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2 APRIL-MAY 2013

But a wholesale transformation of the MRO system

Making a system fit for next generation aircraft


Getting the right ones where and when theyre needed


And fitting it into an established system

White Paper: Ramco Systems Case Study: Qantas, Ethiopian Airlines, Lufthansa Technik Vendor Job Card: Volartec Column: How I see IT, why plug intelligent aircraft into dumb IT? plus News, Webinars, MRO Software Directorys


Editors comment

Nothing stands still and especially not aircraft, their condition and the regulations that govern their operations. Now, professionals can learn about the latest developments by checking regularly on and here in the Aircraft IT MRO e-journal.

Aircraft IT MRO: Life can get complicated but nothing that a good team, process and system cant handle
Theres little point in me telling you that its Spring here in Europe because for many of our readers that information wont relate to what they can see through their window. In the Southern hemisphere its Autumn, in some areas its raining while other places enjoy (are subject to?) all day sunshine. The point is that there is a lot of variation across the world which doesnt affect most people and businesses because they stay in one place but airlines, aircraft operators and aircraft have to be ready for everything and thats not only true of the climate. The commercial and regulatory worlds in which they operate also require them to not only cope with different climates but also to make sure that every aircraft conforms to the regulatory environment wherever it lands. Add to that the routine timed checks, scheduled maintenance, directives, updates and plain old fashioned parts failures and the task of keeping aircraft flying begins to look quite the complex challenge that it is. Where would we be without IT? In this issue, youll find high quality writing on different aspects of IT. How about not just changing your IT but lifting it right up to date and pointing it to the future; that was an implementation challenge! Or making sure that, when you add next generation aircraft to the fleet you install next generation systems to support them. Then we have an article on how to get a grip (almost literally) on the tens of thousands of parts in the spares inventory as well as how one team went about the process of designing a whole new module for an established MRO software suite. Youll learn what makes a key software vendor tick. Plus, of course, How Michael Denis sees IT. And, as always, lots more news and information from your sector. Knowledge, they say, is hard to come by but at Aircraft IT MRO we reject that notion in favour of our preferred nostrum that knowledge should be put before the people who can make best use of it. Read this issue and youll see what we mean. As well as all that, the Aircraft IT live demonstration webinars allow readers to research the software package most appropriate for their needs and access past webinars while, of course, future webinars are open for every reader who registers. Aircraft IT MRO: putting knowledge in the hands of people who can use it best. Ed Haskey CLICK HERE: Send your feedback and suggestions to AircraftIT MRO
AircraftIT MRO is published bi-monthly and is an affiliate of Aircraft Commerce and part of the AviationNextGen Ltd group. The entire contents within this publication Copyright 2013 AviationNextGen Ltd an independent publication and not affiliated with any of the IT vendors or suppliers. Content may not be reproduced without the strict written agreement of the publisher. The views and opinions expressed in this publication are the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of their companies or of the publisher. The publisher does not guarantee the source, originality, accuracy, completeness or reliability of any statement, information, data, finding, interpretation, advice, opinion, or view presented.


Michael Killeen, Project Marlin Project Manager, Qantas Engineering With Project Marlin, Qantas Engineering embarked on a transformational journey; simplifying process and IT but also providing real-time maintenance certification. Saravanan Rajarajan, Consultant Aviation Practice, Ramco Systems Managing the spares inventory can get complex and always is expensive but applying intelligent methods to the task can help to avoid chaos and contain costs. Why pay billions for smart aircraft only to plug them into dumb IT? Would you have your $100,000 Porsche serviced at the corner cycle store? So why plug your $120m B787 into an IT system that cant handle half of the data that the airliner generates? As usual, Michael Denis asks the hard questions. Mesfin Tasew, Chief Operating Officer, Ethiopian Airlines When Ethiopian Airlines determined to introduce new MRO software it was in the context of a whole long term strategy of fleet renewal and process improvement. View Video Recordings of our Past Live MRO Software Demonstration Webinars. See full information and view video recordings of recent Live MRO Software Demos, including: 2MoRO, AeroSoft, ADS and Swiss-AS.






Dr. Falk Kalus, director, and Timo Herster, project manager, manage/m What were the challenges of designing a new manage/m WebSuite using methods of agile project management and the Scrum Framework and how did it work What keeps Volartec moving forward? John Barry shares some secrets of their success with Aircraft IT In this issues Q&A piece, John Barry, VP Business Development at Volartec, completes his Vendor Job Card for Aircraft IT. A preview of live MRO software demonstration webinar with IDMR Solutions presenting InForm document management solution on 18th April 2013.


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A detailed look at the worlds leading MRO IT systems.


New software solutions providers join AircraftIT vendor groups

Boeing offers the industrys broadest range of aviation services to provide customers the ultimate competitive advantage. They call it the Boeing Edge. In the information services field, Boeing is keenly focused on addressing customers continuous need for integration and optimization of information. Using data, software, analytics and IT infrastructure, the firm connects airplanes, operators and data, striving to enable smart and informed decision-making to take operational efficiency of aircraft fleets and operations to the next level. AIS offers the RAAS system, a best-of-breed M&E solution for mid-size operators. The solution is 100% browser-based and tablet friendly, compatible with all major browsers including Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. RAAS includes industry-leading functionality such as task-step level signature, parallel inspection program management per type, digital part certification handling, iPAD/Android tablet-based EFB, electronic maintenance status board, centralized document library, wireless barcode scanning, and much more. RAAS offers flexible pricing and system hosting options making it suitable for a wide range of customer types and sizes. AircraftIT MRO editor and publisher, Ed Haskey, welcomed the new vendors to the panel. MRO imposes massive demands on all those who work in the sector and on the IT systems that serve them, he commented, they deal with a multiplicity of drivers (internal and external) and need good, current information; so Aircraft IT MRO enormously values our panel of vendors. These two additions will further strengthen that panel adding significantly to the skills and knowledge resources available to readers.
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New Apps and compatibility for AIS

Offline Apple and Android apps for Electronic Flight Bag / Maintenance
In late January, AIS announced the release of new standalone apps for Apple, Android and Microsoft RT tablets and smartphones, specifically designed to enable Electronic Flight Bag for Maintenance (EFBM) facilities in the aircraft cockpit. The EFBM apps operate as remote offline utilities that will synchronize data with the RAAS host whenever data connectivity is available. Field testing of the apps is underway and commercial release is scheduled for the second quarter of 2013 At the same time it was announced that, while RAAS M&E system has always been a 100% browser-based solution, it is now fully compatibility with all major browsers including Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox, and of course retains full support for Microsoft Internet Explorer. The move to full cross-browser compatibility is a natural response to the increasing adoption of Apple and Android devices within the aviation maintenance enterprise, and will in turn enable widespread tablet compatibility in future RAAS releases.

Apple Safari, Google Chrome and FirefoX browser support announced

Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference EMEA

12th and 13th June 2013, Park Inn Hotel, London Heathrow, UK The Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference is the only event to wholly address the key issues relating to the development of IT and its application in maintenance and aircraft flight operations. The event provides three outstanding opportunities: Software demonstrations; Agenda of presentations and Network with your peers. Click here for full details.

What Downtime?

Supporting PDF, Automated Job Cards S1000D and Revision Management

Enigma InService MRO
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ADSOFTWARE wins award and new business

In mid-January 2013, ADSOFTWARE received commendations from the CIC International Club jury for best export practices and has been awarded second prize in the CIC export challenge 2012, which took place in Lyon on the 4th and 5th of December. The French business challenge Exportez Vous, organized annually for three years by the CIC International Club and Class Export, is enjoying great success. This year, the contest was devoted to encouraging best export practices, and received 114 online applications from French exporters. 63 of the most dynamic applicants were selected to participate and present their export projects before a jury on the 4th and 5th of December. 54 companies (74% confirmed exporters 26% primary exporters) presented their projects before a panel of specialists including Euler Hermes and COFACE. Each company had four minutes to describe and promote its application. 13 were awarded. Germany, the United States, China, ASEAN and Russia were the export destinations that attracted the biggest interest. This formula requires spotless organization, said Pascal BOUVET, head of the CIC International Club. Asking the candidates to present their cases in the best light has turned the contest into a really dynamic event. It was a success and a really satisfying experience for the organisers. The finalists will benefit from advice and assistance in pursuing their international projects. French software developer and publisher ADSOFTWARE is dedicated to working with the aviation industry, and is already a confirmed exporter handling more than 350 aircraft worldwide with more than 45 clients over 18 countries. Named an Innovative Company by the French government, ADSOFTWARE has created a great business model by investing in client support worldwide, and has opened offices in South Africa, Brazil and Thailand. In the midst of the economic crisis, ADSOFTWAREs turnover and client portfolio has doubled and is expected to gain 20% annually over the next five years. In terms of market share, the companys growth has been exponential. The CIC International Club values the strong international foundation and export practices that ADSOFTWARE has in place and will support the companys efforts via its professional export services. Fred Ulrich, CEO of ADSOFTWARE, states that, going forward; We have set very ambitious but realistic targets for the future. We anticipate trading more through our partnerships with aviation experts in local markets. We expect to strengthen our international presence and accelerate our growth in many different countries including extending our presence through the Middle East and North Africa.

ADSOFTWARE wins second priZe in the CIC eXport challenge 2012

Later in January 2013, it was announced that Air Cote dIvoire, the national carrier of Ivory Coast, had signed with ADSoftware to implement AIRPACK Fleet Management System and Logistics Solutions. AIRPACK comprises AirTime (fleet management CAMO), AirStock (inventory control logistics), AirDoc (documentation management) and AirUser (security management). In February 2013 ADSoftware welcomed Air Cote dIvoire as the latest customer to join the AIRPACK community. The young airline becomes the 13th African based operator to implement the system. ADSoftware is now the leader in the African market with clients in Algeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mali, Botswana, Mauritania and Sudan. Considered by the French government as an Innovative Company, ADSOFTWARE has created a great business model by investing in client-support and relying on a network of recognized ground-breaking experts with vast experience on similar aviation projects around the world. Our technical support is a key advantage. affirms Fred Ulrich, CEO of ADSoftware. With any major software implementation; you are impacting on the operation of the airline and everyones responsibilities. And if its not done correctly, you can create costly disruptions for your business. Project management, process and procedure implementation, system parameter configurations, successful file conversions and thorough testing are factors we entirely control and that make our clients projects a success. Air Cote dIvoire will utilise four of the six AIRPACK modules with the main focus being on the management of the fleet and the logistics side of their activities in accordance with the RCI (Ivory Coast Aviation Authoritys) regulations and EASA airworthiness standards. The airlines staff currently stands at 150 people including 25 pilots and 37 hostesses and stewards. To begin with, ten technicians are going to be trained by a team of highly skilled professionals who have experience in the IT environment and in a wide range of dedicated and proficiency solutions in CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) and aircraft asset management. The on-site phase of the implementation project will begin after the team has completed the pre-implementation work. The testing phase will come last and requires the involvement of the users to compare test results to expected outcomes.
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IVory Coasts National Carrier Signs with ADSoftware








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Air Spray Goes Live With WinAir Version 6

In mid-March 2013 - AV-BASE Systems, Inc. announced that Air Spray Aviation Services had gone live with version 6 of its flagship WinAir aircraft maintenance and inventory control software. Air Spray is using WinAir 6 at its two bases in Red Deer, Canada and Chico, California to manage maintenance of its fire-fighting fleets. They operate mixed fleets consisting of Lockheed Electra L-188 heavy air tankers, Turbo Commander 690s, and other aircraft. At their Chico base they are also currently converting a BAe-146 for a firefighting role. Wildfire suppression often involves difficult terrain and remote bases. Thats why their engineers like the flexibility offered by the Web-based WinAir maintenance package. WinAir 6 is extremely functional and usable remotely; says Kirk Carlton, Air Sprays Director of Maintenance. Using a tablet computer and an Internet connection, Kirk can access fleet maintenance information anywhere, and can direct operations in the field. Darcy Garrett, Air Sprays Director of Planning and Logistics, boasts that he has posted a maintenance check for an aircraft from my dentists office! Darcy is particularly happy with the maintenance planning functions of WinAir 6. The click and post planning concept and the detailed display of component information make it easy to see what is coming due essential when planning maintenance for an entire fleet of diverse aircraft. He also likes the built-in system of alerts and warnings, in which a user can add notes to tasks or components and make them visible to other users. Air Spray now uses the alert system for internal messaging within the company. Both Kirk and Darcy like the comprehensive data validation that WinAir 6 enforces throughout the maintenance process. Validation ensures compliance, says Kirk. It ensures that you do the job correctly, and that your business practices are up to standard. Its short-term pain for long-term gain. WinAir 6 has saved us 15-20% in resources because we spend less time fixing mistakes. And the training we received enabled our employees to get up to speed really quickly. The train-the-trainer approach means that our on-site personnel are already able to answer most of the hard questions for their colleagues. Bert Vergeer, Director of Sales for AV-BASE, says how excited he is to see Air Spray advancing to WinAir6. Its quite evident that Kirk, Darcy and the rest of their team are very forward-thinking with respect to maximizing efficiency, and we at AV-BASE are committed to supporting their efforts into the future.


Next-generation browser-based M&E solutions for the evolving maintenance organization. For more information visit

eMan User Group Formed

AViIT Ltd announced in mid-January 2013 the formation of the eMan User Group, which formally came into existence at the inaugural meeting held at the Virgin Atlantic Airways team training centre in Gatwick on Thursday 17th January. The User Group brings together client airlines, MROs, consultants and AviIT staff in a cooperative environment intended to provide mutual support in maximising the benefits of the eMan document management and distribution solution. It also provides a forum for consideration of the eMan technology roadmap.

David Brown, AviIT CEO is delighted with the formation of the group. It is fantastic that the eMan user community has grown to the scale that it can support such an initiative. It will provide a superb way in which users and professional service consultants who are involved in the various aspects of aircraft maintenance and repair can share thoughts and ideas on best practise in the use of a very powerful system for the effective management and distribution of documents and technical publications. The User Group also provides a helpful forum for collective discussion of eMan roadmap options, so will, of course, assist us to ensure that eMan develops to continue to meet the ever evolving needs of our existing and potential clients.

2MoROs Aero One will support CMR-USAs maintenance activity in the US

In late January 2013, 2MoRO was pleased to announce that CMR had chosen Aero One as maintenance management software for its US-based activity in Miami, Florida. CMR-USA used to work with a minimal and heterogeneous legacy system which needed improvement. SAP Business One, combined with Aero One, represents a very straightforward upgrade and a thorough solution capable of handling all of CMR-USAs business needs while still offering enough much needed flexibility.


Collaboration, development and new customers at Commsoft

Commsoft has successfully developed a bespoke interface for its client BA CityFlyer that connects NVables Appixo Electronic Technical Log (ETL), recently fitted on every aircraft in the BA CityFlyer fleet (see article in this issue of Aircraft IT Operations), with Commsofts OASES, the MRO IT system used by the airline. The interface between Appixo ETL and OASES, announced in early January 2013, went into live operation across BA CityFlyers airline network in mid-November 2012. By facilitating the transmission of real time data from the ETL installed on the flight deck, via GPRS packets to a ground server and onward to OASES, the interface enables faster resolution of defects allowing for proactive maintenance rather than reactive maintenance after the event. The transmission of operational as well as engineering data also provides additional benefits such as potential fuel savings from better fuel management. Mark Leather, Continuing Airworthiness Manager, BA CityFlyer stated: The auto feed of our Electronic Technical Log data into OASES gives us real-time data, enabling us to monitor the reliability of our aircraft in a more proactive manner and gives greater visibility

BA CityFlyer commences liVe operation with OASES ETL interface

to all areas of our business. This, supplemented with a reduction in data-input workload, further increases our efficiency. The forward looking and innovative approach taken by Commsoft and NVable coupled with their good understanding of our business enabled us to achieve these goals in a relatively short timescale. Working in co-operation with NVable, Commsoft developed the interface in two stages the first stage focusing on the transfer of flight, sector and fluid uplift data and the second stage dealing with engineering defect and component change data. Nick Godwin, Commsofts Managing Director, commented: The potential to integrate data from a wide range of sources is one of the key benefits of OASES. The Commsoft Team were delighted to have the opportunity to work with NVable, demonstrating that potential for BA CityFlyer. Feedback from our users is vital in shaping the direction of our on-going development work on OASES. Cameron Hood, CEO of NVable, added: One of the great advantages of the Appixo ETL is derived from automating the feed of data into the MRO System which is where that data needs to be. We have enjoyed working with Commsoft on delivering an integrated solution for BA CityFlyer and very much look forward to working together in the future.

Windrose Airlines, a charter airline based in Kyiv, Ukraine, signed a five year, 20 concurrent user deal with Commsoft in late March 2013, selecting modules focusing on Airworthiness, Planning, Core, Line Maintenance and Material Management from Commsofts OASES programme. The Airline looks to commence operations with OASES immediately and has already launched detailed implementation planning, following the recent acquisition of aircraft in the Ukraine. Nick Godwin, Managing Director of Commsoft commented: I am thrilled that Windrose Airlines has selected to work with Commsoft. We are looking

Ukraine based Windrose Airlines selects Commsofts OASES software

forward to offering an integrated solution to them and demonstrating the central benefits of the OASES programme. This new deal demonstrates significant progress for our aim to expand our customer base throughout mainland and Eastern Europe. Arthur Lesnikovsky, Head of Windrose Airlines continuing airworthiness department added: We are extremely impressed with Commsofts OASES and feel the software fits our specific requirements. Commsoft are able to provide us with a system that is not only highly sophisticated but also easy to use, which will be of benefit to us as we see an increase in demand for our services. OASES compliments Windrose Airlines business needs perfectly.
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growing success...
The exible, professional MRO system

Commsofts OASES MRO system oers comprehensive professional functionality together with a exible, aordable approach that understands your business scaleable growth needs in todays turbulent market. Each OASES module can be oered individually or can be integrated at the engineering centre of your business systems. Over 50 current aviation users, including airlines and MROs, spares suppliers, CAMO, corporate and bureau operators have grown their success with us. +44(0)1621 817425


EmpowerMX FleetCycle gets into the Cloud and a long-term relationship

EmpowerMX announced the rollout of its FleetCycle Cloud in early February 2013 and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its cloud-computing partner. This revolutionary step forward in the firms IT-infrastructure offerings will liberate current and future customers from committing resources to those IT-related activities that do not contribute directly to their bottom lines. FleetCycle SaaS customers electing to employ this flexible, secure and cost-effective IT-infrastructure option will see dramatic increases in application up times, spectacular improvements in aircraft turn times, and significant reductions in production costs. By using this option, EmpowerMX can get any size customer into the cloud within 24 hours, while saving that customer hundreds of thousands of dollars in installation costs. And, because cloud-computing is so affordable, low-cost carriers and third-party MROs can now achieve the production and efficiency gains available via the FleetCycle brand. EmpowerMX President and CEO Dinakara Nagalla remarked; We are revolutionizing the cost of owning quality software in this cash-strapped industry. Cloud computing is a natural outcome of the IT industrys ever evolving advances and can provide our customers with a distinct advantage over
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A step forward for IFRSKEYES in Latin America

EmpowerMX FleetCycle in AmaZon Cloud: a first eVer, true cloud computing option for aViation MRO industry

the competition. By disconnecting from a reliance on the traditional enterprise IT solution and connecting to the highly reliable AWS cloud, they will realize the immediate savings and efficiencies available only from the shared computing and storage resources provided by the global leader in offpremises, decentralized cloud computing services. But, and more importantly, those connecting to the AWS cloud will be able to focus more fully on their core competencies and on the needs of the worlds most-demanding customers businesses that must keep their aircraft in the air to generate revenue. As an essential element of this new IT infrastructure initiative, EmpowerMX is currently in the process of completing a migration of its hosted SaaS customers from their commercial data center in Edina, Minnesota to the AWS cloud.

