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COMPANY PROFILE ABNO Software International Limited ABNO Software International is a leading provider of contact data quality software

and services. The company's products are designed to capture validate cleanse standardi!e and enrich customer contact information. ABNO Software International has over " ### customers in east Africa in the finance health insurance retail utilities education and government sectors. ABNO Software International data quality software capa$ilities cover addresses phone num$ers names $usiness information emails and much more. ABNO Software International tools are availa$le to suit your specific environments% whether you want to leverage hosted services or install software on premise ABNO will $e there for you. Company history ABNO &td was founded in the 'enya in ((( with Nairo$i operations commencing in ((.. ABNO &td. was acquired $y (((. the leading glo$al information services company providing data and analytical tools to clients around the world. )ore than "### colleges universities foundations and nonprofit organi!ations within east Africa region rely on ABNO system management software for efficient scala$le and fle*i$le enterprise software products and services. The company+s Student ,areer service system -cosystem is a fully integrated centrali!ed administrative and e.&earning platform that unifies services academic delivery administrative management and reporting for a full range of pu$lic private and proprietary postsecondary institutions. The platform connects multiple sites and catalogs ena$les fle*i$le terms and multiple enrollments and integrates economically to other leading applications including software for ,onstituent /elationship )anagement 0,/)1 and learning management systems. Leadership The senior leadership at ABNO Software International is responsi$le for the strategic direction of the company. The ABNO Software International leadership team $rings a wide range of e*pertise from each of their fields and helps ma2e ABNO Software International a great company. Careers row yo!r "areer with ABNO Software International As a mar2et leader in address data management software with dou$le digit growth last year ABNO Software International is loo2ing for $right am$itious driven individuals to 3oin our team and continue our trac2 record of $old success. Ta2e a few minutes to determine if ABNO Software International is right for you4 Introd!"tion to ABNO Software International ABNO Software International is a glo$al organi!ation with over 565 employees yet retains the passion from its startup days. As a su$sidiary of -*perian7 ABNO Software International has the sta$ility of a large corporation with the energy and hands.on management of a smaller company.

#he ABNO Software International differen"e ABNO Software International is well different from other employers. The meritocratic environment in com$ination with our philosophy of 'promoting from within ' not to mention our active social calendar are evidence of our commitment to a fun team.driven environment where success is everyone's first priority. Benefits 8rom entry.level induction to ongoing sales training to a comprehensive $enefits plan our investment in employee success is a ma3or reason our people en3oy wor2ing at ABNO Software International. C!rrent opport!nities ABNO Software International is a fast.paced results.driven environment. 9e have e*citing and rewarding positions availa$le right now in Sales IT and )ar2eting for driven capa$le and am$itious individuals. S!pport $ Ser%i"es ABNO Software International offers a wide variety of support and services that are availa$le to all customers and prospects. :ou can visit www. .com to find technical documentation 0S;' A<I guides product recommendations and requirements1 for all availa$le products and data sets. :ou can also visit our support site to leverage our online 2nowledge$ase to trou$leshoot e*isting products learn a$out electronic updates and view all training resources. ABNO Software International services are offered $y our <rofessional Services team who leverage =# years of research and development within our data quality product suite to deliver $ results. Our <rofessional Services team offers the following data cleansing services4 > One.time address validation cleanses > Batch email address cleansing and appends > <hone validation and append > ;uplicate identification Reso!r"es for "!stomers The customer Service )anagement is designed to add $enefit to your ABNO Software International e*perience. ?ere you can find additional resources learn from mem$ers on our team and tal2 to other customers. -*plore the customer Service )anagement 4 > <roduct support > ;ata update schedule > @ser guides > Training materials > 8AA > ,ontact your account manager > ;ata quality $log

S#&'EN# CAREER SER(ICES SYS#EM The ABNO+s system for career service management is $uilt from the ground up $y career services professionals S,S) $y ABNO enhances how information is shared and processed $oth within the university and $etween their students and employers. This career services.focused approach has ena$led us to $ecome the mar2et leader with B###C career office deployments worldwide. Student is the leading student information system for today+s institutions of higher learning. Administrators and faculty leverage centrali!ed data and automated wor2flows to improve recruiting retention academic delivery and student services while $usiness officers gain a "D#E view of campus operations for strategic analysis. The integrated product suite is designed to streamline and speed administrative tas2s and offers modules for recruiting and admissions academic records financial aid automation student accounts housing management career services and reporting. Ma)imi*e Career Pla"ement S!""ess 9ith today+s increasingly competitive la$or force institutions need dynamic career management software to match qualified students with hiring organi!ations and to increase the chances of successful placement. The ,areer Services module within ABNO Student career service system provides for easy trac2ing of eligi$le students and management of student portfolios and automates the flow of required documentation among student prospects your institution and employers. This fully provisioned ,areer Services suite is ideal for traditional four.year institutions as well as vocational and technical programs. Core feat!res The features $elow illustrate why most ma3or institutions now utili!e S,S) to provide more services to employers and students than ever $efore while increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs for the career office. St!dent #ools The following functional pac2ages are provided in the ABNO student career service management system4 -*ploring )a3ors and ,areer Options Build -*perience NO9 /esumes F ,over &etters Interviewing Internships Go$ Search 8urther -ducation ;iverse <opulations Career Co!nselin+ ;rop.In ,ounseling Individual ,areer ,ounseling )oc2 Interviews

,or-shops $ Co!rses ,areer <lanning 9or2shops ,areer ,ourses Hrad School -*am <rep -;H- Online 9or2shops F ,ertificates Pro+rams $ E%ents ,areer Networ2 ,areer 8airs e.,redentials <eace ,orps ,alendar of -vents Reso!r"es ,areer Information ,enter Hoing Hlo$al All the tools St!dent ad%isers need Our product management and support teams include former career counselors who understand that organi!ation is a 2ey component to effective career advising. All student information is availa$le at your fingertips. 9e display counseling appointments applications interviews resumIJ,K $oo2 referrals and more in a single integrated record. St!dent 'ata.ase mana+ement made easy A powerful well.organi!ed student data$ase is essential for any career services office. 9e allow you to !ero in on a group of students to push important information or update records in $atches. Organi!ing students has never $een easierL 8ind students $y searching for Mmy students N student profiles andJor resumIJ,K 2eywords. Once you !ero in on a group of students you can send resumIJ,K pac2ets to employers update and flag student records send newsletters and even sync with your address $oo2 with one clic2. Ri"h st!dent information at yo!r fin+ertips ?aving 2ey information on students and alumni that+s easily accessi$le is critical. ,S) compiles everything you need to ensure that your student appointments are highly effective. Before during and after student appointments career staff may access integrated student records that contain an incredi$le amount of critical information to provide the $est possi$le advice and guidance. ,areer counselors and advisers may review and approve resumIsJ,Ks enter comprehensive notes review 3o$ applications and interviews monitor employment reporting access student activity data and much more.

