony Mburugu
14.11.2013 8.20 am
8.40 am
hours. 1
Chris Kaberia
Geofrey Kimathi Nkuri
9.00 am
9.20 am
3 David Bundi M’Anampiu M 9.40 am
A complete set of tender document may be obtained by interested 1 David Kimencu Mugambi
M 10.00 am
candidates upon payment of non-refundable fee of ksh.1000.00 in cash 2
Kiragu Amos Kamau
Morris George Mbae
10.20 am
10.40 am
4 Mwirabua Baariu Samuel M 11.00 am
or bankers cheque payable to the Principal Secretary, Ministry of Labour 5 Phylis Nyoroka Mbijiwe F
11.20 am

Social Security and Services at the cash office NSSF Building, 2nd Floor 1
Bonface Mutethia Kiambi
Elias Kirimi Marete
11.40 am
12.00 Noon
3 Mary Karimi Kimaita F 12.20 pm
Block ‘A’. 4 Samuel Murithi Mutiiria M 12.40 pm
1 George Mwangi M 1.00 pm
Prices quoted should be net inclusive of all taxes and must be in Kenya 2
Jacinta Kariri Gitonga
Julius K. Inyingi
1.20 pm
2.00 pm
shillings and shall remain valid for (120) days from the closing date of the 4
Mutabara John Inanga
Paul Kimathi M’imanyara
2.20 pm
2.40 pm
tender. 1 Julius Mutai Arithi M 3.00 pm
2 Peter Kimeli Too M 3.20 pm
3 Susan Gitura Kailaine F 3.40 pm
Interested bidders must submit their tender in sealed and clearly marked 1 David Muriuki Nceeri
M 4.00 pm
envelope as per the instructions in the tender document and bearing the 2
Gladys M.Ngari
Isaac Mburugu Ikiara
4.20 pm
4.40 pm
4 Lawrence Guantai M’Itonga M 5.00 pm
Tender Reference Number and description addressed to:- 5 Mary M. Njugi F 5.20 pm
6 Peter Thiangichu Kaume M 15.11.2013 8.20 am
7 Peter K. Ekabu M 8.40 am
The Principal Secretary 8 John M. Kamoyo M
Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services 1
David Murithi Ireri
John Kariuki Ndiritu
9.00 am
9.20 am
NSSF Building 3
Luke Mungiria Nkumbuku
Patrick Mwirigi Murithi
9.40 am
10.00 am
5 Purity Karimi Marangu F 10.20 am
P. O. Box 40326 – 00100 6 Rose K. Mwongera F 10.40 am
7 Timothy Ramara M 11.00 am
Winfred Kajuju Murimi
Zachary Kathunkumi Mukiira
11.20 am
11.40 am
10 Henry Maore Gichuru M 12.00 Noon
Or deposited in the tender box located on 14th Floor NSSF Building, Block 11
Christopher Mwiti Kamunculuh
Kenneth Gitonga
12.20 pm
12.40 pm
13 Kaima D.M Ruiga M 1.00 pm
‘A’ Eastern Wing on or before 19th November, 2013 at 12.00 noon. Late DIRECTOR OF CO OPERATIVES
1 Elijah Kabai Kobia M 1.20 pm
tenders shall be returned unopened. 2
Jeremy Nyaga Imanene
Penina Kinya
1.40 pm
2.00 pm
The tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in public and in the 1
Jedidah Karwitha Mwiti
Samuel M. Mukindia
2.20 pm
2.40 pm
3 Lewis Murithi M 3.00 pm
presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend in the DIRECTOR OF PHYSICAL PLANNING
1 Dennis Mwiti M 3.20 pm
Conference Room, 14th Floor Block ‘A’. 2
Eric Kombe Randu
Jackson Kirimi Kubai
3.40 pm
4.00 pm
4 Joseph L. Mukira M 4.20 pm
The Government reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in part 1 Muroki Kaulani Kofia M
4.40 pm
2 Martin Mwirigi Kirimi M 5.00 pm
or in full without giving any reasons thereof. 3
Prudence W.Kirimi
Timothy Kimathi Karuntimi
5.20 pm
5.40 pm
The Secretary,
County Public Service Board
Head: Supply Chain Management Services Meru County Government
P. O. Box 120-60200
For: Principal Secretary MERU.
Wednesday November 6, 2013


P. O. BOX 34 – 60103 RUNYENJES
Call for Proposals Telephone: 064 - 21003 /21107 /21108. P. O. BOX 63,
Mobile: 0724-697053/ 0737-194222. MAUA – 60600. Tenders are invited for the supply and delivery of the following items/services w.e.f 1st
ABOUT US Fax: 064-21121. MERU NORTH. January 2014 to 31st December 2014
For over 90 years, Save the Children has been making a difference in children’s Email: Email:
MHS 01/2014 - Dry White Maize
lives in more than 120 countries. We are the world’s largest independent child rights MHS 02/2014 - Dry Beans (Brown Mwitemania), Ndengu
organisation, underpinned by a vision in a world in which every child attains the MHS 03/2014 - Sugar, Cooking Fat, Salt, Rice, Tea Leaves, Coffee
right to survival, protection, development and participation. Our mission to inspire
breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and
MHS 05/2014
Cabbages, Onions, Potatoes, Carrots
Fresh Meat
MHS 06/2014 - Computers, Computer Accessories and Repairs
lasting change in their lives.
Maua Methodist Hospital is one of County referral hospitals in MHS 07/2014 - Staff/student Uniforms
Save the Children is an organization for talented people with different MHS 08/2014 - Repair and Maintenance Of Electrical Fittings
Meru with a bed capacity of 250. It is an accredited internship MHS 09/2014 - Firewood
backgrounds and perspectives. We are proud that our people are representative
of the children we work with and we thrive on our diversity. We are an equal
training centre for doctors and CPD provider, delivering inpatient, MHS 10/2014 - Pharmaceutical/medical Supplies
opportunity organisation dedicated to our core values of Accountability, Ambition, general outpatient treatment and specialized services in surgery, MHS 11/2014 - Office Stationery And Related Learning
Materials; Chalks, Pens, Pencils, Foolscaps,
Collaboration, Creativity and Integrity. Our culture is embedded in these values, gynaecology, internal medicine, paediatrics, palliative care, Photocopying Papers, Dusters
along with a strong commitment to our Child Safeguarding Protocol, ensuring that ophthalmology and ENT. MHS 12/2014 - Text Books
all representatives of Save the Children demonstrate the highest standards of MHS 13/2014 - Exercise Books (Printed)
behavior towards children both in their private and professional lives. MHS 14/2014 - Farm Inputs and Animal Feeds

Save the Children- Somalia Programme has over 20 years’ experience of

MHS 16/2014
Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals
Cleaning Materials, Detergents/ Sanitation
supporting the health sector in Somalia, the focus been mainly on the primary
The hospital is seeking to recruit a medical doctor to serve full time Materials/brooms/rugs
health care. It has been engaged in a number of support areas ranging from in comprehensive care centre (CHAK – CDC Programme). MHS 17/2014 - Building and Construction Materials (Stones, Sand, Cement, Wire
• He / she should be willing to learn, a team player and of high Mesh, Iron Sheets, Metal Bars, Paint)
providing local technical capacity at service delivery points to a broader health MHS 18/2014 - Furniture (Student Desks, Chairs, Stools and
system strengthening at central level. At community levels, Save the Children has integrity, Boarding Facilities, Mattresses)
sound experience of working with community structures and building relationship • Ready to go the extra mile in performance of duty, MHS 19/2014 - Eggs
between them and health facilities. The organization has been operational in MHS 20/2014 - Motor Vehicle and School Property Insurance
• Able to liaise with programme donors, MHS 21/2014 - Milling Services
Karkaar region since 2004.
• Computer literate. MHS 22/2014 - Games Equipment
Save the Children is currently looking for a consultant for the following consultancy:
Conduct Knowledge, Attitude and Practice survey on Maternal and Child Tender forms may be collected from the School Finance Office during normal working
Health BCC messaging for the Karkaar region in the State of Puntland.
After 3 years of satisfactory performance, the successful hours upon payment of non-refundable fee of Kshs 2,000/= per tender document.
applicant will be eligible for postgraduate scholarship by the Completed forms in plain sealed envelop marked “Tender” No…… should be addressed
To register interest in this consultancy, please send the following documentation to to:
hospital. The Chairman Tender Committee, Moi High School Mbiruri
• Detailed response to ToR, with specific focus addressing the key selection P. O. Box 34-60103,
criteria; Qualified applicants should send their applications and detailed RUNYENJES.
• Initial work plans based on methodology outlined, and availability of CV by 27th November, 2013 to the address below: and dropped in the Tender Box placed at the reception office not later than
applicant; 20th November 2013 at 10.00 a.m. Tenders will be opened on 20th November 2013 at
• Company profile or CV including a minimum of 3 references; The Chief Executive Officer, 12.00 noon. Provide all the necessary details of your business. Interested bidders are
• Detailed budget breakdown based on expected daily rates and initial time invited to witness the opening of the tenders.
Maua Methodist Hospital, NB: The Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in whole or in part
P.O. Box 63 – 60600, without giving reasons for rejection.
Applications close 18th November 2013
Interested candidates are required to submit a CV and mandatory cover letter to
Maua. For more information please visit our Or
website or Email address:
We work with children, communities and governments all over the world and we
believe in the right person for the job regardless of where you come from and
how you identify yourself. We need to keep children safe so our selection process
P. O. Box 69 – 10300 Kerugoya Email:
reflects our commitment to ensuring that only those who are suitable to work with
children are considered for these posts. All successful applicants will therefore be
required to complete a Police Check and must sign onto our Child Protection Policy
and organizational Code of Conduct. Tenders are invited for supply and delivery of goods and services as below
Ref Number Particulars / Details
1/KGHS/2014 Supply of Detergents, Disinfectants & Cleaning Materials


Supply of Building Materials
Supply of Printed Exercise Books
We are inviting offers from interested parties for the purchase of 4/KGHS/2014 Supply of Students land Staff Uniform
motor vehicles as listed hereunder: 5/KGHS/2014 Supply of Mattresses 3”

No. DESCRIPTION REG. No. TO BE VIEWED AT. 6/KGHS/2014 Supply of Laboratory Chemicals and Equipments
7/KGHS/2014 Supply of Pharmaceuticals
1 Isuzu FRR 33L BUS KBJ 614E Leakeys Storage -
8/KGHS/2014 Supply of Meat on Bones
38 Seater Kitui road
9/KGHS/2014 Supply of Dry Food Stuff – Maize, Beans and Ndengu
2 Volkswagen Polo St. KBN 722W Leakeys Storage - 10/KGHS/2014 Supply of Fat, Salt, Sugar, Rice and Maize Flour
wagon Lunga lunga road 11/KGHS/2014 Supply of Fresh Fruits e.g Mangoes and Oranges
3 Toyota Noah KBC 651R CMC Motors Ltd - 12/KGHS/2014 Supply of Bread
Nakuru 13/KGHS/2014 Supply of Fresh Milk and Eggs
14/KGHS/2014 Supply of Fresh Vegetables and Potatoes
4 TATA 1116 Truck KBV 051A Leakeys Storage - Supply of Farm Inputs i.e Animal Feeds, Agro-Chemicals and
Kitui road 15/KGHS/2014
Animal Drugs
5 Nissan Double cabin KBR 103C Neo Makupa Garage 16/KGHS/2014 Supply of Firewood
Pick-up - Mombasa 17/KGHS/2014 Supply of General Stationeries
18/KGHS/2014 Supply of Electrical Accessories and Fittings
6 Isuzu FRR 33L Bus KBR 143P Leakeys Storage - 19/KGHS/2014 Supply of Computer Stationeries and Accessories
Kitui road 20/KGHS/2014 Supply of Insurance for School Vehicles
7 Toyota Corolla Saloon KBG 862A Neo Makupa Garage 21/KGHS/2014 Supply of 100KVA Generator with Canopy (Sound Proof)
- Mombasa 22/KGHS/2014 Supply of Games Uniform and Equipments
23/KGHS/2014 Supply of Insurance for Students & B.O.G Staff
8 Isuzu FVZ Truck KBM 080P Leakeys Storage -
The tender documents are available at the school accounts office upon payment of
Kitui road non-refundable fee of Kshs. 2,000 during the official working hours.Complete tender
9 Mercedes Benz Actros KBS 231U Neo Makupa Garage documents in a plain sealed envelope with reference number to be addressed to
Secretary, Tender Committee, Kabare Girls H. S and deposited in the school tender
P/mover - Mombasa box so as to reach the school on or before 19th November 2013 at 5.00pm. Tender
10 Mercedes Benz Axor- KBR 926G Leakeys Storage - opening will take place on 20th November 2013 at 10.00am. Applicants are invited to
witness. All prices should be inclusive of VAT where applicable.
1835 P/mover Kitui road The school reserves the right to accept or reject any tender wholly or in part and is not
Vehicles are sold on “AS IS WHERE IS” basis. bound to give reasons for its decision.

