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DOLE amends scaffolding standards

DOLE amends scaffolding standards

Its high time that we enhance our scaffolding standards to avoid any more accidents in the construction industry. We are really pushing for zero tolerance on work-related injuries and illnesses and we will strive to make work processes as safe as they can be ! said "abor #ecretary $osalinda %imapilis-&aldoz during the recent signing of %epartment 'rder (o. )*+-), amending the rule on scaffoldings in the 'ccupational #afety and -ealth #tandards .'#-#/. 0he amendments have been published last #unday! 1uly 2! *3), and will be effective on 1uly **! *3),. 4ost of the recent accidents in construction were caused by defective or faulty scaffolding and in the investigations conducted by %'"5! it has been found that there are no %'"5-approved construction safety and health programs! safe operating procedures for the erection and dismantling of scaffolds and detailed job hazard analysis. 0he safety patrol reports from ))* construction sites audited last year show that majority of scaffolding practices do not conform with the standard safety re6uirements! said 'ccupational #afety and -ealth 7enter 58ecutive %irector 4a. 0eresita #. 7ucueco! 4%! 75#' III. We have included many additional provisions in the revised '#-# $ule )9)9 specifying standard safety procedures to be followed in every process involving the use of scaffolds in construction projects ! 5ngr. 1ose 4aria #. &atino! '#-7 %eputy 58ecutive %irector added. 0he new scaffolding rules clearly define the terms competent person and 6ualified person as the ones authorized to handle certain scaffolding processes. 0o be a competent person! one must undergo the mandatory 93-hour 7onstruction #afety 0raining and must have the #caffold 5rector (7 II certificate. : 6ualified person on the other hand must be able to resolve project problems as evidenced by a recognized technical degree! professional standing! or e8tensive training and e8perience. 7ompetent persons are re6uired to supervise the erection! dismantling and alteration of all scaffolds and all workers involved in scaffolding activities must be appropriately trained and certified. 4anufactured scaffolds must now follow the manufacturers design and specifications and must be certified by a 6ualified testing laboratory. &oth manufactured and site-fabricated scaffolds e8ceeding si8 meters in height must be designed and inspected by a structural engineer and can only be erected! installed and dismantled by 05#%: certified erectors. #caffold inspection must also be carried out daily and for every shift. ;rovisions for tagging! maintenance! dismantling! storage and transportation are also added to $ule )9)9.

We have placed instructions for )3 types of scaffolding! aerial lift and other situations to ensure that construction workers as well as manufacturing companies are well-guided. We are asking the construction companies and workers to help us avoid accidents by following these guidelines! %r. 7ucueco said. 0he %epartment 'rder )*+-), amending the $ule )9)9 on #caffoldings of the 'ccupational #afety and -ealth #tandards is uploaded in the '#-7 website and will be published in national dailies.

:ny 6uestion on this release< ;lease contact 4a. 0eresita #. 7ucueco! 4%! 75#' III! e8ecutive director! 'ccupational #afety and -ealth 7enter! (orth :venue corner :gham $oad! %iliman! =uezon 7ity with telephone numbers >*>-?3,? to ,> and e-mail address@

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