At the end of March 2013, EmpowerMX announced it has signed a long-term subscription agreement with Delta TechOps, the largest airline MRO in North America and the third largest in the world. Under the terms of this agreement, Delta TechOps will employ EmpowerMXs cloud-based FleetCycle MRO Manager product as its primary maintenance execution tool in all of its airframe MRO facilities.

Delta TechOps Selects EmpowerMX FleetCycle Cloud for MRO ERP Solution

Right at the end of December, 2012, TAMEs General Manager, Rafael Farias Ponton signed a contract with IFRSKEYES to implement both AMASIS (Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering IT solution) and KEOPS (Ops & Crew management IT solution) into TAMEs information system landscape. Being exigent with itself and in a continued effort to ensure its customers the highest standards of quality, TAME has chosen AMASIS and KEOPS to improve its daily operations at all levels. The implementation of both products started at the beginning of January 2013 by an audit to take into consideration the existing processes and TAMEs improvement objectives. The integration process is performed by the IFRSKEYES experts and the completion is planned for the end of the first semester 2013.

Looking to make your Aircra Returns really smooth and hassle free? Looking to manage your documents properly? Looking to enjoy incredibly advanced so ware to manage it all? You need FLYdocs. The most advanced aviation document intelligence system in the world. Accept no other.

e t +44 (0)121 351 6563


Cathay Pacific selects FLYdocs for e-Records services

FLYdocs announced in mid-March 2013 that it had won a contract to provide electronic aircraft records management services for Cathay Pacific Airways in a landmark deal that will also see the launch of a new FLYdocs office in China, to expand the current FLYdocs office network with locations in the UK, US, India, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Following completion of the airlines competitive tender, FLYdocs will be deployed to streamline and enhance Cathay Pacifics aircraft records management processes and activities within its engineering division, including moving towards a paperless environment and fully electronic lease returns via the FLYdocs platform. FLYdocs is a software solution exclusively designed for the commercial aviation sector and is assisting a growing number of airlines to efficiently manage their aircraft records on a day-to-day basis and re-deliver aircraft at the end of lease terms through the use of intuitive, cutting edge and industry leading software; robust aircraft document management processes and high quality electronic imaging. FLYdocs Managing Director, Adrian Ryan commented, The decision by Cathay Pacific to select FLYdocs confirms the world class credentials of our product and service and we are absolutely delighted to be able to serve and support Cathay going forward. FLYdocs has been operating in the commercial aviation environment for four years and has successfully assisted airlines in implementing real change that immediately delivers massive financial benefits as well as completing numerous aircraft lease returns in a fully paperless way, something no other provider has ever done. For Cathay to partner with FLYdocs shows just how progressive they continue to be as an organization and the business will quickly see substantial benefits as this project unfolds. Flydocs is part of our long term vision to significantly reduce the volumes of paper generated and stored without compromising our commitment to accuracy or safety. We also expect the Flydocs system to facilitate smoother aircraft lease returns, though benefits such as the structuring of and access to our maintenance records. commented Rob Saunders, Manager Engineering Development, Cathay Pacific Airways. Flydocs not only bring a leading software solution but also specific expert knowledge in the area of commercial aviation records management which we feel is a very beneficial combination. Under the agreement, FLYdocs will also provide e-Records services for Cathay Pacifics subsidiaries; Air Hong Kong and Dragonair and will be opening new offices in Xiamen, China in 2013.

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Your Preferred

IT Solution & Business Process Out-Sourcing Partner for the future

TRAX makes headway in Hong Kong and Japan

TraX announced in late March 2013 the newest addition to the family. Jetstar Hong Kong has chosen to sign with Trax. Trax software will help Jetstar Hong Kong while they begin operations of their fleet at numerous locations. Trax MRO ERP software will ensure their maintenance and engineering work and records are kept in impeccable shape. This will help them to be as efficient and organized as possible. Jose Almeida, President and CEO of TRAX USA Corp., stated, We are excited to be part of the growth of Jetstar Hong Kong, and it is with great pleasure that we welcome them to the TRAX Family. The signing of this contract reiterates our growing presence in Asia, a region that continues to provide us with new customers and endless opportunities. Jetstar Hong Kong will be implementing X, the latest version of Trax Maintenance. This version includes over 20 modules to cater to virtually every aspect of aircraft maintenance. TRAX Maintenance will be able to assist Jetstar Hong Kong in countless ways. From Material Management and Finance to Technical Records and Reliability, Jetstar Hong Kong will now have aircraft, inventory, and maintenance activity information integrated into a single system. It was announced in early April 2013 that Ibex Airlines has chosen to sign with Trax, whose Maintenance software will help Ibex manage their diverse fleet with MRO software to ensure their maintenance-related and engineering-related work and records are in impeccable shape. This will enable them to be as efficient and organized as possible. Ibex Airlines will be implementing the E4 version of Trax Maintenance. This version includes over 20 modules catering for virtually every aspect of airline maintenance. TRAX Maintenance will assist Ibex Airlines in countless ways: from Material Management and Finance to Technical Records and Reliability. Ibex Airlines will have aircraft, inventory, and maintenance activity information integrated into a single system.

Jetstar Hong Kong Joins TRAX

Hexaware is a niche, focused IT Solutions and Business Process Outsourcing Company providing end-to-end system integration and Technology services to its Travel and Transportation customers. With annual revenues of USD 230M for FY 2010, Hexaware has a global workforce of around 8300 consultants working across disparate domain and technologies. Hexaware with its strong experience in various business functions in MRO and Technical Documentation domains along with specialize services in Portfolio Analysis, System Selection, Implementation, Custom Development and Maintenance Services, Legacy Modernization, Upgrade and Migration Services, Business Intelligence / Analytics, Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) and Quality Assurance and Testing Services.

IbeX Airlines Chooses TRAX


2moroAnnoncePresse1112.pdf 11/01/12 16:12:56

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InfoTrust Group announced, in mid-March 2013, the availability of its TechSight/X Mobile IETP for Line Maintenance and its native TechSight/X iPad Application for Flight Operations. Both tablet solutions further demonstrate InfoTrust Groups mission to help airlines deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right people. By giving line mechanics and flight crews access to the most current maintenance and flight information on mobile devices at the point of performance, airlines can improve aircraft utilization, help ensure real-time regulatory compliance, and reduce operational costs. InfoTrust Groups tablet solutions are designed specifically for use by aircraft mechanics and pilots. The TechSight/X Mobile IETP (Interactive Electronic Technical Publication) for Line Maintenance gives mechanics access to all of their Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, and Embraer maintenance and engineering manuals on both iOS and Android devices. Search and navigation are optimized for touch screens to minimize clicks and eliminate the need for complex searches. Mechanics can navigate complex wiring diagrams, view and order from illustrated parts catalogs (when integrated to MRO or ERP solutions), and access fault reporting and trouble-shooting manuals while at their aircraft; so they can perform maintenance faster and return aircraft to service more quickly than ever before. The TechSight/X iPad Application for Flight Operations automatically delivers up-to-the-minute flight manuals and related company documentation to thousands of pilots dispersed across various geographies. Pilots can acknowledge updates, and the application automatically tracks and audits that acknowledgement to facilitate regulatory compliance. To make finding the right information easier, pilots can add notes, highlights, and bookmarks that are stored as part of their user profiles and that are persistent from one revision to the next, even across multiple tablet devices. Effectivity filtering also helps pilots find specific information related to the fleets and models of the aircraft they fly faster than when using paper-based manuals. Tablets represent a new paradigm for technical information delivery, said Olivier Joufflineau, vice president of InfoTrust Groups ATA Flight Operations Solutions and Services, and InfoTrust Group is proud to be at the vanguard of the airline industrys adoption of tablet-enabled technical information solutions. Both TechSight/X modules are available to existing customers as upgrades to their current TechSight/X solutions. The TechSight/X iPad Application for Flight Operations also can be purchased as a stand-alone solution. MoVing into April 2013, InfoTrust Group announced that its Airline Change Services (ACS) group, in charge of providing outsourced technical publishing services to help airlines reconcile customized airline data into revised OEM data, has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification. Certification of the ACS group is an expansion of InfoTrust Groups ISO 9001:2008 certification already held by the companys technical publishing services group and its training and documentation services group. It reflects the companys commitment to continuously enhance customer satisfaction as well as its expertise in helping airlines ensure compliance with regulatory requirements mandated by the aviation industry. ISO 9001:2008 certification is the most widely recognized quality requirement standard for organizations seeking to provide products and services that meet customer expectations and fulfill regulatory requirements. Working with ISO 9001:2008-certified companies can alleviate the pressure of conducting supplier audits and facilitates supplier management due to the ISO-certified suppliers commitment to continual improvement and enhancing customer satisfaction. Airline Change Services fulfills critical information management functions for some of the worlds leading airlines that rely on the accuracy and timeliness of technical information, said InfoTrust Group President and CEO Geoffrey Godet. ISO 9001:2008 certification across not just ACS but all of our outsourced technical information services reflects the outstanding quality of information our customers expect and the standard to which our team performs.

InfoTrust Group adds Mobile Solutions for Line Maintenance and Flight Operations to TechSight/X suite of products. Tablet Solutions deliVer the right information at the point of performance to improVe aircraft utiliZation, facilitate compliance, and cut operational costs


InfoTrust Groups ISO 9001:2008 Certification EXpanded to Airline Change SerVices


Ramco Systems signed a Master Supply Agreement with Emirates in late January 2013. This contractual agreement requires Ramco Systems to implement Reliability Information Management System for Emirates Engineering department. Mr. Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, said, Its been a great start to the new year with Ramco adding Emirates to its growing Aviation customers. We have signed the Master Supply Agreement for five years with the Emirates Group, the worlds largest commercial carrier. We have been growing our footprint in the global Aviation Industry and are excited about this undertaking, which opens up opportunities for future business endeavors. Our strategy to focus on building enterprise applications (ERP) on Cloud and Mobile, with Gen-Y Interface is helping us differentiate and stand out in the market. Our R&D investments will be towards building accessibility (on any device) and enhancing the usability of the software. This will be our game changer for the future, added Mr. P. R. Venketrama Raja, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Ramco Systems.

Ramco Systems finaliZes Master Supply Agreement with Emirates

Ramco Systems announced, at the beginning of March 2013, a new order win from Hevilift Group, one of the leading aviation charter service providers of fixed and rotary wing aircraft in the Asia-Pacific Region. The win, announced during the HELI-EXPO 2013, further reinforces Ramcos leadership in the Heli-operator segment, where Ramcos software has been maintaining over 1100+ helicopters, globally. Under the agreement, Ramco will provide its webbased Series 5 M&E and MRO solution, including Maintenance & Engineering (M&E), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO), Reliability, Aviation Finance, and Work Force

Ramco reaffirms leadership in the rotor wing segment wins order from HeVilift for AViation MRO Software

Administration, with integrated Multi-Country Payroll across numerous countries and legal entities of the Group. Mr. Colin Seymour of Hevilift Group, said; We have a diverse fleet of over 50 aircraft and wanted to consolidate our operations, which are spread across multiple geographies. Ramcos solution was a good fit, both in terms of functionality and usability. Also, the rich experience of the team in serving multiple specialty operators in the rotor wing segment was a great plus. By moving to an integrated software platform, we look forward to improving the efficiency and productivity of our operations. Hevilifts aircraft covers operations both onshore and offshore for verticals such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Mineral Exploration, Medical Evacuation, and Aerial Construction among others. Though operations are spread across countries with low internet penetration, such as Papua New Guinea, Indonesia (Balikpapan) and others, Ramco has ensured availability of data at a central corporate location almost in real-time by harnessing satellite connectivity. Commenting on the new win, Mr. Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, said; We have been growing rapidly in the Aviation business, and Hevilift is a great addition to our growing aviation customer base. Ramcos software runs in a large number of big helicopter operators, globally. The aviation software has been well received for its functionality and with its latest features of Mobility and Gen-Y user interface, it is sure to appeal to many more customers. We are looking forward to a great start with Hevilift as it also opens up entry into hitherto new markets such as Myanmar, and PNG.

run on disparate point solutions or manually on paper and/or Excel. The only other option available was an on-premise Aviation MRO software that was high on cost, required maintenance, frequent upgrades and was built to address large and complex environments. Speaking at the launch, Mr. P. R. Venketrama Raja, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Ramco Systems, said; Helicopter companies and MROs addressing the Heli-operator segment, whether large or small, constantly face operational hurdles such as increased aircraft downtimes, stringent regulatory compliance, disparate IT systems and unmanageable supply chain among others. Having addressed the industry with our best-of-breed aviation MRO software, we understand that the needs of a small operator are very different and we have tailor made a solution that will address their needs most effectively, at a fraction of the cost of traditional software. Mr. Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, added; Heli-operators are a key focus segment for us and we have been growing rapidly by adding some of the leading names in the industry. 80% of the market today consists of small operators. Most of them operate from Excel sheets and do not have an integrated M&E/MRO software, as they cannot afford the traditional system. With Ramco Aviation on Cloud, we will be addressing this underserved market segment, and we look forward to expanding our leadership position, globally. Built ground-up for the Aviation sector, Ramco Aviation Suite caters to airlines, rotary wing operators as well as third party MROs. The solution helps Aviation businesses to bring in best practices into all

engineering and maintenance operations, and reduce overhead costs. Ramco has been adding features like Mobility and Gen-Y Interface that will redefine the way Aviation users use technology to maintain their fleet.

Ramco Systems signed 10 Aviation deals in 2012-13, including, Aviation majors such as Emirates, GoAir, Air Tahiti, Caribbean Airlines, Hevilift among others. The last quarter of the financial year saw four new wins including a new regional airline in India, a startup charter airline and a specialty Heli-operator, both based out of Thailand, and an Aerospace component manufacturer in Asia. Commenting on the success, Mr. Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, said It has been a remarkable year for our Aviation business... [and] We recently launched role-based Aviation Workspaces which is a revolution in the MRO Software industry. This will further build the momentum for our growth. Workspaces bring in a fundamental change in the way users interact with the application. It is steered by a data driven interaction pattern and powerful visualizations. Role-based Workspaces makes the application intuitive and does away with a typical software usage experience of menus and screens. A workspace presents actionable data and alerts in the form of a To-do / exception list. This in turn enables users to prioritize work and effectively manage information flow, thereby enabling better productivity, reduced time and an enjoyable experience all together.

Ramco signs 10 AViation deals in 2012-13

Ramco Systems announced the launch of its ultracool, mobile-enabled software, Ramco Aviation on Cloud, for the Heli-operator segment at the HELIEXPO 2013 in early March, the most coveted global show for Heli-operators. Ramco has been a leading provider of MRO and M&E software for the segment, and with the launch of a cloud version, will be able to offer customers delivery options that best fit their needs. The newly launched cloud offering will address the unique needs of small operators and MROs in the Heli-operator segment, which hitherto, had to either

Ramco Systems launches AViation on Cloud for Heli-operators


SAS follows Widere to join the AMOS community


The selection process took approximately six months and was very comprehensive. AMOS was identified at an early stage as a proven and stable product which is recognized in the marketplace as the bestof-breed of MRO software systems said Ronald Schaeuffele, CEO of Swiss-AS.

The constant connection with Wi-Fi enables a data exchange in real time while providing people with prompt and accurate information on all pending operations. All transaction bookings, such as receiving goods, picking/returning of material, location transfer bookings and inventory adjustment postings are done directly with the hand-held devices connected to the host system.
ADvaNTagEs OF impLEmENTiNg MDS At a glance, the MDS adds value in the following areas: Less errors since no longer manual data entry; Transfer, taking and inventory of stock is controlled directly by the system; All bookings can be made locally; Running processes can be tracked online; Out of stock items are immediately detected. ImpLEmENTaTiON appROacH aND FURTHER iNQUiRiEs Swiss-AS is now enjoying strong demand for the implementation of the MDS which has been well received by the AMOS community.

