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COM - SMTP Configuration for sending mails from SAP

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SMTP Configuration for sending mails from SAP

By Anurag Verma, PDIL

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Topic: SMTP Configuration for sending mails from SAP Introduction: SMTP is used for sending and receiving emails across internet Steps: Note: Mail server must be SMTP Compatible.

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Under Settings default domain, define the domain of the SAP system client. This allows for the following to take place:
The SMTP plug-in logs on to the mail server using the domain as ID. The message ID of the outbound e-mails is assembled with this domain. If an SAP user who does not have an Internet mail address sends an e-mail, a sender address consisting of the SAP user name and this domain is generated

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Configuration of Nodes Double-Click on the SMTP node.

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3/4/2013 3:26 PM

SAPTechnical.COM - SMTP Configuration for sending mails from SAP



Provide the IP Address of the mail server which will used by the SAP system. Default SMTP port is 25. Change Default port is required. Check the Node in use to activate this node. For the supported address types, click on the SET button for Internet.

In the address area type the recipients mail domain if you want to allow sending of mails only to specific domains. If you want to allow sending of mails to all domains then type * in the address area field. Specify the output format. Press the green check button. Schedule Job E-mails sent from an SAP application are first stored in a queue. A periodical background process, the SAPconnect send job, gets the e-mails from this queue and sends them over the Internet. To schedule this job in SAPconnect : Administration, proceed as follows: Choose View Jobs If no other job is there, choose create Enter the name of the new job

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3/4/2013 3:26 PM

SAPTechnical.COM - SMTP Configuration for sending mails from SAP

Select the variant SAP&CONNECTALL by positioning the cursor on it. Click on schedule job

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