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IN PET PLASTIC BOTTLES Breaks barrier, creates biodegradable plastics

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, ronments. EcoPure is compatible with
Bio-Tec Environmental was founded all petroleum based polymers, has been
in 2003 by company president John proven through extensive testing to make
Lake and Samuel Adams. They continue plastic biodegradable when discarded in
to break barriers once thought to be a landfill or compost facility, and is per-
impregnable. The entire focus of their fectly safe for food and drug packaging,
extensive research and development is meeting all requisite FDA standards.

to manufacture additives that will make EcoPure’s biodegradable plastic additive
all plastics biodegradable in all applica- is manufactured in the United States.
tions. Their goal is a world where plastic You can learn more about the company
materials once again return to the cycle at
of life. EcoPure in both its’ forms not only
FIN D IN G V IA B LE B IOD E GR A D A B LE B OTTLE S OLU TI O NS eliminates a problem with plastics -- their Bio-Tec Environmental, LLC
synthetic nature that prevents them from 7009 Prospect Ave NE #202
biodegradation -- but creates benefits as Albuquerque, New Mexico
7 GOLDEN RULES REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES FROM BOTTLE COMPANIES well in the form of Co2 or methane (fuel) 87110 USA
“ECOPURE BRINGS DYNAMIC CHANGE TO THE INDUSTRY AND and humus (soil additive) when those
plastics are placed in microbial-rich envi- Tel: 505-999-1160
TO CHOOSING A Bottled water companies have been hit hard by The excitement that once surrounded the plastic MENT,” SAMUEL ADAMS, VP BIO-TEC ENVIRONMENTAL

the damaging effects of plastics in the environ- has given way to unfulfilled expectations. The
BIODEGRADABLE ment. Many bottlers that are looking for earth- bottles are not shelf stable, gas transmission
PLASTIC BOTTLE friendly solutions, are finding it difficult to sort rates are high, cannot be recycled and inadequate
through the various “green” packaging options. composting facilities leave a questionable end of ENSO Bottles are created using EcoPure™, an Consumers, bottlers and manufacturers now have
We follow several innovative companies as they life solution. additive manufactured by Bio-Tec Environmental a choice, and can demand the ENSO bottle, a
sort through the confusion to find cost effective, designed to make polymers biodegradable. biodegradable bottle that is better for the environ-
practical solutions for biodegradable packaging. Oxo-degradables are plastics with an additive EcoPure is widely recognized in the plastics ment. When you pick up a plastic bottle and see
1. Biodegradability backed by that causes fragmentation of the plastic when industry to render petroleum based polymers bio- the ENSO “Bottles for a Healthier Earth” logo, you
Many companies are seeking to take advantage of exposed to UV light and oxygen. There is quite degradable and is currently used on many name will know that the bottle biodegrades and you are
recognized standards board
the recent scientific advances in green products to a bit of debate over the use of heavy metals and GoodPac Plastics, a bottle blower, found the brand products. Through ENSO Bottles, a special making a choice for a healthier earth.
testing – organizational
address environmental concerns. AQUAMANTRA metal ions in Oxo-degradables and there are ENSO bottles a welcome and easy transition; “Our formulation of EcoPure is now available to the PET
certifications are not adequate.
founder and president, Alexandra Teklak, has serious concerns about fragmented plastic in the customers and consumers have been asking for bottle industry.
2. Verify all test data – obtain been on a comprehensive search since her com- environment. an environmentally friendly plastic bottle. We pro-
pany’s inception to find a bottle that complements vide them with the world’s first truly biodegradable
copies of all test results and
her brand, and meets the needs of consumers and plastic water bottle,” said Jim Goodwin, President
“Be cautious with compa-
review them carefully.
retail partners who want environmental solutions.
“I didn’t want to find just of GoodPac Plastics. “By adding the environmen- nies who leave questions
3. Recyclability – any impact on She strongly believes that consumers are entitled any solution – I wanted tally friendly ENSO bottle, not only do we continue
unanswered and do not
to choices that include easy opportunities to be to offer excellent quality products and superior
the existing recycling stream?
Earth-friendly. “I didn’t want to find just any solu- to find a solution that service, we are doing our part to help to encourage provide supporting data.”
4. Product end of life – will the tion – I wanted to find a solution that worked for
everyone,” said Teklak.
worked for everyone,” bottle recycling and effectively eliminating plastic
bottle waste,” said Goodwin.

bottle be disposed of in the ENSO bottles have been validated through third
environment required for Finally, AQUAMANTRA found ENSO Bottles with party laboratories for compliance with ASTM
AQUAMANTRA consultants and advisors inves- Other companies are also moving to the ENSO For more information on ENSO Bottles™ made
biodegradation? EcoPure™, the latest scientific advance in biode- standards for both biodegradation and recycling.
tigated many alternatives, including PLA (corn- bottles, Native Waters, LLC, a company founded with EcoPure™, please contact an ENSO Bottles™
gradable PET plastic bottles. ENSO bottles biode- Results prove ENSO bottles with EcoPure™ bio-
5. Special handling – are there starch) bottles, and found that it wasn’t a viable to provide sustainable product solutions to the sales representative or visit us on the web.
grade in aerobic and anaerobic environments and degrade through natural microbial digestion and
solution for the public. “The reality is that water beverage industry, found ENSO bottles to be the
changes to the shelf-life, color, can be recycled along with standard PET. ENSO all recycling results meet industry specifications. In
has to be packaged in a bottle that will not dis- best environmental solution available. “Our goal is ENSO Bottles, LLC
strength, melt temp, etc? bottles have the same physical properties as stan- addition, ENSO Bottles has worked with indepen-
integrate on the store shelf, and that’s an issue to provide the healthiest and highest quality natu- 1500 East Bethany Home Road
dard PET and do not fragment, degrade, or break dent recycling companies validating that ENSO
6. Conversion costs – does it with the PLA bottle,” said Teklak. “We investigated ral spring water with a minimal carbon footprint,” Suite #120
down from environmental conditions such as UV, bottles have no adverse effects on the recycling
the ‘Oxo-degradables’, but there were ‘big ifs’ said Rodger Cohen, VP of Native Waters. Phoenix, AZ 85014
require special equipment? moisture or oxygen. ENSO bottles are also a very stream.
surrounding it, such as an adequate amount of
cost effective solution.
7. Ask lots of questions – be exposure to sunlight for degradation and plastic “By combining our locally sourced water with the Tel: 866-936-3676
“This is welcome news to retailers and consumers
fragmentation.” ENSO earth-friendly, biodegradable bottles, we
cautious with companies who ENSO bottles have the same properties as tradi- who have felt the pressure from environmental
are taking a step forward in the battle to stop plas- Visit our Website:
leave questions unanswered tional PET during manufacture and on the shelf groups and consumers, who are concerned about
PLA (corn plastic) has many challenges to over- tic containers from filling our waterways, streets,
or don’t provide supporting (no extra equipment expenses or limited shelf.) exploding landfills bulging with non-recyclable-
come before becoming a viable alternative. and landfills,” said Cohen.
data. compostable plastics.”