Bidders who will not hear from the Committee one month after the
closing date should consider their bids unsuccesful.
Bids should be placed in a sealed envelope marked “ Tender for
Motor Vehicle” addressed to:
The Tender Committee
P.o Box 44599-00100
To reach the Comittee not later than 12th November 2013
For further details, contact us on Tel : 0711 041278 or 0711 041134
Kindly indicate your full contacts details in the bids.
Finance can be arranged subject to credit appraisal.
Wednesday November 6, 2013 51
P. O. BOX 161 – 20300 TEL:065-2022110 NYAHURURU e-mail: nyahururuboys
Tenders are invited for the supply and delivery of the following goods w.e.f. 1st January 2014
Tender No:NHS/01/2014 - Dry Food (maize / beans)
Tender No:NHS/02/2014
Tender No:NHS/03/2014
Groceries (Rice, sugar etc)
Text books Duly instructed by our PRINCIPALS, THE CHARGEE, we shall sell by public
Tender No:NHS/04/2014 - Fresh meat (Beef and mutton) auction the under mentioned property together with all the improvements erected BY PUBLIC AUCTION
Tender No:NHS/05/2014 - Bread therein on:- THURSDAY 21ST NOVEMBER 2013, AT OUR OFFICES AT LEAKEY’S
Tender No:NHS/06/2014 - Fresh Vegetables
Tender No:NHS/07/2014 - Fresh potatoes
11.00 A.M. LIMITED, we shall sell by public auction the following accident
Tender No:NHS/08/2014 - General stationeries
Tender No:NHS/11/2014 - Uniforms (students and workers with school logo)
All that parcel of land known as RUIRU EAST/JUJA EAST/ BLOCK 2/938 JUJA – NAIROBI STARTING AT 11.00 A.M.
Tender No:NHS/12/2014 - Games equipment
Tender No:NHS/13/2014 - Laboratory chemicals and equipments
Tender No:NHS/14/2014 - Pharmaceuticals /medical supplies within Juja Farm area in Kiambu County. The property lies east of Overcoming
Tender No:NHS/16/2014 - Detergents, disinfectants & general cleaning materials Faith Church. It can be accessed by branching off Juja Farm Road at Juja Farm
Tender No:NHS/17/2014 - Fresh milk Trading Centre and branching further at a junction located approximately 300 2. KBF 827B TOYOTA ALLEX SALOON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
Tender No:NHS/18/2014 - Electrical materials and services metres from the said trading centre. The subject property is located approximately 3. KBL 378H TOYOTA COROLLA SALOON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
Tender No:NHS/19/2014 - Fruits 500 metres from the said junction. The tenure is Freehold Interest. The title is
registered in the name of STEPHEN GITHIRI BABU as the sole proprietor. The 4. KBS 045F TOYOTA COROLLA SALOON P.N. KABARA, NYERI
Tender No:NHS/20/2014 - Office Machines repair, Computer services (Software and hardware)
Tender No:NHS/21/2014 - Farm input & Agrovet Supplies property contains by measurement One Decimal Three Nought (1.30 Ha) 5. KAE 173V TOYOTA COROLLA SALOON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
Tender No:NHS/22/2014 - Insurance covers for school vehicle and WIBA Hectares i.e. 3.21 acres. PLOT DESCRIPTION: This is a rectangular shaped 6. KBN 509B TOYOTA COROLLA S/WAGON JAFFERY MOTORS, MOMBASA
Tender No:NHS/23/2014 - Dry firewood agricultural land parcel with a flat gradient and with black cotton soil. Boundaries
Quotations should include all costs of supply, delivery and V.A.T. where applicable Pre-qualification documents giving to the land parcel are marked with survey beacons. Access to the entire land parcel 7. KBU 838P TOYOTA COROLLA S/WAGON CONTEXT GARAGE, KISUMU
full details may be obtained from the Accounts Office during normal working hours from Monday to Friday upon is open as it is not yet fenced. IMPROVEMENTS: The parcel of land was devoid 8. KBF 146B TOYOTA COROLLA S/WAGON OCHIENG GARAGE, EMBU
payment of a non-refundable fee of Ksh.1,000 per set. Completed Tender Forms in plain sealed envelopes marked: of any structural improvements I.E. VACANT. SERVICES: All mains services are
Tender No: _________ bearing number indication of the tenderer should be placed in the Tender Box or addressed 9. KBJ 103Q TOYOTA CALDINA S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
not yet connected to the property. Mains water and electricity are available in the
neighbourhood for connection upon application from relevant authorities. Drainage
The Chairman,School tender committee,Nyahururu High School
shall be to a septic tank or pit latrine. Immediate access road is earth surfaced. 11. KBT 966S TOYOTA SIENTA S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
P. O. Box 161 – 20300 NYAHURURU
Deadline for submission of the documents shall be Thursday, 28th November 2013 at 12.00 Noon. CONDITIONS OF SALE 12. KBT 074Y TOYOTA PASSO S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
Successful tenderers will be notified / or may check by 2nd December 2013 with the Secretary tender committee. 1. All interested purchasers are requested to view the property and verify the 13. KBT 779C TOYOTA PASSO S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
N.B: The Tender Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any pre-qualification Documents in whole or in part details, as these are not warranted by the Auctioneer or our clients.
and is not bound to give any reasons thereof. 2. Interested bidders are required to pay a refundable deposit of Kshs. 100,000.00 14. KBT 713Z TOYOTA RACTIS S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
to obtain a bidding number and catalogue at the auctioneer’s offices, before 15. KBP 169Y TOYOTA IST S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
3. A deposit of 25% of the purchase price must be paid by bankers’ cheque at the
fall of the hammer. The balance will thereafter be payable within thirty (30) days 17. KBH 457R TOYOTA RAV4 S/WAGON WESTFIELD GARAGE, KISUMU
to the chargees’ advocates. 18. KBA 132A TOYOTA HARRIER S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
4. Sale is subject to a reserve price and necessary consent. 19. KBH 076L TOYOTA TOWNACE S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
5. Further details and conditions of sale are available on request at our offices
and viewing of the property can be done during normal working hours by prior 20. KBQ 980W TOYOTA PROBOX S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
arrangements with ourselves. 21. KBM 085Q TOYOTA CBE-NCP51V S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
Under instructions from our principals, the chargees, in exercise of their statutory
power of sale, we shall sell by Public Auction the under mentioned properties and all the 31. KBB 928G VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1.6 S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
improvements erected thereon. 32. KBT 339T VOLKSWAGEN GOLF S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
All that property known as L.R.NO. 16115-MAVOKO MUNICIPALITY registered in the names of
CRESCENT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LTD. It is a lease hold interest for a term of 45 years 34. KBU 249Q SUBARU LEGACY S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
w.e.f 1st March 1991 at a revisable annual ground rent of Kshs.20,000.00 for the first 2 years and 35. KBT 400H SUBARU OUTBACK S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
Kshs.640,000.00 per annum thereafter.It measures 30.48Ha or 75.32acres and is located 1km
off and to the North East of Mombasa road in Mlolongo area of Mavoko Municipality Machakos 36. KBL 131S SUBARU IMPREZA S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
County turning off at Beijing road. It is rectangular in shape and has black cotton soil with
solid bedrock beneath. About 10acres of the parcel on the Southern side has been quarried 37. KAX 167Z SUBARU FORESTER S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
and is currently pooled and on the central section stands some concrete walled structures, a 38. KBT 399P MAZDA VERISA S/WAGON LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD
quarrying plant and machinery.Mains water, electricity and sewer services are available in the
is a freehold interest measuring 0.23Acres and situated in Gachege township area Kamunyaka 42. KBR 941B MITSUBISHI CANTER FE515 LORRY LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD-KITUI RD
location, Gatundu District about 400meters to the east of Holy Trinity ACK church.On the
plot stands an L-shaped main house,an ablution block,a commercial bulding and a water 43. KBU 831B MERCEDES BENZ ACTROS P/MOVER LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD-KITUI RD
tank,Acess to the property is via a double opening partly grilled plate metal gate.Immediate
acess road is earth surfaced,main water and electricity are not connected to the property but 44. KBC 104S MERCEDES BENZ ACTROS LORRY LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD-KITUI RD
readily available.Foul drainage is into a pit latrine. 45. KBC 316M RENAULT P/MOVER LEAKEY’S STORAGE LTD–KITUI RD
All that property known as LR.NO. BUKIRA/BUHIRIMONONO/1552 registered in the names CONDITIONS OF SALE
of SAMWEL NICHOLAS KEBOYE. It is a freehold interest measuring 0.04Ha or 0.0988Acres 1. Viewing can be done at the places indicated in the advert above
and located about 100metres to the East of Esibania Hospital and border point Hotel in
Esibania township, Migori County.On the plot stands a single storey residential building and to verify the details as these are not warranted by the auctioneers
a permanent pit latrine.Mains electricity is connected, water is from a sunken well, while or the principals as the (SALVAGES) are offered for sale “ON – AS
drainage is into a pit latrine.Immediate access road is earth surfaced.4.
OFFICE. 2. Interested bidders are required to pay a refundable deposit of
All that property known as LR.NO. KISUMU/MANYATTA’A’/3156 registered in the names of
PETER ODHIAMBO OKELLO. It is a freehold interest measuring 0.02Ha or 0.05Acres and Kshs.100,000.00 to obtain a bidding number at our offices in form
situated in manyatta’A’ residential area of kisumu municipality. It is a residential plot developed of a bankers cheque in the name of C I C GENERAL INSURANCE
with a single storey dwelling house.The dwelling house consist of a two bedroomed unit, two
rooms unit and a one bedroomed unit .Piped water is available, drainage would be to a septic LIMITED.
tank. 3. The declared purchaser must deposit 25% of the purchase price
1. All interested bidders are requested to view the properties and verify the details for at the fall of the hammer and the balance paid within seven (7)
Themselves as the auctioneers or the chargees do not warrant these. days from the auction date, failure to which the money received
2. Interested bidders must deposit Kshs.500,000.00 for Property No.2, Kshs.100,000.00 for
Property No.3 & 4 and Kshs.1,000,000.00 for property No.1 in CASH OR BANKERS CHEQUE including the deposit will be forfeited.
with the auctioneer before being allowed to bid. 4. Payments MUST be in form of bankers cheque in the favour of
3. Sale is subject to a reserve price, and the auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid
without giving any reasons for doing so. C I C GENERAL INSURANCE LIMITED.
4. Interested bidders are requested to view the properties between 10.00 am and 5.00pm and 5. Sale is subject to reasonable reserve price.
our office will assist the bidders to point out the properties subject to prior arrangement.
5. 25% of the purchase price must be paid to the auctioneer at the fall of the hammer and the N/B: STRICTLY NO CASH TRANSACTIONS
balance to be paid in 60 days for the properties to the chargees.

-./, #%# &%* *)*%" #%# &%* *$'(" #%# &%* *)#*" #%# &%* *)($" #%# &%* *)$'"
#%# &%* *)&#" #%# &%* *)+'" #%# &%* *)%)" #%# &%* *)''
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Mbs 0727 116009, Thika Embu 0722780130 4OQ 2KRFOTNSHG PQKFHR AKRKS @R DS. 0702440489
Hurlingham Aroma 0723500394 8TRDLD =ODG" >JOP :O$ (-$ ;PP$ Batteries Solar Energy Inverters
B462 Business for Sale LOANS on the spot between 15-40K />8 ?QDGKNI 2KUKRKON '
INDIAN Spa 0712958179 with laptops as security, 0723408602 ?HM. &,,& )))&)* 7NGTRSQKDM /QHD" :DKQOEK SEASONAL OFFER !!!
BAR 550k sport bar fully equipped
LAVINGTON Aroma 0722795917 going concern new licence tiled &
PATTAYA Aroma 0722108363
THIKA Pedicure 0706397763
busy fronting Kamiti rd 0720441040
or 07209976399 READERS ARE ADVISED Hotel Ambassadeur
‘Freedom to stay your way’’
SINGLE BO: 2,300 | DOUBLE BO: 2,800
CHEMIST Clinic LAB for sale To make appropriate enquiries and take appropriate advice Conference And Meeting Rooms
A209 Flowers Westlands 0735-239381
before sending money, incurring any expense or entering Bar & Restaurant | Free wi-fi
SLEVE p.p paper Oasis @Ushanga CHEMIST Mpesa Embakasi 0720292724 into binding commitment in relation to an advertisement. FORTIS TOWERS, WOODVALE AVENUE, WESTLANDS For reservations please call:
Tel: 020 - 248 4219, 0725 827 175, 0738 342 074 +254 202246615/6 | +254724259829
opp. KCB River Rd. T. 0727717010
CYBER Moi ave 45comp 0720681998 NATION MEDIA GROUP shall not be liable to any person |
GetGet a Genuine Battery
a Genuine Battery Email:
A230 Health for loss or damage incurred or suffered as a result of his/her
0700-001013 Men’s Big Size & Power accepting of offering to accept an invitation contained in any DejavuTechnologies Rahimtullah bld

0700050544 Mens Power & Big Size

HARDWARE fully stocked ,Kasarani
mwiki rd near Police St.0737297779 advertisement published in the Nation. opp Bazaar/TSC 1st floor rm 16 Moi
Avenue 0726106253, 0712097340
Wednesday November 6, 2013 Classified 53
ISUZUDMax d/cab 08 1.9m0720840671
PAGOAIRWAYS get your dubai EXECUTIVE CHEF asking 1.8m 0720794291 Choice of
visa in 2 days, fares from 45k, IATA Escarpment Luxury Lodge (www.esca DISCOUNT WIRELESS: is 2, petrol
courses available,9 months, Galileo located in Manyara ISUZU ELF 2006 mdl freezer body

