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November 8, 2013 | 5 Kislev, 5774 | Volume 1, Issue 3

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Parshat Vayeitzei Emek Parent Q&A Emek Reaches 600 Students

Parshat Vayeitzei
Getting Personal
By Rabbi Mordechai Shifman, Head of School ...and whatever You will give me, I shall repeatedly tithe to You (28:22) Prior to leaving Eretz Yisroel, Yaakov Avinu vows to separate tithes from his possessions as a sign of gratitude for Hashems protection. The Torah is not a history book. Any detail that is recorded has to be teaching us something new. The concept of tithing had already been instituted by Yitzchak Avinu in last weeks parsha. What new facet of this concept is being taught by Yaakov that requires the Torah to record his actions? The institution of personal income tax in most societies is relatively new. In the United States income tax was introduced as a permanent xture in 1913. However, land tax has been in effect since the formation of nations. A state demanding tax on land is not difcult to understand, for although a person may own the land, it ultimately falls under the sovereignty of the state. Therefore, the state has the right to impose a tax. It is a much greater challenge for a person to accept the idea of taxes on his work product, for this is a result of his own talents and abilities. A person does not generally view his talents and abilities as subservient to the state. Yitzchak tithed from the land. Such a tithing can be explained simply by the fact that Eretz Yisroel is Hashems domain, and we must pay a tax for the use of the Land. However, Yaakov is instituting the notion of tithing personal income. This is a far greater reection of subservience to Hashem than tithing from the land. It creates the awareness that even our abilities and our talents are not totally our own, but are given to us so that we might serve Hashem in a greater capacity.

UP AND COMING EVENTS: The Staff will join the Emek Board at the home of Sol and Ruth Teichman to discuss the history and future of Emek.

Did You know?

Did you know that

1600 people

attended our annual Emek Sukkot Family Fun Day?

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Emek Hebrew Academy Teichman Family Torah Center, located in Sherman Oaks and Valley Village, is an ECC, K-8th grade school dedicated to providing an academically challenging and strong Orthodox education for Jewish children. Emek provides comprehensive, well balanced curriculums in both Torah and general studies in a warm and nurturing environment.

Sara and her husband Dr. Shahram Jacobs

Emek Parent Q&A with Sara Jacobs

Q: Sara, what are you enjoying lately about being at Emek? A: I really love the Wednesday morning Parshat HaShavua class with Rabbi Shifman. Logistically, its very convenient because Im already at school to drop off the kids. Its also an informal setting thats relaxed and non-intimidating. There are maybe 15 or 20 moms and dads sitting around the table with Rabbi Shifman and its only about 45 minutes long. Im even able to bring my 3 year old with me, who sits on my lap. And Rabbi Shifman himself, is just so easy and approachable. To tell you the truth, I wasnt expecting to like this class as much as I do. Often Parsha classes are heavily focused on rules and what Hashem wants from you, which while certainly important, sometimes that message can get lost in the busyness of the week. The take-home message here is always something practical that you can use during your week.

Emek Reaches 600 Students!

This year, Bezrat Hashem, our 600th enrolled student is attending our school. This milestone could not have been accomplished without the efforts and support of our lay leadership and our strong parent base. Yeyasher Kochachem to all of you. Kol Hakavod, Rabbi Mordechai Shifman, Head of School and Mr. Daniel Aharonoff, Board President