AMOS mEETs HigHLY DEmaNDiNg REQUiREmENTs. The airlines in the AviancaTaca Holding have some very advanced requirements for this software as they intend to introduce it as a multi Air Operator Certificate (multi AOC) organizational single maintenance platform that will provide services to the different operators and Swiss Aviation Software (Swiss-AS) signed contracts with Scandinavian thereby substitute the separately acting maintenance systems currently Airlines (SAS)in late February 2013, regarding the implementation of in place. The model is being designed to standardize company policies AMOS. We are honored to be chosen by SAS and are convinced that and procedures affecting the maintenance organization according the use of AMOS in combination with the incorporation of our industry- to industry standards, regulatory requirements, and best practices best-practice processes will help Scandinavian Airlines to further (organization, processes, etc.) excel in operations while reducing maintenance costs. stated Ronald With AMOS the airlines in the AviancaTaca Holding plan to harmonize Schaeuffele, CEO of Swiss-AS. the maintenance procedures of the entire group under one common We had the opportunity to review AMOS at Widere and received state-of-the-art platform and expect to introduce real business favorable references for Swiss-AS: this convinced us that AMOS is the efficiencies in the process. right choice for SAS. We believe AMOS will be an important tool in We are confident that the implementation of AMOS will enable us running even more competitive technical operations and maintaining to improve on a consolidated maintenance administration for all our a strict control of airworthiness and maintenance activities. Regarding airlines, increasing our effectiveness and capabilities, and empowering IT, the SAS strategy 4 Excellences Next Generation means that we will us with new synergies, said Fernando Lara, Information Technology Vice move away from fully customer-tailored solutions towards industry President of AviancaTaca. standard solutions wherever we can. AMOS fits into this strategy. We Mobile DeVice System for Warehouse Management are sure the operation and administration of AMOS will be simpler and fully linked to AMOS more cost efficient than the systems we are currently operating, says The Mobile Gorm Frimannslund, Head of SAS Technical Operations. Device System As-is impLEmENTaTiON TO sTaRT iN aUTUmN 2013. (MDS) was As a high-priority project, SAS may start the AMOS project in Q3 2013 recently to have the necessary resources internally available then. Following the developed by successful implementation approach at Widere, Scandinavian Airlines Dr. Thomas will also put AMOS in operation as-is and abstain from time-consuming + Partner software adjustments. Due to the unique set-up of the flag carrier in cooperation with Swiss-AS. The idea of linking a state-of-thewhich has its organisation spread over three nations, the alignment of art warehouse management system with AMOS was created with processes will be a special focus during the project. CrossConsense, a Swiss-AS partner. AMOS customers may now license an efficient mobile solution for their warehouse management which is AViancaTaca Holding select AMOS as its single fully linked to AMOS. maintenance software platform for all its airlines In Dr. Thomas + Partner, Swiss-AS has found a partner with many Swiss-AS, in cooperation years of experience in the logistics field in general and mobile data with Lufthansa Systems, collection in particular. The MDS has been especially adapted for the announced in early March high demands of the aviation industry and is a mobile user interface for 2013 that the airlines in modern intra-logistics processes, covering the areas of material taking, the AviancaTaca Holding material transfer and inventory control. have selected AMOS as LaUNcH cUsTOmER TUIFLY Up aND RUNNiNg wiTH MDS their single maintenance Employees at TUIfly, an AMOS customer in Hannover, Germany, where software platform to help position them as the leading force in the the MDS is already installed, are using mobile hand-held devices in Latin American airline market. As a result, Avianca, TACA, Tampa Cargo, their daily work. A precondition to implement the MDS is a WLAN and Aerogal will be implementing a unified maintenance software connection in the warehouse and barcodes for all store locations. solution through AMOS.

Swiss-AS OpENs iTs sEcOND AMOS BUsiNEss UNiT OUTsiDE SwiTZERLaND Only two years after collaborating with Lufthansa Systems to gain a bigger market share in the Americas, The story of success continues AMOS is now represented Swiss-AS continues its in Singapore strategic expansion plans now towards the East. Swiss-AS is proud to announcing at the beginning of April 2013 the opening of an AMOS representation in Singapore in cooperation with Lufthansa Systems. As the set-up in Miami has proven its worth over the last two years, Swiss-AS is pleased to partner with Lufthansa Systems again to market AMOS more actively in another non-European market. The newly established Business Unit is exclusively dedicated to AMOS and will initially focus on sales and implementation activities. Regarding the location, Singapore seems to be the perfect hub to easily reach other parts of the Asia Pacific region. THE Asia PaciFic REgiON a pROmisiNg gROwTH maRKET The Asia Pacific market is very interesting for us and we expect lots of potential for AMOS implementations in this region. Although AMOS is already used in South-East Asia, we intend to further intensify our presence there, explains Ronald Schaeuffele, CEO of Swiss-AS. The Asia Pacific region is known in the aviation business as one of the most important growth markets worldwide. The fact that a remarkable percentage of the local airlines and MRO providers do not have a professional M&E system in place has encouraged Swiss-AS to embark on an exciting new adventure, this time in Singapore.

The story of success continues AMOS is now represented in Singapore


MXi Technologies announced in late March 2013 the signing of a Delivery Partner Agreement with AeroLogica Sdn Bhd (AeroLogica), an Information & Communications Technology (ICT) and supply chain management service provider. The agreement was signed at the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition, Malaysias premier aerospace exhibition, on behalf of AeroLogica by YBhg Dato Edron Hayata bin Ahmad, Managing Director, AeroLogica and Mxi Technologies by Dave Seibel, Chairman, President, & CEO. Executed in support of further strengthening MRO IT capabilities in the region, this strategic partnership also serves to support and service Malaysias growing aviation MRO market, which has emerged as a global center for aerospace MRO. As the core IT services provider for a number of Malaysias leading aviation organizations our partnership with Mxi Technologies speaks to our drive for building world-class MRO capabilities in the country. said YBhg Dato Edron Hayata bin Ahmad, Managing Director, AeroLogica, announcing the agreement.


Rusada grows in USA and helicopter markets

In mid-January 2013, Rusada announced the signing of a new contract with Hawker Beechcraft Global Customer Support (GCS) for the installation and support of Envision MRO software across all Hawker Beechcraft Services facilities in the United States. We are very pleased to be extending our relationship with Hawker Beechcraft, said Julian Stourton CEO of Rusada. Hawker Beechcraft has been using the Envision product for four years in its U.K. service center and concluded that the functionality and savings achieved by the software would be a great asset to its greater organization. The project not only includes the transition of each site to using Envision for its day-to-day operations, but also the integration to the corporate business system, SAP. Envision will be used to manage all shop floor transactions, inventory management, planning, quality audit and resource / labour management functions. Invoicing control and speed and accuracy of data will be enhanced to ensure an

Rusadas EnVision MRO Software Selected by Hawker Beechcraft Global Customer Support to eXpand use of EnVision from the UK to also include all seVen sites in the USA

even higher level of service to GCSs customer base, and further integration projects are in the pipeline. The first site and the guiding principles for the use of the system are expected to be complete by the end of the first quarter in 2013, with the remaining sites coming on stream by the end of the fourth quarter.
EUROcOpTER UK LTD jOiNs RUsaDa iN miD-MaRcH 2013 David Smith, Technical Services Manager for Eurocopter UK explained: With the move to Envision we see several key functions that will further enhance the efficiency of our operation especially with respect to the management of aircraft. Maintenance Programs and revision management can now be performed within one single application, negating the need for off system spreadsheets. Visual planning tools do likewise and are integrated such that you can drill down into workorders. Add to this the detailed defect deferral functionality and we have a tool that eliminates duplicate entry with maximum data accuracy and provides a higher level of instant available information to all users of the system. An interface between Envision and SAP will in addition remove the duplication of effort currently required

to manage aircraft workorders, important for us as a company which executes more than 2700 maintenance events a year. The selection of Envision by Eurocopter UK further increases the number of both civil and military projects that Rusada support for Eurocopter around the world. Eurocopter UK provides supports to more than 400 aircraft in the UK and Ireland. Having been involved with Eurocopter for several years now as well as other rotary wing operators, Rusada have developed a sophisticated toolset that manages the complex operations of helicopters, including penalty life tracking. We have a number of customers who also employ SAP for their financial accountability who have found the maintenance and overhaul functionality within Envision gives them greater flexibility to match their maintenance processes whilst still retaining synchronisation between applications without duplication of effort. Julian Stourton, CEO for Rusada added: We are very pleased to add Eurocopter UK to the family of Envision users around the world, they have been a valued customer for many years and with the move to SAP we are very happy to be able to provide a complimentary solution for their growing business.
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raising the bar - exceeding expectations

The comprehensive MRO IT solution
keeping aircraft Flying +41 21 533 03 34




With the late December announcement of an entry into the Middle East market Volartec rounded off 2012 in style. Their launch customer in that region will be Petra Airlines of Jordan. John Barry, VP Business Development with Volartec announced the good news stating; We have really wanted to get our foothold into the Middle East market all year as one of our targets for 2012. Having seen how we have grown in every other region once we established a proven local customer the Middle East will be no different. Petra Airline have the foresight to see the value proposition Alkym brings to their organization and will see this benefit for many years to come. Petra Airline has elected to begin using the Alkym lease model which will facilitate all their current needs. Volartec will send a project team on site in January 2013 to ensure smooth implementation of the system. The complete training and Alkym confirmation process will be completed in this time.

Faris Fakhoury VP Engineering, Airworthiness & Maintenance at Petra Airline, continued to make the observations that, Petra Airline has established a strong basis in the operation over the past two years. Now that we are moving towards a scheduled operation rather than purely charter work it was time to ensure we continue to improve our reliability figures. With Alkym in place we will have the tools to manage all the technical aspects of the operation and make the adjustments we can clearly see from the reporting tools within. Looking at the market we felt we could never get the functionality we knew we needed at a price that was affordable for a start-up. Then we were introduced to Alkym and the path was crystal clear for us. Petra Airline will introduce the core Engineering, Maintenance and Reliability modules to manage the CAMO aspects of their business to start with. They can select any of the remaining modules to add at any point in the future as they grow.

Whos in the news: Vendors

2MoRO Solutions
2MoRO Solutions is a software development company for Aerospace operating in over 17 countries and across multiple Airlines or Aircraft Operators with their own MRO center. The firm is also a SAP Partner for Airlines, Aircraft Operators, MRO centers and OEMs. ADSoftware is based in France, with offices in Thailand, Brazil and South Africa. Specialising in Aviation software, the company has developed a fleet management system and logistic package called AIRPACK. AV-BASE develops and supports WinAir maintenance and inventory software solutions to increase operational efficiency and harmonize departments. Users include airlines, governments, MROs, military, law enforcement agencies, corporate aviation firms, and aviation services such as medical evacuation organizations. AviIT is a specialist software provider focused on the aviation sector and based in Scotland, UK, with offices in the US and Australia. It provides portable in-flight entertainment systems and eMan document distribution system used by major airlines, MROs, Repair Centers, Charter and Med-Flight Depts. Crdit Industriel et Commercial (CIC) has developed products and services specially designed to meet the needs of SMEs via the CIC International Club to encourage and assist international development. Communications Software OASES is utilized in around 50 airlines and maintenance organisations. The system includes services ranging from implementation support, user training and system tailoring as well as day-to-day help desk, maintenance support and update release services.

Dr. Thomas + Partner is a highly respected and well-known expert company in the field of logistics software. The company has gained professional experience during more than 30 years in business. EmpowerMX delivers business products that equip airline operators, MROs, OEMs and military M&E departments with real-time, globally available business intelligence for decision making. The Consulting Services division empowers maintenance operations personnel with the knowledge they need to maximize efficiency. FLYdocs is a privately owned organization headquartered in Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK. It is a supplier of specialist aviation technical services including business consultancy and software solutions. IFRSKEYES is a major player in the aviation industry, providing software and services solutions to airlines, defense operators and MROs for more than 25 years. Since 2011, it has become an AIRBUS company developing the next generation of products while supporting its current products which are AMASIS and KEOPS. InfoTrust Group delivers solutions to hundreds of companies, in the aerospace, defense, manufacturing, automotive, high-tech, publishing and health care industries for their information processing, conversion, authoring, content and change management, publishing and distribution objectives. Mxi Technologies provides integrated and intelligent software, support, and services for aviation maintenance to commercial airlines, MROs, OEM aftermarket service providers, and defense operators. Customers range from emerging, small and midsized organizations, to the largest global enterprises.

Dr. Thomas + Partner


NVable is a specialist software development consultancy creating bespoke solutions for customers to exploit the full value of their operational data. The firm also offers its own software products, including the NVable Electronic Technical Log (ETL), Appixo. Ramco Systems provides next generation, end-to-end enterprise solutions built on the firms proprietary platformRamco VirtualWorks. All Ramco products are cloud architected by design and address the entire business cycle from transaction to analytics. Rusada was established in 1987 as a UK-based aviation software provider and consultancy to the aviation industry, and system integrator. Today the company is headquartered in Switzerland, with operations in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas. The flagship product is Envision. Swiss-AS boasts more than 100 customers worldwide, including pure operators, low-cost, regional and flag carriers, large airline groups and MRO providers. AMOS is a comprehensive, fully-integrated software package that manages the maintenance, engineering and logistics requirements of modern airlines and MRO providers. TRAX USA Corp. is a seller of airline maintenance software globally. TRAX Maintenance solution has been developed with Airlines and for Airlines to provide a comprehensive and advanced MRO software solution. Volartec specializes in the development and implementation of software systems for the aviation industry. With more than 10 years aviation industry experience and with a team of IT and aviation experts, Volartec offers a combination of professionalism and experience.



Ramco Systems






Swiss AViationSoftware and AMOS

InfoTrust group

CIC International Club


Commsoft and OASES

MXi Technologies



Whos in the news: Airlines, Operators, OEMs and MROs

Air Cote dIvoire is the national airline of the Ivory Coast. The airline was founded in May 2012 by the government of the Ivory Coast, Air France and the AKFED group; and started commercial operations in November 2012 from its home base in Abidjan. AeroLogica, a partner of National Aerospace & Defense Industries Sdn Bhd (NADI), supports the key strategic initiative of developing MRO and supply chain opportunities in the Asia-Pacific high growth areas of ASEAN, China and India. AviancaTaca Holdings includes Avianca, TACA, Aerogal, Tampa Cargo, and other subsidiaries. The group has the largest airline network in Latin America, serving directly over 100 destinations in America and Europe with a fleet of over 150 aircraft. BA CityFlyer is a wholly owned subsidiary of British Airways operating a network of UK domestic and European services from London City airport with a fleet of fourteen aircraft: six 76-seat Embraer 170s and eight 98-seat Embraer 190SR CMR specializes in the maintenance of Russian-made Mil aircraft. Originally based in Bogota, Colombia, CMR has then expanded its activity in Latin America as well as Florida, where Aero One is now being implemented. Delta TechOps is a division of Delta Air Lines, the largest airline (by passengers carried) in the world and provides full-service aviation maintenance to Delta and service to its fleet of more than 750 aircraft plus more than 150 other operators. With a fleet of more than 190 aircraft, Emirates currently flies to over 120 destinations in more than 70 countries around the world, and the network is expanding constantly. Over 1,200 Emirates flights depart Dubai each week.

The Eurocopter group is owned 100% by EADS, one of the three largest aerospace groups in the world. By a process of successive integrations, Eurocopter has become Europes leading fully-integrated aeronautical group. Hevilift provides specialized equipment and infrastructure for the transportation of oil, gas and mining personnel and equipment in a variety of operational locations. A diverse fleet is backed by a highly experienced team of management professionals, flight crew and maintenance personnel. Ibex Airlines is headquartered in Koto, Tokyo, Japan and operates domestic services from Tokyo with their main base at the Sendai Airport, Natori, Miyagi. They currently have a fleet comprised of Bombardier CRJ-100LR, CRJ-200ER and CRJ700 NextGen. Jetstar Hong Kong was formed as a partnership between the Qantas Group (parent company of Jetstar) and China Eastern Airlines to fly short haul flights to Greater China, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia on three new Airbus A320-200 aircraft to grow to 18 aircraft by 2015. NATS operates 16 ATC towers and 2 ACCs (en-route control centers) and handled 2.1 million flights in 2011. Petra Airlines began providing businesses and tour operators with a range of cost-effective and flexible aviation and air transportation. In 2012, Petra Airlines upgraded its license to become a scheduled airline. The fleet of 2 A320 aircraft will see additions in 2013. Scandinavian Airlines is the flag carrier of Scandinavia with main hubs in the capitals of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The fleet of almost 150 aircraft includes B737, A320 family, A330/340, CRJ. TAME has a modern and varied fleet with Airbus A319, A320, ATR 42-500, Embraer ERJ170 and ERJ190. In May 2013, they will receive 17 aircraft which are planned to cover the route to New York. Windrose Airlines, founded in 2003, operates a fleet of four Airbus A321 and four Airbus A320 on charter flights from Ukraine to Europe and the Middle East.


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HeVilift Group

Air Cote dIVoire


IbeX Airlines


Jetstar Hong Kong

BA CityFlyer

NATS Aeronautical Information SerVice

Petra Airline


ScandinaVian Airlines

Delta TechOps


Emirates Airline

Windrose Airlines


Point of Maintenance Acquittal

When Qantas set out to reform its process management framework and update its IT landscape, writes Michael Killeen, Project Marlin Project Director at Qantas Engineering, it achieved a transformational force multiplier.


antas Airways is Australias largest domestic and international operator. Its network spans 46 countries across Australia, Asia and the Pacific, the Americas, Europe and Africa with operations that include over 6400 flights per week domestically and over 920 flights per week internationally to over 40 destinations using a fleet of more than 150 aircraft. Furthermore, the Qantas brand reputation has been confirmed by a range of awards Six awards including Best First Class Cellar and Best Business Class Cellar at 2011 in Sky Cellars Awards. Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum for the A380 First suite and Australian International Design Award of the Year for the A380 Economy seat. From an engineering perspective Qantas Engineering completes about 1.6 million tasks per annum, employs over 4000 people and is making the transition to Civil Aviation Rules 1988 (similar to EASA regulations) this year: Old CAR 30 (combined asset owner and maintainer) to be replaced by EASA style regulatory structure comprising CAR 42 and CAR 145 Mechanical and avionics trades replaced by EASA style B1s and B2s (Cs and A licenses to come) However, like many legacy operators, Qantas was confronted with the consequences of its heritage. The procedures manual, which had been developed over 90 years, comprised over 800 chapters and its Maintenance Information System was written in 3 & 4GL COBOL over 20 years ago. The broader engineering IT landscape comprised over 300 applications. Moreover the system achieved poor integration with the companys enterprise architecture of Oracle 11i application suite.

From heritage to HTML

A transformation was required but it would need to be so comprehensive and ubiquitous that it was determined it would be best achieved as a major project in its own right. As part of the enterprise transformation, Qantas embarked on a journey to reform its process management framework and update its IT landscape under the guise of Project Marlin. The process

transformation included a complete re-write of the procedures manual that not only formalised the procedural framework using a standardised taxonomy but also reduced the number of chapters in the procedures manual to 340. Whereas in the past the procedures had been disseminated via pages of wordy descriptions, the new procedures manual comprised flow charts and information mapped documents. The IT environment was completely revamped. At the core of the IT environment changes was the implementation of a new MRO IT solution, Maintenix; the old green screen environment was replaced with a completely new HTML environment in Maintenix.

From a users perspective, the IT environment went from the left to the display below

The procedures manual, which had been developed over 90 years, comprised over 800 chapters and its Maintenance Information System was written in 3 & 4GL COBOL over 20 years ago.