practicals, hotel mngt 2 yrs, electricity in Tanzania has 16 luxury chalets and recruiting sales and distribution front lift springs Kshs 2.25 million neg / diesel,
hse 0722583759, 0734583759 carters to high end tourist clients visiting, staff for orange products and Call 0725 863 242 f/loaded,
Manyara and Ngorongoro National parks.We are looking for an experienced promotions, must be o-level and auto,
Executive Chef to work with the team to above between 18 - 28 yrs; and ISUZU FRR cover /freezer body sunroof
ensure continued high standard product KBM/ KBJ v/clean from Kshs 2.45 from 2.7M.
B895 Travel Services goal oriented, for interview come
and service delivery to clients. If you have
a diploma in food production from an to AFYA CENTER ALONG TOM
MOTORCYCLES & million Call 0724 571 990
USA VISA SERVICES 0726051947 internationally recognized institution, and MBOYA STREET 10TH FLR BICYCLES ISUZU Lorry fvx c/b KAT Tel MERC BENZ ML320, diesel, ‘06 from 4.0M
all rounded in running a busy kitchen that
specializes in fine dining. RM marked UBV.
0753414166/ 0722763067 serious buyer
0721271914 / 0728330215
FOOD & BEVERAGE Apply to: and HEAVY COMMERCIAL ISUZU M/bus KAM 1.8M 0720822619
PEUG 206 EFi 299k 0722212564
cc. by VACANCY drivers cum sales rep ISZ NQR 37ma3 KBT 3.9M 0700540787
November 14th 2013.
who can drive 10 wheeler trucks L/C VX 07 BW dsl /pet Lthr s/r DVD Peugeot 405 excellent 0722-514248
A649 Meat, Pork & Poultry preferably those who have worked in MOTOR VEHICLES n/tyres trade in ok 0724901381 PRADO n/s from sh 2.6m 0733266166
courier, security or logistic companies
CHICKEN Broiler @400 weight 1.3 NEEDED animal health technician, contact Chege 0751-783304 LANDROVER Discovery 3 diesel PRBX BW Silv fextra 0701537755
to 1.5kg Kenyatta Market stall 574 poultry, responsibilities:- manage B049 Car Hire 2006 mdl with s/roof, leather seats 6
Call 0710435390 or 0727956161 animal health store, attend clinical WORKSHOP: NANNIES, Aupair, air bags Kshs 3.49M neg. 0723 829713 Probox BW 1.5cc 690k 0722332844
issues & customer service. Hsekpers. Sms0729421785 01DUCYLIC MOTOR LTD PROBOX KBN 05 520k 0722782490
Qualifications diploma in animal 0710274642, 0723973677, LANDROVER Discovery 3 q/sale
PETS & LIVESTOCK health, experience added
0722861530 TDV6 3.2m KBQ 0733519044 PROBOX KBP auto 500k 0722482445
advantage:contacts 0722456765 Course. Certificate Provided.Sms 0700015772 NZE WISH 1K P/DAY LEXUS 04/05/06 auto 0720852366
B001 Livestock 0700128555 rav4, Voxy, saloon new, M/DEMIO KBV 06 530K 0720892977
Silver &
BIOGAS loans, call 0725333866 modern, f/ld, variety from 2500/- p.d MAZDA Demio 2006 mdl silver/gray/
PHARMACEUTICAL B257 Men 595K neg. Call 0723 574 352
Technologists Ladies with cert or Dip 0721144998 New NZE @1500/- auto, side
B008 Others needed by nar pharmacy Diani SECURITY Guard supervisor/sales MAZDA MPV BQ 04 690k 0724268552 steps,
Mombasa Tel 0736154683 0707179896 0722265158 SALOONS Wtd 35-60K
MERC C240 vc q/s 1.2m 0733519044 sunroof,
SATO NOV. 9 FROM 9 MERC E200 komp 03 1.7m 0718268628
PHARMTECH needed at Kasarani term lease 35-120K 0719-117655 from
AM.BOOKINGS, 0725893963 / B263 Women
0718784649 one year experience call 0728560746 MERC E320 104eng cln 830k 0722736597 3M.
CARS Wtd 50-150Kpm 0722953488
COMPUTER Literate exp graduate
SALOON Cars @1500p/d0724139935 MERC S320 KBJ 2.8M 0720445569 0728407162 / 0721714483 /
B015 Poultry PHY Tchr needed 0722499557 Eld office Assistant needed. Email CV to MIT canter 4D32 800k 0724499169 0710130999 / 0723443239
AUTOMATIC Egg incubator for
Professional CV Writing 0725061303
B063 Driving Schools
MIT FH215 ‘98 KAK 1.45m 0722334548 RAUM auto KBC 470k 0721668150
Chicken and Quail call 0726580497 or PRINCIPAL required in a private
0729909709 boarding girls' high sch. B.Ed/Diploma, AT Seniors from Kshs. 5,900/= All MIT FH 215 C/B 2.5 0722727174 RAV4 04 1.9m Tel 0722731901
QATAR: Security guard needed over 2yrs exp. as principal/deputy. branches. 0707299880, 0729461713
QUAILS 4 sale 0724135550 urgently interview on Friday 8/11/13 30-50yrs old. Self motivated and born MITS FH KAV, KAW, KBA & KBD RAV4 auto man 06 0720852366
@ Madonna Hse rm 302 call us 0708 again. Apply to: PO Box 237-00623 cover body from 2.5M 0724 571 990
RUIRU Poultry Farm. Layers 12 weeks Nairobi before 20th November 2013
RVR KAQ v/c 255k 0724-536075
for sale. Call 0712990680
293755, 0720606020, 0713085810 B070 Exhaust Pipes and Silencers Mitsfighter BH 1.5M 0722263071
S/IMPREZA sports wagon KBW 2006/
RECEPTIONIST / Marketing / SETLAK Galv 552265, 0722527924 MITS FN 615 KBL 08 3m 0726298878 2007 silver 0723442008
SITUATIONS VACANT Alarm/ CCTV Technicians wanted in SITUATIONS WANTED MITS L-200 petrol & diesel local from S/Legacy BL5 ‘06 saloon 0722799093
Nairobi Kericho Bungoma call B113 Motor Vehicle Repairs Kshs 800,000 Call 0724 571 990
0704222777 or 0700226755 S/Legacy BP5 6units KBWs 0722799093
B243 Domestic B277 Domestic CAR Air con repair 0724306605 MITSUBISHI Canter 2009 mdl local
open body KBN v/clean Kshs 2.45M S Legacy B4 04 850k 0720722966
RECORD music @1K 0703-972090 neg. Call 0724 571 990
0722386482 best salary+off 0722516342, 0721834778 trained h/g B120 Motor Vehicles Wanted SPORTAGE kia550000 0715562794
B250 General SALES & Marktng reps 0710694424 BMW 525 in good condition urgently body KBK 2.15M Call 0724 571 990 Kshs 1.1m Excellent Condition
B284 General required. Call 0725008283 0729242489
10 Marketing Staffs urgently needed to SALES jobs at N/March 06 KBW 500K 0726-241563
Sell Security Cameras in DOG interest (me) : 0706268563 CAR Tracking Made in Israel 12750/= SUB Forester AZ 580K 0711927789
0722339377 or 0712104602 N/March KBA clean 295k 0721-492222
Nairobi.CALL: 0725699511 SUB OUTBACK LLBean newshape
SECURITY Co. reqrs Senior SUPERMARKET Supervisions at N/MARCH KBD ‘00 q/sale 0718202801
ORG wants cars for long term lease 2500cc KBW @1.495m 0722856272
10 Driver t/boy cashier recep s.mket Marketing Managers. Men & Women Muthaiga KCSE C+ Diploma in only 0720304205
att cleaner rq world wide marketing write to MD P.O Box 41893 - 00100 Business Adm/Mgt 3yrs exp N/Wingroad KBS 05 silver auto v/clean SUZUKI G.Vitara ‘06 BW 2L Beige
gill hse 4th fl rm 10 0706319561 alloy CD 525K 0722 288181 owner 4WD Auto v-cln 1.98m 0722995040
0736009000 0720548075 B086 Lorries For Sale
A Small company requires a sales & N/1200 P/UP KAS 0726054537 T/110 BA auto 00 415k v/c 0724268552
marketing manager. 2yrs eperience. CXZ KAH h/d L /c 1.6m 0726104507 NAVARA s/dcab 04/05 0725500605
send CV to T/110 KAT old make, lady owner 430K EDUCATIONAL B077 For Sale, Dealers NISAN B15 KAW 310K 0722935220 V-neat 0722262150

NIS B15 KAV ‘98 260k 0724268552 T/Allion ‘08 blue 2.0cc 1.1m0722515239
A Uniafric hse rq’s hotel staff’s msger’s WE Sell cars on HP 50% dep. bal upto
& recept urgently 0702029692 B389 Books & Stationery 8 months Call 0722 686 182 NIS Lafesta auto 1990cc KBW @750K T/Allion BW 1.5cc980k-1.03m0722139169
call 0722755383 T/Allion KBT ‘05 850,000/= 0722784395
A Uniafric hse rq’s spmket staffs
cleaners urgent 0701562569
WRITE a will-reflection of a window B085 For Sale, Private NISSAN B14 KAR manual 0722316122
will deliver 0727525708 T/Allion KBW 1030K 0721499695
BAKERY req workers 0708647366 Toyota Prado, silver, year 2000, NISSAN NOTE 06 KBW, Gray T/BELTA KBW @ 850K 0729-214675
V.good condition 1.5M Kshs. neg 1500CC. Alloy. 595K 0721 546312
BASEMART. Co.Ltd.kikinga.Hse. ELMVALE AGENCY B382 Schools Tel. 0733 490 209 private sale T/CALDINA KBM 690k 0726-241563
NISSAN Patrol TD42 diesel manual
Kiambu Job vacancy for front office UCHUMI HOUSE
please apply to 9TH FLOOR SUITE 900 KERUGOYA Municipality Academy. Toyota Land cruiser, pearl white year KBT blue 8-seater v/clean Kshs 2.25 T/Carina KBA plpblue 535K 0733780860 or call 2012 KCPE Mss 355.96 pupils 71. 2000, V. good condition 3.5M Kshs milion neg. Call 0723 577 726
TEL: 0722359558/0718305033 T / Fielder 06-08, T/Hiace (7L)
0721673707 or 0733239401 Apply Stds 1-7 Call 0721210633 neg.Tel. 0733 490 209 private sale NISSAN Sylphy 06 mdl winered CD petrol/diesel 06-07, Probox 06-07
player 880K Call 0721 154 985 T102 mt clean also NZE 06-08,
Batian Grand Htl Nyeri agent needs SCHOLARSHIPS: Finland and TOEFL ADVANCE selling ur car 0710746831
Premio, Allion 06-08, N/Sylphy 06
exp Hse keeper, F&B S/visor, cook, NISSAN Terrano 2.7ltr turbo diesel
doorman/ Rcp 0722265863 JOB OPPORTUNITIES @ Norwich 0722757036 / 0722447805 BMW 318i KBQ 1.2m 0733519044 KAM, local, manual, maroon,
n/shape 0734-361058, 0722-652862
BMW 320i KBK, 2002 mdl, black, alloyrims, 750K neg. 0721 154 985 T/Fielder BW 960k-1020k 0734722700
COOKS & waiters experienced B403 Colleges manual alloyrims, v/clean Kshs NISSAN Urvan 2005 Kshs850000 T/FIELDER manual ‘06 0722448292
urgently needed apply 0721376487 REQUIREMENTS
or 890,000 neg. Call 0725 863 242 0771507980
· At least C+ in K.C.S.E T/Fielder n/shape ‘07 1.13M 0720-050740
CUTE MSG GIRL Wntd 0715646999
· A diploma in both Administra on and BMW 5series 2004 2.4m 0786702088 NISSAN X-TRAIL Blue KAZ-W very
Accoun ng. clean 750k ono Owner 0722-347769 T/Harrier 2.4lt BQ ‘04 black 0722743852
· Knowledge of labour law and other BMW X5 04/05 0722-228273
CUTEST Chics wanted 0722798431 NISSAN X-trail choice of 5 KAV, T/HIACE shark 06 D 1.9m 0773889309
relevant government laws.
BMW X5 3.0ltr diesel 2005/2006 KBD, KBH, KBS, KBV maroon, silver
ELECTRICIANS Technicians · Poses effec ve communica on,
Need A English Language v/clean units from Kshs 2.59M neg T/HILUX local 920K 0722390755
linesmen with Diploma needed in leadership and supervisory skills. blue & black a/rims from Kshs
test to study/migrate USA/ trade-in OK Call 0723 829 713 790,000 Call 0721 754 760 T/Hilux p/up 03 dsl 890k 0718268628
Dubai Tel 0733944579/ 0718079627. · A minimum of 5 yrs working experience in
Alrazak Olympic hse 5th floor AUSTRALIA /UK DATSUN 1400 KBC local yr08
similar or equivalent ins tu on NISSAN xtrail KBH ,blue very clean T/IPSUM ‘06 black &white 0722799093
· Knowledge in co-ordina on of sports Schedule tests up to 48 hours in co-maint clean 450k neg 0720-909098 900K 0726 215 365
GET a job sms JOBS to 22450 especially golf, tennis or rugby. advance T/ISIS 06’ 1.8L BW sil 890k 0720-619648
· Meet requirements of integrity as set out
Results in 5 business Day DIAGNOSTICS @1k 0701818176 NISSAN XTRAIL KBW 0722215138
HOTEL WAITER. 0721720383 T/IST KBJ 02 shs 450,000 0721239613
in chapter six of the cons tu on. PTE DATES DISCOVERY3’05 tradein ok 0737512658 NISSAN xtrail KBW alloys h/roof
IT Salesmen wanted 0722569684 Nov Dec seat warmer 1.65m 0725-652287
T/Kluger BW 7seater 2.08m 0722139169
2.CHEF/COOK. 6th 6th FORD d/cabin p/up diesel 1 owner T/Noah KBR ‘05 690k cln 0722343137
MARKETERS Required Interview · A diploma from recognized college or its a/rims v/cln manual 765k 0721492222 NISS Hardbody d/cab local ‘05 model
Thurs 7a.m-4p.m Argwings Khodek equivalent. @ 8:30 AM choice of 2 from 1.25M 0725 563 142 T/NZE KBK 620k 0722285541
Hurlingham 020-2716658, 0771925161 · A minimum 30yrs old. FREELANDER 2 08 2.5m 0722568399
NISS Xtrail 04/05/06 0721401692 T/NZE kbv 865k 0733882533
· 4-5 yrs work experience in a large or
MARKETING and Sales Manager Hilux 05/06 s/d/cab aut/man 0721401692
similar ins tu on as a chef or senior cook. NOAH KBL Co. maintained 750,000 T/NZE KBW 880k-980k 0727067471
required. Agrochemical Co.
experience required. Urgent E-mail
· Ability to control wastage or pilferage. HONDA CRV n/shape 06 KBW Black 0722589832
· Academic qualifica on C- K.C.S.E Auto v-clean f/l 2.2M 0722995040 T/NZE KBW Blue 865k 0729-009111 N/WNGRD 06 KBW 665
TEACHERS Training College P1/ 0787933640 T/NZE slv 05' 660K 0733807259
MED Lab Tech wanted. 0722848380 REQUIREMENTS. H ONDA CRV Rd7 KBW yr 06 2400cc
ECD 4K month 2k Hstl. 0720725854 black a/rims CD 1.695M 0721348280
Applica on to be addressed to N/WNGRD BW GRY 715 T/Passo KBW blk 06 550k 0721489740
PHARMACEUTICAL /Sales rep a The Secretary Machakos Golf Club ltd. P.O 0787933640
TOEFL SAT Omni-Tech 0722528434 Honda Fit Aria BV 06 655k0717070411 T/PORTE 1500 KBW 0722795205
busy pharmaceutical Company is Box 148-90100 Machakos 0735939715.
NZE 06 G grade Tel 0701090000
looking for a sales person. Must be a Email your CV, ID or passports to ISUZU 3.3 NKR KAA school bus T/Prado 03 2.7l ptrl BK 2.3m 0718268628
holder of Diploma in pharmacy /sales/ before 25th November 550K 0721213637 P405 KAG 266K 0711-664815 Raju
mareting with 2 yrs exp. send CV to
2013. STORAGE & W/HOUSING ISUZU Dmax d/cab 06 0721946752 PAJERO n/s 07 f/l auto 0733266166
T/PRADO RZJ120 ‘03 petrol grey KBP
2.5M ono 0722373548
54 | Classified DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