R!n s!""essf!l wor-shops <lanning and hosting effective wor2shops is one of the many 2ey roles that career services offices play on campus. 9ith our 9or2shop )anager you may post wor2shop information and target specific student calendars 0only seniors for e*ample1. <lus we log each student+s /SK< and attendance history for future reference. Students will rarely miss wor2shops $ecause S,S) synchroni!es with student calendars and handheld devices. There also are email reminders and te*t message alerts to remind students to attend. Employer Conta"t ,areer Services offers numerous strategies to connect with and recruit <enn State students. )any of these strategies are part of the ,areer Networ2 0,N1 our comprehensive on.line system that manages much of the recruiting activity. On.,ampus Interviewing ,areer 8airs Go$ <ostings &eadsJ<rospects Information Sessions ,areer ,onnection ;iversity /ecruitmentJNetwor2ing <rograms Go$ ShadowingJ-*ternship Huest <resenter ,areer ,oach 0Alumni Kolunteers1 ,or-in+ with employers has ne%er .een easier Our career.focused tools were developed $ased on years of feed$ac2 from recruiting coordinators. These tools help develop close ties with top employers and recruiters. Ta2e those employer connections further $y delivering interview opportunities hosting great career fairs connecting with alumni mentors and more. B!ild -ey relationships -mployer outreach and development are critical functions for any career services office. A ro$ust and fle*i$le employer contact data$ase is essential to ensure that you develop 2ey relationships. Our contact data$ase essentially is a virtual rolode* that allows you to !ero in on a group of contacts to push important information out to the right contacts at the right organi!ations. The data$ase is easily searcha$le sorta$le and offers an incredi$le array of one.clic2 $atch operations to complete outreach and development initiatives in a fraction of the time.

Find and tar+et the ri+ht "onta"ts 9e provide the $est tools for you to target employer contacts. 8ilter search and sort the contact data$ase $y Mmy contacts N contact type 3o$Jevent history last login date and more. Once you have found the right contacts you can $atch edit records merge contacts set flags send newsletters e*port contact info sync with your address $oo2 and more all in real.time. Always stay organi!ed with our Msaved searches N which allows you to group contacts into custom folders for one.clic2 access at anytime. Send "omm!ni"ations with impa"t 9ant to send communications that resonate with employer contactsO Our -mail 9i!ard ena$les an effective push of information to contacts rather than relying on users to retrieve information from the system. :ou can create attractive ?T)& messages with attachments and $atch send to target contacts. -ach message may $e personali!ed to the recipient $y inserting mail merge fields within the message $ody. Store common email templates to send anytime and set up automated messages tied to system activities so that for e*ample employer contacts receive an alert when a 3o$ e*pires. Re"ord inte+ration for easy wor-flow/ .etter data ,onvenient access to related information is an important aspect of ,/). Our integrated contact record presents a ta$$ed interface with all related 3o$s recruiting activities notes and action items in one place. <rocess wor2flows from a single we$ space. /eview all pending 3o$s schedules event registrations mentors and then process pending actions with one clic2 which automatically sends confirmation emails. At every phase of relationship development career staff may set flags log notes and create follow.up reminders which triggers calendar action items and email alerts when it+s time to circle $ac2. One employer/ !nlimited "onta"ts ,S) gives you the ultimate fle*i$ility in maintaining employer relationships. 9e allow you to manage multiple contacts 0recruiters interviewers etc.1 under one or multiple employer records andJor office locations. ,areer services offices can maintain individual contact records while effectively managing multiple individuals at the same organi!ation. ,ontacts often need to access a shared we$ space to coordinate recruiting activities. Our ,ontact ,olla$oration feature allows multiple employer contacts to access resumIsJ,Ks invite students to interview and more without sharing or duplicating accounts.

Candidate Interfa"e A one0stop0shop for "andidates -ngage students and alumni $y providing an attractive interface with easy access to all services. Since students don+t li2e to complete forms and remem$er passwords we+ll integrate with all campus systems. ,andidates may simply enter their college username and password and they are off and running 'e%elop +reat profiles and do"!ments Built with $usy students in mind our ,andidate Interface offers an easy one.two.three step process to get started. @pon logging in students are prompted to complete a profile of relevant career.related information. Once a student completes their school profile they can then upload or create documents 0resumIsJ,Ks cover letters etc.1. 9ithin minutes students are ready to go. Students may also create a resumIJ,K from scratch with our /esumIJ,K Builder. :ou can design custom layouts to ensure that all resumI $oo2s have a consistent loo2 and feel. Ma-e s!re they find the ri+ht 1o. Our 3o$ $oard is $randed with your institution+s unique loo2 and feel and arms students with the search capa$ilities to find the perfect 3o$. 9e provide a wealth of 3o$ search options. Students can query postings $y full.timeJinternship industry 3o$ function cityJstateJ!ipJcountry 3o$ rating 0e.g. P.5 out of 5 stars1 total hits and much more. S,S) features an intelligent 3o$ matching feature that ran2s 3o$s $ased on the student+s profile. Students+ on.the.go may also create preferred search agents that automatically send 3o$ summary notifications. Additional a""ess to millions of opport!nities There seems to $e hundreds of 3o$ sites nowadays and it is easy to get overwhelmed $y all the resources out there for 3o$ see2ers. S,S) simplifies 3o$ hunting. If candidates want to e*pand their 3o$ search even further our -*tended Go$ Search Tool $y ;irect -mployers AssociationQ provides access to an incredi$le array of employment opportunities. ;irect -mployers Association offers more than si* million 3o$ opportunities aggregated from employer we$ sites and other 3o$ $oards including results from Go$ ,entral HoogleQ ABNO?iredQ and IndeedQ. 2elp them di+ in a little /esearching employers in.depth $efore applying is important and we help our customers step up and provide the information that their students need to ma2e informed career decisions and perform well during their interviews.

Our employer profile data$ase allows candidates to view 2ey statistics 0total revenue office locations etc.1 and $rowse information a$out products and services corporate culture and opportunities for advancement. <rofiles also include an em$edded employer TwitterQ feed 8ace$oo2Q page photo gallery and li$rary. Students see2ing personal connections can search the professional networ2 for active alumni and prospective mentors. Fa"ilitate some fa"e time A great resumIJ,K ma2es a good impression $ut nothing $eats meeting recruiters ?osting recruiting events engages students with career services while providing a unique opportunity to connect with employers. Students won+t overloo2 employers that are attending career fairs andJor hosting presentations and info sessions. 9e offer a career fair directory and information session calendar so students may /SK< without complication. Twitter integration automatically tweets event information to the career services Twitter page. Our Kirtual 8air System allows students to drop off their resumIJ,K and chat with employer contacts online. #hey3ll ne%er miss an inter%iew 9e offer real.time interview which lin2s students to related events so that they may /SK< in a snap. Once students sign up they rarely $ecause we synchroni!e with student.side calendaring software handheld devices and email and te*t message reminders. As a reference O,/ applicationJ$id history interview event /SK<s and attendance history is logged in their profile. Streamline s"hed!lin+ <lanning and hosting effective wor2shops is a $ig deal. 9ith our 9or2shop )anager you may post wor2shop information to students and target specific student calendars 0only 3uniors for e*ample1. Streamline your career development activities further with our ,ounseling Appointment System that provides students with an appointment calendar and includes each counselor+sJadviser+s meeting availa$ility. Students may request time slots with a clic2 which reduces the normal $ac2.and.forth hassle of $oo2ing meetings. These events also synchroni!e with calendaring software handheld devices and we even generate email reminders. Assess e%erythin+ yo! do Assessment and outcome trac2ing has $ecome a ma3or responsi$ility for career services offices. 9ith our Survey Builder you may draft custom surveys and administer them to your students online for ma*imum effectiveness.

