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Taara Maharaj

home address | 1823 Lindsley Park Drive, San Marcos, CA 920 9 email address | !mahara"#$mail%com cell &hone | 9'1()0*(2800

Dear Employer, + ,o-ld like !o s-.mi! my res-me /or considera!ion o/ !he &osi!ions in 0-ali!y Ass-rance 1Com&lain! Mana$emen! S&ecialis! and Sr% 0A S&ecialis!2% + am a dedica!ed &ro/essional, lookin$ /or a /-l/illin$ &osi!ion% + c-rren!ly ,ork as a S&ecialis! in C-s!omer Advocacy 13ail-re +nves!i$a!or, Com&lain! 4andlin$2 /or Care3-sion ,here, shor!ly a/!er s!ar!in$ + !ook !he lead on o-r ne, Ma5Pl-s6Ma57-ard &rod-c! line, .ecomin$ !he onsi!e e5&er! /or !hose &rod-c!s% + am !alen!ed a! a-!horin$ &ro/essional corres&ondence and ade&! ,i!h -sin$ my o,n "-d$men! !o com&le!e a &ro"ec!% + am &ro/icien! ,i!h s&readshee!s, analy8in$ and re&or!in$% + e5cel a! &resen!a!ions and mana$e /orm-la!ed !ho-$h!s !o im&lemen! &lans in!o ac!ion% 9i!h e5cellen! !ime mana$emen!, "-d$men!, ,ri!!en, oral, !echnical and or$ani8a!ional skills, + am ca&a.le o/ m-l!i!askin$ 1and mana$in$ e//ec!ively2 heavy ,orkloads -nder &ress-re% Las!ly, + am /l-en! in s&eakin$, readin$, and ,ri!in$ in S&anish% I look forward to the opportunity of speaking with


Taara S. Maharaj

Taara Maharaj
home address | 1823 Lindsley Park Drive, San Marcos, CA 920 9 email address | !mahara"#$mail%com cell &hone | 9'1()0*(2800

Summary of Qualifications
3ail-re +nves!i$a!ions ;nsi!e +nves!i$a!ions Com&lain! 4andlin$ :isk Mana$emen! 4a8ard Analysis CAPA Adminis!ra!ion Liaison <S6Me5ico Liaison <S6=< :ecall Mana$emen! A-di!in$ Da!a Analysis6>rendin$ Medical Device :e&or!s