T/Premio KBH 1.5cc 750k 0722515239 TOYOTA NZE, KBG, KBH, KBK,
KBV auto/manual v/clean from Kshs
RESIDENTIAL & K/SUKARI 1/4acre 0706183165 KITE Twn 1ac owner 0720648892
T/Premio KBQ 04 870K 0722450819
550,000 - 1.03M Call 0725 563 142 BUSINESS PROPERTIES K/Wendani 50x100ft 0733761559 KIU Kenda 1/8 3m Tel 0722329180
T/Premio KBW 1.16-1.23m 0721222282 KABETE 1/8AC 2.2M 0732229050
TOYOTA NZE G-grade sil KBP ‘04 B733 Stalls Available KONZA 1/4ac @600k 0721973902
T/PROBOX KBV ‘06 690k 0716457435
as new Kshs. 780,000/- neg 0722584179 DELIGHTFUL DEALS KAJIADO /Olooloitikosh Kitengela KONZA City 100acs 0722786196
T/Ractis 06 BW 1.5cc l/blue 0735432804 200 VEHICLES IN STOCK STALLS 16-21K Jevanjee Gdn
TOYOTA Prado 1KZ 3ltr turbo Tel: 0700189250
T/Ractis black KBW 1.3L 0727944431 shopping mall dada 0706231846 KONZA No. 70 -10A, No. 298 -10A,
diesel choice of 4 KAY, KBA, KBD, Kajiado 1/4 400k, 1/8 280k 0724582692 No. 299 -10A, No. 748 -2A, No. 308
T/Raum KBW 750k-830k 0727053289 KBJ from 1.25M Call 0722 968 863 B740 Land, Plots for Sale -2A, No. 1221- 2A, call 0721622606
T/Rav4 BF n/model 680k 0733873214 KAJIADO Kisaju St. Anne 40acres owner
TOYOTA Prado KAW accident free near Jamii Bora 3m p/a 0733471539
T/Runx KBW Black 799k 0722856272 1 owner v/clean 1.475m 0706475555 Kserin pipln rd 6ac@1.3m0722397570
T /Shark Probox Townace NZE - KBA • Nanyuki prime plots near British Army
KAJIADO Town 100ac 2km main Rd.
TOYOTA Prado n/shape diesel KBN b/hole, red soil, 1.4M p.a 0733471539 KYUMBI 2.04 AC 0721777146
pay 4rm 300k bal 1-2yrs 0712985534 blue v/clean Kshs 2.85 million neg residence & Golf Course. Gated cmnty 15min
0722476148, 0712985533 trade-in Ok Call 0721 754 760 drive from town (20% Remaining) 1/8............... KAMULU 50x100 dep. 50,000 bal LAMU Mpeketoni 8 acres Titles
T/VITZ KBJ F/L 410k 0722362539 .................................150,000/- with ready title 0722850488 or 0729725392
4mths. Ready titles. 0202-164920,
TOYOTA Prado new shape Nanyuki Viewing Thurs & Sat @ 11.00am
0712-013550, 0707-965632 Sideway
T/Wish KBW 980k-1030k 0727053289 04/05mdl petrol VVT-i, 2.7ltrs v/clean Nissan Patrol Properties Ltd. Vedic Hse 7th Floor
LANDPLUS Ruai/KBC 50X100, 3km
• Ruai 1/8 (@ stage 26)......500,000 /-with title
T/Wish KBW 06 slvr1.03m 0723724700 CD player from 2.65M 0725 863 242 2005 • Ruai 1/8 KBC, 1km from tarmac.....300,000/-
180k 0722373483, 0789333444
T.Hiace ‘07 auto dsl 2m 0722539418 TOYOTA PREMIO KBW 1,699,999 • Ruai 1/8 KBC, 2km from tarmac, prime and
KAMULU Joska 50x100 300k r/titles LANDPLUS Ruai /KBC 50X100
0722215138 developed area, with title................250,000/- Do1harri enterprises ltd viewing free 2.5km 280k with titles 0722373483
T.Probox ‘06 auto 755k 0724040754 • Ruai 1/8 KBC..........................200,000/- elec 0727-375765, 0721-726701
T.Wish ‘06 blk/sil 1.08m 0722539418 TOYOTA Premio KBW silver alloy •Ruai Kamulu 1/8 (near school) with title.180,000/- LANDPLUS Ruai/KBC 50x100 with
screen 1.22m 0725-652287 KAMULU- JOSKA at KBC 500m elec dev’d titles 300k 0722373483
T Avensis 05 man BT 1.6cc 0728975845 • Ruai 1/8 KBC...........150,000/- special offer
50x100 titles 320,000/= 0722-312387
T/DX KBJ v/c 580K 0712503330 TOYOTA Premio latest shape 2007 Free Viewing Wed & Sat 9.30am LIMURU RIRONI 2.3AC NEAR NKU
mdl silver 1.55M neg. 0722 968 863 KAMULU- Joska at KBC Dev. area H/WAY 39M 0732229050
T/FIELDER KBN 480K 0723223257 NEMUGE COMPANY LTD 50x100titles 295,000/= 0722-312387
TFielder silver BV new 900K 0726215365 TOYOTA Premio old/shape KAV MFANGANO ST, RELI CO-OP HSE., LUKENYA Ndovoini @ 900k on
blue v/clean 550K neg. 0723 577 726 2ND FLR, RM 201 Nairobi. K AMULU- JOSKA at KBC Developed. clean t/d owner 0712406371
T/HILUX KAS 650K 0720076630 GEFRO IMANI HSE, 1st Flr 50x100 titles 150,000/= 0733-582208
T/ISIS 05 BU 880k 0720884353 TOYOTA Probox & Succeed 05/06 (Nanyuki) behind Standard Bank MANGU 4 plots 980K 0722763478
CALL: 0722986680 / 0722450218 KAMULU- JOSKA at KBC 800m
T MarkX 06 BV Pearl 1.3M 0724235270
white & silver from 580K 0723577726 Toyota Landcruiser 0202632731 / 0727755544 titles 50x100, 300,000/= 0733-582208 MASAI Mara 150acres 0722219651
TOYOTA RAV 4 new & latest shape Pick up KITE Acacia 1/8, 1/4 acre 0728615431
T Mark x 06 silver BU 0728975845 Mebly 40x80 tile 2.6m 0722885302
2WD/4WD black, blue & white from 2010 KAMULU- JOSKA KBC past farm ‘C’
Tour Van shark KBL 0722811738 Kshs 1.05-2.05M Call 0725 563 142 2,999,999 KITE Kisaju 5,10,15 acres 0728615431 50x100 titles 200,000/= 0733-582208
MOMBASA rd 10acre 0733471539
TOWNACE KBA diesel 0721701854 1 / 4Acre with title Ruai bypass KAMULU-
TOYOTA Shark yr 2005 KBS manual 200meters from bypass 2.5million
JOSKA near Green
MOMBASA rd 5 acres @30m 1km
TOWNACE KBH 470k 0722733533 7L engine v/clean price 1.6m ono 0722419956 owner
Houses 50x100 210,000 0733-582208
inside, Katani 20acres 5m 0725444558
TOWNACE KBW ‘06’ 0721701854 0725126880
1 /8th plots in Kisaju near KAG KANGUNDO Rd 8acres 0707179896 MOMBASA rd 5acres 0722700791
TOY/103 KBF 520K 0724802617 TOYOTA Spacio KBH, 1800cc blue University with ready titles and
borehole water only Kshs 700,000.00.
KANGUNDO road close to Outer MOMBASA Road Mlolongo 10 acres
TOY /Fielder '07 n/shape silver Ksh auto 7-seater 590K 0724 735 727
Murram Access road under Ring Rd prime development plot for sale 0721960035
1.14 0734888880 TOYOTA Surf KAK metallic maroon 3acres touching main rd contact
construction. Contact us on 0721
TOY/Nze KBJ 570K 0724802617 v/clean 770K 0721212789 316233 or 020 2384857 MUIGAI Inn 40x80 0725397111
TOY/Vitz KBB v/c 360k 0722108080 TOYOTA Vista KBK 02 mdl white 10AC on tarmac @1.2m p.a Kajiado KARATINA Town 40x80ft plot 4m MUIGAI-Inn plot 850K 0714137144
TOY 100 KAN cln 325k 0722650782 a/rims v/clean 585K neg 0721 154 985 Namanga road 0721687359 next GM hardwares call 0720012009
Nissan Hardbody NAIROBI Size 50x100 ft behind
TOY 100 KAP @310k 0720938135 TOYOTA 1/8 ac kiambu near kibubuti pry tel KAREN 1/2, 1 & 2 acres 0721594251 Kirinyaga road 1st row price 29m ono
Voxy /Noah silver/p 2005 0708919038 Tel 0733-986877
Toy 103 Kbf 622E 0722683053 white/black with a/rims, d/sunroof 1,350,000 50AC Kajiado @85kp.a 0721687359 KAREN 1/2 acre near Karen hospital
TOY AE91KAE 90K 0725079771 v/clean from 795K neg. 0723 574 352 0708-397808 NAIVASHA 500k 1/8 0722793828
OWN ATHI River Kinanie 1/8 plots 500k call
TOYOTA VX Lexus diesel KAP auto, 0721911159 KAREN 1.5, 10 acres 0721350223 Nakuru Amos plts 300k 0721207050
TOYAvensis auto 04/05 0721946752 sunroof gold 7-seater v/clean Kshs
TOY Corolla KE102 KAR 0721285674 2.89M neg. Call 0723 829 713 BISIR 50, 100, 200ac 0721350223 KAREN 1ac redsoil 0700416390 NAMANGA Maili9 5acre 4M with
TOY Corona KAM manual efi f/loaded TOYOTA Wish 2006 mdl silver, BypasKamakis 50x100 1.7m 0722885302 KAREN 1acre plots 0722589441
title owner call 0752680004
a/rims cln 1 owner 295k 0706-475555 black & gray 2WD/4WD Kshs 1.1 COMMERCIAL plots 40x80 Kdo rd NARUMORU10ACRES + 4BRM
million neg Call 0721 754 760 dep. 100000/= bal 4months, titles ready, KAREN langata 1/2a 0700416390 stone hse, water, elec, garage,
TOY Dx s/w yom 2000 KAX v/c new 020-2610923, 0700497890 Homeward
engine, rims, tyres 495K 0714970635 KAREN Mokoyeti 18M 0700416390 irrigation. No brokers 0720882052
TOY Passo/KBQ 450k 0727682466
EASTLIEGH 1/2ac 85M 0732-222477 NASRA Plot 1.5m tel 0722788500
TOY Funcargo KBM602Y 0721670682 TOY Porte KBU 610K neg 0722352215 KAREN ndege 1/2a 0700416390
EMBU 25 ACRES 15M. 0720907567
TOY G-touring KAQ auto d/blue NDEIYA 5acres for sale 0722-352333
roofrails v/clean 420K 0721 911 517 Toyota Hilux D/Cab EWASO town 100acres 0721350223 KAREN plains 1acre 0700416390
2012 KAREN prime 1ac main rd good for NGONG 1/2acre 1.6m ready title,
TOY Harrier 04 0723217758 electricity, on road. call 0720322629
TOY Hilux s/cab 4WD green ‘06 mdl 3,099,999 commercial 0700416390
KATANI 50x100 750k dep. 100k bal NGONG 1/4acre comm. 0729038205
n/import 2.25M neg. 0721 754 760 LAND & PLOTS 4months title ready viewing free
TOY LTOUR KAX 385k 0721457547 NGONG 1/8,1/4,1/2acre 0729038205
FOR SALE 0726-374421, 0722-538592
TOY NZE 01 KAV man 550K NJIRU 170 acres 0722832938
0715413144 15km from Konza ICT city KATANI50X100 dep. 100,000 balance
TOY NZE 610K KBM 0725923606 4months, Titles ready, 020-2610923, NKR Bht 1 acr 0721933907
0700509512 Homeward, viewing free
TOY NZE KBS 650k Tel 0735086331 1) 68 acres with two titles of 18 NYERI 1/4 acre prime plots next
PRADO 2007, 3000cc diesel, KENOL 40x80 720K 0723488507
TOY NZE KBT 620k Tel 0725658572 and 50 acres. kimathi university @2m 0722505350
sunroof, KBW, rear spoiler, 3.85M
2) 1/4 acre plots at Ksh 250,000/= 0722686313 0727395080
TOYO Platz yr2000 cc1000 Silver Call: 0704 200038 KERARAPON 1/4,1/2,3/4,1a 0721350223
350K nego 0734010511 Call 0722-830921 KIAMBU Town plot 100x100 17M NYERI skuta 1/4ac 3.5m 0722900241
TOYOTA /NZE KAP local manual TOY Prado 06 Kh 3.450m 0701090000 0711-898888 OFF Waiyaki way prime 1/8 acre tel:
metallic blue 550K 0721212789 TOY Probox, Fielder & Mitsubishi FH Toyota Hilux D/cab GITARU 1/4ac 5.7m 0735722712 0720-208546
50% Finance arranged 0710-566339 2003 Isinya 1/4Ac parcels behind town KIKUYU 1/8ac 2.5m 0735722712
TOYOTA 103 KBF white, auto
1,199,999 600M from tarmac rd 0705758500 ORONGAI 3/4 plot 100 meters from
v/clean 580K neg. 0721 911 517 KILIMANI 1&2 acre 0721350223
TOY Probox,KBM Manual 500k dep. tarmac 0722-518520, 0723524003
TOYOTA110 KAT manual very 250k bal 12months 0710-566339 ISINYA 30ac prime tel: 0722322111
KINYATTA Road plot 0722786196 PLOT at Kamulu shopping center
clean 485K 0721212789 JOSKA 50x100 dep. 50,000 balance
TOY Probox Townace 7-L Wish KISAJU 1&2acre 2.5km from tarmac 800K,row 1, 0726 21 53 65
TOYOTA Alphard 06 mdl pearl CD Premio Vitz, Fielder NZE etc new &
4months, titles ready, 020-2610923,
player 1.69M neg. Call 0725 863 242 0751201267 Homeward, Viewing free opp Kenchic 0725888960
used pay 40% bal 24mnths PLOT Kawangare 50x100 20M ONO
TOYOTA Camry n/shape ‘06 KBW 0722476829, 0706579802 0727376630 JOSKA Sunshine 10 acres @1.5m per KISAJU Mhasibu 780k 0722853654 call 0716696237, 0725471392
S/roof leather f/l 1.6m 0722716488 acre ready titles owner 0724-389620
TOYRAV4 01' AZ 900K 0722263071 KISAJU Succos prime 6acres plot PLOT Miritini 3m 0739554151
TOYOTA DX 103 KAZ auto, Kshs JOYLANDS 50x100 300m fromKonza @2.2m p.a 0721455870 Wrisco
380,000 neg. Call 0720 281 941 TOY Rush ‘06 sil, white 0722515239 rd 250k 0720588419,0718159000 PLOTS Isinya behind Uma University
TOYOTA Fielder 06 & 07, silver & JOYLANDS 50x100 Isinya Pipeline KITE 1/8acre EPZA Tank 0720324430 50x100 @250k, Garisa rd 50x100
TOY Wish KBW ‘06 1.05m 0722924262 @200k. 50% deposit then installments