Our $ Hraduation Survey provides students with an easy online form to su$mit full.time employment data 0location salary $onus etc.1. And S,S)+s survey reporting system ena$les simple e*traction of comprehensive data. Need some help ma2ing sure your surveys are worded 3ust rightO Gust let us 2now and our assessment e*perts will wor2 with you directly to craft the perfect survey. Employer Interfa"e A one0stop0shop for employers Attracting top employers is always challenging $ut ABNO has the answer. By leveraging our One.Stop integrated recruiting portal employer contacts may $rowse colleges and universities and easily request an account with your office. 8rom our user.friendly -mployer Interface your contacts may manage all their recruiting activities with your school from a single and integrated we$ space. 'e%elop +reat profiles /ecruiters want to put their $est foot forward and S,S) ma2es it possi$leL @pon logging in employers are prompted to develop a dynamic employer profile for your school. <rofiles may include a company overview corporate culture 2ey statistics and more. -mployers can synchroni!e their profile across multiple schools which ensures that your students always have the most information. 9e also prompt employer contacts to provide a high resolution logo photos from career fairs info sessions recruiting videos a Twitter feed and a lin2 to their company 8ace$oo2 page. Simplify the 1o. postin+ pro"ess <osting 3o$s to multiple institutions is a daunting tas2 even for seasoned recruiters. 9e ma2e it easy $y allowing employers to easily post 3o$s to multiple schools in minutes. <osting 3o$s is truly since employers may post without logging in first. 9hile posting employers can quic2ly chec2 spelling pre.screen candidates set up multiple office locations upload 9ordQ documents and more. 9e also give employers great tools for managing applicants even auto.generating applicant pac2et <;8s. -mployers su$scri$ing to One.Stop are a$le to integrate with their employer.side Applicant Trac2ing System. #a-e the +!esswor- o!t of res!me4C( .oo-s 8inding the right candidate doesn+t have to $e li2e loo2ing for a needle in a haystac2. 9ith our /esumeJ,K Boo2s employers may access student profile information and resumesJ,K versions.

-mployers search student profile fields such as ma3or degree level industry and location preferences and language s2ills. ,om$ine that with our /esumeJ,K 'eyword Search and they always find the perfect candidateL -mployers don+t li2e reaching out to great candidates only to learn that another organi!ation has snagged them. <ro$lem solved ABNO automatically remove inactive students and only display those see2ing employment. Ramp !p yo!r on0"amp!s re"r!itin+ pro+ram 9e 2now that on.campus interview administration can $e time consuming. Our On.campus /ecruiting 0O,/1 module streamlines this process saving hundreds of hours for staff and recruiters. /ecruiters can complete an easy online interview schedule registration form that features date and room availa$ility and the a$ility to attach an information session. ,ustom wor2flow provides staff with tools to easily assign roomsJlocations route through approval channels monitor the waitlist schedule alternates and send out attractive schedule pac2ets. Streamline inter%iew s"hed!lin+ Once scheduled to recruit on.campus employers may then access applicants online and $atch invite candidates to interview. -mployers also en3oy the a$ility to monitor their schedules and watch students sign up in real.time. Once the interview schedule is full we automatically generate an interview pac2et that includes their schedule for the day and all related student documents for review prior to the visit. The interview process can $e stressful and to help guide students through the process our Interview 8eed$ac2 )odule allows employer to su$mit feed$ac2 online which helps students consistently improve their interview s2ills. 2ost fantasti" "areer fairs ,areer fairs are a great way to develop relationships with employers and get them on.campus to meet your talented students. Our ,areer 8air )anager 0,8)1 ma2es it happen. 9e provide employer contacts with an custom online registration form 0accessi$le without logging in1 so that they may quic2ly register and receive an electronic invoice. /egistered employers may log $ac2 in at any time to peruse the list of students that have /SK<+d send emails and generate resumeJ,K pac2ets of interested students $efore and after the events. R!n +reat presentations On.campus employers may opt to set up a separate employer presentationJinformation session to attract a dedicated audience and let students 2now what they are all a$out. -mployer contacts may easily register for these events online select the custom catering and audioJvisual option and receive an invoice in real.time.

Info Session )anager trac2s student /SK<s and attendees for employers and career staff to trac2 $efore and after the event. Easy e%ent mana+ement As soon as an event registration is approved registering employers receive an attractive email confirmation that includes venue details $ooth num$er and directions. S,S) also provides staff with sophisticated accounts receiva$le tools to modify invoices trac2 payments send receipts and run comprehensive reports. 9e also support credit card processing and integrate with campus credit card processing services such as TouchNetQ ,AS?NetQ ,y$erSourceQ <ay<al Authori!e.NetQ and more. B!ild a professional networ9ant to create a searcha$le data$ase of prospective alumni mentors and volunteer career advisersO <ost a custom online registration form for alumni and employer contacts to easily register without even logging in. ,onfidentiality controls allow mentorsJadvisers to remain anonymous or display particular contact information. )entors may select their preferred networ2ing activities and throttle the num$er of connection requests they receive which ensures that they are not overwhelmed $y inquiries from interested students. Reportin+ $ Analyti"s #a-e the whole pie or 1!st a sli"e 9e 2now that assessment and outcome trac2ing has $ecome a ma3or responsi$ility for career services offices to 3ustify the services they deliver and their operating $udget. To help accomplish this we provide powerful data e*traction and usage trac2ing tools. And if you+re in a rush we+ll create a custom report for you in a snap. All of yo!r data at yo!r fin+ertips Our /eporting )odule allows you to create comprehensive ad hoc reports. 8rom the report writer screen you may select anyJall fields in the data$ase for e*traction. /efine your data set $y filtering against any field so you can display information $y ma3or $y position type $y createdJmodified date range and much more. ,S) archives all records 0e*pired 3o$s graduated students old contacts etc.1 so that you may pull reports on either active records archived records or $oth. Analy*e yo!r stats and spot trends Kiew statistics 03o$s per employer student meetings per counselor and more1 $y utili!ing our ,ount feature. By lin2ing ta$les you can even 3u*tapose counts to identify possi$le correlations. ;o students that come into the career center often get more interviewsO ;o employers that come to career fairs hire more studentsO 9ith S,S) you will 2now /eport $ac2 to other sta2e holders at the institution $y pulling overall summary statistics 0total 3o$s $y industry counseling appointments $y class year etc.1 $y utili!ing our report summaries.

Sophisti"ated data analysis and inte+ration &oo2ing for trendsO :ou can !oom out with our ;ash$oard /eports to instantly access attractive charts and graphs to compare data year over year month to month and identify trends. C!stomi*ation #ools Yo!r system5 yo!r way5 ri+ht away -very office is unique and most administrators want to tailor their system+s interface to align with their precise vision. 'nowing our customers+ desire for interface control we provide ultimate customi!ation and configuration capa$ilities. Colle"t data 1!st how yo! li-e it -very office is different and wants their online forms set up according to their preferences. Our 8orm Builder gives you ultimate fle*i$ility to add remove or edit any field 0dropdown te*t etc.1 on.demand. :ou can choose the field+s location modify instructions and set dependencies only showing certain fields to particular studentsJalumni. After adding a new field it is automatically reporta$le. Is your school offering a new ma3orO No pro$lemL Our <ic2list )anager allows you to update dropdown menus and chec2$o* choices in real.time. Comm!ni"ate with a personal to!"h S,S)+s custom wor2flow comes complete with customi!a$le confirmation emails alerts and notifications. After important actions are ta2en in the system students and employers will receive a personali!ed note from your office that includes all the necessary information. 9e support ?T)& content and unlimited attachments. Are students as2ing similar questionsO Are employers e*pressing similar curiositiesO Our ?elp )odule lets you post common questions and answers or add custom &ight Bul$ ?ints to the top of any screen. Career Fair Mana+er ,anna r!n fantasti" "areer fairs6 ,areer 8air )anager 0,8)1 empowers career centers with all the tools to effortlessly administer all aspects of career fairs. :our office can move to the cutting edge of efficiency and professionalism provide your students with more opportunities to meet more recruiters and enhance your offering to employers with value.added advertising and sponsorship opportunities and a higher student turn.out. Simple re+istration and payment pro"essin+ for .!sy employers -mployers may quic2ly register R no login requiredL Once approved recruiters receive an attractive email confirmation with venue details $ooth num$er directions and more. <lus we generate and deliver invoices and payment receipts in real.time.

