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Several Patterns in Harmony with Prophetic Scenario The prophetic scenario of Revelation is now falling into play as present

world events are in harmony like a puzzle slowly coming together. The Middle East is now seething in hatred and rivalries between Muslims. Some of whom harbor radical extremist dreams of destroying Israel pushing it into the sea. We cannot avert our attention from the moral destructive path the United States is on either. Germany to be Key Player Europe (led by Germany) will be the key player intervening in the conflict between Israel and the Muslim nations. The United States because of its diminished capacity in credibility will not play a role in these plans because we simply cannot be trusted. The worldwide spying scandal involving the NSA would be a

contributing factor. Relationships forged against the backdrop of resolute reliability built on consistent foreign policy have crumbled away blown by the bloviating deceptions and outright lies coming out of the present administration. Current events give this unlikely scenario a bit of unlikely traction plus plot credibility. America Already Transformed America, in the worlds eyes, has already been profoundly transformed into a socialistic nanny state. Our foreign policy built over past decades of steady and consistent character has been largely shattered by backing the wrong sides. The present regime, living perhaps in a delusional bubble, still believes that our national character is largely intact. That it is not too late to salvage our national prosperity. Let us pray there is still some glimmer of that possibility. With the real unemployment figures

at 22.5%; four million college grads looking for work; the stock market being driven by the printing presses of the Fed; a complete reversal of fortune does not look entirely like a realistic prospect at this stage. With the stock market headed for an inevitable correction when tapering begins it is highly likely it will take years if not decades to come back from the coming economic collapse. Regardless, United States allies & enemies have already lost respect that was earned over the past half century. They are now acting accordingly. Europe Incredulous While Europe and the International Monetary Fund deals with the hopeless results of their stupendous failure of experiments in socialism they have tried every imaginable last ditch effort to save the Euro from a disastrous collapse. When it happens, that is inevitable, it

will totally reinvent the European Union downsizing it to just ten nations. Its largess cannot be maintained in its present state. Its leaders now watch in incredulous disbelief as the United States crashes down the road of ever increased expenditures that will almost guarantee national insolvency. We are buying our own debt now because the rest of the world will not. What does that tell you? The ACT Bill is a National Embarrassment The entire planet is getting an eyeful of the disastrous detour into universal, government mandated healthcare that this regime insists is best for every American. It gives the global nations only further proof that they now face its greatest dangers without the traditional competent influence of a strong stable United States in the mix. The European Union is, like all

heady governments would, making alternative plans. Arab Regimes Lost Faith All of the moderate Arab regimes have lost faith in the United States leadership and they are downright saying so to our face in public! Saudi Arabia is totally disgusted that the U.S. backed the Muslim Brotherhood to help orchestrate the downfall of Mubarak in Egypt. That happened just at the time Egyptian businesses still oversaw a lucrative international tourism industry; radical Islamist groups were outlawed; goods were in ampule supply because the import /export business was thriving. It was a drastic wake up call for Arab leaders to wrap their heads around the fact our president was calling for the ouster of a reliable partner just to cheer on the ascendance of a terrorist group.

Saudis Threaten to Break Relations At this point in history the Saudis are threatening to break relations with the United States over our confusing convoluted incoherent handling of Iran and Syria. It is just not the Saudis that have lost respect and trust it is every other oil rich gulf state, even Jordan! The current rift may just be irreparable. Conclusion The rest of the world is making plans without the United States included meaning we can no longer be trusted to do the right thing. With Germany on the rise it is entirely possible they could develop their own military again to become a threat to the continent and the rest of mankind. They have always had their eye on Middle East oil.

If Israel is attacked by Iran and Syria it is very likely Israel will prevail because they have the most efficient army and intelligence system in the world. This could lead to the takeover of Middle East oil if other Arab nations help in the attack on Israel. Germany would then be infuriated at this change in balance of power in the region. Do you see where all of this may be leading? The puzzle is slowly being pulled together by the master planner. Stand by because our redeemer draweth nigh.