Figure 2


Key to success

Catch phrase
Scope is controlled. Scope is the enemy of schedule and cost

In practice this means

Small discrete projects are better. Dont build the windows version of the DOS system (Conways law). Tell me why we cant use standard functionality in a system we have. Apply and stick to proven project lifecycle methods. Set the schedule and stick to it. Resource level. Networking mediocrity doesnt create. excellence; keep project team small (Brooks Law). Project team needs to stay flexible. Robust process & tools Be disciplined; regular reviews of open risks and issues. Use daily scrums to shorten decision cycles. Push cost management down to stream leads who are creating change requests. Speed to market reduces the risk that the business moves on. Use working groups to keep the project team small. Keep it practical. Ensure there is executive sponsorship. Manage solution interdependency risk; there needs to be a business solution architect. Have a robust PMO and manage the schedule. Use the right contractual framework to obtain accountability and match your skills; only prime if you can! Manage the vendors.

Work & Schedule

Work & schedule are predictable


Team is high performing

Risks and Issues

Risks and issues are managed

The vision for these reforms was point of maintenance acquittal. Under point of maintenance acquittal, the aircraft must be declared serviceable in Maintenix before it can depart the transactions to update work performed and configuration are acquitted in real time prior to aircraft departure by the aircraft engineer that performed the work. Whilst Qantas chose not to roll out tablets as part of Project Marlin, one should not under-estimate the effort required and the impact on its people of transferring 150 aircraft in 12 months from the legacy to the new system. In getting ready for the move to Maintenix and point of maintenance acquittal Qantas: Deployed over 200 PCs and laptops, wireless networks and 4G access points to support the PCs; and expended over 4000 training days on both its own people as well as over 500 contract staff who handle Qantas Aircraft; Created over 6 million tasks in Maintenix, many of which were migrated from the COBOL environment. As a result of Project Marlin and the changes that it brought about in the overall operation, 14 IT applications were decommissioned as their functions were absorbed into the MIS at the heart of the IT architecture.

Point of maintenance acquittal

Business benefits and costs

Business benefits are realised


Stakeholders are engaged

Integration management

One project, one team working together

Supplier Relationship Management

Suppliers are managed for mutual benefit

Figure 3


the transformation of its processes and IT environment serves as a platform for the enterprise to re-invent itself from a legacy airline to an agile customer focused organisation. No one should under-estimate the effort that these sorts of transformation activities take
Project Marlin was a major undertaking for Qantas. The project ran for over three years and, at its peak, had over 250 people on board. With a project of this size and complexity governance was a significant contributor to success. Project governance, which included Board Reporting, was based on 8 keys to success. Project Marlin was not always plain sailing but some of the lessons we learned might be useful for those who could be newly embarking on a similar exercise. The fundamentals still apply Apply the basics of systems engineering to the technical solution: Understand the requirements; Stick to standard functionality; Be flexible on the solution a 90% solution 100% implemented is better than a 100% solution never implemented. Projects still need to be governed against the 8 keys: Scope is the enemy of schedule and cost keep it tight; Get stakeholders engaged at all levels with a practical approach; Keep the issues and risks management feedback loop short and effective; make a decision; Each person on the project needs to be individually necessary and collectively sufficient; smaller is better. Being a project manager is more than just applying the process there has to be a vision for the future, technical leadership and people leadership. Whilst Qantas encountered some challenges, the transformation of its processes and IT environment serves as a platform for the enterprise to re-invent itself from a legacy airline to an agile customer focused organisation. No one should under-estimate the effort that these sorts of transformation activities take but, if airlines are to continue to deliver increased levels of safety and efficiency, point of maintenance acquittal and the process and IT transformation that Qantas has implemented, will surely be a step along the way. n

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Managing the project

Qantas Engineering and Maintenance experience dates back to when the airline first commenced operations in 1920. Since then, Engineering and Maintenance has gained nearly as many years of experience in contract work. The Engineering and Maintenance branch employs some 6,000 personnel (from a total airline staff of about 30,000).
IDMRs Technical Documentation Management System, InForm, has been designed to play a central role in the long-term survival and proliferation of technical documentation. InForm, written from the ground up as an airline document management system, will allow you to author and maintain virtually any document. Technical Documentation Management is now on aviation executives agendas worldwide. Technical documents are the primary source of aircraft, engine, and component reference InFormation which are constantly changing. On-going revisions and updates by manufacturers, vendors and airline personnel add more complexity in controlling these documents. Failing to follow manufactures, vendors, and regulatory agencies approved maintenance repair and overhaul procedures can result in poor quality control or worse noncompliance nes. Without a centralized approach to Technical Documentation Management, these important documents are usually stored in multiple places, version control is lacking and in many cases different automated tools are used to create and maintain record keeping, perpetuating a process that is extremely time consuming and in most cases inaccurate. InForm offers a Technical Document Management Solution that provides a single repository for storing electronic documents received from outside sources such as manufactures, vendors, and internal personal. IDMR offers airlines, manufactures and thirdparty maintenance providers the industrys most technically advanced, web centric, fully customizable, easy-to-use, all encompassing, mission critical and affordable suite of Technical Documentation Management solutions.

Michael is a qualified professional mechanical and electrical engineer with a range of experience in operational and consulting roles. After commencing his career in manufacturing, rising to the position of Engineering & Maintenance Manager, Michael worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM GBS as a consultant. In this role Michael not only lead a range of projects in industries ranging from mining to public service but was also the practice leader for Asset Management in Australia and New Zealand. Since joining Qantas, Michael has focussed on transformation and asset management across a range of roles within Qantas Engineering including General Manager Supply Chain, A380 Fleet Manager and Project Director on Project Marlin.


Michael Killeen





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Taming the chaos

Saravanan Rajarajan, Consultant Aviation Practice at Ramco Systems has a close and detailed look at aircraft spare parts planning

s global input costs continue to rise, airlines are under constant pressure to maximize profits and reduce costs. To minimize the locking up of working capital, airlines adopt several cost cutting measures, including stringent control of inventory, right from aircraft induction to phase out. Material Planners play a key role in effecting this objective. Every on time take-off for an aircraft is the result of various functions within an airline, such as operations, ground handling, maintenance, materials etc., working seamlessly together. A closer look at the materials function reveals the complexity involved with meeting the service levels for maintenance. At the same time, they also face the challenge of being answerable to top management on the issue of inventory cost. Without Material Planners to ensure the availability of the right part, in the right quantity, at the right place, in the right condition, with the right quality and with the right certification, no single solution or single approach will be able to meet the objective. The following key areas play a vital role in achieving the desired objective of meeting service levels: Part codification and alternatives; Part classification; IP (initial provisioning) /RSPL (recommended spare parts list) data; Inventory control systems; Spares demand management; Inventory analysis; Float and scrap management.


Fig 1: Total Inventory Value and Reporting Airlines

Fig 2: Average Inventory Value per Airline and per Aircraft

Spare Parts Management plays a vital role in any asset intensive organization such as refineries, fertilizers, power plants and airlines. One of the unique challenges for airline operations is that every key asset such as aircraft, crew, inventory, spares etc. is on the move. The biggest question in airlines is not only how many spares to hold but also where to hold them. IATA: Airlines Maintenance Cost Executive Summary based on all MCTF (Maintenance cost Task Force) airlines reporting data between FY 2007-2010 Typically, airlines spend 20 to 25 per cent of direct maintenance expenditure on the cost of the spare parts used in maintenance. Owing to the volatility of prices with aviation parts, vendors change the prices regularly and these changes are often decided based on the lead time demanded and the proprietary nature of the part. The escalation of prices can be seen in Fig. 2, as the average inventory value per aircraft is on the rise. Airline material planners are under pressure to cut costs by reducing inventory but at the same time to ensure that aircraft are not grounded due to the nonavailability of spare parts, thereby losing revenue.

Aircraft spares unique challenges

The adage, Every day is not the same day is especially apt for materials planners. Their objective is to ensure the availability of the correct part number, in the right quantity, at the right place; so a focus on a single area will not yield the desired results. A holistic approach to key focus areas (from managing the master set-up to various other key areas in planning and controlling) has resulted in overall efficiency in terms of meeting service levels and cost control.

Material planning focus areas

Fig. 3: Typical material planning areas / IT modules to be focused and managed

Although a basic step, any error at this point would lead to considerable inefficiency in the downstream process. Typically, organizations follow either the Manufacturer Part Number or an internal company-assigned Part Number to track and manage spares. Tracking with the Manufacturer Part Number has considerable benefits, especially when ordering the part, sending items on repair, and referring to the AMM, CMM, MPD or IPC (Aircraft Maintenance Manual, Component Maintenance Manual, Maintenance Planning Document or Illustrated Parts Catalog). A few part numbers have a differing nomenclatures and are completely different when they are supplied from two different manufacturers. In such cases, a part record has to be created along with the manufacturers code. This will help in downstream planning and maintenance functions and also

Part codification and alternate mapping

Fig 4: Interchangeability help specify the intended part number and nomenclature. Another important aspect while setting up the part number is mapping the relevant alternate parts and interchangeable (INC) relationship as specified in IPC/RSPL: 1 one way interchangeable; 2 two way interchangeable; 3 not interchangeable; 4 interchangeable as a complete set only; 5 conditionally interchangeable; 6 parts re-identification. Setting up of interchangeable mapping will automate the process of picking the alternate part when the maintenance requested part number is not available, thereby reducing considerable time in spares issue.


A complete visibility of spares in the warehouse, in the repair shop, in transit between bases and from supplier shipments, with external repair agencies, in customs clearance, under receipt inspections etc. will help the planner expedite and meet demand.
Agencies such as the OEM, suppliers, Customs, IATA, etc. classify parts for specific purposes. Internally, the organization further classifies the parts for financial and operational purposes. Managing these various classifications helps the various functions to operate seamlessly, besides integrating and aiding in automation and reporting. For example: ESS-No Go item should be prioritized in Internal Repair and expedited in External Repair; There needs to be a periodic automatic expiry report for shelf life controlled parts; There need to be enforced fixed location in warehouse to separately keep Electrostatic and Hazmat items. Classification Type
Spare Parts Class (SPC)

Parts classification

1 - Expendable 2 - Rotable 6 - Repairable 1 - No-Go 2 - Go-If 6 - Go

Usage in Material Planning

Ascertaining financial treatment to capitalize or to treat as inventory. Setting up the scrap policies Ascertaining the quantity of spares to be positioned at the Line Stations Entering into Pool Agreements through IATP or bilaterally Ascertaining the quantity of spares to be positioned at the Line Stations supporting restrictive operations Ensuring regulatory compliance while receiving, transporting , moving, handling, stocking and exporting Monitoring and disposing off the expired items Monitoring and recertifying the Shelf life extendable items Ascertaining the spares to

Essentiality Code (ESS)

Once it was common to estimate the spares that would have to be procured for the entire life of an aircraft along with the aircraft itself, with the cost of spares ranging from 15-20% of the aircraft cost. However, airlines now provide and procure in phases, keeping in mind the need for maintenance and the experience of operators in actual usage. Key information available in the RSPL and IP has to be digitalized and moved to the MRO IT system for seamless use. For example, comparison of current scrap rate, current removal rate, current mean time between unscheduled removals (MTBUR), current float etc. can be compared with the respective data recommended and corresponding Root Cause Analysis can be done if there is a variation. RSPL or IP information provided by the OEM during induction or fleet expansion can be used at any time for comparing current inventory levels with recommended values and to analyze the reasons for the variation. One key aspect of airline spare parts management is location sensitive availability of spares. If an aircraft on Line needs an item at Station-A and it is available at Station-B which is 30miles away, it will be an aircraft on ground (AOG) situation if the transit time for the aircraft is 20 Minutes. There needs to be a quantity distributed across the locations, for parts classified as LRU (line replaceable unit) and No-Go. The determination of distribution quantities to the line stations has to be determined after balancing the existing float quantity with the desired service levels. Inventory control systems like Re-Order Point and Min-Max have to be set at each location and for each part, the replenishment lead time has to be taken into account and monitored regularly. When the items go below the re-order or minimum levels, the IT-MRO system should automatically trigger the replenishment without any manual intervention. The replenishment action should preferably be set as auto transfer from the base, which leads the centralized operations and feeds information to the line. This set up will ensure the base stores get an automatic alert for replenishment and the item is dispatched immediately to the line. Periodic review and adjustment of Re-order/Min points is necessary due to the dynamic nature of consumption and turnaround times (TAT). However movements to

Recommended spare parts list (RSPL) and initial proVisioning (IP) data

Fig 6: Demand Matrix to auto replenish the Line from base stores

the Line Station should be brought to the attention of the AOG desk or central planner before the transfer. Refer Fig 6.

InVentory control systems

Fig 7: Spares demand management

Restrictive Operations

ETOPS RVSM Cargo HAZMAT Electrostatic Customs Bonded Shelf Life

Regulatory Control

Physical Nature

Replacement Type


Table 1

Fig 5: Parts classification

Theres always a balancing act required to meet current and forecast demand with on-hand and expected supplies. Forecast work scope and grounding schedules for aircraft engines and components has to be planned taking into account the availability of parts required to carry out the required work scope. If the required parts are not available, then possible ways to meet the demand within the given time should be worked out. Demands arising out of non-routine defects during maintenance are inevitable and planners have to be highly responsive to meeting these unforeseen demands to avoid the work stopping or an AOG delay. A complete visibility of spares in the warehouse, in the repair shop, in transit between bases and from supplier shipments, with external repair agencies, in customs clearance, under receipt inspections etc. will help the planner expedite and meet demand. The possibility of exchange can be explored with the repair vendor to meet the demand on time. If the demand is for a short period, for example, if an aircraft needs the item at an outstation which doesnt have stock, the possibility of pool access through IATP (International Airlines Technical Pool) membership or taking the item on loan can be worked out. Materials planners should forecast planned demands for varying time scales. The forecasting can be as low as six hours to 24 hours for line maintenance and can span anywhere between two months to 24 months for the base maintenance with varied time scales for engine and component maintenance forecasted demands. For forecast demand, simulated balancing of required quantity, projected receipts and on hand quantity will help the planner find out the actual shortage items and take necessary steps to balance.

Spares Demand Management


It should be ensured that proper inventory control systems meet the desired service levels and, at the same time, do not lock-in cost with excess inventory. With thousands of part numbers to be managed, it is helpful to classify the items for selective and better control. ABC Analysis: this works on the consumption value for the given period of the time that the parts are accounted for: for example, say, 70% of parts might be classified as cost group A, 20% as B and 10% as C. This analysis helps in focusing the type A parts more in a periodic cycle count, which increases the inventory accuracy and also helps in tightening the cost control. Carrying C class items add little to inventory value; due to this, items safety stock can be set higher to avoid stock-outs and bulk purchasing contacts can be established with the vendor for volume discounts. FSN (fast, slow, non-moving) Analysis: this works on how fast the item is moving within the organization. For example, if fast moving items get transacted once in a month, slow moving items once in six months and non- moving items once a year, this analysis would help organizations to enter a bulk purchase arrangement for fast moving items which will lead to cost savings. Non-moving items can be periodically reviewed and disposed of, which will clear the inventory carrying cost and create space for other items. This analysis also helps in arranging the stocking layout to reduce handling. Organizations do follow other types of analyses like VED (Vital, Essential, Desirable) or XYZ (Based on the items unit cost), with the objective of selective grouping of the item and managing for maximum benefits. Performing the multiclass analysis will significantly add value to the planners for determining probable next steps.
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InVentory analysis


Tightest Control in issue and returns High Frequency in Cycle counting Expedite and reduce TAT Review forecast and every demand Accurate safety stock setup Tightest Control in issue and returns Manage through pool access or borrow Expedite disposal for releasing the locked up cost

Reduced Frequency in Cycle counting Expedite and reduce TAT Safety stock can be marginally increased

Low Frequency in Cycle counting Safety stock can be significantly increased Bulk Purchase contracts can be entered

Reduced Frequency in Cycle counting Manage through Centralized stocking and feed Expedite disposal for releasing the locked up cost and space

Low Frequency in Cycle counting Evaluate excess quantity and dispose off Expedite disposal for releasing the locked up space

Table 2

With Aircraft Spares Inventory running into millions of dollars, the decision to scrap an item should be properly managed. The decision to scrap the item has to be taken with due consideration, whether DER (designated engineering repair) procedures exist for the item or not, so that it can be refurbished economically and any sub components can be cannibalized for future use. If the item is deemed as scrap, necessary approvals have to be sought before it is defaced and moved to a scrap yard. Replenishment of scrapped items can be timed immediately after scrapping or when the demand for the item arises, based on multiple factors such as Cash Outflow Control, vendor TAT (turn-around time), essentiality and float requirement of the item. If a no-go item is scrapped and vendor TAT is lengthy, provisioning has to be triggered immediately. The decision to replenish a scrapped item through provisioning has to be preceded by analysis of the current float situation and comparison with recommended float levels. If the current float is greater than the recommended float, replenishment can be put on hold to ease cash flow. However for a no-go item, if the current float is less than the calculated float and TAT is high, the planner has to arrange temporarily for interim requirement and initiate the replenishment immediately. With multiple parts getting scrapped every day across bases; performing analyses, effecting part movements and initiating provisioning need to be automated without much manual intervention. This can only be possible with the proper classification of parts and provision to set scrap rules, (i.e.) whether it can be scrapped in Line or Shop. Once it is scrapped, the decisions on what should be the replenishment action and when it should be triggered, should be taken. Suggested mapping for better cost control is as shown in the table below: Spare Scrap Part Class Allowed At
SPC-1 SPC-2 SPC-6 Line , Shop and Hangar Shop Only Shop Only

Float and scrap management

Airline Material Planners across the world have responsibility for ensuring that, aircraft depart on time. Be it line or hangar, they are equally responsible for the management to achieve this within the constraints on spending on inventory. Material Planners can never be replaced by any software or systems, but holistic MRO IT systems with high flexibility in managing the varied dimensions and seamless integration between various functions, will enable them to tame the chaos. IATA International Air Transport Association ETOPS Extended Twin Engine Operations MCTF Maintenance cost Task Force RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum RSPL Recommended Spare Parts List HAZMAT Hazardous Material IP Initial Provisioning SRU Shop Replacement Unit AMM Aircraft Maintenance Manual LRU Line Replacement Unit CMM Component Maintenance Manual AOG Aircraft On Ground INC Interchangeable DER Designated Engineering Repair OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer IATP International Airlines Technical Pool MRO Maintenance Repair & Overhaul TAT Turnaround Time SB Service Bulletin MTBUR Mean time between Unscheduled removal MPD Maintenance Planning Document IATA Annual report 2012; IATA Technical Reference Manual 2009; Airline Maintenance Cost Executive Commentary (FY2010 data) February 2012.



