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HTP 40 Pellet Press (left) Beside HSM 100 Grinding Mill (right)

HERZOG pellet presses offer the full benefits of program controlled pressing processes for the preparation of samples for x ray fluorescence analyses. Control by programmable controller results in a substantial improvement in the reproducibility of sample preparation, and consequently optimum analysis results. HERZOG hydraulic HTP 40 and HTP 60 pellet presses for preparation of samples for x ray fluorescence analysis are an essential part of the manufacturing process for stable pressed pellets. They possess all the characteristics required to guarantee the homogeneity and stability of each individual pellet. With the high press forces of 400 kN in the case of the HTP 40 and up to 600 kN with the HTP 60, a high compression is achieved, even with large sample diameters. The pressing processes performed by HERZOG pellet presses are controlled reliably by a PLC program. The result is a substantial improvement in the reproducibility of sample preparation , and consequently improved analysis results. Parameters of relevance to the pressing process, such as press pressure, rate of compression and pressure holding time, can be varied. They are controlled reliably through a program. The build-up and release of pressure during pressing are controlled such that inner stress within the sample are reduced. This ensures perfect pressing even of materials which in the past have proved difficult to press. The programmable controller eliminates improper handling or incorrect settings as a source of errors. The parameters can be accessed only through a password.

A swing-out cross head makes filling and cleaning of the die quick, simple and safe.

Precision press tools with a range of diameters And materials permit free pressing, pressing in Aluminum shells, and pressing in steel rings.

HERZOG pellet presses are fully encapsulated, insulated against noise, and have safety cut outs for operator protection. The dust and noise burden at the workplace is therefore reduced considerably, and the safety enhanced. HERZOG pellet presses are high-quality, precision engineering products with compact dimensions, and are therefore ideally suited to laboratory requirements.


Available models: HTP 40: Maximum press pressure of 400 KN HTP 60: Maximum press pressure of 600 KN Dimensions: 550 x 620 x 1250 mm Weight : approx. 340 kg Electrical power supply and consumption: 400 V , 50 Hz, 3 phase, or other as required Neutral conductor not required Power consumption of approx. 1,9 kVA Electrical switchgear cabinet: Programmable controller SIMATIC Degree of protection : IP 54 Insulation class: B Control parameters: Pressure build up / pressure decrease Pressure holding time Press force Pneumatic supply: Not required Pressing process and pressing tools: Pressing in steel rings Pressing in aluminum shells Free pressing
A wide range of steel rings, aluminum shells and pressing tools are available
The design of the machines correspond to the current German accident prevention and VDE regulations. We reserve the right to make technical changes.