Professional Experience
04/20 !"urrent "are#usion San Die$o, "% Specialist, "ustomer %&'ocacy (#ailure/"omplaint )n'esti$ator* D-!ies? ;nsi!e e5&er! on and Lead Ma5Pl-s6Ma57-ard &rod-c!s% Per/orm /ail-re inves!i$a!ions /or +n/-sion Dis&osa.les devices 1in/-sion se!s, .lood collec!ion devices, and o!her in/-sion accessories2% ;&en and &rocess CAPA@s and :isk Assessmen!s, SCA:@s necessi!a!ed -&on !he a&&ro&ria!e res-l!s o/ a /ail-re6com&lain! inves!i$a!ion% Per/orm ha8ard analysis, revie,in$ !he desi$n and risk mana$emen! /iles% 9ork closely ,i!h man-/ac!-rin$ si!es and s-&&liers% >ravel &er diem !o c-s!omer si!es !o inves!i$a!e and solve &rod-c! iss-es and !o iden!i/y roo! ca-ses% 0/20 0!0+/20 "are#usion ("ontractor* San Die$o, "% ,- %nalyst Duties? Par! o/ !eam !asked ,i!h consolida!in$ Paid >ime ;// -sa$e, eval-a!in$ !he acc-racy o/ da!a in !he 4:+S sys!em, and analy8in$ da!a in order !o in!e$ra!e !he da!a in!o a ne, 4:+S sys!em% +/20 0! 0/2.!20 0 TEMP, Thompson Dance Stu&ios Murrieta, "% /ffice Mana$er Duties? S-&&or!ed ;,ner, C=;% 9orked closely ,i!h !he 3o-nder6C=; !o s!ra!e$i8e and $ro, !he .-siness, mana$in$ .-siness &rocesses and sys!ems !ha! demons! im&roved e//iciency, &er/ormance and &ro/i!a.ili!y% 0/2001! /2./20 0 2lan3ia 4utritionals (4%*, )nc5 "arls3a&, "% ,uman -esources Mana$er ! 6ilin$ual Duties? Main!ained and enhanced !he or$ani8a!ionAs 4-man :eso-rces .y &lannin$, im&lemen!in$, and eval-a!in$ em&loyee rela!ions and h-man reso-rces &olicies, &ro$rams, and &rac!ices% 2/200.!0/2001 Tyco ,ealthcare Puritan 6ennett "arls3a&, "% Q% -ecall "oor&inator/Q% "omplaint ,an&lin$ Q% -ecall "oor&inator Duties? Mana$ed recall ac!ions, coordina!in$, !rackin$, recall classi/yin$, &o&-la!ion analysis and in/orma!ion dissemina!ion .ased on in/orma!ion $a!hered /rom com&lain!s, coordina!ed, !racked recall ac!ions and analy8ed !he &o&-la!ion e//ec!ed .ased on !he in/orma!ion $a!hered /rom inves!i$a!ions% Also mana$ed !o de!ermine ho, !o in/orm !ha! &o&-la!ion and ,ha! in/orma!ion ,as im&or!an! !o dissemina!e and dele$a!ed res&onsi.ili!ies !o !he a&&ro&ria!e reso-rces !o e5ec-!e !he ac!ion i!ems and !o moni!or and !rack &ro$ress% Q% "omplaint ,an&lin$ Duties7 4andled com&lain! on !he res&ira!ory devices, classi/yin$ and closin$ com&lain!s, &re&arin$ .aseline re&or!s and AS:@s, recordin$ adverse even!s, a-di!ed service re&or!s, $a!hered com&lain! and !rendin$ da!a% >he d-!ies /or .o!h &osi!ions also incl-ded corres&ondin$ direc!ly ,i!h and re&or!in$ !o $overnmen! a$encies in !he <S and a.road !o incl-de !he 3DA and !he <B@s Medicines and 4eal!hcare &rod-c!s :e$-la!ory A$ency 1M4:A2, !he &re&ara!ion o/ Medical Device :e&or!s /or s-.mission !o 3DA%

Taara Maharaj
home address | 1823 Lindsley Park Drive, San Marcos, CA 920 9 email address | !mahara"#$mail%com cell &hone | 9'1()0*(2800 2004 8 200. -ancho Santa #e Tech San Die$o, "% Dispatcher Duties? Dis&a!ched !echnical &ersonnel in!o !he /ield !o o&era!e on iss-es ,i!h 9ells 3ar$o Cank A>M@s and o!her !echnical .ank eD-i&men!% 2002 8 200+ %#9%" "olum3us, 2% "laims %u&itor 8 6ilin$ual Puerto -ico Duties? Served !he needs o/ A3LAC@s P-er!o :ico clien!s .y a-di!in$ medical ins-rance claims and &rocessed a&&rovals &er ,orker com&ensa!ion $-idelines as !hey a&&lied !o A3LAC &olicies% Consis!en!ly e5ceeded D-o!a se! .y mana$emen! .y 100E or more and served as a !ransla!or /or !he <S !eams% 200 8 2002 Me&ical "olle$e of 2eor$ia %u$usta, 2% ,uman -esource %&ministrator/Payroll Mana$er (Mana$e& . people* Duties? S-&&or!ed Direc!or or 4os&i!al Adminis!ra!ion and Direc!or o/ F-rsin$% Processed all &ayroll and sim&le 1ho-rly6salary2 and com&le5 1on(call &ay, !ravelers, e!c%2 /or !he s!a// o/ !he ;&era!in$ :oom%

Soft:are S;ills7
SAP =!0 7:= CMS >=SS C>S GCA F=LLS=H GD= A7+L= Microso/! S-i!e

2001 <estern )nternational =ni'ersity Co-rse,ork /or CS in C-siness Mana$emen! ,i!h =m&hasis >>0 8 2000 =S %rmy M-l!i(Channel >ransmissions Sys!em ;&era!or(Main!ainer >>1 Mount San ?acinto "olle$e Cer!i/ied =mer$ency Medical >echnician #ort 2or&on, 2% Menifee, "%