Ramco Aviation Suite manages the entire business of aircraft maintenance covering engineering support, inventory and procurement, maintenance, sales and MRO contract management, compliance, quality, and operations. The company also offers an Off-Line Field Maintenance module targeted at organizations having remote aircraft operations with no internet connectivity. Ramco Aviation Suite is modular and specific functions such as Reliability Management can also be deployed as a standalone best of breed solution alongside existing systems.


SaraVanan Rajarajan
Saravanan Rajarajan has been with Ramco for the last eight years. He is a Senior Consultant and Subject Matter Expert in the area of Aviation Supply Chain, with rich domain expertise and diverse implementations experience of rolling out Ramco M&E Solution in Airlines, Rotor Wing Operators and MRO organizations in US, Middle East and India. He holds Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Business Administration. He also possesses CPIM certification from APICS.

Vendor TAT Essentiality Code

Less Less or More Less or More ESS-3 ESS-1,2, or 3 ESS-1,2, or 3

Unit Cost

Repair Scheme / DER

Not Available Available Available

Less More More





Table 3

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How I see IT
Why pay billions for smart aircraft only to plug them into dumb IT? Michael Denis

NextGen aircraft perform complex diagnostics, prognostics, aircraft health management, integrated XML content, dynamic maintenance packaging and autonomic logistics. But to reap the se benefits of your billion-dollar purcha requires equally advanced off-board information technologies.
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Last year I was working in Europe with an airline scheduled to get the Boein is a planning and schedu g 787. Taking on any new ling challenge, and airlin aircraft es often rely heavily on pilot, engineering and me the OEM for assistance. Besid chanic training, new type es certifications, new tooling one had noticed that the , new technology, in this re wasnt a hangar for the case, no bird to fit in something nine month lead time thi that would take more tha s airline was left with. n the Next Generation (NextGen ) aircraft like the B787, the A380 before it and the so significant investment in on to follow A350 requir information technologies ea and processes from what Consider: the B787 creates air lin es have done in the past. just under 100GB of data per hour of flight; that is average transatlantic fligh 1.5TB (Terabytes) on the t. The GEnx engine track s 1001 parameters, 230% tracks 20,300 parameters, more than the GE90 and a 60% increase over the the B787 B777. The value proposition fo r owning these aircraft is operating and support ef lower weight, lower cost ficiencies. Fuel efficient to maintain composite bo engines, dies, flexible maintenance these significant efficien scheduling. To achieve cies, NextGen aircraft pe rform complex diagnosti management, integrated cs, prognostics, aircraft he XML content, dynamic ma alth intenance packaging and benefits of your billion-do autonomic logistics. But llar purchase requires eq to reap the ually advanced off-boar d information technolog What? They didnt tell yo ies. u that your 1960s Sceptre , 1990s Maxi Merlin or mo systems on the market to st of the best of breed MR day cant integrate or pro O IT perly manage the data an aircraft is using and gene d content that your shiny rating? new If you are an airline getti ng one of these NextGen aircraft, you have options . Do nothing. It worked in the past and you might be able to get away with it in the OEM why you arent ge the future. Just dont go tting the promised perform ask ance out of the aircraft warranty by plugging a 220 so rt of like voiding your V 60Hz motor into a 100V 50Hz grid. Outsource everything to the OEMs. Dont fret, the OEMs knew your airline wasnt so they have performance prepared for the data tsu based contracts called Go nami, ldcare and Totalcare and just because they sold yo Power by the Hour. Trust u the airplane, parts, engin the m, eering services and MRO do their best to minimize support, doesnt mean the your total cost per opera y wont ting hour. OK, so if option one and two dont sound so hot, ho w about we do our home aircraft arrives. There ar work and prepare before e a number of aviation co the nsultancies who can quick technical gaps in an airlin ly identify the functiona es flight, engineering an l and d maintenance operations capabilities. NextGen MRO IT for NextG en aircraft and engines of fers a great opportunity modernize and significa for airlines and Part 145s ntly improve labor produ to cti vit y and material turns acro traditional hurdle put in ss the organization. And our way by finance to qu the estion the investment has already been answered.


MRO IT as a key enabler of your vision

Its not enough to simply want change, says Mesfin Tasew, Chief Operating Officer at Ethiopian Airlines, organizations must commit to enacting change.
thiopian Airlines, the fastest growing airline in Africa, has developed an international reputation for innovation, technology leadership and its commitment to becoming a world leading aviation group according to its Vision 2025 strategic roadmap. To support the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) function as one of the businesss profit centers, Ethiopian is upgrading its MRO operations with state-of-the-art facilities and capabilities. In this case study, Ethiopian details how its commitment to standard processes, coupled with the use of MRO IT across the full maintenance footprint including engineering, planning, execution and materials, will enable a best-in-class maintenance unit suitable for both its mixed fleet and rapidly expanding MRO operations. Organizational vision underpins the long-term business strategy of many aviation organizations. Ultimately, commitment is what differentiates those airlines that turn their vision into a reality from those that barely progress beyond the formulation of the idea. By commitment, we at Ethiopian Airlines do not only mean in the sense of ambition or dedication there is no shortage of either in aviation rather, we demonstrate commitment in the sense of actually understanding and accepting what that concept requires of the entire organization. And, more often than not, what that commitment requires is change. Airlines embrace change in many ways. The economy is no more

2. SUPPORT THE MODERnIZaTIOn Of MRO PRacTIcEs. The companys growth plans rely heavily on implementing efficient best practices throughout MRO operations. Evaluating business processes and implementing best practices across the maintenance function also demanded a more modern MRO IT solution that reinforced and supported IT driven business transformation. 3. DRIVE EffIcIEncIEs acROss THE MRO ORGanIZaTIOn. In a highly competitive marketplace marked by rising fuel prices, Ethiopian recognized that success would be hinged solely on factors that could be controlled; namely, driving greater operational efficiencies. By implementing an MRO IT solution that offered an integrated view of operations from flight scheduling through to maintenance execution and materials management, the company could drastically improve productivity during all maintenance visits, both scheduled and unscheduled. The search for an MRO IT solution extended beyond the simple selection of a system to collect and store transactional maintenance data; of utmost importance was choosing a system that was transformational one that could help optimize asset lifecycle management and drive continuous improvements across the business. In evaluating a number of vendors, it became apparent that Mxi Technologies Maintenix software was the best solution capable of supporting the increasing sophistication of the Ethiopian fleet, expectations for best practices and efficiency, and rigorous demands for compliance control. With MRO IT objectives in place, the team then directed its focus to articulating what key factors would play a prominent role in the ultimate success of the new software: 1. STanDaRDIZED PROcEssEs. Maintenixs commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) system, applied against Mxis Standard Aviation Solution (SAS) business processes and use cases, set the stage for Ethiopian to deliver an MRO function that could capitalize on standardized industry best-practices. The project team evaluated Mxis SAS processes and use cases against existing processes, identified the details, and made the necessary adjustments to conform to the SAS. In the event that variations of processes were required as part of routine operations, these were easily addressed through minor configuration changes to the software. 2. GOOD DaTa. Ethiopians detailed data migration strategy balanced the demands of the implementation timeline against the availability of human capital and the substantial amount of information that needed to

predictable than the weather, but both impact on operations and exist beyond human influence. However, aviation organizations adapt quickly and repeatedly. This constant force of change on the business can explain why many commercial operators often stagnate when it comes to the areas of their business that can be controlled. However, by avoiding change in these areas, airlines may miss out on the significant opportunities of evolving and proactively driving change through. In this spirit of embracing change, in 2010, Ethiopian Airlines outlined Vision 2025, a fifteen year strategic plan that would support the organizations evolution into Africas most competitive and leading aviation group. With Vision 2025 in place, the project team tasked with developing the MRO IT replacement plan was asked to translate this future vision into tangible, present-day objectives. The team identified three key goals: 1. SUPPORT FLEET MODERnIZaTIOn. Fleet modernization and growth are at the core of Vision 2025, and, as a result, the team identified the aging Maxi-Merlin MRO IT installation as a barrier to short and long-term success. The dated legacy solution would be inefficient in supporting short-term plans for the receipt of the Boeing 777 and the Bombardier Q400. More than that, it would be absolutely incapable of supporting the receipt and ongoing operation of the planned Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 fleets.

Key Success Factors

Strategic planning through Visionary thinking

Defining objectiVes for MRO IT replacement


Using the Maintenix solution, Ethiopian Airlines is confidently managing the maintenance requirements of classic, next-generation and advanced fleets while enjoying the organizational transparency and real time visibility afforded by a modern and holistic maintenance management solution.
be cleansed, transformed and imported to ensure the successful ongoing operation of the new solution. To mitigate the amount of data being migrated at any one time and support a strong organizational change management approach, the team chose a phased implementation and organized system go live by fleet and functionality. The variety of data sources included: Manufacturer source documents (IPC) to derive the majority of the equipment baseline; Data extracted from Maxi-Merlin for job cards, part serial numbers, and last done dates for maintenance tasks; Spreadsheets that were used to track other data elements that existed outside of Maxi-Merlin. 3. ORGanIZaTIOnaL BUY-In. Beyond executive sponsorship, the project team recognized that the success of the Maintenix implementation would hinge on securing the unwavering support of middle management and, ultimately, the end user community. Demystifying the new system goes a long way here. Ethiopians Maintenix training strategy was structured around the skill levels of the user community and the difference in the user interface between Maintenix and the legacy Maxi-Merlin system. Because Maintenix is a real time system, versus the previously used post-work capture system, the team identified that users may need to be closer to workstations and that expectations of when system work needed to be completed relative to shift start times and end times also had to be reset. To protect the companys investment in the Maintenix software and drive maximum value from the system, the MRO organization was tasked as the business owner of the new system, with the IT organization in

a key supporting role. In addition, Ethiopian instituted ongoing monitoring for indicators of non-adherence to process, identifying training improvements, and to drive end user community engagement. The organization also identified key performance indicators which would be assessed over time to measure returns and demonstrate value. Identifying the appropriate project team was acknowledged as an important next step in guaranteeing an implementation that would be delivered on time and on budget. Consequently, leaders from across the organization from C-level executives to end users were engaged as part of the project team and shared in the responsibility of delivering on the projects success. This shared responsibility also encouraged full ownership of the project across the whole of the organization where the result was not solely an MRO project or an IT project, but an Ethiopian Airlines project. Working closely with Mxi Technologies, including executive sponsors together with Mxi Services and IT leads, the Maintenix implementation project team was comprised of the following representation: EXEcUTIVE REPREsEnTaTIOn Lead sponsor Chief Operating Officer, formerly the Vice President of MRO;
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OrganiZing the Project Team


The world of aviation maintenance is evolving. Maintenance organizations looking to maintain their competitive edge and safeguard their future need adaptable maintenance software. With its unparalleled commitment to quality and innovation, Mxi Technologies delivers industry-leading software that lets you keep pace.

Dont just react to changes in the aviation industry. Evolve with them. Join the Evolution.


Co-sponsor Senior VP of Ethiopian MRO Division; Co-sponsor Chief Information Officer. MRO ORGanIZaTIOn REPREsEnTaTIOn Internal Project Manager; SMEs representing major business areas Engineering, Planning, Line Maintenance, Hangar Maintenance, Shops, Quality Assurance, Materials for business process analysis, testing, baseline development, data migration, policy and procedure development, and end user training. IT ORGanIZaTIOn REPREsEnTaTIOn Legacy system technical expertise; Data migration support; Integrations and reports development; IT operations; Administrative management. This collective accountability and cross functional expertise was supremely valuable in ensuring the success of the Maintenix implementation.

In 2011, Ethiopian went live with the Maintenix software and has succeeded in using the system for its next generation 777-200LR and Q400 fleets. The system is fully operational with engineering, planning, execution, materials, and technical records. In the first half of 2012, Ethiopian completed the implementation of Maintenix across the entire fleet, shops and customer MRO operations. On August 14th, 2012, the scope of the implementation grew to include Ethiopians first Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a historic entry into service with a direct, non-stop flight from Washington DC to Addis Ababa. Using the Maintenix solution, Ethiopian Airlines is


Business driVers The induction of the Boeing 787 is core to Ethiopian Airlines Vision 2025 and its objectives for fleet modernization. In addition to enhancing the customer experience, this next-generation aircraft provides the sustainable fuel and maintenance efficiencies necessary to help the company remain competitive in a highly volatile industry. Starting from August, 2012, Ethiopian has taken delivery of four 787 aircraft and has flown over 5,500 hours on revenue-generating routes, serving as an ongoing symbol of the companys African and global leadership. Using Maintenix, Ethiopian has been able to reduce the time from receipt of new aircraft to revenue-generating route operation to 24 hours, with more than 60 scheduled passenger flights taking place within the first two weeks following delivery of each aircraft.

Maintaining the Boeing 787

Mxi Technologies Maintenix software has allowed Ethiopian to confidently manage the technical complexity inherent in the efficient and profitable operation of the 787 fleet. With the airplane generating the As Flying Configuration Report and Maintenix generating the Allowable Configuration Report our Engineering department is able to identify non-compliance at the point of The MainteniX solution maintenance execution, and track the allowable The volume of software parts, coupled with Boeings software configuration per Airworthiness Directive own concept of operations for maintenance of (AD), Service Bulletin (SB), Engineering Order software, posed unique configuration, process, and (EO), or scheduled maintenance activity. While tool challenges for Ethiopians MRO organization. A applicable to the successful operation of any aircraft, data migration strategic assessment highlighted and this transparency is particularly important in the informed the project strategy and implementation operation of a next-generation fleet due to the plan, with several data sources used to set system exponential increase in compatibility rules caused by configuration and aircraft baselines, including an increase in the number of software components the Illustrated Parts Data (IPD) based on the new and the significant revenue impact of maximizing SPEC1000D messaging standard. the use of next-generation fleets.

confidently managing the maintenance requirements of classic, nextgeneration and advanced fleets while enjoying the organizational transparency and real time visibility afforded by a modern and holistic maintenance management solution. Improved decision-making, faster response to maintenance requests, and continued return on experience are just a few of the benefits the company has realized and will continue to realize through the implementation. These benefits and the future receipt of additional Boeing 787 and Airbus 350 aircraft have positioned Ethiopian Airlines for accelerated future growth. In addition, the ongoing extension of the companys third party MRO service offerings to other carriers will constitute a sizeable part of future revenues. Vision 2025 is the driving force behind the complete modernization of the maintenance unit, an ambitious fleet renewal strategy, and the induction of Africas first Boeing 787 fleet into service. By connecting success with its inner purpose through Vision 2025, Ethiopian has realized continued profitability and global recognition. With the next stage of Vision 2025 just around the corner, Ethiopian is bolstered by the successful achievement of these milestones and the knowledge that they can serve as a model for the industry. n

Ethiopian Airlines serves 69 international destinations spanning four continents and is a multi-award winner, recently winning Gold in the African Airline of the Year 2011/2012 Awards organized by the African Aviation News Portal. Ethiopian also received the 2011 AFRAA award for being consistently profitable over the years and won AFRICAN CARGO AIRLINE OF THE YEAR 2011 as well as Airline of the Year 2009 from the African Airlines Association (AFRAA). With its acquisition of and firm orders for several new modern fleets, the airline is well positioned to aggressively pursue the implementation of its 2025 strategic plan to become the leading aviation group in Africa.

With solutions designed specifically for aviation maintenance, Mxi Technologies provides integrated and intelligent software, support, and services to commercial airlines, MROs, OEM aftermarket service providers, and defense operators. Mxi Technologies Maintenix software uses a modern architecture and provides advanced capabilities such as a role-based Web browser interface, long range and automated line planning, automated workflow, electronic signatures, support for portable wireless devices, and a comprehensive range of integration APIs. Mxi Technologies customers range from emerging small to midsized organizations to the largest global enterprises.

About MXI

Mr. Mesfin joined Ethiopian in 1984 as Associate Engineer and progressed through the business, serving in supervisorial and managerial positions in the technical areas. In 1997 and 1999 he was appointed as Director Operations & Technical Systems Support and Chief Information Officers respectively. In 2006, he was assigned as Vice President Maintenance and Engineering. He has been the Chief Operating Officer of Ethiopian since 1st November 2010.


Mesfin Tasew




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Test Engineer (f/m) As a Test Engineer you will be part of our self-acting development teams. You will be responsible for the definition of test cases, creation of automated testing, execution of manual test cases and monitoring and tracking of test results. Job-Responsibilities: Preparation, co-ordination and management of all test activities for either delivery of major releases or minor fixes will also be part of your main duties.

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Regional Sales Manager Job Description: Lead the sales activities for Alkym Management and Control System for Aircraft Maintenance in Asia.

Career opportunities currently on the website include the following so SIGN UP NOW BY CLICKING HERE

w: t: +61 2 9957 3169

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PAST WEBINARS: View Video Recordings of our Live Software Demonstration Webinars at Aircraft IT
Build your own MRO Software Demo Webinar Library. Search through and sign up to view the convenient video recordings of all previous Live MRO Software Demonstration & Masterclass Webinars at the following link: This exceptional video library contains recordings of Live Software Demonstrations and Masterclasses from the following major IT Vendors: TRAX, Swiss-AS (AMOS), Enigma, Rusada, Mxi Technologies, Gen2Systems, Ramco Systems, Aerosoft Systems, 2MoRO Solutions, Lufthansa Technik (manage-m), AV-BASE Systems, plus more. An outline of four of the recent Webinar Recordings can be seen below:

2MoRO Live M&E / MRO Software Demonstration Webinar

6th December 2012

Live MRO / M&E Software Demo of DigiMAINT & DigiDOC

13th December 2012

Sign up for this Webinar recording for an excellent chance to see an as live demonstration of three M&E / MRO software suites (two SAP certified). These three solutions are designed to assist you to track, plan and execute all areas of aircraft maintenance, fleet management, support contract management and product lifecycle management (PLM). The Webinar recording will show you an as live demonstration of 2MoROs sophisticated software solutions and you will learn how they can easily be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure and with other third party systems for companywide benefits. You will see that 2MoRO software can be efficiently integrated within existing IT structures and other third party systems. This can quickly provide company-wide benefits, be extremely cost effective and offer an excellent alternative to traditional M&E / MRO software solutions.

