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16 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

Posted on July 20, 2013 by Soren Dreier Author: Michael Snyder

Are you a conspiracy theorist !" not, perhaps you should be# $es, there have certainly been a lot o" %conspiracy theories& over the years that have turned out not to be accurate# 'o(ever, the truth is that a lar)e nu*ber o" very pro*inent conspiracy theories have turned out to actually be true# So the ne+t ti*e that you run into so*e %tin "oil hat (earin) lunatics&, you *i)ht (ant to actually listen to (hat they have to say# ,hey *ay actually -no( so*e thin)s that you do not# !n "act, one recent study "ound that %conspiracy theorists& are actually *ore sane than the )eneral population# So the ne+t ti*e you are te*pted to dis*iss so*eone as a %conspiracy theorist&, .ust re*e*ber that the one that is cra/y *i)ht actually be you# ,he "ollo(in) are 10 popular conspiracy theories that turned out to be true1 1# %,hey Put 2ancer 3iruses !nto 4ur 3accines& 5hen ! "irst heard about this ! did not believe it# And o" course not all vaccines contain cancer viruses# 6ut tens o" *illions o" A*ericans did receive vaccines (ith cancer viruses in the*, and no( (e have learned that even the 2D2 has ad*itted that this is true1 ,he 2D2 has 7uic-ly re*oved a pa)e "ro* their (ebsite, (hich is no( cached here, ad*ittin) that *ore than 89 *illion A*ericans received one or *ore doses o" polio vaccine (ithin an 9: year span (hen a proportion o" the vaccine (as conta*inated (ith a cancer causin)

polyo*avirus called S3;0# !t has been esti*ated that 10:30 *illion A*ericans could have received an S3;0 conta*inated dose o" the vaccine# S3;0 is an abbreviation "or Si*ian vacuolatin) virus ;0 or Si*ian virus ;0, a polyo*avirus that is "ound in both *on-eys and hu*ans# <i-e other polyo*aviruses, S3;0 is a D=A virus that has been "ound to cause tu*ors and cancer# 2# %A,M Machines 5ill So*eday >se ?acial @eco)nition ,echnolo)y& Accordin) to the Daily Mail, a ne( )eneration o" A,M *achines is bein) developed that (ill use cuttin) ed)e "acial reco)nition technolo)y1 2u*berso*e and slo( cash *achines (ith clun-y buttons and tiny hard:to:see screens could soon be a thin) o" the past than-s to a ran)e o" ne+t:)eneration A,Ms# 4hio:based security "ir* Diebold has created a touchscreen cash *achine that (or-s li-e a tablet co*puter, uses "acial reco)nition and A@ codes to identi"y and authenticate users, and has built: in sa"ety ca*eras# 3# %,he >#S# Bovern*ent And Monsanto Are ,ea*in) >p A)ainst 4pponents 4" Benetically: Modi"ied ?ood& ,he establish*ent does not li-e those that are tryin) to stand in the (ay o" )enetically:*odi"ied "ood# ,he "ollo(in) is "ro* a recent Activist Post article1 A shoc-in) ne( investi)ative report "ro* the lar)est daily ne(spaper in Ber*any alle)es that Monsanto, the >S Military and the >S )overn*ent have colluded to trac- and disrupt both anti: BM4 activists and independent scientists (ho study the adverse e""ects o" )enetically *odi"ied "ood# As revealed yesterday by Sustainable Pulse, on July 13th the Ber*an ne(spaper SCddeutsche Deitun) detailed in"or*ation on ho( the >S Bovern*ent %advances the interests o" their corporations,& "ocusin) on Monsanto as a pri*e e+a*ple# ,he report titled, %,he Sinister Monsanto Broup: EA)ent 4ran)eF to Benetically Modi"ied 2orn,& described a Ene( "an)led cyber (arF bein) (a)ed a)ainst both eco:activists and independent scientists by supporters and "or*er e*ployees o" Monsanto, (ho are described as %operationally po(er"ul assistants& and (ho have ta-en up so*eti*es hi)h:ran-in) posts in the >S ad*inistration, re)ulatory authorities, and so*e o" (ho* have connections deep (ithin the *ilitary industrial establish*ent, includin) the 2!A# ;# %So*eday Scientists 5ill 6e >sin) Millions 4" Benetically:Modi"ied Ani*als !n Scienti"ic G+peri*ents& Did you -no( that literally *illions o" )enetically:*odi"ied ani*als are bein) e+peri*ented on in labs all over the )lobe 1

,he nu*ber o" )enetically *odi"ied HBMI ani*als used in scienti"ic research in 6ritain has e+ceeded the nu*ber o" ordinary laboratory ani*als "or the "irst ti*e, accordin) to o""icial statistics that sho( a 8 per cent overall increase in the use o" e+peri*ental ani*als last year# So*e ;,033,310 ani*als (ere used in scienti"ic e+peri*ents started in 2012, an increase o" 322,098, or 8 per cent over the previous year# ,here (ere 1#81 *illion scienti"ic %procedures& used (ith BM ani*als in 2012 co*pared to 1#09#* procedures on nor*al ani*als# J# %Scientists All 4ver ,he 5orld Are 2reatin) G+tre*ely 6i/arre 'u*an:Ani*al 'ybrids& Should scientists be creatin) bein)s that are part hu*an and part ani*al 5ell, it is happenin) all over the planet# Just chec- out so*e o" the thin)s that a recent Slate article says is happenin) in labs around the (orld1 =ot lon) a)o, 2hinese scientists e*bedded )enes "or hu*an *il- proteins into a *ouseFs )eno*e and have since created herds o" hu*ani/ed:*il-:producin) )oats# Mean(hile, researchers at the >niversity o" Michi)an have a *ethod "or puttin) a hu*an anal sphincter into a *ouse as a *eans o" "indin) better treat*ents "or "ecal incontinence, and doctors are buildin) ani*als (ith hu*ani/ed i**une syste*s to serve as sub.ects "or ne( '!3 vaccines# Pretty dis)ustin) eh And here are so*e other (ays that scientists are co*binin) hu*ans and ani*als1 @ead More: 'ere

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