9ant to process credit cardsO 9e can either process credit card payments on your $ehalf or fully integrate with campus credit card processing vendors such as TouchNetQ ,AS?NetQ ,y$erSourceQ <ay<al Authori!e.NetQ and more. /egistered employers may then login any time to access a full calendar of events further develop their profile $rowse an /SK< data$ase of interested students send student e.mails and access an event resume $oo2. Fa"ilitate st!dent0employer "onne"tions Our 3o$ fair is a success $ecause of the tools ABNO provides. I can't imagine our 3o$ fair without it. Before the event students can research employers and plot their $ooth visits. Our online employer profile data$ase provides students with easy access to availa$le positions ma3ors recruited 2ey statistics and much more. Interested students may /SK< and su$mit their resumes to attending employers online. @pon arriving at the event attending students swipe their college I; card and receive an auto. generated name $adge. On the day of the event automatically generate a print directory of attending employers that includes logos advertisements $ooth num$ers availa$le positions etc. 9ith this profile $oo2 in.hand students will set for success Plan it/ e)e"!te it yo! are in "ontrol The employer registration form approval wor2flow and invoicing process are B##S customi!a$le. <oint and clic2 to confirm new registrants post received payments set $ooth num$ers and trac2 specific $ooth requirements. &everage our $ ,/) tools to generate e*citement invite prospective employers and email personali!ed event.related care pac2ages and to confirmed attendees $efore and after the event. ,areer 8air )anager 0,8)1 also provides a revenue stream to your office. 9e help you $uild creative sponsorship pac2ages and advertising opportunities for employers see2ing to enhance e*posure $oth online and at the venue. 7!i"-ly analy*e o!t"omes -asy access to data is critical to ensuring the success of present and future fairs. Our reporting features will ena$le you to instantly conduct a detailed analysis of the event. All career fair registration fields are reporta$le allowing you to capture venue details 0num$ers of chairs electric etc.1 accounting info 0outstanding charges payments received etc.1 student attendance cancellations and much more. 'ey reports can $e stored and re.generated later or copied to $uild a new report. /eporting results can easily $e e*ported to -*cel and converted to charts and graphs.

Co!nselin+ Appointment System Now career counseling staff can focus on what they do $est. Our ,ounseling Appointment System allows counseling staff to spend more time engaging students and less time managing their appointment calendars. This module streamlines all aspects of meeting management to more efficiently schedule counseling and advising appointments trac2 notes and and capture statistics. #a-e the hassle o!t of appointment .oo-in+ Our friendly appointment sign.up interface eliminates the $ac2.and.forth hassle of the typical scheduling process. Students see only availa$le dates and times and designated staff can simply point.and.clic2 to approve appointment requests. Our Availa$ility )atri* allows staff to manage their wee2ly availa$ility in real.time. <ersonal appointments and office.wide events 0staff meetings retreats etc.1 may $e entered months in advance and automatically impacts meeting availa$ility. Individual appointments sync with calendar applications smart phones and 8ace$oo2. <lus we send detailed meeting reminders via email and te*t so that students and staff don+t forget. Inte+rate yo!r "alendars )ove to one integrated system for managing all recruiting and career development events and activities with our integrated office calendar. It allows you to toggle $etween employer.focused events and student appointments with a clic2. <ull up your calendar to see your personal schedule for the dayJwee2Jmonth or access others+ from a single interface. Our visi$ility controls ensure that only authori!ed staff may view private events and appointments. 9e offer full integration with )icrosoft -*change and support i,al and Sync)& so that you may easily synchroni!e with Outloo2 &otus and Hoogle ,alendars as well as smart phones $y Apple Blac2$erry etc. A""ess rele%ant st!dent data and -eep notes 8rom the calendar clic2 on a detailed student record to get the M$ig pictureN view a student. :ou may access related flags documents notes past application and event /SK<s from a ta$$ed interface. Our customi!a$le counseling notes allow you to record topics discussed resources provided and much more. Then set an automatic follow.up reminder so you won+t forget to circle $ac2 in the days ahead. 9e understand that student data privacy is critical and have developed user rights to ensure that only approved staff can view andJor update counseling appointments notes and 8oom in/ *oom o!t/ see res!lts

Our reporting module provides real.time access to all data so you can generate reports on any counseling fields within the system. Better yet you can even include student profile details. ,reate general counseling overview reports or report on specific details such as appointments $y staff mem$er date student demographics no.shows and more. Our summary statistics also provide a quic2 synopsis of results. Het creativeL -ach report output may $e easily e*ported to -*cel and our )anagement ;ash$oard generates graphs charts and more all

Credentials Mana+er Simplify letters of referen"e Are you loo2ing for a way to manage your students+ letters of reference without the mounds of paperO Then we recommend ,redentials )anager Online re"ommendation re9!ests /equesting recommendations has never $een easier. Students may request recommendations 0$oth confidential and non.confidential1 from any person on or off.campus $y su$mitting a simple online request through the system. Students receive real.time updates on their status of their recommendation and may follow.up on pending requests with a clic2. And if they receive a recommendation offline they may upload it in real.time. Once all requested recommendations are received students may order credentials pac2ets with ease. 9e also provide online payment options for career services offices that would li2e to charge students a credential processing fee. Ma-e life easy for re"ommenders To ensure students are receiving their preferred recommendations we have developed a user interface for recommenders that ma2e it fast and easy to respond to requests for recommendations. ;rafting andJor uploading recommendations is painless. /ecommenders receive real.time email notifications of pending recommendation request with an em$edded one.clic2 access lin2 to direct them to their su$mission form. After clic2ing on the recommendation request lin2 recommenders are prompted to either upload a file directly or complete a recommendation from scratch from our $ rich te*t editor. Credential order pro"essin+ made easy Once a credential file order has $een su$mitted to your office you may generate a custom. $randed credentials pac2et with a cover page that feature your university+s seal and terms of use.

System settings control the wor2 flow process and once all related documents are received you may pu$lish and distri$ute <;8 credentials pac2ets to graduate schools and school districts a clic2. Our ,redentials $illing system allows your office to charge students and accept credit card or chec2 payments. ,redential )anager also offers $atch invoice generation payment processing receipt generation tools. Enhan"ed Res!me Loo-in+ to help st!dents "reate +reat res!mes6 The -nhanced /esume Builder =.# offers the perfect solutionL The module provides the online tools and professional assistance needed for students to create an unlimited num$er of cutting edge resumes and cover letters. 'e%elop starter o!tlines/ e)amples and layo!ts 9ith our /esume Outline Tool you can offer an unlimited num$er of MstarterN resumes with a variety of section headers and resume e*amples. <rovide functional outlines internship outlines and much more. As students enter content provide your own =##C action word data$ase and a li$rary of hundreds of fully custom sample $ullets. Students will always find the right word or phrase. 9hen the time comes for students to design their resume they can pic2 from a wealth of customi!a$le layout styles. And as they peruse layout options we provide a real.time preview. No ,ord:/ no pro.lem Building a resume from scratch has never $een easierL Students create custom resumes and cover letters from a methodical step.$y.step interface that gives them complete control of the content and style. Along the way student may add and move around section headers% chec2 spelling% change fonts te*t si!e and alignment% update margins% and gauge the num$er of pages with our virtual page demarcation. Students may save completed documents as <;8 9ordQ andJor generate we$ @/& for $usiness cards. /esume and cover letters are automatically stored in the system which ma2es it easier to apply for 3o$s. Seamless re%iew and feed.a",reating resumes with professional guidance has never $een more critical than with today+s competitive 3o$ mar2et. The -nhanced /esume Builder allows students to seamlessly su$mit resumes to you for review and feed$ac2. Add your critique comments directly on documents and su$mit your feed$ac2 with a clic2. Staff may also trac2 the num$er of times the resume has $een su$mitted for review.