w/red from 1.05M Call 0724 735 727 rd 230k 0720588419, 0718159000
T PRBOXKBP 350K 0728992435 OW KITENGELA /Kisaju 5acres @2.4pa 0724-877622, 0727-342700
TOYOTA Fielder KBK 0702240000 Toyota Hilux S/Cab JOYLANDS s/offer Magadi rd with owner 0712610883 r/t
TOYOTA FIELDER KBW T Probox KBV@720k Call 0737341538 2008 water & electricity 100k 0720588419 Plots
KITENGELA 1/4ac 1.5m 0722788500
T Rav4 m/black KBK 02 1.2M 0722509883 1,799,999 JUBILANDS:Isinya Konza/Malili rd 90k QUICK sale Mwiki 50x50 1M call
TOYOTA Granvia 3.0ltr turbo diesel 0714915424,0728879191,0736901000 KITENGELA 1/4acre 1.3m 0722837824 0703-589640
8 seater double sunroof v/clean Kshs TShark KAP vc 330k 0721794163 JUBILANDS: Isinya Pipeline rd 220k
1.19 million Call 0723 829 713 0714915424,0728879191,0736901000 KITENGELA 1/8ac 830k titles, RIDGEWAYS 1/2acre 0738752934
T/SPACIO AY 475K 0722330950 s/offer 020-2610966, 0715086866
TOYOTA Harrier new shape white JUBILANDS: Kitengela Isinya 50x100 RIRONI 1/4 & 1/2acre 0713738587
& silver 2.4/3.5ltr v/clean units from T/SURF RED 585K vc 0722212564 s/offer 250k 0714915424,0728879191 KITENGELA 10acres 0722832938
Kshs 1.85M Call 0725 114 308 RONGAI: Prime Land 10 acres
T/VOXY 06 925k 0772159500 JUBILANDS: Ruai 50x100 110k 0714 KITENGELA 10km from tarmac at @5.4m p/a 0726845974
TOYOTA Hilux d/cab KAQ local 5L 915424, 0728879191, 0736901000
engine v/clean 1.49M neg 0722968863 V/W Golf FSI 06 2.0cc 1.08m 0720817889 KCA 50x100 130,000/- 0722-312387
JUJA 100acres 0722700791 RONGAI Twala 1/8 800,000 with
TOYOTA Hilux pick-up local KBK, V /W Golf s/wagon 2002 red a/rims, KITENGELA 13km ICT City Malili title 0721382616
KBL, KBS choice of 3 v/clean from JUJA Daracha 40x60 500K Call 50ftx100ft 120,000/- 0722-312387
CD, r/rails 670K neg. 0725 563 142 0729-316418 ROYSAMBU plot 3.5m 0722885302
Kshs 1.3M Call 0724 735 727
Vanette ‘06 dsl mnl 880k 0722515239 JUJA Farm 50x100 300K t/deed KITENGELA 15km ICT City Malili
TOYOTA Hilux p-up local vclean Toyota Hilux S/Cab 50ftx100ft 110,000/- 0733-582208 RUAI at KBC 50X100 water, Elec on
1.8m 0722749501- 60000km 0722681052 0722285969 Samjo site 295,000/- Titles. 0724-717438/36
VITZ KBH pink 350k 0721668150 2008
TOYOTA IST KBJ 0702240000 JUJA Farm 50x100 300k titles KITENGELA 1 acre all approvals
VW-GOLF 1600cc auto navy blue 1,299,999 0720938283, 0705147102 Pattmos ready for development 0716485030 RUAI at KBC dev. prime 50X100 2km
TOYOTA IST KBK white v/clean KBW/X @899k 0722856272 frm rd. 265,000/- Titles. 0724-717438
565K neg. Call 0722 968 863 JUJA Farm prime 50x80 plots next to KITENGELA behind prison 1/8ac
VW Golf FSI 05 2000cc KBS 980K Athi shopping centre 350K & with plot @1m 0721455870 Wrisco RUAI at KBC dev. prime 50X100 elec,
TOYOTA Kluger 06 mdl p/white FINANCING AVAILABLE water & titles 135,000/- 0724-717436
black & silver 2.4ltrs a/rims CD from 0728612627 ready titles Call 0725568030
Pre-Delivery Service Available KITENGELA plot 50 x 100; Milimani
1.75M trade-in Ok 0721 154 985
VW Touareg 06/07 dsl/pet lthr f/l JUJA JKUAT 2M Call 0705019930 Opp. Kitengela Mixed Secondary; RUAI Joska 50x100 s/offer 120K,
TOYOTA Mark-X 2006 mdl silver KBW trade in ok 0710928878 Call the Toyotsu Sales Team on: JUJA Plot Call: 0712106335 Ideal for Residential; Title Ready; 250K 500K KBC 40x80, cash 80k,
with a/rims, DVD v/clean Kshs 1.19M Asking 1.6 M; Owner: 0722 301 901 50x100 135K 1km 300k Kamulu 500k
VW Toureg 04 0722228273 Tel: (ISDN) 0711 050 000 JUJA Town 10 acres prime land ready title. Viewing Wed 9am, Sat
neg trade-in OK Call 0723 829 713 services available. Serious buyers only. KITENGELA Yukos 1/8 acre plots 10.30am. Hope Realty Tusker hse
TOYOTA Spacio KBP 0702240000 Wingroad ‘06 au sil 680k0722539418 No agents. Call 0721630126 1.1km from trm Sh1.3m 0732-819337 0727867432, 0735696835
Wednesday November 6, 2013 Classified/Transition 55
RUAI JOSKA at KBC 500m frm A NICELY FURNISHED OFFICE with 2BR near Galeria 0771008171 UHURU Gardens 3 bedroomed E546 Machinery for Sale
tarmac 50x100 350,000/- 0724-717436 a well done partitioning on Mombasa Rd maisonette 50k ono Tel 0721-977622
next to Panari Sky Center. Its got cream 2br State hse rd 28,000 0720020410
tilled floors, sound proof offices for the 250KVA Cummins Gen 0722713016
RUAI JOSKA at KBC near Church chairman, CEO and Boardroom, spacious ADAMS Sq 4k Owner 0720239263 UpperHill 3bedrooms Executive
50x100 prime 200,000/- 0724-717438 work station for eight, two washrooms and
kitchen. Fully installed CCTV and ample,
apartment 100k 0722484265 owner
parking. Office area of 800 square ft.
AT SouthB 1br studios & bedsitters D557 Apartments available
RUAI Joska prime Dev. Elec, water, 0720451423, 0714538594
Available for Immediate Occupation. UPPERHILL new 2br flat both
with titles 600,000/- 0722-206832
ATTRACTIVE self contained 1 bed ensuit secure 48k Call owner
RUAI Kamulu at Joska 50x100 Dev. room/studios & bedsitters Eastleigh 0711-620285, 0739-761898
Prime 120,000/- Titles. 0722-206832 Sec 3. 0702408937, 0706116647 E740 Land Plots for Sale
B/BURU 1BR 6K 0726511632 0WN UTHIRU spacious 2-bedroomed flat 36ACRES sugerbelt Kikoneni 10acres
RUAI Kamulu at Joska near Sunshine Sh17,000 Call 0722710638
Dev. 250,000/- Titles. 0722-206830 beachplot south coast 0725876966
Contact: 0702777222/ 0732718216 BURUBURU 3bedroom maisonette 0731321699
RUAI Kamulu at KBC 50x100 500m 30k Tel 0721-245103 YAYA 1br 8k 0725672665 ownr
from Rd. 340,000/- titles.0722-206830
B768 Premises, Offices to Let D571 Hotels DIANI Complex 1/4 acre posh
BURU Ph3 b/sitter tiles underground residential. Call 0734414883
CAFE shop pub offices CBD 0725817817 water tank 13K Call 0721434894 WESTLANDS 1BR 15K BAXTON hotel at mba island opp
RUAI Kamulu at KBC opp. farm ‘C’ 0725940326 municipal stadium on sagana rd with
Dev.titles 210,000/- call: 0722-206830 CHEAP furn offices 0728-692695 Buru Phase4 2br 16k owner 0721448575 hot shower room Tv B & B from NYALI behind Nakumatt Mall 1/2acre
1300. tel 0722252440 30M owner 0789742075
RUAKA 2acre 4 sale 0720-282735 Godown Mbs rd vspacious 0721646177 BURU phase5 2bedrooms 0722729974 WESTLANDS 3br flat m/ensuite
70k 0711844269 owner
GODOWNS 4300-10000sqft 4454285 E789 Properties to Let
RUAKA Kigwaru dr. 1.5ac 0722219651 DANDORA Phase 4, Ext. for a shop
H/GHAM g/flr shops 0722343137 / hotel, 3500/= Tel 0720-392142 E457 Bar Codes
B817 Wanted to Rent ARROW 2b/r JK Ave 0722773416
RUAKA plots Tel.0722657301 KILIMANI Spacious 2br apt ideal for Greatwall msa rd 2br 0722813866
office incl water, wifi, generator, LAND-WANTED For lease.
LAND AND PLOTS parking 90k 0717183920 GREENFIELDS 4br 35k call owner Agricultural land wanted for long Celebration Of A Life Well Lived
FOR SALE NGUMO 4br Office 75k 0712422955 Tel: 0717-486867 term lease. Minimum 5 acres in the
following towns. Must be located on
It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance
of God’s will that we announce the death of Job
• Ruai Joska 50x100...200,000/= OFFICE Moi Ave 17K 0727771183 JAM2 2br 0722791960, 0722368800 tarmac / main road
Kiptoo Chepkerio which occurred on Sunday
accesibility. Kitale, Kisumu, Eldoret,
• Ruai Joska 50x100 very prime OFFICES 2let 6,500(prom)0722346585 KAREN 2-4br 45-200K 0722589441 Kapsabet , Meru , Nyeri. Kindly 27th October 2013 . Last born son of the late Mr.
contact 0728 787477 for more details. and Mrs. Cheptum Kipsegenen. Loving husband
...................................400,000/= OFFICES to rent Kikuyu town KAREN 2br 1sq 38k 0775974082 of Anne Kiptoo. Brother of Late Kibiwot, Late
• Ruai Joska 50x100 Kangundo 0721498421 Chemuna, Late Kibeno and Kipngebei (Arap
KATANI 5br 23k neg 0733200153
road (Special Offer)....100,000/= ROAD ‘A’ Ind area 2400sq ft office
/Light Industry 75k 0722582033
COAST (Telephone Rotich). Father of Jennifer, Pascaline, Providence,
Nicholas, Naomi, Leeroy, Prudence, Robert,
• Ruai Joska 50x100 2km from KIAMUMBI 2BR9K 0724674808 Coast Numbers Only) Betty, Trizzah, Sheila and Brian. Father in-law of
Kangundo road..........500,000/= SHOPS Offices to let South B Barmosho, Kwambai, Prof. Segor, Caroline, James,
shopping centre 0727905695 KIAMUMBI Kiambu 4bedrooms
• Isinya 50x100 3km from Magdaline and Alex. Loving grandfather of Bargok,
house three rooms 1acre plot river
frontage lots mature banana nappier Kimutei, Kipruto, Jerotich, Kipchumba, Jemutai,
Pipeline road..............150,000/= B782 Properties for Sale grass call 0735797712, 0712815700
PERSONAL SERVICES (COAST) Chebii, Yano, Jeruto, Kipngetich, Jelimo, Kigen
• Viewing free Ruai Wed & Sat and Wambui.
9.30am-10.30 a.m. respectively 3 brm Komarocks 0732460540 KILE 3BR APT ENS 55K0731282707 Burial will take place at Tugumoi village, Metkei
• Isinya Tues & Thurs 9.30 a.m. Buruburu Hse 4 Sale 0721542722 D279 Notice Location, Keiyo South district beginning at 11.00 Job Kiptoo
KILELESHWA 3br m/ensuite apt, am on 6th Nov 2013.
Contact Truelands Holdings Ltd DAGO 18x2b /r flats on 1/4ac plot inc with a study room 0733174638 We cherish and treasure the moments we spent Chepkerio
Reli-Co-op Hse, 4th Floor Rm 156K big space 16M 0722707160 together.
KILIMANI 2br apt incl water, parking, In God’s hands you rest in our hearts you remain forever. Amen.
404, Mfangano St. DONHOLM PH5G 3BR generator, s/charge 55k 0717183920
Tel: 020-2250594, 0720 738 141 BUNGALOW Q/SALE @6m Neg
0734 800 400 or 0710 343 334 0723097998 LANGATA / Ngumba 1 &2brm call
0721240268/ 0722651099
GARDEN 3br house for sale on We the family of the late Ruth Daisey Jusa wish
RUIRU 1/8 700k Tel 0722329180 1/2acre Call 0738-100375 LANGATA civil 2br renovated
to express our sincere gratitude and heartfelt
appreciation to all our friends, relatives, colleagues,
HURLINGHAM : Park 3br 0722344197 mobile 0722592197 or 0721801746 neighbours and well wishers for the overwhelming
RUIRU 50x100 600k v/prime, 40x60
600k v/prime 300k R/title presence, prayers, condolences, moral and material
K/SUKARI 3br hse 0729-671140 LAVINGTON Amboseli rd 2br 30k support following the demise of our beloved wife,
0720938283, 0705147102 Pattmos & 16k, B/sitter 8k Shop 12k Tel
K/West flat inc.76K pm 0722705938 mother, daughter, relative and friend.
0727-948196, 020-2395490 Our heartfelt appreciation goes to the Friends
RUIRU: BYPASS plots near KAMAKI'S KILELESHWA 4br 21M 0738772950 International Church, the Pastors in Nairobi and
@2m 0722337460 LORESHO 1br gwing mat chr ldy 30 Makomo, the organizing committees in Nairobi and
KITENGELA bungalow 0789923620 yrs+ 35k 0722732736 owner in Makomo for the sacrifice, excellent coordination
RUIRU/MUGUTHA neg. red soil, and for a job well done.
1/4 ACRE. 0722924496. KOMAROCK ph2: 2br 4M 0722344197 LORESHO 4br DSQ 0733-246785 We are sincerely grateful to all our friends, relatives