Sign up for this Webinar recording and Join Aerosoft Systems Inc for an as live demonstration of their DigiMAINT M&E application, including support of Rotary Wing Aircraft regimes and the overall integration of DigiREPORTS / BI-Analytics tool as well as our DigiPLAN the Logistics support tool. Following the demonstration of DigiMAINT, a more in-depth presentation of DigiDOC will be delivered showing applications, developed around iSPEC2200 for Task Card generation and delivery to M&E, EO template based authoring, MPD management and obvious IETP delivery as well as revision and local content management. You will see how this cutting edge software solution can provide end-to-end authoring, content management, business process automation, and publishing / transformation capabilities.








About the Live Software Demonstration Webinar Recordings

Whether you missed them the first time around, need to refresh your understanding of available systems before making a key decision or if you are building a reference portfolio of relevant knowledge, these past webinar recordings will add vital market intelligence to your established professional skills. Theyll improve and sharpen your awareness of available solutions and add to your knowledge store. Youll gain an overview of the major MRO software systems on the market today, from the worlds leading IT Vendors, and all at a time and a place compatible with your busy schedule. Each demonstration lasts 1 hour, providing airlines, aircraft operators and MROs with the perfect introduction to each MRO software solution demonstrated.

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Visit: Use the scroll option or view the details of the latest recorded sessions on the right and select a Webinar recording you would like to view. Next click Register for Recording and enter your details. Once approved the video file will appear in your Members Area at the Aircraft IT website. You can then view the Webinar recording as many times as you wish, share it with your colleagues and retain it as part of your own market intelligence reference library.

Digital Aircraft Technical Records & Manuals Masterclass Webinar

24th January 2013

Swiss-AS AMOS Live MRO Software Demonstration Webinar

7th February 2013

Sign up to view this Webinar recording and Join Aircraft Data Systems (ADS) in this digital technical records and manuals master class. You will see an as live demonstration of the ADS Technical Records Manager system (ADSTRM) and learn how to easily manage technical records and the entire maintenance documentation library in electronic format. You will also see you how to manage Technical Publication Authoring, manage manuals in digital format and save modifications. The Webinar will show how to establish an electronic Technical Records library and link the software to other MRO systems plus have technical records available within your current MRO Software System. You will see how to ensure records are returned to maintenance base as soon as possible and how the software can assist with aircraft leasing.

Sign Up to view this Webinar recording to view an as live software demonstration of one of the industrys leading MRO/M&E IT solutions: AMOS. AMOS is a comprehensive, fully-integrated software package managing the maintenance, engineering and logistics requirements of modern airlines and MRO providers. The Webinar will show how AMOS offers a second to none scope of business functionalities as well as an unsurpassed degree of integration a prerequisite for data quality, productivity, reliability and informed business decisions. With over 110 customers worldwide from pure operators of all sizes, major low-cost, regional and flag carriers to large airline groups and MRO/M&E providers, this Webinar is suitable for all operators, airlines, MRO providers and CAMOs.








RO proVider Lufthansa Technik is an interesting case vis--vis MRO IT; not only using the IT, but developing it as well. The Technical Operations WebSuite manage/m stands for managing maintenance, repair and overhaul and automatically comes with the companys MRO services. Our aim is to provide a tailor made system for customers to access all data for their entire fleet aircraft as well as engines and components. Working with our maintenance, repair and overhaul services (MRO), our customers are provided with a comprehensive overview of their fleet, using an entire internet-based software solution. Thus, the manage/m WebSuite enables operators to gain transparent control over their fleet and fulfill their responsibilities to the aviation authorities.

DeVeloping new modules

Insight into the creation of the new manage/m WebSuite 2.0

manage/m director Dr. Falk Kalus and project manager Timo Herster outline recent developments for the system.

manage/m currently consists of 15 modules. The status of modules is never static and always evolving, taking into account customer experience. The people on the development team in Frankfurt and Hamburg are responsible for continuous improvement and further development of the manage/m WebSuite through defined (implementation-) projects. In this way, the team enhances the existing portfolio with further modules and applications. Experienced project managers support the whole development cycle, including briefing the personnel and performing informational workshops with the employees and customers in question.

Among recent projects was the development of m/ reliability a new function within the module which gives insight into the actual efficiency of maintenance program intervals. To what extent are we governed by the maintenance intervals provided by the authorities?

Maintenance schedule condition monitoring


How many actual findings are there within the inspections and is there any room for improvement within the interval scheduling? Our MSCM (Maintenance Schedule Condition Monitoring) project team found an answer to these questions. The Lufthansa Technik system engineers have developed a tool with which they can evaluate the findings and non-findings on an aircraft. Their newly developed system, for example, shows if there are fewer findings than anticipated during inspections of MS items in the Maintenance Program. MSCM is seamlessly integrated into the manage/m WebSuite: as mentioned above, it enhances the module m/reliability, which gives information about the efficiency of the maintenance program, displaying details on the actual findings and non-findings of an aircraft. Until now, official maintenance intervals have been set according to the relative frequency of possible errors. m/reliability now offers an even more extensive data base, with which maintenance intervals of MS items can be evaluated and rated in a substantiated way. Within the new function, different charts give an insight to the actual efficiency of maintenance program intervals. An automatic alert informs the system engineer if, for example, a red line within a chart is crossed indicating that an MS item has been found on very few occasions over a known period. In this case, an adjustment of the appropriate maintenance interval might be a suitable option and the component in question can be used to its full potential. The new function has been available for our customers and system engineers since late August and can be used by all manage/m customers sending their finding and non-finding data to m/reliability.

ArkeFly, gave us direct feedback concerning the functions and tested the new functionalities with our developers. This kind of evaluation helps us proficiently build modules, designing them according to customers needs and wants thus making sure they fulfill their purpose and are most efficient at the same time. Therefore, the next collaboration was soon to follow with our most recent project: WebSuite 2.0. Since 2005, we have offered customers an integrated and Internetbased platform including all manage/m functionalities: the manage/m Technical Operations WebSuite. Our objective is that, at the touch of a button, an operator can supply any information for which s/ he may be asked from showing the progress of an AD implementation to reviewing the technical status of the entire fleet. In recent years we have started focusing on new technologies such as, Web 2.0 and mobile technologies to make for greater ease of use. As the product history of manage/m shows, we like to set trends with our ideas and technologies. We also like our customers to get what they want, which is why we have regular customer feedbacks concerning the WebSuite. The received

Why a new WebSuite

feedback in 2010 and 2012 underlined that our customers particularly wish to have an even faster and easier way to access information on the manage/ m WebSuite customized to their individual needs. Since the current manage/m WebSuite is built in a static way with the same graphical user interface for all customers, the user role-based design and access was one of our main priorities when constructing the new WebSuite. Thus, the project WebSuite 2.0 was born, focusing on designing an inventive WebSuite offering customer; an even more convenient way to store and access their information. 14 people are involved in the whole project. This includes Timo Herster, project manager, manage/m plus assistant project manager Dr. Monica Gavrila, as well as IT developers, experts in the manage/m IT operation, and employees of manage/m training and communications department who will take care of all the necessary tasks after the new WebSuite has been rolled out to customers. We will then need an effective communication concept to inform customers about the new functions and how to use them. Team members from the product management division take care of all this, including training for customers. The project members from manage/m operations are extremely important, as they bring to the project the necessary expertise with respect to technical and vocational

OrganiZation and Project Plan

The ability to promptly present evidence of a perfectly executed maintenance program with all work completed on time and in a compliant manner is very important for an aircraft operator.
Another interesting advance for WebSuite is the steady enhancement of the module m/compliance. As the name suggests, m/compliance tool provides customers with accurate information concerning the maintenance status of their fleet. The ability to promptly present evidence of a perfectly executed maintenance program with all work completed on time and in a compliant manner is very important for an aircraft operator. The WebService documents the proper implementation of the currently approved maintenance program at the push of a button via an eye-catching traffic light system. As long as all lights are green, everything is on schedule and thereby on time. After we implemented the traffic light system, we also added supplementary maintenance such as status reports for AD and SB (Airworthiness Directive and Service Bulletin) documents into m/ compliance. Working with our customers is very important to us and was a significant element, especially within the development of the m/compliance traffic light system. It was the first time that one of our premium customers,

Compliance monitoring Via a traffic light system

Dr. Monica Gavrila and Timo Herster have been managing the project WebSuite 2.0 according to the Scrum Framework


project members from manage/m operations are extremely important, as they bring to the project the necessary expertise with respect to technical and vocational skills and thus help to define many aspects of the new WebSuite on a technical basis.

skills, and thus help to define many aspects of the new WebSuite on a technical basis. Monica and Timo are responsible for the specification, implementation, and rollout of the new manage/m WebSuite 2.0. At first, there was a preliminary study written by the product management called manage/m WebSuite Navigation 2.0. That study explained why we needed a new WebSuite, what our current status was and what had to be changed. After several meetings and talks with our IT department we concluded that the technical basis on which the new WebSuite would be set should be our Lufthansa Technik internal platform WebBox, which is based on the Liferay portal server. From then on our main challenges were to migrate the current manage/m WebSuite as well as to implement the design ideas of the manage/m WebSuite Navigation 2.0 study to the new WebSuite. We consequently made the decision to cluster the whole project into several project parts. The first part of the project concentrated on the migration of the current WebSuite to the WebBox: this project was called WebSuite@WebBox. The next step was to create a prototype of the WebSuite 2.0 on the new platform. In January 2013, we were ready to start with the final project part: the realization of the WebSuite 2.0 which will take approximately until late summer this year (2013). As the projects manager, Timo took responsibility for the migration project WebSuite@WebBox. Later, it was his and Monicas idea to implement a prototype in order to get customer feedback on the new WebSuite visions right from the start. During the realization part of WebSuite 2.0 we dealt with all kinds of demands concerning the new WebSuite including collecting, verifying, and prioritizing new ideas, and creating suitable concepts. In addition, we are responsible for the correct implementation of the product. This means we have to make sure the product will be successfully delivered to the customer market during final roll-out. There were several reasons for building a prototype first, prominent among which were to implement a completely new framework and to define an appealing new layout and design for the manage/m WebSuite. We had to create a new concept for site navigation and specify certain basic portlets, which serve as a direct link through which one enters the different manage/m modules. Another reason was to proof the technology, as we had to make sure the system we envisioned was actually able to function correctly. Finally, we wanted to ensure in advance that customers and colleagues had a first impression and could navigate within, as well as work with, the new WebSuite. We thus handed out a number of questionnaires to these internal and

Creating a Prototype

The notes on the WebSuite 2.0 project board show past and current activities as well as upcoming project tasks

external test users, which returned some great new insights and ideas. We organized several workshops with colleagues and external IT developers, and created a few mock ups in order to get a first impression of how the new WebSuite might look, taking particular account of ideas presented in the preliminary study. Among many concepts that we wanted to consider was the separation of the private and customer area. For this we deliberately decided to have two different designs one for each area. The public area layout has been developed according to our Lufthansa Technik internet website. In the private area, we were envisioning an ergonomic design which allows an optimized display of information. In consideration of all the different screen resolutions used by our customers, we aimed for an adaptable design which always uses the available space in the best possible way. We also focused on creating faster access to the different module applications via a my application portlet. This way it is possible to enter an applications function without any further breakpoints. The user will consequently save time and trouble when searching for the different functions within the applications, as these functions will directly appear with only one click. While creating the prototype, it was a great benefit that the original manage/m WebSuite had already moved to the Lufthansa Technik standard portal platform WebBox based on the Liferay portal Software. WebBox serves as a standardized, clearly structured portal landscape supporting information portals of the Lufthansa Technik Group (websites) and application portals allowing employees and customers direct access to their tools. It comes with a rich set of functions, both for information portals (websites) as well as for application portals (web applications). Liferay is a very good portal when using portlets which serve as an access to the different modules as they can be developed distinctly, then arranged on a modular basis. In this way we have a whole toolbox of different modules, which can be assembled for our needs. Moreover, we also have one platform to hand for the whole Lufthansa Technik Group, meaning that all the different layouts of headers have been defined in advance and all portals running on the WebBox including manage/m are able to use these designs. In short, we could build our site with no extra IT investment necessary, putting together the predefined modular components that were already existing on our Lufthansa Technik platform like our header and side bars. At the same time, we were able to create a site which was automatically in sync with Lufthansa Technik corporate design. After having created the prototype, it was essential to verify the stability as well as the functional benefits of the WebSuite 2.0 on the WebBox platform. An important part of the whole project has been the role of


our customers, especially of our customer ArkeFly, who volunteered to offer us their assistance in developing ideas, testing, and giving us feedback on the prototype. We deeply appreciate this collaboration, as it helped us adjust a few aspects of the WebSuite according to the view of our customer. When building an integrated customer application portal, close cooperation with the customer is essential to assure a product which meets the needs, wants, and functionalities a modern aircraft fleet operator requires. ArkeFly was pleased with the outcome of the prototype. They especially enjoyed the new appearance with its improved user friendliness as well as the fact that modules used daily were directly available after login less clicking and searching. But ArkeFly also made clear that we still had to adjust certain functions. An example was that providing technical aircraft status directly in the WebSuite should not be limited to a single aircraft but also be possible for a complete fleet Another improvement they suggested was to automatically transfer the tail sign of an aircraft when directly entering a certain function within the application, avoiding the additional trouble of always having to choose the aircraft when starting a new quest. We also learned that it would be useful to have role-specific workplaces in accordance with the different user requirements for instance, an engineer has different requirements from a logistician. At this point we knew we were on the right track. We had a solid vision of the new WebSuites design and layout,and the corresponding feedback, as well as the proof of technical functionality. The next step therefore was the realization of the final WebSuite 2.0, a phase which started in January 2013 and will end this summer. We decided to organize the realization of the WebSuite 2.0 as an agile project according to the Scrum Framework. There were several reasons for this decision: as we already had a technical basis for the prototype, we were able to quickly develop new features, something that is essential within an agile project. Scrum teams deliver products incrementally, maximizing opportunities for feedback. We had so many different ideas out of which the best would be implemented and we wanted to make the final

decisions interactively within the whole team. Finally, one of the main reasons was the flexibility this procedure offers us, as we are able to promptly react to different ideas and visions. Scrum was developed in the early 1990s and serves as a framework for developing and sustaining complex products. Incremental deliveries of the new product ensure that a potentially useful version of the working artifact is always available. This way we are able to build the new WebSuite step by step and function by function. The word Scrum originates in rugby football, describing the situation when the team gathers closely together in a circle before they re-start the play. Scrum therefore employs an interactive approach to optimize predictability and control risk within a project. Thus, regular communication about different steps in the project and close teamwork are important factors of the framework. We gather for four formal Scrum events, such as: our Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning Meeting, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective. Each role within Scrum serves a specific purpose and is essential to Scrums success. The team model of Scrum is designed to optimize flexibility, creativity, and productivity. Our Scrum Team consists of a Product Owner, the Development Team and the Scrum Master. As Product Owner, Monica is responsible for the advancements of the product maximizing the value of the new manage/ m WebSuite 2.0. Timo is the Scrum Master, and had to establish Scrum as a new method of project management within the team.

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The whole eet at your ngertips: Lufthansa Technik MRO-IT solution manage/m
Keep control Quality assured Airline proven

Agile Project Management

Product Owner Dr. Monica Gavrila takes responsibility for the advancements of the new WebSuite 2.0

Scrum teams deliver products incrementally, maximizing opportunities for feedback. We had so many different ideas out of which the best would be implemented and we wanted to make the final decisions interactively within the whole team. Finally, one of the main reasons was the flexibility this procedure offers us, as we are able to promptly react to different ideas and visions.

Lufthansa Technik AG

Technical Operations WebSuite

More mobility for the world

136,5x181+A_manage-m_RZ01.indd 1

19.01.12 10:53


ABOUT Lufthansa Technik Maintenance International GmbH

Lufthansa Technik Maintenance International GmbH provides more than 130 airlines worldwide with maintenance services ranging from single transit checks to entire technical operations support. The wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik AG, that was founded in January 2009 has its headquarters on the south side of Frankfurt Airport and currently employs about 760 staff. The company is also supported by many colleagues from Lufthansa Technik as well as by local service providers worldwide.

Dr. Falk Kalus is Director of the manage/m department at Lufthansa Technik Maintenance International. He has managed several development IT projects in the context of Lufthansa Techniks manage/m and has been head of the approximately 40 strong department since 2009. He joined the company in 2001. Dr. Kalus studied Business Informatics and obtained his Ph.D. in statistical methods in economics.
Close collaboration between Product Owner Dr. Monica Gavrila and Scrum Master Timo Herster


The Sprint is a time box of one month or less during which a potentially releasable product increment has been created. A new Sprint starts immediately after the conclusion of the former Sprint. For this project, we have planned a total of seven Sprints of three weeks each. Every Sprint consists of Scrum events as well as the development work. As the name suggests, Sprint Planning serves as a preparation for the next Sprint. It defines what will be delivered in the upcoming product increment, as well as what has to be done to achieve this goal. It is very important for the whole team to come together for this step, we either meet in Hamburg or get together via a video conference call, depending on the number of tasks we have scheduled for the next Sprint. Our daily Scrum takes no more than 15 minutes in which the development team synchronizes its activities and creates a schedule for the next 24 hours. We usually do the daily Scrum via conference call, as our team has members in both Frankfurt and Hamburg. The project leader (Scrum Master) has to ensure all members of the development team can focus on their tasks and that any impediments are eliminated. At the end of each Sprint we meet for a Sprint Review in order to evaluate the latest increment of our product,

which takes about two hours. During this meeting the whole team and a group of stakeholders come together in order to generate as much feedback on the current status of the product as possible. Good and feasible ideas can instantly be added to the next Sprint. The Sprint Retrospective takes place after the Sprint Review and is an opportunity for the whole team to inspect its performance and collaboration and create a plan of improvements for the next Sprint. In meetings at the end of a project the team has the chance to implement, in the upcoming Sprint, findings and lessons that have been learned. As ideas for improvements are generated within the team, acceptance of changes is very high. Because Scrum is a framework which requires maximum team productivity and communication, it is important to get together as often as possible; a challenge with team members based over two locations; Hamburg and Frankfurt. We have solved this by making sure that we meet in person at least once every three weeks for our Sprint Review and Retrospectives. The other meetings are held via conference call or video conference. Another huge task during this realization is creating

manage/m director Dr. Falk Kalus highlights new functions within the Technical Operations WebSuite

a WebSuite that suits all manage/m customers. Our clients are quite heterogeneous from Start-Up operators to established airline customers with large fleets: hence, it is a challenge to meet the requirements of all our users. Considering different business roles and creating a modular and easy to extend WebSuite helps us to meet that challenge and we do our best to make the most of it for everyone. Looking back to the beginning of the project, the Scrum method has been a good decision for the realization of WebSuite 2.0. Without it we would still be framing theories on what could be done, while at this point we already have a functioning WebSuite at hand which is constantly tested and improved. As other manage/m module developers work with this kind of agile project management nowadays as well, we can foresee it becoming quite common for Lufthansa Technik IT developments. We hope that our new manage/m WebSuite 2.0 satisfies the customer as much as we have enjoyed the challenge of creating it. n

Timo Herster is Project Manager, Internet Based MRO at Lufthansa Technik Maintenance International. He joined Lufthansa in 2000 and is currently responsible for enhancing the Technical Operations WebSuite manage/m, including increasing usability for customers as well as developing mobile technologies. Before his work for manage/ m he managed several IT projects at the logistics subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik. Mr. Herster studied Business Informatics and obtained Project Management certificates from IPMA and the Scrum Alliance.