Once a resume has $een reviewed students may then review your feed$ac2 and easily ma2e the necessary changes. And with an approved resume in.hand students may start applying for 3o$s immediately. E)periential Learnin+ The -*periential &earning module is a comprehensive solution for posting ,o.op and Internship positions managing applicants and trac2ing offers. It provides an interface for students and employers to document the e*perience and su$mit evaluations.

Streamlined postin+s system Our custom co.opJinternship program registration form allows you to determine which students may apply for e*periential learning positions. And the e*periential learning 3o$ form fields are unique to your co.opJinternship program. Our cyclical posting feature allows a position to open and close automatically during the same time period every year. -mployers may also su$mit screening criteria to determine eligi$le applicants. 9e streamline the posting administration process even further $y trac2ing the num$er of openings and auto e*pire postings once the num$er of placements equals the num$er of openings. #ra"- employer offers and e%al!ations ,o.opJinternship coordinators may determine which student+s applications are referred to particular employers. :ou are in full control of the application process with the a$ility to hide and forward selected applicants to employers. Our seamless offer management tools allow employer contacts to invite students to interview in real.time. -mployers are then presented with an easy ran2 and offer interface to set their list of preferred candidates. After ran2ing students employers su$mit offer details online and then later log in to complete an evaluation form for each student that was customi!ed the co.opJinternship program staff. St!dent offer and e%al!ation pro"essin+ ,S) automatically notifies students when offers arrive so they may either ran2 accept or decline pending offers. After accepting an offer students may immediately $egin documenting their learning o$3ectives.

Students may fill out multiple evaluation forms during their co.opJinternship e*perience. Students rate their own performance the employer and the co.opJinternship program itself on a variety of customi!ed criterion. 9e have also eliminated the need of congested in$o*es and filing ca$inets $y giving students the a$ility to upload a semester report or other summary documents directly. ;o. <ios-s ;o. postin+s anytime/ anywhere Go$ 'ios2 software lets you ta2e career services $eyond the office wallsL <lace Go$ 'ios2s in popular locations around campus to offer students convenient access to your 3o$ $oard and opportunities delivered e*clusively through your office. 'eli%ered .y Career Ser%i"es 9e 2now that retaining the identity of you career center is important. :ou may design the loo2 and feel of the interfaces to e*press your office+s unique personality. Students will recogni!e that the 2ios2s are a service provided $y your office not a third party. :ou may also post a friendly welcome message to draw attention to the service. Go$ 'ios2s display opportunities delivered through your office. Students may $rowse all types of postings from on.campus interview opportunities to internships to student employment and more. Easy/ dire"t a""ess for st!dents Students are always on the run and often don+t have time to sit down and loo2 for 3o$s. Our Go$ 'ios2s are mo$ile and $ring the 3o$ search right where the students are =P hours a day. Students only need to swipe their ,ollege I; card or punch in their Student I; to access the resource. Advanced swipe card technology lets you easily trac2 which students are using it. Go$ postings can $e filtered $y 3o$s the student qualified for career fair postings and more. Students can apply to postings right from the 'ios2 or send 3o$ details to their email address for later review. 7!antify yo!r s!""ess Accurate student usage reports are essential to show the valua$le services your office provides. Our software trac2s student usage identify trends and see which 2ios2 locations are most effective. ,reate ad.hoc queries on 'ios2 trac2ing fields as well as view saved queries and past activity reports. /eporting results can easily $e e*ported to -*cel for graphing purposes. Mo"- Inter%iews ABNO 's B##S we$.$ased module gives students the a$ility to conduct and record custom.$uilt moc2 interviews anytime anywhere. There are thousands of pre.recorded questions students and advisors may choose from to $uild the right moc2 interview. Students may conduct the

interviews from any modern we$ $rowser or even their i<honeL In addition to helping students $uild the perfect moc2.interview advisors may also provide feed$ac2 and rate each student+s performance. Anytime 0 Anywhere The )oc2 Interview module allows students to quic2ly $uild a list of pre.recorded interview questions record their performance and save it for feed$ac2 from advisors. Advisors have the a$ility to review the interviews and provide feed$ac2 instantaneously. Mo"- Inter%iews On0#he0 o ABNO 's i<hone application allows students to conduct moc2 interviews and receive feed$ac2 from their advisors while they are on the go. The app is free and easy to setup. Once installed students are only a few clic2s away from conducting their own personali!ed moc2 interview. #ho!sands of Pre0Re"orded Inter%iews Students and institutions have the a$ility to choose from thousands of pre.recorded interview questions from a variety of interviewers in more than "# different categories ranging from ,reativity and ,ommunication to -thics and ,areer <lans. Our user.friendly design allows students to drag and drop questions into their moc2 interview so they can get started right away. Co!nselor Feed.a"- w4B!ilt0in ,or-flow Our custom dash$oard allows advisors to quic2ly rate and save a student+s moc2 interview performance. Students receive feed$ac2 in real.time and each and every interview rating is saved allowing students and advisors to trac2 improvement. Inte+rated Strate+i"ally with SCSM The )oc2 Interview module is strategically integrated throughout the ,areer Services )anagement system. -very student who logs into S,S) will have the a$ility to quic2ly and easily create a moc2 interview for any 3o$ listed. Ne)t eneration Inter%iewin+ -mployers will $e a$le to conduct pre.screening interviews to find the right candidate quic2ly. Students will $e a$le to conduct interviews at their convenience freeing ?/ managers to concentrate on evaluating candidates. M!lti0S"hool En%ironment ;o multiple career services offices at your institution want to wor2 together without losing their identityO Our )ulti.School -nvironment 0)S-1 is the ideal solution for career services centers interested in integrating while maintaining their own custom system instance. Inte+rated st!dent a""o!nts and 1o. .oard Implementing a )S- ma2es it easy for student to access multiple campus career services offices and increases the num$er of availa$le 3o$ opportunities. Student usernames and passwords are synchroni!ed across office systems and their core information is porta$le from office to office. And once logged in students may toggle $etween systems.

Students may access an integrated 3o$ $oard to view postings from any office. They can easily apply to any posting from any office as their uploaded documents always come with them. Easier a""ess for employers Are employers getting confused a$out where to post their 3o$s at your institutionO 9ith )Scontacts simply post a 3o$ once 2nowing it will $e delivered to all relevant candidates. -mployer contact account information is synchroni!ed across office systems and employer profiles are porta$le from office to office. And once logged in contracts may toggle $etween systems with a clic2.