RUMENYE Ruaka Ndenderu 50x100

MARA Savana 3br 10M 0722528651
LOVINGTON, HATHERU RD, 3BR HOTELS from all over the country and overseas who
participated in one way or another during this
2.5M 7.5M 0722-704644,0722389005 MEMBLEY 4brs 13m 0722-329180 +SQ EXECUTIVE SPACIOUS NEW difficult time. Since it is not possible to thank each
APT 170K.S/P, gym. 0722706981. one of you in person, kindly accept our message
MSA Rd 2br 5m 0723690162 owner
RUNDA 2ac commercial 0733471539 OWNER.
D531 Hotels
as an expression of our heartfelt gratitude. Your
kindness, generosity and thoughtful gestures will Ruth Daisey Jusa
MSA rd Greatwall Apts 2brm LOWER Kabete 3 2bedroom flats forever be remembered. We truly feel blessed and Sunrise: 3/5/1962
RUNDA Mimosa 0.5acres 0722219651 0770-479202, 0706-523855 owner contact: 0722653690, 0722312860 honoured. Sunset: 05/9/2013

NGONG.TWO Mum, you will never be forgotten, for we know that in us all that you stood for still lives on.
RUNDA Mimosa 1/2acre 0736409203 maisonetes.3bedroom an a servant MSA Rd 3 self contained Executive
quarter.800 m from juanco.Price 5.5m flats ksh. 36000k Tel 0721231396 God bless you all abundantly.
RUNDA Mimosa 28.5m 0714137144 for cash buyers only.Call 0722839530

SOUTH C 1/2 serviced 28m 0733471539 NKOROI near Kunoni 4br hse in 1/4
N/donhom next Equity 1br 0721-459388 Celebration Of A Life Well Lived
It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we
plot 0722518520 0723524003 N/WEST two b/room very spacious announce the passing on to glory of Mrs. Leona
SPRING Valley Peponi 1/2ac 0733471539 call 0722-555137 Kemunto Asiba which occured at Kenyatta National
OFF Waiyaki way 4 Story 12 flats Blk Hospital on Monday 28th October, 2013. She
40M tel: 0720-208546 hails from Matongo Village, Nyaguta Sub-Location,
SPRING Valley Rd 1/2ac 0719-112415 Nairobi-West 1br Call 0721707728 Kiogoro Division, Kisii County. Daughter of Paul
ONYONKA Est. 3br 11M 0722344197 NGE-1 Langata 2br ext 0725-528212
Machuki and Rebecca Bisieri (Kerebi). Loving wife
of the late Yuvinalis Nyamanga Asiba. Loving and
SYOKIMAU 1/8 behind Syokimatt
2.8M 0739-297814. No brokers
RIVERSIDE 4b apt 3000sqft 0733471539 dedicated mother of Phyllis Mochere Abuya, Edna
NHC Langata 3br apt 0722813866 Kwamboka Asiba, Richard Machuki Asiba, Getiria,
RONGAI 17 new 2 br exclusively Osoro, Nyaberi and others. Mother In-law of Fred
SYOKIMAU owner 1/8 0722216375 NYAYO Emba 3br apt 0722813866 Nduati and the late Dennis Mochere Abuya. Mother
finished self contained Apartments, In-law of the family of Former MP Hon. Abuya Abuya,
plus parking slot opp. Nairobi Sabina Abuya and Sophia Macharia. Daughter in law
THIKA Joytown plots 4sale 50x100 Women’s Hospital 2nd row,@ kshs NYAYOHIRISE 2BR 15K of Asiba Getiria, Joyce Asiba and the late Moraa Asiba.
Tel 0732694707 1.5M 3.8m. ono 30% sold Call 0726-544410 0731282707 Grandmother of Bridget Bonareri, Natalia Kemunto
and Jazmine Njoki. Sister of Kerubo, Atanga, Florence,
ROYAL Valuers Ltd 0704604040 RONGAI Acacia 3 br big compound Beatrice, Peris, Ratemo, Sagero, Maraga, Obaigwa.
THIKA Prime Commercial Land 2- South ‘B’ 2bd flat Sore Rd 6.5M with parking 35k call 0713069551, Family and friends are meeting daily at her home
1/4, 1- 1/2Acres along Thika Garissa
Road between Everdell Apartments
Lavington 2bd flat 10.5m 0720093688, 0725427790 in Oloolua Ngong at 6.00 pm. Mass will be held
at St. Joseph’s Cathedral Ngong on Thursday 7th Leona Kemunto
November 2013 starting at 8.00am. The Family will
Villas and
Metro Fill RUAKA blk flat 700Kp.m 0727853904 SIGONA 2br Exec 10K 0721774752 then proceed on for the funeral service and Burial Asiba
SAIKA 3br 4m ono 0722528651 which will take place on 8th November 2013 at her home in Bobembe Village, Nyameru Sub-
SOUTH B 1 bedroom 0720241190 Location, Keera Location, Nyamira County.
THIKA River Side 0725-444558 SOUTH B 2br new 9.5m 0720171771 Rev 14:13 “Blessed are those who die in the Lord, they are blessed indeed........they
SOUTH B nxt to Mass Com exec 2br will rest from their pain for their good deeds will follow them.”
THINDIGUA 1/4acre 0788584768 SOUTH C 3br hse 17M 0721594251 apts 0722779208
SOUTH C 3br hses 9m 0727355995 Promotion To Glory
THOGOTO 1⁄2 acre plot 0720588586 SOUTH B one br sitting room It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we
SOUTHC 4br sq 18m 0722424328 kitchen secure no agents 0725672974 announce the promotion to glory of Joseph Kirema
M`arugu of University of Nairobi (Department of
TINGA 98acres 250k 0721350223 Batian Grand Hotel Nyeri luxurious
SOUTH C gardens 3br apartments SOUTH ‘C’ 3br ext 35k 0719134706 accom and services, venue for
Geography & Environmental Studies), through a
tragic train-bus accident at Mutindwa in Nairobi on
UMOJA 1 PLOT 3M 0733903132. SOUTH C Mbugani 3b/rm maisonette
conferences reservations 30th Oct 2013.
0722265863 / 061- 2030743 He was son of the late Misheck M`arugu & Monica
SOUTHC KMA 3br m/net0720818277 55,000/= 0720002066, 0710749564 Mutune. Loving husband of Jerusha Kirema (St. John`s
WAIYAKI way 3&1 acs 0714137144 Pry Sch Nbi). Father of Elijah, Judah, Dorcas & Grace.
SOUTH End Estate - South C 4br Brother of Nkoroi, Kinyua, Late Kangai, Mukiri,
apartment Tel: Owner 0722512074 SUNVALLEY 1bedroom 20k call Gitonga, Mwonthea, Mugambi & Muchui. Brother
WAIYAKI Way near Deloit 1/4 acre 0722818414
UMOJA 1: 2br+1rb ext 0722322111 in-law of Karuti(BIDCO), Susan, Kaaria, Puis, Kathao,
Call 0724861265 Nkoroi,
UMOJA 1I 6units 1nc 41k 0722322111
SYOKIMAU 4 bdrm maisonett Thiridi, Stella, Late David, Edward. Cousin of Kshs. 40,000 call 0202598001/ Muchamura, Timothy, Fr John and many others. Uncle
0722799222 of many nephew and nieces.
VILLA Franca 3br maisonette Meetings for funeral arrangements are being held
B761 Premises, Offices for Sale 0733842564 at Tintos Restaurant Nbi, U.O.N department of
TELAVIV Estate Singles 4000, 1br 8k Geography & Environmental studies and Kibuline
WOODLEY 5br+2ext Hse 0720818277 0715-000944, 0732-000944 from 5.30 pm daily & prayers at his home in Umoja
BOOKING Ofice R/ways Gdwn H/Selasie
@ 350k Rent 8,800p/m 0736915073 THINDIGUA Estate Kiambu road
The cortege leaves Chiromo Mortuary on Friday 8th
Joseph Kirema
B789 Properties to Let
BOUTIQUE for sale fully stocked
Baraka Complex 3br master ensuite
November 2013 for burial at his home in Kibuline
Village in Mbeu Location Tigania West Meru County. M`arugu
1,2 br Forest rd 9-22k 0708814220 0704-501525, 0724-320632 (Sunrise 11th Dec 1954-Sunset
Masai Mall call 0722730398, I have fought a good fight, finished the race 30th Oct 2013)
0721663844 1br Yaya centre 15,000 0720040895 TOY Vitz 450k Tel 0721-977622 and kept the faith (2 Timothy 4:7).
56 | Transition DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

Death and Funeral Announcement Death and Funeral Announcement Celebration Of A Life Well Lived
We regret to announce the sudden death of Simon We regret to announce the death of Mr. Patrick It’s with humble acceptance of God’s will
Muli Ndivo which occurred on 26/10/2013 through Kimatu Ndolo of Syotuvali sub location, Kathulumbi that we announce the sudden death of
road accident. Until his death he was an Auditor in location, Mbooni East District, Makueni County. Son
the Kenya National Audit Office (KENAO). Husband Ann Njuguini Mungai formerly a teacher at
of the late Kamanga Ndolo and Kalunde Kamanga.
of Bernice Muli, Father to Olive, Purity of MKU, Diana, Step son of Monica and Anne Kamanga. Husband of Amani Primary School-Mikindani Mombasa.
Anita and Joy of Faith homes sunflower academy. Lena Katuku Kimatu. Father of Dr. Stephen Kimatu Wife of Peter Mungai of Kenya Police Kilifi.
Son of Jackson Ndivo Kimeu and Priscilla Mwongeli of Pharmacy & Poisons Board, Zipporah Nduku Daughter of Mr. and Mrs Johnson Kimani of
Ndivo. Brother of John Makau, Richard Matolo, Esther Mutiso of T. Tot Machakos, Emma Mutono Kilele
Nduku, Mary Katumbi, Dorothy Wavinya among Mirichu, Muranga County. Daughter in-law
of Unique Academy, Athi River, Meshack Kimatu
others. Son in law of Ann Sospeter, Brother in-law of of Knight Frank Kenya, Jennifer Mwende Kimatu of Ann Wanjuhi (Mama Ngina) of Mpeketoni
Jonathan Muthiani, George Masimba, Richard Katemi and Faustrine Mueni Kimatu. Brother of Muthama Lamu. Mother of Gladwel Wambui of K.U.
Makenga (M.P Kaiti), John Musau. Cousin of Charles Kamanga, Nzalu Kamanga, Benjamin Kamanga, Mutua (Nrb), Grace Wanjuhi of St Ann Kiriari
Musembi, Josephine Mutinda and others. Uncle of Kamanga, late Mule Kamanga, Ndisya Kamanga, late
Jackson Mwongela, Josephine Ndumba among others. (Embu), Gilbert Kamau of St Irene Primary
Kalenge Mutua, Janet Douglas, Cecilia Nduleve and
Friends and relatives are meeting daily, upto Thursday Angela Ndunge Kamanga. Father-in-Law of James Mikindani and Glory Waithiru Mungai.
Sister of Kabura, Muiyoro, Njeri, Gathiro
7/11/2013 from 5 p.m. at Gardens Square, Athusi Bar
& Restaurant and T-tot hotel Machakos for funeral
Mutiso and James Kilele. Grandfather of Mwendwa
Mutiso, Nzyoka Mutiso, Mbithe Kilele and Faith (Rtd) Inspt. of and Wanjiru. Sister in-law of Ngige, Wambui, Ann Njuguini
arrangements. Contributions by Mpesa can be send Simon Muli Ndivo Minoo. Uncle to many. Son in Law of Rhoda Mbithi
Police Patrick Nga’nga, Waithera, Wanjiku, Kanyi and
to 0718105454. The cortege leaves Umash Funeral
and brother in law of late Sinema Mbithi and late
Mwaura. Family and friends are meeting at Mungai
home on Saturday 9/11/2013 for service at AIC Itaa
at 10am and burial at his home from 2pm in Ndolo
Dominic Mbithi.
Kimatu Ndolo their Mikindani residence for prayers and
Sublocation, Ilima division, Makueni County
“ In God’s hands you rest, in our hearts you remain forever”
Family members and friends are meeting daily at All 1942- 2013 funeral arrangements.
Saints Cathedral at 5.30 pm as from 4th November
Bural service will be held at A.C.K St Marks Mikindani Church on Wednesday
2013.The cortège leaves Machakos Funeral Home on Saturday morning , 9th November 2013 for
a funeral service and burial at his home in Syotuvali Sub Location, Kathulumbi Location, Kalawa 6/11/2013 at 3:00pm. Burial will be on Thursday 7/11/2013 at their rural home
Division, Mbooni East District. Makueni County. Mpeketoni, Lamu from 10:00am
Death And Funeral Announcement In God’s Hands you Rest, in our Hearts you remain forever
‘In God’s hands you rest, In our hearts you live forever. Amen.