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Vendor Job Card


What keeps Volartec moving forward?

John Barry shares some secrets of their success with Aircraft IT.
where he became John Barry began his aviation career in Shannon Aerospace in 1990 in Aviation BBS (Hons) his ed Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. He complet airline the Management in 2010 then worked in engineering positions within EUJet GM sector (Ryanair - LAME, CityJet Senior Specialist Engineer and ng brought groundi That ed. develop was Engineering) where the interest in IT in IT. John ing specializ nt about time spent as an independent aviation consulta as VP Ltd spent four years with the helicopter software system provider MSS overseas office. Customer Relations before joining Volartec to establish their first

AIRCRaFT IT: Your name, your job title and the name of the business? JOHN BARRY: John Barry, VP Business Development, Volartec. AIRCRaFT IT: How did Volartec get started? JB: Almost 12 years ago, an internal project was developed within an airline in Argentina to produce a maintenance management software solution. It was commercially separated four years later when Volartec was incorporated. The initial success in LATAM [Latin America] built the foundation for a push to other regions. With the key people utilising the product in a live environment from the start it ensured a user friend flexible system was designed, which has been maintained to this day. Even though we have added many new people to the organisation over the years, all the original people remain core to Volartec. It speaks volumes for the working atmosphere in our offices. AIRCRaFT IT: What is the attraction of aircraft related IT? JB: Over the course of my career, I have worked in many different aspects of Aviation, mainly from a technical perspective. It became clear to me many years ago that technology would drive productivity and in turn profitability. The ability to grow a business without adding excessive cost is critical to survival. My desire to be part of the solution led me ultimately to Volartec.

AIRCRaFT IT: What is the guiding business principle that drives Volartec? JB: We believe in providing our customers with a complete integrated solution for all their technical requirements at a cost that is truly affordable. To get our solution into small and medium sized operators all over the world, where we can grow in tandem is core to our business. Of course, we do not just sell our product but also our project skills implementing the software in a very short time frame. We will look at how the customer wants to work and ensure Alkym meets those objectives. With us, COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) does not mean inflexible. AIRCRaFT IT: What has been Volartecs greatest IT achievement to date, and why? JB: Working within the Aviation sector, one sees many factors drive technology change both from an operational and technical perspective. The ability to ensure Alkym continues to adapt with those changes is our priority. The technological evolution of Alkym makes it the tool of choice for customers to dynamically manage their information. This is undoubtedly the IT achievement of which we are most proud. AIRCRaFT IT: What has been Volartecs greatest business achievement to date, and why? JB: Moving from the LATAM market-leading position to open our first overseas office in Ireland. In the short time since this office opened to cover

EMEA we have 14 satisfied customers now using Alkym in a live operating environment. This cemented our belief that Alkyms balance between functionality and price is exactly in the right place. The success there allowed us to recently extend that concept to APAC with the opening of our office in Australia. AIRCRaFT IT: What have been Volartecs disappointments and what have you learned from them? JB: Not reaching out to the global market sooner than we did. We built a strong product and customer base in LATAM initially. It could have allowed us to extend our reach sooner than we actually did if we had more self-belief. However, to turn that into a positive, it has taught us that when you have the product and service right the timing will take care of itself. We have learnt to walk very well and are now running when we should be. Show me a person with no disappointments and I will show you someone who has never tried anything worthwhile. AIRCRaFT IT: In a sentence, how would you summarize what Volartec does for aviation customers? JB: We give them what they need at a price they can afford. AIRCRaFT IT: What is new on Volartecs development horizon?

JB: Our development is unrelenting and driven by our customers (both existing and potential). There is no completed solution on the market, for certain, and there never will be. At the moment we are working on many new features and complete a major release every three months. The last one was an updated planning Ghant chart enhancement. Our next release brings in multi-company capabilities. We have a well-defined road map of where the product is going. AIRCRaFT IT: What will be the next big thing in Aviation IT? JB: Those working in a regulated environment like aviation actually tend not to set trends but follow them. You cannot just develop and test a new concept in those circumstances and see a ROI [return on investment] that makes the effort worthwhile. As a result Aviation will follow proven solutions. For example, there will be more cloudbased solutions being implemented in time. When the IT industry brings proven solutions to Big Data then the possibilities will become endless for Aviation. AIRCRaFT IT: What do you want your customers to say about Volartec? JB: Rather than promise to deliver we delivered the promise. AIRCRaFTIT: John Barry, thank you for your time.


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Offering DigiPLAN, DigiREPORTS and AeroBUY common Logistics, Analytics and B2B tools for DigiMAINT and WebPMI MRO systems. Our DigiDOC CMS is agnostic of MRO with proven integration with any competitors system, in addition to our own.
iSPEC2200, S1000D, DITA, SPEC2000, SPEC2300

he Aircraft IT Tender Upload function allows Airlines, Aircraft Operators and MROs the opportunity to send their software requirements to 30+ of the worlds leading MRO IT Vendors at the click of a mouse. Its all of a piece with Aircraft ITs mission to put readers in front of as many opportunities as possible to maximise their professional effectiveness; this time by linking to other professionals with a proven track record of matching complex requirements with effective software solutions. Whether you are looking for full end-to-end Modular Maintenance & Engineering Management Software, ERP, Fully Integrated MRO software, Digital Documentation Management solutions, Supply Chain Management Software, Document Scanning Solutions, or something more, this Tender upload feature will allow you to send your requirements to all the major IT Vendors at the same time... and its not rocket science! In fact, it couldnt be easier.

Visit the Tender Upload page at the Aircraft IT MRO Website by clicking here. Login below with your Aircraft IT Membership details. If you are not a member click on sign up and enter your details it is free to join. If you are already logged in click on Upload Tender below. Fill in the Tender Upload form and upload a PDF document of your requirements. Under the Software Type section, which ever box you tick sends your Tender to all the IT Vendors in that section of the Aircraft IT website. Click Upload Tender and your information will be sent to the key contacts at the IT Vendors. Once the Tender has been uploaded the IT Vendors will very soon send you details about their software and product solutions that would be suitable to address your requirements.

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The first conference to combine COCKPIT AND CABIN CONNECTIVITY

Topics to include:
Air-to-ground communications and connectivity KU band (current) / KA band (future) Ancillary revenues & IFE connectivity In-Flight phones and roaming charges Gatelink Live food services data Live Duty Free Analytics PAX data Cabin crew reports Complaints live GUI Live update GSM and internet data analytics AHM and EHM Live TV streaming

Aircraft e-Enablement (Connectivity & IFE) Conference

Media server live updates Live multiplayer games Live Black Boxes data download Communications to maintenance teams Live BITE trend analytics CCTV broadcast EFB map updates Cockpit data support Voice communications Live weather updates

This new addition to the Aircraft Commerce series of events will be the rst event of its kind to cover all aspects of aircraft communications, connectivity and IFE. The aim of the event will be to help all airline departments to better utilise the various e-enabled aspects of their modern commercial aircraft.

October 1 - 2 2013
st nd

Please visit our website to download the brochure with agenda for this event: For speaker, sponsorship and exhibition space opportunities and to discuss your participation in this exciting new event, please contact: Simon Barker Tel: +44 (0)1403 230 700 E-mail:

At the Park Inn Hotel at London Heathrow Airport


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Technology development is rarely singular or linear. Most often, multiple developments in several areas will converge to create new and disruptive realities offering opportunities, yes, but also the challenge of keeping up and the decision of whether to go with the new idea just yet. Aircraft IT MRO aims to help readers see through the clutter to the stuff that matters. The next issue (Volume 2 Issue 3) will be no exception with

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The latest MRO IT News White Paper: Documentation today

Part 1: what are the challenges for aircraft documentation?

White Paper: Project Management

Next in the series Project planning for MRO software implementation.

Case Study: New solutions for line maintenance.

Your key technical documents delivered directly to your computer or mobile device.
eMan was a perfect t with an intuitive user interface for both our librarian and engineering teams. By using eMan on our mobile devices our engineers benet even more from an efcient maintenance process as part of ongoing ight operation by having all information available whenever or wherever needed.
Markus Krger, Head of Technical Documentation, airberlin technik

Making use of the latest developments in IT and mobile devices.

Case Study: Supply chain

Implementing MROI System through the supply chain.

Aircraft IT MRO Volume 2 Issue 3

Due out: June 2013
Aircraft IT MRO bringing knowledge to your desktop.

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MRO Software Directory

Key at-a-glance information from the worlds leading MRO software providers.
There are three recognized categories of MRO software solutions: 1) Pure-play MRO solutions also known as Best of Breed (BoB) 2) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions 3) Specialist Point Solutions Software solutions assigned to categories 1 & 2 offer a complete endto-end MRO solution for airlines, MROs and aircraft operators and meet most business system requirements for MRO facilities and airlines of any size seeking a new MRO software solution or looking to replace or renew an existing one. Pure-play systems are designed specifically for the aviation MRO industry and typically offer a complete solution to fit with the highly regulated nature of the industry. ERP MRO Solutions are part of a complete end-to-end enterprise wide software package and allow for extended capability with other systems such as Finance and Human Resources. Specialist Point solutions are MRO systems that are particularly strong in certain niche areas and usually complement the pure-play solutions. For ease of reference the directory below is divided into two sections: Pure-play and ERP MRO Solutions; and Specialist Point Solutions

Pureplay, BoB and ERP MRO Solutions


W: T: +33 (0)559 013 005 (EMEA & Asia) T: +001 514 861 8686 (Americas) E:

W: T: +33 (0) E:

Name of Product Marketed AIRPACK Number of Modules.........6 Key Business/Software Areas AIRTIME - Fleet management & CAMO AIRSTOCK - Inventory control & Logistic AIRDOC - Documentation management AIRSTAT - Reliability and statistic reports AIRWORK - Time Tracking Software


Company formed: 1998, Office Location: France, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil

Company formed: 2004, Office Location: France (HQ) and Canada Name of Product Marketed Aero One, Aero-Webb, BFly Number of Modules.........6 Key Business/Software Areas Fleet Management Technical Referential Management Maintenance Forecasting Inspection, Sentencing, Workbench Configuration Control

Created in 2004, 2MoRO Solutions is an innovative company dedicated to software development for the Aerospace & Defense market (operational and R&D needs). We are located in America and in Europe. Our solutions are operated in 17 countries. We provide three high value products: Aero-One, Aero-Webb, BFly. We have partnership with the world best of class ERP and PLM software providers, SAP and PTC. Our products are fully integrated with ERP offering cross functionalities: Accounting, Financials, Sales, Purchasing , Operations, Inventory & Distribution. We offer specific A&D functionalities: Fleet Management, Technical Referential Mgt, Maintenance Forecasting, Maintenance Execution, Inspection & Sentencing, Configuration Control, CRM & CSM.

ADSoftware has developed an integrated fleet management system and logistic package called AIRPACK. This 6 modules system replies to the needs of aircraft and helicopters operators, as well as MRO and CAMO centres. It meets all requirements in terms of functionality, traceability, performance, aviation legislation and regulations.Today, ADSoftware counts more than 45 clients worldwide. The strength of ADSoftware is the simplicity of its products; they are Microsoft Windows ready, Web-enabled, available in various languages and a complete training can be done in just five days. The company also provides a 24/7 online technical support and extremely competitive pricing conditions.

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A Story of Success
The project commitment of Swiss-AS was very high in areas such as project management, consulting, training and go-live support, states Alitalia.
Read more about the world-class M&E software system at SWISS-AS.COM


W: T: +1 (425) 466-5013 +1 (614) 377-9644 E:

Name of Product Marketed Wings NG Number of Modules.........14 Key Business/Software Areas Fleet Management Maintenance Engineering Material Management Production Planning Labor Collection, Billing


Company formed: 1992, Office Location: Bellevue, Tampa USA; Istanbul, Turkey

W: T: +1 905.678.9564 E:

Name of Product Marketed DigiMAINT, DigiDOC, WebPMI/DJM Number of Modules.........5


W: T: +1 519-691-0919 E:


Company formed: 1997, Office Location: Mississauga,Ontario, Canada; Miami,FL,USA; Austria

Company formed: 1997, Office Location: Mississauga,Ontario, Canada; Miami,FL,USA; Austria Name of Product Marketed WinAir Essentials; WinAir Express; WinAir Pro-SQL; and WinAir Enterprise Number of Modules.........5 Key Business/Software Areas Complex Maintenance Programs / Configuration Management Aircraft and Internal Shop Production Inventory Control & Procurement Opertational Administration Reliability Module
AV-BASE Systems develops and supports the successful series of WinAir maintenance and inventory software solutions. With over 20 years committed to the aviation industry, WinAir is a proven solution to increase operational efficiency and harmonize departments in even the most complex operations. The WinAir Series includes 24/7 technical support, top tier help and documentation, as well as professional training and implementation options. WinAir users span the globe and include Airlines, Government Operations, MROs, Military Operations, Law Enforcement Agencies, Corporate Aviation Firms, and Aviation Services such as Medical Evacuation organizations. Visit for a solution that works in the real world.

APPLIED DATABASE TECHNOLOGY (ADT) is a professional services and software development firm that provides MRO software solutions for aircraft operators as well as aircraft repair and overhaul organizations. Our commitment to this business segment is proven with our software package, WINGS, designed specifically for the aerospace companies. ADT has been in the software business since 1992 and built an excellent customer reference base. Our first priority is always customer satisfaction thus we have obtained 100% customer satisfaction since 1992. ADT has a proven record to develop reference accounts in the Aviation industry along with other high technology companies which are considered to be leaders in their fields.

Key Business/Software Areas Maintenance and Engineering Management Digital Document Content Management Business Intelligence Reporting Business 2 Business transaction interface Interface to Financials / Flight Operations
AeroSoft Systems Inc. is unique in MRO/IT, born in 1997, out of aircraft OEM digital document systems and the evolution of ATA iSPEC2200 and SPEC2000 standards. AeroSoft has two distinct MRO/IT products: DigiMAINT and WebPMI sharing a common set of optional modules for BI, B2B, Finance and Flight Operations, plus DigiDOC, a state of the art digital content management system. AeroSoft has the unique expertise to integrate DigiDOC with any competitive MRO/IT system. AeroSofts strategic partners include Hexaware Technologies Inc. who are jointly going to market internationally offering large IT capacity at competitive rates.

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Company formed: 1997, Office Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada Name of Product Marketed RAAS & RAAS Express Number of Modules.........7 Key Business/Software Areas Production Planning and Management CAMO Solutions Inspection Document Management Inventory and Procurement Reliabiliity and Performance Analysisl
AISs RAAS system is a best-of-breed M&E solution for mid-size operators. Our solution is 100% browserbased and tablet friendly, compatible with all major browsers including Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. RAAS includes industry-leading functionality such as task-step level signature, parallel inspection program management per type, digital part certification handling, iPAD/Android tablet-based EFB , electronic maintenance status board, centralized document library, wireless barcode scanning, and much more. RAAS offers flexible pricing and system hosting options making it suitable for a wide range of customer types and sizes.

W: T: +1 807-625-9260 E:


W: T: +44 (0) 1621 817 425 E:


W: T: +33 (0) 562 74 75 00 E:


Company formed: 1971, Office Location: Tiptree, Derby, Norwich, Gatwick, UK; Brisbane, Australia; Coimbatore, India Name of Product Marketed OASES Number of Modules.........10 Key Business/Software Areas User Friendly - ease of use for all levels of expertise Excellent Support - full support throughout the life cycle of the product Scalability - can grow with your business Cost - low cost of ownership Security - proven security

Office location: HQ: Colomiers / France. Offices in Moscow ; Singapore ; Quito (Ecuador) Name of Product Marketed AMASIS > 7 core modules + 6 add-ons KEOPS > 8 core modules + 11 add-ons IBIS > 6 core modules Number of Modules.........13 Key Business/Software Areas Line Maintenance Base Maintenance Engineering Procurement / Stores Business Intelligence
AMASIS is a robust turnkey solution to manage and optimize the aircraft maintenance. With 80+ active customers, AMASIS is a reliable solution for operators with fleets of all sizes and MRO. The new interface and the integrated Business Intelligence module (optional) brings to users the right tools to improve the maintenance processes. Our experts propose high level services to assit users during the implementation phase and the day to day operations (customizations, data upload, training, audit).

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Communications Software Ltd provides the Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System (OASES), covering all aspects of aircraft maintenance for airlines and third-party maintainers. Areas covered include: inventory control; rotable tracking; demand handling; requirements planning; PO and RO processing; component and aircraft technical records; maintenance forecasting; aircraft check planning and documentation, plus check accomplishment analysis; aircraft technical log recording; shop floor data collection; work in progress; time and attendance monitoring; and system and component reliability analysis, plus repetitive defects, sales order processing, full quotation management, invoice passing, advanced scheduling, line maintenance control, AD/SB evaluation and deferred defect management. The company provides electronic AMMs and IPCs linked electronically to, and accessible by, the system.

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W: T: +49 69 696 91628 E:

Company formed: 1995, Office Location: Worldwide Name of Product Marketed manage/m Number of Modules.........15 Key Business/Software Areas Compliance Reporting MPD management and revision service Task scheduling and control Material management Management of technical findings (PiRep & MaRep)


W: T: +1 305 538 8499 E:


Lufthansa Techniks unique Technical Operations WebSuite manage/m allows commercial aircraft operators to manage all core functions of their fleets technical operations as an entirely web-based system online anytime and anywhere. manage/m is provided at no extra costs to every customer holding a MRO contract with Lufthansa Technik. Rounding out Lufthansa Techniks all-encompassing portfolio of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, the modules of manage/m comprise a complete range of airline-proven support functions that permit operators to live up to their responsibilities towards the aviation authorities. Reflecting Lufthansa Techniks MRO competence in all of its facets, manage/m provides you with the necessary information to live up to your responsibilities as an operator in full. Quality monitoring, reliability trends, status reports, documentation and tracking of shop events in real-time are just a few of the available WebServices.