Colla.oration with Control -ach office may independently control its $randing customi!ations and system settings. Beyond that offices may choose which o$3ects are integrated such as interview schedules campaigns resume $oo2s and more. )S- offers staff the a$ility to share information across offices without compromising data$ase control. 9e set affiliations on individual records ensuring edit access for the owning office0s1 read.only for others. Professional Networ,ant to "reate a data.ase of prospe"ti%e al!mni mentors and %ol!nteer "areer ad%isers6 Our <rofessional Networ2 0<roNet1 is the answer post a custom online registration form for alumni and employer contacts to easily register and then connect interested students with a mentor. This e*clusive school.$randed data$ase of professionals alumni and mentors also includes comprehensive search tools and networ2 mem$er confidentiality controls. B!ild a +reat networOur completely customi!a$le registration form allows managers to capture the 2ey data necessary to create an accurate e*pansive networ2 of mentors. All registration form data can $e collected in convenient ad hoc reports that easily e*port to -*cel. <lus we ena$le managers to control the visi$ility of mentor profiles to students and provide a MStudent KiewN feature to trac2 the num$er of times a student has reviewed a mentorJprofessionals. Conne"t st!dents to the ri+ht people <roNet empowers our office to ma2e connections $etween our partners and helps us to $e the ne*us for $uilding relationships. <roNet offers students a variety of search criteria to ma2e locating a compati$le mentor a snap. Students can search for mentors $y4 geographic area industry 3o$ function graduation year and more. Once a potential match is found students can M-*press InterestN with a clic2 or save the mentor to a list of MfavoritesN for future review. In%al!a.le "areer insi+ht and ad%i"e

)entors and professionals can register in minutes and en3oy convenient control over their profile visi$ility and content. Our seamless registration form does not require the mentor to have an e*isting ,areer Services )anager account. ,onfidentiality controls allow Networ2 mem$ers to choose what contact information to display 0email phone mail1 and offer the a$ility to ena$leJdisa$le their profile in real.time. )em$ers can also choose to limit the num$er of times a student can request interest. St!dent #ra"-in+ System Loo-in+ for a way to meas!re st!dent in%ol%ement in "areer ser%i"es a"ti%ities6 Our Student Trac2ing System 0STS1 features a 2ios2 interface and swipe card technology so you can trac2 student event attendance on.campus interviews and career center visits. This system will provide you the tools necessary to share critical statistics on career services traffic and usage. Simple "he"-0in Students are always on the go and we+ve streamlined the process. 'ios2s are mo$ile and don+t require an Internet connection so 3ust plug them wherever students go It+s convenient students only need to swipe their Student I; card or punch in their Student I;. :ou+ll 2now who came through your lo$$y and who attended your events and when they did it. At events we generate student name $adges in real.time. In your lo$$y we automatically notify counseling staff that a student has arrived for an appointment. ,ustomi!e the user e*perience. -very office has its own personality. Brand the 2ios2 loo2 and feel with custom s2ins. ,ustomi!e the entire user e*perience $y posting friendly messages $u$$les 0welcome than2 you etc.1 where appropriate. In your career center customi!e the activities that you+re trac2ing from interview coaching to 3o$ search assistance to resume critiques. After each swipe administer surveys to enhance assessment efforts. At events our name $adge controls allow you to tailor la$el content and layout. And students interviewing on.campus will $e a$le to select from a pre.populated list employers interviewing that day. ;o. postin+s anytime/ anywhere Our Go$ 'ios2 software ta2es the career center around campus. <lace these 2ios2s in popular locations across campus 0student union large dormitories etc.1 to offer students convenient access to your 3o$ $oard and opportunities delivered e*clusively through your office. Meas!re s!""ess Accurate student activity reports are essential to show the valua$le services your office offers. 9e ta2e this assessment to the ne*t level $y allowing you to identify trends in student engagement.

This system lets you create ad.hoc queries on all student trac2ing fields as well as view saved queries and past activity reports. Simply save the results to -*cel for graphing capa$ilities. 2olisti" St!dent Re"ords Are your file ca$inets overflowingO 8eeling li2e your student information is disorgani!ed disconnected or inaccurateO 9e aggregate all student information into our holistic student records that are accessi$le anytime from a single data$ase. o %irt!al and +o +reen :our advisors and staff will love our holistic student records R it+s li2e having your own virtual filing ca$inetL Now your office can Mgo greenN and never spend another minute digging through filing ca$inets and searching data$ases. <lus unli2e filing ca$inets our virtual files are $ac2ed $y ABNO+s world.class security. 9e recogni!ing that student data privacy is critical so we have developed user rights to ensure that only staff you approve can view andJor update advising appointments notes and St!dent data at yo!r fin+ertips Staff may simply clic2 on any appointment right from their calendar and immediately access the student's detailed virtual record to gain the T$ig pictureT view of that student. Access related flags documents advising notes follow.up actions sent emails and more. Our customi!a$le advising notes allow you to capture the information you specifiy such as topics discussed appointment length and action items. Then set an automatic follow.up reminder so you won't forget to circle $ac2 in the days ahead. 'o"!ment Mana+ement Never lose trac2 of student documents againL Now you can access all student documents from one we$.$ased interface. Advisors staff and students can add and view documents from within each student's indidivudal record. Centrali*e st!dent do"!ments &oo2ing for an action plan for one student or an accommodation request for anotherO Our centrali!ed document management ena$les advisors to quic2ly review and share documents in a secure environment. )a2e documents visi$le to students or restrict access to only designated staff. Hranular user rights ensure only the appropriate individuals can access student documents. 2elp st!dents stay or+ani*ed Students may also upload private documents to their account or choose to share them with their advisor. 9e give students the fle*i$ility to upload a wide variety of file types including 9ord 9ord <erfect <<T and -*cel. Need a student to complete a certain formO Simply add the file to their student record or email it to them directly without ever leaving the system.

Se"!rity and Pri%a"y Complian"e As an organi!ation ABNO+s highest priority is safeguarding your data. 9e understand that data security and privacy of sensitive student information are of the utmost importance to your institution. &n"ompromisin+ data se"!rity Since our inception in BUU6 ABNO has maintained the confidentiality and privacy of millions of student and employer records to support full compliance with the 8amily -ducation /ights and <rivacy Act 08-/<A1 and the ?ealth Insurance <orta$ility and Accounta$ility Act 0?I<AA1. )any companies claim to secure your data $ut we $ac2 it up with frequent independent audits. Our facilities are SAS6# Type II compliant and provide the world.class security IT departments e*pect. 8or a list of our current accreditation guidelines view our awards and certifications. :ou can $reathe easy 2nowing that ABNO is vertically integrated% meaning we never outsource hosting services support or we$ development. :our relationship is e*clusively with ABNO and never with a "rd party vendor $ehind the scenes. Meet and e)"eed 2IPAA and FERPA Insight offers several features to assist institutions in meeting their ?I<AA and 8-/<A compliance o$ligations. 9e ensure secure connections $y end users and system administrators and all connections are encrypted. Access to our servers is $ased on a need $asis and all users require authentication. All data contained within the Insight system is controlled $y you the client. In addition Insight employs user account management using role $ased access control. This means that only the staff you authori!e can access specific information such as a student's documents and advising notes. ,hy ABNO St!dent Career Ser%i"e Mana+ement System6 Enhan"e Career Ser%i"es and S!stain Relationships The ,areer Services module can generate follow.up letters verification.letter requests and compliance reports $ased on a college+s accrediting and catalog statements. It also allows trac2ing and management of post.graduation placements to assist in proper identification and cultivation of relationships with alumni and employers. 'e%elop a Comprehensi%e Employer 'ata.ase The ,areer Services module ena$les you to create an employer data$ase capture specific contacts from company 9e$sites and add contact attri$utes. 8or e*ample you can note that the employer is willing to conduct interviews $e a guest spea2er or participate on advisory $oards. The module also ena$les you to4 Trac2 letters phone calls and emails /eview all placement records assigned to specific employer in one area

,onvert an internshipJe*ternship to employment with one function 2ey )anage Student -mployment ;ocuments