Promotion To Glory
It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we
announce the promotion to glory of John Mwangi
Ruinga (Baba Steve), on 31st Oct 2013, after a long
illness bravely borne. Son of Late Ruinga Kamau &
Late Muthoni. Husband of Mary Waithera Mwangi.
Father of Stephen Mureithi (City Hall), Francis
Njoroge (N.C.C), Jane Muthoni (Embakasi H/C),
Susan Wambui (U.o.N), Catherine Wambui (Air
Kenya), Simon Kamau & Isaac Maina. Father-in-law
of Florence Mureithi, Pauline Njoroge, Jesse Maina,
Roy Mutuma, Irene Kamau & Irene Maina. Grand
father of Chris, Sam, Mercy, Victoria, Hope, Julian,
Paul, Sheena & Patience. Brother of Douglas Kamau
& Freshia Wambui. Brother in law of Elijah, Prof.
Nathan Kahara (former Nbi Mayor), David Gachina
& James Karanja. John Mwangi
Rosemary Wanjiku Kariuki Friends and relatives are meeting are at his residence Ruinga
in Umoja I house No A 164 and at Norwich Union
It’s with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the House 7th Floor Rm1 from 5.30 pm daily. (Baba Steve)
untimely demise of Rosemary Wanjiku Kariuki. She was the Resource and Finance
Director of Varomatech Enterprises and former Human Resource Manager of The cortege leaves Kenyatta University Funeral Home at 7.00am on Friday 8/11/2013 for
Premier Foods Industries Ruaraka. Wife of Martin Kariuki Kiruthu of Varomatech burial at his farm in Murang’a County Mugoiri District, Kaganda Sub Location, starting at
Enterprises. Mum of Valerian Wambui (Loreto Msongari), Vanessa Wanjiru and Joseph 10.30am.
Kiruthu of Carmelvale Primary. Daughter of Stephen Manjai & Jane Wambui of Kambui
Village Githunguri. Daughter-in-law of the late Joseph Kiruthu & Shiphirah Wambui of I have fought a good fight, finished the race and kept the faith(2 Timothy 4:7)
Sipili. Sister of Joseph & Florence Githiri, Eliud & Mercy Mungai, Amos & Hannah Njau,
Gladys Nyamuhu & Paul Mbunyi, James & Esther Kiarie and Daniel Ndichu. Sister-
in-law of Joshua & Sarah Mithamo, Peter & Elizabeth Matu, Catherine Kagure & Paul
Maina, James & Terry Ndirangu, Paul & Beatrice Muriithi and Caroline Wangeci. Aunt Appreciation
to many.
Family and friends are meeting daily at Upper Hill springs Hotel from 5.30pm and at
Donholm, Harambee Sacco House No 260. There will be a requiem mass at Donholm
Catholic Church on Thursday, 7th November, 2013 at 3pm. The cortege will leave Lee
Funeral Home on Friday, 8th November, 2013, followed by funeral service at Sipili
Catholic Church from I I.00am and later burial at the family’s farm in Ndaragwiti
village, Sipili Division, Laikipia County.

“In God’s hands you rest, in our hearts you remain forever”.

Death Announcement

Joyce Wanjiku Gitaka

Sunrise 1933 - Sunset 07/10/2013
The family of the late Joyce Wanjiku Gitaka thanks the Almighty
God for the gift of Joyce Gitaka’s life and the 80yrs she lived
with us. God certainly had a purpose for her life and we have
all learnt a lot from her and through her. We thank all the
mentors and people of goodwill who molded Joyce to be the
achiever, role model, ideal mum, grand mum, great grand mum,
sister, aunty she was in her life time. Our thanks also go to all
the diligent doctors and staff at Agah Khan, Nairobi, Mariakani
Hospital South B and Plains view hospitals who gave Joyce the
Andrew Mwangi Muturi best medical attention and care.
Born: 22nd September 1952 - 2013
During Joyce’s illness and subsequent demise, our friends
It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of Gods demonstrated and gave immense empathy and support. We
are forever grateful for the spiritual, emotional and financial
will that we announce the untimely demise of Andrew support that we received from all of you. We also thank the
Mwangi Muturi of Computer Castles Ltd. various churches clergy of Membley Baptist, P.C.E.A, Membley
and St. Lucia Membley and neighbors in Membley who prayed
Friends and family are meeting at Nairobi Baptist Church, and condoled with us during the time of bereavement. Since it
is not possible to thank everyone individually, please accept our
Ngong Road from today, Wednesday 6th of November sincere gratitude for being for us during our time of need.
2013 at 6.00pm.
The burial date will be communicated in due time. May Almighty God bless you abundantly.
In God’s hands you rest, in our hearts you
Psalms 46: 10 - “Be still, and know I am God” The memory of a goodperson is a blessing.
Wednesday November 6, 2013 Transition 57
Death and Funeral Announcement Celebration of a life well lived 1st Anniversary
It is with humble acceptance of God’s will and deep It’s with humble acceptance of God’s will that we Mum, it is exactly one year since you went to be with
sorrow that we announce the passing of Amos Ipu announce the promotion to glory of our beloved the Lord. The pain and memories are still so fresh it
Omunyang’oli son of Aggrey Omunyang’oli Yeswa Mrs. Joyce Wanjiru Mwaura of Naivasha Karati after feels like yesterday.
(Manager Safi Business Agencies Kakamega) and a short illness on Wednesday 30/10/2013. Wife
mama Malika Mungatana Yeswa. Brother of Jeremiah of Mr. Peter Mwaura Kamau of Naivasha Karati. Your unconditional love, selflessness and faith in
Makare Omunyang’oli and Victor Joseph Yeswa, Lilian Mother of Eunice Nyambura (USA), John Kamau, God remain an inspiration to us. You were a pillar
Kwaliamba, Sellina Omunyang’oli, Winnie Ayiako and Francis Michuki, Nellie Mumira and Stephen Gichau. of strength, a shoulder to lean on and a source of
Mary Rehema. Grandson of the late Justus Yeswa Sika Mother-in-law of Joseph Njoroge, Juliet Kamau, wisdom and guidance. We feel the void you left in our
and Sellina Yeswa (paternal). The late William Karanja Peter Mumira, Hannah Michuki and Margaret lives and dearly miss you.
Mungatana of Tana River District and Rehema Mary Gichau. Sister of Josiah Mungai, the late Waithera
(Marternal). Uncles Glyde Yeswa, Benard, Stephen Kamau, the late Ngure Kamau. Family, friends and Though we may not understand why the Almighty
Maina Yeswa, Rodgers Sika, Naboth and others of relatives are meeting daily from 5.00pm at Mutego God took you away, we thank Him for the years we
Emakaka Village (Paternal Eng Mulaka Mungatana and shared with you. Cherished memories of you will
Gitaru and Naivasha Karati for prayers and funeral
Kiningu Mungatana of Tana River District and other never fade for you will forever remain in our thoughts
(maternal), Aunties Florence Yeswa, Joy, Phemina and hearts.
Matsitsa and Eunice. The Cortege will leave Kakamega The cortege leaves Naivasha District Hospital
Fondly remembered by your loving husband A.J.
District Hospital Mortuary Thursday 7 November
2013 at 9.00 a.m and thereafter burial will take place Amos Ipu Mortuary on 8/11/2013 at 9 am for ftmeral services
at ACK St. Stephens Church Karati followed by burial Joyce Wanjiru Chege Kiama, children, grandchildren, relatives and
friends. Hellen Wanjiku
Municipality) on 9/11/2013. Omunyang’oli
in Shibiriri Village (Ikonyero), Shieywe Ward (Kakamega thereafter at her home, the same day.
Mwaura “Then the dust will return to the earth as it Chege
Good people die and no one understands or even can. But when they die, no “I have fought a good flight, I have finished
calamity can hurt them. Those who live good lives find peace and rest in death. my race. I have kept the faith. 1932-2013 was, And the spirit will return to God who
gave it.” Eccl 12:7
Isaiah 57: 1 - 2 2nd Timothy 4:7”

Thanksgiving Ceremony 09/11/2013 Promotion to Glory and Funeral Announcement Farewell

We, the family of our beloved Miss Rochelle, It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that
hereby express our heartfelt gratitude to the we announce the passing on to glory of Nancy
Almighty Jehovah God, for the wonderful Mwende Nganda (formerly of Cesar Ritz Colleges,
Switzerland, and Sarova Panafric Hotel, Nairobi),
God-given life of Yvy and the beautiful
which occurred on Monday, 28 October, in
memories we will forever have in our hearts. New Delhi, India, while undergoing treatment
for leukemia. Beloved daughter of Dr Benjamin
With endless gratitude to loved ones, Musembi Nganda (WHO AFRO, Harare) and Mrs
relatives, friends, colleagues, comrades and Elizabeth Katiwa Nganda (Kongoni School, Nairobi
well wishers, who rallied besides us by way South C); Sister to Esther Mwithi Simatwa (PSC),
of prayers, financial & material blessings, Mercy Ndinda Nganda (Eagle Plains Estate) and
Mulei Musembi Nganda (Strathmore School).
phone calls, SMS and/or personal visits; Fiancée of Spencer Okach (Equity Bank). Sister-
we cordially invite you to our thanksgiving in-law of Shikule Simatwa (Extract Media); loving
ceremony at Kabuoch-Kobita, Milenye Village aunt to Ethan Simatwa (KISC); Granddaughter of
on 09/11/2013. Mr Julius Nganda, Mrs Lydia Nganda, the late Mr
Christopher Ngile and late Mrs Rosa Ngile (of
Special tribute goes to the Pastorate Kasikeu Village). Niece of Peter Ngile (Kasikeu),
and entire family of the Winners Chapel Yvonne Rochelle Cyrus Nganda (Amaco), Mrs Eunice Makove, Mrs
Anna Nduku Mwau, and others; first cousin of
Nancy Mwende Danny David Opanga
International. Pastorate Seventh Day 01.03.1943 - 31.10.2013
Adventist Church Maxwell and Milenye, My Athieno Muia Mwikali Wandera, Eric Kioko, Muoki Makove, Mumo
Nyaka, and others. ]
mum Mrs. Terry Otory, my beloved children With deep sorrow we announce the sudden death of Danny David Opanga.
Leroy & Phyll, my best friend and sis Aluoch, my treasured siblings and all our Friends and relatives meeting daily at the Nyayo Stadium Poolside Restaurant, Nairobi, from Husband of Esther Judith Opanga. Father of Dr. Patrick J. N. Opanga and
children. Mirriam and Margaret. Everlyn, you’ve been a God-send especially to Yvy 5:30 -8:30pm. There will be a fundraiser on Thursday, 7 November 2013, at the same venue, Rebecca Kwaye. Son of the late Rev. Julius Opanga and Priscah Opanga.
all her adult life and the entire family - thanks. The entire K.R.A. fraternity and the from 5 pm. Well-wishers can send their M-Pesa contributions to 0708358229. Contributions Brother of the late Roi, Matthias, Nicanory, Peter Sakala, Rispah, Ombonyo,
can also be sent to Family Bank account using M-Pesa pay bill: Business Number 222111; Luciana and Mboi.
Clearing and Forwarding and Freight fraternity; The Nrb. Committee Chairman
Account Number 031000038.
Professor Patts Odira, Dean of Engineering UON; Mr. J.Ochuka KIA ; The MC.
Nrb Mr. Elsama Ndegwa. The Milenye Committee Chairman Mr. E. C. Otory; Asst A farewell service will be held at his ancestral home in Ebunangwe in Mwikunga
A memorial service will be held at Milimani AIC Church, Nairobi, on Friday, 8 November 2013,
Bonface Kagola and the MC. Milenye Hon. Oluoch Kanindo. at 2:30pm. The cortege leaves Lee Funeral Home at 8am, on Saturday, 9 November 2013. The
North Bunyore on 9th November, 2013 at 10 am.
funeral will be held the same day from 11am at her father’s farm in Bahati, Mashambani Area,
Sultan Hamud, Makuueni County.
“Death is season that a man must go through and just as flowers
May Jehovah-God bless you all abundantly
flourish and wither away, in God’s arms you rest, in our hearts you
When you think of Yvy, think of phillippians 4:8 (Niv)
Mwende, you will always remain in our hearts. Remember us at the Altar of The Lord live forever. We thank Him for the time you spent with us.”

Death Announcement Death and Funeral Announcement

Mama Sarah Nkoroi Kaberia

Mrs. Alice Amwomo Wako It is with great sadness and acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of our beloved
The family of Wasikhongo regrets to announce the death of Mrs. Alice Amwomo Wako, beloved wife of the Late Dr. family matriarch Mama Sarah Nkoroi Kaberia. Mama Sarah Kaberia passed on suddenly on the
Daniel Meshack Wako of Matayo’s-Busia County. She died peacefully in her sleep on 30th October 2013 Nairobi. evening of November 1, 2013. She is survived by her husband Henry Kaberia Nkunga and children
Catherine Nkirote of Washington, DC, Ambassador Kirimi Kaberia Kenyan Ambassador to
Mother of Hon. Senator Amos Wako, Dr. (Mrs.) Lavera Levi (Nairobi University), Charles Wako (Chairman of the Board Brazil, Martin Kaberia of Maua Meru, Timothy Kaberia of University of the District of Colombia,
SAX Airline & formerly KCAA), Mrs. Nora Mutua (formerly of Central Bank of Kenya), Mrs. Elizabeth Akeniye (Nigeria), Washington, DC, Raymond Kaberia Giben tours Nairobi Kenya and Gloria Mwendwa of United
Adam Wako (KIRDI), Florence Wako (France), Lester Wako (Canada). Sister of Late Mrs. Romona Obando, late Mrs.
Nations, Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is the daughter of the late Robert Linyiru and the late of Mama
Trufosa Otieno, Mrs.Joyce Munala, late Mrs. Agnes Oyungu, David Olaka, Hezron Malenya, Catherine Malenya and Mrs.
Fanice Ojera. Mother-in-law of Mrs. Flora Wako, Mr. Kenneth Levi (formerly of Kenya Revenue Authority), Mrs. Alice Julia Cianyiru, Daughter in Law of the Late Nkunga M’Mugambi Khimba and the late Catherine
Dzme Wako (Methodist Church-Lavington), Mr. Albert Mutua (K-Rep Bank), Mr. Ezekiel Ekeniye (formerly Deputy Mbui, sister to Ann Ntongai, Salome Makau, Rose Muthuri, late James Buantai, Joyce Mathanduku,
Head of Customs and Excise-Nigeria), Mrs. Jane Wako (Jubilee Insurance), Mrs. Gladys Wako (Mashreq Bank). Susan Ochieng and Alice Kanario Kinyua Sister in Law to Margret Nculubi Mwongera of Ntakira,
Muratha Nkunga of Maua, Gerald Murungi, Caxton Buantai, Rose Kanini Muriithi of Nakuru, Kirema
Sister in-law of the late Milka Obuyu, Late Mrs. Jedida Ochieno,The late Gideon Wandera(formerly Commissioner- Nkunga and many others. She has several grandchildren in Kenya, Asia, Europe and North and
General Customs & Excise, Bryum Sakani, Mrs. Grace Ananda, Mr. Abner Onyango, Mrs. Eseresi Otutu, late Kokas South America.
Nakolo, late Jafeth Wafula and the late Dr. Joab Wasikhongo, the late Mrs. Mary Wandera, Mrs Aurelia Onyango, Mrs.
Amina Nakolo, late Mrs Namirembe Wafula, Mrs. Getrude Wafula, Dr. (Mrs) Freida Wasikhongo, late Benjamin Ochieno Family and friends are meeting daily in Maua-Meru (at Home and also at Mid-land hotel) in Nairobi
(formerly Inspector-General of Police-Uganda), the late Julius Obuyu, late Mr. Ruben Otutu, former M.P. Lurambi
at the All Saints cathedral ( every evening from 6pm) and Washington, DC for funeral arrangements.
Constituency She was grandmother & great grandmother to many.
Mama Sarah will be laid to rest at her family home in Maua-Meru on Friday the 8th November
Details of the funeral arrangements will be announced later. 2013.
58 | Transition DAILY NATION
Wednesday November 6, 2013

