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Minding your Knowledge: Learning to Enhance Performance and Change

The Henley Forum for Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies 14th Annual Conference
Wednesday 26 February and Thursday 27 February 2014

Minding your Knowledge

Organisations now have access to more information than ever before. But how fast can they turn it into knowledge? And are they then making it work for them?

What bridges the gap between knowing and doing?

Bridging that gap is essential, if organisations are going to compete. And the gap isnt static; the amount of information is growing all the time. But one vital process connects information with knowledge, and knowledge with relevant action learning. Learning takes many forms: working with others to try alternative approaches, combining experiences from different areas of expertise, reconfiguring the way things are done, reflecting on lessons learned.

Sharing w with others Expertise Use in other contexts Practical know-how Basic practice Intellectual understanding Reecting and adapting a to feedback Learning to do Learning/absorbing Noticing Information

Plus learning to adapt to changing circumstances requires conquering the fear of the unknown, reconfiguring ones knowledge sharing relationships, communicating in different ways, and developing new skills. All whilst still delivering on existing targets to sustain organisational performance.

What do we mean by minding your knowledge?

When we mind something, we mentally pay attention to it, as well as actively taking care of it. We turn our minds to what matters for looking after it and developing it. Knowledge is not something you can manage, but it is something all organisations must care about if they want high performance and change at the same time. By exploring how successful individuals and organisations acquire and share knowledge in todays dynamic business world, both can become more resilient, and find more effective ways to thrive and grow.

So if you are currently wrestling with questions like:

1 Why, despite all we know, are we not seeing better performance? 2 How can we make better use of what the organisation knows? 3 How do we future-proof the organisation by increasing our capacity to apply our learning? 4 How can we convey messages about key initiatives when people are scattered around the world? 5 What is blocking our efforts to improve and change? then the two days of this conference will give you a chance to learn from organisations with successful experience of making their knowledge work more effectively for their business. You will hear from expert speakers, many with international experience, who have dedicated considerable care and attention to improving the conditions for effective knowledge use, learning and development. There are workshops to help you develop communication skills that encourage those around you to change. And finally, there is that all-important time set aside for you to think through how what you have learned can translate into action in your particular context.

Conference programme
Day 1: Wednesday 26 February 2014
09.15 10.00 10.15 10.30 Registration and coffee Welcome and opening remarks Start with a buzz The sweet spot for performance excellence: innovation & knowledge management Ravi Arora, Vice President Tata Quality Management Services Networking and refreshment break Think UN, act smart: leveraging the knowledge and experience of a truly global workforce Miguel Panadero, Manager Learning Lab UNSCC How big is the knowing doing gap? What can we do to reduce it? Lunch Sense and sustainability Ron Donaldson, Knowledge Ecologist Preventing collateral damage: surfacing potential sources of unanticipated consequences for a European Revenue Service Professor Kevin Money and Dr Carola Hillenbrand The John Madejski Centre for Reputation Networking and refreshment break Report on Forum projects Evaluating for learning Dr Christine van Winkelen, Henley Business School and Sarah Grimwood, MWH 16.30 Closing the knowing doing gap through community connections Professor Jean Bartunek, Boston College 15.00 15.30 12.45 13.00 14.00

Day 2: Thursday 27 February 2014

08.45 09.15 09.30 Registration and coffee Welcome and opening remarks plus a provocation for the day Improving learning and memory through time travel Professor Patricia Riddell, Professor of Applied Neuroscience, University of Reading Networking and refreshment break Parallel workshops: creating visual and verbal influence Communicating with comics: knowledge management goes graphic Professors Kendra Albright and Karen Gavigan, University of South Carolina The art of powerful questioning: knowing how to elicit useful responses? Denis Sartain, Practising coach and Associate Faculty at Henley Business School

11.30 12.00

10.20 10.50

12.45 13.00 14.00 14.45

Reframing mindsets: what can we do to translate communication into commitment? Lunch Close the mental distance created by virtuality lessons learned by working with over 300 virtual teams Helge Lippert, Head of Value Added Services Vodafone Networking and refreshment break Engaging knowledge workers in collective sensemaking: the benefits of oscillation Dr Nancy Dixon, Common Knowledge Associates Relating the story and imagining the impact Your closing conversations facilitated by Dr Christine van Winkelen and Professor Jane McKenzie Henley Forum End of conference

15.30 16.00


Rediscovering lost values Professor Aidan Halligan, Director of Education University College London Hospitals Minding your knowledge in an unpredictable world. What have we learned? Close Reception Conference dinner with entertainment 17.00

17.30 17.45 18.15 19.15

The conference will be captured graphically by Vanessa Randle from Thinking Visually as well as verbally through audio recording (available to Forum members).

The Henley Forum Conference

Conference rate
750 for one day + VAT 1,250 + VAT for two days
Conference dinner 26 February 60 + VAT

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Leading the way through knowledgeable practice

Every aspect of work draws on knowledge in some way or another. Paying attention to knowledge as a strategic resource has a real bottom line impact.