:our institution can now efficiently manage the many documents necessary for processing student employment as well as scan store and trac2 letters transcripts and resumes. The ,areer Services module puts important documents and information at your constituents+ fingertips increasing student satisfaction and staff efficiency. 2i+hli+ht Employa.le S-ills and Ed!"ation The module records pertinent information on individual 3o$ and geographical preferences unique s2ills and salary requirements. ,reating $etter ways for employers to search for and review candidates helps ma*imi!e placement rates. #ra"- Internships and Pra"ti"!m Co!rses :ou can ena$le your career services staff to post match and then trac2 student participation in internship and practicum courses. 'e%elop Effe"ti%e Pla"ement 'emo+raphi"s :ou can use Standard Industrial ,lassification 0SI,1 codes to relate course curriculum to a particular industry. 8or placement you can list graduates+ preferences including geographical locations 3o$ title codes categories and corporate information. Monitor the Flow of Re9!ired 'o"!mentation Analy!e placement activities from many perspectives and generate information to comply with licensing reporting annual institutional reporting for accrediting $odies re.licensing applications and federal requirements including I<-;S. Additional reporting capa$ilities include4 -mployer master listing Availa$le 3o$ listings Go$ list summaries Hraduates needing internships <lacement stats $y time and field of study The ABNO Student ,areer Service -cosystem @nites Academics and Administration Student information system for integrating departments and wor2flows )oodle.$ased e.&earning for online and $lended academic delivery Self.service 9e$ portals for students faculty administrators advisors and employers 8inance ?/ F payroll for fund and net asset accounting and employee self.service <erformance analytics for a "D#E view of multi.campus operations ,/) solutions for strategic enrollment management e.advising and alumni relation 8undraising solutions for advancement and foundation programs

Fa"!lty $ Staff ,areer Services offers a variety of ways to wor2 together with the faculty and staff to meet the career needs of our students via services programs resources and communications. /efer :our Students4 Career Co!nselin+ and Plannin+ ; and Individual ,areer ,ounseling )oc2 Interviews 8or questions Pro+rammin+ and E%ents ,areer 9or2shops and -vents 8or questions Re"r!itin+ and Employer Relations ,areer Networ2 On.,ampus Interviewing ,areer 8airs e.,redentials ,areer ,onnection 8or questions &se with Yo!r St!dents Career Information Center Career Ser%i"es P!.li"ations ,areer Huide ,areer <lanning News Online /esources Online ,or-shops ,areer /esource &i$rary Kault Online ,areer &i$raries Hoing Hlo$al ,areer Beam Internships <ost.Hraduation Activities Parents $ Families ,areer Services is committed to offering a comprehensive array of programs and services that support and facilitates career develop for all students. <rograms and resources are provided to assist enrolled students in crystalli!ing and specifying career goals e*panding 2nowledge of career alternative understanding effective decision.ma2ing and acquiring appropriate strategies and s2ills to carry out the process. 8urthermore we assist enrolled students in connecting with potential employers and graduate schools. Career Ser%i"es ,ill= 9or2 with :our Student to ?elp ?im or ?er )a2e Informed ;ecisions

; and Individual ,areer ,ounseling <rovide Services <rograms and /esources to Assist :our Student with ,areer -*ploration <lanning and Implementation o ,areer Networ2 o ,areer 8airs o ,areer 9or2shops o ,areer ,ourses for ,redit o Networ2ing Opportunities o ,areer Information ,enter o )oc2 Interview <rogram <rovide ;ata on the <ost.Hraduation Activities of Hraduates <ost.Hraduation Activities Average Starting Salaries <ercentage of graduates 3oining the wor2force and attending graduate school -mployers recruiting

AL&MNI SER(ICE MANA EMEN# SYS#EM SOF#,ARE ABNO Alumni management software helps colleges and universities collect and maintain accurate contact records for previous students. Admissions departments often find themselves $uried in returned mail as a result of inaccurate alumni data management and quic2ly find themselves wasting time on inefficient processes. Schools sometimes process up to thousands of addresses through their alumni finder and alumni management software systems in an effort to 2eep former students' contact information fresh and accurate. 9ith ABNO software schools can verify that student contact information is correct and up to date at every point in the student lifecycle. An all.inclusive solution for alumni to $uild professional networ2s and interest.driven communities fostering more engagement with your institution Alumni $y ABNO $rings alumni faculty and staff together with online engagement social networ2ing email mar2eting and event management tools for alumni relations departments advancement offices and alumni associations at institutions of higher education. B!ildin+ Conne"tions Networ2ing ;ata$ase Alumni &in2edIn Hroup Alumni ,areer Services 8ace$oo2 Goin the Alumni Association Go$ Search Tools Al!mni ;OB Sear"h ,e.inars Alumni ,areer Networ2 &ogin Networ2ing -vents On.,ampus Interviewing Career 'e%elopment Alumni -*pert Series Alumni ,areer Shape ,alendar of -vents 2elp ;<&A# Staters 9ays to ?elp <ost Go$s for Alumni <ost Go$s for Students Share Stories and Advice Related Core Feat!res ABNO Al!mni Ser%i"e Mana+ement System Software Al!mni 'ire"tory i%e Yo!r Al!ms an Ed+e Alumni service management system lets you have your entire Service )anagement of alums donors and faculty and staff all together under one system giving your institution an ama!ing

advantage. :our new alums are a$le to come in and start forming meaningful connections with seasoned alumniJae providing them with the edge they need to secure that 2ey internship or 3o$ opportunity upon graduation. C!stomi*e the Information And Se"!rity ABNO recogni!es that each institution and its constituents are unique and therefore require that particular attri$utes are visi$le to the user Service )anagement while other aspects must $e 2ept private. @sing ABNO+s customi!a$le forms editor you are a$le to create the perfect form to collect only the information that is relevant to your users. Also using the data accessi$ility matri* alums can restrict information to users of their choosing so they can rest assured their information is secure. C!stomi*ed Sear"hes Pl!s Professional Networ-in+ Tired of having a one si!e fits all search engineO 9ell with Alumni Service )anagement you can create and manage the search options so that only the fields you need are seen $y users. Is all your alumni information out on the we$ on sites li2e &in2edIn with no way to access itO 9ith Alumni Service )anagement not only do you give your users the a$ility to have their own e*clusive online networ2 $ut you also gain the a$ility to pull in their information from other sites. ift i%in+ All the #ools Yo! Need for Online 'onations Alumni Service )anagement comes equipped with a powerful online donation management suite. )anage all your donations from one intuitive interface. Trac2 donations $y user type date amount and many other criteria. The system also provides in.depth analysis of all donations and campaigns via the powerful reporting tools and email trac2ing options. 'a**le Potential 'onors Attract donors' attention to your site and donation screen with eye.catching designs produced $y Alumni Service )anagement 's html editor. ,reate as many pages as you need to e*plain e*actly how and why your donors can and should contri$ute to your institution. Intelli+ent Forms to 2elp Ease the 'onation Pro"ess One thing that deters donors is a complicated process. The easier it is to give the more often people will want to donate. @sing ABNO+s intelligent forms you can craft a form that reacts to donors' specific selections. This allows donors to see only the fields that are relevant to them which significantly simplifies the donation process. Email Mar-etin+ S!ite Email Mar-etin+ Simplified