Death and Funeral Announcement Death And Funeral Announcement Promotion To Glory
It is with humble acceptance of God’s will It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of It is with profound sorrow that the Kowino family
that we announce the untimely death of Mr. Gods will that we announce the sudden demise wishes to announce the death of Mr. Willie Kowino
of Renson Amata Kilasi on 27th Oct. 2013. Son of Masewla Village, which occurred on 27/10/2013
Peterson Kibe Kimari, son of Tabitha Mbaire of Charles Odemo Kilasi and Late Esinas Kilasi of after a courageous battle with diabetes. Mr Kowino
Kibe, the beloved husband of Mary Njeri Vihiga County. Husband of Nancy Lozenja Amata. will be remembered as a renowned educator. Son
Njoroge, father of Michael Kimari Kibe, Father of Lydia Amata(KDF), Late Odemu, Sammy of the late Norbetus Owino and late Christine
Erastus Njoroge Kibe, Irene Mbaire Kibe and Kilasi(KDF), Modestor Ikuzuhi (Bishop Sulumeti Anyango. Husband of late Petronila, Wilfrida, Mary,
David Magu Kibe. Brother of Anne Mwihaki Girls and Mercy Mboga of Nzoia Pri sch. Brother Anne and Conslata. Brother of Raphael Kowino and
of Jane Barati, Late Nancy Lunyagi, Major Gen. DR late Dismas Opondo. Brother-in-law of Domitila.
Kimari. Father in-law of Josephine Lerai and Gordon Kihalangwa(KDF-Ulinzi hse. Nrb) Charles Father-in-law of Clarice. Father of Henry, Rosemary,
grandpa of Vernnel Njeri Njoroge. musoso(NCPB-Bungoma) Emmy Kilasi(Egerton Lilian, Lucy, Josephine and Jacinta, Timothy, Chrispine,
Friends and relatives are meeting daily at his University) Peres Kilasi(KBS- Nrb) and Florence Nobert, Jerry, Stephen, Kevin, David, Christine, Paul,
residence near Deliverance Church along Atika Egerton University. Inlaw of Christine, Simon, Sylvester. Uncle of Collins, Hilary, Irene, Austin,
Late anne, late Nancy, Briter, Gilbert ,Ernest and Pauline, Moses, Isaac, Clara and Mercy and grandfather
Kangundo Road and at Shelter Villa Ruai Solomon.
starting from 6.00pm. to many grandchildren.
Relatives and friends are meeting regulary at his The cortege leaves Sega Mission Hospital Mortuary
The funeral will be held at his home in Ruai, home Ndalu scheme. The cortege will leave Maitha on Friday 8th November 2013 for an overnight stay
Nairobi on Friday 8/11/2013. Cortege will Funeral home on Thursday 7th at 10.00am. Funeral
leave the Kenyatta University Mortuary at Peterson Kibe service and burial will be held on 8th November at
his home Nzoia starting at 10.00am.
Renson Amata at his Masewla home. The burial will take place on
Saturday 9th November 2013 at Masewla Village,Butula Willie Wuaw
8.00am for burial on the same day.
Kimari Loved ones never die, they leave a legacy
Kilasi Division, Busia County.
“If we live we live to the Lord; and if we die, Kowino
we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die,
Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget behind in our hearts that live forever. Rest in
1937 – 27/10/2013
Peace Dad. we belong to the Lord” Romans 14:8
not all his benefits. “

Death and Funeral Announcement Appreciation Celebrating of a Life well lived

It is with humble acceptance of God’s will
that we announce the death of Stanley We the family of the late our beloved Benson With humble acceptance of God’s will, we
Githua Muchomba. Son of the late Davidson Kiburu Kamau thank the Almighty God for the announce the passing on of our beloved
Muchomba and Elizabeth Muchiru. Husband gift of Ben’s life and the 32 years he lived with mother and Grandmother Mary Keru
of Rose Njoki Githua. Father of Samuel us. God certainly had a purpose for his life and Gitimu who passed away on 1/11/2013.
Mathenge, Eunice Mumbi, Doris Kabiru, Patrick we all learnt a lot from him and through him. Loving wife of the late Gitimu Mburia.
Muchomba, Chris Ngure (USA) and Benard We thank God for having made him an achiever, Mother of Teresia Njoki Gatei, lates
Miano. Brother of the late Ngure, Late Gikandi, the role model and the ideal son and brother he (Virginia Wamutira Warui, Kamau Gitimu,
Murage, Kamuru, Kinyua, Late Murimi, Wambui, was in his short life. Our thanks to all doctors and Paul Mwai), Henry Mbogoh and Beatrice
Kariuki and Githethuki. Father in Law of and staff of The Nairobi Hospital for the medical Karuana Kinyua. She was Grandmother of
Appollo Kabiru, Mrs Rebecca Muchomba, Mrs. attention, PCEA Ruring’u Church fraternity and Gitimu, Daniel, Haron, late Jane Gachina,
Jane Mathenge, Mrs. Ngure. Uncle to many and the PBB Ministries, The Ambassador and staff late Maganjo Gatei, Karimi, Wangari, Njeri,
grandfather to many. of Kenyan embassy in Israel, the many close Martin, Gerald, Agnes, Tabitha, Kamau, Edith,
friends, relatives and neighbors who made his Fredrick, Wambui Salome Kariuki, Robert,
Friends and relatives are meeting at Emmacra stay in hospital comfortable and also condoled
Hotel daily from 5.00pm and at his home in Stanley Githua with us through prayers, moral and financial Benson Kiburu Wangechi Amisi, Loise, Grace, Mary Kamau,
Wairimu Miriga, Wanjiru, Tabitha, Muthoni,
Mukima Nanyuki. Body wil be removed from
Nanyuki General Hospital on 7/11/2013 for Muchomba support. Since it is not possible to thank each
one of you in person, kindly accept this message
Kamau Jane, Nyaguthii, Gitari, Gladys, Karimi, Dennis Keru Gitimu
and Lilian. Mother in Law of late Ernest Gatei,
as our heartfelt expression of gratitude for the 6/11/1981 – 1/8/2013
burial at his home in Mukima - Nyariginu at
11.00am. late Warui Kibera, Lucy Mbogoh, Kinyua Evan
love and support you showed during this difficult time. Fondly remembered by your and Margaret Mwai. She is survived by 47 Great grandchildren and 10 Great
parents (Kamau& Dorothy) brothers (Dan &Kevin), Special friend Emily Chebet Great grandchildren.
Celebrating A Life Well Lived God bless you all abundantly.
Burial arrangement meetings are being held at her home Kiangima, Thaita
It is with humble acceptance of God’s will sublocation. The body is lying at Mt. Kenya Hospital, Kerugoya (near Roswam
Ben, in Gods’ hands you rest, in our hearts you remain forever.The
that we announce the passing on of our Hotel). Burial will be on 8/11/2013 at 1.00pm at her Kiangima Farm.
memory of a good person is a blessing. Rest in Eternal Peace. Amen
beloved mother Elenesta Nduta Ngigi which
occurred at MP Shah Hospital in the morning
of Thursday 31/10/2013 after a short illness.
Beloved wife of Joseph Ngigi Kabugua of Death and Funeral Announcement
Ngurwe-ini location, Muranga County. It is with deep regret and sorrow that we
Daughter of the late Lukas Kinya, Ithabeta and announce the sudden death of Danson Nzioki
Micere , daughter in law of the late Kabugua Musau (Kulikya) QMS Consultant at Kemri,
Stantech, Kiri, Surgilinks & Chania cleaners
and Wathithi. Loving mother of James
Kabugua of Ed. office Thika, Lukas Wainaina
Ltd which occurred through a tragic road
accident at Mutindwa (Umoja). Son of James
Death and Funeral Announcement
of Kikuyu, Jane Wambu of Boston USA, David Musau & Sera Musau of Masimbani village, Masii
It’s with humble acceptance of God’s will that we
at Tamu Africa Safaris & Travel Ltd, announce the
Njuguna, John Muiruri, Elizabeth Waithira location Machakos County. Beloved husband of sudden death of our former colleague and friend
Kimari of Boston USA, Peter Mungai, Samuel Catherine Muia, Brother of Benson Musau, Ester, Julie Anyango Ogutu-Muisyo which occurred on 28th
Mbuthia, and Simon Kaire. Mother in law of Agnes, Too, Rebecca, Naomi, Nzisi & Ngala. Son- October 2013. Daughter of Mr. Lawi Richard Ogutu,
formerly of Kenya Airways and Rhoda Ogutu formerly
Ann Wangui, Everlyn Wangechi, John Wambu
of Boston USA, the late Lucy Wambui Boro, Elenesta Nduta in-law of Hudson Mukua &Jane Mukua, Brother
in law of Cyrus (Cyro), Hezron Mainga, Meshack
of Twiga Chemicals Ltd. Wife of Jack Muisyo of KLM
Airlines, and mother of Jordan and Jude Muisyo both
James Kimari of Boston USA, Agatha Wanjiku Ngigi and the late Mwangangi. Bro in Christ to Kisu
& Mbithi. Cousin of Francis, Mutiso, Mbole and
of Makini School, Nairobi. Sister of Carolyne Ogutu of
New Jersey USA, late Emily Ogutu, late David Ogutu,
and Lucy Gakii. She was loving cucu of Mburu, (Nyina wa Kabugua) and Nicholas Ogutu of London UK. Niece of Dishon
Joe, Wahome,Ndutas, Njeri ,Wambui, Tracy
and Ted of Boston USA, Jimmy, Josephat and
many other friends.
Danson Nzioki Onono, John Onono formerly of the Kenya Police,
Akich Okola of Comesa and Alfred Ouyo Odawa of
others. Friends and relatives are meeting daily at
Information House 3rd floor (mfangano street)
Musau (Kulikya) Imara Energy. Aunt of Amy Adhiambo Coker. Cousin
of Benson Opondo of Nairobi Water and Ms Linda
Family and friends are meeting at their home- Ngurwe-ini and at Magomano Onyango Okola of Ministry of Education.
Restaurant Nairobi 4th floor for burial preparations. from 6pm for funeral arrangements. Main Fundraising will be held o Thursday 7/11/13 Friends and relatives are meeting for burial
The cortege will leave K.U funeral Home at 8 am on Friday 8/11/2013. The
from 6pm. arrangements at Golden Gate South B House No.
Julie Anyango
burial ceremony will follow thereafter at her home Muthitha village Ngurwue-ini
location Muranga County
The Cortege leaves machakos funeral home on 10/11/13(Sunday) at 9am for burial at Funeral will take place on Thursday 07 November 2013
at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church South B
Masimbani village Masii location Machakos County. at 9.00am followed by burial at Langata cementry.

Mum you have fought a good fight, you have finished the race and you May the name of the Lord be exalted. Amen Contributions towards funeral arrangement can be sent to Mpesa number 0728 990037
have kept the faith. 2nd Timothy 4:7

Death And Funeral Announcement Ministry Of Agriculture, Livestock And Fisheries Death and Funeral Announcement
Its with humble acceptance of God’s will State Department Of Agriculture
that we announce the passing on of Mzee
It is with humble acceptance of
God’s will that we announce
Joseph Kyanganga Nthuli, formerly Senior
Assistant chief Nyaani Sub-location.
Death and Funeral Announcement the sudden demise of our
Son of the late Nthuli Mauta and the
We regret to announce the death of
late Rhoda Muteve Nthuli, husband of Joan Kuyia Waswa an employee of dear Beatrice Charity Wangui
Alice Munyiva, Father of Douglas Mauta the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock Karuga of Afya Sacco Ltd, which
(House of Waine- Karen, Nairobi), the and Fisheries, Headquarters, Njaa
Late Fred Musyoka, Mary Mwende
occurred on the 1st November
Marufuku Kenya Project, which
(Kikaso Primary School), Kaunda Mbithi 2013. Daughter of Mrs. Hannah
Kyanganga (Immigration Department occurred on 26th October 2013 at
the Mater Hospital. Njeri Karuga and the late David
J.K.I.A), Rose Mutio, Catherine Syombua
(Makueni), Nduku, Mbithe, Nthuli, Mbula W. Karuga. Sister of Anthony,
and Makau. Daughter of the late Anthony Waswa Godwin Kamau and Gitau
Brother of Mumbua Mwangangi, Joel and the late Virginia Ambaisi. Mother
Kitang’a , the late Kavili Kitonyeo, the (Waringiria). Sister-in-law of
Late Sauli Nthuli, the Late Joseph of Isyansa Etemesi and Virginia Eunice and Nancy. Aunt of David, Be