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Ready Reckoner: Oil and Gas in India

Business Report November 2013

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Table of Content (Draft)

1. Overview
Selected Indicators of the Indian Economy Global Energy Consumption

Ready Reckoner: Oil and Gas in India

High Sulphur (HS) & Low Sulphur (LS) Crude Oil Prcessing Imported Crude & Indegenous Crude Oricessing Production of Petroleum Products Production of Petroleum Products All Sources Production Vs Consumption of Petroleum Products Fuel & Loss Gross Rening Margind (GRM) of Reneries GRM of North East Renieries Excluding Excise Duty Benet Distillate Yeild of PSU Refnieries Specic Energy Consumption (MBN Number) of PSU Renieries Import/Export of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Country wise Crude Imports Exchange Rate of Rupee

2. Exploration & Crude Production

Oil: Proved Reserves Oil: Production & Consumption Oil: Renery Capacities Indegenoous Crude Oil Production Slef Suciency in Petroleum Products NELP Bocks awarded in India upto IX Round Hydrocarbon Reserves in India Domestic Oil & Gas Production vis a vis Oversears Production Cola bed Methane (CBM) Development in India Status of Shale Gas Development in India Status of Underground Coal Gasication (UCG) Development in India

5. Major Pipelines in India

Ma of Gas Pipelines in India Gas Pipeline Utilisation Gas Pipeline Excecution / Construction, Proposed Pipelines Map of Oil Pipeline Network in India Major Crude Oil Pipeline in India Major Petroleum Product Pipelines in India

3. Naturl Gas
World Natural Gas Reserves and Consumption Natural Gas at a Glance Natural Gas Production & Supply CNG/PNG Data CNG Activities in India CNG Sales CNG Vehicles

6. Sales
Consumptionof Petroleum Products Petroleum Products Demand & Gross Domestic Product (GDP) during Plan Periods Diesel Consumption by Sectors (%)

4. Rening & Production

Map of Refnieries in India Reneries Installed Capacity and Crude Oil Processing

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Table of Content (Draft)

State wise Sales of Selected Petroleum Products PDS SKO Allocation / LPG Coverage & Per Capita PDS SKO Availability by State Oil Industry Retail Oulets & SKO/LDO Dealers

Ready Reckoner: Oil and Gas in India

Important Terms in Pricing of Petroleum Products Dealers / Distributors Commission on Petroleum Products Revisions in Retail Selling Price (RSP) of Products at Delhi Retail Selling Price in Neighbouring Countries Retail Selling Price & % of Taxes over Retail Selling Price Retail Selling Price & % of Taxes over retail Selling Price in Developed Countries vis-a-vis India Retail Selling Price of Petroleum Products at States / UT Capitals Retail Selling Price of PDS SKO at States / UT Capitals Customs and Excise Duty Rates Eective Rates of Sales Tax/VAT Levied by Various States/UTs Actual Rates of Sales tax /VAT and Other Taxes Levied by State Government Contribution of Petroleum Sector to Ex-Chequer Contribution of Taxes and Duties on Petroleum Products to Ex-Chequer State wise Collection of Sales Tax / VAT on POL Products Prot After Tax (PAT) of Oil Companies Financial Details of Oil Companies Under Recoveries and Burden Sharing Fiscal Subsidy Provided Under PDS Kerosene and Domestic LPG Subsidy Scheme Estimated Under Recovery for 2012-13 Impact on Under-Recovery due to increase in Crude Price by $1 per barrel & Depreciation of Rupee by Rs 1 per $

7. LPG
LPG Marketing at a Glance LPG Distributors of the PSUs Domestic LPG Customer Population of the PSUs

8. Projections for XII & XIII Plan

Projected Crude Oil Production for the 12th Five Year Plan Projected Rening Capacity in the 12th & 13th Five Year Plan Demand Projections of Petroleum Products for 12th & 13th Five Year Plan Projected Availability & Demand of Natural gas by Sector LNG Supply Scenario

9. Prices and Taxes

Price of Crude Oil & Petroleum Products in International Markets Working of Break even Crude/Product FOB Prices for Current RSPs of Sensitive Petroleum Products Price Build-up of Diesel at Delhi Element wise Explanation of Price Buildup of Diesel Price Build-up of PDS Kerosene at Delhi Element wise Explanation of Price Buildup of Kerosene Price Build-up of PDS LPG at Delhi Element wise Explanation of Price Buildup of LPG Summarised Price Build-up of Sensitive Petroleum Products (RSP at Delhi) Share of Taxes in Retail Selling Price of Petroleum Products Weightage of Petroleum Products in Wholesale Price Index Impact of Increase in Retail Selling Price of Major Petroleum Products on Ination

10. Miscellaneous
Average International Caloric Value of Dierent Fuels Conversion Factors Volume Conversion Natural Gas Conversion Major End-use of Petroleum Products

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