:ou send emails out to your alums $ut how do you 2now if it is even ma2ing a differenceO 9ith Alumni Service )anagement +s advanced email mar2eting tools you can $e sure that your emails are getting read. :ou can see e*actly who has opened the email and the date and time it was opened. See e*actly what su$3ect lines get the most attention as well as which lin2s get clic2ed the most often. Sa%e C!stom Emails ?ave an email that you send out periodicallyO @sing Alumni Service+s email mar2eting tools allows you to save custom templates of messages directly into the system. So the ne*t time you need to send the email you can simply select it from the dropdown $o* and send it out in a matter of secondsL Save an unlimited amount of custom emails into your Alumni Service )anagement system. Easy to Read Analysis -ver wonder how effective your communications areO @sing an intuitive and easy to understand interface you are a$le to o$tain $oth a general overview of all of your mar2eting efforts as well as dive into the data and find out how each outreach was received $y an individual user. 9ith easy to read charts and graphs we ma2e it easy to see how your alums respond to different techniques. :ou may even find that one style wor2s great for new alums $ut a completely different one wor2s well for e*perienced alums. E%ent Mana+ement #a-e Yo!r E%ent Re+istration Online 9ith Alumni Service )anagement you are a$le to manage all your event planning and monitoring online. Trac2 who will $e coming to an event to 2now e*actly how many people you need to prepare for. See who came to events throughout the year and see which events were the most popular. @sing this system you will never need to guess a$out whether an event was successful you will 2now E%ent Re+istration Made Simple @sing ABNO+s intuitive event creation forms users are a$le to easily handle the creation and management of events. The event forms feature intelligent fields that can adapt to your responses to previous fields. @sers are also a$le to monitor e*actly who is coming to an event and they're allowed to provide feed$ac2 directly to the group administration. This ena$les the event creators to react immediately to the response they receive from attendees. ather Information a.o!t E%ents 9ant to 2now what events were the most popularO ,urious as to which events got the $iggest responseO 9onder no moreL 9ith Alumni Service )anagement you are a$le to run reports and e*port guest lists to e*cel with the clic2 of a $utton.

:ou can trac2 e*actly who came to what event as well as how many of each type of event you had in years past in order to help you plan events in the future.

C!stomi*a.le E%ent Creation ?aving an event and need to 2now who is interested in volunteeringO Add a field to the event registration that provides your alums with the a$ility to select any dates and times that they are free to help. @sing events to get information a$out your alumsO 9ith Alumni Service )anagement+s customi!a$le event registration form you can as2 them to update any information you would li2e and then save that for your use. Bi+ E%ents Made Simple All alumni professionals 2now that no matter what goes on throughout the year there is one constant. There is never enough time $efore ?omecomingL 9ith Alumni Service )anagement you can ma2e sure your alums 2now a$out all the events you are putting on and even ma2e reservations for themselves and their family and friends. ?aving a dinner where there are multiple choices for dinnerO -asily e*tract lists from Alumni Service )anagement to ma2e sure that all those that signed up for a ?omecoming dinner has the right entrIe at their ta$le. For!ms and S!r%eys et Instant Feed.a"9ant to 2now which initiative will get your donors involvedO Alumni Service )anagement provides institutions with a Service )anagement forum for them to share ideas and opinions with the entire alumniJae population. 9ant to 2now what events people are most e*cited a$out for ?omecomingO <ost your ideas on the forums and watch your alums provide you with the feed$ac2 you need S!r%eys #hat et Res!lts 9ant to 2now what your alums thought a$out an event you recently hadO 9ith Alumni Service )anagement+s surveying system you can get instant feed$ac2 straight from those individuals that were there while it is still fresh in their minds. 9ondering what your alums thin2 a$out your quarterly maga!ineO ,reate surveys for alums to vote on their favorite sections so that you can 2now which sections your alums read the most Chapter Mana+ement Easy Chapter Creation

Hive your alums an easy and intuitive tool to create their own alumni chapters and affinity groups. :our alums can easily create a group or local chapter for them to connect $y meeting up at local events that can range from a friendly $ar$eque to a night out at a theater. Email Comm!ni"ation and Pollin+ of Mem.ers Hive your alumni chapter leaders all the tools they need to 2eep their local chapters involved and connected. 9ith Alumni Service )anagement they can easily send out emails to each other and try to get together for monthly or even wee2ly events. 9anting to get your chapter together for a night outO @se Alumni Service )anagement polls to find out which movie and restaurant everyone wants to go to Reportin+ $ Analyti"s #a-e the ,hole Pie or ;!st a Sli"e 9e recogni!e that assessment and outcome trac2ing is essential for Alumni Offices in order to 3ustify the services they deliver and to identify where they need to focus their efforts in the future. To accomplish this we provide powerful data e*traction and usage trac2ing tools. And if you're in a rush we'll create a custom report for you in a snap. All of Yo!r 'ata at Yo!r Fin+ertips Our /eporting )odule allows you to create comprehensive ad hoc reports. 8rom the report writer screen you may select anyJall fields in the data$ase for e*traction. /efine your data set $y filtering against any field so you can display information $y degree $y position type $y createdJmodified date range and much more. Alumni Service )anagement archives all records 0graduation date citi!enship H<A's etc.1 so that you may pull reports on all your alums. Analy*e Yo!r Stats and Spot #rends Kiew statistics 03o$ placement employer group participation and more1 $y utili!ing our ,ount feature. By lin2ing ta$les you can even 3u*tapose counts to identify possi$le correlations. Are alums that have more connections getting more offersO 9hat was the num$er one employer of last year's classO 9ith Alumni Service )anagement you will 2now /eport $ac2 to other sta2eholders at the institution $y pulling overall summary statistics 0employees per company num$er of contacts per alum citi!enship of each class etc.1 from within our report summaries. Sophisti"ated 'ata Analysis and Inte+ration Hetting data into a system is one thing $ut getting it out is another. 9e offer an easy Te*port to -*celT capa$ility so that you may e*tract information into a wor2$oo2 with 3ust a clic2.

9ant to push events to your university calendar post announcements a$out events to your we$site or utili!e ,rystal /eportsO Our reporting A<I schedules data feeds to other campus systems using we$ services. Online C!stomi*ation #ools Yo!r System/ Yo!r ,ay/ Ri+ht Away -very office is unique and most administrators want to tailor their system's interface to align with their precise vision. 'nowing our customers' desire for interface control we provide ultimate customi!ation and configuration capa$ilities. Colle"t 'ata ;!st 2ow Yo! Li-e It -very office is different and wants their online forms set up according to their preferences. Our 8orm Builder gives you the ultimate fle*i$ility to add remove or edit any field 0dropdown te*t etc.1 on.demand. :ou can choose the field's location modify instructions and set dependencies only showing certain fields to particular alumniJae. After adding a new field it is automatically reporta$le. Is your institution offering a new degreeO No pro$lemL Our <ic2list )anager allows you to update dropdown menus and chec2$o* choices in real.time. Comm!ni"ate ,ith a Personal #o!"h Alumni Service )anagement+s custom wor2flow comes complete with customi!a$le emails and announcements. After important actions are ta2en in the system alumniJae will receive a personali!ed note from your office that includes all the necessary information. 9e support ?T)& content and unlimited attachments. Are alumniJae as2ing similar questionsO Our ?elp )odule lets you post the most common questions and answers. Al!mni Mana+ement System An Alumni management system promotes interaction among alumni and provides newcomers to that university J institute with valua$le social and professional contacts. )em$ership also provides a way for alumni to help each other as well as prospective students current students and young alumni who see2 guidance in pursuing their education and in starting their careers. All association mem$ers can derive satisfaction from developing and implementing programs that promote the interests of alumni. Ma1or O.1e"ti%es= <rovide Social and professional Interaction among the Alumni and Aspiring <rofessionals. Sustaining &oyalty and -nthusiasm among Alumni Opportunities for <rofessional ;evelopment Feat!re List Alumni ;etails

Alumni+s News and -vents Search on Karious <arameters )IS /eports Benefits ,ommunicate with old friends seniors 3uniors and $atch mates @niversity J institute Alumni office can update information a$out alumni+s wherea$outs ,ommunity Service Social -vents Intellectual Stimulation

Alumni management software module includes many features li2e online alumni registration online chatting and discussion forum and notice $oard. Our system software is the only online alumni system designed to attract attention and 2eep alumni coming $ac2 to the system again and again.