Company formed: 1996, Office Location: USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, Asia-Pacific, Singapore, Malaysia Name of Product Marketed Ramco Aviation Enterprise Solution, Ramco Aviation M&E solution, Ramco Aviation MRO Solution, Ramco Aviation Analytics, Ramco Electronic Flight Bag(EFB), Ramco ePublications, Ramco Aviation Manufacturing OnDemand, Ramco eProcurement Number of Modules.........20 Key Business/Software Areas Maintenance & Engineering Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Aviation Manufacturing and Repair Stations Human Resources Finance
Ramco Systems is the worlds largest provider of Aviation M&E, MRO and Manufacturing software solutions designed from the ground up for Commercial Passenger and Cargo, Military, PBL, PBM, Fixed Wing & Rotor, Fleet Operators, MRO providers and OEM organizations. The solutions are offered On-premise (in-house), through an Application Service Provider, or OnDemand utilizing its solutions and automation tools in running lean, efficient and profitable operations. Ramcos Series 5 provides a positive impact on reducing turn times while increasing operational performance and compliance through the full integration of engineering, supply chain, maintenance planning and execution, and compliance modules in an elegant graphical interface.

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W: T: +1 613-747-4698 E:


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AircraftIT: All about Solutions for Airlines and Aircraft

Company formed: 1996, Office Location: Ottawa, Amsterdam,Detroit, Seattle, Washington, Sydney, Tampa, Saudi Arabia Name of Product Marketed Maintenix, Maintenix CE Number of Modules.........5 Key Business/Software Areas Maintenance Engineering & Information Management Maintenance Planning Maintenance Execution Material management Business Support & Analytics
With solutions designed specifically for aviation maintenance, Mxi Technologies provides integrated and intelligent software, support, and services to commercial airlines, MROs, OEM aftermarket service providers, and defense operators. Mxi Technologies Maintenix software uses a modern architecture and provides advanced capabilities such as a role-based Web browser interface, long range and automated line planning, automated workflow, electronic signatures, support for portable wireless devices, and a comprehensive range of integration APIs. Our customers range from emerging, small- to mid-sized organizations to the largest global enterprises. For more information and to find out how you can join the evolution of aviation maintenance, visit today.

W: T: 03333 440730 E:


Company formed: 1987, Office Location: Europe, Middle East, Asia, Far East Name of Product Marketed Envision Number of Modules.........10 (Single database) Key Business/Software Areas Technical records and Asset Management Asset and Stock Management Operations Engineering & Maintenance Quality, Safety and Analytics
Rusada is a global leader in the development of complex asset management software for the aerospace industry. With over 20 years heritage, Rusada, provides a range of tools and integrated IT solutions to enable the complete management of fleets of aircraft and the optimisation of the service provision around them. Headquartered in Switzerland with operations in the Far East, Middle East, Asia and Europe, Rusada serves over 60 major customers worldwide, spanning clients that include Operators, MROs and OEMs. Rusadas Envision toolkit is an industry benchmark within aviation, managing over 1500 aircraft in 20 countries. Latest innovations include the development of an Analytical Manager for live KPI analysis and monitoring against thresholds via a web based dashboard, and a new Safety Management Module designed to assist with a companys Safety Management Procedures.

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Company formed: 1993, Office Location: Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore Name of Product Marketed ARMS: Airline Resource Management System, InfoPrompt: Integrated Document Management System Number of Modules.........4 Key Business/Software Areas Engineering & Maintenance Sub-System (ARMS - EMSS) Heavy MRO Sub-System (ARMS HMRO)* Logistics & Inventory Management Sub-System (ARMS LIMSS) InfoPrompt: Integrated Document Management System * Under development
Sheorey Digital Systems Ltd., (SDS), is an established, fast growing, ISO 9001:2008 Certified Software Company, focused on providing Software Solutions to the Aviation Industry. ARMS: Airline Resource Management System is an internet rich, current-generation, state-of-the-art Information Technology System that effectively addresses the extremely critical and cost sensitive nature of Airlines/Commercial Air Transport operations. ARMS is one of the few cost-effective, fully integrated software solutions that seamlessly addresses Flight Operations, Maintenance and Logistics functions of an air transport operator - designed and developed to control costs which is so very critical for Air Operators today! ARMS is readily and easily customizable to specific business & operational requirements.

W: T: (+91-22) 2281 9198/ 2281 1086 E: E:


W: T: +1 305.662.7400 E:

Name of Product Marketed TRAX Maintenance & Engineering Software Number of Modules.........23 Key Business/Software Areas Engineering & Planning Production & Shop Technical Records & Reliability TRAXDoc Document Control Supply Chain Management


Specialist Point Solutions

W: W: T: +33 (0) 975 333 675 E:
Company formed: 2005, Office Location: Nmes, France Name of Product Marketed ADS TRM (Technical Records Management), ADS TPA (Technical Publication Authoring) Number of Modules.........5 Key Business/Software Areas Searchable Dirty Finger Print 7 OCR engines 3 seconds or less to find a 25 years old log book page with its exact content Scan in Color, high definition EN-9100
Our software can be tailored upon customer requirement. This allows us to input and organize records in any architecture in order to meet the exact requirements and internal rules of our customers. The records presentation shape is established just as the customer wishes. A mechanic, a financial assessor or a leasing company representative dont have the same needs to collect and explore records but will be interested in the same content of data. Once scanned, the records can be presented, searched and exported in any customized way.


Company formed: 1997, Office Location: Miami, Fl, USA; Horsham, West Sussex, UK

TRAX is the global leader in the aviation Maintenance and Engineering software industry. Deployed at airlines with fleets of all sizes, TRAX is the most advanced maintenance software solution available today. TRAX Maintenance has been developed with Airlines and for Airlines. Consisting of over 20 modules, TRAX Maintenance is a completely integrated product. Organizational efficiency gains can be substantial when using TRAX and ROI is quickly realized. TRAX maintains its advantage over the competition by developing software that works for customers through modern technology and world class support.

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Company formed: 2004 (project AMOS started in 1989), Office Location: Basel, Switzerland; Miami, FL, USA Name of Product Marketed AMOS Number of Modules.........10 Key Business/Software Areas Material Management Engineering Planning Production Maintenance Control
Swiss AviationSoftware unites over 20 years of IT experience with profound MRO expertise and offers its customers the functionally unsurpassed and technologically state-of-the art maintenance system AMOS. AMOS is a comprehensive, fully-integrated software package that successfully manages the maintenance, engineering and logistics requirements of modern airlines and MRO providers by fulfilling demanding airworthiness standards. Today, almost 100 customers worldwide steer their maintenance activities with AMOS, which makes AMOS the industry-leading MRO software in Europe and one of the best-selling solutions globally.

W: T: +41 61 582 72 94 E:


W: T: +353 617 49010 E:


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Company formed: 2004, Office Location: Ireland; Argentina Name of Product Marketed Alkym Management & Control System for Aircraft Maintenance Number of Modules.........15 Key Business/Software Areas Maintenance & Engineering Logistics Quality Assurance / Human Resources Planning & Reliability Document Management / Technical Library
Alkym is the most comprehensive and cost-effective software solutions available in the market today. It is specially designed to improve MRO Technical Operations performance by a professional team with strong aviation background. Alkym is a completely integrated software solution to meet the demands of Aircraft operators and MRO providers. The key difference is our proven ability to deliver the fastest ROI. This is achieved by providing all the functionality at a fraction of the cost of others on the market. We deliver the implementation project in record time with a dedicated team. Typically this is done in 4 to 5 weeks.

W: T: +44 (0) 1383 620922 E:

Name of Product Marketed eMan & Archimedes Number of Modules.........2


Company formed: 2004, Office Location: Fife, Scotland

Key Business/Software Areas Technical publications Distribution - eMan Document Acknowledment - eMan Read & Sign ACARS data management - Archimedes ACARS Technical Consultancy IT systems management & support
AviiT is exclusively focused on the provision of software solutions to the aviation sector. eMan provides an efficient capability for the distribution of technical publications across the maintenance and repair estate. Used by aircraft operators and 3rd party MROs alike, eMan unlocks the benefits of smooth and efficient distribution of engineering and process documentation. eMan is available as an on-premise or hosted offering for complete deployment flexibility. Drawing upon data sources such as ACARS, Archimedes provides a powerful capability to capture, analyse and present valuable, real time data in a clear and flexible format to Operation and Engineering teams.

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E: W:
Company formed: 1916 Name of Product Marketed Maintenance Performance Toolbox Airplane Health Management RFID Integrated Solutions


W: T: +1 781-273-3600 E:


Company formed: 1992, Office Location: Burlington, MA USA; Singapore; London, UK; Tokyo, Japan; Hertzlia, Israel; Stockholm, Sweden, Name of Product Marketed InService MRO, InService Job Card Generator, InService Revision Manager, Enigma 3C Number of Modules.........n/a Key Business/Software Areas MRO Technical Documentation Delivery Revision Management/Control Job/Task Card Automation Illustrated Parts Catalogs Service and Parts Documentation
Enigma solutions help airlines and MRO facilities reduce costs and improve service efficiency and consistency by providing maintenance technicians with the latest maintenance manuals, spare parts and service information, filtered by tail number. Enigma takes data from enterprise applications such as MRO Planning and Engineering, ERP, etc. and creates an interactive maintenance solution that delivers the latest service, parts, and diagnostic information. By offering dynamic, integrated parts and service information, and links to inventory, order management and other systems, Enigma enables engineers to quickly update and distribute technical publications, and technicians to swiftly perform maintenance and repairs.

W: T: T: E:


Boeing offers the industrys broadest range of aviation services to provide our customers the ultimate competitive advantage. We call this the Boeing Edge. In the information services field, we are keenly focused on addressing our customers continuous need for integration and optimization of information. Using data, software, analytics and IT infrastructure, we connect airplanes, operators and data. We strive to enable smart and informed decision-making to take operational efficiency of their aircraft fleet and operations to the next level.

Company formed: 1990, Office Location: Mumbai, New Jersey, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Japan, Dubai, Mexico India: +91 22-67919595 Americas: +1 609-409-6950

Name of Product Marketed Hexaware is a Technology and Business Services Company providing end to end services to the Aviation market. Number of Modules.........n/a Key Business/Software Areas Custom MRO Software development and maintenance System selection consulting & system integration services Implementation, upgrades and migration of MRO products Interface Development Customization and Enhancement across modules
Hexaware is a niche, focused IT and BPO services company providing end-to-end system integration and IT services to customers across Travel & Transportation, Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare and Manufacturing industries. With annual revenues of USD 230M for FY 2010, Hexaware has a global workforce of around 6300 consultants working across various industries and technologies. Hexaware has a strong experience working in various business functions in MRO and Technical Documentation domains and specialize in System selection, custom software development and maintenance services, Business Intelligence / analytics, Infrastructure Management Services (IMS), and Quality Assurance and Testing services.

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Company formed: 1999, Office Location: Minnesota, USA Name of Product Marketed Fleetcycle MRO Suite, Fleetcycle Execution Suite Number of Modules.........8 Key Business/Software Areas Maintenance Program Manager (FCMPM) Planning Manager (FCPM) / Materials Manager (FCMM) MRO Manager (FCXM) Production Manager (FCXP) / Reliability Manager (FCRM) Line Manager (FCXL) / Maintenance Intelligence (FCMI)
FleetCycle MRO ERP allows MROs, airlines, lessors and any aviation maintenance entities to effectively manage the entire maintenance lifecycle or portions of the lifecycle for which they are responsible. Airlines can jointly manage their outsourced and all insourced activities like Engineering Reliability, QA, Maintenance Programs, at the line, heavy, and shop levels. FleetCycle ERP can significant reduce cycle times and enhance labor productivity to the order of 16%-30% and reduced costs, as well as increased aircraft availability, and reduced delays and cancellations. Third party MROs can run their entire operation of contracting and bidding on an aircraft to invoice the customer. FleetCycle MRO ERP is the only tool currently available in the market place that reaches down to the technician on the floor and completely automates the process. Intelligence gathered with this system provides an accurate, timely basis for dramatic improvements in the efficiency and integrity of maintenance processes and the forecasted availability of aircraft.

W: T: +1 866-498-3702 E:


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W: T: +44 (0) 121 351 6563 E:

Name of Product Marketed FLYdocs Number of Modules.........9 Key Business/Software Areas Aircraft Management Engine Centre Repair Centre Search Current Status / EoL Centre


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Company formed: 2007, Office Location: Birmingham UK, London UK

W: T: +1 612 9957 3169 E:


Company formed: 2003. Office Location: Sydney, Canberra, Hong Kong Name of Product Marketed Modeler, Modelpedia Key Business/Software Areas MRO and Major Systems Implementations Organizational Transformation Continuous Improvement Compliance Improvement Business Management Systems
Holocentric provides software and services for Airlines to build Operational Frameworks and Business Management Systems to support the business. This includes successfully completing the Transformation Programs, including implementing the MRO software, training material and publishing of the portal for Business, including both legacy and new applications. We do this by creating an OPERATIONAL FRAMEWORK AND PORTAL, useable by all personnel. Holocentric customers MRO projects are successfully completed within budge t. Importantly, compmpliance is increased acrossthe organisation as a result.

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FLYdocs is a highly efficient system used for electronic Document Storage, Aircraft Returns, Engine Management, Repair Management, Landing Gear Management, APU Management, Thrust Reverser Management, instant online Searching and Lease Company much more The system is incredibly flexible and easy to use and provides clients with integrated options to connect to internal Maintenance Planning systems to create a closed loop for record keeping. FLYdocs uses a highly advanced and exceptionally intelligent platform to perform manual tasks with ease, vastly reducing the time it takes to manage documentation as well as providing major cost savings and value for money.

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Company formed: 1998 Office Location: New York/Tel Aviv Name of Product Marketed InForm Number of Modules.........20+ Key Business/Software Areas Technical Publication Engineering Orders Task Cards Planning Maintenance Programs
IDMR is a global provider of easy to use and all encompassing Technical Documentation Management Solutions which have been designed exclusively for Fleet operators, MRO providers and OEM organizations. IDMRs Technical Documentation Management Solutions have proven success in increasing operational performance and decreasing operational cost while ensuring airworthiness, safety and regulatory compliance.

W: T: +1-347-565-4367 E:


W: T: +44 141 280 0050 E:

Name of Product Marketed Appixo, Appixo ETL Number of Modules.........4


W: T: +49 (0)800 377 4968 E:


Company formed: 2005. Office Location: Glasgow, UK

Key Business/Software Areas Electronic Technical Log Alternative Training & Qualification Programme (ATQP) Station Operational Compliance (SOC) Management Dashboards & Analysis
NVable (pronounced enviable) was founded as a specialist software development consultancy creating bespoke solutions that allow customers to exploit the full value of their operational data. NVable now also offers its own software products. NVable recently launched Appixo a platform that combines large scale data handling with a framework to support multiple mobile data acquisition applications. The Appixo ETL is one such application, first launched in May 2012 with BA CityFlyer. NVable is now expanding its suite of aviation focussed applications. The growing list now includes ATQP and SOC Management. The data gathered from each application is fed into the Appixo analysis platform to feed the Management Dashboard & Analytics. This allows for real-time analysis of aircraft status, fuel burn/ uplift, defects, Out of Phase Maintenance etc.

Company formed: 1997. Office Location: Germany (Berlin, Stuttgart, Mnchen, Essen) Name of Product Marketed PSIpenta Project Management; PSIpenta Materials Management; PSIpenta Maintenance, PSIpenta Purchasing, PSIpenta Order Management, Psipenta Sequencing, PSIpenta Warehouse Management, PSIpenta Adaptive Planning, PSIpenta Mobile Processes, PSIpenta Data Collection, PSIpenta Control System, PSIpenta Finite Capacity Scheduling, PSIpenta Cost Accounting Number of Modules.........15 Key Business/Software Areas MRO Materials Management Planning & Scheduling Production & Planning Mobile Solutions

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Company formed: 1994, Office Location: Irvine, CA, Boulder, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Austin, TX, Shanghai, China, Paris France Name of Product Marketed TechSight/X S1000D, TechSight/X ATA Number of Modules.........10+ Key Business/Software Areas Content Management System (CMS) Interactive Electronic Technical Publisher (IETP) Technical Operations Edition Technical Publications Edition Flight Operations Edition
A recognized leader in the aerospace industry for more than 25 years, InfoTrust delivers solutions to hundreds of companies for their information processing, conversion, authoring, content and change management, publishing and distribution objectives. InfoTrusts wide range of end-to-end solutions increase productivity by taking advantage of XML capabilities and content reuse, and that produce more accurate and reliabile information for compliancy. Its solutions support all flight ops, engineering, maintenance, engine, component and training manuals. InfoTrust currently services major airlines, OEMs, suppliers and MRO s worldwide. To learn more about TechSight/X and InfoTrust Groups full range of products, services and solutions, please visit

InFoTrUST GroUp, InC.

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PSIPENTA Software Systems GmbH offers a complete solution for managing and maintaining complex technical systems. Our philosophy of Perfection in Aerospace is reflected in all aspects of our software. Successful customer connections give a reference for our highly customer-oriented software solutions. PSIpenta suite supports the planning and control of maintenance and servicing processes. The scope covers the whole MRO process ranging from slot planning to mobile processes. PSIpenta Planning, Execution & Control refers to a solution-oriented approach based on standardized software modules. It enables the optimization of value-adding processes and increases logistic planning in existing system landscapes with commercial focus.

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Company formed: 1991. Office Location: Midlothian, TX Name of Product Marketed Ames Advanced Planning and Scheduling System Number of Modules.........5 Key Business/Software Areas Optimized long range planning Short-term scheduling Line/RON scheduling Engine and component scheduling Business intellegence
Omega Airline Software has been supplying the aviation industry with Ames, the industry standard Advanced Planning and Scheduling software tool, since 1991. Ames currently enables the optimized planning of maintenance on over 4000 aircraft at 21 customer sites around the world. Unique in the industry, no other tool provides the planning power or information creation of Ames. Companies enjoying the benefits of Ames include mainline commercial operators, regional airlines, fractional ownership companies and MRO operations. Amesfive, the current release, combines the power of Ames with the versatility and access of the Web.

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